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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Doin' It To Death

Pretty good start to the show, Edge is slowly transitioning to a heel again and his part of the promo was fire. RVD is meh on the mic but you made him work alright. MVP? A bit strange he got involved, altho it seems as you'll be making him a big player in this thread, just don't give him the KENNEDY PUSH and ruin him . I was a little surprised to see RVD help out Edge in the ensuing fight, but then when Edge left RVD, I wasn't surprised at all. Edge is only looking out for number one (him). I marked for the Sabu appearance, but we've got some further RVD/Edge goodness to come in the next weeks while I can see MVP chasing the IC strap for a while

lol @ Edge's bullshit. We'll see if Lita believes him, INTRIGUE!~

RVD > Reigns, no two ways about that

at Doane getting owned. Daniels to beat him and take IC title plz. I'd mark. Daniels was brill in this promo, keep it up

Release Cody plz. Turn Smith into a Bulldog gimmick. RATINGS. I was surprised to see you booking such a clusterfuck of a match here and I think a better use of the Hooligans/RNWC can be found in the coming weeks tbh

Trish owns. Title push plz.

Trish Stratus: Last night… I got screwed.

~ “YEAH! That’s hot!” - random perv (Renegade?).
. I love you. Trish rules and would do well with the Womens belt around her waist, if Mickie is thrown back into the picture when she returns, I will destroy you

I marked for Coach. Brilliant. You'll do well to portray him as such every show from now on, he was money here. I wonder what JBL will be doing however, oh how the mind does wonder...

MVP squash. Meh. Next plz

Heel Cena is the way to go. Promo was short but got the message across. Subsequent ownage of the fat man was good, if a tad too easy for Cena considering he was facing a 500 pounder. Still, makes him look epic strong heading into future angles with Rocky and Taker, preferably in that order. The way you've been building "The Boss" I wouldn't be surprised to see him end Taker's WM streak at the next one, tbf

DiBiase appearance was cool. I'm sensing the heel turn for these two and a down the road appearance by Ted DiBiase Jr too, with them forming some stable. The seeds are planted for the heel turn atleast, perhaps I'm just getting ahead of myself

Morrison rofl. The lack of charisma on RAW atm is worrying (Rhodes, Smith, Morrison, Jeff Hardy, Doane) but The Fallen Angel again owning Doane was worth it. Melina still with Morrison is good, because lord knows the man needs a mouthpiece to get him over. IC title scene looks a tad weak dare I say, but in time I'm sure you can rectify such a mess <3

Kurt Angle promo was good, if a little eh at times. Estrada on the mic is always a good thing and Kurt made some good points on why a rematch should happen, but him getting knocked back was a little surprising. Angle owning Mags & Armando at the end was big however, and I'm calling it, the rematch at Survivor Series, and then the final confrontation at Wrestlemania. Gotta happen like that. If not, do something justifiable plz

Overall it was a little meh match wise, I don't like the midcard on RAW at all, but with Cena, Edge, RVD, Angle, Umaga and The Rock to come back, atleast the main event scene has some justice to it. Coach, Chris Daniels and MVP were all gold tonight and must continue to be so in the current weeks. Welcome back to the swing of things atleast big dog.


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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Doin' It To Death

Raw Feedback

Before you skipped straight to Unforgiven, I remember reading your two Raw recaps and JBL was definitely the most interesting character going around on Raw. I know there was the Edge heel turn and whatever, but I just felt as if in terms of character wise and drama, JBL was/is the best thing on Raw at the moment. I know why people fuss about you so much Mac, because even the way you write things just to describe the mood is probably above what most people, if not all people do, I mean seriously, the way you wrote JBL just sitting down, depressed and then having him throw his cowboy hat across the room, despite it only being a small thing the words just seemed to work. I don’t know if I am babbling on like an idiot and you don’t understand what I am saying, but I think I am getting my point across. Calling Williams shows more weakness from JBL, as he has been on a downward slump for a while now and he feels even more vulnerable then what he did before he lost the Intercontinental Title. He is just trying to find a way out, and a way to end the misery and he obviously thinks Angie is his key. This was until Christopher Daniels and Allison Danger showed up, that was a tad unexpected, and they are not going to be JBL’s new buddies are they, like I don’t know perhaps you have something good for them, but I really can’t see JBL going around talking about the gospel, or Christopher Daniels changing his personality to fit JBL. The way JBL has been also makes me think if perhaps he wants Williams back so bad is because there is a romantic link there. Yes it is outside the box, but JBL has been sad ever since he lost her and perhaps it’s the loss of his love that is effecting his in ring performance??? Anyway, I think I have asked myself enough questions, I will now move on to the next segment as I think I have said enough.

Ring time with Edge was the way I would probably expect you to open the show but you didn’t due to that JBL thing, but him coming out here is just as good I guess. Even though he is still copping mixed reactions I feel as if Edge is becoming more heel like by each show, I mean even though he still hasn’t done anything ultra bad to become a fully blown heel, no I don’t count that Spear to RVD on one of your recapped Raws a while ago or cheating to win at Unforgiven bad enough to complete a heel turn. However I am sure that it is inevitable, it is just a matter of time before this heel turn happens. Everything Edge said here was pretty much great, no I am not juts sucking ass, I am being serious, I mean from the start the way he came out all arrogant acting as if it was just another night in his extra special life, to the way he changed and began complimenting his own ability and rising in intensity shows that even though he doesn’t care about the fans anymore, he still has that fighting, burning desire that only faces have, and it will still take a while before that fire dies.

Rob Van Dam interrupting was inevitable as Edge’s constant gloating was probably beginning to make RVD feel ill. I am happy RVD is still gunning for the WWE Championship despite losing, because even though he lost at Unforgiven after all the stuff he has been through with Shawn Michaels, he has now broken that glass ceiling and I think he deserves a title run soon enough. RVD was pretty spot on here to, keeping his laid back persona going while also showing flashes of intensity and showing his hunger for the title. Loved the “you got your ass smoked line”, it was perfect to get a laugh from the crowd, but also if you think deeper, RVD was trying to lure Edge into doing something stupid.

MVP was his cocky self and I like how even though for now probably still begin a mid carder you are slowly getting him involved with the main event as we all know he is destined for bigger and better things in the future. Usually MVP would just blow steam but the good thing about this was that MVP actually had claims to back it up. Well, sort of, I mean Edge was going to beat him but he did defeat RVD. Still I think this may have just been used to have MVP get his whining in because I think RVD/Edge is going to happen again at Survivor Series.

Nice brawl towards the end, and even this brawl showed some kind of character directions or changes. I mean when Edge was getting double teamed, the clear face RVD had the decency to help Edge but when the tables were turned Edge just left the ring, confirming my suspicions that eventually the change will take place, and Edge will become a fully blown heel. Sabu making the save and I think that will probably be the main event for the night, Sabu is nothing but a jobber, if a tag match does take place, I hope he cops the deciding pin fall.

Nice way to come back from the break with more Edge this time with Lita. At first I thought he would be in trouble but he chose his words very carefully and Lita being the dumb female is of course going to believe him. This confirms that not if but when Edge becomes the fully blown heel, Lita will more than likely not be following and I really have no problem with that, as they seem to have run their course together.

I guess I was wrong about my supposed tag team main event. Nice opener none the less with RVD continuing his roll as of late. Just reading the commentator’s comments afterwards and well, next weeks championship should be great and clear things up on exactly what is going down. Also just a little nit picky thing I noticed, at the start of the show Jerry Lawler was not happy with Edge, saying that he is a hypocrite and what not, yet after this announcement he is showing sympathy for Edge??? What exactly is Lawler’s status at the moment, is he face/neutral or heel commentator and were these comments meant to contradict each other to show his neutral ness, or did you just make a mistake?

Ken Doane as the Intercontinental Champion is something I am not so sure about. Everyone seems to really love Kenny Doane, but I have never fully been convinced therefore I am not really sure what you can do with him as champ, besides throwing him into a few generic feuds before he drops the title. He doesn’t really have much of a personality either, except for when he was standing up to Orton, I really feel as if he can not be champion for to long. Christopher Daniels could be the perfect man to get the strap. I would love an explanation as to why JBL will not be competing, but either way getting the title of Ken Doane will be a good thing. Oh, the segment was good to, not much to say.

Redneck Wrecking Crew are indeed on a role, and I must say I like them as World Tag Team Chamnpions. They’re a team that I have always been fond of, because they can put on a decent to good match with every team. The youngsters getting beaten was degrading for them, but by after the match you mentioning their pathetic performance makes me think, they will turn heel and try and show a mean streak soon. The Hooligans will still probably be the challengers for the titles at the next event, while the former RKO Army members need something to do. Or are they just going to be jobbers now?

Nice easy win by Trish Stratus. She should be next challenger for the title, I love the new attitude you have given her, I really think she plays the role to perfection, and I can picture her doing almost everything you have made her do so far. Trish was extremely cocky and I think the stage was set, Trish Stratus will be the womens champion by the end of the Survivor Series. One thing I have noticed that is somewhat a trend with you, is when Mickie was the most edgy character she was Womens Champ, Victoria then got really interesting so she became champ, ever since being champ Vicky has really tailed off and now Trish is the most interesting character, I expect the trend to continue.

Interesting segment here, let me start off with The Coach, I like how he was all cocky and laid back. Does Coach really need two assistants? I would say keep Striker and piss off Jillian Hall as she does absolutely nothing for me. Doane saying a butt load of cash, lol, it’s funny because it’s a meh line, but the best he has said so far. I still don’t think he is charismatic enough, and he will be used as a transitional champion. However with Jeff Hardy getting involved I am not to sure whether Daniels will get the win next week, also interested to see what JBL gets out of it. You have a good situation going here anyway.

MVP squash over Sabu. I guess since he wasn’t on Unforgiven this was simply to give him some momentum heading into the championship again. I truly believe he is a credible challenger, and will give Edge and RVD a decent challenge, but he is not ready for the WWE Championship as of yet.

Well John Cena, who I love in the role you have him, just about lets us all know that his eyes are on the WWE Championship. I can see him earning a title shot some time soon, however he will fail miserably due to an interruption from The Rock. After all those attacks, and both men coming to Raw in the draft, it is on. Cena was never going to lose to Viscera, this was a glorified squash match and I didn’t expect anything less. I believe you may be saving Cena/Rock for ‘Mania so Cena may tread water for a little while, hopefully you give him epic mic time, or a decent filler feud just to keep him entertaining.

I just said earlier about how I though Cody Rhodes and DH Smith were going to turn heel very soon and then next thing I know, they get this pep talk from Ted DiBiase. This pep talk just about confirmed my suspicions and even though they will probably hold off and get a few more losses in the coming weeks, it will become unbearable and then they will turn to DiBiase. DiBiase as a full time manager of the two would be epic, then bring in DiBiase Jr and we have some kind of mini faction, with Ted DiBiase as the their mouthpiece these young guys could do just about anything.

Jeff Hardy/John Morrison main event? Okay, that came out of nowhere but I ain’t gonna’ complain. Pretty short main event, and well. Jeff Hardy was always going to be the aggressor in this match as he has been on a roll as of late. Good that Morrison didn’t just job though, lol at Melina being called a bi-atch. As for the aftermath it was great, I don’t know if Morrison is going to get himself involved with the IC Title situation as well or not, but this was all about Christopher Daniels. He has done shit all tonight, yet made the show his. Props for that Mac.

Great start with Angle coming out to talk. This speech pretty much just went on to say that after all the hype, after everything that happened, Kurt Angle could not get the job done. I liked how Angle even though admitting that he stuffed up, seems to think he has the key, he has the stamina and that if it was not for his one stuff up, he would have been the winner. Angle having this confidence, and still wanting a rematch just lets us know that Angle/Umaga is definitely going to happen again.

Estrada comes out and didn’t really say much. His name is enough to make me cream though so I didn’t really worry, Angle sold his case well only for Estrada to turn it down. For me in this bit, Angle was a bit to friendly for my liking, I know he let out his aggression at the end, but knowing Angle he would not have been able to hold it in for that long. Anyway the attack was nice and Angle OWNIGN Umaga was great to. My favorite part of the ending was how Umaga got up, and fell back down, sold him as a monster but also made Angle look like a deadly son of a bitch. Awesome.

Overall Mac, despite the lack of quality matches, it was a very nice return show. Raw, I think is looking alright at this stage, you have heaps of things to build on from here, keep it going your only going to get better as you get back into the swing of things.

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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Doin' It To Death

My bad on the JBL bit. I blame your lack of activity , or the fact that we never seem to be active in BTB at the same time

I think I said it a while back, but I’ll make a point of saying it again; you’ve got an uncanny knack of seemingly always opening the show up with something different, or at least in the last month of shows. Backstage this time with JBL, leaving a message for Williams, then being approached by Daniels was another of those unique opening segments. With both men coming off a loss at Unforgiven, maybe they’ll be looking to help each other.

The continued downward spiral for Layfield without the services of his valet has been a great ongoing angle for the past few weeks, and it culminated, rightfully, with him losing his precious gold without her by his side at Unforgiven. It looks like JBL is going to have to grovel to win her back, and put his career back on track at this point in time.

If there was any doubt the WWE Championship feud would continue after last night, then this showdown dispelled that. Edge was terrific in the early going of the promo, and it helped that it didn’t just seem like he was filling time, waiting for RVD to come out. Instead, making his points, and doing it well. RVD is often written off as weak on the mic, but given the right material, and the right situation, I’ve always found him decent. This promo would be one of those moments. Personal highlight was the quick as a flash back and forth at one point, where RVD had an answer for everything Edge threw in his direction.

Van Dam then throwing down the gauntlet made sense, and a logical follow up on the promo, looking for a rematch tonight … which is obviously not gonna happen … and the introduction of MVP, thrusting himself right into the picture should allow the inevitable RVD - Edge rematch to be held off for at least another month, as I’d suspect you’re heading into a direction of a triple threat match. Porter in the title picture has a fresh feel about it, and as mentioned, throwing him in the equation, allows you to hold off on the RVD vs. Edge rematch for another month at least.

Looks like Edge is in need of an equalizer; RVD has Sabu on his side, and Porter has the awesome bodyguard of Reigns (and I do mean that. For a bodyguard type character, Luther Reigns is the man). Edge though, has Lita??

And maybe not even for long. The situation between Edge and Lita has been slowly developing for weeks now, and I’d be surprised if this DIDN’T end up with the two parting ways. At least now you’ve unclouded the speculation of why Edge didn’t want her competing or winning the womens title. Will Lita stand for that though?? I certainly doubt it.

Yeah, RVD over Reigns makes sense, and I’d suspect we’ll get an RVD & Sabu vs. MVP & Reigns tag match in the next couple of weeks to keep this thing bubbling over, whilst Edge and Lita continue to fall apart.

Or maybe not. Threw me with that announcement. Triple Threat match … next week??? Surprised to say the least. Fully expected another week or three before the match actually happened.

Certainly putting together a big show on Raw next week. Two title matches announced already. Obviously there is some sort of agreement between JBL and Daniels for him to take the shot instead. How they’ve wrangled that one, who knows. But I look forward to finding out. Seriously doubt Doane will drop the title next week, so it would appear that Daniels will be looking at the lights once again. Hasn’t been a great start for him, since moving to Monday Nights if that’s the case.

The continued development of the tag division on Raw continues, and Cade & Murdoch are the chosen pair it seems. Was never all that keen on them as a duo, but at least you’re investing in the tag division on Raw, like you do on SD, and building it around the champions is smart. It’ll always mean more when they are finally dethroned this way. Not sure what to make of the comment about AMW being missing from the match. Expecting a release maybe?? Not only do the tag champs come out looking like champions, but the increasingly erratic duo of Rhodes and Smith continue to suck, which surely can only be leading to a break up … or am I not reading enough into it??

Trish wins. No shocks. Great little promo afterwards, and a Victoria vs. Trish match shouldn’t be too far away from happening. Marked out for the catty comments aimed at Lita too. <3.

Enjoyable segment backstage, and did it’s job of tying up a few loose ends, getting Jeff on the show in some capacity, and putting Coach across as a lame GM. I think Doane asked the question everyone else will be asking; “What does JBL get out of this??” And it’s a terrific question. Right now, I’d suggest it’s the services of Allison Danger, or, perhaps Daniels has promised to get Williams back with JBL.

Porter, much like RVD, goes over the other mans associate / friend / bodyguard / whatever. Cant see him remaining undefeated for much longer. No need to have two guys on the show with long undefeated streaks, and the gimmick works better for Umaga.

Excellent usage of Ranjin Singh. He’d actually work perfectly as a backstage announcer. Decent enough promo, kept short and sweet for Cena, working as a lead in for his return match to Raw.

And he was never going to lose to Vis. Get this man an angle soon please, to keep him busy whilst The Rock is laid out.

Purely awesome segment with DiBiase getting in the heads of Rhodes and Smith. Now, I see where you are heading with their continued failings (or at least I think I do), and with DiBiase being the man to get at them, it would only make sense for another certain famous son to debut, and follow the advice from Ted, proving to the humble duo that they need to do the same in order to succeed. Excellent promo from top to bottom. Great job.

Most definitely a PPV quality line up on Raw next week.

And effective job of building the IC Title match next week. Nothing shockingly unique or original about it; but effective, and effectiveness is underrated. Daniels wont be winning the title next week (I wouldn’t think anyway) but the situation as to why he has been allowed by JBL to step in for him is the bigger talking point.

Don’t think I could recall a single promo that was in anyway, shape or form, weak on this show, and you’ve closed it with another electric piece of writing. Angles range of emotions were put together perfectly when describing the match at Unforgiven.

Still seems a little odd as to what possessed Angle to release the ankle lock, when he said himself either Umaga would tap, or the ankle would break. He didn’t just get sloppy, or pissed, but he was stupid too .

No shocks that Angle wants another piece of Umaga, as you said yourself, this one will be running for quite some time. Whether we’ll see a rematch straight away is another question, but I don’t see any reason for putting it off … looks like we’re about to find out anyway.

I’m not afraid to say it, but I couldn’t think of any reason why there would be a delay in promoting the rematch, but to be honest, I was expecting some bullshit reason for postponing it, and was ready to jump all over it … but there was one reason, and you put it out there perfectly, making me look a fool.

Umaga now in the chase for the WWE Championship - GREATNESS!!! If my maths are correct; you’ve got Edge, RVD, MVP and now Umaga all in the hunt and the picture for the title, whilst Cena has made his objective clear, and Angle wants another crack at Umaga desperately. Six guys … and although I’ve never had the chance to follow the thread for any great length of time … I don’t recall any Elimination Chambers anytime I’ve been reading the thread. Hoping for too much??

Back on point, impressed with Estrada and his reasons for putting Umaga in the hunt for the title now (and not before time really, given his incredible streak) and didn’t make it look like he’s deliberately avoiding the Angle rematch. Top notch, and the suspense can now build for the eventual rematch.

The show closing fight was another brilliant piece of mastery. Angle taking out Umaga again was perfectly done, and topped off just the same, with a cherry on top, having the Bulldozer struggle up … then go down. Fucking excellent show closing angle.

Glad to see that you finally got your ass into gear. Keep ‘em coming please.
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Doin' It To Death

Raw Review

JBL/Daniels Segment-Kind of surprised to see this open the show. Not really sure what to say about it, but it does seems interesting.

Opening Promo-Seems like you're really trying to turn Edge back into a heel, and I must say, you're so far off to a good start. Edge played the role of a tweener to a T. Van Dam getting his points was good as well, as obviously the feud isn't over between the two. As far as MVP goes, MVP being in the title picture, even if it is only for filler before Van Dam/Edge continues, is good as Wolfy mentioned how it is fresh. With that said, looking forward to see how you plan to build him over the next couple of weeks.

Edge basically lying to Lita was a good way to continue the heel turn for the WWE Champion. I see Lita leaving and possibly costing Edge the title down the line.

Van Dam beating Reigns was expected, as it was a great lead in to the announcement of the Triple Threat Match for next week's show for the title. Kind of surprised that you announced the match so early, as I thought you would probably have the match take place two weeks from now, with Van Dam and MVP facing off on next week's show.

Despite Daniels being on a losing streak since coming to Raw, you've been able to turn the tables for him as he is apparently getting a title match next week. I must say, I'm interested to see how you plan to carry this match out for next week's show.

Decent tag match as it seems like by the lackluster performances of Rhodes and Smith, that somehow you plan to make an angle out of that. As far as the RWC goes, the push that they have recieved in this thread has been real good. However with the mention of the Carolina Connection from Smackdown, it wouldn't surprise me that a possible match between the two teams taking place down the road.

Trish beating Torrie is not a surprise. Just asking, but is Trish a heel or a tweener in this thread. Anyway, while Trish/Victoria feuds and matches have been done a lot in BTB and IRL when they were active wrestlers, I have a feeling that you will booked their eventual feud in a way that stand out from their other encounters, like you did with Chavo/Rey last year in your thread.

Funny segment with the assistants, Doane, Jeff, and Coach. Really intrigued to see what happens with the IC title match next week, and what you have planned next for JBL.

MVP winning was obvious, as he wasn't going to lose with the WWE Title match coming next week. Honestly, I have a feeling he won't be pinned in next week's match either.

Cena still with the Boss persona in this thread is a good thing, as it gives his character more personality. With that said, it was a foregone conclusion that Cena was winning his match against Big Vis. I have a feeling that you plan on having Cena in the title picture, but more than likely that won't happen until around the Road to Mania in this thread, IMO.

EPIC promo from the Million Dollar Man. Ted was on point with EVERYTHING HE SAID in this promo. With that said, it wouldn't surprise me to see a heel turn for Rhodes and Smith, with Ted's son, Ted Jr, joining this thread in the future with Ted Sr, as the manager.

With what happened earlier with the segment with Coach, not surprised to see this match end in a DQ. Morrision basically was not a factor, following the match, as it was greatly booked to put over the IC title match between Doane and Daniels next week. Even though Daniels went over here, I don't think he'll be leaving next week's show as the NEW IC Champ.

What a way to end the show! Not just saying this as a HUGE Kurt Angle fan, but this was indeed promo of the night. Angle and Umaga have to have their rematch, and I got a feeling a nice long feud is coming from this attack from Angle to Umaga!

Next week's show looks like it is going to be excellent. Hopefully the show is in full. PM me when the show is up! Once again great show.

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Doin' It To Death

Raw Review:

JBL really is the most depressed man in the company. Considering he’s such an asshole in this thread, it’s great to see. Daniels and JBL joining forces? Sounds intriguing…

No better way to kick off the evening than with the man who is probably your best character in BTB, the man that is now a tweener, but still holds the Belt, and that is Edge. Love how he isn’t fully a heel yet, as he will always have a ton of supporters based on what he went through to get the Title earlier this year. But he definitely has a style and there is no way that he is going to change it. The crowd is split down the middle with him, and I think that’s how it will be for a VERY long time. Van Dam is really able to get under Edge’s skin, as he says that Edge isn’t as good as he claims to be, stating that he got lucky last night because he used some cheap tactics. Guess they know how to throw around some strong words, as a match tonight would be fantastic, but it won’t be happening … as MVP comes to the ring! Porter made some good points, but he is still an ass in this thread, thinking that he should be placed ahead of everyone just because of his lucky win at S’Slam. Edge puts both MVP and RVD in their place, telling them that they have no reason to get a Title shot. Now the physicality begins, as it played out pretty much as expected, with Edge sneaking out at the right time, and I was glad that you didn’t forget about Sabu, having him come save RVD. Great segment to start the show, imo.

I really hope that Edge and Lita aren’t on the outs anytime soon, because they are the perfect “WWE” couple. Looks like that may be the case, as I think Edge will take it one step too far to “help” Lita with her career. Interesting subplot in this whole thing.

A very good win to get Van Dam over following his “loss” last night, as he’ll need to win some more matches before getting another Title shot. Reigns stays with RVD for a little while, but there was never any doubt that Rob was gonna get the win. Huge triple threat match next week! I think this will be a very good way to keep the WWE Title picture interesting, as we won’t see another Raw PPV until S’Series, I believe. Anyway, Edge will retain next week, but the match will be intriguing.

Doane should own as the new IC Champion, but now Daniels gets a Title shot instead of JBL next week!? Sounds like some sort of agreement was made between the two, and hopefully Ken goes to Coach and finds out just what the hell is going on.

Damn, I don’t think that Rhodes and Smith could have gotten off to much worse of a start in their WWE careers, tbh. This isn’t OVW, boys. RWC continue to be on the roll of their careers, looking damn near unstoppable. Hooligans will still get the next show, imo, but they may need to wait a while before that happens. Cody and DH better step it up soon, because the crowd already hates them enough after what has been a pathetic WWE run so far.

4 pretty solid matches to take place on SD!. Punk-Michaels is the most intriguing, as I can see CM possibly getting the upset, because Michaels won’t be near the Title and I can see him getting into a feud with someone right away.

Trish and Torrie getting very close to each other would usually be a good thing, but now when Trish is in this state of mind. Complete squash, and Stratus still wants to go after the Women’s Title, and that makes sense seeing as how she never got pinned last night. Her and Vicky should have another match, with the Champ retaining, before Mickie gets herself back into the picture, as the feud with Vicky needs proper closure, imo.

Coach now has two assistants? That’s a good way to make him look even more dickish, imo. Jeff has a legitimate concern, as does Doane, while it looks like we will finally learn why the Fallen Angel gets the shot next week. JBL deferred his shot? Guess that we will learn what JBL got out of the deal soon enough, and I’m very interested to see what that is going to be. Hardy to form an alliance with Doane to take down Daniels and Bradshaw, imo.

Good way to get Porter over the same way that RVD got over earlier in the night. No outside interference means that MVP really is all business, and that’s gonna spell trouble for Van Dam and Edge. Glad that he has moved up the card so quickly, as it really doesn’t feel that rushed, imo. It just seems like the right choice, one that I’m glad you made.

Pretty much what I expected to hear from Cena before he heads into his first action on Raw in quite some time. Btw, didn’t Cena bloody Rocky at Backlash, not Judgment Day? I don’t mean to be that guy. Either way, Cena should destroy Vis and then I hope he does move into the WWE Title picture eventually, as I can see a multi-man match in the future, either that or Cena goes right back to feuding with Rock.

Last squash match for Cena, hopefully. Good win but now I see him taking out the winner of the WWE Title match next week. Big things in The Boss’s future, imo.

Fantastic promo by the Million Dollar Man, one that was a very welcome surprise. Didn’t think that this was gonna be the way that Rhodes/Smith got their wakeup call, but that looks to be the case. DiBiase told them what other people would probably never tell them, but it was something that needed to be said. Hopefully this isn’t the last time that we see him, because this storyline just finally got interesting. I think Rhodes/Smith lose one or two more matches before giving Ted a call, and then their luck will finally turn around.

Finally we get a decent match, as everything else was pretty average. Morrison has fallen a little too much for my liking, but I can see him coming back up sometime soon. Hardy looked like he was going to get the win, but Melina makes the big save and Hardy wins by DQ. Morrison assaults Hardy, but just like I predicted earlier tonight, Doane makes the save! Daniels shows himself again and flattens Doane! This means that Ken is retaining next week, imo.

Angle starts the promo out in a pretty calm way, as he knows just how close he came to beating Umaga last night. Good way of giving us more insight into the match, as Angle dominated for almost the entire contest, until he made one fatal mistake that cost him the chance to become the first man to put down ‘Mags. Angle loved being in that match and now that he knows he’s capable of beating Umaga, he’s ready for another shot! Good exchange between Angle and AAE, as Armando is shocked that Kurt is ready for another match, but Angle is able to stay calm, really showing that he wants another match. Estrada pulls one out of left field, saying that Umaga is going after the WWE Title! Good way for them to cash in on everyone wanting a shot at Umaga, as Angle can have his rematch after Umaga has the belt! Angle says that it’s all just business … and then takes down Estrada! Umaga gets the best of the exchange to start, before Angle counters and slams Umaga through the table! Angle tops Umaga again, as I loved how ‘Mags almost got up from the slam, but then fell down again! Perfect way to end the show, as now I can see Estrada agreeing to the rematch because Umaga really wants it.

A very good comeback show, Mac. Storylines progressed very well in this recent show, as you always seem to make current feuds even better. Next week should be special, with two big Title matches and the fallout from Umaga-Angle. Don’t keep us waiting too long!


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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