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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Doin' It To Death

I knew it was only a matter of time before the Super Ken thread reared it's ugly head again

Draft was awesome, Rocky on RAW = ratings.

WWE Championship Match:
‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge defends against ‘Mr. Monday Night’ Rob Van Dam

The Collision; The Monster vs. The Machine:
‘The Samoan Bulldozer’ Umaga vs. ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle


Intercontinental Championship Match:
‘The Wrestling God’ John Bradshaw Layfield defends against Ken Doane

Women’s Championship Match:
Victoria defends against Trish Stratus and Lita

World Tag Team Championship Match:
The Redneck Wrecking Crew defends against The Hooligans

Grudge Match:
'The Fallen Angel' Christopher Daniels vs. Jeff Hardy


Welcome back. <3.


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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Doin' It To Death

WWE Championship Match:
‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge defends against ‘Mr. Monday Night’ Rob Van Dam
Edge is only in the midst of a heel turn, and I think he'll continue his path down that road with a screwy win, and also set up the opportunity for a rematch next month.

The Collision; The Monster vs. The Machine:
‘The Samoan Bulldozer’ Umaga vs. ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle
Umaga owns. This is the first meeting too, so it'll mean more for Angle to beat Umaga later down the road rather than the initial confrontation.


Intercontinental Championship Match:
‘The Wrestling God’ John Bradshaw Layfield defends against Ken Doane
He's had a rough time of it, but since he only just won the belt at Summerslam (if my mind serves me correct, maybe he had it before then ) and everything is going against him, JBL retains.

Women’s Championship Match:
Victoria defends against Trish Stratus and Lita
Only just won the belt after Mickie held it for eternity. A one month reign wouldnt be a great pay off to such a great victory at SS. Mickie to get involved though methinks.

World Tag Team Championship Match:
The Redneck Wrecking Crew defends against The Hooligans
Fresh off a draft to Raw, it might be a good time to pull the trigger on these two for the belts. Probably likely to get a screwy finish, and set up a longer chase; but I'll stick my neck out with a title change.

Grudge Match:
'The Fallen Angel' Christopher Daniels vs. Jeff Hardy
I dont think Hardy will be shooting much higher than the mid card.

Stick around for longer than a cup of coffee?? Or even just a really big cup of coffee??
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Doin' It To Death

Unforgiven 2007

1) Unforgiven 2007 kicks off with what is more than likely gonna be the most fast-paced match of the night, with Jeff Hardy once more taking on 'The Fallen Angel' Christopher Daniels. No strangers to each other, Daniels and the younger Hardy put on a strong contest, matching the level they had on the SmackDown before last... but that wasn't the only thing that was the same. Hardy once more picks up the victory over Daniels, this time, countering the Last Rites, into a Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge and pinning Daniels at 17:21. After the match, Daniels doesn't look shocked or angry really, more so disappointed... and even resigned a bit.

2) The Redneck Wrecking Crew defeated The Hooligans at 15:06, after a decent contest, hitting the Sweet 'n' Sour on London for the pinfall, and retain the World Tag Team Titles.

3) The three divas that defined the resurgence of the WWE Divas at the start of the new millennium, Victoria, Trish Stratus and Lita, put on a very solid triple threat match, but the real story was the finish... Lita had Trish in position for the moonsault, ready to put it away... but EDGE runs down to the ring, and begs her not to do it, eyes crazed. Distracted, Lita takes too long, allowing Vicky to re-enter and deliver a nasty powerbomb to Lita, picking up the pinfall at 13:13.

4) Ken Doane defeats John Bradshaw Layfield at 20:33 after the Sky High Leg Drop, and becomes the new Intercontinental Champion.

5) Edge and Rob Van Dam may be forced to second billing, but their match is anything but second-rate as the two top-flight superstars put on a brilliant half-hour matchup. The WWE Champion and RVD play the match straight for the first fifteen minutes at an even clip, but afterward RVD seems to get the best of the Rated R Superstar, and Edge gets dirty - poking the eyes, stalling, and even tossing Van Dam at the chairs at ringside, accidentally knocking Lilian Garcia over. The finish sees RVD avoid the Spear, get behind Edge, only to see Edge perform a standing switch, and roll Van Dam up... and grab the top rope, pinning Mr. Monday Night to retain the championship @ 29:40.

6) The main event saw an atmosphere like no other, as the match - the collision - people have been waiting for for what seems like forever took place, with 'The Wrestling Machine' Kurt Angle taking on the undefeated 'Samoan Bulldozer' Umaga. The match started off with Angle attempting to play to his own strengths, looking to toss the big man around with suplexes - verticals, Germans, belly-to-bellys, the works - but each blow seemed to have minimal effect, with Umaga shaking it off, and hitting Kurt with something even stronger. With plan A in the tubes, Kurt goes to plan B, and begins to work over the left arm and left leg of Umaga. That definitely plays into the finish as Angle misses a moonsault from off the top, only to have Umaga grab him -- LOOKING FOR THE SPIKE, but Angle simply slaps his injured arm off his throat, and plants him with the ANGLE SLAM! Kurt then quickly locks in the Ankle Lock on his injured leg, and the end looks to be near. Mags looks ready to tap... he looks ready for almost a minute even... but doesn't, causing Angle to break the hold in mere frustration. Pissed, Angle gets in a downed Umaga's face and SLAPS him several times, shouting obscenities... only for Mags to DRILL HIM WITH THE SPIKE FROM THE FLOOR! Kurt goes down in a heap, and Mags crawls over, dragging his injured leg, before lying on top of Angle, picking up the pinfall @ 25:17.

Unforgiven goes off the air with Angle in a huff, tossing the television monitors around, and just generally upset with himself, while Estrada watches from the top of the ramp with an evil grin.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Doin' It To Death

Nice effort.

For one, all the matches went far too long. Would've easily gone past the 3 hour mark and perhaps even fill another half an hour. All the surprises where those that I didn't predict but then again, I had no idea what I was doing so I don't know how reliable that is.

Not too much to say about the results but Ken Doane as the Intercontinental Champion ? . The man has the charisma of a tree and isn't all that great in any department but whatever floats your boat, I suppose.

Edge & Divas situation is weird. Good call on the placement of the main event but I would've put the Women's title match as a buffer b/w the two main events and it would've also made Edge's interference more conceivable.

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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Doin' It To Death

One thing a slight match card guarantees is longer matches and it's no different here. 13 minutes for the shortest match? Yes please. I'd have judged you rather harshly had you not gone with Daniels/Jeff as your opener, and seeing The Fallen Angel get 17 minutes to strut his stuff on PPV can only mean big things for him, regardless of the outcome. His longest WWE match in fact, or was his No DQ with Sabin longer? Quite surprised to see Jeffrey pick up the win, as I've always had the impression you rated Daniels and not him. Looks to be furthering a storyline though, what with Daniels' post-match reaction. I expect both men to slot into the Intercontinental title picture rather nicely now.

The RWC over The Hooligans didn't really get a big description as nothing of importance obviously happened. Glad to see you investing in Cade & Murdoch a bit and not simply putting the straps on London & Kendrick immediately. The former WWE Tag Team Champs will really help Raw's floundering tag leagues, as RWC and AMW were having a hard time maintaining it all alone.

I found the ending to the Women's title match to be quite the shocker. I was almost certain that Victoria would plow through both her challengers to keep up the Queen B.I.T.C.H thing she has going on, but it actually became a vehicle for the Edge heel turn storyline. Not sure what his motivations were at the end - possibly doesn't what Lita becoming distracted by her own championship goals? Certainly a split between the two is on the horizon, which I don't really care about since Edge is good whatever way.

WTF!? How shocked am I that Doane just took the title from JBL? VERY shocked. I had Bradshaw down for an epic reign reminiscent of his 2004/5 WWE title one, dropping it at 'Mania to someone, but wow, only a 4 month reign (you can only say only a 4 month reign for either JBL or Trips) for Layfield. A 20 minute too. Looks like you're investing quite a lot in young Kenny, so I guess he'll have Morrison, Daniels and Jeff Hardy knocking at his door now. As for JBL? Wow, what a fall, he's lost his manager, every single match since SummerSlam, and now he's lost his title. A possible retirement angle, or simply furthering his storyline with Angelina?

I know Umaga/Angle has been hyped beyond belief, but a higher card placement than even the WWE Championship match? Really? To each his own I guess; I personally wouldn't have done it, as I think despite the exposure you've given the 'Mags/Angle rivalry, Edge/RVD for the WWE title would still have the crowd more into it. Maybe that's just me though. Another 30 minute classic from these two - yes, I'm that sad I can remember the Vengeance recap you wrote at the start of this thread - with Edge declining further and further into his heelish ways to retain the title. Unsurprising result and one would assume that this feud has to continue, although I imagine Cena will almost certainly, and therefore Rock will too, stick his head in the scene, seeing as he has no beef with Coach - yet.

Umaga is rapidly approaching the level of Big Dave Batista in this thread in terms of how monstrously you're booking and pushing him. Angle's offence had virtually no effect on the big man, and he wouldn't even tap to the Ankle Lock - 'Maga should never tap or it would ruin his gimmick. Still, you kept Kurt strong as he seemed to have the upper hand for the majority, but just couldn't put 'Mags away, and he did lose very suddenly out of nowhere. I liked the finish. Cool, original idea. I have to say though, the fact that Umaga hasn't had a title shot yet in this thread is approaching ridiculous. If going undefeated for 17 (?) months, knocking off the likes of Flair, Cena, Foley, Kane, Henry, Angle etc. isn't enough, then I don't know what is.

Hope you get back to full shows soon, Mac; let us know when you plan on doing that.
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Doin' It To Death

Seemed like an odd-ish finish to the opener, with Daniels getting caught by a Northern Lights. Very long matches for everything on the show, but taking into account there didnt seem to be any backstage pieces, it's just about viable for two solid hours of wrestling on the show, and then intros and video packages taking up the remaining 45 minutes or so.

Looks like a long, prolonged chase for the titles for the Hooligans. Not a great fan of the RNWC, but hopefully with London and Kendrick now on Raw, the division will begin to pick up steam.

Another odd finish for the womens match. What's Edges reason for screwing his girlfriend over?? The heel turn is beginning to take shape now, and I wouldnt be surprised to see him and Lita break up over this, or at least, with this being the starting point.

Calling it now; Ken Doane will be challenging for a world title within 12 months in this thread. This just appears to be the route the kid is heading. If my math is correct, he might even be in line to become the youngest world champion in history. Have'nt followed the thread closely enough to know a great deal about his character in this thread, but I'll be keeping a close eye on how he progresses in the coming months.

But please, dont put JBL in a twenty minute match again

Heel turn must be nearly complete now, surely after this finish. RVD will surely get another crack at the belt after the finish here, but it'll be interesting to see how long he has to wait to get it.

Certainly a number of positives / negatives for this going last; it makes viewers think that by going on last that Umaga might just finally lose, and also, means we dont end the show on the cop-out sneaky finish from the title match. But again, despite all the build up to it, it's not exactly a match that transcends the industry, or has THAT much importance to go on last. Umaga getting a unique finish to beat Angle was pretty sweet, but Angles reactions after the loss was quite curious to say the least. A rematch; possibly with a gimmick of some sort attached must be certainly on the cards.
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Doin' It To Death

Eww @ Jeff Hardy going over Daniels. No title push plz. I'd like to see Daniels go back to SmackDown! and stick with the Cruiser division if all he's gonna accomplish on RAW is job to spot monkeys who often stuff up their spots anyways.

Hopefully the Hooligans grab the straps off of the RNWC soon, but I'm not entirely convinced they will. Tag division needs some serious attention so hopefully this will be the start of it. Some long matches so far, but that has to be expected with only 6 (kinda lacklusture) on the card.

Edge heel alignment with Trish? Could be epic if that's where you're going with this and it'd scream back to the Christian/Trish one of 04 which was largely mis-used. I'm interested to see how you develop this now, altho I'll be damned if Edge isn't a full blown heel within a month.

Kenny winning the IC title off JBL? YUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! I'll echo earlier sentiments that the man cannot match the charisma of a lamp post and the fact he went over a much more bankable name pisses me off somewhat. I just hope you don't push him towards the main event like Wolfy mentioned, that would be awful to see. Just awful.

RVD/Edge for the title, on before Angle/Mags? No way. Odd choice tbh and I'm not the only one who thinks so, bar a mammoth match the WWE Title should always be the main match at PPV. Edge with a screwish win means this is gonna continue and I can't complain about that.

Angle/Mags looked solid and Umaga is being pushed as the ultimate beast, he still hasn't lost and altho it's credible booking, things are getting to the point were it's gonna be BORING if he doesn't lose soon. I'll call it, somebody finally does him in at Mania. As for Angle, well, who knows what he's getting at tbh. Rematch in more detail down the line plz.

Overall largely by the numbers PPV, thankfully it wasn't done in ay greater detail, because it was a fairly lacklusture event. Here's hoping things pick up big time in the coming months.


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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Doin' It To Death

Unforgiven Feedback

Jeff Hardy going over Christopher Daniels is something that I just like everybody else does not like. Hopefully this will not result in a Jeff Hardy push and it is more about Daniels looking all upset and what not. This could lead to an interesting storyline, with Daniels battling demons within himself and what not, I hope you take it and run with it, but then again knowing you, I really don’t need to tell you this.

The Hooliganz are eventually going to get the titles of the RWC. I think you just used this match to drag on the feud until Survivor Series, because, well, your tag division on Raw is not exactly A grade at the moment.

What the fuck was with Edge? That was a real shock him stopping Lita from getting the win. Is this going to be the start of some love triangle thing, does Edge have a crush on Trish Stratus? This match would have been good for a divas match and it is great that with every match so far, you are leaving yourself something to go on with.

Ken Doane and JBL… Twenty minutes? I don’t think so. Anyway Ken Doane is now the IC Champion, and well, I don’t really give a flying fuck about the IC Title at the moment. I care more for the JBL being all down storyline, you can’t be doing this with both Daniels and JBL. I expect JBL to hit back strongly.

Edge and Rob Van Dam would have been an epic encounter. Sounded like it anyway, Edge picking up the victory was to be expected, and I am sure this rivalry will continue into Survivor Series. I expect Edge to hold the title until ‘Mania tbh, I really don’t know why, but even though RVD got the massive win over Shawn Michaels, I can’t see him as champion.

Kurt Angle vs Umaga. The confrontation everyone had been waiting for. You built it up brilliantly, and you executed well. Umaga getting the win is the best way to continue their greatness. Smart choice, nice, unique way for ‘Mags to get the win also.

Overall, the PPV was nothing special at all, some of it wouldn’t even be classified as good. So yeah, in first reading I was not impressed, but I noticed that in almost every contest you left yourself something to go on with, and for that reason I can sense some epicness coming from you pretty soon.

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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Doin' It To Death

Unforgiven Review:

Great choice to kick off this show, as Jeff and Daniels have had a good feud that started on SD!, and now will continue on Raw. Even though I am pleased that you gave them 17 minutes, I can’t say I’m happy with the result. Jeff goes over Daniels again? I just don’t see it in Hardy and I had thought that Daniels would get a big push on SD!, but now he looks pretty weak on Raw. Guess that you always have a reason for what you do, so I won’t right this off yet. But if this feud continues, Daniels better get the next victory.

The more I think about it, having L&K come over to Raw and win the Belts right away would have been the wrong move, which is why I am pleased with the way this one ended. The Hooligans will probably need to chase for the next few months before they get the Belts, and this made Raw’s tag division look stronger, now that we have Champions that can beat more than just one team.

WTF? Edge comes down and begs Lita not to hit the moonsault and win the Belt? Why would he do that? Either way, was a good way to keep Lita looking somewhat strong but also keep the Belt on Vicky. I’m guess it’s gonna be Trish-Vicky for a little while before Mickie comes back.

Ken Doane wins the IC Title, as I thought another JBL win after being dominated heading into the PPV would have been the wrong choice. Now Doane looks to be on the way up. Not sure about him winning the World Title within the next year like Wolfy thinks, but I guess we’ll just have to wait. JBL is gonna need a manager again soon and I am really interested to see what he does after this crushing loss. But please, 20 minutes is 5 too long for him to wrestle. Just throwing that out there.

Guess that the heel turn is nearly complete for the WWE Champ, as he needs to use some cheap tactics to get his win. I would have liked for him to be face a little while longer, but I guess having him go through what he did with Orton, this makes sense. Van Dam will obviously still be in the Title picture, but I’m not sure when the next shot will be. I’m interested to see what Edge does after this “cheap” win, as he may not be a true heel just yet.

This match didn’t seem to live up to all the billing that was built heading into the event, but I guess that makes it easier for the rematch to top it. Angle is probably the best pure wrestler in the world and to see him struggle with his offense, even while dominating the majority of the match, plays to the fact that ‘Mags is a machine. I liked that Angle broke the Ankle Lock just because he was frustrated, as that proved to be the reason that he lost, with Umaga hitting the Spike from the floor. Rematch is obviously on the way, but I can see Kurt having to work for it. Good choice to end the show, with the WWE Title match ending the way it did.

So you got this show out of the way, and that is a good thing because it wasn’t one of the best cards. Guess that’s expected with so many big names moving in the draft, and now I can’t wait for you to come back better than ever.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Doin' It To Death

A few things...

Yeah, Unforgiven sucked, but as most of you have mentioned, the draft is pretty much to blame.

Angle v. Umaga isn't a match that transcends the industry, but it was the most hyped match of the night, with two guys whose feud I plan to make the cornerstone of Raw for the next few months. A main event match was just the type of exposure it needed.

Invincible, as Wolfy already stated, the match time works out to about two hours which leaves 45 minutes to an hour for entrances, interviews, etc.

Wolfy, JBL became the Intercontinental Champion at Backlash, not SummerSlam.

Sorry 'bout the twenty minute JBL match btw. Needed time to fill.

Legend, when I am getting back to full shows? Now. I'll start reviewing shows soon, but I felt like I needed to get this up and out of the way as soon as possible. It'll take me a while to round myself back into form, but it's a decent enough first show back methinks.


Monday Night Raw - September 17, 2007

"Business is business"

The Comeback Kids

No fireworks, opening video, commentary…

*Backstage - JBL Locker Room*

John Bradshaw Layfield sits in his room, alone, dressed in his suit, cowboy hat on his lap, no longer the Intercontinental Champion - on quite the embarrassing losing streak. Layfield rubs his chin in contemplation, and has himself a look around the room - empty, in complete silence. JBL sighs, tosses his hat across the room, and pulls out his cellphone, before dialing up a number.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Angie… it’s John…. Call me back… please.

~ Bradshaw hangs the phone up, and lets out a deep breath…

???: Good move.

~ JBL turns around… to see ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels and Allison Danger waiting.

Christopher Daniels:
I’ve got an even better one.



The crowd lets out a mixed reaction as the WWE Champion ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge steps out onto the stage. Dressed in his designer jeans, black t-shirt, shades and the WWE Title over his shoulder, Edge smirks before he takes the title off his shoulder and raises it high above his head, causing a tremendous amount of pyro to go off behind him.

Jim Ross:
Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw. I’m Jim Ross, along with Jerry Lawler and Tully Blanchard, and I can’t think of a better way to kick off the evening than with the WWE Champion.

Tully Blanchard: There were several times last night, where it looked like if we were to kick off Raw tonight with the WWE Champion, it would’ve been Rob Van Dam rather than Edge, but somehow, someway, Edge eeked out the victory.

Jerry Lawler: “Somehow, someway?” I’ll tell ya how, he cheated. After all of his whining and complaining about the way he was treated by Orton and his group, Edge turned around and did the same thing to RVD. Nothing worse than a hypocrite.

Edge steps into the ring, and calls for a microphone, and is soon handed one by Lilian Garcia. “Metalingus” dies down, and Edge brings the mic down.

Edge: Another day… another dollar. Another PPV match… another successful title defense… and here I stand, STILL the WWE Champion.

~ Mixed reaction, as Edge waits for them to die down with a smirk on his face.

Edge: Now, I-

~ “RVD! RVD! RVD! RVD!” chants the crowd, causing Edge to pause and nod his head a bit, before he brings the mic back up to his face.

Edge: I give Rob Van Dam all the credit in the world, he gave a hell of an effort and we had a hell of a match, but I think that throughout 2007, with all the stuff with Orton and the ‘Army and this, that and the third, people have forgotten that I am the champion for a reason!

~ Another mixed reaction.

Edge: RVD is good, Randy Orton was good, hell, everybody in that locker room is good… but I, am, the best!

~ Mixed? Yep.

Edge: I’m not the fastest, I’m not the strongest, I’m not the most technically sound, and I certainly do a lot of cool flips… but what I do have is a desire… a lust to be the absolute best at what is I do.

~ Edge drops the mic a bit, and runs his other hand through his hair, taking in what he’s saying. The Rated R Superstar then reaches up, and takes the shades off of his face, hanging them on the front of his shirt, before he continues.

Edge: Its what separates me from all others - the simple fact that I am willing to do anything to get and hold on to this WWE Championship. Some may like it, some may not, but the fact of the matter is the way you play the game is completely irrelevant.

~ The camera focuses in on the eyes of the WWE Champion.

What people think - what you people think, what the boys in the back think - is non-consequential. The ends justify the means. Wins and losses are the only thing that matters, and that is why I am the BEST!

~ The crowd gives Edge another loud mixed reaction, as he seems to snap out of his state of focus, backing away, as does the camera.

Edge: Now, that very well may rub people the wrong way, but I-


A loud ovation engulfs the arena as Rob Van Dam enters the arena, dressed in his black wrestling attire, looking surprisingly calm, considering the circumstances. Edge shakes his head a bit as he watches Mr. Monday Night climb into the ring, and call for a mic of his own. RVD doesn’t waste time, immediately bringing his mic up as soon as his music dies down.

Rob Van Dam: The rules don’t matter?

~ Edge smirks.

Edge: Nope.

Rob Van Dam: (smiles) I can tell… Last night, you pulled out all the stops, Edge - low blows, shots to my eyes, hell, you even tossed me into a steel chair or two.

~ The crowd lets out boos, but The Rated R Superstar doesn’t react.

Rob Van Dam: And believe it or not, you actually caught me off guard, Edge.

~ The champ raises an eyebrow.

Rob Van Dam: I thought you were better than that.

~ OH!; Edge shakes his head.

Rob Van Dam: I thought we were going into that ring to prove who the best wrestler here on Raw was… I thought that’s what you cared about… but you went in that ring for one reason, and one reason only… to hold on to that WWE Championship no matter what the cost.

~ Edge smirks, seemingly attempting to hide the fact that he feels a bit uncomfortable.

Rob Van Dam:
I thought you’d out grown that, I thought you’d changed - I was wrong. (Scoffs) It’s not the first time I was wrong, and it won’t be the last. And hey, look, you can come in this ring for whatever reason you want, and do whatever you want, but don’t think it makes you the best, Edge… … … you’re not.

~ OH! The crowd pops big time, but Edge is far from happy, running his hand through his hair intently before bringing the mic up.

Edge: This belt on my shoulder says that I am.

Rob Van Dam: That match last night says you’re not.

Edge: I WON!

Rob Van Dam: You got your ass smoked!

~ Another pop for Van Dam as Edge gets really frustrated, gritting his teeth. A loud “RVD” chant starts up, but Van Dam doesn’t milk it to long, and brings the mic up.

Rob Van Dam: I beat you up and down that arena, Edge, and everybody who saw that match knows who the WWE Champion should be.

~ “RVD! RVD! RVD!”

Rob Van Dam: You wanna keep the WWE Title at costs? Fine, but let’s level the playin’ field. I know what I’m going up against now, I know you’re a selfish, narcissistic bastard-

~ oh shit. The crowd gasps and then cheers as RVD and Edge come face to face

Rob Van Dam: The same bastard that took the title off me a year ago… so give me a chance to get that title back. Come on, Edge, what do ya say? You and me, one more time, for the WWE Championship right here TONIGHT!

~ The audience gives a thunderous ovation, with everybody wanting to see that huge title match here tonight. Edge looks at Van Dam, but doesn’t speak, and instead, stares a whole through the former WWE Champion…

***I’M COMIN’***

Edge, RVD and everyone familiar with that particular theme song turns their attention towards the stage, and soon enough, Montel Vontavious Porter steps out onto the stage, accompanied by Luther Reigns and his Playgirls, Layla, Kelly and Brooke. MVP wears a decked out red suit, and Luther wears a pair of red trunks and an MVP shirt, dressed to compete, while the Playgirls wear red and white cheerleader outfits. MVP enters the ring, and has Brooke fetch him a microphone, which he soon brings back.

Montel Vontavious Porter: This is downright embarrassing…

~ Edge and RVD arent exactly sure what Porter is talking about but one would bet it’s not flattering.

Montel Vontavious Porter:
It’s flat-out embarrassing to see a former WWE Champion come out here and basically beg and plead on his knees for another WWE Title shot after he got his ass beat just last night.

~ The crowd boos the arrogant relative newcomer, while Van Dam kinda scoffs at him, shaking his head.

Montel Vontavious Porter: And it’s almost just as embarrassing for our WWE Champion to come out in front of all these people and admit he’s nothing but a fraud. That’s embarrassing.

~ Edge basically mimics Van Dam’s reaction of a second ago, while the crowd boos.

Montel Vontavious Porter:
But what’s more embarrassing than all that is that last night at Unforgiven, PPV, the big-time stage… Montel Vontavious Porter was not only not featured in the WWE Championship match… MVP wasn’t featured in a wrestling match at all. That’s just pathetic.

~ The Playgirls over exaggeratedly nod along in agreement, but the crowd is far from impressed.

Montel Vontavious Porter:
Hell, Vince McMahon personally called me last night, and let me know that it will never, ever happen again under his watch, after he apologized of course.

~ RVD and Edge roll their eyes, while the crowd boos, soon starting up a “Bullshit” chant. MVP talks over them, however,

Montel Vontavious Porter: But you know what? Vinnie Mac doesn’t have to worry about righting that wrong, because I’m gonna do it myself. Edge, Van Dam over here was half-right. You should be defending that WWE Championship here tonight… but you should be defending it against Mr. 305, Half-Man, Half-Amazing, the highest-paid free agent in WWE history, me, Montel Vontavious Porter.

~ “BOO!”

Montel Vontavious Porter: Let’s face facts. Edge, when you and I went one on one for the WWE Title a while back, you didn’t pin me, and you couldn’t make me submit.

~ Edge shakes his head, while MVP turns to Van Dam.

Montel Vontavious Porter:
And if you remember correctly, Van Dam, I won the first annual Summer Games Gauntlet… but how did I get in? I pinned your shoulders to the mat, one… two… three!

~ More boos for MVP, while Edge smirks and brings the mic up.

Edge: Let me get this straight. After not being on the pay per view last night and not beating me the last time we fought, you think you deserve a shot at this? I don’t think so!

~ Mixed reaction from the crowd, as MVP scowls. Edge doesn’t care, however, turning his attention to the other man in the ring.

Edge: And the same goes for your title shot, Van Dam!

~ Boos for Edge this time, while RVD looks dead on at him.

Edge: The both of you need to get this through your thick skulls! I am the WWE Champion, which means I don’t answer to either of you. And as far as I’m concerned, considering I’ve beaten the both of you in this ring, you two are DONE!

~ More boos

Now if you excuse me, the life of a champion is busy.

~ Edge puts his shades back on, smirks, and prepares to walk out… but Reigns gets in his way, blocking his path. Luther grills the WWE Champion, and the trash talking immediately starts, and its only a matter of time before Edge drills Reigns with a right hand! The crowd cheers as The Rated R Superstar and MVP’s bodyguard exchange right hand, and eventually, it’s Edge who wins out… but it’s of no consequence as Porter jumps Edge from behind, and the two on one beat down commences!

MVP & Reigns knocks Edge to the ground and begin to stomp away on him. At first, RVD seems hesitant to help out, but eventually does, spinning Van Dam around before drilling him with a right hand, and then a couple more, rocking Montel, backing him up into the corner! Soon, Reigns stops attacking Edge and concentrates on Van Dam, and the two heels begin to team up on RVD this time. Edge comes to, sees the beating that Van Dam is taking… and rolls out of the ring, grabbing his title belt and heading back up the ramp.

The crowd boos Edge, who staggers up the ramp… and is soon passed by a sprinting SABU, who slides into the ring, CHAIR IN HAND!

Reigns turns around and Sabu drills him, knocking Luther down! MVP sees him, and immediately rolls out of the ring. The crowd roars as Sabu stands over Van Dam, his eyes locked on MVP. Sabu helps RVD up, while Porter shakes his head and we fade out…


*Backstage - Hallway*

‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge staggers down the corridor, knowing he dodged a bullet at the top of the show, and slowly enters his locker room, closing the door… but coming face to face with an angry Lita. The WWE Champion’s fiery-haired girlfriend is not pleased, arms folded over her ample chest as Edge looks on, half-nervous, half-interested.

Lita: You’ve got exactly ten seconds to explain yourself.

~ Edge waits, probably thinking of an answer…

What are we talking about again?

I’m outta here.

~ Lita grabs her bag and looks to leave, but Edge gently grabs her arm, only to have Lita snatch it away with a fury.

Alright, Lita, listen. Sit, please.


Edge: Then stand, but listen.

~ Lita rolls her eyes, lets out a sigh, and folds her arms again… but does listen,

This title - next to you - means everything to me… and you are one of the main reasons I have this belt. if it weren’t for you, I don’t know if I still even have it. Whether you get involved or not, just having your out there with me provides all the motivation I need… But if you were to win that Women’s Championship, things would change… things could happen. Yeah, I know you’d try to be out there with me whenever you could, but who knows? You could get injured again - it only takes one bad bump. I NEED you out there with me.

~ Lita stares at Edge with several emotions running through her face - amazement, sadness, a feeling of appreciation… but she says nothing, as the two continue to stare at one another…

*Back to ringside*

1 - Rob Van Dam vs. Luther Reigns

Our commentators inform us that the brawl was cleared up, and now, we join this match in progress. With Sabu, MVP and the Playgirls watching, RVD and Porter’s bodyguard, put on a decent enough matchup, but it’s really just used as a vehicle for Mr. Monday Night to reassert his presence as a top-flight star following his loss last night. The finish sees RVD show some damn impressive strength, hitting a steamroller slam on the huge Reigns, before he quickly follows that up with a Five Star Frog Splash for the three count.

Winner - Rob Van Dam via pinfall @ 6:36.

While the crowd cheers, Van Dam gets up to his feet, and merely stands in the middle of the ring, soaking in the cheers with a smirk. MVP watches with a scowl from the outside, as Van Dam motions that he isn’t done with the WWE Championship just yet.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, RVD picks up the win tonight… but what news we’ve just gotten from the general manager’s office. Next week, (graphic comes on screen) right here on Monday Night Raw, the WWE Title will be on the line! ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge defends his WWE Championship against Rob Van Dam and MVP in a triple threat match! I can’t believe we’ve got that match on Raw next week!

Tully Blanchard: Pay per view quality main event next week? We’ll take that, no doubt about it, and with the way RVD looked last night at Unforgiven and just now, it’s pretty hard to bet against Mr. Monday Night next week. We could be looking at our new WWE Champion.

Jerry Lawler: Poor Edge… he jumps right out of the frying pan and right into the fire. He doesn’t even have to be pinned next week to lose his title.

Jim Ross: Gonna be a tremendous match up… but that’s next week. Tonight, Umaga, Kurt Angle and ‘The Boss’ John Cena are all in the building! Stay tuned!


*Backstage - Interview Area*

Todd Grisham stands by, microphone in hand.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time… the NEW Intercontinental Champion, Ken Doane!

~ The crowd gives Ken Doane a decent pop as he enters screenshot, wearing a pair of black slacks and a black dress shirt, with the Intercontinental Title over his shoulder.

Todd Grisham: Ken, last night, you became the Intercontinental Champion for the second time, defeating John Bradshaw Layfield… but next week, JBL activates his rematch clause, forcing you to put that belt on the line. What are your thoughts on your win last night and your title match next week?

Ken Doane: I don’t like to talk much so I’ll keep this short and sweet-

You know what? Let’s make it shorter and sweeter.

~ Doane’s eyes widen with a bit of anger… as Christopher Daniels and Allison Danger steps into screenshot, smirk on the face of The Fallen Angel.

Ken Doane: What do you want?

Christopher Daniels:
Good question, champ. I’ve got a simple answer- your title.

Ken Doane: How many times have you lost recently? Have you even won a match since you’ve come to Raw? You may wanna do yourself a favor and get in line.

Christopher Daniels: No need.

~ Doane and Grisham both stare at Daniels with confusion.

Christopher Daniels:
I’ve got one next week.

~ Doane holds his arms out in complete shock, looking for some semblance of an explanation.

Christopher Daniels:
That’s right, you may have JBL’s number, but you certainly don’t have mine.

Ken Doane:
How do you have a shot next week? What the hell have you done to earn it?

Christopher Daniels:
Two more good questions; you’re a smart kid. Talk to your boss.

~ Daniels smiles and walks away with Danger, leaving the Intercontinental Champion incredibly confused, as is everyone else.

*Back to ringside*

2 - Eight Man Tag Team Match
World Tag Team Champions The Redneck Wrecking Crew, Chris Masters & Joey Mercury
vs. The Hooligans, DH Smith & Cody Rhodes

Surprisingly absent from this match are America’s Most Wanted. Interesting. The wrestlers formerly known as the RKO Army play the background here as the match mainly revolves around the other three tandems, with The Hooligans and the RWC being rather evenly matched, while Smith & Rhodes struggle to compete on the level of the World Tag Team Champions. The end of the match watches the careers of the second generation superstars continue to get off to an incredibly rocky start as Cade plants Cody with a sitout clutch spine buster for the pinfall victory.

Winners - RWC, Masters and Mercury @ 7:04.

The Hooligans put their hands on their hips as they kneel on the canvas, failing to pick up a win tonight, a win needed to pole vault themselves back into contention after losing the title match last night. On the flipside, the RWC are on the role of a lifetime, downright obliterating the tandems on Raw, comparable to the way The Carolina Connection perform on SD. Boos ring out throughout the building as we fade out, but one has to wonder if it’s because the heel team won, or because of the continuing pathetic performances of Rhodes and Smith.


Advertisement for SmackDown plays, hyping the #1 contender’s tournament for the World Heavyweight Championship with Mark Henry vs. Finlay, Charlie Haas vs. Carlito, Shawn Michaels vs. CM Punk, & Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio.

3 - Trish Stratus vs. Torrie Wilson

The first squash of the evening. Stratus > Wilson. Chick Kick > Torrie’s head. Pinfall.

Winner - Trish Stratus via pinfall @ 2:40.

Jim Ross: Mrs. Stratus, the three time Babe of the Year, looking as good as ever here tonight.

Jerry Lawler:
Trish always looks good, J.R.

Tully Blanchard: Trish seems to have gotten herself a new focus in recent months. For a while there, it appeared that the Women’s Title was the last thing on her mind, but now-

Jerry Lawler: Shut up, Tully, she’s about to speak.

With the match now over without Trish breaking much of a sweat, Stratus is handed a microphone by Nattie. Trish taps on it to get everyone’s attention as she calls for her theme music to be cut off.

Trish Stratus:
Did ya see that? Ooh, (moves hair out of face) nobody better.

~ Nattie smirks, while Stratus’ arrogant smirk is soon wiped away.

Trish Stratus:
Last night… I got screwed.

~ “YEAH! That’s hot!” - random perv (Renegade?).

Trish Stratus: Not like that, pervs.


Trish Stratus: Last night was supposed to be simple. I was supposed to go into Unforgiven, take on Victoria - one on one - beat her, just like I always do on the big stage, and walk out of that building with the Women’s Championship for a record setting seventh time.

~ Mixed reaction, leaning towards heat for the arrogant blond.

Trish Stratus: But that wasn’t to be - none of that was to be, because everybody’s favorite redheaded working girl decided to once again stick her nose in my ‘bidness’. And surprise, surprise, she found herself flat on her back - shocking, right? (giggles) - and was pinned for the one, two, three.

~ Stratus shakes her head in disgust.

Trish Stratus: So, pretty Vicky, here’s the way I see it: Lita was pinned last night… not I… which means I’m the number one contender… which means the next person you defend your title against should be me… which means you all are looking at the next, Women’s, Champion.

~ Trish drops the mic and takes a bow as her music hits once more and we cut away to Victoria, the Women’s Champion, who sits in her chair, title across her waist, arms folded, as she does nothing but watch with her typical scowl.

*Backstage - GM’s Office*

Jonathan Coachman lays on his couch, reading a WWE Magazine while Matt Striker and Jillian Hall shuffle papers on his desk. Soon enough, Jeff Hardy busts in, rather upset.

Jeff Hardy: Coach, what the hell are you doin’!?

Jonathan Coachman: (not looking up from his mag) I’m reading.

Matt Striker: What exactly is your complaint, Jeffrey?

~ Jeff looks at Striker confusedly.

Jonathan Coachman: These are my assistants. You have a complaint? Talk to them.

Jeff Hardy: I beat Christopher Daniels three times in a row in the middle of that ring, and he gets an Intercontinental Title shot? I don’t get it.

Jillian Hall: Well, the reason for that is simple-

Jeff Hardy: Good. Explain.

Jillian Hall: Okay, well-

~ Ken Doane busts into the office, title on the shoulder.

Ken Doane: Coach, what’s your problem!?

Jonathan Coachman: (flipping the page) Already having this conversation.

Matt Striker: Look, gentlemen-

Ken Doane:
What the hell are you doing here, Striker?

Jonathan Coachman: He’s my assistant.

~ Doane shakes his head.

Matt Striker: JBL had a guaranteed rematch clause in his contract.

Jeff Hardy: Ok?

Matt Striker: JBL decided to defer his title shot and … give it to The Fallen Angel.

Jeff Hardy: Are you serious? Is that even legal?

Ken Doane: It is when you’ve got a buttload of cash and a general manager with no morals.

Jillian Hall: Listen… Jeff, we’ve all been very impressed with you as of late, and you are on our radar. Ken, you’re a great athlete and you deserve that Intercontinental Title, but you will defend it against Chris Daniels next week here on Monday Night Raw.

Matt Striker: Now, if you would all excuse us, we’re very busy.

~ Doane and Jeff look at Coach and shake their heads before getting ready to leave the office, before Doane turns around…

Ken Doane: What’s JBL getting out of this deal?

Jonathan Coachman: Don’t know, don’t care.

~ Kenny shakes his head in disgust, and heads out, allowing Coach’s assistants to get back to work, while Coach keeps getting his read on.


4 - Montel Vontavious Porter w/Playgirls vs. Sabu

MVP’s undefeated streak remains intact, despite the best efforts of the ECW alumnus. With a WWE Title match in his sights next week on Raw, Montel shows an incredible amount of intensity and focus in this matchup, relying on no outside interference as he goes after Sabu with each and everything that he’s got, before he finishes the death-defying maniac off with the Playmaker.

Winner - MVP via pinfall @ 5:41.

With the crowd booing the arrogant superstar, Porter pounds on his chest, saying that this is his ring, before making the title motion, much like Van Dam did earlier in the night.

Jim Ross: Love him or hate him - and most hate him - this kid is one of the most talented WWE superstars that’s come into this company in a long time. He just may be our next WWE Champion.

Tully Blanchard: He won the Summer Games Gauntlet at SummerSlam, he’s pinned RVD’s shoulders to the mat for a three count and he took Edge to the limit a few weeks. MVP is the dark horse in the WWE Title match next week, but do not count him out.

Jerry Lawler: Only an idiot would count him out. My money’s on Mr. 305!

*Backstage - Interview Area*

Ranjin Singh stands by, microphone in hand.

Ranjin Singh: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, wrestling his first match back on Monday Night Raw in a year - ‘The Boss’ John Cena!

~ The crowd explodes into a mixed reaction, as Cena enters screenshot, wearing his black shorts, and white shirt. The Boss looks rather serious while Singh asks his question.

Ranjin Singh:
Cena, up next you have your first match back on Raw, taking on the 500-pound Viscera. John-

~ Cena cuts him off.

John Cena: My second night back on Raw, my first match back, and you can bet your left berry that I’m gonna make an impact. Hell, making an impact is what I do. When I beat and bloodied The Rock down at Judgment Day … IMPACT!

~ Boos from the crowd.

John Cena: When I tossed The Undertaker off of a stage, and crashing down to the mat below … IMPACT!

~ More boos.

John Cena: When The Rock came back and I went to work on his guts with a steel chair … IM-PACT!

~ Yeah, boos.

John Cena: And now that I’m here on Raw, the shots and shocks keep comin’, because my eyes are cocked and locked on one thing and one thing only, and that thing is the WWE Championship. It’s been over a year since I’ve had the belt in my hands, and I’m just itchin’ to have it back. Edge, MVP, RVD - you’ve all got crap luck… because soon… real soon… the champ - is - here!

~ This time the crowd delivers a mixed reaction - clearly leaning towards heat, however - as Cena storms off.

Jim Ross: John Cena in action! NEXT!


5- John Cena vs. Viscera

The Boss isn’t gonna lose his first match back, and certainly not to Big Vis. Viscera plays the lovable monster throughout, while Cena… just plays the monster, hitting a monstrous FU on the 500 pounder, before he locks in the STFU and forces the big man to submit.

Winner - Cena via submission @ 3:47.

*Backstage - Ext. of Communal Locker Room*

A whole bunch of mid and lower-card wrestlers stand outside the locker room, talking with one another… but all holding wads of cash in their hands. Soon enough, Cody Rhodes and DH Smith walk up to Val Venis (he’s still here?)…

DH Smith: Val, what’s going on?

Val Venis: We all just got paid fifty bucks to stand out here while the two of you had a conversation with Mr. Money Bags.

~ Smith and Rhodes look at each other completely befuddled with the current situation, but decide to grow a set and walk inside the locker room. The looks on the youngsters face don’t get any less confused as their eyes lock on ‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase sitting on a chair, with his feet draped across another. Dressed in an all black suit, Ted shakes his head as he speaks.

Ted DiBiase: Kids, kids, kids, kids.

Cody Rhodes:

Ted DiBiase: Ah ah, no need to speak, just listen.

~ DiBiase takes his feet down off the chair, and motions toward it, and the one next to it. Inviting the youngsters to sit down. They soon do, and Ted speaks.

Ted DiBiase: You kids… are wrestling royalty. Trained in the best places by the best trainers to be the best that this business has to offer. The sons of wrestling icons. DH, you were trained by the Hart family, who churned out more great wrestlers than any other single entity in this business. You’re the son of the British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith, a man who you’ll hear not an ill word heard about in a locker room on this planet.

~ Smith nods along, while DiBiase turns to Cody a bit.

Ted DiBiase: Cody, godson of T.A. Magnum, the son of three-time NWA Champion Dusty Rhodes. If you’re the son of The American Dream, you’ve got wrestling in your blood. You both do. But I’ve been watching the two of you, and I’ve gotta say, you are the two most humble kids I’ve ever seen.

DH Smith: Thank you.

Cody Rhodes: Thanks, sir.

Ted DiBiase: It wasn’t a compliment.

~ Rhodes and Smith seem a bit stunned by that revelation, while DiBiase strokes his beard before he continues.

Ted DiBiase:
It’s pathetic to watch, and it’s gotten you nowhere. You don’t believe me, take a look at your record since you came up. Take a look at where we are - a communal locker room? (Scoffs) Humility gets you nowhere if you stink. Stop attempting to run from the breaks your lineage allows you to get, and embrace it.

~ DH stands up aggressively, scowl of sorts on his face.

DH Smith: We wanna stand on our own two feet.

~ Four feet? Cody follows, standing by Smith in a united front of sorts. DiBiase simply smirks.

Ted DiBiase:
How’s that working out for you guys?

~ The looks of defiance are wiped clean off of the faces of the second-generation superstars, while DiBiase stands up, ready to bring his point home.

Ted DiBiase: If you guys are gonna go out there and continually be pushed around, shoved to the side like a couple of nobodies, then do yourselves a favor, do your families a favor, and just hang up your boots… or at least change your last names to save them the embarrassment. Nothing in this world is free, boys, and unfortunately for you, modesty still isn’t accepted currency in the wrasslin’ business. So, you’ve got two options if you wanna be something relevant. You can either use money to get what you want, or… you can get nasty… or both.

~ DiBiase slaps the two on the shoulder, as he heads toward the exit.

Ted DiBiase: If you guys need any assistance with either, especially the former, I’m sure somebody around here has my number.

~ The Million Dollar Man walks out of the locker room, having said all he needs to say. While Rhodes and Smith contemplate his words, DiBiase’s EPIC laugh can be heard in the hallway, as we fade out.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night Raw, and while we still have a bunch to go - including The Wrestling Machine Kurt Angle addressing this sold-out crowd - what a show we have for you next week.

Jerry Lawler: ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels somehow finds his way into the Intercontinental Championship picture, and he takes on the champion, Ken Doane, for the title.

Jim Ross: Doane just one that belt last night, but next week, he could easily lose it. Chris Daniels isn’t a man to be taken lightly, regardless of his recent record. But also next week, the big one… for the WWE Championship - a triple threat match, Edge, Rob Van Dam and MVP for the gold.

Tully Blanchard: Pay per view quality main event on Raw next week, I can’t wait to see that. Each man has something to prove, each man has shown that if given the right circumstances, one can beat one of the others, what a match up that is gonna be.

6 - Jeff Hardy vs. John Morrison w/Melina

Morrison versus Hardy? What do you expect? Well, that’s exactly what they gave us - a fast-paced, athletically-charged contest, easily the best of the night, with the finish seeing several near falls between the two competitors. After avoiding Hardy’s attempt at the Swanton Bomb, Morrison steadies himself for the Moonlight Drive, only to have Jeff counter out of it, and plant him with a jawbreaker variation. The Rainbow-Haired Warrior (how macho) then plants him with the Twist of Fate! Jeff climbs to the top and prepares to go for the Swanton once more… only to have Melina drill him with a low blow. The ref sees the bi-atch and calls for the bell.

Winner - Jeff Hardy via disqualification @ 8:04.

With Jeff stunned on the top, it allows Morrison ample time to get back up to his feet, and rock Hardy with a step-up jumping high kick to the face, sending him tumbling down to the canvas! The crowd boos while Morrison gets back up and begins to stomp away on Jeff, while Melina shouts out words of encouragement to her man.

Soon enough, the boos turn into cheers as Intercontinental Champion KEN DOANE sprints down to the ring. Morrison rolls out as soon as Doane slides in, wanting no part of another fair fight here tonight. Kenny reaches down and checks on Hardy, who’s rather out of it… and he’s soon to be joined.

Doane turns around, and gets ROCKED with a STIFF palm thrust to the face by ‘The Fallen Angel’ CHRISTOPHER DANIELS!! Doane staggers backward into the ropes, and gets flattened with a jumping calf kick from the former Cruiserweight Champion! Daniels doesn’t take a second, not here to showboat or brag, but simply to gain the one up next week, and lifts Doane up to his feet, before immediately planting him with THE ANGEL’S WINGS!

The Fallen Angel notices that Hardy is beginning to stir, and simply leaves the ring, with the Intercontinental Champion out flat on his face…


Jerry Lawler: Christopher Daniels knows what it takes to be a champion.

Tully Blanchard: He’s a snake, plain and simple… but it’s effective and that’s all that matters to him.

Jerry Lawler: And me! And anyone with a brain.

Jim Ross: Daniels versus Doane for the Intercontinental Championship next week, folks. What a match that has the opportunity to be.


The crowd erupts into a mixed reaction, clearly leaning towards cheers, as ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle walks out onto the stage, dressed just like he was earlier tonight, making a beeline for the ring.

Jim Ross: Last night… what a privilege it was to see one of the greatest collisions that I have seen in all my years in professional wrestling. We are looking at the man who came as close as any one man has come to defeating ‘The Samoan Bulldozer’ Umaga last night at Unforgiven.

Tully Blanchard:
Jim, Kurt had the perfect gameplan, and stayed in that match from beginning to end, downright dominating the savage at one point or another, but in the end, it was only one mistake that cost Angle the victory. But you’re right, man, what a match that was - twenty-five minutes of hell for the both of them.

Angle steps in and calls for a microphone, and is soon handed one by Lilian Garcia. Kurt’s music dies down, and he waits a second or two, taking a breath, before speaking.

Kurt Angle:
So close… (scoffs, then chuckles a bit) I was so… damn… close.

~ Angle drops the mic down, and looks around at the crowd, who remain silent, waiting for the Olympic gold medalist to continue.

Kurt Angle: That close. In the last seventeen months, nobody has come as close as I did to taking down Umaga last night.

~ Angle holds his thumb and index fingers close together, showing them off to the crowd, before he continues his promo.

Kurt Angle: After twenty five minutes of busting my ass… I finally saw the benefits: His left arm was basically useless… his left leg was holding on for dear life… and he was breathing like… well, he was breathing like he had just been in the ring with Kurt Angle for twenty five minutes.

~ The crowd gives a bit of a pop, as Angle smirks.

Kurt Angle: He was breathing heavy - tired, exhausted… running on fumes… very little - if anything - left in the tank.

~ Angle shakes his head, with his voice trailing off after that last line, almost in a trance of sorts.

Kurt Angle: I was … … … fine.

~ Angle shakes his head with a bit of a disappointment, and scoffs.

Kurt Angle: I felt… perfect. I could’ve easily gone for another 40 minutes without a problem; I’ve done it before.

~ An “ANGLE” chant starts up, but Kurt cuts them off.

Kurt Angle: Just like everyone before me, when I first stepped into that ring last night, I was nervous (scoffs). That doesn’t usually happen to me, but last night was a little different. And when I suplexed that big bastard for the first time, and he got up… like I did absolutely nothing to him… I didn’t get more nervous… I… smiled.

~ Angle laughs to himself a bit, amused.

Kurt Angle: I smiled because I knew that it gets no better than this, I knew that the man - the MONSTER - standing across from me was the absolute most deadly competitor I could possibly be in the ring with… and that excites me.

~ Kurt rubs his chin, nodding along.

Kurt Angle: It’s the thrill of competition, the thrill that knowing that I need to be on my A game, and that one, single, solitary mistake could cost me the match… could cost me the match that I, and everyone of you have been praying for since July.

~ Crowd pop

Kurt Angle: I could see it in each and every one of your eyes. I could see it in Armando’s eyes… that was my night. I had Umaga beat, the undefeated streak was coming to an end… if I could’ve just kept my damn head on straight, I woulda been standing here tonight with a huge freakin smile on my face instead of like this!

~ That last tidbit seems to have riled the Olympian up, and he takes a deep breath, calming himself down before he brings the mic back up to his face.

Kurt Angle: I had Umaga in that ankle lock for what felt like hours - something was gonna happen…… he was either gonna tap out… or I was gonna break his damn ankle. If I had kept it on until either of those two things happened, I’d be singing a very different tune right now.

~ Angle shakes his head in frustration and disappointment.

Kurt Angle: But I didn’t. I got sloppy, I got stupid, I got emotional, I got pissed… and then I got caught… and I lost just like everybody else.

~ The crowd boos, but only because Kurt seems sad… and then a flash, he doesn’t.

Kurt Angle: But unlike everybody else… I’m comin’ for seconds!

~ Cheers as Angle smirks.

Kurt Angle: Estrada, I’ve got your boy’s number and I know for a fact I can take his ass!

~ More cheers

Kurt Angle: So come on out here and-


Everybody’s attention turns to the stage as ‘The Samoan Bulldozer’ Umaga and his manager, Armando Alejandro Estrada, make their way down to the ring. AAE looks rather confused as he and his undefeated savage step on in, with Estrada grabbing himself a mic from Lilian Garcia.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Ladies and gentlemen.. MY NAME ES ARMANDOOOO ALEJANDRRRRROOO ESTRADA! Haha!

~ Mixed reaction for the charismatic manager.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Kurt, are ju crazy?

~ Angle shakes his head from side to side with a smile.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: NOBODY wants Umaga once, let alone twice.

Kurt Angle: I do.

~ Estrada holds his head down for a second before bringing it back up, holding his right hand out.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Look, I get it ju’re upset. Ju’re upset that Umaga attacked ju in a parking lot.

Kurt Angle:

~ Estrada = confused.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Ju’re upset that we cost ju the Summer Games Gauntlet.

Kurt Angle: Nope.

~ Estrada = more confused.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Kurt, those things were just business.

Kurt Angle: That’s why I’m not upset.

~ Estrada continues to look at the Wrestling Machine quizzically, attempting to understand Angle‘s emotions.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Ju’re not upset we cost ju a shot at the WWE Title?

~ Angle gets closer to Armando, and Estrada backs up a bit… but not too much, he’s got the Samoan Bulldozer by his side.

Kurt Angle: The title can wait. I’ve been champion before. Nobody’s beaten him before, and I’ll be damned if I let this opportunity slips through my fingers, so he can have an off night and get beaten via fluke in some flyover state on a house show. No. I want the next shot at him.

~ Estrada drops his head in thought.

Kurt Angle: Come on, you’re a business man, Estrada. What do you say? Kurt Angle versus Umaga TWO!

~ The audience pops huge, while AAE continues to think.

Kurt Angle: Listen to ‘em, Armando. Sounds like dollar signs to me.

~ Armando finally lifts his head up-

Kurt Angle: They want it, which means you and Coachman can haggle over ow to make this match happen and give me what I want.

~ - and smirks.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Ju’re right, Kurt. There’s lots of money to be made in a rematch between ju two… but there’s more money to be made in the WWE Championship!

~ Angle now is the one that looks a bit confused, as is a bit of the crowd.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Ju’re right, Kurt. Umaga is a beast, indestructible, and unstoppable… but now that he’s beaten John Cena, Mick Foley… and you…

~ A scowl comes over the face of the former multi-time champion.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: It’s only a matter of time before each and everybody in the business looks to make a name for themself by trying to take out Umaga… so now’s the time to cash in.

~ Angle shakes with anger and intensity as Estrada grins wide.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: And, Kurt, ju can get jour rematch… once the WWE Title is around the waist of … the SAAAAAAAAMOAN BULLDOZER… UUUUUUMAGA!

~ The crowd chants along, but that soon dies down and the heat builds up, as the audience furiously boos the rejection of Angle’s proposal. Kurt shakes his head once more, while bringing the mic up.

Kurt Angle: (Smiles) Well, it couldn’t hurt to ask, right?

~ Kurt extends his hand.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: (Accepting Angle’s hand) Business is business.

Kurt Angle: I couldn’t agree more.


Armando goes down in a heap, rolling out of the ring, before Kurt turns and looks to take a swipe at Umaga, only to have Mags knee him in the gut! The Bulldozer then grabs Angle and tosses him out of the ring, before going on the attack. Maga follows him out, and hammers away on him, hitting him with several hard shots to the head! Once the savage considers the Wrestling Machine significantly weakened, he begins to clear off the announce table.

Jim Ross:
Uh oh, fellas, its time for us to get the hell out of here!




Ross and the crowd let us know how they feel as Angle pounds on his chest with intensity.

Jerry Lawler: Rematch denied and-

Tully Blanchard:
Message… sent.

Angle takes off his shirt, and tosses it on the body of Umaga, before he turns around and walks around ringside, heading back up the entrance ramp.

Jim Ross:
The Wrestling Machine has just destroyed the indestructible Umaga! What a feat of strength! Does Kurt Angle have the number of U- oh my God.

Kurt reaches the top of the ramp… and soon stops… as his eyes focus in on the titantron… to see UMAGA BEGIN TO GET UP TO HIS FEET!

Jim Ross: No… way… in… hell.

Angle turns around in complete and utter shock, as he watches Umaga struggle up to his feet! Angle and Umaga stare at each other for a bit… until UMAGA COLLAPSES DOWN AMONGST THE RUBBLE.

Tully Blanchard: For the second time in two nights you could say, Kurt Angle has shown that he could put The Samoan Bulldozer down!

Jerry Lawler: He needed a table - our table - our announce table! That’s not an accomplishment, Tully! But man, oh man, does Umaga look in bad shape.

Jim Ross: Kurt Angle wants another piece of Umaga, and can anybody, ANYBODY, stand in the way of what Kurt Angle wants!?

Jerry Lawler: Be careful what you wish for, J.R…

The Olympian lets out a grin, and then a loud roar of intensity, staring down at a downed Umaga, while the crowd goes wild and Raw fades off the air.


for the week of September 28th


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