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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Bigger and Badder

Smackdown Feedback

Great way to open with Vince McMahon coming to the ring but at the same time showing Stephanie backstage, showing that she is very nervous and stuff I think this was an awesome way to convey Steph’s emotions. Once both in the ring Vince just lists of names teasing everyone before WTF Triple H as co GM is off the hook man. Once Tripple H came out I liked Steph mouthing fuck off however I did not like the next line that Vince said.

“Ladies and gentlemen… in case you’ve forgotten… let me tell you just who the hell this is!”

Isn’t that Triple H’s line doesn’t he say just in case you have forgotten… let me tell you who in the hell I am… I think Trips says that every time he returns and I would understand Vince ripping him off if they were feuding but this just did not suit what was going on. Geez way to recover Triple H just announced some awesome matches. Hardy/Daniels 2 will be great and so will the cruiserweight match. Kennedy…Kennedy nice way to start for him showing his intensity ripping the mic from Trips. I LOL’d at Kennedy telling Trips he sucks numerous things and overall this was just an awesome opening top the show. Kenny with the Mic Check on The Game and I am sure he will be punished. Besides that one McMahon line I didn’t like and like one word misplacement this promo was really great. Well done.

Shannon Moore getting the win is something I completely did not expect, he has a little bit of talent but I personally do not like the guy and if you put him over Noble you have serious issues Hinting to a Super Crazy and Psichosis feud perhaps???

Triple H was really weird here but weird in a good way. He practically told Teddy Long and co where to go but then decided to book him in a tag team title match. I think its because Trips thought of a plan and is going to need their help or something either way if he continues to make matches of this magnitude I am going to love him as GM

CM Punk, wants gold, well personally I can see him having a crack at Daniels after he wins the US Title tonight. Not built up enough for World Heavyweight Championship yet IMO.

Did I mention I can not wait for the draft???

Wow a very big shock in the US Title match for me, I definitely yhtought Daniels was taking it. Maybe this will start a Daniels and Jeff Hardy feud because Daniels is all for his course while Hardy is kind of weird, could really be a perfect mix if done correctly. Matt Hardy next challenger better be CM Punk

Batista arrives and as far as I am concerned the show just got a whole lot more interesting

Finlay over Marella anyday of the week. Fuck comedy to be honest, pure brawling for the win.

This tag match was brilliant and I am glad to see CC were not ripped off like this and Kennedy made the save. Kennedy not a happy camper is making for some exciting reading so far.

Triple H and Steph having another entertaining segment backstage and Triple H has completely OWNED this show tbh. Trips obviously wants something done about Kennedy what though, I really don’t know.

I love how Batista is angry and intense though even though he is Champion I am expecting a long ass promo from him to finish the show where he explains why he attacked Ric Flair. At least that is what I am hoping for

Kennedy kind of owned Steph there and it really has been a bad show for Stephanie so far. LOL poor lady. Who cares though because Vince was right the friction is causing greatness.

I think Henry was always going to beat Chavo even though I really like Chavo. Please do something really great with him don’t have him job to guys who can barely move

Rock next week is leaving right??? I really hope not but I think he has run his course

Very good ending. I personally loved Batista’s explanation it made sense, it was just really good tbh. I have nothing to complain about at all. Kennedy and when Batista knocked the chair out of Kennedy’s hands I thought he was in trouble but Kennedy improvised and then he SNAPPED… this was awesome the last time a face snapped like this was probably Batista back at Great American Bash a few years back IRL I am talking about not in your thread. So it was good to see it happen here. KENNEDY Suspended I was liking Trips until he made that statement now I hate him.

Overall MAC a good show. Loved the two promo’s that were in full and well I have read better stuff from you, this was okay. Few little things here and there that I didn’t like as I mentioned above but nothing major. I guess your trying to come up with a new format but I personally did not like this one, I know you want to be different but just stick to the old one perhaps because it kind of owns. Anyway good effort I guess business is taking effect but I know for a fact that you can do better.

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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Bigger and Badder

Welcome back boyo. Been a long-time. Time to jump back on the bandwagon after neglecting you before you took a brief hiatus.

Loved the way you switched back and forth from different scenes. Gives it more of a feeling than simply focusing on the arena, the reactions of McMahon, Maryse and some of the superstars was crucial to build up the moment imo. Can't wait for what is about to go down.

I love what an asshole McMahon is. Respecting his Daughter before basically giving her a big 'FUCK YOU'. Triple H~! When you actually think about it, it makes sense, but still unexpected. Bah gawd the next few weeks are going to be awesome. I like how Triple H wavered from being all pretty and nice to a pissed off son of a bitch when Kennedy came out.

The exchange was simply awesome, as it should be. There's no doubt these two men will hook it up down the line. This sort of reminds me of Kurt Angle back in the day. MIC CHECK~! Love that move, many don't for reasons I can't fathom. It's a great move for moments like these.

IN-TENS-ITY~! Great stuff, Kennedy/Hunter, Hunter/McMahon, Kennedy/McMahon, all juicy goodness for the future. Who knows what Kennedy will do over the next few weeks to get his shot? I expect he will make way for Flair as he battles to get the shot though. Seems very similar to what I am currently doing though, so forgive me. Great minds think alike tbh.

Sabin lost? Shocked and annoyed tbh, unless you want to hold off his inevitable challenge. Moore is a bit underrated though I guess, unless he gets his shot on a weekly show and its lost in the shuffle. Picosis and Crazy with some TENSION~! Not sure you need to break up a team, but Smackdown is strong in that department I guess. Could be either good or bad, we'll see.

NB/CC should be a 'hella of a match. I love that Hunter changed his mind and kept them on his good side. I guess the possible favors they could do for him meant he had to scratch thier backs in order to assure they scratched his in the future.

PUNK = JESUS PUSH?~! He's not Kennedy, so I doubt it.

Still have a feeling the Hardy Brothers will go at it one day soon, the ending just affirmed this thinking. I originally though Jeff would be the one to turn heel but you could sure use the continued help of Jeff Hardy to lead to a turn from Matt. I think Matt would make the better heel, I enjoyed him in that role back in the day.

I see your descriptions have not dettered in your absence, as I'd expect them not to. 'TISTA~! He's going to be such a beast in the next few months. I love Kennedy, but I love Batista as a heel so I'm happy whatever happens in the future, as long as it includes Naitch winning the World Title of course~!

BORIS ALEXIEV~! Ahem, excuse me, bit of a tickle in my throat. He's gone from being decimated vocally by Rock and Kennedy to being beaten by an asshole from Ireland. Santino has not had much luck thus far.

A shame this ended as it did, but I hope these teams will hook it up down the line, and this actually served as a good chance to continue what you want to with Kennedy. Burke/Brown can probably recover from the assault, but glad CC did not get knocked out as they are on a roll at the moment and it has continued.


I love the baddass side of Kennedy's character and I am glad someone other than me is starting to develop this side rather than his continued arrogance and confidence. A mix of the too would be amazing.

Nothing to say about this match, but keep Henry going strong. He's a perfect big man and Long is obviously a great foil. However, what is to come next for him? I expect him to settle in and along with Long start to do some of Hunter's dirty work while he's in charge.

No pyro? Surely not? Blasphemous goings on.

I honestly got sucked into the trap. Loved the progression and story in just one promo, the old bait-and-switch. Brilliant to see the build is not over, I just wonder to what lengths 'Tista could go to in order to make a point. Physical warfare seems a good option. ... and now ... KENNEDY~!

Loved how you described Kennedy and his emotional turmoil in just a few lines. The attack was brutal, although clear Kennedy was coming out on top. I would have said Batista could have surprised everyone and dominated Kennedy, but everything made sense leading into the announcement, which btw, totally screwed up my thinking of what will go down in the following several weeks and maybe even months {depending on the Hunter reign}

I guess it could go either way, Kennedy being reinstated and taking on Hunter in a few weeks/months seems the most likely option with Miss McMahon bringing the Loudmouth back. As for 'Tista, I'd guess he goes onto Flair for one last match before he and Kennedy hook it up again down the road. One last match at Wrestlemania? Long way away, but could happen with a real good slow build, which I think this will all culminate in.

Good show again, keeping pace with Legend who continues to churn out quality. Thank god you are back.
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Bigger and Badder

Smackdown! Feedback

No better way to start off the show than with the announcement of the new co-GM of SD!. Great perspective to start, with the camera following Steph while everything is going on in the ring. That’s quite the list of names as to who is not here. Someone is coming back to the show tonight, imo. Triple H can help save Steph’s job by her offering him a title shot? No shock that she doesn’t back off her original stance, as Maryse hangs up the phone. Surprised that Vince is actually able to talk about Steph in a good light, as I like the way that you are building to the revealing of the new GM. Some very interesting names come up as the co-GM, but it makes sense that none of them are chosen, as there is only one man who can be the GM with Steph, and that is … TRIPLE H~!! No better choice than The Game for this position, tbh. Triple H and Steph should have quite the relationship, as I am sure we are going to get quite a lot of arguing between these two. Very reasonable rules for these two, as I can see a bunch of collaboration happening very soon. Hardy/Daniels II is going to be an awesome match, as these two had a good contest at ‘Slam. C.W. #1 Contender’s Match sounds pretty good, but I don’t see anyone but Sabin having a good chance. KENNEDY~! KK seems to be very pissed after what happened on Sunday, as he is ready to take on Batista. What is with this thread and no one having a guaranteed rematch? Guess it makes it that much more interesting. Good little rant by Hunter, as that seems to put Kennedy over the edge, as he looks pissed off and then drops the King of Kings!! Some big-time repercussions coming up for the former World Champion, imo. What a way to start this show, can’t wait to see Batista later.

Sounded like a decent match to determine the newest challenger for the C.W. Title, but I was very shocked to see Moore get the win. I know that Sabin and Noble just recently feuded but I think he was the best choice to be the next challenger. Hopefully Moore doesn’t get completely squashed, but I still think that he won’t be the new Champion.

Very shocked to see H make this kind of match, especially since he is in such a foul mood. A huge title match tonight, in addition to the U.S. Title rematch, as the N.B. get another shot at the belts. Hopefully Teddy gets plenty of interaction, as they will need a lot of help. Good way for Hunter to start his co-reign.

Punk going for some gold. Sounds like he will be out of the big faction feud that he was a part of at S’Slam.

Great that Daniels/Hardy got so much time in comparison to their match at S’Slam. These two are very evenly matched and I thought that Daniels was going to possibly pick up the win, as Danger helped him out big time. Jeff Hardy is the deciding factor, hitting a huge Swanton to give his brother the win. This thing between the F.A. and Hardy is not nearly over, and I hope that Jeff isn’t involved in this feud very long, tbh.

Big Dave is pretty much the baddest man on the planet, tbh. He now has what he has coveted for so long and he looks contempt. Kennedy probably won’t take very kindly to The Animal’s current good mood.

Finlay needs to get back into a real feud, tbh. Santino gets a decent amount of time, but he is nowhere near as good as the Irish veteran. Keep the push going, plz.

Sounded like quite the controversial match between champions and challengers, and I knew that the NB would look good, but they don’t get the win, as KK is still pissed off and he nails someone {you said Kennedy, tbh} and the match ends in a DQ. Kennedy owns Booker and then takes down Elijah with an awesome Mic Check. Kennedy won’t stop until he get his next title shot, but Triple H will make him work for it.

Triple H is really starting to get under Steph’s skin, but she seemed to take what he said to heart, as she knows that the roster needs to be under control. Triple H is going to do something to KK, I can just see that’s where this is going.

Batista seems to still be pretty “delicate” even though he has already won the belt. He is really conflicted about beating down Flair, and that will start to show when he gets back into the ring.

Kennedy doesn’t seem to trust Steph, as it is apparent that she likes him and wants him to succeed. He is obviously going out to confront Batista tonight, and Steph may need to make a move to keep him under control.

Damn, Chavo sure has fallen off since he got a good push leading into the ‘Bash. Henry continues to look like a monster, as I’m sure he will go somewhere bigger from here, as he and Teddy may be splitting from the faction w/ Booker pretty soon. Get Chavo back on the right track.

Rocky is going to be staying around a little longer, imo. I don’t think he is satisfied with what’s happened in his career as of late.

Loved the speech that Dave gave about why he did what he did to the man that made him into the wrestler that he is today. I always knew that he was giving Flair somewhat of a free pass but it eventually became too much for Batista to handle, and he knows why he did what he had to do. Batista’s message for the rest of the locker room was pretty scary, as he pretty much said that he would murder anyone who stepped into the ring with him. I’m just reading between the lines. Batista looks set to leave, but here comes KENNEDY~. Kennedy and Batista have a good exchange, but KK is just far too pissed to let Batista get the best of him, as he takes Batista down in a dirty way. The referees come down but Kennedy takes them down and it looks like Steph just agreed with what Kennedy wanted to do. Kennedy is suspended!? This is huge, as another main eventer is no longer wrestling on Smackdown!. These guys need to come back soon, especially is the suspension of Kennedy lasts a while. What a way to end the show. I’m very impressed. Great way to introduce the new GM.

You really need to stop keeping us waiting before such big shows!! Honestly, I really don’t see much of a drop-off between you writing in full or in recap, as the storylines are what make this thread so great. Just keep doing what you are doing, because everyone’s loving it.


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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Bigger and Badder

The opening and closing promo on this show were terrific. Top notch work, which really carried this show {as you’d expect, given the recap form for the rest of the show. Way to point out the obvious}.

Anyways, loved the uniqueness of the opening segment being Stephanie in her office watching the show. Something that I don’t certainly recall ever happening anywhere in the past. Not sure what the attendance bit had to do with anything, but I wonder what the Games game is, (pun intended). How does giving Triple H a title match save Stephanies job?? “Just hit midnight Cinderella!” GOLD!!!! Absolutely adored that line.

Drop the WWE Universe now. That tag really pisses me off . Good little exchange between Vince & Steph, before Vince runs down the usual suspects for the role of Co-GM, but we get a bombshell to outdo all possible bombshells - TRIPLE FUCKING H!!!!! If you want controversy - it doesn’t get any more controversial than this right here. Awesome choice, given the years and years of history between Steph and HHH. Not sure about Stephanie mouthing ‘fuck off’ on television. Given the occasion, I’ll let it slide.

Don’t know whether it was intentional for Vince to introduce HHH with the ‘let me tell you just who the hell this is’ line - if it was, then that’s all well and good. If it wasn’t done intentionally, and just Vince saying it for the sake of saying that particular line, then no marks.

Very strange - but really cool, and fresh - to see Triple H making the matches. Loved the blatant lie about respecting Steph. I’m predicting just a slightly volatile relationship. … Here we go now. Mister Kennedy in the hizzouse.

Kennedy just about owns Triple H through the promo, verbally bitch slapping his new boss, and if I thought The Game and Stephanie were going to have a volatile relationship, this thing here could blow it out of the water, and Triple H’s spiel on Kennedy pretty much got his point across - so Kennedy shouldn’t be too confused on where The Game stands when it comes to the big mouth, and his rematch for the WHC. Kennedy makes a big promise, but given the mood he’s in, I don’t doubt he’ll make good on it. And there goes the harmony - Co-GM gets DROPPED!!! This’ll be a fun relationship, that’s for damn sure.

Surprise win for Shannon Moore, but I think his title shot will get blown off on a soon to come edition of Smackdown. No big push for Moore - I think the main reason for this match was to further a budding Mexicools angle.

So, Punk is looking for a title shot. Could still be too soon for the U.S Title, so Punk challenging for the CW Title could well be next on the agenda for him.

Using SNME for a draft show is sensible. Neutral venue so to speak, rather than one show or the other. Ratings winner too.

Heck of a match up between Daniels and Hardy, that on another night I’m sure would’ve main evented the show. Hardy rightfully retains. Daniels has had his run. Now it’s Hardys turn.

Business set to pick up now with the arrival of Big Dave.

Promo time for Santino please. Less of the wrestling for him though .

Kennedy doesn’t want to waste anytime does he?? CC & NB will go around again - they have to now - but for now, this is Kennedys time. BTW, I’ll be disappointed if both tag teams forget this happened. I want to see them come after Kennedy for a measure of revenge, otherwise they’ve just been bitched out.

Oh man, Triple H is gonna have it in for Kennedy. I just wonder if Stephanie might side with Kennedy just to piss him off even more. Looks like she’s willing to, given their little meet backstage, but Kennedy has gone completely cold. He’s looking redemption, and he wants it no later than tonight it seems.

Filler win for Mark Henry.

The Rocks ‘future’, huh?? Intriguing. Move to Raw in the draft could be a possibility, would certainly shake him up a bit.

Love this angrier side to The Animal, and his explanation for attacking Ric Flair, getting over his desperation to have the title again, was pure fucking awesomeness. The way you wrote it, he actually came across as if what he did was okay, because it was for a good reason. I hope that’s how you wanted it to come across, because it rocked that he seemed to think what he did was right.

Kennedy takes no notice of Batistas threat then, and instantly comes out to get himself some of the new champ. Fight is on, and Kennedy isn’t afraid of getting down and dirty, with the swift kick to the nuts. Kennedy gets a small measure of revenge on Big Dave, but eventually gets stopped by the officials - nah, officials don’t mean shit to Kennedy - and WHACK!!! Kennedy has LOST IT!!! The man aint finished yet either, taking his anger out on anything that moves - but Triple H is set to put a stop to that, which ANOTHER huge bombshell - like the way the night started - Kennedy is suspended. And it didn’t go unnoticed that Stephanie wasn’t as keen on that decision as Triple H. It’ll make for interesting television for how Kennedy gets back out of his suspension -I’m ruling out being drafted to Raw. His angle(s) are far from done on Smackdown- and also what he does WHILE he’s suspended.

Great progression on Smackdown. Raw was good. Smackdown is awesome. Great show, even for one mainly recapped.
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Bigger and Badder

Smackdown Feedback

Opening with Steph in her office was a nice touch. Puts more importance on this big announcement from Vince. That’s quite an absentee list of folk not here tonight. Not sure what the hell Hunter’s on about, though.

Being honest here, I’ve read this opening promo a few times now and I can’t quite describe just how much I enjoyed it. The list of names recited by Vince as potential candidates to the GM position were all of a high repute but in the end Triple H is probably just about as shocking as it gets given the current issues between the two. I’m looking forward to seeing how this pans out, and how long it’ll last but I’ve got a feeling it may only be short lived due to the draft. Kennedy making his presence known is no real shock as he and H have some choice words for each other. Ken’s obviously not happy and wants to get his hands on Batista ASAP. No rematch clause? Interesting. Lol. Kennedy floors Hunter. Love it. Right now, I can see you heading in two directions – both of which are probably wrong. Batista will defend against Kennedy, beat him, thanks to Hunter, then Batista will move on to Flair and Kennedy will build towards a match with Hunter at Wrestlemania or Batista will feud with Flair first while Kennedy fends off various opponents thrown at him by Hunter before eventually feuding with Hunter, beating him, then facing Batista in a final match at Wrestlemania.

Nice to see that you’re still trying to raise the profile of the CW Title. Obviously you did that at Wrestlemania with the Daniels/Mysterio feud but it’s seemed to have fallen on the back burner a little of late so hopefully you begin to pick things up again. Shannon Moore getting the win is a shock to be honest. He obviously won’t win the match though. You even touched on the fact that he got next to no reaction from the crowd, so he’s obviously not winning.

Hunter books a big match for tonight huh? That’s interesting given his mood. I wonder if he consulted with Stephanie before making this decision like he’s supposed to do?

Punk wants gold? So he should too.

Surprising that this match wasn’t higher up the card. Could’ve easily gone on a lot later tbh. Nice to see you give these two a lot of time as I’m sure you still want to propel both of them further up towards the Main Event, especially Daniels. He seems to have become a real pet project of yours. Despite the loss, Daniels comes out of this looking quite strong given the fact that if it weren’t for Jeff’s interference, Matt would’ve lost the match. Interesting to see what sort of level of involvement Jeff will have in this feud, I don’t think it’ll be long.

You book Batista as such a bad ass. You’re about the only person who can make me enjoy him.

Meh. Don’t like Santino or Finlay, so I couldn’t really care less about this match to be honest . You made the right decision as to whom to put over, though.

I never expected the New Breed to win, but I didn’t expect the CC to retain in this manor to be honest. I thought they’d get the clean win but it’s KENNEDY that causes the DQ. I guess you’re trying to bring a new level of intensity to KK’s character while hyping this whole situation with he and Batista at the same time. I’m not sure who Kennedy initially drilled with the chair, but I think it could’ve been Kendrick? Never the less, we’re obviously going to get more from these two teams, but I’d like to see the NB try and get one back on Kennedy for costing them this shot. I wouldn’t be surprised if they complain to Hunter and he books them in some sort of handicap match against Kennedy.

Interesting segment between Hunter and Steph. If something doesn’t happen between the two at the draft, I can see a battle of supremacy coming at Survivor Series perhaps. Team Hunter, headlined by the man himself and maybe Batista and Team Steph, headlined by Kennedy and perhaps Flair? Who knows. You’ve got a plethora of possibilities at the moment all revolving around Hunter, Kennedy, Batista, Steph and Falir. I can’t wait to see where you go with it all.

‘Tista is angry. Clearly he feels quite indifferent about what he did to Flair the other night.

Aw. Poor Steph. KK doesn’t trust her and probably rightfully so, he’s obviously getting involved in the segment with Batista tonight.

Henry kills Chavo. Meh. Surprising to see Chavo’s fall from grace given the push he was receiving when he was feuding with Rey.

I don’t think you’ll retire The Rock. Will be interesting to see what you’ve got in store here though.

I loved this promo as well. Batista’s reasoning for taking out Flair was great. Nice to have him clearly indicate what his highest priority is, and that’s the title. Obviously things between him and Flair are far from over. Kennedy doesn’t listen to Steph (shock horror) and makes his presence felt soon after. I like how you booked this, you didn’t let Kennedy get fucked up by Batista nor vice versa, instead you had an intense exchange between the two before KK eventually getting the better of The Animal, his frustrations running strong. Hunter and Steph are here now and Hunter SUSPENDS Kennedy?! Woah. Talk about making an impact. I liked that you pointed out Steph’s clear distain with this decision. Where to from here? I can’t see Kennedy being out for too long, I think Steph will bring him back. Can’t see him getting drafted to Raw, too much unfinished business on SD, although it’d be a nice swerve if you sent him and Batista to Raw and let them go at it on a different show. I dunno, like I said earlier, you’ve got a plethora of choices with those select 4 or 5 superstars and I just can’t see any of them making a move to Raw.

Overall, an enjoyable recap Mac. The opening and final promos were obviously the highlight. I don’t think recapping your shows will hamper proceedings in this thread in the slightest. Well done.
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Bigger and Badder

I think I'lljust be reiterating what Wolfy said, but the way you opened this show with the little backstage segment was really quite special. Honestly, for a show coming off the back of a SummerSlam with the kind of implications it had for SmackDown, you really know how to create that sense of grandeur needed.

"Just hit midnight, Cinderella!"

Have to love T-Lo; part of me hope his extensive run in this thread continues to grow. Quite strange to see the likes of Long & Co. standing alongside Finlay & Co., as well as Matt and Daniels, but I gues that all just serves to add to the epicness of the scenario.

Quite enjoyed the exchange between Steph and Vince, though the real attracion here were the reactions of the heels at ringside.

"~ The crowd boos, but applause breaks out elsewhere - namely from Teddy Long, Booker T, William Regal, and the rest of the crew."

"Booker and company begin to applaud loudly as the audience lets out a tremendous amount of heat, and Steph’s face lights up with shock and apprehension."

Okay then, it's mainly just Teddy & Company, but, hell, their antics are so funny at ringside. Liked Vinnie Mac reeling off the list of possible choice, but I don't really know what to make of Heyman having "unfinished business with Armando Estrada and Umaga"; that could really mean anything, from a reunion to a feud. Whatever it means, just get Paul E. and Big Show back in business please. I think by the time you actually got to the announcement most of us had clocked on, and I think you should read through my epic SummerSlam review to see infact that I clocked on before anyone else But, hey ... TRIPLE FREAKIN' H!!! Can't believe just a few weeks ago I was growing tired of the Stephanie/Hunter angle, I thought it was getting old, stale, and repetitive ... well you certainly know how to flip things on their head and shut me the fuck up eh? Great description a H's entrance, it seems you've given him quite the get up to fit his new role, black suit and shades, ponytail? Almost as good as the one you wrote for him the night after No Way Out when he killed The Rock ... but not quite Vince explanation, considering his love of controversy, is actually a completely valid one, and his egomaniac character would do just this kind of thing without really thinking twice. This 'no contact' rule is a no brainer, but the fact that they both have to agree on matches, hirings and firings could definitely lead to some serious conflict, especially when it comes to certain guys like Mr. Kennedy or The Rock. Quite surprised that Hunter didn't give us some huge, epic promo to be honest, but he probably has to be careful with Vince still in the building, so he gets straight down to business. One thing, how can H just make those matches like that right off the bat? I though he and Steph had to agree everything? I could definitely see Daniels stealing the belt tonight in some kind of screwy fashion to christen Hunter's new reign, but then again...

KENNEDY!!! Great description of KK's appearance following SummerSlam. In quite the state to be honest. As if it was ever in doubt, Kennedy completely owned Hunter here, and not even because of the "suck" line or all of the cheap insults he threw his way, but mainly because I've never really read Mr. Kennedy this intense before, and it seems that when he gets like this, I doubt anyone could hang with him on the mic, even Trips. What is it with you and not giving people rematch clauses? I think Batista's the only guy who's ever had one in a thread by you. I can definitely see it taking a long time before Kennedy gets a shot at Big Dave, especially ... AFTER HE JUST ASSAULTED TRIPLE H!!! If there was ever a match destined for WrestleMania, it's Kennedy/Hunter. Personally I can see KK maybe getting another shot at 'Tista at a big PPV like Survivor Series in a gimmick match like Last Man Standing, Hell in a Cell, something like that, but Trips is oing to be owning Ken for a long time it seems. Really can't describe just how epic this opening promo really was, Mac; easily one of the best things you have ever written, and quite possibly one the best things ever written in BTB. Tudos, my man.

Quite surprised to see Shannon Moore get the Number One Contender spot, but I'm even more surprised by the decline of Chris Sabin recently. Seemed hard to believe that this is the same man who actually beat John Cena at the start of the year. I doubt Moore takes the belt from Jamie 'OWNS' Noble though, as it would appear the a Mexicool feud is the next thing on the Cruiserweight horizon.

Interesting segment from Hunter and three of the biggest heels on his show. I guess he was just a bit pissed off, which is why he tried to throw them out, but it looks like H will very muh be helping the heels in this thread. No chance you are taking the titles of The Connection this soon, but this match could well go towards setting up the next big tag team feud. One thing though, that's the third match Hunter's made so far. He asn't conferred with Steph once why?

Punk wants gold? Nice. U.S Title chase please.

Is SNME still going to be in full?

Well, I thought the Hardy/Daniels rematch would main event tonight's show, but this placement only increased my suspicions that The Fallen Angel might take the strap in a low manner, but I guess I was wrong. With this finish I think that Daniels will be feuding with Jeff in a Non-Title capacity through No Mercy, as Hardy gets another notch under his belt, before the three of them hook it up once again.

Big Dave is in the house. Nice description of the Animal's entrance to the arena. I hope the respect that everyoe had for Naitch turns into disgust for Dave and an extensive angle. If Kennedy's without a title rematch, it could go someway to setting up Batista's next feud.

More promos and less jobbing for Santino please. Oh, and Finlay next U.S Title challenger too.

"The audience roars wildly as KK slams the chair against the head of Kennedy, knocking him down!"

Well, that would certainly be something to see eh? I see what you meant in your review for Wolfy a few weeks back, this is quite similar to what he did with Christian, and also what Emp's doing with Triple H (IRONY) in his thread. Looks like the best mind's always think alike. Like someone else said, if you want the tag division to maintain at least some semblance of respect, you should have NB & CC go after KK for revenge, otherwise it's a Triple H-esque burial of the best division ;(

Steph hearing what Hunter is saying? Well, I guess it's hard not to after what Mr. Kennedy just did.

You can say Batista's over this thing with Ric Flair all you want; he's still the most intriguing character going right now. Can't wait for his speech tonight.

Tension between Steph and Kennedy. I could actually see her growing tired of this eventually and turning her back on the faces of her roster.

You know I like Chavito, so you get no marks for this jobberish performance.

Rock's future? Like Wolfy said, a move to Raw would not shake him up, but it would be a real kick in the behind for that brand.

Yet another epic promo to bookend this show, as we finally get an explanation of sorts from Big Dave. Everything about this speech just conjures up the images you've worked so hard to instill in us since WrestleMania, Batista's inner turmoil, and it just fits together so perfectly. It seems that Batista has changed from what he used to be, the kind of Animal he once was.

"That shouldn’t happen. That CAN’T happen! The second that Ric messed up, I should’ve grabbed him by the back of the head and slammed him through a brick wall!"

There were a lot, but that was probably the pick of the lines. Just great, brutal imagery from 'Tista. Kennedy's run in was to be expected, and I have to say I laughed when Dave knocked the chair out of his hand, only to get a kick in the crotch instead. KK's just an awesome tweener/face. Surprised to see The Animal get owned so soon, and I can see him demanding a piece of Kennedy next week. Really get description of Kennedy's sheer sense of hopeless ness, leading to an assault on the officials. Triple H's announcement sounded just like the one Vince made in 2001 during the build up to the 3 Stages Of Hell match, when Trips attacked Austin and it looked like he was suspended. That's a couple of nice homages you've ma tonight. I can't see Ken staying suspended for too long, but what it does do is throw the World Heavyweight Title picture WIDE open. Like someone else said, guys like Batista, Kennedy, Hunter, and Flair seem glued to SmackDown, so I can't see either of them leaving, and none of them are really available to face Big Dave right now, so looks like someone from Raw will be jumping over in the draft and making the step up. But ... are there any faces who can? RVD and Edge seem like they are about to clash. Angle/Batista happened so many times last year. I still think Orton will be coming over, but in what capacity I'm uncertain. You've really thrown your whole thread WIDE open, Mac.

If I haven't made it clear, then I'll just reiterate that your opening and closing promos were two of the best you have ever written, and they alone make this show a collectible. Really, REALLY amazing work, Mac. Hope you can get back to regular posting soon.
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Bigger and Badder

Thanks for all the reviews, and I'm very much glad people seemed to enjoy the two full promos so much. Hit Legend and Pat with reviews since I missed them on the last go-round. Wolfy, Naitch, Para, DC and anybody I missed at some point or another shortly.

Originally Posted by Wolfy
Angelina Williams?? Sorry, probably showing my lack of recent knowledge. Seemed like a sudden turn there for JBL to fire his valet / manager. Although, for all I know, it could've been building for weeks. I hope this doesnt lead anywhere. Not because it would suck mind, it's just because this seemed to come out of the blue, sandwiched in between a bunch of more important stuff, so in the end the firing (to me), didnt have much impact on a busy show
Yea, it's been building for a while. Angelina's rather feisty and doesn't much take Layfield's crap.

Originally Posted by wrestle freak
“Ladies and gentlemen… in case you’ve forgotten… let me tell you just who the hell this is!”

Isn’t that Triple H’s line doesn’t he say just in case you have forgotten… let me tell you who in the hell I am…
Yes, it is. That was indeed Vince's point -- to get a laugh of sorts out of The Game. Kinda hard to explain, but it's all there in black and white.

Originally Posted by Legend
One thing, how can H just make those matches like that right off the bat? I though he and Steph had to agree everything?
It's just World Heavyweight Title Matches that the two of them have to agree on -- to counteract Hunter's lust for that particular piece of gold.

Monday Night Raw - September 3rd, 2007

Justa Big Loser

A LONG white limousine with the bullhorns pulls into the parking lot. Soon enough, it stops. The driver gets out of the car, runs to the back and opens the door wide, so John Bradshaw Layfield, the Intercontinental Champion. Dressed in a long, black trench coat, gloves, and his white cowboy hat, with the IC Title draped over his right shoulder, Layfield looks quite naked with no one by his side. JBL takes a deep breath, and walks toward the entrance of the arena… but pauses for a moment, and shakes his head with disgust … and sadness? Bradshaw then forcefully continues, walking through the door. The camera pans over to what JBL was looking at - a billboard advertising the show featuring Edge, Orton, Michaels, RVD, and of course, Layfield… and Angelina.

After that, the opening video package plays, before we’re brought into the arena with Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler… and Tully ‘OWNS’ Blanchard at the announce table,

Inside the ring, Jonathan Coachman, the GM of Raw waits, mic in hand. Coach says while SmackDown is busy turning itself upside down, suspending superstars, Monday Night Raw is all about addition. Coach continues stating that he has just recently signed the second of two main events to take place at Unforgiven. The first of course is the much anticipated collision between Kurt Angle and Umaga. The second, however, will see the WWE Championship on the line, when The Rated R Superstar Edge puts his title on the line… against Mr. Monday Night Rob Van Dam. The crowd roars for that matchup, but Coachman isn’t done, announcing that at SNME, RVD and Edge will be the guests on MVP’s VIP Lounge. Coach is still not done though, giving us a huge main event for tonight, with Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, MVP, Luther Reigns & Umaga taking on Edge, RVD, Sabu, Carlito and Kurt Angle in a mega ten man tag.


Inside his locker room, JBL talks on his cell phone. “Paul, you’re one of the premiere agents in the business, and you’re gonna stay on the bench? … yeah, I know that Show is out, so what!? I’m talkin’ about managing me! … damn it, Paul! Come on! - Hello? HELLO!?” Layfield angrily closes his cell phone and exits the locker room with a fury.

The first match of the night sees the youngsters DH Smith and Cody Rhodes take on the World Tag Team Champions The Redneck Wrecking Crew with the titles on the line. Once more the young descendents of rather famous wrestlers find themselves in a big match situation… and once more, they find themselves on the losing end, as the RWC hit a SWEET ‘N’ SOUR on Cade and pick up the pinfall victory @ 6:21.
After the match, once the RWC have left to heat, Rhodes and Smith regroup in the ring. The two stars stare around the arena a bit, as a reaction starts to come in … boos from the audience as the bluechippers failed to deliver in a big spot once more. Rhodes and Smith seem rather disappointed in the reaction, dropping their heads as they take their leave.


Backstage, Montel Vontavious Porter(with Luther Reigns & Playgirls) and Armando Alejandro Estrada(WITHOUT Umaga) seem to be in a rather heated argument… well, MVP is heated, but the numbers disadvantage seems to have no effect on AAE. “This ain’t nuttin’ but a damn shakedown!” yells Reigns. AAE responds, “Haha, just think, it could be worse. Ju could’ve won the title, then ju would have to give me 50 instead of 25. And as for the second part of our deal, mi amigo, I won’t be cashing in that favor anytime soon, so relax, enjoy jour time in the main event spotlight … and jour welcome.” AAE walks away, while MVP & Reigns shake their heads.

Up next, Trish Stratus(w/brunette) takes on Gail Kim(w/Lita). While the two divas go at it, J.R. makes note of the brunnette woman by Trish’s side, informing us all that she is Natayla “Nattie” Neidhart, the daughter of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. While our three commentators tell us how awesome Nattie is, Trish and Gail give us a solid contest, with Stratus eventually picking up the victory with a Chick Kick @ 7:01.
As Stratus celebrates in the ring, Lita angrily glares at her arch nemesis, before we get a shot of the back with Victoria watching, title on her shoulder, as forceful as always.


Backstage, the Coach informs us all that he just got off the phone with Stephanie McMahon… and Triple H of the “second-rate blue brand” and two huge interbrand, title vs. title matches have been setup for Saturday Night’s Main Event to compliment the huge WWE Draft. The first will see the two sets of tag team champions go at it with Raw’s Redneck Wrecking Crew taking on SmackDown’s Carolina Connection. The second will see United States Champion Matt Hardy go one on one with Intercontinental Champion JBL. But, the Coach isn’t finished. Along with the VIP Lounge, Raw will have two matches. The first will see Trish Stratus take on Lita, with the winner facing Victoria at Unforgiven for the Women‘s Championship. The second shall be Kurt Angle taking on Umaga in a tag match, with their partners being two of the five draft picks to come to Monday Night Raw…

Elsewhere, in a hallway, Trish Stratus and Natalya Neidhart watch a monitor, smirking away, pleased with the news. Soon enough, the two are passed by a frustrated Beth Phoenix, and Stratus comments, “it’s time to move on, Beth. Mickie is g- g- g- goooone.” Phoenix angrily turns around and marches toward Trish, but Nattie jumps in the way, and the two divas come face to face. Stratus watches with a smirk, as Beth and Natalya glare at one another…

Inside his locker room, Edge wraps his WWE Title around his waist, before he tosses his leather jacket on. Lita asks why Edge isn’t talking to his teammates, preparing for tonight’s main event, and The Rated R Superstar says that they’re all out to take his title, so he’s in it for himself. And if she thinks that he’s gonna give Van Dam a glimpse into his psyche, she’s out of her mind. Lita stares at Edge confusedly, clearly wondering about her boyfriend’s state of mind.


After his big win last week against John Morrison, Ken Doane finds himself in a one on one, non-title match against the Intercontinental Champion John Bradshaw Layfield. JBL seems rather thrown off his game, much different than he was at SummerSlam, and ends up taking a loss in the process, getting pinned with a beautiful inside cradle by the twenty-one year old @ 8:11.
The crowd cheers the incredibly young superstar on as Doane rolls out of the ring, and Layfield sits up, letting out a deep breath as he looks around in a stunned shock it would seem.


Backstage, the lovely but ditsy Maria conducts an interview with John Morrison & Melina. The interview acts as nothing but a way to get the glamorous duo on television this week as they talk themselves up, before walking off to a respectable amount of heat,

Elsewhere, Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle, Carlito & Sabu have a discussion about tonight’s main event, with Angle giving less than a crap about the proceedings, simply stating that he gets first crack at Umaga. RVD lets out a bit of a smirk, still rather chill, as Carlito asks the question on everyone’s mind, where’s Edge?


Once more, JBL sits in his locker room, though much more dejected than before after his loss. Layfield soon gets a knock on the door. He turns around as in walks in… JILLIAN HALL! A huge smile comes over the face of Bradshaw, and the two embrace. JBL states that despite their misunderstanding a year or so ago, he couldn’t be more happy to see her. Before Jillian can even say a word, Layfield states that he wants to offer her a much higher position than the mere publicist job she held last time, he wants her to be his manager. Jillian responds stating that she’s here because… Jonathan Coachman wants her services, but she did stop by to see JBL … because she heard he was miserable, and wanted to see that look for herself. Layfield’s face darkens as Jillian’s voice becomes fierce, stating that after the way he embarrassed Jillian the last time they were in the ring together, there isn’t enough money in the world that could get her to work for JBL again. Hall then storms out, as JBL remains in a stunned silence.

Back at ringside, J.R., Tully and The King inform us of another match made for Unforgiven, with JBL defending the Intercontinental Title against Ken Doane. Blanchard mentions the similarities to this and SummerSlam, with a young wrestler earning a title shot against JBL by defeating JBL… the only difference… no Angelina.

Before we go to our final commercial break, we get the entrance of The Rated R Superstar Edge. The WWE Champion gets quite the mixed reaction as we go to commercials.


Back from the break, we get our main event, the ten man tag team matchup. The match is a bit of a clusterfuck, but soon dies down, and we get a solid enough contest, built around the distrust of Edge for his teammates, namely Rob Van Dam. The finish comes when Kurt Angle (legal man) manages to duck the deadly Samoan Spike, and counter into an Angle Slam, while most others battle on the outside. Outside, Orton (legal man) grabs himself the WWE Title belt, slides into the ring, and looks ready to take out a turned Orton… until Van Dam spins him around, and drills him with the VAN DAMINATOR!! Angle then quickly turns around, and covers Orton, getting the three count @ 11:33.

After the match, Angle lifts his arms up… but is immediately rocked with a right hand by Umaga, knocking him from the ring! Mags follows him out, and the brawl is on once more. Inside the ring, RVD picks up the WWE Title from off the ground, and raises it up, getting a THUNDEROUS reaction. Van Dam then turns around… only to be SPEARED IN HALF BY EDGE! The crowd boos Edge wildly as he grabs his WWE Championship, and gets down near the face of Van Dam, angrily yelling “IT’S MINE! IT’S MINE, YOU SON OF A BITCH!”




Current Card for Saturday Night's Main Event
September 9th, 2007

Prelude to the Collision; Tag Team Match:
Kurt Angle & Raw Draft Pick vs. Umaga & Raw Draft Pick

Champion vs. Champion:
Intercontinental Champion John Bradshaw Layfield vs. United States Champion Matt Hardy

Champions vs. Champions:
WWE Tag Team Champions Carolina Connection vs. World Tag Team Champions Redneck Wrecking Crew

#1 Contenders Match for Women’s Championship:
Trish Stratus w/Natayla Neidhart vs. Lita

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Jamie Noble defends against Shannon Moore

The VIP Lounge featuring Montel Vontavious Porter:

With special guests: the WWE Champion Edge and the #1 contender Rob Van Dam


Current Card for WWE Unforgiven
September 16th, 2007
Memphis, Tennessee

WWE Championship Match:
‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge defends against ‘Mr. Monday Night’ Rob Van Dam

The Collision; The Monster vs. The Machine:
‘The Samoan Bulldozer’ Umaga vs. ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle


Intercontinental Championship Match:
‘The Wrestling God’ John Bradshaw Layfield defends against Ken Doane

Women’s Championship Match:
Victoria defends against Trish Stratus OR Lita

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Bigger and Badder

Raw Feedback

I loved the way you started the show with JBL arriving and conveying his sadness of having no Angelina. However I am not sure if it is sadness that Angelina is not with him because knowing JBL it is sadness because he was not on the billboard by himself. Anyway you’re a smart man Mac, you always seem to open the show with something intriguing to get us hooked.

Tully Blanchard > Jerry Lawler… Lawler should go to OVW or something… Seriously.

The Coach getting a whole promo to himself. I would not have expected it but Unforgiven is not to far away so I guess he had to announce some matches. Unforgiven is shaping up to be a good card and ten man tag should be epic.

LOL at JBL being shut down by Paul Heyman. Good move though showing JBL really wants an agent but Heyman is better suited for big guys who can’t talk on the mic and JBL OWNS on the mic I recommend letting him be alone for a bit.

Seriously all I can say is thank god you did not make the young guys tag champs so quick what have been the worst title change in this thread. Good to see they lost, REALLY good and the crowd reaction after the match and there reaction to the crowd after the match is signaling for a heel turn which will build them up to greatness I expect. Hopefully you help me behind them because IRL I don’t like either guy and would much prefer DiBiase.

MVP used money to get Umaga to eliminate himself now it all comes together and it’s a genius plan by MVP really since he is BALLIN and all. Hopefully MVP OWNS in the main event starting tonight because I love him and I love Estrada because he provided the chance for MVP to be in the main event by calling off Umaga

Nice women’s match seemed like a filler more then anything but it was a good way to debut one of my favorites in Natty Neidhart. I expect a push well Mickie is gone leading to a fully awesome feud between the two. Make it happen… please…

Coachman is really OWNING tonight making some awesome matches for SNME here. Titles vs titles should be fun I expect SD tag champs to get the win and JBL to kill Matt Hardy… the other two matches should be good as well no idea how they will go at this stage.

Lol at Trish being such a bitch to Beth and well Neidhart is obviously the back up. Neidhart > Phoenix and Neidhart > Trish I hope she is not in the back seat compared to Stratus for to long

Wow more Edge heel turn signs but Lita does not seem to be in it with him. Hopefully she toughs it out they are golden together.

JBL lost to Ken Doane. Very unexpected and very unappreciated please do not put JBL in one of those downward slump story lines that seems to be flowing around lately.

I like Morrison please give him a proper feud and don’t just have him filling up time with an interview…

Ahhh the age old question where is Edge? I am sure we will find out soon enough.

BAHHAHAAHA JBL got owned again this time by Jillian and as much as I like the guy I cant help but laugh… He thought he was saved… Coach and JBL feud over Jillian would be fun, unrealistic but fun.

Commentators mentioning the difference between Summerslam and Unforgiven makes me think JBL may come on the short end of the stick. Tully Blanchard still OWNS by the way.

Edge comes out before the commercial break and the rest of his team comes out during or after the break and is this a subtle sign to the fact that he is separated form his team kind of thing. LOL I hope I picked it

Very epic main event seriously shame it wasn’t written in a bit more detail but it is recap so I understand. Anyway great aftermath with Angle and Umaga going at it and Edge officially turning heel I guess and its about DAMN time

Overall a very nice recap I preferred this one over Smackdown I don’t know why I just did, looking back fuck this is a long review for a recapped show. Anyway keep up the good work Mac.

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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Bigger and Badder

Thanks for the Angelina explanation. I should probably look her up on YouTube and get a picture of her in my head though for future reference. She better be hot too

Well, it certainly seems like the JBL / Angelina angle last week wasnt just a typical 'break-up'. This one has legs and it is going somewhere. Not sure whether I ever noticed if all your opening segments are awesomely unique, but the last two certainly have been just that. Into this show already, and I'm hoping for more development on this issue.

As many expected, it's Edge and Van Dam at Unforgiven. Heck of a main event for the PPV, and it shows how far RVD has come, now being a legitimate contender for a PPV main event, and not just another body at the top of the upper mid card. Had expected MVP to be part of the Unforgiven main event mind, as I just assumed you'd hold off on the one on one encounter for at least another move. Seems that isnt the case, but MVP certainly doesnt appear to be out of the hunt - hosting the pair on the Lounge at SNME. Early prediction, based on ... little ... MVP causes a no contest at Unforgiven.

BTW, dont think I mentioned it previously, but Luther Reigns owns as a bodyguard type character. Always liked the guy for that role, and MVP having a bodyguard fits him perfectly. Great pairing, make sure it sticks for the long term.

Ten man tag fits a lot of names in on the show, and big tag matches always results in mother-fucking ratings!! No facts for me to back that, just my line of thinking. 8-10 Man Tags rule my world.

And, yes, I'm full of more plaudits. JBL now scrambling to find himself a new manager. Two things accomplished with this - Paul Heyman is kept fresh in the minds with this small mention (as he was on Smackdown), so we continue to remember his deal, and of course, the on-going JBL has no manager anymore because he's a dick angle continues. Shows the importance of Angelina to JBL, and that he knows shes an important factor in his success. Tremendous.

I'd been toying with the idea of pairing Smith and Rhodes a while back, they seem like they'd make a good fit, and working together could help both men progress up the ladder with experience. Raw definately is the show (in this thread) that helps give the emerging talent a place to shine (more than SD imo), and I can see this fresh young team of second generation stars challenging for the belts before long, despite the loss here. A heel turn would certainly add something to them, as I'd imagine the fans shitting on them before long, and I'm pleased you seem to be going down this route, rather than the predictable nice guy face run, but boring as hell.

Natalya = Good addition. Womens roster is stacked to say the least, and brimming with talent the whole way. I'd have to say, out of the bookers I read, I dont think any have a more credible womens division than your good self, sir. Many do seem to be trying hard, but none have given the division as much attention or credibility. None have a better roster either.

Elsewhere, nice set of match ups for SNME. Actually, pretty HAWT set of matches for SNME. Pretty sure I have said this previously, but I'm saying it again - Draft fits perfectly in tandem with a show as epic as SNME. Level playing field etc, rather than hosting on Raw.

The wheels are certainly in motion - the Edge heel turn is coming fast, and although I havent had much of a chance to follow your face Edge, I'd dare say heel Edge will most certainly own face Edge every day of the week. A heel turn is also good news for RVD, as it leaves the spot open for Raws top face ... but I see an even bigger name taking that spot once THE ROCK moves from Smackdown. Made that prediction last week I think, and I'm sticking to it, because I'm stubborn like that.

Ken Doane is on his way for sure with a second big win in as many weeks. This only goes to further JBL's struggles without his manager, and his title could well be in major jeopardy - unless he can reunite with Angelina, or find a suitable replacement. Thinking that's what'll happen, and why not, for kicks, I'll predict Angelina joins forces with Doane. Long term intergender feud please.

Not much to say about the Morrison / Melina bit .

Nice to see the main event given a bit of hype, rather than just - 'we'll have a ten man tag tonight', then later, the ten man tag happens. Lot's of intrigue going into this main event, and the whereabouts of Edge havent gone unnoticed.

More JBL interaction?? My guess is that we'll get to the main thrust of this angle sooner than later. If the whereabouts of Angelina or the question of who JBL's next manager will be was to get drawn out a bit longer, I'd have expected this little piece to happen next week as JBL's search for a replacement goes on. Eliminating two potential managers in one week seems to be quickening the pace of the angle. Possible conclusion to this leg of the angle to come @ SNME or Unforgiven imo. Then, once all parties have taken their sides, the next stage of the angle kicks into gear.

Doanes title shot at Unforgiven makes sense. He beat the champ, he deserves a shot. Fair enough.

Was cocksure that Reigns was taking the fall in the main event, but I've been proved wrong. Orton taking the fall makes for a newsworthy finish, and I guess he doesnt lose much from it, as he hasnt got an angle at the moment after ending his feud with Edge at SummerSlam. New rival for him to come via the draft, whether it's him to SD or a big face to Raw.

Aftermath was a little unexpected, and I guess that confirms Edge's heel turn. A little early imo, preferably would've liked a week or two more to build towards it, or even at or just following Unforgiven. Who knows, you might even pull the wool over our eyes and have Edge come out and apologise next week, and hold off a full turn for at least another couple weeks. Seemed too sudden for me, although for all I know, the turn could've been building before SummerSlam.

Jeez, show must've been good. This review seems longer to me than most reviews I do for full shows... top notch work, but Raw definately lacks something when compared to Smackdown. Not a negative, just a big positive for the awesomeness that is Smackdown.
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Bigger and Badder

Raw Feedback

Show title gave away what this show was going to focus on, and I like how we get some emotion out of JBL, showing how upset he is that Angelina is no longer his manager. Looks like this could be the beginning of a downturn for the I.C. Champion? I guess we’ll wait and see.

Like that Coach is taking the initiative and making the matches for Unforgiven, with the very predictable Edge vs. RVD match for the WWE Title being announced. That is sure to be huge match, no doubt about it. Like that they will be in the ring together this Saturday SNME, as I am interested to see what kind of Edge we get, given his personality chance since beating Randy Orton. Huge ten-man tag for tonight, a good way to get all the big boys in one match, as some might be leaving Raw this Saturday {HBK, Orton}.

JBL looking at bringing in Heyman? Wouldn’t be the best, imo, as they both know how to talk on the mic. Glad that Paul is seemingly staying with Show, and I wonder when they will be coming back. Doesn’t seem to be the best night for JBL.

No shock that the RWC kept the titles, as Rhodes & Smith are not nearly ready to be the top team. Kinda confused about who the champs pinned, as you said “Cade”, when I’m assuming you meant Cody. The reaction from the crowd after the match was good, as I remember you saying that would be an important aspect for these guys, as I hope they start winning soon.

So I guess the deal was struck between AAE and ‘VP, with Montel paying him 25 Grand to get the shot at Edge. Not sure what the second half of the deal is, as that makes this situation very interesting, as you know that Umaga is probably going to cash in on it soon.

Guess I didn’t realize until someone else mentioned it, but good to see Natalya come onto the scene, as she and Trish should be a force together. Good win for the Canadian blonde, beating a pretty strong wrestler, as I think it is obvious that she is going to be the next challenger for the Women’s Title. Nothing wrong with that.

I love Champion vs. Champion matches and I think that these two should be good, with Smackdown! Probably going over in both matches, given the awesomeness of the CC, and the current state of mind of JBL. Some more good Raw stuff at SNME, as I can see Trish beating Lita and I like that Angle and Umaga will meet in the ring with two more Raw picks. Not a huge fan of two big GM announcements in one show, but that happens when there are only three weeks between PPVs.

Looks like Beth may be moving away from Mickie, if James ever comes back. Do you know how to write her with the Women’s Title? Just kidding, I know you do. Good to have a little time with Beth and Mickie on the backburner, while Trish and Nattie get the spotlight.

Edge continues to look more heelish by the week, as I don’t blame him for being so paranoid. Hopefully his team can stick together tonight, but I still see him being a tweener for at least the duration of his feud with RVD.

Another huge win for Doane!! I think this has less to do with Ken getting pushed the past few weeks than it does with JBL just not focusing. I can see Doane getting an I.C. Title match soon, with JBL clearly reeling after Angelina left last week. Love the story being told with JBL during this show.

Guess this was a good way to get Morrison and Melina on, but a match against a low talent would have done it better, as you seem a little bit light on matches for this show.

Glad that Angle is still very focused on Umaga, as he and Edge both have their own agendas heading into the ten-man tag. Still, these guys should work all right together, even if Edge is paranoid beyond belief.

Wow, that was quite the swerve. Not really sure why Coach wants the “services” of Jillian, but this was a good way for JBL to get owned again on this show. He really is out of options, but I still don’t think that Angelina is completely gone, and I could see the two of them working together again, although that won’t be for a while.

Not really a fan of Doane getting his title shot the same way that Haas did, but I guess there was no other way for it to be done, as we wanted to see JBL lose in the process. This should be a good match, and I can see Ken being the one to take the belt from the Wrestling God.

Pretty good main event, as we all had a pretty good idea of the way this would go. Glad to see Angle get one over on Umaga, as I gotta believe the Bulldozer will be going over at Unforgiven. Orton looks like he is set to win the match, until RVD saves Angle, giving the faces the win!! This pretty much confirms that TLK is going to Smackdown!, as he has lost cleanly twice in the last eight days. Good aftermath, with Edge getting even more nervous/paranoid, taking out his Unforgiven challenger, making the fans turn against him.

A solid recap, as I am glad to see this thread keep going. Pretty good cards so far for Unforgiven and SNME, can’t wait for Edge/RVD. Keep this thing going.


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