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Re: 2007 & Beyond - It Ain't Over Yet, Motherfuckers

Hey "Big Dog" (Mutt tbh) as with Lege's mania, I cannot bring myself to write a full review for the Summerslam PPV but I must say that the ending was quite epic and something I didn't expect to happen, very much out of the blue. Props for that and overall I felt the PPV, while not being amazing, was extremely good stuff.


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Re: 2007 & Beyond - It Ain't Over Yet, Motherfuckers

Thanks for all the reviews, feedback, etc. It's very much appreciated and I'm glad 'Slam (and especially the finish) was so well received.

A couple of quick points...

~ I went back and forth on how the Edge/Orton match would play out. 'twasn't sure whether I wanted to go straight up man to man or the interference-laden final stretch that we got. Eventually, it came down to how this feud all started, with Orton turning Edge's Rated R Army against him. It just didn't feel right without having Lita, Masters and Mercury involved in some way. As for Rhodes and Smith... Orton beat the crap out of them a couple of weeks ago, so a cameo just made since.

~ KK can do a kip up.

~ Tully may stick around for a bit...

~ I plan on completely revamping the format for my shows, since every cunt around keeps stealing my stilo, lol.

The Raws up until Unforgiven will be in recap form, while SD will be written in full. Saturday Night's Main Even will also be in full, while Unforgiven is recapped. Enjoy.


Monday Night Raw - August 27th, 2007


The night kicks off differently enough with ‘earlier tonight’ footage of the arrivals of both the WWE Champion Edge and the #1 contender, the winner of the Summer Games Gauntlet, Montel Vontavious Porter. MVP arrives, dawned in a white suit, flanked by his massive entourage of Reigns and Playgirls, while Edge limps into the arena, with Lita by his side, bag and title in hand.

Highlights of SummerSlam then play, before the Raw opening video begins. After that, we’re taken into the arena where massive amounts of pyro go off, and our commentators hype up tonight’s card, specifically focusing on a beaten, worn out WWE Champion, in Edge, defending the WWE Title against the Summer Games Gauntlet winner from last night, Montel Vontavious Porter.

The night is officially kicked off shortly after that, as Armando Alejandro Estrada and Umaga make their way on down to the ring. AAE grabs himself a microphone, and immediately brings up the events of last night’s Summer Games Gauntlet, stating that not only did Kurt Angle fail on his promise to win the match up and become the next champion, but more importantly, he failed to prove any of his theories about the “overprotected” Umaga. Estrada begins to address the reason that he pulled Umaga away from ringside, allowing MVP to get the win … but states that it’s none of our business.
That’s odd.
AAE continues on… but he’s soon interrupted, as Kurt Angle steps out onto the stage. Damn near foaming at the mouth, Angle states plainly and simply that he wants Umaga, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get him. AAE shakes his head, and begins to protest, but Kurt quickly interjects, stating that if he doesn’t get Umaga, he will put each and every fiber of his being into DESTROYING… Estrada. AAE takes a big gulp, but quickly recovers, and … accepts Angle’s challenge!
As the crowd roars with approval, Kurt drops the mic, and heads back through the curtain. AAE picks the mic up, and continues to rant and rave… until ANGLE SPRINTS FROM THE BACK, AND SLIDES INTO THE RING!!! The audience explodes while Angle drills Estrada with a right hand, knocking him down, before Kurt is tackled to the ground by Umaga!! The Samoan Bulldozer hammers away on Angle with rights, but the Olympian manages to fire back a few shots of his own! Eventually, several security guards and officials come down to break up the brawl between the two incredibly intense superstars. Ross mentions that he’s just gotten word that Coachman has made the match between the two for Unforgiven, and our two commentators go completely ape shit over the highly anticipated encounter between these two ravenous stars being made official.

Ross: “The MACHINE versus The MONSTER is ON! And it’s ON at Unforgiven!!”


A video hyping Friday Night SmackDown begins to play, mainly focusing in on the finish involving Batista's night, beating Flair, capturing the briefcase, Naitch being found bloodied, before Batista cashes the briefcase in after KK defeated The Rock and was Pedigreed by Triple H. The new World Heavyweight Champion 'The Animal' speaks on SmackDown. Also, the chairman of the board, Mr. McMahon, names a new co-general manager of SmackDown to OPEN THE SHOW.

The first match of the night is a relatively familiar one, as the two squared off last night, Ken Doane versus John Morrison. With Melina watching at ringside, Morrison and Doane give the fans an athletically-charged and entertaining ten minute matchup, but it’s Doane who evens up their recent series at one apiece, when he counters the Moonlight Drive, and plants Morrison with a DDT, before finishing him off with the guillotine leg drop @ 10:35.


After the break, the second match up of the night takes place and it’s a four way tag team match to crown #1 contenders for the World Tag Team Championship, featuring America’s Most Wanted, the Spirit Squad (Johnny & Mikey), the RKO Army and DH Smith & Cody Rhodes. With a tag title match for next week for the winners, it’s no surprise to see all four tandems give it their all, but in the end, it’s the youngsters who pick up the victory, when Smith hits a running power slam on Mikey before getting the pinfall victory at 8:01.

Inside his locker room, Montel Vontavious Porter warms up for his first ever WWE Title match, looking as cool and relaxed as can be, while the Playgirls and Luther Reigns, all of which are dressed as sharply as can be for this special occasion, watch on.

Edge’s locker room is a completely different scene completely. Why? Because it’s empty. The WWE Champion isn’t there. Instead, Edge finds himself sitting inside the trainer’s room, having his ribs taped up after the brutal war with Orton last night. Lita holds his championship belt, while The Rated R Superstar grits his teeth in severe pain each and every time the doctor makes even the most miniscule contact with his body. Soon enough, Edge is all wrapped up, the doc leaves, and Lita wishes Edge farewell, stating she’ll be back later. With no one around, Edge angrily BANGS his hand against the table, angrily stating through gritted teeth that this “ISN’T FAIR TO ME!!,” before he tugs on the ends of his hair.


‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels is in action tonight, fresh off of his loss to RVD last night at SunmmerSlam, taking on Val Venis. HBK is absolutely all business tonight, completely roasting Venis, before finishing the former Intercontinental Champion off with Sweet Chin Music in short fashion @ 3:12.

Backstage, John Bradshaw Layfield, the Intercontinental Champion, sits backstage in his locker room, feet up, cigar in his mouth, suit on, cowboy hat on his head, belt on his shoulder - pure image of a fat cat. The camera soon pans around the room a bit, to get Angelina Williams, Layfield’s manager, into the shot as well, as she talks on her cell phone. Frantic and nervous, Angel soon hangs up and informs Layfield that she’s gonna need some time off to straighten some personal things out at home. JBL tells her she can’t have it, as… uh… hell, she just can’t. Angie rephrases, “I’m TAKING some time off.” owned. Furious at the gall of Williams, Layfield angrily stands up and gets into her face, reminding her that valets are a dime a dozen. That sets off the fiery Williams, who lets loose on JBL, stating that while valets may be a dime a dozen, MANAGERS certainly aren’t. (yeah, Legend, MANAGER.) Angie continues, stating that managers who are willing to put up with Layfield’s bitching, moaning, insults, outrageous requests, celebrations, and wrestling habits, while helping him maintain his main-event status are even harder to find - because there’s only one - her. {You tell him, girl} JBL takes a second to take it all in … and then says that she can have all the time she wants … because her ass is FIRED!! Angie scoffs and storms out, as JBL kicks over a chair in his room as we fade out…


Back at ringside, “One of a Kind” hits to a mammoth ovation, and out walks the man who defeated Shawn Michaels last night, Rob Van Dam. RVD enters the ring and grabs himself a mic. Van Dam goes on for a bit, talking about his huge win at SummerSlam, which, he feels, proves he belongs in the main event. The crowd agrees, and RVD states that with Orton losing, Angle and Umaga tied up for Unforgiven, and his win over Michaels, that puts RVD firmly as the challenger to whomever is the WWE Champion after tonight. And if you don’t believe him, Van Dam states with a huge smile, just ask the fans. With thousands chanting “R-V-D”, Mr. Monday Night drops the mic and takes one of his cocky bows as we fade out.


In the fourth match, Carlito takes on Big Vis, looking to recover after a somewhat disappointing night in the Summer Games Gauntlet. Viscera and Carly put on about the match you’d expect, with Vis using his size to dominate the early going, but Caribbean Cool soon makes his comeback, before somehow finishing the big man off with an ugly looking Back Stabber for the three count @ 5:31.

Backstage, Maria stands by with Montel Vontavious Porter and his entourage. MVP lets the world know that they’re about to witness history tonight, as he becomes the man to win the WWE Championship in the fastest amount of time following his debut. ‘VP finishes up with “BALLIN’!!”, before heading off, amped up.


Back from the break, “Good Ol’ J.R.” Jim Ross waits in the ring, microphone in hand. Ross gives a big-time introduction before he brings out the NEW Women’s Champion Victoria! The crowd gives ‘The Black Widow’ (ripped from DC; owned) an immense pop, as she comes down to the ring, title belt around her waist. Vicky steps in, and gives a solid enough speech, declaring herself the top female in the WWE, now that she’s dethroned Mickie “OWNS” James. Vicky says she’ll gladly put the belt on the line against anyone…
This brings out the former six-time Women’s Champion Trish Stratus to the ring, accompanied to the by a brunette woman, well-built, though not overly muscular. Vicky doesn’t back down an inch, as Trish and her compatriot enter the ring. Stratus gets on the mic, and is her usual arrogant self, stating that the word around the water cooler is that Mickie took her ball and went home. Trish claims that since James is gone, and Stratus is the greatest WWE diva of all-time, this makes her the #1 contender. Vicky completely no sells Trish, and asks her who her friend is. Stratus says she’ll find out soon enough if Vickie doesn’t give Trish what she wants. ‘Toria lets out a slight smile, before DRILLING Trish in the face with a right forearm, knocking her right down!
Trish’s friend takes a move toward Vicky, but the new Women’s Champ quickly spins and the two come face to face. Neither woman backs down an inch, but it’s Stratus who takes Vicky down from behind. Trish and her partner begin to stomp away on the new champ… until LITA sprints down to the ring, receiving a strong ovation, as Trish and the other woman leave the ring calmly. Vicky angrily gets back up to her feet with a scowl as she stares at the two retreating divas with Lita by her side.

Backstage, Todd Grisham tries to get a word with Edge, but the WWE Champion merely shoves him out of the way, and continues on down the hallway… before stopping… coming face to face with RANDY ORTON!! With a patched forehead, The Legend Killer stands in a suit, on a crutch to keep him upright, as he smirks at the champion. Despite his injuries, Orton looks surprisingly with it, well-rested, his suit neatly worn, as he stares ahead. Edge, on the other hand, looks like a broken man, eyes bloodshot, ribs taped up, a ball of nerves and anger. After several intense seconds, Randy merely states with a slight smile, “you look good,” before walking right on past Edge.


Main event time! The WWE Champion Edge and MVP put on a solid enough title contest, with Edge selling his tremendous injuries throughout, which allows Porter to dominate the majority of the contest. However, the fight of The Rated R Superstar is not to be underestimated as he makes a comeback, managing to hit several of his signature moves for near falls. At the fifteen minute mark, Porter’s entourage decide to get a bit more proactive, and the Playgirls jump up onto the apron, distracting the referee. Luther Reigns grabs the WWE Title and slides into the ring, and looks to drill Edge with it, but Edge ducks the shot, kicks him in the gut, and then plants him with the Edgecution!! The champion gets up … only to be DRILLED with a LOW BLOW by Porter!! MVP then hits the PLAYMAKER, and goes for the COVER!! The Playgirls jump down off the apron, and the ref counts it!
1... 2... NO! Edge grabs the bottom rope!
The crowd roars, but MVP and company aren’t ready to give up so easily, and Layla grabs a steel chair and slides it into the ring. MVP picks it up, and the ref takes it from him… almost too easily. The ref then takes the chair, and looks to bring it to the outside, while inside, MVP quickly grabs the title belt picks it up, and SWINGS AT EDGE - BUT EDGE DUCKS IT, AND KICKS PORTER BELOW THE BELT!!! the crowd gives a loud pop, as The Rated R Superstar grits his teeth, hit’s the ropes, and DRILLS HIM WITH THE SPEAR, BEFORE COVERING HIM!!

A mammoth amount of boos begin to overtake the arena as Reigns begins to hammer away on the WWE Champion. Montel soon begins to get back up to his feet, and he & Reigns begin to go to town on The Rated R Superstar! The crowd begins to jeer furiously… but that soon turns into a massive ovation as ROB VAN DAM sprints down to the ring!! RVD slides on in, ducks a clothesline from a Porter, before taking MVP’s head off with a spinning back kick!! Montel rolls out of the ring in pain, while Reigns knees Van Dam in the gut. Luther then goes to shoot, RVD off, but he counters, sends Reigns in and then drills him with a sidekick to the face, knocking Reigns from the ring!! The crowd roars as Van Dam stands in the ring, as Edge gets back up to his feet, dazed… while RVD reaches down and grabs the WWE Championship!! The crowd “oohs” and “ahs” as Van Dam takes a look at the belt, as Edge looks on… tension building…

RVD lets out a smirk, and holds the belt out for Edge, who begins to grit his teeth… running his hands through his hair…



Current Card for WWE Unforgiven
September 16th, 2007
Memphis, Tennessee

The Collision; The Machine vs. The Monster:
‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle vs. ‘The Samoan Bulldozer’ Umaga

for the week of September 28th


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Re: 2007 & Beyond - It Ain't Over Yet, Motherfuckers

Racers Raw Review


Getting over my fear of posting in veteran’s BTBs

First show I have read of yours so I’m not very familiar with the storylines

Warning: This Review may be shit

AAE/Umaga/Kurt Angle – Great opening promo, I enjoyed it as I could see Kurt, Umaga and AAE saying and doing those things. Kurt running in and attacking AAE sounds very like him to me, plus it was a great way to set up the match at Unforgiven. Nicely done.

Match One – John Morrison/Ken Doane – Yeah pretty good match, not much to comment on but good to see Ken Doane pick up the win.

Match Two - America’s Most Wanted/Spirit Squad/RKO Army/DH Smith & Cody Rhodes – another good match, once again not much to comment on since its only a short recap, I like how DH Smith got the win, hopefully Cody and Smith can win the titles as well.

The MVP and Edge Locker Room Segments – I really like it, shows how each man is taking the upcoming title match. Getting a little inside view of each other’s reactions and getting inside their head etc.. good way to hype up the match. Hopefully MVP wins

Match Three – HBK/Val Venis – not a real big fan of these ‘Squash’ Matches but I see why it’s needed. It showed that HBK wasn’t too happy about his lose and really wants it pay back.

JBL/Angie Segment – another good segment, both stars in character very realistic. JBL firing her, I can see it play out in my mind lol. Very Nicely Done(should of started reading your work ages ago)

RVD Promo – Short and Straight to the point and at the same time playing to the fans, very much like RVD, hopefully he does get his title shot. Good promo, once again very realistic.

Match Four – Carlito/Viscera – can’t comment much on your matches as they are really short, I liked how Carlito won proves that ‘Size doesn’t matter’

MVP Interview – Very good way to hype up the Title match, making me look forward to reading MVP dominate Edge.

Victoria/Trish/New Girl with brown hair/Lita promo – yeah pretty good promo, tbh as much as I like Trish I really don’t want to see her get a shot, although I would like to see how you use this ‘New Girl’

Edge/Randy – Another promo showing that Edge is a mess once again comparing to the MVP interview it shows that, MVP is truly claim and relaxed were as Edge is very nervous and angry. (MVP for WWE Champion)

Mainevent – MVP/Edge – WWE Title – Damn, Luther had to get MVP DQ’d, good main event with all the buildup it didn’t let down, MVP using his playgirls to his advantage and still not being able to pick up the win, disappointing. With all Edge’s injuries honestly thought he would lose but I guess I was wrong. Good Mainevent worked well with all the buildup.

Aftermath – Very good way of putting RVD into the title scene, hopefully we see a triple threat…and then MVP wins lol, but yeah very good aftermath.

Overall: Very good show like I said earlier in the review I should of started to read your work earlier, it was a good read, I didn’t get bored from it. This being my first time reading one of your shows I think I got a small idea of your current storylines going. Sorry if this review sucks, but I tried…show rating 8ish/10 few things I didn’t like nothing major. Keep up the good work.

My Old BTBs
ECW-'The WWE Era 06'
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - It Ain't Over Yet, Motherfuckers

Brief Raw Comments

It’s been a while since I’ve left any comments in here mate, but thought now might be a good time to start. I’ve been reading all along so I know where you’re at. Let me just say that Summerslam was immense. Time didn’t permit any real feedback from me, but none the less, a massive show. The title change was shocking. I wasn’t impressed that you gave Kennedy v Rock the Main Event over Edge v Orton but after seeing that go down, I totally understand why you did it. It was a great, great show, particularly from a development of storylines perspective.

Anyways, let’s see what needs talking about on this latest instalment.

Angle and Umaga kicking things off is a good way to continue hyping their feud. Last night was good exposure for it and you’ve done well again with this one. Angle playing the psycho is the best avenue to take with him, you’ve done this so well with him so a long time so I’m glad you’re still going in the same direction with him. Big announcement at the end, Unforgiven will certainly be a slug fest.

Nice hype for SmackDown . Gotta make sure you capitalise off it, it’s running hot atm. More hype the better, I say.

Doane is on the up. You’re doing very well with his push. I think it’s only a matter of time before he’s got the Intercontinental Title around his waist. Shame WWE fucked up so bad with him.

Give Smith and Rhodes the Titles please. They got a big rub last night by sticking their noses in the World Title match, so you need to continue to move forward them. Title run plz!

Edge heel turn soon??? Now Orton is done with, I think RVD could be next for Edge which will mean one needs to turn heel.

Poor Val.

Lol. Bradshaw. Fickle bastard. I think more will come of this. You’ve been building towards a split between Angel and Bradshaw for a while now, so I think you’ll have Angel find someone else (KEN DOANE) and feud with Bradshaw. Make it happen.

Yay for RVD. Edge v RVD needs to happen!

Carlito v Viscera makes me ill.

This next segment just shows your dedication to the Women’s division. This is the longest recap so far on the show, it was quite good too. Made Victoria look strong, I half expected Mickie to come out, request a rematch, get it, then win the title back. That would’ve made me giggle, I could see you doing something just like that just to piss people off Nice segment though, Vicky v Trish should be good.

Lol. Edge and Orton interaction?? Could there possibly be ANOTHER chapter to this feud? Surely not. But, who knows?

Well written summary of your Main Event. The way you ended it made sure MVP and co, continued to look strong and it was probably the best way to go with the finish you had. The fact you continued to play off Edge’s injuries was good and probably makes him look stronger and more resilient, a fighting champion, so to speak. Then we get the beat down to end it all and ROB VAN DAM makes the save! Well, well. This is good. RVD wants a shot, makes the save for Edge. Given the low blow by Edge towards the end, his earlier promo and the fact he was made to appear quite pissed off that RVD made the save, a heel turn could indeed be in the works – could stem from his match with Orton and the severity of his injuries.

Good recap mate, didn't give me much to talk about, all is well! I’m looking forward to SD!
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Bigger and Badder Than Ever

Few quick things:

KK is THAT awesome that I'll gladly believe he can do a kip up

Uh, YAY @ Tully

And finally ... I am a ****, I really, really am


MVP's just looking too BALLIN' to go over tonight, and Edge's is looking too rough. Hopefully Montel still comes out looking a million bucks though.

Ah yes, Mr. Estrada to kick the night off in style. Been waiting anxiously to hear his explanation for pulling Umaga out of the Gauntlet ... but we don't get one Oh dear. That was disappointing. Seems like i could be quite a big reason though if you're stringing it along like this. Here's Kurt. The match all readers of this thread have been waiting for is finally made, though I'm not sure why AAE would be scared of Angle when he has that big S.O.B with him at all times. Funny move with Kurt racing out from the curtain and the monstrous brawl just foreshadows what is bound to be an absolutely EPIC match at Unforgiven. I can only say ... in FULL plz.

Can't wait to hear from KK, Big Dave & Vince. I'd LOL if he named Hunter the new co-GM.

Good to see Kenny finally get his win back on Morrison after a less than stellar performance last night. Time for both men to move into the IC title scene I would guess.

Quite surprised to see the two rookies, Rhodes & Smith become the #1 Contenders so soon into their careers. It's a shame that the Raw tag division is really flagging in comparison to SmackDown's. Hopefully that changes soon.


Not sure what to make of Edge's attitude in this little scene. The obvious thing to say would be that it is hinting at a heel turn, but I don't really want to say that, since knowing you, it's probably something else entirely. Maybe all this stuff with Orton has finally made him snap.

Quick win for HBK. I wonder what's next for him after putting RVD over. I think the Draft could mean a lot for his future endeavours. Not because he's going to SD (I'm sure he won't), but because I think he'll probably get a big feud from a draftee.

"(yeah, Legend, MANAGER.)" Pfft, all your women still get stiffed Building a lot of tension between Angelina and JBL over the past couple o' months has resulted in this. I doubt Williams will actually stay fired; it's just a good way of keeping Bradshaw on his toesI guess.

Nice to see Van Dam getting some real hype in this thread now. I have to say, he has a point when it comes o the #1 Contendership. Orton's out. HBK's out. Angle & Umaga are obviously out. Rob's really the only legit MAIN EVENTER ('cause he is now) left for Edge (or Porter) to face. Should be a treat.

Solid enough win for 'Lito. Hope his 'push' doesn't stall either.

It would be pretty cool to see Porter get the gold, as you've been awesome with him since his debut, but I can't quite see it happenin yet.

Wow, what a segment from the new Women's Champion. You continue to push this division right to the freakin' moon, Mac, and it's really paying off. Trish really is the obvious choice to step up to the plate as the first post-Mickie feud for Victoria, but it's fairly obvous who you've teamed her up with. Natalya anyone? Going for the Canadian Connection now? Damn, throws a spanner into the works of a feud I had thought of, but oh well, it is a really, really smart move to get Trish some back up and add to your already sexy ladies ranks. I hate Lita as a face BTW.

The tension between Orton & Edge ... continues? I'm not reading too much into it, as I think Randy will be on his way to SD following the Draft, and it looks like Edge will at least be heeling it up for a brief feud with RVD.

Solid enough main event, and it did everything it needed to, by keeping the title on Edge but still maintaining Porter's undefeated (it's still there rt?) streak. Noticed Edge using a low blow; don't know whether it was just an edgy, tweener thing to do, or whether that's more hinting at his possible turn. Big save from RVD after the bell virtually confirms that's the contest we'll be seeing at Unforgiven.

"RVD lets out a smirk, and holds the belt out for Edge, who begins to grit his teeth… running his hands through his hair…"

The seeds of Edge's heel turn have been really well planted this week, and RVD is the perfect opponent to trigger that change I think. Great ME, Mac, with even 'VP coming out looking like a bonafide top flight PLAYA~

Great to have you back in action, Mac, and a fun recap to get things going that already has me salivating for Unforgiven, but c'mon, SD! is going to be off the charts.
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Bigger and Badder Than Ever

So, let the fun begin...

Big opportunity for MVP it seems. Pleased to see him get a big push to be a credible challenge to the WWE Championship. Lots of love for MVP, but I dont think you'll put the strap on him ... not for a while anyway.

Even more love for the duo of Umaga & Estrada. Looks like they've hit the big time here too, getting a big show opening segment with Kurt Angle. Gotta believe that there must be some sort of alliance between AAE & MVP ... I'll be looking for that prediction to come to fruition at some point. Why else would Estrada refuse to explain why he pulled his wrecking machine out?? Intense angle between Kurt & Umaga. That'll be a terrific battle on PPV, and from the looks of things it's had time to bubble nicely to this point.

Looks like SD is the slightly favoured show in this thread, which makes a change from Raw generally being the dominating brand in BTB. I could be wrong about that assumption mind ... it has been a while.

Good to still see the younger, up and coming talent getting plenty of exposure on the show still, a trait I firmly remember from the early days of the thread. Both Ken Doane and Morrison are good talents too, which always helps.

DH Smith & Cody Rhodes is a tandem I have been playing around with putting together. Both have a lot of similarities, and make a good fit. Couple of years as a team always helps before a move into the singles leagues too. Seems like these two are getting serious attention too, with a great victory in this one, over three highly experienced teams. Again, nice to see you keeping in with the pushing of younger talent.

Oh boy, was that a tease of a heel turn?? Methinks yep. Edge is an absolute God of a heel, and is frankly wasted as a face. Saying that, I havent had much chance to see you utilise him as a face, so instantly I'm thinking back to his 2004 run as a face upon his return from injury. Sorry .

Pretty emphatic win for HBK. What next for Michaels then?? Couple more weeks of beating nobodies, then he'll get back in the saddle for another epic feud. Right?? Meh, probably wrong .

Angelina Williams?? Sorry, probably showing my lack of recent knowledge. Seemed like a sudden turn there for JBL to fire his valet / manager. Although, for all I know, it could've been building for weeks. I hope this doesnt lead anywhere. Not because it would suck mind, it's just because this seemed to come out of the blue, sandwiched in between a bunch of more important stuff, so in the end the firing (to me), didnt have much impact on a busy show.

Van Dam would appear to be the next in line for Edge, and he makes perfect sense with his argument too. It'll be hard to deny RVD a title shot really. I do have a feeling though, that there is more to this than meets the eye. Wouldnt be surprised if someone else managed to poke their nose in, and force a triple threat rather than a one on one.

Meh, Carlito over Big Vis. Good win I guess for CCC.

Mickie James potentially out of the womens title picture?? I cant imagine that for a minute. I can see Mickie maybe having some part in one of the male feuds in the mean time to keep her face on Raw while a couple of the other 'lesser' divas battle over the belt for a bit.

Orton and Edge with an intense showdown. That feud is dead ... but there will forever be little moments like this when they collide backstage, or cross paths in the ring. Glad to see their rivalry wont be forgotten just because they arent directly feuding. Couple more signs of an Edge turn in the works.

Edge retains by a measly DQ. It saves MVP from having to suffer a loss at least. The aftermath is where it's at though, as we get the first real glimpse of an Edge - RVD program. Methinks that's the long term angle, but first up will be a triple threat at Unforgiven with MVP using the excuse that Edge didnt actually beat him. Cant give away the main feud just yet.

Good work. I'll drop back in for the full Smackdown.


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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Bigger and Badder

Raw Feedback

I am still shocked and intrigued by MVP getting the shot. Should be a very exciting contest tonight since Edge is hurting so badly.

Great way to start the show with AAE & ‘MAGS~ coming down to the ring. Guess we won’t get an explanation for why Estrada did what he did to make Angle lose the Gauntlet. No shock that Angle comes out and the ultimatum for Estrada was good, leading to Armando accepting the challenge. FINALLY we get this huge match, as they don’t waste any time going after each other, as the security people need to come to the ring, and this match is going to be hyped heavily over the next three weeks. Great way to start this recap and the road to Unforgiven off.

We get to hear from Big Dave? And Kennedy? And a new Co-GM is named? I’m salivating already.

Love that the feud between Doane and Morrison is still alive and kicking, as they entertain the fans in a great way. Glad to see Ken finally stop jobbing and get the big win over his former stablemate, finally having a say in this feud. Morrison and Melina won’t be happy with this loss.

Great that we get to see a new set of #1 contenders named, as I knew from the start that AMW wasn’t getting the win, as I see them going to SD! in the draft, tbf. Good length for the match and after showing up in the Raw main event of S’Slam, it’s good that the small push of the newcomers continues, as they get the shot next week.

MVP being cool before the biggest match of his short career is right on track with his character. The man will never be flustered, imo.

Edge getting taped up and wincing shows just how vulnerable he is after that WAR with Orton last night. Lita is leaving to go do something? That’s odd, tbh. Guess we may seem a more tweener version of psycho Edge, as he doesn’t seem to into the constant challenges that he is getting. Great characterization of the champ.

HBK over Val is nothing to shocking, as Michaels is a possible move in the draft, as he has done just about everything he can do on Raw. Face turn, plz.

Wow, this was quite the turn of events for JBL. Fresh off his impressive win over Charlie Haas he has to deal with Williams “taking some time off”. JBL is clearly pissed and I loved the way that Angelina stood up to him (as she always does) and that actually got her into more trouble, as Bradshaw fires her on the spot. Not sure where JBL goes after this, as Williams was the best thing that happened to him on Raw.

RVD getting some mic time? You must really like the man. Good little promo, hyping up his huge win last night and then stating his case for the WWE Title. Makes sense, as everyone else has either had their shot of are tied up. RVD vs. Edge sounds pretty sweet, very interested to see how you do it. Love the way that Van Dam carries a little bit of swagger with him now, good for his character.

Carlito over Vis shows that you still care about him, but I hope to see him back in a decent feud soon. The man has too much talent, tbh.

Porter OWNS and I know that you know that because of the way you push him. He still doesn’t get the job done tonight.

After all that Vicky had to go through to finally reach the top of the mountain, an in-ring interview is the only way to go. Glad that she put herself over because she deserves it. Of course whenever you sya you will face anyone, that is going bring out a heel. Guess Mickie is going to be gone for a little while, letting Trish and Victoria do their thing. Explanation on the “brunette woman”, plz. Good interaction and Lita seems to be getting back in the hunt, taking Vicky’s side and evening things up for the women’s champ against Trish and her friend. I hope you stick to your word … and don’t move into a Trish-Lita feud.

I hope that we have more of these moments during this thread, reminding us just how much Edge and Orton went through together. The end of a great feud that will live forever in BTB history. Orton won’t be wrestling anymore on Raw, leaving his RKO Army behind, as he heads over to Friday nights.

Main event is here and this should be a good’in. Porter dominates most of the match but can’t do enough to put Edge away, as the champ comes back with a full head of steam, taking down Porter’s idiot bodyguard. PLAYMAKER~ Edge gets the bottom rope! Good ending, with Edge overcoming the odds, taking ‘VP down with the Spear, before getting the win by DQ. Good way to keep the fastest rising star on Raw looking good, as he has a ton of people looking out for him.

The aftermath was quite exciting, as RVD helps the man that he hopes to challenge by taking out Montel and ‘Lu. Great way to end the show, with the new and improved RVD handing the belt over to the broken WWE Champion. I don’t think you’ll turn Edge completely heel, as he will be the tweener, while ‘VP somehow finds his way back into the title picture, making a triple threat for Unforgiven. Should be an interesting couple of weeks.

You continue to amaze with the way that these storylines are going. Can’t wait to see the new format. SD! sooner rather than later, plz.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Bigger and Badder

Raw Feedback

Nice way to kick off really showing the two guys who will participate in the main event. It is nice to see just how different the two are to each other and please I know Edge just finished mega rivalry with Orton but please MVP for next WWE Champion

Nice way to kick off and I was expecting to find out why Umaga backed off but we didn’t one. However I am expecting that maybe it has something to do with MVP as well not sure though. Nice how Angle ran down and went ballistic that is cool. I remember at the start of this thread when Angle was the ballistic guy who just smashed everyone that was the best. However when he turned heel and feuded with Austin it kind of took away form his character a bit so I am happy that you turning him back into a freak. He and Umaga at Unforgiven should be awesome

Doane and Morrison both great talents I personally prefer Morrison but I could deal with the result going Doane’s way to even the score. Please let them have a rubber match at Unforgiven could be delicious to read IMO

The youngsters winning the number one contendership match was a bit unexpected to be honest. I was thinking maybe that AMW were going to get the win but I guess its good that your pushing younger talent. That way they can own your thread for years to come

I like it with more of the comparison between MVP and Edge. Also Edge complaining saying IT ISNT FAIR TO ME sounds a bit heelish and we have not heard him complain in a long time. Heel Edge could be good for a change as Orton is obviously getting drafted so we have no big killer sadistic heel in the main event scene. Edge will be that guy.

HBK over Venis… Enough said to be honest

Nice arguing between JBL and Angelina Williams and I guess JBL got kind of owned. JBL firing her is just funny because it was kind of obvious she was quitting anyway. Will she come back with some guy to teach JBL a lesson I doubt it but I hope she does

RVD as next number one contender would be awesome. It would also be kind of poetic justice if RVD defeated Edge because I remember at the start of your thread in your first post which was Vengeance that Edge defeated RVD to win the title. Would be nice to see.

Carlito against Big Vis would be exactly that a very ugly match. Can’t do much with Big Vis so hopefully Carly gets himself in some kind of rivalry which will lead him to bigger and better things.

MVP interview was good. I love how much time your giving MVP on this show. This could be his defining moment in your thread keep it up. I Love MVP

I wonder who Trish’s friend is I am interested to see. LOL I will be happy as long as its not Nicole Bass Lita getting involved with the Divas action is good to. But I hope Mickie is not gone for to long

Nice Orton and Edge confrontation. When I saw it I was like no way this rivalry is continuing and yeah I don’t think it is. I think that was like there good bye as I am almost 100 % certain Orton is going to Smackdown.

AHHHGGGGRRRR MVP with the loss by DQ is not what I wanted to see I wanted a new Champion but then again its not about me and I if is top thinking about how much I like MVP and think about story lines in terms of the thread MVP probably is not ready yet

Nice aftermath with RVD coming out to save Edge. And id definitely can see Edge turning heel over the next few weeks. Also Edge has been involved in the WWE Title scene for long enough give Van Dam his time to shine

Overall a fairly nice show mate would have been better in full but I understand how it goes. Recap is good enough only thing I did not like was MVP not becoming Champion LOL. Besides that everything was good and I really look forward to reading more. Well done DDMAC

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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Bigger and Badder

~ Terribly busy so I won't be doing full regularly TV shows for a long while (though hopefully SNME) will still be in full.
~ The opening and closing promos on this show are in full though.
~ I'll comment on any questions on the last Raw and this SD shortly enough.
~ Dropped a couple comments a while back on a few threads, just to let you people know I'm still around, neglecting Legend and PatMan... just because they know I'm good for it.

Friday Night SmackDown - August 31st, 2007

"What about now, huh!? What about now!?"

Holy Shit

~ Dressed in a dark blue skirt suit and white shirt, Stephanie McMahon sits in a chair behind her desk, legs crossed, right hand resting on her face. Steph’s assistant, Maryse, sits on a couch a bit away, clipboard in hand. The eyes of Steph and Maryse are locked on the television monitor, which is completely black, looking rather apprehensive tonight. Soon enough, the screen lightens up, as the opening video for SmackDown plays, still in the same perspective. The video ends and after the pyro explodes, Stephanie watches as Styles, Cole and Tazz introduce us to the program…

“And, kicking off tonight, the WWE Chairman, Mr. McMahon will be naming a new co-General Manager, to work with Stephanie McMahon! This is unbelievable, guys.”

~ Stephanie shakes her head and lets out a deep sigh, as Styles touches on what’s on everyone’s mind here tonight. Steph uncrosses her legs and runs her hands through her hair, while Maryse stares at her boss.


~ An angry frown comes over Steph’s face as her dad appears on the screen, making his way down to the ring in his suit…

Stephanie McMahon: Turn it off.

~ Maryse gets up and turns off the television, as Stephanie gets up as well, adjusting her suit. Steph comes from behind her desk, and looks at her watch, before letting out a bit of a sigh, as Maryse approaches.

Ms. Stephanie, are you ready?

Stephanie McMahon:
As ready as I’ll ever be. How’s the attendance?

~ Maryse takes a glance at her board.

Everyone is here except Kid Kash, Ric Flair, The Undertaker, Triple H, John Cena, The Rock, who has week off, Batista, who is scheduled to be here later tonight, and Mr. Kennedy, who is marked down as here… but not… uh, around.

~ Steph shakes her head, and makes a bit of a motion for the door, but before she can exit, a loud ringing noise is heard. Steph stops in her tracks, reaching into her right side pocket, and pulls out her cellphone, looking at the caller ID… and angrily scowling.

Stephanie McMahon:
It’s Hunter. Answer.

~ Stephanie flips the phone open, and hands it to Maryse.

Maryse: Hello?

~ (… … … … …) Maryse holds the phone down,

He says you have one last chance to save your job if you give him title shot.

Stephanie McMahon:
Hang up.

~ Maryse does as she’s told, closes the phone, and hands it back to McMahon, who quickly puts it back in her jacket.

Steph takes another sigh and opens up her door, as she and Maryse step out into the hallway. Once outside, the two females stand in front of dozens upon dozens of WWE superstars - from lower carders to mid carders to more notable superstars such as Matt Hardy, Rey Mysterio, The Carolina Connection, William Regal, Booker T, Teddy Long, Christopher Daniels, etc. Some superstars where looks of confusion. Others wear looks of sadness. While a select few seem rather happy.

Stephanie McMahon: Well, let’s get to it.

Teddy Long:
Just hit midnight, Cinderella!

~ Long and several of the other heels all laugh, as Steph just shakes her head.

Stephanie McMahon: Funny, Teddy... Nice performance by your guys on Sunday, by the way.

~ Long and company take offense and the rest of the superstars have themselves a hearty laugh, but Steph can’t even muster a smirk with so many unknowns in the air tonight. The GM of SmackDown turns her back and begins to make her way down the hallway (towards the ring one would assume), and soon enough, all of the superstars begin to follow, chattering amongst each other about what’s in store…


Inside the ring, MR. MCMAHON is in the ring, suit on, mic in hand, as he has the crowd waiting on pins and needles.

Mr. McMahon: Come on, Steph! We don’t have all night!


The crowd lets out a nice ovation as Stephanie McMahon makes her way down to the ring, flanked by her gorgeous assistant, Maryse, and backed by about 60 members of SmackDown personnel. McMahon waits patiently as Steph makes it to the bottom of the ramp, climbs up the steps, and enters the ring. Steph calls for a microphone of her own, and is soon handed one by Tony Chimel, as her music dies down, and the superstars, referees and road agents of SD begin to circle the ring. As he stares at his daughterm Vinnie Mac brings the mic up

Mr. McMahon: Stephanie, before I bring out your new partner… I just want to reiterate how proud I am of the job you’ve done here on SmackDown.

~ Steph rolls her eyes as a portion of the crowd boos at what they feel is McMahon’s patronization. Vince continues.

Mr. McMahon: The WWE Tag Team Championships have more prestige than at any time I can remember, and that’s as much a credit to you as it is to our great tag teams here on SmackDown, The Carolina Connection and The Hooligans included.

~ Cheers from the crowd, as the camera gets a shot of both tandems. Steph is unimpressed.

Mr. McMahon: You helped broker the deal with the FX Network, most of the people surrounding this ring have nothing but the upmost respect for you…

~ All of the road agents and referees applaud, while 80% of the wrestlers do as well.

Mr. McMahon: And so do many of the fans in this arena.

~ The crowd gives Stephanie another nice round of applause… but none of this seems to appease Stephanie, who wears a scowl as she looks at her father. The GM of SD brings the microphone up.

Stephanie McMahon: So let me get this straight - because I wanna be sure I’ve got this right.

~ Steph takes a bit of a walk, as Vinnie Mac looks on.

Stephanie McMahon: The titles have been built up, I got YOU on a new network, with higher ratings, and everyone around this place respects what I do… so, of course … I’m being given a babysitter. That about right, dad?

~ Vince lets out a bit of a smirk, before he brings the mic up.

Mr. McMahon: Well, as I said at SummerSlam Sunday night, right after I announced the WWE Draft - September 8th on Saturday Night’s Main Event on NBC, by the way - it hasn’t been all flowers and candy, Stephanie. I mean, let’s be honest, there are several people around this ring who would like to see you … fired.

~ The crowd boos, but applause breaks out elsewhere - namely from Teddy Long, Booker T, William Regal, and the rest of the crew. Steph stares at the group in disgust, while Vince continues.

Mr. McMahon: Two of the biggest names in our industry - Triple H and John Cena - aren’t surrounding this ring, because of problems they’ve had with you, Stephanie.

~ Steph shakes her head.

Mr. McMahon: So all I’m doing is hoping to create a bit of fairness and perspective for all parties involved, and allow SmackDown, one of MY brands, to be as good as it can possibly be.

~ Steph rolls her eyes, and simply tosses her mic away, knowing full well that when her dad has his mind made up… it’s pretty much a done deal. Vinnie Mac continues…

Mr. McMahon: Now… as for your new partner-

~ The crowd and wrestlers once more begin to buzz.

Mr. McMahon:
Everybody knows that I’m a fan of controversy. And when it comes to the WWE Universe there’s no shortage of controversial picks.

~ Steph continues to shake her head, knowing she’s in for a blockbuster.

Mr. McMahon:
I thought about Theodore R. Long-

~ Booker and company begin to applaud loudly as the audience lets out a tremendous amount of heat, and Steph’s face lights up with shock and apprehension.

Mr. McMahon: But when it came right down to it, even though Teddy was removed from his position by an attack - unfairly, I might add - I thought that the problems that many of the roster have with him would be just too much for a beneficial partnership.

~ Long stands stiff in disgust, glaring at Vince as Steph lets out a deep breath, dodging a bullet.

Mr. McMahon:
I considered Paul Heyman-

~ Mixed reaction for Heyman.

Mr. McMahon:
But he’s decided that he’s happy with his role as an agent, and apparently has some… unfinished business with Armando Estrada and Umaga… but that’s unimportant at the moment.

~ Uh oh.

Mr. McMahon: Then I thought… what about… MICK FOLEY!?

~ THUNDEROUS ovation for Foley, while Steph kinda, sorta shrugs her shoulders, not minding Foley as a pick at all it would seem.

Mr. McMahon: But unfortunately, Mick is STILL not fully recovered from the beat down that he received from the Samoan Bulldozer at Vengeance.

~ More boos from the audience.

Mr. McMahon: “Hmmm,” I thought to myself. “Why not… my son, Shane!?”

~ Strong cheers for Shane-O-Mac as Steph attempts to hide the smile which begins to creep over her face.

Mr. McMahon: But Shane and Stephanie, for all their problems with one another, get along far too much create the sufficient amount of tension needed for this to work fully.

~ Stephanie flails her arms up as McMahon smirks, knowing he’s got everyone on edge.

Mr. McMahon: I was just about ready to step in myself… but… after this past Friday night on SmackDown, I got a phonecall. This man was complaining, letting out all his grievances with what was going on SmackDown, and I figured, “This guy’s already basically run a show a while back, he’s got history with everybody in the back, he’s got the respect of most, and he fears nothing.” But above all that, he causes the friction, the controversy that I NEED!

~ The audience begins to buzz loudly once more.

Mr. McMahon: Ladies and gentlemen… Stephanie McMahon’s new partner, and the NEW co-general manager of Friday Night SmackDown!!!

~ Vinnie Mac extends his right arm toward the entrance ramp, and EVERYONE turns their attention toward it.

{oh yeah, you’re in for a wait}


Joey Styles: OH MY GAWD!!!

Stephanie McMahon, mouth open in shock, turns towards the entrance ramp, while the crowd lets out an EARTH-SHATTERING mixed reaction as ‘THE GAME’ TRIPLE H steps out onto the stage!!!

Joey Styles:
TRIPLE H! THE GAME! He’s not the new general manager is he!?

Tazz: I don’t believe what I’m seein’!

Michael Cole:
Are you kidding me!? This is absolutely ridiculous!

Dressed in a black suit and shades, with his hair tied back in a ponytail, Hunter wears a smirk as all of the superstars surrounding the ringside area look at their new boss in complete and utter shock. The Game struts on down to the ring, climbs the steel steps, and enters the ring. H looks at Vince… then at the completely and utterly befuddled Stephanie… before he laughs a bit, walks past them and climbs up onto the middle turnbuckle. Hunter makes the “I’m Not Worthy” bow movement, getting many of the fans to reciprocate as H lets out a smirk, before spreading his arms out and letting out a roar, getting another strong, LOUD mixed reaction.

Well… The Game is back!!

Michael Cole:
I’m still not sure what to say. I mean… why? Why Triple H? Why now?

Joey Styles:
I’ll tell you one thing that I agree with Mr. McMahon on. I couldn’t think of a more controversial pick.

Hunter climbs down from the turnbuckle, and faces Vince and Stephanie. As the music of The King of Kings dies down, H lets out a smirk, takes off his shades, and extends his hand to Vinnie Mac. Vince smiles and accepts the handshake. Trips then turns his attention towards Stephanie… and extends his hand. Steph mouths “fuck off,” getting a laugh from Hunter.

Tazz: OH!

Michael Cole: Wow.

Joey Styles: Oh yeah, this relationship’s gonna work out fine.

~ Vinnie Mac brings the mic up.

Mr. McMahon: Ladies and gentlemen… in case you’ve forgotten… let me tell you just who the hell this is!

~ LOUD mixed reaction, as Hunter laughs a bit.

Mr. McMahon: ‘THE GAME’ TRIPLE H!!

~ MASSIVE reaction as Steph shakes her head in disgust.

Mr. McMahon: Now, I know some of you may be shocked by this decision. I know some of you may be a bit surprised that I would “reward” a wrestler who has sat on the sidelines for the past half-year, “reward” a wrestler who has attacked the World Champion at the time on more than one occasion, and put two people together who clearly have a sufficient amount of disdain for one another.

~ The camera takes a long look at the face of Stephanie, who’s face doesn’t even try to hide her open disgust for the former ten time World Champion.

Mr. McMahon: But… trust me… I know what I’m doing. A couple of ground rules that Triple H has already been informed of, and Steph will be informed of them now. Any physical contact between the two of you will result in your immediate termination.

~ Hunter holds his hands out, basically saying that won’t be a problem; Steph can’t stop scowling.

Mr. McMahon: All World Heavyweight Championship Matches, hirings, firings and suspensions must be made and agreed upon by the both of you.

~ That gets H to twist his mouth a little bit, while Steph seems somewhat relieved by that revelation - though still pissed with this entire situation.

Mr. McMahon: And finally, Triple H can begin to make decisions as co-general manager… right here tonight.

~ That gets another rise out of the crowd, and causes Stephanie to damn near fume, as Hunter attempts to hide another smile coming over his face.

Mr. McMahon: Ladies and gentlemen, TRIPLE H!!!

~ A few of the wrestlers surrounding ringside applaud, while McMahon hands the microphone to Hunter, who takes his shades off with his non-receiving hand. McMahon then leaves the ring, and Stephanie follows, angrily yelling at her father. This time - unlike at SummerSlam - McMahon yells back, but we hardly know what the yelling is about, before we soon turn our attention back to the ring, where the King of Kings stands, mic in hand.

Triple H:First off, I just wanna say how grateful I am to Mr. McMahon for giving me this opportunity, and I look forward to working with Stephanie, who I have nothing but the upmost respect for as a general manger… and as a person.

~ The crowd boos that load of bullshit, while Hunter hangs his glasses on his shirt, and runs his hand through his hair.

Triple H:NOW, down to business. First things first, last Sunday night, in a helluva match, Matt Hardy successfully defended his United States Championship against Chris Daniels.

~ Loud cheers for that one, before we get close-ups of both Matt and Daniels - Hardy nodding his head, while The Fallen Angel looks less than impressed.

Triple H:It was so nice… I think we should see it twice! (crowd pops big time) So tonight, it’s gonna be Hardy and Daniels - part two - for the U.S. Title!

~ The crowd pops, while Daniels lets out a wide smirk and Hardy scowls intently.

Triple H:
But that’s far from all. Also tonight, we’re gonna have ourselves a Fatal Four Way Match to crown a new number one contender for the Cruiserweight Championship!

~ Another loud pop for The Game as many of the people around ringside seem rather impressed with Triple H (except Jamie Noble) - this may not be so bad after all.

Triple H:It’ll be Psychosis… Super Crazy… the returning… Shannon Moore… and Chris Sabin. (Crowd cheers but Hunter quickly continues) And last but not least, I wanna address the ending to SummerSlam involving myself… Ric Flair-

~ “WOOOOOOOOOOOO” rings out loudly across the arena, as Hunter nods along a bit.

Triple H:Batista-

~ MASSIVE heat from the audience, and even several of the superstars, agents and referees begin to shake their heads in disgust at the actions of our current top champion.

Triple H:…and Mr. Kennedy.

~ Tremendous ovation for the former World Heavyweight Champion.

Triple H:Fir-


OHHH SHIT~! The audience explodes into another MONSTROUS ovation as the FORMER World Heavyweight Champion MR. KENNEDY steps out onto stage, dressed in a pair of black slacks and a white dress shirt… which is untucked, and barely buttoned. KK also wears a bit of a dark shadow on his face, clearly not having shaved much recently.

Tazz: As good ol’ J. R. would say, “business is about to pick up!!”

Joey Styles: The FORMER World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Kennedy looks none too pleased with the past five days he had. From the top of the mountain, only to be Pedigreed, Batista Bombed, robbed of the title, and now to find out that the man responsible for quite a bit of it… is now one of the co-GMs of SmackDown!

Michael Cole:
We’ve got ourselves a potentially explosive situation here and now!

~ Hunter and Stephanie both watch as Kennedy enters the ring, and steps between the ropes. KK’s music dies down, and Hunter brings the mic up.

Triple H:Look, Kenne-

The crowd goes WILD, roaring for Kennedy, as H stares at the man he Pedigreed in the ring just a few days ago with a bit of shock and a pinch of anger. A LOUD “KENNEDY” chant starts up as KK paces the ring a bit, clearly on edge, while his SD compatriots watch on. Finally, the chants die down, and Kennedy brings the mic up.

Mr. Kennedy:So this is how it works, huh? Last Sunday night, you brought your overrated, washed-up. big-nosed, cheap suit-wearin’ ass-

~ The crowd “OHs” as do many who surround the ring while Hunter simply scowls at the former champion.

Mr. Kennedy:Down to this ring, Pedigreed me - for the second time in as many months - helped cost me my World Heavyweight Championship… and now… you’re my boss? I report to you? You can tell me what to do? Sounds like a crock o’ crap to me.

~ A loud round of applause is let out around the arena, while half the people surrounding the ring begin to nod their heads. Trips shakes his head with a bit of a smirk, turns and walks toward the other end of the ring. H reaches through the ropes, calling for a microphone, and is soon handed one by Tony Chimel. Hunter turns around to Kennedy, as KK watches with an intense, almost evil scowl.

Triple H:
You gotta understand something-

Mr. Kennedy:First… I need a favor.

~ Hunter brings holds his mic up to his face, silent, as KK gets face to face with The Game.

Mr. Kennedy:

~ OH! Once more, the audience delivers a bountiful amount of cheers for Kennedy as Hunter looks ready to snap, amazed, annoyed, and angry.

Mr. Kennedy:
I don’t wanna hear any of your double talkin’ crap. I don’t care about you right now anyway. Yeah, you’ve Pedigreed me twice, but your ass-whoopin’ can wait…

~ H turns his head sideways slightly, and mouths “is that right?,” as Kennedy continues.

Mr. Kennedy: …boss. No, the man I want… is that 300-pound sack of garbage that’s walkin around this place with my World Heavyweight Championship. I want… BATISTA!

~ The crowd lets out another thunderous pop as Kennedy angrily glares ahead at Hunter.

Mr. Kennedy: So you and Stephanie put your heads together and figure out just how in the hell you’re gonna get me my title shot.

~ H stares ahead, frustrated… but soon lets out a smirk.

Triple H:What? No rematch clause? That’s gotta suck.

Mr. Kennedy: No, you suck… numerous things-

~ OH! Hunter angrily looks at Kennedy, then looks at his former compatriots around the ring, all laughing a bit, before Kennedy continues.

Mr. Kennedy: Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

~ KK lets out a bit of a smirk, but soon becomes deadly serious once more. Hunter shakes his head while Kennedy continues…

Mr. Kennedy:
Just get me that shaved ape, and give me my rightful title shot-


~ That seems to catch KK off guard, and the crowd as well, as they respond with silence, and then big heat for Trips. Kennedy scowls while Hunter continues.

Triple H:Who in the hell do you think you are!? HUH!?

~ Kennedy raises an eyebrow.

Triple H:I am sick and tired of you!

~ Still face to face, Hunter angrily runs his hand through his hair.

Triple H:Did you ever take a second to wonder just why in the hell I left your ass laying face down two months in a row!? Huh!? It’s because I don’t fear you! You’re nothin‘! You’re not worthy of carrying my damn jock, Kennedy! And after one title run - one mediocre, run of the mill, forgetful title run - you think you can get in my face? Talk to me like Joe Jerkoff? You’re out of your damn mind, kid. You’re a midcarder that got lucky! A curtain jerker just livin’ the dream! You talk the talk but can’t walk the walk! And that’s why your ass couldn’t hold the strap for more than a cup o’ coffee!

~ The crowd begins to furiously the boo the new co-general manager as KK boils with anger. Hunter backs off a bit, the tension in his face relieving.

Triple H:
So, no … you’re not getting Batista tonight.

~ Big-time heat for The Game as KK drops his head, holding it with his right hand.

Triple H:
And I suggest you fall in line, and get with the damn program.

~ Hunter drops the mic, and snarls, still receiving a massive amount of heat from this angered crowd. H then plans to walk off past Kennedy, but KK sticks his left arm out, blocking his path, and the crowd roars. Hunter doesn’t look up, and neither does Kennedy… until they both look at each other at the same time.

Mr. Kennedy: I’m gonna get Batista one way or another.

~ THUNDEROUS pop, as the two men look into the eyes of one another.

Mr. Kennedy: And I’m gonna get him tonight!

~ Another HUGE ovation as Kennedy looks deadly serious; H and KK remain face to face.

Mr. Kennedy:
But as for you… I deal with you later.

~ OH! Hunter snarls and yanks his arm away from Kennedy, causing the two stars to angrily scowl at one another. H eventually lets out a slight smile, breaking eye contact with Kennedy, and looks to head out of the ring once more…

Mr. Kennedy: Y’know… on second thought…


The audience completely EXPLODES into a thunderous ovation as all of the superstars & other personnel around the ring look into the ring in complete and utter shock, amazed by the actions of the angered former World Heavyweight Champion.

Joey Styles: OH MY GAWD!!!


The Fatal Four Way that Hunter signed for earlier tonight takes place in the number one hole, with Chris Sabin, Psichosis, Super Crazy and Shannon Moore battling it out for a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship. The four cruisers put on a solid contest, but when it’s all said and done, it’s Psichosis who looks ready to pick up the win, mounted on the top rope, staring down at a downed Sabin, but Moore pushes Crazy into the ropes, casing Psichosis to straddle the turnbuckle! Crazy comes back off the ropes, and Shannon rolls him up with an inside cradle… getting the three count @ 8:11!
After the match, Moore pumps his fist in celebration, before he leaves the ring, getting a subpar reaction from the crowd. Inside the ring, however, things pick u, as Psichosis and Super Crazy of the Mexicools have both made it up to their feet… and Psichosis is none too pleased. SC attempts to comfort his teammate, but Psichosis merely shoves him off, before angrily leaving the ring.

Speaking of pissed off people, backstage, inside Stephanie McMahon’s the general managers’ office, Triple H is in one hell of a mood, fuming after what happened earlier on tonight. H growls at Maryse to get him something, before he gets a knock on his door. Soon enough, Booker T, Teddy Long & William Regal step into the room. Before Long can get to complain about even one racial injustice, Hunter cuts him off. Trips says that he doesn’t want any crap from anybody tonight, so if they want to keep themselves on his good side, he suggest they get the hell out. The angry heel trio scowl at Hunter, as H turns away. The camera focuses in on the facial expression of The Game, noticing the “wheels begin to turn,” so to speak. H turns back around, and quickly apologizes for his foul mood, before making a WWE Tag Team Title Match! It’ll be The Carolina Connection defending against The New Breed… with Booker T as the special enforcer! Book seems rather pleased, Long less pleased, and Regal indifferent…


Backstage, Steve Romero interviews CM Punk, the man who picked up the victory for his team last Sunday at SummerSlam. Romero asks Punk what’s up next on his to-do list here in the WWE, and Punk states simply “Gold… gold, my man” with a smirk, before walking off.

Advertisement plays, hyping Saturday Night’s Main Event on 9/8, featuring the 2007 WWE Draft.

Up first, one of the big matches signed for tonight, a SummerSlam rematch, with Matt Hardy defending the United States Championship against “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels. Daniels and Hardy work a slightly less frenetic pace than they did at SummerSlam, as this match plans to run quite a bit longer. The first fifteen minutes is evenly paced, with Daniels maybe a having a slight edge, but the next two is all Hardy, as he gains momentum by clotheslining Daniels down a couple of times, and then hitting him with the high back body drop. Daniels gets back up, and looks to hit a clothesline, but Hardy counters into the Side Effect! Hardy doesn’t bother going for a cover, and instead, readies himself for a Twist of Fate. Sensing the end may be near, Allison Danger, Daniels’ manager, leaps up onto the apron, and begins shouting. Hardy turns his attention toward Danger and slowly begins walking toward her… only to have Daniels DRILL HIM WITH A LOW BLOW! The Fallen Angel quickly gets back up to his feet, and then PLANTS HARDY WITH THE LAST RITES! With Allison still talking to the ref, Daniels covers Hardy… and the crowd pops HUGE! Why? JEFF HARDY is perched on the top turnbuckle!! He’s not up there long though, as he soon leaps off, AND CRASHES INTO DANIELS WITH A SWANTON!!! Jeff rolls out of the ring as Daniels rolls off of Matt in an incredible amount of pain. Hearing the noise, the ref turns around… just in time to see Matt gingerly roll over onto Daniels. 1... 2... 3!! Matt retains the U.S. Title @ 18:33.
After the match, Jeff helps Matt up and out of the ring, handing him his U.S. Title, while inside the ring, Daniels angrily glares at the man that holds “his” belt and the man he bloodied just a few weeks ago.


Backstage at the arena’s entrance, several of the lower card wrestlers, referees and road agents talk about the huge events of tonight regarding the general manager situation, before everyone’s attention turns toward the doors. Shock and fear would probably best describe the looks on the faces of the onlookers… as the NEW World Heavyweight Champion… ‘THE ANIMAL’ DAVE BATISTA steps through the door, dressed in a black suit, shades on, bag over his left shoulder, and the prestigious ten pounds of gold over his right. As Big Dave makes his way down the hall, all eyes follow the man that completely obliterated his mentor just a few days ago… but to their surprise… and probably benefit, Batista pays the glares of disgust no mind, as he heads off… no worries… it would seem…

The third match of the night sees ‘The Fighting Irish Bastard’ Finlay versus Santino Marella. Santino puts up a decent enough fight, but he’s no match for the tough Irishman, who puts the relative newcomer away with the Celtic Cross @ 5:29.


In the ‘main event’ of the evening, The Carolina Connection defend their tag team titles against The New Breed, with the manager of the NB, Booker T, as the special enforcer. As one would expect, Booker plays quite the role in the contest, continually tipping the odds in favor of the challengers. The CC do their best to fight it off, but its eventually too much and it looks like Monty and Elijah are ready to pick up the duke, after a POOOOUNCE~! from Brown to Benjamin. Monty prepares to count as Booker enters the ring, ready to make the cover, with the real referee right there… but MR. KENNEDY SPRINTS DOWN THE ENTRANCE RAMP, STEEL CHAIR IN HAND!!! The audience roars wildly as KK slams the chair against the head of Kennedy, knocking him down!
The ref calls for the DQ @ 12:42, but Kennedy isn’t finished, as he drills Booker in the gut with the chair, sending him to his knees! KK turns around, and Burke drills him with a right, causing him to drop the chair. Elijah rocks him with a couple of rights, before looking to shoot KK off, but Kennedy quickly counters, turns him inside out, and then PLANTS HIM WITH THE MIC CHECK! The crowd continues to cheer KK on wildly as he picks up his chair, and heads back up the entrance ramp, before looking into the camera, telling Hunter to “Stick your matches up your ass! I want Batista!”

Backstage, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon watch the ongoings, with Hunter going completely crazy, ranting and raving. Steph hides a smirk, but H doesn’t let up, instead, going into an incredible angry diatribe on Kennedy, and Steph’s “softness” for him. H continues, stating that if she continues to let KK get away with the crap he’s pulled tonight, she- errrr, they’ll have a locker room of superstars running around, doing whatever the hell the want… and who knows how much longer she’ll have even the slightest bit of power on SmackDown. Steph and Hunter have an intense staredown… though McMahon clearly takes what her ex-husband had to say.


Backstage, with his bag down and in the corner of the room, Batista paces back and forth in his locker room, with his World Title belt sat on the only chair in the room, “looking” right at him. The Animal takes a quick glance over at the belt… but the glance turns into quite a long glare, causing a scowl to come over the face of the World Champion. The camera pans around and close in on the title belt, which shows Big Dave’s reflection. The Animal shakes his head, takes off his shades and tosses them away with a fury. Batista then angrily tears his tie over his head, and yanks off his insanely expensive jacket, tossing it to the ground. Big Dave follows that up by ripping off his pearly white dress shirt… as we cut away…

Elsewhere, in his locker room, Mr. Kennedy angrily paces back and forth, still clutching his chair from earlier. Soon enough, Stephanie McMahon walks in, and with a firm voice, per always, tells KK she doesn’t want him going after Batista tonight, especially after all of the crap he’s pulled tonight. Kennedy completely no sells her, continuing to pace. Changing her tactic, Steph becomes more genuine and a lot softer, telling KK that despite all the crap he does, she likes him, which is why she’s allowed him to rise so far on her brand. All KK needs to do, apparently, is give her some time to get him the rematch he deserves. Kennedy stops… and then scoffs, stating that he’s through waiting on people to come through for him, when he can get things done on his own. And he sure as hell doesn’t plan on waiting for Stephanie of all people, as he’s watched her be played like a fiddle, chewed up and spit out by Triple H. KK then angrily storms from the room, bringing his chair with him, as Stephanie’s head drops.\


The final match of the night sees two men who were on opposite ends of the SummerSlam six man tag go one on one as Mark Henry (w/Teddy Long) take on Chavo Guerrero (w/Rey Mysterio). Typical big man vs. small man matchup, which ends when Henry catches Chavo’s attempt at a cross body, and counters into The World’s Strongest Slam for a three count @ 8:08.

Three quick shots of:

- Mr. Kennedy pacing in a hallway, with his trusty piece of furniture,
- Triple H and Stephanie McMahon inside their office, on far sides of the room.
- ‘The Animal’ Batista walking down a hallway, World Championship on his shoulder, presumably toward the ring.


A video package plays hyping The Rock being in the building for SmackDown next week, addressing his ‘future’ in the business, after his latest unsuccessful attempt at recapturing the World Heavyweight Championship.


A THUNDEROUS amount of heat immediately engulfs the entire arena as the familiar music of the most dominanat man on the entire roster blasts over the loudspeaker. Soon enough… the NEW World Heavyweight Champion steps out onto the stage and the boos get nothing but louder, as Big Dave Batista puts one foot before for the other, black slacks on, shirtless, with the World Title in his right hand. The eyes of The Animal are cold as he doesn’t bother with his pyro, quickly making it down the ramp, before marching up the steel steps and entering the ring. Batista calls for a microphone and is soon handed one from Tony Chimel as his music dies down.


~ The Animal can’t manage to say a word, as the crowd continues to just rain down heat on top of the World Heavyweight Champion. Batista scowls into the audience, but the boos don’t die down…

Batista: I’ve got something to say.

~ “BOOOOOO!!!” one fan yells rather loudly, and the heat continues, causing The Animal to lower his head. Soon enough, “You Suck” chants begin to ring out around the arena.

Batista: I’m starting… to get pissed off.

~ That’s not helping Big Dave. The crowd continues to boo Batista for what seems like hours on end, but is really seconds of unflinching hatred for the champion. Soon enough, the audience dies down just a bit, allowing The Animal to bring the mic back up.

Batista: I’m not gonna start with some melodramatic “Why Dave Why?” crap, so I’ll get right to the point; I loved… Ric Flair.

~ The crowd roars for The Nature Boy, but that’s soon led by boos for the disconnect between Dave’s words and his actions last Sunday. Batista remains … unflinching.

Batista: Naitch was a mentor, a teacher, a manager, a motivator… that man was like a father to me. I would’ve done absolutely anything for Ric Flair… and that… was a problem.

~ Confused, the crowd remains silent, as Dave shakes his head a bit.

Batista: I’m a six foot six, 300 pound monster of mass destruction, but yet, I struggled month after damn month to get this title back around my waist! And was that Ric’s fault, and Ric’s alone!?

~ The crowd yells “NO” as Batista take a deep breath… then brings the mic up.

Batista: No.

~ The Animal shakes his head along.

Batista:Nah, it wasn’t. It was mine. I got soft... I got weak… I cared about Ric Flair. When he cost me my World Heavyweight Title Match, I did nothing!

~ Batista grits his teeth with anger.

Batista: That shouldn’t happen. That CAN’T happen! The second that Ric messed up, I should’ve grabbed him by the back of the head and slammed him through a brick wall!

~ The crowd lets out a tremendous amount of heat for that graphic sentiment, while Batista stares straight ahead.

Batista: But I didn’t… I couldn’t. I had grown attached… and couldn’t do… what needed to be done. I just couldn’t do it… … … until Sunday night.

~ The heat for The Animal just continues to pour in

Batista: I didn’t think I could, but once I got Ric alone in that room… and thought about that World Title… and thought about why I no longer had it… and thought about where I wanted to be… who I wanted to be…

~ Batista pauses, looking into the crowd.

Batista: I took that Money in the Bank briefcase… and beat… him … senseless.

~ “YOU SUCK!” “YOU SUCK!” “YOU SUCK!” “YOU SUCK!” rings out from half of the audience, but the other half seems to just be completely disgusted with Batista.

Batista: It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but it’s the best thing for me… and the proof is right on my shoulder… MY World, Heavyweight, Championship.

~ Crowd boos as a slight “Flair” chant tries to get started.

Batista: This gold strap is the only thing that means a damn to me now, and that’s the way that it should be.

~ Batista sneaks a quick glance at his title belt, before staring into the hard camera.

Batista: Without Ric Flair, I care about absolutely nothing… which means everybody in the back… everybody who was out here tonight… and everybody who even has the slightest thought of taking a shot at me for my title should be very… very… afraid.

~ The Animal almost smirks, but it turns into a snarl rather quickly.

Batista: Because if I was willing to bloody and batter a man that I loved… just imagine… what I’ll be willing to do to you.

~ Batista angrily drops the mic down, and looks into the crowd once more, as they continue to hammer away on Batista with a thunderous amount of heat.


The crowd makes a complete 180 degree spin as far as reaction is concerned, turning from completely ungodly heat to a monstrous ovation! Batista slowly turns his head towards the stage as Mr. Kennedy steps out onto the stage with his trusty steel chair still in hand!! From the top of the ramp, Kennedy simply stares at the gold in the hand of The Animal, while Batista takes a look at Kennedy… then to the belt… then back at Kennedy… and doesn’t show the slightest bit of uneasiness about the way he recaptured the title.

Furious, Kennedy SPRINTS down the ramp, and Batista lets out a LOUD ROAR…

…and here… we… go.

KK slides on in, chair in hand, and Batista swings with the title belt, headhunting on Kennedy, but the former champion ducks the big blow, and delivers a sharp boot to the gut of The Animal, causing him to drop the belt!

The furious Kennedy then rears back with the chair, and looks to take Batista’s HEAD OFF - but The Animal reaches up with all his might AND SWATS THE CHAIR OUT OF KENNEDY’S HANDS!!!

Kennedy looks down at the chair with shock and anger, while Batista (hand in pain, obviously), looks up at Kennedy and roars, “WHAT NOW, MOTHERFUCKER!?”

While the crowd oohs and ahs the amazing power and intensity of the champion, Kennedy shows his impressive improvising skills, by KICKING BATISTA IN THE BALLS!

The crowd roars as KK then picks the chair back up, and DRILLS BATISTA RIGHT IN THE HEAD, sending Big Dave tumbling to the outside of the ring!!! With the arena rockin’, going completely ape shit for Kennedy, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon step out onto the stage… not nearly on the same page, however, with Hunter looking completely furious with the goings-on.

Soon enough, several (three) referees run on by Hunter and Stephanie as the two GMs continue to argue with one another. The zebras enter the ring and begin to reprimand Kennedy, telling him to leave the ring… but the longer they talk… the angrier the look on KK’s face grows…

…title gone…

…no new title shot in near sight…

…new GM that hates him…


…pissed… tired…

…fed up…


The crowd goes almost completely silent, while Hunter and Stephanie stop arguing immediately and turn their attention to the ring. Kennedy, on the other hand, looks like a man possessed, as Batista arises and heads up the entrance ramp, unnoticed. The second ref looks shocked and says something, but it’s important, as Kennedy kicks him in the gut, and chucks him over the top rope!!
The third ref smartly gets the hell out of dodge, while the camera closes in on the first ref, who’s been BUSTED OPEN, by that belt shot!! KK then has himself a quickly look around the ring, looking for Batista… but he’s gone. Fucking ref distracted him.

Kennedy angrily begins to STOMP away on the referee, over… and over… and over again!! The crowd remains in a stunned silence as security now runs down the ramp and enters the ring!! The first guard steps on in, and Kennedy TACKLES him to the ground, before he begins hammering away on him like a man possessed!! Soon enough, the rest of the security guards grab the former champion and manage to restrain him, holding him back, while the bloodied ref is being checked on by his peers.

At the top of the ramp, Triple H yells/asks Steph “What about now, huh!? What about now!?”

Stephanie pauses… looks into the ring… and then gives a slight nod, to which Hunter lets out a huge grin.

As H receives a microphone from a backstage worker, Kennedy is being restrained by three security guards.

Triple H: Hey, jack off. Yeah, you, Kennedy.

~ Breathing heavily, KK finally stops struggling long enough to listen to Hunter.

Triple H: You just blew your whole damn shot, pal…

~ Stephanie shakes her head.

Triple H:
Because your ass is SUSPENDED!!

~ Shock pop from the crowd, before big-time heat pours in; Kennedy stands in shock… before needing to be restrained even more, dying for a piece of H.

Triple H: Indefinitely!

~ The heat continue to rain in as Hunter drops the mic, turns and head back through the curtain, after dropping a huge bombshell, sending SmackDown’s top face to the bench.

SmackDown’s final shot is of a ragged looking Mr. Kennedy being restrained by security, while Stephanie looks on, shaking her head as she stares at what many consider her flagship… with disgust… and disappointment it would seem.


for the week of September 28th


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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Bigger and Badder

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