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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

You going to continue this thing ? I was really pumped to read SummerSlam and anticipating it. Hope you plan on continuing this.

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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Yeah, I figured it was about time for an update (probably about two weeks late actually). Work is currently beating me down, which is why I haven't spent much time on the forum or in the BTB section as of late. Once I get through Legend's WM review (which has finally gotten moving), I'll hit PatMan and a couple of others before I get back on track with this thread.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Ah ok cool. Yeah work is more important than this. But yeah hope you can find time to get it rolling again. Thanks for the update

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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Take your time, Mac. It's always good to take a little break. Can't wait for the road to S'Slam to continue.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Originally Posted by DDMac
Yeah, I figured it was about time for an update (probably about two weeks late actually). Work is currently beating me down, which is why I haven't spent much time on the forum or in the BTB section as of late. Once I get through Legend's WM review (which has finally gotten moving), I'll hit PatMan and a couple of others before I get back on track with this thread.
Good to hear Mac. I'm looking forward to reading SummerSlam.
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Mac is jobbing to life

I'll look for more updates in the coming year though. Goodluck
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Far From Done

Here's the deal:
~ Finally, caught up with BTB it would seem.
- Finished Legend's WM review.
- I see Pat (nor anybody else whom I regularly review has posted a show in a long while).
- In an attempt to catch up a bit, here are the next three shows in the continuation of this thread, before the final week before SSlam. The last two shows are recapped, outside of the opening promos. Enjoy.


Friday Night SmackDown! - August 10th, 2007; Youngstown, Ohio

“I didn’t come here to lose to anybody.”

Kash-ed Out

A video package plays recapping the Batista-Flair saga before the match between the two was made official last week on SmackDown, with the mentor and student agreeing to meet at S-Slam for the MITB. After that, we get the opening video and pyro, before we’re brought into the arena. The thousands of fans which have packed the arena, show off their signs and just generally go crazy, before we cut to our announce team, Joey Styles, Michael Cole and Tazz.

Joey Styles: A little over two weeks remain until the hottest party of the Summer, SummerSlam, live on pay per view!! Hello, I’m Joey Styles, here with my colleagues Tazz and Michael Cole, and the road to SummerSlam is in full swing!

Tazz: Absolutely, Styles. Tonight, we find out what the stipulation for the WWE Tag Team Championship Match at SummerSlam will be, chosen by the tag team champions, The Carolina Connection!! But that ain’t all.

Michael Cole: Not at all, because The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels, the number one contender for the United States Title, will be in action tonight, taking on the brother of his SummerSlam opponent, Matt Hardy, …Jeff Hardy!

Tazz: And after last week’s intense … and downright awkward in-ring confrontation, ‘The Animal’ Batista and ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair … TEAM UP here tonight in tag team action!!

Michael Cole: That’s big, but as for the much hyped, much anticipated main event for SummerSlam, tonight we get the World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Kennedy calling out his opponent in the main event, The Rock!! We could get an absolute explosion here tonight between the champion and number one contender.

Joey Styles: Huge night we have for ya here on SmackDown, but up next, ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ Mark Henry is in action…

***SOME BODIES GONNA GET IT*** ‘The Silverback’ Mark Henry and his manager, Teddy Long, make their way down to the ring, where Hardcore Holly waits.

1 - Mark Henry vs. Hardcore Holly

Poor Bob Holly makes his return to television here tonight…and makes it against a mammoth monster in Mark Henry. Hardcore shows the grit, toughness and determination that’s … kept him his job for so long, quite frankly, but it’s no surprise that’s it simply a matter of time before the much stronger Henry begins to take control. He hits a couple of power clotheslines, and then a big splash, squashing Holly’s ribs. The Silverback doesn’t stop there, however, and picks Holly up, then PLANTS him with The World’s Strongest Slam, soon getting the three count.

Winner - Henry via pin fall at 4:15.

After the match, Henry angrily lifts Holly back up and tosses him from the ring like a piece of garbage. The crowd boos as Henry then pounds his chest, but the heat picks up even more, as T-Lo grabs a mic from ringside and steps into the ring.


~ owned. Big-time heat for Long.

Teddy Long: Now, what ya just saw was the most dominant man in the free world teach a redneck what thuggin’ and buggin’ is all about!

~ More boos.

Teddy Long: But all you drunks in here need to realize that this is only the beginnin’, ya feel me? There’s a revolution comin’, there’s a mutiny on the way against Little Miss Princess … the Billion Dollar Racist … the general manager of Cracka’ Inc., Stephanie McMahon!

~ Vicious, and the crowd continues to jeer the tiny militant.

Teddy Long: There’s gonna be a revolution against Stephanie McMahon. There’s gonna be a revolution against each and every last one of her puppets. And if you want some names, if you want a few names of the puppets that I’m talking about, I’ll give ya a couple of names … when I’m damn good and ready.

~ More boos as Long nods along.

Teddy Long:
Now you holla, holla, holla!!

~ “MacMillitant,” Long’s theme, hits and T-Lo drops the mic and we fade out with an image of Henry & Long angrily glaring around the arena after putting Stephanie and her “puppets” on notice.


*Outside - Parking Lot*

An expensive, black, sports car quickly pulls into the large parking lot. Soon enough, out steps … THE ROCK, the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Title at SummerSlam, keys in hand. Dressed in his leather pants, shades, and leather vest, Rocky straightens himself up as someone in a vest and weird haircut walks up to him.

The Rock: Hey, jabroni - you look familiar - anyway, never mind, (tosses keys to guy) don’t scratch it, and put it in a good spot. Comprende, amigo?

~ The Great One then takes off past him, and further into the lot, while … Santino Marella looks at the keys in disgust.

Santino Marella: Ima no stinkin’ car parker. Ima Santino! And you will pay for this, Mr. Rocko.

*Backstage - Batista/Flair Locker Room*

Inside, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair sits against one of the lockers, dressed in a SummerSlam T-shirt, lacing up one of his red boots, with his MITB briefcase beside him. The camera pans over to show ‘The Animal’ Batista standing a ways away from Naitch, warming up, already dressed to compete here tonight (still wearing a bit of tape on his right hand). Even though they’ll be teaming later tonight, the two megastars don’t speak to one another, don’t look at one another, barely acknowledge that the other one exists, and continue to go about their ‘individual’ business…

…until Batista stops, and has a seat next to Flair. Naitch stops what he’s doing, and looks at The Animal, who stares straight ahead as he speaks…

Batista: Ric…

~ Batista turns to face Flair.

Batista: Last week … was about nothing more than business. Everything that I said and showed last week was focused on SummerSlam, nothing else. But get it straight … … … … … you are my mentor. You are The Man. And you are the greatest wrestler to ever lace up a pair of boots, bar none.

~ Naitch runs his right hand through his hair, as Batista continues.

And tonight isn’t about SummerSlam, it’s not about blame, it’s not about me complaining, it’s not about your Money in the Bank, it’s not about the World Heavyweight Title … it’s about smashing a couple of bald-headed punks, who are gonna be trying to make a name for themselves by knocking off the most dominant World Champ of all-time, and the greatest wrestler ever.

~ Flair nods a bit.

Batista: I don’t know about you … but I didn’t come here to lose to a couple of curtain jerkers.

~ Batista holds his right hand out, looking right at Flair. The Nature Boy looks at Big Dave’s hand … before letting out a smile.

Ric Flair: I didn’t come here to lose to anybody.

~ Flair slaps five with Batista, and the two get up to their feet, smirking. Naitch grabs his awesome red robe from off a hook, as Batista jumps up a couple of times, getting loose.


2 - Tag Team Match
The Hooligans
vs. The Mexicools

While The Mexicools aren’t the Connection, they still give The Hooligans a strong challenger tonight and the fans in attendance get a really exciting contest in the process (which I don’t feel like writing out.) The finish comes when Crazy misses a moonsault off the top, and Kendrick makes him pay when he drills him with the Sliced Bread #2 and pins him for the duke.

Winner - The Hooligans via pinfall at 6:07.

London and Kendrick each let out a smile, picking up a nice little win, before their rematch for the tag team titles…


The crowd gives a STRONG ovation as the WWE Tag Team Champions The Carolina Connection, Shelton Benjamin and Gregory Helms, step out onto the stage, both dressed to the nines in shirts, slacks and shades, titles on their shoulders, Helms with a mic in hand. The Hooligans watch intently as the music dies down, and Helms brings the microphone up.

Gregory Helms: Helluva win, fellas. Crazy and Psichosis are no joke. They’re still no Carolina Connection-

~ The crowd cheers, as both Benjamin and Helms smirk, and The Hooligans shake their heads in disgust.

Gregory Helms: But still, a great team. Now … as for SummerSlam-

~ The crowd begins to buzz.

Gregory Helms: Me and Shelton have gone back and forth on this several times, but it comes down to one question, and one only. How do Shelton and I prove … that we are, without a shadow of doubt, the single greatest tag team in the free world today. We went through all the matches in the book, but in the end, there’s only one match that’s set up to establish pure … superiority. So at SummerSlam, it’s gonna be The Hooligans versus The Connection … in a Two out of Three Falls Match!

~ Solid pop for the match, not earth-shattering, since the match doesn’t bring to mind high spots and blood. L&K intensely stare at their SS opponents, unshaken by the match type added.

Gregory Helms: We went thirty minutes at the Great American Bash, but that’s gonna be nothing compared to SummerSlam. Y’see, because on August 26th, after me and Shelton pick up the first fall with relative ease, we plan on dragging that second fall out. And for the two of you, it’s gonna seem like an eternity, just knowing that we can end that match, and beat you two … whenever we like.

~ ooh. Mixed reaction from the crowd that time, but still leaning towards cheers, while London looks disgusted and Kendrick fumes with anger.

Gregory Helms:
Should be fun. See ya there, boys.

~ “Firestorm” hits once more and the Connection leave the stage area, another match set up in stone for SummerSlam.

*Backstage - Hallway*

The United States Champion Matt Hardy has a friendly conversation with a couple of face mid- and lower-card wrestlers … before his brother, Jeff Hardy, walks up to the group. Matt wishes the others farewell, and his bro speaks.

Jeff Hardy: Look, Matt, I know we’ve had our problems lately, but I gotta ask you a favor for tonight. I-

Matt Hardy: Jeff, it’s no problem. You’re my brother, and little spats aside, I’d do anything for you, man. Hell, I was looking for a bit of payback against Daniels anyway, so you can bet your ass that I’ll be right out there to watch your back.

~ Matt holds his hand out, and Jeff takes it, somewhat hesitantly and the two embrace, before releasing.

Jeff Hardy: That’s cool, and I appreciate it … but I was hoping you’d kinda … hang back here tonight.

~ Matt seems a bit taken aback by that request at first, but soon smiles, and nods.

Matt Hardy: Sure, no problem.

~ Jeff slaps Matt on the shoulder, and walks on down the hallway.


Joey Styles: Welcome back to SmackDown, ladies and gentlemen. And we have got it confirmed. At SummerSlam, it’ll be The Carolina Connection defending the WWE Tag Team Championships against The Hooligans at SummerSlam!

Tazz: I know that SummerSlam is three and a half hours this year, but we may need ALL of that time if the match these guys put on at the Great American Bash is any indication. That match is gonna be a classic.

Michael Cole: No doubt about that, Tazz. The two most talented tandems in the entire sport today lock it up for the prestigious pieces of gold. I can’t wait.

*Backstage - GM’s Office*

Sitting in her office, Stephanie McMahon taps her foot up and down on the floor, anxious, as she stares down at the phone on top of her desk. Steph reaches for the phone, but as she puts her hands on it, she pulls her hands back. McMahon then shakes her head in disgust, flailing her arm at the phone…

*Back to ringside*

3 - Non-Title Match
Batista|Ric Flair vs. The Gymini w/Simon Dean

When Big Dave is in the ring, the crowd is put into an awkward situation, certainly no fan of The Animal, but don’t give a crap about The Gymini. Luckily for them, Naitch is soon tagged in, and the building comes alive as the 16-time world champion comes in on fire with chops and rights, hitting everything that moves!

The match soon breaks down, but not for long, as Batista and Flair regain control, with The Animal lifting Jake Gymini, the illegal man over his head, and tosses him OVER the top rope onto Simon Dean! Jesse staggers in the ring, and Dave and Ric take turns beating the crap out of him; right from Batista, chop from Flair, right, chop, right, chop, right, chop!

The ref does nothing to stop it, and The Animal takes full advantage, shooting Jesse into the ropes and then PLANTING him with a spine buster!! But since he’s not the legal man, he just watches as Flair locks in the FIGURE FOUR while the audience goes completely crazy, cheering on The Nature Boy. It’s only a matter of time before Jesse submits to Mr. Money in the Bank!

Winner - Batista & Flair via submission at 4:18.

After the match, Batista and Flair shake hands and embrace in the middle of the ring, being cheered wildly by the fans in attendance.

Michael Cole: Listen to this ovation from this sold-out crowd!!

Yeah, this is cute and all but when SummerSlam rolls around, those two are gonna be on opposite side of the ring, tryna kill each other for a shot at the World Heavyweight Title that the Money in the Bank guarantees.

Joey Styles: You’re right about that, Tazz, but it’s still kinda nice to see two of the most controversial superstars in the locker room getting this kind of reaction here tonight.

The referee gets in between the two and raises they arms up, but Batista’s attention is soon distracted by a sign in the front row, which reads “Unleash The Animal,” with a pic of Big Dave standing over a bloody Triple H inside the HIAC. While Flair struts around the ring to cheers, Batista’s eyes remain FIXATED on the sign…

*Backstage - Interview Area*

The lovely Kristal Marshall stands by, microphone in hand, with the number one contender for the Cruiserweight Title, The Notorious K.I.D. Kid Kash, who’s dressed to compete.

Kristal Marshall:
Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I’m standing by here with Kid Kash, and, Kid, later tonight you finally get a one-on-one title shot against Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble. How are you feeling before heading into one of the biggest matches in your WWE career?

Kid Kash: I’m feelin’ like it’s about damn time. Let me tell ya all something, for the longest time the Notorious K.I.D. has been spinnin’ his wheels, jus’ lookin’ for an opportunity to break free and prove myself as the best thing in this hellhole, and that’s exactly what I plan on doin’ here tonight. Jamie Noble is a former tag team partner of mine, but unfortunately for him, I never much cared for loyalty if it didn’t get me what I wanted. And what I want, Noble has. Time to cash in.

~ Kash heads off camera, getting light applause from the crowd, while Kristal looks on.


*Backstage - Rock Locker Room*

The Rock, wearing his black leather vest, black leather pants, and dark shades adjusts his vest with a bit of a smirk, before he reaches over and takes a swig from his water bottle before tossing it aside. Soon enough, there’s a knock on the door, and Maryse, assistant to the GM, walks in.

The Rock: Hey, lil’ mama, you don’t just walk into The Rock’s locker room. You knock, The Rock says come in, then you come in. Rock’s the next World Champ, show a little respect.

Maryse: I’m sorry.

~ Rock begrudgingly nods a bit, and Maryse starts, while The Rock walks over to his bag.

Maryse: Ms. McMahon say she wants no … uh … how do you say? … fighting tonight, just talking.

~ Rocky looks up from his bag and turns back to Maryse, before lowering his shades.

The Rock: Where are you from? Russia?

Maryse: France.

The Rock: Well, The Rock says this, you go back to Stephanie and you tell her this, say it in English, Russian, French, Spanish, it doesn’t matter!! You tell her that The Rock’ll be cool. The Rock’ll show up, listen, talk to that piece of crap, and walk off, ready, ready for SummerSlam, World Heavyweight Title on the line, biggest match of the year! …BUT! But, if Kennedy even looks at The Rock the wrong way, The Rock promises absolutely NOTHING!

~ Rock glares at Maryse, before he straightens up his shades and goes back to his bag, allowing Maryse to exit the room.

*Backstage - Interview Area*

Josh Matthews, microphone in hand, stands by with the Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble, who’s booed rather roundly as he‘s dressed to compete, title belt around his waist.

Josh Matthew: Jamie Noble, a little later tonight you will put your Cruiserweight Championship on the line against ‘The Notorious K.I.D.’ Kid Kash. But if you get counted out or disqualified, you will lose the title to Kid Kash. What are your thoughts heading into this match up?

Jamie Noble: I’m thinkin’ this is a load of crap! First off, when was the last time I was even counted out or disqualified in a title match?

Josh Matthews: Well, wouldn’t that mean you have nothing to worry about?

Jamie Noble: That ain’t the point, moron. That means that this stip shouldn’t be on this match in the first place; it degrades my title ‘n’ insults me as a champion. I don’t what McMahon’s problem is, but it ain’t gonna make a damn bit o’ difference, ‘cause I ain’t losin’ to Kid Kash inside the ring, I ain’t losin’ the title to Kid Kash by count out or disqualification outside the ring, ‘n’ I’m gonna show that … puppet … what bein’ the Cruiserweight Champion is all about.

~ Noble slaps the title on his waist and then walks off camera, leaving Matthews to look on.

Joey Styles: Both Jamie Noble and Kid Kash more than confident heading into that huge Cruiserweight Title Match later on tonight. But up next, ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels takes on Jeff Hardy!


4 - Jeff Hardy vs. Christopher Daniels w/Allison Danger

The two stars put on a solid enough match, with Daniels working a much more methodical style than he usually does, in an attempt to wear down the high-flying, high-risk Hardy, until Jeff comes back, and takes to the air.

The finish comes when Daniels manages to avoid the Whisper in the Wind by Hardy, and then goes for The Angel’s Wings … but Jeff spins out of it, and drills Daniels with a jawbreaker! Hardy then looks to capitalize with a Twist of Fate, but once he spins, Daniels lifts him up and plants him with a Blue Thunder Driver.

Instead of going for the cover, however, The Fallen Angel rolls out of the ring, grabs himself a steel chair, and rolls back into the ring. Jeff staggers back up to his feet … and Daniels LAYS HIM OUT WITH THE CHAIR, causing the disqualification!

Winner - Jeff Hardy via DQ at 10:03.

Daniels lets out a smirk, before slamming the chair down in the middle of the ring, before he lifts Jeff back up and tucks him between his legs. The Fallen Angel moves over the chair, and looks ready to inflict even more damage - but soon enough, the crowd roars as MATT HARDY sprints down the entrance ramp, title belt in hand!!

Daniels tosses Jeff to the side just as Matt slides in! Matt looks to drill Daniels with the title belt, but The Fallen Angel quickly ducks it, and then slides out of the ring, before quickly backing up the entrance ramp. The U.S. Champion checks on his brother, while Allison and Daniels, who wipes a ‘tear’ from his eye, head back up the ramp.

Joey Styles: Matt Hardy coming to the aid of his brother Jeff here tonight, because there was no telling what Daniels would’ve done if he got the chance.

Tazz: The Fallen Angel is a master of manipulation and all things of the sort, so you can never be too sure what he’s up to … though it was pretty clear in that situation that Jeff would be in some serious trouble.

Michael Cole: That United States Title Match at SummerSlam just got quite a bit more interesting.

(No it didn’t, not really, but it will.)

*Backstage - Kennedy Locker Room*

The World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Kennedy, dressed in a pair of sweats and a “Hit Harder” cutoff T-shirt, sits back in his chair, watching the monitor (which stills shows Daniels and Hardy in the ring), drinks a soda, title draped across his waist. Soon there’s a knock on the door. KK stares at the door… waiting for someone to come in… but no one does.

Mr. Kennedy: Oh dear God. (Puts on sweet-sounding voice)Come iiiiin.

~ Maryse walks into the room, as KK turns off the monitor, and stares at Stephanie’s assistant.

Mr. Kennedy: What do ya need?

Maryse: Ms. McMahon say she wants no … uh, fighting tonight.

~ KK rolls his eyes and lets out a smirk.

Mr. Kennedy: And where is … Ms. McMahon? I’d like to hear this from her mouth. I don’t believe you. You don’t have honest eyes.

Maryse: Honest eyes?

Mr. Kennedy: Absolutely.

Maryse: I don’t know what mean.

Mr. Kennedy: Of course you don’t, you’re French.

Maryse: So?

Mr. Kennedy: The French are stupid.

~ Maryse seems shocked and then offended, but mostly confused by KK’s comments, as the world champion glares at her, stone in his face. After a second or two of noticing Maryse’s embarrassed look, Kennedy lets out a smile, and gets up to his feet, holding his title belt.

Mr. Kennedy: Relax, I’m kidding.

Maryse: Kidding?

Mr. Kennedy: Uhhh, joke … Ha-ha … Uh… funny.

Maryse: Oh.

~ KK places the belt down onto the chair, then looks back to Maryse.

Mr. Kennedy: You tell Steph that I’m not gonna do anything to hurt her main event for SummerSlam, or her precious little buyrates, so then she can go back to Vince and he can tell her how proud he is, and she can get the respect and love that she’s always wanted.

~ Maryse nods, and then turns to leave, but KK gently grabs her arm, causing her to turn around.

Mr. Kennedy: But if Rock gets too … mouthy … I won’t hesitate ... to slap his ass back to Hollywood. And you can tell her I said it.

~ Kennedy lets her go, and Maryse nods before leaving the room.

Mr. Kennedy: Merci.


5 - Cruiserweight Championship Match
Jamie Noble defends against Kid Kash
*If Noble is counted out or DQ’d, he loses the title*

After being tag team partners a while back and feuding with each other either directly or indirectly for the past few months, it comes as no surprise that both men are more than ready to counter the others most used offensive maneuvers. The first few minutes plays out like a chess match with several reverses being exchanged before even a blow is landed.

Finally, three minutes into it, Noble has had enough, and the Cruiserweight Champion decides to take it to the outside, throwing Kash to the floor. Noble follows him out, and looks to use everything he can spot to injure Kash … but it’s of no use, as the former ECW wrestler, Kash, is more than capable of handling himself in a less than tidy setting, and ends up with the advantage!

After several minutes of dominating the champion, The Notorious K.I.D. looks to end it, going up top for the DOUBLE JUMP MOONSAULT - but Noble moves out of the way, and Kash crashes and burns! Noble quickly lifts his former Pit Bull partner up, and goes for the TIGER BOMB - but Kash counters into a hurricanrana!! Noble staggers back up to his feet, and Kash kicks him in the gut, and goes for THE DEAD LEVEL - AND HITS IT!!!!!

The crowd erupts into cheers … but that soon turns into heat as BOOKER T AND THE NEW BREED begin walking down to the ring!!!

Kash angrily gets up to his feet, and points to the incoming superstars, who soon circle & surround the ring. The Notorious K.I.D. … arrogantly lets out smirk, and sticks out his chin, daring one of them to hit him, knowing full well that he’ll become the Cruiserweight Champion if Noble gets DQ’d. Booker leaps onto the apron, and the referee immediately gets in between the two superstars…while Burke leaps onto the apron! Kash quickly runs over and drills him with a right, knocking him down! The Alpha Male enters the ring, and looks for the POOOOOUNCE~~~~!!!~~~~ … but Noble moves out of the way, and Monty goes SAILING through the ropes, to the floor!!!

Booker and the referee continue to argue, while Kash lets out a smirk - CRACK!!!!!

Kash gets FLATTENED by a BRASS KNUCKLE shot from WILLIAM REGAL, who got into the ring by leaping over the fan barricade!! Regal grabs Noble and drags him on top of Kash, before rolling out of the ring. The crowd boos feverishly while Booker leaps down off the apron, and the referee turns around, and gets down to make the cover! 1... 2………3!!!

Winner - Noble via pin fall at 11:47. Noble retains Cruiserweight Title.

While the boos continue to pour in, Regal, Booker, Brown and Burke roll into the ring. The four superstars whom were responsible for Noble still retaining the Cruiserweight Title pay no mind to the downed CW Champion, and instead, BEGIN TO STOMP AWAY ON KASH!!!

The crowd boos furiously as the quartet lay down a beating on Kash, stomping away on him with no remorse. Regal moves the rest of the group out of the way and mounts Kash, brass knucks still on hand, and DRILLS the former champion with a couple of STIFF shots to the face WITH THE KNUCKS, immediately

Regal gets off of Kash, and lets out a smirk, while Booker and company stand over the downed Kash. As Noble gets up to his feet…


The three superstars receive a monstrous ovation as they slide on into the ring, and the troops inside of it prepare for battle! Punk, Rey and Chavo brawl with the five superstars as best they can, while Kash lies motionless, bloody on the canvas, being checked on by the referee. Somewhat surprisingly, the speed & finesse of the three faces is enough to keep them competing with the numbers disadvantage…

…and that’s all fine and good … until ‘THE SILVERBACK’ MARK HENRY and Teddy Long make their way on down to the ring!!!

Soon enough, Mizark steps into the ring, and no amount in the speed in the world is gonna stop the big man, as he completely LEVELS Punk with a massive clothesline!! Mysterio takes a shot next, shoots off the ropes, and goes for a hurricanrana … but Henry simply flings him down to the canvas with a authority!! Chavo tries his luck after, and hammers away on the back of the World’s Strongest Man, before he shoots off the ropes -


Brown wipes Chavito out with his epic finishing maneuver. Booker T calls for a microphone, and soon gets it.

Booker T: ‘Dis is what ya’ get when you disrespect ‘da real stars o’ ‘dis business!!!

~ Heat

Booker T: Stephanie, I hope you’re watchin’ ‘cause we ain’t done yet!! Fellas, finish these suckas off!!

~ Book tosses the mic, and the rest of the group begins lifting the worn faces up and to their feet (except Kash, who has now rolled to the outside of the ring, still bleeding like a stuck pig)…


The crowd ERUPTS into cheers as ‘The Fighting Irishman’ FINLAY steps out onto the stage, shillelagh in hand, flanked by Chris Sabin, Hardcore Holly and a couple of other mid-, lower-card wrestlers all armed with WEAPONS!! The mob makes their way down to the ring, as Booker & company smartly roll out of the ring, and head over the fan barricade, while some of the more confrontational superstars (Monty, Henry) still want some.

Finlay and his crew step in, while Punk, Chavo and Mysterio all get up to their feet, each holding a part of their body, gritting their teeth in frustration. While the refs check on The Notorious K.I.D. down and out on the outside, Finlay doesn’t take his eyes on the gang heading through the crowd, now knowing the kind of damage that they plan on inflicting to the ‘puppets’ of SmackDown.


Joey Styles: I’m not even sure how to describe what went down before the break. Actually, I do; out and out chaos. Booker T, William Regal, Teddy Long and this group that they’ve assembled damn near ran roughshod over this place a minute ago!

Michael Cole: Absolutely. First, they cheated Kid Kash out of the Cruiserweight Title, allowing Noble to retain, and by the way, Kid Kash suffered a deep laceration on his face … and may have actually suffered a broken jaw.

Tazz: Things are getting out of control here in the WWE. I mean I know it’s Summer, it’s hot, people get annoyed, but with what happened to Victoria on Raw, and now this to Kash, Booker and company … basically mobilizing against Stephanie McMahon and the brand, there’s no telling what could happen in coming weeks.


The crowd lets out a thunderous ovation as the World Heavyweight Champion Ken Kennedy steps out onto the stage, dressed just like he was earlier tonight, title belt slung over his shoulder.

Joey Styles: And here we go!! Mr. Kennedy, the World Heavyweight Champion, receiving a standing ovation here tonight, is looking to call out ‘The People’s Champion’ The Rock!!

Tazz: What started out as a match about respect and the championship has slowly but surely gotten more and more personal between these incredibly popular athletes and we could seen an explosion here tonight.

KK steps into the ring and raises his right hand into the air, awaiting his microphone to lower. It eventually does and the lights dim a bit, while his music dies down.

Mr. Kennedy: All right … I’ve gotta be honest with you people tonight … I know you were lookin’ for me to come out here, all fired up, ready to go, lookin’ for some action, lookin’ for some trouble, lookin’ … for The Rock.

~ Mixed reaction for The Great One.

Mr. Kennedy: But honestly … I’m just not really all that upset with the things that have happened recently. Surprisingly, I’m just not all that angry. I mean, I know I should be. At the Great American Bash, I was driven onto my face by a Triple H Pedigree…

~ Crowd boos.

Mr. Kennedy: Five days after that, I extended my hand to The Rock … only to have him slap me in the face and gimme a Rock Bottom…

~ Mixed reaction, leaning towards heat.

Mr. Kennedy: Last week, Rock got on the microphone, and just ripped me to shreds, and that was before he ran away from me later that night. No, it hasn’t been a great Summer for yours truly.

~ KK rubs his chin with his free hand, and then continues.

Mr. Kennedy: But … I’ve been thinking about why I’m not more angry about this stuff, and I’ve come to a few theories. Wait, I’ve got ‘em here somewhere…

~ Kennedy reaches down into his left pocket and pulls out a piece of paper. He unfolds it, then grabs the mic once more while reading the paper.

Mr. Kennedy: Reasons why Mr. Kennedy … Kennedy isn’t more upset about his crappy Summer; Theory number one: Mr. Kennedy knows that Triple H is an old, bitter, big-nosed, washed-up, shell of his former self that can no longer maintain his top spot … because he no longer bends the general manager over a desk every morning.

~ OH!!!; The crowd lets out a raucous reaction, while KK tries his damndest to hide the smile that is creeping over his face while he flips the page.

Mr. Kennedy: Theory number two: Mr. Kennedy knows it’s only a matter of time before Dwayne takes his ass back to the Hollywood to make yet another horrible movie that’ll make Hulk Hogan look like Clint Eastwood.

~ A couple of laughs for that one, as KK flips the page.

Mr. Kennedy: Third and final theory: …Mr. Kennedy knows that no matter what happens - the whole in the ozone layer could seal up, gas could go up to seven dollars a gallon, the terrorists could win, Britney could have another hit record, Al Sharpton could join the Klan, hell could freeze over, pigs could fly, WHATEVER-

~ KK pauses, allowing the crowd to cheer.

Mr. Kennedy: It wouldn’t change the fact that I get to step into the ring one on one, all alone … with The Rock at SummerSlam. Period.

~ More cheers

Mr. Kennedy: So, Rock, you enjoy this time as the number one contender. Do all the big talk shows, hype the match up to the arena, trash me, build yourself up, do whatever it needs to do … but do me a favor … and just … remember. Remember that no matter what you say to whomever you say it to, it boils down to SummerSlam, August 26th, New Jersey, Continental Airlines Arena, in front of 20,000 people an-

???: (Clears throat)

~ The camera pans away from Mr. Kennedy and towards the titantron … where THE ROCK appears. The Great One is a given a loud mixed reaction, while KK shakes his head.

The Rock: Mr. Kennedy, you know how The Rock hates to keep you waiting, but excuse The Rock one second… FINALLY, THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO YOOOUNGSTOWN!!!

~ Another raucous reaction, leaning towards cheers for The Brahma Bull.

The Rock: Kenny, The Rock is sorry to interrupt, but he‘s back here in the locker room, and The Rock just wanted to say … great speech as always. You’re one of the best in the business at that; y’know, you were into it, the people were into it, you had the insults, you pulled out the paper and did some good stuff with that, tremendous stuff all around. Give Mr. Kennedy a round of applause for what he just did.

~ Rock takes the time to actually applaud KK, while some in the crowd do as well, while others boo the arrogance of the #1 contender.

The Rock: And while The Rock can appreciate you talkin’ this match up, don’t get it confused, The Rock is coming for the World Heavyweight Championship. Why? Because The Rock is focused. The Rock is focused on SummerSlam. The Rock is focused on being the best.

~ {RING!}

The Rock:
The Rock is focused on-

~ {RING!}

The Rock:
Excuse The Rock one second…

~ Rock reaches into his pocket and pulls out his cell phone. KK shakes his head, while Rock flips it open and puts it up to his ear.

The Rock: Yeah? (…) Well, I’m kinda busy right now (…) She did what? (…) Haha, no she didn’t (…) You tell her I said-

Mr. Kennedy: Uhh, superstar, we were kinda wonde-

~ Rock looks up at Kennedy and holds up a finger.

The Rock: (Whispering) Two seconds, two seconds. (Back into phone) Yeah (…) yeah (…) (laughs) (…) well, The Rock has gotta let ya go, he’s got his people waiting for him, and the blonde guy (…) yeah, that’s him (…) I’ll talk to ya later (…) bye.

~ The crowd boos Rock, who closes the phone and puts it back in his pocket. Rocky readjusts his shades while an “Asshole” chant starts up.

The Rock: All right, where was The Rock? …………Oh yeah, The Rock is focused. It’s gonna be a big night come SummerSlam, biggest match of the year, one of the greatest matches of all-time, be there, August 26th live on pay-per-view to see Mr. Kennedy go ONE-ON-ONE with The Most Electrifying Man in Sports and Entertainment, The Great One, The People’s Champion, THE ROCK!!!

~ LOUD mixed reaction, this time leaning towards heat for the champion; KK lets out a smirk.

Mr. Kennedy: Innovative material you’re pulling out for this one, Rock.

~ Rock nods his head with a bit of a grin.

The Rock: The Rock believes that if ain’t broke, don’t fix it, which brings me to next week here on SmackDown. Y’know … The Rock’s all about giving. The Rock’s gona give these people a great match at SummerSlam, and The Rock’s gonna give them a great champion after the Rock WINS at SummerSlam-

~ Mixed reaction.

The Rock: But as for next week, The Rock is gonna have only his third ever … ROCK CONCERT here on SmackDown!!

~ KK rolls his eyes as Rocky gets another mixed reaction, and takes off his shades.


Mr. Kennedy: Ah, ah, ah, ah. Rocky, personally, I can‘t wait for that Rock Concert next week. Heh, what is it that you can’t do?

The Rock: (Laughing “modestly”) Beats me.

Mr. Kennedy: I mean, you wrestle, ya sing, ya do movies, you do it all! Granted … you suck at all of ‘em, but still-

~ The crowd laughs, and a scowl comes over the face of The Great One.

Mr. Kennedy: It’s the effort that counts. And since I know that you are a giving person, and I know for a fact that you are in the building here tonight-

~ Crowd buzzes.

Mr. Kennedy: Why don’t you come out here, and give me and the rest of these people a mere glimpse of yourself?

~ Crowd cheers

Mr. Kennedy: I’m sure that’s something … that the MILLIONS-


Mr. Kennedy: And millions of fans would enjoy. Wouldn’t you enjoy that, Youngstown?

~ The crowd lets out a loud cheap pop, while Rock lets out a bit of a nervous smile, and puts his shades back on.

The Rock:
The Rock doesn’t know about that. Y’know, The Rock is busy-

Mr. Kennedy: And, y’know what? I’ll make a promise to you in front of all these people that I will not lay a finger on you. Not a one.

~ Rock rubs his chin.

The Rock: Not a finger?

Mr. Kennedy: Not a one.

~ Rock smiles.

The Rock: Well … The Rock is always up to see the people.

~ The crowd pops as Rock gets up from his seat, and heads off camera, while KK takes his mic and tosses it up into the air, back towards the rafters. After a dozen or seconds, filled with a couple of “Rocky” chants…


The attention of everyone in the arena turns to the stage as, with the music blasting, the appearance of The Great One is imminent. The crowd soon lets out a loud mixed reaction as THE ROCK appears … but in the crowd, as he LEAPS OVER THE FAN BARRICADE, and slides into the ring!!!

Michael Cole: Wait a second! Wait a second! The Rock is in the ring!!

Joey Styles: Seems to me somebody has just been set up by a veteran.

Tazz: Doesn’t get smoother than that, fellas.

The People’s Champion walks up to Mr. Kennedy … only to have KK QUICKLY SPIN AROUND AND LEVEL HIM WITH THE TITLE BELT TO THE FACE!!!! The audience EXPLODES into another mixed reaction, as Rock hit’s the canvas in a heap, didn’t even see it coming.

KK drops the title belt, grabs onto the limp limbs of The Rock and drags him near the corner, horizontally. The crowd begins to buzz as the World Heavyweight Champion steps out onto the apron, and then climbs to the top turnbuckle!! Kennedy reaches the top … but several referees run down to the ring, and attempt to hold him off.

Kennedy looks to the crowd, who mostly cheer for him to crush the unmoving Rock, and then looks back at the referee’s, who continue to tell the champion to stop. KK lets out a sigh … and then climbs down from the turnbuckle, back onto the apron. The crowd boos in disappointment, and the refs get on their knees, slightly hovering over the downed #1 contender.

KK then lets out a smirk, and quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle, while the audience gets up to their feet! Before anybody can do anything, KK LEAPS OFF THE TOP AND DRILLS ROCK WITH THE KENTON BOMB!!!!

A couple of referees even receive some of the blow as well, while the crowd goes wild. The Great One holds his gut in pain, while KK reaches down, grabs his World Title belt, and rolls back out of the ring. Kennedy takes tosses the belt onto his shoulder, and heads back up the ramp, to a monstrous mixed reaction.

The final shot of the night is of Rocky lying on the canvas, holding his stomach in pain with a bunch of downed referees around him, a little over two weeks before he challenges for the World Heavyweight Title.



Monday Night Raw - August 13th, 2007;

“Only one man stands between us and the darkest night: Shawn Michaels.”

Let The Games Begin

Instead of starting with the usual Raw intro, the ring is set up for Carlito’s Cabana with Carlito already waiting in the ring, his music playing. Carlito, dressed in an orange shirt and white slacks, holds a green apple in his right hand and a microphone in his left. Carly’s music dies down, and the former Intercontinental Champion brings the microphone up.

Carlito: Welcome to a very special edition … of Carlito’s Cabana.

~ Crowd cheers

Carlito: And what makes ‘dis Carlito’s Cabana different than all the rest is the fact that Carlito doesn’t just have one or two guests tonight; Carlito has got FIVE. Y’see tonight, Carlito is gonna interview the other five stars in the Summer Games Gauntlet, and get their thoughts on possibly becoming ‘da number one contender for the WWE Championship. For ‘dose of you wondering, ‘dis was not Carlito’s idea, because Carlito knows that Carlito’s gonna win the Gauntlet, ‘den become the number one contender, and ‘den … become the WWE Champion.

~ Big pop for the arrogance of Carlito.

Carlito: ‘Dis was Jonathan Coachman’s idea, to get us all in the ring, before tonight’s huge main event, a Six Pack Challenge for the sixth entrant spot in the Summer Games Gauntlet. All right, bring ‘em out.

***MEDAL*** The crowd lets out a strong ovation, with a significant amount of boos sprinkled in as ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle steps out onto the stage, dressed to compete, with a T-shirt on as well. Looking as focused as always, Angle climbs the steel steps and enters the ring. Angle glares at Carlito for a quick second or two, before he takes up residence in a far corner.

***NOW LISTEN*** Dressed in a white suit and shades, John Morrison and Melina, dawned in a white dress, appear on the stage to heat. The Guru of Greatness takes a quick second before posing … IN SLOW-MOTION~!, before he and Melina continue on down to the ring.

***I’M COMIN’*** Heat fills the arena and we soon see why as Montel Vontavious Porter, dressed in a pair of shades, a balla’rific white suit and white durag, steps out onto the stage. In a black suit, Luther Reigns accompanies MVP, as do his Playgirls, Layla, Kelly, and Brooke, dawned in matching skimpy white outfits. Morrison, Angle and Carlito watch on as MVP and his entourage saunter down to the ring, and soon step in.

***OUT OF MY WAY*** The crowd gives a nice pop as Ken Doane walks down to the ring, dressed in a pair of black sweats, a black tank top and a white headband. The twenty-ONE year old phenom steps into the ring, and takes a look around at the other four competitors in the ring, before…

***SAMOA*** EVERYONE’S attention turns toward the stage, especially Kurt Angle’s, as ‘The Samoan Bulldozer’ Umaga and Armando Alejandro Estrada enter. The savage and his manager quickly walk down to the ring; Inside the ring, Melina stands behind Morrison, afraid. MVP nudges a fearless Reigns in front of him, afraid. Carlito comically tries to avoid eye contact with him. Doane, too, doesn’t look to be all too ready to be in the same ring with him … while Angle damn near foams at the mouth as he stares at Umaga.

‘Mags steps in, and immediately begins to walk toward Angle, and Kurt also steps in, but AAE gets in front of Umaga, telling him to relax. As the music dies down, the tension picks up, with Angle and The Samoan Bulldozer mere inches away from each other. Eventually, Umaga listens to his manager and backs up, while Carlito takes center stage.

{While Carlito speaks, all the talkers (Estrada, Angle, Melina, Doane, & MVP) are handed microphones}

Carlito: Once again, Carlito would like to welcome you all to Carlito’s Cabana, an-

Montel Vontavious Porter: Thank you, Carlito, thank you. It’s a pleasure to be here … but I think we all know that this shindig should’ve been hosted … on the VIP Lounge, with yours truly, half-man, half-amazing, Montel Vontavious Porter.

~ The crowd boos, as Carlito scrunches his face up. Angle and Umaga have yet to take their eyes off of one another. Carly brings the mic up.

Carlito: Yeah, whatever. Anyway … Carlito has got some questions, and the first one goes to you, Kurt Angle.

~ The crowd pops for Angle, who continues to look at Umaga.

In the Sum-

Montel Vontavious Porter: Y’see…

~ The crowd boos, as Carlito, frustrated, glares at MVP.

Montel Vontavious Porter: I don’t mean to interrupt, playa, but the way I would’ve done it is, I would’ve interviewed goin’ from left to right, instead of from right to left. Flows betta’ that way. But go ahead, you were sayin’.

~ Carly shakes his head, and lets out a sigh, before he brings the mic back up.

Carlito: Kurt, you were ‘da final man to make it into the Summer Games Gauntlet, do you think ‘dat you’ll be at a disadvantage, considering the grueling match you had to win to get in?

~ Angle doesn’t even move the microphone, still glaring ahead at The Samoan Bulldozer. After several seconds, Carlito shrugs his shoulders.

Carlito: Okay… nex-

Montel Vontavious Porter: Bad question. Bad question.

~ The crowd REALLY begins to boo Porter now, as he walks over to where Carlito is.

Montel Vontavious Porter: What you wanna do is m-


~ Huge pop from the crowd, as MVP seems taken aback, and Carly gets wound up.

Carlito: This is Carlito’s Cabana, not the Pimp Lounge!

Montel Vontavious Porter: Pimp Lounge!?

Carlito: Yeah, or whatever the hell it’s called.

Montel Vontavious Porter: It’s the VIP Lounge. And you should be takin’ my advice, instead of hatin’, playa’, because after I win tonight’s Six Pack Challenge, and go on to win the Summer Games Gauntlet, this TV host gig is gonna be the only thing you can fall back on … because the WWE Championship is out of the picture.

Carlito: You’ve been here for four months, and you’re gonna tell Carlito what’s gonna happen and what’s not?

Montel Vontavious Porter: You damn righ-

Melina: You know what, Porter? Instead of running your mouth, I’d be a little more worried about being in the same ring with the single greatest man that ever lived, John Morrison.

~ Crowd boos, as Morrison poses; Carlito and MVP turn to Melina.

Melina: In fact, maybe you and Carlito should get together and host a television show, because af-

Carlito: Greatest man that ever lived?

You heard me.

Carlito: I thought Morrison was a girl for like two whole weeks.

~ Crowd laughs as Melina scowls at Caribbean Cool.

I mean … he’s got ‘da overdone hair … and he smells weird … like perfume.

~ More laughs as Morrison smells himself.

So what if he uses perfumes. It’s called proper hygiene.

~ Carlito shakes his head.

Montel Vontavious Porter: I like to smell fresh for the ladies sometime myself.

~ All the attention turns to Porter. Even Luther Reigns looks at his boy and shakes his head. Carly throws his hands up.

Carlito: What the hell is going on!? This is supposed to be about ‘da Summer Games Gauntlet, and we’re talking about how fruity you two are!

~ Morrison and Porter react offended. Oh, btw, Angle and Umaga? Still looking at one another.

Ken Doane: This is ridiculous.

~ The crowd gives a bit of a pop as Doane speaks for the first time.

Ken Doane: I don’t know about the rest of you … but I didn’t get in this business to talk about TV shows and perfumes. I got here, because I love this sport … I love to compete … and that’s what I’ve been doing night in and night out since I got here … that’s what I plan on doing come SummerSlam, and that’s what I plan on doing later on tonight. I don’t have the experience that some of you guys have, but I sure as hell seem to be more focused, and sure as hell don’t plan on having a lack of experience stop me from becoming the NEW WWE Champion!

~ The crowd pops for Doane, and all of the superstars share a bit of a tense moment, as Doane adds a level of seriousness to things…

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Todos, eschucame-

~ The smarks leap to their feet, and many others in the crowd also begin to cheer for the incredibly awesome Estrada.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Everybody, listen - haha - to me!! My NAME ES ARMANOOOOO ALEJANDRROOOO ESTRRRRRRADA!!! HAHA!!

~ Crowd pops

Armando Alejandro Estrada: And I represent the single most dominant force in all of professional wrestling, THE UNDEFEATED, Umaga!

~ Mixed reaction for Umaga, who’s not even listening to his manager, eyes focused on the blue eyes of the Olympian.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Now, I’ve listened to ju joung kids squabble for long enough, but its time to put ju DUMMIES in jour place!! First off, if I were ju, John Morrison, I wouldn’t bother showing up to SummerSlam, because if ju wear perfume … ju aren’t man enough to stand in the ring with Umaga.

~ OH!; Morrison and Melina scowl at Estrada, as AAE turns to MVP.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: MVP! Jou’ve been here for four months … and ju have yet to receive a taste of exactly what The Samoan Bulldozer can do when motivated. Ask Mick Foley.

~ Boos for the reference to the brutalization of Cactus Jack at Vengeance.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: So I suggest ju take your Playgirls to the back, and have jourself a good time from tonight until Summer Slam … because on August 26th, it’s going to be anything but fun.

~ MVP glares at Estrada … but says nothing. Smart man.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Mr. Doane, I’m sorry … but … ju must be at least sixteen years of age to face The Samoan Bulldozer. Haha!

~ The crowd laughs a bit as Doane rolls his eyes.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: And, Carlito, pero, me amigo … ju got a lot of toughness, ju got a lot of guts for a little man. Ju went toe-to-toe with JBL in a Bull Rope Match, not many people can do that. But JBL … is not Umaga. And if ju try him on for size, I can promise ju … ju won’t ever be the same.

~ The camera closes in on the face of Carlito, who’s eyes have narrowed, determined. Estrada turns to Kurt Angle.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: And as for ju-

Kurt Angle: SHUT UP!!

~ The audience ROARS for Angle, who speaks for the first time tonight, and also for the first time, has taken his eyes off of Umaga and aimed them on Estrada. The other superstars in the match all watch as Angle approaches the scared manager of the Samoan Bulldozer.

Kurt Angle: I’m sick of the jokes, I’m sick of the speeches, I didn’t come for that. I CAME TO FIGHT!!!

~ Estrada gulps nervously, as Angle gets right into his face … before backing up. The crowd lets out a loud “ANGLE” chant, which lasts for ten or so seconds before Kurt brings the mic back up.

Kurt Angle: And … more importantly…

~ ANGLE … BEGINS TO WALK TOWARD UMAGA!! Everybody gets the hell out of his way, but Umaga doesn’t even flinch as Angle closes in…

Kurt Angle: I came to fight YOU!

~ Almost every person in the crowd has gotten up out of their seat, applauding, as The Samoan Bulldozer and The Wrestling Machine come face-to-face. Angle and Umaga both breath heavily as Estrada slowly walks toward his wrestler.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Umaga…

~ AAE turns from Umaga to Angle…

Armando Alejandro Estrada: KILL THIS DUMMY!!


The audience roars as Angle and Umaga begin to exchange right hands, and soon enough … CARLITO POPS MVP WITH A LEFT, and the two of them begin to fight one another. Morrison and Doane begin to fight as well, and now, all six competitors in the Summer Games Gauntlet are looking to kill each other, on the same night that they’ll be looking for the lucky number six spot!!

Jim Ross: MY GAWD!! All hell has broken loose here on the Cabana to kick of Raw!!!

Jerry Lawler: I knew that damn Carlito couldn’t keep things under control!!

Soon enough, Luther Reigns gets in the ring, and begins to assist Porter in battling Carlito, while Melina jumps onto the back of Doane, who continues to kick at Morrison!! Angle and Umaga end up on the ground, brawling around with one another, as Estrada cheers Mags on, and we fade out.


Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler run down the card for tonight: Six Pack Challenge; RKO Army vs. Rhodes/Smith; and JBL vs. Charlie Haas in a non-title match, and if Haas wins he gets a chance at the IC Title at SummerSlam.

In the first match of the night, one-half of the World Tag Team Champions, Trevor Murdoch, takes on James Storm. Both men are accompanied by their partners as they put on a decent, though relatively short contest. The finish comes when the match just completely breaks down, with all four men getting involved, and the referee throws it out at 6:53.
The Redneck Wrecking Crew and AMW have it out with fists-a-flying for about a minute or so before several referees and officials come down to break it up.
While the two teams are restrained, Jonathan Coachman, the GM of Raw, steps out onto the stage. Coach says that he’s had just about enough of the brawling between the two tandems … and he’s had enough of people talking about how impressive SmackDown’s tag team division is. Coach says that Raw’s TT division isn’t about finesse like SD’s, but about brutality, and that’s just what we’re gonna get. Coach says that it’ll be the RWC defending their tag team titles against AMW … NEXT WEEK … in a TEXAS DEATH MATCH!!!! The crowd erupts for the brutal-sounding name for a simple hardcore match, while AMW and the tag champions stare one another down.

In the interview area, Todd Grisham stands by with the Intercontinental Champion John Bradshaw Layfield and Angelina Williams. Layfield doesn’t give Grisham a chance to even ask his question, because JBL immediately goes into a fiery promo, completely trashing the “charisma-less” and “confidence-challenged” Charlie Haas. JBL says that usually he would love to put the belt on the line against SummerSlam, but he’ll be more than happy to squash Haas tonight and put the kibosh on his momentum before it even gets started. Of course, Grisham mentions the fact that Haas made JBL tap out a week ago, which results in Layfield backing the puny interviewer down, before eventually storming away.


Backstage, Charlie Haas warms up in the communal locker room, completely focused and ready to go … until he’s soon approached by KURT ANGLE. The two stars stare at one another for a bit … until Angle nods his head with a bit of appreciation, and then exits the room as quickly as he came in. Haas lets out a bit of a smile before he continues to warm up.

Back at ringside, the RKO Army, Chris Masters and Joey Mercury, take on the two younguns, DH Smith and Cody Rhodes. The two superstars put on a solid match up, but in the end, it’s the “veteran” team who picks up the win @ 5:42, when Mercury pins Smith after a hangmen’s neck breaker.
Before anybody can even do anything…

…“Burn in My Light” hits and out walks ‘The Legend Killer’ RANDY ORTON with a STEEL CHAIR in hand!! Orton slides in and drills Rhodes with the chair, before he does the same to Smith!! The crowd boos Orton furiously, as he waits in the ring, while Masters and Mercury each slide out opposite sides of the ring, and reach under it. Masters pulls out a TABLE, while Mercury pulls out a LADDER!! Mercury sets up the ladder in between the two announce tables, while Masters slides the table into the ring and follows in. While Orton watches with a smirk, Masters sets up the table in the corner, then grabs Smith before leaning him up against the table. Orton then grabs Cody and lifts him up onto this shoulder, before running forward AND SLAMMING HIM THROUGH THE TABLE, RIGHT ON TOP OF SMITH!!!!
The crowd boos furiously as Orton rolls to the outside of the ring and climbs the ladder that Mercury set up, and straddles the top. Masters and Mercury get on either side of it, while Randy stares around at the thousands of booing fans as we fade out.


Backstage, Trish Stratus walks around one of the corridors like she’s the queen, fresh off of taking part in a three on one assault that effectively took Victoria out of action. Stratus arrogantly brushes off a couple of divas … only to be approached by Lita. Lita calls what Stratus was involved in last week disgusting, etc, and the condescending, but quick-witted Trish quickly responds, stating the last thing Lita should have a problem with are things that people consider disgusting. Stratus then states that she’ll do whatever it takes to become the Women’s Champion one more time, unlike Lita, who’s too busy servicing her boyfriend. Oh no, she didn’t! Oh yes, she did. Of course, Lita roars and then takes Trish down with a double leg!! The two divas brawl around on the ground for a bit, before a couple of the backstage agents break it up.

{Mac Note: Relax, it’s not the start of another Lita-Stratus feud.}

Backstage, Maria stands by with the Women’s Champion Mickie James and Beth Phoenix. Maria, of course, brings up the attack on Victoria last week, but Mickie sidesteps the question, simply stating that it’s a shame that Victoria won’t be able to make it to SummerSlam, and her fantastic reign will continue, getting closer and closer to the YEAR AND A HALF mark. Mickie and Beth smirk and plan to walk off … but Maria speaks up, stating that there’s an interview with Victoria that was placed on wwe.com a few minutes ago, in which the #1 contender GUARANTEES to be at SummerSlam, one way or another. A scowl comes over the face of Phoenix, but the look that comes over Mickie is incredibly familiar - it’s the same one she had when Victoria became the #1 contender, and the same looks she had last week…

Split-screen - JBL and Charlie Haas walking down the hallway, each man looking as focused as they’ve ever been for their non-title match up next.


Randy’s still on the ladder, btw.

The Intercontinental Champion and Charlie Haas put on a solid matchup, with Layfield relying on his talent plain and simple throughout the matchup - no interference from Angelina, no cheap shots, nothing; just talent. Haas, never a slouch in the ring, throws everything he can at Layfield to put him away … but to no avail. The finish comes when Layfield hits his mammoth power bomb on Haas, but instead of going for the cover, decides to put his stamp on the contest. Haas gets back up to his feet, and JBL charges, looking for the Clothesline from Hell, but Haas ducks it, quickly turns around and dropkicks Layfield in the back of the head! Haas gets back up, and DRILLS Layfield with a German … but doesn’t break the grip, and gets up once more. He then hits him with a SECOND German, but doesn’t break the hold then either. Haas gets back up and looks to drill Layfield with a THIRD German … but JBL grabs a hold of the top rope!! The referee tries to break the hold up, since he has the ropes, but since he’s distracted, Layfield delivers a STIFF KICK TO THE GROIN!!! The crowd boos furiously but JBL couldn’t give a damn if he tried, and scoops Haas into his arms. Layfield looks around with a smirk, and looks to possibly toss him over with the LAST CALL - but Haas COUNTERS INTO AN INCREDIBLE SMALL PACKAGE … FOR THE THREE COUNT @ 10:01!!!
The crowd pops big as Haas gets up yelling and screaming with intensity, as JBL looks around in complete and utter shock, S-Slam title match now set.


Backstage, Ranjin Singh stands by with ‘Mr. Monday Night’ Rob Van Dam. Fresh off a fiery promo last week, RVD keeps it up tonight, stating that for far too long he’s waited for his opportunity to come to him, and he’s lost the real RVD along the way. Van Dam says that if he’s gonna get back to the top of the mountain, back to the WWE Championship, this “polite sh*t” has gotta stop, and it’ll stop Sunday at SummerSlam against Shawn Michaels.
Before RVD can continue, however, a video package cuts him off. The V.P. highlights some of the greatest wrestlers of all-time, from Bruno Sammartino, to Jack Briscoe, Harley Race, Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Triple H … and Rob Van Dam? The video soon turns dark, showcasing some of Van Dam’s more spotty and hardcore maneuvers, and a couple of still shots where he doesn’t appear to be all that sober. “Is this going to be the face of World Wrestling Entertainment? Only one man stands between us and the darkest night: …Shawn Michaels.” Of course, the video shows Michaels making his courageous comeback in 2002, and every instance where Michaels can be found in a clean suit is shown. “At SummerSlam, the greatest superstar of ALL-TIME, ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels, defeats mediocrity … defeats danger … defeats…EVIL!”
The video ends and the crowd boos while Van Dam simply shakes his head in disgust and walks away.

Back at ringside, Randy Orton brushes off his designer jeans, while he continues to wait on the top of the ladder, flanked by his RKO Army…

“Metalingus” The crowd roars as the WWE Champion EDGE steps out onto the stage, microphone in hand, belt on shoulder. The Rated R Superstar asks Orton what exactly he thinks he’s proving by putting rookies through hell. Edge says he’s not a rookie, he’s the WWE Champion, the best in business, and plans to stay so after SummerSlam. Mercury tosses Orton a mic, and Randy’s more than happy to respond, stating that tables, ladders and chairs don’t know status, they don’t know rank, they don’t know prestige, and they’ll hurt Edge, just like they’ll hurt a rookie. Orton continues, stating that if he’d like to find out just how much, he can come on down. Edge thinks about it for a second … and then begins walking into the teeth of the opposition!! The crowd comes to its feet as Edge walks right up to the ladder where Orton’s stationed. Orton and his Army watch with a smirk … until EDGE BLASTS MASTERS IN THE FACE WITH THE TITLE BELT!!
Edge then takes a SWIPE at Mercury with the belt, but he ducks it, and kicks Edge in the gut, knocking it from his hand, before he tosses him into the ring. Mercury follows, lifts Edge up and drills him with a couple of rights hands before tossing him into the ropes. But Mercury gets set too early, and Edge quickly grabs him, and DRILLS HIM WITH THE EDGECUTION!!! The crowd cheers the WWE Champion as he gets back up to his feet, ONLY TO BE DRILLED BY HIS OWN TITLE BELT BY ORTON!!!!
Edge hits the canvas in a heap, while Orton puts the title belt down, and then drops down to the canvas like a snake. Soon enough, Edge makes his way back up to his feet and Orton leaps up, AND PLANTS HIM WITH THE RKO!!!! The crowd furiously boos the #1 contender, as Orton reaches down for the title, and lifts it high up into the air as he stands over the fallen champion.


Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler run down the card for next week, the LAST Raw before SummerSlam; The Redneck Wrecking Crew defend the World Tag Team Championships against America’s Most Wanted in a TEXAS DEATH MATCH; ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels takes on Sabu, while Rob Van Dam takes on Marty Jannetty!; and a mixed tag team match, with the WWE Champion Edge & Lita teaming up to take on ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton & Trish Stratus.

We get the entrance for Kurt Angle, who gets a thunderous reaction, before we cut to our final commercial break.


The main event is a complete clusterfuck of a match with Angle, Umaga, Ken Doane, MVP, Carlito and John Morrison all going at it in the ring at the same time. Angle and Mags are kept away from each other for the majority of the match, with a potential showdown between the two always interrupted by one of the other competitors in the contest. The finish comes when Carlito drills MVP with the Backstabber, and looks ready to put the match away … but Morrison and Doane both attack him from behind, making sure he doesn’t get the win. No fans of each other, Morrison and Doane soon look to attack each other, but are both clotheslined up and over the top rope by Kurt Angle!! The crowd roars as Kurt is in complete control … but he’s soon grabbed around the throat by UMAGA!! The Samoan Bulldozer doesn’t do anything immediately, and instead, holds Angle in place, as Kurt flails to get free … to no avail. Showing his dominance. Umaga then DRILLS ANGLE WITH THE SAMOAN SPIKE, and @ 13:21 covers him for the three count!!

Raw goes off the air with Umaga standing over a downed Angle, who frantically clutches his throat in a tremendous amount of pain, while MVP, Morrison, Carlito and Doane all stare into the ring with looks of shock, anger and disappointment, with the UNDEFEATED Samoan Bulldozer coming in to the Summer Games Gauntlet LAST. Odds-on favorite? They think so.



Friday Night SmackDown! - August 17th, 2007; Uncasville, Connecticut

“I keep breaking the glass ceiling … only to have another one built by the time I turn back around.”

Déjà Vu

We open up completely cold this week, no video, no pyro, no commentary. The arena is rather dark this week, however, almost pitch black, though we can make out a couple of figures in the ring. Soon enough though, a spotlight shines in on the ring to show … ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels and Allison Danger in the middle of the ring.

Dressed in a black shirt, black shades, and black slacks, holding a microphone, Daniels sits on a chair, while Allison stands behind him. The crowd boos the diva and the number one contender for the U.S. Title roundly as Daniels brings the mic up.

Christopher Daniels: Nine days remain until SummerSlam, one of World Wrestling Entertainment’s premiere events of the year, the, uh, (scoffs) “The Biggest Party of the Summer” as they like to call it; gotta love that marketing team.

~ Daniels shakes his head, unimpressed, but continues.

Christopher Daniels: It’s funny. Summer, to most in this country, is a time for gluttony and excess. People drive their oversized SUVs, blasting the air conditioner - after they just finished overusing it at home - they drive their large cars up to their disgusting beaches; sands filled with cigarettes, and all other kinds of crap. God knows what’s in the water. Barbecues with guys cooking meat the size of small children. Hell, I’m sure most of the officials in this company are laying out on the sand right now doing exactly what I just said; some wrestlers probably are, too.

~ The Fallen Angel looks at Allison, and shakes his head again, before turning back.

Christopher Daniels: But I, on the other hand, don’t have that luxury. Y’see, if I take a second off, if I’m off my game for a split second, I’m out of here.

~ Daniels takes off his shades, and hangs them on the front of his shirt.

Christopher Daniels:
From day one, the higher-ups in this company have been looking for any and every possible reason to get rid of me. Sure they wanted me to come here, keep me away from the competition no matter how small the promotion.

~ A jobber or two try to get a “TNA” chant started, but no dice.

Christopher Daniels: That’s their M.O. Hire each and every indy talent they can find so we can have them on the roster … just so they can’t wrestle anywhere else.

~ The “TNA” chant actually starts to get louder (not much louder, it‘s still only like seven people), but Daniels talks over it.

Christopher Daniels: They didn’t mind if I was just … around. Just another piece to a worthless cruiserweight division; a division they’ve treated like crap for years, no exposure. Out of sight, out of mind.

~ The former CW Champion shakes his head, and continues.

Christopher Daniels: So what did I do? I took that piece of crap division … and I made it into the most exciting division in all of wrestling.

~ A couple of smarks in the crowd cheer loudly, as Allison begins applauding in complete agreement with Daniels.

Christopher Daniels: People paid to see me and Sabin go at it. People paid to see me and Kash. People paid to see me and Noble. Me and Malenko. Me and Chavo. Me and Mysterio. Royal Rumble 2007, No Way Out, Saturday Night’s Main Event, WrestleMania 23, Backlash, Judgment Day, each and every big event was just another chance for Christopher Daniels to take lemons and make lemonade. A chance to take a division that was dead, a laughingstock and make it the single most exciting thing in the entire sport, and that’s what I did, putting on four star classics each and every time I stepped into the ring.

~ The smarks in the audience begin to really get behind Daniels, but most others boo the arrogance of The Fallen Angel.

Christopher Daniels: Then … I was done. Finished. I’d done everything I could in the Cruiserweight division, so I decided to move onto something else - the United States Championship.

~ Daniels brings the mic from his mouth, and just takes a second to close his eyes, seemingly dreaming about the idea of the championship. The Fallen Angel then brings the mic back up, eyes still closed.

Christopher Daniels:
And just when the U.S. Title seems to be within my grasp … Bobby Lashley gets … “injured”.

~ The Fallen Angel uses air quotes, and then opens his eyes back up.

Christopher Daniels: Can’t have the WWE’s main eventer in training lose to that small, indy guy can we?

~ Daniels lets out a bit of a smile as he leans back in his chair.

Christopher Daniels: So it becomes a triple threat match for the vacant title at the Great American Bash, Matt Hardy (pop), Jeff Hardy (pop), and yours truly. Miraculously, both Hardys somehow end up wrestling for the title, though the record books show that my record since I showed up here is VASTLY superior to theirs. And not only do they get a shot, they have the numbers advantage, making sure that The Fallen Angel didn’t have a chance in hell of leaving with that belt.
But even with all that, odds stacked against me, two on one, I was still in it to the very end, the bitter end, and wasn’t even pinned in the contest. Matt pinned Jeff to become the new United States Champion.

~ Crowd lets out a loud batch of cheers, clearly all in favor of Matt Hardy as their United States Champion.

Christopher Daniels: S-

~ Daniels doesn’t get to complete his thought as a loud “HARDY” chant starts up, cutting him off. After five or so seconds, it finally dies down and Hardy’s SummerSlam opponent brings the mic back up.

Christopher Daniels: So right then and there, after that match, I should’ve been named the number one contender, right? No, because even though I wasn’t pinned, and even though I wasn’t made to submit, I was forced into another triple threat match for a shot at the United States Championship - a triple threat that I won.

~ Light boos.

Christopher Daniels: This company has done each and everything in their power to keep me from getting what is mine. I keep breaking the glass ceiling … only to have another one built by the time I turn back around. And I’m sick of it!!

~ The sudden outburst of anger catches the crowd off guard at first, but they soon recover, booing The Fallen Angel.

Christopher Daniels: Luckily, it won’t be much longer. I’ve sacrificed long enough, it’s time for The Fallen Angel to get his success in excess. It’s time for The Fallen Angel to be gluttonous when it comes to the fruits of his labors … and it’s time for others to sacrifice. Some will pay in the ring, some will pay in blood, but Matt Hardy, you, my friend…

~ Daniels reaches down, grabs his shades and puts them back on his face.

Christopher Daniels: You will pay more than anybody else.

~ Crowd boos

Christopher Daniels: You’re gonna pay in the ring, you’re gonna pay in blood, AND you’re gonna pay in GOLD on August 26th. No doubt about that.
But, Matt, you won’t have to wait until we get to New Jersey and SummerSlam to start feeling the pain … because … it’ll start … tonight.

~ More boos from the crowd, as Daniels looks right at the hard camera when he says it.

Christopher Daniels: And that’s the gospel … according to The Fallen Angel.

~ Daniels drops the mic, and we slowly back away from the number one contender to the U.S. Title, still completely dark with the spotlight still remaining on Daniels and Danger after those ominous words.


Our three commentators run down the card for tonight: The Rock gives us his third installment of the Rock Concert; The Hardys take on The Mexicools; and Stephanie McMahon addresses the “Uprising” situation as well as Mr. Kennedy’s actions last week.

The first match of the night sees the WWE Tag Team Champions The Carolina Connection taking on Andy Smits and Jimmy Sipowitz (~___________~) in a 2/3 Falls tag team match. Immediately, Benjamin LIES DOWN in the middle of the ring, allowing Smits to pin him, which puts the CC down 0-1, and the contest a little competitive. But, just like they’ve done since they “turned it on” a little before WM23, the tag champions then work as a flawless tandem, seemingly moving in and out seamlessly, as they destroy their opponents. Helms gets the win back, drilling Sipowitz with the Shining Wizard and getting the pinfall. That’s followed about thirty seconds later by a T-Bone from Benjamin to Sipowitz for a duke at and the 2-1 win at 4:35.

Stephanie McMahon, the GM of SD, stands in the interview area alone, ready to address the audience. Right off the bat, Steph says that World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Kennedy, after disregarding her orders not to attack The Rock last week AND effectively assaulting a few referees … will NOT be here tonight at the request of her. The fans boo the announcement, but Steph continues, and begins to address what Booker T & company said and did last week. Stephanie says she won’t be threatened … but she’s always in favor of confrontation, so here’s the deal: at SummerSlam, it’ll be Elijah Burke, Monty Brown, Mark Henry, Jamie Noble and William Regal going five on five against Finlay, Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero, CM Punk … and a partner to be named later. Steph then says that tonight, though, in the main event, Henry & Regal will team up to take on Punk & Finlay. Steph then wonders out loud whether or not the fifth man will show up tonight: “Hmmm”.


Inside of Booker T’s locker room, the Booker Man, Sharmell, the New Breed, Jamie Noble, William Regal, Mark Henry and Teddy Long all stand, and Booker gives them a big speech, saying that if they want respect, they get a chance to take it tonight. Long pitches in with a couple lines of racism, which gets awkward looks from Regal and Noble, but the team gets on the same page.

Backstage, The Rock practices on his guitar, preparing for the Rock Concert tonight, when he’s once again approached by Santino Marella. Santino expresses his disgust with Rock for confusing him with a “valette.” Marella tells Rocky to just watch his little TV screen, because he has a match with Ric Flair up next, and after that he wants an apology. Rocky, completely baffled, shakes off the shock, and tells Marella that if he somehow manages to beat the greatest of all-time, The Rock won’t apologize - he’ll go a step further - and WRESTLE Santino next week. Santino seems satisfied with that, and leaves while Rock rolls his eyes and goes back to his guitar.

Elsewhere, ‘The Animal’ Batista and ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair have a bit of a talk, joking about the Money in the Bank Contract that’ll be on the line at S-Slam. Naitch says that he looks forward to the match as he’s been feeling better than he has in almost a decade. Besides, he thinks he can beat this new “mellow” Dave, before he slaps Batista on the shoulder and exits the locker room. A scowl slowly comes over the face of The Animal, before he follows Flair out.


If there was an odder pairing than The Nature Boy Ric Flair vs. Santino Marella, we haven’t seen it yet. Of course the match sees quite a bit of comedy throughout, and the finish comes when, pissed off, Santino grabs Flair’s MITB briefcase and steps into the ring, but Batista steps in the ring, reaches over the top rope and snatches the briefcase!! BATISTA THEN LEVELS SANTINO WITH THE BRIEFCASE, KNOCKING HIM OUT!!! Flair looks at a raged Animal in shock, while the referee calls for the DQ, giving Santino the win @ 6:21.
Flair snatches the briefcase from Batista and looks at him, asking “What the hell?”, while Batista continues to stare down at Marella, breathing heavily with intensity.

Much like in Booker’s locker room, CM Punk stands in front of the communal locker room, which not only houses the three other faces in the ten man tag at Mania, but many other (face) wrestlers. The relative newcomer, Punk, rallies the troops, stating that it took him a while to get here, but took some others in the locker room even more, so he’ll be damned if he’s gonna let a bunch of impatient pricks jump the line by taking him out. The vets in the room get behind the Straight Edge superstar before we fade out.


Much like last week, Stephanie McMahon stares at the phone in her room, but this time, she picks it up, dials a few numbers and places it against her ear. After a few seconds, and apparently no one picking up, Steph speaks: “Cena … it’s Stephanie … uh … call me back.” Steph hangs up the phone, and shakes her head, before we cut away.

Christopher Daniels puts his priest-like collar on his shirt, while Allison Danger watches…


The Hardys and Mexicools clearly have respect for one another, but Matt and Jeff don’t seem to be nearly as connected with each other as they used to be … at least not for the first few minutes. By the five minute mark and the first Poetry in Motion, however, Matt & Jeff are back on the same page and the crowd couldn’t be into any more, going completely wild for one of the WWE’s greatest tag teams of all time. The finish comes when it all breaks down, and Super Crazy ends up on the outside, allowing the Hardys to hit a tandem leg drop/splash on Psichosis. The United States Champion, the illegal man, quickly leaves the ring, only to come back in and drill Psichosis with the Twist of Fate, and Jeff follows up with a Swanton Bomb for the victory @ 7:21!!

With the audience continuing to cheer the tandem on, the referee hands Matt the U.S. Title, and then he and his brother embrace in the middle of the ring. The crowd is unrelenting in their celebration of the popular duo.

Tazz: Isn’t that cute?

Michael Cole: It’s been a while since we’ve seen this, guys. Matt and Jeff Hardy on the same page, this is a moment.

Joey Styles: And it couldn’t come at a better time. Matt needs absolutely no distractions if he’s gonna step into the ring against ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels at SummerSlam.



The crowd boos as the impact sends Jeff crashing down onto Matt!! Matt quickly shoves his brother off of him, and gets back up to his feet. The Fallen Angel takes a swing at his SummerSlam opponent, but Matt ducks it, kicks him in the gut, and goes for THE TWIST OF FATE - but Daniels pushes him off, and rolls out of the ring!!

Angrily, Matt points at Daniels, threatening him, but The Fallen Angel simply smirks, and we soon find out why … as ALLISON DANGER NAILS MATT WITH A LOW BLOW!!! The crowd boos as Daniels rolls back into the ring and picks up Matt’s U.S. Title, before DRILLING the elder Hardy with it, taking him down!! Jeff struggles up to his feet as well and Daniels drills him, too, taking him out!

Joey Styles: It’s an all-out assault on the Hardys!! The Fallen Angel is making good on the promise he made tonight. Matt and Jeff are feeling PAIN here tonight!!

Tazz: He don’t look like he’s done either, Styles.

The Fallen Angel lets out a smirk, as he holds his hand out to Allison, who soon reaches into her pocket, and pulls out … A PAIR OF HANDCUFFS!!

Michael Cole: Uh oh!

Daniels takes them grabs the right arm of Matt, attaches one-half of the cuffs, then attaches the other half to the bottom rope!! With the U.S. Champ effectively incapacitated, Daniels picks up the steel chair and drops it in the middle of the ring, before he lifts Jeff back up and tucks him. The Fallen Angel whistles a couple of times, getting the attention of a recovering Matt … before he lifts Jeff up, and PLANTS HIM WITH THE ANGEL’S WINGS, FACE-FIRST ON THE STEEL CHAIR!!!

Michael Cole:
Damn it! Come on, that’s just sick!!

The crowd erupts into heat for the actions of Daniels, while Matt desperately tries to get free from the cuffs, but it’s no dice. Daniels looks at the chained champion, and smiles before he grabs the title belt, and places it on the face of a BLOODY Jeff, metal on face. The Fallen Angel then mounts him and DRILLS the title with a right … then another … and another … and another …and another … and another …and ANOTHER … and ANOTHER!!!

Joey Styles: That’s enough! He’s not even wrestling Jeff at SummerSlam!! He’s wrestling Matt! What the hell is the point of this!?

Matt screams in anger, as Daniels finally lets up, getting off of Jeff, who’s face is twice as bloodied as it was before, though the younger Hardy doesn’t move. The Fallen Angel reaches down and grabs the title belt, stained in the blood of Jeff, before he simply tosses it at Matt, and then rolls out of the ring on the opposite side. Once Daniels leaves, several refs and EMTs run down to the ring to check on the motionless Hardy.

Tazz: I’ll tell ya the point. He just sent Matt Hardy a message. He coulda’ did this to Matt, but instead he took out his brother, and that’s ALL that’s gonna be on his mind come SummerSlam.

Michael Cole: I don’t care what the message is, this was absolutely uncalled for. The actions of The Fallen Angel here tonight speak to exactly what kinda person he is.

Tazz: Yeah, a driven one.

Joey Styles: Driven or not, disgusting or not, he very well may be the next United States Champion come August 26th at SummerSlam.

The crowd pours on the heat as the number one contender heads back up the ramp after sending a MAJOR message to his SummerSlam match.


In the main event, CM Punk & Finlay take on William Regal & Mark Henry. ALL of the respective allies of both parties are in their corners while the four stars in the ring put on a strong tag contest with Finlay, Regal & Punk, three tremendous workers, carrying the majority of the action. The finish comes when Punk looks to his springboard clothesline off the top rope, but Long pushes him off, causing Punk to crash and burn! A massive brawl breaks out between both sides (with Long & Sharmell quickly heading for dodge), but inside the ring, Punk staggers up to his feet, only to be on the receiving end of a REGAL-PLEX FOR THE THREE COUNT @ 13:17.
Eventually, all parties end up on the inside of the ring, but eventually, the numbers advantage the heels have is just too much, and they begin to dominate. Just when it looks like several of the faces could end up on the receiving end of what Kash got last week…



The crowd completely ERUPTS as ‘THE BIG RED MACHINE’ KANE IS BACK~!!!

Immediately, everybody in the ring stops what they’re doing and turns toward the stage, while Kane walks down the entrance ramp. Both faces and heels stare oddly as the monster steps into the ring, Henry and Long looking especially nervous. Kane then DRILLS Henry with a right hand, taking him down!! The crowd explodes again, and hell breaks loose in the ring again, with everybody brawling with one another. Eventually, the faces win out, and it’s punctuated when Kane grabs Regal by the throat before delivering a nasty CHOKESLAM!!!! The crowd roars as Kane, Punk, Finlay, Mysterio and Chavo stand in the ring, while Booker grabs Regal and helps him back up the entrance ramp, while the rest follow. While the faces watch, Kane raises his hands up into the air and brings it down, setting it off his tremendous pyro, while the crowd continues to explode.


Back from the break, Joey Styles does confirm that Kane will be fifth man in the ten man tag at SummerSlam. Our commentators also announce a boatload of matches for next week. First, a six man tag match, The New Breed teams up with Mark Henry to take on Finlay, Rey Mysterio & Chavo Guerrero; CM Punk versus Jamie Noble; Kane versus William Regal; and The Rock versus Santino Marella.

In the final segment of the night, we get the ROCK CONCERT III. With his trusty guitar in hand, The Rock does his usual schtick with these type of concerts, taking classic songs, and turning them on their heads in order to trash his SummerSlam opponent, Mr. Kennedy, and the city he’s in for laughs. The crowd isn’t quite sure how to react to The Rock, cheering when he insults Santino, but booing when he insults the town; cheering when he says he’ll take the belt at ‘Slam, but booing when he insults Kennedy personally. In the middle of his final song, “Turn Up The Trouble” hits and the crowd roars as Kennedy’s music plays. Soon enough, however, SANTINO steps out onto the stage, holding his forehead in pain. The crowd groans as Marella makes another appearance, while Rock has himself a laugh. Marella joins Rocky in the ring, and after a funny exchange of words hyping next week‘s match between the two, Rock places his guitar down, and the two begin to sing a song together, much to the delight/chagrin of the crowd.
While Santino completely mangles the lyrics, the crowd gives a much louder and much more positive reaction, as one of the cameramen at ringside, takes off his hat to reveal his platinum blond hair! The crowd continues to roar as MR. KENNEDY slides into the ring, and grabs Rock’s guitar from off the ground!! Rocky manages to turn around in time to see KK straighten up, and the Great One quickly rolls out of the ring, shaking his head, while Santino continues to sing horribly, completely oblivious to the situation. Kennedy actually lies against the ropes, waiting for Marella to finish up, and once he does, and turns around, KK BREAKS ROCK’S GUITAR OVER SANTINO’S HEAD!! The crowd pops huge for KK, but neither KK nor Rock seem to be all that effected by it, with Kennedy pissed he couldn’t get Rocky, and Rock just smiling away.
The show goes off the air with champion and challenger fifty feet apart from one another, with only one more SD set to go before they clash in Jersey.



Current Card for SummerSlam
August 26th, 2007
East Rutherford, New Jersey

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Hvwt. Champion Mr. Kennedy vs. ‘The Great One’ The Rock

WWE Championship; TLC Match:
‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge vs. ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton

Money in the Bank Contract on the Line:
'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair vs. 'The Animal' Batista

The Rubber Match:
'The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels vs. 'Mr. Monday Night' Rob Van Dam


Summer Games Gauntlet; #1 Contender’s Match:
'The Wrestling Machine' Kurt Angle vs. Ken Doane vs.
'The Guru of Greatness' John Morrison w/Melina vs. Carlito vs.
MVP w/Reigns|Playgirls vs. 'The Samoan Bulldozer' Umaga w/AAE

WWE Tag Team Championship Match; Two out of Three Falls Match:
The Carolina Connection vs. The Hooligans

Women’s Championship; Victoria’s Last Chance; 10-Minute Time Limit:
Mickie James vs. Victoria

(All parties are banned from ringside; if Victoria loses or time expires, she will never receive another opportunity at the Women’s Championship)

United States Championship Match:
Matt Hardy vs. ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels

Intercontinental Championship Match:
John Bradshaw Layfield w/Angelina Williams vs. Charlie Haas

Ten Man Tag Team Match:
Finlay, Rey Mysterio, Kane, CM Punk and Chavo Guerrero vs.
William Regal, Mark Henry, Jamie Noble and The New Breed


Match banners - Crazian
Show banner - JBLoser


for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - It Ain't Over Yet, Motherfuckers

Note: Cheers for the WrestleMania feedback btw. 'Twas much appreciated.

SmackDown Feedback

Solid enough way to kick off the show {though surely just wetting our appetite for later?} with Henry murdering Bob Holly for shits and giggles. T-Lo getting his ass on the mike made this segment worth while; "redneck" Bob Holly was sweet. Really intrigued by the little mutiny against Steph led by Henry|Long, and I assume we actually already know his co-conspirators {Book, NB, Regal, Noble etc.?}.

That outfit on The Rocky, are-- are you going Hollywood Rock on us? No way. I like it, I like it alot. Lol @ Santino getting involved too. Looks like we've just got ourselves a new {heel} Hurricane.

Aaaaaaand ... it's time for the continuation of the best story I have ever read in BTB. Truth. This was so realistic and subtle. Some, or most, bookers would just have Naitch and Dave at each other's throats right away, do the obvious thing, y'know? But this is SO realistic. I mean, you wouldn't just turn on your mentor, idol {father-figure?} that quick would you? There'd be this internal conflict and it's portrayed so well here with Batista. God, this scene was just so awkward. Perfect writing, Mac.

Snap. The Mexicools are every booker's dream: a jobber team with credibility. Good win for The Hooligans, and they're going to need plenty of momentum, considering I can't see them winning at S'Slam. I'm loving the Gregster right now. He's so underrated on the mike, especially with this cocky face|tweener demeanour you have him in. 2/3 Falls? Perfectamundo booking imo. This feud has been all about wrestling; a ladder match is about spots {for the most part} as are a lot of other things. Plus, we already have a freakin' TLC on the card. Nah, this is perfect to end the {epic} feud. 30 minutes plz.

Tension in the Hardy ranks. I know, I know, it's uncharismatic tension. You always throw that back in my face about Matt, but c'mon, compared to Jeffrey, Matthew looks like Randy Savage on the stick. Wouldn't be keen on a feud {neither would you tbh}, with Daniels' awesomeness around. Clean win for The Fallen Angel I hope to avange that loss to Jeff in the build up to WM {yes, I'm that sad}.

Who should Steph call? Hunter or The Boss? Y'know who I'm pulling for.

Lmao @ The Gymini being in the same ring as Baista and Ric Flair and lasting 4 minutes. Naitch is an absolute roll right now {gotta buid him up for Numero 17 rt?} while 'Tista ain't. Oh dear god, stop, just stop with the AWESOMENESS of this story; now we have Dave seeing pictures of his former-self killing a former mentor. That is what he has to become ... and he just doesn't want to when it comes to the Nature Boy. I don't blame him.

Solid interview from Mr. Kash. Tbh, after the way you completely marked the fuck out for the guy in my WM review, I wouldn't be surprised to see him get quite the push in this thread. Though, I suppose that would've happened already had you liked him that much.

Maryse OWNS. Pretty funny stuff from Rocky tonight already. Surprised he didn't hit on the French lady or anything? Lol @ there being no violence tonight. Course there will.

I'm in the dilemma in my thread of who I like more: Kash or Noble? And now you've thrown me into the same position in this badboy. Noble's promo was slightly better, mainly 'cause he owns as a whiny, bitchy heel. He's in the Steph|Rebels story too, so odds are I wwon't have to choose between them for too long.

Daniels|Jeff sounded like a really good match, but, really, just LMAO @ Daniels completely bitching Hardy out at the end with the chair. He doesn't even care about the 'W', just getting inside Matt's head. I'm really looking forward to what you have {promised} in store for this feud.

KENNEDY. Thank the lord you're keeping the faith with his holiness too despite the slanderess ways of many Aussies. Yep, 'tis Reney. KK topped Rock's segment earlier on with Maryse because he's doing the serious stuff as well as the comedy. Can't wait for their showdown tonight. Also, I'm glad Double K ain't racist.

CHAOS. What a main event. Glad to see the CW title getting this spot, even it had to take a backseat to the Puppet|Rebel angle. Sounded like a cracking match with the tweener|face Kash obviously having it in the bag until ... awesome ending with him sidestepping the Pounce only to get knocked the fuck out by Billy Regal. Pretty sick stuff from Booker, Regal and co. on KK until the happy go lucky babyface brigade pop up. Uh oh, Silverback time. Glad that Finlay took his sweet-ass time as he's, well, not exactly a babyface is he? This is really hotting up now. I guess a huge tag match at SummerSlam would be a bit too obvious?

Ouch. Kash has a broken jaw? Guess you don't like him that much after all. Lol @ me.

Wow, SENSATIONAL segment between Rocky and Kennedy to close out the show with. Ken's initial promo was good, "because he no longer bends the general manager over a desk every morning." Oh dear god he's awesome. Rock is great normally, but he really does take it up another notch when he's heeling|tweenering it up Hollywood style. He did verbally bitch-slap KK by blanking him for a call. Classic. 'Twas cracking. Great ending too with Ken first goading Rock out, then Rocky tricking KK, and then Kennedy having him well scouted. Great stuff. Pretty crazy finish too with The Kenton onto the mob. He's ... just ... become ... Austin? Weird I know. You have just officially got me to say that Kennedy|Rock ... I'm most excited for.

Raw Feedback

Wow. Hell of a way to kick off the show. I've been expecting this promo for a while now actually. It was either going to come on Carlito's Cabana or The VIP Lounge. Glad you chose C's Cabana, since he is the bigger star right now quite frankly. Loved the interaction between CCC and Porter too; they seem to mesh quite well on the mike. I can smell a possible feud emerging from it, since there isn't really a BIG heel for 'Lito to feud with right now and you mark for Montel. Morrison didn't come off to great just standing there posing and getting owned on the mike, though Melina did her best. Doane was laughably typical, but I guess that's his, uh, charm. Nah, I like him. ANYWAY, onto what I know you wanted most of the attention on: Angle|Umaga. You are REEEEEALLY pushing this feud, so much so that you're almost making the other 4 men in the match irrelevant, since it's quite obvious that either Kurt or Mags have this match in the bag. "Mr. Doane, I’m sorry … but … ju must be at least sixteen years of age to face The Samoan Bulldozer. Haha!" Gotta love Armando. Great, short but sweet stuff from Kurt too: the "I came to fight YOU!" line was especially nice. One thing though, can 'Maga actually understand English?

Haha, looks like you've finally caved in to me and Pat and gone for the Texas Death Match {don't burst my bubble, let's just pretend I came up with it} after all. Shame it won't be @ SummerSlam, but it is a pretty stacked card anyway, and we already have CC|Hooligans.

Angry JBL or funny JBL? Hmmm, there's a dilemma. Hopefully Charlie gets the win tonight {<3 him} and makes it to a Mac PPV for the first time ever ... I think?

I'm liking this mini Haas|Angle relationship. It gives me hope that Chaz will become the new Wrestling Machine. What? I can dream.

Not much of a contest between RKO Army|Younguns, with Rhodes and Smith continuing their jobberific careers in style. Pretty sick attack afterward too from the {awesome} Legend Killer, bringing a new level of violence {if that's possible} to his character. If I were Edge, I'd be pretty worried right now, is the mindset you're going for I think with this sick TLC usage from Orton. WTF is he doing up there?

Crazy brawl between Trish|Lita. Honestly, what else are we supposed to think?

MICKIE. Missed her. Glad that Victoria will be at SummerSlam to complete her incredible underdog story, beat the clock, beat Mickie and take the title. Still, it'll be weird without Mickie as champ.

HAAS WINS~ OMG, I really did just mark for good ol' Charlie getting a shot @ the IC title at a Big 4 PPV like S'Slam. The only problem I have with this kind of scenario i.e. beating the champ to get the shot, is that the challenger then nearly always loses the match. No mind though, as I've got high-hopes for a big Haas push now.

Lol @ Shawn Michaels' video on RVD. You really dislike the guy don't you? I like him {though not as much as you seem to think} just a bit I guess. I'd be surprised by anything other than a convincing HBK victory at SummerSlam tbh.

Cool, very cool and original promo from Orton up on the ladder when Edge comes down. I guess you need to keep Randy on top all the way through to ensure that it's not a 'shock' when he loses 2-PPVs running to the Rated R Superstar. The Edge|Orton saga hasn't been quite as gripping a Kennedy|Rock of late, but it has been great, and I expect their bout to easily the MOTN; a violent, bloody and epic end to an epic feud.

Great to see the Summer Games Gauntlet getting to open and close the show. It really has a lot of exposure now heading into the PPV. No way did Umaga just pin Angle! I thought it'd be 'Mags pinning 'Lito or Doane, or Angle pinning Morrison or Porter. Quite shocked by that. Kind of gives the edge to Kurt in the PPV match though, with this loss. Shame 'Maga'll only be in at the end. I wonder of 'VP, Carly, Morrison and Doane who you will have shine most?

SmackFown Feedback #2

Wow. ANOTHER cracking opening promo to kick the show off with. Definitely time to give the U.S title some much needed attention. Daniels really is an underrated gem on the mike with a similarly underrated and effective gimmick. He's just plain underrated I guess, which was the vocal point of this whole {shoot} promo. Very personal, intense material indeed. I'm hotly anticipating his actions now after this build up. What could he have in store for Matt Hardy?

Lmao @ the arrogance of Benjamin|Helms to give the jobbers a fall. But ... they are good enough to do that, so it doesn't really matter. Their match with The Hooligans is going to owwwwwn.

The hell will KK not be here tonight. Yeah, sure. Oh, I guess you are going with the HUGE tag match at SummerSlam then, to get everyone on the card eh? Oh, and I wonder who the faces partner could be? Oh wait, is that Mark Henry I see on the heel side?

Haha, I'm not surprised Noble and Regal look a bit awkward around all of T-Lo's rhetoric.

Santino|Rock next week? Yes please. Weird way to send Rocky into a WHC shot though.

Oh no, you didn't just say that, Ric? The best feud ever just takes another turn with Flair actually pissing The Animal off some. When, oh when, will Big Dave finally hulk the fuck out on his pop to get the job done?

Flair|Santino would be an absolutely hilarious match. I guess that's a sign of things to come for Slick Ric; he just saw what kind of mindset his boy is in heading into S'Slam. This could be a very interesting, new angle, as Batista does what he needs to do to Ric Flair in order to win the MITB ... but he does it to everyone else. Love it.

Quite surprised to see Punk being the one rallying the troops if you will, so early in his career. I would've thought someone like ol' Fit Finlay would've had something to say. I guess he is better as a silent, nasty bastard though, leaving the lil' Punkster as the best talker.

Steph caves in ... to Cena? H is gonna be pissed.

Daniels is going to a funeral. Matt's? ...Jeff's?

Hardys|Mexicools sounded good, but OMG, the aftermath was off this page intense. One of the sickest {and more personally motivated} attacks I've read in BTB. I understand it perfectly too; not only does CD make Matt watch as his younger brother is dismantled, but he deliberately does it with the U.S title, as though to say "this is what being champion has got you" and covering the belt in Jeff's blood just as a little reminder to Matt. You just turned this feud all the way to 11.

Damn, Punk gets pinned by Regal AGAIN? CM really needs a 'W' and fast. Oh, what a surprise the 5th man is KANE~ Never saw it coming, honestly. Anywho, good finish with the brawl with the faces managing to come out on top. Right now I'd say I can see the heels getting the win @ S'Slam by hook or crook, though it really could go either way.

Classic Rock Concert stuff to close the show with. Lmao @ Santino getting stuck in the middle of this feud with his own unique brand of awesomeness. Kennedy's reveal wasn't exactly original, but it was still great; doing the usual face thing. Oh dear, poor Santino's gonna have a sore head after all the punishment he's taken this week. Kennedy even slightly resembles Jeff Jarrett too. Well ... they're both blonde. Kennedy|Rock just keeps getting better and better.

Cracking return material, though I expected nothing less. Kennedy|Rock has taken on a new wave of excellence, while Batista|Flair continues to amaze. Raw ain't bad either. Really looking forward to the final two shows before SummerSlam {in full I hope}, which should blow every other PPV this year out of the water.
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - It Ain't Over Yet, Motherfuckers

A little feedback for the second SmackDown Mac. I haven’t seen your shows but I am going to start to review now, so it’s not lengthy but just a bit of feedback that’s all and my opinions on the show…

* * *

SmackDown Feedback

Christopher Daniels Promo
Seems in character and it’s pretty lengthy I could say. It’s nice for the US Title to get a slot in the first promo. Liking the presentation of the show so far.

Two out of Three Falls Match
A bit more explanation could do here, because I don’t understand it so much. If you post analysis on this match then it would clear things up!

Stephanie McMahon Announcement
I like the look of a five on five match. I wonder who the fifth man is, I think this would be a good match soon and will read.

Booker Segment
Racism from Long? He must a be a heel in your BTB then if he’s part of Booker’s team unless he’s been forced in there. I’ll check back on a couple of your shows and have a look.

Batista / Flair
Quite good and like the ending. Does that mean Marella has the MITB Contract?

Stephanie McMahon
I wonder what she wants?

Hardys / Mexicools
Good match and good ending to it, I wonder what will happen to Matt and Jeff if they haven’t connected with each other? Liking the aftermath, especially beginning with a steel chair shot, he made has statement really. Good!

Tag Main Event
Good match and ending. Kane comes in and hit’s a good chokeslamm, half decent match and a good ending. Kane being the fifth man in the five on five match after showing up. Predictable when I saw the words - ‘Slow Chemical’ in his music. The WWE is predictable and so is that so that is fairly realistic, nice one Mac.

Rock Concert
Ha! Taking the mic out of Kennedy is classic, then Marella coming out to his music is just made the Rock thing - ‘WTF?’ The guitar over Santino’s head is good too.

Good and realistic first show I’ve read Mac, hope it’s like this every week but could do with a bit more explaining history than getting straight to what happens.

Show Rating: 8/10 - Nice One Mac!
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - It Ain't Over Yet, Motherfuckers

Smackdown! #1 Feedback

Pretty packed show for this week, as most shows have been on the road to S’Slam. Can’t wait to see what stipulation is chosen by the tag champs and the match between Jeff and Daniels should be good. Another KK/Rock confrontation? Epic.

Interesting way to start the show … Henry in action against the inferior Hardcore Holly. Seeing Holly back is always good but Henry just mauls the poor veteran. Decent win for the Silverback and Teddy’s speech after the match really said it all. He, Booker, New Breed, Regal, and Noble are planning something … something to bring Steph down. Interested to see where this goes from here, should be very entertaining.

Santino getting owned always equals ratings … great little segment.

Things between Naitch and ‘Tista just keep getting more and more awkward … something’s gotta give sooner or later, imo. I see Batista making the inevitable turn on Ric, making Flair a full-blown face. No doubt that they are going to win their match tonight, the turn won’t happen just yet. Batista to snap once again in the coming weeks … just calling it.

Not surprised that the Hooligans get a tough test from the Mexicools, you have made then look somewhat strong in this thread. Anyway, glad to see L&K pick up the win, giving them momentum heading into S’Slam. Helms and Benjamin come out and I ready for the HUGE announcement for the stipulation. You’re right, 2 out of 3 Falls isn’t the sexiest of match choices … but is gonna be awesome to see regardless. Helms, Benjamin, London, and Kendrick are all about wrestling and this match will really show that. Strong choice, Mac.

Matt not at ringside is a good idea. Still think you are building to a match between Matt and Jeff … and Jeff feels he needs to prove himself without any help.

Steph not gonna call anyone this week? My money is on her calling Hunter before S’Slam.

No surprise that Dave and Flair got the win but they did work together as well as they did. The embrace after the match was all nice and heart-warming, but as Tazz alluded to, these two will beat the crap out of each other at S’Slam … hopefully before the PPV. The sign in the front was pretty cool, as Batista knows what he is capable of, and you gotta wonder how long he will continue to “respect” Natich.

Good little interview from Kash, but I don’t see him getting the CW Title tonight. Noble has got something up his sleeve, imo.

Things gonna get a lil’ physical between Rocky and KK tonight? I don’t see Kennedy just standing by and not doing anything to The Rock. Hopefully the confrontation is a good one … this feud is ready to kick into high gear.

Noble is just as confident as Kash was earlier … he doesn’t think that the belt is coming off of him tonight. Again, the ‘puppet’ comes up … and I don’t feel good about Kash’s chances of winning. Noble and Co. have something up their sleeve, I’m sure of it.

Pretty good match between Daniels and Jeff but I was surprised that Daniels went to the outside after hitting a big move. DQ finish? Daniels is about to nail the Angel’s Wings on the chair … but here comes Matt! Nothing physical happens, as Daniels rolls out and heads up the ramp. Guess that Jeff needs Matt more than he thought. The Matt-Daniels feud needs to pick up in these next two shows, tbh … not as interesting as I thought it’d be, tbh.

KK makes pretty much the same promise that Rocky did … no doubt that they are going to go after each other tonight. Points for making Maryse look stupid … twice.

Very good match between Noble and Kash … worthy of getting the final match spot on the show. Thought Kash had the match won, as he looked to be in control almost the entire time, but after he hits the Dead Level, the numbers catch up to him. Regal slides in as the referee is distracted and uses the KNUCKS to take Kash down. Noble wins by the skin of his teeth, this feud ain’t over yet, not by a long shot. Booker and Co. continue to beat down Noble but then Punk, Rey-Rey, and Chavo come down to the ring! They are no match for the heels once Henry comes down to the ring but then FINLAY leads the faces down! This has turned into a massive feud, can’t wait to see where it goes next.

Just a stellar, stellar promo to end the show. KK starting the segment by himself was very good and his three reasons why his summer wasn’t bad were hilarious … gotta love the shoot style promos, rit? Kennedy begins to rip on his S’Slam opponent, but then he gets cut off … by THE ROCK … on the tron? Rocky is too good and busy to come down to the ring and the cell phone part was a very nice touch, showing just how arrogant he can be. Rock Concert next week? Should be very interesting and I know that Kennedy will get involved somehow. KK calls out Rock and tells him to come to the ring, which he says he will … BUT ROCKY COMES THROUGH THE CROWD! KK nails him with the WHC! Shocked to see Kennedy get Rocky with that one, though Dwayne had him for sure. The Kenton Bomb with the referees trying to stop him was icing on the cake … great way for KK to one-up The Great One. This feud has been awesome and should continue to be.

Another solid show, Mac … bout damn time you got yourself back in BTB. Love the stipulation for the Tag Title match at S’Slam and the feud between the massive heel faction and what is becoming the massive face faction is getting pretty awesome. KK/Rock and Flair/Batista have been getting better and better. Still can’t wait to see if Steph calls Hunter or Cena to come back. Four more shows until S’Slam, truly cannot wait. 9/10.

Raw Feedback

Awesome way to start the show … I can’t remember the last time you had a Carlito’s Cabana. Awesome main event for tonight, good way to determine the sixth entrant. The entrances sounded very cool, love the suits by MVP and Morrison, as well as the confrontation between Angle and Umaga. MVP cutting off Carlito was a great way to show his character … a loudmouth who does nothing but talk. Hopefully you can make him look better than the WWE has these past few months. Melina and Doane each had their own time to talk, which was nice, but then you got to the man everyone wanted to here … ESTRADA. Great job as always with the talented Cuban, and Kurt Angle finally breaking his silence to talk about fighting was well done. Huge brawl to end the segment and I can’t wait to see how tonight’s main event goes. Should be the sex.

Very nice card … hopefully Haas gets the win so we get the IC Title match at S’Slam.

Murdoch and Storm going to a no contest makes sense, imo … don’t want one team to have the advantage when they finally face off for the belts. The brawl was good and Coach’s announcement was HUGE. Texas Death Match sounds brutal and hopefully this can make the Raw TT division look legitimate again.

Wish this JBL interview would have been in full … you have his character down PERFECTLY. JBL has his classic over-confidence and that may come back to bite him in the ass. Can’t wait for the match tonight, it will really show what you plan on doing with Haas in this thread.

Angle has confidence in his former protégé? Looks like the new and improved Haas is here to stay.

Smith and Rhodes lose again? Hopefully you have a good reason for these two to job in their last two two-on-two tag matches because these guys are future stars. Orton comes out and just destroys the youngguns. The chair shot sounded sick, as did the huge powerslam through the table. Orton has been a man possessed since this match with Edge has been announced for S’Slam. Wonder what the WWE Champ will be up tonight … hopefully we get a confrontation.

Not really sure where this little brawl between Trish and Lita is going, given the fact that you said it wasn’t going to be a feud between the two.

No way that Vicky is going to be out for S’Slam … she has been looking for this rematch for months. Hopefully she is back in action by next week … and she can take Mickie down a peg. Really have no clue where you’re going to go with this match. Vicky has looked strong as hell … but you love Mickie James. One of the most intriguing matches on the card, tbh.

Good place for the match between Haas and JBL … right in the middle of the show. JBL trying to win on just talent? Would be a first. Looks like JBL has the win but his confidence gets the best of him once again, not going for the cover. Haas ducks the Clothesline and hits two Germans … LOW BLOW~! JBL looks to have the match won but Haas counters into a small package and gets the win! Very interesting match and now the S’Slam match should be great. Well done feud thus far.

HBK’s video to just stomp on RVD was excellent. Hopefully they have one more fiery interaction next week to cap off the build for S’Slam. This has been the best feud since WM23, imo … just beating out Edge/Orton.

Orton is still on the ladder and things just got a lot more interesting … as Edge comes down to the ring! Good little promo from both men, as Edge is talking about his experience and Orton is shooting back by saying that experience doesn’t mean a damn thing when you get nailed by tables, ladders and chairs. Edge looked to have the brawl win, but Mercury ducks the shot and gets the advantage for the RKO Army. Title shot and RKO to put Edge down … as Orton looks to have the advantage, holding the WWE Title high above his head.

Awesome card for next week … explains why we saw the Lita/Stratus brawl earlier.

Great action in the main event, as I thought Carlito might pull off the improbable win, but Doane and Morrison break up the cover. Angle takes over but then gets MAN-HANDLED by Umaga … as he is put down with a Samoan Spike, getting the Samoan the win. Umaga was the favorite heading into the match … but now he gets the sixth and final spot. Could you be setting up for the streak to end? Or for Umaga to become the next #1 contender for the biggest prize in the industry?

A pretty good Raw, overall. A few too many promos and brawls for my taste, and I was shocked to see only four matches (checked that about three times to make sure). But S’Slam is shaping up nicely and the Summer Games has really taken over on Raw. Hope next week’s show gives us some awesome final hype, 8.5/10.

Smackdown! #2 Feedback

Starting the show with a Daniels promo!? Should be an awesome show already! Daniels is a very cold and chilling character and I think you wrote him really well. The CW division talk was good because you hit the nail on the head … he made that division so great and didn’t get nearly enough recognition for it. Talking about always getting shot down and always trying to get what is rightfully his was a great heel way to talk and he sounds very arrogant heading into S’Slam. Sounds like he is going to be taking some people out on the road to S’Slam … wonder who the first victim shall be. This feud between Daniels and Hardy just got a WHOLE lot more interesting, btw.

The tag champs competing in a 2/3 falls match against those awesomely named jobbers was pretty cool. They cheers from the fans but they are still pretty arrogant wrestlers, as shown by Benji lying down to start the match. But the result is never in question and they each get a pinfall, keeping both looking strong, as the match against the Hooligans draws even more near.

KK banned from the arena tonight? Rock Concert may go without any interruptions then … yeah right. Huge main event for tonight but the match at S’Slam sounds off the chain … tenth man better be someone noteworthy … and I’m sure he will be.

Heels are on the same page … wonder if the faces are in the same spot.

Rock is getting ready for what is sure to be an awesome concert tonight … SANTINO~! Santino against Naitch should be a laugher, but as long as Marella keeps finding his way into this thread … no complaints will be heard by me.

Tension beginning to pick up between Dave and Ric … it all comes to a head at S’Slam … Batista better go f’ing nuts, tbh.

Santino vs. Flair getting 6 minutes is shocking in it of itself … but Santino gets the win by DQ!? Rocky vs. Santino is ON for next week … should be awesome. Dave is slowly starting to lose his cool … beatdown on someone next week, imo.

Ten-man tag at ‘Mania? Think you mean ten-man tag at ‘Slam, Mac. Anyway, I love that Punk is becoming the leader of the faces … hopefully this means he will be getting an even better push following the Biggest Party of the Summer.

Surprised Stephanie didn’t call Hunter, instead she called Cena. Not surprised that the phone wasn’t picked up … John isn’t returning anytime soon.

Hardyz over the Mexicools is really nothing too shocking, glad that they weren’t on the same page throughout, they need to feud after the whole Daniels-Hardy thing is over. Guess this isn’t the classic “feel good” moment … as Daniels levels Jeff with the steel chair. The assault by Daniels was sick and he is already delivering on the promise that he made earlier. I love how you can change a seemingly mediocre feud into a blood-driven one so quickly. Next week Matt is going to be looking for some revenge, no doubt about it.

Good action between three brilliant workers … and some guy who can lift a crapload of weight. Finlay and Punk look to have the match won until T-Lo has to get involved and costs Punk the advantage. Punk gets dropped with the Regal-Plex for the three count, giving him his second loss overall, both to William. Heels look to have the advantage in this brawl, but that all changes as … KANE IS BACK! Great man to complete the team of faces … ten-man tag is looking awesome.

The Rock Concert III sounded pretty good … love when he trashes his opponents and the city that he is in. Thought KK would come out … but it’s just Santino. The singing with Santino would have been hilarious but damn-near impossible to write. Looks to be a boring end to the show … BUT KK IS ONE OF THE CAMERA MEN! KK breaks the guitar over Santino, but nothing more happens between the two involved in the SD! main event for S’Slam. Next week is sure to be exciting, as the final build for this mega-match goes down.

Another great installment of SD!, Mac. Kane coming back was huge and all the feuds progressed nicely. Nothing too big happened on this show and I think that next week’s SD!, much like next week’s Raw, will be used to add some final drama. Can’t wait for the next few shows to be posted, 9/10.


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