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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

With how Smackdown is booked IRL and in this thread, no surprise to see the show open with a big match like this. Great recap of stating how while Mysterio and Chavo started off the match well, but the team of the New Breed was clearly going to win this match, to build some momentum up for their team.

Mac, I said it before and I'll say it again, heel Teddy=ratings! Great combo of Teddy and Henry as well, and Maryse did a good job as well. Not surprised at how well The Rock promo was written. Though he sounded a bit tweener in the segment, I don't expect a full heel turn leading into Summerslam. Also the Continental Airlines Arena is now called the IZOD Center.

Obviously Finlay was going to win, and nice way to continue the feud between The New Breed and Finlay. Big Dave was spot on in the segment with Steph, and I see a big and great promo coming to end the show.

Well after reading Kennedy's promo and reading the crowd's reaction, it seems as if Rock will indeed be a heel before SummerSlam arrives. Great cruiserweight match between Kash and Sabin, which is always expected between these two in a match and in this thread. Kash winning seems to be the beginning of a push in this thread once again. Is Noble still the CW champ in this thread or not?

Looking forward to the announcement of the stipulation for the tag team titles match at SummerSlam. Great promo from Steph and Vince. It does seem that a possible feud leading into a Survivor Series Team Elimination Match taking place at the Survivor Series is brewing.

Hardy winning was expected, as well as the attack from Daniels to Matt in the post match segment. While I see Matt retaining at SummerSlam, I won't be surprised to see Daniels win the title before the feud is over.

Great segment with Booker and company. The ending with Booker and Noble was hillarious and would be awesome to see IRL. Great interaction with Steph and Teddy, which lead to a great promo from Steph and company. Her announcement to Noble and his reaction was priceless. As far as Rock/Hardy, good match, that while did nothing to build Rock's match was good that it showed possibly that Jeff can be in the Main Event scene in this thread, if booked right. The Aftermath with Rock/Kennedy was great, and basically all but confirmed that Rock will be the heel in this feud between the two.

Excellent way to end the show. As I've mentioned before Batista on the mic in this thread=ratings! Flair was gold on the mic as well! However I'm not surprised at the announcement, as since Flair won the MITB and Big Dave lost the title at Mania, I had a feeling that at SummerSlam, either Flair would be challenging for the title, or Dave and Flair would have a match with the MITB contract on the line. With that said, I see Flair winning, but the feud between himself and Batista not ending at SummerSlam though.

Overall another good show, but I must say that Raw was better than Smackdown this week. Just to let you know that the SNME and Raw has been posted in my thread man. I know SummerSlam is going to be huge and I'm looking forward to it. Looking forward to Raw as well.

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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Oh hey Mac. Here's something not normal from me ... a review.

SmackDown! Review

First off, gotta love the way you've been progressing this thread. I've been keeping up, no BTB/posting's been stopping me from reading; and I must say you've done an excellent job. Now, enough cock riding, let's go:

Good match to kick things off. Must've had Rey/Chavo re-align after TGAB; totally slipped my mind. If you could let me know if that's correct, it'd be good. Anyway, like I said, good match to kick things off. New Breed going over here was the right decision, and the way it was done was booked right. I have to believe something will come out of this for Summerslam, adding to the mega-card you've got set up for it already. If it doesn't come out to something, I won't be disappointed; won't retract me from reading or anything, but it would be nice.

I see you've brought in Maryse, and she seemed a lot better than in your last show, as briefly explained by one of the posters above. I like Long's character in your thread, always believing racism is running amok. The 'business' thing seems more like a cover up, pretty sure someone will eventually get to her. Gotta love 'The Billion Dollar Racist' though; golden stuff.

Ah, a classic Rock promo. Pretty much hit every buttton on this one; though I was a little bit irked by the ending line. Mostly Rocky goes "WHAT THE ROCK ... IS ... COOKIN'" and with the way I was reading that it sounded rushed from him. Sure it was only a minor thing, or hey maybe it wasn't. In your mind you probably had him say it that way. No big deal, as said good stuff in this promo. Gotta love 'The Great One.'

Not surprised with Finlay going over the jobber Dean. And at Booker and Long shaking their heads at it. If you go somewhere with this hopefully it's done right; could provide some good, good stuff.

Ah, "Big Smooth" Dave takes an eye out on Maryse? Of course he'd get in, slick son of a bitch. Hope you don't get rid of her or anything with the 'tension' created by Steph and her, and knew that had to be a cover up for her not wanting to talk about anything. With the way you've been booking SmackDown lately, not surprised. HHH and Cena gone =/= ratings. But it gives more potential to everyone else!! Anyway, keeping on topic here, Dave wants the final spot tonight? With Flair? Sex. All that needs to be said. Should be epic.

Similar promo here from Kennedy to that of The Rock, but it was a bit shorter. Like the hype for the match at Summerslam so far, and really like that Kennedy's getting such a big rub (deserves it imo). I'm a fan of this feud, and I see Kennedy once again winning, but somehow, HHH is gonna get involved. It's pretty inevitable after how TGAB ended.

Looked to be a great Triple Threat here, and Kash going over is nice. Noble/Kash seems to be done a lot in BTB, but that doesn't mean it's not good. Hope you provide some originality and freshness here though, as like I said, it's been done a lot it seems.

Ah, Vinnie Mac at his best. Both rosters concerned? Must be a draft. And I'll be very, very interested to see what moves you make if it is a draft. If not, I'll be interested to see what it is. Vince punks out Steph here, which I thought was awesome because that definitely would be something ol' Vince would do. Steph did make some valid points though, with the whole ego thing. But I think Vince just hit every other point, and pretty much owned her here. I'll be interested to see if Cena or HHH return following this promo in the upcoming weeks. Oh, and this:

Originally Posted by DDMac
Mr. McMahon: You’re as stubborn as a mule, you know that?

Stephanie McMahon: I get it from my dad.
made me chuckle a bit. Good promo again.

Tom Tucker aye? Did you think of Family Guy? Ha. Well it says it just came to you, but that's what I think. Anyway, of course Hardy gets the victory, but Daniels gets the edge here. Good booking, it's typical, but that doesn't mean it's not good.

Nice stuff here from Booker, who seems to be a cult leader here. I could see something come out of this, hopefully it does because Book's a good mouthpiece and definitely great on the mic. Anyway, Noble being the gentleman and the different one surprises me, but I think it's good. Noble's excellent, and well, well yeah that just ran it's course. Moving on!

Stephie was fucking hilarious in this promo with long. The "you're fun" line made me several times while reading. Interesting ruling from Steph, with making the CW Title match next week and saying he'll lose the title by DQ or countout. Noble being defiant doesn't surprise me, and I'm sure a good match will come out of it next week.

Good main event, nothing special though since Rock and Hardy are as different as night and day. Like the added hype for the match at SS with Kennedy and Rock being "that close" to hitting each other with their finishing moves. Good to see that. And I can't say I'm not anticipating that one.

Ah, best part of the show most likely, and boy did this promo deliver. Batista-Flair for MITB will be great, and the promos should be damn good as well if they keep up to this caliber. I saw this coming after The Great American Bash though, seemed like it was inevitable after what Flair was up to. Speaking of Naitch, great job of keeping him in character. All due credit to 'Big Dave' though as well, he was pretty great also. Liked how you teased an altercation between them, and then just said ... ... ... end of show. Great stuff.

Overall, as usual, good stuff Mac. Looking very, very forward to Summerslam. Should be filled with ownage.

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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Oh shit, back off holiday and reviewing already? Awesome tbh.

SmackDown Feedback

Though a much more low key way to kick off the show this week with a short match, it's good to see The New Breed getting quite a big win. They've been in danger of jobbing lately, which is not good when you think that the CCand Hooligans won't be able to sustain the tag division on their own forever. What with last week's 'call back' and his interference this week, Booker's clearly leading something against Rey and company. No Pounce though, Mac? Really?

T LO~!!! I missed his crazy ass last week, so glad to see him back in full swing this week. Don't know what to make of Maryse as Steph's assistant as you brought her in last week. Hot women with foreign accents both arouse and amuse you, Mac? Oh dear. Hopefully we get some more from Teddy and Henry tonight. Those guys need a new feud badly to get Long as much mic time as possible. @ the ‘Billion Dollar Racist’

Quality interview from Rocky to continue the tweenerish behaviour he showcased last week. I'm glad you decided to go this route and make Rock the villain of the piece rather than KK, because in all honesty this feud/match is all about making Kennedy out to be THE MAN in the WWE, and the top babyface around, so having him heel it up on Rock would not have been smart. Definitely liking this more egotistical Rock. It makes sense, seeing as what happened in his last title match at NWO. Looking forward to him squashing Jeff Hardy later too.

Simon Dean owns. No he doesn't but at least Dave killed him easy enough. From the looks of Booker and T Lo, Book either agrees with Longs "cracka' bashin'", or I smell a stable war on the horizon.

Okay, let me just say that the way you wrote Batista's internal dilemma last week on SD was one of the best fucking stories I've ever read in BTB, man. It was brilliant. This is quite comfortably now your best storyline by a long way. Loved the way he eyeballed Maryse (Who wouldn't?). What with Steph handing over the main event slot to 'Tista just like that, it looks like this could be the moment we've all been waiting for between Dave and Ric. Should be fairly momentous.

Kennedy keeping it short and sweet? What's the world coming to? When he has a mic in his hand he needs to flap his gums for a long, long time. I like the similarities you have drawn between KK and Rock, namely the way they both completely own their interviewers. Ken much more serious than usual though. Me like this a lot. This feud with Rock could take him to a whole other level of greatness.

You've done Sabin/Noble to death so there was only ever going to be one winner here. Glad you're utilising Kash properly now ... and as a face? Makes a change from what I have him like in my thread, quite a pleasant one too. Doubt he'll be getting the belt any time soon though.

The Hooligans and The Carolina Connection not in the building tonight? I need to know that damn stipulation right now!! I'd guess at a 30- minute Iron Man tag match or 2/3 falls; somethinglike that.

Haven't seen Vinnie Mac in this thread in ages. I missed him. I would imagine that his announcement at SummerSlam will be a Draft or something, which will be quite nice, since I remember you having a Draft around the same period in your thread last year. Charisma somes up this segment. McMahons have a ton of it. Still can't believe you're having the second biggest PPV of the year without the companies three biggest stars in Taker, Cena and Hunter. You are ballsy as hell, Mac.

Great jobber name. Pretty generic installment of the Hardy/Daniels feud, but I guess this rivalry has only just started really, so I expect it to pick up in the next few weeks.

Looks like the stable war was quite an accurate prediction. Great interplay betweeb these awesome heels, although Noble was quite awesome with his lack of caring, and Regal's reaction to being called "Billy" was legenday too. I don't really have a clue what their plan is though. Probably to drive Stephanie out of office or something.

Oh, Rock's such a tweener. He just marked out for a picture of himself.

Okay okay, Teddy Long fucking OWNS!!! He was genius in this segment after that "Colorful" line. Glorious stuff. Noble was funny too as the little suck up right until the end. This could all just be to get everyone on the SummerSlam card in a big tag team match, or it could be something more important than that; either way I'm hooked.

Well, I was hoping for a total squash of that waster Hardy, but at least Rocky got to mess out for a bit in the process. Really into his current, as I think I've made clear. The aftermath was nothing special really, with KK going for Rock, but it's a start. A slow week for this feud after last week, but I expect we'll get an in ring showdown again next week.

Epic, epic closing segment between Batista and Flair. It didn't go as long as I thought it might, but it did it's job perfectly. The contrast in promo styles between the men is perfect: Dave all quiet, restrained menace, coolness and charisma, whilst Ric is a fucking nut. It was a very sad moment too, since it seems to be ending their relationship effectively by way of the challenge. Glad Flair stood up for himself, as it doesn't suit his character to take all that abuse. 'Tista's reason for this attitude makes perfect sense: he's slipped down the ladder a bit and he can see Naitch climbing it again, so he wants to step over his mentor to get back to the top. It's like some kind of Shakespearean Targedy, Mac; a really great story. I marked for their match at SummerSlam. I wasn't sure whether it would happen so soon, but the way you've set it up makes me think that it won't be the last match these two have. This might be the moment when Batista really snaps and turns on Flair fully. Should be awesome. Make sure it's hyped to the max and high on the card, and BINGO, fucking epic. You really needed this match with Cena, Trips and Taker AWOL for the PPV. Good job.

Hope I managed to get in my thoughts abou both SD's really, Mac. You've been doing some spectacular writing in my absence, and SummerSlam is already shaping up to be the PPV of the year bar fucking none. Nothing's going to touch that bitch
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

I'd never forget about you, old friend.

Raw Feedback

I really like that you started the show with MVP-RVD because it is the best match on tap for tonight … besides the main event, of course. MVP sticking with RVD throughout means that you have confidence in the young superstar, meaning that he should get a decent push. Great way to have HBK factor into the finish, with Van Dam taking him down but then getting caught with the low blow and the Playmaker. I always figured Porter would get the win and now I know that Michaels is losing later on … him and RVD have a one-on-one match at SS, imo.

JBL having a Slamboree is awesome and I like how he is dressed for it. He slams Angelina so much and it is good that she speaks up for herself … really makes the partnership work, imo. Good to hear that he is going on later in the show … I am just as excited for this as I am for the main event. Angelina making fun of the celebration is good … but it sucks that we won’t have any of those wrestlers coming out. Wonder what will go down … very intriguing to say the least.

WM21 was really the match that made these two legends … I hope that tonight’s contest is just as good.

MVP needs to be showered after every win … the man is awesome. Luther might be focused on winning his match … but Carlito’s the one heading to SummerSlam … he needs this win.

Haas is just sitting around and talking about what a sucky career he’s had … but Angle pins him against the wall! Very good speech from Angle, telling Haas that he needs to step up and take what he wants, because people won’t just hand it to him. I loved the Raven comment, and that is what Haas has been like the past few months. Haas doesn’t seem to have that fire but I hope that changes, he could be such a great superstar. Angle brings up Shelton and how awesome he has been … I think that will get Haas thinking … and I see him doing something big in the next few weeks.

I personally think that the match at Vengeance ’05 was the best match HBK and Angle had … the ending made the match epic, imo.

Good to see Edge getting some action in the ring, as we haven’t seen that since the big ten-man tag, I believe. Mercury should look formidable, as he has the talent, but Edge is going to pick up the win without a doubt, and he does by nailing the Spear and then locking in the Edgecator for the submission victory. Here comes Orton~! Good little promo from Orton, as he talks about competing in TLC next week … glad that is kicking off the show and I wonder who his opponent will be. Probably will end up being a jobber … but we’ll see. This feud gets better each and every week, Mac Attack.

The 30-Minute IronMan Match at Raw Homecoming was good … but the tie pissed me off. Decisive winner in tonight’s match plz.

I love how RVD didn’t answer the door when Coach knocked … awesome way to show how pissed off he is. Coach is obviously going to tell Van Dam not to get involved … but Rob obviously doesn’t give a “Dam” what Coach says. I see RVD interfering in the match later … but I don’t know what the severe consequences will be. This is kinda similar to the RVD-Hunter feud that Legend has going. I am enjoying both feuds very much, btw.

Good to see that the Mickie-Victoria feud is back to the level it was at before Mickie got “injured”. Glad that the match didn’t get a ton of time, given the ending to the match. Vicky going crazy and nailing Beth with a steel chair in the back was pretty good. Then she heads over to Mickie at ringside and looks to run her wheelchair into the steel steps … but Mickie gets up and runs away! Now that Mickie’s fake injury has been exposed, I expect to see the match for SummerSlam made very soon. This one’s been a long time comin’.

I know I have said this a million times, but what you are doing with JBL in this thread is just absolutely amazing. I mean by giving him the IC Title and having Angelina as his manager … you have made him one of the best things about Raw. I liked the beginning of the “Slamboree” when JBL showed the footage from Vengeace, with all his cheating edited out of course. Then he says that he doesn’t have a challenger … BUT HAAS COMES OUT!! I never expected you to have Haas as the next challenger … but a great way to go, imo. JBL owns Haas with his first few lines … loved the law about being near a mic. Haas explaining himself made the promo worthwhile and showed that he is decent on the stick. Haas challenging JBL was also great, as Bradshaw just seems to think this is all a big joke. No joke as the two brawl for a short while, before Haas locks in the HAAS OF PAIN … with JBL tapping like a bitch. These two HAVE to meet as SummerSlam … this feud could be a great one. You always impress with your JBL feuds Mac, well done.

Last match that HBK and Angle had didn’t settle anything … tonight’s match will without a doubt.

Awesome to see Victoria on the show again … she is my favorite women’s wrestler on this show. It looks like she is going to use Vince as a threat to Coach … but the GM ain’t buyin’ it. Match with Mickie at SS sounds the nuts … but of course Coach has to up the stakes. Having Victoria NEVER get another shot at the belt is pretty harsh but if Vicky wants the match bad enough … she will accept it. No outside parties? Vicky really convinced Coach on that one and it is good to hear that the person who interferes will be fired on the spot. So the match is all set … can’t wait to see what transpires in the coming weeks. BEST WOMEN’S FEUD EVER, tbh.

Glad that you made the right decision by having ‘Lito go over Reigns … well done. Reigns has some talent and it was good that he looked respectable … but CCC just needed this win to gain some credibility back, imo. Five out of the six for the Gauntlet are set … I see Angle rounding out the field.

Very good interview from HBK, especially when he talked about not laying a hand on RVD earlier … he makes a good point. HBK still thinks that Van Dam can’t hang with the big boys and we are going to get some interference from Rob tonight, no doubt about that. Michaels saying that he is better than Angle was good but we are gonna have to see who comes out on top. Michaels will put up a hell of an effort … but Angle is the one walking into the Summer Games Gauntlet.

Angle’s promo was a little bit more self-contained and considering we already heard Angle talkin’ to Haas … it is good that the interview was short and to the point. Angle has always been on to be intense, and I think that he is gonna try his past to destroy HBK tonight. The ‘TORMENT’ on the mouthpiece was a good touch … that’s what Angle is all about, tbh. Main event time is up next … can’t wait!!

I love the big-time build and hype that this match has gotten, and it was complete with the old-school introductions. This is pretty much like a PPV match … if just hope that it can deliver. This match didn’t disappoint, that’s for damn sure. All the counters, all the nearfalls, and all the back and forth between Angle and HBK was just awesome. I like how Michaels hit SCM so early in the match, only to see Angle fall out of the ring, not allowing HBK to make the cover. I thought Angle had the match won on numerous occasions, but Michaels battled out of the Ankle Lock. Shawn looked set to win after hitting SCM for the second time, but couple his bum ankle with RVD’s distraction, and Michaels can’t get the win. Great to see Michaels tap out, just like at WM21, and now Angle is going to the Gauntlet. The Summer Games looks pretty good but what I am stoked about is the fact that we will probably see HBK and RVD one more time at SS. Beautiful ending to the show, you always leave me waiting for the next edition of Raw.

Another very solid showing, Mac. I love how the entire show was centered around HBK-Angle … and the match didn’t disappoint. SummerSlam couldn’t be better hyped on the Raw side, imo. 10/10.

Smackdown! Feedback

The matches for tonight’s card sound good … especially Rock/Jeff. Good choice to open the show, as I figured this match was coming after what happened last week. Booker and Sharmell as the managers owns and it was good that they were able to distract the referee and take down Mysterio. Good “shock” win for the New Breed … hopefully their bigger and better plans pay off.

Those lines by T-Lo always crack me up … you have made his character so much better than he has been IRL. It looks like you got a ton of people upset at Stephanie and that can’t be good for the GM. I wonder what T-Lo and ‘Silva are gonna do about it. Hopefully they get back on the show, always entertaining people, imo.

This was probably one of the best heel Rock promos that I have seen in BTB in recent memory. I love the way that you have KINDA turned him because he still has a following and he is still liked by non-Kennedy marks. Rock talking about KK having less experience was good and I hope we get more interviews like this and maybe one final promo between the two before SummerSlam. Very good ending, with The Rock seemingly a changed man now that the WHC is on the line. Can’t wait for his match with Jeff Hardy … we know Kennedy is gonna wanna get involved.

Glad to see Finlay get another win while he waits to get involved in another feud. Dean has lost two weeks in a row … always a good thing, imo. Booker T and T-Lo watching on the monitor makes me think they are up to something … join together against Steph? I hope that’s the case.

So now Batista wants to see Steph? LMAO at ‘Big Smooth’, btw. Dave usually isn’t one to ask for favors but now he needs one … time in the ring to call out Naitch. I guess that we may finally see this thing between the two of them explode. Main event spot sounds awesome and I was wondering what you’d do since I didn’t really see Jeff vs. Rock as a strong enough main event. Wonder what Batista will say to Ric.

With The Rock getting his two cents in earlier, it was good to see KK get some interview time. Good that he kept it short and sweet … gotta save the talking for an actual promo between the two. Do I think Kennedy will get back at The Rock later tonight. Yes … yes I do.

I guess that this the blowoff match between Kash and Sabin … because the winner will obviously be going into a singles feud with Noble. Good back and forth throughout, with you laying it out there that Kash is more of a tweener instead of the full-blown heel he used to be. Anyway, good ending with the numerous counters and now we get to see Kash challenge once again for the belt. I am not sure how next week’s match is gonna go down but if I had to guess … I’d say Noble is retaining.

SummerSlam card is getting more and more awesome every week … CC/Hooligans have their stipulation decided makes me excited for next week’s show.

VINNIE MAC~! Can’t remember the last time I saw HIM in this thread. An announcement at SummerSlam means one of two things … either the Draft is coming back (PLZ~!) … or you are getting new GM’s … which could happen. Good interaction between Steph and her Dad but I see something happening now that he told her to call up Cena or Trips. One of them is coming back soon … and will probably have something to do with the WHC match at SS. Another awesome backstage segment, tbh.

Hardy winning makes sense … although you did already have a jobber match with Dean and Finlay. Good past-match attack from Daniels and this does two things … it makes Daniels look awesome and like he has a chance at SS … it continues to delay Hardy’s heel turn when he is revealed as Lashley’s attacker. Just my own opinions coming into play.

Booker as the leader of this new group is pretty awesome and I think that he will get all these guys behind him to revolt against Steph. Great that you had him run down all of the good things about each wrestler, shows how much he believes in each of the guys. Noble not wanting to join makes the storyline interesting … hopefully he chooses a side pretty soon.

Rock vs. Hardy is next … but The Great One may be too concerned with his SS opponent, imo.

Great announcement by Steph to make Noble mad … very good way for the CW Title to be on the line. Noble is now a part of the new stable and I think that they will all help each other out in matches … with it all getting started next week during the CW Title match.

Very good match between Jeff and Rock that is even more evenly matched because Rock doing all the poses allows Jeff to get back into the match at certain points. No surprise that Rocky is the one who ends up getting the win and using the Rock Bottom twice and then the People’s Elbow makes him even more of a heel. KK comes out after the match and nothing is really decided. Good way to progress the feud … can’t wait to see what happens next week.

And here comes The Animal~! Batista has got some things on his mind and I see this as the time when his relationship with Ric Flair implodes. Good way for him to get heat running down all of his accomplishments as World Champ. Ric Flair answers the call right away and now we are gonna have an awkward situation. Good to see the footage played from the two times Flair cost Batista the World Title. I was surprised that Ric came back so quickly … calling Batista out on not having his head in the game since he learned he was facing KK at WM23. Flair goes off on Batista and that seemed to make the altercation that much better. MITB match at SS sounds the sex and I love how no shots were fired tonight … but I do see Batista as the heel in the feud throughout. Awesome, awesome way to end the show.

Another solid edition, Mac. A little bit shorter than the other ones but you got all the jobs done. Next week’s show should be awesome. 9.5/10.


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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Originally Posted by kid o mac View Post
Also the Continental Airlines Arena is now called the IZOD Center.
Yeah, but the name was changed in October of 2007, after SSlam.

Originally Posted by JayBeeLoser View Post
Tom Tucker aye? Did you think of Family Guy?
No, actually. Goddamn subconscious.

Good match to kick things off. Must've had Rey/Chavo re-align after TGAB; totally slipped my mind. If you could let me know if that's correct, it'd be good.
Yeah, they "reunited" after their 20-minute match at GAB.

Originally Posted by Legend View Post
Hot women with foreign accents both arouse and amuse you, Mac?
Lil' bit.

Okay, let me just say that the way you wrote Batista's internal dilemma last week on SD was one of the best fucking stories I've ever read in BTB, man.
Much appreciated.

You've been doing some spectacular writing in my absence, and SummerSlam is already shaping up to be the PPV of the year bar fucking none. Nothing's going to touch that bitch
I disagree. Your Mania's coming up, rit?

I think I managed to get to everybody for a review, and I appreciate the reviews for those who don't have a thread (invincible, JBLoser).


Monday Night Raw - August 6th, 2007

“You expected a cookie-cutter promo from The Showstopper?”

Desperate Times, Desperate Mickie

No pyro, no opening commentary.

We go straight to the ring, where a skinny man waits in the ring, dressed in rather bland wrestling attire. The camera begins to circle the ring, and on two sides of the ring lies a table with a couple of chairs on it. At the midway point of the ramp, a ladder sits. Lillian Garcia announces the wrestler in the ring’s name as ‘Mitchell Coleman’, and soon…


The crowd lets out a tremendous amount of heat as ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton steps out onto the stage, ready to compete in his first ever TLC Match here tonight … against less-than-stellar competition. The camera pans up to show that a clipboard, with paper secured in it, hangs above the ring.

1 - Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match
Randy Orton
vs. Mitchell Coleman

The match acts as a mere showcase for Orton, who takes full advantage, completely TORTURING his opponent. The One Man Dynasty runs through his usual offense at first, but soon goes to one of the steel chairs at ringside. Orton then wears him out, first with a shot to the skull, which knocks him out, then proceeds to lay into his back with the steel chair over and over … and over … and over … and over again!!

The poor prick BLEEDS from his forehead, but Orton shows him no mercy, and soon PUNTS HIM IN THE HEAD!! After that shot, Coleman doesn’t move … but Orton’s not done, and tosses him from the ring. Orton then knocks the top of the steel steps over, before grabbing his victim and lying him across the base, with his head hanging off. Orton backs up, and DELIVERS ANOTHER PUNT TO THE SIDE OF HIS HEAD!!!

Ross and Lawler go silent, as does most of the crowd, as the poor bastard wasn’t moving BEFORE the second punt, god knows how bad off he is now. Even while inflicting disgusting amount of damage, Orton doesn’t look sick or crazed, however; he’s got his usual cocky smirk, seemingly enjoying himself. The former WWE Champion takes a second or two to stare at his bloody opponent, before he heads up the ramp, grabs the ladder, drags it towards the ring and slides it in.

Orton slides in as well, and sets up the ladder. The Legend Killer then begins to climb the ladder, but soon … climbs back down, and shoves the ladder off to the side. Orton rolls out … and clears off the TABLE, before BRINGING IT INTO THE RING! The One Man Dynasty slides it in, before he quickly follows, and sets it up in the corner. Randy rolls out of the ring, and brings his blood-splattered opponent back into the ring as well. Orton follows, drags Coleman’s lifeless body towards the corner, and props him up against the table.

The #1 Contender for the WWE Championship then walks towards the opposite corner … before he quickly spins around and charges, DRILLING HIM WITH A SPEAR THROUGH THE TABLE!!! That shakes the crowd out of their shock a bit, as the audience begins to rain down heat on the callous third generation superstar. Orton lets out a shit-eating grin, as he arrogantly walks over to the ladder, and drags it back to the middle of the ring.

Orton then slowly climbs the ladder, as he receives an ungodly amount of heat from the sold-out building. The Legend Killer then reaches up, and unhooks the clipboard from the hook, getting the win.

Winner - Randy Orton at 5:04.

The crowd showers Orton with boos, showing their strong hatred for what losing the WWE Championship has turned Orton into; he was always a dick, but now he’s vicious, uncaring, cold … and deadly.

Ross and Lawler lay out as Orton yanks the paper from the clipboard, before tossing the clipboard. The Legend Killer unfolds the paper, which ends up being about the length of his wingspan. Orton sits across the top of the ladder, and holds the paper out horizontally, showing it to the hard camera with a smirk. The camera closes in close on the paper, until it takes up the entire screen…


The camera goes to the locker room of Edge and Lita, who stand watching. The Rated R Superstar stares at the words on his screen, seemingly emotionless, before he runs his hands through his hair, and then rubs his stubble … nervously?


*Backstage - Mickie James’ Locker Room*

Mickie James, dressed in one of her denim outfits, holds the Women’s Title belt in her hands, as she sits on a chair in her locker room. Mickie puts the belt on her lap and takes her hands off of it … but her hands begin to shake, so she holds onto the belt once more. Beth Phoenix soon walks into picture, and crouches down to eyelevel with Mickie. Phoenix and James stare into each other’s eyes for what seems like forever … until Mickie drops her head back to the title.

Mickie James: It’s over.

Beth Phoenix:

Mickie James: Don’t “Mickie” me. It’s done, isn’t it?

Beth Phoenix:
It’s only done if you want it to be.

~ Mickie looks up, raising an eyebrow.

Mickie James:
What are you talking about? There’s no interference, you can’t help me. Victoria is running through people left and right … and I’m next. There’s nothing left.

~ Beth lets out a bit of a smile and stands up, turning her back to Mickie, and walks a bit. James’ eyes follow Beth, as Phoenix turns back around.

Beth Phoenix: Well … that depends.

Mickie James: On what?

Beth Phoenix: Depends on how badly you want to keep the belt.

~ Phoenix lets out a bit of a sadistic smirk, but it doesn’t do much to soothe the nerves of Beth, who continues to look quite nervous.

*Backstage - MVP Locker Room*

Both MVP and Luther Reigns are dressed to compete in their black attires, with each having matches later tonight. The Playgirls, Layla, Kelly and Brooke, sit on the couch chatting it up, as the fellas ‘shadow wrestle’ with one another, giving each other some pointers, when there’s a knock on the door.

Reigns walks over to the door, and opens it. Much to the surprise of those in the room … the Intercontinental Champion John Bradshaw Layfield and Angelina Williams stand in the doorway. Layfield, dressed in his usual suit and cowboy hat, also wears a grin, while beside him, Angelina is dressed in a suit of her own.

Luther Reigns: Come on in, Bradshaw.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
(Walking in) Haha, Montel, Luther, life is good isn’t it?

Montel Vontavious Porter:
(Tersely) What do ya need, Layfield?

~ JBL smiles.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Still mad about that ten man tag? Alright. But actually, I’m not here to talk to you; I’m here to talk to your boy.

~ JBL turns to Reigns with a smirk, as Porter waves Layfield off, and lifts Layla off of her seat, sits in her spot, and pulls her onto his lap, which gets a giggle from the gorgeous gal. ~___~

John Bradshaw Layfield: If I’m hearing correctly, you’ve got a match with Charlie Haas later on tonight.

Luther Reigns: You heard right.

John Bradshaw Layfield: That stupid little punk had the audacity to interrupt my Super Summer Slamboree, and-

Luther Reigns: Super Summer Slamboree? What is that … like a gay thing?

~ MVP, the Playgirls, and Angelina all laugh, as JBL’s face scrunches up. Reigns lets out an ever so slight smirk, which lets Layfield know he wasn’t serious.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
The point is-

Luther Reigns:
Look, Layfield … you don’t need to get me hyped up for this match. I’m ALWAYS pissed off, and I’m ALWAYS looking to hurt somebody, and since I lost my match last week … you can bet your ass that I’m looking to take that out on somebody! And that somebody tonight, just happens to be Charlie Haas.

~ Bradshaw smirks, and nods as Reigns gets fired up. Luther’s face then begins to lighten a bit … as he looks Angelina up and down.

Luther Reigns: But if you’re looking for a little more damage than usual…

~ Reigns looks around Williams … at her ass, quite frankly.

Luther Reigns:
…then what are you prepared to offer me?

~ Angelina looks at Reigns with disgust, while JBL’s eyebrows raise a bit in shock. Layfield soon snaps out of it, puts his arm around Angelina, and leads her towards the door, away from Reigns, backs turned.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Look-

Angelina Williams: You’re not serious, are you?

John Bradshaw Layfield: You haven’t even heard what I have to say yet!

Angelina Williams: Is it gonna be disgusting!?

John Bradshaw Layfield: Depends on what you consider disgusting.

Angelina Williams: Sleeping with him for one. I’m your manager, not a prostitute.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Damn it, Just listen.

Angelina Williams: ……Go ahead.

~ JBL takes a deep breath before starting.

John Bradshaw Layfield: After the match, if he does a good job, if he takes that damn Charlie Haas out, which is what we NEED, remember that … … you could … I don’t know … give him the ol’ … (clears throat)low five…

~ Layfield arches his eyebrow as he waits for a response…

…and Angelina storms off, out of the room and down the hallway. JBL turns back to Reigns, who waits, arms folded. Bradshaw mouths “damn it”, as we fade out.


*Backstage - GM’s Office*

Standing in front of his desk, seemingly posing, Jonathan Coachman is dressed rather nicely, even more spiffy than usual, rocking a black suit, white shirt, white tie, white handkerchief, with his shoes as clean as mirrors. There’s a knock on the door, and Coach nervously checks himself over once more, before he walks toward the door and opens it with a smile.

Jonathan Coachman: Mr. Mc-

~ Coachman’s smile is turned upside down, as America’s Most Wanted, James Storm and Chris Harris, enter the room, both dressed to compete tonight, also wearing their leather trench coats.

Jonathan Coachman: What do you two want? I’m expecting someone.

James Storm:
We kinda expected you to do something about the title shot we have coming up.

Chris Harris:
We’ve been calling you all week.

James Storm: Any time you’re ready.

Jonathan Coachman: I’ve been busy.

James Storm: (Feeling Coach’s tie) With what? Getting ready for the prom?

~ Coach snatches his tie away from Storm and straightens himself up.

Jonathan Coachman:
You know what? Maybe if you two decided to show me a little more respect around here, I would care about anything you two are saying. But since you haven’t … and since you’re both dressed for competition here tonight, you’re going to have a chance to take out some of your aggression.

Chris Harris: Good. I hope it’s our title shot.

Jonathan Coachman: Well … not quite.

~ Both Storm and Harris’ faces scrunch up, while Coachman buttons his jacket in the front.

Jonathan Coachman: No, y’see, the two of you will be in Handicap action here tonight, as you go two … on FOUR against The Spirit Squad!

~ AMW shake their heads in disgust, but Coach doesn’t notice, as he looks past them, waiting on his guest. That’s almost a metaphor for Raw’s tag division. ~___~

*Back to ringside*

2 - Charlie Haas vs. Luther Reigns

The earlier discussion with Layfield and Williams doesn’t seem to have much of an effect on the performance of Reigns, who looks to attack with fierce aggression per always, but he does struggle with the speed and wrestling advantage of Haas in the early moments. Big Lu does eventually get a handle on things, and manages to dominate the former multi-time tag team champion for a couple of minutes. At the four and a half minute mark, Haas makes a comeback, taking MVP’s enforcer down with a couple of suplex variations, but Reigns does avoid the Haas of Pain. Unfortunately for him, Haas proves he’s not a one-trick pony, and counters a potential Reigns power slam, and drills Reigns with a German Suplex with a bridge … for the three count!!

Winner - Charlie Haas via pin fall at 6:14.

The crowd pops as Haas lets go, and gets back up to his feet, and has his arm raised by the referee. Reigns rolls out of the ring, holding the back of his neck in pain. While Charlie continues to celebrate in the ring, Big Lu takes a look at a steel chair at ringside, and then back at Haas. Uh oh.

Reigns then - possibly remembering his convo with JBL & Angelina - flails his arm at the chair and begins to walk around ringside, back up the entrance ramp, not bothering to possibly inflict damage on Haas.


*Backstage - GM’s Office*

The camera pans around Coachman’s office, and the room looks relatively empty. Soon though … we see MR. MCMAHON walk into the office, dressed in a suit. Vinnie Mac looks around the room, wondering where the hell Coach is … until we hear a loud “FLUSH”. McMahon shakes his head, as Jonathan Coachman comes out of one of the inner rooms, looking unkempt, shirt untucked, tie loosened. Coach quickly snaps his head up, sees Vince, and rapidly adjusts himself.

Jonathan Coachman: Mr. McMahon, I was just-

Mr. McMahon:
No need for details, Coach.

~ Coach nods.

Mr. McMahon:
This will be very quick. I’m here for two reasons. One, to congratulate you on the fabulous card that you’re putting together for SummerSlam in just about three weeks. Tremendous stuff from both you and Stephanie.

Jonathan Coachman: Thank you, sir.

Mr. McMahon: And secondly, I’m gonna have a major, MAJOR piece of business to inform both you and Stephanie of at SummerSlam regarding Raw, SmackDown, and the WWE as a whole.

~ Coach seems a bit shaken by that.

Jonathan Coachman:
This wouldn’t have to do with a … uh … change of personnel, would it?

Mr. McMahon: I can’t say as of just yet … but I will say this. Things will be changing around here, that’s for damn sure.

~ Coach’s shakes his head, as McMahon extends his hand. Coachman quickly shakes Vince’s hand.

Mr. McMahon: See ya’ around, Coach.

~ McMahon turns to leave, but Coach quickly speaks up.

Jonathan Coachman: Mr. McMahon, I just wanted to clear one thing up with you. About the Victoria situation, I just wanted to explain myself. (Begins talking rapidly)I wasn’t sure what you would want. Mickie’s our champion, and I know it didn’t look like she was hurt, but you never know with these knee injuries. Everything could look fine, and then she could be out for six months, which would cost you money. And that’s all I’m looking to do; look out for your best interest … Please don’t fire (voice cracking) meeee!

~ Coach sounds like he’s damn near ready to cry, as Vince begins to laugh a bit.

Mr. McMahon: What the hell are you talking about Coach?

Jonathan Coachman: Y’know … Mickie and the wheelchair.

Mr. McMahon:
What about it?

Jonathan Coachman:
Victoria said she talked to you, and-

Mr. McMahon: When was this?

Jonathan Coachman: Last week.

~ McMahon shakes his head from the side to side.

Mr. McMahon: First off … nobody’s getting fired. If I wanted to fire you, Coach, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

~ Mental high-five in Coach’s head, as he smiles and lets out a sigh of relief.

Mr. McMahon: And I haven’t spoken to Victoria in months when we renewed her contract. She must’ve been mistaken.

~ Coach’s face goes blank when McMahon says ‘months’. The spinning of the gears in his head are almost visible.

Mr. McMahon: But hey, if that WrestleMania match is anything to go by, should be a hell of a SummerSlam rematch though.

~ Coachman snaps out it.

Jonathan Coachman: Absolutely.

Mr. McMahon: Alright. See you around. Lay off the caffeine, Coach.

Jonathan Coachman:
Ha, will do, sir. Goodbye, Mr. McMahon.

~ Vinnie Mac leaves the office, and Coach’s face is immediately taken over by a look of anger, driven by embarrassment. Coachman waits a dozen or so seconds, before he sticks his head outside the office and summons a backstage worker.

Jonathan Coachman: Tell Victoria that I want to see her immediately after her match.

~ The worker does what he’s told, as Coachman takes off his jacket and tosses it to the ground in frustration.

*Backstage - JBL’s Locker Room*

JBL angrily paces back and forth in his locker room, while Angelina Williams sits on his couch, looking somewhat sorrowful.

Angelina Williams: What did you want me to do?

John Bradshaw Layfield: I told you what I wanted you to do!! You walked away, remember!?

Angelina Williams: I’m not a whore, John.

John Bradshaw Layfield: No, you are my manager! And as my manager, you’re supposed to make my life easier, but did you do that!? NO! You’ve got too much class to help out your damn client! NO! Your ethics are too high to do your damn job!! So not only does that big oaf go out there and LOSE the damn match, but I’ve still got Haas on my ass, and he’s still coming after my Intercontinental Championship!!

~ JBL fiercely glares at Williams, before he continues to pace back and forth, anxious.

Angelina Williams: (Under breath) Deal with it.

~ Layfield stops dead in his tracks, as Angelina looks up at her boss. Bradshaw slowly turns toward her.

John Bradshaw Layfield: What in the hell did you just say?

~ Angelina lets out a sigh, and stands up, head high.

Angelina Williams: I said “deal with it.”

~ JBL looks ready to go Ike Turner on her, but Angelina continues.

Angelina Williams: You go around this place talking yourself up as if you’re the second coming of Jesus Christ himself, but yet, at every opportunity, you take the easy way out instead of just relying on your talent. You hire people to do your dirty work, you decide that throwing celebrations is more important than wrestling, and just run away whenever things get rough.

~ Layfield’s eyes widen, shocked that his manager is speaking to him in such a way.

Angelina Williams: I got news for ya, John, why in the hell should people take you seriously as a possible holder of TWO titles, when you don’t even take pride in defending the one you have? You say you’re the best of all-time? I say you’ve got the talent … but it’s about time you stopped talking and proved it.

~ Layfield holds his head down, taking in what his feisty manager just said, before he looks up, nodding.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Ya’ think so?

Angelina Williams: I do.

~ JBL continues nodding a bit…

John Bradshaw Layfield:
…Shut up and grab my bags! I’m gettin’ the hell out of here!

~ Layfield then angrily storms out of the room like a child, leaving a semi-disgusted Williams.

*Backstage - Hallway*

Trish Stratus stands around, talking to a couple of random divas in her usual self-important manner … when she’s soon approached by a smiling and skipping Mickie James and Beth Phoenix. James adjusts the title on her shoulder, while Trish doesn’t seem that happy to see Mickie, and doesn’t hide it.

Trish Stratus:
No fruit basket this time?

Mickie James: Trish, you are SO funny!

Trish Stratus: Mickie, as true as that may be - and yes, I’m wonderful in just about every way - I have a very busy night ahead of me. Get to the point.

Beth Phoenix: Look-

~ Beth steps in front of Mickie, and towers over the smaller blonde.

Beth Phoenix: Either you help me and Mickie with a problem we have … or you’ll have the problem.

Trish Stratus: Ooh, a feisty one here. I like it. Unfortunately, I’ve never taken well to threats. Bye-bye.

~ Stratus arrogantly turns around and begins to walk down the hall. Scowl on her face, Beth begins to approach Trish with evil intentions … but Mickie quickly stops her, and catches up with Stratus.

Mickie James: Trish, wait!

~ Trish turns around, and the superficial look that Mickie once had is now completely gone, replaced with a look of desperation.

Mickie James: Trish, listen … I know we’ve had our … problems. I kinda … y’know … took your identity, took your top spot, took your championship, took your media appearances, took-

Trish Stratus: Kissed me.

Mickie James: You liked it…

~ Mickie lets out a smirk … but soon sees the serious look on Trish’s face, and immediately drops it.

Mickie James: But that’s beside the point. Trish … we need you. You help us do this, and you’ll go straight to the top of the list of contender’s for the Women’s Title. We both know how much you want lucky number seven. You help us with this, you may just get it.

~ Mickie and Beth look into the eyes of Stratus, as Trish still looks quite skeptical, and we fade out…


3 - Victoria vs. Torrie Wilson

Torrie Wilson makes her long awaited return to WWE television … as mere fodder for the unbelievably talented Victoria, who continues her tremendous roll. From the beginning, it’s obvious to everyone that Vickie is the superior competitor, and it continues until Ms. Wilson is put away with the Widow’s Peak.

Winner - Victoria via pin fall at 2:58.

The crowd cheers as Victoria gets up back up to her feet, letting out a grin. She turns toward all three sections of the crowd, making a motion that she wants the title belt, getting a nice pop each and every time.

Jim Ross: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there isn’t a more determined competitor on the planet than that woman right there. She’s putting it all on the line at SummerSlam for the opportunity - one more opportunity - one LAST opportunity - at Mickie James and the Women’s Championship!

Jerry Lawler: Who’s gonna stop her, J.R.? She’s beaten Mickie, she’s beaten Beth Phoenix, Trish Stratus, Gail Kim, Torrie Wilson. Victoria is BETTER than she was at WrestleMania, and Mickie needed Beth Phoenix to beat her then. What’s she gonna do now that Beth is banned from being anywhere near that ring at SummerSlam?

*Backstage - Interview Area*

Todd Grisham stands by, microphone in hand.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time … the WWE Champion, ‘The Rated R Superstar’ EDGE!

~ The crowd lets out a strong ovation, as Edge steps into screenshot, dawned in a pair of jeans and a ‘Rated R for Sex & Violence’ T-shirt, dark shades on, WWE Title slung over his left shoulder, while Lita stands next to him.

Todd Grisham: Edge, as we all know, you defend your WWE Championship against Randy Orton in your specialty, a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match, at SummerSlam. But earlier tonight, we saw what Randy Orton plans to do in that match up when he took part in his first ever TLC Match here tonight…

~ Edge, Lita and Grisham turn to the monitor, and footage plays of Orton’s earlier domination of his less-than-formidable opponent with a couple of nasty punts to the head, a steel chair, and then a nasty spear through a table. That’s followed up by footage of Orton climbing the ladder and then showing off his ‘message’ to Edge. The video ends, and Edge shakes his head.

Todd Grisham: Edge, what did you think of The Legend Killer’s performance, and how will it affect the way you approach the SummerSlam matchup?

Edge: Well, that’s exactly what it was … a performance. I don’t know if Orton thinks that was supposed to impress me, and everybody else watching that crap, but it didn’t. I’m not a 150 pound rookie, who looks like he should be playing high school soccer … I’m the WWE Champion.

~ The crowd lets out a pop. The Rated R Superstar looks as focused as can be, adjusting the belt on his shoulder.

Edge: I’ve won every belt that there is to win, I have NEVER lost a TLC Match, and more importantly, I have beaten Randy Orton.

~ More cheers for Edge as he turns toward the camera, taking his shades off.

Orton, play all the games you want, beat all the rookies you’d like, and continue telling yourself you’re the best in the business. The fact remains that come August 26th, in the Continental Airlines Arena, in front of 15,000 fans, you will be in for the most painful time of your life. You want this WWE Championship? You’re gonna have to pull it out of my cold, dead hands.

~ Another pop for the WWE Champion, as Edge takes his shades and puts them back over his eyes.

Edge: And, Randy … I’m alive and kickin’.

~ Edge lets out a confident smirk, and slaps the belt on his shoulder, before he and Lita walk off, leaving Grisham looking on.


4 - Two-on-Four Handicap Match
America’s Most Wanted w/Gail Kim
vs. The Spirit Squad
*World Tag Team Champions The Redneck Wrecking Crew on commentary*

Though they come in on a bit of a roll after winning two matches in the last three weeks, the two members of AMW are no match to take on the four excited stars of the Spirit Squad. While they manage to hold their own against the SS for the opening few minutes, it’s only a matter of time before the numbers advantage catches up to the former tag team champions. Combine that with constant distractions from Cade & Murdoch, and it’s no shock to see Storm fall to the High Spirits once the referee has his back turned. Johnny then quickly covers The Cowboy for the three count, while the rest of the SS hold off Harris.

Winners - Spirit Squad via pin fall at 5:37.

After the match, The Redneck Wrecking Crew head up the entrance ramp, carrying their belts, huge smiles on their faces. While Gail Kim and The Wildcat check on Storm, the SS jump up and down like a bunch of schoolgirls, picking up their biggest win in a long while.

*Backstage - GM’s Office*

Jonathan Coachman angrily paces back and forth in his office, looking none too pleased. Soon enough, Victoria walks into his office, still dressed in her wrestling gear.

Victoria: You rang?

Jonathan Coachman: Guess who I spoke to today?

Victoria: Do I have to?

Jonathan Coachman: Mr. McMahon.

~ Victoria’s calm demeanor fades, though she still wears a “You got me” half smile.

Jonathan Coachman:
I don’t appreciate being LIED to!

Victoria: I don’t appreciate being jerked around.

Jonathan Coachman: Don’t try to play the victim now. The Coach is the victim. (Sniffles as if he’s tearing up)All I do … is try to be fair to all of my Raw superstars, and this is the way I’m treated?

~ Vickie rolls her eyes, as does anybody else with sense. Coach straightens up.

Jonathan Coachman: So you know what we’re gonna do? Even though you gained it under false pretenses, I can’t change your title match with Mickie James, I can’t add a competitor to it at this point, hell, I can’t even postpone it. But what I can do … is adjust it.

~ Victoria twists her mouth up, frustrated.

Jonathan Coachman: Oh, yes, you will still be wrestling Mickie for the title at SummerSlam. Yes, interference will still be banned from ringside. And yes, it’ll still be your last chance. But, now … I’m adding a ten minute time limit.

~ Vickie’s mouth opens a bit, taken aback.

Jonathan Coachman: And that means, that if you don’t beat Mickie for the belt, OR, time runs out on you, it will STILL be your absolute last chance at the Women’s Championship.

~ The number one contender for the Women’s Title doesn’t look happy in the least, shocked, upset, just a couple of the emotions on Victoria’s face at the moment. Coachman walks over to his desk and plops down in his seat, paying no more attention to his ‘#2’ diva. Victoria angrily turns around and throws his door open, before marching down the hallway.

Vickie marches down the corridor, all business, with several people doing the smart thing, … getting the hell out of her way. Eventually, Vickie makes it to the women’s locker room, but as soon as she grabs the handle…

???: Victoria!

Victoria: WHAT!?

~ Victoria turns around…


The camera pans over to show Mickie James and Trish Stratus leant up against the facing wall, Stratus with a look of pure arrogance, while the gaze of Mickie is transfixed on the downed Victoria. Beth opens the door and steps inside. A couple of random women occupy the premises, and Phoenix immediately chases them out, half-naked and all.

Beth then turns around, and grabs Victoria, bringing the raven-haired beauty up to her feet … ONLY TO HAVE VICKIE DOUBLE-LEG HER DOWN INSIDE THE LOCKER ROOM!! Beth can only manage to cover up, as Victoria begins to rain down wild rights and lefts at the muscle of the Beth/Mickie tandem, but Vickie’s momentum is soon stopped by a double axe handle from Trish!!

Trish and Mickie close in, grab Victoria, bring the feisty and kicking diva back up to her feet … and then SLAM HER INTO A NEARBY WALL with tremendous force!! Vickie immediately falls down to the floor, barely moving now as Mickie walks over and helps Phoenix up to her feet. The three divas stare down at Victoria who lies face down…

Trish Stratus: We’re not done, are we?

Mickie James: We’re just getting started.

~ Mickie wears a sick smile, and Trish looks down at Vickie, while Beth walks over and closes the door in ‘our’ {the camera’s} face…


Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, during the break, Victoria, the number one contender for the Women’s Title, was taken out of the arena, because of an assault at the hands of the Women’s Champion Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, and Trish Stratus.

Jerry Lawler: Just … over the top. Sickening.

Jim Ross:
We don’t have any footage of the assault for you, ladies and gentlemen, but we do know that Victoria suffered a deep laceration on her skull and sustained a concussion. We’ll have more for you next week on the reprehensible actions of our WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James and her cohorts! And I don’t know how anyone could defend what these women have done here tonight! Absolutely disgusting! Go ahead, King! Defend these cretins!

Jerry Lawler: I can’t, J.R. I’m a huge fan of all three of those women, but that’s just taking it too far. Too far.

5 - Main Event; Six Man Tag Team Match
Kurt Angle, Carlito & Ken Doane
vs. Umaga, MVP & John Morrison

As would be expected, Angle and Umaga want at each other for the entirety of the match up, but outside factors, such as the egos of Morrison and Porter, prevent that from happening. The youngsters, Doane, Carlito, Porter, and Morrison, spend the majority of the match up in the ring, exchanging maneuvers, counters, and the such, before eventually, we end up with just MVP and Carlito in the ring.

The two superstars go at it tooth and nail for a couple of minutes, until a double clothesline takes both guys down and out. Porter and Carly each begin to crawl toward their perspective corners, and once they do, they each make the hot tag, Carlito to KURT ANGLE … and Montel to … John Morrison?

While the crowd initially cheers for Angle, it boos once Morrison comes in, upset that Umaga-Angle isn’t happening at the moment. The Wrestling Machine dominates The Guru of Greatness with clotheslines, right and left hands, and a couple of devastating belly to belly suplexes from Angle! MVP attempts to help, but he’s soon planted with a German suplex, and then grabbed by Doane and dragged out of the ring.

The crowd roars as Angle stands alone in the ring, with Carlito, MVP, Doane and Morrison all out of the picture … and Umaga waiting on the apron. Kurt lets out a ROAR of his own, and calls Mags in … and he doesn’t have to ask twice!! Umaga steps into the ring, lets out a barbaric yell, AND THE BRAWL IS ON AGAIN!!

Angle and Umaga exchange right hands in the middle of the ring … until Umaga begins winning, rocking the Olympian, while the crowd boos the Samoan furiously. Umaga then goes to shoots Kurt off the ropes, but Angle counters the Irish whip! Umaga comes back, and Angle TAKES THE 300 POUNDER OVER WITH A BELLY TO BELLY!!!

Angle pops back up to his feet and looks around at the thousands of fans standing, cheering and applauding wildly, before he pounds his chest with intensity, pumped up by his Herculean move. While Doane and MVP brawl (with Kenny dominating), Carly and Morrison arise, while Angle stalks The Bulldozer. Kurt looks ready to hit a potential Angle Slam … but Morrison, the legal man, attacks him from behind!!

The Monday Night Delight takes Angle down with a shot to the back of his surgically-repaired neck! Carlito attempts to help … but he’s leveled with a boot to the face by Umaga, knocking him from the ring!! The Bulldozer follows him outside … only to be charged at by Doane … who’s taken down by a clothesline from Umaga!! Mags lets out another roar, while AAE smirks, and inside, Morrison goes for the MOONLIGHT DRIVE ON ANGLE - but when he turns over … Angle doesn’t go over with him, stopping his momentum, and causing Morrison to land on his back and neck somewhat awkwardly.

AAE and Umaga watch on, as The Wrestling Machine glares a hole through them, while the crowd cheers him on, before he pulls the straps down to an even louder ovation. Angle then turns around, and once a stunned and staggering Morrison makes it back up … Kurt PLANTS HIM WITH THE ANGLE SLAM!! While Melina watches on horrified from ringside, The Wrestling Machine covers Morrison, hooking the far leg, while his eyes remain locked on Umaga. 1... 2... 3!!

Winner - Kurt Angle, Carlito & Doane via pinfall at 12:51.

The crowd cheers as Angle pops back up to his feet, and continues to glare at his hated rival. The Samoan Bulldozer looks at AAE, and then motions toward Angle, but Estrada calls him to the back, not wanting any more battles to take place here tonight.



The crowd erupts into a tremendous ovation as ‘The Whole Dam Show’ Rob Van Dam steps out onto the stage, dressed in a pair of denim shorts and a ‘Nobody Gets Higher’ T-shirt. RVD takes a gander around the arena at all of the cheering fans, before he continues on down to the ring. Mr. Monday Night rolls into the ring, and is soon tossed a microphone by Lillian Garcia. His music dies down and so does the crowd, while RVD brings the mic up.

Rob Van Dam: Last week, I had an opportunity to get back to where I belong, back to where each and every one of you want to see RVD, and that’s back in the WWE Title hunt!

~ Crowd cheers, as RVD nod a bit.

Rob Van Dam: I had a chance to punch my way back to the main event by getting into the Summer Games Gauntlet at SummerSlam … but that didn’t happen.

~ Van Dam quickly rubs his beard, while a couple of boos are heard.

Rob Van Dam: It didn’t happen … because ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels-

~ Van Dam is cut off by a loud mixed reaction, leaning towards heat, but RVD soon talks over them.

Rob Van Dam: HBK decided that RVD didn’t deserve to be in the match up, so he decided … to do this…

~ RVD motions toward the titantron, which plays the footage from last week’s Summer Games Qualifier between RVD and MVP …

Last Week on Raw: RVD looks ready to put the match away, perched and ready for the Five Star Frog Splash … but SHAWN MICHAELS SPRINTS DOWN THE ENTRANCE RAMP!! Michaels jumps onto the apron, and RVD leaps off, KICKING HBK IN THE CHEST, knocking him from the apron!! As the ref yells at Michaels, MVP nails Van Dam with a LOW BLOW, and follows up with the PLAYMAKER for the three count!!}

~ The video ends and the crowd begins to boo, while RVD shakes his head.

Rob Van Dam: Now, it’s no secret that Shawn Michaels doesn’t think too highly of RVD. He’s called me a mid-carder … a curtain jerker … a joke.

~ Boos from the crowd, as the look on Van Dam’s face becomes more intense.

Rob Van Dam: But one thing Shawn Michaels now KNOWS about Rob Van Dam, is you can’t screw with RVD without paying a price.

~ The crowd cheers as Van Dam once more motions toward the titantron, while footage pays of the final Summer Games Qualifier, the much hyped battle between Michaels and Angle…

Last Week on Raw: Angle turns around, AND HBK LEVELS HIM WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! The crowd is once more at a fever pitch as Michaels begins to crawl toward Angle’s lifeless body at a snail’s pace, crap ankle and all, completely worn out from the match. The crowd soon lets out a strong ovation … as ROB VAN DAM begins to walk down to the ring, scowl on his face. Michaels doesn’t look too happy, and begins to panic, trying with all of his might to cover Angle. Finally, he manages to get an arm across his shoulder! 1... 2... RVD LEAPS ONTO THE APRON!! Completely flustered, Michaels lets go of the cover, turns on his stomach and takes a swipe at RVD, only to have Van Dam leap down from the apron. HBK uses the ropes to pull himself up and RVD watches intently. Several times, Van Dam feigns getting onto the apron, causing Michaels to wildly kick between the ropes! RVD begins to smirk, continuing to rattle Michaels, whilst unbeknownst to The Showstopper, Angle begins to get back up to his feet behind him. RVD backs up, pretending to be frustrated by Michaels, causing HBK to smirk, and delivers a DX crotch chop to a mixed reaction. Van Dam then lets out a smirk of his own, as ANGLE COMES FROM BEHIND, and looks for a German Suplex - but MICHAELS COUNTERS, and lands on his FEET … and HIS LEFT ANKLE BUCKLES!!
The Wrestling Machine quickly turns around, AND LOCKS IN THE ANKLE LOCK AGAIN!!! Eventually, HBK TAPS OUT!!

~ The video ends and the crowd pops … but Van Dam’s expression hasn’t changed, still one of fierce determination.

Rob Van Dam: Shawn … if you think that that was the end, if you think that that makes us even for all the-

***SEXY BOY***

The arena EXPLODES with a thunderous mixed reaction, but that soon begins to degenerate into a tremendous amount of heat, as ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels steps out onto the stage and immediately begins to walk down the entrance ramp, scowl on his face, and a bit of a limp in his step, still feeling the effects of Angle’s Ankle Lock from last week.

Jim Ross: The Showstopper does not look too happy here tonight, and why should he be? A distraction from Rob Van Dam cost him a chance at getting into the Summer Games Gauntlet. But HBK has no one to blame but himself.

Jerry Lawler: And RVD!

Dressed in his cowboy hat, and a grey suit, white dress shirt and tie, The Showstopper looks all business as he marches up the steel steps, and climbs into the ring, coming face-to-face with RVD! Van Dam turns toward Michaels … only to see HBK take off his hat and fling it away with authority. The crowd ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ as RVD backs up a bit … not out of fear, but to take his shirt off, getting a couple of girlish screams and a loud pop, as the two stars get right back into each others faces!

Jerry Lawler: Here we go, J.R.! That ECW loser is about to get what’s coming to him!

Jim Ross: I think business is about to pick up.

Michaels angrily looks Van Dam up and down before he rubs his beard and scoffs, before walking past him, and calling for a microphone. He soon gets one from Lillian, as his music dies down.

Shawn Michaels: I gotta tell ya … you’ve got a lot of guts, my friend.

~ HBK walks around a bit.

Shawn Michaels: It takes a special kinda man to come out here, and throw what you did last week in ol’ HBK’s face.

~ Michaels rubs his stubble, before he looks into Van Dam’s eyes.

Shawn Michaels:
A couple of weeks ago, you and I had a conversation in this ring, and you brought up some points which I’ve been thinking about ever since. And considering the fact that you screwed me out of the Summer Games Gauntlet, I’ve had even more time to think about some things.

~ The Showstopper continues to pace, as the eyes of RVD follow.

Shawn Michaels: Two weeks ago … you said that the reason I continued to crap on you each and every week, was because I’m … jealous of RVD.

~ That gets a pop from the crowd, which gets a nod from Van Dam, and a smirk from the legendary superstar.

Shawn Michaels: I thought about it long and hard … and … that’s not it.

~ Michaels shakes his head, and then looks back into the eyes of RVD.

Shawn Michaels: No. The reason that I show you nothing but contempt … is because you are somebody that I have absolutely … positively … ZERO respect for!

~ OH!; RVD’s face scrunches up, as Michaels gets even closer to him.

Shawn Michaels:
I don’t respect what you’ve done, I don’t respect what you do, I don’t respect your ability, I don’t respect your lazy attitude, and most importantly, I don’t respect the fact that you honestly think that you and I belong in the ring with one another. We don’t!

~ The crowd begins to boo The Showstopper furiously as HBK backs up from an angered Van Dam.

Shawn Michaels:
You and I are NOT equals!

~ More boos for the arrogant Michaels.

Shawn Michaels:
That’s not arrogance, that is the god’s honest truth. Triple H can step in this ring with me.

~ Boos for The Game, as Michaels seems to be hiding a smirk while he looks into RVD’s eyes, gauging a reaction.

Shawn Michaels: Edge can step in this ring with me (crowd pops). The Undertaker (huge pop), John Cena (mixed reaction), Batista (crowd boos), Orton (boos), Ric Flair (WOOOO), Kurt Angle (mixed reaction), these are the guys that belong in the ring with HBK. Not you!

~ More boos, and it isn’t long before a portion of the crowd begin an ‘Asshole’ chant for the Grand Slam Champion.

Shawn Michaels: I don’t know who in the hell McMahon thinks he is, throwing Shawn Michaels in the ring with any ol’ chump, and thinking I’m just gonna lay down and take it. It ain’t happenin’!

~ Michaels takes off his jacket and tosses it to the ground, while RVD continues to watch. An ‘HBK’ chant starts up, but it’s almost immediately overtaken by the heat of the rest of the crowd.

Shawn Michaels: Listen to ‘em, Vin Man; they know who the star is. They know who they paid to see, they paid to see The Showstopper, they’ve been paying to see The Showstopper for the last fifteen years, but yet, I’ve gotta come out here and wrestle every chump that you wanna give a rub to. This chump is the absolute last straw!

~ HBK points right at Van Dam, and the expression on RVD’s face tells the story, clearly pissed off with the turn this has taken, as if he didn’t look upset enough already. Michaels looks at Van Dam, and lets out a bit of a smirk at his expression.

Shawn Michaels:
What? You getting a little upset, Rob?

~ HBK turns towards the announce position, and looks at Jim Ross.

Shawn Michaels:
What? Am I getting a little out of line out here, J.R.? You expected a cookie-cutter promo from The Showstopper?

~ The camera turns to J.R., who attempts to show no emotion; same goes for King.

Shawn Michaels: No, the time for that is long past. I’m through playin’ the happy veteran, with my thumbs stuck up my ass!

~ The crowd is now split 50/50 for Michaels. The expression on RVD’s face hasn’t changed a bit in the last couple of minutes, glaring a hole right through the Heartbreak Kid.

Shawn Michaels: I’m sick and tired of toeing the company line and eatin’ crap if it makes the WWE happy. I think a lot of the people pulling the strings have forgotten just exactly who The Heartbreak Kid is.

~ A slight ‘HBK’ chant starts up, and Michaels lets out a smile, but he doesn’t let it go on for much longer.

Shawn Michaels: And every once in a while, I’ve gotta remind you all. Two years ago, I had to use the old Red ‘n’ Yellow as an example, and now, it looks like I’m gonna use ol’ Stony McGee here as an example.

~ FINALLY, Van Dam brings the mic up.

Rob Van Dam: I’ve heard just about enough from you, Michaels.

Shawn Michaels: Oh, you have, huh? Whataya gonna do about it, Rob? Huh? You wanna take out some aggression? Huh? You wanna hit me, don’t cha, Rob?

~ Michaels leans in, arrogantly exposing his jaw for RVD. Van Dam shakes his head in disgust, and soon enough, Van Dam backs up, leaning against the ropes, slight smirk on his face.

Shawn Michaels: You think this is funny? Do I look like I’m smiling? Am I dancin’ around or making jokes? That’s the problem with wrestlers like you; you don’t know when the time for playing is over, and the serious stuff begins.

~ RVD comes off the ropes and moves face to face with Van Dam while the crowd begins to buzz once more. The camera closes in closely on the face of the two stars … before Van Dam, without bringing the mic up, states “go fuck yourself, Michaels.”

~ ‘OH’!; Some fans catch it, some don’t, but Michaels DEFINITELY did, as his face darkens and darkens quickly. HBK brings the mic up.

Shawn Michaels: Watch it, boy.

~ RVD brings the mic up.

Rob Van Dam: You can dish it out, but you can’t take it, superstar?

Shawn Michaels: Kid, I’ve earned the right to say whatever the hell I please. You, on the other hand, haven’t earned a damn thing.

Rob Van Dam: I get that you don’t want to be in this ring with me. I get that you don’t want to have to deal with Rob Van Dam, but the fact of the matter is, I’m not gonna be disrespected by you or anybody else in this place for that matter.

~ Strong pop for RVD, and Michaels rolls his eyes.

Rob Van Dam:
You don’t respect me?

Shawn Michaels: Not an ounce.

Rob Van Dam:
Deal with it. I’m not out here to get your respect, I’m not out here to be your friend, and I couldn’t give a SH*T about what you think.

~ Another HUGE pop for RVD, and Michaels shakes his head.

Shawn Michaels:
Y’know what your prob-

Rob Van Dam:
What part of this don’t you get, Michaels? I wipe my ass with your opinion.

~ The crowd ERUPTS as HBK’s jaw hits the proverbial floor, shocked at the gall of Van Dam. A “RVD” chant starts up, but Van Dam talks over them.

Rob Van Dam: You talked about being taken advantage of for all this time, well, for far too long, RVD has given a crap about what everybody thinks. “Van Dam’s too rough,” “Van Dam’s too wild,” “Van Dam’s too extreme,” “Van Dam’s too stiff,” “Van Dam can’t wrestle the WWE style”. I’m sick and tired of people who couldn’t carry my jockstrap telling RVD how I should do things. From now on, I do things Rob Van Dam’s way!

~ Crowd pops for Van Dam, while Michaels lets out a fake yawn, bored with RVD apparently. RVD lets out a smile.

Rob Van Dam: And the first thing I’m gonna do, is expose you for the overrated, overblown, old, out of shape, over the hill, shell of the old HBK, that you are!

~ OH! HBK looks at RVD with disgust, but Van Dam isn’t done.

Rob Van Dam: Whatdya say, Michaels? Let’s settle this. You say I’m not in your league, I say you’re full of crap. I say you're washed-up, and I plan on proving it, and proving it on one of those BIG STAGES you love so much. You, me, SUMMERSLAM!!

~ THUNDEROUS ovation for that as RVD tosses the microphone down and glares at Michaels. HBK nods a bit, before he brings the mic up.

Shawn Michaels: BOY … at Summer Slam … unlike in the past … I … am the hunter, and you are the hunted.

~ The crowd lets out another pop, while brings the mic up again.

Shawn Michaels: Shawn Michaels versus RVD is OOONNN.

~ The audience roars once more and Michaels drops the microphone, eyeing up RVD, who returns HBK’s stare in full. Ross and Lawler lay out, no hype, no yelling, no hard sell, but merely the visual of Michaels and Van Dam face to face with their rabid fans going crazy in the arena…



Current Card for SummerSlam
August 26th, 2007
East Rutherford, New Jersey

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Hvwt. Champion Mr. Kennedy vs. ‘The Great One’ The Rock

WWE Championship; TLC Match:
‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge vs. ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton

Money in the Bank Contract on the Line:
'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair vs. 'The Animal' Batista

The Rubber Match:
'The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels vs. 'Mr. Monday Night' Rob Van Dam


Summer Games Gauntlet; #1 Contender’s Match:
'The Wrestling Machine' Kurt Angle vs. Ken Doane vs.
'The Guru of Greatness' John Morrison w/Melina vs. Carlito vs.
MVP w/Reigns|Playgirls vs. 'The Samoan Bulldozer' Umaga w/AAE

WWE Tag Team Championship Match; Stipulation TBA:
The Carolina Connection vs. The Hooligans

Women’s Championship; Victoria’s Last Chance; 10-Minute Time Limit:
Mickie James vs. Victoria

(All parties are banned from ringside; if Victoria loses or time expires, she will never receive another opportunity at the Women’s Championship)

United States Championship Match:
Matt Hardy vs. ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels


Match banners - Crazian
Show banner - JBLoser


for the week of September 28th


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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Awesome RAW Mac, I'll try to get a review up in a few days.
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Raw Feedback

'Nah, man. Your 'Slam's gonna' be punking out my 'Mania.

I was actually hoping that you would have this kick off the show. Such a wise choice, and a great way to give Orton/Edge the kind of focus it needs {while not giving it an in-ring promo} and allowing Gaunlet and HBK/RVD to get some momentum. This is why Orton fucking OWNS in basically every way. This kind of attitude. The man is charismatically {ignore the haters} gold, and his psychotic element just makes him even better, hence why I loved this opening. He beat the shit out of {the Y2J inspired} Mitchell Cole in the sickest fucking way possible. Loved the Punt on the steps btw. It was smart the way he brought in the chairs, ladders and tables all separately in his usual methodical way. Orton can make any match methodical it seems. Nice touch with the message to Edge on the 'board, and I ESPECIALLY liked Edge's reaction. For a guy who's almost undoubtedly retaining at 'Slam, Edge has been far too cocky and confident for my liking. This is the first week Orton has looked the stronger of the two. Prove me wrong though and have Randall take the belt back. I miss those days

This segment from Mickie was eerily similar to the ones pre-'Mania {obviously with theb added bonus of Beth }; but it reminded of the shit-scared bitch Mickie was back then, which all set up her SURPRISE win at 'Mania perfectly. As I'm fully expecting her to finally lose the belt this time {}, I hope it doesn't go the same way. Mick needs to bow out looking strong. Beth's final words have me hopeful though.

Another genius segment from JBL and Angelina {damn you for making me mark for a valet}, but this time with the added bonus of Porter and his crew. It started off well with 'VP and Big Lu' shadow wrestling like morons and got even better. From the brilliant use of alliteration {as a student of Literature, I salute you}, to this LOTN {Line Of The Night}: "Super Summer Slamboree? What is that … like a gay thing?" At least I thought it was line of the night until this: "After the match, if he does a good job, if he takes that damn Charlie Haas out, which is what we NEED, remember that … … you could … I don’t know … give him the ol’ … (clears throat) … low five…" Good lord, Mac, you crack me up sometimes with these babies. Angie and Bradshaw are gold together. JBL is such a great wanker. Pure gold. Great segment.

Another nice segment {you've really started racking 'em up on recent shows}, this time thanks to Coach. Sycophantic GM's are always the best {sorry Steph} and Coach just seems to excell at that. I was hoping that AMW might get their shot at the RWC at SummerSlam since tag team wrestling OWNS, especially when written in full, but at least this screwjob type stuff adds some actual story to your floundering Monday Night tag division. Also, Spirit Squas FTW~! Push plz.

Glad that Haas' push continued with quite a big win actually, although I was hoping he'd be a little bit more aggressive following hs actions last week. Nice little aftermath from Big Lu' too, although surely Chaz could have stopped him had he wanted to?? Will we get JBL/Haas at 'Slam?? I doubt it, but I'll be glad whatever you give us from those two.

LMAO @ Coach in this segment. Gold once again. A little toilet humour to get us off and running before this gem: "Please don’t fire (voice cracking) meeee!". What a legend. If Vinnie Mac's announcement isn't a draft then I don't know what it could be. Could very well be time to mix it up a little in this thread. Pretty awesome that you have gone against the grain in terms of the usual GM feud. A GM usual has at least a little feud going with one of his/her superstars, but it's always a bloke. You've got Coach and Vickie going at it. Genius. Makes 'Toria look all the better.

Woah woah woah, Angelina is one mouthy valet ain't she?? There's a first. She's really growing on me. Obviously without the greatness of JBL I wouldn't care about her, but he's going nowhere, so I'll enjoy it while it lasts. With those harsh words for Bradshaw, I can see him maybe getting a bit more aggressive in upcoming weeks, maybe taking the fight to Haas, because he does look shit-scared right now. Big fucking rub for Charlie. I like.

I was wondering where Trish had got to. She kind of disappeared after her heel turn. Nice segment between her and Meth {see what I did there??}; very reminiscent of the one she had with her on the show before 'Mania {though obviously as a heel now}. Not sure what they're planning, but this Women's title attention is gold, truly is.

"Torrie Wilson makes her long awaited return to WWE television … as mere fodder". Classic. Victoria OWNS. Torrie is a waste of space. 'Nuff said really.

Short and sweet interview from Edge, which got back some of his strength lost by 'looking nervous' earlier. He just owned Randy verbally, so this continues his run of having never been at a disadvantage in the run up to 'Slam yet. God, I really hope this means Orton takes the belt back. By the way, I was originally going to complain that this segment and the opening match wasn't enough exposure for such a high-profile WWE Championship match ... but then I re-read the opening match.

I like AMW, and I hope to se their rematch soon, but I'm even more pleased to see the Spirit Squad get their first win in AAAAAGGGGGES. Hopefully they become legitimate contenders now. Their dancing already makes them better than The Carolina Connection ~__~

Yep, Coach is definitely {mini} feuding with Victoria and this segment confirmed that. Disappointed that we won't get a longer match, but this whole story has been so intriguing that in some way I just don't mind. Plus, Coach must be respected. Pretty sick attack after by Divas standards, which obviously gives Mickie all of the momentum in the world heading into 'Slam. Together with the harsh stipulation; this all makes for an 'overwhelming odds' scenario, that points to a Victoria win. Great last line from Mickie too: "We’re just getting started."

Great main event, though it would have taken an idiot not to be able to predict it. Gives some real hype to the Gauntlet. Now, as much as a love Umaga/Angle and I can't wait to eventually see it one on one at a PPV {it better happen}, I don't like the way it's dominating the Gauntlet and overshadowing the four other guys. Porter, 'Lito, Morrison and Doane are going to need some love too. I know they won't be winning the thing {too soon I guess} but if the aim is to give them a major rub {which I guess it is} then you should probably start doing that. Someone had to take the fall and poor John. I would guess that Kurt will be on a roll heading into the PPV match {beating HBK, this match} because I think it's fairly certain that 'Mags is getting the duke at 'Slam. Could be wrong though. Haven't had an AAE promo for a few shows, Mac. That's unlike you.

This is what I've been waiting for. I sensed it would get the main event spot a la Big Dave and Flair from SD! to really promote it as one of the Main Events at SummerSlam. This feud is so so so good due to the people in it. I know it's similar to mine with RVD and Hunter but I think that's the point. The clash of personalities. The clash of styles. Shawn and Hunter believe that there is only one way to be in the wrasslin' business: their way. The old school way. They don't believe in unconvention; they beleive in convention. They don't believe in deviation or change or not playing by the rules. They're the new Conservatives of the wrasslin' business {how fucking ironic from Michaels eh?}. Van Dam is the opposite. He doesn't wrestle straight out of the Flair, Steamboat, Race handbook; he doesn't live his life like other, more 'traditional' wrestlers, and THERE in lies the problem. Your feud may be kayfabe, it may be a storyline, but god knows it sounds so real. This was ... probably ... better than Flair/'Tista from your last show for that reason. This feels so real. As you can tell, I fall on Van Dam's side. I fully agree with change, a relaxed attitude. You don't have to be a 'student of the game' to be good. You don't have to play by the rules. If we all did that ... we'd be nowhere in the world. The wrestling world would be nowhere. Anywho ... thank god that RVD has finally started pushing the censors buttons with some expletives. That's what he's all about, going against the norm, against HBK's good ole' WWE friendly way {excluding '97 DX of course, which makes this character such a hypocrite}. The match is finally on for 'Slam and I can't wait. Shame that there's NO WAY Rob is going over, knowing you, Mac. He could do with the Benoit rub you were looking to give, whilst Michaels wouldn't be hurt by any loss at this point. Surprise me. I'm such a smart arse dick; I always seem to know who's going to win your matches eh??

Another truly quality show from the premier booker. Eight matches looks good right about now mainly due to the escalated way they've been promoted, but I could definitely see us getting one or two more. Regardless of that, 'Slam WILL be PPV of the year. I mean ... c'mon ... it's you. Course it will be.
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Raw Feedback

I knew that Orton wouldn’t be facing the greatest competition in his first ever TLC match, but I didn’t expect him to face a complete jobber. I love the sick and sadistic Orton that we have seen since he lost the WWE Championship and he truly destroyed poor Mitchell in this match. The spear through the table was a clear message to Edge and the huge piece of paper that said ‘R.I.P.’ was about as threatening as you can get. Orton is zoned in ahead of this match and I could see why Edge is a little nervous … I just hope that he doesn’t look too weak. Awesome start to the show, Mac.

Good little segment between Mickie and Beth, as James seems to be back in a nervous state of mind. Judging by the title of the show, I’d say that Mickie is going to do something bad to Victoria, and that is what will help her gain some confidence back.

LMAO at the segment between JBL and Luther. I guess that the match with Haas at SummerSlam isn’t official … but that could happen by the end of the show. JBL trying to use Angelina to get Luther to do a little extra damage was priceless and it also showed the relationship between JBL and Williams … as she can speak up for herself. I wonder if Luther will still do the job or if Haas will get away untouched.

Coach looking spiffy for Mr. McMahon owns and I love how he was expecting Vince when AMW walked in. I really think AMW needs their title shot soon but Coach won’t be giving it to them tonight … as they go against the SS instead. You have a ton of storylines going on with Raw right now and I guess you are going to wait until SSlam passes before you kick AMW vs. RWC into high gear.

Good to see that Luther is being treated as an actual wrestler, as he has been wrestling the past three weeks. Good that Haas won the match and I like that he seems to be gaining confidence each and every week. I guess Lu won’t do the job for JBL unless he gets something in return … and Haas is still in one piece after the match. More interaction with Bradshaw plz.

LMAO at Coach being in the bathroom when Vince finally shows up. The big announcement at SSlam definitely has something to do with a draft of sorts … but I’m sure you will put your own spin on it. Coach talking fast about the whole Mickie-Victoria thing was good and I am glad that Vince told him he never spoke with Vicky. Coach to make some drastic moves to the SSlam match, imo, now that Victoria has pissed him off.

Another great segment between JBL and Angelina … with the manager actually speaking her mind and telling JBL what she thinks. She made some great points and that is what really pissed JBL off. Him leaving makes me think he is afraid of Haas … I hope we get more answers next week.

Trish and Mickie forming another short alliance? I can see Trish going along with this just to get the title shot but I don’t see Mickie retaining at SSlam. I guess this is just another way to continue to stack the odds against Victoria.

Torrie returning is just to give Vicky another diva to run through, imo. Domination by Victoria is apparent and she dominates Torrie from bell to bell. Her being on fire heading into the match with Mickie is awesome because I truly don’t know who will win … as Victoria has been awesome but you love Mickie more than anything.

WWE Championship picture doesn’t need to take center stage tonight and I am glad that we just got more build for the match. Edge talking about Orton’s “performance” was good and I expected him to remain unimpressed because Orton only beat a jobber. Edge is alive and kicking … and I think that is bad news for Randy. Great way to give the TLC a little more hype … as if it needs it.

Handicap match between AMW and the cheerleaders went pretty much how I expected, with the numbers advantage being too much for AMW to withstand. I guess you are really are waiting to develop the Raw tag team division and that is a good thing … divisions need their own peaks and valleys. I do hope that we see AMW/RWC III by Unforgiven though.

A time limit on the match between Victoria and Mickie? I really don’t like this idea, tbh. I can see why you did it and I get that it make the storyline more interestsing … I just think it will make the actual match at SSlam suffer. First off, this feud has been building for a very long time and no matter what, it will be the final match between the two, imo. Now that it has a ten-minute time limit, I either see Victoria winning the match, which would be good because we need a new champion, but also bad because the match won’t be up to its full potential. And if time does run out, then Victoria is seemingly out of the Women’s title picture forever. Unless you plan on having a rematch at Unforgiven, I don’t like the way this feud will end. As for the actual beat down of Victoria, brilliantly done to keep the feud interesting. Victoria will not be in a very good spot come SSlam if this brutality continues.

I love the main event for this week … great way to get the Summer Games Gauntlet some extra hype. Umaga and Angle battling it out at the end of the match awesome but I knew that nothing would get settled between the two. Angle reverses the move by Morrison and the MND lands awkwardly? PLZ be okay. Angle hits the Angle Slam and gets the win for his team … but he obviously doesn’t do what he set out to … and that is beat down Umaga. Angle and AAE promo next week plz. Also, keep building this match up the way you have been … one of the most undervalued matches on the STACKED SSlam card, imo.

Awesome, awesome way to end the show, Mac … RVD and HBK has been an amazing feud. RVD talking about Michaels screwing him and him screwing Michaels last week was a great refresher and when HBK finally did come out … this promo turned to gold. Michaels and Van Dam both toed the line and said some things that we would never hear from the WWE nowadays. Michaels talking about feuding with everyone Vince wanted him to and Van Dam talking about being told what to do were very shoot style comments and that just made the promo even better. Van Dam has been the aggressor during this entire feud and it was awesome to see him lay down the challenge for SSlam, which HBK gladly agreed to. The Rubber Match is going to be off the charts and if it is anything like the match you wrote for Backlash, I’d say we are in for a great contest. One more meeting in a match between these two and some final hype should round this feud out perfectly before the big match, imo.

Another great show, Mac … not much else I can say. I want some more hype for TLC in the next few weeks and I can see Haas/JBL getting added to the SSlam card. Five more shows until the PPV! Keep it rolling, 10/10.


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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

I only review your thread ... on a consistent basis

RAW Feedback

This was more like a segment than a match. If this is what Orton's taking to the TLC at 'Slam, then I don't see it as the best match tbh. Orton's pacing often hurts matches like that and I hope he gets faster, even if it's a match filled with flawless psychology and storytelling (Actually no, if that's the case it will be fine but otherwise...). Randy looked vicious, murdering Mitchell Coleman but I still don't think he looks stronger than Edge. I do think he'll gain more and more momentum as the PPV comes closer. I didn't like the fact that Taker was playing Undertaker but since he's currently inactive it's okay

Mickie's abrupt character changes have me wondering. Beth on the other hand has stability. The segment was fine, a bit overdramatic (I don't mind these but divas don't need too much drama) but fine. WOW, that JBL promo was...well I don't really know what that was. I'll just give you this. If you have to spell it out that it's funny, then it's not funny. Some of this segment was infact funny but JBL and Reigns is one wierd combination, one I hope you'll never reunite again

Spirit Squad? WTF? Kill them off plz. Ratings and good riddance. The segment was pretty nice even though Beth should've been mentioned atleast once. Coach is much better at the GM position than I thought he could ever be. SS doesn't need another tag match, the card is already full as it is. Haas getting the win over Reigns is good for him but JBL is on a much higher level. Surprised that Haas hasn't had anything with Angle yet, should happen soon since Angle was the one that knocked some sense in him.

Toilet humor? Now that I can live with. Good laughs and a fine segment. Coach's versatality is awesome, he was so strudy in the last segment and so pathetic in this one. The writing in this segment was superb unlike the Reigns|JBL segment. I still can't get over it. You've scarred me for life As for the announcement, plz don't let it be a simple draft. You can really build something up and change the way sports entertainment works. I'm suggesting because I know you can do it and I implore you to try. A draft is fine but I'm expecting so much more. Deviate from the standard WWE path now

Angelina is awesome. JBL is NOT. You're like Darwin aren't you? I'm more of a deVreis kind of guy. Instead of relying on slight, small character changes to carry a storyline, I prefer a big angle. Both can turn repetitive if overdone but your little segments so far have been great. I do think you'll overuse them though

I think Trish'll most likely end up feuding with Mickie but not over the title. Victoria and Beth to feud for the title after 'Slam. But two feuds between divas is overkill. I don't even know what I want to happen and you're reading MY review. Sry, slightly drunk - Andy style (minus Backlund that is)

You have no more use for Torrie Wilson? Kick her out of the thread. No comments for the match, atleast Haas|Reigns was good

Purty awesome promo by Edge. I do think he's winning at 'Slam but the way this feud is building is quite unique and so far I like it. The last line, while catchy, felt out of place from the rest of the statement

Has the world gone insane. Spirit Squad winning a match? Fuck the Luther|Bradshaw segment, this was utter travesty. Makes me want to hunt each one down and tear them limb from limb. Either way though, this should propel them higher up the card

With all the crap Victoria's been put through, I think I'll be the only one who will mark if Mickie retains. I don't see it happening still. I don't mind the time limit for the match. It seems like it would make for very good psychology in the match (Study Brock|Angle III). The beatdown afterwards was brutal

Good main event. I'm not so hyped for the Summer Games Gauntlet as it just screams filler but it'll be a good match, which Umaga wins. I'm glad that this match didn't close the show as a 6 man tag match, playing third fiddle to two other feuds is hardly the way to leave the fans wanting more

Excellent promo to finish the show. I loved the lines from both men, especially RVD. His material is the best I've heard since Triple H's soap promo weeks ago. There's nothing I can criticize about it. I even enjoyed Shawn's character, which I find to be really stale nowadays. If there's any justice in this thread RVD will win at SummerSlam but betting against the heartbreak kid is something I wouldn't do without serious consideration

Great show and a great SummerSlam card. No more matches plz. 4 main events and 4 undercard matches is plenty
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Raw Review:

First off Mac, thanks for the review for Raw in my thread. As far as this show goes, not surprised in the slighest bit at how the TLC match went. It served its purpose of giving Orton more heat heading into his match with Edge at SummerSlam.

As far as the three promos go, first I believe that at SummerSlam, Mickie James' reign as champ is coming to an end. As far as the JBL/Reigns segment, a possible group faction can be a great thing for all of the people involved in the two respective groups. Not much to say about the AMW situation, except I think they might be heading to Smackdown in the near future.

Hass beating Reigns made sense as it seems like Hass is finally building some momentum in this thread. It wouldn't be a surprise if JBL/Hass for the IC title is added to the SummerSlam card. Coach's segment with Vince was great. I wondering what is going to be Vince's big announcement. The JBL/Angelica Williams segment was great. Nice to see Williams stand up to JBL's brash attitude. Good to see the history between Mickie and Trish noted and Victoria winning was expected. As far as the beatdown to Victoria concerned, it seems like it is just more of a build up to give Victoria the big title win at SummerSlam.

Edge's promo was well as it fitted his character. Should be a possible MOTY canadiate for BTB at SummerSlam. Angle winning the main event match is good booking, and it wouldn't surprised me to see his match at SummerSlam come down to him and Umaga.

The segment and highlight of the show was without a dobut the final promo with Michaels and Van Dam. This promo with Michaels as you mentioned was not a traditional cookie-cutter promo from HBK, and for this feud a non traditional promo from Michaels works. Finally the rubber match between Michaels and Van Dam will take place.

Overall this was another great show, and Raw is continuing to be better than Smackdown in this thread at the moment. Looking forward to Smackdown.

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