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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

RAW Feedback

Good setup of everything that's about to come today. The Angle/Umaga brawl before the show began is a good way to get them both exposure without much screen time. Decent tag team matches to open the show. Dead obvious that the champs were retaining but a good win for them nonetheless. The tag title scene on RAW looked good till this point. I can't see them continuing their feud so will be good to see who will face Cade & Murdoch next. I don't expect them to defend at 'Slam though

I believe the name of the backstage interviewer is Runjin Singh but go with whatever you want. Trish was okay. I like that divas can also push around backstage guys other than Todd Grisham. The next promo with JBL was pretty good too. First of the long series of JBL promos. That reminds me, too much JBL on the programming. Now I like him and everything but it tends to get sick after a while but I guess that's the point of his type of heel character. Class promo by Carlito. I know he's being pushed into the main even but he needs an extension of gimmick. Right now he's a generic face with an accent and that can't be good. Oh wait...

Mickie on comentary is great. Even better is King on commentary when Mickie is on commentary The macth was pretty great but ran a bit too long but so did the first match for that matter. Too much time of your show is alloted to match and stacked with so many promos, I don't think it will fit in two hours but it doesn't really matter, this being BTB and all. Victoria's win was really impressive despite the interference and made her look like the most credible threat to Mickie's title. I'm still intrigued by the whole Beth/Mickie situation. Take it somewhere soon. Speechless Mickie = ratings ~___~

Good tag team backstage promo. Kind of TNAish tbh. I think they had a similar one b/w Dudleyz and Cage/Rhino. This will ignite a feud b/w the teams and also keep the RKO army busy for Orton's match. Speaking of Orton's match, jobbing out Orton = Former WWE Champion to full time jobber?! WTF... I realize you're trying to do something with the character but by the time that comes around, he'll have been Funaki'd (past tense of Funaki). Pick something up soon pls. Yeah, yeah, Orton is angry with his loss and would rather blame his lackeys than himself. I like tough guy Orton better

JBL phase II. Good promo by the WRESTLING GAWD!~! Again, ran a little too long when it could've been much shorter and the length of the show seems to be extended for the sake of it. I'm happy 'bout the 8 man battle royal but why is it two weeks from now, what's going on next week? Guess I should just wait to find out. Since you have 8 men, maybe a tournament would've been better or some other concept as an 8 man battle royal has all the implications of being overhyped and underdelivered. Good luck with it still. Wonder why Coach changed his mind as Williams has pretty much no reason to lie; or maybe she caught the Maria disease. And whore was a bit extreme imo

I just can't picture Edge as the main face of a brand tbph. But his edgy character keeps gets him crowd support and I can respect that. You need atleast one more face on the brand but I see Kurt turning face from tweener soon due to his upstart feud with 'Mags. Good promo with Morrison. Bad way to introduce the Canadian Bulldog and 'Mr. Charisma' Cody Rhodes. I would've had like maybe Dusty endorse them or something. But still a win over the crazy spirit squad will get you some sort of crowd support. JBL, yet another phase. Nothing more to be added. I guess the answer to what comes next week is partially answered

Bacstage brawl was pretty good and Umaga getting the advantage in the end makes him seem like a huge threat. I see WWE title in his future after Angle. Btw, is he still undefeated? Moving on to the main event, good interaction b/w main event and mid card. Always a good lock in. Edge victory was pretty much guaranteed but Doane's interference was pretty unexpected atleast from me. I thought this was over with. Good backstage bit showing all the guys watching the champ. Really sets the mood for the battle royal coming in 2 weeks

Pretty good show. Everything ran a bit too long for my taste, especially for a weekly show. Some good storyline progression and its good that RAW's road to SummerSlam is set nearly around the time SmackDown's road begins as well
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Good show will be reviewing
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Raw Feedback

Umaga and Angle in a massive brawl BEFORE the show? Pretty unique way to really get their feud going. Should be a treat. Props for having the tag title rematch kick off the show, but I as quite surprised by the result. I though the RWC would take a walk or get themselves DQed, setting up a hardcore rematch ... but another clean win? Glad to see C&M getting this monster push in the tag world, as they are an underrated and very talented team. I wonder if AMW will be fazed out now though.

Ranjin Singh's an interviewer? Smart move. He has the look/sound/mannerisms to get the job done. Trish is a darn impressive heel, but then again so are most people. Can't see her beating the beats A.K.A Victoria tonight, but a DQ could be a possibility, since Trish has had a mini push lately.

Awesome, class, QUALITY short segment from JBL and Angelina next. I've been loving Bradshaw since WrestleMania, and his reign as IC Champion just seems to have made him all the better. He's such a great heel, as he has comedy, evil, psycho and idiot all rolled into one. Loved the "Was it good or bad? I bet it was bad. That stupid punk!" line. Pretty surprised that JBL is the #1 Contender and it gets announced like this, but if I'm honest, I don't think it's quite going to happen that way and you still have something up your sleeve.

Another short but very, very good interview from Carlito. His closing line was nice. Tonight is really important in seeing just how far you want to push this guy. If Orton beats him cleanly then I don't think CCC's getting much closer to the Main Event scene. However, anything else and I'll be seriously excited.

LMAO. King and Mickie together = ratings. Such a quality diva heel. Wow, well I guess I was right about keeping Victoria looking strong. She beats off Trish and Beth in a damn impressive way. Loved Mickie's {lack of} reaction at the end. I would think that Vickie will be taking the belt soon, but this build is kind of like the build to WrestleMania, which was perfect for a heel retaining. Plus, Mickie is awesome currently.

Ah, so Masters and Mercury are stepping it up to the tag team division. Could be pretty interesting. Solid segment between four guys who don't usually get much exposure, though it's good most of the talking was left to AMW, who can actually do the business on the mic. Mercury and Masters probably won't win the belts ever, but another team is another, and Raw's tag division needs all the teams it can get, especially with SmackDown's tag teams being consistently awesome.

Woah, big, BIG win for Carlito, and clean as a whistle too with a Backstabber rather than a cop-out roll up. Orton even used heel tactics and such, so it wasn't like he was being half-hearted about it. What does this mean for Carly? A Main Event push? To be honest, if BTB was like real life, Carlito is like Jeff Hardy was from January of this year to just before snorted some coke, he's the (quote J.R) "hottest thing in the WWE right now" and it would be a crying shame not to capitalise on it. But how to do it? As for Orton, I'm not worried about this mini blip, as I'm still expecting him to snap and somehow get his feud ending rematch with Edge.

Another pretty good segment from Orton and his cronies. I can see Randy being like this for the next few weeks, such a complete nut until the inevitable outburst. Masters and Mercury were fairly amusing here though. They play the doofus roles well.

Funny how the three guys you mentioned were all buried by Hunter. No? Yes. Anyway, another quality segment from the main man JBL, even topping his shorter but still awesome speech last week. Loved the Jesus Chris reference. Honestly, blasphemy in wrestling promos = ratings, and JBL does it better than anyone. He's like some idiot, egostistical politician {which doesn't narrow it down} the way you write him, and he comes across perfectly. You really have upped the anti with Bradshaw lately, Mac. Tudos. Ha ha, I loved the comments he made about the other title contenders. JBL hits the ball out of the park every time. His comments about HBK were TOP NOTCH, and only Layfield would get away with saying them. Come on, surely everyone else could see that HBK's gimmick was a male stripper? It was so obvious. A male stripper gimmick holding the belt for 7 months and they weren't expecting him to get bood my the males in the audience? Yeah, okay. Sid > him in the end though. Anywho, glad to see JBL bigging up Porter a bit. Ah, he comes Coach with the inevitable announcement. Lol @ JBL's reaction to the news and going nuts at Angelina. Eight-man Battle Royale eh? Hmmm, I might have preffered an eight-man one night tournament or something along those lines, but it should still be good. Morrison? Too soon. MVP? WAY TOO SOON. RVD? Facing Michaels in their rubber match for sure. HBK? See RVD. Umaga? Facing Angle. Angle? Facing Umaga. Orton and JBL are the only possibilities in my mind.

Oh god, JBL has > Raw tonight. Getting the cold shoulder from everyone he just bad mouthed. He's probably going to get tossed out of the ring by them all in the Battle Royale. Great last line from him too. Poor Angelina.

I think this is the first time in a while that I've actually been really into Edge's face character. Before WrestleMania and when you started writing Raw in full, he was just a boring psycho I thought. Now he's cool. Now he's back to rockstar Edge of 2002 with a hot rockstar girlfriend. I'll enjoy his reign. Great little segment from him and Morrison. Edge = funny when he's like this. Glad to see you brought up all the history between these two, as it gives this Main Event a hell of a lot of meaning now. It looks like a feud ender in a way, since Morrison isn't becoming #1 Contender.

DH Smith and Cody Rhodes? Damn, if Cody was British, I'd suggest you call them The New British Bulldogs or something like that, but oh well. Team name plz.

Okay, this show now officially belonds to JBL. Yet ANOTHER amazing segment from him berating Angelina. I love the way he's shitting himself over the Battle Royale. I can actually see him making it to the final two with Orton perhaps? Orton will SURELY win, but what the hell would Bradshaw do at SummerSlam then? He doesn't have a feud. Four eyes. Grisham sucks.

Wow, pretty insane brawl between Angle and Umaga before the show. I liked the way you did it with the footage, as it makes it seem more realistic. Why would AAE and Umaga WAIT until the show went on the air. 'Mags fucked Kurt up pretty bad though. Their SummerSlam should be AMAZING, and I mean seriously AMAZING. I predict awesome chemistry. Angle/Estrada promo exchanges plz.

Great Main Event between Edge and Morrison. I never expected Johnny to win, so I wasn't disappointed on that front, but he dominated Edge for the majority and came out of it looking VERY strong indeed. Loved the Joey Styles reference to when Melina and Lita went at it. Awesome. Great to see Ken Doane make his return and what a way to do it. Gives his feud with Morrison some real fire and Main Event exposure now. Perhaps they'll have a match at SummerSlam, though that seems unlikely. Maybe a Triple Threat with JBL. Possibly. Loved the shots of all the challengers at the end, especially Porter and Michaels. Nonchalance indeed. My prediction for #1 Contender: Orton.

Words can't describe how amazing JBL was in this show, Mac. Oh yeah, and everything was top notch as usual too.
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Friday Night SmackDown! - July 6th, 2007

The Search

The night kicks off with Shelton Benjamin and Gregory Helms, The Carolina Connection, and #1 contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championship, coming to the ring, looking none too happy. The two young’uns enter the ring, and Helms quickly grabs a mic. The NC native doesn’t waste much time, before getting to being laid out by The Hooligans last week. Helms then calls the tag team champions down to the ring, and soon enough, The Hooligans come down to the ring to a mixed reaction. London does the talking, stating that while they respect the CC, they’ll do whatever it takes to prove that they are the best tag team in the WWE, physically and mentally. The tension between the two tandems begins to pick up, as they move closer to one another … but eventually Helms lets out a smirk, and states “Let the best team win”, before he and Benjamin leave the ring.


Backstage, Batista, John Cena and Ric Flair talk about who Kennedy and The Rock can possibly get as partners. The two immediately rule out The Undertaker and The Miz, stating that they’ve taken them out. The Animal and The Boss begin to relax, before Naitch rather bluntly tells them that it’s a definite that Rock & KK will get somebody because the three of them are so hated. Batista and Cena looks rather nervous before we cut away.

In a tag team match involving the four competitors in the GAB 4 Way U.S. Title Match, The Hardys take on Bobby Lashley & ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels. Despite not being on the same page for a few weeks, Matt and Jeff obviously work more fluidly than Daniels and Lashley, dominating the match throughout with perfect chemistry. The finish comes when Jeff looks ready to put the match away with a Twist of Fate on Lashley, but with Allison Danger distracting the ref, Daniels grabs the title belt, and DRILLS JEFF!! Matt attacks Daniels, and the two spill from the ring, but it’s only a matter of time, before Lashley finishes off Jeff with the DOMINATOR, for the academic three count @ 9:33.
After the match, Matt slides in and begins to argue with Lashley, expressing his anger with the champion taking his advantage of a Daniels’ cheap shot. The two stars argue back and forth, while Daniels backs away from the ring with a smirk, clearly putting a strain on the mutual respect Matt and Lashley showed each other last week.


Backstage, The Rock and Mr. Kennedy, the World Heavyweight Champion, sit on steel chairs in a locker room, deep in thought. Rock runs through a list of high-profile teammates, only to have KK shoot them all down (“Austin?”, “retired”; “Taker?”, “missing” ; “Hogan?”, “too old”; “Mick?”, “…Umaga”). Soon enough, Simon Dean walks up to the two superstars and attempts to offer his assistance … and his patented Simon System, which causes Rock to leave the room, shaking his head. KK merely looks Dean up and down, chomping his gum rather arrogantly for what seems like an eternity, while Simon watches with a goofy smirk. After fifteen whole seconds, Kennedy merely says “move”, before slamming his shoulder into Dean as he walks out of the room.

Elsewhere, Kristal Marshall attempts to get a word with Mark Henry on his main event No Holds Barred Match with Finlay, but Teddy Long does all the talking, stating that The World’s Strongest Man takes out the “cracka’-ass trash” tonight.


In the second match of the night, Chavo Guerrero takes on Scotty Too Hotty. Following the intense exchange between Chavo and Rey Mysterio last week, Chavito seems rather amped up for this match up, as if he has something to prove. His punches are stiff, and his kicks even stiffer, before he finishes S2H off with the Gory Bomb @ 2:01.
After the match, Chavito grabs a mic and begins yelling that what he just pulled off wasn’t something that a bitch could do. Guerrero continues, almost contradictory to his tone, stating that he has nothing to prove to anyone ever, but will teach Mysterio a lesson at the GAB … and next week, if his best friend bothers to show up. Chavito then slams the mic down and leave the ring.

Mr. Kennedy and The Rock walk down a backstage hallway, discussing who should be their tag team partner tonight … when the two are interrupted by a somewhat small wrestler. The two eye him rather skeptically, and even more skeptically, when he begins to ramble on and on incoherently in an Italian accent. The man introduces himself as Santino Marella, new WWE superstar, before he begins to put over Rock and all of his movies, mispronouncing them all. Surprisingly, The Great One seems rather impressed by the blatant sucking up, but KK isn’t, and blurts out “Hey, Super Mario, go get me a coffee; black”, and then arrogantly waves him off. KK and Rock then walk off, leaving an angry Santino, who curses ‘Mr. JFKennedy … Kennedy’.


Josh Matthews attempts to get a word with Finlay, but The Fighting Irish Bastard is in the zone, paying the interviewer no mind while he laces up his boots.

The third of match of the night is a good’un, as Kid Kash and Chris Sabin do battle, each looking to pick up momentum and consideration for a future Cruiserweight Title shot. The two go back and forth in a tremendous match up, but to the surprise of many in the audience, Kash picks up the CLEAN victory, countering the Cradle Shock, and hits Sabin with the Dead Level for the pin @ 7:55.
The Notorious K.I.D. doesn’t get much time to celebrate though, as Jamie Noble quickly enters the ring, and attacks Kash from behind, just like the ECW alumus did to Noble a couple of weeks ago. Noble quickly plants Kash with the Tiger Bomb, before he locks in the Trailer Hitch, and forces The Notorious K.I.D. to tap out!


A video package plays, hyping the undefeated CM Punk with highlights of his few victories here on SmackDown.
Once it ends, we’re taken to the back, as Booker T, his New Breed and Sharmell watch in disgust. Book complains that Punk’s win last week was nothing but a fluke … but the Booker Man doesn’t get to live it down, as William Regal, Booker’s former ‘knight’, walks up the quartet. Regal mocks Book for losing to Punk, a rookie. Regal then states that he has a match with Punk next week, and will restore order to the world, and once more show the world that a talented rookie should NEVER be able to beat a talented veteran. Regal then smugly walks off, as Booker holds his head down.

Steve Romero stands by with both the World Champion Mr. Kennedy and The Rock. Rock states that they’ve searched high and low for a partner, and they couldn’t find the big name, they couldn’t find the big superstar. KK then takes the mic and says that they started out going about it the wrong way, stating that it’s not about the name, it’s about … talent. KK and Rock then let out smiles … as CM PUNK walks into screenshot, with a knowing smirk. Rock finishes off with his ‘If Ya Smell’ catchphrase, and the trio walks off, with their match next.


The semi-main event sees Mr. Kennedy, The Rock, & CM Punk take on Batista, John
Cena & Ric Flair. The six stars put on a hell of a six man tag team match, moving at a fast pace here tonight, with only a decent amount of time allotted. The match sees the future ‘money pairs’(Rock/Cena ; KK/Batista) stay away from each other for the majority of the match. The finish comes all hell breaks loose between the two teams, before leaving Batista and Rock, the legal men, alone in the ring. Batista goes for a Demon Bomb, but Rock counters out of it, lands on his feet, and plants The Animal with THE ROCK BOTTOM!!! The camera quickly pans over to show The Nature Boy … with his back to the action … hammering away on CM Punk … while Rock covers Big Dave for the three count @ 10:18.
After the match and some time, the three faces end up in the ring posing, with Rock in between the champion and Punk (‘rub’), while the three heels argue with one another about who’s at fault for the loss.


Before the main event, Stephanie McMahon appears on camera, facing the screen and gives several big matches on the card for next week, with Kid Kash taking on Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble in a Non-Title Match, William Regal taking on the undefeated CM Punk, the WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans taking on The Mexicools in a Non-Title Match, and the main event …. ‘The Animal’ Batista vs. ‘The People’s Champion’ The Rock.

With five megastars and one rising superstar in the match, you’d think the six man match would warrant the main event spot, but the company is apparently rather behind the feud between Henry and Finlay, as their No Holds Barred war takes the top spot. The Silverback and The Fighting Irish Bastard put on a very brutal match up, not nearly at the level of Umaga-Cactus ten days earlier, but vicious nevertheless. Both superstars end up BLOODIED and broken by the end of the long contest, but in the end, it’s The World’s Strongest Man who picks up the victory, hitting a World’s Strongest Slam from off of the middle rope, THROUGH A TABLE!!~ in the ring, and picks up the three count @ 15:43.
After taking a while to recover, Henry finally gets up and begins to pound his chest, taking a massive amount of heat from the crowd … only to be ATTACKED FROM BEHIND BY FINLAY!!! The bloody Irishman takes down his bloody opponent, and the two animalistic competitors continue to brawl with one another, just like they did in almost every week since, including Finlay’s victory at Judgment Day. Once more, Stephanie McMahon jogs down to the ring with several security guards, as the two stars stand and brawl with one another. Frustrated, Steph gets in the ring with her security, and begins to yell at the brawling competitors … only to have Henry pull back and POUND Finlay with a HARD right! The impact sends Finlay’s arms backward, and his right hand…


Steph lies on the canvas, completely out of it, as we fade out with Finlay and Henry continuing to try to rip each other’s brains out.



Current Card for The Great American Bash
July 22nd, 2007
San Jose, California

Mega Tag Team Match:
World Hvywt. Champion Mr. Kennedy & ‘The Great One’ The Rock vs.
‘The Boss’ John Cena & ‘The Animal’ Batista
w/‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair
{If The Rock, Cena or Batista pick up the deciding fall, they earn a World Title Match at SummerSlam; if Kennedy wins, he chooses his SS opponent.}


WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
The Hooligans vs. The Carolina Connection

A Matter of Respect:
Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero

United States Championship; Fatal Four Way Match:
‘The Real Deal’ Bobby Lashley vs. Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy
vs. ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels
w/Allison Danger


Current Card for SummerSlam
August 26th, 2007
East Rutherford, New Jersey

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Mr. Kennedy vs. John Cena OR Batista OR The Rock

WWE Championship Match:
‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge
w/Lita vs. Winner of #1 Contender’s Battle Royal
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

I like that every couple of months you seem to start shows off with a lower level feud and gain it some spotlight. I love the CC. They are quite awesome, as are London & Kendrick. I love the tweener-ish status they have been given. I’d love for them to go full blown heel though, they are awesome heels given the chance. I can see the GAB match being a rubber match with the CC getting the titles at SummerSlam. Ladder match, plz.

Lmao, I love the way this came across. Batista and Cena are badass but I took would be fucking scared if I had Rock, Kennedy and ANOTHER wrestler to deal with.

Got to say, I am impressed with Daniels making such a smooth transition from the Cruiserweight division to the US Title. Hopefully after you have teased the tension, Matt turns on Lashley and goes heel, maybe embarking on an angle with old Jeff before he finally gets a shot at Lashley.

‘The Dean’ is awesome, but Kennedy is ever more awesome, that is a fact.

A Chavo/Rey feud seems the done thing. I have not been keeping up with events between these two, all I know is that these two will tear the house down at Great American Bash. Can’t see that being it though, can see something BIG on the offing to end things at Summerslam. Hopefully you push Chavo up the card. Rey Rey just draws no enthusiasm from me these days.

SANTINO! I love Marella. I may be using him as his ‘Russian Fighter’ gimmick but Santino is just as awesome, if not more. You have done awesome with JBL so I can just imagine what sort of stuff you will be dishing out from Santino. More Santino/Rock is a must. Not a feud as such, maybe in a Hurricane/Rock type of way from yesteryear.

Kash and Gibson just happen to be awesome, as well as two of my favourite Cruiserweights of all time. You are sure putting together angle/feuds that could produce killer matches. As for your progression of the CW Title, kudos is all I can say. Fucking awesome since the turn of the year.

Booker got OWNED. Can’t say I like Booker as well…I don’t. However, I LOVE Regal. I’d mark for the two engaging in a few weeks/months of trying to one up each other against certain Smackdown stars. That’d be awesome, imo and would build suspense until the two meet, or who knows, go out on their own and become a tandem once again themselves.

Great build for Punk being involved in a high profile match. Hopefully you slowly build Punk. I have no doubt this is just to bed him down even more on the roster before he falls into the Mid-Card for a good 6 months to a year.

Great to see The Rock pick up the win over Batista, of course leading to the match announced for next week. Got to wonder how much longer Rock will remain in this thread. Putting over someone next year at ‘Mania, or maybe sooner? I’d think so, there are guys around that are probably just about ready to step up, Lashley being near enough that level, imo.

Kash/Noble, CC/Mexicools and Rock/Batista are quite…huge. The first and the last are PPV quality so should be pretty epic. I expect Batista and Flair to screw Rock next week for the win.

Main Event was stellar. Despite myself not being a fan of this feud, I am a fan of Finlay and a match like this has got to be on last. Henry losing would have been pretty fucking idiotic so good to see he picked up the win. Uh oh, Finlay is fucked.

{Thumbs Up}. You continue to impress.

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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Smackdown Review

Hooligans and the CC have had a much better tag team feud than I’m sure anyone would have imagined … promo-wise, tbh. We all knew the matches would be amazing but the interaction between the two teams has been just as good, imo. I was shocked that L&K are now kinda tweeners after hitting the CC last week and now we have tweener teams and anything can happen now. Good way to continue the feud for this week … with both teams now fighting over a matter of respect. I can’t see either team becoming a full heel team … not going to happen.

The six-man tag match tonight should be very good but I really have no idea who KK and Rocky are going to get as their partner. ‘Taker isn’t coming back until after SummerSlam, imo and there isn’t really another big name on SD to get. Naitch is right … everyone hates Cena, Flair, and Batista.

The Hardys will probably be wrestling together as a tag team periodically until one gets drafted to Raw eventually … which will happen, imo. The four-way feud for the US Title has been solid and I love the addition of Daniels to the division. Jeff pinning Lashley would have been huge but I really didn’t think it would happen … and Daniels nailing Jeff with the belt works well for his character. I like the strain between Matt and Lashley after Lashley capitalizes on Daniels’s shot … The Fallen Angel should try and pit the Hardys against Lashley in the next few weeks.

The Rock and KK are an awesome combination and I guess they won’t be getting someone huge as their tag team partner … because KK shot them all down. Simon Dean coming in is funny and I love that KK just blew past him after Rocky left. I am still intrigued as to who the partner will be.

No Holds Barred between Henry and Finlay should be good and having Teddy only say a few words makes sense … this feud is about physicality, not words.

Chavo and Rey has been much better than people expected … and I was one of those people. Scotty never had a chance against Chavo so 2 minutes makes sense, imo. Chavo seems to be fired up after the altercation with Rey last week and now both men want to have the match at GAB. I see Chavo blatantly attacking Rey before GAB … making the feud even more personal, if that is even possible.

Rocky and KK are still walking around looking for a partner until … SANTINO!!! I didn’t even think you’d have him in your thread but I know that you will be able to write him well. Some funny lines based around Santino and there was no chance he was gonna be the partner … loved the JFKennedy line though.

Again, no words from Finlay … as he seems VERY focused on his match later … should be a ‘slobberknocker.’

Kash and Sabin facing off is pretty awesome as they are two of the best cruiserweights on Smackdown. Good to see that they got decent enough time and this wasn’t a real #1 contender’s match for the CW Title. Kash winning CLEANLY comes as a shock but I guess you are trying to make him look strong again after the feud with Punk. Noble needed to make an appearance so it was good to see him attack Kash. Me thinks a triple threat match at the GAB between Noble, Sabin, and Kash is a-comin’.

Nice to see Punk getting a video, as we haven’t seen him tonight and Booker is able to comment on the young superstar. His loss last week makes me think Punk is going to be pushed heavily soon and Regal making fun of Book also makes me think that Booker is going to use some cheap tactics in the future. Regal vs. Punk next week should be fun, imo.

More air-time for Rocky and KK is fine with me and it looks like they pulled out a shocker with their tag team partner … CM PUNK!!! Should be an awesome mix of talent in the next match.

Surprised that the six-man tag isn’t the main event but Finlay vs. Henry has gotten a ton of build. Makes sense that KK, Rocky, ‘Tista, and Cena aren’t paired off much in the match and that means that Punk got a bunch of time in the ring. The ending sounded pretty awesome, as we saw Rocky and Batista in the ring together again. Rocky pinning Batista is kinda shocking as I thought that Flair would take the fall but the surprise was good. This was a great way to add hype to the Mega Tag Team Match and also get Punk over as the future star.

Next week sounds pretty awesome, especially Punk vs. Regal and of course … ROCK vs. BATISTA!!!

So glad that the Henry-Finlay feud is getting the attention because it has been awesome. This should be the end of the feud and both men getting bloodied was expected but Henry is able to withstand more pain and the Slam through the table sounded pretty sick. The feud is not over as the brawling continues after the match … with Finlay seeming not being down for the count. Finlay and Henry continue to brawl and Steph tries to keep them separated but she … GETS NAILED BY FINLAY!!! Awesome way to end the show and I don’t know what else can be done in this feud. Match and aftermath was beautifully done, imo.

This was a very good recap, Mac. Kinda surprised that we didn’t get anymore matches announced for GAB but I think we will get Booker vs. Punk and Noble vs. Sabin vs. Kash signed next week … along with something between Henry and Finlay. KK/Rock vs. ‘Tista/Cena has been awesome and is probably the best tag team main event feud I have ever read. Keep up the stellar work my friend, 9/10.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

SmackDown Feedback

Rey/Chavo closing last week's show and CC opening this week's? Fine I guess. This gives some much needed exposure to undercard feuds. As for the content, not bad but I was expecting something physical. Their match at the Bash looks good and maybe add a few more teams for some TLC at 'Slam

Nice placement for the backstage promo but Batista and Cena nervous? Not a good way to depict two monster heels. They should just be cocky and confident, sometimes over aggressive. No Miz or Taker ? We'll see. Storybook build to the fatal fourway. Daniels and Lashley winning was good but the way they won were much better. Daniels looks the favourite but I see Matt pulling out a victory at the Bash from the argument after the match. No emphasis on Jeff ? Meh

KK and Rock were good backstage. Simon would make a good partner (seriously). I see whoever they choose as the partner to feud with Flair soon. Good way to make Kennedy seem dominant despite it being a shoulder butt against Simon. Oh, the Hanry/Finlay match is the main event? Now I think this might be the blowoff. Nice to see you giving a high profile (kind of) main event like this on SmackDown.

Okay jobbing here. Chavo's promo was good but it was nothing compared to the hype that his match with Mysterio has gotten so far. Rey and Chavo will have some sort of confrontation next week and the match at the Bash should be great. Alright, Santino on SmackDown with the Rock? That's ratings right there

Finlay's always in the zone tbh. Kash and Sabin could put on a great match on SmackDown. Nice to see Kash win clean. Noble run down was obvious and making Kash tap out gives him the obvious edge in the feud this week

Booker's looking like a bitch. Well not really but it's close. Regal and Punk should be a pretty good undercard match for next week's smackdown. Surprised that Booker didn't retaliate against Regal's obvious insults. CM Punk as the partner. Yeah he deserves a push but nothing groundbreakins as I had hoped. Still should be some solid action.

Nice to see the faces winning the match as Punk had a lot more to gain than anybody else in the match. I pick Kennedy to win at the Bash and pick Batista. Also there's a short chance of Batista winning after pinning Kennedy, which would give him some much needed momentum.

Some huge matches announced for next week's RAW. No Cena/Kennedy on the card leads me to believe that they will feud after 'Slam. Henry and Finlay would be a good main event as I stated earlier. Henry's win should push him higher up the card, least I hope. A brawl after the match would imply that the feud will continue, which I don't like but Steph being knocked out adds a new element into the feud, which would keep it interesting for the rest of it's tenure.

Good way to end the show and good show overall. Some good matches but nothing compared to the matches announced for next week. Bash and 'Slam both look good. I wouldn't want Edge vs. Orton and Batista vs. Kennedy on 'Slam as they're both pretty much rematches of feuds that have run thir course, especially Edge/Orton. Here's to hoping for something new
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Smackdown Feedback

Interesting yet good way of starting the show off with a lower-card feud. This however really shows that the tag division means something in this thread which is great, imo. The CC is a damn good tag team and I like how you have them going in the thread currently, and I liked how the promo ended with the 'let the best team win' deal. This has been a good feud and their match at GAB should be pretty good.

Not so sure if Cena and Batista would be nervous going into the match, as with how they've been depicted for the last couple of months wouldn't really match up with how they'd feel heading into a match like this. Normally the cocky heel would be nervous, but Batista doesn't really suit that, and neither does Cena at this point. Beside that point, this added hype for the match later which is good.

Nice way of putting over Daniels here. Transitioning him to the United States Title division is nice. Push plz. Daniels has been fairly credible as of late in this thread and a title reign wouldn't be such a bad idea imo. Hopefully this four-way feud continues to get better because so far it's been alright. Lashley getting the win here is a good move to make him more dominant, as well as keeping Daniels strong with the title hit to the face.

Lol @ Simon Dean. Good way of continuing the hype for the tag team main event, and it should be interesting to see who the partner could be now.

Long only stating a few words about the match with Finlay is good, and it should be a brutal, brutal main event.

Jobbing. Not much to discuss here. Puts Chavo over heading towards the Bash and his match with Mysterio, which we've seen in real life be alright matches. I expect nothing less.

SANTINO! Hopefully he gets used in the near future, and with your skills as a promo writer the promos could be pretty damn good under my estimation. Kennedy owns him, which at this point won't come back to bite him in the ass, but maybe one day it will. Good added hype.

Good action from the cruiserweights, and Kash getting the win is good. Noble adding fuel to the fire is good, as it shows they actually matter in this. Like where this feud is going, and the match shouldn't be so bad either.

CM Punk ftw. I expect him to get the pin fall tbh, just to make the others look strong going into the GAB in a few weeks.

Surprised to see Rocky get the pin on Batista tbh. I would've thought Punk would get the pinfall but I guess that's not the case. Oh well, no real harm done, I like the way this feud has been panning out and it's definitely different from the normality of championship feuds in other BTB's. Good job with this and I hope it pans out with a good match come GAB.

Sounded like a brutal, brutal main event which was exactly how I would've thought it went. I expect with the aftermath of this that a match will be made at the GAB with some sort of gimmick and that Stephy will be so pissed that a 'loser leaves' stipulation will probably be brought in to shape. But that's just my prediction.

Good show as usual Mac.

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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

SmackDown Feedback

Pretty cool way to kick off the show wth some more TAG TEAM HYPE~! I believe your responsible for the resurgence in popularity of the tag team division in BTB. Good show, sir. Nothing really long or significant about this segment, but was certainly effective. Helms as the mic worker = two thumbs up. I'm glad London and Kendrick were just acting bad ass rather than turning heel. Hooligans as heel would not be good right now, especially in this 'mutual respect/who's the best?' kind of storyline. Reay hyped for their GAB match now, as I feel that the CC's big title win is just around the corner now. Could be GAB, but I think it will more than likely be SummerSlam ... in a Ladder Match

Still no too keen on this whole Power Trip Version II with Cena and Big Dave, as The Boss is far more awesome as a bad ass loner. Still, it'll probably end after the GAB. Flair actually acknowledging how hated they are? Oh that man is so turning face.

More solid build for the U.S title match. Daniels and Lashey is a weird pairing to say the least, but I guess it would have been even stranger to have the Hardys on separate teams. The finish keeps me thinking that it's between Daniels and Lashley still for the belt. I can see Bobby doing all of the work and having one of the Hardy's beat, only for the FA to sneak in through the back door for the win. Perhaps.

Simon Dean = owned by both men. Kennedy and Rock are far more interesting together than 'Tista and Cena. More of the same promos plz.

"cracka’-ass trash” T-Lo is awesome, but he can't carry this feud alone. We need some major progress tonight.

Another solid win for Chavito. Great little push he's bee getting since is return. All this intensity is pointing directly at a heel turn for Chavo, but I think that would be a little bit predicable for you.

SANTINO~! Finally. Great to see him finally pop up in this thread, and even though it wasn't of the greatness of, let's say, Jericho, it was still a smart way to introduce him. Like little Petey Pump said, a Hurricane/Rock relationship with the face/heel status' reversed would pwn.

Finlay is bad ass and awesome. Win and mega push plz. 'Nuff said.

Woah, pretty surprised to see Kid Kash picking up a clean win over Sabin here, especially after his jobfest with Punk. Building your CW's back up though is smart with Daniels, Rey and Chavo moved on. Glad that Noble's still bad to he bone though. C'mon, the Dragon Clutch and Guillotine Choke > the Trailer Hitch. Anounce the Triple Threat already.

So Book and Punk isn't over I guess? Fair enough. Maybe Regal will face CM at GAB too after a screwy finish next week. I hope Will doesn't turn jobber though, as he's just too damn talented for that.

Massive, massive rub for the Punkster indeed getting to partner with Rocky and KK against three more of the best. I'm pleasantly surprised. Big win for the face team too, and it's pretty momentous in this thread whenever Big Dave takes a fall ... and on SmackDown too. Wow. Flair was kind of at fault, so I guess this will add to the tension. Looks like 'Tista and Cena will be winning at the GAB though.

Pretty stacked card for next week's show. Big Dave needs to get some revenge on Rocky after tonight me thinks.

Great push for both Henry and Finlay to give them them the Main Event slot. I guess Henry's win makes it 1-1 now with a decider to come no doubt. Awesome finishing spot by the way. Bloody hell, ole' Dave recovered quickly didn't he? Too quick maybe. Chaos again end. Not sure what to make of Steph getting a hit. Repercussions for the whole show I reckon. This will probably fit in with the whole McMahon/Helmsley storyline.

Another good show; great exposure for the mid-card. Solid job, Maccy.
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Smackdown Review

Great to see you give the lower card feuds some spotlight, it is nice to see Helms and Shelton open the show with some promo time as IRL only the main event wrestlers would open with a promo. Good way to continue their feud and good to see you still giving the Tag Division the recognition it deserves.

Bit of a change since I last read the thread with Daniels now up to the US Title division. Nice tag team match with good heelish ending with Daniels hitting Matt with the title belt leading to Lashley getting the win. Bit of tension between Matt and Lashley, expect them to turn on each other in the near future.

Good way to hype the main event and will be interesting to see who the mystery partner will be. Lol at Simon Dean on the roster.

Chavo/Rey feud still going on? Hopefully it doesn’t last too longer tbh as it has been an overused feud IRL and booking. Nice squash there for Chavo to put him over strongly.

Lol @ Santino. I beg you to do a Santino/Rock feud in the future, the promos would be GOLD

Nice victory for Kash which puts him in contention for a title shot. Don’t know what has happened recently with Kash/Noble/ECW alumus so will be interesting to see where it goes.

Looks like Punk is getting a good push straight off the bat with a victory over Booker T last week. CM Punk/William Regal should be a good little match next week.

Speaking of Punk getting a good push he is already wrestling with the main eventers lol. Very surprised that Finlay/Henry got chosen as main event over the 6 man tag (Ugh). Typical 6 man tag with Rock getting a good victory over Batista. Main event at Great American Bash sounds a lot like what I had for the Raw main event at my recent PPV. Should be a very interesting match and will be interesting to see who gets the pinfall.

Crazy main event and ending the show with Steph getting knocked down explains why this was the main event. Not too keen on Henry getting the win over Finlay, but from here I expect the feud to continue.

Overall good show as usual from you Mac, and now that I finished my tests (bar 2 this week) I shall be back reading this thread full time.
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