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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

After being rebuffed, embarrassed and denied a WWE Title shot by ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge, ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton finds himself back in the pack, surrounded by several of his peers, all looking for a shot at the WWE Championship. Orton gets a chance to make his case to the general manager on Monday night, when he takes on Carlito one-on-one in the semi-main event. Will Orton succumb to Caribbean Cool, or will the One Man Dynasty pole vault himself above JBL, Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, RVD, MVP, John Morrison, Umaga and the rest of the fray with an RKO?

The WWE Champion himself, Edge, won’t get a chance to rest on his laurels as he finds himself in competition, his first match as the new champion, taking on ‘The Shaman of Sexy’ John Morrison in the main event. The last time the two superstars were to be in the ring with one another was a scheduled six man tag team match … which then Johnny Nitro didn’t show up for … a match which Edge eventually lost. Will The Rated R Superstar be able to get a bit of revenge on Raw, or will The Guru of Greatness continue his ascension to the top?

While Edge vs. Morrison will certainly be something special to close the show, Monday Night Raw plans to OPEN with a bang, in the form of a World Tag Team Title Match. America’s Most Wanted, James Storm and Chris Harris, cash in their rematch clause when they take on the champions, The Redneck Wrecking Crew, who dethroned AMW at Vengeance. Will The Wildcat and The Tennessee Cowboy manage to regain their gold? Or have they been superseded as the top tandem on Monday nights?

After pinning Beth Phoenix at Vengeance, and handily beating the dominant Women’s Champion Mickie James last week on Raw in a six woman tag, Victoria may just be on the roll of a lifetime. That will be put to the test this week, as she will find herself standing across the ring from the six-time Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus. Can Vicky continue to roll before her showdown with Mickie James and destiny? Or will Miss Stratus put an end to 'Queen' Victoria’s run?

Also scheduled to appear on Raw, ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels, ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle, ‘Mr. Monday Night’ Rob Van Dam, ‘The Samoan Bulldozer’ Umaga, and the Intercontinental Champion John Bradshaw Layfield.

All that and more on Monday Night Raw. 9/8CT.


‘You Stupid Whore’

for the week of September 28th


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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

SmackDown Feedback

The double (mid cardy) main events looks good. Jeff and Daniels to open the show would've been pretty great. I'm glad Daniels is moving up as I could never see him stuck in the cruiserweight division but neither should Chavo or Rey Rey. Hardy picking up the win was okay. I'm all for a Jeff push, he's over enough and puts on quality matches. Atleast one Hardy is winning tonight

Next week's main event and Bash main event both look pretty good, more so next week's as Bash should've had something slightly better but I'd have no problem as long as you stack the rest of the card up. Absolutely nothing to say about Punk's promo but I'd say that he's winning tonight (because I already know)

Hardy/Lashley match was a pretty good way to keep both of them looking strong. Hardy kicking out after the 3 count keeps him looking resilient as well. There was no need for him to say it's not over because quite honestly everybody knows it but it made sense to have some sort of aftermath. Flair promo, I imagine was gold. Nice to keep the mic off of Batista as you usually do. Cena and Batista will be feuding somewhere down the line and this is as good a way to have them feud as anything (as long as they don't get too cozy with each other)

Good way to showcase 8 of your talents in one match. The obvious team won. What is up with all the handshakes tonight. Atleast this didn't end with all the love, considering they were strange bedfellows (I know, horrible pun)

I like the fact that you're having a high profile match announced on SmackDown but I don't see it ending there. Possible Swerve next week b/w Finlay and Henry? Don't know, good segment but she could've just as easily made this earlier on. But I guess it's never a bad thing to see Stephanie again. Promo from the other team, not a bad gig. Strange and rather looney line to finish off the segment

Nice situation with the cruiserweight title. But most of your title feuds are multiman despite there being some inner rivalry. Another promo? This time from the BOOK MAN (What the h*ll is a booker man?). No New Breed? I don't really care

Great victory for Punk. What's he doing about now? US title feud insertion pls

It's always good to end the show with a great segemtn and this one was great. Unusual feud b/w Chavo and Rey but that's the charm of this one. Rey goading Chavo was pretty good although he'll remain face. Who's going to cheer for Chavo over Rey? I'll tell you who...Nobody. I liked the segment and I like that they have a match on the cards for the Bash. I expect it to be a top level match on the show

An excellent show overall with plenty of great matches (yeah, 3 at the very least) and some great promos in and between
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Thumbs up Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Seriously, the way you're merging the IC and WWE title divisions before we get a new #1 Contender is awesome. Guys like Carlito, Morrison snd MVP earned even more credibility for hanging with a bunch of former WWE Champions. Out of the two Main Events, I'd say Edge will probably beat Morrison {a Doane return??} as he's champ, but Carlito/Orton is a tough one. Perhaps Orton's decline will be a storyline. Maybe get himself DQed? Anyway, Carlito has earned this ME exposure regardless.

Can't see the tag match getting a clean finish at all. Texas Tornado Street Fight at SummerSlam plz.

As for the big list of names you left at the end of the preview, I expect their SummerSlam feuds to begin to reveal themselves. More of Estrada/Angle and RVD/HBK and I'll be more than happy.

Looks awesome
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Raw looks sexy to say the very least. This is a perfect situation with the whole #1 contender dispute ... Orton has plenty of time to establish himself before the match with Edge is made for SS. Edge vs. Morrison should be very good, with The Rated R Superstar winning for sure. Tag title situation is very good at the moment and I really hope the feud continues until SS. Everything looks in order and I will be reading/reviewing for sure


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Looks like a jobberfest tbf.

Nah, shall be a good show by the looks of things.


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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Cant wait for Raw I will be reviewing can you tell me when Raw is up please.
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Monday Night Raw - July 2nd, 2007; Dallas, Texas

You Stupid Whore

A video package plays, highlighting the events which unfolded last week on Raw surrounding the WWE Championship, with Randy Orton, JBL, Umaga, MVP, RVD, HBK, John Morrison, and Kurt Angle all making their case for a title shot one way or another. The video then shifts to the Orton-Edge feud, ending with Orton’s “It’s not arrogance, it’s destiny” catchphrase, before transitioning into Edge telling Orton he won’t get a title shot, capping things off with “It’s not arrogance, it’s payback, you little bitch.”

Once the video package ends, the Raw opening video plays, before we enter the arena to see an incredible pyro display. Finally, we go to ringside with Jim Ross and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler.

Jim Ross: Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I’m Jim Ross, here with Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, and boy, oh boy, do we have a show for you here tonight. Coming up next, a rematch for the World Tag Team Championships - The Redneck Wrecking Crew defending against America’s Most Wanted! But that’s not all.

Jerry Lawler: That’s far from all. The former WWE Champion Randy Orton will be in action here tonight as he takes on Caribbean Cool, Carlito, in singles competition.

Jim Ross: Randy Orton hoping he’ll be named the number one contender here tonight, and we expect Jonathan Coachman to render his decision right here tonight on Raw.

Jerry Lawler: He needs to do the right thing tonight, J.R. Coach should come down to this ring and name Randy Orton the number one contender. It’s only right. You know it is, J.R.

Jim Ross: Regardless of what I think, and regardless of what Coach’s decision is, tonight the current WWE Champion of the moment, ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge, takes on a man he has quite a bit of history with, John Morrison. That one should be explosive.

Jerry Lawler: Speaking of explosive, we’ve got exclusive footage of a major brawl involving ‘The Samoan Bulldozer’ Umaga … and ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle from earlier tonight, before Raw went on the air!!

Jim Ross: “Explosive?” That was a war! Also tonight, the former six-time Women’s Champion Trish Stratus will be in action tonight, as she takes on the number one contender for Mickie James’ Women’s Title, Victoria. And Mickie is gonna be out here for that match! Ooh, I can’t wait!

Jim Ross: I’m sure you can’t, so let’s get this thing rolling. World Tag Team Titles on the line!!

1 - World Tag Team Championship; Vengeance Rematch
The Redneck Wrecking Crew (c) vs. America’s Most Wanted w/Gail Kim

After having several matches(singles and tag team) with each other over the past couple of months, the two tandems put together another solid match. America’s Most Wanted, coming off of a tough loss, move at a more impressive clip than usual, picking up the pace. The opening couple of minutes sees Storm and Harris dominate Cade and Murdoch, clearly frustrated about losing their World Tag Team Championships at Vengeance eight days ago.

The Redneck Wrecking Crew eventually manage to fend off the onslaught though, using their shrewdness to elude their feistier opponents. The finish comes when Storm and Murdoch end up on the outside of the ring, leaving the legal men, Harris and Cade, on the inside. Harris kicks Cade in the gut, before he shoots off of the ropes, looking for a Spear, but Cade sidesteps him and pushes him in the back, causing Harris to get caught up on the middle rope.

On the outside, Storm avoids a Murdoch clothesline, before he grabs him, and looks to toss him into the steel steps, but Murdoch counters, and sends Storm in! Inside the ring, Cade lifts Harris up, and shoots him into the ropes. Once Harris comes back, Cade gets set too early, and The Wildcat quickly reacts, and plants the big man with a DDT!! Harris points into the air, and soon climbs up to the top turnbuckle … only to be shoved off by Murdoch!!!

After several seconds of lying on the ground, Harris staggers back up to his feet, while both Murdoch and Cade wait. The Redneck Wrecking Crew then sprint opposite ways, bounce off the ropes, come back, and TAKE HARRIS OUT WITH THE SWEET ‘N’ SOUR!!! Cade then pins Harris for the academic three count.

Winners - The Redneck Wrecking Crew via pin fall at 10:07. Cade & Murdoch retain the World Tag Team Titles.

Cade and Murdoch retain the titles! Knowing they escaped by the skin of their teeth, The Redneck Wrecking Crew get the hell out of Dodge. Storm holds his shoulder at ringside, while Harris is laid out in the middle of the ring. Seems like AMW have finally met their match…


*Backstage - Interview Area*

Raw’s newest backstage interviewer, Ranjin Singh, stands by with the former six-time Women’s Champion Trish Stratus, who’s dressed to compete.

Ranjin Singh: I’m here with the former six-time Women’s Champion Trish Stratus. And, Trish, tonight you take on a woman you know quite well in Victoria, who’s been on one heck of a roll here on Raw, first beating Beth Phoenix, yourself, and Gail Kim at Vengeance, and then she defeated the Women’s Champion Mickie James last week on Raw. So my question is, what’s your game plan heading--

Trish Stratus: Ha-ha, okay … you’re new, right? Couple of tips. First off, let’s remember that people pay to see and hear me, the beautiful guest, not listen to you ramble on for hours. M’kay?

~ Trish actually stands and waits for a response, soon getting an apprehensive nod from Singh.

Trish Stratus: And secondly, I don’t need a game plan; I’m a six time Women’s Champion. I’m gonna go out there to my ring, and handle my ‘bidness’. Because that’s what people like me do. We handle business, and I do it better than anyone else. It doesn’t matter if it’s Victoria, Beth Phoenix, or that “sickie” Mickie James, I can get it done (snaps fingers) just like that.

~ Stratus lets out a cocky smirk, before walking off, leaving a contemplative Singh.

*Backstage - JBL Locker Room*

The Intercontinental Champion John Bradshaw Layfield, dressed in a gray suit and his trademark white cowboy hat, paces back and forth nervously. JBL continues to walk around nervously for about a dozen or so seconds, before finally, his manager Angelina Williams walks into the locker room.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Alright, tell me what he said.

Angelina Williams: Well--

John Bradshaw Layfield: You know what, I don’t wanna know.

Angelina Williams: B--

John Bradshaw Layfield: I do wanna know.

Angelina Williams: Alr--

John Bradshaw Layfield: Was it good or bad? I bet it was bad. That stupid punk!

Angelina Williams: John … do you want to know or not?

~ JBL looks at Angelina nervously, before he takes his hat off, and turns around.

John Bradshaw Layfield: … … … Go. What did Coachman say?

Angelina Williams: … … You … … are the NUMBER ONE CONTENDER FOR THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

~ Bradshaw turns around with a huge smile on his face. Layfield then hugs an ecstatic Williams, before taking his hat, and puts it back on his head. JBL then walks over to the couch and picks up his Intercontinental Championship.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Go back to Coachman’s office again, and tell him I want some time to address my adoring public; the future double champion needs to speak.

Angelina Williams: No problem.

~ Williams takes off, and JBL continues smiling, as we fade out.


*Backstage - Interview Area*

Todd Grisham stands by, microphone in hand.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, the former Intercontinental Champion, and the man that will wrestle Randy Orton here tonight, CARLITO!!

~ Carlito steps into screenshot, wearing a ‘Spit or Swallow’ T-shirt with an apple in hand and receives a very strong pop from the crowd.

Todd Grisham: Carlito, at Vengeance you were unsuccessful in your attempt to regain the Intercontinental Championship from JBL, but tonight, you have the opportunity to pick up a victory over former WWE Champion, ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton. What are your thoughts heading into this match up?

Carlito: Is Carlito disappointed ‘dat he didn’t regain his Intercontinental Title? Of course. Carlito got choked out, Carlito got bloodied, Carlito got beaten, and Carltio … got cheated, but still, Carlito has got nothing to show for it. But today’s a new a day, and in ‘dis new day, Carlito gets a shot at beating Randy Orton.

~ Crowd cheers.

Carlito: Now, Carlito doesn’t like Randy Orton -- never has. He’s cocky, he’s arrogant, he’s obnoxious, and all he cares about is himself. He’s just like … well … just like Carlito actually.

~ The crowd laughs as Carlito looks around quizzically.

Carlito: But unlike Carlito, Randy Orton is a baby. Instead of taking his loss at Vengeance like a man, he’d rather come out here and moan & grown, and blame everybody but himself. Instead of gettin’ back on ‘da horse, Randy Orton would rather cry. Crying? Dat … das not cool.

~ Pop for Carly’s catchphrase.

Carlito: Tonight, if Randy Orton wants to cry, I’ll give him something to cry about. Tonight, Carlito begins his climb back up the mountain top and towards the main event … where Carlito belongs. And dat’s not arrogance …

~ Carlito takes a bite of his apple, and chews on it for a bit.

Carlito: ‘Das cool.

~ The crowd cheers as Carlito takes off, while Grisham looks on.

*Back to ringside*

***SO FINE***

With Victoria and Trish Stratus ready to compete in a one-on-one match up, we get a surprise (and a very welcome one, quite frankly) as the WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James and Beth Phoenix make their way down to the ring. Both dressed (and matching) in a pair of jeans and a halter-top, Mickie and Beth walk towards the announce position, where two extra seats wait. Mickie sets her Women’s Title down on the table, and has a seat next to Ross and Lawler, before putting on headsets. Beth plops down in the chair next to Mickie.

Jim Ross: We’re being joined here by the WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James and her … friend, I guess, Beth Phoenix.

Jerry Lawler: Ooh la la.

Jim Ross: This match is very important to our Women’s Champion, as somewhere down the line, yet to be determined by our general manager, Mickie will have to put her title on the line against Victoria one more time.

Mickie James: You say that as if I’m afraid of Victoria, J.R.

Jim Ross: Well, last week on Raw, Victoria did pin you in that six women tag team match. And at Vengeance, you seemingly struggled in beating an announcer! Also, Victoria pinned Beth Phoenix to earn the right to face you. She’s on the roll of a lifetime an--

~ Mickie angrily glares at Ross.

Mickie James: SHE WAS ON A ROLL BEFORE, J.R.!!! Remember when I beat her at WrestleMania 23!?

Jim Ross: … Yes … but--

Jerry Lawler: Why are you trying to rile Mickie up?

Jim Ross: I’m not trying to--

Mickie James: I’ve reigned as the Women’s Champion 15 months!! The longest reigning current champion in this whole place!!

Jerry Lawler: Show her a little respect, J.R. By the way, I respect you, Mickie.

~ Mickie’s mood almost immediately changes completely.

Mickie James: Why thank you, King.

Jim Ross: ………………………..

2 - Victoria vs. Trish Stratus - Women’s Champion Mickie James on commentary

Knowing that Victoria may very well be on the roll of her life, Trish Stratus shows that she’s earned her veteran status, staying as far away from Vicky in the opening moments of the match as possible. Victoria and Trish feign locking up several times, only to have Stratus back away at the last possible second.

Once Vicky begins to show a bit of frustration on her face, Trish engages in a lockup with her. The blonde bombshell quickly applies a side headlock, only to have Victoria get out of it even quicker, shoving Trish into the ropes. Once Stratus comes back, Vicky lays into her with a shoulder block, sending Trish to the canvas. Victoria lifts her back up and shoots her into the ropes, before dropping down. Trish hops over, hits the ropes, comes back and Victoria leapfrogs over the top of her! Trish hits the ropes and comes back once more, only to have Vicky take her down with a hip toss!

Trish gets up and Victoria takes her down with a clothesline, and does the same when Stratus gets up again! Trish attempts to take a breather by rolling to the outside, but Vicky catapults herself over the top rope, and flattens Trish with a PLANCHA!! The crowd cheers wildly and after several seconds, both divas begin to stumble up to their feet. Trish hits Vicky with a thumb to the eye, and enters the ring, distracting the referee, which allows BETH TO NAIL VICTORIA WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!

Mickie does a bit of trash talking to the fallen diva, before Trish rolls back out and tosses Victoria in the ring, before following soon enough. After Beth’s damn near decapitation, Victoria isn’t the same for the rest of the match - her punches lack oomph, and she’s noticeably - and that allows Stratus to capitalize.

And though Trish tries to do just that (quite successfully at times), Victoria shows her unparalleled skill and determination, not letting Trish stay in control of the match for too long, before she begins to fight back with rights, which have once more found their sting. Despite Mickie and Beth attempting to interfere, Victoria retakes control of the match up with a couple of hard clotheslines, before nailing Trish with THE BLACK WIDOW!!

Vicky then grabs Stratus, and with her eyes completely locked in on Mickie, Victoria lifts Trish up and PLANTS HER WITH THE WIDOW’S PEAK!!! Victoria then covers Stratus for the three count.

Winner - Victoria via pin fall at 8:11.

Mickie James: ……………………..

Jim Ross: No offense to Ms. James sitting by us, in shock quite frankly, but we may be seeing the most impressive WWE diva to EVER walk through these halls!

Jerry Lawler: Mickie, are you okay?

Mickie James: ……………………..

Mickie gulps as Victoria looks at the woman who she should have beat for the championship at WrestleMania, but she’ll get the chance to make it right soon enough.


*Backstage - Hallway*

America’s Most Wanted down a hallway, looking rather dejected after failing to regain their World Tag Team Titles. The Wildcat and The Tennessee Cowboy are soon walked up to by the RKO Army - Chris Masters and Joey Mercury.

James Storm: What do you boys need?

Joey Mercury: (With clearly fake sincerity) We just wanted to say we’re sorry you didn’t manage to get your belts back tonight.

Chris Masters: (Smirking) Yeah, real shame, fellas.

Chris Harris: That’s kinda sweet … Now move the hell out of our way.

~ AMW push on by as Masters and Mercury look at one another with false shock on their faces.

Joey Mercury: Whoooooooa!! Touchy, touchy. Not so good when the going gets rough, huh, boys?

~ Storm and Harris let out a sigh before they turn around.

Chris Masters: I’m sure you thought this place didn’t live up to your standard of “real” tag team wrestling, and you’d just show and dominate (scoffs).

Joey Mercury: And you did … you did for a little bit. What was it, about three or four months of you guys being the best tag team around? Impressive. But now … everybody else has caught up, and now … and now the two of you are being exposed for the incredibly overrated tag team that you are.

James Storm: Overrated? That’s a real riot.

Chris Masters: Why’s that, tough guy?

Chris Harris: Because we were just thinking the same thing about you guys. Especially you, Chris. I mean, weren’t you the guy that came in, won a couple of squash matches over a bunch of people nobody had ever heard of, forced a couple of FANS to pass out to a full nelson, and then … once you were put in the ring with real competition, you faded away into oblivion?

~ Masters scowls at Harris; Mercury kind of laughs at his teammate a bit.

James Storm: And as for you, Joey. You should be the absolutely LAST one to talk about being exposed. What exactly have you done since you were KICKED out of MNM? Oh yeah, you got back in with them, only to have your two partners walk out on you yet AGAIN.

~ Now both Mercury and Masters glare at the former tag champs.

James Storm: That’s some bad damn luck. Oh, but don’t worry, I’m sure kissing Orton’s ass will get you someplace sooner or later.

~ MASTERS POPS STORM IN THE MOUTH with a hard right hand, knocking him backward!! Harris drills Masters, before Mercury helps his teammate out … and the scuffle is on, baby! The two tandems brawl with one another for fifteen or so seconds, with no major shots being hit by either party, until a few officials and road agents manage to pull the four men away from each other!

*Back to ringside*

3 - Semi-Main Event
Randy Orton vs. Carlito

The crowd is at a pretty high pitch for what should be a strong match up. Throughout the early stages of the match, Orton’s game plan seemingly changes several times in his head between playing it safe, not wanting to get caught for a quick loss, and going on the offense, looking to score a quick win.

Eventually, Orton’s tentativeness costs him, as Carlito attacks, and drills The Legend Killer with sharp left hands over and over again, backing him up. Carly dominates the next few minutes of the match, countering each and every Orton move, before he follows up with something strong of his own. Just when it looks like Orton could be in dire straits, in position for the BACKSTABBER, Orton quickly gets back on top, drilling Carlito with a LOW BLOW, out of the view of the referee.

With that cheap move, we head into a commercial break…

Back from the break, Orton’s got Carlito in … the deadly chinlock of doom. Ross and Lawler introduce us to what happened during the break, which sees Orton capitalize on the opening that he’s created, hitting Carly with a beautiful standing dropkick, and his modified backbreaker. Back in real time, the support of the crowd allows Carlito to ostensibly get back into this match up, powering up to his feet and drilling Orton with a couple of hard back elbows to the gut … but Orton regains control and yanks the former IC Champion by his hair back down to the canvas!

With Carly down, Orton goes to the Garvin Stomp, hitting Carlito on almost each and every spot on his body. The Legend Killer grabs Carlito, brings him up to his feet, and shoots him into the ropes. Orton gets set too early, however, and Carly makes him pay with a sharp kick to the face! Orton snaps back up in pain, as Carlito charges ahead! Randy quickly goes for a clothesline, but Carlito ducks it.

Orton turns around, and Carlito kicks him in the gut, keeling the self-proclaimed One Man Dynasty over. Carly then hits the ropes and drills Orton in the face with a knee lift!! On fire, ‘lito scoops Orton up and plants him with a body slam in the center of the ring. Carly runs towards the edge of the ring, leaps onto the middle rope, before he crushed Orton with a corkscrew senton!! Carlito quickly gets back up to his feet, springboards off of the ropes again, this time, going for a Lionsault … but Orton rolls out of the way … and Carlito lands on his feet!!

The Legend Killer pops up, and immediately grabs the feet of Carlito, trips him up, and goes for the TEXAS CLOVERLEAF … but Carlito quickly kicks Orton off! Both stars scramble back up to their feet, and Orton charges first, looking for a clothesline, but Carlito ducks it - goes behind - AND GOES FOR THE BACKSTABBER - but Orton quickly breaks Carlito’s grip on his shoulders! Orton quickly spins around, ducks a Carlito left hand, AND GOES FOR THE RKO - BUT CARLITO COUNTERS, GRABS ORTON’S SHOULDERS -- AND HITS THE BACKSTABBER!!! Carlito then covers Orton!




Winner - Carlito via pin fall at 11:41.

The crowd explodes into cheers as Carlito looks around the arena with excitement … and a bit of shock, quite frankly, before the referee comes over and raises his hand.

Jim Ross: ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!? Carlito has just beaten Randy Orton as clean as a whistle -- one, two, three -- in the middle of the ring!!

Jerry Lawler: Oh no!! Randy isn’t having a good couple of weeks here.

Jim Ross: Randy Orton didn’t help his chances to be named the number one contender tonight. But the real story is Carlito, after failing to regain the Intercontinental Championship, has beaten a former two time World Champion tonight, and the man who was the WWE Champion just eight days ago!!

Carlito leaves the ring and walks up the ramp, as the crowd continues to applaud, while inside the ring, Orton sits up, holding his back with a look of despair and disappointment on his face.

*Backstage - Hallway*

John Bradshaw Layfield Texas Two-steps his way down the corridor, IC Title slung over his shoulder, as happy as a kid in a candy store with Angelina Williams following.


*Backstage - RKO Army Locker Room*

‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters and Joey Mercury sit in their locker room, each man pissed off after the brawl which transpired earlier on. They soon pop up to their feet … as an angry Randy Orton walks into the locker room. The Legend Killer looks at each man, before he holds his back in pain as he speaks.

Randy Orton: (Breathing heavily) Where … in the hell … were you two?

Chris Masters: What happened?

Randy Orton: I just had my match!!

~ Mercury and Masters look at each other with shock, before turning back to Orton.

Joey Mercury: We were ready to help you out, Randy--

Chris Masters: But then those two AMW idiots attacked us for no reason--

Joey Mercury: Of course we got the better of it--

Chris Masters: We always do--

Joey Mercury: But still … it was pretty rough.

Randy Orton: You know what? Just shut up! I don’t wanna hear it.

~ Orton takes a deep breath, calming himself, before he has himself a seat.

Randy Orton: That’s three times the two of you have let me down. First, Vengeance. Then, last week on Raw, and now tonight. (Orton grits his teeth in pain) All I know is … I heard Bradshaw has a speech coming up, and if he’s named the number one contender tonight because I lost a damn match to Carlito, a WEEK after losing to RVD … there will be hell to pay. (Grabs his back again) Jesus!

~ Orton lies on the couch in pain, before we cut away.

*Back to ringside*


A tremendous amount of boos fill the arena, as John Bradshaw Layfield and Angelina Williams step out onto the Raw stage. JBL is all smiles, slapping the title belt on his shoulder, before the Intercontinental Champion continues on down to the ring, Texas Two-stepping. Layfield climbs up the steel steps and enters the ring, before telling Williams to go grab him a microphone. She does what she’s told, and brings it back to Bradshaw as his music dies down.

John Bradshaw Layfield: It’s morning again here on Monday Night Raw!

~ Crowd boos

John Bradshaw Layfield: It took a while, but JBL is once again on his way back to the mountain top, something that many of the ‘critics’ thought would never happen. They wrote JBL off as a one-hit wonder, somebody who gets to the top once and then fades off the planet. People had the audacity to put me in the same category as people like Chris Jericho, Kane and Rob Van Dam.

~ Layfield shakes his head in disgust as the crowd gives a mixed reaction; pop for the names, boos for the insult.

John Bradshaw Layfield: And then, when I was drafted here to Monday Night Raw, “The ‘A’ Show”, those same idiots were ready to write my death certificate. Well, you might wanna call me Jesus Christ, because THE DEAD HAS RISEN!!

~ Risqué line, and Ross treats it as such with a simple “that’s inappropriate”.

John Bradshaw Layfield: When will people get it through your thick skulls, it doesn’t matter what show I’m on, it doesn’t matter how long it’s been since my last reign, the cream ALWAYS rises to the top! I took the Intercontinental Championship at Backlash, and I haven’t looked back since, and now, JBL stands on the cusp of becoming the SECOND man in WWE HISTORY to hold both the Intercontinental Championship and the WWE Title at the exact … same … time!!

~ Crowd boos

John Bradshaw Layfield: That’s right, JBL is the number one contender for the WWE Championship! Why? Because Jonathan Coachman, our esteemed general manager, is a smart man. He knows who can get the job done, and who can’t. He knows who the people pay to see. The people pay to see … ME!!

~ More heat

John Bradshaw Layfield: Listen to ‘em!! LISTEN TO ‘EM!! Listen to these people CHANT MY NAME!! “J-B-L” … “J-B-L” … “J-B-L”--


John Bradshaw Layfield: “J-B-L”--


John Bradshaw Layfield: “J-B-L”--


John Bradshaw Layfield: “J-B-L”--


John Bradshaw Layfield: They know who the real deal is, just like Coach knows who the real deal is. But more importantly than that, they know who isn’t.

MVP, make no mistake about it, you’re a helluva an athlete, you’ve got major upside, and you are the future of this business. But this isn’t about the future, this about the here and now, and in the here and now, there is nobody -- NOBODY better than JBL!

~ Crowd boos

John Bradshaw Layfield: Rob Van Dam?
~ Great pop

John Bradshaw Layfield: As far as I’m concerned, anybody who wrestled in that hellhole known as ECW, and actually liked it … needs to be locked up, and certainly not be put in a position to become the flagship of this company!! Besides, we wouldn’t want a repeat of that debacle known as your first title reign.

~ JBL lets out a toothy grin, as a slight ‘ECW’ chant starts up.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Shawn Michaels?

~ Mixed reaction, leaning toward heat.

John Bradshaw Layfield: When was the last time HBK actually won an important match up? This is 2007, not 1997, the last time Shawn Michaels was actually relevant in the WWE Championship picture. Acting like a sophomore in high school, and dancing around like a coked-up stripper might’ve been cute ten years ago, but now it just screams “midlife crisis”. Shawn, do yourself a favor, go back to San Antonio, crawl up next to your wife and kids, and save yourself the embarrassment of ruining what’s left of your legacy.

~ The crowd ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’; JBL’s dropping bombs tonight.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Speaking of people living off of a legacy … Kurt Angle.

~ Mixed reaction, completely split 50/50.

John Bradshaw Layfield: The man wins a medal in 1996, and reminds us whenever he gets the chance. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. You want an American Hero? You don’t look to a bald lunatic, you look to someone who embodies America! You look to somebody exemplifies what this country’s about! You look to the Wall Street Warrior … ME!!

~ More heat

John Bradshaw Layfield: And as for Randy Orton?

~ Crowd boos

John Bradshaw Layfield: You want to know what the most important thing needed for being the WWE Champion is? You have to be A MAN!! Orton looked like he was about break down and cry last week! The last thing we need in a champion is a spoiled brat, who breaks down and weeps whenever things don’t go his way.

~ Angelina pats JBL on the back, as Layfield continues.

John Bradshaw Layfield: John Morrison? He need not bother wasting his time with the big boys.
There is only one man strong enough to take on Edge, there’s only one man big enough to headline this brand, there’s only one man good enough to take the torch and carry this company on his back! It’s the same man that made SmackDown a household name! It’s the same man that had the greatest WWE Title reign in this company’s history, THE WRESTLING GAWD!!! John … Bradshaw … Layfield.

~ JBL lets out his toothy grin as Angel applauds behind him …


Layfield joins Angelina in applauding, as Jonathan Coachman, the Raw GM, steps out onto the stage, microphone in hand. The crowd boos Coach as he waits for his music to die down.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Mr. Coachman, how good it is to see you.

~ JBL smiles wildly, but Coach doesn’t look overly thrilled to be out there, rubbing his forehead … nervously?

Jonathan Coachman: JBL … I think there’s been a bit of a misunderstanding.

~ Layfield’s smile begins to fade as nervousness creeps in.

John Bradshaw Layfield: W-- what do you mean? I--

Jonathan Coachman: … John … you are NOT the number one contender for the WWE Title.

~ Thunderous pop from the crowd. Layfield, on the other hand, looks confused as all hell, as one would expect.

Jonathan Coachman: I told your girl over there that you would have the opportunity to become the number one contender.

~ The crowd buzzes as JBL furiously turns toward Williams, who swears that Coachman said what she originally did. Layfield tells her to “SHUT UP”, before turning back to Coach.

Jonathan Coachman: And you will get that opportunity in two weeks on Monday Night Raw. Because on that edition of Raw, we will have an Eight Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal, with the winner earning a WWE Title Match during ‘The Biggest Party of the Summer’, SummerSlam!!

~ The crowd roars as JBL rubs his eyes with his right hand, stressed, before he speaks, keeping his eyes closed.

John Bradshaw Layfield: (sigh)… Who’s in it?

Jonathan Coachman: It’s gonna be the singles superstars who won their matches at Vengeance AND the four men who did not walk out of the building the WWE Champion in the Five Way Sudden Death Match. It’s gonna be … JBL!

~ Boos; JBL’s face scrunches up in pain after every subsequent name is read.

Jonathan Coachman: … John Morrison!

~ Boos

Jonathan Coachman: … ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels!

~ Mixed reaction

Jonathan Coachman: … ‘The Samoan Bulldozer’ Umaga!

~ Boos

Jonathan Coachman: … ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton!

~ Boos

Jonathan Coachman: … Montel Vontavious Porter - MVP!

~ Boos

Jonathan Coachman: … ‘Mr. Monday Night’ Rob Van Dam!

~ Loud pop

Jonathan Coachman: … and … ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle!!

~ Big time mixed reaction for Angle. JBL looks up into the air, almost in a ‘Why me?’ fashion. “Playa’s Club” hits again and Coach takes his leave from the ring, as Layfield begins to berate Williams, who attempts to defend herself against JBL’s verbal onslaught.


*Backstage - Hallway*

John Bradshaw Layfield and Angelina Williams walk down the corridor, being looked at by several of the Raw superstars hanging around in the back. Most of the faces can’t be distinguished as expressing any distinct emotion … but several can…

~ As Layfield continues to walk, he meets up with Shawn Michaels, who doesn’t look particularly happy with JBL. Bradshaw shakes his head, and continues to walk … before running into Kurt Angle. Angle (with a patch above his right eye) seethes with anger as he glares at Layfield, causing Bradshaw to gulp with fear. JBL shifts by Angle, and continues on down the hall … only to run into Randy Orton. The Legend Killer originally looks upset, but soon lets out a smirk, and shakes his head, before he slaps JBL on the shoulder and walks away smiling … but still in pain. Angered, embarrassed, and dejected, Layfield turns around to Williams.

John Bradshaw Layfield: … … … You stupid whore.

~ JBL then storms off, with Angelina not far behind, swearing that Coachman gave him a WWE Title Match.

*Backstage - Catering Room*

The WWE Champion Edge, dressed to compete while still wearing a T-shirt & shades, and Lita, who wears a low-cut black top & jeans, have themselves a gander at the rather plentiful spread that the WWE has laid out. The two grab a couple of plates, and get ready to fill them up when … John Morrison and Melina walk up behind them. Morrison bounces up and down, dressed to compete, oiled up even, ready to go. The Rated R Superstar turns around, and looks at Morrison up and down.

Edge: I don’t mean to be an asshole or anything … but do we know each other?

~ Morrison stops dead in his tracks, glaring at Edge.

John Morrison: Funny.

~ Lita turns to Edge with a bit of a smile.

Lita: Baby, that’s John Morrison.

Edge: The guy I’m wrestling in the main event?

Lita: Yep. He used to go by the name of … “Johnny Nitro”.

~ Edge lets out a look of fake shock, while Morrison and Melina continue to stare angrily at their former Rated R Army leader.

Edge: Get out. Nah, it couldn’t be. He looks nothing like Nitro. The hair is different, even the pants look different. Besides, Johnny Nitro was a spoiled, arrogant, little prick with a complete bitch for a girlfriend.

~ Lita holds her hand out, as if she’s presenting Melina, who’s not smiling … not even a little bit. Edge looks at Melina, and then looks back at Morrison.

Edge: Johnny, it is you! How’ve ya been?

Melina: That’s cute, Edge. Real funny. You know what I’m gonna find even funnier? When you lose your first match of your WWE Title reign right here tonight to The Guru of Greatness.

Edge: Guru of Greatness? That’s clever. It’ll take you places.

John Morrison: Keep it up, Edge.

Edge: Can I? Really?

Melina: The jokes won’t help you in that ring tonight, Edge.

Edge: You better hope I keep up with the jokes.

Melina: Why’s that?

~ Edge lets out a slight smirk, turns around, and tosses his plate onto the table. He turns back around to Morrison and Melina with a scowl on his face.

Edge: Because if I was to stop and think hard enough … I think I could remember being beaten up and bloodied at New Year’s Revolution and the prick standing in front of me having something to do with it.

~ Morrison face begins to express quite a bit of nervousness.

Edge: I could think a little harder, and I’m sure I could remember you abandoning me the Raw before Backlash, and letting me get my head caved in with a steel chair. Better yet, I can recall you not even bothering to show up at Backlash, when you gave me your word we’d be fighting side-by-side.

~ Edge inches closer to Morrison, who gulps a bit.

Edge: So yeah, I know who the hell you are; I can’t stand you. You make me SICK! And tonight, when the two of us step into that ring … everything about you is gonna come flooding back to me. And then … then you’re gonna WISH that you really were someone else.

~ Edge continues to glower at Morrison, as Johnny and Melina slowly back away from the angered WWE Champion. Morrison and Melina attempt to put on a look of confidence, but fail miserably as the stare of The Rated R Superstar doesn’t change one bit before we cut away.

*Back to ringside*

4 - Tag Team Match
Nicky & Johnny of The Spirit Squad vs. DH Smith and Cody Rhodes

The two blue chippers make their first appearance on WWE television here tonight, taking on two members of the Spirit Squad. Ross and Lawler put the two stars over as incredible can’t miss prospects, and in their first match up, Rhodes and Smith don’t disappoint. While Nicky and Johnny put up a solid fight, filled with the usual Spirit Squad ludicrousness, DH and Cody pull out the pin fall victory after Smith hits a running power slam on Nicky.

Winners - Smith and Rhodes via pin fall at 5:55.

The commentators continue to put over this young tandem, while the crowd give them a sufficient amount of cheers for their first wins in the ‘big leagues’.


*Backstage - JBL Locker Room*

John Bradshaw Layfield paces back and forth in his locker room, much like he did the firs time when he saw him here tonight, as Angelina Williams, his manager, shakes her head.

John Bradshaw Layfield: As a manager, your job is to make my job EASIER … not make me look like a moron in front of millions of people!!

~ Angelina shakes her head.

Angelina Williams: John, I’m telling you … Coachman said that you were the number one contender.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Then why the hell aren’t I!?

Angelina Williams: I don’t know! Maybe Orton was complaining, maybe Michaels was complaining, the sponsors didn’t want it, Coach changed his mind, there could be a million different reasons why.

~ JBL doesn’t answer, and continues to pace.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Michaels, Angle, Orton … Did you see the look on their faces? … Jesus Christ … I’m screwed in that Battle Royal.

~ Williams shrugs her shoulder.

Angelina Williams: Well … at least you’re still the Intercontinental Champion.

~ … Layfield stops pacing and glares at Williams.

John Bradshaw Layfield: “At least you’re still the Intercontinental Champion”? That’s what you have to say? You’re agreeing that I’m gonna lose that Battle Royal? Where in the hell is the positivity!?

~ Angel holds her head down, as JBL takes off his hat, letting out a sight.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Make sure I’ve got an interview for next week with four-eyes. Time for some damage control.

~ Bradshaw rubs his temples with the thumb and middle finger of his right hand, as Williams nods solemnly.

*Back to ringside*

Jim Ross: What a night it has been here on Monday Night Raw. The Redneck Wrecking Crew managed to retain the World Tag Team Titles against America’s Most Wanted. Victoria continues to roll, defeating multi-time Women’s Champion Trish Stratus here tonight. DH Smith and Cody Rhodes had a hell of a Raw debut, managing to defeat The Spirit Squad. And Caribbean Cool, Carlito, beat ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton in one HELL of a match up!

Jerry Lawler: And we’ve still got the main event to go here tonight!

Jim Ross: Absolutely. The WWE Champion Edge, The Rated R Superstar, takes on The Guru of Greatness later on tonight. Speaking of the WWE Champion, what about the news we got earlier tonight? Two weeks from tonight, an Eight Man Battle Royal to crown a new number one contender for the WWE Championship!

Jerry Lawler: JBL, Randy Orton, John Morrison, MVP, Rob Van Dam, Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, and Umaga battle it out, and the winner gets a WWE Title Match at SummerSlam!

Jim Ross: What a war that is going to be in two weeks live here on Raw. (Video begins to play)Well, ladies and gentlemen, last week on Raw, Kurt Angle and Armando Estrada got into a bit of an altercation over the WWE Title number one contendership…

*Cut to video*

Armando Alejandro Estrada: I already told ju and everybody else that’s its of no use talking to the general manager, or anybody else about getting a title shot. Because it’s already wrapped up by Umaga! Haha!

~ Angle lets out a bit of a smile.

Kurt Angle: Look, I don’t know if you noticed, but I haven’t been having a great couple o’ days. First, I didn’t get the job done last night at Vengeance. And now, I get told that I have to wait until next week to get a decision about who the next challenger for the WWE Title is. And to TOP IT ALL OFF, I’VE GOT AN IDIOT IN A GOOFY LOOKING HAT TALKING TO ME ABOUT GOD KNOWS WHAT!!!

~ Estrada adjusts his hat, as Angle fumes.

Kurt Angle: So I suggest you get the hell out of my way … before something bad happens.

~ AAE lets out a wide smirk.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Something bad? Haha, me amigo, ju must not know who I represent. I represent the SAAAAAAMOAN BULLDOZER UUUUUMAGAAAA!!! Haha!! And considering the night ju had last night, ju‘re not in the position to threaten anybody, my friend. In fact, if I were ju, I would just--

~ WHAP!!! ANGLE SLAPS THE TASTE OUT OF AAE’S MOUTH!!! Angle then grabs the charismatic manager by his lapels and tosses him into the wall!! Estrada crumbles down to the ground, but Angle’s not quite finished, as he delivers a couple of stiff boots to the stomach of AAE!! Angle then storms off in frustration, as Estrada lies on the ground in pain.

*Back to ringside*

Jim Ross: As one would imagine, that didn’t fly too well with Mr. Estrada, and here, in this wwe.com exclusive {exclusive … that we’re showing now ~___~}, here’s what happened a few of hours before we came on the air.

*Cut To Video - Parking Lot - Five Hours before Raw Goes on the Air*

A silver ‘Jaguar’ pulls into the arena’s parking lot. Soon enough, Kurt Angle steps out of the driver’s seat, adorned in a blue dress shirt, black slacks and shades. He closes the door behind him, before he walks to the back of his car, looking to get into the trunk … but he’s soon approached by Armando Alejandro Estrada!! Estrada looks furious while Angle looks up at AAE, and takes his shades off with a smirk.

Kurt Angle: Estrada. After last week, you sti--


Angle hits the floor, and Umaga lays into him with a couple of hard kicks to the gut! Estrada yells at ‘Maga to go for a big one, and ‘Mags backs up, before charging, looking for a big boot … but Angle catches his foot!!

Kurt struggles back up to his feet, still holding Umaga’s leg, and clotheslines him to the ground!! Angle then mounts him, and begins raining down hard right hands on the Samoan Bulldozer!! Umaga manages to regain the leverage, and switches positions with Angle, only to begin drilling the Olympian with stiff rights of his own!! The two incredibly intense superstars brawl around on the ground for a bit until Angle gains the ‘decisive’ upper hand.

He then lifts Umaga up to his feet, and looks to slam the monster into his own car … but Umaga refuses to budge, and instead, drills Angle with a back elbow to the gut. Mags then slams Angle’s head against the edge of the top of the car with authority!! Umaga follows up and delivers a scintillating side kick to the stomach of Angle, knocking Angle down to his hands and knees! Out of breath from the kick, Angle attempts to regain himself, but Umaga gives Angle a stiff right kick to the face, sending Angle to the floor, flat on his back!!

Umaga looks to deliver even more damage to Angle, but Estrada calls him off, telling something unintelligible to the Bulldozer. Maga yells at Angle in his native tongue, before he turns and walks away. The camera focuses in on Angle, who bleeds from his forehead, as he sits up, fuming with anger.

*Back to Real Time - Backstage - Hallway*

Dressed in his typical black leather jacket and shades with the WWE Title on his shoulder and Lita by his side, the WWE Champion Edge makes his way down the corridor and towards the ring.

Jim Ross: Up next, our main event. For the first time since recapturing the WWE Title from Randy Orton, The Rated R Superstar is in action. ‘The Guru of Greatness’ John Morrison takes on the WWE Champion Edge, next!


5 - Main Event; Non-Title Match
WWE Champion Edge w/Lita vs. John Morrison w/Melina

Top-flight superstar in his prime versus the star with the youth and incredible talent -- you get exactly what you’d expect: a solid main event. In the early going, the WWE Champion’s superior experience and overall skill level keeps him one step ahead of the youngster, managing to avoid Morrison’s flashy maneuvers, before he takes him down with his much simpler offense.

Having enough, Morrison leaves the ring, catching a breather. Edge leaves the ring, and Morrison takes off, causing The Rated R Superstar to give chase! Morrison slides in … but Edge doesn’t follow, knowing it’s a set up. The Guru of Greatness looks outside the ring with frustration, as Edge points to his temple with his right index finger with a slight smirk, telling Morrison he’s too smart to fall for that move.

Morrison slyly walks away, before quickly hitting the ropes, comes back and goes for a BASEBALL SLIDE - but Edge sidesteps him and slides into the ring, causing Morrison to slide all the way to the outside! The Rated R Superstar then clotheslines Morrison down to the floor, before he lifts him up and tosses him back into the ring.

Edge follows, as Morrison crawls away. The champion follows Morrison along, but The Guru of Greatness quickly spins around, grabs the front of Edge’s tights and tosses him through the ropes, to the outside of the ring! Melina lets out an ear-piercing scream, as Morrison leaves the ring, and goes on the attack. He delivers a couple of hard kicks to the sternum of the WWE Champion, before lifting Edge back up, and then tosses him back into the ring.

For the next few minutes, The Shaman of Sexy puts on an athletic display for the fans watching at home, using every visually-pleasing move in his arsenal - including the breakdance leg drop for a near fall. At the seven minute mark, Edge begins to fight back, using his right hand rather effectively to stun his young opponent. The Rated R Superstar then bounces off the ropes, comes back, avoids a Morrison clothesline, hits the ropes once more, and takes Morrison down with a hard clothesline!

The crowd begins to come alive as Edge takes control of the match up, taking the resolute Morrison down with a couple of more clotheslines and then a back body drop! Edge then picks Morrison up and shoots him off the ropes. John comes back, avoids an Edge clotheslines, leaps onto the middle ropes - AND GOES FOR HIS SPRINGBOARD ENZIGUIRI - BUT EDGE DUCKS - AND MORRISON TAKES OUT THE REFEREE!!!

The referee hit’s the canvas, and doesn’t move an inch, as both Edge and Morrison stare down at him in shock. The two stars then look back up at each other, before charging ahead! Morrison avoids the right hand from Edge, quickly wraps his arms around him, and then KNEES HIM IN THE GROIN!! Every man watching gnashes their teeth in pain, as Edge drops to the canvas, holding himself.

Melina quickly reacts and grabs the WWE Championship belt from ringside! The sassy diva slides into the ring, ready to hand the belt off to Morrison … BUT LITA DRILLS MELINA WITH A DOUBLE LEG TAKEDOWN!!!


The crowd roars as Lita begins to swing away on Melina, but Melina fights right back, causing the two divas to brawl all the way under the bottom rope and spill to the outside of the ring!

Inside the ring, Morrison picks up the title belt that Melina brought into the ring, and begins to stalk the recovering Edge. The crowd begins to cheer … as KEN DOANE SPRINTS DOWN TO THE RING!! Doane leaps onto the apron, and when Morrison rears back with the belt, DOANE SNATCHES IT AWAY!! Ken then leaps down off of the apron with a smile, as Morrison looks at his former teammate, steaming. The Guru of Greatness then turns back around -- SPEAR!!!

Edge cuts Morrison in half with that devastating Spear, before he covers him, hooking the far leg. A second referee sprints down to the ring, slides in, and counts the three count for the champion!!

Winner - Edge via pin fall at 12:37.

The crowd explodes into cheers as Edge gets up to his feet, and has his arm raised by the ref. Doane leaves the WWE Title on the apron, as Morrison rolls out of the ring, clutching his ribs. Melina staggers over to her pained boyfriend, while Lita grabs Edge’s WWE Championship and slides into the ring.

Jim Ross: Haha, it might’ve taken a roundabout way, but Edge has won this match up here tonight, and this Rated R Era continues to chug along.

Jerry Lawler: But the road only gets tougher from here, J.R. With the Battle Royal in two weeks, expect the WWE Title picture to heat up before it cools off here on Monday Night Raw.

In rapid succession, we get live shots of all of the title contenders backstage.

Shawn Michaels lazily sits in a chair, with his cowboy hat covering his eyes, though it can be heard that he’s got Raw on in front of him. Rob Van Dam watches with Sabu and Bill Alfonso, nodding his head slowly. JBL stands with Angelina Williams by his side and the Intercontinental Championship on his shoulder, looking at Edge with a scowl. Randy Orton watches on his couch, still favoring his back, and seethes as he stares at his archrival. MVP watches as he gets a massage from his Playgirls, while Armando Estrada and Umaga watch on a hallway monitor. Kurt Angle doesn’t bother to continue watching, though he does have it playing in the background, while he “shadow wrestles” in his locker room…

Back at ringside, John Morrison clutches his ribs in pain as he stares at Edge…

Jim Ross: Next week, the final stop before the road to SummerSlam officially begins for Monday Night Raw. Can anybody take out the WWE Champion?

Pyro begins to go off when Edge raises the WWE Championship above his head, with Lita by his side, while everyone in the American Airlines Arena cheers in unison.

End of Show


Current Card for SummerSlam
August 26th, 2007
East Rutherford, New Jersey

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Mr. Kennedy vs. John Cena OR Batista OR The Rock

WWE Championship Match:
Edge vs. Winner of #1 Contenders' Battle Royal

for the week of September 28th


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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Just a few brief comments…

at the stage of the Tag Team Division. I see you are putting effort into a division that needs it. AMW, RWC, Spirit Squad and the new young tandem of Rhodes/Smith. I mark for Smith and with the RKO Army also around, as well as a few other jobber teams, seems it’s time for some fresh faces. Can’t wait, I love me some good ole’ tag team action.

Physco Mickie ftw, imo. Love her in this role and was hoping WWE would revert her back to it after she lost to Beth a few months ago in her home town. Seems she is making the transformation all but complete, can’t wait. Fresh faces are a must in the future though. I’m sure you know of gals in the Indy’s that are talented and could come in and do a job.

JBL is awesome. Love the fact you have been teasing him turning on Williams, but I think it is only the same as he did to Jillian, just trying to keep his hold over her and let her know her place. JBL and Edge to feud please, that would just be awesome, but only if JBL takes it of Edge later in the year.

Boo at Masters/Mercury. Fucking muppets.

Carlito beating Orton is huge. I mean HUGE. Hopefully this means Orton goes physco on the RAW roster soon, whether it is after losing in the Battle Royal or losing to Edge at Summerslam if he gets the shot, one or the other please.

Umaga/Angle ftw. Angle could hold up well with Umaga and I have a feeling a match between those two would be epic. If a program develops, one match has to be a Street Fight after what just happened. If not, you will miss a huge chance. They could tear the house down under those rules.

ME was nice. Surprised you had Edge win in all honesty. After earlier, I was thinking maybe a DQ Finish or a Double DQ even. The match made both strong though. Loving Edge at the moment, despite me not being the biggest fan of him in the world.

I’m tipping Orton or JBL for the Battle Royal. JBL to have a chance before he and Edge enter a fully fledged program or Orton so he and Edge can FINALLY end their program. Either or will do fine.

First time checking this thread out in a while and happy it is still going. Thought you lost your BTB mojo, so glad that is not the case. Talented writer and yourself and Legend are the leading lights in BTB at the moment. Congrat-u-fucking-lations.

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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Raw Review:

The World Tag Team Title match was a good way to open the show. Very impressive work from both teams. However as you mentioned it looks as if AMW has met their match with the RWC. Hopefully this feud does continue between the two teams though.

Backstage Segments/Promos: Surprised to see Ranjin Singh in this thread as an interviewer. As far as the interview from Trish goes, it looks like she is continuing to play the role of a tweener, which is a good change for her character. The JBL/Williams segment was short, but fitted the JBL character. I see that JBL will be having a promo later in the show, so I can't wait to see how that will go. Finally, it looks like Carlito is being pushed back into the upper mid card/low tier Main Event scene. I must echo Legend's comments and say that you have done a great job blending the Main Event and Upper Mid Card wrestlers together, for one big time Main Event scene.

The Women's match was well booked, but even better was Mickie on commentary, as her expressions and her state of shock following Victoria's win over Trish sold the whole story of the storyline. I see the big time match between Mickie and Victoria taking place at SummerSlam, with Victoria finally winning the title from Princess Mickie James.

As far as the segment with Masters/Mercury and MNM, great segment to start a possible program with the two teams. What both teams said were true, and made the segment come across even better.

Carlito continues his strong push in the thread, with a huge clean win over the FORMER WWE Champion, Randy Orton! I'm shocked to say the least that Orton lost cleanly once again here on Raw. As far as the JBL/Angelina Williams segment, JBL doing the two step dance=Ratings!

The RKO Army segment was a good way to show the recent fallback that the team and especially its leader, have shown over the past couple of weeks. As far as the JBL segment, outside of the as you mentioned "Risque line" from JBL, the promo came across real good. Coach's announcement was different, yet very interesting. Right now I see either JBL or Orton winning the match. Finally the after the break segment with JBL and others were well done, and JBL being annoyned at Williams to end the segment was well booked.

The tag match seemed a bit like a filler match, since despite it being the fourth match on the card a lot of promos and backstage segments have taken place thus far on the show.

From the Angle/Estrada video, it looks as if the Angle/Umaga feud will begin and it looks like those two will not be winning the Battle Royal in two weeks time.

The Main Event was the Match of the Night, with Edge winning the big match against Morrison. As far as the rapid succession of showing the other title contenders, that was a nice way to conclude the show.

Overall once again Mac, the show was excellent, and right now, probably more since Raw has been written in full, IMO Raw has been the better show as of late between the two brands in this thread, as the road to SummerSlam continues to get better. Looking forward to Smackdown.

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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Raw Review

Last week’s Raw was so intriguing and could lead to many different storylines … I hope tonight’s edition follows up well. Tonight’s card looks stacked and I can’t wait to see who comes out on top of the Tag Title match, as well as Orton vs. Carlito and Edge vs. Morrison.

AMW and the RWC have had a very good feud the last few months and I think tonight’s match will probably not end cleanly … setting up another match down the line. AMW dominates early but I don’t see the titles coming back to them because RWC just won the belts. The ending of the match was pretty solid and I was very glad to see that Cade & Murdoch didn’t use any incredibly cheap tactics to pick up the win. The Sweet and Sour owns and I still see another match between the two teams … despite the clean finish. Great way to kick off Raw, imo.

Ranjin Singh as an interview? Seems kinda random but I am sure Trish will do most of the talking. Trish is great as a heel and I would love to see ‘Indian Bischoff’ back down from everyone he interviews … would be a nice gimmick. Trish keeps it short and sweet, but I can’t see her beating Victoria tonight, not with the roll the number one contender is on.

JBL has been on fire lately and the little exchange with his manager was very funny … until he is announced as the #1 contender!! I guess he will be facing Edge sometime between now and SS … I was just shocked to see JBL get the decision from Coachman so fast. JBL vs. Edge feud would own, imo.

Carlito finally gets a chance at the main event when he meets Orton tonight. CCC went through hell at Vengeance and it saddened me to see him without the IC Title when the night was over. Anyway, Carlito is great as a face and I loved the comment about arrogance and cool. I think ‘Lito has a real shot tonight … with Randy Orton being on the downfall after losing the WWE Title. Should be an awesome match.

Mickie on commentary is a good way to get the Women’s Champ on the show, scouting her next opponent, Victoria. Very smart of Trish to stay away from Vicky in the opening few minutes … the #1 contender is on fire. Victoria is able to take control but with the ref distracted … BETH NAILS A HUGE CLOTHESLINE!! I knew that Victoria wouldn’t lose this match but she seemed pretty out of it after the clothesline, even though she didn’t allow Trish to nail any big moves. Victoria is able to regain the control and she hits the Black Widow and then the Widow’s Peak for the three count. Mickie seems really intimidated and she has a reason to be … Victoria will become the next Women’s Champion when she gets her title shot, imo.

Is this a sign of an RKO vs. AMW feud?? I guess this will give Masters and Mercury something to do since Orton is no longer the champ and they don’t need to be watching his back 24/7. Some strong comments from both sides and AMW got the better of the verbal exchange but it doesn’t mean anything because Masters takes the first strike!! Mercury is able to help his partner and if AMW’s could get any worse after the loss to RWC … it just did.

Very good time to have Orton vs. Carlito … right at about the one-hour mark. CCC has nothing to lose in this match so it was great to see him go right after TLK, taking him down with some great strikes. The low blow was pretty desperate by Orton and now he will have the advantage during the commercial break. LOL at “chin lock of doom~!” Orton uses some cheap tactics to keep the match in his favor, like pulling CCC down by the hair, but ‘Lito is able to come back and run through Orton for the second time in the match. The ending sequence was very exciting and I thought Orton would nail the RKO somehow out of nowhere but that doesn’t happen … and Carlito nails the BackStabber!! CCC wins the match and this is a huge step for ‘Lito … and a major setback for TLK, losing for the second time in as many week. I am interested to see where both guys go from here.

Good interaction between Orton and his RKO Army. Mercury and Masters were too distracted with AMW that they missed out on a chance at helping Orton win his match. I see the group possibly breaking apart in the coming month … with Orton staying heel and being out for only himself … while Masters/Mercury head into the very strongly developing tag team division.

Now it is time to hear from the wrestler that I am LOVING at the moment in this thread … JBL. Awesome way to start the promo, talking about people comparing him to Y2J and RVD, great way to take shots at guys while talking about how awesome you are. Jesus Christ line may have been a little bit over the line … but he’s JBL!! I love when JBL says that the people are chanting his name but then they always end it with SUCKS. JBL running down each contender is so in character and the reference to RVD’s first title reign was very heat-worthy, imo. Other comments were good, especially about HBK and Angle, and JBL really seems to be loving it as #1 contender … but here’s Coach!! JBL isn’t the #1 contender?? JBL is pissed at A. Williams right now … 8-man battle royal in two weeks!! This is a great way to get a new #1 contender … much better than the clichéd tournament. The list of contenders is awesome because it is all the guys on a roll right now. The only thing that would have been better would be if you had like two qualifying matches next week … just so someone like Carlito and maybe Sabu could be included, to have ten guys instead of eight. But I understand that you want the four winners and also the main eventers in the match. Great promo … JBL is amazing.

Funny to see JBL continue down the hallway after being embarrassed about not being the #1 contender. The line to Williams was classic, keep these ‘show theme’ quotes coming Mac!

Edge is pretty decent as a face, and I love the relaxed mood he has been in since winning the WWE Championship. Good little interaction between Morrison and Edge before their big match, with Melina doing all the real talking for John. Edge remembering all the stuff Morrison did to him in the past was cool … and I don’t see things going well for the Guru of Greatness in the ring tonight.

Smith and Rhodes as a tag team?? This is a pretty cool because they are both sons of legends and they could go on to be a very good face tag team. No chance that the Spirit Squad was going to beat these new guys and good to see the new team on the block get the W. I hope the push is not too quick but I do see the tag titles possibly in their future.

JBL has been dominating this show and I find it very strange that Angelina said that Coachman named JBL the #1 contender when he clearly didn’t. Maybe Angelina is going to leave JBL because of the way he treats her? I am already looking forward to the interview with the IC Champ next week … should be entertaining.

The inevitable feud between Angle and Umaga has got off to a very spectacular start, with ‘Mags repaying Angle for what he did to AAE last week. I like that Angle wasn’t completely dominated in the parking lot … and he was able to get some good shots in on the Samoan Bulldozer. Umaga finally gains the decisive advantage and I am glad Umaga didn’t completely destroy Angle … would have been too early in the feud for something that decisive to happen. Nice touch to the show.

This is a very good choice for Edge’s first match as WWE Champion because Morrison gets some time in the main event while Edge faces someone he is sure to beat. Edge is able to counter most of Morrison’s heel tactics but Morrison finally gets a decent shot in and Melina gives out that trademark scream. Morrison got some time to dominate but now it is time for Edge to go back and the attack, keeping Morrison down. Morrison misses Edge and takes down the ref!! Morrison uses a huge heel tactic with the knee to the groin, gaining the advantage back. The nice catfight was a good addition … Lita and Melina are both so feisty. Morrison looks to put the match away with the title belt but … DOANE STOPS HIM!! Ken is able to distract Morrison just long enough so that Edge can set up … SPEAR~! Great win for Edge and the show ends in a dramatic way, with shots of all eight guys in the battle royal, a perfect ending to the show.

This was another solid show, Mac. Most of the time, the show that doesn’t have a PPV coming up is boring on TV but Raw has owned SD the last few weeks. The entire show pretty much revolved around the #1 contender situation and that is just what interested me most. JBL is starting to become a main eventer but I still see Orton as the next contender to Edge. I hope next week is a good show … I know you’ll do something good to hype up the battle royal even more. Another example of why you are one of the best, 9.5/10.


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