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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Glad to see this thread get back on track

This is set to be a very good Raw after an AMAZING show in Vengeance. Orton will be addressing the crowd but what is shocking is ... he doesn't have a rematch clause? I guess he will have to earn his way back into being the #1 contender. The main event between Orton and RVD sounds awesome as well.

I am looking forward to the promo by JBL and I think AAE will also have a little something to say. Looks like a great show and I will be reviewing, per always.


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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Pretty quick turnaround from preview to show. Got bored.

Monday Night Raw - June 25th, 2007; Denver, Colorado

That’s Not Arrogance, It’s…

A video package plays, highlighting all which took place at last night’s Vengeance PPV - Mickie def. Maria to retain her year plus Women’s Title reign, while Victoria became the #1 contender by edging out Trish Stratus, Beth Phoenix, and Gail Kim; JBL defeated Carlito in an incredible Texas Bullrope Match to retain the IC Title; Cade & Murdoch def. AMW to become the new World Tag Team Champions; John Morrison def. Ken Doane; MVP def. Sabu, getting his first win on PPV; Umaga picked up the biggest win of his career, by defeating the legendary Cactus Jack in a hardcore match; and in the main event, Edge FINALLY regained the WWE Championship by def. RVD, HBK, Kurt Angle, and his most hated rival, the incumbent champion Randy Orton.

We then enter the arena, but before anything can be set up for tonight’s show …


The crowd boos mercilessly as the FORMER WWE Champion Randy Orton steps out onto the Raw stage. Looking incredibly frustrated, The Legend Killer wears jeans, a closefitting black shirt and shades. Randy looks down at his waist, shakes his head, and then looks back up at the fans with a poignant scowl. With the RKO Army of Chris Masters and Joey Mercury behind him, both dressed in jeans and ‘RKO Army’ T’s, Orton continues on down to the ring, kicking off the first Raw in almost six months where he hasn’t been the WWE Champion.

Jim Ross: This is a sight that we have not seen in over five months. Randy Orton WITHOUT the WWE Championship. Orton put up a hell of a fight, and looked like he was on his way to retaining the title at one point, but in the end, it was Edge, The Rated R Superstar, who left Houston the new WWE Champion.

Jerry Lawler: He looks naked without the championship, J.R. And now we here from wwe.com that Randy doesn’t have a rematch clause? This is completely unfair to The Legend Killer. But he’s shown over the past few months that he’s got what it takes to reign on the mountain top. Does he have what it takes to get back there?

The One Man Dynasty steps into the ring, and calls for a microphone, and is soon handed one. His music dies down, and the crowd picks up as a ‘Rated R’ chant rings out around the arena. Orton simply holds his head down, attempting to gather himself, before he finally brings his head up and the mic with it.

Randy Orton: Y’know … you would think that after everything I’ve done for you people, you would show me a little more respect.

~ Big-time heat for The Legend Killer, who stares into the crowd.

Randy Orton: For the past six months, I’ve taken this brand, Monday Night Raw … I’ve taken this COMPANY on my back! For the past six months, I’ve reigned as the WWE Champion, and put on some of the best matches that any of you have ever seen!

~ Orton takes a deep breath before continuing.

Randy Orton: For the past six months, I have put my body on the line, because as the number one superstar in this company, it is something I had to do. For the past … six … months, I have been, quite simply, a One Man Dynasty.

~ The crowd boos as Orton strolls around the ring for a bit, while Masters and Mercury watch their leader intently.

Randy Orton: But last night … that all came to an end. Last night … the biggest travesty in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment occurred.

~ Light boos from the crowd.

Randy Orton:
After battling for twenty-five minutes, against four of the toughest and most talented superstars in this company -- after DOMINATING four of the best wrestlers in the world … after all of that, it only took one split second -- one - split - second for my entire world to come crashing down around me.

~ Orton takes his shades off.

Randy Orton:
The one thing that I’ve worked my ass off to get … the one thing I worked my ass off to keep … the most prestigious prize in this business … the WWE Championship … was ripped away from me in one … split … second.

~ The crowd pops, causing Orton to stare at them with fury.

Randy Orton: OH, YOU ALL LIKE THAT!? You like that Edge is now the WWE Champion!? HUH!?

~ Another loud pop.

Randy Orton:
Well, you shouldn’t be! You shouldn’t be happy, and neither should Edge. No, Edge didn’t win the WWE Championship because he was better. He didn’t win it because he was faster, he didn’t win it because he was stronger, or smarter, he won it … because he got lucky.

~ Crowd boos

Randy Orton: THAT’S IT!! That’s the only reason!! If you didn’t see it, order the replay! If you saw it and don’t remember what exactly happened, watch it again! I DOMINATED that match!

~ Orton fiercely glares at the crowd.

Randy Orton: I beat down Edge like I ALWAYS do!! I beat down RVD! I beat down Shawn Michaels! I beat down Kurt Angle! Four of the top superstars in this business were dominated by The Legend Killer for thirty minutes, and then - IN A SPLIT SECOND - Edge comes in, hits a couple of crappy Spears and steals my championship, steals my WWE Title, steals my glory, steals what’s MINE!!

~ More boos for TLK as Orton wipes his mouth, clearly riled up.

Randy Orton:
And believe me, that’s exactly what the WWE Championship is. It’s … MINE.

~ Crowd boos

Randy Orton: And I’ve proven that time and time again. At New Year’s Revolution, I went through five guys -- Stone Cold Steve Austin, JBL, Edge, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker -- to win that belt. At the Royal Rumble, I pinned HBK dead center in the middle of this ring. At WrestleMania 23, I beat Michaels and Edge, and gave Edge his first pin fall loss at a WrestleMania. At Backlash, I beat Edge … again.

~ Quick shot of some young kid in the first row booing Orton and giving him the thumbs down.

Randy Orton: What does this all prove? It proves that Randy Orton is the man in this company, NOT EDGE!! It proves that Randy Orton is the future of this business, NOT EDGE!! And most importantly, it proves that Randy Orton is the rightful WWE Champion … not … Edge.

~ A slight ‘Edge’ chant starts up, but Orton continues.

Randy Orton: But without a rematch clause in my contract … I won’t have the opportunity to prove that right off the bat.

~ Crowd cheers.

Randy Orton: And no, I probably won’t be getting a rematch for a long … long time. Why? Because Edge … is afraid. Edge is a coward, and each and every one of you idiots knows it.

~ Cheap heat

Randy Orton: EDGE!! You’re nothing but a fluke, a paper champion. You’re not a Rated R Superstar … you’re a Rated R Fraud!

~ Masters and Mercury nod along, while the crowd continues to show it’s disgust with Randy.

Randy Orton: And the second that you man up, grow a set of balls--

~ OH!

Randy Orton: Yeah, the second that you grow a set and step into this ring with me again, the second you put that belt on the line, one-on-one, no hangers-on stealing my glory, no washed-up icons looking for one more run, no pothead piece of crap in my way, I guarantee you, and everybody within the sound of my voice, that the WWE Championship will come back to ME!!

~ More heat for Orton as the former champion takes his sunglasses and puts them back onto his face, his trademark smirk returning.

Randy Orton: And that’s not arrogance … it’s quite simply … destiny.

~ Orton drops the mic and raises his arms into his “Destiny” pose, getting some loud heat, as Masters and Mercury applaud behind him. The Legend’s Killer’s theme blasts over the loudspeaker, and TLK takes his leave from the ring, heading back up the entrance ramp with his Army in tow.

Jim Ross: Very strong words from the former champion there, basically challenging the WWE Champion Edge’s manhood here tonight! We know that the Edge is here tonight, so we’ll see if The Rated R Superstar has anything to say about it.

Jerry Lawler:
Could be an explosion here tonight!

~ At the top of the ramp, the former champion, Orton, shows us his pose once more, stone-faced as the crowd boos.

Jim Ross:
Orton will also be in action later on tonight on Raw, taking on Rob Van Dam. But up next … the new World Tag Team Champions, The Redneck Wrecking Crew, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch, are in action!


1 - Tag Team Match
Redneck Wrecking Crew
vs. Val Venis and Viscera

Coming off of the biggest wins in their careers, Cade and Murdoch, the NEW World Tag Team Champions, are once again in action here tonight. Instead of AMW, however, it’s the ragtag team of Viscera and Venis, which we haven’t seen on Raw since the day before forever. All this match does is give the Redneck Wrecking Crew even MORE momentum following their title win, as they dominate the veteran superstars throughout, before finishing the mammoth Vis off with the Sweet ‘n’ Sour, which allows Cade to get the pin fall victory.

Winners - The Redneck Wrecking Crew via pin fall at 4:11.

After the match, the referee hands Cade & Murdoch their championships and the two rednecks snatch them away.

Jim Ross: These kids are good. Real good. The Redneck Wrecking Crew picking up another win after beating America’s Most Wanted for the gold last night at Vengeance.

Jerry Lawler:
No offense to Val and Vis, J.R., but the first real test for Cade and Murdoch as champions comes next week here on Raw.

Jim Ross:
Absolutely, next week, KICKING OFF RAW, a Vengeance rematch! America’s Most Wanted invoke their rematch clause, and take on Cade & Murdoch for the World Tag Team Titles!! That should be a slobberknocker!!

*Backstage - Hallway*

Rob Van Dam apparently finishes up talking to Sabu and Bill Alfonso, turns away, and begins walking down the corridor. RVD shakes the hand of several passersby, and continues on his way when ...


~ Van Dam rolls his eyes, and the crowd lets out a mixed reaction … as Shawn Michaels waltzes into screenshot. HBK wears his trademark smirk per always.

Shawn Michaels: You don’t look happy to see me, Rob. That hurts my feelings.

Rob Van Dam: What do you want, Michaels?

Shawn Michaels: Gettin’ right to it, huh? Alright. Did I read the match listing right tonight? You have a main event match with Orton tonight?

~ Van Dam nods; Michaels smirk fades a bit.

Shawn Michaels:
Last night wasn’t enough for you? The past FIVE YEARS haven’t been enough for you? You still don’t get it after all of this time?

Rob Van Dam:
Apparently not. Why don’t you explain it to me?

Shawn Michaels: I’m glad you’re ready to take my fatherly advice. Here goes. You are NOT WWE Title material. Last night at Vengeance should’ve made that perfectly obvious. In one corner … you had the WWE Champion, Randy Orton. In another corner … you had an Olympic gold medalist, Kurt Angle. Elsewhere … you’ve got a multi-time WWE Champion, Edge. And finally … you’ve got the greatest wrestler to ever lace up a pair of boots, ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels.

~ Van Dam seems incredibly bored by Michaels. HBK, however, begins to look around as if he’s lost something.

Shawn Michaels: But wait, are we forgetting someone?

Rob Van Dam:
I hear that happens with old age.

~ Michaels smiles.

Shawn Michaels:
It might be the old age … OR … in the middle of talking about champions and icons, we forgot about the insignificant, ECW, weed-smoking’, comic-book readin’, surfboardin’, bingo hall midcarder … RVD!!

~ HBK’s smile has completely faded, replaced with a look that could kill. Strangely enough, Van Dam wears the same face, as the two superstars glare right at one another.

Shawn Michaels:
It’s over, Rob. You had your little moment in the sun, and you blew it. You lost the WWE Championship in less than a month, you haven’t been important around this place for a LONG while now. So … for the sake of not embarrassing yourself anymore, I suggest that after you lose to Orton here tonight -- and yes, you will be losing; it’s what you do -- I suggest that you set your sights AWAY from the WWE Championship.

~ RVD continues to angrily glare at Michaels, who begins to smile again as he backs away.

Shawn Michaels: You know what? I hear that the Women’s Title Match hasn’t been finalized yet. Shave the five o’clock shadow, do a couple of crunches, put on a little makeup -- I’m no general manager, but Mickie James, Victoria and Rob Van Dam sounds like a damn good Triple Threat Match to me. Think about it.

~ Michaels laughs at his own joke, before turning and walking away. Van Dam continues to watch intently as we fade out.


2 - Non-Title Match
IC Champion John Bradshaw Layfield w/Angelina Williams
vs. Eugene

Continuing the trend of … continuing momentum, JBL wrestles against lovable Eugene, less than 24 hours after retaining his Intercontinental Championship in a hellacious Texas Bullrope Match. Unlike the RWC, however, JBL doesn’t dominate his gullible opponent, as he’s still quite a bit worn down from the PPV. Eugene goes through every move of his unique offense, and even manages to hit a Rock Bottom on Bradshaw, picking up a near fall! JBL manages to get back on the right track, as he avoids a People’s Elbow, pops back up to his feet, and takes Eugene’s head off with the Clothesline From Hell!! Layfield then covers him for the academic three count.

Winner - John Bradshaw Layfield via pin fall at 4:45.

Layfield gets back up to his feet, and uses his foot to roll Eugene’s lifeless carcass out of the ring and to the floor below.

Jim Ross: JBL has never been one to show his opponent much respect, and we saw that just now. Complete lack of class from our Intercontinental Champion.

Jerry Lawler: Maybe if Eugene made it out of third grade, JBL wouldn’t treat him like he does, J.R. Besides, JBL shouldn’t have to be bothered with things like this after his HUGE victory last night.

~ JBL yells at Williams to bring him both his Intercontinental Championship and a microphone. Angelina does just that, and scampers into the ring to bring them both to her boss. Bradshaw takes the IC Title and slings it over his right shoulder, before he brings the mic up.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Get up off your asses and onto your feet -- greatness stands before you.

~ Crowd boos as JBL lets out his toothy grin.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Last night at Vengeance, in Houston, Texas, in front of 15,000 fans, JBL put on the show of a LIFETIME! And when it was all said and done, the dust had settled and the smoke had cleared, JBL once again … stood tall.

~ Crowd boos.

John Bradshaw Layfield: After all of the wars, it is now proven FACT, John Bradshaw Layfield is better than Carlito.

~ More boos for Layfield, who adjusts the title belt on his shoulder.

John Bradshaw Layfield: You can cry about how it went down, and say JBL should’ve been disqualified, but the fact is, I never took that Bull Rope off, which means I am the Winnah!!

~ Boos.

John Bradshaw Layfield: And now that all of the lolitas in Mexico, or the Dominican Republic, or Puerto Rico, or Venezuela, or wherever the hell he’s from, now that they’re done cryin’ over their fallen hero, JBL can move on to more pressing business … phase TWO … double championship gold.

~ Bradshaw’s smile widens.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
When you go through the history of World Wrestling Entertainment, so very few have managed to hold onto two title belts at once. Even fewer have managed to be both the Intercontinental and a world champion at the exact same time.

~ JBL taps the IC Title.

John Bradshaw Layfield: That short list grows by one when JBL finally steps into the ring with that long-haired hippie champion of ours, Edge.

~ The crowd cheers for The Rated R Superstar.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Go ahead and cheer for Edge, but the fact is, having that punk for a champion, having that punk represent the Raw brand is pathetic!

~ Crowd boos

John Bradshaw Layfield: Edge, just because you wear cool shades, and a leather jacket, and your girlfriend dresses like she stepped out of Two-Dollar Whore Magazine--

~ OH!

John Bradshaw Layfield: Doesn’t make you Rated R, it makes you a despicable excuse for a WWE Champion! These people here may cheer you, but the fact is, they need someone they can be proud of! Someone with class, someone with dignity, someone who they NEED to represent this company! A man who’s been there before, a man who’s been through hell and back, ME!!

~ Big time heat for JBL.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Boo all you want, but you people NEED me! Raw NEEDS me! Sports-entertainment NEEDS JBL! You need the man that reigned as the WWE Champion for ten months without breaking a sweat, the man that brought prosperity to this place the likes of which this company has NEVER ever seen.

~ JBL lets out his toothy grin.

John Bradshaw Layfield: You need the man that follows in the great lineage of technical wizards like Jack Briscoe and Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart. The man who follows the larger than life deities like ‘The Immortal’ Hulk Hogan, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair and Stone Cold Steve Austin (pop for all those names). Hell, why am I comparing myself to people in my own profession!?

~ Bradshaw scoffs.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
When you’re as great as JBL, you have to go outside of the field to find someone with similar greatness! When you talk about JBL, you’re talking about a level of greatness only attained by the Michael Jordans of the world. Babe Ruth, Muhammad Ali, Tiger Woods … George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. - THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE ON JBL’S LEVEL!!! THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO CAN BE MENTIONED IN THE SAME BREATH AS SOMEONE LIKE ME!!

~ The crowd boos JBL furiously but he talks over them.

John Bradshaw Layfield:

~ JBL brings the mic down, and the boos continue to pour in, as his music hits once again. Angelina applauds as JBL glares into the crowd with his sly smirk on his face, as we fade out.


*Backstage - Interview Area*

Backstage, Todd Grisham stands by with John Morrison, dressed in a rather sharp white suit & shades, and Melina, who looks pretty amazing in a tiny white dress.

Todd Grisham:
Ladies and gentlemen, I’m standing by with John Morrison and Melina. And, John, last night at Vengeance you managed to defeat the 20-year old phenom, Ken Doane, even if it was by shady tactics. And--

~ Melina snatches the mic from Grisham.

Wait a minute? Shady tactics? I don’t know what you’re talking about. John Morrison beat little Kenny because of one reason, and one reason only … he’s better. He’s better looking, he’s a better wrestler, and he’s better equipped to take the Monday Night Raw brand into the future.

~ Melina lets out a smirk.

Melina: Which is why Jonathan Coachman should come down to the ring tonight, or next week, or whenever the time is right, and name John Morrison …(Morrison poses after every moniker) the Guru of Greatness … the Shaman of Sexy … the Monday Night Delight … as the number one contender to the WWE Championship.

~ Crowd boos, Morrison nods … before adjusting his hair.

Morrison is hot, he’s in the now. Orton? He had his opportunity on the top, and he blew it. Besides, if it wasn’t for John, he wouldn’t have been the WWE Champion in the first place. JBL? (Scoffs) He can hang his ugly hat on his ten month WWE Title reign … but the fact is, that was two whole years ago. John Morrison is the “it” wrestler on the scene, and if these people are smart, and if our general manager is smart, he’ll jump on the bandwagon now, and get while the gettin’ is good.

~ Melina flips the mic back over to Grisham, before she and Morrison take off.

*Back to ringside*

Once we return, Armando Alejandro Estrada already waits in the middle of the ring.

Jim Ross: John Morrison’s name being thrown into the hat as a possible number one contender, after making an impact by beating Ken Doane last night.

Jerry Lawler: Speaking of making an impact, I don’t think anybody made more of an impact last night than Umaga.

Jim Ross:
Can’t disagree with ya there, King. Umaga defeated -- let me clarify, DESTROYED the hardcore legend Cactus Jack in a hardcore match, one of the most barbaric hardcore matches that I’ve ever seen in my thirty years here in this business!

Jerry Lawler:
Absolutely, those two guys beat the living hell out of each other! But in the end, it was UUUUUUUUMAGAAA who picked up the victory. Shhh, J.R., Armando’s ready to speak.

~ Estrada, dressed in a beige suit, along with his trademark shades and hat, has microphone in hand.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Todos, escuchame, everybody listen -- haha -- to me! In case ju haven’t heard … MY NAME ES ARMANDOOOO ALEJANDRROOOO ESTRRRRRRRADA!!! HA-HA!!

~ The crowd pops for AAE. The man is awesome, quite frankly.

Armando Alejandro Estrada:
And as ju may have noticed, my Bulldozer is -- como se dic’ -- M.I.A., he’s not with me here tonight. Don’t worry, he’s fine physically. Nothing can hurt him, but I elected to keep him away … for the protection of certain people which I will get to in a second. But believe me, his impact will be felt just like it was felt last night at Vengeance.

~ Couple of light boos from those who know where Mr. Estrada is heading.

Armando Alejandro Estrada:
For nine months on end, that big, fat, overrated, out of shape, one-eared DUMMY Mick Foley has been dying to get a piece of Umaga. He’s been dying to step into the ring with the Samoan Bulldozer, and get some revenge for all the times that Umaga has taken him, and beaten him down within an inch of his miserable life!

~ Crowd boos.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Well, last night, Mick Foley - or CACTUS JACK, whatever ju want to call him -- got the chance to get all the payback he wanted (still shots of the match last night begins to show on the titantron) -- No Holds Barred in the middle of the squared circle with my Bulldozer. And ju know what happened?

~ Estrada pauses for a quick second.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: HE FAILED!! Because Mick Foley is a loser, and the Bulldozer is unstoppable!!

~ Light boos.

Armando Alejandro Estrada:
(More shots)Tables … fire … barbwire … thumbtacks … steel chairs, the whole nine yards, and Umaga blew it all off like a fly, and with eleven shots to Cactus Jack’s fat throat, drove that disgusting pile of crap, Mick Foley, back under the rock that he comes from under every six months.

~ ‘Foley’ chant starts up, cutting AAE off. Estrada waits for them to die down before continuing.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: With Mick Foley aside, let’s talk about something far more relevant in today’s day and age. Now … I saw Randy Orton come out here, and say that he should be next in line for the WWE Championship. Ha-ha, Randy, me amigo, no offense, but ju got jour ass kicked up and down this arena last night, and ju LOST, which means ju go to the back of the line, compadre!!

~ Cheers for the trashing of Orton.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: And JBL thinks he should get the title shot too. With all due respect, Mr. Layfield … … JU BIG, GREEDY DUMMY!!

~ Laughs from the crowd.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Ju’re even more crazy than Mick Foley is! Ju already have a championship, the Intercontinental Title, and now because ju kept it, ju think ju should get a shot at another one? I think all those stock market bells have made ju a little loco in the skull.

~ A slight ‘Armando’ chant starts up, but he quickly talks over them.

Armando Alejandro Estrada:
And John Morrison? With that hairdo, he’s not worthy of my time.

~ More light laughs from crowd.

Armando Alejandro Estrada:
And, Senior Coachman, let’s not forget how me and Umaga helped you with that SmackDown problem you had a couple of months ago with Stephanie McMahon. Only one man should be considered for the next WWE Title shot. He is the single most dominant force in all of professional wrestling, he is the man who single-handedly destroyed the hardcore legend, he should be the next WWE Champion! He is … THE SAAAAAAMOAN BULLDOZERRR … (crowd joins in)UUUUUUUUMAGAAA!!!

~ ‘Samoa’ hits again, and AAE wears a wide grin on his face, as the crowd gives him a mixed reaction.

Jim Ross:
JBL, John Morrison, Randy Orton, and now Umaga?! How many WWE superstars are gonna throw their hat out to be the number one contender!?

Jerry Lawler: It’s the WWE Championship, the most prestigious prize in all of professional wrestling. This is gonna heat up before it cools off.

*Backstage - JBL Locker Room*

John Bradshaw Layfield and Angelina Williams watch as Armando Estrada drops the microphone in the ring. Layfield angrily shakes his head, and turns it off.

Angelina Williams: (Sigh) Well, that’s one more we’ll have to go through. What now?

John Bradshaw Layfield:
Now? Now … it’s time to politic like it’s 1996. I want you to go to Coachman’s office and get me that title shot. If he brushes you off, once Raw ends, you call him every hour on the hour, and make sure he realizes just who in the hell deserves to be the damn WWE Champion! Now go!

~ Williams takes off, as JBL takes a deep breath, and walks around the locker room, before we fade out.


3 - Six Woman Tag Team Match
Mickie James, Beth Phoenix & Trish Stratus
vs. Victoria, Gail Kim & Maria

Considering five of the six competitors in the match are of capable skill or better (Maria not being one of them), it’s no surprise we get ourselves the first solid match of the evening. After the faces use a high-octane offense to dominate the opening couple of minutes, lead by Victoria’s incredible skill, the heels take over, with Mickie, Beth and Trish all getting on the same page, as they manage to isolate Maria.

With quick tags in and out, the three heel divas keep the pretty but ditsy Maria away from her corner, and help for a strong portion of the contest. After a desperation bulldog on Trish Stratus, however, Maria gains herself an opening. Once several seconds past, both Trish and Maria begin to move towards their respective corners, before finally tagging in fresher teammates, Maria tags in Victoria, and Trish tags in Mickie!!

The two top divas in the company enter the ring, and it’s Victoria who gains the immediate advantage, ducking a James’ right hand, and lighting the champion up with some hard right handed shots of her own, before she takes Mickie down with a clothesline! Beth quickly enters the ring, looking to cut off Victoria’s momentum with a stiff lariat, but Vickie ducks it, causing Beth to run into a hard right forearm from Gail on the apron! Phoenix stumbles backward, and Gail climbs to the top turnbuckle, before she leaps off and takes Beth down with a FLYING HEADSCISSORS!!!

While Vickie lifts Mickie back up to her feet, Beth rolls out of the ring in pain, as Gail brushes the hair out of her face. Kim turns around and quickly reacts, catching a charging Stratus, before she goes for a back body drop … but Trish lands on the apron! Stratus jumps down off of the apron, trips Gail up, and drags her out of the ring! Stratus then shoots Gail HARD into the steel steps!! The crowd boos as the arrogant Trish holds her arms out, and turns around … right into a baseball slide from Maria!! Maria then leaves the ring, and mounts Trish, raining down right hands on the blond bombshell.

Inside the ring, Victoria grabs the hand of Mickie and shoots her into the ropes with an Irish whip. Vickie gets set too early, however, and once Mickie comes back, she wraps her left arm around Victoria’s head - looking for the MICKIE DDT!! Mickie raises her hand into the air, and lets out an ear-piercing scream, before looking to hit it - but Victoria counters with an OVERHEAD RELEASE NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX!!! Bad-ass.

Mickie staggers up to her feet, and Vickie delivers a sharp kick to her gut, before tucking the champ between her legs!! The crowd rises to its feet, as Victoria lifts Mickie up into position for the WIDOW’S PEAK … AND HITS IT!!! Victoria then turns Mickie over, and covers her for the THREE COUNT!!

Winners - Victoria, Gail Kim and Maria via pin fall at 9:13.

VICTORIA PINS MICKIE FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!! {In this thread at least (I think )}

Jim Ross:
Victoria just pinned Mickie, and Victoria continues to roll!! But you’ve got to be asking yourself, after Mickie’s VERY lackluster performance last night, is this title reign of hers running out of gas … and on borrowed time?

The crowd roars as Vickie somewhat sadistically runs her fingers through her hair, before she stares back at a downed Mickie, and then quickly snaps her head up to stare at the Women’s Championship at the timekeeper’s position.

*Backstage - MVP Locker Room*

Montel Vontavious Porter sits on a nice black leather couch, in his plush locker room, feet up on his oak coffee table, surrounded by his pretty Playgirls, Layla, Kelly and Brooke, and his not-so-pretty bodyguard, Luther Reigns. Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door…

Montel Vontavious Porter:
Let ‘em in.

~ Reigns opens the door and looks down to see Todd Grisham holding a microphone.

Luther Reigns:
What do you want?

Todd Grisham: Just a quick word with MVP.

~ Reigns looks the clearly scared Grisham up and down for a couple of seconds, before turning around to Porter.

Luther Reigns: ‘VP?

~ Montel looks at his blinged-out watch.

Montel Vontavious Porter: Yeah, we’ve got some time. Let him on in, Big Lu’.

~ Reigns steps aside and allows Grisham to scurry on by.

Montel Vontavious Porter:
Have a seat, make yourself comfortable.

~ Grisham sits down next to MVP on the couch. He then puts his feet up.

Montel Vontavious Porter: Not that comfortable.

~ Grisham quickly brings his feet down, and wipes off the spot where his shoes were.

Todd Grisham: I just wanted to get your thoughts after picking up your first big win -- your first pay per view victory over Sabu last night at Vengeance.

Montel Vontavious Porter: First of all, let me correct you on one thing, that was my first pay per view win, but that wasn’t my first big win. Y’see, when you’re gettin’ paid like I’m gettin’ paid, livin’ how I’m livin’, get the kinda hype that I’ve gotten, there’s always haters out there lookin’ to bring you down, lookin’ to snatch it all away, so EVERY win is a big win when you’re MVP … especially when you’ve got your sights set on the biggest prize in the game.

~ Grisham looks a bit surprised.

Todd Grisham:
Does that mean you’re looking for a shot at the WWE Championship down the line?

Montel Vontavious Porter: ‘Down the line’? Try ‘shortly’. With Orton out of the WWE Title picture for now, the title race is wide open, and you betta’ believe that the highest-touted, highest-paid playa’ in the history of Monday Night Raw, half-man, half-amazing is looking for the big gold soon enough.

~ MVP looks at his watch again, this time shaking his head.

Montel Vontavious Porter:
Well, that’s all the time I’ve got for ya’ today. Busy night scheduled. Gotta get a pedicure, manicure, facial -- looking this good for the ladies doesn’t just come naturally, it’s a process. Luther, show Mr. Grisham the door.

Todd Grisham: Thanks, but I got it.

Montel Vontavious Porter:
Please, you’re a guest. I wouldn’t want to be rude. Lu?

~ Reigns walks over to Grisham and roughly grabs him by his collar. Luther then rushes forward and FLINGS poor Todd through the locker room door, head-first into the outside wall!! MVP and his Playgirls begin laughing.


4 - Sabu w/Bill Alfonso vs. John Morrison w/Melina

Unorthodox styles clash here, in what turned out to be a decent enough match up. Morrison continues to wow the crowd with his flashy offensive maneuvers, but sadly enough for him, it’s not enough to put the ECW alumnus away in the first five minutes of the match up, with Sabu showing his legendary toughness, as he manages to kick out of every Morrison near fall.

Sabu begins to dish out some punishment of his own towards the end of the match up, drilling Morrison with hard right hands to the face, before he shoots him into the corner. Sabu then charges in, leaps up, and drills him with the AIR SABU, causing the youngster to stumble out of the corner. The Death-Defying Superstar then kicks him in the gut, and gets into position, looking for a possible vertical suplex, but Morrison counters, landing on his feet behind him. Morrison then grabs Sabu by the neck, looking to hit a CORKSCEW NECKBREAKER - but Sabu fights out of it, and shoots Morrison into the ropes. Once Morrison comes back, he avoids an oncoming Sabu clotheslines, leaps onto the middle rope and drills Sabu in the face with a springboard enzuigiri!!

Morrison then grabs Sabu and drags him towards the corner, before The Guru of Greatness, steps onto the apron, and climbs to the top turnbuckle. He gets himself set, before leaping off with a SHOOTING STAR PRESS … but Sabu rolls out of the way, causing Morrison to crash and burn!! Both superstars stagger back up to their feet, but Morrison is clearly worse for wear, which allows Sabu to kick him in the gut, and drill The Shaman of Sexy with a scintillating DDT!!

Still feeling the effects of Morrison’s stiff enzuigiri, Sabu doesn’t immediately look to capitalize. He finally shakes it off and follows in the footsteps of his opponent, stepping out onto the apron. Sabu then climbs to the top rope, as Melina begins to worry at ringside. The devilish diva leaps onto the apron and attempts to distract Sabu … but she’s soon yanked back to the ground by Fonzie!!

Melina rears back and tries to slap Fonzie, but he grabs her hand, and blows his whistle loudly in her face, getting a laugh from the crowd. It also distracts Sabu even further, allowing Morrison to get back up to his feet. The Monday Night Delight quickly runs forward, leaps onto the middle rope, before leaping off again, and drills Sabu in the head with a rather sweet looking kick!! Sabu crumbles down to the canvas, but Morrison quickly lifts him back up, before dropping him with the CORKSCREW NECKBREAKER!! He then covers him for the three count!!

Winner - John Morrison via pin fall at 9:39.

Morrison rolls out of the ring, picking up his second victory in as many nights over relatively established competition. Melina snatches her arm free from Fonzie and joins her boyfriend, as he heads up the entrance ramp, possibly gaining himself a bit more legitimacy as a potential WWE Title contender.

*Backstage - Outside the GM’s Office*

We get ourselves a shot of the door of Jonathan Coachman. Soon enough, ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle walks out, looking none too pleased. Kurt shakes his head in displeasure before turning around…

???: Hey, pero.

~ Angle’s attention (and possible aggression) turns to Armando Alejandro Estrada, who walks up to the Olympian.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: I noticed ju look a bit -- como se dic’ -- perturbed.

~ Angle continues to glare a hole through Estrada.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: I already told ju and everybody else that’s its of no use talking to the general manager, or anybody else about getting a title shot. Because it’s already wrapped up by Umaga! Haha!

~ Angle lets out a bit of a smile.

Kurt Angle: Look, I don’t know if you noticed, but I haven’t been having a great couple o’ days. First, I didn’t get the job done last night at Vengeance. And now, I get told that I have to wait until next week to get a decision about who the next challenger for the WWE Title is!! And, TO TOP IT ALL OFF, I’VE GOT AN IDIOT IN A GOOFY LOOKING HAT TALKING TO ME ABOUT GOD KNOWS WHAT!!!

~ Estrada adjusts his hat, as Angle fumes.

Kurt Angle: So I suggest you get the hell out of my face and out of my way, before something bad happens.

~ AAE lets out a wide smirk.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Something bad? Haha, me amigo, ju must not know who I represent. I represent the SAAAAAAMOAN BULLDOZER UUUUUMAGAAAA!!! Haha!! And considering the night ju had last night, ju’re not in the position to threaten anybody, my friend. In fact, if I were ju, I would just--

~ WHAP!!! ANGLE SLAPS THE TASTE OUT OF AAE’S MOUTH!!! Angle then grabs the charismatic manager by his lapels and tosses him into the wall!! Estrada crumbles down to the ground, but Angle’s not quite finished, as he delivers a couple of stiff boots to the stomach of AAE!! Angle then storms off in frustration, as Estrada lies on the ground in pain.

*Backstage - Hallways - Split Screen*

Randy Orton(w/RKO Army) and Rob Van Dam walks down a hallway and towards the ring for their main event match up.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, up next, our main event. Two former WWE Champions go one on one in the squared circle here tonight. ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton versus ‘Mr. Monday Night’ Rob Van Dam.

Jerry Lawler:
If Randy wants that WWE Championship rematch, I think he needs to prove it right here and now.

Jim Ross: The One Man Dynasty versus The Whole Dam Show! NEXT!!


5 - Main Event
Randy Orton w/RKO Army
vs. Rob Van Dam w/Bill Alfonso

The match up starts with a feeling out process, with both Orton and Van Dam trying to get control of their respective emotions after a eventful couple of days - Orton, losing the WWE Champions, and effectively losing some of his control tonight; Van Dam, still after all of this time, failing to prove that he TRULY belongs in WWE main events. Finally, after a minute or two, the match begins to take form, with Orton managing to fend off RVD’s initial onslaught, with a simple thumb to the eye.

The Legend Killer then takes control of the match up for a healthy portion of the match up, running through the methodical moves of his offense, including that damn chinlock he loves so much. Eventually though, Mr. Monday Night begins to fight back, using his onslaught of kicks to ward off the One Man Dynasty. At the eight minute mark, Van Dam manages to take Orton down with a front power slam, before he pops back up to his feet. RVD then shoots off the ropes, rolls, pops back up, flips in mid air, and drills Orton with the ROLLING THUNDER!! Van Dam then covers the former champion. 1... 2... NO! Orton kicks out.

RVD lifts Orton back up to his feet, and looks to shoot him into the corner, but Orton counters. The Legend Killer then charges in, but Orton gets his feet up and into his face! Van Dam quickly turns around and leaps onto the middle turnbuckle, and flips off, taking Orton down with a cross body! 1... 2... NO! Orton kicks out again. TLK staggers up to his feet, clearly on the ropes so far, and does the smart thing, rolling out of the ring. RVD follows him out, and the chase is on, as Van Dam chases Orton around the ring!

Orton slides back in, and shoots off of the ropes, as Van Dam slides back in as well. Orton comes back, and throws a clothesline, but Van Dam ducks it, and grabs the waist of The Legend Killer. He tries to lift him up, but Orton counters with a standing switch, before quickly adjusting, and hits Van Dam with his modified back breaker!! The crowd boos as Randy then drops down his stomach, stalking a pained RVD, looking for a possible RKO.

Van Dam begins to stumble up to his feet, before turning around, and Orton leaps up - LOOKING FOR THE RKO - but Van Dam counters, shoving Orton to the ground!! The crowd cheers as Orton gets back up, and gets taken right back down with a spinning back kick from RVD!! Van Dam then walks over to the turnbuckle, and leaps to the top, causing the fans to rise to their feet. RVD takes a quick look around, before he leaps off - GOING FOR THE FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH - but Orton gets his knees up, driving them into the sternum of Van Dam!!!

RVD bumbles around the ring, holding his gut, while Orton quickly gets back up to his feet. Van Dam turns back around to face Orton, and The Legend Killer grabs his legs, puts him on his back … and then locks in the TEXAS CLOVERLEAF!!! RVD screams out in pain, as Orton has the hold cinched in to perfection. Van Dam immediately looks to grab the ropes, but Orton has got him about as close to the center of the ring as possible. We get a quick shot of Shawn Michaels in his locker room watching, shaking his head with an “I told you so” smirk.

Orton grins wildly as RVD reaches out, looking for the rope break, but still to far. Van Dam slams his hands against the mat, and begins to claw his way towards the ropes. Intensity on his face brimming, Orton does everything he can to keep RVD stationary, but its of no use, as Van Dam shows some incredible determination, pulling himself towards the edge of the ring. Van Dam then reaches out, and … GRABS THE BOTTOM ROPE!!! The crowd roars for RVD, saving this match up for himself.

Orton lets go of the hold almost immediately, and in a fit of rage, begins to wildly stomp away on the back of RVD with every bit of force he has left in his body!! The crowd pours on the heat for The Legend Killer, as Orton lifts Van Dam up to his feet, and into position for a DDT!!! RVD COUNTERS, however, and throws a clothesline … but ORTON COUNTERS, AND GOES FOR THE RKO, but VAN DAM COUNTERS, pushing Orton into the ropes!!

Randy comes back, and Van Dam looks for another spinning back kick, but Orton ducks, and GOES FOR THE RKO ONE MORE TIME - AND ONCE MORE IT’S COUNTERED, THIS TIME INTO A BACKSLIDE!!!




Winner - Rob Van Dam via pin fall at 15:51.

The crowd erupts into one of the loudest pops of the night, as RVD hops back up to his feet, and raises his arms in the air, while Fonzie blows his whistle madly at ringside. Orton gets up onto his knees and looks around with bugged out eyes, in complete and utter shock.

Jim Ross: HE GOT ‘IM!!! RVD just pinned Randy Orton!!

We cut to the back to show Shawn Michaels watching his monitor with a scowl on his face, angrily running his hands through his hair.

Jerry Lawler: H- h- how- but why- Poor Randy! I can’t believe this, J.R.!! The Legend Killer is not having a great couple of days. Will he still be named the number one contender after this!?

Jim Ross: I don’t think that was confirmed anyway, but up next, the WWE Champion Edge addresses the crowd for the first time as the new champion! The Rated R Superstar is up next!


Back from the final commercial break, Randy Orton hasn’t left the ring yet, and instead paces in the ring like a caged animal, microphone in hand.

Jim Ross:
I know we promised you the new WWE Champion before the break, but the FORMER champions has yet to leave.

Jerry Lawler: Orton’s on the verge of having a breakdown.

~ Mercury and Masters watch on as Orton finally brings the mic up.

Randy Orton:
Lets set the record straight right here and NOW!! That loss means nothing!! It was a rollup!! Van Dam got lucky, it was a quick count, it was nothing but a FLUKE!! I--

~ Thunderous boos for Orton’s bitching cuts The Legend Killer off, causing him to glare at the crowd.

Randy Orton: And hell, it makes no difference if I lose a HUNDRED matches, I’m still the rightful number one contender for the WWE Championship!! You know it, I know it, Edge knows it, EVERYBODY ON THE PLANET KNOWS--


The crowd gets up to its feet, dishing out the loudest ovation of the night as the theme music of The Rated R Superstar blasts throughout the arena. The fans in the arena get even louder as the NEW WWE CHAMPION EDGE steps out onto the stage, dawned in a pair of shades, a black t-shirt and jeans, with the WWE Championship draped over his right shoulder, and the lovely Lita by his side.

Jim Ross: There he is!! The new WWE Champion, Edge! It took him six months to regain the WWE Championship that he lost at New Year’s Revolution to Randy Orton, but The Rated R Superstar fought his way back to the top, and now, Edge is once again The Man in the WWE!

Jerry Lawler: And as ‘The Man’, as you think he is, he should come out here and demand that Randy Orton become the number one contender. It’s only fair, J.R.

~ Orton and company watch on as Edge stares around at the thousands of cheering fans around the arena, before he lifts the title up into the air, setting off a tremendous amount of pyro!! It finally stops and Edge slings the belt back over his shoulder, before he and Lita continue on down to the ring. Orton and his Army watch as The Rated R Superstar climbs up the steel steps and climbs into the ring. The WWE Champion calls for a microphone, and gets one as his music dies down.

Edge: It--

~ Edge is cut off by a “RATED R” chant, which cause both he and Orton to turn their heads towards the crowd, Orton with a furious scowl, and the new WWE Champion with a sly smirk.

Edge: It’s strange, y’know. When I came to this building about five hours ago, all I got was congratulations. Congratulations from all the fans, the boys in the back, all the referees, backstage workers -- congrats on being the new WWE Champion.

~ Light cheers, as Orton continues to watch Edge attentively. The Rated R Superstar walks a bit, rubbing his beard.

Now, that kind of outpouring of congratulations isn’t foreign to me; I’ve been the WWE Champion twice before. But this time … it was different.

~ Edge looks right into the eyes of Orton.

It was more than just congratulations, it was appreciation, it was understanding. It was each wrestler in the back knowing what I had to go through to get this championship back on my shoulder.

~ Orton stares at the title belt.

It was every fan in this arena understanding what it’s like to be stabbed in the back by the people who I trusted.

~ Masters and Mercury hold their heads down a bit, as Edge glares a hole through them.

It was people appreciating what this journey back to the title has done to me. Chasing the WWE Championship wasn’t a career choice for me, it ended up being a life choice.

~ Edge shakes his head a bit.

You’d be surprised how many of my friends and family came up to me, and told me that I changed since I lost the WWE Championship. They all saw what losing that title did to me. All these fans saw it. J.R., The King, Lita, they all saw it too.

~ Edge runs his hands through his hair.

Edge: I became obsessed -- more than obsessed -- I became fixated, possessed with getting this title back on my shoulder!! (Through gritted teeth) And it almost cost me EVERYTHING!!! Everything, Orton!!

~ The Rated R Superstar takes a deep breath, composing himself.

You saw it too, you knew how hard it was on me, how hard it was on everyone around me. And what did ya do? You did what great champions do, you capitalized on it at every opportunity. You caught me napping at WrestleMania and picked up the win. Same thing at Backlash. And then to cap it all off, the Raw before Vengeance, last week, you decided to try to kick in my skull!!

~ Edge glares at Orton with anger … but that soon turns into a smile.

And I’ve gotta thank you for that.

~ The Legend Killer squints his eyes, confused.

Yeah, after you damn near decapitated me, and I laid there on that cold floor, wondering just where in the hell I was, somewhere between the doctor putting that damn light in my face, and Lita’s tears--

~ Quick shot of Lita looking at the canvas, as Edge inches closer to Orton.

Guess what, Randy? … I had an epiphany. Yeah, I decided that the best way to get even with you wasn’t to look to get payback, or look to take you out, it was quite simply … to take back what’s MINE!! The way to get to you was to take away from you the one thing that makes you who you are, and the one thing that caused me to be what I became -- the WWE Championship.

~ The crowd cheers as Orton’s jaw tightens. Edge takes off his shades, and gets even closer to Orton, right in his ear.

Edge: So now … I want you to tell me how it feels, Randy. How does it feel to know that I have what you want, what you NEED? How does it feel to know that I have what you worked your ass off to hold for months on end? How does it feel to know that you’re the one losing it now, you smug SOB!

~ The crowd roars as Orton closes his eyes, attempting to contain his anger.

Tell me how it feels, Orton … to know that if it’s up to me … I will NEVER give you a shot at the WWE Championship?

~ Orton’s face completely drops, as even more cheers emit from the crowd. Lita lets out a smirk, as Edge stays right up next to Orton’s ear. The WWE Champion mouths ‘yeah, that’s right’, before he brings the mic back up.

Edge: Get it through your head, Orton. The One Man Dynasty … is OVER!

~ The crowd erupts once more as The Legend Killer turns to face his arch rival, mixed emotions on his face - sadness, shock, anger - his usual arrogant demeanor COMPLETELY gone.

Edge: And the Rated R Era has once again BEGUN!!

~ More cheers, as Edge backs away from Orton with a smirk. The Legend Killer attempts to shake his current state off, and brings the mic up.

Randy Orton: I already knew you wouldn’t give me a title shot, Edge. You know why? Because you’re a coward. You’re a coward, Edge. You know what would happen if me and you got in this ring one-on-one. You know that--

Edge: Save it, Randy; I caught your speech from earlier. Keep the reverse psychology crap for someone who doesn’t know what a disgusting piece of crap you are!! Save it for someone who wasn’t in the same position you’re in now three months ago, only to have you tell me that you wouldn’t give me a shot at regaining the WWE Championship!

So don’t think I’m bothered by you calling me a coward, because the look on your face right now … the one that knows that he is gonna have to CLAW his way back into the title picture, inch by agonizing inch … over challenger after challenger … through hell and high water, fighting former champions, monsters, savages, young upstarts, hardcore wrestlers, gold medalists, and icons makes it all worth it!!

~ The Raw audience cheers Edge on, as Orton looks ready to cry, holding his head down. Another loud “RATED R” chant starts up, as Edge glares at Orton.

And, Orton, that’s not arrogance…

~ The Rated R Superstar takes his shades and puts them back on, before slapping the title belt on his shoulder.

Edge: …it’s payback, you little bitch.

~ “Metalingus” hits once more as the crowd continues to cheer for the new champion. Edge drops the mic at a stunned Orton’s feet, before he and Lita take their leave from the ring.

With Edge & Lita heading up the entrance ramp, the camera focuses in on the face of The Legend Killer, who looks like he just lost his best friend, head down, clearly distraught over the drastic turn his career has taken in a mere 24 hours: from being on top of the world as the WWE Champion, to now, just another schmuck looking to get into the WWE Title picture. At the top of the ramp, Edge turns back around and raises the WWE Championship to another incredible ovation as we fade off the air.



Current Card for SummerSlam
August 26th, 2007
East Rutherford, New Jersey


for the week of September 28th


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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Raw Feedback

Pretty sharp and superb way to open up the post-Vengeance show. It's weird, despite Edge being the new Champion, this show looks to be all about Orton, but I guess that's due to the 5-6 month reign he just had. I love Orton's deadpan delivery in reality when he's working as a heel like here, and you tapped into that very, very well in this opening speech. This is one pissed of S.O.B is the impression all the way through. Just extremely, extremely well-written. I had my fingers crossed that you wouldn't succumb to the allure of having Edge come out this early, or anyone else for that matter, and you didn't. As this was just Orton {and his boys} all alone for the duration, it worked far better and came off as much more intense. This no rematch clause has all the makings of some more of the great promos you wrote in the short-lived 'Shinebox' thread with Brock, Angle and Hogan. Should be a treat.

The Redneck Wrecking Crew > all of the teams you have on Raw right now in all honesty, even the awesomeness of Val and Vis. Interesting news that the rematch will take place next week with AMW, but I doubt it'll get a clean finish. Book the Texas Street Fight plz.

Really great to see that the HBK/RVD feud is still rolling along, as these two being locked at 1-1 just doesn't sit right. Rubber match at SummerSlam in my opinion. This was an excellent segment though, making you 2 for 2 tonight. Michaels in this quasi-heel role he's been in this thread lately is just pure class, and you write him very well. You think just like me when it comes to big Van Dam feuds; keeping on the border of kayfabe with comments makes it all the more potent, questioning his ability to remain in the Main Event etc. The "weed smokin'" line especially stood out on that front. Makes me wonder if Van Dam could indeed go over Randy tonight, though I reckon ole' HBK might have something to say about that. Great segment.

Fair enough that JBL had a LITTLE bit of trouble with Eugene given the war he just had twenty-four hours ago with Carlito, but this was clearly more about his little speech. On the stick, JBL is just pure awesomeness, so thank the lord you can write awesomely with the man. Thank you for clearing up the whole ‘Disqualification’ ruling from the Bullrope match too. I had wondered about that. The 'Phase 2' deal was intriguing and the thought of him going after the WWE Championship as well had crossed my mind, but it looks even sweeter the way Bradshaw puts it. LMAO @ him comparing himself to Gandhi and MLK; he's genius. I can't see it happening, but if it did, an Edge/JBL feud would be superb ... and damn original.

Melina as Morrison's mouthpiece just makes me like the Shaman of Sexy even more. A really short, subtle but effective interview from the two of them that was a clear indicator of just how much you want to push the man: quite a lot. Throwing his name in the WWE title picture this early in his career gives him quite a bit of credibility, though there's no way he's getting the shot. Loving the theme of this show already: heels stating their case to be #1 Contender. Always a winning formula. Pretty obvious what Estrada is going to have to say now as well.

Speaking of Estrada, I think you just outdid yourself yet again here, Mac, besting the Orton promo that opened the show with AAE's awesomeness here. You write this guy pretty darn flawlessly, and yes I mark for the guy just like your {wishful thinking me thinks} crowd were. Umaga is the most credible of all the challengers at the moment now I reckon, and I think a feud with Edge would just be incredible. Seeing Edge and Estrada go at it on the mics would be something, and the matches would likely be something special too. I still think Orton'll get it though. Really great segment though this one, Mac. This show is turning out to be well worth the wait in all honesty.

I love the way JBL thinks the WWE is the Senate or something. Wrestling as Politics = ratings. If Coach is the one getting the final say JBL's in with a serious chance given his status and ... wallet?? Angelina is really adding Bradshaw too. His character kind of needs a manager. Not sure what she'll be doing for Coach though. Nothing seedy.

The Women put on the first decent match of the evening?? No kidding. Lol @ the Maria comment. She deserves to diefor lasting 6 minutes against Mickie at Vengeance. Mickie continues to fall though, as Victoria beats the shit out of her easy as you like. Maybe Mick's reign will end at SummerSlam, but in all honesty this kind of build suggests a miraculous victory for James, kind of like WrestleMania. She's an awesome champion, so I couldn't care less about her holding the belt for 15 months.

Jesus Christ, Mac, you're really on a roll tonight with these segments. MVP > Grisham in a bad, BAD ass way in this bit. Big Dave > Big Lu, but I mark for any and all nicknames with the "Big" moniker in them {except Big Vito}. Loved Porter bitching out Todd when he put his feet on the table. Glorious. Of all the guys putting their name in the WWE Championship hat, Montel's is probably the least likely, since he's only been in the company for a couple of months and has only beateb jobbers, Eugene, Duggan and Sabu. Still, just hearing him in the same sentence as the WWE title is a credibility boost for him. Love Reigns' 'removal' of Grisham. Big Lu indeed.

Great match between Morrison and Sabu. Sabu is nothing but a glorified jobber to tell the truth, but he, like Kane, is very, very good at putting younger talent over like this. Morrison getting the clean win {basically} is another great boost for him. Surprised not to have seen Doane yet tonight, but I prefer The Guru right now. Keep this push up.

Crap, I almost completely forgot about Angle in the big hoora over the WWE Championship picture. I gues that shake of the head indicates that he will NOT be getting a title shot. I'm glad of that, as him and Edge is old news, and he's better served in lower feuds. Estrada was awesome here as well, but so was Angle. Wasn't exepecting the assault at all, but if this means we get a Kurt/'Mags feud, I'll love you. I guess this means that Angle's heel run is over though.

Wow, Holy shit I really wasn't expecting Van Dam to get the win over Orton tonight. Glad to see you're finally starting to appreciate RVD as a Main Eventer {I can dream} by putting him over the former WWE Champion. That's Orton, Big Show and HBK he's beaten cleanly since WrestleMania, which is a heck of a lot of momentum. Surprised he's not thrown his name in the WWE title mix; but I guess that is more of a heel thing to do. Loved HBK's observation. Those two need an in-ring confrontation for real.

Goddamnit, just when I think the Estrada promo from earlier in the night couldn't be topped, you come out with a closing segment like this. Keeping Orton in the ring going nuts made this segment even better when Edge FINALLY made his appearance tonight. All the stuff he was saying is just what you'd expect from a guy who was the TOP HEEL the last time he won the title, so all of this fan and peer adulation is probably very new to him. This was an excellent segment, really intense. I did NOT see Edge turning down Orton for a rematch, but in storyline terms it works {Brock/Angle from 'Shinebox' anyone??}. I have no clue who will face Edge at SummerSlam now then, but if Orton's out of the picture for now, I could very well see you saving their Gimmick Match showdown for Unforgiven or Survivor Series. Great closing line from Edge too to close out the show. Brilliant, brilliant stuff.

Just like you said, not enough adjectives to some this up. This was quality with a capital 'Q'. What a return show, Mac.
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Raw Review

Vengeance was an amazing PPV where some very big things happened, especially Edge winning the WWE Championship. Tonight should be a night where we see what the next step for many different superstars is.

Orton starting off the show is the right move because Edge’s first speech as champion should be saved for later on. I don’t know how long it will take for me to get used to Orton without the belt because he has OWNED in this thread since January. Great heel promo from TLK and he was able to build himself up by talking about all of the great things he did as champion, all of which were impressive. Orton will get his rematch eventually (probably SummerSlam) and from the way that he was talking about Edge as a fluke champion, I see something like Last Man Standing or Three Stages of Hell to end this feud in an epic way. Orton will be focused on the WWE Title for a long time and this was a great first promo now that he is a challenger.

Cade & Murdoch as the new tag champs is awesome; AMW was getting a little stale, imo. Val and Vis never had a chance so it was no surprise to see the RWC win the match. Good first win as champs but they will need to be on their A-game as the rematch against AMW is going to be huge next week.

Van Dam and Michaels has been a great feud the last few months. RVD is just getting back into the ME scene and now HBK tells him that he isn’t WWE Title material. Great interaction between these two and I can see some very heated promos coming as a result of it. Looks like the feud will continue a little longer, something I couldn’t be happier about.

JBL went through hell against Carlito at Vengeance so it is shocking to see him wrestling the next night. Eugene did an OK job against Bradshaw but that was just because of JBL’s physical shape, and he still ended the match relatively early. JBL on the mic was worth having him face Eugene and phase two meaning double championship gold is awesome. I can see a great JBL-Edge feud in the future … but not for a few months. JBL comparing himself to the greats was also a nice touch and I can see him surpassing Orton as the top heel on Raw for a short time. I hope you continue to write JBL as well as you do, simply amazing.

Morrison had a great PPV debut by beating Doane and Melina as his talker works so well. I don’t see him getting a WWE Title match quite yet but he should get a great push after he gets rid of Ken Doane. The last line from Melina about the general managers makes me think he could threaten a move to Smackdown, which could work.

AAE is probably one of the best things about reading Raw and that just makes me even more mad that he is no longer Umaga’s handler. Umaga proved that he is legit when he DESTROYED Foley last night and that is a huge notch in his belt, imo. He needs to move on and I can see some huge feuds with main event talents before he finally gets the WWE Title shot. AAE trashing all the guys who said they want title shots was great and he was right on about Morrison’s hair. Umaga will be impossible to stop from getting to the WWE Title … but I see him with a few more months of good non-title feuds before he finally gets the shot.

I know that we have seen this divas tag match before but there is no better way to get all the great divas on the same show. Great action by all six and I like that it came down to Victoria and Mickie in the end. Vickie dominated her rival and I was incredibly shocked to see her get the pin!! Mickie had been on fire for so long and now the #1 contender seems to have her number. Victoria is getting her shot and I can see her being the one who finally takes the belt off of Mickie. Great feud that they have had for the longest time.

MVP having his own locker room is pretty bad-ass and I really liked the comments he made to Grisham about not being too comfortable. MVP going for the WWE Title seems a little premature but I guess everyone wants their name in the hat for the next title shot. Luther throwing Todd through the door was a great touch.

Sabu facing Morrison automatically tells me that he will be doing the job. Good match between these two and the added confrontation between Fonzie and Melian was quite entertaining. Sabu looked to be in control but Morrison is a very good wrestler and he gets the win CLEANLY, with an awesome neckbreaker. Just the first of many notches that will be in his belt down the road, imo.

Estrada on camera twice in one show?? Awesomeness keeps coming I guess. Nice interaction between AAE and Angle, with the hint of a possible feud between ‘Mags and Angle being presented. I can see the next number one contender being named in a multi-man match, with Umaga possibly costing Angle his shot. Angle beating up AAE just adds to the chance of a feud, which would be great.

Pretty nice idea for the main event as we have the former champ and the guy who is trying to prove he deserves to be in the WWE Title picture. I guess Orton is still feeling the effects of the loss at Vengeance as RVD is the aggressor for much of the match. Good to see the finishers get countered out of and here comes HBK~! RVD getting out of the submission was huge and that really turned the momentum, imo. Plethora of counters but RVD gets the backslide … and the win!!

Edge closing the show is perfect but Orton won’t leave the ring. Orton’s promo from earlier continues but Edge coming out to shut him up was awesome. Glad to see Edge address the fans right away as he doesn’t need to get into it with Orton just yet. Trip down memory lane with Edge’s trip to the Title but now the stuff with Orton starts. Edge talking about making Orton work for the title shot was good because I do believe Orton will need to run through everyone for the belt. The ball is in Edge’s court for now … as Orton needs prove that he is the number one contender. Great first promo for Edge as champ and I still see Orton vs. Edge at SummerSlam, in a very good gimmick match.

It had been nearly three months since your last full show and I gotta say .. you haven’t lost a step. This was a great show from top to bottom, right from the opening promo to the end between Edge and Orton. JBL and Umaga are the two hottest heels at the moment and I see big things for both. Couldn’t find a flaw in this show, so for that you deserve a whopping, 10/10.


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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Raw Review:

Orton's Promo: Good way to kick off the show with Orton and the RKO Army. Despite losing the title last night at the PPV, Orton still remained credible in this segment, and this was a good way to get the show started.

Tag Team Match: As you pointed out this match was simply a way to get the new champs, RNC, over as champs. As far as next week's Vengeance rematch against AMW, that match should be great since it will be kicking off the show.

Van Dam/Michaels Segment: Surprised to see Van Dam not get in any comeback against Michaels, as Van Dam came off quite weak in this segment. Looking forward to see how this feud between the two continues.

JBL/Eugene: Like the first match on the show, the winner was quite obvious. However the big point of this segment, was the postmatch promo from JBL. Excellent promo, especially when he compared himself to other legends and entertainers OUTSIDE of JBL's profession of professional wrestling. Great job man.

Melina/Morrison/Grisham Segment: Surprised to not see Morrison speak in this segment, as he is a great speaker and could have made the segment even better.

AAE Promo: AAE was gold in this segment man. Despite Umaga not being there, he was still put over quite well. I'm not sure, but it looks like a possible Elimination Chamber match might be in the works for the Raw Brand at Summerslam.

JBL Segment: Nice line with the 1996 reference man.

Six Women Tag Match: WOAH! Victoria pins Mickie James for the first time ever in this thread! That's huge momentum right there for Victoria. And like you mentioned, this was the first solid match of the show. Great booking once more for the Women's Division man.

MVP Segment: LOL at Grisham being played throughout this segment. Not surprised to see MVP throw his name in for contention for the WWE Championship. Now, really all signs are pointing to an Elimination Chamber match at Summerslam for the WWE Championship.

Sabu/Morrison: Great match here as while there were two different styles, they worked well in this match. Not surprised to see Morrison get the win, as it looks like he is going to be pushed quite a bit in this thread.

Angle/Estrada Segment: Intense Angle=Ratings! Angle kicking ass and taking names as Estrada just got the taste slapped out of his mouth! Great segment!

Main Event: What a match! It told a great story, and the ending was booked great with Van Dam getting the surprise win. Great match once more, and looking forward to see how this storyline continues with Van Dam.

Orton/Edge Segment: I'm glad this segment was saved for last, as quite possibly this was the best face Edge promo, I've read in all of BTB, ever. This was pure gold, and I wonder what is going to be the next feud for Edge and Orton, as the road to SummerSlam begins in this thread?

Overall Comments: Mac, once again great show, as some feuds were continued, and it looked like quite possibly some feuds might be taking place as well. Once more, great show and looking forward to Smackdown.

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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Thanks for the reviews. KOM, I know I owe ya', just haven't gotten around to it.


Friday Night SmackDown! - June 29th, 2007

La Familia

Styles, Tazz, and Cole welcome us to the program, and talk about the huge card for tonight with Jeff Hardy vs. Christopher Daniels, Matt Hardy vs. Bobby Lashley, an eight man tag with The Carolina Connection teaming up with The Hooligans to take on The New Breed and The Mexicools, and finally, Booker T taking on CM Punk.

The night kicks off with two of the competitors in the GAB United States Title Four Way going one on one, Jeff Hardy vs. Christopher Daniels. The two athletically gifted superstars put on a compelling , but it’s Jeff Hardy who pulls out the victory, countering The Angel’s Wings, into the Twist of Fate, and gets the three count @ 11:33. Our commentators put over the match up, before hyping up U.S. Champion Bobby Lashley vs. Matt Hardy later tonight.


Inside of her office, Stephanie McMahon informs us of two huge matches. First, the match up for next week on SD, The Rock teams up with the World Champion Mr. Kennedy, and a partner of their choosing to take on ‘The Boss’ John Cena, ‘The Animal’ Batista and ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair. But she’s not done as she makes the main event for the Great American Bash, with Rock and Kennedy taking on Cena and Batista - if Batista, Cena or Rock wins, they get a chance at the World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam. If KK wins, he gets to choose his own opponent.

Elsewhere, ‘The Straightedge Superstar’ CM Punk cuts a quick, calm and confident promo on his match against Booker T later on tonight.


The second match of the night sees two faces on the rise go head up in Bobby Lashley, the United States Champion, vs. Matt Hardy. The fans are behind the underdog, Hardy, and Matt does rather well throughout the almost ten minute contest, picking up several near falls on the dominant champion … but never a three count. Late in the match, Hardy goes to the top turnbuckle and looks for something big … but Lashley catches him, tosses him over his shoulder, and plants him with the running power slam. Lashley then covers him, and Hardy kicks out … but after the three count @ 9:53. After the match, Lashley helps Hardy up to his feet and nods, to which Hardy responds in kind, before saying that it’s not over.

Backstage, Kristal Marshall conducts an interview with Batista, John Cena and Ric Flair. The Nature Boy takes the mic first and runs down Rock and Kennedy, stating that no matter who they get as a partner next week, there’s no way they’ll be able to match up with the 20+ World Championships standing before them. Flair looks to hand the mic to Batista, but Big Dave waves it off, completely in a zone. The Boss takes the mic and says that from here on in, he’ll be looking to finish the job he started at JD … then take the World Title. Batista and Cena then share a bit of an awkward stare towards one another before we fade out.


In an Eight Man 'Strange Bedfellows' Tag Team Match, the WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans team up with The Carolina Connection to take on The New Breed and The Mexicools. The eight superstars put on a strong contest, but in the end, it’s not shock to see the CC & Hooligans pick up the win, with Benjamin drilling Psichosis with the T-Bone for the pin fall victory @ 10:48.
After the match, London and Kendrick shake the hands of Benjamin and Helms … BEFORE THEY DRILL THE CC WITH THE TAG TEAM TITLES!! The crowd gives a mixed reaction as The Hooligans nod a bit, before heading out of the ring. Not exactly a heel turn … but definitely a message to the on-fire challengers.


Once more, Stephanie McMahon, the GM of SD, sits inside her office. This time, the desk has been moved back, so she sits in front of it, legs crossed, semi-scowl on her face. The camera pans over to show a DOZEN security guards standing in front of her. The camera then pans a little lower to show both ‘The Fighting Irishman’ Finlay and ‘The Silverback’ Mark Henry sitting in chairs. Henry is flanked by Teddy Long, but once T. Lo. goes to talk, Steph immediately tells him to shut up. Steph says that the two of them are gonna have it out, and they’re gonna do it next week on SmackDown … in A NO HOLDS BARRED MATCH!! Both stars seem rather happy with that announcement, before they turn their attention towards one another with angry glares.

Backstage, the World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Kennedy and The Rock appear on the screen to a thunderous ovation. KK says that they haven’t the faintest idea who they’ll get for a partner next week, which is why they’ll be having an exhaustive search next week for the right man. Rock clarifies that it doesn’t matter if its three-on-three, or three-on-two, or four-on-two, or five-on-two, the two stars standing before them will come out on top. Rocky finishes off with catchphrase before the icon and the future the present head off.


In the fourth match of the night, the Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble takes on Funaki. Smack Down’s #1 announcer does what he does best, job, submitting to Noble’s finishing submission, The Trailer Park Hitch @ 3:01.
After the match, Kid Kash steps out onto the stage and has a stare down with the champion … but not for long, as Chris Sabin drills Kash in the back as payback for last week! The two cruisers wrestle around for a bit as Noble watches from inside the ring, holding his CW Title.

Booker T cuts a promo on his match with CM Punk up next. The Booker Man is NOT backed up by The New Breed, saying he doesn’t need his crew to take out a ‘wet behind the ears, punk-ass rookie’.


The final match of the night sees Booker T take on CM Punk. With Book not being a full-time wrestler anymore, the result is never in any real doubt, and The Straightedge Superstar picks up the win, forcing Booker to submit @ 12:16.


***Booyaka 619***

Rey Mysterio comes to the ring to a strong pop, and talks about his recent encounters with his friend, Chavo Guerrero. Mysterio says that even though he loves Chavo like a brother - La Familia, Chavito’s lack of respect for him as a wrestler has crossed the line in recent months, and will not be tolerated.
Rey Rey then calls out his best friend … and soon enough, out comes Chavo Guerrero to a mixed reaction. Chavo states that he never meant to disrespect Rey, he’s just speaking the truth. Guerrero concedes that he might pick the wrong places and times to express those truths, but they’re truths nevertheless. Rey informs Chavito that his views aren’t truths, just opinions … bad opinions … and ones he’s willing to disprove in the squared circle.
The crowd cheers, wanting to see the match up, but Guerrero waves it off, saying that he doesn’t want to get sidetracked by wrestling his best friend. The crowd boos as Chavo then leaves the ring, and begins to head back up the ramp, but Mysterio’s not letting him get away this time. Rey calls Chavo out on his jealousy, stating that while Guerrero has enjoyed moderate success, he never reached the heights that many in his family achieved, nor the triumphs that Rey has achieved. At first, Chavo tries to laugh Mysterio off, but Rey goes a step further, stating that even though he (Rey) wasn’t able to beat Daniels a second time, at least he wasn’t completely embarrassed and effectively fired by him, before begging to get his job back … like a bitch.
The crowd oohs and ahs, and that brings Chavo back down to the ring. Guerrero and Mysterio come face to face with the tension reaching a fever pitch, and Chavo angrily accepts Rey’s challenge to a strong ovation, before he drops the mic at Rey’s feet. SD goes off the air with Chavo and Rey face-to-face, nose-to-nose, scowls on both of their faces.



Current Card for The Great American Bash
July 22nd, 2007
San Jose, California

Mega Tag Team Match:
World Hvywt. Champion Mr. Kennedy & ‘The Great One’ The Rock vs.
‘The Boss’ John Cena & ‘The Animal’ Batista
w/‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair
{If The Rock, Cena or Batista pick up the deciding fall, they earn a World Title Match at SummerSlam; if Kennedy wins, he chooses his SS opponent.}


WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
The Hooligans vs. The Carolina Connection

A Matter of Respect:
Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero

United States Championship; Fatal Four Way Match:
‘The Real Deal’ Bobby Lashley vs. Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy
vs. ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels
w/Allison Danger


Current Card for SummerSlam
August 26th, 2007
East Rutherford, New Jersey

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Mr. Kennedy vs. John Cena OR Batista OR The Rock

for the week of September 28th


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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

RAW Review

Orton kicking off the show is pretty much expected. And a damn near flawless promo comes out of it. Really liked this one Mac. He came off pretty well here, as most champions after losing the title would be pissed off. And I felt you did a good job describing his feelings and his tone expressed that. The ending line was a nice touch, and this seems to be a good start to what should be a good fallout from Vengeance. I see Orton and Edge's feud continuing, without a doubt.

Redneck Wrecking Crew are probably the best fit tag team in your thread. Hope you use them well and not like how they were used as a team irl because they actually have some potential imo. Running through Val and Vis isn't much of a surprise. I see them retaining next week and the feud having a pay off match at Summerslam, seems like we'll probably get that.

RVD-HBK interaction makes me think we'll be seeing a cap-off to their feud at Summerslam. Plz do, it will be sex.

JBL rumbling through poor Eugene. Oh well. Damn good promo after the match, you're really hitting the spot with those on this show Mac. JBL throwing his name into the hat of contenders is a bit of a surprise. Although after his feud with 'Lito just ended, it sort of makes sense too. I do not see him however getting that spot at SS, as Orton-Edge does not look to be over at all.

Intriguing interview with Melina. Morrison doesn't seem so credible as of now, so throwing his name into the bunch is a bit surprising. Although, I do like what you're doing here with making much of the main event scene 'open' of sorts. Adds more suspense and wanting to read.

Epic epic Estrada promo. Spot on here, marvelous job keeping him in character and such. I thought that this so far is the definite promo of the night, although it's got competition as the promos have been flowing with gold on this show. Umaga, besides Orton definitely has the most credible chance of being the number one contender with the way he's been built up lately.

Nice six woman tag match. Victoria getting the nod over Mickie for the first time tells me we'll be seeing them face one another at Summerslam, which can only lead me to believe she's losing the strap. Good things must come to an end I guess.

Good Porter promo. I hope to see good things from him as personally he's one of my favorites. Intercontinental Championship push plz.

Looked like a good match here with Morrison and Sabu. Looked to be as if this got his credibilty up slightly, and builds his 'statement' to be number one contender. I like how the scene is right now on RAW, as stated before. Going to be fun to see how it all pans out toward Summerslam.

Hmmm, interesting interaction from Angle and Estrada. If an Angle/Umaga feud comes out of this, I would not mind it at all whatsoever. Two intense beasts going at it = ratings.

Nice main event, and shocking victory for Van Dam in my opinion. Michaels' reaction only leads me to believe even more that the two will have a rubber match, and it should be a great one at that. Flat out awesome promo to end the show, and Edge putting Orton in his place was great. Orton 'falling' into the batch of contenders should provide for an entertaining couple of weeks ahead of now.

Overall, damn good show as usual Mac. I'll hit you up with comments on SmackDown later in the week.

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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Smackdown Review

Big night planned for SD and I really like the two matches to give hype to the US Title match at GAB. 8-Man Tag and Punk vs. Booker are also very good matches and it’s a shame this isn’t in full.

Hardy vs. Daniels would be a personal dream match of mine … the two have such great styles and I think they would mesh well together. Daniels is finally in the mid-card and out of the CW division, something I really love. Good match time but Jeff winning was a little bit of a shock, imo. Daniels just got into the division and I figured he would pick up a big first win but I guess you figured Hardy needed the win even more.

Stephanie’s first announcement was pretty huge; the six-man tag match next week should be intense. I don’t see ‘Taker being KK and Rocky’s partner, the return is a little too soon. Now the main event for the GAB is something that I figured was coming but the stipulation that was added was awesome. I can see Batista and Cena winning that match, with Batista getting the title shot. Very interesting situation because there are many different possibilities for SummerSlam.

Punk doesn’t need to be on the mic very long so it was good to see the promo was short … biggest match of Punk’s young WWE career tonight, imo.

Matt vs. Lashley would be a very nice clash of styles and I figured Matt didn’t have much of a chance but it was good to see him put up a good fight. Lashley is just too unstoppable at the moment but Hardy kicking out after the three count makes him look good. I can see a short heel turn by Matt, just so that we don’t have three faces, with Daniels as the only heel in the feud.

Nice way to add hype to the six-man tag next week and the main event for the GAB by having the heels talk it up. Ric is a great front for Cena and Batista while Big Dave doesn’t need to talk because he is too focused. Cena and Batista have the first of what I think will be many awkward moments on the road to GAB. They both want the title shot … they’d do anything to each other.

Hooligans and the Carolina Connection tagging is good and their feud has been a great undercard feud for the last few months. No surprise that the champs and challengers win because New Breed and the Mexicools aren’t at the level of the top two teams. Hooligans nail their challengers with the belts!! Very intriguing and I can see some more things like this happening before the match at the GAB.

Finlay and Henry have had a much better feud than I thought possible, very physical throughout. No Holds Barred is the perfect way to end the feud and I’m glad you didn’t wait until the GAB, the feud maybe too dragged out by then. I see Finlay fighting valiantly but I can see Henry get back to dominating with a huge win.

Good to see KK and Rocky get a promo like the heels did earlier. Like I said before, KK and Rocky won’t have ‘Taker as their partner but they could get someone big. Very nice team you have here but I can see the WHC getting between them as well.

Noble beating Funaki doesn’t surprise me and the CW division has been heating up lately, surprising with Chavo, Rey, and Daniels out of the picture. Sabin attacks Kash from behind and I see a number one contender’s match coming soon, with the winner getting Noble at the GAB.

Booker is way too cocky and I was surprised to see the NB not with him. This would be a very good match and a little more detail would have been nice but I won’t be picky. Punk needed this win to get him over a legit superstar and that’s just what he did. Booker tapping was awesome and I hope you continue to have Punk as a submission specialist. I don’t see this feud ending here however.

Surprised to see Rey and Chavo get the closing segment but the feud has been so damn entertaining, it makes sense. Rey calling Chavo out is nothing new but Chavo actually coming out was surprising. Good exchange between the two and Chavo certainly thinks Rey is a joke. The line from Rey that called Chavo a bitch finally crossed the line and now Chavo accepts Rey’s challenge!! The two stare each other down as the show ends, making this feud even more personal.

Another top notch show from one of the elite, Mac. A little shorter than you’re usual recaps but that was just because some detail was left out. KK & The Rock vs. ‘Tista & Cena is huge for the GAB and some other big matches are now confirmed, including Rey vs. Chavo. Next week looks good and I can’t tell you how happy I am that this thread is back on track, it is oozing with EPICNESS. Very solid show, 9/10.


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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Smackdown Comments

Looks like a huge show is going to take place tonight. Good match to start the show with Hardy vs. Daniels. Surprised to see Jeff get the win being that Daniels has been receivng a huge push thus far in this thread. Looking forward to Matt vs. Lashley. Huge announcement concerning next week's show, and what a main event GAB has just recieved. Punk's promo was a good way to put over his match against Booker T later on in the show. Good match with Lashley versus Matt. Not surprised to see Matt take the loss, and a good story was told in the match as well, especially the finish of the match.

Good promo from the "Smackdown Top 3" as I call Cena, Big Dave, and Naitch, as all three are at the top of their games in this thread. The eight man tag match was given a decent amount of time, and good to see Benjamin get the winning pin. As you mentioned not a heel turn completely from the champs, the Hooligans, but a great way to send a message to the challengers as you noted out in the recap.

Huge match set for next week between Finlay and Henry. While I think that the No Holds Barred match should've been saved for GAB, I'm looking forward to how this feud is going to continue between the two. As expected good promo from Rock and the champ, Kennedy. Filler match with Noble getting the obvious win over Funaki. Good to see Sabin get payback on Kash, after last week's attack from the Notorious K.I.D. Book's promo was good, and hopefully Book gets the win. While Book is no longer a full time wrestler in this thread, I'm surprised to see the match be given quite a bit of time, despite Book getting the loss in the match.

Great way to end the show with the Mysterio/Chavo promo. I must say that this feud has been done very creative and original, as it has been one of the best feuds going on in this thread. Glad to see that a match between Rey and Chavo is finally going to take place. While I see a possible match taking place at GAB, I see a bigger match taking place between the two at SummerSlam.

Once more great show man. As mentioned before this thread continues to get better man. Looking forward to Raw and the continuing build up in this thread for the Great American Bash.

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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

SmackDown Feedback

Tad late. My bad Looks like a very match orientated show tonight, with four or five biggies lined up. I love the push you are giving to Daniels, Jeff and Matt in the U.S title situation. It's really a very fresh picture after all of the matches Lashley has had with Regal, Finlay and Booker. Four guys barely in their thirties in the title picture gets instant credibility from me. Daniels/Jeff = instant chemistry in my mind, which would probably move at a lightning pace. No real surprise to see Jeff pick up the win though, as I think it's between Lashley and the Fallen Angel for the belt at GAB, with the Hardys not quite over enough with you. No Way is Matt beating Big Bad Bobby either.

Ha ha, I think you'll find I called this. What? If you can be smug about getting my entire MITB line up right, I can be smug about this. Pretty smart decision really. No way do Rock and Cena have their blow off match at GAB, and the same goes for Kennedy and 'Tista. Logic would suggest a Batista win at GAB, possibly pinning KK {a la Vader and HBK in '96} to set up a feud ending gimmick match or something, whilst Cena faces Rock. Logic would suggest that Rock and Kennedy's partner for next week can only be one of two men ... The Undertaker or Miz. Since Taker, I think, is out till S'Series at the earliest, I'm going to go with the awesome Miz again. Hoora!

Punk should beat The Book Man later, but it's his first REAL test, since Kid Kash was more or less a squash feud. Booker will do well at this though. He has instant credibility. This will boost Punk further towards the U.S title division.

Glad to see both Lahley and Hardy being made to look quite strong. The result was never in doubt, as the Lash Man has been on a roll since 'Mania, and I can't see him getting pinned in one-on-one action until he makes the leap to the Main Event scene. Matt looked good too though, almost kicking out of the Powerslam and such; great stuff. The Four-Way match is actually what I'm most intrigued by at the GAB, as I think this could be Lashley's moment to drop the title with the heel Daniels pinning Matt or Jeff.

What's going on with this weird Flair, Batista and Cena stable?? The Boss needs to go it alone again. I appreciate the team warfare you are setting up for the GAB, but it could do with a bit more tension I reckon. Can't have Cena losing his edge now can we?

Mexicools are heels? No, just not enough teams in your division right? I know the feeling. Pretty much a tag team showcase for the CC and Hooligans, but I hope the New Breed can get back on track soon. Monty and Elijah need some serious love. The hell~!! Hooligans cheap shot Benjamin and Helms?? Please don't turn London and Kendrick heel; they'd be terrible in that role I think. It sounds like it was just a message before the PPV or something. Things heating up it seems.

Ha ha, loved that Stephanie had to sit so far away behind her desk because of all the security guards ... and Mark Henry's girth right? I was looking forward to the announcement of the big match between these two, but you might as well have put it on the GAB with it so close. Perhaps things won't go to plan next week either.

I quite like the friendly rivalry face thing going on between KK and Rock right now. We got a glimpse of it back at No Way Out, and I remember you hinting at a possible program between the two of them around SummerSlam time. Hmmmmmmm? Nah, can't see it happening with Cena and Batista still around. Miz for next week though. Definitely.

Another win for Jamie Noble. He's awesome. 'Nuff said. Best CW Champion you've had. Looks like a Triple Threat will be signed for the GAB soon also with Sabin and Kash still going at it. Glad KK is getting pushed again after jobbing to Punk.

Great hype for Punk being in his first Main Event match, and it actually looked like quite a big deal with Booker cutting a promo and keeping his New Breed backstage. Huge, HUGE win for Punk over a former WCW World Champion. I know Booker is a manager now really, but this is still massive for Punk. 12 minutes is awesome too, and via tap out. Punk is on his way.

Wow, Chavo and Rey Rey really getting some exposure in this unique feud of theirs. It certainly is a change from the repetitiveness of their most recent one. The comments made by Mysterio sounded a tad heelish, but I know he was just goading Chavito. Great way to do it though, pointing out Chavo's lack of success compared to other Guerrero's and the way he lost to Daniels. Chavo will likely beat Rey at the GAB in a classic after turning full heel, but the way you've been booking this storyline, I honestly don't want to try and predict what you have up your sleeve.

Another quality recap, Mac. The 'Bash looks awesome already.
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