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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Vengeance Review

Opening video and commentary is pretty standard. The two semi-main events and the WWE Title matches have been built beautifully and should be very good.

These two teams are obviously the best on Raw and I think that they will feud for the next few months. Good basic tag match to start and Cade/Murdoch need to use illegal tactics to hold the advantage. The comeback by AMW is academic but they miss the Death Sentence! The RWC hits the Sweet & Sour and we have NEW tag champs! This wasnít expected but I guess it just adds more to the feud, with the role of champs and challengers reversed. I want this feud to continue for a while; please donít break either squad up.

Orton is the perfect heel in this thread and I knew he would show no remorse after damn near putting Edge out of action. Hope he gets whatís coming to him in the main event. No way that Edge would consider dropping out of the main event.

Weird to see that Maria was able to hang with Mickie for so long. I knew that you wouldnít build Maria up as a great competitor but I didnít think Mickie would look so weak. Good to see her retain but I assume that her title reign is going to be coming to an end soon, based on this performance.

JBL seems a little distraught about the match later tonight, with his IC reign possibly ending. I think Carlito may have JBLís number tonight.

I thought Morrison may start as kind of a tweener but I guess you are erasing any chance of that, slap across the face was good, imo. Good to see that this match got time and this feud between them could push BOTH men, if done right. I thought Ken had the match won but this is Morrisonís first major PPV match and him using the tights to win was perfect. I see this going at least one more match between the two.

Good interview from RVD, with Van Dam doing all the talking. I like the reference to last yearís Vengeance, where he lost to Edge. I think RVD may do well in the main event, but he ainít walking out as the WWE Champion.

Mickie going to go psycho again? Weird segment, imo.

Sabu is on the way out; MVP has just started his run. Good to see MVP win the match cleanly and Sabu was a very good filler feud for the young star, with great things to come. I hope that you release Sabu somewhat soon; he has more than worn out his welcome, imo.

Angle is going to kick ass tonight, but I donít see him winning.

Good to see that this match is going on after the Womenís match, much better potential, imo. Obvious that Gail wasnít winning but I did think that Trish would be involved in the finish somehow. Coming down to Victoria and Beth was good because of what happened at WM23. I love that Victoria won this match and she should be the one to take the belt off Mickie, she deserves it. Very solid match that showed the Womenís division isnít something to laugh at.

The IC Title feud has been built up beautifully, with the feud becoming VERY personal the last few weeks. I am surprised that Angelina isnít out here with JBL but she wouldnít have done any good, seeing as JBL got beaten down for the first part of the match. Both men get to bleeding and I thought Carlito may have had the match won with way he was touching the turnbuckles when JBL had the advantage. The hanging thing was used again but this time Angelina comes down and CUTS the rope!! Very cheap way to have JBL retain Ö but brilliant nonetheless. Great match to end the best IC feud I have read in a long time.

Edgeís promo was decent and he and Orton are the only two I could see winning in the main event. Not talking about the concussion was a nice touch; he is at a disadvantage already.

I didnít realize the build for the Jack-Umaga match has been going on for so long, almost one full year! I knew this match would be all gore and you certainly delivered. This was simply to make Umaga even more of a star, I never saw Cactus winning. Jack did everything he could to Umaga but nothing was able to do the job. Umaga then became the dominant one and he certainly proved why he could be called a savage. I numerous Samoan Spikes sounded sick and thankfully the match is over, with the being the last time we will see Mick Foley in a LONG time. Very good match, you did the job of making Umaga look unstoppable.

Phase One? I sense a long IC Title reign for Bradshaw.

Good way to end the interviews, with the charismatic HBK. He is a great heel and I donít think the feud with RVD is done, given the comments directed toward his rival.

Edge being cautious early is no surprise and I love that HBK and RVD got some time to go at it, one on one. Everyone is taken down except Angle and HBK, with RVD, Edge, and Orton all being down on the canvas or on the outside. Orton shoving RVD off the top onto HBK and Angle was genius Ö now itís just Orton and Edge. SPEAR!! The conconcussion is too much for Edge so I hope that he can still win the match. SECOND SPEAR!! Edge beats Orton!! New WWE Champion!!

Amazing recap to say the least. Everything was done perfect, especially the WWE Championship match. I love the decision to have Edge win the match and now we will have the huge blow-off gimmick match at SummerSlam. TLC perhaps? So many great thing happened and all the matches were good, except maybe Mickie vs. Maria, but you have your reasons. You are still proving why you are one of the best, 10/10.


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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Smart choice to kick off the action with the tag team title match, and an even smarter choice what with the 'shocking' title change and all. I predicted it. Sheer genius e I just thought that AMW had been getting a little stale with the belts lately and a fresh, interesting team like the RWC would do the division some good. Odds are we'll see some kind of Texan/Tennessee Street Fight rematch between the teams, but Cade and Murdoch are fairly awesome, so a long reign would be good whilst you try to find some other teams for them to face.

Orton is awesome in this roll, and odds are he'll be retaining tonight in a screwy/heelish way. So Edge does legitamately have a concussion?? I thought he might not make it to the match but I could see him getting pinned after another kick to the head or something.

What the hell?? It takes Mickie five minutes to put away Maria?? Very intriguing storyline with Mickie lacking ... self-confidence. Beth should kill Maria on Raw in revenge in my opinion.

Totally split on the Carlito/JBL match later tonight. On one hand, JBL has been and will continue to be an awesome IC Champion, but on the other hand I don't want Carly's big push to end, which I fear it may do with a loss, as I don't think you like him enough to put him in a Main Event

Shorter match than I thought between Doane and Morrison, as you've given this feud quite a bit of exposure in the run up to Vengeance. You're probably saving time for the three Main Events though. Again, I was split on who I wanted to win, as Doane's push has been nice, but Morrison has made me into a fan in real life. The way Morrison won keeps Kenny strong, kind of like you did with the Noble/Sabin match at JD. With JBL/Carlito ending tonight, I can see these two youngsters stepping up as the next challengers.

Way to go, Rob, actually talking for yourself, instead of Fonzie. I hope to god he doesn't just get jobbed and pinned in the ME, as he's an awesome Main Eventer.

WTF is going on with Mickie James?? Paranoid, frightened psycho indeed. Promo on Raw plz.

Awesome debut PPV win for MVP over Sabu. Sabu is a great guy to have around. He's like Kane, a glorified jobber to get better, younger guys over. The clean win for Porter is an added bonus. Another few wins like this and he'll be an IC title contender. I just hope that, with all of his ECW bashing, Montel doesn't squash RVD or anything. Van Dam's a bit out of his league right now.

Sounded like a pretty good #1 Contender Match between the four women, and giving it 13 minutes shows the attention you want on this division. Gail is obviously the weak link of the bunch so she's killed early on, but I was surprised that she wasn't the one pinned, as Beth is relatively new and such. A Mickie/Vickie rematch is awesome {ignore that jobber Reney}, as their match at WrestleMania was the best women's title bout I have ever, ever read. SummerSlam or Raw??

Oh baby, what a match between Carlito and JBL. Talk about a war to end a feud. Great stuff indeed. Kind of channelled some of the spirit of the famoud Bullrope match Bradshaw had with Eddie back at the GAB in '04, with the sick chair shot out of no where that busts Carly up. Glad that 'Lito really held his own though and got serious {he needs to do that more often} by busting JBL open with the cowbell. Now onto the finish, like I said in my predictions, I could either see a win for Carly, or a screwjob finih for JBL. Turns out we got the latter. Pretty unique as well, Mac, as I personally haven't seen it done before. The only thing is, I thought that a person was DQed for removing the Bullrope?? Does cutting it not constitue a removal?? I guess not. Anyway, epic, epic stuff. Who would have thought that a Carlito/JBL feud would have turned into something so great? Certainly not me. JBL will likely have to face Doane and Morrison next, with Carlito ... hopefully getting another Main Event type feud with a top heel. Great job, Mac.

Such a shame that this match didn't get written in full, as I've been waiting for it since Unforgiven of last year. I didn't think you'd be able to match the previous match for brutality, but you sure did. The Piledriver through the table and the Samoan Drop of the apron just sound pure Foley insanity. Can't believe 'Mags just got up after being DDTed onto thumbtacks; he's a fucking beast. The flaming 2X4 in the face of Foley spot was sick, but the way Umaga finished him off was my persoanl favourite spot. I remember {in the reall WWE} back just before Cyber Sunday when McMahon made Umaga kill that jobber in a First Blood match, and he made him bleed by giving him multiple Samoan Spike. Fucking brutal, absolutely insane, and Foley got it NINE TIMES Jesus, that was wild. 'Maga is THE MAN on Raw right now. Is he still undefeated?? God, I hope so. This guy needs to go after the WWE title soon I reckon. He's unbelievable. The fact he has the best manager in wrestling helps too Another perfect ending to a feud, Mac.

Don't what the hell JBL means by 'Phase One' Surely his feud with Carlito is over. He's not going for the WWE title as well surely??

Michales makes more jabs at RVD in his promo?? Those two need a Rubber Match at SummerSlam or at the very least on Raw soon, so that we can see who is the winner of this awesome feud. RVD plz. He needs it more.

Sounded like a really great Main Event, though not quite as good as the previous two violent bouts we just saw. Love the way that HBK and RVD were allowed to go at it alot in 'one upmanship', though I was surprised that Angle was barely mentioned. NEW CHAMPION~!!! Orton's reign was going great. Oh well, I guess he had a nice six month reign. Odds are this issue will be settled in a brutal, brutal match at SummerSlam. I'm quite shocked that you din't make Van Dam take the fall too Also, where the hell were Mercury and Masters?? Call themselves henchmen?? They suck as henchmen

Really great recapped PPV, Mac. I loved the way you purposefully toned down the under card to give the three Main Events 30 mins, 20, mins and 20 mins respectively. They all worked out great too. Two brilliant feud enders in Cactus/'Mags and Carly/JBL, and an epic WWE title match. Great stuff
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

I've been reading everything up to Vengeance since you've recapped but I'm just too damn lazy to even bother replying. So um now that I got a bit of free time thought I'd drop some comments...

Good match to kick off the show with AMW losing their titles to Cade and Murdoch. I've never really "cared for" Cade and Murdoch too much to be honest but they are one of the most talented teams on Raw no doubt right now. I'm not really sure what all tag teams are on Raw but it seems like you've been havign a resurgence of the tag division recently nevertheless especially on Smackdown.

Lol at Mickie James having the title for a year. Totally something that I'd expect from you. Haha I must agree that if she had such a hard time beating Maria then I seriously doubt she'll beat tonight's winner of the F4W.

Now this is John Morrison's re-debut so pretty much no doubt that he's got this one in the bag. The Doane thign with him as a face is certainly something different than normally seeing him as a heel. Morrison has a good future here on Raw but he might be stuck behind a few of the bigger names.

Hmmm this Mickie thing is certainly intriguing. I seriously doubt she loses the title since you've got your head up her ass and for a good reason!

I love this little stable thing you have going with MVP and I totally dig Reigns as the bodyguard despite some people not really caring for it. Reigns was a beast during his run with Angle back in '04. Shame he got cut so early. But enough of that lol. A good win for MVP on his PPV debut means very big thigns in the future for him. Though I'm wondering if you're ending this ECW feud thing soon or not?

Two Women's matches on a PPV is very rare but it's happened before so I can't sya much. And considering the women in this match it all but makes up for the first jobber fest of James/Maria. Good women's wrestling here throwing four of the top divas in the pot for a shot at the title. I really was shocked Trish got eliminated second. Beth winning wouldn't have made sense JUST YET as I think she's going to end up in a big feud with Mickie over the title eventually. Where? Bound to be WrestleMania 24 with Mickie holding the title for two years knowing you!

You're definently making the Intercontinental title look VERY prestigious by giving it a big slot and with JBL holding it for the past few months it's looked very well in the proces. I know this has been of your longest running feuds in the past few months so I must say this HAD to have been one of the sickest finishes I've seen to a match in a while. Greatness on your part with cutting the rope but like Legend said I always thought if you were disconnected from the rope then you were DQ'd? Nothing big but I just can't remember...

SICK match. The things Foley can come up with are amazing and you showed them all tonight. The ending was nasty too with the consecutive Samoan Spikes. Umaga is looking VERY GOOD heading into wherever he is going now. He's bound to be a top challenger for the title but I guess it all depends on what goes down tonight.

I really didn't think Orton was going to retain tonight and I was right. Edge winning is great and even with the concussion this'll give it even more time to build off towards. It's bound to be a big blowoff match at SummerSlam and I definently think Hell in a Cell is a possibility. It's been a long running feud with much history between these two men so it wouldn't shock me tbh.
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

WWE Vengeance PPV Review:

World Tag Team Championship Match:
Americaís Most Wanted vs. The Redneck Wrecking Crew

While I am a fan of both teams in this thread, AMW was just getting a little stale IMO, and while a fan of both teams in this thread, I'm more of a fan the RWC. Good call on the title change to open the show.

Surprised to see the champion being the first of the five to have interview time. Orton's promo was good, and his match should be an interesting one. Like I said before, I like how Edge's character is in this thread.

Womenís Championship Match:
Mickie James vs. Maria

Not surprised that Mickie won the match since you're a Mickie mark, but I am kind of surprised that you had her struggling against Maria. I'm not sure if Maria has a push coming up in this thread or what, but it was a good way to go with the match, without using the usual squash diva matches.

I did not think when this JBL/Carlito feud first started in this thread, that it would turn out to be something this good. Great job. Good buildup for the Mags/Foley match for later on.

Grudge Match:
Ken Doane vs. John Morrison w/Melina

Not surprised that Morrison got the win, since it wouldn't make sense for him to lose his first match under his new gimmick. Hopefully this feud can continue between these two, as it would be a great way to keep both wrestlers credible in this thread.

Surprised to see RVD talking and not The Fonz. I don't think this will be the night Van Dam wins back the title. As for Mickie crying and acting somewhat psycho, it should be interesting to see how you continue her role in this thread.

Singles Match:
Sabu w/Bill Alfonso vs. Montel Vontavious Porter w/Playgirls & Luther Reigns

MVP winning this match was expected, as he looks to be getting a huge push in this thread. I have a feeling that he will be in one or two more minor feuds before moving on to some bigger feuds.

Angle's interview was on point. Good lineup so far for the GAB.

Fatal Four Way; #1 Contenderís Match:
Victoria vs. Trish Stratus vs. Gail Kim vs. Beth Phoenix

While I thought Beth was going to win, I realize it made more sense having Vickie going over in this match. Surprised to see it was given a decent amount of time. Looking forward to the Mania rematch between Mickie and Victoria.

Will Summerslam be written in full, Mac?

Intercontinental Championship; Texas Bull Rope Match:
John Bradshaw Layfield w/Angelina Williams vs. Carlito

I'm not sure if I've read a Texas Bull Rope Match in BTB that was this intense. Quite honestly, I don't even think some of this stuff would happen IRL in the WWE. However with JBL going over and retaining the title, I have a feeling that this feud between the two is finally over.

Edge seems focused for this match and that's good. Wouldn't be surprised to see Edge possibly win the match here tonight.

Hardcore Match:
Cactus Jack vs. ĎThe Samoan Bulldozerí Umaga w/AAE

Excellent video package for the Umaga/Jack match. As far as the actual match goes, this was brutal! I know ECW isn't in your thread, but this was an ECW match to the fullest, IMO. My only complaint is that I honestly don't think that it would take NINE Samoan Spike finishers from Mags to beat Jack. Also, I guess that Mick Foley won't be in this thread for the near future, following this insane match.

Interesting promo from JBL. With the "phase one" statement being made, I guess his next phase is to become the WWE Champion. HBK's promo lets me know that his feud with Van Dam will be continuing following this PPV.

WWE Championship; Five Way Sudden Death Match:
ĎThe Legend Killerí Randy Orton vs.
Rob Van Dam w/Bill Alfonso vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle vs. Edge w/Lita

Match of the Night is this match. All five men gave their all in this match. However it was quite clear that from the build up that this was going to come down to Orton and Edge. With that said...Edge is the NEW WWE Champion! As JR mentioned the 3rd Rated R Era has begun! Howver had Raw ended differently, I would've said that Orton would retain and the feud between the two continuing with Orton finally losing at Summerslam. With that said though, I see the feud between the two continuing to Summerslam, with a huge final match between the two to end the feud.

Once again Mac, great PPV. I must say that this PPV was better than Smackdown's JD. Looking forward to Smackdown's GAB, and then it's on to joint branded Summerslam. Looking forward to the next group of shows, and great job on this great PPV.

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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Really appreciate all the feedback I've gotten recently. KOP, KOM, JBLoser, etc. reviews shortly, imo.

Haven't had a roster update in forever ... since my first post in this thread, actually. Heels are in dark red/blue, faces in red/blue, tweeners in black, while the announcers and interviewers are unbolded.


RAW Roster

Angelina Williams
Armando Alejandro Estrada
Beth Phoenix
The Big Show
Currently injured*
Bill Alfonso
Charlie Haas
Chris Harris
Chris Masters
Edge -
WWE Champion
Gail Kim
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
James Storm
Jerry Lawler - RAW Color Commentator
Jim Ross - RAW Play-by-play Commentator
Jim Mitchell - Absent from WWE programming for months
Joey Mercury
John Bradshaw Layfield
Intercontinental Champion
John Morrison
Jonathan Coachman
RAW General Manager
Ken Doane
Kurt Angle
Lance Cade -
World Tag Team Champion
Lillian Garcia - Ring announcer
Luther Reigns
Matt Striker
Mickie James -
Women’s Champion
Montel Vontavious Porter
Randy Orton
Ranjin Singh - Backstage interviewer
Rob Conway
Rob Van Dam
Robbie McAllister
Rory McAllister

Shawn Michaels
Torrie Wilson -
Absent from WWE programming for months
Trevor Murdoch - World Tag Team Champion
Trish Stratus
Val Venis
#1 Contender for Women’s Championship

~ America's Most Wanted - Chris Harris & James Storm
~ RKO Army - Randy Orton, Chris Masters & Joey Mercury
~ The Spirit Squad - Johnny, Mikey, Mitch & Nicky

~ Viscera & Val Venis
~ The Redneck Wrecking Crew - Trevor Murdoch & Lance Cade
~ Rob Van Dam, Sabu, & Bill Alfonso
~ Montel Vontavious Porter, Luther Reigns, Layla, Kelly & Brooke
~ Eugene & Hacksaw Jim Duggan
~ Mickie James & Beth Phoenix


SmackDown! Roster

Allison Danger
Ashley -
Absent from WWE programming for months
Bobby Lashley -
United States Champion
Booker T
Brian Kendrick -
WWE Tag Team Champion
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Sabin
Christopher Daniels
CM Punk
Elijah Burke
Gregory Helms
Hardcore Holly
Jamie Noble -
Cruiserweight Champion
Jake Gymini
Jeff Hardy
Jesse Gymini
Jillian Hall -
Absent from WWE programming for months
Joey Styles - SmackDown! Play-by-play Commentator
John Cena
Josh Matthews - Backstage Interviewer
Kane - Currently injured*
Ken Kennedy - World Heavyweight Champion
Kid Kash
Kristal Marshall - Backstage Interviewer
Mark Henry
Matt Hardy
Michael Cole - SmackDown! Commentator
Michelle McCool -Absent from WWE programming for months
Monty Brown
Paul Birchill -
Absent from WWE programming for months
Paul London - WWE Tag Team Champion
Rey Mysterio
Ric Flair -
Money in the Bank contract holder
The Rock
Scotty Too Hotty

Shelton Benjamin
Simon Dean
Stephanie McMahon -
SmackDown! General Manager
Steve Romero - Backstage Interviewer
Super Crazy
Sylvan -
Absent from WWE programming for months
Tazz - SmackDown! Color Commentator
Teddy Long
Triple H
Currently sitting out due to dispute with GM*
The Undertaker - Currently injured*
Vito - Absent from WWE programming for months
William Regal

~ The Hooligans - Paul London & Brian Kendrick

~ The Carolina Connection - Shelton Benjamin & Gregory Helms
~ Simon Dean & The Gymini - Dean, Jake & Jesse Gymini
~ The Mexicools - Super Crazy & Psichosis
~ Booker T & The New Breed - Booker, Sharmell, Monty Brown & Elijah Burke
~ Batista & Ric Flair



The SmackDowns leading up to the GAB will be recapped, as will the PPV (just like I did with JD and Vengeance). During that time, Raw will be in full, and following the GAB, both Raw and SD will be in full.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Good idea to post the rosters. They look great by the way. Don't really have time to review Vengeance but I will say a few things. It was defiently a top Pay-Per-View. The matches and promos were great for recaps, especially the matches. But the promo's for how short they were explained a lot. I was happy with all the results and winners except for Carlito losing to JBL and Beth Phoenix coming up short in the Divas Four Way. But that's only because I prefer them more, not anything to do with storylines and plans and what not. So knowing you im sure they were the right choice. I would of payed to see just about all of these matches, they all sounded great. Foley versus Umaga and MVP versus Sabu would of been classics. And I love The Red Wrecking Crew as the new Tag Team Champions. The Main Event was one of the best recapped matches I have ever seen. So much action and a lot of nice spots. Edge winning topped of a truly historic and memorable night. So yeah Mac, your probally the best booker here in my oppinion, and I truly mean that. Keep up the great work, I salute you. Looking forward to when you finally get right in to all your shows being in full, but don't get me wrong I love your recaps and the way you do them. Cheers.

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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Nice roster update, Mac. You actually have a far less jobber filled line up then I though, excluding the Gymini

Should I @ Jimmy Mitchell still being on there, or should I mark out because you're actually going to bring him in as someone's manager?? I got used to the Fallen Angel, AMW, and Sabin in WWE, so there's no reason why I can't get used to the Sinister Minister.

Kind of weird how you're recapping the show with the next PPV coming up At least we're getting Raw's in full, and with Umaga running wild that should be absolutely awesome
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

I really liked the roster update ... I didn't realize you have so many guys! I agree with Legend, Mitchell on the roster is good because you could bring him back as a manager. I guess you are taking the Wolfy route, doing one show in full, even if the other show has a PPV coming up. Both shows a great, even though I would like to see SD in full every week.


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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Following one of the most explosive, violent and exciting WWE pay per views of all time, Vengeance, Monday Night Raw turns up the heat in the frosty mountains of Denver, Colorado.

The man who has been the most effected by Vengeance is the former WWE Champion, ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton, who lost his WWE Title to Edge, in a match that also involved Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels and Rob Van Dam. How will Orton react to no longer being the WWE Champion after six months on the mountain top? And more importantly, how will he respond with news coming out on wwe.com recently, that he does NOT have a rematch clause for the WWE Title? We will definitely know come Monday night, as the One Man Dynasty will bookend the Raw broadcast, opening the night by giving the Denver fans his thoughts, and then close out the program, going one on one with ‘The Whole Dam Show’ RVD.

Orton’s successor as WWE Champion, ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge, will also be in the building. After being beaten, bloodied, and concussed all in his quest to recapture the WWE Championship, what will the new champion have to say when he addresses the sold-out crowd on Monday night?

Edge won’t be the only new champion when Raw rolls around; The Redneck Wrecking Crew, Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch, managed to defeat America’s Most Wanted to capture the World Tag Team Championship. The new champions will be in action this Monday night, taking on Val Venis and Viscera. Will Chris Harris and James Storm look to possibly make their presence felt, or has the tough loss to the new force on the block caused The Tennessee Cowboy and The Wildcat to rethink their position within the company?

The two bloodiest matches Vengeance night were easily the Texas Bullrope Match between JBL and Carlito for the Intercontinental Title and the No Disqualification Match featuring Cactus Jack and Umaga. To no one’s surprise, most of the competitors of those two matches will not be able to make it to Raw … but the Intercontinental Champion John Bradshaw Layfield can … and will … and will be addressing the sold-out crowd in Denver. Will the Wall Street Warrior look to tell us about ‘Phase Two’?

Also, the Women’s Champion Mickie James will be in action, teaming with Beth Phoenix and Trish Stratus to take on Gail Kim, Maria, and the number one contender, Victoria. Will the year long reign of Mickie get back on the right track, or as she already succumbed mentally to the dominant Victoria.

In addition, Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, John Morrison, Montel Vontavious Porter, and Armando Alejandro Estrada are all scheduled to be in the building come Monday night.

All that and more on Monday Night Raw. 9/8CT.


‘That’s Not Arrogance, It’s…’

for the week of September 28th


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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Raw looks pretty darn creamworthy heading out of Vengeance. Orton seems to be the main focus of the show despite not being the Champion anymore, which is fine with me. I expect a passionate promo of intent from him to open the show and I expect him to go over RVD {thanks to HBK??} the Main Event. Edge will probably have a passionate promo too, though I'm not sure if we will get the intevitable confrontaion between these two yet. The build to their feid ender at SummerSlam starts here me thinks.

No Carlito or Umaga At least we get JBL, who has me rather intrigued with his 'Phase Two' deal. Also, Estrada being in the house for a promo is glorious. 'Mags needs to be the one to take the WWE title from Edge imo. Haas too plz.

Top notch looking show, Mac. Can't wait.
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