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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Raw Thoughts

Very electric opening promo as all four men were great. Edge wanting to protect Lita is understandable and I see him taking Orton out tonight during the WWE Title match. HBK and RVD’s feud doesn’t look like it is over and it definitely shouldn’t be. Angle getting some cheers was a surprise but he was a heel for so long and it should be nice to see him as a face in the near future (hopefully). I’m interested to see what Coach announces tonight and I am pumped for RVD vs. HBK II later on. No surprise that AMW beat the SS but the assault afterwards by the RWC was a little unexpected. I guess Show and Umaga are only going to focus on Foley so that should open up a great AMW vs. RWC feud over the next few months. So Johnny Nitro is coming back as John Morrison? Very interesting way to have him return and he should be much better than the real Morrison if he has Melina by his side. Lita vs. Orton must be happening for sure tonight since you have already put a lot of focus on Edge trying to get the match cancelled. What could Edge possibly do tonight? JBL’s celebration reminds me a lot of his celebration on Smackdown in February 2005. Angel Williams as the manager is good and I was looking forward to them doing that in real life but they never brought her up. You write JBL perfectly and I loved the trip down memory lane, classic stuff. Carlito coming out and giving JBL his “gift” was awesome and it reminds me of something Eddie Guerrero would do. The rematch next week sounds huge. Glad to see Trish pick up a victory over Gail Kim but the heelish move was disappointing. I am not exactly sure who Trish will be feuding with as a heel since Mickie is still champion. Nice little hype from MVP about himself and hopefully he can have some good feuds. I would love to see MVP vs. RVD after Van Dam is done with HBK. Foley being on Raw next week should be explosive and I see him taking out Heyman and Estrada. Very explosive stuff between Orton and Edge and I always knew Orton wouldn’t call off the match. Edge getting banned from ringside is huge but I’m sure he will make it out to the ring eventually during the main event. RVD vs. HBK II sounded amazing and I am glad that RVD evened up the score. I’m sure that we will see RVD vs. HBK III at Vengeance, rit? I’m not sure if I see Haas joining Show and ‘Mags. It will be very interesting to see what happens when he faces Masters again. Beth vs. Victoria is a good match for next week but I just wonder what will happen if Beth wins, will she turn on Mickie? I figured Haas would beat Masters but I’m not sure how he feels about being helped by AAE, Heyman, Umaga and Show. Next week’s Raw card looks stacked and the fatal four way should be off the chain. Main event was what I expected and Orton doing the Texas Cloverleaf after just added insult to injury. The aftermath was huge with Angle being the last man standing, taking down everyone else and holding the WWE Title high. Great show Mac, 10/10 for sure. Next week’s should be even better and I can’t wait to see who wins the Fatal Four Way.


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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Well you lied about pink matches, there was me ready to adjust my eyes

Staggering start with RVD/Edge/HBK/Angle all in the ring and wanting some title action. I can see a possible clusterfuck title match soon, but for now HBK/RVD part 2 will be great and it'll be interesting to see what Coachman actually does with this big situation. Orton/Lita is still gonna be enigmatic, very unsure of what'll go down before Orton pulls out the win.

You do know what the Death Sentence is rit? Anyways, good to see AMW not jobbing out and being made into the most credible of credible champions, is great. SS suck ass anyways. Cade/Murdoch? Hmm. I can see the Rednecks possibly regaining those tag titles, but we'll have to wait and see on that one till this feud goes somewhere. AMW have been almost crash test dummies lately, they've been attacked for weeks on end. Redempion plz.

LMAO! Morrison. Eh. Morrison/Kenny, if that's where this'll head, does not interest me at all. Morrison to go over though, he's better overall than Kenny, who is crap.

Edge as a bad ass face = ratings. I love it. Poor Lita though, pity it's not Orton/Mickie. But then again, if it was, I guess somehow Mickie would win


PODIMU! . Lovely grammar. Angel Williams? Eh. Ain't she in TNA? Pretty solid work here on the JBL memories although you left out his bruising run as a Hardcore champ throughout mid 02. Carlito vs JBL next week should be stellar, but there's no way JBL drops his IC title, ever imo. Too good to job to Carlito.

TRISH WINS! YES! Trish for champ plz. Refreshment in the Women's division is needed. Gail Kim to be pushed too.

MVP got a problem with the ECW Originals ay? Time for Foley to fuck him up perhaps, after he's done with Umaga. Or maybe a Sabu programme would be watchable, simply because in a Hardcore match, they could pull something good off. Yuck, Brooke. Head like a half sucked mango tbh. Reigns is a poor bodyguard choice, but overall, it's a nice clique you've established MVP with.

Foley here next week? Great. Full promo plz.

Orton is a bastard ain't he? The match is gonna go ahead, which in turns means Edge will bring hell. Pretty good feud between these two, starting to pick up after the toning down it had after Mania, with the focus on the split of the RKO Army.

RVD beating Michaels is good. Screams for a rubber match though, at the next PPV? I think so. Would've been killer to see this on TV. I am liking both men's chances of a title feud after this angle is done and dusted.

Haas still not decided? Hmm. I hope this isn't dragged out forever. I actually can see where he might make his choice, but I won't reveal it here (MSN <3).

Victoria ftw plz. That is all. Time for a change.

Haas wins this week? I'm shocked. What next? Should be interesting to see where it goes from here for this angle.

Great RAW set up for next week, looks stellar.

Terrific action here at the end, everyone involved after Orton obviously proves far too good for Lita. Was nice that Lita got some offense in, and then afterwards run ins fron Edge, Mercury & Masters, RVD, Angle etc was awesome and leaves the WHC title picture wide open, with numerous possibilities. Good ending to what was a very good recap, should've been in full, pity it wasn't. <3.

Top stuff Mac. I mean, what a shocker. You're so overrated, you and your giant ego, ruining BTB and such...

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Mac, thanks for the Smackdown review. With that said, here is my review for the last Smackdown AND Raw shows in this thread.

Smackdown Review:

Cena's opening segment really set the tone for the show, as he was on point throughout the segment. I have a feeling though that he will beat Taker once he returns, and then face The Rock once more possibly at Summerslam. Batista and Flair were good in this segment as well, especially Flair. Flair was gold! Even Kennedy was great in this segment. However Stephanie really was good at closing the segment. Huge announcement from the GM of Smackdown.

Honestly, I have no idea who McPherson is, but despite the loss to Punk he seems that he might have some crediblity in the business. I like the build up for what looks to be a possible Punk/Kash feud. Also, props to see Cole back at the announcers table calling the action with Styles and Tazz. Matter of fact, that is a very original and good commentary trio with Cole, Styles, and Tazz.

BOOKER T IS BACK! While I'm a huge fan of the King Booker gimmick as King Booker has been champion (thread time) for the past ten months in my thread, I must say that Booker going back to his original Booker T character is huge to say the least. While "The New Breed" name is not original, it still works with the group of wrestlers in Booker's group. As someone else mentioned earlier, great way of continuing what looks to soon be taking place in this thread: The Carolina Connection(Great name for the group, btw) and Londrick.

The New Breed win a great match despite the help from the Book Man and Sharmell. As far as the Chavo/Rey promo, this was a great way of doing something different with a feud that has been done mostly the same way IRL and other BTBs. This segment made the segment even more personal. And while IMO, Daniels appearance in the segment kind of make the segment lose some of its importance, it was still neccessary for him to speak since the feud between Rey and himself is still going on in this thread. I see Rey using his rematch clause at Judgment Day.

Lashley/Henry was kind of filler but despite the DQ finish, it gets over Henry as a powerful heel. While the Naitch/Batista seemed very akward, it gets the point across to a T. I have a feeling that these two will be feuding within the next few months in this thread, and possibly over Flair's MITB briefcase.

Noble's promo was good and it seems that Noble will be getting back into the Cruiserweight title picture soon in this thread. Noble/Sabin at JD should be good, IMO, if given enough time. Hopefully Noble wins and possibly goes after the US Championship in this thread.

Regal/Holly seemed to be nothing more than a very stiff match between two stiff working veterans. Surprised to see Holly be jobbed like this, as it takes away some of Holly's credibilty. However at the same time it gives Regal even more credibility as a wrestler.

"THE WHITE over THE RIGHT!" Classic line from Teddy Long in this BTB, Mac! Heel Teddy Long>Face Teddy Long. I expect that Henry will continue to get a push in this thread, while Teddy continues to be golden on the mic! Great segment between Finlay and Henry.

Main Event was without a dobut the Match of the Night! Kennedy loses clean! I'm shocked Mac. What a way to continue the feud between Big Dave and the Champ, Kennedy. I won't be surprised if a huge match is announced between the two for Judgment Day, as a way to end the feud between the two.

Raw Review:

Huge way to open the show with the rematch announced between Van Dam and Michaels. Edge was on point as well but...KURT ANGLE IS BACK! It looks like with Austin done for now in this thread as an active wrestler, Angle looks to be turning a face in this thread. Decent match to start the show off, but it looks like the bigger point of the match/segment was RWC. The Redneck Wrecking Crew, Cade and Murdoch, look to be the team, IMO, to beat AMW and become the new World Tag Team Champions in this thread. While I think that Ken Doane is a decent wrestler, I'm still don't fully get the sudden push he has gotten in this thread. With that said, I'm not surprised at all that Johnny Nitro is becoming John Morrison in this thread. When I read Backlash and Nitro wasn't there, the first thing that I said to myself was Nitro will be returning to this thread as John Morrison. Looking forward to see how you book this character as Morrison>Nitro.

Promo of the Night with the JBL segment. This promo was really good, and IMO, should have been written in full as it was simply great. The ending was a nice touch and I'm looking forward to their match on next week's Raw.

Trish beats Gail Kim, but it looks like Trish is turning heel in this thread. Should be interesting to see Trish as a heel in BTB, as its something that is not done often in BTB. As usual MVP gives a great promo. While I have to admit with Reney about Reigns being MVP's bodyguard, IMO it gives Reigns something to do in this thread and helps build him as a more credible wrestler at the same time.

Coach being punked is priceless, however FOLEY WILL BE BACK ON RAW NEXT WEEK! Please have Mick cut a promo and the promo be written in full! Great way to put over Orton as a heel. Even though Edge clocked Orton with a right hand, Orton keeps the advantage in the feud knowing that he is starting to get to Edge.

Michaels/RVD match going nearly twenty minutes! That's PPV time right there! Excellent match as RVD even up the series of matches between both men. Looking forward to see how this feud between the two continues in this thread.

Hass finally seems to be getting some type of direction in this thread. Should be interesting to see if he sides with the AAE group. Victoria vs. Beth for next week's Raw should be off the charts. I have a feeling that Victoria vs. Mickie will take place with the title on the line at Vengenance, where Victoria finally beats Mickie and wins the Womens' Championship.

Hass wins his match and surprisingly looks credible in the process, despite the presence of the AAE group and Joey Mercury at ringside, respectively.

What a way to end the show man! As expected Orton retains the WWE Championship, and to add more heat to himself he locks in the Texas Cloverleaf, which brings out Edge as expected. Here comes Van Dam as well to help even the odds. Van Dam is then hit with Sweet Chin Music by Michaels, before Michaels is hit with the spear by Edge. The brawl between Edge and Orton was booked well here, but...KURT ANGLE IS BACK IN THE RING! Angle just decked the WWE Champion! I guess that that confirms that Angle is once again a face in this thread! What a segment! I won't be surprised if Angle was to become the next WWE Champion in this thread within the next few months (thread time).

Overall Comments: Once again both shows were well booked man. The Flair/Batista storyline continues to get better, while John Cena is becoming the biggest star in this BTB who is not a champion. Meanwhile on Raw, Angle appears to be once again a face in this thread, and the Orton/Edge feud continues to get better. The Michaels/RVD feud has gotten better as well. Looking forward to Smackdown and next week's Raw. Once again thanks for the feedback/review for the Smackdown show in my thread.
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's Raw Feedback

Sorry about the lateness. University imo

I'm loving the new banner by the way. It looks like it will feature all of you champions at some point Great opening to the show with Coach {<3} running down Foley until eveyone who's anyone comes down. Interesting that Edge was the only one who didn't demand a title shot. Nice guy. Lita still better die tonight. I think I marked most for RVD thowing his hat in the picture, as that guy hasn't been in the Main Event picture in this thread since ... well, ever I think. Angle making his return was rather awesome too though; I just hope that "The audience EXPLODES with a mixed reaction, actually leaning towards cheers" isn't hinting at a face turn for Kurt again. He's been SO fun to read since he turned heel back in January. I can see a #1 Contender's match on the horizon, but the RVD/HBK match tonight should be off the page. I can actually see you letting Van Dam win, as Michaels only tends to job on tv, and never on PPV

Damn, I think 'Gade was right when he compared AMW to crash test dummies. They have been getting their asses kicked these last few weeks. Spirit Squad just aren't as awesome without without Kenny, but I least you're appeasing me with Cade and Mudorch. This feud better not just consist of random attacks until Vengeance though. Proper build plz.

Well it looks as though Doane is very much in the face mould now. He's been acting tweenerish for ages and it works well for him, so I think that kind of role will suit him. The Shaman Of Sexy? You're not!! I had you pegged for a Morrison hater, Mac? Ha ha, that's good though, as I mark for The Guru of Greatness, just so long as he keeps off the mic. Melina all the way.

Lita is going down tonight. I'm wondering how far you are actually going to take this with Orton tonight. You've not really been pushing him as a nut, or even the sociopath that he is now {although he has RKOed Lita and Melina both recently}. I don't think it will be THAT violent.

Damn you, Mac, you could have just written this one segment out in full couldn't you? No. To hell with you then Anyway, it sounded quality, as everything involving JBL does. Angel Williams? I know who she is, but it seems like a rather random choice of manager to me. Jillian Hall or Michelle McCool imo. Bradshaw doesn't need a mouth piece. I love the tease of what was in the box when Carlito came out {Main Event push plz}, and then Carly just envoking his rematch clause. JBL will likely retain next week with some kind of screwy finish and end this feud. Who's next for him though? Doane? Haas?

OMG TRISH WINS~!!! Also ... oh my god ... Trish cheats? So we're seeing a slow heel turn from Stratus eh? I like it. It kind of leaves you you with only Victoria annd Gail Kim as faces in the Women's Division, but I guess it could work. Maybe Trish will join the Mickie/Beth alliance~!!! Good lord, I need a shower...

Ah ha, Porter is in the house. Nothing really much for MVP to do at the moment now he's done killing Eugene and Duggan. Judging from his comments, could we see a feud with some ECW Originals? Sabu is still on the roster and without a feud. Could be good. Just don't demote RVD.

Lol @ Coachman. Best Genereal Manager ever imo {unless they start giving AAE more tv time}. AHHHH, stop teasing when Foley is going to show up. I want to see him and 'Maga/Show beat the ever loving shit out of each other. He better come out as Cactus Jack next week.

Damn, this little segment from Orton and Edge just oozed of tension, even in a recap. I didn't think Edge would be written out of the title picture just like that, so it was awesome to hear Randy's sadistic answer. I can actually see it getting quite brutal tonight, now that Edge has pissed Orton off.

No Edge at ringside? Oh, Lita's going to get murdered.

Third match status for Van Dam and HBK just screamed that RVD would be going over. Imagine Michaels putting him over on a PPV? No I can't imagine it either. Quality, quality match though {20 minutes ftw}, and I marked hard for RVD picking up the win. This feud is quite awesome to be honest, due to the way it's been build as the battle of the showstoppers. Definately needs a Rubber Match. Vengeance? Both men could feud with Edge or Orton though.

Some more hype for this AAE/Heyman and Haas business. I'm really looking forward to see where this all goes, as I love Haas either way, and he needs to be going after the IC title. He's just so much better as a heel, and especially with his Indy gimmick, making people "tap the fuck out~!!!".

Oh god, I actually hope Beth wins next week. Not just because she's hot {shut up Reney}, but because I think a Triple Threat between those two and Mickie would be funny as hell.

HAAS WINS~!!! Awesome. I love the idea of the interference this week helping him to win. He should definately hookd up with the Monster stable imo.

Definately a huge card set for next week. I can see Foley getting into a mega brawl with Umaga and Show, Mickie screwing Victoria {not like that}, JBL beating 'Lito, and Orton somehow interfering in the Four-Way to set up a possible multi-man match at Vengeance? I'm not sure though.

Yeah I didn't really think it would be that violent. An RKO is enough. I like Orton's attitude, as he toys with Lita and puts her in the TX Cloverleaf. The ending almost mirrored the opening to the show, with Edge getting beat down by Orton's cronies, RVD taking them out, Michaels taking Van Dam out, Edge taking HBK out, and Angle taking Edge out. I marked for the Orton/Angle handshake at the end, because I thought you would be keeping Kurt heel. I can see a face turn coming though. Plz no It'll be awesome if you do a Five-Man match at Vengeance or something though.

Overall another solid show, Mac. Great feud advancement with the WWE title pictue, and Van Dam FINALLY beating HBK was great {even though it should have happened at Backlash Next week's card is stacked, and should be a hell of a show
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Thumbs up Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

at wrestlemania

Best show on the whole BTB section of the site

that is all
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Macker, I'll be putting together some sort of comments on your recent shows tonight. Sorry its taken so long. Real life, other BTBS and my own BTB, imo. But you know I'm always thorough once I get around to commenting, so expect no less.

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Originally Posted by Renegade™ View Post
You do know what the Death Sentence is rit?
Yes. You've read this thread long enough to know that, so why do you ask? Am I missing something?

PODIMU! . Lovely grammar.

Angel Williams? Eh. Ain't she in TNA?
Originally Posted by DDMac at the end of the Raw post~!
~ Angel Williams is another in-ring name for Angelina Love of TNA fame. As of May 2007 (the time of this show), she was on WWE's OVW roster.
Learn to read, asshole~!

Pretty solid work here on the JBL memories although you left out his bruising run as a Hardcore champ throughout mid 02.
Hardcore Championship isn't a part of the 'Grand Slam'.

Originally Posted by kid o mac View Post
Honestly, I have no idea who McPherson is
Jobber I made up. :O

The Carolina Connection(Great name for the group, btw).
Alcoholic's idea.

Originally Posted by Legend View Post
The Shaman Of Sexy? You're not!! I had you pegged for a Morrison hater, Mac?
I won't say I hate Morrison, as much as I find his ability to talk embarrassing. But as you alluded to, with Melina that shouldn't be a problem.

Originally Posted by eyebrow2007 View Post
at wrestlemania

Best show on the whole BTB section of the site

that is all

Originally Posted by NatureBoy™ View Post
Macker, I'll be putting together some sort of comments on your recent shows tonight. Sorry its taken so long. Real life, other BTBS and my own BTB, imo. But you know I'm always thorough once I get around to commenting, so expect no less.
No problemo. Take your time.

Much thanks for all of the feedback. SD soon enough.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

^ You often refer to the Death Sentence during recaps as something that doesn't involve Harris going to the top rope, and can confuse at times. That is all. Hardcore Title is still worth mentioning, like it or not tbh.


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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Reney, if I did not know you so well, I would have thought you were an Attitude Era mark.

Mac, I admit, I lied. I have not got the review up, so blame my procastination and my Novel for that. Will try to get it up before Smackdown, no promises though, friend.
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

I'm pretty much in the same boat as DC. I've been very lazy as of late with reviews. I'm gonna try and get it up before Monday.

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