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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Monday Night Raw; May 7th, 2007

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the program and give us a quick preview of what to expect here tonight; JBL’s Golden Grand Slam Celebration; Trish vs. Gail one more time; And Randy Orton defending his WWE Championship … against Lita.

The crowd lets out some big-time heat as Raw GM Jonathan Coachman makes his way to the ring, microphone in hand. Coach doesn’t waste time, and instead gets right to his subject, Mick Foley. Coach says that there has been no sign of Foley here tonight, but make no mistake about it, the offer for Foley to show up to Monday Night Raw tonight, or any following Raw is still on the table.
Before Coach can continue on, EDGE comes down to the ring to a strong pop, looking incredibly upset … and even apprehensive about the Lita’s title match later tonight. Coach backs up, but soon backs into the turnbuckle. Edge gets right up to his face and lets Coachman know that the match between Lita and Orton can’t possibly happen. Coach, almost … whining, lets Edge know that there’s nothing he can do about it, since Orton won the right at Backlash to face whoever he wants. Frustrated, The Rated R Superstar lets Coachman know that if anything happens to Lita, it won’t just be on Orton, but on Coach as well. Coachman attempts to appease Edge, asking if a title shot would possibly make up for it …
And with that, ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ SHAWN MICHAELS walks down the entrance ramp and enters the ring, already with mic. HBK says that with his win at Backlash and Edge’s loss at the same event, Michaels should be the #1 contender. Edge then reminds HBK that it was Edge who pinned Michaels at WM23. Edge and Michaels come face to face …
But ROB VAN DAM (w/Fonzie) steps out from the back and walks towards the ring. With the ring filling up and Edge’s attention diverted, Coach smartly rolls out of the ring. RVD grabs a mic from ringside, and says that HBK shouldn’t get a damn thing … until he gives him a rematch with Michaels. The crowd erupts for that sentiment, but Michaels states that Van Dam can get a rematch once HBK is the WWE Champion, because that’s his only focus at the moment.
***MEDAL*** The audience EXPLODES with a mixed reaction, actually leaning towards cheers as ‘The Wrestling Machine’ KURT ANGLE steps out onto the stage carrying a mic, and limping ever so slightly. Angle attempts to speak, but he’s actually cut off by an ‘Angle’ chant with many fans glad to see Kurt after the incredible war he had with Austin eight days ago. Angle states that he’s had a crap week, but with Austin done with (one way or another), his goal is once more the WWE Championship. And if Angle recalls correctly, he’s made ALL THREE of the stars out here tap out at one point or another. And if you want to talk about WrestleMania 23, unlike the three stars in the ring, he actually WON his match at WM23. Michaels smirks, and says that while that may be true, HBK was victorious the last time he wrestled, while Angle … quit. Kurt steams with anger before Coach tells them all to calm down.
Coachman states that he’ll come up with a solution to the WWE Title situation, but as for tonight, he knows that two things will definitely happen. First, the WWE Title Match between Orton and Lita WILL HAPPEN as planned. Edge looks ready to explode from that announcement … but it’s out of his hands. Secondly, tonight, we will see Shawn Michaels go one on one … with RVD! The crowd erupts while Van Dam lets out a smile, and HBK goes crazy, throwing a bitch fit as we fade out.


In the first match of the night, the World Tag Team Champions America’s Most Wanted, still recovering from injury, take on Spirit Squad members, Johnny & Nicky. Despite having the numbers advantage (Mitch & Mikey at ringside), the Spirit Squad get smoked, with AMW hitting the Death Sentence on Nicky for a pin at 5:21.
AMW doesn’t get a chance to celebrate, as The Redneck Wrecking Crew sprint down the entrance ramp and slide into the ring. Cade and Murdoch jump all over Harris, taking the bigger AMW member with an array of boots and clubbing forearms. Storm intervenes and grabs a hold of Cade shooting him off the ropes. Cade comes back and avoids a clothesline, hitting the ropes once more, as Murdoch gets behind Storm. The RWC then hit the Sweet and Sour on Storm, taking him down! Cade & Murdoch smile, proud of the message they’ve sent to the tag champions.

Backstage, Todd Grisham stands by with the 20 year old phenom, Ken Doane. Grisham asks Doane about Backlash, and the fact that Johnny Nitro didn’t show up. Doane states that while he never liked Nitro, he at least pegged him as someone he could stand beside to fight a common enemy, but apparently, that wasn’t the case. Doane plans to continue … but he’s cut off as a video plays on the monitor behind him. The video shows several of Nitro’s spectacular offensive maneuvers, before flashing ‘The Shaman of Sexy - Coming to Raw’. Both Doane and Grisham look on skeptically as we cut away.

Ross and Lawler hype up JBL’s speech as the ring is being decorated.


Backstage, Lita listens on nervously as Edge is on his cell phone. The Rated R Superstar slams his phone shut in frustration, clearly not getting the desired results. Lita asks if Mr. McMahon could do anything about the match, and Edge simply shakes his head, causing Lita to plop down in her chair, holding her head in her hands. The Rated R Superstar says there’s only one way to fix this, and he’s gonna go handle it…

Several unknown people in expensive-looking suits and dresses stand around the ring, while a blond-haired (attractive) woman, in reading glasses and a black suit stands at a podimu in the middle of the ring. Next to the podium, two pictures of JBL; one, a shot of him holding the Intercontinental Championship eight days ago at Backlash, while the other shows JBL saluting an American flag. The woman at the podium introduces herself as JBL’s new manager/valet, Ms. Angel Williams, and welcomes us to JBL’s first annual ‘Golden Grand Slam Celebration in Support of America’s Wrestling God and Intercontinental Champion’.
Angel soon brings out JBL to ungodly heat as a tremendous amount of pyro goes off, while red, white, blue and gold balloons fall from the ceiling. The bull-horned white limousine pulls up into the arena, and out steps the Intercontinental Champion JBL, title on his shoulder in a grey suit. Bradshaw Texas Two-Steps his way to the ring. JBL shakes hands with his manager as even more pyro goes off. Layfield takes the mic, and attempts to look as humble as possible while the suited contingent around ringside applauds him wildly.
‘JBL Sucks’ chants ring out around the arena, as Layfield takes us on a trip down memory lane, highlighting his tag team title reigns as a member of the APA, his European Title victory, and his ten month long WWE Title reign, before capping it off with his Intercontinental Title win eight days ago. JBL then states that now not only does he stand before all of his loyal fans as the IC Champion … and a Wrestling God … and an American Hero … but as one of the only Grand Slam Champions in World Wrestling Entertainment history. Layfield goes on to say that he didn’t do it for the prestige, he didn’t do it for the recognition, but he did it, because its what each and every one of the WWE fans wanted, its what the fans needed. The crowd continues to pour on the heat, as Layfield states that the fans needed an IC Champion with class and dignity, not one that spits in his opponent’s faces, after a lucky victory.
Layfield continues to rag on Carlito for a bit … until finally Carlito walks out onto the stage to a strong face pop, dressed in his usual Caribbean top … but with black pants, on and a power tie - looking rather comical. Carly not only has a microphone in his left hand, but he carries a wrapped package in his right hand. ‘Lito brings the mic up and tells JBL that he’s ready to party and celebrate, which gets a bit of a growl from Layfield, before he asks Carlito what he wants. Carlito came to pay his respects to The Wrestling God. Carly said he respects Layfield … even though he won his title by hitting and pinning a woman. JBL snaps, yelling at Carlito that he was perfectly within the rules, but Carly reassures him, he has nothing but respect for JBL...
Carlito then begins to walk towards the ring, but JBL quickly tells the people around ringside to block off the entrance to the ring. Carly acts shocked, and says that he only wants to give JBL his gift. Layfield doesn’t buy it, and instead sends Angel up the ramp to retrieve it. Carlito hands her the gift and she brings it back into the ring, handing it to Bradshaw. Layfield looks at Carlito, who has a wide smile on his face, and then JBL hands it back to Williams, telling her to open it. Angel unwraps it, pulls out the box and then opens it slowly to find … *drum roll* … a piece of paper. Layfield asks what the hell it says, and Angel shakes her head, before reporting that Carlito has invoked his rematch clause for the Intercontinental Championship … for next week here on Raw! The crowd lets out a tremendous pop as Layfield snatches the paper and reads it for himself. Carly says ‘das cool’ as we fade out, with Ross going crazy, giving us the hard sell for next week’s title match.


Our second match of the night, sees a very important rematch (or rematch to the rematch) take place between Trish Stratus and Gail Kim. After last week’s refusal to shake hands with Kim, Trish shakes her hand this week, and Ross says it was Stratus’ competitive juices which got the best of her. Trish and Gail have a much more intense match than they’ve had the past couple of weeks, really putting it all on the line tonight. The finish comes when Stratus avoids a Kim clothesline, and rolls her up into a school boy - and PUTS HER FEET ON THE ROPES for the three count at 7:00.
The crowd boos the Canadian diva as the referee raises her hand. Trish beams, finally getting back on the right track, but showing no remorse about the way she went about it.

Backstage, Maria stands by with Montel Vontavious Porter - MVP, who’s joined by his Playgirls and Luther Reigns. Maria simply asks what’s next on MVP’s agenda here in the WWE, and Porter responds by stating that his next goal is to get some respect around this place, and usher in a new era. He says that everybody’s buzzing about the washed-up stuntman known as Mick Foley, when they should be talking about the man who’s now 2 and 0 in the WWE - MVP. Porter then says that if people want to continue to talk about trash like Mick Foley which begot more trash like Rob Van Dam and Sabu, then they can go right ahead, but if they’re smart, they’ll jump on the MVP bandwagon before there’s no more room. MVP finishes with ‘Ballin’!!’ before walking off.


Inside of his office, Jonathan Coachman shuffles the papers on his desks, when someone LOUDLY begins banging on his door. Coach quickly ducks down and hides under his desk, yelling out “Edge, there’s nothing I can do about the match!” The knocker identifies himself as a backstage worker, and Coach pops back up to his feet, and adjusts his tie and suit jacket. Coachman calls him in, and asks what news he has for him, the worker responds by saying he’s just gotten word that Mick Foley will be here next week on Raw! The crowd roars in the background, as Coachman nods his head, and tells the worker to inform Estrada and Heyman.

Backstage, Edge walks down a hallway. He stops at the door with a sign that reads ‘Randy Orton’ and walks in. Mercury and Masters immediately leap off of the couch, ready to fight, as Orton slowly gets up as well. Edge tells everyone to relax, he didn’t come here to fight … but to talk.
Orton arrogantly asks what Edge wants to talk about, and The Rated R Superstar gets right to the point, telling Orton to call the match off. Randy strokes his chin, and asks what’s in it for him. Frustrated, Edge asks him what he wants and Orton responds frankly … for Edge to let bygones be bygones, for Edge to stop chasing the WWE Title, and then, he’ll call off the match. Conflicted, Edge takes a second to take it all in, as Orton watches intently. Edge sighs, finally coming to a conclusion, and just when he looks to be ready to agree to Orton’s terms, Randy says it’s of no point, he wouldn’t have called the match off anyway.
With Edge fuming, Orton says that he wants to make Lita scream in that ring tonight, he wants to make her suffer, and he wants Edge to have to sit back and watch it all, knowing that it’s his fault that it’s all happening. Edge has finally heard enough, and pops Orton right in the mouth with a right hand, knocking him down! Edge gets on top of Orton and the two stars swing away on each other, with Masters and Mercury attempting to pull Edge off. Due to the loudness of the commotion, several referees enter the locker room and struggle to manage to pull Edge out of the room, yelling like a madman. Orton gets back up to his feet … and smiles, knowing he’s clearly under Edge’s skin.


Back from the break, we’re notified that due to Edge’s actions before the break, he’s been banned from the ringside area during the Orton-Lita match.

Up next, our third match of the night, our semi-main event, which sees ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels take on Rob Van Dam. Just like at Backlash, Van Dam and Michaels tear it up, putting on one hell of a match up. At the fifteen minute mark, Michaels manages to avoid the Five Star Frog Splash, and goes into his moves of doom~! sequence. HBK takes RVD down with a couple of clotheslines, then hits an inverted atomic drops, before taking him down with another clothesline. HBK then waits for Van Dam to get up, and once he does, Michaels takes him down with his flying forearm. Michaels kips backs up to his feet, and scoops RVD up, before hitting a body slam. Michaels then climbs the turnbuckle, and looks at the crowd with a smirk, before leaping off, looking for the flying elbow drop … but he misses!! Van Dam rolls out of the way, causing Michaels to crash and burn. Eventually, both superstars make it back up to their feet, but Michaels strikes first, hitting RVD with a thumb to the eye. Michaels then backs Van Dam up and lifts him onto the turnbuckle. HBK then climbs up, and looks to be setting up for a superplex … but before he does, he delivers a crotch chop to Van Dam … only to be kicked in the head! Michaels wobbles and RVD pops him with another, causing HBK to fall off of the turnbuckle, to the canvas! Van Dam then climbs up onto the top rope, and leaps off, hitting the FIVE STAR!! Michaels convulses in pain, but attempts to roll away. Van Dam shakes off the pain, and grabs Michaels, brings him back to the center of the ring and hooks both legs … for the three count, beating Shawn Michaels @ 19:34!!
Van Dam evens up the score with Michaels at one a piece. RVD and Michaels both lay out in the middle of the ring, as Ross and Lawler wonder where the WWE Title situation stands now.


Backstage, Paul Heyman and Armando Estrada talk about their plans for Mick Foley next week, stating that if he shows up, “the gloves come off”. But before they can go any further, Charlie Haas storms up to Estrada and grabs him by his lapels with force! Heyman asks if Estrada wants him to get Umaga, but AAE tells him everything is alright. Haas wants to know why Estrada distracted him in his match with Chris Masters last week, and AAE responds by stating he wanted to show him what it was like to be on the wrong end of the numbers disadvantage. Heyman chimes in, stating that he can easily be on the positive end of that advantage with monsters like Umaga and The Big Show watching his back. Haas slowly starts to let go of Estrada, before AAE tells him that he got Haas a rematch with Masters this week - up next in fact. Haas looks a bit skeptical, but eventually walks off, as Heyman and Estrada watch on.

Elsewhere, Todd Grisham stands by with Victoria, who didn’t appear last week due to the Clothesline From Hell she received at Backlash. Grisham asks what her feelings are on facing Beth Phoenix next week, and if she wins, she gets another shot at Mickie James and the Women’s Championship. Vickie cuts a quick promo, stating that her neck will be fine by next week, and that’s when she’ll take Beth Phoenix out, before FINALLY doing what she would’ve done at WM23, end Mickie James’ title reign.

In our fourth match, Charlie Haas takes on ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters (with Joey Mercury). The two put on a solid match, and the finish comes when Mercury attempts to aid Masters, but stops when he sees The Big Show, Umaga, Paul Heyman and Armando Estrada walking down the entrance ramp. Masters, distracted by the oncoming wrestlers, gets drilled by a Haas’ German Suplex w/bridge for the three count at 7:11.
Then as quickly as they came, AAE, Heyman and company head back up the ramp, with Estrada pointing to his head, telling him to think about what just happened - last week Haas lost due to interference, this week, he won. Oh~!


Back from the break, Ross informs us of the mega card we have in store for next week - one of the biggest Raws in recent memory.
Jim Ross: ‘The Hardcore Icon’ Mick Foley has guaranteed to be here, JBL will defend the Intercontinental Championship against Carlito, Victoria will face Beth Phoenix and if Victoria wins, she gets another shot at Mickie James, our Women’s Champion. And boy, oh boy, what a main event we have for you next week! A Fatal Four Way Match with, what one has to believe, WWE Championship implications - ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels versus ‘Mr. Monday Night’ Rob Van Dam versus ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle versus ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge!! What a main event that’s gonna be right here next week on Monday Night Raw! You’ve gotta believe that the winner of that match might see Randy Orton down the line for the WWE Championship!

Jerry Lawler: Wait a minute, J.R. You’re jumping the gun a bit, don’t ya think? What makes you think Orton will still be the WWE Champion? Lita could be our WWE Champion by then!! Ha-ha!

As Lawler alluded to so eloquently, our main event is up next, which sees Randy Orton (w/RKO Army) defend his WWE Championship against Lita. As expected, The Legend Killer simply toys with Lita, wrestling her to the ground on several occasions and simply holding her there, since she doesn’t have to the strength to put up an actual fight. After a couple of minutes of being playing with Lita, Orton lets her get back up to her feet with a smile.
Lita rears back and SLAPS Orton right across the face to a monster pop. Randy simply lets out another smirk, before holding his arms out, asking what can she really do. Lita charges ahead, ducks under the legs of Orton, hits the ropes and then takes Orton down with a head scissors to another humongous ovation! The blow didn’t hurt Orton - just his ego, and he stares at a half-smiling Lita, embarrassed, shocked, but more importantly, really pissed.
Lita charges ahead and slides under the legs of Orton again! She hits the ropes and goes for another head scissors take down again, but Orton maintains his balance, and slams Lita down to the canvas stomach-first! The crowd groans as Orton drops down to his stomach, and waits on Lita. The red-headed diva staggers up to her feet and Orton drops her with an RKO!, before forcefully putting a foot on her stomach for the three count @ 4:56.

After the match, the referee hands Orton his belt … but Orton is still upset. He drops the title and then Orton grabs a hold of Lita’s legs, turns her over locks in the TEXAS CLOVERLEAF!! Lita screams out in pain as Orton wrenches in on the hold …

***Metalingus*** EDGE comes sprinting down the ramp at record speed, sliding in! He grabs a hold of Orton and slams him down to the ground, before he mounts him, punishing The Legend Killer with hard shots to the face! The ref leaves the ring and pulls Lita to the outside, and out of harm’s way, as Edge continues to assault TLK. Masters and Mercury slide into the ring, and each grab an arm of Edge, and yank him off of Orton. The two Army members hold Edge still, as Orton gets up to his feet, holding his jaw in pain. The champion soon shakes it off, and begins to lay into a helpless Edge with hard right hands, as he’s showered in heat from the fans.

That soon turns into a thunderous pop, as ROB VAN DAM sprints down the entrance ramp, and slides into the ring. RVD spins Orton around, and takes him down with a spin kick to the head! Masters and Van Dam pair off, as Edge spins and drills Mercury with a right hand. Finally, both Edge and RVD clear the ring of both Masters and Mercury, leaving only them, and a downed Orton in the ring. The crowd begins to come alive, as Van Dam turns around … SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!
SHAWN MICHAELS takes down RVD, and then looks to do the same to Edge, throwing another super kick, but Edge ducks it, kicks Michaels in the gut, and then plants him with the EDGECUTION! Edge stares down at the fallen Michaels, before turning around, right into a right hand from Orton! Edge retaliates with a right of his own, and the two begin to exchange rights in the center of the ring!

The crowd explodes once more as KURT ANGLE comes running down the entrance ramp, and rolls in! Angle takes a quick look at the brawling stars … before he wraps his arms around Edge’s waist and plants him with a German suplex!! Orton lets out a smirk, and the crowd boos Angle, as he stares down at Edge. Angle turns around and Orton offers his hand, looking for a handshake. Angle smiles as well, and shakes Orton’s hand to more heat … but ORTON THROWS A RIGHT HAND -- BUT ANGLE DUCKS -- ANGLE SLAM!!
The crowd roars as The Wrestling Machine has laid out the WWE Champion!! Angle reaches down and grabs the WWE Title, raising it up into the air with intensity, as the camera gets a wide shot of the ring, with Orton, Edge, Michaels, Van Dam, Masters, Mercury, and Lita all in pain around the Olympian, standing tall.



Current Card for WWE Vengeance:
Date: June 24th, 2007
Location: Toyota Center; Houston, Texas
Event Music: Fuel; Gone

***No Matches Yet Announced***


~ Banner credit: JBLoser
~ Gif credit: will94
~ Angel Williams is another in-ring name for Angelina Love of TNA fame. As of May 2007 (the time of this show), she was on WWE's OVW roster.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Posting shows way too fast for me!

KOP's review will definitely be up tonight, and maybe yours too. Gonna have to read through all three shows, and give an overall review, commenting on the most important aspects of the thread. At least two of the shows are recaps. Thanks for the comments in the thread, and good day.

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

I concur with Naitch.

I'll get a double review up for SD and RAW by the end of tomorrow night.

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Lol at JBLoser. You posted 2 shows in 2 days, imo!

Mac, you have the pleasure of recieving a review from me. I just read the show and now I need to fit you into my diary (my diary > Naitch's recapped diary, imo). Expect the review mid-week.
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Originally Posted by Emperor DC View Post
Lol at JBLoser. You posted 2 shows in 2 days, imo!

Mac, you have the pleasure of recieving a review from me. I just read the show and now I need to fit you into my diary (my diary > Naitch's recapped diary, imo). Expect the review mid-week.
Not quite sure I know what the hell that means, tbh. Are you planning to deliver to us some sort of non-recapped diary? If so, that'll suck methinks. So, I respond by simply saying: But don't worry, I still love you DC.


No, I didn't just spam in Mac's thread. You're mistaken.

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Thumbs up all around.

Sorry about the rapidity of shows. I get really bored in my three hour History of Art class.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Originally Posted by DDMac View Post
Thumbs up all around.

Sorry about the rapidity of shows. I get really bored in my three hour History of Art class.
That totally explains it all, for real. I have a History of Art class this semester too, and it's boring as fuck. If I had a lap top, I'd be writing all the time in there.

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

DH6's Raw Feedback

~Like the new banner. Mickie's on it, so that means it's good.

Glad Edge came out to defend Lita, because that's quite realistic, imo. A really good booking decision you made last week with Orton choosing Lita as the number one contender. All of the number one guys on the roster came out, except Orton, which disappointed me. I could certainly picture the promo, and having Angle coming out last was probably the best choice, imo. Didn't really like how Angle and Edge were out there, but they didn't even get booked in a match. Have a feeling Rob Van Dam will beat Michaels tonight in the rematch.

It seems as if AMW are taking a lot of attacks lately. Having teams attack them is a good way to make them reasonable contenders, but I'm sure AMW can only take so much damage. Would be surprised if AMW actually retained their titles in a future match against Cade/Murdoch, but if they did, they would look extremely strong.

I'm actually liking the push you're giving Doane. He has a long future ahead of him in the business, and a strong push is a good way to kick off his career. The Shaman of Sexy coming to Raw? Makes me wonder if you're renaming Nitro as John Morrison. I hope not, because I like him better as Johnny Nitro.

Good that Edge is trying desperately to get Lita out of the match, and her being worried puts her over more as a face. Maybe Edge will interfere and save Lita from Orton. I don't think Lita will actually get injured by Orton, and if she does, it will make the feud between Orton/Edge more personal, which might be better.

Angel Williams as JBL's new manager might be a good choice. It seems as if JBL works good with a diva at his side, even if the diva doesn't do much talking. Realistic for JBL to have one of his victory celebrations. I could picture what JBL was saying, even though it was in recap. Carlito coming out was obvious, but of course the wisest booking choice to go with. Carlito cashing in his rematch clause next week should be good, but I expect JBL to hang onto the championship.

It seems as if there might be a possible heel turn for Trish here, if she's not already heel. I wonder what's going to happen with Trish/Gail since none of them are revolving around the Women's Title at this point. The rollup with stacked feet really puts Trish over as a heel even more, so if you want her to be heel, then you're going down the right track.

Glad you have MVP as a heel. It seems as if he has too many people by his side for just starting out. He had great character for this interview, and it will be interesting to see what's next for him.

Great news that Mick Foley will be on Raw next week. That would get a great pop from the fans, and it's just good to know that. Nice short segment here to let us know this piece of information.

This segment has been my favourite of the night for some reason. It was just well-written for recap form, and Orton taunting Edge like that about hurting Lita later on was great. It really hyped up the punch, which was a good decision. Realistic that the referees broke them up, and it should be interesting now to see what happens since Edge is banned from ringside.

I was looking forward to this match the most, for sure. It turned out to be MOTN, even though I haven't even finished reading the show. Excellent moves throughout the match, and RVD winning really sets up a future rubber match between the two. I was sort of hoping that a roll up or something similar would get the victory, but I guess that would be disappointing after about twenty minutes of action.

Didn't really like this segment, tbh. You wrote it well and all that, but I just didn't like it. I guess you needed it to set up the match with Masters and Haas later on. You didn't do anything bad for this segment, it's just that I personally didn't like it for some strange reason.

Victoria versus Beth should be a good match. Don't want to see Mickie's title reign end, so I'm sort of hoping Victoria doesn't win. However, it would be a good booking decision if Victoria does win, and then wins the title from Mickie at Vengeance or something.

I didn't really get what's going on here. AAE and company continue to distract, but their not really picking any side, which is bothering me. It's becoming pointless, because they need to pick a side, and stay there.

~Fatal Four Way should be epic. Might be some kind of involvement between the four later tonight.

I actually like how Lita is being built how she was many years ago; the diva who could hit some moves on guys. It wasn't realistic, but it still worked to put her over with the crowd. The RKO was the perfect finish to the match, imo. And then all of the fatal four way guys came out, which was also perfect. Angle getting the better of every one was the best possible booking decision, because it gets him back on track after quitting at Backlash.

Overall, well, do I really need to say? You're shows are always phenominal, because you're the best booker this forum's got to offer right now. Keep it up.
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Jamie1 presents DDMAC with a Raw Is War Review

DDMAC, I am dropping in here with an unexpected review, I am making it a thing for me to do before I post my own BTB that I will review all the best Bookers and you are the top one so here we go

As you will already know this is my first time reviewing your show so forgive me if I am not to up-to-date with the current storylines and feuds you are building and also Heel, Faces so on

Nice start from JR and The King, I like to see this as it gives a hint of realism and tells us what to expect for the night ahead, it also takes away the fact that sometimes you would need to bring out the GM to announce all these matches which is pretty stupid. So this even though such a small thing was nice

The opening promo even though in recap form was a great read, I liked the coach quickly sneaking to the outside of the ring as the ring got a little full and the fact that Edge had him against the turnbuckle telling him if Lita gets hurt he will be facing Edge as well, it looks like you are turning Kurt Angle into face, well I think so as the crowd were cheering him, anyway a lot of men wanting the championship and a lot of these men are capable of holding the title, RVD and Shawn Michaels one on one later tonight, what a match to give away on Raw Is War, a free match between these two is great, I think some people would pick up on this and say that shouldn’t happen but it is Raw and it should. So overall even though in recap a very entertaining opening promo

AMW against The Spirit Squad seems like a match that would be good, Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade coming out obviously staking a claim that they should get a chance at the titles what I suppose they will, also attacking AMW is the best way to go about it!

Ken Doane…… eh to be honest I really don’t know who this guy is, shot in the dark, Kenny Dykstra, I am only saying that as I am sure I seen this name in another BTB and this was the character name used, it looks like you have got this guy, Ken Doane or Dykstra if that is his name as quite a cocky guy, Johnny Nitro not turning up for him I suppose will start a feud for these two men

Oh…. The Rated ‘ R ’ superstar is going to go handle it, this is a great way to keep readers intrigued about the main-event and you have certainly does this to me, I am getting hyped up for the main-event now J LOL

The JBL promo was awesome and that is the only words to describe it, sometimes I think it is easier to write a promo in recap but if you could have written a promo like that in full then, it would be amazing, JBL was in character the whole way and really let his cockiness shine through, loved the way the best heel in wrestling at the minute slowly started to slate of Carlito and the way he said the IC title needed someone with dignity so on, great to read. The last passage of the promo was really good and a great way to make the rematch, how you thought of that I do not know but great!

Trish Stratus looks like she will be turning heel but somehow I don’t think this would matter, fans just look at her and cheer, remember T & A, she was a right bit** but we all still loved her, so you can try turn her heel. Good luck!

MVP promo was a nice little filler, gets a few slating’s in to the old times which was good and typical MVP

OK their seems to be a little to much promos even though they are good ones, The Coach was a nice little filler and I am now looking forward to Foley on Raw next week, maybe him and MVP, Mick must have something to say, anyway Edge and Orton was another great read despite recap, Edge hitting Orton was to no surprise and also builds on the feud

Edge banned from ringside, Lita I fear for you

RVD v Shawn Michaels, a match I would love to see IRL but I don’t think it will ever happen, anyway Shawn Michaels picking up the win was good and evens out the score, like JR said what is going to happen to the title situation, I suppose we will need to wait and see

Two more promos which did seem like fillers, I suppose good ways to get Charlie Haas and Chris Masters match noted

OH MY GOD! What a match announced for next weeks raw, another reason why you must tune into see it, the storylines are getting better and better DDMAC

Randy Orton getting the job done quick was good and realistic, Lita going to him right from the start was also a way I could see it starting as Lita is the best wrestling diva around especially at this time, anyway after the match was also good and the Olympic gold medallist stands taller than anyone else, I was surprised about this but I like Angle and it makes him seem strong

Overall: for my first read the show was good, obviously not your best but still really good for recap, the only downfall was the amount of promos and the small amount of matches!


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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

good show mac, but just a question. Is angle a face now or a tweener?

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