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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Raw Review:

Good opening match to start the show. Not surprised that Heyman caused for the match to end via DQ, as the attack to AMW following the match, was a great way to continue the Show/Umaga feud with Foley, and give Show/Umaga, some more heel heat. As far as the Doane/Edge segment, not much to say about it, other than the slow push for Doane in this thread, has been booked well.

Mickie's promo was nothing more to get more heat for herself, while the Heyman's group/Hass segment was done well. I hope that Hass joins Heyman's group before this storyline ends with the two sides. Jindrak is back in this thread, but gets basically squashed by Carlito. Kind of bad booking, IMO. I understand that you're pushing Carlito, but Jindrak comes off even worse, by being basically squashed in his first match back. I know you mentioned that all of the Smackdown shows leading into JD will be in full, but, IMO, JBL's promo for next week has to be in full. With that said though, I still expect the promo to be a great one, next week from the NEW champ, whether it's in recap or not.

Hass/Masters' match going for nearly eight minutes? Maybe because I'm not a fan of Masters, but I think the match should have ended a good two to three minutes earlier. As far as Masters getting the win, it kind of makes sense, since it seems as if Masters is getting a push in this thread. Foley is back on Raw! That's whats up! As far as the Diva's match goes, surprised to see Gail pick up the win for the second week in a row. From the aftermath of the match, it looks like Trish might be turning heel soon! Heel Trish>Face Trish, IMO.

I'm assuming that Michaels is still a heel or a tweener in this thread, because that was very uncharacterstic of the present day HBK. From the AMW/RWC segment, it seems that the feud between the two teams aren't over yet in this thread. MVP finally makes his debut in this thread, and of course gets the win! I wonder who you plan to have MVP feud with next, since I'm assuming his feud with Eugene is over in this thread. The final segment of the show, was well booked! With the way Orton's character is in this thread, it's no surprise that he announced that he'll be defending his championship against Lita next week. Obviously, IMO, that match will end in a no contest/and/or DQ, and continues the feud between Edge and Orton, for a final match in the feud between the two at Vengeance, where, IMO, Edge finally becomes the NEW WWE Champion! Great show, even though it was in recap form. Looking forward to Smackdown!
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

This review is going entirely too long for a recapped show, and I’ve got to be off to bed, so here’s half for now, Mac.

WWE Backlash 2007 Review – Part 1

Glad to see you’ll be going back to individual brand PPVs tbh. Too much going on for all PPVS to be joint. Over time, some things end up coming off less important, when they shouldn’t. But when each brand gets their own PPV, everything gets proper recognition on the show. Furthermore, it makes the joint pay per views more “special” when they are spread apart.

Austin is the centerpiece of the opening video, and will be the centerpiece of the night, which is a highly solid idea, and a good way to send him out.

Great writing on the opening match. You notice that while it was shortened, the writing wasn’t altogether summary’ish? Hard to put my finger on what I mean. Anyway, I don’t have prior knowledge of why King Booker and his goons (you damn thief) are out there, but from my standpoint, it appears they may be interested in tag gold, or they may have a problem with the CC. So they either extend a feud, or try and pick their opponents here, by helping the champs retain. Storyline progression here for the most part, which is totally fine. Triple threat match? Hope to see another Londrick vs. CC match though, as the match is too good to never get its due without shenanigans.

Unlike most, I don’t read “spoilers” if you will. But based on you giving a Rey-Chavo interaction here, I am concerned Chavo may turn on Rey. But then, he wouldn’t be reinstated per the terms right? Anyway, I’ll go with my original thought that Rey wins and Chavo turns after the fact.

Classic Stone Cold, and good idea, as I see the buildup going all night to his last match, which I did notice was the final on the card. JBL is the next Intercontinental Champ, tbh.

Again, nice description, and decent action throughout. Into the post goes Carly, and JBL MURDERS VICKIE!! I LOVED the finish! Blind tag, and JBL wins the IC strap! Carlito = still strong, and JBL as IC Champ = GOLD! Mickie > All, so glad to see the reign of dominance continue. Obviously you are building Phoenix up to take the strap off Mickie, which is fine if done right. And despite keeping him strong, JBL really needs to beat Carlito in a rematch, to solidify his IC reign. Because I mean, he lost at Mania, and beat Vickie here. Strong stuff.

Totally burnt out on the RKO Army – Rated R Army tbh. Sorry Mac, but I honestly hope this thing finishes it’s coarse soon. Love Orton & Edge though. More classic Austin, his best match ever, tbh.

Nicely described action in the CW match, which you’d expect, and loved the suspense of Chavo backstage. DVD into an armdrag = I visualized Rey doing it. Been wanting to ask, and feel a tad noobish, but who in the fuck is Allison Danger? Anyway, belt is in play, and here comes Chavo! WTF? Chavo does turn! Daniels is the champ! SWERVE! How is this gonna go? I can certainly understand the marketability of building a legendary cruiserweight like Mysterio for Mania, having him win, and then giving the title right back to the young up and comer. But how can Chavo come back now? Or is he gonna quit? Wait, Daniels signed? Or had Chavo sign? Meh, confusing. Chavo is back, and it looks like he did something he just didn’t want to do. Intriguing for sure Mac, as I don’t see a simple Chavo-Rey feud coming here, but rather something that will get more complex before it’s solved. Decent enough, and good to see Daniels regain the gold. WWE > TNA.

Batista bloodying Miz as an example = UNIMPRESSIVE. Flair as Money in the Bank = WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Sorry. 17 times is coming. And ironically enough, I could see Batista winning the title back for the soul reason of Flair taking it from him in a breakdown. Breakdown will happen regardless. Sadly, Kennedy … Kennedy retains. Long term prediction is Flair cashing in on Kennedy, with the fans turning to his favor (where I can’t believe you don’t have them anyway tbh), and Batista follows suit. And just when Batista is popular again, and he is supporting his mentor as Champ, he turns, and that’s how Dave ends up with the belt again. Belt off Kennedy sooner than later plz.

HBK vs. RVD = ratings! AWESOME match! Could have been better tbh, but for the hype and spot you gave it, it was awesome! Would love to see what you (or I for that matter) could do between these two in a true main event level match. Loved all the spots, from the moonsault by HBK early, to each HBK and RVD hitting – and missing – many of their respective moves. End was as perfectly done as you’d have wanted from these two, as RVD misses the five star, and gets hit with the superkick. Ten count … RVD up … Nip up … Sweet Chin Music 2. A finish much like I would have come up with tbh, which was really awesome. Loved the way the fans seemed to be into both, but maybe more into RVD. Good shit.

Intrigued to see where the hell Nitro was. No show gave me an eerie feeling of him being home killing people tbh. Melina gets her feeling hurt, and it’s Edge and Doane, so essentially, it’s Edge in a handicapped match tonight.

Rest tomorrow or Wednesday.

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's Raw Feedback

No Angle

Quality way to kick the show off with a Backlash rematch. You have some top notch tag teams in your thread now to be honest. As much as I love 'Mags/Show, I have never wanted them to take the belts off AMW, as you have no other face teams for them to feud with. AMW looking strong though, as they set to put Show away until Paul E. {<3} gets involved. The aftermath was brutal, with Umaga shininh once again with that awesome leap on the tag Champs through the table. I can't wait for Foley to collide with these guys properly. Stop teasing plz.

Edge forgives Doane does he? That's quite interesting, and it pretty much confirms Ken's status as a fully fledged face now. I just hope {from what I took from Edge's comments} Nitro doesn't have to job to both men. He could get a push from this storyline.

Stop portraying Beth as a beastly bodyguard, Macca. She's hot, you fool Mickie agrees with me. The Women's Champion is awesome. Nothing really special tonight for the Women's Division, but I can see things getting wild when Victoria returns.

More Haas and THE WORLD'S LARGEST TAG TEAM {} build. Haas seems to be left contemplating his career every single week. When is that silly boy going to do the right thing, join the monster stable and become a bad ass submissionist?

Lmao @ Mark Jindrak still being on your roster. Carlito barely lost any momentum at Backlash anyway, since he wasn't pinned, but he keeps on going strong with a win here. Oh god, Bradshaw is awesome. The "Golden Grand Slam Celebration in Support of America’s Wrestling God and Intercontinental Champion" sounds absolutely amazing to be honest. Damn you for not writing Raw in full

Not sure what to make of this ongoing Trish Stratus saga, She is either going to turn heel or retire. I suspect it will be the latter.

Oh, things have really been stepped up now in the Haas/AAE storyline. Estrada actually costs Haas a match? Why would he ever join the team now? Surely big Charlie is going to remain face now. Shame, he would be awesome as a big time heel

Good old Coach. Quality GM in my opinion. Nice to see the ban on Foley is finally lifted. What we need to see now is weekly brawls between him, Umaga and Show. Great stuff

HEEL TURN PLZ~!!! It wasn't, but Tish dissing Gail Kim after jobbing again just screams of a heelish move. I still reckon she'll just retire though.

HBK as a heel is quality. We clearly think alike Disappointed not to see Van Dam though, as it is starting to look very much as though this whole business has just been filler for Michaels. Please no though, as the match they had at Backlash NEEDS at least one rematch to do it justice. I'd preferably like a full series, but you seem to dislike The Whole Fuckin' Show, so ... who knows?

Obvious really that AMW/RWC is going to be the next tag team feud. I actually think it will be pretty good, as both teams are great at brawling. TEXAS STREET FIGHT~!!!!

MVP picks up another clean win in his push. Glad that this Eugene thing isn't going to be dragged out too much {me and Gregory Helms}, but I wonder who he will feud with next. Possibly Ken Doane? Sabu?

Nice way to finish the show with Orton, Masters and Mercury. Still a nice little stable you have there, Macca. I would have marked for a Triple Threat between those three for a laugh of heelish goodness Obviously Orton hasn't been pushed as the kind of Champion who accepts challenges, so I never really expected him to give Edge a shot. Choosing Lita is awesome. Sociopathic Orton is awesome too, and he really needs to annihilate Lita next week. Can't see it happening though, as Edge will interfere more than likely. I really can't see how Edge is going to get the title shot now, but I am still loving the Edge/Oton feud to bits. The RKO Army is all over, and so now it's time to get personal. That's when feuds are at their best.

Anothe solid, solid recap, Mac with some nice feud enhancement. Orton/Edge is FINALLY starting to steal the show, as are Show/'Mags. My only complaint is the fact that it looks as though you are ending the HBK/Van Dam feud after a mere 5 weeks. Please don't
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac’s Raw Review

Coming off a brilliant PPV Backlash, I’m expecting the usual post PPV show which ends things and starts new feuds. I did skim ream Backlash and checked all of the results and everything looked good. The opening video was a nice addition letting us all know what went down at Backlash. It looks like a stacked show for tonight. I don’t think the announcers should have announced all of them things for tonight in one go. You should have left a few announcements so that they are surprising when they actually happen.

Good that you start off with a match as that is rare. I love when Raw starts with a match, especially hot on the heels of a PPV. It was good that it was a rematch from the PPV. Basically looked like a simple way of hyping the Foley/Show and Umaga feud tbh. The match seemed alright and the aftermath was cool. The table spot would have been nice to do, and it’s good that you did it because it’s not something you see often in real life.

I’m not sure what’s happening with the whole stable thing. It does look like Edge and Nitro will be failing out tonight. I think I have witness the demise of this faction since Wrestlemania.

Good build up for the womans division. I like how you pay just as much attention to it as the big divisions. I can maybe see a Mickie/Victoria feud progressing after tonight tbh.

Three backstage segments in a row is a big no no. These should have been split up. The actual content of this segment was interesting imo. I mean what Heyman said to Haas makes me think that Haas is going to start doing everything Heyman said. Resulting in some kind of big push for Haas. That wouldn’t be a bad thing tbh because I’ve never seen a thread in which Haas is used to a substantial amount. Of course I could be completely wrong, but that’s just something I picked up on.

Looks like the JBL/Carlito programme is going to stay alive. I thought it would come to an end after Wrestlemania, but I was wrong. I then thought it would come to an end after Backlash but I was wrong again. Good that you had the feud joined with the womans title feud for the match at backlash. I think I can see a single match between the pair at Vengeance. This will be good but I think JBL will get the win and this feud will be over. At least your keeping it interesting though. Propps for that.

Another backstage segment. That’s all this show seems to be tonight. Bit if a pointless segment imo. It didn’t add any excitement at all. But like I said earlier, it’s good to see you put the effort into the womans division because not a lot of bookers do that.

Haas passing out to the master lock was a good finish to this match. Estrade distracting Haas was interesting. I am quie confused with all the goings on but I’m sure I’ll get to know sooner or later.

Certainly nice to see the ban being lifted on Foley. Just to clarify though, what exactly was he banned for? It will be good though now that he can get into the feud with Umaga and Big Show. I’m wondering which way you will go with this. It’ll be exciting to read such a feud to, I hope!

I don’t know why but I could see this coming a mile off. If you didn’t have the backstage segment between Trish and Kim earlier then this would have been much more enjoyable. I mean they were getting along so good backstage and then after the match Trish just walks off. It looks like your building something to happen in the woman’s division which is nice.

Am I right in thinking Shawn Michaels is a heel. I remember in one thread he was and I’m pretty sure its this one. Big thumbs up for a heel Shawn Michaels. His character is so much more entertaining to watch sometimes, and also it gives more opportunities in terms of feuds and storylines. I would have loved to watch this interview in real life. I could just imagine all the boo’s and laughs after he steps on Todd’s glasses.

Starting a tag team feud between these two teams. It is a kind of boring feud to say the least. I dunno maybe you can pull of some good matches but it’s just not something I could probably get into.

MVP getting the win in this match was all right. Defiantly the best in the match. Nice and fresh seeing him on the Raw brand. It’s good to see you have Eugene on this roster still. Although I really wouldn’t mind seeing a gimmick change for him. Maybe take him out for several months and then bring him back as a kick ass heel. That would be awesome. Well I can dream reet?…no….okay then

Ohhhhh what a way to end the show. I really didn’t expect Orton to chose Lita. Although that’s pretty awesome because that’s the type of thing Orton would do. Everyone seemed in good character and I love how you have Edge as a crowd loving face. It certainly adds more spice to the thread. I still think Edge will get into the championship match next week because I can’t see Orton vs. Lita being official.

Overall a very nice show. Some nice things going on and also some things I’m not too involved with. You writing is even good to read in recap and I really couldn’t care less whether you never write full shows again, because I seem to enjoy the makority of the show In any form. I did find that I enjoyed the minority of the show tonight. I was especially thrown back with the continuous backstage segments. With all that said, looking forward to reading more of your work.
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Much thanks for all the reviews. Returned a few yesterday, and should get more up today, before SD is posted tomorrow. Just wanted to clear some things up...

Originally Posted by KF4E View Post
I’m not sure what’s happening with the whole stable thing. It does look like Edge and Nitro will be failing out tonight. I think I have witness the demise of this faction since Wrestlemania.
I think you're confusing the storyline with Orton, Nitro and Doane, with the ... spin-off, or continuation of that storyline.

Three backstage segments in a row is a big no no.

It's done in BTB and IRL all the time.

Another backstage segment. That’s all this show seems to be tonight. Bit if a pointless segment imo.
Might've been unnecessary, but it was far from pointless. The point being the friendship between Kim and Stratus.

Certainly nice to see the ban being lifted on Foley. Just to clarify though, what exactly was he banned for?
Coach is a dick, and banned him for taking out Show and Umaga at WrestleMania. Foley did that in response to be killed by Maga and Show weeks before WM, and by Umaga at Unforgiven.

Am I right in thinking Shawn Michaels is a heel.

Originally Posted by NatureBoy™ View Post
Been wanting to ask, and feel a tad noobish, but who in the fuck is Allison Danger?
Managed Chris Daniels in RoH for a long while.

Not hard to be better than TNA.

Batista bloodying Miz as an example = UNIMPRESSIVE.
Batista didn't bloody Miz as a message, he did it in a fit of rage. The fact that it sent a message to Kennedy and anyone else 'watching' is a testament to Deacon Dave's volatility, not planning.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Backlash Part 2

Honestly can’t say that the PPV schedule does a whole lot for me. It’s good, and again, I am certainly glad to see Raw and Smackdown have their own PPVs. But, essentially, it’s just the WWE schedule. Wish you’d grow a set like me, and remove the lousy Judgment Day’s and etc. They own the WCW library, so why not use it? GAB shouldn’t be the only one. I just think “Starrcade” and “SuperBrawl” sound like much better PPV names than Armageddon, etc. And you could at least bring back KOR, tbh. Anyway, senseless rant on WWE PPV names there. Back to the meat of the matter…

Austin wins another Rumble. That was classic. Already commented on the Edge situation here.

US Title match was well written, and I loved the psych that Regal used. The ending was done very well, with Henry appearing dominant, ridding of Regal, and Lashley hitting the Powerslam. Powerslam, as you said, is pretty ugly. Honestly think if the powerslam is possible, so would be a dominator, which is certainly the nicer finisher. Anyway, Lashley wins in the night’s meh match. Lashley is okay though imo, unlike most. I mean he is meh, but not as bad as most think. (In the ring at least.)

Austin wins @ Mania. Too bad for HBK back then. He was so hurt, but thankfully he came back finally. Perfectly done with Kurt there.

Highly surprised to see the tag champions wear out show within the first paragraph. You’d think they’d get dominated initially, or for that matter, the whole time. Umaga fairs better, but Show was kind of made out weak imo. Really don’t like the use of ‘Mags, as I keep picturing perennial WCW midcarder Jumpin’ Joey Maggs. Anyway, not important. Rest of the match flowed well, until Gail Kim attempted a Huracanrana on the Show…?!?! What the hell was she smoking? Show kills Kim, and FOLEY IS HERE!! Foley saves the day, and costs the Show and Umaga the gold. Umaga – Foley is on the horizon, and that will be awesome! Really worded up the last paragraph there Mac, which is uncommon for you, as I had trouble pulling out everything that was happening. Example “Foley grabs Foley” etc. Anyway, I am highly intrigued by this whole scenario, and can’t wait for more.

Loved the follow up with Chavo here, which further cements my earlier thoughts. I can’t quite tell where this will go. Perhaps Chavo did it all for a shot at the Gold he feared he wouldn’t get from a “friend” like Rey? Dunno, and sure it’s much deeper. Classic Austin again. Cole in backstage is a bit saddening. I honestly think the guy is underrated, and think you should simply have a three man Smackdown team tbh. Cole is just as good as Styles imho.

Still don’t quite know why Nitro is gone, but meh. Please don’t call Doane a Phenom. He’s not. Anyway, solid action for sure throughout, and great psych used by the RKO Army. Perfect buildup to the Edge tag, and finally in there with Randy. Nice job getting Edge over slowly as a face in the thread, which is tough, cuz he’s such a heel. Thing breaks down, which had to happen, and then we get a positively wonderful finish. Edge spearing the post, and Doane blind tagging in, only to lose to the sudden snap of an RKO, was awesome. Love Orton’s team winning, as now he gets to choose his opponent, which makes for intrigue. Perhaps he picks Nitro? Confused as to wear this could go, but I feel some sort of swerve coming from one end or the other.

Rock I’m sure was great on the mic, although it’s still disappointing that this feud is getting nothing. WM 19 = the best Rock-Austin match imo. 15 was good, but was more about Austin-McMahon/corporation. 17 was good, but again, ended in a blaze of shenanigans. 19 was between the two men, and the three Rock bottoms finish owned.

AWESOME!! The whole Rock-Cena thing caught me by such surprise, I just read it through before commenting. Cena destroys Rock, and we get referee stoppage! That was truly awesome Mac! I begged and pleaded that this feud was getting improper treatment, but now I see that this “booked match” was only the beginning for what will be a huge, brand dominating feud, for Smackdown! I mean from the attack from behind, to the in ring beat down, to leaving, then being impressed by Rock’s tenacity, and coming back to FU him through the table, it was all awesome. Very, very well done here, and I absolutely loved it. Truly. And I dunno what others think, but I for one, love the heel Cena’s nickname being “The Boss”. Realistic, imo. Cena is taking out Legends, which is interesting. Don’t play on that too deep though, as Orton is the Legend Killer. Although I could see some sort of drawn out deal leading to a match between them. Nonetheless, for now, Cena has Taker and Rock who will be coming after his balls. Love the way you chose to remove babyface Cena from the top, turn him heel, but are still building him up to the top, your own way. I built him back up too, I just never turned him heel along the way. But it took almost two years of work in the thread before Cena won the gold again. And I am sure he’ll be champion again in this thread too.

I like the psych you used in the World Title match, with Batista almost playing the babyface challenger, and Kennedy the heel champion. Little role reversal. Decent enough action leads to a Ref bump, and Naitch with a chair. Uh oh. Hardyz chase Flair out? Can only assume it’s due to them being faces, wanting exposure, and being upset that Flair owns the MITB. Good finish with the chair shot in the Demon Bomb, but Kenton < Shit, tbh. Especially when the master of the move was just out there. Irony. Mic check – or anything else for that matter - plz. Seriously, just can’t see any world champ using that as a finish, UNLESS, it were Jeff Hardy himself. Anyway, knew Kennedy would win. At least it took a chair I suppose. Decent enough. Flair and Batista break up begins. Fine with it, so long as Flair DOES NOT lose MITB to Dave. At least let him win the strap first, then he can lose it to Dave.

Loved the Mania 23 finish. Perfect culmination for Austin to pass out again, ten years later. Anyway, onto the match. Classic Austin match, with Kurt following suit, and slugging it out instantly. Classic Kurt, breaking Austin’s leg down immediately, and loving the outside use. Great back and forth action throughout, and intensity from both men. Nobody quitting yet, which is a given. Nothing more than a fight here tonight, as it should be, in Austin’s last match. Kurt spitting on Austin was a great touch too, and loved the piledriver/backdrop spot. Dead on. Belly to belly is about all Austin could handle on the stage, good to see you forsake the German’s there. Totally viciousness leads to Austin being bloody. Gonna read the rest here, and stop commenting on everything, as I am taking too long to review this. Alright. Glad to see the action made it back to the ring, and from that point on, everything was great. No quitting until the end, when Kurt just couldn’t take it anymore. Now that I really think of it, I don’t like Austin’s last match being an I Quit match I don’t think. Would’ve rather seen a pin, although perhaps, the I Quit match forced more brutality into play. Good match up, and Angle’s mindset and attitude in quitting was perfectly captured. Bravo Mac, good match.

Overall, it was quite the splendid recap. Don’t expect all reviews to be thing long please? It really went too long. Doing it in two parts probably lent to that though. Anyway, probably a bit too much shenanigans from the outside, and weapons used tonight, but meh, no real biggie. You don’t use gimmicks, weapons or overbooking often enough for it to be a major deal too me. Well done. Raw another time, imo.

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Heyman Deciple’s Raw Review

America’s Most Wanted Vs. Big Show & Umaga: Too bad this ended on a disqualification but Big Show & Umaga were straight up bad ass here leaving Harris and Storm laying which I enjoyed.

Edge – Ken Doane: Nice segment here, that let us know that Edge and Ken Doane are still on good terms.

Maria Interview’s Mickie James & Beth Phoenix: “After one stupid question from Maria, Beth quickly shoves her out of the way.” Short and to the point, I like that. Nice interview here with Mickie as she talks about what happened to Victoria at Backlash.

Charlie Haas – Big Show & Umaga: I liked how Haas spoke up to Big Show and Umaga and just when it looked like Haas was about to get demolished, Heyman stepped in and tried to smarten Haas up. Good segment.

Carlito Vs. Mark Jindrak: Nice to see Carlito, looking so dominant in this match with Jindrak. Then after the match Carlito is confronted by JBL on the titan tron and invited to the golden grand slam celebration next week, which sounds like a future fun segment to me.

Trish Stratus – Gail Kim: Nice little segment here with the two ladies showing respect for each other heading into their rematch.

Chris Masters Vs. Charlie Haas: Good solid match, which Haas looked like he was about to win until he was distracted by Armando Alejendro Estrada and then he was hit with a low blow and the master lock and it was all over.

Coach lifts the ban: This was good, as the Coach lifts the Mick Foley Raw ban.

Trish Stratus Vs. Gail Kim: Another good win for Gail Kim and Trish’s reaction after the match was well done and has me interested to see where this might be going.

Shawn Michaels Interview: I dislike Todd Grisham, so this interview really worked for me. Shawn stepping on Grisham’s glasses, yeah I like that.

America’s Most Wanted – Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch: Good interaction between the two teams as AMW put Cade and Murdoch in their place.

MVP & Luther Reigns Vs. Jim Duggan & Eugene: I liked this match because well I like MVP and I dislike Duggan, end of story. Good clean win for MVP and the Play Girls I think is a fun concept much better than Extreme Expose.

Randy Orton – Edge & Lita: The promo started off good with Orton saying his two cronies were the ones who deserved a title shot but he couldn’t decide. We then get Edge and Lita who come out and Edge says he should get the next title shot but instead it goes to Lita, which I thought was great. Lita should definitely be the next world champion and have a 7 year title reign just like Bruno Sammartino only better because Lita is a much better wrestler than Bruno ever was, so who’s with me? Any body, anybody. No. well okay then.

This was a good show; I give it an 8.5 out of 10.

And if you want to give my BTB a review sometime, that would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

No marks for making your Tag Champs and one of the best teams in ages look like total jobbers here really. Still, it continues to keep this mammoth tandem of Umaga and Show in the heat, although I could care less for it. Umaga can do things, Big Show can fuck off imo. Still, very solid opening segment overall. Estrada on the mic soon plz.

Ugh god why is Edge putting Kenny over? Big no. Kenny is crap. You seem to like him somewhat. LMAO. Nitro to become Morrison or re-team with Mercury plz. Edge for the title!

BOOOOOORRRRRRIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG! I'm sorry, but a year plus reign for Mickie has been poor, you have only really done it because you're a Mickie mark. I am really hoping for a fresh change soon, give it to Trish, give it to Victoria, hell even to Beth, just take it off Mickie and make it slightly interesting again thanks.

Hmm. Haas still deciding. I think in the end, he's not gonna side with this power trip, but then again, you've made some interesting swerves in the past. At this point in time, I'll say Haas won't decide for a while yet.

Marky Mark is back! Ouch. Buried by Carlito here. I see him being used as a jobber or released soon. JBL is classic. Long reign plz. Should be a good segment next week, fully expecting Carlito to wreak havoc tho.

Pfft. Trish > Gail > Mickie. Either would do to take the title though, but if you retire Trish, I'll laugh at you till I die. Maybe, just maybe, Trish is gonna be back in the hunt soon for the gold, which really, she does own tbh.

Ok? AAE appears and seemingly screws Haas out of a win over Masters. Why is Masters even being pushed at all anymore? It makes me sad. Still, this could make it so clearer that Haas won't be joining the power trip after this.

Foley is coming back! RATINGS! Let's pray for that Foley/Umaga Hardcore match soon. Such a pity you went with that shit Tag match at Mania instead of this really. But whatever PPV gets the match, will be blessed.

Get the fuck outta here. Trish losing to Gail and then showing heelish signs? Ugh. So predictable from you really. I have been expecting this for months. Not shocked, just disappointed. Gail Kim for the title now plz. Trish to be the great heel she was in 04 and not buried plz.

I don't think we've seen the end of RVD/HBK yet. HBK breaking Grishams glasses was a little below the belt really. Still, I wonder who Orton is gonna pick as his next opponent. Should be interesting when the announcement finally takes place.

In impressive faction? You mean fashion rit? Anyways, I'd love to see AMW/RWC over the AMW/Umaga & Show stuff we've seen recently, bring some depleted life back into the tag division imo. AMW owned them at the end there. Nicely done.

MVP has a bodyguard? Luther Reigns? Ew. No offense, but someone like Mark Henry would be so much better by MVP's side, than Reigns, who is a talentless bag of crap. Anyways, keep the push for MVP up plz. Ooo, Layla.

WHOA! Orton vs Lita! That's big. Big heel move from Orton. Very nicely put over like he'd give into another Edge/Orton match. That should be very unique. Definitely expecting Edge to interfere, but that was quite the shock to end the show.

Solid. The goods keep coming, despite some obvious mark decisions. But hey, it's your thread so whatever. <3.


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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

^^^Stop being an Attitude Era mark and expecting the title to change every five seconds plz.

SmackDown; May 4th, 2007

A video recap of Backlash kicks off the broadcast, highlighting the SD matches at the PPV - Kennedy retaining the WHC by beating Batista; Cena bloodying The Rock; The Hooligans retaining against the Carolina Connection with unwanted help from King Booker and his Court; Lashley retaining his title against Henry and Regal; And, Daniels winning his title back by beating Mysterio, after Chavo DDT’d his friend.

The opening video plays, and we soon head into the arena and the shitload of pyro goes off, before we’re brought to our commentators. Per usual, we have Joey Styles and Tazz, but Michael Cole has seemingly joined them as well.

Joey Styles: Hello, everyone, and welcome to SmackDown. I’m Joey Styles, here with my partner, the former ECW Champion Tazz, and rejoining the broadcast team, Michael Cole. And what a show we have for you to be calling here tonight, Michael.

Michael Cole: Absolutely. Two huge matches already announced! First, the United States Champion Bobby Lashley takes on the man he pinned at Backlash last Sunday, The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry!

Tazz: Oh, what a collision, what an EXPLOSION that one’s gonna be!

Michael Cole: And, The New King’s Court of Elijah Burke and Monty Brown, take on The Carolina Connection with the winners going on to face The Hooligans for the WWE Tag Team Championships in two weeks on SmackDown! Huge night for wrestling here on SmackDown, but that’s not all.

No doubt, no doubt, as ginormous as those matches are, we may have something more important. Later on tonight, Chavo Guerrero will come down to this ring and explain his actions, why he cost his best friend, Rey Mysterio, the Cruiserweight Championship at Backlash. Can’t wait to hear that.

Joey Styles:
It’s sure to be a wild ride here on SmackDown! Strap on your seatbelts.


The audience erupts into an incredibly loud mixed reaction as ‘The Boss’ John Cena steps out onto the stage, all smiles, dressed in camouflage shorts, camo hat, dog tags and black T-shirt. Cena takes a look around the arena at all the fans going crazy, some with boos, some with cheers, and simply lets out a smirk before continuing on down to the ring.

Michael Cole: It was this past Sunday night where that man right there, John Cena, went head-up with The Rock for the first time ever!

Joey Styles: And the actions that took place before and during the ‘match’ were absolutely reprehensible. But even after all of that was done, The Doctor of Thuganomics still wasn’t finished.

Tazz: Far from it, Joey. Cena hadn’t had enough and decided to bloody The Rock and give him the FU through our announce table. Vicious, vicious stuff from the Doctor of Thuganomics, and we have no clue when we’ll see The Rock back in a WWE ring.

Cena steps in and is soon tossed a microphone by Tony Chimel. His music dies down. The crowd immediately begins to get louder but Cena doesn’t wait for them to stop, getting right into it.

John Cena: I’m gonna need you all to put a lock on it, because The Doctor of Thuganomics … THE CHAMP … THE BOSS … ISSSS … HERRRRRRREEE!!!

The crowd lets out another loud mixed reaction, this time leaning towards heat. Cena smirks.

John Cena:
It was a rough start to 2007. No doubt about it. Started off with a loss to Mr. Kennedy at the Royal Rumble. A loss in the actual Royal Rumble Match. A loss to The Phenom, The Undertaker at WrestleMania 23. So, as you would imagine, coming out of Ford Field a month ago, I wasn’t too happy.

Cena says it all with a smile on his face.

John Cena: But that all changed a couple of weeks ago, when I screwed The Undertaker out of the World Heavyweight Championship, and dumped him some twenty feet off of the stage, and we haven’t heard from his ass since.

The crowd boos The Boss, as Cena reminisces on what he did to The Phenom.

John Cena:
And this past Sunday, it got a whole lot better. You all saw it, one on one, (puts on booming voice) FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, the icon versus the biggest thing to ever step foot on your TV sets, John Cena versus The Rock.

Pop for The Rock as Cena continues to smile.

John Cena: Hollywood put up a hell of an effort … (laughs a bit) but in the end, he got rocked, he got dropped, and The Boss walked out with the duke, ya heard? (Pops his collar) Aha!

More boos

John Cena: Oh, but that wasn’t it, because The Doctor decided to take The People’s Chump, bust him up, and toss him through an announce table. I left him laying for dead, unconscious, lying in a pool of his own blood.

Big time heat for that comment, as a slight ‘Rocky’ chant starts up. Cena waits for him to die down before continuing.

John Cena: That’s a message to the locker room. You step up against John Cena, you won’t be stepping up against anybody else, because you won’t be able to walk ANYWHERE!

‘Asshole’ chant starts up, causing Cena to drop the mic down to his side, glaring at the crowd with a smirk.

John Cena:
Do you mind?

More heat

John Cena: And with that out of the way … MR. KENNEDY!!

KENNEDY; Great pop from the crowd.

John Cena: The way I figure it, if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t be walking around with that big gold belt around your waist, because you would’ve been pinned by The Phenom. The way I see it, Batista’s been pinned twice, so he’s two and done, and he heads to the back of the line! Up next, John Cena! So, Kennedy, if you’re man enough and … YOU WANT SOME … COME GET SOME!!!

Another mixed reaction from the crowd, as Cena paces back and forth in the ring awaiting the champion. Finally …


‘The Animal’ Batista and ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair step out onto the stage, both dressed in custom-made suits and shades, Flair, carrying the briefcase as the crowd pours on the heat. Batista looks rather pissed off as he storms towards the ring, and Cena stares on rather skeptically at ringside. The Animal steps into the ring, and Cena and Batista get face to face. The music dies down and the crowd immediately picks up, as these two megastars of the current generation come face to face.

Flair sets his briefcase down in the corner, before grabbing himself a microphone from ringside. Batista and Cena remain face to face, Batista looking rather upset, with Cena smirking as Flair speaks.

Ric Flair: Cena … kid … let me explain something to you right now! Batista will never be done! Batista will never go the back of the line! Because that World Heavyweight Championship that Kennedy is walking around with, that World Championship that YOU want, belongs to BIG DAVE! Period!

Cena and Batista keep their eyes locked on one another.

Ric Flair: If you don’t like it, if you don’t get it, I assure you that Big Dave is more than willing to show you just what I mean! He’s not soft like The Rock, he’s not washed-up like The Undertaker, if you mess with the big man, you get destroyed … because, Cena, WOOOOOOOOOO, the CHAMP … is right there!!! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!

The crowd WOOS along while Cena lets out a smile, backs away from Batista and leans against the ring ropes rather calmly. Flair continues.

Ric Flair: Last Sunday night was a FLUKE!! If it … wasn’t for ... my mistake, Batista would be the World Heavyweight Champion right now! If it wasn’t for a lucky ROLLUP, Kennedy wouldn’t have beat Batista at WrestleMania 23! Kennedy’s won nothing, which means you’ve got NOTHING, Cena, until the big man gets his proper shot at the World Championship.

Cena holds up his hands with a smile. He then brings the mic up.

John Cena: Look here, Ric, Dave, I’ve got no beef with you, but facts are facts, and the fact is, Batista lost … TWICE! Let’s face it, homeboy, you just haven’t gotten the job done, Davey.

Batista takes his glasses off and angrily glares at Cena. The Boss is unfazed, however.

John Cena: How many times are we gonna have to sit back and watch you choke … and choke … and choke again before you realize that’s it’s about time you stepped aside and let The Boss get the job done?

Batista grabs the mic from Ric.

Batista: You want a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship - MY World Heavyweight Championship? You want me to move out of the way and let the, uh … Boss take a shot?

Cena nods, and Batista laughs … before becoming dead serious.

If you want me to move … then move me.

Cena smirks … and then takes off his dog tags. The crowd begins to get up to its feet with anticipation. Batista slides out of his jacket and The Boss and The Animal get ready to come to blows when …


The crowd explodes into cheers as the World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Kennedy walks out onto the stage, dressed in a black suit, title belt on his shoulder. KK chomps on his gum rather arrogantly as the attention of Batista, Cena and Flair all turn towards the champion, who already has mic in hand. Kennedy’s music dies down and KK brings the mic up.

Mr. Kennedy: No need to get upset, no need to get violent, or riled up. I’m just out here to clear a couple of things up. ‘kay?

The heels in the ring look on as KK walks back and forth on the stage.

Mr. Kennedy: First off, Cena, if you honestly think that I owe you one for sticking that ‘ass chin’ of yours in my business, you got another thing comin’.

Loud cheers from the crowd. Cena lets out a smirk.

Mr. Kennedy: Secondly, Big Dave -

Flair takes the mic from Big Dave. Batista walks forward a bit and leans against the ropes, looking perturbed as he waits for KK to continue.

Mr. Kennedy:
I know you’ve got some excuses for losin’ and believe me, you’ve got some valid points. I know that you were probably tired from whatever is that you and Naitch … do…

A few in the crowd laugh as Batista continues to angrily glare at the asshole we have for a World Champion; KK attempts to remain as serious as possible.

Mr. Kennedy: And I know you -

Ric Flair: KENNEDY! HEY! I’m talking to you, you no good son of a bitch!

OH!; Kennedy smirks.

Mr. Kennedy: That’s not very polite, Ric.

John Cena: He’s right, Ric, that was really rude.

The crowd laughs as Flair overexaggeratedly looks between Kennedy and Cena. Batista takes the mic from Ric.

Mr. Kennedy: Wow, John, that’s really sweet of you to say. I knew deep down inside you really liked me … but … it’s … not getting you a title shot.

Cena’s smile fades but he soon lets out a smirk.

John Cena:
I don’t blame you for ducking me.

Mr. Kennedy:
(Smiling) I don’t duck anybody.

John Cena:
Then -

Batista: Give me my title shot.

Cena turns to Batista.

John Cena: Back of the line, homeboy.

Kennedy and Flair look on, as once again, Cena and Batista get face to face, tension mounting between the two intense superstars …

***I’m All Grown Up*** The general manager of SmackDown, Stephanie McMahon, walks out onto the stage to a nice pop as the attention of every superstar at ringside turns to her. Stephanie has microphone in hand, ready to speak as her theme music dies down.

Stephanie McMahon: Well, we’ve got quite the conundrum on ou-

Batista: No long speeches, McMahon. I want my title shot!

Steph raises an eyebrow with a smile.

Stephanie McMahon: You … had your title shot last Sunday at Backlash. So, quite frankly, I owe you nothing.

Cheers from the crowd. Batista shakes his head in anger as Flair goes nuts, taking his jacket off and tossing it to the ground. Cena simply smirks before bringing the mic up to his mouth.

John Cena: That’s a real shame, Dave. Zipping along, Steph … you saw Backlash, The Rock, nine-time World Champion, icon, legend, laid out in the middle of the ring! John Cena’s hand raised in the victory. If there’s anybody who deserves a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, it’s ME!

Mixed reaction from the crowd. Batista and Flair both shake their heads in disgust.

Stephanie McMahon:
Well, let’s take a look; you took out The Undertaker, you took out The Rock, and effectively took money out of MY wallet. That about right? John Cena, you - get - nothing.

Another mixed reaction from the crowd as Cena angrily glares at the GM, who’s laying down the law.

Stephanie McMahon:
But since you all seem to be craving some action here tonight, how about we have ourselves a little tag match in our main event?

Crowd cheers

Stephanie McMahon:
Tonight, Mr. Money in the Bank, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair (WOOOO), teams up with ‘The Animal’ Batista (boos), and they will take on the World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Kennedy (cheers) -

Mr. Kennedy:
One more time.

Stephanie McMahon:
… Kennedy … and ‘The Boss’ John Cena!

The crowd lets out another mixed reaction as Cena and Kennedy look at one another, neither particularly happy to be teaming with the other. Big Dave on the other hand is disgusted by the whole situation, wanting his title shot to take place tonight. Steph’s music hits once more as Styles, Cole and Tazz hype up our mega tag team main event.


Match #1:
CM Punk vs. Chad McPherson
Shocking absolutely no one, Punk completely runs through his opponent, showing off his arsenal of moves, before knocking him for a loop with the Go To Sleep! Instead of going for the cover though, Punk decides to lock in the Anaconda Vice! While the jobber screams in pain, Kid Kash steps out onto the stage. The Notorious K.I.D. makes it out just in time to watch Punk’s opponent submit.
Winner: Punk via pin fall at 4:12.
Kash arrogantly applauds Punk at the top of the ramp with a sly smirk, as Punk watches on rather confusedly at ringside.

Joey Styles: ‘The Straightedge Superstar’ CM Punk picking up another big win here on SmackDown, he’s definitely on a roll.

Tazz: No doubt, and these SmackDown fans really seem to be responding to this youngster. This kid is going places. Even Kid Kash seems to be impressed…

Michael Cole:
(Rolling his eyes) Something tells me that Kid Kash may not be totally sincere in his appreciation, Tazz. Let’s go backstage, with Josh Matthews standing by.

Cut backstage.

Josh Matthews stands by, microphone in hand.

Josh Matthews: Thank you, guys. Ladies and gentlemen, my guests at this time, ‘The Express’ Elijah Burke, ‘The Alpha Male’ Monty Brown, Queen Sharmell, and King Book-

???: Hol’ up a second, hol’ up one damn minute!

King Booker and company walk into screenshot with The Booker Man looking rather dapper sans a crown this week - same for Sharmell. Booker snatches the mic away from Matthews, before Brown shoves the puny interviewer all the way out of screenshot.

King Booker: Lets set the record straight. I’ve been disrespected around ‘dis here place for the last damn time! Over the pas’ few months, I’ve been given the suckas walkin’ around ‘dis place a free break. I’ve been more focused on havin’ fun than doin’ what needs to be done, and dat’s takin’ names and kickin’ ass, you dig what I’m sayin’? Forget the crowns, forget the accents, Booka’ T is back, and Booka’ T is back to takin’ care of business!

The crowd lets out a strong mixed reaction as Brown, Burke and Sharmell all nod behind him.

It started las’ Sunday night when ‘Da Alpha Male and ‘Da Express took those chumps, Shelton Benjamin and Gregory Helms, and beat ‘em down. But ‘dat ain’t the end of it, because tonight Burke and Brown, The New Breed of professional wrestlin’, are gonna beat ‘em all over that ring, and then … it’s on to the dubya-dubya-e Tag Team Championship, now can you dig that … sucka?

Booker and company storm off to another mixed reaction, as we fade out to a commercial break.


Cut backstage.

The crowd cheers as The Carolina Connection, Shelton Benjamin & Gregory Helms, walk down a backstage hallway, and seemingly, towards the ring. The two soon stop in their tracks, clearly with something impeding their progress. The camera pans over to show The Hooligans, with their WWE Tag Team Titles on their shoulders. Before London and Kendrick can say anything, Helms speaks.

Gregory Helms: You two have GOT to be the two luckiest SOBs that have ever walked these halls.

London and Kendrick shake their heads as Helms continues.

Gregory Helms:
First, you luck into those tag belts. Then, you luck into having us as tag team partners at WrestleMania. Next, you luck into the luckiest win of all-time at Backlash, when Booker and his crew decided they wanted some of us.

Shelton Benjamin:
(Turning to Helms) Tonight, we’ll give ‘em all they want.

Gregory Helms:
(Smirking) No doubt about it.

London and Kendrick let out fake smiles.

Paul London:
Luck has nothing to do with keeping these belts -

Shelton Benjamin:
Oh, you’re definitely right about that.

Gregory Helms:
Because you won’t be keeping those belts for much longer. You’re out of luck, fellas, because once we beat … The New Breed, we’ll be taking those tag team titles in two weeks.

Shelton slaps Kendrick on the shoulder.

Shelton Benjamin: Good … luck.

Helms and Benjamin walk past The Hooligans with a smirk, as London and Kendrick shake their heads in disgust.

Back to ringside.

Match #2: Number One Contender’s Tag Team Match:
The Carolina Connection vs. The New Breed w/Booker T & Sharmell
Considering the way The New Breed cost the CC the WWE Tag Team Titles last week, this match up starts out how one would expect, fast and furious, with Helms and Benjamin abandoning their technical wrestling prowess in favor of a brawl. The opening few minutes sees Benjamin and Helms completely OWN Burke and Brown, heading into the commercial break.
After the break, The New Breed are in control. We get a replay of the events during the break, which saw Sharmell distract the referee, allowing Booker to yank Helms (the legal man) from the ring, and slam him into the steel steps with authority! Back in real time, Burke controls Helms in the middle of the ring with a chin lock. Burke and Brown dominate Helms for the next few minutes, making quick tags in and out. At the ten minute mark, however, Helms manages to avoid Burke’s attempt at The Elijah Express, causing Burke’s knees to slam into the turnbuckle!
The former Cruiserweight Champion takes a second to regain himself, before Helms attempts to make it towards his tag team partner. Burke begins to do the same, and soon, both stars make the hot tags to their respective partners! Benjamin and Brown enter the ring with a fury, and it’s The Alpha Male who throws the first blow - a right hand, but Shelton ducks it. Benjamin then takes Brown down with a clothesline, picking up steam. Once Brown gets up, Shelton takes him down with a couple of more clotheslines, before he shoots The Alpha Male into the corner. Benjamin then hits him with a STINGER SPLASH!! Shelton then attempts to follow that up with the T-BONE SUPLEX - but Burke hits Benjamin from behind!
Burke then shoots Shelton off of the ropes, attempting to take advantage of the cheap shot. Elijah gets set too early, however, and Benjamin hits him with a boot to the face, knocking him backward! Helms then enters the ring, charges forward, and takes Burke and himself over the top rope with a clothesline!! Back inside the ring, Brown grabs Benjamin and attempts to toss him into the corner, but Benji counters the Irish whip and sends him in. Shelton walks over, and lifts Brown onto the turnbuckle. Benjamin climbs up as well, as Booker and Sharmell look at the action almost right above them. Benjamin and Brown exchange right hands, barely maintaining their balance … until Monty shoves Shelton off of the top!
Brown attempts to shake off the blows, as Shelton staggers up to his feet. With Brown in a precarious position, Shelton sprints forward, LEAPS UP, and LANDS ON THE TOP TURNBUCKLE! The crowd applauds the athleticism, as Benjamin gets ready to superplex Brown off of the top. He gets himself set, but once he goes bring Brown off the top … he can’t … as Sharmell and Booker hold onto Monty! Brown then once again shoves Benjamin off of the top!! The Alpha Male quickly hops off the turnbuckle, and rapidly hits the ropes as Shelton staggers up to his feet. Brown comes back and drills Shelton with the POOOOOOUNCE~!!!!! Period. Brown then covers Shelton for the three count, as Helms gets into the ring … too late.
Winners: The New Breed via pin fall at 13:45. The New Breed challenges for the WWE Tag Team Championship in two weeks.
Burke, Booker and Sharmell enter the ring (Burke crawling), and help Monty Brown up to their feet. The quartet celebrates in the middle of the ring, while Helms angrily glares at Booker and company.

Michael Cole:
We’ve got new number one contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championships … thanks to Booker T and Sharmell!

What the hell are you talking about, Cole? Brown hit the Pounce, Brown picked up the win, and now Brown and Burke - The New Breed of sports entertainment, are now gonna face The Hooligans in two weeks on SmackDown!


***OOOO CHAVO*** The crowd lets out a strong mixed reaction, leaning towards heat, as Chavo Guerrero steps out onto the stage, dressed in a black shirt, and pair of jeans. Guerrero looks rather solemn, as he stares around the arena, continuing to be booed by most of the audience. Chavo continues on down to the ring.

Joey Styles:
Last Sunday, we saw this man, Chavo Guerrero come down to ringside during the Christopher Daniels/Rey Mysterio match, and cost his best friend, Rey Mysterio, the match and his Cruiserweight Championship.

Michael Cole: Not only that, not only did he cost his best friend the match, but he cost the man who was fighting FOR HIM! I just don’t get it.

Tazz: Well … that’s because you’re a moron, Cole. After the match, Daniels signed Chavo’s contract and reinstated him here in the WWE, so there’s obviously some shenanigans - some tomfoolery going on here. Can’t wait to here from Chavo.

Chavo steps into the ring, and calls for a microphone. He’s soon handed one by Tony Chimel as his music begins to die down. The boos continue to pour in for Chavito, as he shakes his head a bit. The crowd finally quiets down a bit, and Guerrero brings his mic up.

Chavo Guerrero: … … I don’t blame you people for being upset with me. And I don’t blame Rey for being upset with me; you should be.

Chavo pauses to wipe his mouth before continuing.

Chavo Guerrero: I know you all want an explanation for why I did what I did to Rey Rey at Backlash, and you deserve one. … You just won’t be getting one just yet.

Crowd boos

Chavo Guerrero:
Because first … I want Rey Mysterio to come down to this ring -

Tremendous pop for Mysterio, as Chavo nods his head a bit.

Chavo Guerrero:
I want Rey to come down here, so I can tell him face to face like a man.

The crowd cheers again, as Chavo patiently waits for Rey …

***BOOYAKA 619*** The crowd comes unglued as Rey Mysterio steps out onto the stage, wearing a white mask, and white pants with a ‘619’ T-shirt on top. Guerrero continues to wait patiently, as Rey walks down the entrance ramp, not even bothering to slap the hands of the fans. Mysterio climbs the steps and enters the ring, as his music dies down.

Chavo steps up, and offers his hand to Mysterio. Guerrero holds it out for what must seem like an eternity, but Rey doesn’t engage, instead, forcefully staring into the face of his best friend - or at least he was until Backlash. Chavo finally gets the hint and pulls his hand back. Mysterio walks by Chavo and grabs himself a microphone, before returning to the center of the ring.

Rey Mysterio: You wanted to talk? Go ahead and talk.

Chavo scrunches up his face, but then nods, grasping Rey’s understandable frustration.

Chavo Guerrero: You, uh … you haven’t been returning my calls, Rey.

Rey Mysterio: Haven’t been in the mood to talk.

Mysterio answers tersely, clearly wanting Chavo to get to the point.

Chavo Guerrero:
Look … I know you’re upset, Rey, and you sho-

Rey Mysterio: UPSET!?!?

Chavo backs a bit, clearly shaken by Mysterio’s outburst of intensity. Mysterio angrily glares at Guerrero before continuing.

Rey Mysterio: No, Chavo, I’m more than upset. I’m WAY more than upset!

Rey brims with anger.

Rey Mysterio: You’re supposed to be my boy, LA FAMILIA!! I’m out there fighting for you, I’m out there trying to get YOUR job back, and you … you turn on ME!? What’s the deal with you, Chavo? Huh?? You working with Chris Daniels now?! What, has this been the plan with you two from the start!? Lose your job on purpose, to make Rey Mysterio look like a FOOL!? HUH!?

Chavo Guerrero: (Almost cowardly) No … no, of course not.

Rey Mysterio: (Growing more upset) THEN WHAT IS IT, CHAVO!? HUH!?

Chavo Guerrero:
What do you want me to say, Rey? Tha -

Rey Mysterio:
I want an explanation! You came out to explain, right!? So stop babbling on and explain why you did what you did!

Chavo Guerrero: You want an explanation?!

The crowd yells ‘YES’ before Rey can even answer.

Rey Mysterio: YES!!

Chavo Guerrero:
Fine. (Shrugs shoulders) … I wasn’t sure you could win.

The crowd boos lightly, as Mysterio and Chavo stare at one another. Guerrero holds his arms up.

Chavo Guerrero:
I mean, are you happy now? Is that -- is that what you wanted to hear? Flat out - I didn’t think that you could beat Daniels again.

Rey holds his head down and shakes it, as Chavo continues.

Chavo Guerrero:
I know that doesn’t make me a great friend, but this is my life we’re talking about, Rey.

Chavo now seems a little more fired up, as Rey looks up into Chavo’s eyes.

Chavo Guerrero:
I’ve got a family to feed, I’ve got to worry about me and mine FIRST, Rey! You had a job, you’ll always have a job! You’re ‘The Great’ Rey Mysterioooo. The lovable luchador. Everybody’s favorite little big man. And … you’re my friend … but that meant nothing to me when I was sitting at home on the couch, with my kids asking me why daddy’s not on TV anymore.
Asking me why daddy’s been around so much. Asking me WHY I’M NOT DOING WHAT I LOVE TO DO, REY!! You don’t have any clue as to how that feels -- To feel like a failure talking to my own kids!! To see the disappointment when I look in my wife’s eyes!! You haven’t the slightest idea of how that feels, Rey!!

Chavo glares at Mysterio with intensity, while the audience remains silent for the most part - watching the development, and effective implosion of this relationship right in front of their eyes. Guerrero takes a deep breath, and calms down, before he continues on.

Chavo Guerrero: So … when Christopher Daniels … came to me, and told me that he could GUARANTEE me getting my job back, told me he had a plan, told me he could get me back into the profession that I love to do, that my family help to build … I didn’t want to do it, but it was an easy decision to make.

Mysterio shakes his head.

Chavo Guerrero: I’m not proud of it, Rey Rey … but there. You wanted a reason, and there it is.

“619” chants ring out, as Mysterio brings the mic up to his mouth.

Rey Mysterio: You know what, Chavo? I’ve never been more disap-


Mysterio and Guerrero look around, and the crowd soon lets out a loud mixed reaction, as the titantron shows the NEW Cruiserweight Champion, ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels and Allison Danger. Daniels dressed in a suit, and his trademark shades, has the title on his shoulder, and a smirk on his face.

Christopher Daniels:
I hate to break up this soap opera we have developing, but the focus shouldn’t be on this lover’s quarrel, but instead it should be on YOUR new Cruiserweight Champion.

Sufficient heat for Daniels, as Guerrero and Mysterio watch on, with their hands on their hips.

Christopher Daniels: You can talk about secret deals, friendships, loss jobs, crying families, or whatever you want, but the fact is - the only fact that matters is that The Fallen Angel is back on the cruiserweight mountain top!
The mountain that Rey Mysterio built in America, the mountain that the Guerrero family personified, and the same mountain that The Fallen Angel kicked them all off of and stuck my flag in.
Mysterio, you can blame Chavo all you want, you can blame yourself if you like, but last Sunday night, you were simply beaten by the better man that night, the better man every night, and that man is ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels.

Another loud mixed reaction for The Fallen Angel, while Mysterio glares at the champ angrily.

Christopher Daniels:
Mysterio, I know you’ve got a rematch clause, and when you’re ready to cash that in, I’ll be waiting with a smile, because the king of the Cruiserweight Divi -- the king of WRESTLING now holds the gold, and I don’t plan on letting this (slaps title belt) go for a long, LONG time. And THAT, my friend, is the gospel … according to The Fallen Angel.

Daniels walks off, leaving a frustrated Rey Mysterio. Mysterio looks at Chavo, and Chavito once more extends his hands to his … friend? And just like previously, Mysterio leaves Chavo hanging, and rolls out of the ring, heading back up the entrance ramp.


Match #3: Non-Title Match:
United States Champion Bobby Lashley vs. Mark Henry w/Teddy Long
Lashley is a really solid wrestler when working with someone capable. The World’s Strongest Man doesn’t qualify. Lashley and Henry put on a barely passable contest, acting out a bit of a David and Goliath routine which the crowd responds to. Henry dominates the majority of the contest, reestablishing his monster credibility after Sunday’s pinfall loss. At the six minute mark, Lashley begins to come back, avoiding the lumbering shots of The Silverback, and countering with punches of his own, much quicker and more precisely than Henry’s, however. The United States Champion hits the ropes, avoids a clothesline, hits the ropes once more, and then leaps up, taking Henry down with a flying shoulder tackle!
The crowd roars for Lashley who waits on Henry to get back up to his feet. He finally does and Lashley scoops up the four hundred pound man, before slamming him to the canvas with a massive body slam, getting another big-tome pop. Lashley then backs into the corner, and waits on Henry once again. The Silverback staggers up to his feet in the corner, resting against the turnbuckle. Lashley gets himself a head of steam and charges forward, looking for the SPEAR, but Henry moves out of the way, and Lashley SLAMS his shoulder into the steel turnbuckle!
Henry, frustrated, grabs the reeling Lashley around the throat, and wraps his arm around his throat, choking the life out of him! The referee counts to five, but The World’s Strongest Man refuses to break the hold, and the ref calls for the bell.
Winner: Bobby Lashley via DQ at 8:21.
Henry continues to choke Lashley out, until Teddy Long finally steps into the ring, and tells Henry to let him go. The two then saunter out of the ring, with Henry growling like the monster that he is.

Cut backstage.

Inside a locker room, both Batista and Ric Flair prepare for their main-event match, Batista stretching out in his ring gear while Naitch tightens up one of his custom robes.

Ric Flair:
You ready, Big Dave?

I’m always ready, Ric.

Ric Flair:
Ha-ha, that’s what I like to hear. WOOOO!!

Flair goes to turn away … but Batista grabs his arm. Naitch slowly turns towards The Animal, who rubs his mouth a bit before speaking.

I was, uh, ready to go at Backlash … before you … got a steel chair slammed into my face.

Naitch shakes his head.

Ric Flair:
Dave, I know. My mistake. I already apologized. I don’t know wha-

Batista holds his right hand up.

Batista: No worries, Ric.

The Animal and The Nature Boy share a bit of an awkward stare…

We’re good.

Batista slaps Ric on the arm, getting a smile from Naitch.

Ric Flair:
WOOOO! Then let’s get it done.

Flair and Batista slap hands and go back to what they were doing … before Batista looks back up.

Batista: But no mistakes tonight.

Flair and Batista stare at one another, with Naitch shocked that his friend/student is talking to him rather contemptuously, with The Animal looking as serious as can be. Flair slowly nods.

Ric Flair:
… Yeah. No mistakes.

Flair tightens up his robe before walking out of the locker room solemnly, with Batista’s eyes following him the whole way.


Michael Cole: Announced during the break, next week, right here on SmackDown, ‘The Fighting Irishman’ Finlay takes on William Regal, and the winner faces Bobby Lashley at Judgment Day for the United States Championship.

Tazz: What a hard-hitting match up that’s gonna be. Two physical veterans, two former U.S. Champions going at it for one more shot at the gold. I can’t wait.

Joey Styles:
Sure to be some physicality in that one. And speaking of physicality, let’s take it backstage to Steve Romero, standing by with former Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble.

Backstage, Steve Romero stands by with Jamie Noble, dressed in a pair of jeans without a T-shirt on.

Steve Romero: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m standing by with Jamie Noble. Jamie Noble, these past few weeks on Friday Night SmackDown, you’ve managed to defeat former Cruiserweight Champion Chris Sabin two times in a row … by hook or by crook, and -

Jamie Noble:
‘By hook or by crook’?

Romero nods.

Jamie Noble:
Lemme tell ya somethin’, boy, it don’t matter none HOW you pick up a win, as long as you pick up a win, and that’s exactly what Jamie Noble has been doin’. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve taken that pretty boy, Sabin, and I’ve shown him ‘xactly why Jamie Noble is a former Cruiserweight Champion, and I ain’t plannin’ on keepin’ that ‘former’ in there much longer -- if ya know -

Noble stops mid-sentence and looks off-camera. The crowd lets out a nice pop as Chris Sabin walks onto camera in a black shirt and pants.

Jamie Noble: Well lookie-lookie at what we’ve got here, Chris Sabin.

Chris Sabin:
Did I hear you right, Jamie?

Jamie Noble: Depends on whatcha heard.

Sabin smiles.

Chris Sabin: Were you about to throw your name back into the Cruiserweight Title picture?

Jamie Noble:
Damn right, that’s what ya heard.

Chris Sabin: Well, that’s gonna be a bit of a problem for you at the moment.

Noble looks at Sabin skeptically.

Chris Sabin: The last couple of SmackDowns, you’ve pinned me in the middle of that ring, but as you said earlier, it doesn’t matter how you get the win, as long as you get it.

Jamie Noble:
Daggone right.

Chris Sabin:
Well, that’ll come in handy, because me and you … we’re gonna go at it one more time, at Judgment Day.

Noble scrunches his face up, as Sabin smiles.

Chris Sabin:
See ya there.

Sabin slaps Noble hard on the shoulder, as the redneck looks at the air, shaking his head in disbelief and disappointment.

Back to ringside.

Match #4:
William Regal vs. Hardcore Holly
The match starts off rough and rugged with these two veterans exchanging shots with every impactful thing on their body - fists, kicks, elbows, knees, and a nasty head butt from Regal to Holly that busts Hardcore open the hardway. Once Regal sees blood from his opponent, he takes it up level, wailing away on Holly’s bloody wound with a newfound intensity. The Englishman follows his fisticuffs up with a couple of perfectly executed suplexes, tossing Hardcore around the ring. With Holly damn near down and out, Regal decides against going for the cover, instead, locking in the Regal Stretch to some big-time heat! Holly doesn’t last in the devastating submission move for long, tapping out about six seconds.
Winner: William Regal via submission at 6:55.
Regal lets go of the hold, and angrily stares down at Holly, looking primed and ready for his U.S. Title shot opportunity next week.

Backstage, ‘The Fighting Irish Bastard’ Finlay watches Regal on a monitor, shillelagh in hand. Finlay soon stops watching, and looks up … to see ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ Mark Henry. Finlay shows no fear, eyeing up the mammoth Henry, as Teddy Long steps out from behind Henry.

Teddy Long:
You gotta be feelin’ pretty proud of yourself, huh, playa?

Finlay looks rather confused.

Finlay: What the hell are you talking about?

Teddy Long:
Next week, you’ve got a shot at getting a United States Championship Match, if you manage to beat William Regal. But yet, the World’s Strongest Man, who was the only one thuggin’ and buggin’ at Backlash, who was the man that dominated both Lashley and Regal, the same one who dominated that Uncle Tom here tonight, is quickly shoved out of the United States Title picture. Sounds a lil’ fishy to me.

Fascinating stuff. What does that have to do with me?

Teddy Long:
I’ll tell ya what it has to do with ya. Once more, Stephanie McMahon is pushing THE WHITE over THE RIGHT! And what better way to show Little Miss McMahon that we mean business, than by taking one of her little cracka projects OUT, ya feel me?

Finlay squints his eyes, and then … lets out a gap-toothed grin.

Finlay: You wouldn’t happen to be threatening me, would ya, Theodore?

Teddy Long: Hey, take it easy, playa. I’m willing to make this a win-win situation for the both of us.

Finlay: Oh, is that right?

Teddy Long: Yeah. Ya see, if you take yourself out of the title picture, and give your spot to The World’s Strongest Man right here, then we’d be willing to give you the first title shot once Mark Henry had the U.S. Title on his massive shoulder. Ya see what I’m hintin’ at, don’t ya, playa?

Finlay rubs his chin, mulling over that plan.

Finlay: That’s not a bad plan, Long. But let me ask you something?

Teddy Long:
Go ahead, playa.

Finlay: What if I don’t go along with this little plan of yours?

Teddy Long:
Well, if you -

Henry moves Long out of the way and gets in Finlay’s face.

Mark Henry:
If you DON’T go along with the plan, then I see a lot of broken bones in your future … COURTEST of The World’s Strongest Man! NOW, do we understand each other? Are we clear?!

Finlay nods.


Henry nods now as Finlay smiles … then gets dead serious.

Finlay: Get the hell out of my way, Tiny.

The crowd cheers loudly in the background, as the jaw of Long hits the proverbial floor. Henry pounds his hand with his fist, getting body to body with Finlay.

Finlay: Maybe I didn’t make myself clear. Get out of my way, (lifts up shillelagh) or you’ll be pulling this out of your ass, princess.

That simply gets Henry even more upset, but Long taps the big man on the shoulder and tells him to let him through. After a long pause, Henry moves and Finlay walks by him, leaving a fuming Henry, and a serious Long behind.

Joey Styles: Serious tension rising between The Fighting Irishman and The Silverback, but up next, ‘The Animal’ Batista teams up with ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair, to take on ‘The Boss’ John Cena, who’s teaming up with his archrival, the World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Kennedy -

Tazz: Kennedy!

Joey Styles: Next!


Main Event: Tag Team Match:
Mr. Kennedy and John Cena vs. Batista and Ric Flair
Kennedy and The Nature Boy start this match up off, showing that they not only have incredible timing with one another on the mic, but in the ring, as well. Flair extends his hand, and once the World Champion goes to grab it, Naitch quickly brings it back, running his hands through his hair, to a nice pop. KK and Flair exchange smiles, before locking up in the ring. The two chain wrestle for a bit - not as smoothly as Benoit and Angle - but wrestle, nevertheless.
After the first exchange, it’s Kennedy who gains the advantage, ending up on top of Flair, and letting Naitch back up to his feet. Flair gets back up to his feet with a look of shock, while Kennedy smirks, letting out a loud “MISTEERRRR KENNEDY!!!”. The two lock up again, and Kennedy quickly goes behind. Flair goes for a big back elbow, but KK ducks it, waits for Flair to turn around, and then slaps Flair across the face!! The crowd cheers as KK finishes off with “… Kennedy” … causing Flair to smirk. Naitch then tags in The Animal, and the match takes on a different tone.
Batista comes in on fire, and after being ‘lulled into a false sense of security’, Kennedy is unable to match the intensity of The Animal. Batista tosses KK in the corner, and lights him up in the corner with knees, elbows and shoulder thrusts. Kennedy makes an eventual comeback, and Kennedy & Batista go back and forth for a minute or two. Batista pries himself away from the champion and tags in Flair… as Cena tags himself in! KK angrily glares at The Boss, as Flair and Cena lock up.
The Nature Boy and The Doctor of Thuganomics do battle, with Flair using heel tactics to hang with the younger, stronger, faster John Cena. Cena finally gets the clear upper hand, and goes to tag KK back in, but Kennedy jumps down off of the apron, talking to some of the fans at ringside! The crowd cheers the champion, as Cena gives him a look that could kill. Unbeknownst to Cena, Flair tags Batista in and The Animal quickly sprints in, taking Cena down! The Animal and The Nature Boy dominate the man who dominates, John Cena, with quick tags, until finally, The Boss takes the legal man, Flair, down with a DDT! Naitch and Cena then both begin to crawl to their respective corners. Slick Ric tags in Batista, and Cena goes to tag in Kennedy, but KK leaps down off the apron AGAIN, making sure his boots are laced up. The crowd continues to cheer and laugh … but Batista isn’t in the mood, yelling at KK to ‘Get the fuck in the ring!’.
Kennedy lets out a smile, leaps on the apron and tags himself in, coming in to a huge pop. Cena rolls out of the ring, and to the outside as Kennedy and Batista exchange rights. And it’s eventually KK who gains the better of the exchange, taking The Animal down with a couple of clotheslines! Flair steps in and runs at Kennedy, only to be taken down with a back body drop! Flair staggers back up, and Kennedy charges forward, clotheslining him over the top rope to the floor! Kennedy turns around, watches Batista get up, scoops up the former champ, and then body slams him to the canvas. KK then climbs to the top rope, lets out a ‘KENNEDY’ and then leaps off, going for the KENTON BOMB - but Batista rolls out of the way, and KK crashes and burns!! Kennedy staggers up, and Batista lifts him up, before planting him with the SPINEBUSTER!! The Animal lifts Kennedy up and tucks him between his legs, as Cena just watches from ringside. Batista lifts Kennedy up, and … PLANTS HIM WITH THE DEMON BOMB!!! Big Dave then covers Kennedy for the three count!!!
Winners: Batista and Flair via pin fall at 12:01.
BATISTA CLEANLY PINS THE CHAMPION!! - or as close as one can get to it. Cena stares at the fallen Kennedy with a smirk on his face, while The Animal stares down at Kennedy like … well, an animal. Flair walks over to the timekeeper’s table and snatches KK’s World Heavyweight Title belt. He enters the ring, hands it to Batista, and The Animal raises his arms in the air over his downed opponent to some monster heat. On the outside, Cena wags his finger at Batista with a smile, before motioning that the belt will soon come with him, as we fade off the air.



Current Card for WWE Judgment Day:

Date: May 27th, 2007
Location: Scottrade Center; St. Louis, Missouri
Event Music: Ozzy Osbourne; I Don’t Wanna Stop

United States Championship Match:
‘The Real Deal’ Bobby Lashley vs. Finlay OR William Regal

Grudge Match:
Chris Sabin vs. Jamie Noble

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Shit. SmackDown looks pretty good. I'll drop a review tonight.

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