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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Just going to leave some quick comments for both shows


Very solid Raw recap.Best part of the show was definatley the Austin/Angle promo you got Austin's character perfectly and it was great to see Angle get some extre heat by destroying Austin's pickup truck.Not too suprised that this will be the last Austin match, it's a shame though however that you will probally job him out in his last match. Hopefully that's not the case though. Shame that your doing Backlash in recap, as Austin/Angle and also RVD/HBK are going to be great matches. Don't think we have seen a RVD/HBK feud before so this feud is very interesting.Ending to the show was great with the continuation of the Rated RKO split and the Orton/Edge feud. Nitro as a face doesn't interest me too much tbh, loved Orton hitting the RKO on Melina great Heelish stuff. Edge gets the attack on the rest of Rated RKO, and am looking forward to the rematch between the two. Some reason though i think you will have a tag match at Backlash with Edge teaming up with the Former Rated RKO members against Orton and the current RKO members, and save the Edge/Orton match for later down the road.


Smackdown was also a very solid entertaining recap. The main event was great, was a bit puzzeled at Miz interfering during the match but understood why after the match. Cena costing Taker the match is not too suprising and you made Taker look like his bitch with that F-U off the stage. Also liked that you made Batista look strong, winning in the opener and then hitting Kennedy with the MITB briefcase setting up their rematch at Backlash. Loving the way your using Batista, always liked him better when he was a Bad Ass Heel. Good to see that a rematch is made for Daniels/Rey but damn you for recapping Backlash, as it looks like it is going to be awesome Also one more comment...The Miz sucks thats all.

Look forward to next recaps aswell as Backlash.
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Sorry this took so long

DDMac's Raw Feedback

You had me excited about the Cabana last week, mainly because I was very disappointed that Mickie and Beth weren't featured. Carlito opening up shows like this can only be a good thing, as I REALLY want to see him pushed into the Main Event scene. This business between Mickie and Beth is ... interesting to say the least, and has the male in me very excited. It would seem that Beth is now Mickie's {lover} bodyguard, which is fine since I don't want Mickie to drop the title. JBL coming out was no surprise, since he didn't feature last week either. Loved the line about JBL running down liberals; when he wants to be he sure can be a prick. Quick brawl between Carly and JBL, but I doubt we'll get a rematch at Backlash, since there're too many other, more exciting matches. Victoria and Trish still in the hunt? That's good. Solid opening match up between the four divas, though I was surprised to see Beth and Mickie take a walk. I thought you might build Phoenix up more.

This businees with Haas and Estrada has me interested. Charlie's either going to turn heel and go after the IC title with a hell of a stable behind him, or he's going to get killed by 'Mags.

I hope Orton, Masters and Mercury stick together for a little bit. I'm really enjoying Orton's reign, and I fear that, away from the RKO Army, Masters and Mercury would become little more than jobbers.

Now this is what I'm talking about. Thank the lord that you are making HBK a heel, or at least a very arrogant tweener. I'm guessing this is the road you wanted to go with his feud with Benoit. I love the way that you are building Michaels up as a complete egotist again, obsessed with nothing but his own performances. I really wasn't expecting RVD to come out, but this feud certainly gets my vote. Almost a battle of two of the most consistent performers in the WWE. I fear that Van Dam may job, but it would certainly do your WWE Title picture wonders if Van Dam was re-elevated into it.

Ha ha, I guess Estrada was right about Val Venis. He really isn't in the same league as Charlie Haa. Short but sweet follow up segment with Orton and Melina. Her decision really could go either way at this point, but I don't know if Orton really NEEDS a valet.

Good job pushing Cade and Murdoch. You need to build them some more, since you have already lost MNM, and I can't see Umaga and Show as long term competition for AMW, or even a long term team. I'm glad you're not just having Edge suddenly forgive Nitro and Doane, as that would virtually erase what they did at NYR. Uneasy allies though me thinks, and I've still got my money on some kind of Six Man Tag/Stable War at Backlash.

Oh God, I thought AMW had been assaulted at first, but then I saw it was Austin coming down to the ring in his truck. Awesome. You know it's serious when the truck comes out. I'll just say this right off the bat, this promo was sensational. I know that you don't need telling that, as you seem to know Stone Cold like the back of your hand. This was an emotional and angry speech by Austin though, not a comedy one. There was no "WHAT" in there, which was a good decision, as it takes seriousness away in my opinion. I actually thought that Angle might come down, but his lackey Coach was just as good with the distraction. He should fine Austin for that assault Angle destroying the truck was a nice touch, and it seems to give him the edge going into Backlash, where you are obviously setting up a Stone Cold win. If it's Austin's last ever match, then that has to be the result.

One would think that Melina should side with Nitro, since she is his girlfriend. I'm glad that Big Show went over Harris, establishing their dominance even more, as AMW need to go over at Backlash for me. Not enough face teams for Show and 'Maga to feud with, and I'm still looking forward to Umaga/Foley. That's a definate for Backlash I think, Foley screwing the giants out of the titles. Haas joing the group would be quite cool, though I'm not really sure what role he'd play.

Wow, surprisingly good Main Event between Nitro and Orton. I guess Nitro will be resuming his role in the IC dividion, although I'm still extremely wary of him as a face. The aftermath was a blast. Orton is such an awesome heel, why would anyone ever turn him face? Ha ha, good night Melina! Everyone is constantly involved in these brawls, all six men of the RKO/Rated R Armies, so the Six Man Tag is the only option I can see right now for Backlash.

Overall, some great post-Wrestlemania booking that shows exactly why I love this period in the WWE. The one segment you did write between Austin/Coach and Angle was superb, and the Raw side of the Backlash card is shaping up magnificently.

DDMac's SmackDown Feedback

Hell of a way to kick off the show, and really only fitting that the 'wrestling' show SmackDown should start with a match. I thought that Batista would just kill The Hardys, but it was such a pleasant surprise to see Matt and Jeff hang with a former Champ. Matt actually had Big Dave beat until Naitch clocked him with the briefcase. 'Tista needed the momentum heading into Backlash though, so right result. Hopefully Flair continues to feud with The Hardys.

Is Booker now becoming solely a manager for Monty and Elijah? That's a pretty cool idea. Ha ha, you gave us all a real treat here with Lashley killing The Miz. Makes me happy Nice to see the Regal/Lashley feud getting a bit more exposure after Regal screwed Bobby last week. Regal is awesome, but it's obvious that having the title match next week mean no match for either man at Backlash

Wow, you certainly do mark for the Fallen Angel don't you? Surprised to see you write this one out in full, but it was very well written. Daniels really is awesome, and I was looking forward to hearing what his excuse would be. "A fluke". Fair enough. Rey was pretty generic as you would expect, although I liked him bitching CD out with the "Shut Up" line. Really unique concept with Mysterio asking for Chavo to be reinstated if he wins. I can definately see Rey's reign continuing, so I guess we'll be seeing a return from Chavo Daniels will get the title back eventually though I'm sure. The Backlash rematch should be awesome.

Good job inserting Monty and Elijah Burke into the tag division. They could be big. I'm glad that they didn't simply get jobbed, but Helms and Benjamin's run down at the end wad awesome. You are really pushing them as cool and brillaint ... and I approve.

No freaking was??!! Teddy Long is back? And so is Thuggin an Buggin? Ha ha, I never saw that one coming. I thought it was Striker for sure. Teddy is really good fun as a heel {awesome catchphrases} so you should do well with him and Henry. "The Big WHITE Machine" line was classic. Looking forward to see what you do with these two.

Well done, Mac, keep Gregory Helms as the mouthpiece of the duo. He's always been awesome on the mic, whilst Benjy is patchy for the most part. I love their tweenerich arrogance towards The Hooligans. MOTN at Backlash I reckon, though London and Kendrick will likely retain ... for now.

Yay, anything that remotely resembles a push for Jamie Noble makes me happy. I guess this is a nice little tv only feud between him and Sabin, but it will benefit the CW division in the long run as well.

Blimey, you weren't kidding at the top of the page about TNA run ins were you? You did a really good job with the Main Event of keeping both men strong. First KK has it won, but Miz screws him, and then 'Taker has it won, until JOHN CENA {thank god he's back} actually hands Kennedy the win. The final bit of writing was superb:

"Cena then spins Taker around, lifts him up onto his shoulders, and PLANTS HIM WITH THE FU!!! The crowd lets out a thunderous mixed reaction for The Boss, as Cena then looks down at Kennedy and shakes his head, not believing what he’s about to do. Cena then VERY hesitantly grabs Kennedy and brings his archrival on top of The Phenom. Cena then rolls out of the ring and rolls the ref back into the ring. The ref slowly recovers and sees KK on The Undertaker. ONE... … TWO...


It really got over the dilemma of Cena for his two most hated enemies. The aftermatch was brilliant too. Miz is nothing more than a lackey for Naitch and 'Tista? I love it. The high roller indeed. Moment of 2008 in BTB already. Some more sick aftermath for 'Taker too, as he gets his ass planted off the stage. There isn't really any room left for a Cena/'Taker match on Backlash, so I'm guessing The Deadman is going to be out for a little bit, and Cena may simply cut a promo at the PPV? Either way, you proved why it's the best feud going.

Overall, another top notch recap, Mac. Two superb Main Events, an excellent Daniels promo, and one of the best show aftermaths in a long time. Quality leading into Backlash all round
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Heyman Deciple’s Raw Review

Carlito with Mickie James and Beth Phoenix: This was an amazing opening segment between Mickie and Beth’s “Partnership”, JBL coming out and Carlito going out and brawling with him, Victoria jumping the rail and going after Mickie and Trish coming out. All hell broke loose making this a great segment. Leading to Coach coming out and making a Divas tag match.

Trish Stratus & Victoria vs. Mickie James & Beth Phoenix: Too bad this ended with a count out finish but still this seemed like a good solid divas tag match. I liked it.

Paul Heyman and Armando Alejendro Estrada – Charlie Haas: Nice little segment here with Heyman and Estrada screwing with Charlie Haas a little bit before his match.

MVP Video: Video plays, hyping up the Raw debut of MVP, which sounds good to me. I’m already looking forward to next week and seeing how you use MVP on the Raw brand.

Shawn Michaels – Rob Van Dam: This was good as RVD challenges Shawn to a match at Backlash, which I’m looking forward to.

Charlie Haas vs. Val Venis: looks like a pretty solid match with Charlie Haas picking up the submission victory. After the match Haas holds on to the hold for a little longer, maybe foreshadowing a new mean streak for Charlie Haas.

Randy Orton, Joey Mercury, & Charlie Haas – Melina: Melina arrives and she is told by Orton and his army that she pretty much will have to decide who’s side she is on. I liked this as this was the beginning of a running theme through out the rest of the show, leading up to the main event.

Red Neck Wrecking Crew vs. Jim Duggan & Eugene: Solid match with the Wrecking Crew getting the win, which makes me happy as I don’t like Jim Duggan.

Edge & Lita – Kenny Doane & Johnny Nitro: Nice segment here as we have a little follow up with the storyline leading into the main event as Nitro and Doane ask Edge to join them and Edge tells them as politely as he can to get the hell out. Good stuff, right here.

AMW Interview: We have an interview with AMW, which leads into the awesome arrival of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin delivers a great promo and calls out Kurt Angle but instead we get the Coach. This leads to Austin chasing after the Coach and catching him back stage and just then Angle appears on the monitor and smashes up Austin’s truck. All in all this was a great segment, that builds up the I quit match at Backlash really well.

Melina – Johnny Nitro & Kenny Doane: More main event storyline follow up as Nitro and Doane tell Melina basically the same thing Orton and his crew did. That she’s going to have to decide who she’s with. I am really enjoying how this angle is playing out.

Big Show vs. Chris Harris: Nice match with Big show getting the win, I was rooting for a possible upset win for Harris but still it was a good win for the Big Show, as Charlie Haas looks on backstage.

Randy Orton vs. Johnny Nitro: Okay here we are the Main Event. Nitro put up a good fight but ultimately he fell to Randy Orton. After the match Orton along with Chris Masters and Joey Mercury continue to attack Nitro, which brings out Kenny Doane but he’s no real help. So out comes Melina to beg Orton not to hurt Johnny Nitro but then she winds up getting hit with the RKO, which is awesome. Soon after here comes Edge and after Orton bails Edge clears the ring looking really badass.

This was a good show; I give it 9 Out of 10.

Heyman Deciple’s SmackDown Review

Batista & Ric Flair vs. Hardy Boys: Looks like a good match in which Flair and Batista got the win.

Booker T – Elijah Burke & Monty Brown: Nice short segment here as Booker motivates and hypes up Monty Brown & Elijah Burke going into their non-title match with the Hooligans.

Bobby Lashley vs. Miz: Miz takes a beating, which I enjoy and William Regal then comes out after the match and challenges Lashley to face him with the U. S. Title on the line next week.

Undertaker Video: This was good as it was a nice way to hype up the Main Event later in the show.

Christopher Daniels – Rey Mysterio: Daniels cuts a really good promo that brings out Rey Mysterio and sets up a future Cruiserweight Title match in which if Rey wins, Chavo can come back to Smackdown. I usually like Rey and Chavo but I find myself rooting for the Fallen Angel in this feud.

Hooligans vs. Elijah Burke & Monty Brown: Solid match which ended in a disqualification thanks to interference from Booker T, after the match Shelton Benjamin and Gregory Helms come out to make the save and then just walk out. Badass indeed.

Batista – Mr. Kennedy: Short segment here with Batista wishing Kennedy good luck against the Undertaker. Because he’s going to need it.

Mark Henry and Teddy Long: This was great as the big reveal of Teddy Long as the mystery man was well done. Teddy’s promo was just flat out amazing, “Too tan for the Man” I love that line too.

Hooligans – Shelton Benjamin & Gregory Helms: This was fun as Benjamin & Helms came off the cocky, arrogant asses, yet I still liked them and found it funny that the Hooligans got so pissed off. Good stuff.

Jamie Noble vs. Funaki: Nice win for Jamie Noble getting him back on track and then after the match out comes Chris Sabin but Noble is able to coolly just walk away.

CM Punk Video: So Punk arrives to SmackDown next week, awesome.

Kennedy promo: I enjoyed the fact that just when Kennedy was hitting his promo closer the lights began to flicker.

Mr. Kennedy vs. Undertaker: This was a great main event with a hot finish. Just when it looked like Kennedy had the match won, The Miz drops the referee so Kennedy goes after him and Kennedy winds up getting choke slammed by the Undertaker soon after that John Cena appears and FU’s The Undertaker and reluctantly put Kennedy on top, which I thought was great as it really showed that John Cena was no fan of Mr. Kennedy. So Kennedy wins the match and goes back after the Miz but gets whacked in the head by Batista with the Money in the Bank brief case. Miz then gets paid off by Flair and tries to hug Batista but Batista wants nothing to do with the Miz which I found funny. Back in the ring, Cena then FU’s the Undertaker from the top rope to the floor. Cena next attempts to FU the Undertaker off the stage but Undertaker gets out of it and is now about to choke slam Cena off the stage but Cena manages to get out of that with a kick to the groin and then FU’s the Undertaker off the stage. Which was just an amazing way to end the show.

I give this show, a 9 out of 10.

Overall these were two really good well done shows, that I enjoyed reading.

And if you feel like giving my BTB a look sometime that would be appreciated, Thanks.

Not currently watching WWE... I refuse to continue to be part of the problem by supporting something I do not enjoy.

To get my PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING fix, I am currently spending my money on independent wrestling and listening to the following podcasts:

Solomonster Sounds Off
Wrestling Soup
Don Tony & Kevin Castle

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Originally Posted by Wrestling Observer Newsletter
With the recent contraction of WWE Pay-Per-Views, each PPV offering (besides WrestleMania) will be three and a half hours long - extended by thirty minutes over the previous time and therefore starting at 7:30PM (ET time) instead of 8PM. Insiders cite the overabundance of talent on the combined rosters as the main reason for the change.

Apparently, Shawn Michaels isn’t accepting his new feud with Rob Van Dam too well. He considers the feud a demotion since RVD hasn’t been treated as a main event player in a long while and Michaels was in the WWE Title Match at WrestleMania 23. It’ll be interesting to see the outcome of their Backlash match as it will pretty much tell the story of which direction each wrestler will be headed in.

Sources within the WWE state that the recent bad luck and miscommunication between King Booker and his Court (Burke and Brown) isn’t the beginning of a split, but the start of a new phase for Booker and his group.

The angle to close SmackDown, which saw John Cena cost The Undertaker a World Title Match before FUing him off of a stage was not only a way to get Cena his heat back after losing to Undertaker at WrestleMania, and continue the feud, but was a way to write The Phenom off of television for the time being. A few years ago (or even months ago) it was almost inconceivable that both Triple H and The Undertaker could take extended leaves of absence, especially with both on the same brand. But with the emergence of Batista, John Cena, and Mr. Kennedy as true-blue main event players, as well as the presence of The Rock for the time being, the SmackDown brand looks to be in good shape.

Originally Posted by wwe.com
Jonathan Coachman, the general manager of Monday Night Raw, has just added another match to the Raw side of the Backlash Pay-Per-View. The WWE Champion ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton will team up with his RKO Army, Chris Masters and Joey Mercury, to take on ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge, the twenty year-old phenom Ken Doane and Johnny Nitro in a six man tag team match being called “The Rated R Challenge”. The stipulation goes as follows: If Edge’s team wins, Edge gets a WWE Title Match in the upcoming month of May. If Orton’s team wins, Orton is allowed to choose his next challenger.

Current Card for WWE Backlash:
Date: April 29th, 2007
Location: Phillips Arena; Atlanta, Georgia
Event Music: Daughtry; There and Back Again

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Mr. Kennedy vs. ‘The Animal’ Batista
w/Ric Flair II

“I Quit” Match; Unfinished Business:
‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin vs. ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle

The Rated R Challenge; Six Man Tag Team Match:
‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton, Chris Masters and Joey Mercury vs.
‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge
w/Lita, Ken Doane and Johnny Nitro w/Melina
{If Edge’s team wins, Edge gets a WWE Title shot. If Orton’s team wins, Orton chooses his own challenger for the title.}


Cruiserweight Championship Match; Title vs. Reinstatement:
Rey Mysterio vs. Christopher Daniels
w/Allison Danger
{If Mysterio wins, Chavo Guerrero is reinstated to the WWE}

The Showstopper vs. The Whole Dam Show:
‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels vs. Rob Van Dam
w/Bill Alfonso

WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
The Hooligans vs. Shelton Benjamin & Gregory Helms

World Tag Team Championship Match:
America’s Most Wanted
w/Gail Kim vs. Big Show & Umaga w/Heyman & AAE


Thanks for the reviews, Legend and hd. Still haven't returned Spart's review from last week. Lazy, imo. Raw + SD recaps soon enough.



Cash and Mac talk the nuances of statutory vs. pedophilia, hispanics and strollers, Bill Burr's "transmisogyny", and DeezNuts2016.
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

- Good to hear the PPVs will be going 3 and 1/2 hours. I was a little worried when you had such a light PPV schedule but I think it will work well.

- I didn't expect Michaels to drop out of the main event scene so soon. Him going against RVD could just be a way to get RVD back into the main event division, which I support.

- Interested to see where Booker, Brown, and Burke go from here. I hope the royal gimmick is dropped, not a fan.

- I knew Cena would come back and screw Taker but I didn't expect Taker to be off tv for a few months. Glad to see Cena, Batista, and Kennedy getting the majority of the attention. Triple H and Taker should be back when The Rock leaves.

- The 6-man tag team match is a good idea and I see Edge's team picking up the win and he gets a shot on RAW.

Backlash card looks great and I look forward to the next shoes.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Monday Night RAW; April 16th, 2007:

After the pyro display and opening video, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and a returning Michael Cole welcome us to the program. Cole, filling in for the injured J.R. this week, announces our two main events, Edge vs. Joey Mercury and a mixed tag team match - HBK, JBL, & Mickie James vs. Carlito, RVD & Victoria.

The first match of the night sees the World Tag Team Champions America’s Most Wanted take on The Redneck Wrecking Crew in a non-title match. Cade and Murdoch hang with the tag champions until the very end where it looks as if AMW will put Cade away with the Death Sentence … but Armando Estrada, Paul Heyman, The Big Show and Umaga step out onto the stage. The distraction allow C&M to take advantage, knocking Harris from the top turnbuckle and hitting The Sweet ‘n’ Sour on Storm for the three count at 9:11.
After the match, The Big Show & Umaga want to go down to the ring, ready for action, but Estrada and Heyman hold them back, saving all of their pent-up aggression for Backlash.


SmackDown Rebound:
~ Batista and Flair def. The Hardys.
~ U.S. Title - Lashley vs. Regal set for next week.
~ Title vs. Reinstatement of Chavo - Mysterio vs. Daniels II is set for Backlash.
~ Teddy Long returns by Mark Henry’s side, cutting a biting promo on the racist WWE.
~ John Cena returns, taking out The Undertaker, costing him a World Title Match against Kennedy and then FUing Taker off of the stage.

Backstage, Estrada and Heyman walk down a hallway and discuss their post-Backlash, post World Tag Title win plans when Charlie Haas walks by. Heyman and Estrada ask him what he’ll be doing on the show tonight, and Haas merely frowns, not scheduled for competition tonight. AAE once again reminds him of what he has to do if he wants to be a winner, before he and Heyman walk off.

In the second match of the night, Luther Reigns faces Hacksaw Jim Duggan. As one would imagine, it’s far from pretty, but Reigns picks up the quick victory, hitting a modified neck breaker for a three count at 3:56.


Backstage, Edge, Ken Doane, Johnny Nitro and Melina (complete with neck brace from her RKO last week) talk. The Rated R Superstar lets it be known that he doesn’t trust any of them, but he knows that they all want Randy Orton. Edge concludes with ‘Watch my back tonight, help me win the six man tag at Backlash and then let’s be on our merry way.’

Inside the ring, Jonathan Coachman, stands by with the three lovely ladies that we’ve seen in vignettes recently, Kelly, Layla and Brooke, all three holding cue cards. The three flip their cards over, revealing ‘M’, ‘V’, ‘P’, respectively and Coachman introduces us to Raw’s newest signing, Montel Vontavious Porter! “I’m Comin’” hits to a bit of heat and out comes MVP to a tremendous amount of pyro, dawned in a white suit.
With his gorgeous ladies around him, Porter speaks, touting himself as not only the highest-paid but BEST acquisition in Monday Night Raw history. MVP continues to put himself over rather liberally for a few minutes until … EUGENE makes his way down to the ring. Eugene goes through his routine, mocking Porter with childish antics. Embarrassed, MVP has had enough and cheap shots Eugene, taking him down! Porter then stomps away on poor, helpless Eugene, really putting the boots to him! Finally, Hacksaw Jim Duggan lumbers down to the ring, carrying a 2x4 and Porter leaves with his Posh Playgirls back up the ramp to heat.


Backstage, John Bradshaw Layfield talks with the Women’s Champion Mickie James and Beth Phoenix. JBL attempts to talk strategy but Mickie doesn’t seem to be focused on him, rather, focused on Beth. Bradshaw goes off, telling the two ‘rug munchers’ to stay the hell out of his way tonight because he doesn’t plan on losing a possible shot at the Intercontinental Championship because Mickie and Beth would rather audition for “The L-Word” instead of winning a match. JBL then storms out.

Our third match of the night features the death-defying Sabu against Ryan McKenzie. Sabu runs through him, finishing him off with a DDT and guillotine leg drop for the easy victory at 4:01.


When we return, The Wrestling Machine Kurt Angle makes his way down to the ring to a tremendous amount of heat. Angle grabs himself a mic and informs the live audience that Stone Cold Steve Austin will not be here tonight. The Olympian suggests that it’ll be better that way, considering if Austin was here tonight, he’d come after Angle for beating down J.R. two weeks ago and smashing up his truck last week, and if Austin was to come after him, he’d be forced to end the career of The Rattlesnake before April 29th. The crowd boos Angle wildly … before erupting into cheers as Stone Cold Steve Austin appears on the titantron.
Austin can’t stop smiling as he talks about all the stuff Angle has put him through since the Royal Rumble. Austin states that when Stone Cold wrestles his last match - I Quit - against Angle at Backlash, it’s gonna be the most fun he’s had “whuppin’ ass” in a long time. Angle tells Austin that he recognizes the scenery behind The Rattlesnake and Austin responds brashly “you do?”.
Austin then rubs his chin and Angle notices that he has BLOOD on his hand. Stone Cold said that he’s in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and he got Angle a little pre-Backlash present. The camera pans back as Austin reaches down and lifts the head up of an unconscious and bloody ERIC ANGLE!! Kurt’s overcome with emotion - anger, sadness, shock - as Austin tells Kurt to get ready for the worst night of his life come Backlash. Stone Cold then delivers his Bottom Line catchphrase before delivering a nasty shot to Eric’s bloody face and then a stomp, before walking off.
Angle goes nuts, leaving the ring, kicking over steel steps, ripping up the announce table before we fade out.


Backstage, MVP and the P3 walk down a hallway, past several Raw superstars, all who give Porter rather dirty looks for his actions here tonight. Porter stops at one man, who doesn’t seem too care much either way … Luther Reigns. MVP asks Reigns why he’s not ‘grilling him like all the rest of these haters’ and Reigns responds with a simple ‘you gotta do what you gotta do’. MVP nods and smirks before he asks to do some business with Reigns as we fade out.

Maria interviews Shawn Michaels about his upcoming six person tag as well as his match with Rob Van Dam at Backlash. HBK and Maria go through their ‘stupid’ routine before Michaels states that at Backlash he’ll show Rob Van Dam why he’s the legend and why Rob Van Dam has stayed stagnant, stayed uneventful and more importantly, has stayed in the middle of the pack for the last ten years. “At Backlash, The Showstopper STOPS the Whole Dam Show”.


Up next, we get our fifth match of the night, the semi main event, a six person tag team match up pitting Shawn Michaels, JBL and Mickie James against Victoria, RVD and the IC Champion Carlito. Solid match up which ends with HBK taking a walk towards the end of the match up, wanting no part of RVD, at least not tonight, but Van Dam gives chase to the back. This leads to Bradshaw rolling up Carlito, grabbing the ropes, for the three count @ 13:39.

Backstage, Randy Orton fires up Joey Mercury a bit, getting the former tag team specialist ready to put a hurting on The Rated R Superstar. The three (incl. Chris Masters) then leave the locker room.


Before the main event, Cole and King announce that next week J.R. will be back, but more importantly than that, it will be Stone Cold Steve Austin’s FINAL Raw appearance before he wrestles his last match at Backlash! Not only that, but he and Angle will both be in the arena at the same time next week! Also, in a match that many have wanted to see for some time now, the 20-year old phenom Ken Doane takes on the WWE Champion, ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton!

In our main event, ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge takes on Joey Mercury with every major member involved in this angle at ringside - Orton, Doane, Masters, Nitro, Melina and Lita. Solid match up, with quite a bit of interference, however. The finish comes when Edge hits the Spear on Mercury, going for the pinfall and getting the three count at 9:17.
All hell breaks loose.
Masters and Orton enter the ring and immediately begin to attack Edge. Nitro and Doane then slide in and the three-on-three brawl is on! Mercury and Nitro end up brawling to the outside as do Masters and Doane. Subsequently, Edge and Randy Orton are left one on one in the ring. Edge is clearly worn down though, and The Legend Killer takes him down easily with a dropkick. Orton then begins to stalk Edge, ready to drop him with an RKO … but Lita grabs his leg!
Orton turns around to Lita angrily while Melina steps in on the opposite side. Orton shakes his free leg loose from Lita but is soon struck by a low blow from Melina! The Legend Killer clutches himself as The Rated R Superstar gets back up to his feet. Melina steps aside and Edge charges ahead before he takes Orton down with a SPEAR!! Edge gets down into Orton’s face, talking up a storm with his trademark semi-sadistic smile as Cole and Lawler take us out.



Friday Night SmackDown!; April 20th, 2007:

Joey Styles and Tazz welcome us to the program, hyping our huge show tonight, featuring Burke/Brown vs. Benjamin/Helms, Daniels/Noble vs. Sabin/Mysterio, CM Punk’s debut and the Lashley/Regal U.S. Title match.


Immediately, the audience explodes into a thunderous mixed reaction as ‘The Boss’ John Cena steps out onto the stage, dressed causally even for him, wearing army-fatigue pants without a shirt, an army cap, his dog tags, a pair of shades, and a grin. Cena slides into the ring and is handed a mic from Tony Chimel as his music dies down.

John Cena: Wrestle-

Before Cena can even manage to get a word out, a “Cena Sucks” chant breaks out, causing Cena to shake his head. Soon the chants become a mix of “Lets Go Cena, Cena Sucks” chants with the crowd split over The Boss. Cena waits for them to die down before talking.

John Cena: WrestleMania 23 - you guys have heard about it every waking moment since. “Nobody has come as close as to ending The Undertaker’s winning streak as John Cena did.” “It was incredible, John Cena was almost the guy to dethrone the almighty Undertaker at WrestleMania.” And even though John Cena did do something different by making The Phenom pass out-

Cena begins laughing a bit, holding his head down … before quickly snapping it back up with a fury.


Cena shakes a bit with intensity, getting riled up. He calms himself down and brings the mic back up to his mouth.

John Cena: John Cena’s not average, John Cena’s not routine, John Cena’s not ordinary, John Cena’s EXTRAORDINARY and I proved it last week when I sent Taker to hell in a hand basket via a 20 foot drop off of the stage!!

Another loud mixed reaction - this time leaning towards heat as Cena glares at the hard camera through his shades. Cena then slowly turns to the titantron as the video plays…

Taker GRABS HIM - AND HITS THE CHOKESLAM!!! Taker covers him … … but there’s no referee!!
Taker then gets up and looks down at the outside to see the ref unconscious. The Phenom shakes his head and prepares to revive him -- BUT HE’S ATTACKED FROM BEHIND BY JOHN CENA!!!

Cena then spins Taker around, lifts him up onto his shoulders, and PLANTS HIM WITH THE FU!!! The crowd lets out a thunderous mixed reaction for The Boss, as Cena then looks down at Kennedy and shakes his head, not believing what he’s about to do. Cena then VERY hesitantly grabs Kennedy and brings his archrival on top of The Phenom. Cena then rolls out of the ring and rolls the ref back into the ring. The ref slowly recovers and sees KK on The Undertaker. ONE … TWO … THREE!!

Cena and Taker get to the top of the stage and Cena moves towards the edge on the right side of it - looking to FU TAKER OFF OF THE STAGE - but Taker comes alive, fighting off of Cena’s shoulders and landing behind him! He turns Cena around and drills him with a couple of hard rights!! Taker then wraps his hand around Cena’s throat - LOOKING TO CHOKESLAM CENA - POSSIBLY OFF OF THE STAGE - but Cena hits a sharp kick to the crotch!!

Taker’s grip is released and he holds himself as Cena shakes off the blows. Cena then grabs The Phenom and lifts him onto his shoulders … BEFORE HE FUS THE UNDERTAKER OFF OF THE STAGE, TO THE FLOOR!!!!

A thunderous “HOLY SHIT” chant rings out as The Undertaker lies unconscious among broken tables, cords and the such, as The Doctor of Thuganomics stares down at his handiwork, emotionless.

Back to real time.

John Cena: It doesn’t matter who it is, John Cena may lose a battle but The Boss NEVER loses the war, remember that. Taker, you can use that little piece of advice for a later time.

Cena takes off his shades and hangs them on his camouflage pants. An ‘Asshole’ chant starts up, causing Cena to smirk, waiting for them to die down. The crowd finally stop and he continues.

John Cena: And with The Phenom out of the way, six feet under, it’s time for me to move on to bigger and better things. Because … everybody around this place seems to have forgotten that I’m the baddest SOB walking around this place.

Mixed reaction.

John Cena:
I’ve done it all and beaten them all. From Triple H, to Kurt Angle, to King Booker, to Mr. Kennedy, to - oh, and by the way, Kennedy, you can thank me for saving your championship some other time.

Cena lets out a knowing smirk.

John Cena: I’ve beaten them all … but its about time that The Doctor of Thuganomics got back to handling business the good ole fashioned way. Stephanie, line ‘em up and I’ll sit ‘em down.

Mixed reaction

John Cena: I’m going to completely CRUSH whoever the hell is put in front of me until John Cena’s name is at the top of that #1 contender’s list and the World Heavyweight Championship comes around … MY … waist!

Another mixed reaction.



A booming ovation fills the arena as THE ROCK steps out onto the stage, dressed in a black leather vest and leather pants (His ‘Hollywood’ look) and a pair of shades. John Cena looks on skeptically as The People’s Champion walks down the entrance ramp, eventually climbing up the steel steps.

Rocky steps into the ring and he comes face to face with Cena for the first time ever! The crowd immediately leaps up to it’s feet as Rock and Cena share an electric stare down before Rock walks over, calling for a microphone. He soon gets one as his music dies down.


Thunderous cheap pop as The Rock turns to face Cena.

The Rock: John Cena, you come out here and you run your mouth. Talking about how you’re special, one of a kind. Bragging about taking The Undertaker and dumping him off of a stage. You think that makes you tough? That’s making an impact? You honestly think that makes you … The Boss?

John Cena: I’m not even -


Tremendous pop for The Rock as Cena’s jaw tightens, glaring at The People’s Champion.

The Rock: Everybody wants to make their mark, talking about it’s their time and their era. Batista says it’s his era, Edge says it’s his, Orton says it, you say it, Mr. Kennedy says it. Well, THE ROCK says this, to be the man, you gotta beat the man (WOOOO from the crowd) and World Title belt or no World Championship belt, “The Man” is still … THE ROCK!!!

Huge pop as The Rock gets into the face of Cena. The Boss doesn’t back down an inch as he stares into the face of an icon.

The Rock:
So, Cena, if you wanna make an impact, if you wanna start “crushing” whoever is put in front of you, let The Rock let you know … The Rock wants some … and The Rock’s coming to get some.

Crowd continues to cheer. The Rock takes off his sunglasses and inches even close to the face of The Boss.

The Rock:
Just … bring it.

Rock and Cena to look into the eyes of one another - tension building, before John Cena backs away and walks around a bit.

John Cena: Well, let me lay it out for you, Rock. You want this comeback tour of yours to end on a bad note, you want your return ride to end with you flat on your back, coughing up blood, you want this little show of yours to end with my foot on your chest in the middle of this ring?

Rock smiles a bit, laughing, before stopping almost immediately.

The Rock: Try me.

Cena lets out a smile as the crowd continues to buzz.

John Cena:
I’ll be more than happy to take you out to Pasteur, homeboy. Me, you, for the FIRST TIME EVER at Backlash. You’re on!

The crowd pops, though not as loudly as previously, clearly wanting this mega match to take place tonight.

Rocky nods a bit before putting his shades back on with a smile. Cena holds his hand out, wanting to shake the hand of The People’s Champion. Rock looks around a bit before deciding to shake Cena’s hand … but The Boss pulls away, waving his hand in front of his face! Cena states “You can’t see me” before rolling out of the ring and heading back up the ramp as The Rock looks on.


The first match of the night sees ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels team up with Jamie Noble to take on Chris Sabin and Rey Mysterio. Strong, fast-paced match up to kick off the night. The finish comes when Mysterio leaps off of the top turnbuckle to the outside, taking Daniels down with an incredible plancha, leaving Sabin and Noble, the legal men, in the ring. Sabin lifts Noble onto his shoulders, going for the Cradle Shock, but Noble counters, landing behind and rolling Sabin up. Noble then reaches back and grabs the ropes for leverage, getting the pinfall victory at 10:33.
On the outside, Mysterio and Daniels continue to swing away on each other as Noble rolls out of the ring, smirking at Sabin.

Cut to a video vignette, hyping the upcoming debut of the Straight Edge Superstar, CM Punk - TONIGHT.


Backstage, ‘The Animal’ Batista and Mr. Money in the Bank, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair, arrive to the arena, dressed as smartly as always.

In the second match of the night, we get the New King’s Court of Elijah Burke and Monty Brown (w/Booker & Sharmell) take on the former WWE Tag Team Champions Shelton Benjamin and Gregory Helms. Despite no official face turn, the crowd is very much behind Shelton and Helms who continue to impress with their in-ring work. The finish comes when Benjamin hits a quick T-Bone on Burke and Helms follows that up with the Shining Wizard for the pinfall victory at 7:31.
After the match, King Booker grabs himself the microphone and tells Burke and Brown that it sure as hell isn’t ending like that, and right on cue, The New King’s Court are ready to go back on the attack! Booker also slides in and the three on two beat down commences. Eventually though, the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Hooligans, sprint down to the ring and slide in!! With the odds against them, Booker and company are soon cleared from the ring! London and Kendrick stare at Benjamin and Helms, but the former WWE Tag Team Champions aren’t too appreciative, nodding before quickly rolling out of the ring.



The crowd lets out a loud mixed reaction which soon deteriorates into big time heat as the former World Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Animal’ Batista and ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair dressed in sharp black suits - Big Dave wearing a pair of shades while Slick Ric carries his MITB briefcase. Batista sets off his mammoth pyro as Flair lets out a “WOOO” and the two continue on down to the ring.

The crowd boos the WWE’s power duo as both men step into the ring. Flair sets his briefcase down into the corner and calls for a mic. Tony Chimel soon gets off his ass and hands him one as the music of The Animal dies down.

Ric Flair:
(Putting his hand on Batista’s shoulder) Big Dave … ha-ha, WOOOO, what a show we had last week here on SmackDown!

Batista nods and smiles a bit.

Ric Flair: First up, you and I, showed the Hardy Boys EXACTLY why they were not in the league of The Nature Boy Ric Flair and Dave Batista.

Crowd boos

Ric Flair: And then … and then Mr. Kennedy-

KENNEDY; Batista and Flair roll their eyes before Naitch continues.

Ric Flair:
Got laid out, flat on his back, looking up at the lights!

Boos from the audience.

Ric Flair: But, Kennedy, make no mistake about it, that’s only the beginning! Because in nine short days, nine VERY short days, you’re gonna lose that World Heavyweight Championship!

Crowd boos

Ric Flair: The big man let you borrow it, you’ve had a nice couple of weeks, a really nice story, fairy tale dream, made a name for yourself, but believe me, it comes to a very abrupt end at Backlash.

Flair walks around the ring for a bit, garnering a couple of WOOOS from the crowd.

Ric Flair: I can admit it! At WrestleMania, you were good! No, you were GREAT!! Busted the big man WIDE OPEN!! Busted The Nature Boy WIDE OPEN!! You were ready for every tactic!! You were ready for every curveball! And you showed more guts than anybody that ever fought the big man!! And fluke or not, beating Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship - ANY CHAMPIONSHIP, is something that has NEVER been done before and for THAT - for that Mr. Kennedy, you deserve all the praise in the world.

The crowd applauds a bit, liking the honesty shown by The Nature Boy. But Flair soon smirks a bit.

Ric Flair: BUT, if you think by the grace of GOD ALMIGHTY that you’re gonna manage to beat Batista, this animal, this killer - think you’re gonna beat him twice in a period of a MONTH, you’ve got the wakeup call of a lifetime coming! Nobody beats Batista TWICE!! Legends don’t do it, Icons don’t do it, Champions don’t do it, NOBODY!! WHY!? Because he is the most dominant force that this industry has ever seen!!

Flair snatches off his jacket to ‘WOOO’s from the crowd as Batista watches intently.

Ric Flair: Batista DESTROYED Triple H, DESTROYED The Rock, DESTROYED Kurt Angle, DESTROYED Mark Henry, and whether you want to believe it or not … he’s gonna destroy you too!! He’s beaten everybody he’s fought at least once and that’s no fluke, that’s being great! And greatness will beat luck … each … and every … time. WOOOOO!!! WOOOO!!! WOOOO!!!


Everyone’s attention turns to the stage as the World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Kennedy steps out onto the stage, receiving a phenomenal ovation from the sold-out crowd. Carrying the World Title belt on his shoulder, KK, dressed to compete with a ‘Say it Loud, Say it Proud’ T-shirt on top, has a microphone in hand.

The music dies down and Batista and The Nature Boy watch on as Kennedy brings the mic up to his mouth.

Mr. Kennedy: Ric, you know I hate to interrupt you having yet another heart attack but I noticed that a lot of what you said concerned moi. So let me put a couple of concerns of yours to rest.

Kennedy walks back and forth on the stage a bit, seemingly collecting his thoughts.

Mr. Kennedy: First and foremost, Batista, you swing a briefcase like a girl.

The crowd laughs and begins to applaud as Batista takes the microphone from Flair.

Batista: That knot on your head says otherwise.

KK smirks.

Mr. Kennedy: Be that as it may, that’s only one of my many points. The second being … I’m not losing a damn thing at Backlash.

Crowd cheers while Naitch and The Animal shake their heads with a smile.

Mr. Kennedy:
You can go on and on about how you’ve never been beaten by the second time you face someone, and you beat everybody at least once, and when Ric rubs your belly three times, you become some kind of a genie, and once he washes your balls, you’re unstoppable and -

Flair goes nuts in the ring and Batista just stares a whole through Kennedy as the crowd laughs. KK lets out a knowing smirk.

Mr. Kennedy:
All of that means nothing. You never lost a World Title Match before WrestleMania … but I beat your ass, didn’t I?

Great pop

Mr. Kennedy:
I never had a World Title Match, never had a Pay-Per-View main event, never even been at a WrestleMania, let alone win a WrestleMania match, but I left that building with the World Heavyweight Championship, didn’t I?

Huge pop

Mr. Kennedy: So don’t tell me about these stats you’ve got lined up, because come Backlash, April 29th, in the Phillips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia, you’re not stepping into that ring with a record book. You’re not stepping into that ring with these past icons and legends that you’ve beaten. You’re stepping into the ring with the man that beat you up, beat you down, bloodied you, and took your World Heavyweight Championship on the grandest stage of them all.

Incredible pop for KK as Batista fumes in the ring.

Mr. Kennedy: You’re stepping into the ring … with MMMMIISTERRRRRRRRR KENNEDYYYY!!!

KK stops, rubs his title, and looks back into the ring.

Mr. Kennedy:
KEN - NA - DAY!!!

Another tremendous pop from the crowd as Kennedy looks to turn around. Batista shakes his head in disgust.

Batista: You know what?

KK turns around to face Batista as The Animal takes off his shades and jacket to a nice pop. Kennedy raises an eyebrow.

Batista: You talk a big game … but I know you’re a joke, Ric knows you’re a joke and everybody in this building knows you’re a joke.

Batista rips his shirt off with one clean swoop, sending buttons flying everywhere. Dave tosses it to the ground and angrily looks at Kennedy.

Batista: So get your ass down to this ring, and I’ll be more than happy to slap that damn smile off of your face and show you just how serious I am.

Batista tosses the mic down and calls Kennedy in as Flair watches on, wanting himself a piece of the World Champion as well. KK takes the title belt off of his shoulder and into his hand before walking down to the ring to a monster ovation!

Kennedy makes it to about the halfway point of the ramp before … THE MIZ attacks him from behind!! Yes, The Miz … again.

Batista and Naitch smile wildly as Miz lifts Kennedy up and tosses him into the ring before following. KK fights passionately, throwing right hands at Batista and Flair but it’s of no use as the two go to town, wailing away on the back of the champion, quickly taking him down to the canvas.

After a rather brutal stomping period, The Animal lifts Kennedy between his legs - looking for the DEMON BOMB … but the HARDYS sprint down to the ring!! Flair and Miz see them coming and quickly roll out of the ring! Batista on the other hand angrily glares at the two superstars before flailing his arm at them and calmly walking out.

As Matt and Jeff attend to Mr. Kennedy, Miz attempts to wrap his arms around Batista and Flair, but they snatch away with Big Dave saying “Get the fuck off of me”. The three make it to the midway point of the ramp when…


The attention of Batista, KK, Flair, Miz, Matt, Jeff and the crowd all turn to the general manager of SmackDown, Stephanie McMahon, steps out onto the stage in a low cut black suit, microphone in hand.

Stephanie McMahon: So, Miz, you want to hang with the big boys? You, uh, want your ‘time in the spotlight’ as you put it two weeks ago?

Miz nods, without much confidence though.

Stephanie McMahon: You’ve got your chance here tonight.

The crowd begins to buzz as Miz gulps.

Stephanie McMahon: Tonight, we will see The Miz go one on one … against the World Heavyweight Champion, MR. KENNEDY!!!

The crowd roars as Miz shakes his head in disbelief. Batista and Flair take off, not giving a crap about The Miz as KK picks up one of the mics.

Mr. Kennedy: KEN - NA - DAY!!!

Kennedy tosses the mic down and his music hits as Miz holds his head down. Styles and Tazz hype that match before hyping the huge United States Title match coming up next, Bobby Lashley defending against William Regal.


Backstage, Steve Romero cuts an interview with The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels which sees the former Cruiserweight Champion state that Rey Mysterio will leave Backlash with nothing - no Cruiserweight Title, no one-up on the Fallen Angel, no mystique, and his best friend, Chavo Guerrero, will still have no job with the WWE.

Up next, the U.S. Title match between Bobby Lashley and William Regal. The U.S. Champion Regal put on a strong match up with The Real Deal continuing to improve in the ring while Regal is as impressive as he always is. The finish comes when Lashley manages to roll out of an attempted Regal Stretch and pops back up to his feet. Regal charges and The Real Deal lifts him up onto his shoulder, before he charges forward and plants Regal with the Running Powerslam!! Lashley covers him … but MARK HENRY STEPS INTO THE RING!!!
Henry then delivers a nasty stomp to the back of Lashley’s head!! Teddy Long shouts out directions as Henry lifts Lashley up and takes him down with a short-arm clothesline! Henry then lifts him up and presses him over his head before tossing the United States champ over the top rope and out of the ring!!!! The crowd groans but the damage is far from done as Regal staggers up. Sir William turns around and Henry muscles him up before planting him with The World’s Strongest Slam!!! Long grabs the United States Championship from the timekeeper and steps into the ring, doing his trademark jig as we fade out.


Raw Rebound
~ MVP debuts with his P3, assaulting Eugene.
~ Austin gets revenge on Angle for J.R. a couple of weeks ago by bloodying Eric Angle.
~ Edge’s “group” brawls with Orton’s RKO Army, ending with Edge spearing Orton.

In the semi-main event, The Rock takes on ‘The Fighting Irish Bastard’ Finlay with John Cena watching from the announce table. Throughout the match, Cena trashes The Rock on commentary, calling him yesterday’s news, washed up, and the such. Though Finlay puts up a hell of a fight, seemingly having the match won on several occasions, it’s The Great One who pulls out the victory, planting Finlay with The Rock Bottom for the pinfall victory at 13:11.
After the match, John Cena gets up from his seat, talking trash and The Rock calls him, telling The Boss to ‘Just Bring It’. Cena does what he’s told, sliding into the ring and the two superstars come face to face once more!! The crowd gets up to it’s feet with anticipation but it’s all for naught as several officials run down to the ring, getting in between the two superstars.


Stephanie McMahon shuffles through paper’s inside of her office, before Mark Henry and Teddy Long make their presence known. Steph demands to know what the hell was going on with the attack on Lashley and Regal earlier tonight. Long states that it’s time to send crackas like her a message and what better way than to take out an “English cracka and a house nig-” Steph quickly cuts him off, stating that if he has so much to say, next week it’ll be Lashley & Regal against Mark Henry … and Teddy Long! The crowd cheers wildly as Long goes crazy, screaming racism before we cut back to ringside.

In the fifth match of the night, CM PUNK DEBUTS, taking on Biohazard (jobber, tbh). While Tazz and Styles put over the credibility of Punk and mention his Straightedge lifestyle, Punk runs through his opponent, showing off his arsenal, before finishing the outclassed wrestler with the Go To Sleep for the pinfall at 2:45.

Backstage, the World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Kennedy talks with the Hardys. Matt and Jeff wish him good luck, stating they’ll have his back if Batista & Flair get involved. KK walks off and as soon as he’s out of sight, FLAIR AND BATISTA LAY WASTE TO THE HARDYS, CRUSHING THEM WITH MULTIPLE CHAIR SHOTS!! Matt and Jeff lie on the ground motionless as Batista and Flair toss the chairs to the ground, smirk, and head towards ringside…


In the main event, as to be expected, the World Champ Kennedy makes relatively short work of Miz, shaking off what short sustained offense he had and hitting the OVERDRIVE (reverse STO) for the pinfall victory at 6:02.
Before KK can even celebrate his victory, Batista and The Nature Boy hit the ring and, for the lack of a better term, beat the shit out of the champion. Flair holds Kennedy still as The Animal tees off with clean shot after clean shot to the head, eventually
busting Kennedy open! Batista follows that up by planting Kennedy with THE DEMON BOMB, laying him out flat on his back, completely motionless in the middle of the ring. Big Dave grabs the World Heavyweight Championship and climbs a turnbuckle to tremendous heat, showing off ‘his’ title as we fade out.



Current Card for WWE Backlash:
Date: April 29th, 2007
Location: Phillips Arena; Atlanta, Georgia
Event Music: Daughtry; There and Back Again

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Mr. Kennedy vs. ‘The Animal’ Batista
w/Ric Flair II

“I Quit” Match; Unfinished Business:
‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin vs. ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle

For The First Time Ever:
‘The Great One’ The Rock vs. ‘The Boss’ John Cena

The Rated R Challenge; Six Man Tag Team Match:
‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton, Chris Masters and Joey Mercury vs.
‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge
w/Lita, Ken Doane and Johnny Nitro w/Melina
{If Edge’s team wins, Edge gets a WWE Title shot. If Orton’s team wins, Orton chooses his own challenger for the title.}


Cruiserweight Championship Match; Title vs. Reinstatement:
Rey Mysterio vs. Christopher Daniels
w/Allison Danger
{If Mysterio wins, Chavo Guerrero is reinstated to the WWE}

The Showstopper vs. The Whole Dam Show:
‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels vs. Rob Van Dam
w/Bill Alfonso

WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
The Hooligans vs. Shelton Benjamin & Gregory Helms

World Tag Team Championship Match:
America’s Most Wanted
w/Gail Kim vs. Big Show & Umaga w/Heyman & AAE



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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Raw Thoughts:
Glad to see Cole back on TV and the two main events look good, but not great. Good opener between two good tag teams. Surprised to see AAE and Heyman hold back their two monsters. I really don’t understand where this whole Haas/AAE & Heyman story is going, kinda different in my opinion. No surprise to see Luther get the squash, interested to see the push you have planned for him. Edge and his team are not looking to good because there is not a lot of trust. Still see them winning at Backlash though. MVP debuts!! You can really make his character work, imo. Good to see Kelly, Layla, and Brooke with him. Only thing I didn’t like was Hacksaw making 2 appearances in one show. Funny stuff with JBL, Mickie, and Beth. Sabu picking up a squash win? Not a big fan of Sabu but I’d like to see what you can do with him. I am loving the Angle/SCSA program and I was very glad to see Austin get some revenge by taking out Eric Angle. This should be the best match come Backlash. Reigns and MVP doing business? Glad to see HBK as a heel and his feud with RVD has a ton of potential. HBK walking out was good and I am glad to see JBL get the pin because that means we will see another match between him and Carlito. Next week looks great with Stone Cold’s last appearance and the Orton/Doane match. Good main event and I’m not surprised to see Edge get the victory. Melina and Lita take it to Orton! Spear to end the show was great and Edge now has the momentum. Overall, a pretty good show, 8/10.

Smackdown Thoughts:
Great stuff from Cena as he is ten times better as a heel. The Rock wants some!! Great back and forth between Cena and The Rock and I can’t wait to see them go at it at Backlash, great stuff. I didn’t like Noble going over Sabin but at least neither Daniels nor Mysterio got pinned before their big match at Backlash. Can’t wait to see what you have planned for CM Punk. Good match-up between The King’s Court and Helms/Benjamin. Helms/Benjamin are probably my favorite tag team in this thread so good to see them get the victory. The Hooligans making the save for Helms/Benjamin is good and just adds to their upcoming match at Backlash. Great stuff from Flair and you are doing a great job building up this rematch at Backlash. Kennedy is really embarrassing Batista and Flair and I love it!! The Miz attacks Kennedy…again? Great to see the Hardyz make the save and now we have Kennedy vs. Miz tonight! Daniels’ interview was good but I see Mysterio retaining at Backlash and allowing Chavo to return. Good match between Lashley and Regal before…Da’ Silvaback comes out. Henry clears the ring and I guess you have done all you can with his character because this is as good as Henry will get, having Teddy as his manager. Good to see The Rock beat Finlay with Cena on commentary. I really wanted to see Cena and The Rock get into it but it was smart to have the officials come down to the ring. Regal & Lashley vs. Henry & Teddy next week, LMAO at Teddy! Glad to see Punk win his debut, enough said. Smart move to have Batista and Flair take out the Hardyz. Tonight’s main event doesn’t look good for Kennedy. Kennedy beats the Miz, no surprise. Based on the fact that Batista and Flair beat down Kennedy, I sense a six-man tag team match next week. Overall, very strong show with some great moments, 9/10.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

I really like the little faction with Armando, Heyman, Umaga, and Big Show… although I don’t want Haas in it. It’s better off with just the 4 of them. Glad to see you don’t have intentions of keeping the face half of the Army together, as that’d be, eh, lame-o. Also, MVP’s debut came off rather weak by having it out with Eugene, and then avoiding a confrontation with Hacksaw, who just got squashed by Reigns. That’s meh. I love JBL’s interaction with the dykes, and The L Word is a great show… great storylines and you know, acting. . Actually, I hear it really is a good show, I just have no idea. Sabu blows, the sooner he leaves the better. Squashing some low-level-DDMac esque jobber means nothing. Austin beating the fuck out of Eric Angle was bad ass, and reminded me very much of Undertaker/Flair from 2002… a great feud that was, and this is a great feud too. Oh, I’m not fond of the use of Luther Reigns all of a sudden. Where the fuck was that cracker for the past few weeks? The ending was pretty sweet, with the faces picking up the win (albeit just Edge over Mercury), and the post-match cluster fuck. Edge and co. needed to come off strong and knock Orton down a notch, and t’was nice to see Melina get herself some. I’m really digging the Orton/Edge & co. stuff, as well as Angle/Austin, and the Tag Title scene. RVD/HBK is nothing special, and Carlito doesn’t interest me, although JBL sounds like gold.

John Cena being called The Boss sounds so weird and just, ick. I don’t like it . However, I liked seeing Undertaker get written off, and I REALLY hopes that when he comes back, he’s the ABA and not the Deadman. The Deadman gimmick is just so… stale. A Rock/Cena feud is cool, although Rocky stealing Flair’s line = big no-no. This would be a great feud though to send Rocky off to Hollywood, and Cena looking like a million and two bucks. I’m liking both the cruiserweight feuds, and the Tag Title scene is looking nice with Helms & Benjamin and the Hooliganz little thing. The Kennedy/Batista feud is rocking it, although the Miz is clearly the best man in the feud. Bobby Lashley sucks the penis, so seeing Mark Henry destroying him (and Regal) is awesome, and Teddy Long NEEDS to bring in D’Lo Brown for this angle. You can be too tan for the man, but EVERYBODY can get down with the brown. CM Punk defeating a Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy jobber = no ratings. Sad to see you conform and go with the KENTA GTS… I wanted the Pumphandle pile driver. Oh well, I’ll just use it for someone . Miz jobbing to Kennedy = no ratings too. However, I like Batista & Flair taking out the Hardys before the main event and the beat down on Kennedy afterwards. Another good show for building Backlash up, and I am liking pretty much everything. However, if SD doesn't get D'Lo Brown for the Henry/Long angle, I'll riot.

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Raw Review

Michael Cole replacing Jim Ross for the week is a good decision in my opinion, better than the usual suspects of Todd Grisham or The Coach. Different, yet familiar (from the original days of Smackdown). As I haven't followed this thread, I'm not sure on a HBK/JBL team, but I've no doubt you'll pull it off.

The Redneck Wrecking Crew and America's Most Wanted in a match is something I've thought would be great. The two teams in a feud would be fantastic and nice to see Harris and Storm together. Surprised to see that Cade and Murdoch got the victory, although it gives extra fuel for the AMW/Big Show/Umaga feud. The one thing I will say, is that I think that Umaga and Big Show are both better than tag guys.

I'm not a fan of the Smackdown rebound, which is generally both pointless and detracting from the brand extension. Why should Raw give up even moments of its television time for a different brand, which it is meant to be competing against.

I presume that Haas is somehow in allegiance with Heyman and Estrada, and it's great to see him getting some actual build up. Haas maybe getting involved with the AMW/Big Show-Umaga feud?

Luther Reigns/Hacksaw Jim Duggan seemed a rather pointless squash match that should be saved for Heat. Hopefully that's the only squash match on Raw.

Edge, Ken Doane, Johnny Nitro and Melina in an alliance would be great to see. Although it's apparent that this alliance is only until the Backlash pay per view, a continued alliance would be great. Orton as a face, as I presume these guys are heels, is not that inspiring.

MVP in character, doing nothing but put himself over. Eugene and Jim Duggan seemed a rather pointless addition to the skit, doing nothing for anyone involved.

The JBL/Mickie James/Beth Phoenix was another good segment. JBL was put over as his normal determined self, whilst the animosity between Mickie and Beth is pushed to the fore.

Another squash match? One squash match is enough for Raw, let alone two. And at least with the first, the opponent is a Raw superstar.

The Kurt Angle/Steve Austin promo was the best part of Raw so far, really hyping up the Angle/Austin match, which should be fantastic. Reminds me a lot of a Undertaker/Ric Flair segment a few years ago, involving David Flair. Great stuff here.

MVP and Luther Reigns could do well together on Raw, with Reigns working as a Tomko type-star. The HBK/Maria segment sounded great, and another great segment.

JBL/HBK/Mickie James versus Carlito/RVD/Victoria would, or at least should, be a good six person tag. HBK running off to the back didn't seem in character in my opinion, but put over their feud. JBL winning via roll-up was nice to see, setting up the IC Title match but keeping Carlito looking strong.

Orton, Mercury and Masters? Odd combination of superstars that strangely seem to fit together somehow. Mercury/Edge should be a good main event, with both proving to be able to main event televised shows.

Edge/Mercury sounded like a typical Vince Russo match with tonnes of interference. However, that's not always a bad thing when there are so many people involved in a feud. The finish of the show was fantastic, with the worn-down Edge relying on the two divas to get the advantage on Orton. Doane/Orton for next week should be a good match-up, whilst the explosive Austin/Angle situation, with JR returning, being fantastic.

Smackdown Review
Joey Styles and Tazz on the commentary team would be a fresh face to Smackdown, although hopefully Michael Cole still has a role on the blue brand. The line-up for the night looks fantastic. Regal + US Title = ratings. Regal + US Title + Dave Taylor and/or Finaly = mega ratings, especially Dave Taylor.

John Cena versus The Rock is a massive addition to Backlash. The promo was top notch, with both Cena and The Rock in character and on que. Hopefully the Phenom won't be out for long, but in the meantime Rock/Cena should be epic.

Not sure about the movement between fully typed out/recap format. The cruiserweight tag match, however, is exactly the right way to kick off Smackdown match wise. Noble getting the victory is good, as he seems to be forgotten and lost in the shuffle a lot.

Punk's debut on Smackdown should be great later on in the show. Ric Flair as the Money in the Bank winner? Many wouldn't have gone that route, with many not considering Flair as a main event calibre wrestler. I give you credit for picking Flair, who can still show up those under half his age (just look at Flair/Hunter a couple of weeks ago).

Burke/Brown versus Benjamin/Helms is another great match-up and a second example of what is (or, again, should be about, young up and coming talent putting on great matches. The match itself would be good, but the addition of London and Kendrick would be fantastic.

The promo with Batista/Ric Flair and Kennedy was another fantastic promo. The Miz being put with Batista and Flair is an odd choice, but he has the tools to get the job done as a second fiddle guy. Stephs involvement was short, which is for the best, whilst Miz/Kennedy for later on would be a decent match.

The Daniels promo was good, but similar to the Flair/Batista promo for my liking.

Shame that there was no clean finish to the US Title match, but Henry's interference should set up a decent three way dance for the title later on, or maybe a series of one on one matches.

Raw Rebound, much like the Smackdown Rebound on Raw, just seems pointless.

The Rock over Finlay is no surprise, but I am surprised over the time given to the match. Your description shows that Finlay got a decent amount of offence in the match, rather than The Rock's superstar status over-powering the long term status of Finlay, the best wrestler (along with Regal) that WWE has today. The staredown between the Rock and Cena was a great addition to the matches build up.

Long gets his comeuppance, getting put into a match next week. Regal and Lashley teaming will be interesting, having been opponents just the week before.

Punk in a squash was slightly disappointing, but something that I had expected. A Smackdown superstar as an opponent, or an old name, would have been a better choice. Like the squash match involving Duggan.

No surprise that the Hardys were attacked after agreeing to have Kennedys back. Seems to be an occupational hazzard to have someones back. A short main event, but a good way to end the show. The heel getting the upper hand two shows in a row (Edge on Raw, Batista on Smackdown) is certainly good. Hope that this doesn't indicate that both will losing come Backlash.

Two great episodes of TV here. Backlash is looking like a fantastic show, with the worst looking match (AMW/Show-Umaga), looking like a decent match-up itself.


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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Thanks for the reviews. A couple of things...

~ I'm well aware MVP/Eugene is an underwhelming starting feud for Porter. I looked up and down my Raw roster and believe it or not, Eugene is the most over person that could be involved with MVP that's not doing something at the moment.

~ A-Dust, Edge and company are faces at the moment, while Orton and his group are heels. Rather prolonged back-story to that but it goes a little like so:
  • A heel Edge puts together his Rated R Army (Doane, Masters, MNM) throughout late 2006.
  • Over the course of a half-year, Edge begins to turn face.
  • Orton turns Edge's group against him, costing Edge the WWE Championship. Orton becomes new WWE Champion at NYR.
  • Orton and Edge feud while a couple of Orton's newly crowned RKO Army members become annoyed with Orton (Doane, Nitro).
  • The Raw after WrestleMania 23 (where Orton retains), Doane and Nitro break away from Orton and company.
  • Orton effectively kicks Melina out of the Army when he RKOs her.

Much thanks for the feedback.



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