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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Miz opening the show? WTF? Oh I see, Kennedy. Finally, a likeable KK promo. Yay. Funny stuff from the champ and then Miz gets his ass kicked. Fire plz. I despise Miz. Kennedy can squash him forever tbh. Decent opening, but really, it could've been better considering this is post Mania...

Noble maybe Rey's next challenger? rofl Rey has no chance in tonight's match, actually he'll most likely be the one pinned. Triple H walking out? Hmm. Obviously he'll be back soon because a Trips/Kennedy feud would be solid. Or maybe he goes to RAW? Either way, interesting. Ugh Mark Henry on the mic? Kane vs Henry would suck no offense, um why is Henry being put over Kane.

Lashley too, like Rey. Has no chance. Shelton/Helms looking ever more likely to ending the long reign of London/Kendrick soon. You seem to be building their push well

Batista/Flair promo was alright, Flair was top draw as always and Big Dave was meh as usual. Hardyz coming out? OK interaction and then the Hardyz clean house on Batista/Flair. Why? Batista looking weak there imo, considering he really should be getting in the title picture again...

Regal wins and he'll be the one to go on and face Lashley next I guess. Meanwhile I could see a Finlay/Booker feud continuing on here but Booker has help and Finlay doesn't. I like Booker's new stable, Tag and US Titles plz

Undertaker wins, good. But he faces Superman next week, so this is gonna just push Kennedy right over the moon going over Taker for the title. Eh. Rock not really with anything to do now and we get Taker vs Kennedy next week. We all know who's winning that already imo

Solid show Macca. As always.


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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's SmackDown Feedback

Oh, you're recapping your shows from now on? And Backlash? Why would you do that to me, Mac

~ You certainly know how to shock a person after the biggest show of the year don't you? The Miz? Really? Kicking off the show? That was the ... strangest thing I've read in a long time. Like 'Gade said, Miz annoys the hell out of me too, and I'm glad you made reference to "X-Pac heat" because that's what he gets. Thank the lord that this wasn't the start of an actual push for Miz, and it was simply a vehicle for Double K. Once Kennedy came out it actually turned into a really nice promo, with Ken getting in some more quality lines: "I don’t mean to be an asshole … well, yeah I do … but that’s besides the point. Classic. Kennedy is going to be so damn entertaining as the Champ, and him killing Miz to end things makes it even better. He is kind of like John Cena back in '05 when he first won his title and still had a good gimmick. Judging from the way KK spoke about each combatant in the Fatal Four-Way tonight, I'm guessing that The Rock will not be winning it. I can see you saving that feud for SummerSlam, as I seem to remember you hinting at that a while back.

~ Sometimes I think that Sabin is being pushed up into the U.S title scene, but then you have made a great deal of emphasis on keeping him embedded in the Cruiserweight division. No real surprise to see him beat Noble here, as Sabin has been booked as strong lately {beating Cena}, whereas Noble hasn't won a match in ages. The attack afterwards was nice though, as it looks as though you will be using Noble in a substantial capacity for once. Finally the Cruiserweight division will be about more than just two men. Kid Kash plz

~ I'm looking forward to see how Rey Mysterio's reign as Cruiserweight Champ goes this time. There's no way he will pick up the win in the Fatal Four-Way tonight, as he has been booked the weakest, but that doesn't bother me in the slightest. I can see him retaining against guys like Noble, Kash, and maybe even a face-face match with Sabin, before Christopher Daniels eventually wins the belt back.

~ Interesting backstage segment from Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. I actually thought that Hunter would get a shot at Kennedy and the title, as it is a feud I have never seen before, and I think it would be quite good. Judging from what Trips was saying, I can see him possibly walking out and going to Raw, interfering in the Fatal Four-Way tonight, or even interfering in the Championship match next week.

~ Henry is classic on the mic and I won't hear any differently. I wasn't really into his feud with Kane at No Way Out, and including the build to Wrestlemania, this feud has spanned almost four months. Surprised to see Henry/Kane straight away, but I was even more surprised by the random attack on Kane. Who the hell is this "VERY" small individual? I honestly have no idea, but from the looks of the lead pipe attack, Kane will be out of action for a while.

~ Nice job hyping the ME tonight. Rey cuts a promo, Rock will obviously cut a promo and Lashley ... gets a video package, Hides his flaws on the mic. 'Taker doesn't need anything.

~ Great to see my favourite tag team in action tonight. The Mexicools are pretty good, but Helms and Benjamin are just awesome and deserve to squash them. Awesome that they get a title match at Backlash, but I can see The Hooligans retaining somehow, as this feud has to feature a Ladder Match at some point. Hooligans worried about their challengers? Awesome build.

~ Ha ha, I was wondering when we would be hearing from Big Dave and The Nature Boy. Great promo from Batista to kick things off, as when he's intense, he's very, very good, and as a heel he is always intense. Nice line about FX to to open up with. As you would expect, Flair stole the show again. I don't know why, but he kind of talks about 'Tista like his son or something. Nice. No real surprise that Batista is cashing in his rematch clause at Backlash, but I can't see a rematch between Kennedy and him straight away. I can possibly see a Triple Threat with maybe Rock, 'Taker or Hunter involved. I loved Naitch getting all riled up at the end, but I wasn't expecting The Hardys to come out. It seems that Matt and Jeff are pretty much back as faces again, which is where I think they work best. Some nice lines from Matt and he and Jeff really came out of the brawl looking stronger than I thought they would. I thought Big Dave would kill them like Brock Lesnar did, but I'm glad he didn't. Despite what Flair said, I can still see some kind of MITB match between Naitch and one of the Hardys down the line.

~ CM Punk coming in two weeks? Should be interesting to see how you decide to use him. He could easily be injected into the U.S title picture. Also, next week's match between Flair/Batista and The Hardys sounds good, but I can actually see 'Tista killing them both.

~ Yep, no real surprise to see Rocky get his standard, pre-match promo. "Midget" has been done, I didn't get what was supposed to be funny about calling Undertaker a "Deadman", but the "black, even uglier version of Batista" line was pretty good. His words about Kennedy have me looking forward to a possible feud between the two. Imagine the promos...

~ You might as well have had this as a #1 Contender's match for the U.S title, as that was basically what it was. A lot of emphasis on Monty Brown hitting his boss by mistake, but I can't see a split this early. I was surprised to see Booker take the fall, but I'm glad that Regal got the win. In my opinion Finlay/Lashley and Booker/Lashley has been done to death, and your U.S division needs some real freshness e.g. Punk, Hardys.

~ Sounded like a great Main Event between Four great workers. 20 minutes indeed. You know, even though you said that the crowd sided with Rock and 'Taker, I think that Rey would actually get a lot of support too, simply because casuals always go with the underdog. Sure was a clusterfuck, but you acknowledged that, as Regal screws Lashley and then Daniels {yay!} screws Mysterio. I was half expecting Cena to appear and screw 'Taker, but he didn't and The Phenom gets a title shot next week. Very interesting indeed, and the stare down between him and KK afterwards was great. I can see Kennedy just beating Undertaker clean as a whistle next week to continue his amazing run, but I can also see Cena {where the blazes was he?} getting involved to screw the Deadman, or even a pissed of Triple H. Right now, I think a KK/Batista rematch is the most likely outcome for Backlash, but I won't rule out a Triple Threat with 'Taker, Hunter, Rock or Cena involved, and, at a stretch, I could see a Kennedy/Batista/Rock/'Taker/Cena/Hunter six man match, although I doubt it would be an Elimination Chamber. So many possibilities.

Overall, despite the crushing blow that you will be recapping from now on {}, this was still a thorougly enjoyable read, with two excellent promos and a great Main Event. Backlash is shaping up nicely with two great Tag Team Matches and a WHC match that is guaranteed to be awesome. Great stuff, Mac
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Thanks for the feedback. Saw that Szumi just posted a show, as did Legend. Reviews for all relatively shortly, imo.

Originally Posted by Wrestling Observer Newsletter
Umaga vs. Mick Foley was penciled in for the WrestleMania card a while back, but Foley thought the match would be better served taking place on a 'lesser' PPV. Expect the blow off to happen at The Great American Bash or SummerSlam, possibly a tag team match also involving The Big Show and others.

Triple H will remain off of television for a while, following his 'resignation' this past week on SmackDown. Hunter asked for a bit of time off following WrestleMania, and was obviously granted it. No news on whether or not he'll be returning to Raw or SmackDown.

No word on who the masked man was who attacked Kane. We do know that he's being brought in as a manager for the World's Strongest Man.

Originally, the plan was to have Steve Austin beat Kurt Angle at WrestleMania and for Angle to win the Backlash rematch, but things were changed at the last minute. Shockingly, Austin actually suggested putting over Angle twice, both at Mania and Backlash, but the safe bet currently is on Austin winning the rematch.

Expect a heavy dose of the Edge-RKO Army implosion storyline on this week's Raw.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Austin > Kurt plz. Would be great shocker to see Austin win around here these days tbh.

Hopefully whoever is managing Henry is indeed skilled on the mic but I just dunno who it is because you've already debuted Elijah and MVP will be on RAW soonish.

Oh and Foley vs Umaga should've happened at Mania, fuck that mess of a train wreck between Kane/Henry vs Show/Umaga.



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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

~ I guess the Umaga/Foley match wouldn't have got that much time at Wrestlemania, so having it at the GAB is pretty smart. Keep Show out of it though imo

~ Pretty damn shocking that Hunter is taking a leave of absence. I could have sworn that he was going to be one of Kennedy's challengers. I expect he'll be back when Rocky is on the way out.

~ I was pretty confused by the masked man at first, but now I reckon it's actually Matt Striker. Even though he got squashed by Haas on Raw, I can see you bringing him in solely as a manager, since he's awesome in that role

~ Yuck, Austin going over anyone at this stage of his career is a bit lame really, especially in a huge feud ender like and I Quit match. He should job to Angle twice really
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Mkay I hate reviewing recaps 'cause it just seems like the review would be tiny and unimportant, so I'll just review the two (great!!!) promos and main event. Wheeee!

So, the Miz annoying the fans (and my eyes) was, well, annoying, but it was the absolute perfect way to show off Kennedy in a positive, entertaining way after his big title win. You've been using Kennedy extremely well, and right now he seems to be in the same mold as Rock or Austin from the Attitude Era, relying on jokes at the expense of 'worthless' talent. Basically, everything about this segment worked well, and it was fun to read.

Here is how Batista should be! A giant, pissed off behemoth that yells and beats people up! You used him very well, as always, just giving him short angry sentences before Flair takes over the talking. However, the Hardys come down and confront Flair/Batista? Aight, I understand that, because the MITB is a big deal and the Hardys are upset about losing...but...having them overtake Batista and Flair in the ring? This did two things that annoyed me; it made the big world title shot for Batista seems second to the Hardys/Flair argument over MITB. The second thing is that, Batista just lost his title on Sunday, yet you made him look even weaker here. Yes, it took two people to take him out, but he's friggin' BATISTA! ROOOOAR! HE FUCKING KILLS BITCHES! Apparently the Hardys are just too much...

Main event was good for TV, could have done without the two run-ins (what is this, TNA?), but post-WM you need build torwards new/ongoing feuds and it got the job done. Taker/Kennedy should be good, but obviously Kennedy is going to win...mabes it could get made Taker/Kennedy/Tista at Backlash though for some reason. We'll see.

Originally Posted by Andy3000
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Thanks for the reviews. As Spart eluded to, the 'TNA finishes' are a necessary evil (and continue with these shows).

Raw + SD Recaps, imo.


Monday Night RAW; April 9th, 2007;

We kick the night off with Carlito’s Cabana. CCC quickly talks about retaining his Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania against JBL before he brings out his guest … the Women’s Champion Mickie James, who’s accompanied by Beth Phoenix. Carlito asks what changed from the last time we saw Beth (attempting to dethrone Mickie) to WrestleMania (helping Mickie). Mickie runs her hand up and down Beth’s arm before stating that you’d be surprised what a phone call and a couple of nights alone can do {Giddy up~!}. Carlito lets out an overexaggeratedly perverted smile, getting a laugh from the crowd before…
***Longhorn*** hits and everyone’s attention turns to JBL, who steps out onto the stage, mic in hand. Bradshaw says it’s a damn travesty when someone like him can be screwed out of a title and everyone’s attention is on our oversexed Women’s Champion and her “boyfriend”. Bradshaw then goes into his typical crap-all-over-everything mode, verbally trashing Mickie, Beth, liberals and Carlito before the IC Champion has finally had enough and leaves the ring, charging at JBL!! The two meet at the midway point of the ramp and CCC takes him down with a double leg! The two superstars hammer away on each other on the ramp as Beth and Mickie watch from the ring.
Suddenly, VICTORIA leaps over the crowd barricade and into the ring! Mickie turns around and Victoria takes her down before swinging away on her! She gets a couple of strong shots in on the face of the beautiful Women’s Champion before Beth pulls her off!! Beth holds Vickie still while Mickie gets back up and swings away on Victoria!! Eventually, TRISH STRATUS runs down the ramp, hurdling over the brawling Carlito and JBL and sliding into the ring! All hell breaks loose on Raw, as JBL and Carlito fight on the ramp while the four divas fight in the ring!
After a while, Jonathan Coachman steps out onto the stage with several referees, who separate Carlito from JBL. Coach then makes an impromptu divas tag team match - Vickie and Trish against Mickie and Beth … NOW.


In the first match up of the night, Trish Stratus teams up with Victoria to take on Mickie and Beth. The lovely ladies go for a while with Beth isolating Stratus for the opening minutes of the contest. Eventually, the hot tags are made to both Mickie and Victoria and Vickie kicks the ass of the Women‘s Champion. Once Victoria looks ready to put the match away with the Widow’s Peak, however, Beth strikes Victoria in the back, knocking her down relatively easily, showing Phoenix‘s incredible power. Mickie then exits the ring and Beth soon follows, heading back up the entrance ramp. The ref soon counts them both out and Trish & Vickie win via count out at 8:12.

Backstage, Armando Estrada & Paul Heyman, walk down a hallway. They soon pass by Charlie Haas and AAE wishes Haas good luck, stating that Val Venis is the exact kind of ‘big name opponent’ that one would expect somebody in Haas’ position to face. Haas scrunches his face up but before he can retort, Heyman and Estrada walk off, continuing the mind games.

In the parking lot of the arena, a limousine pulls up.
Soon enough, the chauffer opens the door and out steps … what’s left of the RKO Army, the WWE Champion Randy Orton, Chris Masters, and Joey Mercury. Neither of the three men look particularly pleased as they storm into the arena one week after Doane and Nitro left. Our commentators wonder where Melina is.


Vignette plays hyping the debut of Montel Vontavious Porter - MVP - NEXT WEEK.

The crowd soon comes alive as ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ SHAWN MICHAELS makes his first appearance since WrestleMania. HBK enters the ring and grabs a mic. Michaels talk about how close he came to winning the WWE Championship at WM23 … but the fact of the matter is that nobody was talking about Orton or Edge once the night was over, they were all talking about the spectacle that Shawn Michaels put on once more. The crowd boos the arrogant Michaels who continues on, talking about his incredible performances on various big stages. The Showstopper then says it’s always good to win, but when it comes right down to it, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, but how good you look when you do it.
This brings out ROB VAN DAM to a strong ovation, Bill Alfonso by his side. Rob Van Dam steps into the ring and says he came close in the MITB Ladder Match, put on a hell of a show but it doesn’t mean a damn thing because he didn’t win. Van Dam states that if Michaels doesn’t want to come out here and win every match he has then maybe it’s about time for Michaels to quit. HBK listens to everything Van Dam says with an arrogant smile, paying him no real mind … until something catches his attention. RVD states that if Michaels wants to put on a great performance and still manage to LOSE the match, then how about going one on one with him at Backlash!
The crowd pops huge for that challenge and Michaels accepts, saying he’ll be more than happy to show RVD why he’s never been a consistent main eventer in the WWE. The two superstars have a stare down in the middle of the ring as we fade out.


In the second match of the night, Charlie Haas takes on Val Venis. Val puts up a decent fight, but in the end, it’s of no use, as Haas manages to make him submit to the Haas of Pain at 4:11. Surprisingly though, Haas doesn’t immediately let go of the hold, keeping it locked in for an extra five seconds or so before letting go and glaring down at Venis, his frustration getting the better of him.

In the parking lot, a Lincoln Town Car pulls up to the arena. Our commentators speculate on whether or not it’s Stone Cold and out steps … Melina from the passenger’s seat. She looks quite a bit nervous as she walks into the arena. Almost immediately, she stops in her tracks as she looks up at … Randy Orton.

Randy Orton: No long, drawn-out speeches, no warm explanations … it’s plain … it’s plain and it’s simple. Tonight, I’m going out to that ring and I’m gonna kick the crap out of your … boyfriend, Johnny Nitro. You’ve got a choice to make. You’re either with US -

Chris Masters and Joey Mercury stand side by side with Orton.

Randy Orton: Or … you’re against us. We’ll be waiting to hear from you by the end of the night.

Orton and company part, allowing Melina to walk through. Randy looks completely serious as his eyes follow Melina, knowing he’s got himself a war on his hands with Edge, his group, and doesn’t need another enemy.


Shot of the parking lot, still waiting for the arrival of Stone Cold Steve Austin.
In a match which is somewhat competitive, The Redneck Wrecking Crew defeat Eugene and Hacksaw Jim Duggan at 6:01, continuing what seems to be a semi-push for them, first helping to take out Kane on SmackDown a couple of weeks ago, then winning a Heat main event before WM, and now a decisive win on Raw.

Backstage, Edge and Lita sit in their locker room when Ken Doane and Johnny Nitro walk in. The two young superstars beat around the bush, talking about the need to band together against Orton and the RKO Army but Edge immediately cuts them off, saying he doesn’t trust them and has the scars on his forehead to prove he shouldn’t. Doane and Nitro attempt to further explain but the Rated R Superstar will have none of it, telling the two to get the hell out.


Backstage, Todd Grisham stands by with the World Tag Team Champions America’s Most Wanted. Harris speaks first, talking about being underdogs at Backlash against Big Show and Umaga, much like they’ve been underdogs since they’ve shown up to the WWE. ‘The Tennessee Cowboy’ James Storm is up next and says that much like they’ve fended off every challenge they’ve went head-up against, they plan on beating Show and Umaga at Backlash. Storm then finishes up with his “Sorry ‘bout your damn luck catchphrase”.

AMW plan to walk off, but suddenly…

… A PICK UP TRUCK BLAZES THROUGH THE BACKSTAGE AREA, CAUSING AMW TO LUNGE OUT OF THE WAY!!! The crowd explodes as the car continues to drive wildly, until …

***GLASS SHATTERS*** The truck drives through the side entrance of the Raw stage as the arena has completely exploded!!

The truck stops and out steps Stone Cold Steve Austin in jeans and a classic ‘Austin 3:16’ shirt. Stone Cold slams his door and continues on down to the ring, rolling in and demanding a microphone. He’s soon tossed one and he waits for the mammoth “Austin” chants to die down before bringing the mic up to his mouth, pacing back and forth in the ring.

Steve Austin: Last week … (Austin wipes his mouth with anger) … last week, I’m sittin’ on my ass at the house … thinking about what I was gonna say here on Raw, how I wanted to say it and all that crap.

Austin continues pacing back and forth in the ring.

Steve Austin: I was gonna come out here tonight and announce … that at WrestleMania 23 … Stone Cold Steve Austin … wrestled … his last match in the WWE.

The crowd responds with shock before booing, upset about Austin’s announcement.

Steve Austin: I was gonna come out here and call Kurt Angle the better man … say he beat me fair and square … and Stone Cold Steve Austin was gonna walk out on top, head held high, never giving up, never backing down, blood, sweat, tears and whole lot of damn beers.

Crowd pops

Steve Austin: I was ready to move on after the most exciting half year I’ve had in a long time, after the greatest match I’ve had in a long time …

Austin glares up at the crowd, incredibly angry.

Steve Austin: But last week … I had to sit back … and watch Kurt Angle grab Jim Ross. … and beat that man, my friend … slap on the Ankle Lock as J.R. squealed like a pig … a man who’s been nothing short of a father figure to me. A man who’s done nothing wrong to Kurt Angle, except tell it like it is.

Austin boils with anger as the crowd has become almost silent.

Steve Austin: And Angle does all of this to get an “I Quit” Match out of Stone Cold Steve Austin? He does this because Stone Cold wouldn’t tap out? He does it because Stone Cold wouldn’t say “I quit”? So he takes it out on Jim Ross? Angle, let me tell ya something, you sorry sack of sh*t!

The crowd explodes as Austin glares at the camera.

Steve Austin: You want ‘The Rattlesnake’ Stone Cold Steve Austin at Backlash? Stone Cold Steve Austin didn’t wrestle his last match at WrestleMania 23; Stone Cold is gonna wrestle his last match … on April 29th, WWE Backlash, against Kurt Angle, “I QUIT” MATCH!!

Thunderous pop as Austin continues to fume with anger.

Steve Austin: Let me tell you something, son, I ain’t never said “I quit”, I don’t plan on saying “I quit” and after what you did to Jim Ross last week, I sure as hell don’t plan on letting you walk out of that arena on April 29th with both of your legs workin’!

Crowd cheers

Steve Austin: Backlash, twenty days from tonight, is not only gonna be MY last match, but if I have my way, it’s gonna be YOUR last match. I’m quite simply gonna beat your ass from pillar to post, up, down, and all around that arena, and there ain’t a damn thing that anybody can do to stop me!

More cheers

Steve Austin: I won’t be asking your dumb ass whether or not you quit, I’m just gonna keep hammering away on ya until I can’t hammer no more and when that point comes, I’m gonna dig down deep into my bag, pull out one more extra can of whoop ass, and beat your ass some more!

Great pop

Steve Austin: But forget all that for right now, I ain’t interested in Backlash at the moment. You put a hurtin’ on J.R. last week, so I’m lookin to put a hurtin’ on your ass TONIGHT!!

Thunderous pop for The Rattlesnake who continues to look on with anger.

Steve Austin: So, Kurt - and I’m only gonna ask once. Get your ass down here in this ring and get your ass whoopin right here and now!

Another great pop as Austin waits in the ring … and waits … and waits … and waits … but no Angle. Austin shakes his head before bringing the mic up.

Steve Austin: Kurt, I’m not in the mood for games so if you’ve got any common sense in that brain of yours, get your ass down to this ring, look right in my face with those beady little eyes and take this ass whoopin like man!!

Big pop

Steve Austin: If not, I’m comin back there, finding your ass and trust me when I say this -

***Playa’s Club*** The crowd boos as the general manager of Monday Night Raw, Jonathan Coachman, steps out onto the stage in a beige suit, microphone in hand. Coach looks ready to speak but Austin cuts him off.

Steve Austin: I asked for a jackass with gold medals, not a jackass in a ten dollar suit.

Coach looks at his suit, embarrassed, before looking back up.

Jonathan Coachman: Steve, look, I know you’re upset, I know you’re angry and you have every right to be. But … I cannot in good conscience allow you and Kurt Angle to fight one another here tonight.

Tremendous heat as Austin furiously glares at Coachman, who attempts to look as apologetic as possible.

Jonathan Coachman: You’ve got Kurt Angle at Backlash on April 29th, how about you just leave it at that an-

Steve Austin:
If you want to see Kurt Angle bring his ass out here, somebody gimme a hell yeah!!

HELL YEAH; Coachman shakes his head.

Jonathan Coachman: Sorry, Steve, but I can’t let that happen.

Crowd boos

Steve Austin: If you want to see me walk up this ramp and whip Coachman’s ass for not giving Stone Cold what he wants when he wants, somebody gimme a HELL YEAH!!


Austin rolls out of the ring and begins to head up the entrance ramp!

Jonathan Coachman: Steve, Steve, wait, relax!

Austin doesn’t stop, continuing to march right for Coachman. Smartly, Coach turns and runs through the curtain. Austin soon runs after him, and the chase is on! The camera follows the two backstage as they eventually reach the interview area. Austin finally grabs himself a hold of Coachman and drills him with a right hand, taking him down!! Austin then mounts Coach and plans to rain down right hands on him, when …


Austin stops in his tracks and looks around.

???: Look at the monitor, Austin.

Austin looks up at the oval-shaped monitor and sees KURT ANGLE standing next to his pickup truck, dressed in slacks and a dress shirt, STEEL PIPE in hand.

Kurt Angle:
You want me, Austin? (Scoffs) You’re pissed off about J.R.? I’M PISSED OFF!!

Austin gets back up to his feet and stares at a furious Angle.

Kurt Angle: Don’t make threats you can’t back up, Austin. At Backlash, I’m gonna finish the job I started at WrestleMania. Except this time, there won’t be any easy way out. You won’t be tapping out, you won’t be passing out. On April 29th, you’re gonna beg and PLEAD in front of the entire WORLD for mercy from Kurt Angle. Not only will you say “I Quit”, you’re gonna say it louder than any man has before you. (Smirking)Even louder than J.R.! Oh, it’s true, it’s DAMN true! Yeah!!

The crowd boos as Austin shakes with a fury. Angle smirks before SMASHING AUSTIN’S WINDOW WITH THE LEAD PIPE!!!

Angle then smashes the windshield as Austin quickly runs from Coachman and heads back towards the ringside area! Angle quickly leaves and hops over the fan barricade as Stone Cold comes back! Austin angrily switches glares between his truck and Kurt as Angle heads through the crowd, pipe still in hand, huge smile on his face.


SmackDown Rebound:
~ Triple H walks out, taking his ball and going home.
~ Unknown man helps Henry take out Kane.
~ Batista announces he has rematch clause for Backlash.
~ Undertaker earns title shot against Mr. Kennedy next week.

Backstage, Melina attempts to make herself a cup of coffee … but she’s soon confronted by Johnny Nitro and Ken Doane. Nitro echoes the sentiments of Orton from earlier tonight, before saying she has a decision to make.

In the fourth match of the night, The Big Show (w/Umaga, Heyman and AAE) takes on Chris Harris (w/Gail Kim & James Storm). Match follows the typical giant-smaller man format with Harris attempting to use his speed advantage with no luck. Show throws him around the ring for the majority of the match until Harris makes his comeback, managing to take Show down with a Spear!! Harris covers Show but it’s of no use as the big man kicks out. Harris goes to the top and flies off - but Show catches him on the way down, clutching him around the throat. The big man then plants him with the CHOKESLAM for the three count at 7:19.
After the match, we get a shot of Charlie Haas watching his monitor damned impressed with what could be the most dominant faction in wrestling.


In the main event, the WWE Champion, “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton (w/Masters & Mercury) takes on Johnny Nitro (w/Doane). Nitro manages to hang with the WWE Champ for a full ten minutes, pulling out every athletically-impressive move in his arsenal. Eventually though, it’s Orton who pulls out the victory, managing to avoid Nitro’s springboard enziguiri, and quickly following up with a lightning-quick RKO for the pinfall victory at 10:45.

After the match, Masters and Mercury immediately storm into the ring and begin to stomp away on Nitro. Doane slides in and attempts to assist Nitro, hitting Orton with a right hand, but he’s quickly taken down by the numbers advantage, Masters and Mercury stomping away on him as well.

Orton then demands that Nitro is lifted back up to his feet and Mercury and Masters soon do as told. The Legend Killer then tees off on Nitro, drilling him with hard shots to the face!! Orton then rolls out of the ring and grabs himself a STEEL CHAIR before sliding back in. Randy looks ready to do even more damage … but MELINA jogs down the entrance ramp.

Melina steps in, gets in front of Nitro and begs Orton not to hurt th former tag team superstar. The champion slowly thinks about it and smiles, putting the chair down. Melina smiles and turns -


The crowd boos wildly as Orton smirks, staring down at Melina without a hint of remorse. Orton then picks the chair back up, ready to go back to work…

***Metalingus*** The arena explodes as ‘The Rated R Superstar’ EDGE sprints for the ring, carrying a STEEL CHAIR of his own!!

Edge slides in and Orton immediately bails! First up is Mercury, who comes after Edge but is drilled with a chair shot to the gut, which is followed up by a hard shot to the back!! The Rated R Superstar then turns around, looking for Masters, but The Masterpiece is ready for him, hitting Edge in the gut with a boot, causing him to drop the chair. Masters then shoots Edge off of the ropes. The Rated R Superstar avoids a clothesline and comes back off the ropes a second time, taking Masters out with a SPEAR!!!

The crowd cheers as Edge gets back up to his feet and glares at Orton, who stands at the top of the stage, attempting to keep a look of confidence on his face, though he can’t possibly be happy with his two Army members laid out. Nitro and Doane come to and check on Melina but the eyes of The Rated R Superstar never leave the eyes of The Legend Killer as we fade out…



Friday Night SmackDown!; April 13th, 2007:

Styles and Tazz welcome us to the broadcast, hyping up our two main event matches, Batista and Naitch taking on The Hardys while Mr. Kennedy defends his World Heavyweight Championship against The Undertaker.

Match #1: Semi-Main Event; Tag Team Match:
Batista and Ric Flair vs. Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy
Solid enough match up, but nothing mind-blowing. The main event level tag team contest runs about nine minutes, before the four stars head into the finish. Jeff is isolated throughout the contest by both Batista and Flair, until eventually, he’s able to make the tag to Matt while Flair tags in The Animal!
Matt comes in on fire, rocking Batista with right hands, hitting the ropes, ducking the clothesline before taking Batista down with one of his own! Flair gets back in and Matt rocks him with right hands, before spinning and taking The Nature Boy down with a big right hand!!
Matt then lifts Ric up and tosses him over the top rope, to the outside. Jeff rolls out of the ring, and tops Naitch, hammering away on Mr. Money in the Bank with hard right hands. Inside the ring, Matt lifts up Batista but The Animal drops down to a knee and hits him with a strong shot to the throat! Batista then hits the ropes, going for a big shot, but Matt ducks, grabs The Animal, AND HITS THE SIDE EFFECT!! Matt covers him, but only gets a two count!!
Matt lifts Batista up but The Animal shows some impressive brute force and shoves Matt into the ropes. He comes back and Batista plows into him, taking him down with SPEAR!!! Batista pops back up to his feet, and yells with intensity, getting tremendous heat from the crowd. Jeff gets off of Flair and climbs onto the apron as Batista waits on Matt to get back up to his feet. Jeff climbs the turnbuckle behind Batista’s back as Flair walks around ringside to the timekeeper area, grabbing the MONEY IN THE BANK BRIEFCASE.
Inside the ring, Batista turns around and Jeff LEAPS OFF THE TOP, but Batista catches him, throws him onto his shoulder and plants him with a POWERSLAM!! The ref tries to get The Animal’s attention as Batista stares down at the laid out Jeff … but Matt is behind him, ready for a TWIST OF FATE … but Flair is behind him!!! Flair spins him around and DRILLS HIM WITH THE BRIEFCASE!!!
Flair rolls out of the ring, and whistles, causing Batista to turn around, see the damage and smirks. Batista lifts the already unconscious Matt up, before getting him set, lifting him up and plants him with the DEMON BOMB for the three count!!!
Winners: Batista and Ric Flair via pin fall at 13:04.
Flair rolls back into the ring and the referee raises both the hand of The Animal and The Nature Boy as Batista makes the hand around the waist motion, signaling the World Title will be his come Backlash.


Backstage, King Booker hypes up the troops, Monty Brown and Elijah Burke, for their non-title tag team match against The Hooligans, later on tonight.

In the second match of the night, the United States Champion Bobby Lashley takes on The Miz. Miz attempts to utilize his new found mean streak but it’s of no use against The Real Deal, who plows through him, hitting a Spear and following up with The Dominator for the three count at 5:01.

After the match, the former U.S. Champion William Regal steps out onto the stage, dressed in a nice suit, and microphone in hand. Lashley turns his attention to Regal and the Englishman doesn’t mince words, stating that he’s baffled that someone who’s nowhere near as capable of an in-ring competitor as he is now holding his title. Regal says it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Lashley didn’t pin him to win the title since he’s never been able to defeat Regal with the U.S. Title on the line.
Regal then challenges Lashley to a Title match next week here on SmackDown. Lashley doesn’t waste anytime, calling for a mic, getting one and responding with a simple “you got it” to a nice pop, as Regal smirks.


A video package plays, hyping up The Undertaker, showcasing his numerous World/WWE Title wins, before finishing with a graphic for the Kennedy-Taker World Heavyweight Title Match here tonight.

***Dilated Teens*** A mixed reaction fills the arena as ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels steps out onto the stage, with Allison Danger by his side. Daniels, dressed in slacks, shades, and a dress shirt, stares down at his waist, no longer in possession of the Cruiserweight Title. Daniels shakes his head, before continuing down to the ring.

The Fallen Angel and Danger step in and Allison retrieves a mic for Daniels, handing it to him, and the former Cruiserweight Champion begins to speak.

Christopher Daniels: This isn’t all that complicated, in fact, it’s quite simple. As much as I don’t want to admit it, the Sunday before last, at WrestleMania 23, Rey Mysterio defeated me for MY Cruiserweight Championship.

Crowd cheers

Christopher Daniels: Yeah, Rey Mysterio came out victorious, I had an off night, Mysterio had a great night, and he managed to make it out of Ford Field with the Cruiserweight Title. But make no mistake about it, I am better than Rey Mysterio. No two ways about it.

Audience boos

Christopher Daniels:
Rey was the man for ONE night, I’m the man each and every night - bring the Cruiserweight Division back to prominence, beating Chris Sabin at the Royal Rumble, defeating Dean Malenko at No Way Out, reigning as the Cruiserweight Champion for half a year, and RETIRING Chavo Guerrero at Saturday Night’s Main Event. Getting lucky ONE time against The Fallen Angel makes you good, but it doesn’t make you better.

“619” chants start up, causing Daniels to smirk.

Christopher Daniels: You people can chant, you can stomp your feet, you gave yell, you can do the wave, it won’t change the fact that I am the single greatest entity that this place has ever seen.

More heat for The Fallen Angel.

Christopher Daniels: And I plan to reestablish that in the mind of each and every one of you, and that plan came to fruition starting last week here on SmackDown, in the main event, when I screwed Rey Mysterio out of a World Heavyweight Championship title shot.

Daniels smirks as the crowd continues to boo.

Christopher Daniels: Rey, last week was the proverbial wakeup call. If you thought that you were going to take my championship on a fluke and I was simply gonna let it slide without consequence, you’ve got another thing coming.

Further “619” chants start up. This time, however, Daniels pays them no mind.

Christopher Daniels: Plain and simple, I want a rematch for MY Cruiserweight Championship! I don’t care when I get it, I don’t care where I get it, all I know is I want my shot an-

***BOOYAKA 619*** The crowd pops huge as Rey Mysterio steps out onto the stage, wearing his usual wear, with a vest on top of it. Mysterio looks rather upset, microphone in hand, as Daniels takes off his shades, hands them to Danger, and then lifts the mic up.

Christopher Daniels:
Rey, I know you’re upset, but let me just set the terms right off the bat and tell you that there’s no way you’re getting a piece of The Fallen Angel without putting that championship on the line.

Rey Mysterio:

Christopher Daniels:

Rey Mysterio: Shut up!

The crowd pops as Daniels looks around the arena in disgust, while Mysterio paces back and forth on the stage before stopping and staring at The Fallen Angel … smile appearing on Mysterio’s face.

Rey Mysterio: You see this??

Rey rests his hand on the title strapped around his waist as Daniels glares at the title, intensely.

Rey Mysterio: This title means that I’M calling the shots, not you!

Another pop for Mysterio as Daniels shakes his head.

Rey Mysterio:
What’s the matter? Did you think that I was gonna come out here all emotional and upset and go loco, and just hand you a title shot, because you cost me a title shot and got me all riled up? Uh-uh, homeboy.

Crowd cheers

Rey Mysterio:
Yeah, you cost me a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship … but they’ll be other opportunities down the road. Besides, the last time I didn’t use proper judgment, my best friend had to pack his bags and leave this company …

Crowd boos

Rey Mysterio: But don’t worry, you’re gonna make that all better.

Daniels raises an eyebrow as Rey nods.

Rey Mysterio:
Yeah, if you want a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship, you’re gonna fix this.

Christopher Daniels:
What the hell are you talking about, Mysterio??

Rey Mysterio: You want a rematch for the Cruiserweight Championship?

Daniels nods.

Rey Mysterio: You got it … at Backlash.

Crowd pops as Daniels smiles.

Rey Mysterio: BUT … here’s the stipulation. If you beat me at Backlash … you get the Cruiserweight Championship.

Daniels smirks.

Christopher Daniels:
WHEN I beat you.

Rey Mysterio:
Alright. But WHEN I beat you … Chavo Guerrero gets to come back to the WWE!

The crowd pops as Daniels wipes his mouth in anger, a bit unnerved, before bringing the mic up.

Christopher Daniels:
All of that is inconsequential, Rey, because they’re isn’t a chance in hell that you can beat me twice, it just … doesn’t … happen.

Rey Mysterio:
Answer the question, Chris. I beat you at Backlash, Chavo Guerrero gets to come back to the WWE, back to SmackDown, no strings attached. Chris, deal or no deal? Your call.

Daniels holds his head down on the ropes, not believing that terms are now being dictated to him. Daniels looks to Allison and she nods begrudgingly, knowing The Fallen Angel doesn’t really have a choice if he wants a chance to get his belt back. Daniels looks back up at Mysterio, who stands at the top of the stage with a slight smile. Chris lifts the mic up.

Christopher Daniels:
… … … … Fine.

The crowd pops as Daniels slams the mic down and Rey smiles, nodding as his music hits once more. Styles and Tazz hype this match up as the greatest cruiserweight rematch in WWE history as we fade out.


Our third match of the night sees the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Hooligans, take on the New King’s Court of “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown and “The Express” Elijah Burke. Solid, decent length match up, and the finish comes when London hit’s a 450 splash on Brown, win in hand, but Booker interferes, stomping on London, causing the ref to call for the DQ at 7:32.
The King’s Court go to work on The Hooligans, perpetrating a three on two assault, but shockingly, Shelton Benjamin and Gregory Helms, dressed in shirts and slacks, sprint down to the ring! The former tag champs swing away on Booker and company, clearing the ring, making the save for their Backlash opponents as the crowd cheers them on. And just as quick as they came, they leave, rolling out of the ring and heading back up the ramp, almost as if it was just another day in the office. Bad-ass.

Backstage, Batista and the World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Kennedy meet up and have a quick exchange of words, ending with Batista wishing KK good luck against The Undertaker tonight … because he’ll need it.


Up next, The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry comes down to the ring, and just like last week, he has a small man with him, dressed in black with a mask. The two step in and Henry is handed a mic. The Silverback steps into the ring to grab a mic and talks about how he does what he wants when he wants, having no loyalty to Stephanie McMahon or SmackDown (referring back to WrestleMania).

And he says he learned that from one man, handing the mic to the small masked man beside him…


The crowd responds with a pop of shock, and then stunned/confused silence as the man rips off his mask to reveal TEDDY LONG back and on SmackDown for the first time since September!!

Joey Styles: What the hell is this!?

Teddy Long!?! What the hell does he have to do with this!?

Long looks around the arena for a bit before speaking.

Teddy Long:
Surprised ta see me?? Well, I’m surprised by the fact that any of you even noticed I was gone, considering that since the last time I was here on SmackDown, I haven’t been mentioned ONE TIME on WWE television. I was Demon Bombed through an announce table on my ass, and Theodore Long has been gettin’ nuttin but the run around from Vince McMahon and WWE management.

Long shakes his head in disgust.

Teddy Long: First off, Batista doesn’t even get suspended, or fined, or fired for puttin’ his hands on the general manager of the show! Secondly, Stephanie McMahon, Vince’s daughter, gets my slot without Vinnie Mac even asking my opinion of who I wanted to get the job. Sounds a little suspicious to me, playa. Thirdly, I was ready to come back to SmackDown MONTHS ago, but yet, all I keep hearin’ is “we’ll letcha know”. And you know what that tells me? It tells me that Teddy Long is a bit TOO TAN … for THE MAN.

The crowd boos as Henry nods behind Long; (^I love that line.)

Teddy Long:
You crackas ain’t gotta like it, but it’s the truth. Mark Henry was out for months with an injured shoulder, he didn’t get so much as a card from Vince or Stephanie McMahon, but the second dat Kane gets touched by anybody, Princess Stephanie is all over him, making sure he’s never hurt again. It’s racism, and each and every one of you know it is!

More heat as an “Asshole” chant starts up.

Teddy Long:
And that is why I told Mark Henry to go into business for himself at WrestleMania. If those two big bastards, The Big Show and Umaga got in a couple of lucky shots, and Mark was injured, Stephanie wouldn’t have been lookin’ out for him, so it’s not the worth the trouble. Ya feel me??

More boos.

Teddy Long: That’s why last week, me and Da Silverback decided to lay a little pipe down on The Big WHITE Machine! So as far as I and the World’s Strongest Man are concerned, we’re no longer in it for brand unity or any of that crap. We’re in it to win it. We’re in it for the fame, the titles, and that almighty dolla-dolla-bill, ya’ll. Kane was simply the start, playa. It’s Open Cracka Season here on SmackDown! Now, holla, holla, holla.

Teddy drops the mic as tremendous boos pour in from this hostile crowd. Henry’s music hits once more as both he and Long leave the ring, heading back up the entrance ramp.


Backstage, The Hooligans, the WWE Tag Team Champions, walk backstage angrily, before they burst into a locker room, coming face to face with Shelton Benjamin and Gregory Helms. Benjamin and Helms slowly rise from their seats, dressed smartly in slacks and dress shirts.

Paul London:
What the hell was that out there tonight?! We know you guys don’t like us, so what’s with you coming out there to fight Burke and Brown?!

Shelton smirks.

Shelton Benjamin: Looked like you kids could use the help.

Brian Kendrick: Cocky son of a -

London holds Kendrick back as he takes a step toward Shelton. Benjamin continues to laugh as Helms steps forward.

Gregory Helms: From here until Backlash, you can consider us your guardian angels. Shelton and I are gonna keep you two safe until Backlash, where we prove once and for all, LEGITIMATELY, that not only are we the best tag team on SmackDown, and not only the best tag team in this entire company, but we’re the two best wrestlers in this damn place, period. And you’ll get a little taste of what to expect for Backlash next week, when Shelton and I take on The New King’s Court and do what you couldn’t do … seal the deal and get the win.

London and Kendrick shake their heads in anger, before heading for the door.

Shelton Benjamin: Take notes.

Back to ringside.

In the fourth match of the night, Jamie Noble battles Funaki. After a close loss to Chris Sabin last week, Noble is on fire this week, kicking the crap out of SmackDown’s number one (and often unspotted) announcer. Noble pins Funaki with a Tiger Bomb at 4:00.

After the match, Chris Sabin comes running down to the ring, looking for some payback on Noble for last weeks assault! Noble spots him coming, and quickly rolls out of the ring as Sabin slides in. Noble waves his finger “no” as Sabin looks upset in the ring.


Raw Rebound:
~ HBK and RVD have a verbal confrontation; Match is set for Backlash.
~ Austin accepts Angle’s challenge for a Last Man Standing Match at Backlash.
~ Orton defeats Nitro. After the match, Edge makes the save for Nitro and Doane.

Vignette hypes the debut of the Straight Edge Superstar - CM Punk - NEXT WEEK.

Backstage, we get a promo from the World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Kennedy. Kennedy says he respects The Undertaker, but doesn’t fear him, and plans to leave this building still the World Heavyweight Champion. Kennedy then plans to finish with his KENNEDY … KEN - NA - DAY ending … but the lights begin to flicker off and on. KK shakes his head, possibly showing a bit of fear, but quickly shakes that off and heads for the ring, as Styles and Tazz hype our mega main event, up next!


Main Event: World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Mr. Kennedy vs. The Undertaker
Strong main event, with Kennedy managing to hold his own with The Phenom, as the fans seem to be split up on who they want to cheer as well, though The Undertaker has a slight advantage.
The Undertaker also does manage to have control of the match throughout the opening few minutes, using his strong right and left hands to beat the champion out of the ring. Several minutes into the match up, Taker tries to “get too cute”, going for the Old School, but Kennedy hit’s the ropes, causing Taker to crotch himself on the top rope. KK then hit’s the ropes and drills The Phenom with a boot to the face, sending him tumbling to the outside of the ring!! To commercial…
Back from break, Kennedy remains in control, utilizing several wear down maneuvers to keep the Deadman down, but it’s only a matter of time before The Phenom makes his comeback, beating Kennedy with hard right hands, hitting the Snake Eyes, and then a big boot!! KK staggers back up and Taker goes for a CHOKESLAM - but KK counters, landing behind The Phenom and plants him with a Green Bay Meatpacker!! Kennedy covers him, but Taker kicks out at two!!
KK brings the Deadman back up to his feet, and plants him with a body slam, before he climbs to the top turnbuckle. Kennedy gets set and goes for the KENTON BOMB - but Taker rolls out of the way and KK crashes and burns!! Taker and Kennedy both rise to their feet and Taker charges, looking for a clothesline, but Kennedy ducks it and PLANTS him with a reverse STO!! KK goes for the cover …

… but THE MIZ pulls the referee out of the ring!!

Miz then drops the ref with a right hand and smirks at Kennedy. KK angrily leaves the ring, and Miz takes off around the ringside area with Kennedy in hot pursuit while inside the ring, TAKER SITS UP!!! Miz slides back into the ring and KK follows him in. Miz quickly leaves the ring and Kennedy attempts to follow but Taker GRABS HIM - AND HITS THE CHOKESLAM!!! Taker covers him … … but there’s no referee!!
Taker then gets up and looks down at the outside to see the ref unconscious. The Phenom shakes his head and prepares to revive him -- BUT HE’S ATTACKED FROM BEHIND -


Cena then spins Taker around, lifts him up onto his shoulders, and PLANTS HIM WITH THE FU!!! The crowd lets out a thunderous mixed reaction for The Boss, as Cena then looks down at Kennedy and shakes his head, not believing what he’s about to do. Cena then VERY hesitantly grabs Kennedy and brings his archrival on top of The Phenom. Cena then rolls out of the ring and rolls the ref back into the ring. The ref slowly recovers and sees KK on The Undertaker. ONE... … TWO...

Winner: Mr. Kennedy at 18:49 via pinfall. Kennedy retains the World Title.

KK is handed his World Title by the referee as he slowly staggers back up to his feet and the crowd lets out a mixed reaction for the arrogant, talented, but very lucky World Heavyweight Champion. KK obviously has no idea that Cena is responsible for him still retaining the title … but he knows who’s fault it is that he almost lost it! Kennedy shakes the cobwebs loose and … catches … a view of The Miz still at ringside.

Miz and KK lock eyes and Miz takes off up the entrance ramp!! Kennedy quickly rolls out of the ring and chases Miz!! Miz disappears through the curtain and Kennedy follows him in -- WHACK!!!


Batista and ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair smirk down at Kennedy, dressed in suits, as Miz breathes heavily. Flair reaches into his pocket and pulls out a nice, big wad of cash, and hands Miz a couple of hundred dollar bills for his little bit of work
{high roller}.
Miz, giddy with joy, attempts to hug Big Dave but The Animal shoves him off, before telling him to ‘get the hell out here’. Miz quickly scurries off and Batista then hands Flair back his briefcase, before the two smile and walk off, Naitch letting out a “WOOO!!”.

Back to ringside.

Cena slides back into the ring, gets on top of the weakened Undertaker and just lets loose on him, scoring with hard rights and lefts to the face of The Phenom. Cena then lifts Taker up and onto his shoulders!! The crowd watches in awe as Cena FU’S TAKER OVER THE TOP ROPE AND TO THE OUTSIDE!

Taker hit’s the floor hard and Cena - is - NOT - done. Apparently still furious over his loss to The Phenom at WrestleMania, Cena lifts The Undertaker back up and onto his shoulders once more, and carries the lifeless body of The Deadman up the entrance ramp.

The two get to the top of the stage and Cena moves towards the edge on the right side of it - looking to FU TAKER OFF OF THE STAGE - but Taker comes alive, fighting off of Cena’s shoulders and landing behind him! He turns Cena around and drills him with a couple of hard rights!! Taker then wraps his hand around Cena’s throat - LOOKING TO CHOKESLAM CENA - POSSIBLY OFF OF THE STAGE - but Cena hits a sharp kick to the crotch!!

Taker’s grip is released and he holds himself as Cena shakes off the blows. Cena then grabs The Phenom and lifts him onto his shoulders … BEFORE HE FUS THE UNDERTAKER OFF OF THE STAGE, TO THE FLOOR!!!!

A thunderous “HOLY SHIT” chant rings out as The Undertaker lies unconscious among broken tables, cords and the such, as The Doctor of Thuganomics stares down at his handiwork, emotionless. EMTs rush to the side of The Undertaker as Cena raises the Word Life sign up into the air with intensity, receiving another incredibly loud mixed reaction - this time though, clearly leaning towards heat from this sold-out crowd.

Cena then spits down at The Undertaker, managing to have it land right on his face, to monstrous heat with now very few people supporting this incredibly arrogant but dominant, young, former champion. Cena then turns and heads through the curtain as we fade out.



Current Card for WWE Backlash:
Date: April 29th, 2007
Location: Phillips Arena; Atlanta, Georgia
Event Music: Daughtry; There and Back Again

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Mr. Kennedy vs. ‘The Animal’ Batista
w/Ric Flair II

“I Quit” Match; Unfinished Business:
‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin vs. ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle


Cruiserweight Championship Match; Title vs. Reinstatement:
Rey Mysterio vs. Christopher Daniels
w/Allison Danger
{If Mysterio wins, Chavo Guerrero is reinstated to the WWE}

The Showstopper vs. The Whole Dam Show:
‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels vs. Rob Van Dam
w/Bill Alfonso

WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
The Hooligans vs. Shelton Benjamin & Gregory Helms

World Tag Team Championship Match:
America’s Most Wanted
w/Gail Kim vs. Big Show & Umaga w/Heyman & AAE

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Wow. Backlash card looks fucking amazing so far, Mac.

I'm going to edit in some feedback on the recaps tomorrow, as I need some sleep and have school in the morning. Looks like good work though.

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Sxc card for Backlash Mac. Liked the reviews, and the two main events should own all other Jan PPV's
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Solid RAW recap Mac. Loved the Austin promo. Fuck him leaving, your a "realism junkie" tbh.

Anyways, one last match will be excellent considering only Austin knows how to lay down a proper ass whippin to Kurt, but despite being beaten badly I still expect Angle to win the match and job out Austin in his "final" match. AMW have no fucking chance against Show & Umaga imo and if Haas joins their clan, they're gonna take out everyone in sight. Orton is a prick ain't he? Well done ending to the show with him RKO'ing Melina, something I didn't know he'd do. Edge comes out and cleans house, should be a great main event between those two. As for RVD/Michaels, quality match in the making

SmackDown! was good too. Good opener, Batista is a beast! Some great stuff with the Rey/Daniels promo and the Teddy Long speech was kick ass, typical heel Teddy. Gotta love it. O yay another victory for Superman over The Undertaker. Yuck, what a despicable piece of booking imo.
Cena/Taker to continue makes me mark, and rofl @ that shit called Miz bothering to rear his ugly head on SD! Thankfully he got his ass handed to him

Overall, good stuff and I'm <3'ing the Backlash card already


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