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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac


-Solid opening match me thinks. Puts the point across of AMW going over, and just a segueway into the next segment, which, by the way, I dug. I love the idea of Umaga & Big Show as a monster tag team. It’s been done before, obviously not with these two guys, but I love the angle for it. Push them? K thanks. Having them destroy AMW always is a good way to start the mega-push . I am interested to see what you do with the Foley stuff as well. Cactucs Jack & Chainsaw Charlie vs. Big Show & Umaga for the Tag Titles please.

-While I didn’t overly dig the Carlito promo, it was still written very well, and got the point across. I’d rather see Carlito move onto something new, but a continued JBL program works too. Still a solid promo

-The fact that you made Sabu job to Chris Masters… makes me happy. I think Sabu sucks the big one, so for Masters to get the victory, beefy goodness.

-LOL at the SD thing. Anything with Bobby Lashley is a nightmare, not a dream.

-I would definitely like to see RVD get some credible use in this BTB, so if you do that, <3. Naw, great story told with Doane having it in him to take it to the top veterans, although he still hasn’t reach that level of being able to get over the hump. Great story told.

-LOL at P3. I’ve never gotten into MVP, so here’s hoping you get me interested in him.

-I really wasn’t overly fond of Ross interviewing Angle, and I didn’t like Ross’ stuff at all. I felt that his dialogue really brought the segment down, TBH. Angle was such class, so Ross just brought it down. While I’m glad to see some possible resolution to the Angle/Austin feud, I do hope Austin retires soon. I just am uninterested in him anymore. He can move out the spotlight, and a newer guy can come up. The beat down on Ross, and then Lawler, served its purpose, and again, Angle was pure class.

-The Heyman/Estrada/Coachman felt like filler. Next.

-Haas goes over Striker, and oh giddy~! Felt like filler at first, but you gave it meaning then, so yay.

-It was made well and clear that the RKO Army would implode, which is awesome. I want to see it. However, one part of this promo REALLY sticks out to me for future reference, and can help start a killer Chris Masters push. Orton tells him that no one in the building could stop him… and that would include Orton. That would be KILLER if you followed up on that at some point down the line, however near of far. Great set-up to the end.

-I don’t know why, but I felt like Angle being fined came out of nowhere, and came way too soon. A little thing that bothered me, but that was about it. An I Quit match for Backlash is a great way to wrap up the Angle/Austin feud, so long as it is more of a submissions I Quit and not Rock/Mankind I Quit.

-I’m not entirely sure if I’d like to see a Haas/Estrada pairing. Instead, I’ll take Haas turning it down, and getting a mini-push as a bland vanilla face against Armando and his boys. Although, I literally chuckled when Haas answers with “watch it”. I have no idea why, but it just proved the point so much.

-I really didn’t find the dueling promo between Orton and Edge to be anything special. Solid writing, of course, but meh, just didn’t do it for me. It took a nice turn into becoming a more serious affair, a nice elevating step (so long as HBK stays out of the picture). The RKO implosion was good to see happen, and I like that MNM is divided. However, I do have to voice Reney when I say that I don’t know if I can buy Kenny Doane or Nitro as faces. Doane, possibly, but not Nitro. Nitro is too much of a boring, bland, uncharismatic and untalented piece of fuck. Doane I could see possibly being successful with the cocky face role. I still want to see Masters turn on Orton then too. You set it up perfectly, whether directly or indirectly.

Still a solid Raw, but what irked me was that, in essence, Charlie Haas vs. Matt Striker was your main event match. That’s very disturbing. However, the writing was good, execution was solid as always, and I had myself a nice time reading this. Many BTBs I struggle to make it through a whole show because a lot of it comes off as the same old shtick. You don’t have that. You’re shows are very refreshing, and continue to be a great point of BTB. Tip of the hat to you, Mister Mac. I look to continue R&R for you, good sir.

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's Wrestlemania Review

I'll start on the video package. This was neatly done. It was cleverly written but I do think it should have been just a little bit shorter. Maybe that's just me. Anywho a very good start to the PPV and now I have this big Wrestlemania feel.

Carlito vs JBL: This was a shocker to open up the show. I mean I think JBL is a little big better than an opener. I have liked the fact that JBL is in this match to try and win the only championship that he hasnt had hold of yet. I really enjoyed reading this match because I could picture everything that was happening. I thought that JBL had a little bit too much offence but this all just made Carlito's victory a whole lot more special. I don't know if I agree with JBL losing but I can now see some good things for Carlito so this is a good thing. It was good to see Carlito spit in JBL's face at the end, but something tells me that this feud is not over. To be honest I hope they both move on to different feuds but I can somehow see it continue.

Money In The Bank: Like Kane01 said it was not suprising to see this match this early on the card. I just don't see why everyone has it so early on. I myself think it deserves a place higher on the card. Anyway the match was very entertaining. It was alot more pacey than the opening match which was a nice thing to read. Ric Flair winning MITB is not my cup of tea. Nothing against Flair but I always think MITB is just a way to get some new talent over. I don't think Flair will get one last championship win even though you do really like Flair. I just don't see it. The spot with Sabu was the best part of the show at the moment. There could have been more spots although the Sabu one was massive so it didn't really matter about any more spots. This was a very entertaining match Mac and MOTN so far.

Fatal Four Way: This was a good choice to go next. This feud has really struck me since the beggining. You made Lashley look strong which was a hint of him winning. I think you basically killed the Celtic Cross finisher by having Lashley kick out of it, although at the same time it gave Lashley a ton more credability. I'm not always a huge fan of fatal four way's but I think you pulled this off pretty swell.

Eight Man Tag: I didn't really like this match. Nothing against how you booked it or wrote it. I just don't usually like matches with more than four men in it. This however was okay and it had it's fair share of good action. Benjamin hitting the T-Bone from the top was awesome and a good way to end the match. Smackdown winning a big match at Wrestlemania is different and I like that. To be honest I have noticed that you are one of the best on the forums that write great entertaining matches.

Daniels vs Mysterio: This is a match I have been looking forward too by the way and it may take over MITB as MOTN. The rivalry has been building up nicely and that's one of the reasons I have been looking forward to the match. That and because of the great in ring skills they both share. I have to agree with Kane01, you have made the cruiserweight division more entertaning instead of just giving up with it. Good to see Mysterio getting the upperhand, although that made me think that Daniels was picking up the victory. Having Rey win the match was a good booking desicion and I really enjoyed the ending. I wasnt suprised either that this match became MOTN so far!

Mickie vs Victoria: I didn't see Mickie winning at all. The return of Beth was good as it keeps this feud rolling with some new faces in it. I didn't like the fact that you booked Victoria to bleed. I just don't see that in a woman's match. It was good to see you be original though so credit where credit's due. I', not usually to keen on woman's matches but you made this appeal to me and you actually gave the match a good lenght.

John Cena vs Undertaker: Telling you this match was entertaining is the understatement of the year. it had it's up's and down's but it was great. You really know how to make the reader feel shocked. For a moment I thought Cena had ended the streak. At first I was like yeah this could work, but then I thought WTF. Then I read on and found out that the match had to carry on. This was a very good desiucion in the booking room. Undertaker eventually winning was no shock after what happened earlier. I think not ending the streak was a good thing to do. Another think I liked from this match is that now Cena is going to be a top flight superstar just like Undertaker because you made him look really strong in this match. I can see big things for Cena now, and it will be interesting too because he is heel.

Kurt Angle vs Stone Cold Steve Austin: I was looking forward to this because of the way you hyped it up. Angle repeatedly trying to leave the ring was very well booked and it was so realistic. The rest of the match was a little slow but it would be with those two guys. I wasn't too keen on the ending, but in a way I also was. I mean it was a great way to keep both men looking strong, BUT, I would have prefered to see a clean finish for a big match liek this to actually see who the better man is. This ending makes me feel that this feud is continuing.

Rock vs Triple H: Another match I was most looking forward to because of the hype you had given it. The match itself was alright. Of course the stipulation added a bit more fuel to the fire. Lots of blood is what I like to see. I wasnt keen on the ending though. I think if someone was to win by using the sledgehammer it would have to be Triple H. However a good match to I think end a good feud. Although I actually wouldn't be suprised to see a rematch somewhere down the line. Another great match Mac.

The monsters match: To be honest the only thing making me look forward to this match is the ending. However you pulled off a good match here as usual. I agree with Legend, it should really have been lower down on the card with it being Wrestlemania. The only things that made the actual match interesting was Mick Foley returning, and Mark Henry turning on Smackdown. This should make for some interesting stuff this week on Smackdown.

Triple Threat: Should have been last Mac. But yeah onto the match. it had it's ups and it had it's downs. mostly uos though. The thing I liked about this match was that I could see everything happening in my mind as I read it. I felt like Orton was going to drop the championship tonight but that just wasn't to be. It would have been great to see Michaels pick up the win and the strap because if I remember correctly he is heel. That is something I would love to see. The ending was superbly done and was a OMG moment for me. Orton retaining isn't that bad i suppose. But I hope Michaels stays in some kind of feud with him.

Main event: The Kennedy era has just begun! Well it was fairly obvious he was going to win the championship. It was a fun match to read but with the fact that I kind if knew who was going to win, it took away some of the excitement. The ending was a nice bit of wirintg too Mac. It was deffinatly not Match Of The Night but it certainly wasnt the worst match.

Overall: To be honest Mac I always feel kind of uncomfatable reviewing your shows because I actually find it hard to ever find something that I didn't like. Wrestlemania was a very nice piece of writing and I certainly wouldn't wana take back the long hours it took to read. I wish you best of luck with the thread and I hope it continues for a very long time. My reviews always suck, but you cant't blame me when the booker is as good as..well you
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Raw Review

Very surprising to see that the World Champion didn’t open the show. But anyway a good tag team match to kick off the show and good victory for AMW getting back some momentum after losing at Mania. Ouch poor AMW having to face Umaga and Show at Backlash. But somehow I can see AMW getting the victory as I just don’t believe that Umaga and Show should be teaming up together and should not be hogging the belts.

Well I thought this feud had ended at Mania, but this promo gives me a feeling it might continue, or your just trying to trick us.

Don’t like Masters but better to see him get the victory as I feel that Sabu might be on the fall down now and I have a feeling that he might leave as I can’t see what he can do in the future.

Two matches back to back, but one hell of a match here and even though RVD gets the victory you make Dykstra look very strong and I think he is going to be having a big push in the coming months.

Great promo here by Kurt Angle with Angle showing some great intensity beating down JR and Lawler. Looks like this feud will continue if Austin wanting revenge for his friend.

Meh don’t care too much about Foley nowadays. Foley is banned from all future events but I see Foley making an appearance someway or another.

Ugh at you squashing Matt Stryker. But it is nice to see Haas get a convincing win and however would be nice to see him get a push.

Interesting promo here and I believe that this is the show where The RKO Army will disband, possible Dykstra/Orton feud in future?

Huge match made for Backlash, Austin/Angle in I Quit match should be epic. Not liking the way the match was announced however and would of rather seen Austin make an appearance and something to happen to lead to a match.

Interesting segment here, Haas/Armando sounds like a very random partnership so not surprised to see it not happening but this could result to Armando bringing in someone to feud with Haas.

Great promo to end the show with the Orton and Edge saga not finishing yet as expected, both men were spot on character. RKO army disbands as I expected and looks a possible tag team feud between the four other members of RKO army. Not surprised to see Doane turn face but Nitro is very interesting as I just can not see him as a face at all. One thing however where the heck was Shawn Michaels? Not even a mention?

Solid Raw coming off a great Mania, only big problem was that the show seemed a little too short with there only being four matches. Look forward to Smackdown
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Bradley's condensed 'Mania review- I am not being lazy, Mac knows why it is in brief so we'll just keep it at that.

The opening video package definitely caught the essence and theme of the show 'I'm ready.' It certainly feels like a big time event with all of the usual highlights thrown in from WM 3 etc but it still makes it feel special, Vince sounded quite corny but other than that it was actually very good.

Carlito vs. J.B.L
Good to see King list the names JBL has beaten, if Carlito wins this then he is over BIG TIME. You increased the odds of Carlito being a big star by having him receive a standing ovation! The cocky little slaps at the beginning was a good way to get over both characters. JBL used his experience to get the upper hand, which I also liked but I didn't like it going too slow, which it did with the sleepers etc. Whenever Carlito got momentum going it was just too short but JBL nearly getting the win (as there weren't that many near falls) was good and he cheated all of the way through and used his physicality to his advantage which is a good trait. Carlito got a little flurry of moves in, I feel it came a little too late and JBL taking that massive risk was very uncharacteristic but for a feel good moment I would rate it very high but it was still above average and I loved the ending, even if it did seem a little predictable.

I really did love this segment, a lot of witty banter between Coach and Steph and underneath that hard exterior I am pretty sure they have respect for each other. The intelligence line was gold with Maria having her head in the clouds but I felt she wasn't needed and a serious interviewer could have done the job. Shame WWE don't really have many of those.

Money in the Bank
Interesting match up here, I pick Doane to grab the briefcase. The two tag teams face off, interesting, yet bold move as I thought you would wait until the end of the match for that. Doane getting the upper hand on Flair is a good start for Ken as you show he can be big. Nice to see him take out 4 people, quite clever when you think about it so it doesn't make it a massive clusterfuck. Interesting interactions between RVD/Sabu and Hardy/Hardy further getting across the point that they will do anything to get the top prize. I didn't like how Doane was the jobber for the rest of the match, getting hit with steel chairs etc, it just didn't seem right because he could have been used a lot better. Good to see everyone in with a chance and Flair still being the Dirtiest Player in the Game and there were somne sick, brutal moves in the match. You didn't go OTT either and Flair winning opens up a whole host of opportunities. Good match.

Mac, I have to go now and I didn't want to leave you with nothing so the next part of my review will be up later on. You can hold me on that. It will be edited in.

<a href=http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/1c/0,,10323~9903176,00.jpg target=_blank>http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/...9903176,00.jpg</a>
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Thanks for the reviews.

Originally Posted by kane01
One thing however where the heck was Shawn Michaels? Not even a mention?
Originally Posted by Renegade™
Where was Shawn Michaels?

Originally Posted by DDMac
Jim Ross: Sadly, neither Shawn Michaels nor Edge will be here tonight, given the night off to recuperate.

Year and a half of booking with only a 20 day break in between ... Need another break ... I'll still be reviewing though. See you sometime in January.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Have a well deserved break Mac. With christmas and all I wouldn't be suprised to see people take a break. Especially when you have booked as good as you have. See you next month
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's Raw Feedback

Apologies for the lateness, Mac (and for "walking around with your award" ) Damn internet

~ Definately the show I have anticipated most for a long time. I tend to love the fallout from Wrestlemania, and your fallout should be something to behold Edge and Michaels aren't here tonight? That makes me sad I very much doubt if it stays that way though. Edge and HBK wreak havoc during Orton's speech plz and a Wrestlemania rematch at Backlash

~ I mark for shows kicking off with matches, but they have to either be awesome {Helms/Benjy-Hooligans} or have a title on the line, hence why I loved this opening. AMW only just really won the belts from MNM so it was not very surprising to see them retain. Miscommunication from Nitro, Mercury and Melina? I smell a second split for MNM, possibly with Mercury sticking with Orton and Nitro going solo. Not sure about Melina though, as you've played on her split loyalties to both Randy and Johnny well of late. You said in your news and notes that you were looking to build the WWE Tag Team titles up to the level of and even surpassing that of the U.S title. That sounds pretty awesome, but judging from this opening segment from Coach, you will be doing the same with the World Tag Team Championships. Playing AMW off against major heels like Coach, Show, 'Mags, AAE and Paul E. will do wonders for their status as MAJOR faces. I've been wondering for a while if you would turn Show/'Mags into a fully fledged tag outfit, and I'm fairly sure they will be awesome. The beat down afterwards just solidifies ANW as the underdogs, but I think that Harris and Storm will still retain at Backlash ... thanks to Mick Foley? Match stipulation plz

~ You got be sussed a while back: I love Carlito. He's fairly awesome as both a heel and a face, so I was pleased to read in your news and notes that he is a Main Eventer in the making. Great promo from 'Lito here to give the Champ some exposure. Judging from Grisham's constant references to JBL in this interview, you will be continuing Carlito's rivalry with Bradshaw. I can see JBL attacking CCC next week to set up the rematch.

~ Another decent match up. It looked as though you were officially ending Sabu's mini push by having him lose cleanly to Masters, but you kept referring to Sabu's injuries, so that made up for it. Good win for The Masterpiece though; I hope he really picks up the pace in his role as Orton's enforcer of late.

~ Sounds like a crazy Main Event for SmackDown! Rey/Lashley/Rock/Undertaker is pretty much guranteed to be awesome, but it does seem a little strange - I mean, wouldn't Batista want his rematch? Also, 'Taker is in a feud with Cena that should last a while, same with Mysterio with Daniels. The Rock's match with Hunter seemed to be quite a conclusive feud ender, so it will probably be him getting the win - Big Dave interference though?

~ Wow, another match already? The first half of the show has definately been action heavy, that's for sure, but a great match between these two awesome workers. RVD picks up the win with a roll up, but the nod of respect afterwards just keeps on hinting at the Doane face turn. I'm still uneasy about it personally, but anything to give him a push I guess. I hope Van Dam steps back up to the Main Event scene as well soon, where he belongs.

~ If you do great things will Porter, I will pay you

~ Wow, what a promo from Kurt Angle. I had a feeling that you would pull something special out of the bag with this interview. After his Wrestlemania match with Austin, you mentioned that Angle was looking at Stone Cold with a confused look on his face. Perhaps this is because Angle is confused as to why Stone Cold just won't give up. Anyway, you played off that well here, making Kurt a bit more of a nut than he has been recently, obviously pissed off by not making Steve tap out. Having J.R do the interview only added to the ferocity of the interview, and the aftermath damn sure confirms that Angle-Austin will be continuing. I always mark when interviewers get their ass kicked, and Angle beat them both up, so I love him even more. If Bret Hart had been a bit more of nut in '97, I would have said that this feud between Austin-Angle is achoing the greatness of Hart-Austin to perfection. Great stuff

~ More AAE and Heyman? You're definately spoiling me with this show, Mac. Great segment between three awesome heels here, with AAE stealing the spotlight as perusual. With Folet banned from Raw, I can definately see him making an appearance at Backlash to screw Show and Umaga out of the title. As much as I hate to admit it, Chris Harris is getting squashed next week; I can't see any other outcome.

~ Grisham on commentary. He sucks HAAS IS GETTING PUSHED!!! Don't get my hopes up for no reason, Mac sir. Haas is awesome and has been jobbing in this thread for a long time. I hope this is the start of something great for Charlie.

~ Great backstage segment between the RKO Army. I love these little tension builders between these guys. Orton has been made out to be such a pompous jackass that Mercury and Masters almost look quite dumb for wanting to stick with him. Orton never really insults them though, only Nitro and Doane. That will probably be built on as him being nervous of their talent or something. I though Melina was pretty much dating Orton now? I guess not. Her position in the Army is really quite an interesting one. I loved the stare down between Doane and Orton towards the end; you are really pushing Kenny as an equal to Randy. Given all of this exposure you have been giving to Doane, it's surprising that you haven't really pushed him yet. Hmmmmm....

~ Darn, Angle has been top notch tonight. I'm glad we're getting to hear from him again intimidating Maria. Oh baby, an I Quit match at Backlash? That is fantastic. I can see that being as brutal as Austin-Hart at Wrestlemania 13, but I wonder, will you replay the ending of W'Mania with Stone Cold passing out again, or will you have Austin win and make Angle say "I Quit"? Because I'm fairly certain that you will NEVER make Austin say, "I Quit".

~ Yes, Estrada is the coolest manager the WWE has produced in a long time, and this little segment with Charlie Haas certainly intrigued me. Is AAE offering his managerial services to Haas? If so, Haas' push could pick up steam with a heel turn, or he could possibly rebel and still gain momentum. Either way, you've got me interested.

~ Great promo from Randy Orton. Everyone complains about his matter-o-fact delivery, but I think it works really well, and you used it well here, together with his pompous attitude. I knew at least one of Edge or HBK would make an appearance, and it was very well-timed for a post-Wrestlemania Raw. I'm so glad that you have stopped having Edge as a crazy psycho face, as that was quite dull. Edge is much better as a cocky face, so I should start enjoying him after this. Interesting that Orton-Edge may well be in the works for Backlash. I wonder what this means for Michaels? Great, explosive aftermath with the RKO Army finally imploding. Doane and Nitro have turned face? I think they will be tweeners in reality, although having them stand with Edge in the ring, whilst Orton, Mercury and Masters stands on the outside leads me to a different conclusion - a stable war. The RKO Army versus The Rated R Army

Overall this was a great show coming off the back of a brilliant Wrestlemania, Mac. Very match-orientated tonight, which does me just fine. I love the situations surrounding the WWE and World Tag Team Championships, but I have to say, Angle's segments really stole the show. I won't comment on HBK's lack of appearance as others have, since I know he was back in San Antonio () and you no doubt have something up your sleeve. I was a little disappointed by the lack of Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, Victoria and Trish Stratus etc. But I'm sure that will be made right on Carlito's Cabana next week

Happy Christmas
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Okay. From this show up until and including Backlash, it's gonna be all recaps (with a promo/match or two written in full). Enjoy.

Friday Night SmackDown!; April 6th, 2007

The night starts off with a recap of WrestleMania 23 before Styles and Tazz welcome us to the program and hype up our main event, which will see The Rock, The Undertaker, Bobby Lashley and Rey Mysterio battle it out in a Fatal Four Way Match, with the winner facing Mr. Kennedy for the World Heavyweight Title next week.

***Reality Check*** The crowd responds rather confused, but soon begin to boo mildly as The Miz makes his way down to the ring, not looking as goofy and arrogantly as usual.

Joey Styles: After a huge WrestleMania night last Sunday, with all the people we could possibly hear from to kick off the night, The Rock, Triple H, Mr. Kennedy, Batista, we get … The Miz? You gotta be kidding me. C’MON!!

Tazz: Relax, Joey. Maybe he’s got something important to say. Give him a chance.

Miz steps into the ring and calls for a mic, soon getting one.

Miz: Hoorah!! Hoorah!! Hoooooorah!!

A few idiots repeat what Miz says each time, but mostly boos filter in.

Miz: Oh, yeah, The Miz is here on your TV sets adding a little bit of reality to your lives!

Boos as Miz makes an angry face.

Miz: It’s just a shame that I couldn’t do the same for all you Mizfits last Sunday at WrestleMania 23. I know you guys were looking for me but - NEWSFLASH, the WWE has been trying to keep me down ever since I blasted on the scene.

More boos filter in - leaning towards X-Pac heat?

Miz: Well, let me tell you something. NO MORE! No more will I be held down by SmackDown!, the WWE or anybody!!

Slight “Boring” chants start up.

Miz: No more will I be held down by the restraints of scripted television! I’m about reality and reality is about to kick you in the face!! This is a new Miz, a -


***Turn Up The Tremble*** The arena EXPLODES into a tremendous ovation as the NEW World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Kennedy steps out onto the stage for the first time as champion. Kennedy lets out a smile, carrying the title on his shoulder, dressed to compete with a T-shirt on top.

Miz looks none too happy as KK continues on down to the ring, before stepping in and eyeing the Miz up and down, arrogantly chomping away on his gum. Kennedy then goes and gets a microphone. KK prepares to speak but loud “Kennedy” chants cut him off, causing not only Kennedy to smirk, but Miz to intervene.

Miz: What do you want, Mr. Kennedy, huh? What, did the WWE send their new golden boy out here to stop me from speaking the truth?

Kennedy looks rather perplexed.

Mr. Kennedy: The truth about what?

Miz: The truth about why I’m being held back.

Mr. Kennedy: And why would that be?

Miz: Because it’s a conspira-

Mr. Kennedy: Alright, that’s enough of that; I’m bored already.

The crowd cheers a bit as Miz looks frustrated.

Mr. Kennedy: I know why you’re not going anywhere. Oh, I know.

Miz raises an eyebrow as Kennedy nods.

Mr. Kennedy: Rumors have been flying rampant about why you’re not being pushed. I heard it may be politics, there were rumors about drug tests, or enemies in high places, and maybe Vince doesn’t like you, but eventually, believe me, I got to the bottom of it. I got to the REAL answer.

Miz seems rather excited now.

Miz: Why?

Mr. Kennedy: It’s because … you suck.

The crowd laughs a bit and then cheer as Kennedy smirks. The Miz looks on in silent anger as KK continues to chew on his gum a bit before speaking again.

Mr. Kennedy: (Turns to crowd) I know, it shocked me too. (Back to Miz) But it’s the truth. You’re just … not very good. You’re boring to talk to. You’re painful to watch. And you’re not that easy on the eyes. So, do yourself a favor, hand me the mic, get out of the ring, and allow … THE … NEEEWWWWW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION to speak, MMIIISTERRRRRR KEN-

Miz snatches the microphone, getting a gasp and then boos from the crowd. Kennedy looks at Miz in shock, before spitting his gum out.

Miz: (Talking angrily) I am sick and tired of being DISRESPECTED!!! I am sick and tired of being seen as a joke!! I am sick and-

Kennedy snatches the mic back.

Mr. Kennedy: Numero uno, don’t ever snatch my microphone. Numero dos, if you’re sick of being disrespected, stop talking like an idiot.

Crowd cheers

Mr. Kennedy: If you’re sick of being seen as a joke … don’t leave your house.

More cheers as Miz appears to be at his boiling point.

Mr. Kennedy: I don’t mean to be an asshole … well, yeah I do … but that’s besides the point. I was scheduled to come out here during this time, to talk about my huge championship win against Batista last Sunday at WrestleMania.

Crowd pops for the mention of KK’s title win.

Mr. Kennedy: Instead of me talking about the fight of my life, my proudest moment, the biggest moment in my career to date, on the biggest stage of them all, in front of thousands upon thousands of people, with millions upon millions of people watching worldwide … you’re out here babbling on about reality shows and disrespect. You got a problem, do something about it, because quite frankly, nobody wants to hear you bitch and moan for twenty minutes.

More cheers as Miz holds his head down.

Mr. Kennedy: *Whistles* Now hit the bricks.

Miz: But I -

Mr. Kennedy: BRICKS!!!

Kennedy turns his back on Miz and directs his attention toward the crowd, who continue to cheer him on.

Mr. Kennedy: Ladies and gentlemen, I come to you tonight fro-

Miz attacks Kennedy from behind, hitting him in the back and taking him down to the canvas!! The crowd boos wildly as Miz finally shows some intestinal fortitude, stomping away on the back of KK. Miz then lifts Kennedy back up to his feet and backs him up, before shooting him into the ropes.

Kennedy comes back and Miz throws a right, which KK ducks, then kicks Miz in the gut, before planting him with a DDT!! The crowd cheers as Kennedy pops back up to his feet, and moves his neck around, almost as if working out the cricks.

Kennedy then picks Miz up to his feet and tosses him onto his shoulders. The crowd cheers as KK backs up into the corner and climbs up the turnbuckle, before letting out a yell and flipping off, hitting the GREEN BAY PLUNGE!!

Kennedy gets back up to his feet, and picks the microphone off of the ground.

Mr. Kennedy: Miz didn’t like it, he did something about it, and he got dropped in the middle of this ring. The same goes to every single SmackDown superstar in the back - yeah, I’m looking at you, Big Dave Batista. I’m looking at you, Rey Mysterio. I’m looking at you, Bobby Lashley. I’m looking at you, Undertaker. And, yeah, I’m looking at you … Rock.

The crowd cheers after all the names, ESPECIALLY The Rock’s, even starting a slight “Rocky” chant.

Mr. Kennedy: I am … the World Heavyweight Champion.

More cheers

Mr. Kennedy: I am the alpha dog on SmackDown. And if you wanna do something about it, you step right on up. The Kennedy Administration has begun. Say it LOUD, say it PROUD, MIISTERRRRRRRRR KENNEDY!!!

The crowd cheers and prepares to chant along as Kennedy bends down and gets right into the face of the laid out Miz.

Mr. Kennedy: KEN - NA - DAY!!!

Kennedy tosses the mic down and picks up his World Heavyweight Championship belt, before heading back up the ramp to cheers. KK raises it up to cheers once more, before we fade out.


The action of the night kicks off with a cruiserweight match up, Chris Sabin taking on Jamie Noble. The two put on a solid match up, getting a decent amount of time to showcase their abilities. The finish comes when Chris Sabin rolls Jamie Noble up in a school boy, getting the pinfall victory at 8:12.
After the match, the referee raises Sabin’s hand but Noble attacks Sabin from behind!! He takes the young former champion down and then begins to stomp away on him, with a new level of viciousness. The attack is capped off when Noble hits a couple of strong Tiger Bombs on Sabin, dead center of the ring!! Noble then takes his leave to heat from this sold-out crowd.

Backstage, Steve Romero stands by … with Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio. Rey talks a bit about his strong title win against Christopher Daniels at WrestleMania, calling it the greatest cruiserweight match in WWE history. Rey then says he plans to be just as much of a fighting champion as Daniels was, but tonight is about the World Heavyweight Championship, Rey says that he may not be the biggest, or strongest, or best in the Fatal Four Way but his win against Daniels proved that it’s the guy who wants it more that comes out the victor. And nobody wants it more than Rey Mysterio.


Backstage, inside of her office, Stephanie McMahon shuffles through her papers until … The Game Triple H shuffles into her office, limping with a huge bandage on his forehead. Hunter demands to know why people who already have championships are in the main event, while he - a ten-time World Champion, is not. Steph simply states “they won their matches at WrestleMania, you lost”.
H goes off, stating that Stephanie has done everything to try to piss him off in recent weeks, and he’s just about through. Hunter demands to be put into the match, making it a Quintet, or there will be dire consequences. Steph declines, and Hunter says he’s going home and won’t be showing back up until he gets his proper respect. Expecting Stephanie to cave in now, he’s very disappointed and pissed off when Steph remarks “Fine. Go. You’re gonna walk because you’re not getting your way? I see you’ve learned a lot from Shawn Michaels.” The crowd cheers for that as H snarls and then leaves…

Up next, Mark Henry comes down to the ring to tremendous heat and grabs a microphone. Henry explains his turning on Kane at WrestleMania, stating that he’s no longer going to do what’s best for SmackDown, but what’s best for the World’s Strongest Man. Henry says that when people look out for SmackDown over self, it ends up biting them in the ass, and he’s learning from others’ mistakes. Styles and Tazz wonder what the hell he’s talking about … as Kane makes his way down to the ring, before we fade to a commercial break.


In the second match of the night, Henry and Kane do battle. Sub-par match up, though not horrible, as Kane shows off some intensity. The finish comes when Kane looks like he may have the match in hand, ready for a choke slam, but a VERY small figure steps into the ring, mask on, and hits Kane with a pipe in the back!!
The ref calls for the bell at 6:12 but that shot didn’t even faze Kane, as he turns around and backs the small figure down. Henry regains his wits and drops Kane with a hard shot, before taking the pipe away from this unknown individual. Henry then goes to town, laying into the back and midsection of Kane with the damn lead pipe!!! Kane begins to cough up blood as officials run down, but Henry doesn’t stop his assault, continuing to bash Kane with the weapon until the unknown person finally leads Henry away.


Back from the break, Stephanie McMahon checks on the well-being of Kane as he’s being put into an ambulance.

A video package plays, hyping up the NEW United States Champion, “The Real Deal” Bobby Lashley, showcasing his power, speed and explosiveness, before showing a graphic for the Fatal Four Way main event tonight.

In the third match of the night, former tag champs, Shelton Benjamin and Gregory Helms taking on The Mexicools. During the match, Styles announces that at Backlash, Benjamin and Helms will challenge The Hooligans for the WWE Tag Team Championship. It’s a solid match up, brimming with athleticism, but in the end, it’s Benjamin and Helms who pick up the victory, with Shelton leaping up to the top turnbuckle with incredible balance, catching Psichosis and hitting a superplex!! Psichosis holds his back and Helms follows up with the Shining Wizard!!! Benjamin then covers for the three count at 5:55.
London and Kendrick watch in awe from their locker room as Helms and Benjamin pose in the ring to a mixed reaction, gaining more and more support from the fans by the week.



BUSINESS HAS PICKED UP~! The crowd erupts into a mixed reaction, but that soon degenerates into heat as the FORMER World Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Animal’ Dave Batista and the NEW Money in the Bank Winner, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair, make their way down to the ring, both dressed immaculately in suits, but both sporting bandages from stitches due to injuries suffered from WrestleMania while Naitch carries the MITB briefcase.

Big Dave and Naitch step into the ring and Flair calls for a microphone. He soon gets one and hands it to The Animal. Flair sets his briefcase down and adjusts his suit as Batista angrily glares at the crowd who continue to bombard him with heat.

Batista: Management is gonna be REAL glad that we’re on FX for the next couple of minutes.

Batista takes himself a bit of a walk, attempting to calm himself down, but it’s of no use as he brings the mic back up.

Batista: WrestleMania 23, after I’ve beaten superstars after superstar, icon after icon, legend after GOD DAMN legend, Steel Cage Matches, Elimination Chambers, No Holds Barred Matches … I lose my World Heavyweight Championship in a straight up singles match against … Mr. Kennedy?

KENNEDY!!; Batista looks at the fans as if they’re crazy.

Batista: A GOD DAMN singles match against that BLOND HAIRED BITCH!? No, that’s complete bullshit and each everyone of you know it!!

Crowd boos

Batista: The greatest upset of all-time? The greatest fluke of all-time? I call it the biggest crock of shit that this business has ever seen!

‘Asshole’ chants start up.

Batista: Asshole? I’m the asshole? Try the best World Heavyweight Champion that this show has ever seen! Try the most DOMINANT man in the history of this business!! And now this joke of a wrestler, this … asshole is walking around with my World Heavyweight Championship?! Let me tell you something, if you think that’s gonna stay - if you think that’s gonna stay that way for long, you’ve got the biggest wakeup call of ALL TIME coming!!

Batista seethes with anger as Flair calms him down, taking the mic from him rather slowly. The crowd “WOOOS” as Flair begins to speak.

Ric Flair: Usually, I would come out here and talk about my incredible win in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match … but the big man is upset!! And when Big Dave is pissed off, that means the focus of myself, the focus of every wrestler who enjoys the ability to walk, the focus of all you fans and most importantly, the focus of every person in WWE management who enjoys their LIFE, turns to The Animal!!

Big time heat for Flair as Batista angrily leers at the crowd.

Ric Flair: But y’see, Batista won’t be angry for long. Because unlike that idiot, Edge on Raw a couple of months ago, (Flair talks lower and slower, emphasizing his point) Batista has got … a guaranteed rematch clause … for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Crowd boos

Ric Flair: That means regardless of whoever wins the Fatal Four Way Match tonight, regardless of who wins the title match next week, the World Heavyweight Title will end up around the waist of the most dominant World Heavyweight Champion of all time, “The Animal” Dave Batista!!

More boos

Ric Flair: So whether it’s Kennedy -

KENNEDY, followed by a great pop.

Ric Flair: Whether it’s The Undertaker -

Great pop.

Ric Flair: Whether it’s Bobby Lashley -

Nice pop

Ric Flair: Whether it’s Rey Mysterio -

Nice pop

Ric Flair: Or whether it’s The Rock

Tremendous pop for The Great One.

Ric Flair: It doesn’t matter who the champions is, the World Title is coming back home!! When, you ask? BACKLASH!!

Flair nods as Batista damn near salivates over the chance to regain his title. Flair takes off his jacket and tosses it to the ground, getting fired up.

Ric Flair: Until the end of the month, April 29th!!! That’s how long that Batista has got to wait before he crushes The Rock - WOOO - or crushes The Undertaker, or crushes Mysterio, or - WOOOO, crushes Lashley or crushes Kennedy!! And takes back the World Heavyweight Championship!!! WOOOO!! Backlash!! Backlash!! WOOO!!! Backlash, Goddamn it!!! WOOOO!!

The crowd “WOOS” along as Flair and Batista prepare to leave the ring.

***LOADED*** The crowd gives a strong pop as the Hardys, Matt and Jeff, step out onto the stage, both hobbling and limping from the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Both are dressed in their usual competitive attire with sleeveless Hardys T-shirts on top. Matt has mic in hand, ready to talk but Flair speaks first.

Ric Flair: The two of you better watch your mouths - watch what you say, because the big man and I aren’t ready for any-

Matt Hardy: You’d think you be in a better mood tonight, Ric. I know Batista’s a little pissed off about LOSING his World Heavyweight Championship-

Batista angrily glares at Matt, who lets out a smirk.

Matt Hardy: But, Ric, you should be happy. Mr. Money in the Bank … and all you had to do was wait for was myself, Jeff, RVD, Sabu and Ken Doane to damn near kill each other for twenty minutes, fall twenty feet off of ladders, through tables, be hit with chairs. Then, you swoop right in and grab the briefcase. You’re one lucky SOB.

Flair smirks, picks up his briefcase and holds it, while bringing the microphone back up to his mouth.

Ric Flair: Let me tell you kids something. Luck has nothing to do with it! It’s about being greater than your opponents. It’s about being better than your opponents. It’s about being THE MAN, The Nature Boy Ric Flair! But more importantly than that, it’s about using (points to his head) this. I bet you two wished you took me up and on my offer last week. Ha-ha, WOOOO!!

The crowd WOOOS along as Matt and Jeff look unimpressed.

Ric Flair: And before the two of you even ask, I’m not stupid like that Rob Van Dam last year, or Edge two years ago. I am NOT putting up this Money in the Bank contract under ANY circumstances, so if that’s what you came out here for, you’ve wasted my time, your time and the big man’s time.

The crowd boos as Matt and Jeff shake their heads. Batista grabs the mic from Flair in anger.

Batista: And, quite frankly, I’m getting sick and tired of looking at the two of you. You can’t get a shot at the Money in the Bank contract, but you can sure as hell get your asses kicked right here and now.

The Hardys look at one another and nod before sprinting to the ring - actually it’s more like gingerly jogging, but nevertheless, here they come! Matt and Jeff slide in and the brawl is on!!

Matt rocks Batista with right hands, while Flair rears back, looking to hit Jeff with the Money in the Bank briefcase, but he ducks and rocks The Nature Boy with rights, before clotheslining him over the top rope and to the outside!!

The elder Hardy doesn’t fare as well with Batista as The Animal goes low, hitting him with a knee to the gut, which has got to hurt even more than usual after some of the bumps Matt took in the MITB ladder match. He holds his stomach in pain and Batista tucks him between his legs, ready for a DEMON BOMB … but Jeff drills him with the briefcase!!! Batista holds his back in pain, turning around and the Hardys back up, and simultaneously clothesline the former World Champion over the top rope, to the outside!!

Loaded hits once more and the crowd cheers as The Hardys intensely stare from the ring. Flair helps Batista up to his feet on the outside and the two back up the entrance ramp, looking incredibly pissed.


Vignette plays hyping the impending debut of The Straight Edge Superstar, CM Punk IN TWO WEEKS.

Styles and Tazz announce another match for next week on SmackDown - Batista and Ric Flair vs. The Hardys.

Backstage, The Rock cuts one of his amped up, high-energy promos, first talking about his brutal No Hold Barred Match with Triple H, before proceeding to run down all of his opponents in the Fatal Four Way Match - a midget, a “deadman” (complete with sarcastic quotes), and a black, even uglier version of Batista. Rock then talks about the possibility of facing Mr. Kennedy, stating that although he respects KK, he won’t hesitate to slap the peroxide out of his hair before taking the World Title. Rock then caps off the promo with his “If ya smell” catchphrase before walking off to a tremendous pop.

In the fourth match of the night, the three losers of the WrestleMania United States Title Match, King Booker, Finlay, and William Regal wrestle in a triple threat match. One would have to expect that the winner could find himself on the receiving end of a U.S. Title shot. We get ourselves a strong match but the finish comes when, Monty Brown steps into the ring, looking to help his King and charges, going for the POUNCE on Finlay, but he ducks and HITS BOOKER, taking him down!! Finlay then tosses Brown from the ring, and prepares to cover the downed Booker but Regal charges and hits him with a knee to the back, sending The Irishman flying from the ring!! Regal then covers Booker for the three count at 10:21.
Regal slides out of the ring, raising his arms in victory, as Sharmell checks on the King while Elijah Burke helps Monty back up to his feet. Styles and Tazz once more hype the main event before we cut to break.


Main Event: Fatal Four Way Match:
Winner Receives World Title Match Next Week:
The Rock vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Rey Mysterio vs. The Undertaker
The World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Kennedy joins Styles and Ross for our main event With one fall to a finish, the match goes long with each competitor coming to the aid of the others to save the match up for themselves. Though all four are faces, the crowd takes to The Rock and Undertaker above the other two and eventually, that’s who it comes down to.
The Rock and The Phenom exchange right hands in the middle of the ring, and go through a long sequence of counters, before it ends with a CHOKESLAM from the Deadman. Taker looks ready to cover him, but Lashley enters the ring and SPEARS The Undertaker in half! Lashley looks ready to go for the cover, but WILLIAM REGAL sprints down the ramp and jumps up onto the apron!!
Lashley drops him with a right hand, but Lashley turns around and Mysterio trips him up with a drop toehold, causing Lashley to get caught on the middle rope. Rey follows up with THE 619 and looks to finish him off, but once he leaps up onto the top rope, he’s SHOVED OFF!! CLUSTERFUCK~! Rey hits the canvas hard and the camera pans over to show “THE FALLEN ANGEL” CHRISTOPHER DANIELS leaping back over the barricade through the crowd.
The crowd cheers as The Rock KIPS UP and waits on Mysterio. Rey slowly staggers back up … as The Undertaker SITS UP!! Rey stumbles around the ring and that allows Taker to turn Rock around, hitting him with a big boot, knocking Rock from the ring!! Rey turns around and Taker lifts him up onto his shoulders … before PLANTING HIM WITH THE TOMBSTONE -- AND THE DARKNESS COVER!!! 1... 2... 3!!!
Winner: The Undertaker at 20:34. The Undertaker challenges Mr. Kennedy next week for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Mr. Kennedy stares down at his World Heavyweight Title, resting on the announce table, as The Undertaker turns to face the champion, and gives him the throat slash, before dropping to a knee. Kennedy stands up and holds up his WHC with a hand, and Taker sticks out his tongue, a purplish aura overtaking the arena as Styles and Tazz give us the hard sell for next week.



Current Card for WWE Backlash:
Date: April 29th, 2007
Location: Phillips Arena; Atlanta, Georgia
Event Music: Daughtry; There and Back Again

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Mr. Kennedy OR The Undertaker vs. ‘The Animal’ Batista w/Ric Flair


WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
The Hooligans vs. Shelton Benjamin & Gregory Helms

World Tag Team Championship Match:
America’s Most Wanted w/Gail Kim vs. Big Show & Umaga w/Heyman & AAE

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Raw Review

The show opens up with AMW gaining a win over MNM in a tag team title match. A necessary win for the champions. It was great booking at the start of the show to have Coachman come out and punish them for losing by making them defend against Big Show & Umaga at Backlash. AMW then get laid out. I'm looking foward to this feud, hopefully AMW find a way to retain the belts.

The next promo by Carlito is a pretty decent one, he will be interviewing Mickie James next week and JBL isn't here tonight. Not sure what will come of the Cabana next week but I expect JBL to retaliate somehow and get a rematch against Carlito, possibly at Backlash.

Chris Masters picks up a win over Sabu, not much to note here seems like a sort of filler match. Possibly a bigger push for Masters in the future?

It'll be good to see what you do with MVP when he comes in, along with P3 (Kelly, Layla & Brooke). Pairing MVP with the girls is interesting and makes me wonder where you will take it.

I loved the promo by Angle here it was really classic Kurt. Not sure if you'll be going with Austin against Angle at the PPV and I'm not sure if its the best idea but after the attack on JR, I think it's heading to a big rematch. We'll see after Austin's announcement next week.

Very interesting promo here with Orton and his group. Looks like there might be some sort of turn set to happen, maybe Doane breaking away, I'm not entirely sure yet, we'll see after the next few weeks.

Another good Angle promo, I now see that there will be a rematch between Austin/Angle at Backlash, I like the "I Quit" Match stipulation, that was great booking too.

The interaction between Orton & Edge in the last promo was quite good, shocked to see Doane break off from the group so quickly but I've not been a regular reader of the show so you may have been building it. The whole group imploded as you said, I can't wait to see what comes of this next week.


I've read many shows from many people over the years here, you remind me a lot of Wolf Beast with the way he writes.

I realize it's a very late Raw review but I wanted to get one up anyway, so I can try and keep track of each show. I'll write up a Smackdown one for you later on though. Keep up the great work.
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

SD! Review

Opening of the show was a bit confusing with having The Miz come out. However this perfectly set up a Mr. Kennedy interruption. Having The Miz interact with the new World Heavyweight Champion must mean something for him in the new future. I am sure you would not place him in a promo with the champ unless it benefited him, or you could have just used him because there was no one else. I did like Miz’s intensity throughout the promo, and you can tell her really wants to be taken seriously (maybe get rid of the fohawk?). You right Kennedy as a face perfectly. Now I don’t if I’m right on this but Mr. Kennedy hasn’t been a face on WWE TV before, but if he were I am sure this is how he would be. For a second I thought The Miz was going to go over Kennedy on that attack, sending a message, but not at all. Kennedy then sends a message to the entire SD locker room, good stuff.

I wasn’t sure about Sabin going over Noble, but the attack after the match sufficed it. Noble is a great in ring worker, and has the ability to be a great cruiserweight in the WWE. And personally I have always though he worked better off as a heel. I find it odd that the Cruiserweight Champion is being placed in a match among WHC contenders, but I know Mysterio does not have a chance in this match anyways.

Triple H leaving Smackdown? This may very well be a way for you to get Triple H back over on RAW and if so it is pretty creative. I like the interaction between Stephanie and HHH, and a little bit of cheap shot with that Michaels remark, but oh well.

Henry all for his own? Damn right. I don’t why but I like Mark Henry and hopefully this leads to a push. Nice way to end the match so neither monster had to do the job. Henry getting the advantage on the attack goes perfectly with his short promo before hand, and this man in the mask makes me wonder.

This tag team pairing of Benjamin and Helms is brilliant. Both are incredible wrestlers and have tag team wrestling background. A solid match up it seems, and a beautiful finish. Having The Hooligans watching added to the announcement by Styles during the match, and that match should be terrific.

Amazing promo by Batista and Ric Flair. Both showed fire and intensity throughout the entire promo and the two working as heels together reminds me of Evolution. Flair is genius on the mic and you picked him apart perfectly with the WOOs. I was excited to see the Hardy Boys come out, and then take it to both Flair and Batista. However I really can’ fathom either Hardy brother legitimately taking out The Animal. This promo was great tbh, very good job.

It would’ve been great to read this Rock promo written out, but nonetheless I still laughed at the remark about Lashley. I think that a Rock-Kennedy feud would be money, especially on the mic, I drool thinking about a promo between the two.

I see this Pounce on Booker to start some problems between the two. However not right away, eventually I see Brown breaking away and becoming his own star. William Regal steals one, and I love it. Regal can wrestle with the best of them and I have always enjoyed his matches.

Good back and forth action in the main event, and it was great to see both Regal and Daniels interfering. The Undertaker picks up a sold win, but there is no way Kennedy is loosing the championship anytime soon. The WHC contendership is heating up though with Rock, Taker and Batista! SD is one hell of a show.

Not much to say on the recapped parts, but obviously I know you can write. The promos were done perfectly and I see some big things in the future of SD.
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