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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Well I havent even been able to start the review because of shitty internet problems, but now its fixed, expect the review up on the weekend, just letting you know, it's a quality PPV, one of the best I've ever read so far.


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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Wrestlemania Review

Great opening video setting the scene for tonight’s PPV. Was very well written and you was able to get a lot of wrestlers onto it.

Carlito v JBL
Firstly got to say that this wasn’t the greatest choice of match to open Wrestlemania, as for Wrestlemanias you usually go for good fast paced matches to set the scene for the rest of the show but the majority of this match was very slow. Also it was a bit one too sided for a Wrestlemania opener as it was basically all JBL until late on in the match. However was a pretty solid match, which was helped a lot by the exciting closing stages to the match and good to see Carlito picking up the victory as JBL’s career is winding down and his can get much better as he is still young. Nice aftermath with Carlito getting the final say in the feud spitting in JBL’s face. **3/4

Nice promo here mainly used as just a way to hype the Raw v Smackdown matches. Maria’s bit was little sudden but was nice in terms of comedy with her not realising the tension between Coach and Steph

Money in the Bank
Not surprising to see MITB on this early as in everybody’s Wrestlemania’s it seems to be the second/third match of the night. The match was good and the spots it had in it were good especially Sabu falling from the ladder inside the ring through the table on the outside which has always been one of my favourite spots to see. However I thought there probably would have been at least one or two more spots with the ladders. Looks like Ric Flair is going to get one last title win in your thread possibly around Summerslam, not too keen on Flair winning despite being a big fan. As I just don’t feel that he should be winning the big one at his age now and I would rather of seen someone new like Matt Hardy or Kenny Dykstra get the win. But anyway will be interesting to see what you do with him and the MITB. ***

MVP is coming on Raw and that means that big things are popping and little things are stopping lol.

US Title
Good match here, fatal four ways are always good as you can keep the match at a good exciting pace throughout most of the match and that was the situation here. Throughout the match I had a feeling that Lashley would pick up the victory as you made Lashley look very good during the match and you gave him some of the bigger spots like the Plancha over the top rope. I actually thought that Finley had gotten Lashley when he hit the Celtic cross so that was a bit of a disappointment that he kicked out. Good victory for Lashley, but I do think that he recovered far too quickly from that Celtic Cross at the end of the match. But however best match of the night for me personally so far ***1/4

Lol Flair was great during this promo and you got the cockiness of Batista to perfection here as he feels that Kennedy has got no chance.

8 Man Tag
Great fast paced match here and was very exciting throughout. Was very hard to predict which team was going to get the victory throughout as both teams hit some moves from their repertoire and both looked good. It was great to see you give this match a lot of time as well, as usually lower card matches are usually kept very short on Wrestlemanias. Fantastic ending to the match with Benjamin hitting the T-Bone off the top rope and picks up the victory for Smackdown. From I now think that Team Raw will win their match in the Monsters tag team match. ***1/2

Chris Daniels promo was excellent, well on character and hyped the next match superbly. Good segment afterwards with Rey and the cruiserweights, as Rey will be fighting to get revenge for them.

Chris Daniels v Rey Mysterio
Fantastic Cruiserweight match, definitely the best Cruiserweight match I have read on a Wrestlemania in BTB and would definitely be the best if it happened in real life. I was very surprised at the start to see Mysterio dominate a lot but as the match got on Daniels got into it and we got some great wrestling between the two. It seemed as though Daniels hit every move he could to beat Rey, but he just couldn’t beat him. Great ending to the match with a great counter for the Angels Wings, was pretty obvious that Mysterio was going to get the win but it is good to see him with the title. Great aftermath aswell, just comes to show what a great job you have done with the CW division making it look very credible. Match of the night so far ****

Mickie v Victoria
Great video package beforehand. It was a good Womens match with by far the two best Womens Wrestlers. Showed a lot of Physicality with Victoria bleeding which is unusual for Divas. Got to say I am sure that the Steel Steps have been overused in this show. Back onto the match anyway lol. Good ending to the match with the interference but very surprised Beth returned, and very surprised she didn’t kick any ass on her return which made for a pretty weak return. However SHOCK HORROR at Mickie winning. But I have a feeling that this feud hasn’t ended, because it ended with interference. **3/4

Another short promo here but did it’s main objective to make Edge think about if he wants to kill Randy Orton or win the title more.

Cena v Taker
Very interesting to Cena getting some pops from the crowd as I would be pretty sure that the majority would support Taker because he is Taker but anyway. I thought that this was a great match right up there with Mysterio/Daniels, you did an absolutely perfect job of making John Cena look strong while keeping Undertaker’s undefeated streak. The ending of the match was perfect with the trade of trying to hit their finishing moves and Cena getting in the STF-U. Cena gets the victory only for it to be overturned and Undertaker keeps his streak. As I said you did a great job of making John Cena not lose any creditability. Looked like you might have a face turn for Cena after Mania when you had him have a standing ovation, but attacking the referee doesn’t make me think that will happen now. ****

Steve Austin v Kurt Angle
The match started off very slow, but as it got on the match got better and better. Was a very intense match as both men showed a lot of intensity throughout. The match was great and the only real big complain was that I thought that the German Suplex into the steel ring post was a bit unrealistic at this time because of Austin’s bad neck. Match reminded me of a lot of the old Stone Cold/Rock matches as both men traded finishers which was nice to see. Fantastic ending to the match with shades of Wrestlemania 13, I remember using this ending for an Angle/Rock match in last years BTB match tournament and I got told that is unrealistic for Rock to pass out from the Ankle Lock. So I should complain about that in this match but I love the ending and once again you made both men look very strong with Austin having to pass out to lose. ****

Was wondering when you would have a Rock promo during this show. Good hype for the next match with Rock using his typical lines.

Rock v Triple H
I would mark if we saw three back to back matches like these three you have put together in real life. Another fantastic match and we have a new MOTN. Showed a great story with Rock showing his never say die attitude and Triple H inflicting a lot of pain on Rock. Was a very gruesome bloody match which is what you would expect from a No DQ Match. I thought the ending was great way to finish it off with Rock hitting HHH with a sledgehammer after he got hit with it earlier on in the match and hits the People’s Elbow to get the victory. ****1/2

Another short promo which is good as Wrestlemania is about the matches. Looks definitely like the RKO army will split up after Mania after all of these arguments.

Monsters Collide
Even though it was my least anticipated match of the show, you still did a good job with the wrestlers you had in It to give you some props. Not too keen on how late this match was, but I suppose I can see why as you can split the big matches apart. Damn Mark Henry to hell for screwing Kane . Came as a bit of a surprise really but can lead to future feud. Nice aftermath however with Smackdown Superstars coming down only to get eaten for breakfast. Mick Foley coming out was a huge surprise and he clears the three monsters. **3/4

Triple Threat
Firstly big surprise that Sherri is coming out with HBK but I can understand why as he gets some back up just like Edge and Orton do from Lita and Melina. Was mayhem straight from the go with HBK hitting Edge with SCM. Was a fantastic all action match, was great to see a big spot from HBK hitting the elbow drop through the table. Despite HBK looking strong he is eliminated first thanks to two spears. Not an surprise that he is out first as the big feud is between Edge/Orton but you made him look strong by having him go out with two spears. Was a great ending to the match between Edge and Orton as both men had opportunities to get the victory making it very hard to predict who would win. Man thought Orton had it with the RKO but not to be. The favour returns with Orton kicking out of the Spear what a match. Holy shit at the ending with Orton catching Edge in mid air with the RKO and gets the clean victory. MOTN here, was a fantastic match and will be interesting to see if the Orton/Edge feud continues ****3/4

Rock/Austin segment was promo of the night and you didn’t need to have both men say a word. Very powerful promo seeing that this could be their last WM’s.

HOF segment was good, you made just a few changes to the lineup. Was good to see Terry Funk in there.

Batista v Kennedy
I am against the fact that this is main event, the other Raw match to me sounded more like a Wrestlemania main event but let’s see how this match goes. Not a surprise to see Batista look strong in the early going looking at the booking into this show, Flair’s involvement was good which is weird seeing as I am not too keen on people interfering in the main event of Wrestlemania, but it helped tell the story of the underdog Ken Kennedy very well. Great ending to the match with the replay of Hart v Piper at WM 8. Ken Kennedy is champion which is no surprise but is great to see. Was actually a very good main event better than the match should have been but still not as good as the Raw Main Event and Rock v HHH. ****1/4

Overall was a fantastic Wrestlemania right up there with the best. The first half of the show was pretty good, but from Taker/Cena onwards the show was fantastic. Proves why you are the best booker at the moment. Overall I would give this a 95/100
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac’s Wrestlemania 23 Feedback

~ The opening video package was actually really good, as it went with a theme, much like all Wrestlemania video packages do. This one was seemingly, “I’m ready” theme, with each superstar giving their reasons for why they are thus. I particularly liked Randy Orton’s involvement here, as it made him come across as the biggest egotist on the roster, Mickie James’ little clip was awesome too (I marked for that too ) and it was obvious that you were presenting Stone Cold as THE MAN in this video. The best person in it though … Vinnie Mac

Carlito vs. JBL – Intercontinental Championship
I had a few matches marked down as possible openers that I thought you might use: MITB, Daniels/Rey, U.S title and the 8-Man tag, but I must admit I never thought you would opt for this contest. I thought it might come across as a little sluggish, and when JBL was in control of the match, that was exactly the case. For starters I’ll say I really like the way you are writing the entrances, with the first line of the intro music blasting out like that, it gives it a very Wrestlemania feeling. It also shows you have faith in Carlito as a big star face in your thread, as it is usually someone like that who makes their entrance first: Jeff Hardy (WM23), Kane/Big Show (WM22), Eddie Guerrero (WM21), John Cena (WM20), and Rey Mysterio (WM19) is about as far back as I can remember. All big stars, so I hope this means something similar for Carlito. Of course you had to get in some slapping between these two egomaniacs, it would only be right given their characters, but the match was marred by a few slow spots. Whenever Carlito seemed to get a bit of speed offence going, such as in the opening with the dropkick, knee lift and clothesline, JBL was always able to counter somehow, namely by using underhand tactic and escaping to the outside. You really played on JBL’s veteran in ring ability, and the fact that, although he may not be as gifted a wrestler as Carlito, he knows a lot more about what goes on in the ring and how far you can bend the rules. He did it when he lured Carly in and threw him into the steel steps and he continuously did with the excessive hair pulling. I thought Bradshaw’s dominance was almost certainly guaranteeing a victory for Carlito, but when JBL had his feet on the ropes following the missed Back Stabber, I though we might get a new Champion. Carlito upped the pace towards the end with his springboard moves, although the counter from Bradshaw into the Powerbomb was nice. Excellent, really excellent closing few moves, as JBL tries to hang Carlito on the top rope, but he Moonsaults off, JBL misses the Clothesline From Hell, and Carlito hits the Back Stabber for the win. Really, really good fun to read at the end, as it was whenever Carly got on top. I still think it might have been a weak choice for opening contest, but your match writing skills have improved so much, Mac, that you can generally make anything interesting, especially when I am a fan of both men. Hopefully this victory over a former WWE Champions signals great things for Carlito soon. Good match. ***

~ Grrr, I thought you said there would be no comedy segments? You lied, Mac Anyway, nice bit of banter between Coach and Stephanie, although I am personally sick of Maria and her dizziness. She should just stick to answering the questions.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Ah, it’s always nice to throw this match into the mix early on. Talk about a way to get the crowd fired up. If this doesn’t do it then nothing will. I think I pretty much made my guess a while back, and the way you billed the introductions seemed to pretty much confirm my way of thinking. Flair came out last and got all the hype (even though The Hardy’s and RVD are probably more over than him nowadays), so it was looking nailed on. I do LOVE MITB matches, they’re just so chaotic. The opening exchanges were fun, with Sabu and RVD hitting planchas on The Hardy’s, followed by Doane going crazy with a dive. Flair was so random in the early going, deciding to strut around instead of win the match, but eventually he does try to sneak through the back door (I love heel Naitch) and grab a ladder for the win. Cool Monkey Flip onto the chair from RVD to Flair, and I could just imagine him rolling around like an eel on his back like he always does. Sabu/RVD and The Hardy’s are pretty much stealing the show so far, with Matt and Jeff taking themselves out on the ladder and Sabu hitting the Triple Jump combo. Doane is really getting his ass kicked though, I have to say, as is Flair (one of them will probably win then). Twist of Fate from the ladder! Great spot that Matt always pulls out of the bag, but I loved the four-man battle in mid-air, as they all climb ladders at the same time. FLAIR CROTCHES!!! HA HA!! I’m just imagining his facial expressions and over selling now. Classic. He is getting SO badly beaten in this match so far. A Hardy Boy’s confrontation atop a ladder? It had to happen. Matt is way better than Jeff, so I’m glad you had him take Jeff out with a Side Effect, before RVD throws Matt through the table. Damn, that was definitely the biggest spot of the night thus far, but I’m sure it will get topped soon. I love the spot with RVD dangling from the briefcase and then Sabu just ignores Fonzie and throws a chair at him. ECW anti-heroes are the best!! Flair is still low blowing people? God, he’s awesome. Both Jeff and Doane crash and burn, but Doane’s is quite a bit worse. To be honest, all Doane has done in this match is set up tables and get his ass kicked. Not a good night’s work. RVD takes Sabu out and goes up, but Hardy hits a Whisper in the Wind to the ladder? Not really sure how that would work, but I’m sure it would be awesome. Jesus Christ, has Flair done anything in this match that hasn’t confirmed his status as the dirtiest player in the game? That chair shot came out of nowhere and I completely marked. Matt’s back up? The race is on then. It makes sense that it’s these two going for it, after their war of words on SmackDown! Naitch rakes the eyes to get rid of Matt; what a glorious way for Flair to win, harping back to what makes him so good: being dirty! FLAIR WINS!!! I knew it was coming, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think it is absolutely awesome the way he got it, and he was entertaining as HELL throughout the match. My only gripe about this contest is that Ken Doane didn’t really do anything, and was a virtual jobber throughout. I hope his fortunes improve after Wrestlemania. Really well written again, Mac, with the right about of clusterfuck writing that a MITB needs, together with the emotional side e.g. Hardy’s fighting and Flair winning. Hell of a contest. *** ¾

~ Oh sweet, MVP is coming to Raw? Awesome. I hope you mark for him as much as I do, Mac, because I will settle for nothing less than a great push for Porter. Original concept with him being accompanied by Extreme Expose as an entourage. Porter’s Posh Playgirls? That name makes me chuckle. Could this be Carlito’s next feud?

William Regal vs. Finlay vs. King Booker vs. Lashley – U.S Championship
Yeah, like I said earlier I thought you might have picked this match to kick things off with, as would be fairly high-octane throughout. Lashley was the one the one who was really built up going into this match, especially given that he is the only babyface in the contest, with Regal and Booker as all out heels, and Finlay as the strangest tweener I’ve ever seen. I loved the opening dynamic from Regal, as he just runs away straight away. It would be quite cool to see him retain like that actually, kind of like JBL used to. The alliance formed between Booker and Finlay was no real surprise, especially when Lashley was annihilating them one-on-one. Lashley keeps pressing people over his head, which is damn impressive considering that Finlay is 230 and Booker is 250 pounds. I loved it when Lashley threw Booker into Monty and Burke, it was a great way to keep the Court included. Ah, so Lashley messes up his shoulder, making him a target to everyone now? The old face storylines never let you down do they? Jesus Christ, I love that Dragon Suplex from Regal; I thought he had the match won then when he hit it right on Booker’s head. Regal really has just hid for the majority of this contest, but he really knows when to capitalise. Lashley is getting his ass handed to him a lot at the moment. He takes a Spinebuster from Booker and then hits that crazy dive he does. Awesome move in my opinion. Regal just pops up again out of nowhere and puts Bobby into the steps. I can definitely see this tactic backfiring on Regal sooner or later. Booker kicks out of the Running Powerslam? You’re either making Booker strong or the move weak with that one, not sure which. That’s right, you make sure the best damn guy in the match gets his flurry towards the end, with Finlay taking everyone out with the shillelagh, before booting Lashley right in the arm … CELTIC CROSS! Damn, Lashley kicked out of that as well. BAM! SPEAR! DOMINATOR! NEW CHAMPION! Hectic finish to say the least, although with Finlay you usually get the feeling that once he picks up that shillelagh, he’s either going to win the match or he’s going to end up screwing himself out of it in some way. It turned out to be the latter. So after all of Regal’s hiding and being smart, he still ended up losing the title. Ha ha. I’m in interested to see where you go with these four now, as they have been feuding for a LONG time. Lashley has the belt and Booker has his new stable. I can’t really see you pairing them all off again, though I guess it could happen. Good match. *** ½

~ Nice little backstage segment from Mr. Money in the Bank himself, Naitch. You’re still pushing Batista’s utmost confidence to the max here tonight – and you inter cut it with Kennedy warming up nicely. Big Dave is going down.

Helms/Benjamin and Hooligans vs. MNM/AMW
Even though it isn’t as high-profile as the other matches on the card, it’s nice that you have booked a match that is a pure wrestling contest. All eight men are quality athletes, and, in my opinion, Helms and Benjamin have been the best in the WWE for a couple of years, they just lack the exposure. I love the way Helms owned Harris in the opening exchanges, with the leap frog and the quality arm drags. Weird chemistry though by both teams, as Helms first tags in Kendrick. You would think he would go to Benjamin, but apparently not. AMW seem to play the power game throughout this contest and it works very nicely, especially when contrasting with the Cruiserweights like Helms, London and Kendrick. It was well written in psychology, as the only times The Hooligans could gain any momentum was by using their speed, whereas with AMW and MNM it was by overpowering their opponents. I chuckled a little bit at the reference to the “smarks” when Shelton entered the ring. I’d actually mark harder for Helms, as I find him awesome. Benjamin doesn’t do as much as I thought he would though, as he gets beat up for a while before hitting a nice cross body counter on Nitro. DOUBLE KIP UP!!! Great spot from those two, but Shelton completely owns Nitro when it comes to the actual wrestling, taking him down with arm drag after arm drag. Fantastic flurry towards the end with everyone connecting with at least a variation of their finishers. Helms takes Nitro out, but Benjamin still gets beat up by Harris with a spinebuster … oh, fantastic finish with the T-Bone from the top!!! SmackDown! wins this one!! Great technical and fast paced match up, Mac. Within the course of their feud you have to promise me that we will get a Helms/Benjamin versus Hooligans in a 2/3 falls match or a ladder match. Damn those teams are so awesome. Really well written again, man, showing the way you can vary your match styles. My only complaint was that my man Gregory Helms did very little after opening the match. Still, I can’t wait for the inevitable Hooligans/S&H rematch. Glorious. *** ¾

~ Oh baby, you really have made me into a believer when it comes to a TNA guy like Christopher Daniels in this thread. When you first started using him I didn’t like it, but damn he has been so good. He retired Chavo though Great interview from him here to add some more hype to the next match. If this match is any less than **** then I will have to hunt you down, Man Oh, I loved the little backstage well wishes from Sabin, Malenko and Chavo too. Damn this match is so personal and emotional. It has everything a ***** contest needs. Perfection.

Christopher Daniels vs. Rey Mysterio – Cruiserweight Championship
A very emotionally charged match up this one to say the least. I’d say only Rock/Hunter has a touch more going into it. Daniels’ complete blanking of Rey before the match was great. I love cocky youngsters Mysterio basically dominated the opening of this match, as you would expect from a big time face on the grandest stage of them all. At every turn he seemed to be outsmarting Daniels, even going for the 619 quite early on. I love the little feint plancha that Rey always pulls off when he is trying to psyche out his opponent. It worked well in his matches with Eddie Guerrero, as it was a means of saying to a technical master like Eddie, “yeah, you can do that, but can you do this?” With Daniels the effect is quite different, as Daniels believes he is actually faster than Mysterio, so seeing Rey perform the feint like that would strike the fear of god into Daniels, which you alluded to when writing his frustration. Hell of a nasty way to turn the tide though, as Daniels dropkicks Mysterio’s face right into the turnbuckle. Ouch. Daniels really steps up his game then, with some suplexes, and even a Split Legged Moonsault and a Suicide Dive onto Rey. The counter to Rey’s springboard attempt was pretty nice too. It seems as though the roles have suddenly reverses now. Whereas in the beginning it was Mysterio outsmarting Daniels at every turn, now it is the Fallen Angel who is constantly one step ahead of the game. It shows that you have thought the contest through carefully to ensure the psychology is sound. Rey seemed to get back into the match a little bit with the Wheelbarrow Bulldog (love that move), but Daniels gets back in charge with that awesome combination he uses into the Last Rites. I would have been very shocked if it had ended there, and I would have been quite surprised had it ended with the 619/West Coast Pop variation, as this match just screams out for a pinning combination to win the match. Sick Death Valley Driver out of nowhere. You know you’re in the finishing straight of a contest when the finishing start coming left, right and centre, and at a wicked pace too with these Cruiserweights. Great tribute to Eddie with the Three Amigos from Rey. I must admit I don’t recall ever having seen him hit that move, although I guess he might have done it on a lighter opponent like Chavo Guerrero, and Daniels is well under 200 pounds, so it’s easily realistic. No chance of it ending with the Frog Splash, and I like the way he shifts from a Mysterio aerial manoeuvre right into a Daniels aerial manoeuvre (the BME) playing the similarities and closeness off between the two really well. It was almost like a variation of the move Rey does with Kidman, Edge and Chavo when Daniels catapulted him onto the top rope and went for the Superplex. I wasn’t sure what you meant by him hitting the West Coast Pop from the top rope. Did he just do a leg drop from the top turnbuckle, or did he actually jump onto and springboard off the adjacent top rope? Jawbreaker and Daniels goes for the Angel’s Wings, BUT REY PINS HIM FOR THE WIN!!! Well, I may have predicted the outcome of this contest wrongly, but it was always going to be SO tough to call. You could have gone the route of ‘Passing the torch’, but you opted instead for the emotional story of Rey’s return to the Cruiserweight division and gaining revenge for Chavo. The aftermath was really nice, with Chavo, Sabin and Malenko all coming down to congratulate their friend. This feud is FAR from over I’m sure. I would leave to see a Title vs. Mask match somewhere down the line, kind of a way of harping back to the great feud that Rey had with Eddie in ’97. That would be cool. As for the match tonight, it was easily a show stealer, and you are going to be hard pressed to top that. The story, the emotion and the non-stop action, it was excellent stuff. Congratulations on a fantastically written contest. **** ¼ - **** ½

Mickie James vs. Victoria – Women’s Championship
Wait a minute; I actually care about a Women’s title match? Consider your job already done, Mac Mickie’s reign has been great (obviously, since stalk her ), especially over this feud with Victoria. Her last promo with the fruit basket was simply classic. I love Mickie’s demeanour in this contest, she is just so completely terrified that it is beyond belief, and heels (especially crazy ones) are always entertaining when their backs are against the wall. Victoria completely owned Mickie in the opening of this contest, Japanese arm drags, moonsaults, and planchas just battering the Champ. It’s hard for the casuals to get into Women’s matches outside of their how hot they are, but the way you are writing Vickie tonight, she is seriously going some distance to get herself over as a wrestler. To be quite frank, the fact that gals like Mickie, Beth, Victoria, Gail Kim and others are hot is just a bonus, as they are great wrestlers on top of that. What’s with all the references to Mickie’s “gorgeous backside” to name one? Are you trying to brainwash us, Mac? Great bit of storytelling on the outside, as Mickie rams Vick into to the steel steps and tries to count her out. Don’t ask me why, but this match is feeling much like a match I saw earlier this year between Samoa Joe and Christian Cage at Destination X. Cage was the Champ and was clearly scared to death by Joe, and spent the majority of the contest on the back foot. It was also a BRILLIANT contest, and this is going that way. Like I said, great storytelling on the outside with James’ desperation to have Victoria counted out. Vic just gets right back into it though by booting Mickie in the head. Woah, a spot of Women bleeding eh? Wait, wait, it’s only a busted lip, nothing to serious then. Blood = great match though. Mickie going nuts after that Mickie-canrana, but this contest isn’t ending in a DQ, no sir, not at Wrestlemania. Good lord, if Victoria wasn’t so attractive I would have to call her a beast in this contest so far, from the way she just completely man handles James at every turn. Top rope moonsault? Yep, Vic is one awesome babe, but this dominance is basically guaranteeing her downfall tonight. Lol @ Mickie just grabbing Victoria in a School Boy out of nowhere! Never, EVER turn Mickie face, as she is FAR too entertaining as a heel (one of the most entertaining in your thread in my opinion). Woah, the finishing moves are flying in now so we must be nearing the home straight: Mick Kick misses, Widow’s Peak misses, and James rolls her up. Honestly, how much offence has Mickie even had in this contest? That’s a spinning side slam she just took, but she hits a tilt-the-whirl-backbreaker and the Mickie DDT, and that’s just about doubles all of the offence for her in the entire match. NO WAY DID JAMES JUST GET OUT OF THE WIDOW’S PEAK!!! Yeah, I guess she grabbed the bottom rope, but the way I see it, that move basically kills you anyway, so you wouldn’t have the senses to go for the ropes. Oh yes, this is starting to get as damn good as Christian/Joe to be honest, as they had this moment at DX too, with CC grabbing his belt and trying to leave, only for some of the roster to send him back into the ring. WHAT THE – BETH PHOENIX!! MARK OUT!! Mac, I freaking love you. Beth Phoenix is the greatest female thing in wrestling today to me. She is so damn hot. She > Mickie What a great finish to the match with the hottest finisher in the business finally putting Victoria away for the three count. MICKIE RETAINS!!! Hell yes, what a great match. I love the psychology you employed so much; the cowardly heel just trying to survive against the 100% dominant challenger, only for her to steal the victory right at the end. It made for a thrilling read, and it was easily the GREATEST Women’s match I have EVER read. Be proud of yourself for this one, Mac. Where this feud goes from here. I’m not sure, but it appears as though we might get some kind of stable war going with Victoria, Trish and Gail against Mickie and Beth. Sounds good to me, man. Great contest. *** ¾ - ****

~ First bit of hype for the WWE Championship match, and it comes from out resident psycho Edge. He’s been a bit irritating of late, as all he ever seems to do is talk about “Orton’s blood”. Seems a bit to heelish for me. His segments with HBK are much better. This was quite intriguing though, as it plants the seeds for what could very well be Orton retaining tonight, as Edge’s anger costs him. We’ll see.

The Undertaker vs. John Cena
Oh baby, this is most definitely what I have been looking forward to. You know from all my reviews that this is the match I have been so excited about. The way you set the scene was simply awesome, even making Cena seem like the bigger star by having him come out second. Definitely a classic in the making here, as these two are far and away the BIGGEST stars in the WWE today. Quite a standard Undertaker match opening, as he gets rocked by Cena, before throwing him into the corner and unloading on him. After the breaking the early Chokeslam attempt though, Cena seems to take complete control, as he throws ‘Taker into the steps and proceeds to out muscle the Phenom with power moves like powerslams. ‘Taker gets in his corner clotheslines in and some Snake Eyes, before Cena halts him with a Killswitch. Awesome spot with ‘Taker grabbing Cena by the throat during the “You can’t see me” taunt, really nice touch. Jesus Christ, your incarnation of Cena is such a damn bad ass; he just slapped ‘Taker right in the face, hit the Five-Knuckle Shuffle and dropped him with an F-U easy as you like!! Yes, ‘Taker kicked out!! I’m behind the Phenom here. Him sitting up right in Cena’s faces way awesome, I can just picture Cena’s expression at seeing The Undertaker get right back up following an F-U. How about this, a flurry of offence for ‘Taker, with the apron leg drop and the Old – no, bloody Cena counters again!! Damn, if ‘Taker loses this thing he is going to come out of it looking fairly weak, as he has had his ass kicked all over so far. Great leg drop to ‘Taker, although I misread it at first and thought he had hit it on the outside, which would have been a bit too extreme for “The Champ”. Ah, the seven-footer shows off his submission skills, but that was one inventive counter by Cena. Let me get this right, he spins body around so he has ‘Taker’s arms wrapped around his head, then hooks his own arm around ‘Taker’s head in a vertical suplex position, then hooks one of the legs, and nails the Fisherman’s suplex? I would definitely love to see that done so fast. Crikey, Cena slaps the taste right out of Undertaker’s mouth yet again … TRANGLE CHOKE … holy mother of good, Cena is like some kind of evil Superman in this match. This is like watching Superman III on DVD. Everyone loves him, he is amazingly strong and such, but he is a complete bastard. Was that a powerbomb he hit on ‘Taker to get out of the Triangle Choke? Damn impressive if it was. Oh god, ‘Taker can’t even hit his usual Last Ride from the corner, as Cena counters that as well … and he counters the Chokeslam … BUT NOT THE RUNNING DDT!! Blimey, it’s been a while coming, but Undertaker finally got some offence in on his opponent. AND a Chokeslam? He’s on a roll. Doesn’t last long though, as Cena reverses a Tombstone into a SECOND F-U!! I thought that might have been it there, if the aim is to job the Phenom out, but he actually survives the move again. Last Ride … STF-U!!! Oh Christ, Mac, you hate ‘Taker so much that you are going to have him tap at Wrestlemania? Oh no, his hand falls, THE STREAK IS – OH YOU BASTARD, MAC, YOU TRICKED ME!! Foot on the ropes and ‘Taker hits the Tombstone Piledriver out of nowhere for the win!! YEEEEEESSSS!!!

When I read that Cena had won the first time I was absolutely horrified, since he had taken such a beating throughout the match. That was some masterful writing though, Mac, tricking us poor fools like that As for the aftermath, ‘Taker’s matches usually end with him in the ring ‘celebrating’ (if you can call it that, but you seem to get rid of the Phenom as soon as possible so we can concentrate on Cena. I thought you might have been hinting at a possible face turn over the course of the match, but I think the idea that you are trying to work with is that Cena is an ass and will always be an ass, and that is why the fans love him so much. So why change? Assaulting referees only increases one’s status amongst the youth. A classic character is Bruce Springsteen – I mean, John Cena. I love “The Boss”. My only real problem with this contest was the constant references to the crowd. I LOVE crowd references and it worked really well in building up the atmosphere; it’s just that I think you got the crowd reception wrong. I honestly think that in Detroit, unless your name is Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan or The Rock, you will be booed when facing The Undertaker, especially at Wrestlemania. Yes, Cena will always have his contingent; I just don’t think it would be as split as you made it out to be. At the real WM23 this year, the majority of the crowd were behind HBK, and he isn’t even as over as ‘Taker. I guess that may just be my humble opinion though, and it takes nothing away from an absolutely fabulous contest. **** ¼ - **** ½

~ Great video package setting up Backlash, and a nicely edited poster (aren’t you lucky that Edge fits in really well with your thread ). One question though, with all of the references to Kennedy, Batista, Cena, Undertaker Mysterio et al from SmackDown, does this mean that it is a joint brand PPV?

Kurt Angle vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
I’m expecting this match to be awesome, mainly because I know that you love Stone Cold something stupid and you would probably feel it an insult to him or something not to have him put on a classic with Kurt freakin’ Angle. I tend to love Angle whatever role he is playing, but I must admit in this heel role he has been entertaining as HELL to me and these opening exchanges was clear proof of why. Okay, I understand that Austin is past it in all honesty and you can’t simply expect him to pull a ***** out of the bag, so this entertaining cowardice from Angle does exactly what it says on the tin: entertains. Austin finally catches up with Angle (careful, Steve, don’t run too much ) and beats up the Olympian for a while, until Kurt finally takes control by suplexing the crap out of Austin, before going … FOR THE KNEE!!! Uh oh!!! Hey, Angle just stole Triple H’s usual spot by having himself pulled into the steel ring post when trying to work over the legs of an opponent. Angle won’t bleed, I’ll put money on it, but I’m just waiting for the moment when Stone Cold gets busted open like a stuck pig so the reinaction of WM13 can commence in earnest. Austin still seems to whoop Angle’s ass whenever it comes down to the brawling, evident via the Lou Thesz Press exchange, but he always seems to be in trouble whenever it starts to get technical, with Angle going for the Ankle Lock or something. Great spot on the outside with the suplex on the floor, bringing back memories of SummerSlam ’01 when I remember Austin getting his ass suplexed all over the damn floor. Ah, the memories Removing the turnbuckle padding eh? Austin getting busted can’t be far away then. Oh, you know it’s getting intense and personal when guys start hitting their finishers on one another, especially with Austin pulling a trio of Germans out of the bag almost, before nearly falling prey to the technical prowess of Angle again – Stone Cold does seem damn adept at shaking off the Ankle Lock so far. He must have been doing his homework, that’s for sure.

HOLY SHIT, A GERMAN SUPLEX ON THE EXPOSED TURNBUCKLE NECK FIRST!!! God damn that sounded brutal as hell. That would be it there and then for me if I’m imagining it right; it would probably look like Austin just had his neck broken again. Angle is one awesome son of a bitch when it comes to beating the crap out of guys and their old injuries. Now Austin‘s bleeding, at long last, so now it is only a matter of time before he is made to pass out to the Ankle Lock. I thought the end might come fairly swiftly after this, but Austin still has some fight it seems, as he comes back with a spinebuster … but gets rocked with his own Stunner!! Ha ha, yep it’s certainly personal now that one another’s finishers are being broken out. Austin gets the Angle Slam on Angle after a missed Moonsault (he hit it on Austin at SummerSlam ’01 right?). It’s weird how everyone always hits their opponent’s finisher before actually hitting their own. You think they’d care more about the victory than the showboating wouldn’t you? I guess not, as Austin kicks out of the Angle Slam and Angle kicks out of the Stunner. I guess it makes sense in terms of match psychology to go kicking out of a Stunner from Angle early on, as he would probably not hit as well, but later on, when Austin hits the Stunner, it becomes a HUGE feat for Angle to survive it, and the same goes for Austin kicking out of the Angle Slam. Here we go, Angle rises from the dead (versus Shawn Michaels @ WM21 ) and applies the Ankle Lock out of the blue. Austin isn’t tapping, there is just no way at all, especially when this is a BTB thread written by DDMac. Yep, I predicted it and I’m going to remind you of that, Mac (), as Austin passes out in a great tribute to WM13. Unsurprisingly Austin still gets great accolades after the match and a beer bash to go with it, although I’m not quite sure what was meant by “Angle stares at Austin in the ring for a bit, looking a bit puzzled and then … sighs before heading back through the curtain” – was he looking at Austin with respect or what? I doubt there is going to be a face turn of any kind from Angle, since he only just turned heel at the Royal Rumble. I guess he is just unable to figure out how the hell Stone Cold keeps getting back up to his feet time and time again. As for the match itself, it was as good as I expected it to be for sure, as Angle carried the majority of the contest as the suplex machine and technical master, but Austin still hung with it and didn’t slow the battle down too much. I loved it when they were hitting each other’s moves on one another, really added to the personal and Wrestlemania feel of the contest. Even though I had it predicted ages ago, it still came as a great finish when Austin passed out to Bret Hart – mean, Kurt Angle to cap off a wonderfully heartfelt contest. *** ¾ - ****

~ Rocky’s little pre-match interview was a nice touch, just like he nearly always gets before his matches. I laughed a bit when Rock set tonight isn’t “about settling old rivalries” – surely that is exactly what this is between him and Hunter: an age old rivalry? Anyway, nothing to major.

Triple H vs. The Rock – No Holds Barred
Like I said earlier on when reviewing the Daniels/Mysterio match, THIS is the most emotionally charged contest of the evening. Yes, you have rivalries such as Mickie/Victoria, Rey/Fallen Angel, Cena/’Taker, Angle/Austin, KK/Big Dave and Edge/Orton, but NONE of them have spanned the length of time that this one has. Ignoring the fact that Rock and Triple H have been feuding basically non-stop since 1997, in this thread alone this is the longest build you have had into a match out of any of them (first confrontation came just after SummerSlam ’06 right?). In that case, the opening to the contest was handled superbly with neither man willing to wait for the other and brawling all the way through the crowd and back. Some people can be quite critical of the overuse of right hands and such when writing contests, but I honestly don’t see the problem. I mean, Hunter and Dwayne do use A LOT of punches during their matches, and they are both very effective strikers anyway, so it doesn’t really take anything away from the match for me. It seems to be pretty back and forth with the opening exchanges honestly, with Rock gaining the advantage by playing possum on the outside and back dropping Trips on the ramp, only for Hunter to get back in control when in the ring. I really like the references to the infamous assault at No Way Out, especially when it seems as though Helmsley is desperate to recreate that night; it gives off the feeling that a victory just won’t be enough for Hunter tonight, and he wants to end Rocky’s career. Oh yeah, it takes Hunter to get things hardcore in this match up first with his old ring bell trick. I prefer the way Bret Hart used to sucker punch people with the bell, but Trips does it pretty well too. Rocky plays off some of his tweenerish mannerisms and low blows his way out of a Pedigree – ROCK BOTTOM THROUGH THE TABLE!!! Wow, I had thought that we might see someone go through a table, but I didn’t think it would be this early on. I still have Rock down for winning though, despite this beating Hunter is taking.

Gah, first the steel chair shot is going to be sick and then the AA Spinebuster is sick. Try not to overuse sayings like that in your description of moves, as it can get a little irritating and stops a fussy S.O.B like me from fully appreciating the awesome move. It still seems to be a very back and forth contest, as first Rock hits a sick () Samoan Drop on the chair, but Hunter ends up surviving a beating the crap out of Dwayne with the chair. No one has really dominated this match, which is quite a surprise to me, as I thought that Hunter would dominate, leading to a Rock victory. Hunter costs himself by wanting to recreate No Way Out with the sledgehammer? Beautifully synchronised match events here with Triple H’s sadism getting in the way, as it keeps him strong even though he is losing Triple H gets more brutal though, as he stops wasting time and just batters Rock with the chair and a Pedigree. ROCK KICKS OUT!!! Well, I can definitely see Trips kicking out of the Rock Bottom in a minute as well. Rock’s the first one to bleed as well – yep; he’s got this baby in the bag. Crap, Hunter is really screwing himself in this match up isn’t he? He batters the referee senseless and then lays The Rock out for the win. I guess he’ll be bringing this fact up post-Wrestlemania, although I also though John Cena might have done that after he had Mr. Kennedy down and out at the Royal Rumble, but he seems to have forgotten. Great finish to the match though, as Rock finally hits the Rock Bottom (Hunter doesn’t get to monster kick out ) and decides to ‘go Triple H’ on Triple H’s ass with a sledgehammer shot and the People’s Elbow to the steel chair. ROCKY WINS!!! I really hate the People’s Elbow as a finishing manoeuvre, but it looks much more realistic to win a match with it if it’s through a metal chair like you did it. I’m glad there wasn’t much of an aftermath to this match; all that was needed was a post-match celebration from The Rock and you got that right. End of the road. End of the feud. Perfect in my opinion. I can see both of these men stepping up to the plate at some point soon to challenge Mr. Kennedy for the World Heavyweight Championship, and neither of them would be a bad feud. As for this match, it certainly had it all: emotional, great spots, great writing, and the right result. Only fitting that the ten year battle between the two men should end on the grandest stage of them all. Classic, Mac. **** ½ - **** ¾

~ So the RKO Army continues to disintegrate backstage it seems. I had their split marked down as happening before Wrestlemania, but judging from the way you are setting it up, I can actually see it taking place on the very next Raw. Nitro and Doane are very confrontational now, so it would seem now that the only way this break up is going to occur is through violent means, probably with Orton, Masters and Mercury assaulting Doane and Nitro. Nitro and Doane could possibly be the ones to do the attacking though, although I doubt either of them would work as a face. This adds a whole new dimension to the WWE Championship match tonight, and I hope to god Randy retains.

Umaga/Big Show vs. Kane/Mark Henry – Monster’s Collide
Ha, I had actually forgotten about this match up. I’m surprised to see it so far up the card really, despite the fact that it has been given quite a bit of hype thanks to Coach and Stephanie. I hope to see Umaga pushed towards the WWE title in the future though. Slow and steady opening exchanges, with Coach’s antics on the outside making me laugh (leave Umaga to Estrada, Coach ). Show totally man handles Kane (is it wrong that I rate Glen Jacobs?) but gets into a nice test of strength with Mark Henry. Wrestling-wise, this match is dead as the dodo, but it works well from the stand point of “who’s stronger?” and other things like that that casuals might be interested in. Show seems to get the better of Henry though, until Kane gets in and they double-team the giant. Damn, Kane keeps getting his ass kicked by Show so far with the Sidewalk Slam, and in comes UUUUMMMAAAGGGAAA!!! Sorry, I mark for him. Kane gets nailed with a Samoan Drop early on, but manages to fight his way out of the Bear Hug. Finally, Kane starts to get in some offence (why do you hate him? ) and almost seems to be on the verge of victory … MARK HENRY TURNS ON SMACKDOWN, WHAT THE HELL???!!! Well, I really didn’t see that one coming, but I guess I should have seeing as though you would have to be crazy to try and push Henry as a face. Kane ends up getting laid out with a Samoan Spike and a Chokeslam to give Raw the win and evens the score following the earlier 8-man tag match. Beat down on Kane? Is Mark Henry actually jumping ship to Raw or is he doing all of this just because he doesn’t like Kane? I guess I’ll have to wait and see. FOLLLLEEEYYYY!!! Awesome, I wondered when the repercussions of the Raw assault would begin and here it comes, with Barbie beating the crap out of ‘Mags and Show. A Foley/Umaga Hardcore match would be amazing at Backlash and it would seem that Kane/Henry is being set up for Judgement Day. Great booking. From a wrestling perspective, it wasn’t really up to Wrestlemania standards, but as a spectacle it was really good fun: we got a partner turning on a partner, the awesomeness of Coach, a returning legend, and U-freakin’- Maga. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable slobberknocker. ***

~ CM Punk coming to SmackDown? Sounds good to me

Randy Orton vs. Edge vs. Shawn Michaels – WWE Championship
I guess you’re of the same way of thinking as me, that the winner of the Royal Rumble should always Main Event Wrestlemania, because in terms of the matches, this one is easily going to be better than Kennedy/Batista. First off, the entrances were done really well, with HBK’s especially nailed to a tee. Michaels as a tweener is always great fun, and you really tap into the ego of his. SENSATIONAL SHERRI!!! Ha ha, that’s great; I had thought that HBK might need a valet of some kind since Edge has Lita and Orton has Melina. Orton’s entrance was also good, as you are really billing him as a top heel. Edge goes after Orton right away, no surprises there … SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! WTF???!!! I was expecting Michaels to just lounge on the top turnbuckle or something, but instead he takes Edge out of the match seemingly. Great surprise. HBK dominates Orton with some cheeky chops before the Champ FINALLY gets some offence in and goes for an early RKO, only to be floored by Edge. You sold the SCM well, so no complaints there. Sometimes when people hit their finishers early on, the recipient can get up far too early, and it takes away from the impact of the manoeuvre. You avoided this. I like the way you are really hyping the confrontation between Orton and Edge, and you can almost imagine the crowd getting worked up into a frenzy whenever those two get together. Nice booking though, with Edge’s anger continuously getting in the way, as he gets nailed with a mid-air dropkick (love that move). I had feared that you would have both Edge and HBK completely dominate Randy and have him only survive by sneaky means, but you are keeping him pretty strong thus far. I can see HBK and Edge being paired off quite a lot during this first fall, or HBK being involved in the majority of the action anyway, saving the inevitable Orton/Edge brawl for the final fall. Orton goes into the steps and we get Michaels and Edge going at it again. Ugh, I hate it when people apply the Figure Four having done no work on the legs at all. Orton’s back in pretty quickly though and nearly gets his ass pinned after an Impaler DDT. Great back and forth exchanges in the ring with a lot of roll ups being employed (well Edge and HBK do specialise in them). I really like the way HBK hit Edge with a flying forearm, as he was about to hit the Spear on Orton. Orton gets dumped out once again, Speared through the ropes and Michaels takes Edge out with the elbow … DOOMSDAY CROSSBODY!!! Awesome move from Randy there, and I can’t really see Michaels lasting much longer after this. Uh oh, both Orton and Edge have managed to brawl their way onto the announce table; this can only mean one thing … FLYING ELBOW THROUGH THE TABLE!!! Christ, Michaels certainly is stealing the show tonight isn’t he? I thought Edge and Orton were going to move out of the way, but apparently not. The end must be nigh for someone now. Michaels chooses to take on Edge and ends up getting Speared … kicks out … Speared again, and HBK is gone!!! Well, Michaels was always going to be the one getting eliminated first, but he certainly stole the show for the 19 minutes he was involved. A great way to eliminate him too, with two Spears, as it keeps him looking strong and showcases his guts and determination.

Here we go indeed. I think it’s pretty safe to say that this is the moment everyone has been waiting for. Edge seems to dominate Orton for the opening: misses the Edgecator, but nails the Edge-O-Matic, gets a Cross Body, and Orton is really struggling to survive. DOWNWARD SPIRAL!!! Sorry, I just marked out when I saw that move, ha ha. Great way to showcase Edge’s desperation. More rapid pinning combinations, but Randy gets the Texas Cloverleaf in. You’ve really built up his submission as a deadly one, and it will be interesting to see if he can ever win a match with it. Edge’s Edgecator was slightly less successful it has to be said. Edge kicks out of the RKO!!! Orton kicks out of the Spear!!! Wow, both men are looking absolutely incredible tonight. SUPER RKO!!! ORTON RETAINS!!! Damn, if Randy was going to be keeping the gold tonight, that was the only way it was going to happen. Awesome finish. It seemed as though Edge’s desire for revenge did seem to cost him ultimately, but Randy also comes out of this looking like a VERY good Champion. He basically beat Michaels clean at the Royal Rumble, and he has basically done that again here tonight. I’m really glad that Orton has retained the strap as well, as if Edge had won it would have seemed as though his revenge was complete. With Randy retaining, it seems as though this feud is really only just getting started. We could see a match at Backlash between Edge/Orton, or we could see another Edge/Orton/HBK match. The final battle between these two though, is going to be immense, I just know it. Fantastic match tonight, Mac, and a MOTN thus far. **** ¾

~ What a touching little backstage segment. I loved the fact that there was no dialogue or anything … just simple respect between The Rock and Austin. Wrestlemania worthy indeed.

~ Great Hall of Fame ceremony. Great to see that it was Bret Hart who inducted Mr. Perfect into it, as their matches at SummerSlam ’91 and KOTR ’93 were … wow. Naitch and Dusty are awesome together no matter what. Mean Gene just makes the night for me. Great ceremony.

Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy – World Heavyweight Championship
Okay, this is the big one then, the Wrestlemania match up with easily the most hype going into it. The hype has worked splendidly as well, as for an outsider this wouldn’t look like a Main Event worthy match, but you’ve proved them wrong. Great introduction from Kennedy – “Main E-freakin’-vent” indeed – showing why he is so awesome as the tweener/face you have made him into. Here comes Big Dave!!! Damn, I love Batista in this thread, but that’s probably because of the man accompanying him down to the ring. Flair suited and booted and ready to go after competing in MITB? Even at 57 The Nature Boy has all the stamina in the world (). As I was expecting, Batista basically dominated Kennedy for the opening in the classic monster heel way – Batista shoves KK away in collar and elbow tie ups, Batista muscles Ken into the corner, and Big Dave throws him over the top rope. Dominance. Nice that Kennedy puts some doubt in ‘Tista’s mind too with that Spinning Back Kick attempt out of nowhere. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him hit that before. Ha ha, Flair’s interference is legendary (he had me in stitches during Triple H’s match with Booker T at WM19, and King’s commentary). If Naitch is at ringside, interference is not only guaranteed, it’s wonderful. Kennedy tries to counter but gets powerslammed straight away; this match is being booked really well. He hit the Spinning Back Kick!!! Never mind that being the first cover of the match for KK, that is the first time he has taken Big Dave off his feet. Batista seems to cut off any momentum Kennedy has by overpowering him, as he goes right into the Bear Hug next, but Kennedy comes back yet again, face wash and the running corner boot. I think that’s probably the most offence Kennedy has had in this match up so far, but it doesn’t seem to last long thanks to Naitch (<3) and Batista ends up suplexing KK on the ramp. I thought this match might have spilled out into the crowd a little more, or at least into the ringside area, but I guess the Hunter/Rock match had enough of that to last a lifetime. Ha ha, Batista shoves the ref away and ends up getting a low blow; tweener Kennedy is just awesome; he would DEFINITELY get over with the fans like this. Whenever anyone goes for the Figure-Four in front of Flair, I mark, because his antics at ringside are just classic.

Oh no, Kennedy just beat the shit out of Flair with the steel steps!!! I guess this has taken Naitch out of the match then. Only Flair could get himself busted open before either of the men in the match do. KENTON BOMB!!! I thought that might have been it, but no seemingly. I’m not really sure if KK would have been able to pull off the Eddie Guerrero roll-through following the missed second Kenton, but I’ll let it slide (), as I love the counter right into the spinebuster. A second spinebuster, but Kennedy fights out of the Demon Bomb and they fall out of the ring. I can see Batista kicking out of all of Kennedy’s finisher’s, but you bill the Demon Bomb like DEATH, so I doubt Batista will be hitting that move any time soon, but every time he goes for it, I can imagine the fans getting terrified. Christ, KK just bloodied up the Champ badly on the outside; I would have thought that Kennedy would be getting himself busted open soon. Low blow … AND HE HITS THE DEMON BOMB!!! Well, I never would have thought it. Hmmmm, I’m not really sure if a foot on the ropes constitutes a kick out or not, but it does seem as though the impact of the Demon Bomb has been lessened somewhat. Flair tricks the ref and gets the MITB briefcase into the ring … BUT BASTISTA GETS NAILED WITH IT!!! Well, KK certainly won’t be winning this one cleanly at any right, ha ha. Flair has really done what he does best in this match up, and that is get his ass kicked, as he gets blasted off the apron with the case. Spear … no, KK is still in it. Spear came very late, don’t you think? There’s no way Kennedy is winning this thing with the Green Bay Plunge; could he even lift a 300-pounder like Big Dave up there? No, I didn’t think so. Great counter by Kennedy into the pin … HE WINS IT!!! Wow, I honestly wasn’t expecting a roll up to win the Main Event at Wrestlemania, but I guess if it needs to be done (and it did with Batista’s character) then what better way then the way Bret Hart beat Stone Cold at Survivor Series ’96. I didn’t like the aftermath, simply because the new Champion should be able to celebrate to the fans in the ring and such, rather than be chased away by the heel challengers. That’s my only really complaint though. I had concerns that this match would be unable to live up to the hype, but you made sure it did with a hectic, interference-filled, and exciting brawl between the two men. No, it wasn’t a great WRESTLING match, but it kept me on the edge of my seat; Wrestlemania worthy then, I’d say. By the way, didn’t Kurt Angle pin Batista at SummerSlam? I can’t wait to see how Kennedy’s reign as Champion goes, but odds are this feud with Big Dave will last a while, possibly to SummerSlam. Flair will cash in at the next Wrestlemania I think, and there are guys like Triple H and The Rock for KK to square off against. All in all, things look very bright on SmackDown! Great Main Event, Mac. *** ¾ - ****

~ Great closing video package too

Overall, Mac, I can safely say that this was the best PPV I have ever, ever read. People might disagree with me and say that Wolfy’s Wrestlemania was better – and part of that will always be true, as it was the original – but I just look at your show and see such incredible matches (almost half over ****) and struggle to see otherwise. My favourite match of the evening was definitely the WWE Championship Three Way Dance, with Rock/Hunter 2nd and Cena/’Taker tied with Daniels/Rey for 3rd. Booking-wise, this show was perfection. EVERY match left me dying for the next Raw, SmackDown and PPV … and that, my friend, is class. To round it all off, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair … ‘nuff said … what a motherfucking show indeed…
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

WrestleMania Review

**Bare with me, this is my first time reviewing one of your shows, but I have read them in the past. If I'm clueless on some stuff, please inform me**

Opening Video Package
I enjoyed reading the opening video package. You wrote it out pretty good, and it made a lot of sense. I think it was wise to end it with Vince since he was the creater, but maybe ending it with a champion or an over face would have done the job as well. (10/10)

Intercontinental Championship-Carlito vs. JBL
I liked how the show started off with the Intercontinental Championship. This was a good choice for the opening match, and I'm glad that you had the fans give Carlito a good pop. JBL overpowering Carlito in the first lock up was expected, and the slap was a great way to put him over as a heel. When you say a 'playful' slap, I'm pretty sure you mean a slap that's just toying with him, because if you do, then that's realistic. That's JBL, just playing with his opponent and smiling during it all. The slap back was predictable, but was a good way to put Carlito over as a face. The crowd ate it up perfectly, as they would in real life. I'm not sure if "Are You Serious" was the right thing to say. I mean, JBL would probably just look pretty furious, and charge at Carlito, only to get taken down. JBL gaining control bugged me, because I was hoping Carlito would own the first few minutes. However, with the heel in control at first, it could lead to a solid back and forth match. I liked how Carlito started to build some momentum, but was sort of stopped by JBL. This makes JBL look like a strong heel, which is what he is. JBL rolling under the ring was quite realistic. You expanded that and made it much more exciting to the fans, rather than just having JBL deliver a thumb to the eyes. I think that you're having Carlito look too weak, because JBL owned Carlito for quite a bit of the contest; a little too much to my liking. When JBL began to climb the ropes, that was the signal that Carlito would start to build some momentum. It was original to do it like this, but hell, it's realistic, it works, and I sort of like it. And then a Superplex to JBL was a bit unrealistic, since it would involve a lot of strength. It made it even more unrealistic after you just made Carlito look weak for a couple of minutes. Maybe if they both fell or a Hurricanrana or something. People think that a Hurricanrana doesn't involve any strength, so that's why it would work. Exposing JBL's ass was a little unexpected, but it put Carlito over with the crowd; maybe the gay crowd I almost thought the School Boy had it, and it would be a great finish to continue on with the feud, but I'm not sure if you want that. You put Carlito over by having him kick out of the Power Bomb, which also made him look stronger than he had before, which I liked. The finish was reasonable, and good. Made sense with Carlito countering JBL's before using his own for the win. Great way to put him over. I liked how a face won the opening contest. This just amps up the fans quite a bit. (8/10)

First Promo
The first line of this promo wasn't the greatest. I would like it to sound like Raw and SmackDown actually hate each other, and want to put on a better card, but Stephanie acted like it didn't matter, and that Raw is full of a lot of class. That just didn't click with me. I liked that right when Coach said intelligence, Maria walked in. That was priceless and perfect. I liked how Stephanie started to act more defensive for SmackDown, and how SmackDown was better than Raw. I could tell Coach was in character, but I can't say the same about Stephanie. I liked how they bragged about their superstars, though, but they should have fought back a little more. (8.5/10)

Money in the Bank Ladder Match-Matt Hardy vs. Ric Flair vs. Ken Doane vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu(w/Bill Alfonso)
I didn't agree with the Hardyz entering one after another, but heck, it's entrances, so who the fuck really cares? A big way to kick off the high-flying action with the Suicide Dive and Plancha. Doane diving was sort of surprising, but not really. I liked it though, because it suited the match. There were a lot of times in this match when I could feel the intensity and action building, which I enjoyed. The Twist of Fate off the top of the ladder was extreme, and it made me think of the Matt Hardy from the Attitude Era, when he did all of those Extreme Moves. The Hardy face off was realistic, and I'm sure that the crowd would have been leaning more towards Jeff, since they seem to be so over with him. A Steel Chair was okay, but bringing a table into the match was a little overboard. I mean, yeah, anything goes, but you might as well of done a Money in the Bank TLC Match, and just involved more tables and chairs. The table was involved rather quickly, and I was hoping that it would just sit there and be forgotten, and then someone fell into it, causing people to be like "Oh yeah, there was a table there, too bad for him." I didn't like how the EMT's came down, I mean, EMT's never come down when people fall off of ladders through tables, so why was this any different? I liked how Sabu stuck with the 'every man for himself' concept. It would suck if they just stuck together throughout the entire match-up. It was unnecessary for Flair to hit Alfonso, because Alfonso hadn't done anything to Flair. And moments later, another table? Unrealistic, and I know you want to impress the fans, but don't have a ladder match with all these chairs and tables. What a way for Doane to crash through the table. If EMT's were to come down, it should have been for Doane, because if he was going for the Leg Drop when he went through the table, he could have seriously injured his leg. A Whisper in the Wind to Van Dam on the ladder was pretty creative, and would be a site to see. The finish was just sudden, and didn't have the build I would have liked. It just happened, out of nowhere, out of the blue, which bugged me. None-the-less, putting the briefcase on Flair was an excellent choice. (9/10)

Second Promo
I'm happy that MVP is coming, and that Layla, Kelly and Brooke will be with him. Hopefully after a while, they won't just be posers, and will have some toughness in them and fight. This promo was a little short, but it was because MVP isn't even there, so you don't have much to work with. (9/10)

Fatal Four Way Match for the United States Championship-William Regal vs. Bobby Lashley vs. King Booker vs. Finlay
Quite realistic to have Regal quickly get out of the ring and have the others fight it out as he watches. I didn't exactly agree with Finlay and Booker teaming up, but it's a good way to have Lashley brought down to size and taken out for the time being. I felt that Booker and Finlay should have been in control for a little longer. It seemed like they isolated him for like a minute, and then he's back. I didn't really like how Booker's proteges caught him like that. It just didn't seem that possible. I know that when somebody lands on another standing person, they actually are caught and then fall backwards, but still, I think it would have been more realistic and sensible to just have them all tumble down. I know that you had to have Lashley dominate for a lot of this match since he's really over with the crowd, but it made him look stronger than he really is, and at the same time, it made tough people like Regal and Finlay look weak. Good job having him go into the ring post. A good way to 'eliminate' him from the match for the time being, and it made sense that his momentum cost him. I felt like Lashley recovered a little too quickly. Another minute would have been good, but Lashley is a power house, so it wasn't that surprising for him to recover so quickly. It was sensible in way because it is fatal four way, and people get knocked down, so other people need to get up. I liked khow you described Lashley's move over the top rope, because it's not really in form (I believe the one you're talking about is the same one he did at Vengeance 07). I thought that the Celtic Cross would do it, but it's WrestleMania, and people kick out of everything at WrestleMania. I was a little shocked with Lashley winning the title. I thought that after he owned more than 50% of the match, a heel would steal the victory, and Lashley would feud with him. (8/10)

Third Promo
This promo was short, but what's wrong with that? That's right... NOTHING! There are promos and segments on the show that are meant to be short, and need to be short, so I`m sort of sick of people always going on about promos being too short. It was fine, Batista and Flair had great character. There was a mix-up in words here, (correct me if I`m wrong) but Flair said we`re going out for a night on the time, and I think it should have been night out on the town. Just a little mix-up in words, but it didn`t really change much. (8.5/10)

I`m not sure if showing Kennedy was the right thing to do. I just didn`t buy it, and it seemed pretty unnecessary to me.

Interpromotional Tag Team Match-Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Gregory Helms & Shelton Benjamin vs. Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, Chris Harris & James Storm
I knew that before this match even started, it would be quite interesting to see the turn out because of the teams that were forced to team up. There was some great back and forth action in the beginning, between Harris and Helms, which was quite entertaining. There isn`t much to say about the opening few minutes, because it was some good back and forth action, and there wasn`t really any flaws. The Crossbody from Kendrick was a nice way to make the match not so bland. I wasn`t really sure about a thumb to the eye of somebody who is running. Not very realistic, because it would be sorta hard to line it up if they were moving. It took a while to get all 8 guys involved legally in the match. It should have been done within the first few minutes. At this point, that match has still been somewhat bland. There should be numerous double-team moves and such, and heck, even triple or quadruple team if your creative enough to do something like that, which would be hard to get them all in the ring at the same time. But the point is, it`s basically been a series of singles matches, so it hasn`t exactly been entertaining. It was pretty realistic to have Melina trip London. Smart decision, and I knew that she would be involved somehow. Melina and Gail Kim clapping was a little odd. I can see Gail Kim clapping, but that just doesn`t suit Melina. The contest got more exciting after a T-Bone Suplex reversal and a connecting Sliced Bread #2. These spiced things up a bit. After these two moves, there were big moves coming from every direction! That's excitement, and the crowd would have ate it up and been like "Oh!" every 5 seconds! Awesome job! The finish just came, but it was pretty spectacular, with a T-Bone off of the top rope, I guess when there's moves from every direction, knocking everybody out of the ring, then you know the finish is coming. A great way to put SmackDown over. (7/10)

Fourth Promo
I liked how Daniels was very objective and wanted to get it across that he caused the rebirth of the Cruiserweight Division. This promo had great intensity. I loved it. (10/10)

Cruiserweight Championship-Christopher Daniels(c)(w/Allison Danger) vs. Rey Mysterio
The video package really showed us their rivalry, but was a bit lengthy. I wasn't totally in favour of Mysterio toying with Daniels, because Mysterio would be more focussed than that because he wanted to get revenge for Daniels forcing Chavo to retire. However, it was okay in a sense that he could get into Daniels head and throw him off of his game so that he could win the title. I liked some of the moves you used in the match, like Daniels dropkicking Mysterio in mid-air, or the suicide dive. These were great WrestleMania material. I'm glad that the match was pretty back and forth for the most part, because that's how Cruiserweight Matches are mean't to be. I was shocked that Mysterio kicked out of the Last Rites. I don't know, it just didn't seem very realistic. I know it's Mania, but still, I don't think Rey Mysterio would kick out of that. I liked how Danger grabbed Mysterio's leg to help Daniels. I was hoping she would get involved, and I expected it sometime near the end. Mysterio then kicked out of the Death Valley Driver, which was astonishing. It would have made sense for Danger to basically cost Mysterio to crash and burn, and then Daniels pick up the scraps and finish him off. Be careful of having Mysterio look so strong, because he is an underdog when you think about it. The Three Amigos was great to use, and I'm glad he missed the Frog Splash. In a way, it would have been great for him to win with the Frog Splash, but I think it was even greater for him to miss it. The match got really awesome when there were so many near falls. I mean, the crowd is probably counting and then right before the three count there is a kickout. Talk about excitement. Just be careful that you don't have them kick out of each others finishers. Maybe one finisher, but not all the finishers. I expected Rey to pull out the victory, but hell, it was an entertaining match none-the-less. (9.5/10)

WWE Women's Championship-Mickie James(c) vs. Victoria
The video package really showed what the match was all about. Going into this match, I was expecting Mickie to pull out the win, since you're the biggest Mickie mark on the Forum. I loved how you described her with all those great adjectives. It was good for Mickie to go to the outside of the ring to take a breather after Victoria hit a couple of moves on her in the early going. I was surprised that Victoria did a plancha. I know that sometimes he pulls herself over the top rope to get into the ring, but I've never seen her do it to the outside on top of somebody. There was a spot here where you got Mickie mixed up with Vickie, but I understood what you meant, so it wasn't a big deal. All of the near falls got quite interesting, with big move after big move. You're good at doing that, and it's enjoyable to read. I found a couple of mixed up words while reading this match, so just watch those very minor issues. After Victoria kicked out of the Mickie DDT, I figured that Victoria would walk away with the title. That was good to have Mickie leave the arena because she's done it in the past. Trish and Gail coming out was great too, and it kept the match going. The finish turned out to be pretty good, with Beth returning and helping Mickie. Just a couple of minor mixed up words, but it was an overall decent Women's match. (9/10)

Fifth Promo
This is going to be interesting to see if Edge will go for the WWE Title or destroying Orton. I predict the Title, but that's just me. (9.5/10)

Undertaker vs. John Cena
Like the other matches, this video package was great. John Cena should have entered first, so that Undertaker's entrance might have gotten into his head, and Cena would look all scared in the ring. Undertaker trying to finish Cena early with the ChokeSlam was a great way to open the large moves, but it was pretty obvious it wouldn't connect. I liked how the opening saw a lot of strikes and clotheslines and such. It's good to start off a match like that, especially between these two powerful strikers. Going for the Five Knuckle Shuffle would've got the most mixed reaction in history, so that was great match writing on your part. I didn't agree with him hitting the FU right after the Five Knuckle Shuffle. It just didn't seem right, and Taker should have escaped, and gone for a big move. That's just me, but having him kick out of the FU was great, and it put him even more over with the crowd, if that's possible. This match had some great moves, like reversing Old School, the Leg Drop to the back of the Head, and even the Dragon Sleeper. Cena sold the Dragon Sleeper pretty good, I thought. The slap was perfect, and went along with the storyline perfectly. I don't think the crowd would side with Cena because he had an impressive showing. All of the back and forth action before the Chokeslam were great, with counter after counter. The Chokeslam was good because it got the crowd's hopes up for Taker's streak to continue. It wasn't good to have Taker kick out of the FU twice. That was bad booking. It just seems highly improbable, and it just didn't flow right. Cena "winning" with the STFU was a great way to give him credability, and you showed that he had guts. As soon as it showed that Taker's foot was on the bottom rope, that was the signal that the streak would continue. This match was great though, and I truly enjoyed the spectacular finish. I'm not sure if delivering the FU to the ref was necessary. (9.5/10)

Kurt Angle vs. 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin
The Stunner early was not the brightest idea in my humble opinion, but I guess it was a message to the crowd that this match would have big moves all over the place. I'm not sure if having Angle keep on exiting the ring was a good idea, but it put him over as a heel. In a sense, it also made Austin look stronger, which is great since he's over with the fans. I liked how Kurt hit some suplexes in the early going of the match. It's his style, and it's a good style too. It was great for Angle to pick a body part of Austin like that and work on it. It was even better that it was the leg, because that's easy to work on, especially for someone like Angle. It was also good because Austin is getting old and his legs would appear weaker to the fans. Austin going for the three German Suplexes was very unlike him, and it didn't go along with his tough style. A German Suplex causing Austin's neck going into the Exposed Turnbuckle was a little over the edge, but would be quite the thing to see. Austin getting busted open made him the Underdog, which was great against Kurt Angle. Angle hitting the Stunner on Austin was a good way to put him over as a heel. This match turned into a "Steal your opponent's Finisher Match," which is a great way to get the crowd into it, but it wasn't the greatest idea. It just didn't seem like Austin would hit the Angle Slam. I could picture Kurt hitting the Stunner, but Austin hitting the Angle Slam is a little unrealistic. I'm glad that Angle finally hit his own finisher, but knew it wouldn't get the three count. At this point, I was expecting Austin to apply the Ankle Lock to Angle, but it was Angle who locked in the Ankle Lock on Austin, and got the excellent finish. That was a great way to push Kurt into the WWE Title picture. Hardly any spelling errors in this match, so that was great on your part. (8.5/10)

Triple H vs. The Rock
I was really looking forward to this match, because I knew that it would involve excellent wrestling and great use of weapons. The video package was far too long in my opinion. You try and jam too much stuff into your videos, but there's just too much. The interview with The Rock was great, and he was in excellent character if you ask me. Trips and Rocky going into the crowd would have got the fans in the ringside sections more into the match. I'm not sure if a PowerSlam is even in Hunter's arsenal, and just because it's WrestleMania doesn't mean that you give him a move like that. It just doesn't suit his style imo. The first weapon was a ring bell, which was unexpected, but awesome. You usually expect the first weapon to be a chair, but to kick things off with something like a ring bell notifies you that this match will be deadly. At this point in the match, I sort of felt that Triple H would pull off the victory, and get pushed into the main event scene. I also thought that Triple H would give Rocky a beating, but then he would fight back. The Rock was doing great of having the crowd behind him, and making Triple H a better heel. Wow, a Rock Bottom through the announce table. A little overboard, but hell, it's WrestleMania and it's No Holds Barred, so who gives a sh*t? That was one way to get the crowd into the match, as if they already weren't. Hunter recovered much too fast from the Rock Bottom. It just didn't seem possible, and it was quite unrealistic. You should have gave him another minute or so, and then have him hit a big move. Now I began to think that this would be like your other big matches, and that whoever lost would get the standing ovation. I figured Rock would no matter what, but maybe Trips would if he didn't win, which was seeming clearer now. When they both had weapons in their hands (Steel Chair and Sledgehammer) and swung, Triple H should have lost his weapon, because it would put The Rock over much better, and the crowd would love to see Triple H get all intimidated. Kicking out of the Pedigree and a Steel Chair Shot while you're bloody is just plain unrealistic. This is only my humble opinion, and my opinion may mean sh*t to you, but this is just too unrealistic, and I don't care whether he's the biggest face or not, nobody will kick out of that. Triple H knocking the referee back out was dumb, and even Trips is smart enough to realize that if he hadn't knocked him out in the first place, he would've won the match. The momentum shift was great, and Rock was hitting moves after moves towards the finish. I think that the Game should have been reversed somehow, and then the Rock gets the finish. It woul dhave given him a little bit more credability. (9/10)

Sixth Promo
I feel the rest of the members turning on Orton and leaving. That would be great. These guys were in good character, so this segment was great. (9.5/10)

Monster's Collide Match
I liked how Kane came out overpowering Umaga because it put him over better, but it seemed a little unrealistic against someone with so much monster build as Umaga. Going into this match, I figured that it would be a little boring, since it was just all these big fat guys going at it. There was some pretty good teamwork going on here from Kane and Mark Henry, and the crowd getting behind SmackDown was a good booking choice on your part. It was predictable that Raw would win, since SmackDown! had already won, but none-the-less, I kept reading. It was also good for Raw to sort of control Kane for a couple of minutes. Mark Henry turning on SmackDown! was perfect, and priceless. It set up a Kane vs. Henry feud, and it was just something that sort of spiced up the match a bit. Then Mick Foley coming out was even more priceless, and that got the fans more excited. This match was definitely boring, but I truly appreciate your efforts to make it more exciting, so I give you heaps of credit. (7/10)

Three Way Dance
The length of this video package was reasonable and great. I guess having Sensational Sherri come out was so that each wrestler would have a female valet. It was surprising and unexpected. Sweet Chin Music right off the back was unexpected, and it set the tone, stating that this match would be nothing short of exciting. I'm not sure if I mentioned it yet, but you use really good adjectives...very descriptive, and that's a good thing in case you were wondering. I liked the Edge/Michaels staredown, since they're both the faces in the match. The Figure Four was a good move to use, because it put Michaels over with the crowd even more. It would have been better to do it on Orton later on in the match, because firstly, Orton sells it really well, and secondly, he's the heel, and Michaels is the face, and it just would've been better. Orton leap frogging was a little unrealistic. I know that he can do dropkicks, but I don't think he can leap frog. Having Edge break up a pinfall was bad, because it's an elimination match, so there's no point to breaking up the pinfall. It would have made sense for Edge to leave it, and possibly have Orton eliminate Michaels so that Edge would be left to have Orton for himself. The moves kept coming, with that Doomsday Device, which they did by accident. This match would definitely be epic to witness in person. And then Michaels hitting the Elbow Drop to Orton and Edge through the announce table... wow, unbelieveable. That would have been crazy. However, at this point, Melina had not interferred, so that was bad booking. She should have helped Randy get the advantage somehow. Michaels getting eliminated first was no shock to me, as it left Orton and Edge to square off against each other. Michaels put on quite a clinic and showing, and you wrote him good. I liked the hype for the fight betwee Orton and Edge. I also liked the back and forth punches, with Edge gaining the advantage. That would have gone over with the crowd well. The Edgecator was definitely a surprising move to go for, since I haven't seen it in a while, but I like it, and it's also creative, so have him keep using it in the future, and maybe build up as a finisher. "Completely Ape Shit?" Haha, that gave me a laugh. There was a lot of near falls, and I mean a lot. Even near falls from an RKO and a Spear. A little unrealistic, even for WrestleMania. But the finish turning out to be a Super RKO by catching him... that was crazy! This match was definitely epic. (10/10!!)

Seventh Promo
This promo sent chills and shivers down my spine, and made me wanted to cry of happieness (strange, I know). This was one of those WrestleMania moments that will always, and I mean ALWAYS be remembered. I loved it. (10/10)

Hall of Fame
You gotta love the Hall of Fame, because everyone who is inducted truly deserves it. (10/10)--[not sure how it couldn't get 10/10]

World Heavyweight Championship
The video package was great, even though it was long. However, I liked it's length because this match is the main event. I liked how Batista used his power right at the beginning, to send a statement to Kennedy. It was also good for Ken to surprise Flair and Batista with some moves of his own. It was good for Flair to interfere, especially so early into the contest. I expected Flair to interfere early, because it was realistic and good booking. I don't think the Spinning Kick really suits Kennedy. Yeah, he can flip off the top rope and what not, but I don't think that is his kind of style, even though he used it in OVW. I'm not sure if Kennedy hitting a low blow was the greatest idea. Batista should have dominated Kennedy longer after that suplex on the steel ramp. It just wasn't good match writing if you ask me. I liked how Kennedy went for the Figure Four Leg Lock. It gave him the character that he thought he could do whatever he wanted because he hit some moves on Batista. Flair getting busted open was unrealistic, and just plain dumb. It's not like he's one of the wrestlers, he's a manager for goodness sakes and he got busted open. This was bad booking, because why waste time on busting the manager open? I felt that the Kenton Bomb should have been later in the match, and then get the victory for him, not do it sort of near the end, and have Batista kick out. The show was getting so unrealistic at this point. For what seemed like every finisher, there was a kick out. Very unrealistic, and bad booking, and I don't care whether it's WrestleMania or not. Ric Flair hitting Kennedy with the Low Blow was perfect, immidiately followed by the Demon Bomb. This was a perfect combo that would be a great way to end it, but after I read that Kennedy kicked out of this, I knew that he would win. Kennedy getting the win with a roll-up would be bad, but getting it with a roll-up from the Bret/Piper match was great. This match had some weak spots, but overall it was well done. (9/10)

Out of all of the shows I've ever read on this Forum, this is the best one I've read so far. There were a couple of spelling and grammer errors, but I don't really care about those. I think I said this like 200 times, but just because it's WrestleMania doesn't mean that people always kick out of finishers. However, and excellent show! Also, I liked the ending video package.
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Much thanks for all of the reviews. I know I've been told I have a couple of more reviews coming in, but Szumi is back and Legend is walking around with my award, got to get going to restore order.

Not into long, drawn-out explanations, so here's a couple of points on WrestleMania.

~ Kennedy won the Royal Rumble. His match goes on last. And even if I didn't believe in that, WrestleMania almost always ends with a feel good moment. No matter how good the Raw main event was, with Orton winning, it couldn't and shouldn't have gone on last.

~ Probably should've went with a different opener. Thought about changing it but decided that Carlito winning was a big enough deal to keep the IC Title Match in that slot.

Originally Posted by DH6
I think I said this like 200 times, but just because it's WrestleMania doesn't mean that people always kick out of finishers.
Yes, it does.

That's pretty much it. If I missed any other questions (and it's possible since I'm typing this after reading the reviews a while ago), go ahead and ask.

Back to business...


Originally Posted by Wrestling Observer Newsletter
WrestleMania 23 was considered a strong success and went off without a hitch. General consensus within the company has the Three Way Dance for the WWE Championship as the MOTN.

Up until two days ago, the WWE had STILL not come up with a finish for the Cena-Undertaker match. Eventually, a compromise was made between The Undertaker and Vince McMahon (whom was pushing hard for Cena to go over), allowing Cena to pick up the visual win before Taker pulled the win out.

The win for SmackDown in the Eight Man Tag Team match was merely the beginning of the push of SD's tag team division. The plan at the moment is to elevate the WWE Tag Team Titles above the United States Championship and right under the World Title.

Mark Henry is not being moved from the SmackDown roster. The angle with Kane will continue on SmackDown, while Umaga and Big Show are involved with Mick Foley on Raw.

Right now, their is a major internal debate on how far to push the new Mickie James-Beth Phoenix angle. Many within the WWE want to keep it strictly innuendo-based, as not to offend any of their sponsors, while Vince McMahon wants to go "balls to the wall".

Though Mr. Kennedy, Edge, Randy Orton, John Cena, and Batista are considered the cream of the crop of their generation, Bobby Lashley and Carlito are considered main eventers on the rise, backed up by their WrestleMania wins for the 'secondary' titles.

There is serious talks of being Chavo Guerrero back to the company full-time. Whether or not it's in a managerial or wrestler role is still up in the air.
Originally Posted by WWE.com
The WWE 'Special Events' schedule goes as follows for the next twelve months:

4/29 Backlash
Atlanta, GA

6/24 Great American Bash
San Jose, CA

8/26 Summerslam
E. Rutherford, NJ

10/6 Saturday Night's Main Event
Chicago, IL

11/18 Survivor Series
Miami, FL

1/27 Royal Rumble
New York, NY

2/16 Saturday Night's Main Event
Las Vegas, NV

3/30 Wrestlemania 24
Orlando, FL
A date change, a couple of SNMEs wiggled in there and a much lighter schedule. Raw preview soon enough.

EDIT: ALL joint branded, imo.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Great news and notes, Mac. I agree about the Main Event for Mania as well. IMO, the Rumble winner gets the Main Event match. As far as the Cena/Taker match ending, it was well done, and gets over both wrestlers even more. Not really in favor of the US Title being devalued on Smackdown, as IMO, that title should remain right under the WHC. Interesting PPV schedule. It looks like you're keeping the joint PPVs and given each brand, a single PPV, with two SNMEs thrown into the PPV schedule as well. Looking forward to Raw, as this thread gets started once again following the great Mania 23 PPV that was posted a couple of weeks ago in this thread.
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Renegade Reviews Wrestlemania

Opening video was good, nothing mind blowing, but who cares, it's just a video...

Carlito vs JBL
Eh not a fan of this one opening up the PPV. Decent match but couldn't really get into it like you should with an opener. Carlito seems to be on the verge of becoming an upper midcarder maybe, or atleast having a long reign with the IC title to go over a name like JBL is a big move for him. JBL really did go to work on Carlito in this match and CCC didn't look like he'd take it until the end as he fought well. Nifty finish to the match, but still, this shouldn't have opened the PPV. Solid match. ***

Steph/Coach do what they should do and put their superstars over, I think it'll be an even split, RAW wins one and SD! wins one. Good promo, both seemed in character, as did Maria and provided her usual ditzyness

MITB Ladder Match
Whoa, this is on EARLY! Very much. Shocking to see Flair win the match, not happy with that as he's way old and doesn't need a title match at what, 58? I think, he gives it to Batista after 'Tista loses to Superman tonight. As far as the match went, it was tops. Some nasty spots, all well crafted and nothing too insane thankfully. Van Dam was easily the MVP as far as spots and deserved winners go, and the Hardyz added their flair to the match too, taking the brunt of the punishment. Would've loved to see Sabu get a bit more extreme, but still, everyone played their part and made a good ladder match. ****

MVP is coming, sweet. With some new hotties (Layla & Kelly) and some prawn (Brooke). Seems good to me

Lashley vs Finlay vs Regal vs Booker
Solid match, not the best four men to mix up a Fatal 4 Way with but it turned out to be better than thought. Was not expecting to see the title change hands to anyone except Booker, so it's caught me off to see Lashley win it, pinning Booker to do so. I was expecting appearances from Monty Brown & Elijah Burke to help Booker to victory, but it's not to be as they show up in vein and Lashley picks up the win. Regal didn't really factor much towards the end of the contest and won't be happy at the loss, but the Lashley era in the US Title division begins here and we'll see where you go with it. Solid match, but not all too enthralling. ***1/4

Batista taking Kennedy too lightly. Can you make it any more obvious that Superman is gonna win tonight?

AMW/MNM vs London & Kendrick/Shelton & Helms
This was pure entertainment. Fast paced, the speed didn't let up towards the end of the match. There was a great scramble with everyone involved just before the ending, I loved it. Shelton & Helms especially looked impressive and certainately look to be ready to be pushed as the next tag champs on SD! by you. Very enjoyable match. ***1/2

I like how you write with Daniels, nice promo covering all of his traits in the Fall Angel personality. Looking forward to this match

Rey Mysterio vs Chris Daniels
This was a great match. Really wasn't expecting it to be so good, but definately a MOTN so far. Both men gave it their all and you could see Rey really wanted the win and he got it. Daniels long, illustrious reign is over but you can bet this feud is not done just yet. Rey's pin on Daniels wasn't described the best way possible but I understood what you were getting at. Great match, makes me wonder why this didn't open the show because it would've set a much better platform to go from. ****

Oh about the build up and entrance for Mickie, go fuck yourself tbh

Victoria vs Mickie James
Nothing you could've done would've made the result seem any less obvious. Mickie mark, Mickie wins. Beth Phoenix is back? Meh. Just another way for Mickie to keep her title forever, honestly, I don't like it. She has to lose it soon, otherwise the Women's division won't have any credibility left. OK match, nothing more than can be asked for from a Womens match. **1/2

Hmm Edge with a decision to make. Does he annihilate Orton or go for the title. Bit of both would be my choice

I'm sorry, but Cena any audible cheers against Taker is criminal and totally unrealistic...

Undertaker vs John Cena
I almost cried. Seeing Cena come up with what I thought was the win, was a travesty. However, thankfully we have the match restarted and Taker does keep his streak alive, THANK GOD! It was a very good match and Cena looks very strong despite losing tonight because now he's got the right to claim he has been the closest to beating Taker. Not liking the fact Cena could get such a mixed reaction, no matter where he was, they would boo the shit outta him against Taker. Taker kicking out of the FU and Cena likewise with the Chokeslam made them both look the part, but as said earlier, thankfully Taker is still the man at WM and Cena is jobbed. ****

Steve Austin vs Kurt Angle
I am really hoping for something different than Austin "running out of steam" finish, which is all the range for him at WM these days. Austin taking a page out of Angle's book with the German's was a nice touch, and ouch, Angle suplexes Austin into the turnbuckle! That would kill. Austin is still going, looking very good for a shock win here as he kicks out of the Stunner and then the Angle Slam, big. Ending hurt Austin, his energy drained and he fades out but with that happening in Taker/Cena in the last match, it doesn't sit too well seeing it twice in back to back matches. Still, Austin isn't squashed and it was a very good match here, maybe propelling Angle back to title contention? ****

Rock promo was good, little short but I'm not fussy on length so all good. He sounded perfect

The Rock vs Triple H
What a fitting way to Rocky to end the match with the Sledgehammer to Trips and then a People's Elbow. Trips will fume after being put down with his own weapon. Rock Bottom through the table was nuts! Rock's comeback was extremely short lived at the end and the fact he pulled out two DDT's in a matter of minutes wasn't the best piece of originality, but the ending was with a PE onto the steel chair, unique ending and The Rock does beat The Game at Mania. Tops match, if a little one sided to Hunter. ****

It's only a matter of time, before the RKO Army, crumbles

Kane & Mark Henry vs Big Show & Umaga
O boy this was a train wreck. Poor Kane. Henry turning on SmackDown! was a surprise, but the fact that Kane was fucking mauled was even bigger considering he's not normally made to look so weak. MICK FOLEY IS BACK! Holy crap, the ending was worth it, the match was sloggish and slow but what else can you expect. I didn't look forward to this match at all, and I was right to be a little happier when Foley returned to beat down Umaga. I was actually expecting a Foley/Umaga Hardcore match at WM a while ago, it would've been a much better option tbh. **3/4

Shawn Michaels vs Edge vs Randy Orton
Top match. Really was a sensational contest from top to toe. Had it all that it deserved to have as one of the main events. Each man looked so strong in their own right, for instance it taking 2 Spear's to get rid of Michaels makes HBK look incredibly strong despite being eliminated first. The ending was just as good with an innovative Super RKO, I can see it happening in my mind, visualising Edge crashing and burning, being caught in mid air for the crowd to mark out like a bunch of rowdy buggers. Orton somehow keeps his title, but I don't think he'll hold it much longer. Superb match, regardless of what you feel, should've been the ME imo. But not to be, but what a match. ****1/2

Nice touch with Austin & Rock having a beer together in the locker room, really was. A true Mania moment, and GTFO if that is their final Mania moments, I'll rofl. Guys like them never "fully" leave the WWE in one way or another, I wouldn't be surprised to see them in some role next year. Still, a top moment between two of the very best

HOF was solid. Good introductions to the section

Mr. Kennedy vs Batista
We all know you love Kennedy. It's odd to see someone pushed so quickly, so hard, without really having the proper build towards this kinda push in BTB. But I had the feeling, this was Kennedy's night to shine and having him winning the RR almost cements his title is already with him before the match. I am not a fan of the instant rise he has made, because it seemed so rushed, but I cannot argue you have done everything you can to make him seem like a permanent ME/Upper Card fixture in this thread. The match was not a spectacle, but it was decent nontheless. I always saw the result in my mind, and after it all is said and done Mr. Kennedy makes it a Mania he'll NEVER forget. Seemed a tad short for the final match but got really intriguing at the end. Made for an enjoyable if not brilliant finale. I have a feeling that we'll see this feud go onto Summerslam before it's all over. I also can see Flair handing over his MITB to Batista so he gets another chance after his rematch clause. That is unless you want Flair's final match to be a title match, which could well happen as I know you mark for Naitch. Anyways, Kennedy's story begins, and while I'm not the biggest fan, it shall be an interesting ride with guys like Rock, Trips, Batista, Booker and others to face. ***3/4

Overall, a memorable Mania. The opener was not the best way to start things, but your second part of the card brought this home in shining colours. Be proud of this Mac, top work.


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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Thanks for the review, jobber. Dished out a couple of reviews yesterday. Hopefully, I'll get to a couple more before Friday (KOM, jacky17, and one more I think). Anyway, no preview. Was ridiculously bored so I'm posting Raw now. Enjoy.

Monday Night RAW

April 2nd, 2007
Detroit, Michigan

Before the show starts we get a video recap of the tremendous WrestleMania which took place last night. Mickie retains over Victoria with help from the returning Beth Phoenix, Show and Umaga win the Monsters Collide Match before Mick Foley returns and crushes them, Angle defeats Austin, IC Champion Carlito defeats JBL, and Randy Orton retains the WWE Title against Edge and Shawn Michaels.

The opening video plays before we head into the arena to witness the fantastic pyro display. The camera pans around the arena to all the fans, going crazy, holding up their signs, before we cut to out commentators.

Jim Ross:
Hello everyone and welcome to Monday Night RAW! I’m good ole J.R., Jim Ross, here with Jerry “The King” Lawler and we are here in Detroit, Michigan, just 24 hours removed from the greatest WrestleMania of all time, WrestleMania 23!!

Jerry Lawler: And J.R., what a WrestleMania it was, several explosive encounters from both Raw and SmackDown! The Wrestling Machine Kurt Angle managed to defeat Stone Cold Steve Austin and there have been rumors that Stone Cold will have a major announcement to make next week … possibly regarding his retirement?; somehow, Carlito managed to retain the Intercontinental Title against JBL, and Mickie James will start the SECOND year of her Women’s Title reign, after beating Victoria with the help of the returning Beth Phoenix.

Jim Ross: An absolutely huge night was WrestleMania 23 but it all pails in comparison to what turned out to be a magnificent Raw main event between the WWE Champion Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, and The Rated R Superstar. But when it was all said and done, it was The Legend Killer who left the grandest stage of them all with the WWE Championship. Sadly, neither Shawn Michaels nor Edge will be here tonight, given the night off to recuperate.

Jerry Lawler: Oh but what about the show we got for tonight, J.R.? Not only will you be conducting an interview with The Wrestling Machine Kurt Angle, but WWE Champion Randy Orton will address this sold-out crowd tonight.

Jim Ross: Big news. All that and more for Monday Night Raw here tonight, but coming up in the here and now, the World Tag Team Championship will be on the line, America’s Most Wanted defend against MNM!

Match #1:
America’s Most Wanted w/Gail Kim vs. MNM w/Melina
World Tag Team Championship Match
Solid, very closely contested match up with both teams taking the opportunity to impress at the start of the new “WWE season”. The finish comes on some miscommunication between Nitro and Mercury. Melina hops onto the apron in an attempt to distract AMW, but Mercury bumps into Nitro, causing Nitro to knock Melina off of the apron. Harris then throws Mercury from the ring and AMW hit the Death Sentence on Nitro for the pin fall victory.
Winners: America’s Most Wanted at 9:12.
AMW successfully retain the titles and the two raise their arms in the middle of the ring, after yet another successful defense, back on a roll after last night’s loss. The two are handed their tag team titles when…


America’s Most Wanted turn around and stare at the top of the stage as the Raw General Manager Jonathan Coachman steps out, wearing a nice beige suit, mic in hand.

Jonathan Coachman: AMW, let me be the first to congratulate the two of you on successfully defending your World Tag Team Titles here tonight.

The two continue to look skeptically as the crowd cheers.

Jonathan Coachman: And since I know the two of you love to compete, love to accept ANY challenge, let me inform the two of you that you will be defending your World Tag Team Championships once more, on Sunday April 29th, live on Pay-Per-View, at WWE Backlash. Your opponents … and believe me, this has NOTHING to do with the fact that the two of you disappointed me at WrestleMania last night.

Harris and Storm shake their heads, rolling their eyes.

Jonathan Coachman: Your opponents?? Two people who were SUCCESSFUL at WrestleMania 23 last night …

Coach smiles and waits while AMW look rather confused…


The eyes’ of America’s Most Wanted light up as The Big Show, Umaga, Paul Heyman and Armando Alejandro Estrada step out onto the stage, and begin to walk down the entrance ramp.

Show and Umaga step into the ring and AMW try their damnedest to get the jump on them, swinging away with everything they’ve got. But they just competed in a rather competitive match up and are no match for the monsters, who shove them away easily.

Storm charges but Umaga hits him with a nasty sidekick to the side of the head taking him down. Harris charges at Show, but the big man quickly grabs him, and then delivers a head butt, knocking him down!!

Umaga reaches down and lifts Storm up, before shooting The Cowboy into the ropes and hit’s a strong Samoan Drop once he comes back!! Umaga then lifts him up off of the canvas AND HITS THE SAMOAN SPIKE!!! Big Show waits as Harris gets back up to his feet, and once he does, The Wildcat is lifted high into the air before he’s PLANTED WITH THE CHOKESLAM!!!

Show then reaches down and grabs the World Tag Team Titles, handing one to Umaga before raising his in the air. Umaga savagely stares at his as the two stand over the fallen tag team champions.


Backstage, Todd Grisham stands by.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, after successfully defending his title last night at WrestleMania, he is STILL the WWE Intercontinental Champion, CARLITO!!!

Carlito comes into screenshot, receiving a nice ovation, apple in hand, with the IC title on his shoulder.

Todd Grisham: Hello, Carlito, you’ve got to be feeling pretty good about yourself with the roll you’ve been on as of late.

Carlito: Carlito feels awesome. And you’re right, Todd, Carlito has been on a hell of a roll - won the Intercontinental Championship in January, beat Rob Van Dam at Saturday Night’s Main Event, and just last night … Carlito beat JBL to retain this title, Carlito’s first ever win at WrestleMania.

Crowd cheers

Carlito: But believe me when I say this, there’s only bigger and better things from here. Number one, JBL isn’t here tonight, and das cool. (Carlito smiles) And next week on Monday Night Raw, Carlito will be hosting Carlito’s Cabana. And Carlito’s guest … in celebration of her one year anniversary as WWE Women’s Champion … Mickie James.

Mixed reaction

Carlito: She may be a crazy psycho … but she’s a hot crazy psycho … and dat … das cool.

Carlito tosses his apple into the air, catches it and then takes a bite out of it before looking to head off.

Todd Grisham: Carlito, wait!

Lito turns around.

Todd Grisham: Do you think that JBL will look to retaliate next week for you not only beating him but spitting in his face at WrestleMania??

Carlito spits out his apple in shock.

Carlito: Retaliation? Carlito doesn’t care if JBL wants to retaliate, Carlito doesn’t care if Bradshaw throws a hissy fit, or complains to his mommy, or whatever he wants to do. Carlito is always gonna be right here and if he wants some of Carlito, he knows where to find me.

Carlito then walks off as Grisham looks on.

Back to ringside.

Match #2:
Sabu vs. Chris Masters
Masters and Sabu put on a passable match, with The Masterpiece staying in control for the majority of the match up, more intense than usual, looking for revenge for being put through a table last week. Sabu’s imperfect health due to the MITB Ladder Match. is played up by our announcers throughout.
At the four minute mark, however, Sabu makes his comeback, rocking Masters with hard right hands, before shooting him into the corner. Sabu then charges, and hit’s the AIR SABU, knocking the breath out of Masters. He shoots The Masterpiece into the opposite corner, looking for another AIR SABU - but Masters catches him, and brings him toward the middle of the ring, looking for a slam, but Sabu counters into a sunset flip … but only gets two. Masters rolls through, holds on and lifts Sabu up, before PLANTING him with a nasty POWER BOMB!!
Masters then lifts him back up to his feet, and applies the MASTERLOCK!! Sabu fights, but due to the pain he endured in the MITB, he passes out and the referee calls for the ring bell!
Winner: Chris Masters via submission at 7:55.


A video plays hyping the next edition of Friday Night SmackDown where a new number one contender will be determined in a “Dream” Fatal Four Way Match - Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio vs. United States Champion Bobby Lashley vs. The Undertaker vs. The Rock.

Match #3:
Rob Van Dam w/Bill Alfonso vs. Ken Doane
Despite still nursing injuries from the tremendous bumps they took in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Doane and Van Dam tear it up, putting on a phenomenal TV match up. After seven minutes, we cut to a quick commercial break. We return from the break with Doane in control and he remains in control until Van Dam makes his comeback at the thirteen minute mark.
Van Dam takes Doane with his assortment of kicks, before hitting the Rolling Thunder for a two count. Van Dam lifts Kenny back up to his feet and then tosses Doane into the corner, charging in. Doane leaps up and over him, waits for him to turn around and then hits an STO!! Doane smirks, before taking a second to recover, and then gets back up to his feet.
Doane then climbs to the top turnbuckle and looks for his Guillotine Leg Drop, but Van Dam moves out of the way, gets back up to his feet and rolls up Doane into an Oklahoma Roll for a three count.
Winner: Rob Van Dam at 15:31 via pinfall.
The crowd cheers, as RVD gets back up to his feet, raising his arms up into the air. Van Dam looks down at Doane and nods his head, somewhat impressed with the twenty year old phenom. Kenny shakes his head in disappointment before leaving the ring as Van Dam continues to pose in the ring for the fans.


A vignette which played at WrestleMania plays…

A black man, dressed in a white suit, shades, and a chain with cornrows in his hair, sits on a chair, with a “Raw” backdrop.

Montel Vontavious Porter: Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce myself. I am half man, half amazing. My name is Montel Vontavious Porter. (Holds up his chain) This is my chain, (points to Raw backdrop) that is my show and these …

Three gorgeous woman walk into screenshot and put a hand on Porter.

Montel Vontavious Porter: These are my lovely ladies, Kelly, Layla and Brooke, or as I like to call them, P3 - Porter’s Posh Playgirls. So ladies and gentlemen, I suggest that you get ready. My name is MVP - Montel Vontavious Porter. I’m coming to Raw, and most importantly, I … am better … than you.


Fade out.

Good Ol’ J.R., Jim Ross, waits in the ring, cowboy hat and all, microphone in hand.

Jim Ross:
Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time … was victorious last night at WrestleMania 23 forcing … The Texas Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin to pass out to his Ankle Lock submission hold-

Heat begins to pour in.

Jim Ross:
The only Olympic Gold Medalist in WWE history … “The Wrestling Machine” Kurt Angle.


The crowd boos wildly as Kurt Angle steps out onto the stage, dressed to compete with one of his custom T-shirts on top. Angle raises his arms into the air, and pyro explodes wildly before Angle continues on down to the ring. Kurt steps in and stand next to Ross.

Jim Ross: Kurt, first off, congratulations on beating Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania -

Crowd boos

Jim Ross:
I would like to get some thoughts on what this win on that big of a stage, against that big of a competitor, means to you.

Ross holds the mic up to Angle.

Kurt Angle: It means that I now stand alone at the top of the mountain, as not only the greatest WRESTLER and superstar that this business has seen, but the most important figure in the history of this sport.

More boos from this sold-out crowd.

Kurt Angle:
NOBODY has ever made Stone Cold Steve Austin tap out, but I managed to do it several years ago, and then last night at WrestleMania 23, I managed to make that son of a bitch submit. No matter what you people think happened, in the record books, it says “Kurt Angle - Winner - By Submission”. Oh, it’s true, it’s damn true!!

More heat as Angle smirks a bit.

Jim Ross: Well, Kurt, let me ask you - do you think your win is diminished by the fact that you COULDN’T make Stone Cold Steve Austin tap out last night?

Angle looks at Ross, looking quite a bit skeptically.

Kurt Angle: What do you mean, “couldn’t”, J.R.? I can make anybody tap out - ANYBODY!! Please, don’t make the mistake of thinking any other way. If I wanted Austin to tap, he would’ve.

Jim Ross: Be that as it may, Stone Cold didn’t submit, and do you think that will affect on how your WrestleMania victory is viewed?

Angle wipes his mouth, flustered, before beginning to speak again.

Kurt Angle: You know what, if-

An “Austin” chant starts up, cutting off the Olympic Gold Medalist. Angle looks around the arena in anger.

Kurt Angle: Steve Austin isn’t here tonight, SO JUST SHUT UP!!!

Cheap heat for Angle as he riles this crowd up.

Kurt Angle:
Stone Cold Steve Austin isn’t here tonight, because he couldn’t bear the embarrassment of being in the same arena with the man who beat him up and down that arena last night, before knocking him out cold, slapping on the Ankle Lock and winning in the middle of the ring! So, don’t expect to see that son of a bitch around here anytime soon.

Angle walks around the ring a bit, frustrated.

Jim Ross: Kurt is right; Stone Cold is not here tonight. He’s currently at his home in Victoria, Texas, nursing the injuries he sustained in that match against Kurt Angle. Kurt, let me ask you -

Another “Austin” chants starts up and Angle puts his hands onto his hips as he stares around the arena.

Jim Ross:
Kurt, now that you managed to defeat Stone Cold at WrestleMania, what’s next on your agenda? What’s next on Kurt Angle’s list?

Angle smiles before shaking his head.

Kurt Angle:
(Scoffs) As you can see, J.R., I’m dressed to compete here tonight - ready for action. I figured, defeating Austin at WrestleMania would be enough … to warrant me a shot at the WWE Championship.

Kurt shakes his head again.
Kurt Angle:
But alas, I show up to this hellhole here tonight, and not only am I not being given a WWE Title shot but I don’t even have a match, I’m stuck doing a damn interview with a hillbilly.

The crowd boos Angle as Ross attempts to seem unaffected by that comment.

Kurt Angle:
What, did I offend you, J.R.? Was I out of line? Who gives a crap if you‘re offended! I’M offended! I’m offended that after what should have been my crowning achievement last night, I’m still treated as just another superstar in this company! My win is tossed aside and you know why?!

Angle stares at Ross.

Kurt Angle:

More boos as Angle gets right into J.R.’s face; Ross keeps his cool.

Jim Ross:
No … I don’t know why.

Kurt Angle: Of course not.

Angle smirks … before scowling.

Kurt Angle: People don’t respect Kurt Angle … because of guys like you. Guys like you, who would rather praise a loser like Austin, instead of talking about people who actually, y’know, WIN. Yeah, I watched the WrestleMania tape, J.R. You want to talk about how gutsy, and determined, and courageous Stone Cold is. HE LOST!! And it’s about time, you people started showing me the proper respect around here. Otherwise, people are gonna start to get hurt … bad.

Angle glares at Ross, who doesn’t look intimidated. Angle then moves close to him, and speaks in a calm tone.

Kurt Angle:
So here’s what you’re gonna do. Right here and now, in front of all these fans, you’re gonna announce me as the winner of the match up, just like that bitch, Lillian Garcia, did it at WrestleMania. You got it? “And the winner of the match, by submission, over Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kurt Angle.” Go.

The crowd boos while Angle turns and faces the audience, waiting for J.R. to begin. Ross shakes his head before speaking.

Jim Ross:
(Without much enthusiasm) The winner of the match … Kurt Angle.

The audience boos as Ross looks to now leave, but Angle doesn’t seem impressed, reaching out and grabbing a hold of Ross. J.R. turns around and Angle calls him back into the middle of the ring.

Kurt Angle: Say it again, and this time, with some enthusiasm. Just like you do with Austin. (J.R. impression) STONE COLD!! STONE COLD!! STONE COLD!! (Ends) Say it like that, or we’ll have a problem, J.R.

Jim Ross: What the hell is this gonna prove, Kurt?

Kurt Angle: It’ll let you walk out of here on your own power and not on a broken ankle, J.R. NOW SAY IT!!

Angle turns back to the crowd as Ross sighs.

Jim Ross: And the winner of the match … KURT ANGLE!!

More boos as Angle nods his head and extends his hand to J.R. Ross accepts it and goes to leave …

But Angle CLOTHESLINES ROSS DOWN!! The crowd delivers an incredible amount of heat as Angle begins to stomp away on poor J.R. over … and over … and over again!!

The crowd begins to cheer as Jerry “The King” Lawler tosses off his headset and slides into the ring! He grabs Angle and hits him with a hard right hand, and another, knocking Angle backward. Lawler then goes to Irish whip him, but Angle counters, brings King back to him, before hitting THE ANGLE SLAM!!

Angle then goes back to Ross and LOCKS IN THE ANKLE LOCK!!! Ross screams out in pain as Angle looks to break his ankle with everything he has. J.R. taps like a mad man, but Angle doesn’t let go of the hold, causing several referees to run down to the ring and attempt to pull him off.

The Olympic Gold Medalist finally let’s go of the hold, while Ross holds his ankle in tremendous pain. Meanwhile, the crowd boos the Wrestling Machine wildly, disgusted by his actions here tonight.

Angle bends down and flips Ross off, before doing the same to the crowd, going so far as to climb the turnbuckle and raises up the double bird to even more heat. Fade out.


Backstage, inside of his office, Jonathan Coachman stands by with Armando Alejandro Estrada and Paul Heyman.

Jonathan Coachman: Paul, Armando, I would just like to thank you once again for coming through for Monday Night Raw last night at WrestleMania 23. And though we were helped by one of their own superstars, “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry, I’m in your debt.

Paul Heyman: Mr. Coachman, let me assure you that The Big Show and Umaga appreciate the opportunity at the World Tag Team Championship at Backlash, but we have a couple of concerns of our own … and those concerns would relate to the Hardcore Legend known as Mick Foley.

Crowd pops for the mention of Foley.

Paul Heyman:
And, Coach, if Mick Foley decided to get into our business again - and these are the words of The Big Show and not my own - Foley will be carried away on a stretcher.

Jonathan Coachman: Believe me, he won’t be a problem tonight, at Backlash and for a long while. I informed Foley that not only is he banned from Raw here tonight -

Crowd boos

Jonathan Coachman:
But he is banned from all events relating to Monday Night Raw, INDEFINITELY.

Tremendous heat as Heyman and Coachman smirk.

Armando Estrada:
Ha-ha, that’s what I’m talking about!! That fat, washed up dummy needs to learn the meaning of respect. Speaking of respect, I think it’s time that the Samoan Bulldozer UUUUUUUUUMAGA and The Big Show got an opportunity to teach those AMW freaks a little respect as well, before Backlash.

Jonathan Coachman: I couldn’t agree more, which is why next week right here on Monday Night Raw, Chris Harris will go one on one with the five hundred pound, giant of mass destruction, The Big Show.

Estrada and Heyman shake the hand of Coach with a smile, before they head out of the office.

Back to ringside.

The King is joined by Todd Grisham for commentary. Lawler looks incredibly upset as he holds his neck and back, feeling the effects of the Angle Slam.

Match #4:
Charlie Haas vs. Matt Striker
A showcase match for Haas, who goes through his impressive array of suplexes on Striker. The former schoolteacher get in a couple of offensive maneuvers but it doesn’t take long before Haas hits him with a strong release German Suplex, dumping him on the back of his head, before he follows up with the Haas of Pain for the impressive submission victory.
Winner: Charlie Haas via submission at 4:09.

Backstage, Randy Orton, looks into a mirror, adjusting his nicely-tailored custom suit, with a smirk, before turning around, grabbing his WWE Championship and facing his RKO Army - Doane, Mercury and Nitro, with Melina on Nitro’s lap, all sitting on the black leather couch, while Masters stands against the wall.

Randy Orton: Listen up, guys. I know things haven’t exactly gone according to plan tonight. Doane and Nitro … you guys lost your matches, but I’m not upset … I’ve come to expect that from you guys.

Doane shakes his head, but Nitro moves Melina off of him and stands up, aggravated.

Johnny Nitro: MY match?

Randy Orton: Yeah.

Johnny Nitro: Last time I checked that was a tag team match.

Randy Orton: Yeah, a tag team match that YOU were pinned in. Face in, recently, YOU’VE turned into the weak link of the group. Right behind Kenny.

Nitro and Doane both glare at Orton with anger, but before they can say anything, Orton turns to Masters.

Randy Orton: Chris …

Orton shakes the hand of The Masterpiece.

Randy Orton: Congrats on winning your match, man. That’s the kind of intensity I’ve been trying to get out of you. That killer instinct! You show that kind of passion each and every time you go out there, and there isn’t a single person in this building that can stop you.

Masters nods as Orton smirks.

Randy Orton: Now, I have to address my public coming of the biggest night in the history of this industry. Y’see, it’s time for “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton, the WWE Champion, the cornerstone of World Wrestling Entertainment to go out there, and give … what would be comparable to a state of the industry address.

Ken Doane: Fun.

Orton glares at Doane, who smirks a bit.
Randy Orton: Relax, kid. You’ll get your chance to start giving your own speeches … whenever you realize that coming close to winning and winning aren’t the same thing. Then, and only then, will I even think about listening to anything you have to say. (Orton gets in Doane’s face) So until then, when I want your opinion … I’ll be the one who gives it to you.
Doane and Orton have an intense stare down, with Doane looking ready to explode. Randy then moves his head a bit to the right.

Randy Orton: Melina, let’s go.

Johnny Nitro: I think she’ll stay here.

Orton turns to Nitro.

Randy Orton: What?

Johnny Nitro: I said, “I think she’ll stay.”

Orton and Nitro stare at one another intensely as Melina looks quite nervous.

Ken Doane: What’s the matter, Randy? It’s your moment. Have a ball.

Doane smirks, and Orton nods a bit, grinning as well, knowing Doane just got one over. Randy then walks past Kenny and towards Melina - but with his eyes looking right at Nitro the whole way.

Randy Orton: You sure you want to stay here, Melina?

Nitro and Orton stare at one another as Melina looks on nervously.

Melina: Yeah … um … I think I’m gonna stay here.

Orton looks at Melina and smiles.

Randy Orton: No problem.

Orton then glares at Nitro once more before turning around …

… right into the face of Doane. The Legend Killer and the 20 year old phenom have another intense stare down, same height, around the same weight, same look … before Doane … moves out of his way, smiling. Orton slaps his WWE Championship before storming out of the locker room.

The rest of the group look on, all effected by the tension, Nitro and Doane looking rather upset.


We get a replay of the J.R.-Angle interview from earlier tonight, which ended with Angle brutally assaulting Ross, locking in the Ankle Lock for several minutes.

Grisham and Lawler discuss the disgusting actions of Angle, before shooting it to Maria, standing by.

Maria: (Looking and talking nervously) My … guest at this time … K-Kurt Angle.
The crowd erupts into heat as Kurt Angle steps into screenshot, leering at Melina without emotion.

Maria: Kurt … uh … w - w - why - did you … uh …

Kurt Angle: Relax, Maria. I’m not gonna beat you down … not tonight anyway. Why did I attack J.R.? That’s what you were gonna ask, right, Maria?

Maria nods slowly.

Kurt Angle: ANSWER ME!!!

Maria: Y-Ye-Yes.

Maria looks ready to faint from fear as Angle smirks.

Kurt Angle: Because he was pissing me off. Because he sits there at the announce desk, alongside that idiot with the crown, and the two of them talk about how great Stone Cold Steve Austin is. How gutsy Austin is. How determined he is. His refusal to quit, his refusal to give in.
Well, guess what? I don’t care, but Austin, you better be as tough and as bad ass as everyone thinks you are, because I just came from the office of Jonathan Coachman. I’ve been fined 50,000 dollars for my “reprehensible” actions tonight.

Crowd pops as Angle rolls his eyes and scoffs.

Kurt Angle: A few weeks ago, when Coach needed Kurt Angle, everything was all well and good. But now that the picnic is over, my actions are too outrageous, too wild. What a joke. Oh, but there is some good news. I also found out that Coach is willing to take me up on a suggestion of mine and I will be competing at Backlash on April 29th … against Stone Cold Steve Austin -

Crowd erupts into cheers.

Kurt Angle: … in an “I QUIT” MATCH!

Even louder cheers as Angle smiles.

Kurt Angle: That’s right, an “I Quit” Match, where the only way to possibly win the match where would be for your opponent - in my case, Stone Cold Steve Austin, to say “I Quit”. No tapping out, no passing out, no way out, period!! One way or another, Stone Cold will be saying the words “I Quit” on April 29th.
That is … if Austin accepts that proposed match. The rumors have been flying all week that Stone Cold might’ve been retiring next week here on Monday Night Raw. (Scoffs) After what we just saw with Ross, I doubt Austin wants to leave with any unfinished business. So, Steve, I’ll be looking forward to hearing your answer next week if you decide to show up here on Raw. And don’t accept the match for me, or for all these fans, or even for yourself … do it … for J.R.

Angle laughs a bit before becoming deadly serious within an instant, glaring at the camera, as Maria shivers in fear.

Cut away.

Backstage, Charlie Haas packs his bag in the dressing room, with a couple of other wrestlers standing around. Haas is seemingly preparing to leave the arena when he looks up, and immediately gets up to his feet, putting his hands up into fists. The camera pans over to show … Armando Alejandro Estrada, The Big Show, Umaga and Paul Heyman.

Charlie Haas: What do you want?

Armando Estrada: Amigo, relax. (Turns to group) I’ll be fine.

Heyman nods slowly before leading the group from the locker room. Haas relaxes a bit as Estrada grabs another chair and brings it next to Haas’s and sits down.

Armando Estrada:
Pero, relax, relax, (points to chair) please.

Haas slowly sits in the chair and stares at Estrada.

Armando Estrada:
Ju know, I saw jour match out there tonight. Very impressive, jou’re one of the best talents in this place. But let’s face it … jou’ve been here for four years, and jou’re no better off than when ju showed up.

Charlie Haas: What’s your point?

Armando Estrada: My point is, the reason you’re in the same spot is … ju lack - como se dice - charisma. Ju lack the drive, the motivation, but more importantly, ju lack the pizzazz to get to the top of this business, and me amigo, that’s where I come in.

Haas doesn’t look too impressed as Estrada takes off his shades.

Armando Estrada: I want to help ju, just like I helped Umaga and The Big Show - the future World Tag Team Champions, a couple of WrestleMania winners. When was the last time ju were even AT a WrestleMania?

Charlie Haas: Watch it.

Armando Estrada: Relax. What I’m trying to say is, if jou’re sick of toiling in meaningless matches, against meaningless wrestlers, I am always willing to help. (Getting up from his seat) Ha-ha, don’t be a dummy.

Estrada extends his hand to Haas … but Haas doesn’t accept. AAE frowns a bit before putting his shades back on, smiling, and exiting the locker room. Haas goes back to packing his bag, though clearly thinking about what was said.



Boos fill the arena, as the WWE Champion, “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton, steps out onto the stage, limping a bit, but a smile on his face. Dressed in a suit, with the title on his shoulder, Orton raises the title up as his pyro falls down from the ceiling.

Randy continues on down the ramp, before climbing the steps and entering, calling for a mic. He soon gets one …

Randy Orton: Another day, another dollar, just another day in the life of Randy Orton. Walk into Ford Field, WWE Championship on the line, Three Way Dance against “The Rated R Superstar” Edge and “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels.

Cheers for Edge; Mixed reaction for HBK.

Randy Orton: Edge and Shawn Michaels were coming after my title, and who would’ve thunk it, Randy Orton stands right here … right now … STILL - YOUR WWE Champion!!!

Crowd boos

Randy Orton:
I’m not so arrogant as to where I’m gonna tell you it was a cakewalk. It was anything but.

Orton stretches out his back, as if feeling the pain.

Randy Orton: I fought my ass off last night to keep this WWE Championship attached to this gorgeous body, and that’s exactly what I did, proving not only am I the best wrestler in the free world today, but that there isn’t a man - or two men, who can step up and take this title from me.

“Asshole” chant starts up.

Randy Orton:
Asshole? You don’t have to like it, but each and every one of you know that it’s the truth.
Last night, Edge and Michaels put everything they had on the line. I was hit with Spears, I was hit with Superkicks, driven through a table, hit with moves I’ve never even seen those two guys use before but yet, here I stand with the WWE Championship, while Michaels recovers somewhere in Texas, and Edge is somewhere in Canada crying about wanting revenge.

More boos

Randy Orton: Edge, after last night, you need to come to the realization that you and I … we’re on completely different plains … when it comes to what happens in this ring. Y’see, you … you plateaued a few years ago; you leveled out. You’re a great wrestler. Make no mistake about it, you’re definitely good. The fact is, I’ve done nothing but get better and better since I’ve shown up here.

Orton rubs the title.

Randy Orton: First, I became the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time. Then, I became the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in the history of this industry. Now, not only do I stand before you a multi-time World Champion, but I am the greatest WWE champion in the history of Monday Night Raw.

Boos as Orton puts on a cheeky smile.

Randy Orton: And that my friends, is not just about being good … that’s … that’s destiny.

Orton once again raises the title up to boos, when…


The crowd explodes into cheers as Orton turns to face the entrance ramp in complete shock.

Jerry Lawler: What the hell!? He’s not scheduled to be here tonight!!

Todd Grisham: … … There he is!!

Soon enough, EDGE steps out onto the stage to an even louder pop, with Lita by his side, dressed in a Rated R shirt and a pair of jeans. The Rated R Superstar doesn’t seem as upset as he has in recent weeks, instead taking the time to look around the arena before continuing on down to the ring, mic in hand. Orton seems flustered and a bit nervous as he didn’t expect Edge to be here tonight.

Edge steps in and lifts the mic up, ready to speak, but is cut off by a “Rated R” chant. Edge lets out a slight grin before talking.

Edge: Surprised to see me, Randy?

Orton shakes off the shock, angrily glaring at Edge.

Randy Orton: … A bit.

Edge: I bet you’ll be even more shocked by what I have to say.

Orton squints his eyes skeptically as Edge rubs his mouth & beard and brushes his hair out of his face, taking a breath.

Edge: Congratulations on retaining the WWE Championship last night at WrestleMania 23.

Big time heat, as Orton puts on a cocky smirk, with Edge looking at the champion, nodding before speaking.

I have to hand it to you, you managed to beat me fair and square, clean in the middle of this ring last night. I didn’t think you had it in you.

Orton smiles widely.

And as you’ve noticed, I don’t have quite the - and pardon the expression - edge I usually have. That’s because for months on end, I walked around this place thinking there was this pompous, arrogant, no nothing jackass, who couldn’t carry my jockstrap walking around with my WWE Championship.

Crowd cheers as that seems to have offend Orton.

I didn’t take you seriously, Randy, and that’s the reason I was pretty pissed off, that’s why I couldn’t use the proper judgment, that’s why I wasn’t prepared for WrestleMania, and that’s why you managed to pin me in the middle of that ring on the grandest stage of them all.

Edge begins to smile now.

Edge: Oh, but I know you’re the real deal now, Randy. I know you’ve got it in you to stand in this ring with me, and believe me, there’s nothing more I’d rather do than be the one to slap that shit-eating grin off of your face.

Orton’s grin fades as the crowd erupts into cheers.

This is no longer about getting revenge. Getting revenge doesn’t pay the bills, getting revenge solves nothing, and it sure as hell doesn’t get me what I want. And what I want … is the WWE Championship!

Crowd pops while Edge points to the title as Orton looks at it.

BACKLASH … me and you, one on one, for the WWE Title, whattaya say?

The crowd cheers as Orton looks around the arena.

Randy Orton: Is that what you people want to see? You people want to see The Legend Killer versus The Rated R Superstar at Backlash on April 29th??

Huge pop as Orton nods.

Randy Orton: Well … it’s not gonna happen.

Major heat as Edge’s jaw tightens.

Randy Orton: I don’t care who wants it, I don’t care if the fans want it, I don’t care if you want it, Edge, because as far as I’m concerned, I’ve beaten you … Three Way Dance or not, I’ve beaten you in the middle of the ring which means I’m done with you. You go to the back of the line and some other poor bastard steps up to the front, only to be taken out by The Legend Killer. I’m … a One Man Dynasty. And dynasties don’t slow down for anybody.

Edge: Sounds to me like you’re bitching out, Orton.

Crowd cheers as Orton rubs his chin.

Randy Orton: (Scoffs) The only bitch here is the slut you have for a girlfriend.

OH!!; Orton smirks but the crowd soon explodes into cheers as Orton is dropped as is the title with a right hand from Edge!! Lita rolls out of the ring as Edge lifts Orton back up and backs him into the corner, before he unloads with right hands to the face of the WWE Champion!

CHRIS MASTERS and JOEY MERCURY run down the entrance ramp to heat, before sliding in and jumping Edge, hammering away on his back with right hands, as the crowd boos. Orton demands that The Masterpiece lifts Edge back up to his feet … while KEN DOANE and JOHNNY NITRO also make their way down to the ring.

Masters holds Edge as Orton begins to tee off of on him, hitting Edge with sharp and pointed right hands to the face! Orton tells Mercury to get some shots in, and that’s exactly what he does, hitting his former group leader with hard right hands to the face as well! Orton tells Doane to get some shots in, and Kenny looks rather hesitant, glaring at Orton.

The Legend Killer gets up in Doane’s face, no longer asking, but demanding that he does what he’s told. Doane shakes his head … and then DOANE DROPS ORTON WITH A RIGHT!!!

The crowd cheers but the rest of the Army hasn’t a clue how to respond as Doane stares down at Orton, who holds his jaw. Masters drops Edge and grabs Doane, asking him what the hell is going on, and DOANE HITS MASTERS WITH A RIGHT as well!!

Kenny hammers away on Masters and soon enough, Mercury hits Doane in the back, as the RKO ARMY IMPLODES before our eyes!!

Mercury and Masters hammer away on Doane, but Nitro now gets involved, spinning Masters around and hits him with hard rights!! Orton rolls out of the ring, and eventually Masters and Mercury are cleared from it as well, by Nitro and Doane respectively as the crowd goes wild.

Edge gets back up to his feet and stares at Doane and Nitro rather suspiciously, not knowing what the hell is going on, while Orton and company look from the ramp in shock.

Lita slides into the ring and grabs the WWE Championship off of the ground, before she holds it out for Edge. The crowd cheers as The Rated R Superstar takes the title from his fiery redheaded girlfriend before he steps onto the middle rope, raising Orton’s WWE Championship above his head as Orton shakes his head in disgust.



Current Card for WWE Backlash:
Date: April 29th, 2007
Location: Phillips Arena; Atlanta, Georgia
Event Music: Daughtry; There and Back Again

World Tag Team Championship Match:
America’s Most Wanted
w/Gail Kim vs. Big Show & Umaga w/Heyman & AAE

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Good Mania highlight video for the Raw Brand.

AMW v. MNM-Good match to start the show with, as these two teams look to be the top two tag teams on the Raw brand, over the next few months in this thread. Not surprised that AMW retain their championships though. However, it looks like a possible MNM split will be taking place soon, if not on this edition of Raw in this thread. Great announcement from Coach for the World Tag Team Title match for Backlash. Not surprised that Show and Umaga get the title match against AMW, as they won their match at Mania, and it also gives Coach some more heel heat. Great booking with this segment.

Carlito's Segment-Great segment from Carlito here. Carlito looks like he is going to have a breakout year in this thread. The Cabana with Mickie James on next week's Raw should be great, and probably be the segment where James' opponent for Backlash, is announced.

Sabu/Masters-Decent, and like you mentioned in the match summary, a passable match between the two. Good booking on having the commentary team put over Sabu following him being in the MITB at Mania, the night before in this thread. Masters picks up the win, which is expected. Hopefully though, this doesn't turn into a feud between the two.

The Main Event for the upcoming Smackdown looks like it is going to be off the charts! With that said, I wonder what is going to happen to Batista in this thread, since he is no longer the World Heavyweight Champion on Smackdown.

Van Dam/Doane-Surprised to see this match given such a decent amount of time. However both men, despite wrestling in MITB at Mania, wrestled a great match. Also, despite Van Dam winning and showing a sign of respect to Doane following the match, I have a feeling that this is going to be a big year in this thread, for Doane.

MVP is coming to Raw in two weeks, along with the "Porter Posh Playgirls. Great booking and creative name for the name of the stable for the three divas. Hopefully Porter recieves a decent push in this thread, upon his debut.

Seems like me and you have booked similar promosI must admit, that this promo was great as it accomplished two things. It gave Angle even more heat on himself, and it sets up the face to face between Angle and Austin, of which I have a feeling is going to take place on next week's Raw in this thread. Excellent promo man. Great booking.

The promo with Heyman, Coach, and Estrada was great, as all three men were in character. Foley being banned from all Monday Night Raw related events was excellent booking. However I have a feeling that at Summerslam, Foley will be facing one of them, though I have a feeling it will most likely be Umaga. Grisham joins The King for the remainder of Raw. I have a feeling that JR won't be on Raw next week in this thread, to sell the Angle Lock from Angle.

Hass/Striker-While this match was not a squash match, this was always Hass' match to win.

What a segment man! The RKO Army is breaking up tonight here on Raw! At first I thought, it would be the Raw after Backlash, but the way this show has been booked so far, I got a feeling that the RKO Army is going to break up, by the end of this show!

Excellent promo from Angle. IMO, the only other person in BTB, who has written Angle this well as a heel, is myself. This promo was excellent. Angle being fined 50 grand from Coach was good, but the announcement of the I Quit Match between Angle and Austin at Backlash is great! I have a feeling that following this feud between Austin and Angle, that Austin will be retiring in this thread. The face to face between Angle and Austin on next week's Raw should be a classic.

Interesting, yet good segment from Hass and Estrada. Hass joining with Estrada's and Heyman's group can be a good way to give Hass a push in this thread, IMO. I'm interested to see how this storyline turns out in this thread.

Great promo from Orton and Edge. Orton was great on the mic, as well as Edge. However like I predicted, the RKO Army has broken up! While it looks like Nitro and Doane will be getting a push in this thread, respectively, I have a feeling that Doane will be getting a huge push in this thread. Also, it's almost a guarantee that Orton will defend the title against Edge, at Backlash.

Overall Comments: Excellent show man. The show had feuds continued, some ended, and some others were continued. However I am surprised that the Women's Champion, Mickie James was not on this show. Also, I'm surprised that JBL, was not on the show as well. Looking forward to Smackdown, and next week's Raw. Also, looking forward to the feedback/and/or review from you, for the last Smackdown or Raw posted in my thread.
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

AMW are the team at the moment, but wow they're fucked! Big Show & Umaga will face them at Backlash? Ouch. That marks the end of their reigns as champs. I am not keen with Umaga & Show as permanent tag team and them as champs would be odd, but atleast it's a refreshing feud on the scene, after it has been dominated by AMW & MNM for the last while

Carlito/JBL might go one more match methinks. Rofl @ Mickie being called hot. tbh, I do find her attractive sometimes ya know, I just love to hack on you for being obsessive with her. Mickie's next opponent, I wonder?

Masters beating Sabu? Maybe the Arabian Warrior is on his way out? With MVP coming up the ranks and the impending split of the RKO Army, we won't have time for Sabu, unless he stays as a jobber...

RVD thankfully wins. I don't like Kenny, I think you want to push him but he's too meh to be considered much of anything to me. We'll see. RVD for biggers things plz

MVP is almost here, should be a good addition to the IC title scene

Angle promo was best part of the show so far by a country mile. Excellent work here, Angle was spot on and it seems he really wants to make it known he beat Austin at WM. The assault on JR was really wild and this has gotta mean we're gonna see Austin sometime soon, there is no way he'd sit back while this happens. Top segment here, Angle is getting more full of himself with every day

Foley banned? LOL. As if that's gonna stop him from showing up possibly at Backlash to cause havoc. Show is gonna hurt Harris next week. AAE = gold

Haas getting a slight push maybe? Hmm. Striker bores me, good to see him jobbing

This can't go on much longer. Orton is continually signalling out Nitro & Kenny while leaving Mercury and Masters alone. I'm sure he'll keep Melina with him, and the split is most likely gonna happen before Backlash perhaps?

Austin vs Angle "I Quit"? Fuck yes. Austin might be able to get a win in BTB again, that would win shock of the month for the BTB awards tbh. Alot of Angle tonight, I have a feeling he's gonna get an ass whipping next week

Estrada managing Haas? Fuck off. How could you possibly make that work? If it happens, I'll be intrigued to say the least. Haas could do with someone to help him get over

Orton/Edge confrontation was good, not stellar or anything but before we know it they've come to blows and it happened! RKO Army has imploded! Nitro & Kenny helping Edge out worries me as they as faces will suck big time, you can't pull that off easily and neither has a face trait in them really. The end of the Army, the end of MNM and the end of Orton's dominance possibly? Where was Shawn Michaels? Anyways, nice ending to the show which was really on the back burner apart from this and the Angle/JR segment

Good work. Oh and jobber? Moi?


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