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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Oh my god man,just read your show and Holy crap, that is fucking epic. I've just started my BTB and if this is the type of stuff im up against im screwed, ok im going to attempt a review cause you deserve it after that.

Opening segment was excellent, one of the best i've read on this forum. Really came off as something that would happen. Set the tone of things to come and gave it a wrestlemania feel.

Carlito vs JBL- Normaly i wouldnt like the intercontinental belt being fought for in the opening bout but under the circumstances it was fine. Great action to get the night started, and a great win for Carlito- glad he retained and that your using him well.

Segment with Coach, Steph and Vince watching was excellent, also had a very realistic feel about it. All characters were spot on.

WHAT A LADDER MATCH great fast paced action, had everything a MITB should have, excitment, wrestling and hard bumps ( Matt Hardy and Ken Dones spring to mind ) Great choice of competitors Sabu obviously ideal and good to see Doan in the mix. Got to say though did not expect a Flair win, but really enjoyed it great to see him get a win on the biggest stage of them all and hope he gets one last championship run.

Good vignette from MVP ( im assuming thats his debut and that he's not in your BTB already? ) Alreadt made to look important due to him being hyped at Mania.

Fatal 4 Way- Another well written match, I expected a Lashley win here. Good to see your not pushing him too fast and having him go through the titles. He's a deserving US champion.

funny skit with flair celebrating, dont see Batista winning though.

Interpromotional Tag match- AMW and MNM would be a dream team lol. The other team was a bit random IMO but thats because i havent read your show till now. Anyway another fine match, Not sure if Helms/benjamin/Hooliganz were meant to be underdogs but i think they were so great win for them.

Daniels vs Mysterio- another potential dream match which came off brilliantly, enthralling match, great wrestling and cruiserweight action. Plenty of near falls to make it exciting and liked mysterio grabbing the win at the end.
Nice touch bringing out Malenko and Chavo.

Womans match- WWE are attrocious with their womans division as are most BTBs but this one was brilliant, great to see a high profile womans match with quite simply very good wrestling. Reminded me of the Stratus/James match a few years back.

Undertaker vs John Cena- I dunno what the boss thing is about but anyway, So far MOTN by a distance purely for the sheer electricity, An Epic encounter, I couldnt believe it when Cena won by knock out, I loved how hard it was to put Taker away as he fought for his record desperatley. Great near falls. I was praying for Cena not to win, rarley have i been so involved in a BTB match, but by the end I was in favour of Cena's win, and was about to type this part of my review when bam, the ref restarts the match- unbelieveable, and again Taker continues the streak. One of the best matches ive read.

Austin vs Angle- As good a match as you would expect, really there hasnt been a bad one tonight. Fantastic back and forth match, Great ending with 2 near falls from the Angle Slam and the stunner. Ankle lock ending was perfect, reminded me of Austin/Hart years back, with the blood flowing down austins face, i could just see it. Loved that Austin didnt tap out.

Rock vs HHH- Ranks up there with Taker/Cena from earler, a real wrestlemania feel to it, these two work so well together and you captured that, loved that it took the Rock bottom, Sledgehammer and peoples elbow to finish HHH.

Battle of the giants- The one match i didnt like as i dont particularly like any of these men, but you made it about as good as it coukd have been. So fair play. Foleys appearance was great though.

CM Punks coming yay ( im a total mark for him btw )

Epic triple threat match- brilliant, absolutley brilliant.Loved Edge pulling out anything he could to win like the downward spiral and hitting HBK with 2 spears, some of the exchanges in this match were fantastic. Orton looked excellent after his win. Finally a credible champ.

Austin/Rock exchage was genious absolutley brilliant booking. I loved how they didnt even speak. Typical Austin, but very classy. Short but smart promo. Fitting tribute to one of wrestlings greatest rivalries.

Kennedy/Batista- Great wrestlemania moment, passing of the torch to Mr Kennedy as a new superstar. typical mania. Not as good as Orton/Edge/HBK but it had to be main event. Just like Kennedy to win with a roll up but id maybe have prefered a Knock out win.

Well thats the review, dont know what else to say. No exagerrations- THE best be the booker I have ever read. The whole thing made me wish I had done a WWE BTB instead of a ECW one, because the scale of it was great and the whole showcase is something you just cant do in ECW. Amazing mate.

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Mac what's going on. It says there is a page 105 but everytime I click on it it goes back to 104.

EDIT: Oh well now I am the first post in page 105, but it was fucking up earlier.

Anyway Wrestlemania looked Awesome and just to let you know mate, I will be getting you a review up as soon as I'm not busy. It may take some time, but I'd rather that than rush it now
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Jesus dude! Thats an amazing PPV!!! I'll try to get a review up soon.
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Kid O Mac’s WrestleMania 23 Review:

Opening Video: This was an epic video man. This is right up there with NatureBoy’s Mania 23 opening video for the greatest opening WrestleMania video in the history of BTB. Even though Vince was featured a lot in the video, it made sense since he is the founder of the WrestleMania event. While the video didn’t focus on the main matches, in which it rarely does for Mania anyway, it was more or less a retrospective video of the historic event and was done in an excellent way.

Intercontinental Championship: To be quite honest, I’m surprised that this match started the event as I thought the eight man tag match would start the event. With that said, the match did start off a bit slow, but was able to get better as the match went on. Carlito was portrayed as the champion who would not give up nor quit, and I’m surprised that Carlito gets the clean victory over JBL and retains the Intercontinental Champion. The closing moments of the match seemed a bit rushed, but the match overall despite the fact that JBL did not win the Intercontinental Championship was great. Also Carlito spitting apple in the face of JBL at the end of the match, IMO signals the end of the feud between the two and the possibility of both wrestlers moving onto different feuds following Mania. ***

Vince/Coach/Stephanie/Maria Segment: This segment looked to be done just to get the three on the camera and to further promote the two interpromotional matches (excluding the MITB match). As far as Maria’s involvement in this segment, it was well done with some great comedy as usual from the WWE Diva.

Money in the Bank Match: Not surprised to see this match take place so early as with the exception of the real Mania 23, this match has always been the second match on the card. I said that if not Doane winning this match, then it would most likely be Flair. Well Doane didn’t get the win, but Flair did, and I see Flair challenging for the title on Smackdown possibly around the time of Summerslam. As far as the match goes, it was good, but could have had some more spots, as some parts of the match seemed to drag on for a moment before another big spot took place. Once again though not surprised that Flair won the match, and I have a feeling that Batista is losing the title here at Mania since Flair won this match. ***

MVP’s Vignette: Finally MVP will be debuting in this thread. It looks like he might be on the Raw Brand, however I have a feeling he will be a huge part of this thread over the next year (thread time).

United States Championship Match: In the second title match of the event, you really were able to write a good match involving the four and without having the match slow down during any point of the match. Had a feeling that Lashley would win the title if King Booker didn’t win the title. I thought that Burke and Brown though along with Queen Sharmell would be more involved in helping King Booker out in the match. Regal not being the person pinned since he was the champion was unexpected as I’m surprised that Finlay took the pinfall loss in this match. As far as Burke and Brown stepping out of the way of the new champion, Lashley, following the match, that was good booking and it looks like a possible Lashley/King Booker feud will be taking place soon in this thread. ***

Flair/Batista segment: While this segment was kept short, it was still funny because of Flair. Flair is a true comedic genius. I still have a feeling that Flair might become the WWE Champion in this thread in the near future.

Eight Man Tag Team Interpromotional Match: This match was a bit shorter than the last few matches, but the intensity of this match was off the charts. All four teams hit some of their signature moves, but the match began to pick up in the final few minutes as the opening of the match was kind of dull. However the moment of the match goes to Benjamin hitting the T-Bone Suplex from off the top rope to get the win over Harris. One more thing though, great concept of having each team consist of the brand’s tag team champion and the champions’ number 1 contenders for their tag team titles for their respective brand. Great booking! ***.5

Cruiserweight Championship: First off the Daniels’ promo was excellent. I don’t think I’ve read any other thread here in BTB that Daniels has played such a huge role in and made such a big impact in a thread. The Mysterio/Sabin/Malenko/Chavo segment was a great touch and I just have a feeling that Mysterio will be winning the match. Onto the match. Great psychology here as in the first ¾ of the match it was mostly all Daniels. Daniels basically tried every single move to beat Mysterio, but Mysterio continued to fight back. Mysterio wins the match but in a way that seems that he won’t be champion for long, but this feud will continue for quite a while between the two. Once again, great match. ****

Women’s Championship: First off great video package for the most anticipated and best build up for a Women’s Championship match or a Women’s Match in BTB history. The match starts out with both women hitting some of their signature moves. The best part of the match was the middle part of the match as it really showed that both were willing to hit any type of move to get the win and the championship. Beth Phoenix makes her debut here at Mania! I’m shocked and Mickie gets the win and now remains champion for a full year in this thread. Even though Beth is now in this thread, it kind of took away some of the momentum from this match and this feud as IMO, this match should have ended with no interferences at all given the huge buildup this feud and match has received in this thread. ***

Lita/Edge segment: Short but it got across the importance of the WWE Championship Match and how Edge must stay focused if he wants to win the WWE Championship.

Cena/Taker: This is the NEW Match of the Night so far. Both men put on a classic match especially Cena, who looked almost unstoppable in this match. The counter into the first F-U was great booking. But having Cena “win” the match by the STFU was a great way to put over Cena. However after the decision was reversed and the match continued, I knew that Taker was winning this match and keeping his streak alive. However like Wolfy did with his Taker/Jericho match from his Mania 22, you were able to have Taker win the match without having his opponent lose any credibility and at the same time become an even better wrestler in your thread. Excellent match. ****

Backlash: Good video to hype up the next PPV in this thread.

Angle/Austin: Excellent though a little too long of a video package for the feud. Nice heel way to start the match with Angle avoiding to wrestle Austin and keep on leaving the ring to try and get the advantage over Austin in this match. Damn this match is getting better as Angle hits a German Suplex to Austin right to the exposed top rope turnbuckle! The two trading each other’s finishers was a great touch as well, as the intensity in this match is off the charts. What a finish to this match! Like you mentioned in the match, shades of the ending of Hart/Austin from Mania 13 as Austin passes out from the pain and Angle wins the match! This was incredible especially how you described the closing moments of the match in the last three paragraphs. The aftermath of the match was great as well and if this is Austin’s last Mania in this thread, this was an excellent match for him to end his Mania match career on. ****.5

Rock/Hunter: Hunter surprisingly gets the early advantage here in this match as the early going is mostly Hunter. Rock though looks strong in this match with his never quit attitude. Hunter going for the pedigree twice in the early going and not connecting on either try was kind of overuse of the attempt of the pedigree in the early stages of the match. However the Rock Bottom through the announce table from Rock to Hunter was a great spot! Hunter heel side is showed perfectly with the chair shots and the sledgehammer to the face of the People’s Champion. Rock though keeps fighting back and the sledgehammer to the face of Hunter and the People’s Elbow to the chair onto the face of Hunter was a perfect way to end this match and this historic feud between the two future Hall of Famers as The Rock wins at WrestleMania 23! Excellent match! *****

RKO Army Promo: Great way of building tension between the group. However with that said, I now have a feeling that Orton might just retain his title but in a way that gives Orton even more credibility.

Monster’s Collide Tag Team Match: First off I wasn’t expecting this match to be a long match despite the great buildup and I was right. This match was a good match for the wrestlers involved in the match. Henry turning on Kane was a surprise somewhat, but makes sense after the attack on Kane and Henry on the last Smackdown, and Henry had left the ringside area shortly after Show and Umaga arrived to the ring. ***.5

CM Punk Vignette: Punk is finally coming to this thread! Great news and I’m sure he is going to be a huge star on Smackdown like MVP is going to be on Raw in this thread!

WWE Championship: Good video package and I’m shocked that Sensational Sherri is at Mania. I understand that this Mania is taking place in April 2007 and not current time. Interesting to see that all three individuals in this match are being accompanied by the three divas at ringside. Man, Sweet Chin Music almost right off the bat from Michaels to Edge, but obviously Edge is still going to be in this match. Michaels locks in the Figure Four on Edge as it looks like Michaels might eliminate Edge here still in the early going of this match! Edge spearing Orton to the outside of the ring was a huge moment in this match. Doomsday Crossbody from Orton to Michaels and that was a huge move as the match keeps on getting better! What a match and a move from Michaels as he hits the elbow through the announce table breaking the table as himself, Edge, and the champ, Orton are down as this now classic match continues! Michaels has finally been eliminated in this match after nearly twenty minutes of being in this historic match and after being hit with two spears from the Rated R Superstar! The final eleven minutes of this match were pure classic. Both men gave it all they had. Especially Edge, using some moves that he hasn’t used in a long time in the WWE. The first RKO though I thought would have sealed the match for Orton, but Edge gets the shoulder up. As for the spear, I thought Edge was about to win the title. However the Super RKO finish was well written and well booked. Randy Orton wins the match and retains the championship and IMO has etched his name into the annals of WrestleMania in this thread with this historic and classic title defense victory here at Mania. *****

Rock/Austin Segment: Without a word being said in this promo, this might just be one of the most powerful promos ever in the history of BTB as that promo basically showed the culmination of Austin and Rock’s historic and future Hall of Famers careers. Promo of the Night and quite possibly a real contender for Promo of the Year in BTB, and that’s the truth. What a promo!

Hall of Fame Segment: Kind of surprised to see the segment take place so late in the card, but this was a great class of true legends of the business!

World Heavyweight Championship:
Batista looks very much in control of the match here in the early going which is good booking. Glad to see that a countout will not take place in this match! Flair is bleeding and Kennedy is attacked again by Batista. Flair being hit with the briefcase and then Kennedy being hit with the spear was great booking, but Kennedy gets the shoulder up before the three count! What a throwback to Hart/Piper for the finish of this match as MRRRRRRRRR. KENNNNNNNNEEEDDDDDDDDYYYYYYY….KENNNNNNNNNNNEEEDDDDYYYYY is the NEW World Heavyweight Champion! Excellent match. ****.25

Closing Video Package: Great way to highlight the show as this was truly a classic PPV for BTB!

Overall Comments: This show was an epic PPV for BTB! While I know that I rated three of NatureBoy’s matches from his Mania as five stars, this Mania overall is better for the fact that the buildup for this event was off the charts, and not just for the Main Events but for every single match on this card, from the opening Intercontinental Championship match to the Main Event World Heavyweight Championship! This event was over 150 pages which is a huge accomplishment in itself as the event took me about three days to read and review, but this event was a classic! Like I mentioned before this event has the chance of winning not just PPV of the Month but PPV of the year! With that said once again congratulations for posting this classic Mania! Overall Score: 90/100=A!

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Wrestlemania Review

This is the first time Iíve reviewed one of your shows I think so obviously I wonít be up to date with the storylines, but Iím going to be a regular reader from now on because this looks like an impressive PPV.

The opening video was very well written, I could almost imagine it in my head it was really good, props for that.

Carlito defeats JBL in the opening match. Seems like a good choice to start the show, as I said Iím not familiar with your storylines so I donít know how this developed but I think you picked the correct winner here in Carlito.

Not certain who will win this MITB ladder match, Iím going to go out on a limb and say that it will be Matt Hardy, although Iím guessing Ken Doane might be the one that walks out with the briefcase. After reading the match I was wrong and it turns out Ric Flair is the man that gains that World Title match. The match itself was particularly good with loads of spots, I particularly liked the moment the Hardyz went at it. This could be the start of a good push for Flair, Iím glad Doane didnít win as I think heís too young to be at the main event level.

Fatal Fourway looks as if it will be a good one with four very good wrestlers in the match. I can see Bobby Lashley walking away with the gold in this one. I was right on both fronts, one it was a good match and the other that Bobby Lashley won.

The next one was a fast paced bout, not sure Iíd like to see it on WM myself, but a very well written match none the less.

Daniels versus Mysterio was a great match, the video package before it as well was also well done. Mysterio got the win in the end as I expected.

The womenís championship match was a surprisingly physical match, Iím shocked you included blood in this one. Mickie James retains the championship, big with for her and Iíll like to see where you take this Mickie/Beth alliance.

Cena defeats The Undertaker at Wrestlemania! Iíd love to see this in real life for the sheer backlash of the fans afterwards. A good match and a good way to end the streak with Taker not being pinned or submitting but instead passing out.

Angle versus Austin one more time. I was disappointed by the outcome of this one as the match was well written but the ending with Austin passing out was the same with Taker passing out. I understand the finish with it being similar to the Austin-Hart match from WM13 but it shouldnít have been used in two consecutive matches. The only down point so far in the show Iím afraid.

The Rock gains a huge win over Triple H possibly putting an end to the long rivalry theyíve had throughout their respective careers. Hopefully it isnít The Rockís last WM appearance as youíve touched.

Now onto the monsterís collide match, youíre brave for having this one with four big men but in all fairness you pulled it off. Didnít expect it to go long and it never, controversial finish with Henry turning on his partner, I suspect this will move onto a feud after WM.

This triple threat was my favourite match of the night with lots of action. Randy Orton retaining the championship is a high point of the night.

Kennedy defeats Batista as expected, looking forward to Kennedy having a run as champion. Another superb match as well.

Overall a great Wrestlemania, Iíll try my best to keep reading as much as possible.
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Looks to be quite an effort from you Mac; from what I've read you've produced a WrestleMania of high quality. I'll do my best to get a review up for the PPV by the end of the w/e, so that's something for you to look forward to .

Again, congrats on a big achievement.

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Originally Posted by Hollywood Event View Post
Wrestlemania Review

Cena defeats The Undertaker at Wrestlemania! Iíd love to see this in real life for the sheer backlash of the fans afterwards. A good match and a good way to end the streak with Taker not being pinned or submitting but instead passing out.
You obviously just skipped to the end of the match and you didn't see the rest of it.

Mac my review is half way done, let's just say expect it up in a week because I'm going to be busy writing my RAW and leaving a few other reviews.

<a href=http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/1c/0,,10323~9903176,00.jpg target=_blank>http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/...9903176,00.jpg</a>
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Very happy with the response to Mania so far. Also very glad to hear that more reviews are coming; I thought ORRY died. ~______~

With Legend's No Way Out review done, I'll be getting to a couple more relatively shortly. As for this thread, I'll update everyone on the future scheduling of it as well as an analysis of WrestleMania sometime next week.

As for now...

KOM: This wasn't Phoenix's debut in this thread. This is her return. As Ross and Lawler alluded to, the last time she was featured in this thread was my second ever post in this thread, a loss to Mickie James at Vengeance 2006.

Hollywood Event: As Bradley alluded to, I think you should read the Cena-Taker match a little more carefully.

Much thanks for the reviews.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

I haven’t read much of your stuff leading up to now, but I’m sure this PPV won’t disappoint.

Wrestlemania Review

The opening segment showed that you’ve watched many past WM’s and clearly know your history.

I liked Ross’ description of Carlito. I actually laughed at Ross’ comment about Carlito’s ovation being cool even though it was probably not intentionally used to draw laughter. I just imagine Ross’ delivery of that line being hilarious.

JBL drawing Carlito into the steel steps was nice. The school boy roll up was a convincing near fall. I’ve never seen the cigar smoking taunt by JBL done before so if you made it up, it was very clever. Carlito retaining probably means there will be a bigger title switch in another match coming up.

The Stephanie and Coach segment was well written.

I have a feeling Flair is either going to have a big bump towards the end or will end up winning since he hasn’t gotten much offense in the beginning stages of the match. I loved the spot where Sabu flung the chair at RVD while he was hanging onto the hook. I think Hardy or Doane should have hit another move on Flair to justify him laying on the table for so long before Doane went for his leg drop. Flair could’ve been playing possum but I felt him being planted with another move before being put on the table would’ve been better. The finish was alright. I liked the raking of the eyes by Flair but it felt like the match could’ve gone on a little bit longer.

I enjoyed the elbow drop routine by Finlay and Booker. Calling Lashley the Real Deal makes him even more generic than he already is. I know that he was called that in real life from time to time but I suggest doing something with his character. I loved Regal’s dragon suplex to Booker. I liked how you continued to focus the offense against Lashley’s shoulder. I enjoyed the near falls at the end, especially the one after Finlay’s Celtic Cross. You did a good job in making Lashley worthy of winning.

IMO, the Flair and Batista segment hinted to me a possible Flair turn on Batista. The fact that Batista was described at not having a care in the world about the challenger suggested that something unexpected might occur.

The 8 man tag match was okay but not really overly exciting. The best part in my opinion was Helm’s shining wizard after Harris’ spear.

Daniels’ promo was outstanding. It had me looking forward to his match.

The Daniels and Mysterio match has been the best match so far, even better than the MITB ladder match IMO. Great back and forth action. The finish caught me off guard because I thought Daniels would get the victory as soon as he kicked out of the West Coast Pop. Bravo.

I loved the drop toe hold into the steel chairs spot in the woman’s title match. I had a feeling Mickie wasn’t going to win cleanly. I can’t wait to see who finally beats Mickie for the title if and when it ever happens.

Since I haven’t really read much of your stuff in the past, the video packages were very helpful in letting me know why the matches were taking place. Based off the video, the Cena/Undertaker feud was built up well, although I sometimes felt Cena’s dialogue came across funky. Also, most of the videos would probably be unrealistic because they were really long.

Tazz letting people know he thinks Cena is the favorite makes The Undertaker winning more predictable but I’m still unsure of which way the match is going to end up. The ref leaving the ring after Undertaker’s death ray stare was a nice touch. Even though the first FU of the match came earlier than expected, it still worked as a compelling nearfall because it came about unexpectedly. I liked Cena’s top rope leg drop. I thought the Fisherman’s suplex would’ve come across better if Cena went for a pin afterwards. It made the move come across as weak having the Undertaker get back up after it without Cena making an attempt to cover him. Nevertheless, the finish of the match was brilliant. The rope break totally caught me off guard but if Cena had kicked out of the tombstone and the match continued a little while longer it wouldn’t have been as cheap as it came across. Of course, Cena now has the opportunity to rant and rave about being cheated, etc. I liked how you made it clear that Cena was going to remain a heel by having him FU the ref.

Angle’s heel tactics were well executed. For example, I liked how he targeted Austin’s bad knee by kicking his knee brace. After Austin survived the German Suplex into the steel turnbuckle it really looked like Austin was going to come back and pick up the victory. Most of your match finishes have been very exciting for me because I’ve managed to avoid finding out who the winners of the matches are before reading the matches. My only beef with the Angle-Austin match was that the match before also had someone passing out from a submission albeit the ruling was overturn.

The Rock and HHH match was a little underwhelming to be honest. I liked the things I’ve never seen done from them before such as the finish with the People’s Elbow on the chair but most of the match was comprised of things I’ve seen countless amounts of times during their other encounters such as the Rock Bottom through the announce table and the use of the sledgehammer. It was a good end to the feud but I hope they both go in totally new directions. I’d be interested in seeing them both in fresh match-ups.

The RKO army segment was very intriguing. I’m very interested in finding out what’s to come.

I enjoyed reading Styles’ infamous “Oh my gawd” line before the Monsters Tag match. Bad memories of the Goldberg/Lesnar match with all of the collar and elbow tie-ups to start the match. It didn’t make a whole lot of sense that Henry waited until the end to turn on Kane and Smackdown. I actually wouldn’t have mind Henry as a face because it’s the first time I’ve seen him being used sort of like a face in this era. Foley’s return came at the expense of the other Smackdown superstars. I would’ve liked it more if you had the other Smackdown superstars chase the 3 monsters to the back after the Foley attack so they could have at least regained some of their credibility back after getting the beat down. They came across weak after being demolished by the group of 3. Sure, they lack the size compared to the 3 monsters but they did have the numbers on their side.

The elbow drop through the announce table on both Edge and Orton was a magnificent and creative spot. It definitely deserved the holy shit chants. Edge beating Michaels made Edge going over Orton unlikely. Overall, the match was fantastic and warranted being a WM title match. The match had a great ending sequence.

The Rock & Austin backstage segment was touching. Are they going to retire from the ring now?

I think the use of blood was overdone. Victoria, Austin, Rock, Triple H, Flair, and Batista all bleeding seems like overkill. It makes the effect of the crimson mask less effective when so many people are bleeding. The Kennedy – Batista match was pretty run-of-the-mill at the beginning but things began to pick up towards the end. IMO the match felt a little flat compared to other bigger matches on the card. I think one more impact move from Kennedy would have helped Kennedy earn his status as champion. I really wanted to see him pull off the Kamikaze.

It took me a while to read it through, but it was definitely an enjoyable read and I applaud you for all of the effort you had to have put into writing this PPV. My favorite matches included the Cruiserweight match, Austin .vs. Angle, and the 3 Way Dance. My favorite spot of the night was the HBK elbow drop through the announce table. I’ll be looking forward to what you have up your sleeve for the future.
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Right Mac I hold my hands up for slacking lately. I am only a little bit through your review. but rest assured that it will be done one day

Oh and a little commet on the Undertaker/Cena match. You bas*ard, I actually thought you had the guts to end the streak. Lol just kidding of course but yeah review soon....
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