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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

It'll definitely be a while until the next Nitro is up, but here is some backstage beefy goodness for the time being.

Saturday, February 16, 2002
The Marriot, Jacksonville, Florida
2:19 PM

Eric Bischoff was in his hotel room, once again on his cell phone, a stack of papers in front of him. What should have been a time to relax before driving over to the arena for a house show, The Bisch is once again sweating and tense. As World Championship Wrestling continues its turmoil, NBC has come a calling to check up on ole Uncle Eric and WCW’s financial (in)stability.

Let’s join them in mid-conversation…

Eric Bischoff: …Look, I promise you, Shaun, we’re fine financially. Yes, we’ve had some financial… problems as of late, but it’s nothing that we can’t work through.

Shaun the NBC Rep: Well quite frankly, Mr. Bischoff, my executives at NBC cannot just take your word for law. It doesn’t work that way in our company.

Eric Bischoff: And I respect that, but you need to realize that as long as we continue to get your money to put us on NBC, along with our ticket sales, pay per view buys, and merchandise revenue, WCW will continue to be a profitable organization.

Shaun the NBC Rep: Profitable, or alive?

Eric Bischoff: …I’m sorry, but what?

Shaun the NBC Rep: I’ve done my homework, Mr. Bischoff; I know of the seriousness of the situation you and your company are in. According to my calculations, your company isn’t going to stay profitable off of NBC and your sales; you’ll stay afloat. Without all those sponsors, you’re going to keep losing money it seems, and we at NBC are quite worried about this. We need to be assured that your company isn’t going to die on us during your contract; if WCW goes bankrupt, we’re left with two hours of television a week and no program to fill it. Do you have any idea what kind of bind that puts us in?

Bischoff bit his tongue, refraining from snapping at the pompous NBC rep… even though he did have a few solid points.

Eric Bischoff: We love being on NBC each and every week, let me just say that. You have been great for WCW, and without you guys, we wouldn’t have had such a revival in popularity and success that we’ve enjoyed. We’re eternally grateful for NBC, and I know I speak for both Ric and myself when I say that we’re more than happy to meet with you and your executives to provide you with our numbers, and prove to you that WCW isn’t dying anytime soon.

Shaun the NBC Rep: That’s what I wanted to hear… but beware, Eric. If you don’t prove to my executives that WCW is financially secure and stable, we’ll happily evoke that clause we agreed to back when this television deal was signed. You know what clause I’m talking about, right, Eric?

Bischoff swallowed, hard. He knew exactly what clause the NBC representative meant.

Eric Bischoff: Yes, I know… NBC can drop us from the network with a snap of their fingers; no notice, no compensation… nothing.

Shaun the NBC Rep: Exactly. Now, what do you say we plan this meeting?

As Bischoff went to reply, another phone call came in on his cell phone… Scott Hall. Bischoff scowled, caught in a dilemma. He didn’t want to put the NBC rep on hold and potentially piss him off, but Bischoff has a bone to pick. Scott Hall, you see, has been missing in action since Wednesday night; Hall no-showed both the Thursday and Friday night house shows, and Bischoff, Nash, and Michaels all haven’t heard a single word from him…

Eric Bischoff: …Oh shit. I’m sorry, but I have an urgent call that I have to take. Please just wait for a few minutes, and I’ll be right back.

As the rep demanded not to be put on hold, Bischoff answered Hall’s call.

Eric Bischoff: …What the fuck, Scott!? Where in the hell have you been!? We had shows these past two days, just like every other freaking week! What the fuck happened to you!?

Seething, Eric waited several seconds for Hall to finally spew an answer.

Scott Hall: …I’m, uh, in San Diego…

Eric Bischoff: San Diego? What the hell!? We don’t even tour out on the west coast, Scott! We have a show in Jacksonville tonight, and there’s no way in hell you’re gonna make it again! Give me a fucking explanation, right now!

Scott Hall …I’m in rehab…

Bischoff’s jaw dropped… no fucking way was Hall doing this shit again.

Eric Bischoff: …Rehab? What? No, no way…

Scott Hall: …Yeah, mang, I’m for real… I need help, Eric, I’m tired of losing this fight. I went out after the show Wednesday wit’ Big Kev, and when I woke up, it was Thursday night, and I was in a stairwell somewhere... I don’t even know where. I drank all night Thursday inta’ Friday, fucked some slut, and woke up Friday afternoon in a hotel room I don’t remember renting… the booze is takin’ over mah life.

Bischoff was simply speechless.

Scott Hall: …I’m tired of slowly killing myself, Eric. I’m so afraid, so worried what’s gonna happen to me when wrestling passes me by. I don’t wanna end up alone, Eric… please, help save me.

Bischoff could hear Hall crying on the phone, and knew that Scott Hall had finally become a broken man.

Eric Bischoff: …Scott, you put me in a bad spot here. Superbrawl is just eight days away, and you’re a huge part of that story. This is the end of it all. WCW versus nWo… we’re finally getting that ending we’ve wanted for so long.

Scott Hall: Ya’ know I’ve been lovin’ this angle, Eric – I wanna help – but I gotta save myself.

Bischoff sat on his bed in silence for a while, planning his next move.

Eric Bischoff: Scott, you know I support you in this; I want you to get all the help you need, believe me… but we can’t just let you disappear only one show before Superbrawl.

Scott Hall: I’m sorry, Eric; really, bro, I am.

Eric Bischoff: Then come back. Stay in San Diego at this treatment facility for as long as you want, until Wednesday. I’ll fly you into Gainesville – first class – and after the show, we’ll personally pay for your rehab and everything. We’ll put you in Wilmington Treatment Center, back in San Diego, Texas, Florida, France, wherever! Just please, Scott, don’t fuck me over. Don’t fuck the nWo and WCW over. Don’t fuck Kev and Michael over.

The conversation was silence for several extended moments until Hall gave his answer…

Scott Hall: …I’ll do it, Eric. Fly me in Wednesday, let’s shoot whatever angle you plan up, and get me into rehab. Keep Kev, yourself, or Michael around me at all times… keep me clean.

Eric Bischoff: We’ll take care of you, Scott. I promise.

Scott Hall: …Thanks, Eric.

Eric Bischoff: Take care of yourself, Scott. I’ll wire you the ticket, everything you need. Just… take care of yourself.

Bischoff cancelled the called, and flopped back on the bed, pissed beyond belief. He just lost one of the biggest stars in WCW, days before the biggest angle in the company’s history comes to an end. And to top it all off, he’s got NBC beating down his neck about the company…


Bischoff shoots straight back off the bed and grabs his phone…

Eric Bischoff: Fuck!

Bischoff hung up on the NBC rep! Great, just what he needed… pissing NBC off.

Bischoff flopped back onto the bed, frustrated and aggravated as can be. Things just keep falling from bad, to worse.

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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

I love these little backstage segments Szum, i really believe they add something to your BTB. I have seen other people try and do them yet fail at being as effective as you are at them. Anyway onto the actual content of this one, i thoroughly enjoyed Bischoff squirming with the NBC rep. I couldn't help but lol at Scott Hall being in rehab, i found it quite funny, will be interesting to see where things go from here.

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

I am glad that the news of the rehab stint for Scotty was actually worked into a backstage segment. Better than just having something from WCW.com saying what happened. I'm kinda feeling for Bischoff because it seems like he is really handling everything, while Flair just bitches about the problems. Easy E is in some hot water with NBC right now, but then the thing with Hall hits, and things go from bad to worse. I'm surprised that Hall will still be involved in the nWo-WCW storyline. There's something that tells me something is gonna go down that will prevent Scott from being in the huge match at SuperBrawl. Can't wait for the next Nitro.


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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

This thread is still ongoing. http://www.wrestlingforum.com/booker...ownership.html

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