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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Full show plz. They own recaps, even if it means a longer wait.


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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Full Shows are the way to go. Just take your time and don't get burnt out, as long as they are of the epic quality you have been producing i don't care if it takes a whole month.

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

If I were you I'd go for a recap. It's not like you need to prove yourself and your ability. Obviously you can get a hell of a lot more across with a full-show, but getting one up in recap will maybe get you back into a good flow and prevent you from burning out. I'm pretty impatient with waiting, so a one-off recap could be what's needed. Anyways, I'm following this regardless of which option you go with.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

WCW Wednesday Nitro Preview – February 13, 2002

World Championship Wrestling will host its next primetime edition of Wednesday Nitro of 2002 on NBC this Wednesday night at 8 PM EST! WCW will be live from the Amway Arena, in Orlando, Florida! ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay and ‘The Voice of WCW’ Tony Schiavone will be calling the shots for another two-hour, action packed edition of World Championship Wrestling, so be sure to tune in for this monumental event!

We have seen the rise and triumphs of the Four Horsemen and the New World Order, and we have seen their falls as well. But at Superbrawl, Sunday, February 24, 2002, an era will end; either World Championship Wrestling or the New World Order will cease to exist! 5 members of WCW and 5 members of the nWo will meet inside the two-ringed, steel cage massacre, the War Games! The person who submits for his team will cause his entire company – his entire fight – to end! The stakes couldn’t get any bigger than this – winner takes all – and tonight, we’re going to find out who will be fighting in the War Games! Ric Flair will reveal the five wrestlers he has selected for Superbrawl, while Eric Bischoff and the New World Order will do the same. We can heavily expect Flair to pick his four members of the Four Horsemen to represent WCW, but who will the fifth man be? Flair will have to dig deep into the history of the Horsemen to find a fifth man, or someone from WCW will have to step up. Who is going to wrestle in the biggest match this company will ever know? Find out on Nitro!

While it will be 5 on 5 at Superbrawl between WCW and the nWo, over the next two weeks, it will be one-on-one, four times! Ric Flair has issued four singles match over the next two weeks – two tonight, and two next week – to give the fans a taste of what to expect at Superbrawl. Tonight, ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels will get a heavily anticipated grudge match against ‘The Bad Guy’ Scott Hall, and in a Sin rematch, ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett will square off with ‘The Man of 1000 Holds’ Dean Malenko! We know that Shawn Michaels will be back after missing last week to be with his family following the nWo’s horrific footage that attacked Michaels and his family as The Outsiders went to San Antonio and spied on Michael’s wife, Rebecca, and two year old son, Cameron. Jeff Jarrett and Dean Malenko will meet in up in the main event after a classic match-up at Sin, but this time, they’ll be inside a steel cage! However, they’ll be fighting in a Caged Heat match; just like in the War Games; there is a top to this cage! There will be no escaping for Jarrett or Malenko now; they’re stuck fighting until one man gives up or is pinned! These matches could be the building blocks to success at Superbrawl, so who will head into Superbrawl with the momentum? You’re going to have to tune in to find out!

Last week on Wednesday Nitro, the former WCW Cruiserweight Champion, ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms, recruited the help of two young protégés, The Flying Harts, Teddy Hart and Jack Evans! The Flying Harts have had problems with both Shane Helms and Super Crazy in the past, but the young guns have put their problems behind them in regards to Helms. With these three men allied together, it could mean havoc for the cruiserweight division, especially for ‘The Insane Luchadore’ Super Crazy and the WCW Cruiserweight Champion, Chavo Guerrero! That theory will be put to test on Nitro when the Flying Harts team up to take on Guerrero and Crazy! Also on Nitro, Hugh Morris will challenge Chris ‘Champagne’ Kanyon! Kanyon broke a champagne bottle over Morris’ head last week on Nitro after a confrontation between the two, but Morris will look to extract his revenge on Nitro! Plus, WCW World Heavyweight Champion ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner will be live on Nitro, along with his Superbrawl opponent, Booker T, as well as WCW Tag Team Champions, the Filthy Animals, the Young Lions, the Natural Born Thrillers, the Four Horsemen, and much, much more! Nitro promises to be an exciting showcase of professional wrestling that you do not want to miss, so be sure to tune into NBC this Wednesday night at 8 PM EST to catch all the action!

Confirmed Matches:
Chavo Guerrero & Super Crazy vs. The Flying Harts
Chris Kanyon vs. Hugh Morris
Dean Malenko vs. Jeff Jarrett – Caged Heat
Scott Hall vs. Shawn Michaels

Nitro should be up by the end of this weekend; just for 4 segments left to write.

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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Originally Posted by Szumi Horror View Post
World Championship Wrestling will host its last January primetime edition of Wednesday Nitro of 2002 on NBC this Wednesday night at 8 PM EST!
Didn't know that middle of February was the same as the end of January, tbh.

Even after that terrible slip-up, I still decided to read the rest of the preview and it looks pretty good. I like the four WCW vs. nWo matches over the next two weeks, especially the one between JJ and Malenko.

Looks like an amazing show ... but I don't expect anything less.


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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

This SuperBrawl shit has me so excited, i really can't wait to see who wins the war. I am expecting WCW to win just because good over evil and all that nonsense. but i would mark for NWO to come out on top. The build up to this match up has been great and i expect it to continue with this show.

Shawn Michaels vs Scott Hall and Jarrett/Malenko II (inside a steel cage~!) should both be great matches that will make this weekly show what it is, along with some awesome promo work.

Even the other two matches that have been announced are not looking all that bad. YES, i believe Kanyon can actually make Morris look kind of okay.

Show looks to be really, really epic considering the matches will probably all be competitive and we rarely get that on a weekly show. Bring on the TNA endings.

I will read and review. <3

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

World Championship Wrestling
WCW Wednesday Nitro
Amway Arena, Orlando Florida
February 13, 2002


Instead of going through the traditional credits, pyro and ballyhoo, and the opening commentary of the Dynamic Duo, we cut straight to the ring, where ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels is standing.

The Heartbreak Response

Shawn Michaels is dressed to wrestle already, ahead of his match with ‘The Bad Guy’ Scott Hall. Standing in the center of the ring, microphone in hand, and staring at his feet, he starts speaking ten seconds into the show.

Shawn Michaels: …You all know what happened two weeks ago at the start of this show. You know what Kevin Nash and Scott Hall did to me, my family, so I’m not gonna give you all my reactions to it. Ya’ll know that it was the most disgusting thing any of us have ever seen in professional wrestling. Instead, I’m gonna talk about… motivations.

Michaels paces around the ring.

Shawn Michaels: When I came to World Championship Wrestling last month – when I joined the side of Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen – I had a few simple goals to obtain. I needed to prove to myself that I could still be in the top class of professional wrestlers, I wanted to win another World Title, and finally, I had a score to settle with The Outsiders; they left me hanging when my life was in ruins, and I was gonna make ‘em pay. However, there was always one other ulterior motive in the back of my mind: I wanted to provide for my son, Cameron, and for my family. I wanted to provide Cameron with enough money to put him through college and make him financially secure for the rest of his life. I wanted him to be comfortable all throughout his life… but Kevin and Scotty, they proved something two weeks ago.

HBK scratches the side of his face as he continues, a beard having grown in the past two weeks.

Shawn Michaels: While every time I am in this ring, I am financially providing for my family, I am leaving them as open targets. The Outsiders… ya’ two proved I can’t always be there for my family.

HBK breaks off, fighting off tears.

Shawn Michaels: …When I stand in this ring – like I did two weeks ago – I allow my family to be open targets to people like The Outsiders, sick psychopaths who will invade my life – invade my family’s lives and privacy. Watching that two weeks ago – especially knowing it was Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, the two guys I’d been best friends with for years doing it – it messed with my brain, real good. The damage that it did on me – the damage that it caused Rebecca – it made me want to take my ball and go home. I was ready to leave…

Michaels pauses for several seconds, contemplating what he wants to say next.

Shawn Michaels: …Kevin, you tried to take my away my life when you two went down to San Antonio. You broke barriers that no man is supposed to break, Kev… I thought you were gonna take my life away; I thought you succeeded in your goal. For a moment, I thought everything you said was right… and I thought I was gonna lose Rebecca, lose Cameron…

Michaels again pauses, fighting back tears.

Shawn Michaels: …I know I was never fully honest with Rebecca about my past and all my demons, and I am ashamed to have done so. I’m a coward, and rightfully so. However, Kevin, Rebecca trusts me… and I trust her. Despite what you say, Kev, I trust my wife. Our holy bond of marriage, that means a hell of a lot more to me than years of friendship thrown down the drain by you! I know that nothing happened between you and her, Kev. And your big plan to split me and ‘Becca apart, it failed. I made my peace with her – I told her every single sin and lie about my past – and she has made her peace with me – she forgives me, for everything. And I made my peace with God, too. I confessed all my sins, I did my Penance; I can move on from this whole sick, twisted affair. You failed, boys.

Michaels pauses for several seconds, still looking perturbed, however. He may say he’s moving on, but he’s still upset by it all… and rightfully so.

Shawn Michaels: …Regardless of that, what you two did, it still goes beyond professional wrestling. Invading my house, stalking my family, that goes beyond sports entertainment… beyond anything. The most evil of men don’t do that… except the New World Order. This is a business, Outsiders; we’re a sport… we’re wrestlers! If we have problems with another, we settle ‘em out in this ring; you two know that more than just about anyone in this business. You two, you’re innovators though, so you just had ta’ go that innovative route, didn’t ya’?

Michaels runs his hand through his hair, trying to keep his cool.

Shawn Michaels: I know what you two did it though. You had to push the envelope because you had to make an impact… because your wrestling careers is all you are ever going to have. You have nothing outside of professional wrestling. Right now, Kev and Scotty, there is no wife at home, no kid watching their Daddy be a hero. Kevin, you had it, all of it… and you pissed it away on the road. Tamara, she knew how you were on the road, and she left you… you threw away a great marriage for the party lifestyle. All because of that, Kev, you lost touch with your son too. Tristan is, what, almost six years old now, right Kev? You should be there, getting to watch him grow up, but instead, you’re lucky to see him once a year, all because you made wrestling more important than family. And Scott… you’re demons are never going to let you have a family, and let me tell you, old friend, that’s a damn shame. You threw away your marriage; your kids, Cody and Cassidy… you and I both know they hate the very thought of you.

Michaels’ face is no longer showing signs of anger; he is utterly serious, but almost seems to be enjoying this, trashing The Outsiders’ personal lives.

Shawn Michaels: Kevin, Scott, you’re never gonna have that family at home, cheering you on, ready for you to come… and it kills you, especially because you know I have it. The Kliq… I broke away from it and grew up. I broke away from the frat mentality of scoring with a new girl every night, and now, I have a wife at home, I have a son to raise… you don’t have that, and you’re never gonna. Seeing me have that, you just had ta’ bring me down to your level, didn’t ‘cha? Ya’ wanted to take it all away from me – pull the rug out from under me – but like I said earlier… mission failed, boys. I’m gonna be in this ring for a while longer still, but when I give up, when I retire and decide to call it quits, Rebecca and Cameron, they’re going to be home waiting for me. You can’t take away my family, no matter how hard you try.

Michaels pauses as he suddenly snaps his head up, staring directly into the camera.

Shawn Michaels: Even though I know you two failed, it still did a number on me. You still messed with my mind – scarred my family. And even though you failed, you still lit a fire underneath me, and now, there’s one thing that I wanna do to you…

HBK pauses, waiting until he gets right in front of the camera to utter the final part of his speech.

Shawn Michaels: …I wanna end your career’s.

Michaels snarls into the camera, a wad of spit flying from his mouth and onto the lens in the process. HBK backs away from the camera, thankfully allowing a new camera to get a shot of him. HBK is starting to get fired up now.

Shawn Michaels: Ya’ see, boys, you know – better than anyone – that I am no saint, no angel… even now after I’ve found faith. I am a petty sonuva gun, and I will stoop down to your level to get revenge. You two tried ta’ take away my family away from me – the part of my life that matters most to me… so I’m gonna do the same! All you have left in your lives is professional wrestling – your careers – and I am gonna take it all away from you!

HBK has a spring in his step, giving himself a little hop around the ring on his left foot, fired up. The Shawn Michaels of old is coming out.

Shawn Michaels: Your entire existence – it now thrives off of your careers. This is all you have, boys, and ya’ know it ta’ be true! And guess what? I’m takin’ it all away from ya’! As my God as my witness, I am gonna walk into Superbrawl, enter the War Games, and I am gonna lead the Four Horsemen to victory. I’m gonna end the New World Order and its existence, exterminate your little invasion, but I’m not gonna stop there. Oh, no, just like when you two broke into my house, spied on my family, and took our problems to a whole new level… I’m gonna cross a line. I’m gonna break all of your bones, I’m gonna smash your kneecaps, I’m gonna shatter your souls, and I’m gonna end your careers so ya’ two can NEVER step foot in a professional wrestling ring, EVER AGAIN!

That gets the crowd, which had been docile this whole time to let Michaels respond to the nWo videos from two weeks ago, finally comes to life, letting out a loud cheer at Michaels’ sadistic promise.

Shawn Michaels: After I finish with you two, you’re gonna spend you’re the rest of your days as broken down, old has-beens. You’re days will be filled sitting home alone, at the bars, on the streets… by yourself. You’re gonna have nothing but yourself, your empty, hallow spirit, your drugs and your alcohol… and then, when everyone has forgotten all about the two legends named Kevin Nash and Scott Hall – when you’re nothin’ more than a thought of yesteryears, and all in this industry and all the fans have forgotten about you… you’re gonna die. It may take hours for someone to find you, it may take days, it may even take weeks… but you’ll be done for, gone, forgotten… and I’m gonna be the reason why!

Michaels paces around the ring, taking his cowboy hat off and throwing it out of the ring.

Shawn Michaels: …It starts ta’night, boys! This is the beginning of the end, Big Kev, Scott! It all ends at Superbrawl – the nWo, your careers, EVERYTHING! But ta’night, Scotty… it’s gonna start with you! Forgive me, God, because I will sin… but I’m gonna give Scott Hall the ass kickin’ of a lifetime!

The crowd cheers, ready for that scheduled match up. HBK, despite the match being scheduled for later, seemingly has other ideas as he takes his shirt off and chucks it into the crowd.

Shawn Michaels: C’MON, BAY-BAY! Let’s do this, Scotty, right here, right now!

There is a long pause for several seconds before “Rockhouse” hits, sending the crowd into a loud mix of boos and cheers as ‘The Bad Guy’ Scott Hall comes out from the entrance chute. Hall gets more cheers than usual, as the crowd is heavily anticipating this match up to happen in the here and now. The usual cockiness of The Bad Guy is gone, however, as he walks out from the back. Staring down HBK, looking intimidated, Hall starts walking down the ramp to the ring as we cut to a…


When Wednesday Nitro returns, Scott Hall and Shawn Michaels are standing in opposite sides of the ring, David Penzer finishing the ring introductions as Nick Patrick calls for the bell.

Match One
Scott Hall vs. Shawn Michaels
Singles Match

Scott Hall tries to start the match off by legitimately wrestling with his former friend, but it’s no use; The Showstopper isn’t up for any tie-ups tonight, instead knocking The Bad Guy silly with a wicked right hand to the temple. The opening punch made the story clear from the get go: Shawn Michaels was out to beat Hall down. Indeed the Heartbreak Kid does at the start, knocking his former Kliq running mate silly with stinging right hands before hitting the ropes and knocking the rebounding Hall – who was whipped into the opposite set of ropes – down to the canvas with a leaping forearm to the face. The action spills outside moments later as HBK cleans Hall’s clock with a vicious clothesline, sending him up and over the top rope to the outside. Usually, this would be a time for Michaels to prove he can still fly through the air with a rope-assisted cross body plancha, but instead, HBK quickly exits the ring so he can kick Hall in the side like a beaten dog.

The assault on Scott Hall continues on the outside as HBK slams Hall into security guardrail head first, then shoulder first, and eventually back first, just so he can punch Hall with several closed-fisted right hands. Hall’s face gets squashed repeatedly, as Michaels slams his head off the ring apron time after time before working their way over to the announcer’s table… just so the Showstopper can grab Hall by the hair and slam his forehead off the top of the announcer’s table. If Michaels was looking to draw blood on Hall, he failed, but succeeds in doing so seconds later by grabbing Hall behind the head, gathering a running start, and drilling Hall face first into the steel ring post! Mr. Heartbreak gets the Lone Wolf into the ring moments later and pins him, but the Bad Guy gets a shoulder up.

While Shawn Michaels continues to work over Hall with some offense once they’re back in the ring, but Hall is able to counter an inverted atomic drop attempt with a jawbreaker, proving the worn down veteran still has some wily counters up his sleeve. As HBK staggers about the ring, Hall solidifies his chance to gain the upper hand by planting his foe with a bulldog. While the Bad Guy is able to work his former friend over, the Bad Guy doesn’t go for a lot of his trademark moves; instead, Hall uses right hands and rest holds, knowing that he can only keep the fired up HBK down for so long.

Hall’s point is proven as Shawn Michaels, after fighting for a considerably long time, is able to break out of an abdominal stretch locked in by Hall. The Bad Guy is able to hold onto his slipping lead with multiple right hands, but Michaels ducks the ensuing discus punch. When Hall turns around, HBK walks up and connects with the enziguri! After a brief recovery period and initial standoff, Michaels coasts to victory, hitting an inverted atomic drop and scoop slam, a swinging neckbreaker, and eventually a flying elbow drop from the top turnbuckle. Instead of making the pin, Michaels starts dragging Hall up to his feet, getting him up to his knees before letting the Bad Guy finish the deed himself. While Hall does so, Michaels stalks him, making sure he is perfectly lined up… for the Sweet Chin Music! Hall collapses to the canvas, Michaels covers, and gets the academic… One! Two! Three!

Shawn Michaels def. Scott Hall at 8:36

The crowd roars in approval as the WCW rift of “Sexy Boy” hits, and Nick Patrick raises Michaels’ hand into the air in victory. However, HBK isn’t in the celebratory mood tonight. He takes a moment to acknowledge the crowd and raise his arms in triumph, but after that, gets right in front of the camera and shouts, “this is just the beginning, boys! Kevin – New World Order – your End Times are coming! Superbrawl, you’re done for!”

Tony Schiavone: What a start to Wednesday Nitro, ladies and gentlemen!

Mike Tenay: Shawn Michaels had two weeks to collect his thoughts and sort out his life after being forced to watch those heinous nWo videos of The Outsiders invading Michaels’ private and family life in San Antonio, Texas… and he sure responded!

Tony Schiavone: That’s right, Professor! Shawn Michaels is declaring himself a participant in the War Games for Superbrawl – just a week and a half away – and plans to not only end the nWo threat once and for all, but end the careers of The Outsiders!

Mike Tenay: Well we all know that the War Games is one of the most historically barbaric matches in all of wrestling, so careers could very well be ended and bodies broken in eleven days at the Louisiana Superdome! This war between World Championship Wrestling and the New World Order has finally reached a boiling point… and it’s now or never!

Tony Schiavone: For over 5 years the New World Order has been in existence; they were seconds away from single handedly running WCW out of business last year, and now, at Superbrawl, they will either be put to rest for good… or they’ll take over the entire company!

Mike Tenay: The stakes cannot be higher at Superbrawl, that is for sure! It is winner takes on: 5 members of WCW versus 5 members of the New World Order! The person – the team – that submits, loses everything, their existence!

Tony Schiavone: …And we get a preview of WCW versus nWo in the next week as well!

Mike Tenay: Indeed, Tony. We already had Shawn Michaels get his grudge match against Scott Hall, and later on tonight, we will get a true War Games structure preview when, in a Sin rematch, ‘The Iceman’ Dean Malenko takes on ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett in a Caged Heat match!

Tony Schiavone: And next week, Curt Hennig will take on Lance Storm, and ‘The Enforcer’ Cal Anderson will challenge ‘The Career Killer’ Mike Awesome for the WCW North American Championship!

Mike Tenay: The ride to Superbrawl is going to be an epic journey, as in just eleven days, one side – World Championship Wrestling or the New World Order – will die!

As the Dynamic Duo continue to shill the War Games, we cut to the back.

Challenges & Film Studies

Billy Kidman and Rey Misterio… ARE WALKING~! That’s right, the WCW Tag Team Champions are walking down a corridor and try to turn into the cafeteria. However, as they walk through the entranceway, they walk into two large, chiseled figures, the Young Lions, Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire. The two young guns stare down Rey and Billy before walking into them, nudging the cruiserweights backwards. Rey goes to talk to the Lions, but Palumbo puts up a hand. SNAP~!

Chuck Palumbo: Save it. We only want to hear you say one thing, but before that can happen, Sean’s got somethin’ to say.

Sean O’Haire: You two screwed us over in the past; you broke our trust. Quite frankly, I think you’ll do anything to get a hold of and now keep those Tag Titles. However, Chuck here thinks you’re better than that.

Chucky P just nods his head.

Chuck Palumbo: …So we want you to prove it.

Sean O’Haire: We never got our rematch for the Tag Team Titles ever since we lost them belts at Starrcade; we get you guys and the Thrillers at Sin, and we never lost! The Thrillers lost, but me and Chuck here… we didn’t lose; we don’t lose.

Palumbo, the more level headed of the two, steps in.

Chuck Palumbo: Look, everyone knows we’re the best two tag teams in the world today. So let’s give the people what they all want… WCW Tag Team Titles… Filthy Animals versus Young Lions… Superbrawl!

Sean O’Haire looks to keep talking, but Rey Misterio sticks his hand up to cut him off, mirroring the Lions from earlier. Kidman does the talking.

Billy Kidman: You guys don’t need to keep runnin’ your mouths to try and rope us into this match. Me and Rey, we’re fightin’ Champs! The Thrillers two weeks ago, The Outsiders last week… we’d put these belts on the line tonight if we had the choice.

Rey Misterio: You boys got your match at Superbrawl… just be sure to show up with your A-games!

Palumbo nods his head in approval while Sean O’Haire smirks. As the Young Lions celebrate… O’Haire and Misterio get sideswiped with a ladder! Johnny Stamboli and Mark Jindrak, carrying a ladder, sprint in and deck the two! Chuck Palumbo and Billy Kidman are next as the Thrillers run right through them, the body of the ladder knocking Kidman in the face and Palumbo in the chest. Johnny Stamboli starts to stomp away on Sean O’Haire and Rey Misterio, while Jindrak takes the ladder, spins it upside down, and starts slamming the head of the ladder into Palumbo and Kidman’s chests! As the Natural Born Thrillers annihilate the four men, Mike Sanders come crashing in front of the camera. He grabs a hold of it, standing right next to it as he orders the cameraman to get good footage of the beat down.

Mike Sanders: See that? SEE THAT!? The Natural Born Thrillers are still in the mix, boys! The Thrillers stand tall, WCW, and at Superbrawl, we’re puttin’ ourselves in that Tag Team Title match!

Sanders joins Stamboli in beating down O’Haire and Misterio with stomps. Jindrak continues to viciously and swiftly slam the ladder down on Palumbo and Kidman as the shows cuts to a…


When Nitro returns, we’re not at ringside to hear what idiotic thing Tony Schiavone can say next, but backstage.

Demanding Justice

The cameras are following the former Cruiserweight Champion, ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms. Helms walks past a series of doors before he apparently finds the right one as he knocks on the door before promptly opening it and walking in… without even being given permission to do so, heavens. ‘The Living Legend’ Larry Zbyszko is the occupant of the room, on the phone with someone; it’s apparently a makeshift office for the man who is supposed to be the board of director’s appointee to moderate between WCW and the board. Fair deal. Zbyszko immediately tells whoever is on the phone that he’ll call them back later, he has a visitor… probably the first visitor since he got this gig, too.

Larry Zbyszko: What can I do for you, Shane?

Shane Helms: Justice, Larry. You can give me justice.

Larry Z is quite the confused cat by that response.

Shane Helms: I want you to go to the board of directors with two matches for Superbrawl. I know that if I go to Ric Flair, I’m not going to get anything from him… if he even gives me the time of day for a meeting.

Zbyszko doesn’t seem too thrilled to have Helms bash Flair, his friend, but he allows Sugar Shane to continue.

Shane Helms: Me and my boys – Teddy Hart and Jack Evans – we want to make sure that we get the time and matches we deserve on such a big pay per view like Superbrawl. Now that I’m no longer the Cruiserweight Champion – and that’s only so because those damn Mexicans conspired together to take me out due to their racist views of the white man, Larry – I know that I don’t have a match guaranteed for pay per view. We want what should still be ours.

Larry gives himself some time to process, and then replies.

Larry Zbyszko: …So you want Chavo Guerrero at Superbrawl for the Cruiserweight Title?

Helms chuckles and shakes his head.

Shane Helms: C’mon, Larry, what kind of guy do you pass me off as? I’m an altruistic leader; I’m not the arrogant, egomaniacal leader who tries to take all the glory for himself. Do I look like a Ric Flair or Shawn Michaels to you?

Again, Zbyszko scowls at the jab, but says nothing.

Shane Helms: I take my rematch for the Cruiserweight Title in time, Larry. Right now, I want to give one of my boys time to shine. Teddy Hart or Jack Evans – we haven’t decided which one yet – deserve a chance at Cruiserweight gold, and that’s why, I want one of them to challenge Chavo Guerrero for the Cruiserweight Title.

Larry Zbyszko: …And for you?

Shane Helms: You know exactly who I want at Superbrawl. This is why I don’t want Chavo, my Title, at Superbrawl… get me Super Crazy.

Zbyszko just nods his head, intimated by the serious and threatening look on Helms’ face.

Shane Helms: That son of a fat, illegal Mexican, bitch is the reason why I’m standing here without my Cruiserweight Title… you give me him at Superbrawl, so I can tear him apart, limb… by frickin’ limb!

Zbyszko gulps, while Shane’s eyes glaze over a little, his hatred for Super Crazy warping him once again.

Larry Zbyszko: …I’ll go to the board immediately, Shane. I’ll see what I can do to get you your matches… but make note of this. I’m only doing this because it’s my job, not because I agree with any of that stuff about Ric, you got me?

Helms doesn’t seem to care about Zbyszko’s added statements; was Zbyszko trying to convince Helms, or himself? Shane, having gotten what he wanted, turns on his heel and walks out, as the show cuts back to ringside.

Tony Schiavone: Shane Helms has lost his mind!

Mike Tenay: …And he’s still arrogant as ever too! Shane Helms has the gall to say that he wants one of his new running buddies – Teddy Hart and Jack Evans – to get a crack at Chavo Guerrero for the Cruiserweight Title, but that’s not it at all! Helms has business to finish with Super Crazy! Shane Helms detests Super Crazy, and right now, he has to eliminate the Insane Luchadore before he can regain that Cruiserweight Title.

Tony Schiavone: The Flying Harts are just a place holder! But what about what we saw before the break, Professor!?

Mike Tenay: Well the Filthy Animals have accepted the Young Lions’ challenge for Superbrawl, but will be it be the Animals versus the Lions for the WCW Tag Team Titles, or have the Natural Born Thrillers just reinserted themselves back into the mix!?

Tony Schiavone: Only time will tell, Professor!

Mike Tenay: That is true, but right now, we are out of time talking, because Hugh Morris is in the ring, ready to get his revenge on Chris Kanyon for breaking a champagne bottle over his head last week on Nitro!


The crowd erupts into a chorus of boos as Chris ‘Champagne’ Kanyon comes trotting out from the entrance chute, a bottle of champagne in his hand, decked in a luxurious, albeit homo-looking (), fur jacket. Morris, already in the ring and a bandage over his forehead, looks livid as Kanyon struts down the ramp and plays to the crowd, irritating the lot of them. After a lot of stalling, Chris Champagne gets into the ring and removes his sunglasses and fur coat, giving them to the stagehand. The champagne bottle gets to stay in the corner of the ring, as Kanyon says he needs energy throughout the match.

Match Two
Chris Kanyon vs. Hugh Morris
Singles Match

An angry Hugh Morris is equivalent to a fired up, fat Hugh Morris. The big man is all over Chris Kanyon at the start of the match, rocking Kanyon with thunders right hands and forearm strikes, getting the crowd going with his big right hands before scoring with a big elevated back body drop after whipping Kanyon into the ropes. The early beat down has Kanyon rolling out of the ring to the outside, needing a breather. While outside of the ring, Kanyon walks over to his corner and grabs his champagne bottle, removing the cork from the top and taking a swig of champagne.

Seemingly rejuvenated, Kanyon reenters the ring and immediately goes onto the offensive after catching Morris with a kick close to below the belt and an eye rake. Say what you will about Kanyon’s, ahem, lifestyle choices, but there is a reason Mike Tenay once dubbed him the Innovator of Offense. Kanyon works over Morris with some quick jabs and kicks to the legs, softening him up and leaving him open to shoot in and hit a vicious leg hook saito suplex. Kanyon is able do a solid number on Morris, but makes the fatal error of trying to lift the fat ass up onto his shoulders. Kanyon is able to scoop Morris off his feet into the fireman’s carry, but his back gives out. Morris is able to slide off of Kanyon’s shoulders and onto his feet, where he can rock Kanyon with thunderous right hands. Morris quickly goes to work on Kanyon and is able to squash him with a sidewalk slam, but the ensuing cover only gets two. After the pin, Morris tries to pull Kanyon up to his feet by his hair, but Kanyon quickly escapes and scurries over to his corner, trying to flee the momentum-gaining Morris. Hugh makes the decision to follow Kanyon to the cover as Champagne Kanyon curls up into a ball. Morris grabs Kanyon by the hair and starts pulling him up to his feet, only for Kanyon to turn around and plaster Morris across the head with a champagne bottle! Glass and champagne goes everywhere, and Morris unceremoniously drops to the canvas, knocked out. Referee Billy Silverman immediately calls for the bell, ending this one.

Hugh Morris def. Chris Kanyon at 5:44 via DQ

Chris Kanyon laughs as David Penzer announces Hugh Morris the victor by disqualification. Surprisingly, Kanyon doesn’t continue to attack Morris after the bell, instead exiting the ring through the ropes. CCK grabs his shades and fur coat, and struts up the entrance while, poking fun at jeering fans all the while.

Tony Schiavone: Where’s your integrity, Chris Kanyon!?

Mike Tenay: Now that’s just not the way to wrestle a match, folks. You have to fight to keep the upper hand, and when you lose it, you don’t cheat! You don’t break the rules to save yourself from a loss!

Tony Schiavone: Because that is what Chris Kanyon had in store for himself… a loss at the hands of Hugh Morris!

Mike Tenay: While Hugh Morris still gets the win, it is only by disqualification now. And to add insult to injury, Morris again – for the second week in a row – fell victim to a champagne bottle over the head!

Tony Schiavone: I know Hugh Morris, everybody, and he is not going to let Chris Kanyon walk away unscathed from this, fans!

The show cuts the Dynamic Duo off, cutting to the back.

Making Time… nWo Style

Instead of being in the backstage area, we’re outside the Amway Arena, at the far edge of the WCW area for the night. Standing in front of the door to a production truck is the lethal New World Order, sans Mike Awesome. Eric Bischoff is in front of the group, while Scott Hall is at the far edge of the camera, a bandage over his forehead to cover his bloody wound from earlier.

Eric Bischoff: I’m sure you morons at home are wondering just why in the hell the New World Order is stuck cutting promos from outside the arena, next to the freakin’ production trucks, and to that, I answer… because this is the only way we were gonna get time to talk!

Bischoff looks over his shoulder at the production truck.

Eric Bischoff: WCW, you’re beloved President, Ric Flair, decided that he wasn’t going to allow the big, bad nWo to have any mic time tonight out in the ring, or even let us get a camera backstage in our locker room… so a few hi-jinxes later with the production truck, and we’re makin’ our mic time.

Bischoff grins while a few members laugh.

Eric Bischoff: Since this is gonna be our company eleven days from now, I figured that everyone gets used to keep seeing us around, because after Superbrawl – when the New World Order slays the Four Horsemen and WCW once and for all – this all becomes ours. We’ll be running the production trucks, we control when and what we do… we will control everything. And Flair, to quote, well, ourselves… it’s gonna be too sweet!

Bischoff smiles, salivating at that future.

Eric Bischoff: Since this War Games match is going to be thee single most important match in WCW’s history, and the nWo’s history, we realize that it’s important to let the people know ahead of time just who is going to represent us when we take control of this company.

Bischoff scans the New World Order line-up before looking up to the dark sky, grinning.

Eric Bischoff: Ric, I’m a generous guy, so I’ll give your our line-up, right here, right now. For starters, you’re going to have the special ringside enforcer outside of the War Games… Curt Hennig!

Hennig flashes his trademark smirks and nods his head… even though he clearly isn’t in the War Games match.

Eric Bischoff: In the War Games itself, I think you know what is coming, Ric. For starters, let’s start off with the rightful nWo World Heavyweight Champion, the man who exploited Ric Flair as the lying hypocrite we all knew him to be, and the man who is going to cripple Dean Malenko tonight in the main event… ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett!

Jarrett smirks as the camera gets a close up on him.

Eric Bischoff: How about another man who has some great history with you, Ric? Representing the New World Order in the War Games is going to be the man who retired you at Starrcade; the biggest star in the history of professional wrestling. The nWo original, The Icon, The Immortal, Mr. Hollywood himself… the 6-time World Heavyweight Champion, ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan!

Hogan writers “n-W-o” in the air with his finger before giving the camera the dreaded finger wag… of doom~!

Eric Bischoff: Entrants three and four for the nWo… Shawn, you know these boys quite well, and rumor has it, your wife does too. How about the two men who started it all, huh guys? The Outsiders, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall… Big Sexy and the Bad Guy!

Nash throws up the Wolfpack taunt in front of the camera, while Hall shouts out, “Ey yo!”

Eric Bischoff: …And finally, the last entrant is going to be our little enforcer, the nWo North American Champion, The Career Killer, Mike Awesome!

Bischoff pauses as he looks around for Mike Awesome.

Eric Bischoff: …Say, any you guys know where Mike Awesome is?

While the group tries to stay serious and say no, Hogan and Jarrett share devious grins. Bischoff sells confusion for several seconds, before having an “epiphany.”

Eric Bischoff: …Wait a tick, wait a tick, I remember! You see, Ric, the New World Order, we don’t appreciate you trying to give us the shaft tonight. You don’t want us taking away any of your glory heading into Superbrawl, we get that… but we don’t like it. So you see, we’re gonna make impact, no matter what. This company that you fight for, WCW, they’re divided. You can never make World Championship Wrestling the kind of family that the New World Order is. You separate wrestlers, break them down with inequalities and lack of opportunities. Do you know how easy it was for us to find a wrestler, all by himself, prey to an attack?

Bischoff pauses before answering.

Eric Bischoff: It was too easy. We had options, Ric, that we did, but we wanted to send a message to you. We wanted to remind you, of poor David. Do you still remember your son, David; do ya’ Ric? You haven’t had to go home and see him yet; we haven’t done another number on him. Jog your memory back even further though, Ric. When loopy David Flair was running amok in WCW, do you remember who his friends were? I’m sorry, who is friend, was? He only had one, and it wasn’t any Horsemen or an Anderson… it was some twisted soul even more psycho than him… Crowbar.

Bischoff pauses, grinning.

Eric Bischoff: …Guys in the production truck, cut to our nWo cameraman above… unless you want to join Crowbar in his fate.

We cut away from the New World Order… to right above them, on top of the production truck! There stands ‘The Career Killer’ Mike Awesome, who is standing above Crowbar! Crowbar is down on his stomach, his back spray painted with the nWo logo. Mike Awesome viciously kicks the fallen Crowbar in the head several times before pulling him by his hair. The nWo cameraman gets a close up on Crowbar’s face; he is bleeding from the forehead profusely and looks to be heavily concussed. Awesome isn’t done though, as he sets Crowbar’s head between his legs, picks him up into the air, gets a running head start to towards the edge of the production truck… and MIKE AWESOME THROWS CROWBAR OFF THE TOP OF THE PRODUCTION TRUCK… AWESOME BOMB… TO THE CONCRETE FLOOR AT LEAST 15 FEET BELOW!!

The cameraman on the ground runs around the production truck to get a glimpse of Crowbar. He’s spread eagle on his back, one of his legs limp and at an awkward angle. Blood is trickling out of his mouth… he looks, for all intents and purposes, dead. As the camera gets a shot of the finished Crowbar, Eric Bischoff’s voice can be heard in the background.

Eric Bischoff: That’s the fate in store for you at Superbrawl, Horsemen!

As EMTs rush out of the Amway Arena to Crowbar’s aid, one calling for an ambulance and life-flight, stat, the show cuts to a…


When Nitro returns, we are thankfully not out in the parking lot, but at the commentator’s table, where both Schiavone and Tenay are looking very grim.

Tony Schiavone: ..Welcome back to Nitro, and fans, I apologize for what you just witnessed before the break.

Mike Tenay: Crowbar has been seriously injured, obviously, but rest assured everyone, an ambulance is currently transporting him to the local hospital, and they’re going to do everything they can to make sure he’s alright.

Tony Schiavone: I just… I can’t believe the lows the New World order will stoop to in order to get their message across.

Mike Tenay: It’s frightening and alarming that there is no line the nWo will not cross to get under Ric Flair’s skin, to let their point be known. They are going to make sure everyone knows they are here to take us over, and with the dastardly deeds they have done in the past, including what we just witnessed, and how cohesive of a unit they are, it scares me to say, but they could be in charge of this company this time in eleven days.

Tony Schiavone: I shudder to think what would happen to use – our careers, our lives – if Eric Bischoff and the New World Order defeat WCW in the War Games at Superbrawl!

You’d be out of a job, for starters, Tony… hey, I kind of like the prospects of a nWo victory at Superbrawl!

Finally Admitting The Truth

The Dynamic Duo is put to rest as “Holla If Ya Hear Me” hits, bringing the crowd to live – in a very mixed reaction – as the reigning WCW World Heavyweight Champion, ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner comes out from the entrance chute. Scott Steiner is surprisingly by himself – his number one freak, Midajah, not by his side – and is neither dressed to wrestle or in elaborate dress clothes. No, Scott Steiner walks down the ramp, already carrying a microphone in his hand, dressed in just jeans and a long sleeve black t-shirt. The medieval chain plate, the sunglasses, and the lead pipe are nowhere to be seen; only the WCW World Heavyweight Title Belt is over his right shoulder and right pectoral muscle. As Steiner enters the ring, David Penzer takes off to the timekeeper’s table. Having the ring to himself, Big Poppa Pump immediately starts to speak.

Scott Steiner: Ya’ know, freaks, for quite some damn time now, the Big Bad Booty Daddy – the World frickin’ Heavyweight Champion – has been gettin’ thrown off to the side, lost in the shadows, while the New World Order and WCW have their little lovers’ quarrel. Well tonight, I’m not gonna stand back and let Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff have their spotlight! Those ego freaks have had enough time over the past few weeks; it’s Big Poppa Pump’s time now, baby!

Steiner paces around the ring, looking ready to go.

Scott Steiner: Now that I got everybody’s attention, there’s a lot I gotta get off mah chest tonight... but what I gotta say, I can’t just say to a camera. No, I need to do this face-to-face. You already know who I’m talkin’ bout, so Booker T, get your punk ass out here!

The crowd cheers, wanting this duel to take place.

Scott Steiner: I told my number on freak, Midajah, to stay in the back, and I ain’t got my brother, Rick, comin’ out here with me either, Book. This just needs to be you and me, mono-e-mono.

After a few seconds, “Don’t Hate The Playa, Hate The Game” hits, bringing out Scott Steiner’s challenger for Superbrawl, Booker T. Booker comes marching out from the entrance chute, already carrying a microphone, just in dress slacks; no shirt though… kind of awkward, really. The crowd predominantly cheers Booker as he quickly walks down the ramp to join Steiner in the ring, but there are some very noticeable jeers for the Booker Man. Steiner backs away to the opposite side of the ring as Booker goes to enter the ring, letting him know he’s not here to fight. Once Booker gets in the ring, Steiner immediately starts to talk, cutting Booker off as he goes to ask Steiner why he’s calling him out.

Scott Steiner: You don’t need to waste your breath askin’ me why I’m callin’ you out here, Book; you can bet yer ass I’m gonna tell ya’! Last week, you were getting’ your ass handed to you by me and Rick last week, but I’ll be straight up… somethin’ wasn’t right, Book.

Booker eyes Steiner, puzzled.

Booker T: And jus’ wha’ the hell was that?

Scott Steiner: Let’s put it this way, Book. I’ve wrestled you more times than I care to remember – Big Poppa Pump versus Booker T and Steiner Brothers versus Harlem Heat – so I know when you’re at your best, and I know when you’re at your worst. Last week, there was no way in hell you were at your best. If you ask me or Rick, you phoned it in. Ya’ knew you were gonna get your ass kicked – you were gonna lose – so you just said “F it.” Instead of fighting ‘till you had nothing left, you just laid down like a bitch and took the loss.

Steiner stares down Booker, waiting for him to respond now that he’s called him out.

Booker T: You think I purposely lost las’ week? I just gave up?

Steiner nods his head.

Booker T: …N’ why in ‘da hell woul’ I do ‘dat? Why take a loss n’ lose face in front of all muh fans? Tell me ‘dat, dagw.

Steiner pauses for several seconds before firing back,

Scott Steiner: …Because you don’t give a *damn* about the fans.

That causes an uproar of boos from the crowd; they like to feel loved… that didn’t make ‘em feel loved at all, no sir. Booker shakes his head from side-to-side emphatically, disagreeing with Steiner.

Booker T: You n’ I both know tha’s a bunch of bull, Steina’! These fans are muh support team; they got muh back!

Cheap pop for Booker.

Scott Steiner: That’s all well and good, Booker, but I’m not some common idiot. You like to look at Scott Steiner and think he’s got the brain of a high school dropout, but I’ve got more than half a brain… I ain’t fooled by you. You’re nothin’ but a simplistic, materialistic fool, Book. You care about one thing, and one thing only… this World Heavyweight Title around my shoulder. Your “fans”, this company, WCW versus nWo, your family, Stevie Ray, your brother… all that’s superfluous; you just want the damn gold.

The crowd boos as Steiner essentially insults their intelligence by saying Booker is fooling them all. I just want to know when Steiner got so smart; superfluous? That’s a big word, especially for him. When Booker doesn’t defend himself right away, Steiner keeps going, chuckling.

Scott Steiner: I really do gotta laugh at it all. This whole time, everyone labels the Big Bad Booty Daddy as carin’ about nothin’ more than this belt… and hell, I agreed with ‘em! But in fact, there’s proof that there’s more to the man Scott Steiner, than just some Title belt. And you, Booker, it’s you that I gotta thank for showin’ me that I’m not the pathetic kind of person… that you are.

The crowd is mixed with the ensuing reaction, some cheering the slanderous remarks, while others boo Booker getting bashed.

Scott Steiner: Me, I got my number one freak, Midajah, comin’ to bed with me each and every night. My brother, Rick, he’s not only blood; he’s my best frickin’ friend! But you, Book, you’re nothin’ but a materialistic drone, dude. Last week, you proved it too. You pissed me off by phoning it in, but you took it to a whole new level before that even freakin’ happened! You sold yourself like a *damn crack whore* for just a chance at mah World Heavyweight Title!

Again, the crowd erupts into a split reaction; half boo Steiner as he smashes Booker, while the other yell out with “Oooohs” as Steiner seemingly owns Book. For his part, Booker is absolutely furious (or at least it seems), but stays silent, trying to keep his cool and not lash out. He has his WHC match at Superbrawl; now’s not the time to do something stupid and lose it.

Scott Steiner: You sold yourself out! You went to Eric frickin’ Bischoff – the New World Order – to get me at Superbrawl, to get the World Heavyweight Title. I don’t know if you’re that stupid, but let me remind you… they kicked yer ass time and time again this past year! You were public enemy number one when you were Champ.

Steiner immediately cuts himself off, scratches his goatee, and mocks a revelation.

Scott Steiner: …Oh, oh wait, I forgot. Jeff Jarrett ain’t the Champ anymore, so the past is the past, right Book? Jeff Jarrett ain’t the World Heavyweight Champion, so the New World Order – all the ass kickin’s they gave ya’ – ain’t a concern anymore.

Steiner shakes his head in embarrassment, while Booker is still surprisingly quiet, taking the (valid) points Steiner is making in stride. However, Steiner stays quiet for several seconds, giving Booker his chance to rebut his comment.

Booker T: Ya’ know, sucka, ya’ make a lot of big, elaborate points… but maybe instead o’ trashin’ me, ya’ turn ‘dat finga’ around. If muh mem’ry serves me righ’ – n’ believe me, it does – yo’ punk ass did the exact same things ya’ said I’m doin’!

Steiner eyes Booker up now, surprised by Booker’s retaliation.

Booker T: Oh yeah, ya’ feel ‘dat, dawg? When you joined the n-Dubya-o – when ya’ brought it back ta’ Dubya-See-Dubya all those months ago – ya’ were jus’ out ta’ win da’ Worl’ Heavyweight Title! Ya’ got yo’ ass kicked outta ‘da damn group ‘cuz ya’ tried ta’ fight Jarrett fo’ the Title… ya’ll on the same team!

Booker nods his head, getting himself into a groove.

Booker T: Ya’ always been fightin’ fo’ dat Title, Steina’, even now. Jus’ like me, ya’ neva’ joined the fight of Dubya-See-Dubya versus n-Dubya-o. After they kicked yo’ dumb ass outta the group fo’ puttin’ the Worl’ Heavyweight Title above the group, ya’ neva’ joined Flair. Ya’ din’t fight wit’ Dubya-See-Dubya.

Steiner cuts Booker off, speaking over him.

Scott Steiner: I’m not gonna sit here and lie; I’m not gonna be the hypocrite that you are, the hypocrite you make me out to be. I put this belt above the New World Order because there was no chance in hell I was gonna let Eric Bischoff, Jeff Jarrett, or anyone in the New World Order dictate what I can and cannot do! This Title, this was my proof of that all. Jeff Jarrett had to be Champion of the New World Order; no one else could be. To Eric Bischoff – for the nWo – I was just a frickin’ cog in the damn machine!

Steiner pauses, getting worked up over his past nWo days.

Scott Steiner: Do you really think I was gonna stay in the New World Order to be a mindless drone of Bischoff’s? You know me better than almost anyone in the back from all the times we’ve fought; Big Poppa Pump don’t play it like that! I’m my own man! I don’t give a damn about the New World Order message or what I could have accomplished with them – what they may even accomplish without me. Hell, I still support that nWo message… and you do too. Ric Flair, that old guard of WCW… they’re nothin’ but a bunch of egomaniacal tyrants… just like Eric Bischoff. I’ve made it damn clear that I don’t think Ric Flair belongs in WCW, especially runnin’ this bitch as President. Naw, naw, that’s some F’ed up crap!

Steiner paces around the ring in a circle, thinking of what he wants to say next, still fired up about nWo vs. WCW. Boos can be heard for Steiner as he attacks Ric Flair. This is why Scott Steiner owns, ladies and gentlemen. He’ll make anyone his bitch, owners included.

Scott Steiner: I ain’t gonna fight wit’ the New World Order if I can’t be an individual, if I can’t be myself… but I’m damn sure not gonna fight with WCW and the Four Horsemen when everyone’s gotta play second fiddle to Ric Flair and his ego.

The crowd boos Steiner as he continues his assault on Flair. Steiner, as he keeps pacing about the ring, finally locks eyes with Booker T, and roughly stares him down.

Scott Steiner: …But you! You, Booker T, you had every reason ta’ fight with Ric Flair and World Championship Wrestling! And you know it too, ‘cause for a time, you were! When you were World Heavyweight Champ, Book – when Jeff Jarrett and the New World Order made you their biggest target – you gladly fought alongside Ric Flair, Cal Anderson… Sting!

The crowd cuts Steiner off with a loud pop, followed by chants of “Sting, Sting!” Steiner just has to smirk… it’s like they’ve forgotten he was the one who “ended” Sting’s career.

Scott Steiner: When the New World Order screwed you out of the Title at Fall Brawl – heh, when I helped them cost you your Title – you still fought with Flair. Hell, it was Ric Flair who frickin’ lost you the World Heavyweight Title, and you still fought with him! We know you didn’t fight with him because you believed in the cause because ya’ not fightin’ with ‘em now! You didn’t fight with Ric Flair because he’s your friend, oh no… he was just help! You used Flair for support so you weren’t getting’ your assed kicked night in and night out by the nWo. Now, let’s make no mistake about it, I got no problems with you doin’ that, especially to a jackass like Ric Flair… but it proves the point, Book. You’re a lyin, hypocritical son of a bitch.

Booker takes a deep breath while Steiner keeps going; he’s exploiting Booker for what he truly is, it seems.

Scott Steiner: When it came time to really fight the nWo, when Flair called all his little troops together for the Four Horsemen… where was Booker T, huh? When Flair wanted you to be a Horsemen, you turned him down! You left him in the dust… all because Jeff Jarrett wasn’t the World Heavyweight Champ. It’s all you care about, ya’ single minded shmuck. These people… they frickin’ buried you! They kicked your ass, night in and night out; they mocked your divorce, publicized your family problems and how your kid doesn’t talk to you anymore. They humiliated and embarrassed you in front of the entire world… and you don’t hate them? Damn, even Big Poppa Pump thinks that’s cold. If Jarrett did that to me, Champion or not, I’d strangle that little rat bastard and put him six feet under!

That, somehow, gets a pop from the crowd. These people… so violent.

Scott Steiner: …There is one thing I would never do, especially if I was in your shoes. You, you have more reason to hate the New World Order than I do, but you… you turn to them once you’ve burned your bridge with Flair. You crawled to Eric freakin’ Bischoff for help, ya’ ass. You… you’re even worse than Ric Flair. Flair’s principles and his so-called morality are corrupt and filled with his own arrogance, but damn, at least he has principles! You, you’ll sell yourself like a slut to achieve your ends!

The crowd, for the first time, reacts with both cheers and jeers to Scott Steiner’s comments. It seems Steiner is winning the crowd over as he exploits Booker T’s actions to all; is the crowd actually turning on Booker? Booker seems to think so as he glares out at the Amway Arena, shocked and irate as he hears more cheers than anything else; even Scott Steiner is surprised by it. If anything though, it gives him more motivation to rip into Book.

Scott Steiner: You really are pathetic, Booker. You come out here and put a smile on your face, wave your arm, and act like you give a damn about these fools, but you got agenda, one goal… it’s mah World Heavyweight Title. It’s material value. I don’t give a damn that you string these fans along, it’s that you’re a hypocrite. You’re a connivin’ bastard. Ya’ get all pissed off when your car gets smashed or ya’ can’t get a title shot, but hold a grudge against the people who humiliated you? You’re frickin’ low life, is what you are, Booker T; and this is comin’ from me – an arrogant, materialistic bastard – when I say that you’re a pathetic fool and I’m disgusted just bein’ around you.

Again, some of the crowd boos, but some cheer as well. This time it’s dead on even. Steiner goes to keep going, but Booker lunges forward and knocks the microphone out of his hands, sending it to the canvas.

Booker T: Jus’ shut the hell up! Ya’ a frickin’ idiot, Steina’, a moron – jus’ like these people!

The crowd erupts into jeers as Booker snaps. He doesn’t even seem to realize what he said; he’s so furious, having listened to Steiner chide and goad him for so long.

Booker T: You’re jus’ like them, a frickin’ sheep! I can manipulate yo’ dumb ass, just… like… that! I attack yo’ brotha’, Rick, n’ all o’ a sudden, ya’ think ya’ tight n’ bes’ friends fo’ life! If yo’ brotha’ is ya’ best friend, then why haven’t ‘choo been vouchin’ fo’ him!? Where were you gettin’ Rick any matches o’ TV time, huh? Ya’ don’t care about Rick; I jus’ made ya’ think it. I put ‘dis false sense o’ care in ya’ head… jus’ like I do wit’ them.

Booker is pacing around now, his eyes wide as he lashes out, revealing himself to everyone.

Booker T: These people, they buy inta’ me… ‘cause I make ‘em think I’m one of them. I’ve been an unda’dog muh whole life; muh success stor’ay is a heroic tale… n’ these people love ‘dat! They wanna be a success stor’ay, they wanna go from rags ta’ riches… they wanna be Booka’ T.

Steiner is surprisingly not pissed by Booker slapping the mic out of his hand, as he is yet to react; he seems stunned that his ploy to exploit Booker T has actually worked.

Booker T: They all buy inta’ muh story, they make muh name bigga’, they make me mo’ mon’ay. I use them, Steina’, just like you do. Like no otha’ can you work these sheep, get them ta’ both hate you n’ love you. You da’ biggest star in the worl’ ta’ a lot of these people!

Steiner doesn’t respond to Booker’s claim; he doesn’t have to though. He doesn’t need to try and get a response out of Booker anymore; he’s doing it willingly.

Booker T: …Ya’ opened muh eyes, Steina’; I thank ya. We’re da’ same, you n’ me. I’m jus’ like you. We string these people along, we foo’ everyone… but we both jus’ care ‘bout ‘da gold. Worl’ Heavyweight Title… it’s what it’s all about. Let’s not suga’coat it anymo’… you n’ I, it’s all we care about, it’s all we want. All our feuds in ‘da past, you n’ I both know; we equal. One in ‘da same, always on equal footin’; we proved ‘dat at Sin. Neitha’ of us could get ‘da win, but I ain’t gonna let it be ‘da same no mo’. Supa’brawl, you n’ me – one mo’ time – we gonna fight fo’ this strap o’ gold we love ‘da most… but ‘dis time, I’m gonna be ‘da one ta’ walk away wit’ the title. At Supa’brawl, it’s gonna happen; ‘dat Worl’ Heavyweight Title is gonna be Booka’ T’s! .

Booker and Steiner have a heated stare down, glaring at one another.

Booker T: ..Dig that, sucka.

Surprisingly, neither Booker T nor Scott Steiner make a move to attack each other. Instead, “Don’t Hate The Player, Hate The Game” hits, and Booker T slowly backs to the ropes before exiting the ring. Booker backs up the ramp towards the stage, he and the World Heavyweight Champion staring the other down all the while.

Tony Schiavone: These two are going to meet at Superbrawl in just eleven days for the WCW World Heavyweight Title, and it’s going to be a clash of the titans!

Mike Tenay: These two have had some classic battles in the past, but this one, this could be the most monumental of them all! All the pretenses are being dropped; it’s no longer a gimmick for these two. It’s Booker T Huffman, the man, versus Scott Steiner, the man.

Tony Schiavone: After what I’ve heard from Booker T tonight, I’m not so sure “man” is that right word to classify him!

Whoa! Tony, showing some balls!

Mike Tenay: Booker T snapped tonight, ladies and gentlemen. Scott Steiner did exactly what he sought out to do; he got under Booker T’s skin and caused him to overreact. I’ve been friends with Booker T for years and talk to him every day; I like to think I know him well enough to say that Booker T just lost his cool. I will hold out hope that everything Booker said tonight, was not all true.

Tony Schiavone: I hope that is true, too Professor.

Mike Tenay: We’ll be sure to get a follow-up interview with Booker T next week on Nitro; however, we have to take a commercial break! Still to come is Dean Malenko versus Jeff Jarrett in a Caged Heat match, and up next, the Flying Harts take on ‘The Insane Luchadore’ Super Crazy and the WCW Cruiserweight Champion, Chavo Guerrero!


When Nitro returns from break, the WCW rift of “Hart Attack” hits, bringing out the Flying Harts – third generation superstar Teddy Hart and 19 year old sensation Jack Evans – from the back to a chorus of boos. Unsurprisingly, ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms is with them as well, leading the two men out from the back. Helms, dressed in street clothes, riles the crowd up while Hart and Evans get focused for this huge match up. Once the trio enter the ring, “Filthy” hits, bringing out the WCW Cruiserweight Champion, Chavo Guerrero, and ‘The Insane Luchadore’ Super Crazy to cheers from the crowd. The two Hispanic friends make their way down the ramp and to the ring, pumping their arms and playing to the crowd, getting them ready for this bound-to-be fast and furious affair. The cruiserweights enter the ring, and the sides quickly prepare for battle as referee Scott Dickenson calls for the bell quickly.

Match Three
Chavo Guerrero & Super Crazy vs. Flying Harts (w/Shane Helms)
Tag Team Match

The Harts are still a little raw in the ring, but they’re still two of the most athletically gifted stars in WCW, and Super Crazy is one of the best high fliers while Chavo Guerrero is one of the best all around wrestlers in the company… instant success. The faces take an early advantage in the match as Chavo Guerrero is able to prevent Teddy Hart from leaving his feet with swift transitions of hold-to-hold chain wrestling. Teddy tries to leap off his feet while Chavo has Hart in a waist lock, only for Chavito to easily drive Teddy face first into the canvas and continue to work him over. Teddy shows that despite his potential and great speed, he’s no match for the tactical Guerrero.

Super Crazy gets his chance into the ring, and while he is able to continue his team’s advantage over the Harts, but Teddy Hart is able to turn the tides when he catches Super Crazy going for a casadora, and face plants the Insane Luchadore with a sit-out reverse face buster. Jack Evans gets his chance in the match as well, and he and Super Crazy flip flop around the ring with incredible, organized sequences that wow the crowd. The two counter arm drags, hip tosses, and maneuvers that I cannot even describe, showing a total lack of psychology… but it’s dazzling. Super Crazy is able to end up one-up Evans though in spectacular fashion; Super Crazy is able to block a reverse hurricanrana by Evans, leaving Evans hanging upside down behind Super Crazy. The Insane Luchadore swings Evans back up on his shoulders, only to then slam him down to the canvas!

It’s reversal of roles throughout most of the match as Chavo Guerrero and Super Crazy are constantly one-upping the young Flying Harts, but they are always fighting to stay even. Guerrero shines above all, mixing his speed with mat and chain wrestling to ground the Harts at all times. Shane Helms, for his part, stays a non-factor on the outside, just cheering his boys on and trying to shout out advice and encouragement to his new protégés; the Harts slowly are able to take Helms’ words of advice, and throughout the match continue to put up more and more of a fight, eventually getting the advantage when Teddy Hart catches Super Crazy in a hurricanrana attempt, quickly reversing into a sit-out power bomb before Crazy can even land on Hart’s shoulders.

Once they finally establish a clear advantage, the Flying Harts go to town on Super Crazy, hitting swift kicks and repeatedly attacking him with suplexes and high-impact neck drop variants. Shane Helms keeps urging to go in for the kill, which Jack Evans tries to thus do, wanting to impress his fearless leader. Jack Evans, as skinny as he is, is somehow able to scoop Super Crazy off his pudgy feet and drop him with a falcon arrow suplex. Evans then climbs up to the top turnbuckle and goes for it all, leaping off the top with a corkscrew moonsault… but Super Crazy rolls out of the way and Evans crashes and burns, hard!

Super Crazy is able to slowly crawl to his corner, and makes the hot tag to Chavo Guerrero. Jack Evans makes the tag to Teddy Hart as Chavo Guerrero comes sprinting towards their corner. Hart quickly leaps from the apron to the third rope and springboards at Guerrero, but Chavo knows it coming and lowers his body, helping flip Hart over and crash back first to the canvas! Hart quickly tries to get back up to his feet, but Guerrero meets him with a flurry of right hands to the cranium, knocking the faux-pas-Canucker back into the ropes. Guerrero has a whip reversed into the ropes, but the Cruiserweight Champion comes firing back and scores with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors takedown!

The crowd is fired up and behind Guerrero, who continues to take it to Teddy Hart. Jack Evans comes leaping into the ring to make the save, but Super Crazy turns Evans inside out with a running clothesline! Super Crazy beat downs on Evans and eventually plants him with a standing tornado DDT (as to be compared to a tornado DDT from the corner, of course). Chavo Guerrero takes care of business with Teddy Hart by scoring with a bridging northern lights suplex, and Scott Dickenson makes the ensuing count: One! Two! Helms pulls Dickenson out of position! The crowd erupts as Helms breaks the count, who just shrugs and his shoulders and smirks mischievously. Dickenson gets up to try and toss Helms from ringside, but Super Crazy has something to add: actions speak louder than words… and leaps over the top turnbuckle with a tope con hilo!

The crowd cheers as Super Crazy takes Shane Helms down on the outside, and the Insane Luchadore rips into his nemesis with right hands. However, Chavito is left in the ring to deal with both members of the Flying Harts. The Champ is able to hold his own right hands against the two momentarily, but Teddy Hart hits Chavo from behind with a double sledge, before grabbing Chavo from behind, and hits him with the Hart Rate! Teddy throws Chavo with a release belly-to-back suplex, flips Chavo in mid-air, and hits him with a sit-out power bomb! I’m convinced that would have finished it, but Jack Evans pulls Chavo up to his feet while Hart climbs up to the third rope. Evans sets Chavo up for the tiger suplex, and Hart leaps off the third rope with the lariat… Hart Attack 2.0! Super Crazy is still beating the crap out of Shane Helms up the entrance ramp, having completely forgotten about the match. Dickenson makes the count as Teddy Hart pins Chavo Guerrero: ONE! TWO! THREE! The Flying Harts are victorious, and Teddy Hart has just pinned the Cruiserweight Champion!

Teddy Hart pin Chavo Guerrero at 8:49; the Flying Harts def. Chavo Guerrero & Super Crazy

The crowd boos the finish, and as “Hart Attack” hits, Super Crazy finally stops his assault on Shane Helms, turning around to see Teddy Hart and Jack Evans standing victorious in the ring. He comes sprinting back to the ring, but the Flying Harts make a quick exit, scurrying up the entrance ramp to help Helms up to his feet. The three men back up the entrance ramp, celebrating, while Super Crazy checks on Chavo, upset with himself.

Tony Schiavone: It may not be the cleanest of victories, but it’s still one of the biggest victories in the careers of Teddy Hart and Jack Evans!

Mike Tenay: The young cruiserweights put up one heck of a fight throughout the entire match, and if this match stayed two-on-two, I’m sure it would’ve been a victory for Chavo and Super Crazy. However, the Flying Harts’ new “mentor” Shane Helms saved them from defeat tonight. He was able to lure his nemesis Super Crazy outside of the ring, and Chavo Guerrero – no matter how talented our Cruiserweight Champion is – fell to the one-on-two odds.

Tony Schiavone: Chavo put up a good effort, and just needs to forget about this loss tonight.

Mike Tenay: That’s a good idea, Tony, because he’ll be facing either Teddy Hart or Jack Evans in eleven days at Superbrawl if Shane Helms gets his way.

Tony Schiavone: …and what a game of politics Shane Helms is playing! He’s going to do whatever it takes to get his match with Super Crazy at Superbrawl!

Mike Tenay: Shane Helms doesn’t care about Teddy Hart or Jack Evans getting the Cruiserweight Title; he just has a score to settle with Super Crazy first. He needs to make sure he doesn’t have Super Crazy chasing after him when Helms re-pursues the Cruiserweight Title. If Teddy Hart or Jack Evans is the Cruiserweight Champion when Helms goes after it again, I promise you fans, he will turn on them just like he did with Super Crazy months ago.

Tony Schiavone: Larry Zbyszko has went to the board, and wait, just a moment…

Schiavone puts a finger up to his earpiece, as if someone would actually want to reveal important information to him.

Tony Schiavone: …Yes, it has been confirmed. Shane Helms will get his grudge match with Super Crazy at Superbrawl, and it will be Teddy Hart challenging Chavo Guerrero for the Cruiserweight Championship!

Mike Tenay: Those are two blockbuster matches added to Superbrawl are just going to make it an even bigger spectacle in eleven days. This pay per view is truly going to be spectacular, and as is the rest of tonight, as up next: Ric Flair will reveal the 5 WCW members in the War Games for Superbrawl, and Dean Malenko will face off against Jeff Jarrett inside the steel cage!


When Nitro returns, we’re backstage… for a pre-taped segment.


We’re backstage in the Presidential Office of, you guessed it, the President of WCW, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair. This is clearly a pre-taped segment as Flair, dressed – of course – in a fine Armani suit, stands still for several seconds before addressing the “crowd.”

Ric Flair: Orlando, Florida, I know you’ve all been waitin’ for this moment the whole night, so baby, the Naitcha Boy is gonna deliver!

Flair pauses, and you can hear screams of delight from the Amway Arena.

Ric Flair: The New World Order already told you their five men for the War Games, and now, I’m gonna tell you WCW’s squad. When I sat down with Double A, I knew we couldn’t pick favorites or be biased in our thinking; trust me, fans, we know how important the stakes are in this baby. This isn’t just the careers of the Four Horsemen on the line; everyone’s lives and careers our at stakes! From the top of the chart – President Ric Flair – to all the loyal wrestlers like Hugh Morris, to the referees, production crew, cameramen, stagehands, David Penzer, MEAN GENE! We’re not gonna come into Superbrawl – War Games, the match that the Horsemen built – and let Eric Bischoff and the New World Order take away our livelihoods! It’s just not gonna happen.

Ric Flair: For far too long, we have let the nWo dictate the order of things in this company, and I promise you, that ends at Superbrawl! The New World Order has “taken over,” they’ve ran this company to the ground, they’ve ended careers of promising wrestlers and damn good men, and they’ve crossed the line too many times; you boys made it more than wrestling, and that’s why when it comes time for War Games, we’re not gonna just defeat you once and for all, we’re gonna maim you!

Flair pauses, restoring his calm demeanor to move along with things.

Ric Flair: By how tonight has went, I think you all already know one man who is entering the War Games at Superbrawl. One man stood in that ring out there in front of all you fans, and he flat out told you that he was entering that War Games, and he was gonna lead the charge at Superbrawl to eliminate the nWo once and for all! He’s not a liar, and that’s why your leader for the WCW army in the War Games, is my leader, the Horsemen’s leader, The Heartbreak Kid… Shawn Michaels!

Flair pauses, smirking as you can hears the fans cheering live.

Ric Flair: When I think of who else needs to be in that War Games match, I just look at history, and I look at history, I look at the past, and I look at the here and now. The War Games match has been a staple of the WCW versus nWo war. I need a man who can be in the War Games match who knows what it’s like to be a Horsemen more than anyone else; I need a tactician who can go for the kill and get that submission we need. You know who the second entrant is gonna be, Orlando; The Man of 1000 Holds, Dean Malenko!

Again, cheers from the live audience. Shocker, I know.

Ric Flair: When I watch all of the matches in professional wrestling today, there isn’t one man who stands out as the best all-around athlete and wrestler today more than this entrant! This Horseman has all the tools to be thee next big star in this industry, and that is why I’m having Lance Storm in the War Games at Superbrawl!

Woo, more cheers.

Ric Flair: Like I told ya’ earlier, I know we can’t afford to lose at Superbrawl. I cannot let World Championship Wrestling die! When I was talkin’ with Arn, deciding who we needed in those two rings, we knew that we needed a man with the mentality of, “never give up.” I wanted someone who simply will..not..lose. There’s only one SOB in WCW who is tough enough to never quit; to be undefeated! And not only that, baby, he’s got that Horsemen mentality… ‘cause he’s an Anderson, baby! You know number four, The Enforcer, my best friend’s nephew, Cal Anderson!

As the crowd cheers, I think everyone else is left unsurprised; the first four entrants for the War Games are the Four Horsemen. Shocker~! Now, however, the real suspense… who is number five?

Ric Flair: Now this… this was the hard part; it is the hard part. You see, I’ve had people calling me, e-mailing me, coming up to me in person, asking – hoping, begging, pleading – to represent World Championship Wrestling at Superbrawl! I’ve had wrestlers – fans – from all around the world wantin’ to come into the War Games and help kill the nWo once and for all! I’ve had all the boys in the back comin’ up to me and asking to be put in the War Games; I’ve had staff coming up and telling me they’d wrestle at Superbrawl if we needed it! That’s the commitment we have to this company! But not only that, there’s been more. I’ve had stars from Mexico and Japan offer to come in, ex-New World Order members, former WCW stars, even boys from up north have called the Naitcha Boy to say, “we want to be with WCW for the War Games!”

Flair bites back a grin, stringing the crowd along.

Ric Flair: …I gotta be honest with ya’, Orlando, I can’t choose! With all the stars wanting to fight for WCW – with all the former Horsemen still calling me up and wanting to come back – I have to give myself more time. So fans, you’re gonna have to wait and tune in next week to find out just who mystery man number five is.

The crowd splits with both boos and cheers; some want to know now, but the others, well, they just eat whatever Flair says out of the palm of his hand. As Flair grins, his cell phone rings. Grinning even more now, Flair reaches into his suit pocket, and pulls the phone out. He stares at the face plate for a few seconds, seeing who is calling him, before answering it.

Ric Flair: …Ah, Steve, I’m so glad you could call me back…

Flair mouths “important call… War Games” to the camera, and turns his back to the camera, taking the call, as the screen fades to black.


When we come back, we’re with the Dynamic Duo.

Tony Schiavone: Welcome back to Nitro ladies and gentlemen! We are just moments away from our main event, but let me just say: who is WCW’s fifth man!?

Mike Tenay: Well it seems like anyone’s guess is as good as ours, Tony! Wrestlers in WCW – past and present, ex-nWo members, foreign stars, and even wrestlers from New York want to come down here, just to be a part of this historic WCW side putting it all on the line against the New World Order at Superbrawl!

Tony Schiavone: …and Steve? Who is Steve!?

Mike Tenay: Well, I think you know I have a guess, Tony, but no… it just can’t be. I have to be wrong in my thinking.

Tony pleadingly looks at the Professor, trying to get an answer out of him… like you don’t know who he thinks that was. Keeping up the suspense, “Rockhouse” hits to cut the Dynamic Duo off. The crowd largely erupts into an incredibly loud chorus of cheers as ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett comes strutting out from the back, surprisingly by himself. Jarrett struts down the ramp, playing to the jeering crowd as he does so. The steel cage (with an enclosure~!) is already lowered down, so when Jarrett reaches the ring, he enters the ring via the cage door. “Horsemen” blares throughout the Amway Arena as Jarrett tests out the new chain link cage. The Iceman locks his eyes on Jarrett immediately as he starts marching down the ramp, sporting just his black trunks, and a magenta design on them this time. Once Malenko enters the cage, a stagehand, under referee Randy Anderson’s orders, wraps a chain and padlock between the door and then locks the padlock, ensuring it is just Malenko versus Jarrett. The crowd cheers as the stagehand locks the two contestants inside the Caged Heat structure, while Jarrett looks fearful, knowing he has no acoustic guitar and no nWo cronies to come to his aid.

Main Event
Dean Malenko vs. Jeff Jarrett
Caged Heat

One would expect that a match inside a steel cell, trapped with nowhere to run or hide, would feature a lot of brutality from the get go. However, that’s not the case when old school grapplers like Jeff Jarrett and Dean Malenko are here. Like we saw from them at Sin, the two men lock up with a simple collar and elbow tie-up, and after working through a series of exchanges, Dean Malenko significantly owns Jarrett, out classing at him at seemingly every turn. The Iceman ends up taking Jarrett down to the canvas, humiliating him by spinning around his back in circles, slapping his head all the while, doing this after working his neck and shoulders over in quick succession. On a comic note, Jarrett looks to exit the ring after being thoroughly humiliated to regroup, only to remember what kind of match he’s in. The blunder allows Malenko to charge at Jeff and hit him with a dropkick, knocking the Chosen One into the cage, back first.

Malenko is quick to attack Jarrett, trying to bust Jarrett up the old fashion way – with hard right hands to the temple – instead of using the cage as a weapon. Malenko switches his game up throughout, knocking Jarrett silly with a spinning wheel kick before sending the Chosen One keeling up into a ball with a gut buster. Malenko eventually scores with a leg lariat and tries to lock Jarrett in the Texas Cloverleaf, but just like at Sin, when Malenko leans over Jarrett, the sly veteran lands a thumb to the Iceman’s eye. As Malenko staggers about the ring, Jarrett is able to quickly return to his feet and put Malenko on the canvas with a snap suplex.

As Jarrett goes on the offensive, the Chosen One splits his focus, trying both to work over Malenko in traditional fashion while also wanting to incorporate the cage as a weapon. Many a times Jarrett beats Malenko into the ropes so he can proceed to try and slam Malenko into the steel cage by the back of his head, but time and time again the Iceman is able to block Jarrett’s attempts. The two go back and forth with this task multiple times, and it eventually becomes Jarrett’s undoing. Double J becomes too intent to make Malenko taste steel, not spending enough time working over a grizzled veteran like the Man of 1000 Holds. After one more failed attempt to slam Malenko’s face into the cage, the Iceman scores with repeated elbows into Jarrett’s gut, breaking free of Jarrett’s clutches. The Chosen One staggers backwards into the center of the ring, and Malenko turns and shoots in low, tackling Jarrett to the canvas with a double leg take down. The Shooter grabs a firm hold of Jarrett’s legs and tries to turn him over… Texas Cloverleaf! The crowd cheers as Malenko tries to turn Jarrett’s body, but the Chosen One arches his back and buttocks off the canvas, refusing to budge. However, Jarrett inadvertently sets himself up for what is to come; Malenko stops trying to turn Double J and instead stands up straight before slinging backwards… and catapulting Jeff Jarrett face first into the steel cage!

The Chosen One dramatically staggers about the ring before crashing and burning to the canvas, Malenko having done the one thing Jarrett tried to do for so long: make his opponent taste the cage. With the cage finally coming into play, Malenko incorporates it a bit more into the match, making Double J taste the steel cage several more times as he works him over. It scores The Iceman several near falls, but Malenko cannot win this match by using the steel cage as a weapon. How about a fireman’s carry into a gut buster? Effective, and great for a near fall, but it doesn’t do the trick either. Needing to do something to try and out Jarrett down for the one, two, three, Malenko climbs up to the top turnbuckle after putting Jarrett down after a snap suplex. The Iceman leaps off with the flying leg drop, but Jarrett rolls out of Malenko’s path, leaving The Iceman to crush his tailbone to the canvas.

As the two men slowly stagger back to their feet, Malenko and Jarrett exchange right hands, Malenko seemingly starts to get the advantage, getting the Chosen One staggering with his jabs. The Iceman follows up with a clothesline, but Malenko misfires as Jarrett ducks. As the Man of 1000 Holds turns around to face Jarrett, Double J scoops the charging Malenko off his feet, picking the vanilla midget up over his shoulders. Getting a running start, Jarrett tosses Malenko through the air like a dart, sending him crashing skull first into the steel cage! Malenko falls onto third rope after impact, catching his throat on the top rope before falling to the canvas, curling into a ball, and doing the blade job. Geeze, when Nitro has an episode of blood, they go all out. 3 blades in one night? Doesn’t that take away the value of it, boys?

With Malenko down and bleeding, Jarrett attacks him like the prey he’s become, stomping at any open spot. The Chosen One scores a number of near falls as Malenko starts to lose his energy, opening the wound further by smashing Malenko’s face into the steel cage several more times. Jarrett goes through the rest hold process by locking Malenko in a sleeper hold, and of course, after Anderson checking on Malenko (his arm falling twice too, of course), The Iceman makes a big comeback. Malenko fights out of the sleeper hold and hits the ropes after punching Jarrett several times. Malenko comes firing back at Double J and goes for a tilt-a-whirl head scissors, only for Jarrett to reverse mid-move and crushes Malenko with the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker!

The crowd is a bit deflated after the hope spot, and Jarrett goes back to work on the Shooter after scoring a near fall from the tilt-a-whirl sequence. The Iceman stays resilient, however, and continues to kick out of pins, no matter what Double J throws at him. Jarrett eventually goes for it all, trying to finish Malenko off with the Stroke, only for the Iceman to escape Jarrett’s clutches. Jarrett tries to score with his finisher again, but Malenko sidesteps him as Jeff shoots in. As Double J turns to face Malenko, he gets a kick to the mid-section and a DDT for his troubles!

Bleeding and crawling, Malenko still finds a way to make a cover, although Jarrett gets a shoulder up at two. The Iceman goes back to work on Jarrett quick, and eventually catches him with a hard kick to the gut and sets Jarrett up for a power bomb. Malenko latches onto Jarrett’s arms, trying to his tiger bomb, only for the Chosen One to use his weight and center of gravity to stay on his feet. Malenko’s efforts are futile, so instead of trying the tiger bomb, he releases Jarrett, shoots low, and scores with his double leg take down. Malenko quickly grabs a hold of Jarrett’s legs and goes for the Texas Cloverleaf again, but Jarrett is ready for it; The Chosen One grabs Malenko from behind the head as the Iceman leans over him, and smashes Malenko’s face off of his knees! The Iceman staggers away from Jarrett, allowing the Chosen One to get back up to his feet. Malenko makes a quick charge at Jarrett as he staggers to his feet, but Double J sidesteps him, getting a hand on the back of Malenko’s head and sending him face first into the steel cage! The Iceman staggers out from the unforgiving steel backwards, allowing Jarrett to walk up right behind him, grab his arm, and finish him with the Stroke! Malenko eats canvas, and Jarrett makes the cover: ONE! TWO! THREE!

Jeff Jarrett def. Dean Malenko at 13:11

The crowd boos the finish as Jarrett staggers up to his feet, arms raised in victory. The Chosen One scurries over to the door once Randy Anderson raises his arm in victory, not wanting to be locked inside the steel cage with Malenko any longer. A stagehand removes the padlock, allowing Jarrett to leave the ring and head up the entrance ramp. As Jarrett reaches the entrance ramp, the rest of the New World Order is there with him, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan in the front of the group. Scott Hall can be seen trying to walk up to the front as well, although Kevin Nash is holding him back, looking irritated. As Jarrett reaches the group, he is met by a hug from Eric Bischoff, and a can of spray paint from Hollywood Hogan. As Awesome and Hennig stand in front of the entrance chute to stand guard for any potential oncoming WCW combatants, Hogan pulls out a can of spray paint of his own, and he and Jarrett simultaneously – after shaking the cans thoroughly, of course – spray paint “nWo” on the sides of the metallic entrance stage connecting to the entrance chute. The New World Order celebrates, standing tall.

Tony Schiavone: Oh how I pray this scene is not replayed at Superbrawl!

Mike Tenay: Jeff Jarrett is victorious inside the steel cage with Dean Malenko tonight, and we have to be up front here, fans, this could very well happen in eleven days at Superbrawl as well. The New World Order has just as good of a chance as World Championship Wrestling to win this war! 5 on 5 at Superbrawl, inside the two-ringed War Games… one way or another, this war ends!

Tony Schiavone: But who survives? Does WCW kill off the New World Order once and for all, or does that slime ball Eric Bischoff win? Do we have jobs two weeks from now? I shudder to think of these possibilities.

Mike Tenay: I know exactly what you mean, Tony. Everything we have known is at stake at Superbrawl, and with a huge victory like this one tonight for Jeff Jarrett and the nWo is going to give the New World Order a world of momentum heading into next week.

Tony Schiavone: Next week is our final stop before Superbrawl, fans, and we sure hope to see you then!

Mike Tenay: Tony’s right, everyone.


Mike Tenay: We are out of time for tonight, ladies and gentlemen, but be sure to catch what could very well be…the last WCW Wednesday Nitro! It all starts here on NBC next week! I’m ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay…

Tony Schiavone: …and I’m Tony Schiavone; so long and goodnight everybody!

Hey, Mommy, He Said It Was Over!

Even thought the show is “finished” it apparently isn’t, as we cut to the parking lot where a cameraman is filming WCW World Heavyweight Champion, ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner and Midajah leave the Amway Arena. Steiner actually carries his own luggage as the two get to Steiner’s rental car. Steiner sticks his key in the hole (no puns or innuendos, please), and as he goes to open the door... Booker T comes running in from behind and hits him with a running forearm! Booker knocks Steiner up against the door, and as Midajah screams in terror, Booker T flips Steiner up against the car and rocks him with stiff haymakers to the face. Booker knocks the unsuspecting Steiner silly, and proceeds to grab him by the back of his head and slam him face first off the hood of his car. Booker slams Steiner’s face off the car several times before dragging him away from the car. Booker knees Steiner in the gut before hitting three more stiff strikes to the skull, and then looks at the car. Booker grabs Steiner by the back of the head, gets a running start, and slams Steiner head first through the driver side window! There’s a crash of glass as Steiner’s skull breaks his window. The World Heavyweight Champ is halfway in the car and halfway out now, and appears to be knocked out from Booker T’s sneak attack. Glass is everywhere on the pavement, and Midajah hurries over to check on Steiner as Booker backs away, smirking.

As Booker watches Midajah tend to Steiner, he notices something on the pavement amongst the glass… the WCW World Heavyweight Title Belt. Grinning now, Booker quickly walks back over towards the car, and grabs Steiner’s Title Belt, Midajah unaware of it all. Booker puts the Big Gold Belt on his shoulder, kisses it once, and then sprints off into the night before anyone sees him stealing Steiner’s belt. Midajah screams for help as Steiner is still motionless in the window. The camera focuses on Midajah screaming as we fade to black.

I now have just one question for us all.

If the show continued on after the closing introductions, does that mean that Tony was actually wrong, or did he have something right for the first time in his life?


Quick Results:
Shawn Michaels def. Scott Hall at 8:36
Hugh Morris def. Chris Kanyon by DQ at 5:44
The Flying Harts def. Chavo Guerrero & Super Crazy at
Jeff Jarrett def. Dean Malenko at 13:11

Confirmed Card for Superbrawl – Sunday, February 24, 2002
Winner Takes All – War Games – World Championship Wrestling vs. New World Order
WCW World Heavyweight Title: Scott Steiner © vs. Booker T
WCW Cruiserweight Title: Chavo Guerrero © vs. Teddy Hart
Shane Helms vs. Super Crazy

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
Szumi's back, but not in black - back in BTB! And yeah, I know, he's doing WCW again - so unoriginal.

My Awards:
2008 - Best PPV - Starrcade
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2007 - Most Creative
2007 - Best Feedbacker
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2007 BTB World Cup - Booker of the Tournament
Only Person to Ever Score Perfect Score in a Tournament
BTB Hall of Famer

World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Nitro Feedback

Wow, great promo to open the show as per usual Szum. You had everything down here well, as per usual, and I really liked the whole sadistic side of Shawn Michaels coming out. The way he was describing what was going on was rather heelish, but it totally fitted in with the situation, and that makes your characters even more interesting, which is pretty awesome. One thing though, nitpicky yes, but it’s about time I hit you with some criticism, you use the wrestlers accents so well throughout your promo’s, however one thing I realized was at times you would have Michaels say “you all” and then later on he would say “y’all”. I don’t know if this was done purposely as the intensity was building or not, but if it was accidental, how about some consistency please.

Geez, Michaels was intense during this match up. Glad you gave Hall get a little bit of offense in, we can’t let him get totally annihilated before the War Games. As for the ending of careers, I want Nash to stay, I would love for an epic HBK/Nash feud to continue after War Games.

These three tag teams remaining all at each others throats is good in my eyes, as they are all capable of putting on decent performances, and they just all seem to fit in well with each other at the moment. Just wondering, despite these three tag teams what else is your tag division? Off the top of my head, I can’t think of much, and this could mean I can see this tag feud being dragged out for a long while.

Zybysko was someone I was never a huge fan of, but I must say you have him in an interesting role. As for Helms, I love his racism, lol, it is definitely for the win. I think Helms will definitely get Crazy at SuperBrawl but I am not to sure if one of his “boys” will get Chavo Guerrero. Either way, they will make for some good matches and SuperBrawl is shaping up to be quite nice.

What the fuck? Chris Kanyon loses to Morrus? Albeit by disqualification, I expected Kanyon to pick up a victory. I seriously think you could have something big with this “champagne” character, don’t make him job for to much longer.

You write the NWO and their antics so well. Seriously, I envy you, I really do. The five members of the NWO competing in the war games was pretty obvious, can’t wait to see the five members of WCW. Awesome is a freak, I don’t know what else to say, the Awesome Bomb off of the production truck could have perhaps been a bit to unrealistic for me to say, HOW EPIC, but who gives a fuck it was still compelling reading.

Scott Steiner promo’s are always epic especially when he gets to do his shoot- esque type promo’s, hopefully we get one of them tonight. Hmm, Booker T coming out this early, and actually being asked to come out was a bit of a shock, I hope for no violence between these two tonight, they have had enough of that, I think they just need some decent hype, to be honest…

Wow. Steiner is really laying into Booker here, and I agree with Steiners points I really do. Steiner is correct here, you have turned Booker over the last few weeks, and well, I think there will eventually be a reversal of roles in this feud. Perhaps it is already starting. Steiner OWNED Book though, now I gotta’ see what Booker’s argument is.

Booker T tries to turn things around on Steiner, LMAO, Epic fail.

Stiner stepped up his game here, or I should say you did, as he used the past to his advantage, and in the process turned the crowd against Booker. Seriously, this tirade from Steiner OWNED, I would rate it almost as high as the promo’s from the EPIC show the other day, it was just great.

Was that a Booker T heel turn? Seemed like it but I still can’t be a hundred percent sure, either way he admitted to Steiner’s claims and well, just beautiful all around promo. Me loves your promo’s.

Holy shit. These youngsters get a massive win over the Cruiserweight Champion and Super Crazy, Helms definitely will be happy, and this helps his case for the matches he wants at SuperBrawl.

Steve? Steve Borden? Sting? EPIC!!! Nice promo from the Flair here, announcing the members of the dubbya see dubbya team.

Shit. Fuck. Jarrett beats Malenko… again. This is something I did not want to see but oh well, I guess Jarrett is the “main eventer” out of the two. Classic match though, seriously, and I appreciate the extra bit of detail you put into it. The spray paintinf of the entrance ramp was nice symbolism, and gives us a preview of what could happen after War Games. (Doubt it though.)

AWESOME ENDING. Booker T is a fully blown heel now… I like it.

Szum, another top show, seriously, its hard to write a lot of shit in your reviews without summarizing, good work brah. Stick at it, you’re my hero. <3

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Nitro Review:

HBK wasn’t at Nitro last week, so I am very pleased that he is going to be the first man that we hear from tonight. He seems pretty broken after what the Outsiders did to his family, but we all know that if one man can get past something like that, it’s Shawn Michaels. HBK told his wife his entire past and now it sounds like his relationship with his family is stronger than it’s ever been. I think that the way you changed HBK into the man we saw during the 90’s was perfect, because he is not holding anything back when talking about the personal lives of Hall and Nash. It sounds like knows everything that happened to them, and now he is telling the world that wrestling is all they have. Michaels is now a man on a mission, and I think that both Nash and Hall may leave after War Games is over, just because I see the nWo ending and I can’t see them serving much of a purpose. Michaels is ready to destroy their careers and he is ready for it right now. His match with Hall is gonna start right now, and I have a feeling Scotty may not even make it to War Games if Michaels beats him up enough here tonight! Great way for HBK to be thrust back into the spotlight, as the next two weeks for him should be something special.

As if it was going to surprise anyone, HBK runs right through his former “friend” in their match. HBK doesn’t really care about doing anything by the book, instead going after Hall with some aggressive offense that leads to The Bad Guy getting in very few shots of his own. Loved how Michaels used everything around ringside and then ended up busting Scotty open against the ringpost. Hall needed to get SOME offense in, which he ended up doing for a little while, but then Shawn finished the match in traditional fashion, hitting SCM for the emphatic victory. Obviously the way to go on this one, as Michaels is really being built as the man to take down the nWo. Hopefully that will be the case at SuperBrawl, because it is really the only sensible move.

It’s obvious that the Young Lions and Filthy Animals are going to be going two-on-two for the Belts, and it would be ideal if it happened at SuperBrawl. O’Haire and Palumbo never lost at Sin and they should get their two-on-two rematch eventually, but The NBT come into the picture and decimate all four men! Looks like another three-team at Sin, maybe as an Elimination match this time. Either way, it doesn’t either of the challenging teams are going anywhere.

I figured that Helms would let the CW Title wait until he is done with ‘Crazy, as he should be moving up the card anyway. Teddy or Evans get the next shot at the Belt? Guess the big tag team match will prove what is going to happen at SuperBrawl, but I can tell that this friendship between Helms and the Harts is going to do some damage to Chavo and ‘Crazy. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happened later tonight.

This little feud between Morris and Kanyon has the same feel as the Morris/Hennig feud did last month, as I believe Morris will be used to get the heel over. Morris pretty much dominates the opening minutes and looks to be on the way to victory before Kanyon shows his “innovative” side and really get rolling Champagne can’t quite the finish the job (obviously ) and it was pretty expected to see him nail Hugh with the bottle. This is probably gonna be a match at SuperBrawl, which I guess will be needed with so many main event guys in the War Games match. Kanyon’s character has been very good the past two weeks and I really hope he gets a decent push, because his character is very entertaining.

I just how the nWo does whatever the hell they feel like. Who else would go out and take over a production truck to get some mic time? Pretty much the expected team for War Games, as Hennig is the odd man out, but still gets the “Special Enforcer” role … whatever that means. It’s gonna be tough to beat that team the nWo has, especially with what we just saw Mike Awesome do. Taking down Crowbar is a good way to send a hell of a message as we know that he can destroy pretty much anyone in the ring. Should be awesome to see who he breaks in War Game. The nWo is pretty much the shit, so it’ll be sad to see them job to the Horsemen … but that is what needs to happen.

Finally, we get another in-ring promo between the two men that are fighting for the biggest prize in all of WCW. They have been in the undercard with the nWo-WCW feud taking center stage, and I’m glad that Steiner addressed that in his promo. Booker T comes down to the ring without any objections and now Steiner just ripped him a new one. He says that Booker T purposely lost the handicap match last week? Why would Booker do that? Scotty says that all Booker cares about is winning the World Title and I gotta think that is the truth, because there would be no other reason for him to find Bischoff last week and get his Title match at SuperBrawl. Steiner made some very good points about Booker selling himself for another shot at the Belt, and then he defends himself beautifully when Booker says Steiner is the exact same way. Steiner doesn’t deny that and then goes on to state that Booker sold himself out and turned his back on Flair when he realized they couldn’t help him win the Title. Probably your best Steiner promo in a long time, as he is truly looking more and more like the face in this feud, while Booker is slowly turning heel/tweener. Booker comes back all right by saying that Scott never cared about Rick until he got beat up, and I can see where he is coming from. Great way to close the promo, as the build continues for SuperBrawl, and it is sure to be a classic when these two lock up in 11 days. Great way to keep this feud going after a few lackluster weeks since Sin.

Super Crazy and Chavo definitely have the advantage in this tag team match, as they have more experience than the two young studs they are facing, but with Helms in the corner of the Flying Harts, this is either team’s match to win. Obviously the heel tactics of the Flying Harts come into play, as they are able to gain the advantage and isolate the fat Mexican for a decent portion of the match. The faces come back and they look set to lock up the victory, but Helms pulls the referee out! ‘Crazy jumps outside the ring and takes down Shane! This leaves Chavo in a two-on-one situation, as Teddy Hart pins the CW Champ! Glad that the two matches were made by Larry Z so quickly, as now Helms gets his grudge match with ‘Crazy and Teddy gets to challenge Chavo for the Belt! Should be two great matches on what is set to be a very good show.

Flair milks the crowd a little bit in talking about how the nWo is gonna be completely destroyed inside War Games, and that is because he knows we want to hear that. Good way for him to build up the names that he announced, but anyone with a little common sense knew that the Four Horsemen were going to be in the match, everyone just wants to know #5. STEVE!! Yes! Stevie Ray is coming to War Games! Wait, it could mean Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael is gonna wrestle again! Jokes aside, I know that you want us to believe that Sting is coming back, and I’m not sure if I believe you. You had everyone thinking Jericho was coming, and then you killed our dreams. I’m gonna bank on that happening again, because I see Sting as done in terms of wrestling.

This is just JJ vs. Malenko, with no one from either side able to interfere in the contest, as the best man is going to come away as the winner. Glad that these two didn’t go right for using the Cage in the early going, as they are both methodical workers and you know they are going to try and outwrestle each other. Dean dominates the first few minutes before Double J gets in the thumb to the eye. Was that really a shock to anyone? The two continue to go back and forth at an even pace, with Jarrett finally being able to use the Cage and bust Malenko open! This must be an important Main Event, what with a blade job like that. Glad to see the two go right down to the wire, as Jarrett was in control before the Malenko DDT, but then Jeff comes back and sends Dean into the Cage, before hitting the Stroke for the victory! I had a feeling the night would go like this, as I expect the two matches next week to be split, ending with the score nWo 2 and WCW 2. Hogan and Jarrett “celebrate” with the spray cans, as this could be the last time we see them do this. Great Main Event!

The show continues after Tony says good-bye!? Damn, if that wasn’t a turn for Booker T, I’m not sure what is. The sneak attack was perfectly done, and then Booker runs off with the Gold! Guess this feud just got even MORE personal, as next week these two should reach a boiling point.

Another spectacular edition of Nitro, Szumi, but it seems like I say that every time you put a show up. I’m very pleased to see Booker-Steiner getting some more attention, as it had spent so much time in the limelight of nWo-WCW. Next week will obviously be built around the fifth member of the WCW side of War Games being revealed. Can’t wait to see that, so you better no keep us waiting long.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Strong promo from HBK here although I felt that the "I wanna end your career's" line has been used before, I think it was Flair last week? If not it was something very much along those lines. Still, regardless of that, it was intensely emotional stuff from Michaels, a very good promo and it seems we're getting the RATINGS!~ match right now, which I'll love, even if just for the fact two of my favs are gonna face off

Michaels looked on fire here, and Hall gets a burial like finish, no marks for that you bastard . Still, we've opened with a bang and this means that "Caged Heat" will close the show, surely. Gayest name ever? I reckon so

How mediocre having these four men on the mic . NBT spice things up with a ladder, and as I thought, we'll see the 3 teams face off in a Ladder match, I can't wait. Should be epic

Ew @ those matches made for Superbrawl. I guess it can't get much worse than that, I was hoping for a six man tag or sorts, maybe a 2 vs 3 handicap match. Ohwellz

WHO BETTER THAN KANYON!~ Well, not Morris that's for sure. I like this new character you've given him, reminiscent of James Storm in TNA with the champagne bottle replacing the beer and Kanyon's class replacing well, Storm's lack of it

Team nWo looks good, no surprise to see Hennig around altho he's not officially in the match I sense he'll get involved in it, otherwise there'd be no point in having him around. Can't wait to see Team WCW, altho I have a feeling I already know it. OSHIT @ Awesome absolutely murdering Crowbar. Nasty

My God, what a promo between Booker & Steiner. Brilliantly written and it sure did drag the fuck on, it never got boring, thankfully. Epic stuff and I can't wait for their match at SB, it's gonna be a mofo of a match

Nice tag match, I'm surprised by the length of your match recaps tonight, ratings. More so surprised to see the Harts pick up the win here, it'll be interesting to see what goes down at SB

HBK was expected, Malenko fair go same with Storm & Anderson. Surprised Flair didn't inject himself into it, but the call from "Steve" points to either McMichael (fuck no plz) or none other than STING! Sting plz, he rules

Damn good cage match despite the homo name, no surprise to see Jarrett score the win, however the wild ending with Booker beating the fuck outta Steiner was a little surprising. Steiner face turn, Booker heel turn? Make it happen plz. <3

Good show as per norm with you <3


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