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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

New World Order Presents
nWo Wednesday Nitro
ALLTEL Arena, Little Rock, Arkansas
February 6, 2002




Instead of letting the Dynamic Duo kick things off, the powers that be have something else in mind.

New NewNew
New New

Shakespearean Authority

It is the massive entity of assholes and bastards known to man as the New World Order comes out from the back to start the show. However, they’re not coming out of the normal entrance chute and onto the metallic stage that we have seen since the Mayhem PPV. Oh no, we’re going retro tonight. The classic ‘WCW’ logos directly to the side of the steel supports and beams that make form the area the superstars come out from the back under. However, instead of the WCW logo being next to the entrance, it’s “nWo”; the commentator’s table has been moved from the bottom of the entrance ramp to the side of the entrance “stage” (although the stage is only a few feet wide, and the ramp only a few feet long). Curt Hennig walks off the side of the stage, hopping off of it and joining the Dynamic Duo. YES~! Hennig’s back on commentary… with Schiavone too! This show’s going to be so much fun to write.

The rest of the New World Order make their entrance down the entrance aisle and into the ring, the vast majority of the crowd shitting all over them. However, there’s four teenagers in the front row opposite the entrance aisle donning nWo t-shirts and bowing down repeatedly to them. C’mon, after last week, how can more people not want to cheer them?

The massive group get into the ring, and a certified nWo stagehand hands Eric Bischoff a microphone, the rest of the clique crowing the ring. They all draw notice to the nWo logo that has been plastered onto the ring, and that from the top turnbuckle down to the bottom, the pads read ‘n W o’. As Bischoff raises the mic to his mouth, he cannot hide the ear-to-ear grin on his face.

Eric Bischoff: Oh, Ric Flair, oh Shawn Michaels… wherefore art though Flair and Michaels?

Insane heat for The Bisch.

Eric Bischoff: I’m serious, people… where are your beloved leaders of the Four Horsemen! We don’t know!

Bischoff laughs while the clique joins in; the crowd just boos.

Eric Bischoff: Alright, alright, I’ll cut the act… I know where your idols are. We all know where they are – they’re back home, crying to their families, begging them to be kept in their lives!

And queue the large dose of jeers. Jarrett walks up to Bischoff and speaks into the microphone, a satisfied smirk on his face.

Jeff Jarrett: Yeah, poor Naitch has been spending all week in North Carolina, bouncing from begging and crawling to Elizabeth, to getting David out of rehab and back home, to visiting poor Reid in the hospital. Tell me, Ric, how is your little son doing? I’m not going to bother asking about David; you and I both know he’s already screwed up in the head, and frankly, you just don’t give a damn!

Queue ‘da boooooos!

Jeff Jarrett: But Reid… now, Reid, Ric, I’m dying to know how’s he doing. The docs said I scrambled his brains pretty good, didn’t I? Did I ruin your golden boys career? …I hope I did…

Jarrett drones off, smirking evilly as the crowd rips into him. He continues speaking several moments later after the pause.

Jeff Jarrett: You know, Ric… I really didn’t want to this, ya’ know? I had to hurt David and Reid, to send a message. But Ashley and Elizabeth? I was never going to hurt them, Ric. You, now if you were in my shoes, I don’t even want to think of what you would’ve done. But me, Ric? My goal wasn’t to physically harm your family; certain acts had to be done to make my point clear, and I’ve accepted that. The goal though, Flair, was to exploit you as the living, breathing, lying, no good son of a bitch, that I always knew you were!

Jarrett snarls as he slanders Flair, and the crowd responds in kind with more boo, lots of ‘em.

Jeff Jarrett: …So now, Ric Flair, the question becomes: what happens now? I want to know, Ric, what kind of man you really are. Are you going to live your life alone in fear because your family knows the kind of pathetic individual you really are? Or will they take you back like faceless cowards? What about WCW, Ric? Do you have the gall to show up in these arenas and face the New World Order, or will you run away, knowing that your adoring fans know just what you really are… garbage.

As the crowd rips into Jarrett once more, ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash walks up to Jarrett and pats him on the back. Jarrett hands the mic off to Nash, an Big Sexy takes center stage, as he rightfully should.

Kevin Nash: Do you lot hear how nice of a guy Jeff Jarrett is?

The crowd, well, they clearly disagree as they boo Nash’s statement heavily.

Kevin Nash: Jeff, this guy, he talked a big game about hurting Ric’s family, but out of the goodness of his heart, he didn’t. He could’ve broke that sweet piece of tail, Ashley’s knee, and he could’ve, heh, done the deed, with Ric’s wife, Elizabeth. But Jeff Jarrett, he’s too nice of a guy… I’m not that nice kind of guy.

Nash pauses, stroking his barely visible beard as he grows very serious, the playful laughter in his previous monologue long gone.

Kevin Nash: Last week, I meant every single word I said in San Antonio. Sure, I had to spin a few webs – tell a few lies – to Rebecca so she’d know why I was in San Antonio at such a late time. Sure, I wasn’t honest when I spoon fed her all these stories of how I was there to make peace, how I wanted to repair the broken friendship with me and Shawn. It was a lot of work to convince your wife, Shawn, but let’s face it, I’ve got the damn intellect to manipulate anyone! Soon enough, Shawn, I had your wife eating out of the palm of my hand, and then… it was time for the complete and honest truth. I told you, Shawn, that I was going to tell her every single sin of yours… and I did just that. There was no lies in my recollections, Shawn; lies weren’t needed to dramatize your sick past.

Nash pauses yet again before continuing.

Kevin Nash: You and I both know about how horrible of a person you were, Shawn. The three hookers in Washington D.C. in September of 95? I didn’t need to lie about that. Those four high school girls in New York who had their senior prom the next day? Oh yeah, Shawn, you remember all those stories… and you know, that I don’t need to lie about them! In fact, Shawn, I could have lied for you, to make you look better than what you really were, and Rebecca still would’ve wanted to leave your sorry ass!

That gets some boos from the crowd, but Nash doesn’t seem to care whatsoever. He’s focused on what he’s saying.

Kevin Nash: Now Shawn, I need to continue this honest streak of mine; as an old friend, I need to be honest with you. Rebecca, she hasn’t.

Nash pauses, and the crowd is silent, not fully knowing what he means. Nash pauses anyways, letting the dramatic pause sink in.

Kevin Nash: Rebecca hasn’t been honest at all to you, Shawn. When she said that she could still accept you for who you are now - not who you were – she lied to you. When she said Cameron won’t ever have to find out about your past, she lied to you. And most importantly, Shawn, when Rebecca said that nothing happened between her and me last week, she lied. The truth of the matter is, dear friend, while she was right when she said she didn’t get any sleep last night, she lied when she said it was because of her anger and knowing about Shawn’s past. She didn’t sleep at all, and Shawn, allow me to quasi-quote an old friend… it was because her and Big Sexy were up, all, night, long!

Nash absolutely grins as he transitions from that cold, manipulative, pure evil heel to a comedic and light hearted prick. As the crowd absolutely rips into him, Nash hands the microphone back over to Eric Bischoff, who’s ready to take center stage again. However, Bischoff is not smirking or grinning any longer. In fact, he looks angry, very angry.

Eric Bischoff: While Jeff, The Outsiders, and Hennig did their mission abroad last week, myself, the beautiful Stacy Keibler, and the career killer himself, Mike Awesome, held down the fort here. However, there was one man, one person who has conspicuously missing throughout this whole ordeal. Yeah, Hollywood, I’m talking to you, brother! Just where in the hell were you last week?

Hogan gives Bischoff a surprised, albeit nonchalant look. Hulk Hogan doesn’t answer to just anyone, folks.

Eric Bischoff: I asked you a question, Hulk! Just where in the hell were you, last week!?

Bischoff gets in Hogan’s face, absolutely furious looking. However, as Bischoff stands on his tiptoes to get nose-to-chin with the orange skinned goblin, the snarl on Bischoff’s face turns into laughter. He keels down, and then hugs Hogan.

Eric Bischoff: Silly me, everyone… I know exactly where Hulk Hogan was last week! Hulk, you were sitting back in your Venice Beach mansion, living the life of a rich man… just like the New World Order said you could do! After all, this whole scheme… was your idea! So ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan, take a bow, brother, you deserve it!

Hogan, grinning, steps into the center of the ring before taking a dramatic bow, the members of the nWo either applauding or getting onto their knees and bowing to Hogan. The crowd absolutely hates this display by the nWo, booing them like there’s no tomorrow. Hogan finally gets a grip, and Bischoff allows him some mic time.

Hulk Hogan: Lemme tell ya’ somethin’, brothers, this whole idea – attackin’ the personal lives of Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels – was the mastermind of ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan!

And because Hulk Hogan is a heel master, the crowd boos.

Hulk Hogan: For weeks, dudes, I’ve been waitin’ ta’ show the world what the Four Horsemen are really about, jack! The n-Dubya-o, we showed the world that Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels are the spineless, two faced cowards we always knew them to be, brother!

Hogan, while still having those accented trademarks of his, doesn’t have the evil grin or smirk any longer, instead looking rather serious, truly believing in his words.

Hulk Hogan: The New World Order is a family, jack, and that’s why we did this together! Eric planted the seeds by makin’ you all think the n-Dubya-o wasn’t gonna be on Nitro, and the rest of the boys got all the footage needed while Eric, Stacy Keibler, and The Career Killer held down the fort! But behind it all, was the brains of ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan, brother!

Hogan hands the microphone back to Eric Bischoff and steps out of the spotlight, keeping his piece short tonight.

Eric Bischoff: Last week, last week was effective, but it was only a precursor… to tonight. You see, sheep, while last week we psychologically and emotionally tortured Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair, it was simply a means to an end. We took great pride and satisfaction out of making their lives hell, oh yes, but there was still a hidden goal to that warfare… this, tonight.

Bischoff strolls around the ring, looking at the nWo logo on the ring canvas.

Eric Bischoff: You see, we have officially driven Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels out of this company for the time being. The President of WCW is missing in action, and his poster child of the Four Horsemen, his new Nature Boy, isn’t here to enforce his words. Who in the back is going to stand up to us now, and actually have the authority to boss us around? Arn Anderson is the only hope this sinking ship has, and quite frankly, Arn, you don’t have the power to lock horns with us! You have already proven that, fat man… because the New World Order has already taken over!

Bischoff spreads his arms out and motions to the nWo logo on the ring, the turnbuckle pads, the new (yet old) set-up of ringside, Hennig on commentary, etc. The crowd hates the takeover, apparently, because they’re booing.

Eric Bischoff: The New World Order is running the ship tonight, and that means that I am in charge! I am the President tonight! As the President of the nWo, if it’s nWo Nitro, simply put, I run this show. Don’t worry though, people, I am going to give you all a show that you’ll never forget!

Bischoff pauses as he smirks, looking at his fellow nWo members.

Eric Bischoff: Tonight, you’re going to be in for a few treats, I promise you. For starters, you will all see the systematic destruction of one of your precious members of the Four Horsemen. Drawing at random of the three men here… we’ve chosen that the Horsemen who deserves to a hospital bed next to Reid Flair, is Lance Storm!

The crowd pops for the name of Storm, while the other half jeers the nWo’s wicked plans for the Canadian.

Eric Bischoff: Lance, you came into my main event last week, with the mission to destroy Mike Awesome, our enforcer. Well look close, Canucker, because Mike Awesome is right here, and he’s not crippled; he’s ready for a fight! In fact, tonight, his mission… is your mission. Tonight, Mike Awesome is going to cripple YOU when he faces you, one-on-one… in a TABLES MATCH!

Like the previous reaction, the crowd is torn in a mixed reaction for the match, and the potential outcome. Surprisingly, it is not Eric Bischoff who speaks next, but… Mike Awesome!? He speaks?

Mike Awesome: Lance, you and me go a long way back, but friendship, respect… that’s not what you and I have! I hate your guts, and despite your best efforts: I’M STILL STANDIN’! Ta’night, the tables have turned, and I’m gonna end your career when I Awesome Bomb you, straight through a table… AND ALL THE WAY TO HELL!

Chilling. That’ll do, pig, that’ll do. Bischoff takes the mic back, and lets Awesome die down.

Eric Bischoff: You can expect that tonight, but you can also witness one more thing, tonight, in the main event…

Bischoff pauses, letting the words sink in.

Eric Bischoff: Tonight, the greatest tag team in the history of professional wrestling… are going to return to the summit that belong on… the WCW Tag Team Champions! Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, it is time for you two gentlemen to take your rightful spot in the main event against those two vanilla midgets, Kidman and Misterio, and bring those Tag Team Titles home to the New World Order!

The crowd again, is mixed in cheers and jeers. Scott Hall prances up to The Bisch, looking like he may already be buzzed. Great, just fucking great. Hall wraps his arm around Bischoff’s shoulder and leans into the microphone.

Scott Hall: ‘Ey, Uncle Eric… it ain’t two vanilla midgets, ya’ see. Lil’ Rey-Rey, he’s a mo’ coffee or twist flava’ed, ya’ see…

Hall smirks and starts laughing, and the rest of the nWo join in, Kevin Nash doubling over and grabbing his stomach from laughing so hard. It’s really not that funny though. Kidman’s white, so he’s vanilla. Rey Misterio, however, is Hispanic, so he’s dark, like coffee flavored ice cream.

Eric Bischoff: My apologies, Scott, my apologies.

The nWo finish their laugh fest off before regaining their cool. Once they do, Bischoff is back to being serious once more.

Eric Bischoff: I just want to let everyone know right now, that tonight… this can’t be stopped. The invasion has been taken to the max, and what’s left of this mangled WCW army… the New World Order is going to slaughter it tonight! This war… ends tonight!

Bischoff looks up to the entrance stage, and the nWo boys start heading towards it. As everyone is about to exit the ring, Scott Hall quickly grabs the microphone from Bischoff.

Scott Hall: Survey says… not jus’ ta’ chalk one up, fo’ tha’ bad guys… but chalk ‘em all up… fo’ tha’ bad guys!

Hall laughs and Nash throws the Wolfpack symbol up to him. Their two wolves connect, and “Rockhouse” hits as the New World Order make their exit up the aisle.

Tony Schiavone: How you guys live with yourself!?

Curt Hennig: Ah Tony, why don’t you just do all of us a grand favor and shut the hell up!?

Curt Hennig = the voice of reason<3.

Tony Schiavone: I will do no such thing, Mr. Hennig! I have a job to do, and this is my job!

Curt Hennig: And quite frankly, you suck at it! Am I right, or am I right, Doc?

Mike Tenay: I think that the New World Order are in store for some bad karma, that’s what I think, Curt!

Curt Hennig: If you consider bad karma the nWo taking over WCW, Mike Awesome ending Lance Storm’s career, and The Outsiders reclaiming Tag Team Gold, bad karma… then you’re damn right, daddy-o!

Tony Schiavone: …I just can’t believe the New World Order has taken over World Championship Wrestling!

Curt Hennig: Well believe it, Tony! The times, they are a changin’, and the nWo is taking over, baby!


When Nitro returns, “Filthy” hits right away, bringing out the reigning WCW Cruiserweight Champion, Chavo Guerrero, to cheers from the crowd. The champ comes marching out from behind the steel supports and down the ramp, walking down the aisle and slapping hands with the fans. Chavo is still trying to get the crowd fully behind him, but coming into a face/face title match here, surely it’s going to be even more of a failure for Chavito, right? As Chavo gets into the ring and hands his belt to referee Scott Dickinson, there’s a semi-long pause until “Roadhouse Blues” rift hits for the first time since Starrcade, bringing ‘The Insane Luchadore’ Super Crazy sprinting out from the back to a surprisingly loud pop. His tongue out and face widened and squashed in that, well, crazy way of his, Super Crazy looks like a frigging idiot as he sprints down the entrance aisle, the crowd cheering him on all the while. Once Crazy gets into the ring, he and Chavo circle each other quickly, acting like they’re going to lock up straight away. However, they grin at each other, and shake hands. Dickinson raises the belt, and moments later, we’re underway.

Match One
Chavo Guerrero &#169; vs. Super Crazy
WCW Cruiserweight Championship

The crowd has a bit of a hard time buying into the face vs. face title match, but they’re still behind Super Crazy in his return match to WCW. Super Crazy shines early on, feeding off of that momentum, as he schools Chavo with his aerial ability. After a fast paced exchange of arm drags, hip tosses, and quick counters, Super Crazy hit a double-rotating tilt-a-whirl head scissors, wowing the crowd. Crazy keeps on it, also scoring with a head scissors take down, going old school from the headstand position. Crazy almost scores an early victory when he hits a tornado DDT from the corner, but Chavo kicks out.

Chavito counters the odds when he hits a beautiful tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, reversing mid-move as Crazy went for another head scissors. Guerrero viciously attacks Super Crazy, acting, to no one’s surprise really, as a heel. Chavito is relentless in assaulting Super Crazy, focusing on his head, looking to determine if that dented skull is fully healed from the multiple concussions. Mixed with great mat work and stretches and submission holds, Chavo scores near falls with a swinging neck breaker, diving reverse DDT, and eventually a pile driver, but the Insane Luchadore is resilient, kicking out at every turn.

Chavo keeps the match at a slower pace, using his technique and mat work to work the match over, but does try and fly eventually, climbing up top to emulate his Guerrero uncle with a Frog Splash. However, Super Crazy tucks his knees, and the flying Chavito’s torso is crushed by Crazy’s knees! Both men are down on the canvas, and as the two start getting up to their feet… Shane Helms comes sprinting out from the back, but for once, he’s not alone: The Flying Harts are with him! Helms, Teddy Hart, and Jack Evans dive into the ring under the bottom rope, and Helms blindsides the doubled over Super Crazy with a shining wizard! He collapses, the Harts both kick Chavo in his side, knocking him down. Dickinson immediately calls for the bell, throwing this match out.

Chavo Guerrero nc. Super Crazy at 6:36; Chavo Guerrero retains WCW Cruiserweight Title

As the bell rings, Evans and Hart start stomping on Chavo, beating him down before quickly pulling him right up. Evans stands behind Chavo and locks him in a double underhook, and Helms walks over and pops Chavo with a vicious right hook to the jaw! Teddy Hart hops onto the apron before climbing up to the third rope. Hart gets his footing set, and leaps off, hitting Chavo with a clothesline as Jack Evans folds him up with the tiger suplex! The Hart Attack 2.0! Chavo is down and out, and Shane Helms, not yet satisfied, pulls Super Crazy off the canvas, sets him up… and plants him with the Vertebreaker! The crowd jeers as both Chavo Guerrero and Super Crazy are down and out, leaving Shane Helms to stare at Teddy Hart and Jack Evans before simply smirking and nodding his head. Helms exits the ring, heading up to the back, the Flying Harts in tow.

Tony Schiavone: What is this!? Have the Flying Harts allied themselves with Shane Helms?

Curt Hennig: Why don’t you try this new thing called opening your eyes, Tony. I think the results will speak for themselves!

Tony Schiavone: Well Shane Helms has had problems in the past with Teddy Hart and Jack Evans, know-it-all! This may just be a one-off thing!

Know-it-all? Damn, Tony, don’t hold anything back.

Curt Hennig: Hey Tony, go shower off; let me and Marvin take care of this show. That look between Helms and the Flying Harts says one thing, the vanilla midget division just became ruled by those three!

Mike Tenay: They’re cruiserweights, Hennig, and while Shane Helms and the Harts have apparently joined forces, the fact remains that Chavo Guerrero is still Cruiserweight Champion, and he and Super Crazy will have no problems teaming up, if necessary, to fight Helms and the Flying Harts!

The show cuts to the back…

Turning to the Enemy… If He Were An Enemy

We’re backstage in the nWo locker room, but all too coincidentally, only Eric Bischoff is in there. After a few seconds, the door is kicked opened, and Booker T barges into the office. Eric Bischoff leans back in fear, causing his plush chair to fall backwards, sending Bischoff to the floor. Booker closes and locks the nWo locker room door before heading over to Bischoff. He grabs Bischoff by the collar, and pulls him right up to his feet. As Bischoff tries to cower in fear, recoiling for a potential punch, Booker just pushes him backwards into a couch, smirking.

Booker T: I din’t come here ta’ kick yo’ ass, Bischoff. I came here… fo’ yo’ help…

Bischoff, apparently believing in Booker’s non-violent story, sits up on the couch, staring at the standing Booker, confused as can be.

Eric Bischoff: My… my help? Wh-what do you need my help for?

Booker T: Well you da’ man in charge ta’night, righ’? You da’ one wit’ da’ authorit’ar, righ’?

Bischoff is still confused.

Eric Bischoff: Yes, yes that’s right. This is nWo Nitro, so I’m the President… for now.

Booker just grins and nods his head in response, satisfied with what he’s hearing.

Booker T: Ight, ight… yeah, yeah, tha’s what I wanna hear. Ya’ see, you da’ one who can book any match right now, whetha’ it be fo’ ta’night, nex’ week, eighteen months from now… or fo’ Supa’brawl.

Bischoff eyes Booker up, still unsure where he’s going with this. I know where he’s going with this. Do you?

Booker T: You can make a match fo’ Supa’brawl, Eric, and ‘dat means you can book me a match fo’ Supa’brawl. You know wha’ I want, n’ therefo’ who I need. Bischoff, gimme Scott Steina’ – one-on-one – at Supa’brawl, fo’ my Worl’ Heavyweight Title! Ya’ dig?

Bischoff now understands what Booker wants… but is still confused.

Eric Bischoff: I…I don’t get it, Booker. Why in the hell are you coming to me, for help!? Me, Jeff Jarrett – the New World Order – we are the ones who made your life a living hell for the past several months, remember?

Booker T: Yeah, dawg, I rememba’.

Eric Bischoff: We stole that World Heavyweight Title you’re chasing after so badly, from you. When Jeff was Champion, he never even beat you to get it. He beat Ric Flair!

Booker just shrugs his shoulders at that.

Booker T: Exactly, Bischoff, when Jarrett was Champion. Ya’ see, Jeff Jarrett ain’t Champion no mo’, so you, him, da’ n-Dubya-o… you ain’t mah problem no more. Any beef I had wit’ ya’ll, ain’t there an’aymo’. I don’t give a damn ‘bout n-Dubya-o versus Dubya-See-Dubya; ‘dat’s not muh scene. I care about one thang, n’ one thang only, da’ Worl’ Heavyweight Title! You ‘da one wit’ da’ powa’ ta’ give me what I want, Bischoff, not Flair. Ric Flair, he ain’t gonna give me a damn thang! I don’t run with him, I ain’t down wit’ da’ Horsemen. If he ain’t gonna give me mah match, then I need yo’ help – yo’ powa’ – ta’ gimme muh match.

Bischoff stares at Booker, dumbfounded. All this time, we’ve thought Scott Steiner to be the materialistic, self-absorbed one, and Booker T that goody two-shoe face. Booker’s pretty materialistic, don’t ‘cha think? Bischoff, however, is always thinking ahead, and starts grinning after a few seconds. Apparently, he never realized all this power he possessed.

Eric Bischoff: You know, Book, through all that butchering of the English language, you made one hell of a point: I am the one in power now! I can book whatever match I want, as made apparent by tonight. So if I want, I can have Mike Awesome wrestle Cal Anderson in two weeks time, and end his career, just like what he’ll do to Lance Storm tonight. And if I have all this power, then why shouldn’t I just make Jeff Jarrett the number one contender to Scott Steiner’s World Heavyweight Title, instead of you?

Bischoff, grinning evilly as he thinks he’s trumping Booker. Booker just falsely smiles before replying, turning very serious as the smirk wipes off his face.

Booker T: ‘Cause if you give Jeff Jarrett muh title shot, I’m gonna rip you apart… limb from limb.

Bischoff sits as far back as he can against the couch, scared out of his mind. In a gulp that would make both Vince McMahon and a swallowing hooker proud, Bischoff clears his throat looks at Booker, scared out of his wits.

Eric Bischoff: …That’s a good reason…

Booker just smirks and nods his head.

Booker T: …So, what’s it gon’ be? Do I get muh shot or what?

Bischoff wastes no time in responding.

Eric Bischoff: You want your shot? You got it! At Superbrawl, Booker, you’re challenging Steiner for the World Heavyweight Title!

Booker nods his head repeatedly, satisfied with his results. He heads over to the door, unlocks it, and starts to leave as Bischoff calls after him.

Eric Bischoff: Book! Booker, wait just a damn moment!

Halfway out the door, Booker turns his torso and face to face Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: I’ll give you the World Heavyweight Title at Superbrawl, but tonight, you’re in action too. For having the audacity to threaten me, to barge in here… you’re wrestling Scott Steiner tonight!

Booker seems nonplussed by the decision. He wants the title the most, but he still has to at least mildly dislike Steiner, right?

Eric Bischoff: You think that’s it? Oh no, Booker, not even close. Because Scott Steiner’s going to have a partner… you won’t. Tonight, you’re facing the Steiner Brothers… in a handicap match!

Booker is irate at that call, knowing that him going against one of the greatest tag teams of this generation is a sure fire way to get his ass kicked. Booker shoves the door open, and goes to slam it shut so he can attack Bischoff, but the door is immediately slammed back into the wall… by Kevin Nash! The Outsiders and Hulk Hogan appear in the doorway, turning the tides against Booker T. Bischoff just smirks as Booker turns to face the three nWo originals. Knowing the odds would be against him, Booker just walks out of the locker room, Scott Hall giving him a free path to exit. Wow, what a kind drunk.


When Nitro returns, no commentary, sadly. Instead, we’re backstage for a pre-taped segment.

Teacher’s Lesson: Emulation is a Necessity

The cameras are in a locker room, where the Natural Born Thrillers – Mike Sanders, Mark Jindrak, and Johnny Stamboli are occupying the room. Stamboli and Jindrak are sitting in tiny desks, facing a television. Mike Sanders is up at the television, putting a table into the VCR. Sanders stands so he is front of the blue screen, and addresses his friends and clients.

Mike Sanders: Gentlemen, we failed once again. Last week, we failed to win back the WCW Tag Team Titles, myself included. We’re all at fault; I won’t blame just the two of you. We have now faced the Filthy Animals three times over the past month and a half, and every time, we have lost to them! We lost a non-title match, we lost the belts to them, and then last week as challengers, we lost! What we need to do, is find out… just what about Billy Kidman and Rey Misterio makes them so special? Why? Why is the answer we are looking for, my friends. Why are they so impossible for us to beat? We’re the Natural Born Thrillers, the hottest rising stars in professional wrestling! We cannot continue to let these nobodies show us up!

Jindrak and Stamboli yell out “yeah” in approval. Touching.

Mike Sanders: Now I have done my homework on Kidman and Misterio; they’re supposed to be two of the greatest cruiserweights in the history of wrestling. But you two are superior athletes! You have the raw mix of strength and agility, and you can fly as fast as them and hit harder than them! But yet, we cannot defeat them. So Mark, Johnny, it’s time to go back to school. I am your professor for this class, and what our course aim is, is to find out that trait, that skill, the Animals possess that you don’t… and emulate it.

Sanders steps to the side of the television, and presses play on the VCR.

Mike Sanders: Watch and learn, gentlemen.

The video loads up, and it’s nothing more than a video package of matches featuring Billy Kidman and Rey Misterio, including their matches as a tag team, singles matches, and even their matches from this past year when they feuded against one another. Johnny Stamboli has his eyes locked on the video, taking in everything with great interest and desire, while Mark Jindrak furiously scribbles down notes on a sheet of paper. Mike Sanders simply stands behind his comrades, smirking as his clients study up on the Filthy Animals.

We cut back to the commentator’s table by the stage, where Mike Tenay sits in between Schiavone and Hennig, trying to keep the peace. I say we let Hennig put Schiavone through the table; who’s with me!?

Mike Tenay: Welcome back to Wednesday Nitro…

Both Schiavone and Hennig jump in to correct Tenay.

Tony Schiavone: … WCW Wednesday Nitro!

Curt Hennig: It’s nWo Nitro!

Hennig and Schiavone both lean across the table to glare at each other.

Tony Schiavone: This is World Championship Wrestling, damn it!

Curt Hennig: Maybe it was last week, and maybe it will be next week, but tonight, it’s New World Order Nitro, fat man!

Tony Schiavone: Well if it’s nWo Nitro, then why is the Voice of WCW still out here calling the shots?

Whoa, did Tony Schiavone just show some intellect? No, this can’t be…

Curt Hennig: Well Tony, I can give you a few solutions. One, I can remove your fat ass from that chair, and either drag you to the back, or Hennig Plex you through this announcer’s table so no one ever has to listen to your incoherent and dim-witted ramblings ever again! However, sadly, if I do that, I’m afraid I’d throw my back out trying to lift your tub of lard ass off your feet; I have a career to think about!

Tony just crosses his arms over his chest and huffs; he doesn’t like being called a fat man, no sire.

Curt Hennig: The real reason though, Tony, is because I love hearing you run your mouth like you have actual input to the conversation. If Miles Tennuck here wasn’t so boring, I’d almost feel bad for him, having to carry your ass night in and night out! I take enjoyment out of hearing you throw your short, unintelligent quips into the proceedings, adding nothing but your arrogant face to the picture!

Schiavone is silent, having been owned.

Curt Hennig: I let you run your mouth, Tony, just so I can slap you in the mouth, put you in your place, and show the world that Curt Hennig, who isn’t even a real commentator, can own your sorry ass any day of the week!

Mike Tenay simply tries to stare straight ahead, not wanting to add his input to the conversation. Good choice, Mike, because you’d be taking Hennig’s side… I know it.

As everyone is silent, Tenay takes over.

Mike Tenay: We’re not here to argue and call people names; we’re here to do a job! I’m going to call the action, and what I saw before the break, was Booker T showing himself as a desperate man!

Curt Hennig: That’s the spirit, Mick! You’re coming around to our way of thinking. Booker T is a desperate man who will beg and plead to get another failed World Heavyweight Title match… and that’s what he did to Eric Bischoff! He begged and pleaded like a dog!

Tony Schiavone: Now that’s a lie! He did not beg or plead or anything like that! That’s libel!

Curt Hennig: No, I said it, I didn’t write it; we call that slander.

Mike Tenay: Regardless of what it is, Booker T just went to Eric Bischoff, a man who I would’ve called an enemy for him, to get a World Heavyweight Title shot at Superbrawl!

Curt Hennig: He’s a desperate, broken man, Teach’. They’ll do anything to get what they need. I for one have a few ideas of the lengths Booker T would go to get that World Heavyweight Title…

As Hennig simply smirks, letting the crowd come to their own conclusion about that (just think how far a young altar boy would go to get two Snickers bars and a Coke), Tony Schiavone tries to jump in and defend Booker T. However, Booker wants Tony to shut up too apparently, because “Don’t Hate The Playa, Hate The Game” hits, bringing out Booker T to mainly cheers (although I’d be damned if I don’t hear some jeers in there). Booker marches down the ramp and into the ring, still sporting his black trunks, knee pads, and boots. While he’s obviously pissed about being shoved into a handicap match, he really doesn’t seem like he cares that much about this match. An ass kicking is bound to happen, but a victory? Who cares. That seems to be his thought process.

“Holla If Ya Hear Me” hits next, bringing out Scott Steiner, Midajah, and for a rare appearance, his older brother, Rick Steiner! It’s a throwback night, as both men are wearing their Michigan varsity jackets. Steiner even has a new attire for the night, rocking a singlet for old times sake, but it’s still black and has the red S on both thighs. Rick has the headgear, and the ridiculously hideous polka dotted singlet. Oh yeah, the Steiner Brothers are back! The reunion and old attire actually gets a loud pop at first from the Arkansas crowd, although those cheers do turn back into more boos as Steiner toys with the crowd and Rick barks at children. Precious. The Steiner’s get into the ring, and as they try and remove their jackets, Booker attacks!

Match Two
Booker T vs. The Steiner Brothers
Handicap Match

With the odds against him, Booker returns to his innate style: fighting. The thug Booker T, not the wrestler, is a live and present as he throws wild rights and lefts at Rick and Scott, and he actually gets the upper hand early on, knocking Steiner down to the canvas and under the bottom rope to the outside with a Harlem Side Kick. Booker then blends his two styles as he knocks Rick senseless with a running leg lariat to the head when he’s on his hands and knees before scoring with the Harlem Axe Kick! Booker is about to win this match in under two minutes as Charles Robinson starts to count: ONE! TWO! THR- BROKEN UP BY SCOTT STEINER!

With it back to one-on-two, Booker tries to stay in the match, but the sheer strength of two men is too much, and the Steiner’s gain the upper hand when the join forces, crushing Booker with a double Steinerline! While Scott and Rick are forced to treat the match like a tag team match with one man on the apron, they still are able to work over Booker T, holding nothing back as they stiff the fuck out of him with right hands, forearm strikes, elbows, and lariats. For the Steiner’s, especially Rick, this is the epitome of a grudge match. Rick almost scores a victory with the Steiner Bulldog, but c’mon, there’s no way Rick Steiner is pinning Booker T.

It is, of course, Rick Steiner who’s the legal man when Booker T turns the tables. With Booker in the corner, Rick tries to crush Booker with a three point stance football tackle, but Booker dodges the charging Steiner, sending Rick lunging face first into the top turnbuckle. As Rick staggers out of the corner, Booker catches him… and plants him with the Book End!

Both men are down, and while Rick Steiner is able to make the fresh tag to his brother, Scott, Booker has only himself to rely on. Steiner is able to knock Booker around the ring with right hands, but Booker blocks a Steiner punch out of nowhere before teeing off on him with right hands. Booker mounts a huge comeback on Scott Steiner, scoring with a Harlem Side Kick before Rick Steiner joins the fray. Booker however, keeps taking it to both men, and eventually tries to plant Scott Steiner with the Book End. Booker goes to leap off his feet, but Rick hits Book with a double sledge to Book’s upper back.

The Steiner’s quickly team up on Booker and after some weak right hands, they whip him into the ropes. The two go for a double Steinerline, but Booker leaps off his feet, knocking both men down with a double leaping forearm! Booker hops right back up to his feet, and waits by the ropes as Rick staggers up to his feet. Booker hits the ropes and comes charging for the Harlem Axe Kick, but Big Poppa Pump flattens him with a Steinerline! Booker flies through the air and before collapsing to the canvas. The Steiner Brothers stand tall, and quickly pull Booker back to his feet. They both lock him in a side headlock… and plant him with a double Steiner Bulldog! That could probably do it, as Booker has fallen to the numbers. However, Steiner slaps his brother on the chest and then points to the top turnbuckle. Steiner climbs up to the top turnbuckle, while Rick pulls Booker off the canvas, up to his feet, and then lifts him up on his shoulders. Rick walks over close to the corner, and Scott leaps of his feet… Big Poppa Pump drills Booker off of Rick’s shoulders with a Steinerline! The Legion of Doom’s Doomsday Device ain’t got a thing on the Steiner’s! Booker is down and out, the World Heavyweight Champ makes the pin, and Robinson counts: ONE! TWO! THREE!

The Steiner Brothers def. Booker T at 7:07

As “Holla If Ya Hear Me” hits, Rick and Scott Steiner get up to their feet and embrace each other, the brothers happily reunited. Booker quickly rolls under the bottom rope and falls to the protective mats, crouching on the floor as he sells the injury. Booker T wasn’t fighting for the World Heavyweight Title, and while he put up a good fight, he didn’t seem to bring his A-game tonight.

Curt Hennig: That chump is who you think should be wrestling for the World Heavyweight Title, Fat Tony? He just got his ass punked!

Tony Schiavone: It was a handicap match! It’s one-on-two! He’s not supposed to win!

Curt Hennig: Excuses, excuses, Tony. Your hero couldn’t match up; if Jeff Jarrett was in Booker’s shoes, he would’ve won!

Before Tony can shout off and accost Hennig, Tenay jumps in.

Mike Tenay: No matter what, The Steiner Brothers, if for one night only, are back, and they’re victorious just like old times! Booker T made it a battle, but fact is, Booker T did not look like he was giving it his A-game tonight, and the Steiner Brothers stand before you, winners.

As Tenay keeps the peace, the show quickly cuts to the back.

Shouldn’t You Be Into Dudes?

This is nWo Nitro, so no scum like ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund is doing interviews. Instead, in an nWo t-shirt that has the bottom tied through the neckline and a skimpy black miniskirt, stands the luscious Stacy Keibler. Beside her, dressed in that Elton John inspired fur coat and clutching a dick bottle of champagne, is Chris ‘Champagne’ Kanyon. He’s looking smug as ever.

Stacy Keibler: Welcome everyone, to nWo Nitro. You already know my name, you men have my posters, and you women all wish you were me, Stacy Keibler. Right now, I am standing next to Chris Kanyon, who just returned to television last week. What are your thoughts on being back in this New World Order controlled company?

Chris Kanyon: I have no problem with your nWo running this company, but last week, when Ric Flair was running the show, it was a travesty! I wasn’t physically, mentally, spiritually, or emotionally ready to wrestle last week, but I was thrust into a war with a savage criminal like Booker T! Where’s the justice in that, Stacy!?

Stacy just shrugs her shoulders.

Chris Kanyon: I’m a… a man of endurance, you could say, sweet cakes. Gimme that initial time to get going, and I’m gonna rock your world!

Keibler doesn’t seem pleased with the sexual innuendos Kanyon is making towards her.

Chris Kanyon: Thankfully, your boss, Mr. Bischoff, realizes that I need time to get back into the game before I start showing everyone why I am in the Innovator of Offense, and the premier talent in this company!

Was there any gay innuendos in that comment relating to some gay loving between Kanyon and Bischoff? We’re not going to find out, however, as Hugh Morris walks up into the shot, on the opposite side of Keibler as Kanyon. Champagne looks absolutely offended to see Morris interrupt his mic time.

Chris Kanyon: What the hell is this, Stacy!? Why is this fat waste of air in the shot!?

Keibler didn’t schedule dual interviews, so she just looks confused as well.

Hugh Morris: I’m here, Kanyon, because I could hear you complaining like a little girl from the opposite side of the building! Quite frankly, I can’t stand to hear the screeching anymore!

Kanyon looks even more offended at these slanderous words.

Hugh Morris: You got all this hype for your comeback, you got your own designated time in the ring to address the fans and your whereabouts, and you get a match with Booker T! Instead of complaining that you loss, be happy that you went one-on-one with one of the best talents in this company!

Chris Kanyon: Whoa, whoa, whoa… let’s get some things straight here, Morris. For starters, I don’t screech; I make the girls screech and shout! Second, Booker T isn’t one of the best talents in this company; there is only one man who is the premier talent and the best wrestler in this company… me, Chris Kanyon! In fact, it sounds to me like you’re jealous of Champagne! You’re upset that you weren’t good enough to have the limelight that only I am fit to have!

Kanyon grins as he feels he just one-upped Morris. The perennial midcard jobber just shakes his head in disagreement.

Hugh Morris: Don’t think for one second that I would ever be jealous of you. You’re an arrogant prick, Kanyon! You think of only yourself; that’s all you care about!

Kanyon, instead of getting upset or angry with Morris, just smirks and tightens his hold on the champagne bottle.

Chris Kanyon: That’s nice to hear, Hugh. I’m glad to know what you really think about me…

Morris gives Kanyon a puzzled look, and Kanyon swings the champagne bottle, busting it over Morris’ head! Hugh Morris collapses to the ground as glass flies everywhere. Stacy screams and jumps back as fragments of the broken bottle shatter her way. She kicks her legs in the air and brushes herself off, making sure nothing is sticking into her skin. Kanyon grins as Morris is down on the concrete, unconscious, before turning his attentions to Stacy Keibler, wagging his eyebrows at her.

Chris Kanyon: So… uh, you wanna get out of here, find out what Champagne Kanyon’s all about?

Kanyon winks at her, but Stacy just shoves her microphone into Kanyon’s chest, looking disgusted.

Stacy Keibler: Get a life, wonder boy; Jeff Jarrett’s more of a man than you’ll ever be.

As Keibler flings her hair over her shoulder and walks away, Kanyon watches her leave, mouth agape and wondering how she just resisted him.


When Nitro returns, we’re backstage, meaning thankfully, no Hennig/Schiavone bickering.

Rallying The Troops …Sort Of

We’re backstage in what appears to be a cafeteria of sorts, as it’s a big room, large enough for the forces of World Championship Wrestling to congregate. At the helm of the gathering, are the remaining Four Horsemen members – Arn Anderson, Lance Storm, ‘The Enforcer’ Cal Anderson, and ‘The Iceman’ Dean Malenko. All of the WCW wrestlers are at the meeting, with the exception of Booker T and Scott Steiner. Arn takes charge, starting this seemingly impromptu gathering.

Arn Anderson: Alright, alright, let’s all settle down now! We need ta’ get righ’ down ta’ business!

Everyone stops fidgeting and/or talking amongst themselves.

Arn Anderson: Now ya’ll look here; the n-Dubya-o has invaded Nitro! This ain’t like last time; they’re ready ta’ take over Dubya-See-Dubya an’ wipe us off the face of this God green Earth! This ain’t equal footin’ anymore, fella’s!

Arn paces across the front of the group, staring at everyone.

Arn Anderson: With Shawn an’ Ric here, we might have been able ta’ hold the threat off, but without ‘em… we can’t hold our own. The Four Horsemen ain’t high an’ mighty without ‘em; we need the help of everyone… every single one of ya’.

Konnan, sitting in the front row with the Filthy Animals, immediately hops out of his chair and turns to face his boys.

Konnan: Ol’ Arn is righ’, yo! We all gotta have each otha’s backs! Da’ n-Dubya-o is tryin’ ta’ cheat my boys, Billy n’ Rey-Rey, outta da’ Tag Titles n’ have Mike Awesome take out Lance Storm up here; we can’t let ‘dat happen! We gotta be in ‘dis ta’gether, essa!

Konnan nods his head and while Arn simply smiles at him. Chris Kanyon stands up next, and just shakes his head at Arn and the Horsemen. Not even bothering to give them an explanation, he just throws his arms at them before turning on his heel and walking out of the cafeteria. Shane Helms stands up next, Jack Evans and Teddy Hart sitting beside him.

Shane Helms: Watsupwit’dis!? You expect me to care about WCW all of a sudden, Arn? You expect me to give a damn about the Four Horsemen in your time of need!? Screw that, Arn! Screw Ric Flair, screw the Four Horsemen, and screw WCW! I respect you, Arn, but tell me, when in the hell did WCW ever care about me!? When did Ric Flair ever care about Shane Helms!? Where was your best friend when those two Mexicans up there conspired to steal me of my Cruiserweight Title!?

In the front row, Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero and Super Crazy leap out of their seats, trying to go after Helms. Both men are holding their necks in pain as they do so, and Konnan, Billy Kidman, Rey Misterio, Dean Malenko, and Cal Anderson intervene. Guerrero and Crazy sit back down, and Helms keeps on talking.

Shane Helms: Maybe Eric Bischoff and the nWo has it right, everyone. Maybe this company needs a take over, an invasion. Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen represents everything that went wrong with this company over the past couple of years. The nWo, the idea behind it, represents a new movement. We could be the new movement of this company if the New World Order takes over!

There’s a loud uprising within the gathering, as all of the heels seem to agree with Helms’ words. Helms and the Flying Harts leave their places in the congregation, and walk out. There’s an exodus with them, as Rick Steiner, Buff Bagwell, Lex Luger, Evan Karagias, Jamie Noble, Kaz Hayashi, Shannon Moore, Yang, and finally, The Wall, all leave. Even tweeners such as Alex Wright, Disco Inferno, and Crowbar join the exodus. Current Power Plant stars are in the group to make the walk out even bigger, including former Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions Elix Skipper and Kid Romeo, Air Paris and Air Styles, Chris Harris, James Storm, Paul London, the Haas Brothers, and Kwee-Wee. The final men to leave the congregation are the former WCW Tag Team Champions, Mark Jindrak and Johnny Stamboli, and Mike Sanders. They make sure to give a death glare to the Filthy Animals on their way out, Mike Sanders pointing at Kidman and Misterio and mouthing, “we’re coming for you!”

As the meeting trims down to just over ten people, The Young Lions stand up.

Sean O’Haire: You’re little meeting’s about to get even smaller, Arn. We respect you, and we appreciate what the Four Horsemen are doing for this company, but me and Chuck can’t fight for a company that lets the Filthy Animals stand tall as Tag Team Champions.

Chuck Palumbo: Billy Kidman and Rey Misterio, you stabbed us both in the back, and we’re never going to stand by your side and fight a battle with you. We don’t trust you… you guys make us sick! If the Filthy Animals fight with the Horsemen, then the Lions are out.

Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire nod heads with each other before walking out of the room… leaving just the Four Horsemen, the Filthy Animals, Super Crazy, and Hugh Morris. Ten men are left standing, one of who is physically incapable of wrestling, and three of whom got their asses kicked already tonight. Larry Zbyszko walks into the room, looking to see how the meeting went, apparently. He sees how few wrestlers remain, and shares a worried look with Arn Anderson. Double A turns and looks at Lance Storm, who for once, does not look mentally ready for an upcoming wrestling match. Worried, almost as if he’s accepting his fate, he sadly nods his head before walking out of the room, his match up next. As he leaves Cal Anderson claps and Dean tries to yell out words of encouragement. Lance stops at Larry, and the Living Legend just pats him on the shoulder. As Storm walks out of the shot, the rest of the WCW army stare each other down, all looking uncomfortable. Their rallying ‘round the flag theory just failed miserably.

Tony Schiavone: Oh no… this is just awful.

Curt Hennig: Hahahaha, that was great stuff, Tony! Your boys tried to call the troops together, and it just backfired, right in their faces!

Mike Tenay: As horrible as it may be, Tony, Mr. Hennig is right on this one. WCW is a roster divided! Barely anyone wants to choose a side and fight in the name of World Championship Wrestling!

Tony Schiavone: Boys, please! Heed this message: now is a time to put aside your own differences, and be men! Fight under one banner – World Championship Wrestling – and thwart this nWo invasion!

Hennig just laughs hysterically, slamming his palms off the announcer’s table as he does.

Curt Hennig: Why in the hell would anyone listen to you, Tony!? If you want to rally the troops, maybe you should tell them to join the New World Order! Tell them one thing, Tony, and those people will do the exact opposite of what a moron like you says!

Tony Schiavone: Oh yeah? I’ll have you know that I am the damn voice of this company! I’ve been calling the shots for over a decade! These fans connect with me, and I connect with them! Those boys in the back, they’re my friends, and I am theirs! I am getting sick and tired of you making jabs at me all night; you are wrong, Curt!

Curt just laughs at Tony.

Curt Hennig: Alright, *shit*-avonie, you think what you want, but I’ll have you know that if you’re so well respected, then why in the hell does your own colleague, your supposed best friend, can’t stand working with your talent less ass week-in and week-out?

Tony Schiavone: Now that’s a damn lie!

Mike Tenay is conspicuously silent, and his potential answer will never come as “Rockhouse” hits, bringing out ‘The Career Killer’ Mike Awesome to a loud chorus of boos, but because he’s a part of that dastardly nWo, he still gets some cheers. Awesome simply marches down the ring, noticing the a table is now laying down on the protective mats on each side of the ring. Four tables already ready to be set up and put to use… suits Mike Awesome. As Awesome hands his North American Belt to a nWo stagehand, “Horsemen” hits, bringing out the man Awesome beat for that NA Title, Lance Storm. While just moments earlier, Storm seemed like a nervous wreck, that face has vanished as he marches down the aisle to the ring. The Canadian has a cold, blank stare as he eyes up Awesome, ready for one hell of a fight. As Storm gets to the end of the aisle, he picks up the folded table, and immediately sets it up on the edge of the mats. He slaps the body of it before entering the ring, ready for one hell of a war.

Match Three
Lance Storm vs. Mike Awesome
Tables Match

There’s no elaborate stare down or lock up to start this match, just Lance Storm walking up to Mike Awesome and bitch slapping him in the face! That starts a stiff brawl with quick blows, the two men just beating each other senseless as they’ve done in the recent past, the crowd absolutely loving it. Although Storm is able to send Awesome to his knees with vicious kicks to his thighs and claves, Awesome locks a running leg lariat by simply catching Lance’s foot in his bare hands. Awesome spins Lance around, and as he does so, hops off his knees and spears Storm to the canvas in mid-air!

The Career Killer goes on the offensive, mounting the Canadian and drilling him with vicious right hands. Several times Awesome drops Lance on his head with releases suplexes, Storm knowing just how to land the bump for ultimate selling effect. However, Lance Storm wows the fans and turns the tides in the match soon enough; Awesome tries to hit Storm with a release suplex-into-a-bomb, but as Awesome throws the upside-down Lance out of the suplex, Storm flips through the air, lands on his feet, and quickly hits a boot to the gut and connects with an implant DDT!

Knowing he needs to do a number on Awesome, and fast, Lance goes to work, battering Awesome in the face with stiff forearm and elbow strikes, eventually busting The Career Killer’s nose open. However, Storm can be an actual wrestler too, scoring with a shoulder jaw breaker drop, German suplex, a springboard back elbow smash off the second rope, and then capping the onslaught off with a springboard lariat from the third rope! Awesome, in a rare moment, is down and out on the canvas, his ass thoroughly kicked. Knowing what has to be done to get the victory, Storm exits the ring, grabs one of the tables laying on the mats at the side of the ring, and slides it back into the ring. As Lance starts setting the table up in the ring, Jeff Jarrett comes sprinting out from the back, guitar in hand. Lance spots Jarrett just as he dives into the ring and tries to take him out with a clothesline. The Chosen One ducks the lariat, and as Storm turns around, Jarrett breaks the guitar over Storm’s head!

The crowd erupts in jeers at Storm collapses to the canvas, and Charles Robinson can only look on and watch in horror as the nWo does what it does best: attack with numbers. However, the cavalry is coming, in the form of Dean Malenko and Konnan! Jarrett hightails it out of the ring and hops the guardrail, but ‘The Iceman’ Dean Malenko is right on his tail. Konnan, however, enters the ring and starts hitting Awesome with right hands as he tries to attack Storm. Konnan tries to whip Awesome into the ropes, but the NA Champ reverses the whip, and flips Konnan over his head with a one-armed hip toss suplex! The Career Killer picks Konnan off his feet, and looks to do exactly what his namesake is. Awesome scoops Konnan onto his shoulders and runs at the ropes near the entrance aisle… RUNNING AWESOME BOMB TO KONNAN… OVER THE ROPES AND TO THE OUTSIDE THROUGH A TABLE!!

The crowd doesn’t even boo – shit I’d be cheering – as they erupt into a chorus of “Holy Shit, Holy Shit!” Konnan is fucking dead amongst the table fragments, and EMTs rush out to attend to K-Dawg. Who cares though; it’s only Konnan? Awesome sure as hell doesn’t because he turns his attention back to the recuperating Storm. Awesome clubs Storm back to his stomach with overhead forearm strikes, and proceeds to kick him like a stray dog. The Career Killer savagely attacks Storm, working him over with ease, using vicious suplexes and stiff strikes to not only wear down Storm, but keeping the crowd “oohing” and “ahhing”… or however the fuck you spell ‘em. Awesome caps his assault off with a vicious double leg slam (Alabama Slam), Storm, of course, bumping on his neck to make the move look far more wicked than what it is. The Canucker is down and out, and Awesome looks to finish things off, setting Lance up on the table. That table, it just so happens, is in prime position for a leap from the top turnbuckle, and that’s what The Career Killer plans on doing. Awesome exits to the apron, climbs up top, gets his feet set, and leaps off… FLYING FROG SPLASH THROUGH THE TABLE… AND STORM MOVES… AWESOME CRASHES THROUGH WOOD!

The match goes on, as while the North American Champion went through the table, Storm didn’t put him through it, so on we go. While the two men recover, a split screen shows Konnan being carted up the entrance aisle, on a backboard and stretcher, his body strapped in place and his neck held steady by a neck brace and board. The former Champion goes on the advantage, taking it to the dazed Awesome with more stiff strikes and suplexes. Storm gets the Career Killer in a tizzy with three consecutive snap suplexes before going old school by mixing extreme with the Impact Players. Storm takes a large broken table fragment, pulls it away from the other fragment, sets Awesome between his legs, and spikes him with his jumping Deep Impact pile driver, right onto the table fragment!

On commentary, Schiavone is having a field day as Storm takes it to Awesome, but Hennig tells Fat Tony he’s going to put him in his place. Instead of attacking Schiavone, Hennig tears off his head set, leaves the table, and sprints down the aisle and into the ring. Storm has his back turned to the aisle as he destroys Awesome’s chest with knife edge chops in the ropes. Hennig drills the unsuspecting Storm from behind with a running forearm to the back of the head, turns Storm around, and plants him with the Hennig Plex! Hennig quickly exits the ring, grabbing one of the tables and sliding it back into the ring. Hennig makes a play to get into the ring, but Cal Anderson and Larry Zbyszko come out from the back, Cal sprinting down to defend his fellow Horsemen. However, security, clad in nWo windbreakers, come out and immediately restrain Cal Anderson and then Zbyszko before they can enter the ring or take care of Hennig. The Perfect One, satisfied with his actions, struts back up to the commentator’s table, grinning.

Back in the ring, Mike Awesome is fully recuperated, while Lance Storm is down and out in the ring. Awesome picks up the table placed in the ring by Curt Hennig, and props it up against the corner, setting the legs out so only wood is against the corner. Awesome then picks up Storm off his feet, and crushes his knee into Storm’s face, trying to break his nose and draw blood, much like Storm did to him earlier. Awesome scoops the Canadian up off his feet and onto his shoulder, and takes a running start towards the corner… RUNNING AWESOME BOMB TO STORM… THROUGH THE TABLE IN THE CORNER!! The crowd jeers as Awesome delivers the fatal blow, Storm’s back damn near breaking as he is crushed by the corner turnbuckles, seconds after crashing through a table.

Mike Awesome def. Lance Storm at 11:11

The crowd, despite still popping for the table spot, boos as “Rockhouse” hits again and ‘The Career Killer’ Mike Awesome stands victorious. Awesome, after having Robinson raise his arm in victory, stares down the broken and battered Lance Storm, laying amongst the broken table fragments in the corner, not moving. Awesome walks over to Storm, but instead of inflicting even more punishment on him, just spits on him instead! The crowd boos Awesome even more, but he doesn’t seem to give a damn… shocker. The Career Killer gets his North American Title Belt tossed to him from a stagehand, and he makes his way up the entrance aisle to the back.

Mike Tenay: Mike Awesome just continues to wreak havoc in this company with this demoralizing victory of Lance Storm; no thanks to you, of course, Curt.

Tony Schiavone: How in the hell do you sleep at night!?

Curt Hennig: On my back, Tony, on my back. And Dean Ten-oh, I was just doing what needed to be done! You saw the numbers game WCW was trying to pull! Four guys came down to help Lance Storm out in that match!

Tony Schiavone: And both times two men came out, it was to stop you and Jeff Jarrett from continuing to attack Lance Storm like a common criminal!

Mike Tenay: …And not to mention Mike Awesome may have broken Konnan’s neck and back! He might have ended his career!

Curt Hennig: This is a war, gentlemen. Casualties are to be expected; if Konnan couldn’t hang with the New World Order, then he shouldn’t have picked this fight!

Mike Tenay: Well because of the New World Order, this could be one hell of a bad night for the Filthy Animals! Konnan may have just seen his professional wrestling career ended, and Billy Kidman and Rey Misterio have to defend their Tag Team Titles next against The Outsiders, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall! Like that match won’t be stacked in their favor, right Curt!?

Tony Schiavone: Arn Anderson, bring the cavalry for the main event, please!


When Nitro returns, we’re not at ringside for the main event (yet), but instead backstage.

A Vanilla Union, to End Corruption

Stacy Keibler, that sexy piece of ass, is walking around backstage, trying to actually do her job for the night and finding someone to interview. She walks over to the exit, the door where wrestlers leave for the parking lot. As she approaches the exit, she finds Shane Helms and the Flying Harts dressed to leave, carrying their duffel bags. Well, Helms isn’t carrying his bag; he has two Sugar Babies pulling his luggage. Teddy Hart sees Stacy approaching them, and nudges Helms on the shoulders. The former CW Champ pulls his beanie off his head, and the three men approach her.

Stacy Keibler: Gentlemen, have time for an interview before you leave?

Helms just eyes up Stacy.

Shane Helms: For you Stacy, mon petit chou, I have all the time in the world.

Helms grabs Keibler’s right hand and kisses it. The Sugar Babies look absolutely furious, while Stacy just blushes and smiles. Kanyon must be shitting himself right now.

Stacy Keibler: Why thank you, Shane. However, what everyone wants to know, is why you and the Flying Harts have teamed up together? What brought about this alliance between you three?

Shane Helms: Stacy, it’s pretty simple, really. Teddy Hart and Jack Evans saw the injustice that was being done to me, and they knew that I was screwed out of my Cruiserweight Title at Sin. These two fine young men, they’re not going to stand for the corruption that has engrossed our beloved cruiserweight division. Teddy Hart, Jack Evans, and Shane Helms… we are the cruiserweight division. I carried that division by myself throughout all of 2001; Teddy Hart is a third-generation star and Jack Evans is one of the youngest stars in this entire company. We are the present, and the future of the cruiserweight division, and of this company! And really, Stacy, we have you and the New World Order to thank for it.

Stacy looks at Helms, puzzled.

Shane Helms: Uh huh, I said it, Stace’. The nWo has the formula right – join up, attack in numbers, and infiltrate. Your boys have inspired us to do the same, if only on a smaller scale. We’re more than happy to let the New World Order invade this company and take it over; its foundations are corrupted just like the cruiserweight division. Super Crazy and Chavo Guerrero, those two illegal's are heralded as the roots of the cruiserweight division – the stars of it – and all they are, is a couple of Mexican hacks who conspired together to rob me of what’s mine! Your New World Order, they have numbers, Stacy; and now, I have numbers too.

Helms looks over his shoulder at Teddy and Jack, and nods his head, smirking.

Shane Helms: Teddy Hart and Jack Evans, they’ve put aside any differences they’ve had with me for a common goal. We’re not going stand for the bigotry and intolerance that Super Crazy and Chavo Guerrero represent; we refuse to let corruption control the division we’ve pioneered! Teddy Hart and Jack Evans, they can focus on Chavo Guerrero for now, the gold can be theirs! I love that Cruiserweight Title, but you see, I can value the meanings of an alliance, of friendship. Teddy and Jack, we can decide as a group which one of you gets Chavo, but I’m telling you now, that Cruiserweight Title, it can be yours, for now. Super Crazy… he’s mine! We started tonight, and in the coming weeks, gentlemen, we’re going to rid the cruiserweight division of these wet backs, I promise you that!

Teddy and Jack nod their heads and yell out “Yeah” in agreement. They pick up their bags and head towards the exit, the Sugar Babies following after them, each giving Stacy Keibler a death glare beforehand. Helms eyes Stacy up one last time and just smirks at her before leaving as well. As Stacy watches the cruiserweights leave, the hints of a tiny smile on her face, we cut back to ringside.

There must be some plans for this main event because we have no commentary, but instead, “Filthy” hits, bringing out the reigning WCW Tag Team Champions, Billy Kidman and Rey Misterio. However, some back up is coming with them, as Chavo Guerrero and Super Crazy come out from behind the steel support entrance with them. The two opponents from earlier in the night sell their injuries from the beat down they sustained at the hands of Shane Helms and the Flying Harts, but no matter what, they’re going to support their friends. As the Animals get into the ring and hand their belts off to Randy Anderson…

New NewNew
New New

The Outsiders, ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash and ‘The Bad Guy’ Scott Hall strut out from the back, Hall crouched over and his arms extended, cocky as ever coming into this Tag Title match. Nash just smirks at the two cruiserweights as the Outsiders walk towards the ring, the crowd absolutely booing them till no tomorrow. The Outsiders surprisingly have no help with them, but with Hennig at ringside, and Hogan, Awesome, and Jarrett in the back, the numbers are ready. Nash and Hall enter the ring after a lengthy entrance, and take their time removing their accessories before Anderson calls for the bell.

Main Event
Filthy Animals &#169; vs. The Outsiders
WCW Tag Team Championship Match

It seems like I spoke too soon because as soon as soon as Billy Kidman starts circling around Kevin Nash in the ring, Scott Hall does his Kliq point to the back, and Hulk Hogan, Jeff Jarrett, Mike Awesome, Stacy Keibler, and Eric Bischoff come out from the back. The New World Order march down to the ring and position themselves on the side of the ring opposite the entrance aisle, grabbing chairs from the timekeeper’s table and sitting down right next to David Penzer. Their arrival causes a distraction right off the bat, and Nash is able to land a quick punch to Kidman and start to work him over right away with clubberin’ blows. Oh man, this is going to be so overbooked…

The Outsiders work Kidman over with slow, boring offense, aka, just punches and big overhead forearm strikes. However, the Filthy Animals are here for a fight, and Billy Kidman takes down Scott Hall when Kidman comes firing off the ropes and scores with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors! Kidman quickly makes a tag to Misterio, who climbs up the ropes to the third rope. Misterio just stands on the top rope, showing extraordinary balance while he waits for Hall to get to his feet. As The Bad Guy does, Rey-Rey springboards off the third rope, and connects with a springboard missile dropkick!

Kevin Nash hollers at ‘Pee-Wee’ Anderson, getting him to come over to the corner. As Anderson is distracted, Mike Awesome quickly dives under the bottom rope and into the ring, and crushes an unsuspecting Misterio with a stiff lariat! Misterio flops right on his neck as Awesome exits the ring. Kidman tries to go after Awesome, but Super Crazy and Chavo Guerrero beat him to it! The two cruiserweights meet Awesome at the end of the entrance aisle and lay into him with a flurry of right hands. Eric Bischoff’s and Jeff Jarrett’s eyes connect, and with a head of Bischoff’s nod, Jarrett grabs his guitar and walks across the ringside aisles. Jarrett walks up behind Chavo Guerrero, and breaks a guitar right over the back of his head! With Guerrero down, Mike Awesome is able to lift Super Crazy off his feet and scoop slam him onto the concrete floor! As the New World Order boys head back over to the rest of the gang, the nWo security – where’s Doug Dillinger and his crew, damn it!? – come rushing out from the back, pick Chavo Guerrero and Super Crazy off their feet, and drag them to the back.

In the ring, The Outsiders have once again taken control, this time wearing down Rey Misterio. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall actually display a wide variety in their offense tonight, and score several near falls throughout their isolation of Misterio. Nash almost snaps and attacks Randy Anderson when Rey Misterio kicks out of his one-armed pendulum backbreaker. Scott Hall kicks the ropes in disgust when Misterio somehow gets a shoulder up following his variation of the choke slam. Rey Misterio keeps fighting back though, and he is able to use his speed and agility to escape an abdominal stretch that Hall had locked in for quite some time, rolling Hall up with a weird pinning combination. Hall kicks out easily, and tries to clothesline Rey back down to the canvas, but Rey ducks and leaps onto Hall’s shoulders from behind. Rey spins his body around on Hall’s shoulders before connecting with a swinging hurricanrana! After several dramatic moments, both men make tags!

Billy Kidman storms into the ring, and is a house of fire, sending Nash staggering time and time again with dropkicks and leaping forearm strikes. Kidman is eventually able to get Nash back into the corner, only for The Bad Guy to attack Kidman from behind. Billy Kidman, however, is fresh as can be, and blocks a discus punch from Hall and emulate the fallen Konnan by hitting him with the Kid Factor! As Kidman gets up to his feet though, Nash hits a big overhead forearm to Kidman’s back, and lifts him up for the Jackknife Powerbomb. YOU DON’T POWERBOMB KIDMAN!! Kidman escapes the Jackknife, lands on his feet, kicks Nash in the stomach, and Kidman plants Big Sexy with the Kid Krusher! Kidman makes the cover, and with Hall down, Anderson makes the count: ONE! TWO! THR-HOGAN PULLS PEE-WEE OUT OF THE RING!

The crowd erupts into jeers as Hogan wags his finger at Randy Anderson, telling him that Billy Kidman didn’t have the match won, or some gibberish like that. In the ring, Billy Kidman is furious, looking to be on the verge of tears at seeing victory snatched away from him. Misterio enters the ring as well, trying to keep Kidman calm and focus on the match. Jeff Jarrett, from ringside, sees trouble at the entrance, however, as Arn Anderson, Cal Anderson, Dean Malenko, and Larry Zbyszko come out, ready to end this injustice. Bischoff sends his troops into action, and Jarrett, Awesome, and Hogan make their way to the end of the entrance aisle, blocking the WCW army from coming down to the ring. nWo security quickly comes out from the back as well, getting right in the faces of the WCW army. Curt Hennig leaves his spot from the announcer’s table, heading down to join the New World Order at the end of the entrance aisle; the nWo hired security join them soon after.

Back in the ring, Billy Kidman and Rey Misterio try to stay on the offensive against The Outsiders, but things turn sour when Kevin Nash reverses a Kidman tilt-a-whirl head scissors attempt into a backbreaker, almost breaking Kidman in two. The Outsiders go back to working over Kidman in the ring, Nash choking the life out of the standing Kidman in the corner with his boot. Kidman shows resilience and continues to fight back, and actually is able to hit Scott Hall with a running bulldog after escaping the Outsider’s Edge. However, Kevin Nash is able to lean through the ropes and use his seven foot frame to grab Kidman by the ankle, preventing him from crawling to his corner and making the tag! Furious, Rey Misterio thrusts himself into the match on his own accord, instead of waiting for a tag. As Nash releases Kidman and Hall gets back up to his feet, Misterio hops from the apron to the top turnbuckle, jumps at the unsuspecting Hall, his back turned to Rey, and hits Hall with a super bulldog of his own! The booing crowd is replaced by cheers, and Misterio rolls back onto the apron, making sure to slap his chest with his hands and throwing his arms out at Nash, as if challenging him, “Is that all you got?”

Misterio’s interference puts Billy Kidman back in control, and he knocks the staggering Hall down repeatedly with dropkicks. Kidman is a one man (or maybe half-a-man… he is a vanilla midget, after all) machine as he rocks Scott Hall with big right forearm strikes. Kidman whips Hall into the ropes and as The Bad Guy comes staggering back towards him, Kidman plants him with the BK Bomb! Scott Hall goes down hard, but before Kidman can make the cover, Kevin Nash climbs over the top rope and into the ring. Kevin Nash starts exchanging right hands with Kidman, and as Nash gets the upper hand, Rey Misterio returns to the ring. The tired Filthy Animals try to take it to Kevin Nash, but Big Sexy’s clubbering blows are too much. Nash is able to send Misterio down with a head butt, and Billy tries to avenge him by leaping off his feet, but Nash clocks the airborne Kidman with a Big Boot! Scott Hall joins the fray once more as Nash sends Kidman into the corner and works him over with overhead chops to the chest. Scott Hall hits Misterio with two big right hands and tries to follow it up with the discus punch, but Misterio blocks it! As Rey-Rey looks to turn the tides on Hall, The Bad Guy kicks Rey right in the groin! Randy Anderson gets in Hall’s face, telling him he’s not afraid of Bischoff firing him (again), he’ll DQ Hall for breaking the rules… to which The Bad Guy respond by dropping Anderson with a right hand! Hall then lifts Misterio off his feet… and plants him with The Outsider’s Edge!

Arn Anderson and the WCW army are furious on the stage after watching Hall low blow Misterio and take Pee Wee Anderson out; the Outsider’s Edge, however, is the straw the breaks the camel’s back. Double A rallies the troops, and Cal Anderson is the first one to break their silence, sprinting down the ramp and entrance aisle to the nWo members and security. From the backstage comes Hugh Morris, Super Crazy, and Chavo Guerrero, ready to help in any way despite their injuries. Cal and Dean lead the charge, although even Larry Zbyszko and dear God, Arn Anderson, are throwing right hands! Inside the ring, Kevin Nash throws Kidman to the canvas, and he and Scott Hall watch the chaos at ringside from the edge of the ropes as it’s one crazy fight between the New World Order and its hired security and the WCW renegade army!

As everyone focuses on proceedings outside the ring, very few people notice a man hop the security guardrail adjacent to the big brawl. The man dives into the ring under the bottom ropes, and his right hand clenched. The crowd finally realizes what’s going on… IT’S RIC FLAIR!! Scott Hall is the first one to turn his back and focus on his opponents, but instead, Scott Hall takes a wicked right hook from Flair, and drops like a ton of bricks! Kevin Nash sees what’s going on and charges Flair. Big Sexy tries to clothesline the Nature Boy, but Flair ducks it, knowing it was coming. Nash turns around, and Flair throws his entire weight into a right hook, clocking Big Sexy in the jaw, and Nash drops! The camera gets a shot of Flair’s hand, and he’s got brass knuckles! Ric Flair quickly leans down and revives Randy Anderson and the Filthy Animals, and then turns his attention to the Nitro Tron above the steel support entrance area. He signals to the back, and out comes ‘Head of Security’ Doug Dillinger and his staff of security guards.

Ric Flair exits the ring and joins the wild brawl with his Horsemen and WCW associates as Dillinger and his security try and regain order as well. In the ring, Billy Kidman climbs up to the top turnbuckle at Rey Misterio’s request and demand. Rey makes sure Scott Hall is line up right and Nash is down, and after a dramatic pause and a deep breath, Billy Kidman leaps off the top turnbuckle… SHOOTING STAR PRESS TO HALL… CONNECTS!! The crowd can’t believe it, and Rey Misterio quickly throws Kidman on top of Hall, Rey-Rey jumping on too for the cover: ONE! TWO! THREE! The Filthy Animals have done it! Billy Kidman and Rey Misterio are still Tag Team Champions, and Eric Bischoff cannot believe it at ringside! His night has been ruined!

Billy Kidman pins Scott Hall at 10:16; the Filthy Animals def. The Outsiders to retain WCW Tag Team Titles

As Kidman and Misterio hug and celebrate in the ring, Ric Flair and Doug Dillinger are taking charge. WCW’s security and the WCW army are able to restore order, and with the help of Ric Flair knocking out countless members of the nWo security with brass knuckled right hands, Dillinger and the WCW security are able to force the New World Order to the back. Hogan, Jarrett, Awesome, and Hennig, as well as the New World Order security all are restrained on their way to the back, although a few nWo security men are dragged to the back, those members knocked out by a Flair right hook. The WCW army joins the Filthy Animals in the ring to celebrate, except Ric Flair. He’s not in that kind of mood tonight. He calls for more security to come out, and take The Outsiders to the back. A stagehand gives Flair a microphone during the chaos, and from the edge of the entrance aisle, Naitch takes charge.

Ric Flair: LEAVE! Everyone of you in the ring, out of my ring! That’s a big win, Billy and Rey, but boys, Horsemen, go take it to the back. There’s something I gotta do!

Flair climbs up the steps and enters the ring, walking right past the stunned and confused WCW army, instead walking to the opposite side of the ring and staring down Eric Bischoff and Stacy Keibler.

Ric Flair: Eric, you tell your eye candy to take her ass to the back also, but you… you keep your ass down here! In fact, I want you to join me in this ring… RIGHT NOW!

The crowd erupts into cheers as Flair is calling Bischoff out. The Filthy Animals, the Four Horsemen, and the WCW army all exit the ring, joining the security members who are forcing the groggy Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to the back. A frightened Eric Bischoff shares a look with Stacy Keibler, and just nods to her. Stacy leaves Bischoff’s side, and David Penzer hands The Bisch a microphone. As Bischoff closes his eyes and takes a deep breath and starts to walk to the ring, Nitro takes its final…


When Nitro returns, you already know where we are.

It’s Evolved; an Era Has to End

Ric Flair is in the ring, not on his usual dress suit, but just jeans and a t-shirt. It’s clear he hasn’t shaved since last Wednesday; everything about him looks like a wreck, except his eyes. His eyes are heated, on fire, ready to kill. He stares down Eric Bischoff, doing his best to keep his composure. When Flair starts to talk, his voice is low, and he’s staring at the canvas and the nWo logo upon it.

Ric Flair: Eric, Eric Bischoff… I want you to know, that you should be ashamed of yourself.

While at any other time, Eric Bischoff would laugh and grin such an asinine statement, tonight, Bischoff just watches Flair with interest, not having the foolish bravery to challenge him.

Ric Flair: …What you did last week, to me, to Shawn Michaels… to our families… was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen or been a part of in my entire life.

Flair paces around in a small circle, still staring at the nWo logo.

Ric Flair: I have been a part of some messed up things in my life, Eric – you know that. Me and the Four Horsemen, we roughed up a lot of wrestlers in our day, we broke a lot of bones, but there is one thing we never touched. This was one line that we did not cross. There was one group that was always taboo… family. The personal – the private – lives of the boys in the back, was never our concern, our business. It wasn’t the right of these people to know about the families; that right belonged to the boys and their families. And last week… last week, Eric… you crossed that line. You broke that taboo, you TOUCHED… what was never SUPPOSED, to be… TOUCHED!

As Flair starts to lose his cool a bit and yell words out, he raises his head, glaring at Bischoff, his eyes filled with so much hatred. Flair just stares at Bischoff for several long moments, giving a new meaning to the phrase, “if looks could kill.” Bischoff is the one staring at his feet now, trying to avoid the radiating stare of Naitch.

Ric Flair: This whole thing, it’s always been one thing, Eric: World Championship Wrestling versus New World Order; WCW versus nWo… and you changed it. You’ve changed things, Eric, for good. After last week, after what you did to me last week, there is no going back. This is not WCW versus nWo anymore, Eric, it’s more than that. This isn’t about the feuds between Shawn Michaels and The Outsiders, and damn sure isn’t about the in-ring problems I’ve had with Hulk Hogan or Jeff Jarrett… it’s not even about Ric Flair versus Eric Bischoff, not anymore.

Flair stops talking, waiting for Bischoff to look him in the eyes. It takes almost ten seconds of awkward silence before Bischoff raises his head to look at Flair. As soon as Eric does, Ric lashes out.

Ric Flair: You’ve made this personal, Eric.

Bischoff gulps in fear, and instantly lowers his head back down.

Ric Flair: You’ve made this more personal than anything can ever be, Eric. This isn’t about an attack on the character of Ric Flair, who I am. You attacked my family, Shawn’s family. I’ve been thinkin’ about this all week, Eric. Ever since I had to stand here and watch Jeff attack David, break into my house and break that guitar over Reid’s head, I’ve been sitting at home, at the hospital, thinking. You’ve made me keep replaying all those events over and over again in my mind, Eric. Hell, I wasn’t even remembering what happened last week, but what could have happened. I’ll admit, Eric, if you wanted to, you and the nWo could’ve done so much worse to me and my family than what you did. But that doesn’t mean I’m not afraid it won’t happen; I am terrified Eric, that one day, you’ll take it to that next level - you’ll find some way to escalate this – and you’ll cross the line even further. That thought… it’s making me snap.

Flair pauses, running his finger across his eye, wiping away a single tear that escaped him.

Ric Flair: Eric, it is one thing to prevent me doing the thing that I love the most in this world, wrestle, like you did to me back in 1998… like you have done to me now. I can live with you sending me home for half a year, and I can live with being retired by Hulk Hogan… but this isn’t the same thing anymore! Kick me down, Eric, shove my name in the mud – rip my “legacy” TO SHREDS! Show all these people that Ric Flair isn’t the hero they make him out to be, I don’t care… but never do it at the expense of my family!

Flair swallows excess saliva and stares Bischoff down, The Bisch still not looking Ric in the eye.

Ric Flair: When you and Hogan sent Jeff Jarrett down to North Carolina last week, you knew what was going to happen. You knew Jeff was going to find a way into that rehab center, and attack David. You planned on them exploiting my son’s unstable mental condition; you hoped that Jeff would tell the entire world about David’s drug addiction.

Flair pauses, getting choked up.

Ric Flair: …How do you live with yourself?

Bischoff, surprised by Flair’s words, raises his head to stare at the teary eyed Flair.

Ric Flair: How do you live with yourself, knowing they were going to almost kill my David? How do you live with yourself, knowing that Jeff was going to break into my house, threaten the safety of my family, and assault my baby boy, Reid?

Flair wipes the tears out of his eyes, and spits on the New World Order logo.

Ric Flair: ‘F’ it, I don’t care! I don’t give a damn how you live with yourself because at the end of the day… you’re alive. You’re standing… right here… in this very ring, face-to-face with me.

Bischoff looks over his shoulders, trying to find a way out, but he has already pinned himself in the corner. Flair stares Bischoff down, licking his lips, salivating at the thought of attacking Bischoff.

Ric Flair: …I’m snapping, Eric…

Flair slowly starts walking to Bischoff in the corner.

Ric Flair: I’m losing my cool, Bischoff. Right now, retaliation seems like the only option. …Do you know what I want to do you, Eric?

Eric remains motionless, unable to speak or even shake his head.

Ric Flair: I wanna murder you.

Again, Bischoff gulps in fear, now fearing for his life.

Ric Flair: I want beat you senseless, Eric. I want to tackle you to this canvas, and I want to punch and kick, THE GOD DAMN LIFE… OUT OF YOUR BLACK SOUL!

The crowd cheers as Flair takes another few steps closer to Bischoff.

Ric Flair: I want… to KILL YOU, DAMNIT!

Flair finally reaches Bischoff, and as Eric brings his arms in front of his face, trying to prevent Ric from punching him in the face, Ric just puts the microphone between his mouth and Eric’s ear, and whispers.

Ric Flair: I want to choke the very air you breathe, right out of your lungs with my own bare hands… I want to murder you in cold blood, Eric… but I’m not going to do that.

Bischoff slowly removes his arms from in front of his face, and Flair just backs away from Bischoff, standing once again in the center of the ring.

Ric Flair: I may not be the smartest of men, Bischoff, but I know the consequences of taking your life. I want to protect my family from men like you, the New World Order… I can’t protect them if I’m on death row. You have a free pass, Eric.

Bischoff closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, tears now the verge of falling from his eyes.

There’s a long pause as Flair paces around the ring, staring at the silent crowd, the ring, the commentator’s table, the entrance… everything. As Flair starts to talk again, the tears are gone from his eyes, the anger has vanished. Instead, his eyes are starry, his voice distant and prophetic.

Ric Flair: …This isn’t big enough for us all, anymore.

Flair continues to pace around the ring, while for the first time, Bischoff is truly trying to engage in a stare down with Flair, not wanting, but needing, to know what he means. Flair finally gives an answer after a long pause.

Ric Flair: …World Championship Wrestling, it’s not big enough for all of us, Eric. This has been a war, and casualties have to be made. These arenas, the television shows and networks, the pay per views… it’s just not enough anymore. Which faction is most dominant, WCW or nWo? We could keep fighting this endless war forever, Eric… but I can’t fight it anymore. Eric, an era has to end!

Flair and Bischoff are locked in a stare down finally, neither man moving their gaze.

Ric Flair: Eric, I’ve had this whole week to think about it, and it all boils to down this: I cannot live my life anymore, fighting the nWo. I cannot live while the New World Order survives. I can either take my ball and go home – live my life, a loser – or I can take a stand and end this threat… once and for all!

The crowd breaks out into cheers, but Flair doesn’t acknowledge them, still staring down Bischoff. As soon as the crowd quiets, Flair keeps talking.

Ric Flair: There’s a flagship pay per view coming up in two and a half weeks time, Eric… Superbrawl. It’s supposed to be one of the biggest pay per views of the year, right Eric? Well Bischoff, let’s make it worthy of a flagship! Let’s make it go with a bang! LET’S END AN ERA, BISCHOFF!

The crowd cheers again, even though they’re not sure what they’re cheering. Bischoff, maybe subconsciously, nods his head.

Ric Flair: Eric, this has to end… World Championship Wrestling versus New World Order, it’s got to end. If you stay here, if the nWo keeps this war going, I will snap; I will kill you, Eric, I will throw my life away. One of us has to go, Eric. One of these sides, has to go.

Flair pauses, pacing around in a circle before locking eyes with Bischoff once again.

Ric Flair: It’s time for us to throw all the chips on the table… I’m willing to put everything on the line, Eric… are you? Will you risk your career, the careers of the New World Order, to gain it all? C’mon, Eric… let’s do this. You already know what’s coming, don’t you? You know what I want!

Bischoff, as if he’s a puppet, just nods his head lifelessly.

Ric Flair: Give me ONE MATCH, Eric! Give us ONE MATCH! One match, all the chips on the table, in the MATCH, that we NEED to have! Winner takes everything, Eric! WCW! nWo! In the match that the Four Horsemen made famous, and the match the nWo has dominated… THE WAR GAMES!!

The crowd ERUPTS into cheers at the biggest challenge of them all. Eric Bischoff himself can’t help but smirk at the challenge. The War Games is his side’s forte. 3 times WCW and nWo met in the War Games, and all three times the nWo was victorious.

Bischoff tries to answer the challenge right away, but Flair keeps talking instead.

Ric Flair: 5 on 5, Eric! All it takes is for one man to submit, and it’s all over! Whatever sides gives up… loses it all! Eric, if the New World Order wins… this, this is all yours. WCW will cease to exist; this company – ever fabric and asset of it – becomes yours and the property of the New World Order. The nWo takes over full control of the company and the superstars – the contracts and merchandising rights – the television deals, ticket sales, pay per view deals, the revenue… everything! You win the war, and World Championship Wrestling is over. You can decide what to do with us.

Bischoff, for the first time since Flair came out from the crowd, nods his head and smirks, relishing in that potential outcome.

Ric Flair: But… but if we win, if the New World Order loses… you’re done, Bischoff. The New World Order dies – you disband, and you never try and take over this company again. You’re subjected to the will of WCW, and subjected to my will as President!

Flair and Bischoff stare each other down, and there is a long pause until Bischoff finally speaks, trying to hide his intimidation with his arrogance and confidence.

Eric Bischoff: …This is how it’s always meant to be, isn’t it, Ric? One match to end it all… War Games. The white knights, the angels, the Four Horsemen, versus the legion of evil, the agents of chaos, the New World Order… it was always supposed to come down to this… and the time, is now.

Bischoff pauses, his feelings of intimidation gone and now replaced by his confidence. Bischoff walks right up into Flair’s face, ready to give him an official answer.

Eric Bischoff: We’re ready, Flair; we’ve been ready. The New World Order is ready to make this invasion complete, once and for all. So at Superbrawl, in the War Games – one match to end it all – we will GLADLY end the era, the failed existence of World Championship Wrestling… IT’S ON, RIC!

The crowd breaks into an enormous chorus of cheers once again.

Eric Bischoff: We’re going to take over one more time – once and for all – and KILL THE FOUR HORSEMEN, KILL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING… and KILL RIC FLAIR!

For once, that kind of comment about Ric Flair, is actually cheered by the crowd. It is on, ladies and gentlemen! At Superbrawl, WCW versus nWo… winner takes all!

As the crowd screams in delight at the War Games match, Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff stare each other down, nose-to-nose, their hatred close to reach the boiling point.

Tony Schiavone: OH MY GOODNESS! It’s going to end, Professor! World Championship Wrestling versus New World Order… in the War Games!

Mike Tenay: It’s going to be the end of an era at Superbrawl! 5 WCW members versus 5 nWo members, inside the War Games! You fight until one man gives up, and the winning sides, takes everything! Control of the company is on the line!

Tony Schiavone: I can’t believe it! Tonight, we’ve learned that this war is finally going to end… what a night! THIS IS THE GREATEST NIGHT IN THE HISTORY OF OUR SPORT~!

…until Superbrawl.

Mike Tenay: What a turn of events tonight has shaped up to be! Fans, this is a night to remember… but we are simply out of time! Thank you for joining into WCW Wednesday Nitro…

Tony Schiavone: …that’s right! Not nWo, but WCW Nitro!

Mike Tenay: Thanks for tuning in, folks, and we’ll see you next week! So long and goodnight!

Tony Schiavone: …The war ends at Superbrawl!

We get one more shot of Bischoff and Flair, nose-to-nose, their cold, hateful eyes staring into one another’s.


Quick Results:
Chavo Guerrero nc. Shane Helms at 6:36
The Steiner Brothers def. Booker T at 7:07
Mike Awesome def. Lance Storm at 11:11
Filthy Animals def. The Outsiders to retain the WCW Tag Team Titles at 10:16

Current Card for Superbrawl - Sunday, February 24, 2002
War Games - Winner Takes All - World Championship Wrestling vs. New World Order
WCW World Heavyweight Title - Scott Steiner (c) vs. Booker T

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
Szumi's back, but not in black - back in BTB! And yeah, I know, he's doing WCW again - so unoriginal.

My Awards:
2008 - Best PPV - Starrcade
2008, 2007, & 2006 - Best Promo Writer
2007 & 2006 - Best Promo(s)
2007 - Most Creative
2007 - Best Feedbacker
2006 & 2007 BTB World Cup - Top Overall Scorer
2007 BTB World Cup - Booker of the Tournament
Only Person to Ever Score Perfect Score in a Tournament
BTB Hall of Famer

World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Wow, big, long promo to kick off Nitro here with all the nWo members getting mic time, lol @ Awesome's one line and Hall with like what, two? Disgraceful tbh. Anyways, good to see the "Mastermind" Hogan around after his no show last week, and Nash & JJ getting good mic time. They, along with Hall and Hennig to an extent, have made it all so personal after last week's show, and this was a nice follow up, crapping on about what they did, and will do blah blah etc. Everybody in character, marks for Hennig on commentary too tbh . Good start to the show

Meh, Helms alligning with the Flying Harts, meh. Don't really care why, I guess we'll see them face off against Chavo, Crazy and someone else down the road. You really hate Tony S don't ya?

BOOKAH TEE! Love the guy, nice promo and him threatening Bischoff may cost him down the road imo. Still, well characterised promo with a hinting of Booker coming closer to losing his cool for good soon, which he may need to finally get the title off of Big Poppa Pump. Oh, handicap match against both Steiners? Owned tbh

@ The NBT, fucking jobbers. Have fun studying, they ain't gonna beat the Animals, they need to be future endeavoured, being completely honest

Booker was never gonna win tbh, and Scott getting the decisive fall makes Booker's future title challenge look a little like a lost cause, because I can't see Steiner dropping the strap to him

Arn trying to rally the troops, but loses the Lions in the process. WCW is looking balls atm, and the nWo is a shining light compared to this fading light bulb of a company tbh. Then again, who can forget HBK & Flair will rise from the ashes and save all in the end

Wow, what a clusterfuck of a tables match. WCW and nWo run ins galore. AWesome gets the win again and makes him look strong as the NA champ. Hennig finally plays a deserved part in tonight's chaos, I marked for the Perfectplex. <3.

HUGE main event, terrific stuff, another clusterfuck as far as run ins go, but it made it just that much more epic. Ric Flair! I knew it. Surprised no HBK, but a Flair promo will suffice. War Games to end it all? Epic. Simply, epic. Nice promo, incredible intensity and hatred between Flair and the Bisch was well written, and a nice ending to a decent follow up to last time's brilliance

Yeah, you're pretty good.


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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Considering I heard you had the best show in BTB history Szumi, I figure I might as well stab a review at the aftermath of it.

I enjoy the whole 'retro' thing, mainly because I'm watching the stuff on 24/7 currently and it's freaking great. Curt will probably have some awesome lines on commentary tonight so I'm looking forward to reading that as I type this. Love how Bisch started off with the Shakespearean note, he owns either way. Not sure if we'll see HBK this week after what happened last week, but I definitely foresee a Flair appearance by the end of the night. Last week was all too much, from what I read over. Jarrett worked the mic awesomely, and now Big Sexeh gets the stick and he keeps this puppy rolling. LOVE the stuff he was saying, honestly. The transition from him being a prick to a comedic genius was pulled off greatly, and the tease of Bisch being pissed at Hollywood was an interesting shift. Hogan being the mastermind really doesn't surprise me at all since he is a manipulative S.O.B., and all in all the opening to this show was GREAT. By the way, the promo was epically long, and it really served its purpose. Great stuff.

Hennig is already owning.

Cruiserweights start off the show which is always nice. Chavito will probably retain in this one, and to no shock he does but it was a bit appealing to see Shane Helms and The Flying Harts join together. I'm a bit of a fan of this, and this could really mix up that division quite a bit now. lmao @ the commentary still, Hennig is continuing to OWN and I love the "shower off" comment.

Bookah ... goes to the nWo? Well, I guess with his intentions it all makes sense. Booker seems to mean business as well which makes Bischoff a little less reluctant. Glad we'll see Booker/Steiner again for the title at SuperBrawl. Can't tell if I see Booker getting the title though, the next few weeks have to play out before I make any predictions on the outcome of that scenario. Handicap match later on should play out well, and I can see Booker somehow winning that match by pinning Rick.

Natural Born Thrillers segment seemed intriguing. They can study away on the Filthy Animals but I really don't think it's going to do them any good. Stranger things have happened though, so I'll be looking into seeing where that goes.

God Hennig is gold. I also like how much focus you seem to put on the commentary. Just throwing that out there.

Well, Booker seemed to have gotten his ass beat and with the odds against him he could not prevail. Not the result I was personally thinking was going to happen, but no matter. Loved the finish with the top rope Steinerline, and hopefully Booker looks stronger next week without the odds against him just to make things interesting. Steiner will probably keep the strap though after this result.

lol at the title for this segment. Chris Kanyon's debut last week by the way = fucking awesome swerve; at least to some of the BTB community. I had kind of a sinking feeling it was going to be Kanyon, since he always said he was better than everyone and that was the main subject of the promo. Jesus at him smashing the champagne bottle over Hugh Morrus' face. Looks like Kanyon probably has his first feud back, and looks good for him as he'll probably get a decisive victory over him. Could be wrong, though.

Shane changing the entire mood of the locker room was a big turn of events. I don't know if he'll join the nWo, just because at this point he isn't worth that much, but I just see him being against everyone in WCW along with The Flying Harts. Palumbo & Haire also being out of the mix means they'll be "against" WCW, but not with the nWo either. Really like the tension between WCW, making them look completely tense compared to the nWo which look stronger than ever.

Run-ins galore in the tables match, Jesus Christ. Typical clusterfuck booking from Dubya-See-Dubya though, so it allll works. Hennig plays a role now which I expected to happen eventually and Awesome fucking kills Storm with the Awesome Bomb. Great finish, and the nWo continues to look like an absolute force.

Good segment from Helms, as he seems to be playing a damn vital role now on Nitro this week. Really like the attention you're putting on him, as from the looks of it he'll probably be playing a significant role on Nitro the next few weeks. Looking forward to seeing where this all goes and how everything transpires surrounding Helms.

Crazy main event, tbh. Filthy Animals getting the victory over the Outsiders is HUGE, and once again run-ins were the highlight of this match. Flair coming through the crowd and kicking ass was lovely, and Jesus he's pissed. Awesome, AWESOME promo to end the show and WAR GAMES is going to settle the score and end everything. Greatness, absolute greatness. Really amped to see that match now, since the New World Order has dominated that match for what seems like forever. This is damn big, and I can't wait for SuperBrawl now.

Top notch stuff as usual Szumi. Can't wait to see what you have next.

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Nitro Feedback

Starting off the show with the NWO was seriously the only logical way to start the show after everything that went down last week. If you started this show differently I would have had to shoot you. Jarrett was gold and well I would have liked to know what he did when the camera cut off but at least we know that not everyone was hurt. I love the way the end of Jarrett’s speech kind of entwined with Nash’s that was a good little thing to do to show just how bad Nash is. All his lines were gold, tbh. Hogan’s idea ay? Fucking old bastard. First thing I found that I didn’t like WOO~! Would the NWO members really bow down to Hogan, they are meant to all be bad asses I can’t see them bowing down. Wow I guess this makes Hogan even more sadistic then Nash however I must say these past few weeks Nash for me has been the most interesting character. LMAO at Bischoff calling Double A fat man… that was hilarious… Now time for the match making eh? Tables match should be really hot. Awesome spoke… that’s truly insane. Tag Title match should be good also. LOL @ Hall talking about Mysterio being more coffee flavored. Nice way to finish with the hard go home line. “the war ends tonight” I really doubt that but anyway Szum I think you know last week was insanely special but this opening was still better then 95 % of the shit we read on this forum.

Chavo Guerrero and Super Crazy one on one and I am glad the championship did not change hands here even though it sounds like your not a huge fan of Chavo. I personally like him, get with the times plz. Anyway nice short contest interrupted by the man that everyone probably expected to interfere. Shane Helms. Helms and The Flying Hearts to a number on both and leaving, I can sense another Mexican getting involved and us getting a six man tag some time soon.

Very nice stuff between Bischoff and Booker T. I love the way the character Booker T has changed as now he will be buddies with everyone just to get himself a title shot yet at the same time it was still quite obvious there was hatred between he and Bischoff. I liked this though and over the past few weeks we have seen some very good character development out of Booker T and well if he continues to go like this I can seriously see him becoming some kind of tweener if he does not get the title soon.

Natural Born Thrillers studying ay? Well hopefully they do something right because the tag division can not afford for them to drop out of the picture

Nice Handicap Match and its good that you let Booker get a little bit of offense in not making it a total squash but I think deep down everyone knew the Steiner’s were always going to win. I sure as hell did anyway. It will be interesting to see what Booker’s reaction is to this as Steiner has definitely taken a back seat to the NWO, The Horsemen and Booker in the past few weeks.

Stacy Keibler at the beginning was something I didn’t find all that good. Mentioning about the posters on guys walls and stuff I don’t know it just didn’t tickle my fancies like most your stuff does so I thought I would bring it up. Kanyon is a nice fit in this BTB I really like what he has done in the two weeks he has been around… Morrus is a prick for interrupting Kanyon, I really don’t like Morrus so I am glad he got OWNED.

Wow. WCW falling apart at the seams and well all because of what happened last week. The implications have been wonderful and I have loved the past two weeks with NWO getting the advantage in the war.

This table match was an awesome match. All the interference and what not made it feel really huge. Konnan getting OWNED was something I fell in love with and had to read on numerous occasions. As for the result well its simply NWO’s night so it was no shock that Awesome got the win. WCW won’t be hitting back until next week.

Stacy Keibler as an interviewer should be a common occurrence. Or have her and Mean Gene to joint interviews. Geez Shane Helms OWNS. Nice interview to get him to explain his and The Flying Harts actions and it will be interesting to see exactly what is next for these three.

Main Event was absolute awesomeness. So much interference got a bit confusing but for this big faction war it is needed so I really don’t care if I need to read things more then once to get a proper grasp on what is going on. RIC FUCKING FLAIR… WOOOOOO…. Stuffs up the NWO’s night and what a huge win for Kidman and Misterio. This was a awesome way to end and an awesome way for Flair to begin to get back at the NWO. I wonder what he has to say?

This Flair promo was gold and well War Games to end the era. As Reney said simply Epic. This rivalry has been awesome at least what I have read of it anyway and I am glad I will be around for the end of an era. Awesome stuff really.

Overall great follow up to what was an epic show last week. You really are top shit Szum, you really are.

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Nitro Review:

Hennig gets to be on commentary!! This show may have a chance of beating last week’s [/kidding]. The arena changing into completely nWo-themed is pretty cool and we know that this entire show is going to revolve around them. Should be the sex. Good introduction by Bischoff but then he is replace by the awesome mic skills of Jeff Jarrett. This is the first time that Jeff has seemed relevant since he lost the title, as I think he is going to be the star of this next phase of the nWo-WCW feud. He thinks that he exposed Flair last week and the way that he is sarcastic when talking about Flair’s family, as he really emphasized his points tonight, really doing a great time job getting into the mind of the Nature Boy. Now Nash gets onto the stick and shows why he can still entertain, talking about revealing all HBK’s secrets and then talking about getting with Rebecca. Nash is getting so much better in this thread since entering the nWo. I always figured that Hogan was the brain behind this whole operation, but I was still disappointed that he didn’t participate. But I guess sitting at home is more the Hulkster’s style, right? Still, his little speech was good and I just hope that he gets into a feud with someone soon, as I almost forget that he’s in this thread … not that that’s a bad thing, tbh. Two pretty big matches set to take place tonight, as Storm and Awesome have their rematch from Starrcade and the Outsiders get the chance to win the tag titles. Bischoff is very cocky about tonight and I just have to think that this edition of “nWo Nitro” will end like the last one did, as Flair came down and ruined the party. Still, it should be awesome to see how these matches play out. The commentary between Tony and Hennig should own tonight. This promo has me VERY excited for the rest of the show, tbh.

Good match between Chavo and Super Crazy, going the way that I figured it would, as Chavo isn’t even the most popular cruiserweight in this thread, even though he’s the Champion. Crazy is being built up to take the Title in the coming months, imo, and that is why I think that Chavo played more of a heel role, as the fans are continuing to eat up Crazy. Pretty good back and forth throughout, with the Champ finally getting the advantage and going for the finishing Frog Splash, only for SC to get his knees up. Helms and the Flying Harts!? They beat the snot out of both men and now it looks like Shane has a few new buddies. Interested to see if you go with a Triple Threat between your three best Cruiserweights at SuperBrawl, or if we’re in for a six-man tag, as Chavo and SC would get another partner.

I think it’s cool how Bischoff has the authority to book matches very far in advance just because he is the “President” on this night. Booker threatening him was good for the character of both men, as it seems like Booker is slowly becoming a tweener, just like the man he is feuding with, Scott Steiner. Booker gets his shot at SuperBrawl! Oh Bischoff, way to turn the tides like only you can, saying that Booker needs to face the Steiners tonight. That should be a very interesting match to say the least. What a kind man you are, Mr. Hall.

The NBT going back to the basics in finding out how to beat the Animals? I guess that makes sense, as it looks like you are killing time before these two teams feud again. NBT are pretty much jobbers when they aren’t the Champions, so they will be a jobbers for a while, imo.

The handicap went pretty much according to plan, imo, as Booker came out of the gates firing but then just didn’t have enough to withstand the numbers, as the Steiners show why they used to be one of the best teams in the business, isolating Booker to perfection. I like how Rick was able to get some sort of revenge on the man who attacked him, and it was good to see him look credible for once. Booker is almost able to complete his comeback but the two-on-one is just too much to try and overcome, as the Steiner go back on the assault and probably do more damage than was necessary, taking Booker down with a few double team moves before hitting the huge Steinerline. Good way for them to get the win, as Booker has his rematch but I don’t know what he is thinking right now. He obviously got rocked tonight, so I’m not sure how confident he will be.

Glad that Kanyon is getting some good treatment since returning to the company, as he got the videos week after week and now he gets an interview even after he got rocked by Booker T last week. Champagne did a great job making Stacy feel uncomfortable. Damn it, why did Hugh Morris need to ruin this interview? We have to listen to the fat jobber talk about Kanyon, making it rather obvious that these two are going to be feuding pretty soon. OWNED~. Kanyon shatters the bottle over Morris! Hopefully Chris comes out on top of this feud, but he still gets shot down by Stacy, so we get to make fun of him some more.

I like that the WCW is trying to stay strong at times like these, when the prospects of doing anything right tonight look so bleak, but the amount of heels you have on WCW side make it tough for the troops to rally behind the Horsemen. I can just tell that Shane is going to be moving up the card pretty soon, because he has been money on the mic the past few weeks. Almost everyone leaves the locker room after Helms’ speech, and then the Young Lions decide to leave to, as it looks like they could possibly be getting another shot at the tag belts. Damn, that failed miserably for Ol’ Arn Anderson, as it looks like WCW is gonna need another miracle to salvage this night.

I can tell you love writing this commentary. It’s awesome to be able to use someone else to insult Fat Tony.

Very good way to tell the story between Storm and Awesome, as we get a Starrcade rematch between these two, as a match with a stipulation seems to fit given the physicality between the two last week. It didn’t take very long for Lance to start showing his frustration, but then his advantage was taken away very quickly when JJ came down to the ring and just destroyed him with the guitar. Malenko and Konnan come down to help Lance, but K-Dawg pays the ultimate price, getting destroyed by the Awesome Bomb through the table. Out for several months, plz. Lance gets back on the assault after the NA Champ misses the big Frog Splash and ends up crashing through the table himself, ending all of his momentum. Damn Hennig comes down and gets involved, knocking Storm out with his finisher, and Larry Z and Cal can’t do anything because of the security. Big win for the NA Champ, and even Storm looked good because he didn’t get completely destroyed. Since this wasn’t the main event, I expect even more interference and big spots in the tag title match, because if this was bad, I can’t even imagine what that will be like.

More time for Shane Helms on the mic!? Hell yes, tbh. I guess his explanation of the partnership between him and Hart/Evans makes sense, seeing as they want to make the CW Division “theirs” again. I guess that Helms won’t be focusing on the Title for a little while, as it looks like he and Crazy are going to be engrossed in a “grudge” feud for a little while. Hopefully that’s the case, because I think you will hold off on a big multi-man title match for a little while, and let the fans have more Crazy-Helms without the belt. A very well done interview … young Shane is going to be a star if he keeps going at this pace.

Knew that we couldn’t trust the nWo to come out with their numbers, as the ENTIRE group comes down to ringside, ready to get involved in the match as much as humanly possible. Outsiders get the advantage right from the start, as it looks like their size is going to dominate the little midgets. Glad that Rey was able to come back with some offense, but now the attention is focused on outside the ring, as the two sides are fighting, with JJ hitting SC with the guitar! Hall and Nash go back on the offensive, running through the tag team champions, before Big Sexy makes a mistake and tries to Powerbomb Billy Kidman … and almost gets pinned after the Krusher … but Hogan pulls the referee out! Here comes more WCW guys, and that turns the momentum back in favor of the Animals, as Kidman looks to finish Hall off before Nash comes back into the ring. The Bad Guy decks the referee … and that hits the Razor’s Edge! We get an all-out brawl outside the ring while the referee is down … but here’s Ric Flair! I thought it’d be HBK, but either one is good. Flair decks Hall and Nash, before the Animals come back and BK hits the SSP … retaining the titles! Knew that this match was going to be interference filled, but you still did a good job of making it entertaining. Uh oh, The Bisch and Naitch in the same ring all alone, this is going to be great.

Damn, I can’t remember the last time I read this thread and Ric Flair wasn’t all “glammed” up in a suit or his robe. Guess it just goes to show how much last week took out of him, and how focused he is on gaining revenge on the nWo as soon as possible. Flair shows just how fragile of a mental condition he is in, talking about the nWo crossing the line and how he is truly fearful of what the boys might do next. This is really a different side of Ric, as he is legitimately about to snap because of what’s happened. We all know that Flair is never going to get back in the ring as a wrestler, but that wouldn’t stop him from jumping Bischoff at any time {even when the cameras aren’t rolling}. So now we have arrived at the ultimatum … either WCW dies … or the nWo dies. Looks like we’re going to have a huge match coming up soon … and it’s going to be WAR GAMES!! Excellent choice, as now the nWo can gain complete control over the company with a win, or the WCW could win and the nWo would need to completely disband forever. Bischoff wastes no time in accepting the challenge and now the match is on in two and a half weeks! What a way to end the show, as Flair coming out was somewhat surprising, but the way he and Bischoff were written, especially given their hatred for each other IRL, made this promo fantastic. SuperBrawl might be the biggest night in the history of the this company … Tony might be right for once!

Damn, I didn’t think that this week’s show could come close to being as good as last week’s, but this one certainly was. Still not as good as last week, but a solid show nonetheless. The ending promo made the night one to remember and now we are ready to head into SuperBrawl. It’s obvious that Hogan, Hall, Nash, Jarrett, and Awesome are wrestling for the nWo, as they need their biggest stars, but I don’t know who will join HBK, Dean, Storm, and Cal for the WCW team. Should be an interesting two weeks before this big PPV. You continue to show why you have the hottest BTB going right now.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Back again;

What?? Not starting the show with the angle we’re all dying to see followed up?? Not Kanyon??


Hennig on commentary rocks my world. You know that, but I want a push for Mister Perfect plz. The set up so far is immense, a true n.W.o takeover of Nitro, with the logos and commentary desk moved etc. They truly are in charge tonight.

Perfect wanker in Bischoff, portrayed perfectly. I’m just dying to see what exactly the aftermath was though; what did Jarrett do after the show went off the air?? JJ not doing anything to the wife and daughter could’ve came off as a let down, but had he said he’d done anything, you’d probably have crossed the line in the decency stakes. The fact that Jarretts point was not to physically harm the family helps though, and explains why he didn’t cross that line.

Nash was gold. Sleazy Kev seems like such a good fit to his cool character, and the follow up to his stalkerish angle was perfect. After proclaiming he told Rebecca of all the truth, was his final piece of information truth?? Did he have a poke at his former best friends wife?? Normally, we’d all assume ‘nah, bullshit’, but given the fact he was in ‘truth’ mode, it’s left for debate and opinion.

Now, the one piece of the puzzle that was missing last week; Hogan. I’d been thinking that it was a purposeful move, and perhaps Hogan just felt what the n.W.o had planned was too much, therefore refused to get involved into something so dastardly, and set up an eventual face turn … how wrong was I???

Very. Hogan being the mastermind behind everything fits everyone in the Order into the equation nicely, and it gives Flair and HBK something to want a piece of Hogan for too.

Wise to keep Awesomes bit short and sweet, and I loved the fact that Hall was possibly already drunk .

Scott Hall: ‘Ey, Uncle Eric… it ain’t two vanilla midgets, ya’ see. Lil’ Rey-Rey, he’s a mo’ coffee or twist flava’ed, ya’ see…
ROFLMAO. Wrong jokes are always right.

It’s started out as a great party like atmosphere for the Order, but I’d dare say, much like it all went downhill for the Horsemen by the end of the night last week, I think it could end badly for our courageous, bastard heels.

I’m going to love this commentary this evening. Hennig owning Fat Tony all night long = Priceless.

Super Crazy > Chavo. Chavo just won the belt though, so I’d dare say he goes over tonight.

Helms getting himself a few friends?? Don’t remember seeing the Flying Harts in the thread before, so I’m assuming they’ve only been used as jobbers. Wise move to give Helms a couple of allies (if this is to turn out to be a long term partnership) as he’s making way too many enemies to hold them all off. Looks like a decent set up for a triple threat match at SuperBrawl.

I’m absolutely loving the commentary this evening. I’d definitely like to see you put someone with a personality on commentary and drop either Fat Tony or Tenay. Would add more life to the commentary .

Have to say, you’re consistent brilliance in writing Booker is a pleasure to read, and after last weeks Flair argument, it makes sense for him to try and win over Easy E … and potentially set up a lingering heel turn?? Would certainly confirm his greed for a crack at the title by going for Eric for it.

The direction of the Booker T character is certainly a interesting side plot, aside from the mammoth stable war. You portrayed his desire for the title brilliantly, blowing off his months of wars with the n.W.o, a bitter rivalry, all for the fact that Jarrett no longer holds the title he craves. The heel turn, although not fully complete (what type of heel partakes in handicap matches) is most definitely on the horizon. Surely though, this cant mean a face turn down the road for Steiner??

Why did Mike Sanders put a table into the VCR????? NBT cant beat the vanilla/coffee midgets; I don’t care.

More gold from Hennig. Do you just keep Fat Tony around to embarrass him every week?? Or can you just not find an actually decent announcer to fill his boots??

The Book didn’t get too long to prepare for this bad boy. Surprised he lasted as long as he did, but the match was wisely booked, with Booker fighting tooth and nail, but ultimately unable to beat the numbers game. Intelligent booking and handling of a handicap match; just a shame guys who get paid to book these things cant fathom the correct way to do handicap matches :@

Title of Kanyons segment = Golden. Homo titles every week plz. I’m praying you make Kanyon a relevant player, and not just in the first few weeks of his return, so hopefully the Morris feud is a time filler, until something more juicy arises for Champagne. The number of straight innuendos made me chuckle too, knowing the truth about his ‘lifestyle’ . Filler PPV match coming up I’d say, but if Kanyon uses the bottle as a weekly thing to smash over peoples heads (and not shove up his own ass), I’ll be a happy camper.

Hold on --- LEX LUGER~!! He’s still there?? Where’s that loser been hiding??

Anyway, I’m glad that you put this split in WCW, with all the heel picking themselves up and taking off, siding with the n.W.o instead. It’s even more awesome that Shane Helms was the one to lead the heels walkout. Massive turning point in the war between the Horsemen and the n.W.o. Yikes, even the vanilla Lions are part of the walkout, and at the same time, probably set up a PPV match with Rey and Kidman with that little outburst.

The remnants of WCW doesn’t look like a group you’d fancy winning a war either. Leaves the face group looking in an awful state … surely just ready for a triumphant return from HBK and Flair.

Oh wow, is this leading to a Tenay - Fat Tony meltdown???? The drama~!! If anything good is to come of this, it will be the termination of one of these two nimrods.

Oh sweet lord, Awesome is … AWESOME!!! I adore how this guy is booked as the monster of the company, because he’s a terrific fit for the role. His utter domination of Konnan was terrific, and I honestly thought it was a mere formality for him to win at this point, with Jarrett already having taken care of Lance with the guitar.

Wrong. Awesome slashing through the table was a great shock, and would’ve popped the crowd big time, having assumed it was over. Brilliant match up for Nitro, with loads of run ins, and n.W.o shenanigans including HENNIG!!! His interference proves to be the deciding factor, and his cocksure walk back to the commentary desk with Cal and Larry being restrained by n.W.o led security. Awesome Best (semi) main event for a Nitro I’ve read in the thread yet.

This might be a little over the top; but Shane Helms has been the MVP of this show tonight. This is how you make a cruiserweight credible and an important aspect of the show, and whilst there are a lot of guys out there that try and push the CW division and fail. I’d dare say you’re only throwing this angle with Helms out there, just as something to fill out the show, yet it works perfectly. Things like this are why I love you.

Main event time then. Set perfectly for the two heroes to ride in on horseback (not literally of course) and save the day. New World Order packed around the ring doesn’t bode well for the little guys. You said it right when you said it’d be overbooked, but matches like this need to be imo. Just the right setting and scene … plus it’s the n.W.o; the ‘O’ stands for overbooked, doesn’t it??

Everything going wrong for the Animals, with Chavo and Crazy both getting taken care of, but thankfully, Nash didn’t get the memo, and actually had the gall to try and power bomb Kidman. I love the fact you have that spot nearly every week. Never fails to put a smile on my face.

Awesome false finish from the Unprettier , but HHH - no, not that one - makes sure this mess continues, but it looks like business has picked up, with the cavalry arriving to support the Animals. Pleased to see that Rey isn’t a total schmuck, and decided to fight fire with fire, and take matters into his own hands to turn things around for the midgets.

Mass brawls = ratings. This sets up a thrilling climax to the match, although the only thing missing was a Double-A spine buster. Make it happen plz. Flair IS here, and it’s the Naitch that ultimately is the final piece of the puzzle, and it’s only right that in the end, it’s thanks to the returning President that the Outsiders fail to scoop the midgets tag titles.

Fuck you Flair!!! What a dick, ordering everyone to leave and stop the celebrations. No fun.

Here’s where the serious business starts though… oooooh the tension; commercial break before the big showdown.

This did not disappoint. Naitch OWNS The Bisch early doors, very much tapping into his traditional mindset, condemning Bischoff for his groups actions last week. If there was one thing I’d have (liked??) / expected, it would’ve been Flair to get really animated, real fast. Maybe you just didn’t want to use a whole set of caps (sore on the eyes for sure), or maybe you wanted the controlled version of Flair for this HUGELY important promo.

Where last weeks show delivered through it’s sheer shock value, and shocking invasion of private lives, this one has delivered through the human emotion brought out by Flair; and no one uses human emotion better than Flair. Going as far to say he wanted to kill Bischoff actually worked after everything that the two men have been through. Usually when I see something as contrived as “I’m gonna kill you”, I roll my eyes … not in this case. With Flair, and everything that Bischoff has put him through for five years, culminating last week, you actually believe it.

This was without a doubt a money promo, brilliantly executed, that sets up SuperBrawl as a true ‘be-all, end all’ event. An event that SURELY good finally triumphs over evil. As disappointing as it would be for the red-hot n.W.o to disband for good (and after all the build up this angle has had, it would NEED to stick this time, and not reform three weeks later) I get the feeling that this is what needs to happen.

I’m not going to compare the two shows (this weeks and last) because ultimately they were two totally different shows. Last week was all about pushing the envelope, crossing an unbreachable line, going too far. This week was all about the emotion behind those actions. To compare the shows against one another would be unfair; but to place them together side by side as a pair?? Then the two shows align like bread and butter or fish and chips . Perfectly matched.

The perfect follow up on last week, with the added brilliance of a red hot set of matches this week (which was missing for some of last week).

Take a bow sir. You truly are on the top of your game.

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

So I just wanted to drop in and say thanks for the feedback you lot. And yes, WCW/nWo will truly end; no hocus pocus WCW kind of booking. The end is here.

As for now, I haven't booked the next edition of Wednesday Nitro. This week has been CRAZY FUCKING busy... for sho. Wolfy and Reney should know - poor chaps haven't got to talk to me on MSN at all. Sorry loves <3. I hope to book and write some of Nitro this weekend, and while I would love to have Nitro up by next Friday, I can't make any gurantees or even legitimate guesses.

However, I shall hopefully keep up this level of top notch quality you lot have been enjoying, so hopefully you can guys help secure me #1 in the Mega Standings in March for another month <3.

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
Szumi's back, but not in black - back in BTB! And yeah, I know, he's doing WCW again - so unoriginal.

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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Alright gents, I need your advice. College work has been increasing a lot lately, and I still am yet to even start writing the next Nitro. I think having written the Sin PPV and the two lengthy, high quality, Nitro's, I've bene left feeling just a tad burnt out as well. So, what would you like to see:

Do you want me to just try and do an extended recap of Nitro so the show can be up within a week, or would you rather the show be in full - and be of better quality - but have it take a week and a half to two weeks to put up? It's up to you guys, to be honest. I'm looking to please you lot right now; I'll please myself by writing it, regardless of the style.

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
Szumi's back, but not in black - back in BTB! And yeah, I know, he's doing WCW again - so unoriginal.

My Awards:
2008 - Best PPV - Starrcade
2008, 2007, & 2006 - Best Promo Writer
2007 & 2006 - Best Promo(s)
2007 - Most Creative
2007 - Best Feedbacker
2006 & 2007 BTB World Cup - Top Overall Scorer
2007 BTB World Cup - Booker of the Tournament
Only Person to Ever Score Perfect Score in a Tournament
BTB Hall of Famer

World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Not a fan of recaps. So yah, full show plz.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Since you seem to always put out top-notch full shows, I'd rather wait for a new full one. But if another week passes and you haven't begun to work on it, then I'd say do the extended recap.


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