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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

I'm sorry for not leaving one of those full reviews, but unfortunately I'm not that good at them. I felt obligated to comment on Nitro because in my opinion, it contained the most emotional and promos I have EVER read. Needless to say, I'm talking about the nWo videos. While you're promos have always been awesome, you've OUTDONE yourself with those videos. From the first video, with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, to the one with David Flair, to the final, terrifying video at the end.

Besides that, the rest of the show was stellar stuff as usual, The Filthy Animals promo was alright, nothing special. I enjoyed the intensity in the main event, and how Lance's only "mission" was to destroy Mike Awesome. And I actually liked Kanyon debuting, as Jericho would've been to obvious, and I am a big Kanyon mark.

My only criticism on the videos, although its small, was that the David Flair one might've been a bit to over the top, although the way you wrote it made it believable.

Anyways, once again, well done on writing in my opinion, the best string of promos I've ever read. You've succeeded in making the nWo look like the scum of the earth, and I look forward to seeing how you can top this effort in your next show.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Being a WCW fan myself, I couldn't resist taking a peek in here and checking out what all of the fuss was about. Jesus, they were right to make a fuss. What an incredible opening to the show, probably one of the greatest openings to a wrestling television programme that I have witnessed in my life. That's right, not just BTB, my life! Don't get me wrong, I haven't got a wife and I haven't got a child, but God help me, if I was put in Michaels' situation I wouldn't be accountable for my actions.

Your version of Kevin Nash could be compared to 'God' over TNA's version. Or would that be 'Satan' considering the satanic characteristics he portrayed in this segment. Really enjoyable character to read, I can only imagine the joy it was to write. Same goes for Bischoff. You really portrayed his smugness, it was virtually radiating from the guy.

It was inevitable that Shawn would run backstage to try and get some sort of revenge, that's what any loving husband and father would do. Big thumbs up from me for such an awesome opening.

Another big thumbs up for the way you continued to push The nWo throughout the show. I had to giggle at the fact that the nWo free programme was clustered with nWo appearances. That's not a negative point by any means. In fact, I can't imagine this show without them. Really brought their game this evening, or rather you did.

I'm going to close by informing you that you've got me hooked. You promo work was the main factor. The matches were nothing special, but I realise that you're not one for writing lengthy matches for a television programme.

I'm looking forward to more. I wonder if you can top this episode.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Cant wait to kiss your ass over this one .

I’d love to see you replace one of the two announcers, or add to them, with someone that can offer some life to the team.

A night without the n.W.o … sounds … dull

I love the fact you still referred to the off camera stuff that’s went down with Sting in the recent months during Flairs promo and his bitter look after the reaction for Sting.

Flair was absolutely golden throughout his piece, and it was almost as if I could see him picking up and becoming more animated, before calming, and going off on one again. On point.

Shilling for the Horsemen was a little boring, but what can ya do. The group needs plenty of hype, and the cheapskates need to be filled in on what they missed at Sin.

Awww, man love. Had it been anyone else other than Flair saying it, and you writing it, I’m convinced this would’ve come off as cheesy as fuck. As stated though, you wrote it, Flair said it. The love-in worked.

HBK has certainly had the n.W.o’s number to this point, and the explanation that he knows how they think, and knows what they’re going to do is certainly backed up with his actions thus far.

Thrilled for tonight’s main event; Steiner and Michaels for the belt. That oughta headline a PPV, but it’s intriguing to have it tonight, as it- OH WAIT.

Bischoff is here … and he aint alone after all. Assignment for the n.W.o tonight sounds promising. And the Outsiders taking a road trip to Texas … San Antonio tells me something big is about to go down.

Kevin Nash: Hi, Shawn. I don’t want to speak too loudly… we might wake up Cameron.
Oh man, that was chilling. Like something out of a horror film. The attention to detail here is immense too, really painting the picture for what it is we’re seeing. From Rebecca applying the lotion, to Cameron smearing his face with apple sauce, and the empties McDonalds and beer bottles.

Chuckled at Hall being drunk.

Kevin Nash: ...Your wife, Shawn, don’t worry about Rebecca either. Me and her, we’ve always been good friends, you know that. I’ll be there for her too, and I think that when this is all over, Shawn, Rebecca won’t just be calling me Kevin or Kev anymore; she won’t even be just calling me Big Sexy… she’ll be screaming my new nickname, Daddy.
When did Nash become so awesome??? That quote was absolute gold. The story now is set, and you’ve pushed the envelope. Perfectly. Part One of the greatest show ever has kicked off in style.

What I love most about this, is that you’ve got the perfect guys in this angle. HBK works as the face opposed to the dastardly Outsiders. What sends this into overdrive, is the history between the former friends. Had this been an angle between say, Booker T and Scott Steiner, it would’ve been good - it still would’ve been awesome. But the history between these guys is what makes this angle what it is.

And I guess the main event is off??

Decent follow up, with the main event now in tatters, and a nicely done ‘come-down’ following the hot opening, yet remaining relevant.

Helms gets a bit of heat back following his title loss last night, and him getting some mic time was a good call too. Was worried he wouldn’t with all the other craziness going down, but thankfully you still gave him his chance to address his loss at Sin.

And that promo time sure as hell wasn’t wasted. Shane Helms is certainly on the edge, and he just delivered a money promo. The Cruiserweight division is right now up there, imo, as the second best part of the show, behind the NWO/Horsemen. Excellent work, with Helms portrayed beautifully as a manic nutcase following his title loss, determined for revenge against the illegals .

Even a stacked show needs a shitty segment . Chavo to defend his title against Super Crazy next week smells of a Helms run in, and a possible set up for a triple threat match at SuperBrawl. The rest of the promo was okay, but ultimately filler.

Wouldn’t have expected anything other than the champs to retain, having just won the belts a few days earlier. NBT must be thrown to the back of the line now, losing their rematch for the belts.

Ugh, cant say I care for the Young Lions. Only thing about them that interests me is the awesomeness of Sean O’Haires Seanton Bomb. That being said, a match with the Filthy Animals for the titles will be a decent high spot match when it comes. I’d llike to see a new team thrown in the mix though. Put two unused cruiserweights together, and let them and the Animals try to out spot each other

Now, this one could have legs. Booker T, seemingly the chosen one of Ric Flair for so long, getting turned down flat by the President (and rightly so) for a title shot. Booker certainly didn’t dig that. Flair made excellent points for not allowing Booker another shot at the gold, but it seems like Booker couldn’t see it himself. Question still remains though; does Booker want Steiner because he wants the belt … or is he still after revenge??

The video package on the saviour with the champagne bottles and digits made me think of the opening credits of a James Bond movie, lol.


Kanyon > Jericho imo. Push him well plz. Liberace dig was golden

Kanyon could definitely be a useful member of the mid/upper mid card of the show, and just being a dick heel, rather than having an alignment with the n.W.o could help him get over more, rather than having to sit in the background of the loaded group.

Please use the guy well, because(repeat previous paragraph).

The one thing that didn’t sit well with me was the roid comment on Steiner. Given all the negative press wrestling has received for years regarding steroids, it’s just one that doesn’t sit well when I see it used, as personally I’ve always felt they should try not to advertise that there are guys clearly on them.

Instant interaction with Booker?? Sweetness. Booker is definitely coming off as a man on the edge, and the rejection from his biggest supporter previously (Flair) earlier may well have just sent him over it.

No shame for Kanyon in losing to Booker, hopefully he’ll get a good mid card feud following this return (not with Konnan tho e), and not just be a jobber with mic skills.

Uh, insane heel heat for Bischoff. It’s true though… the South is all kinds of incest. Just ask KOP or his sis... prime example, tbh.
Somebody wont laugh at this.

And now, part two of the greatest n.W.o angle kicks into gear. For the first time, Jarrett interests me.

Oh fuck. Envelope is about to be pushed even further now. David Flair … in rehab … being visited by the New World Order. Hard to say which crime is more heinous … Outsiders voyeurism … or exposing Flairs son as a drug addict with a troubled mind.

Jesus, this is a perfect example of a worked shoot. Flair being called out for neglecting his family, putting them second - constantly - behind his wrestling ‘family’ and wrestling ‘children’ being the reason that David is in rehab.

Jeff Jarrett: You’re embarrassed by him, aren’t you, Ric? You think your son is a pathetic waste of air, a taint to the legendary Flair name. David isn’t fit to have the last name Flair, he’s not fit to be the son of the Nature Boy! Deep down, Ric, you’re happy with this. You get a sick satisfaction knowing that David is stuck in rehab, his life forever in ruins because of cocaine. This just proves, all along, David Flair wasn’t worthy to be your son. While you headlined Starrcade’s, David sat home alone and cried… and you never once cared. But what about now, Flair? You say that you’ve grown up since the 1980s Ric, so what I want to know is… do you care now, Ric? Do you find David Flair to still be the pathetic human being you thought him to be when you sent him to rehab? When your wife, Elizabeth, when your youngest children, Ashley and Reid, pleaded and begged you to get help for David, you actually showed some compassion. Your golden family – the ones who weren’t the colossal failures that David has always been – they got you to help David, but did you care? Well, Ric, we’re about to find out…
I’ve done a lot of quoting throughout this show, and for that, I apologise. But these passages are an inspiration for anyone that harbours any intent on ever writing top class promos.

The weakened mental state of David was unsettling, and plants more seeds into the fact that Flair neglected him to this point. Then, the sick attack. This will surely be the moment to force Flair (somehow) back into the ring for his own revenge. His reaction to this, given his attempt to stop HBK from going nuts earlier, and his damnation on Booker for being a thug. That could all come around to bite him on the ass following this.

So, Flair turns Booker down because he wanted a wrestling match, yet here we are, with Flair demanding Storm doesn’t focus on the title, instead, focus on taking out Awesome. Surely that gives Booker something to latch onto now, with Flair (albeit for good reason), turning into a hypocrite. That’s a side issue that could well develop imo.

All three men sporting blood adds to the intensity of the match. Good to see Steiner not just taking a back seat, but putting himself into the equation, making sure he isn’t forgotten, but the main thrust of this one is the Storm/Awesome stuff.

Awesome getting the red stuff hard way adds even more to Storms mission, putting the hurting on the monster, and the brain buster through the table just about puts the exclamation mark on it.

Steiner and Booker get into it?? Excellent. Glad that their issues are far from resolved, and it looks like that feud will be continuing on for some time to come. Them battling out of sight allows the focus to shift back to the action at ringside. Fuck Fat Tony. Get your ass outta the picture!!!

Nice of Ric to look on Lance Storm after Storm just took himself out at the request of Flair.

Flair doesn’t look like he wants to piss around here. Calling out Bischoff right off the bat?? This oughta be good.

Bischoff came off as a pure dick. Blowing off the groups sinister actions as their hobby (or cocaine as he put it) was just great.

Bischoffs run down on the Flair family was pitched perfectly too. Everyone fitting into the clan perfectly … except for David. Questioning Flair on his love for his eldest was sick, twisted … and brilliant.

The line about Flair ignoring a call from rehab, having more important issues?? Golden. The amount of guilt being placed on the fragile Nature Boys mind is immense.

And now … the final blow. As if attacking the black sheep of the Flair family wasn’t enough … now they’ll really make him mad by attacking the ones he loves most.

Jeff Jarrett: What are you going to do, Naitch, when I take a guitar from the backseat of my car, and I break it so hard over his head, that it scrambles his brains? How are you going to feel when I end little Reid Flair’s career before it even begins? Will you cast him off when I mess him up so badly he ends up as crazy as his older brother?
Simply chilling. Unashamedly, I’m still calling quotes because they are just that damn good.

You’ve got Eric Bischoff talking here, about Ashley, but I’m assuming it should be Jeff??

I love all these actions being racked up, all on Flairs head. As if everything the n.W.o does is all because of Ric, placing more guilt, and more responsibility on his head.

Oh Jesus. Jarrett just smashed the guitar over Reid?? Too far?? As much as I love to see an edge product, perhaps the violence on the teenager could’ve been implied rather than shown.

AARRGGGHHH!!!! Why does it cut off!!!??? ARRGGGHHH!!!!

No one does tears like Flair <3. Those final moments would’ve been hard to watch, but would’ve made for an epic finale, to the greatest weekly show EVER in BTB.

The aftermath to this will be some of the most hotly anticipated shows I’ve ever seen around these parts. Will Flair disappear for a few weeks?? What happened when the feed cut?? Did HBK make it to Texas?? Fucking hell, THIS THREAD IS EPIC.

Right now, this show confirms who the boss is around these parts right now. If you can match this show (and I think you’ll at least come close in the coming weeks), you’re some sort of God.

I cant wait for the aftermath. How will the Horsemen level the playing field?? After all, just when they thought they’d worked the n.W.o out … this happens. Surely the Horsemen wont be driven to gain revenge by the same methods?? How far will they go to gain redemption??

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Nitro Feedback

Flair opening was awesomeness and well NWO getting the night off would usually suck but due to what people have told me happened I am excited to see just what the NWO get up to. Flair was brilliance and the comparison between him and Michaels was the ultimate compliment and something that I don’t think is true as great as Michaels is comparing him to Flair this early on is something I don’t really like. Just because I think there is only one Ric Flair. Michaels was good and I liked how Michaels talked more about himself then the Horsemen and his quest to be the best as the whole I love my group thing after a while will become repetitive so I think it is smart for you to mix things up every now and then. Michaels perhaps not exactly on the same page as Flair and well I don’t know if that was meant to happen but it just seemed Michaels is to involved with himself when the rest of the Horsemen are team orientated. Bischoff was great here mocking Shawn Michaels’ words tbh and here we go I guess we are going to see some EPIC footage right here. LOL I don’t think I have ever been this excited for a show. OMFG you OWN so hard Szum this is a awesome concept really and the opening line about waking up Cameron from Nash was just mind blowing the effect it had on me… and I am just a reader. You playing on Hall’s alcoholism was humorous however with the kind of mood this had set I think perhaps humor should have been left out. Nash and Hall are inside and well cutting out there was kind of disappointing but I guess you can’t give everything away at once right? Michaels running after them was a good little touch and I think I can see him spending a night in jail or something which will ruin his new clean cut reputation.

HBK obviously in a rush.

Flair not wanting to do the job tonight was a nice touch it just shows how close all the Horsemen are… Anderson stepping up to the plate and keeping his cool was a good touch and it will be intriguing to see who faces Scott Steiner now. As for Larry Zbysko I don’t really like his role in this thread.

Shane Helms was never going to lose to Lash true? His attack showed a new more aggressive side and well the talking afterwards just finalized the fact that Helms is going to be sadistic from now on. I personally will be interested to see just how you play this as it could probably be something big so I guess I will see what happens and get back to you on my opinion but at the moment it looks promising.

Filthy Animals interview lol I love how honest you are with your segments. Do not get me wrong this segment was nice and the characterization of even these four guys is good its just the fact that deep down they all suck on the microphone which kind of messes you around a little bit but mi know these guys are just around to strengthen the mid card. Oh and LOL at Konnan thinking he is going to take it to the NWO. Fucking jobber

The World Tag Team Championship match would have been okay with a lot of high spots and all that would have been one of those matches that most people really enjoyed to watch. Was a fairly long recap for a six minute match, I like it that way tbh. As for the result well I don’t think the Filthy Animals were ever in doubt of losing the titles a night after winning them this was a regulation title defense. The Young Lions showing up like that was good and I am sure that this three way tag team rival will continue it in some way.

Flair to me here seemed a bit heelish as he was giving Booker T a fair bit of shit. I understand you were trying to capture the whole President thing but I still didn’t really like Booker not getting what he wanted. Booker seemed pissed it will be interesting to see what you do in the ring with him.

CHRIS FUCKING KANYON!!! I admit I was a sheep so this was a good shock I was not 100 percent sure it was Jericho the whole time just due to the fact that you didn’t give enough away I always thought there was going to be a swerve I just didn’t want to say anything incase I got it wrong Anyway nice Kanyon, Booker interrupting was good and well now we have a fairly nice impromptu match. Match was nice and I guess Booker needed the win but I feel kind of bad for Kanyon losing on his debut. Hopefully he gets back on track to begin epic next week.

Bischoff coming out and well pretty much introducing the next video. Also I must say I would love you if Awesome had a crack at Steiner but I can’t see it happening at this stage. Jeff Jarrett’s dialogue was absolutely EPIC I am not going to bother summarizing it but it was brilliant. The attack was also written extremely well just the way it flowed and the wording was very nice. Jarrett has more things to do which just leaves me hanging

Ric Flair was extra intense which sets up a very nice main event and no matter what happens I think NWO have one tonight as they have reduced two members of the Horsemen to tears.

This main event was of epic proportions and Lance Storm was a machine in this one and it was weird having the champion as the outsider but that is what happened. Booker T making an appearance was good. All out war really was a very nice main event to what has been an awesome show. LOL more ass kissing

Flair was intense and Bischoff came out and practically walked all over him which was a little unexpected. Anyway here we go the last video of the night let’s see what big, bad Jarrett pulls out of his bottom. This was epic the talking and well the guitar spot with Reid was graphic LOL. The video cutting off short yet again makes us wait until next week to find out exactly what happened but Szum this was great.

I have to agree with what everyone else has said I have never read a show as good as this and I am not to sure if I will ever again. Good luck trying to continue this quality next week

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

I guess I should leave some feedback considering how many people have been discussing the show.

- Flair's promo was bar-none the best characterisation I've seen for that character in any BTB. 'Mac did some great stuff in 2007 & Beyond, but this overtook that. The only thing I can say here (correct me if I'm wrong please) is, was it right for Flair to refer to Jeff Jarrett as "The Chosen One"? I mean isn't that something that Jarrett and his allies would call him, but not anyone else? Or did you mean for Flair to say it in a mocking way? Let me know.

Shawn Michaels' promo was fantastic as well, but not as good as Flair's. The characterisation was there, but for some reason I think Flair's was better. If you look at the two promos overall, Flair's promo seemed like it had more Flair-lines than Michaels' promo has Michaels-lines, if you see what I mean. Again, let me know if I've confused you.

I can't say much for Bischoff since the promo was pretty much spot on. I can't even give constructive criticism for that one, lol.

- The way you described the Outsiders invading the Michaels' family privacy was quite simply awesome. It's the appropriate use of one word sentences like "Precious." that helps build an image that is obviously about to be smashed so props to you for that. Not many people in the section have the ability to describe a scene so well that I can see the image clearly in my head but you did so the positive feedback continues. This may sound a little sick, but if you wanted to go even further you could have had Scott Hall making groaning sounds as he and Nash watched Rebecca sunbathe. Yeah it's crossing the line but it's a show and pushing boundaries is what I love. If you don't like, don't watch.
Anyway back to the segment...If you read the Discussion Thread, you'll see that once I read this promo (and the show) over when I was fully awake and not at 4:30am in the morning, I reconfigured my opinion about the material. I didn't feel the material was too "intellectual" at all. The only line I didn't like was "Will Rebecca still want to be the wife to a man who has so many skeletons in his closet that men such as Timothy McVeigh and Osama Bin Laden are deemed decent individuals when compared to you?". It just sounded a little tacky. Again, if you disagree...tell me why. Anyway overall, brilliant segment, and sets the tone for the rest of the evening to be completely dominated by the nWo.

- Before I comment on the next segment, I might as well say here that the subtitles you use were originally something I didn't like (if you remember we had a discussion about this in your BTB with Wolfy). However, they've grown on me, and they make the BTB seem more like a story than a script, which is a nice change to other BTB's in the section.

- lmao @ the Board of Directors. What a bunch of heartless bastards to make Shawn forfeit if he doesn't turn up. The next segment was good and now puts forward the question of who will replace Shawn Michaels, keeping the audience interested in this show. Good job.

{Btw, another thing to mention while I remember. If you noticed, I nominated Tony Schiavone & Mike Tenay as Best Used Characters from this thread. Yes that's unorthodox but as I said in the Winter Awards thread, you have done a hell of a job by remembering the importance of announcers to a show so again, props.}

- I can't comment on the first match since it was in short recap but I liked Helms asserting his dominance after the match. The promo after the match was well written and I @ the two Mexicans conspiring line and Helms' claims of discrimination. It shall be interesting to see this new Helms crazy character, which will probably be only temporary till he gets his awareness back by regaining the Cruiserweight Championship. The temporary characters are sometimes the most intriguing ones (e.g. Edge earlier this year) so it shall be interesting to see if Helms can live up to what he has promised the rest of WCW.

- Sorry but when MEAN F'ING GENE OKERLUND~! is involved, no segment can be shitty. It can't be helped; I love the man. Anyway, the next segment was alright. You can't get much out of the likes of Kidman, tbh. I actually preferred Chavo to Misterio in this segment, and that's saying something considering most people would think Misterio can cut a better promo than Chavo. He is extremely underrated in real life WWE so seeing him with a push here is nice. Chavo/Crazy next week can only end in a crazy Helms attack to both men, tbh.
I know you're trying to sell this nWo angle as much as possible, but I didn't like Konnan saying the gold doesn't matter to him. The gold should always matter to anyone, tbh. I think it would've been better if he had said something like "I didn't win the title, but I now need to turn my attention to the nWo" rather than essentially saying "I don't care about winning the title because I'm fighting the nWo". It just makes the title sound like an accessory, tbh (this is where Vince Russo comes in and says it is but fuck him tbh ). Anyway, as I've said a number of times by now: tell me if you disagree. 'poor Kidman must feel so lost' was very nice.

- The Tag Title match was good and was a good booking decision to get the champs to retain with some sort of botched interference. Young Lions attacking the champs after the match was okay as well.

- Booker T's promo = fucking awesome. What great characterisation! I've seen a lot of people write
Booker in my time here, but much like Flair at the beginning, this was impressive work. I liked the irony of Flair criticising Booker's "snapping", and Booker subsequently snapping.

- To be honest with you, when you said "Chris" in that promo I didn't of Kanyon or Jericho - I thought of Benoit. {Btw you have a typo in Kanyon's promo; it should be 'you haven't seen me around in a while'. } Anyway, I @ Kanyon 'showing all the ladies who's the man' when he's gay but of course hasn't admitted this on-screen so that's all well and good. Kanyon's promo was good and I like this new character he has. Sure he still has the "Who betta than Kanyon?!" deal but at least he has a little more substance to his character now rather.

- Booker coming out was expected, and a clean win was exactly the right move to put Booker over as a title contender after what Flair said. I would say that it hurt Kanyon to lose his return match, but considering I don't care much for him I'll let it slide.

- The Hennig/Jarrett segment was quite simply the cruelest, most despicable act I've ever seen written out in a BTB. I LOVED IT! That may sound weird but as someone who has studied Drama/is going to study Drama at university, I am a big advocate of pushing the boundaries and doing whatever is possible to get the desired reaction. You my friend did exactly that. You pushed the boundary so far by not just having Jarrett taunt Flair, but actually having him attack the poor kid. Now I'm going to speculate here so correct me if I'm wrong (I may end up just putting ideas in your head ). You may have been thinking as you were writing the show, "how can I make the Hall/Nash and Jarrett/Hennig segments different from each other?". You may have thought "I want people to see these two promos are different, and not just a repeat of each other." Well if you did, congratulations because (to me at least) you showed that Hall/Nash was cruel whereas Jarrett/Hennig was downright sick. I'll be amazed if you can top this level of ...evil...in your next show. More sick characters please. Simply brilliant writing Szumi. Well done.

- Very good segment with Flair/Storm etc. Earlier in this feedback I said that the gold shouldn't sound like an accessory, and here you've already improved from earlier by referring to the championship as 'gold and glory'. This sounded much better than what Konnan said earlier so good job there.

- The main-event was definitely the best match of the night, although I didn't understand when you said 'Pee Wee apparently missed the illegal blow (how he did, I have no clue) as the match continues on.' - isn't a Triple Threat match always no disqualifications and no count outs? I also didn't get the ending - the ref called for the bell but what was the decision exactly? Did he simply end the fight? If so, does it end in a draw? Let me know plz. Booker T getting involved was always going to happen. A good decision to have Storm put a bloody Awesome through the announce table and thus achieve Flair's request that Storm destroy Awesome.

- Bischoff calling Flair a "heartless bastard" was f'ing RICH but was perfect in showing just how hypocritical heels are.

I think this promo cements Jarrett's status as the number one heel in WCW. I don't care what others say; this bastard is the fucking number one heel after this. I couldn't help but @ Reid Flair. If he was just watching Nitro; did he not hear Jarrett say he was going to smash his fucking head in? Nash's promo was brilliant, Flair's opening speech was amazing but the perfect writing of Jarrett's sadistic, evil, calculated nature took him above everything else on the show. Flair's reaction was spot on and showed how the nWo has successfully, emotionally DESTROYED Ric Flair. It showed the nWo is cunning by focusing their attention on the head of WCW, Ric Flair and not just aiming their shots at random WCW members. Now with Flair seemingly out of action, and with Michaels with his family, it puts forward the question of who will lead WCW and how will WCW even manage to stand up against the nWo from this point forward. Amazing stuff.

OVERALL: Many people have been talking about this show for the past few days. Renegade wrote an article on it in the Newsletter, Wolfy has been praising you to death, and DC has called it the best show ever in BTB history. They weren't wrong. This show, quite simply, is one of the best I've ever read. Considering I'm someone who never actually watched WCW (although I have good knowledge of what happened at the time via the net and downloading), you have done an incredible job of telling this story to me. I am also someone who gives a lot of constructive criticism. Whilst I've mentioned a few things here and there, overall they don't matter because the show proves why you are the best WRITER in the forum. I have no shame in saying this show has made me extremely jealous and also very motivated to push forward and do the best I can in my own BTB. Thanks for that and WELL FUCKING DONE!!!
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Panic! Review

~ Very excellent choice by having "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair open the show. I liked everything said by Flair and it was a great promo and I liked what he said about HBK. The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels I thought was starting to have a good promo until it was interrupted by...the nWo. So glad that Bischoff was involved in this and good choice by having Mike Awesome as his bodyguard for the night along with Stacy Keibler. I was really shocked and amazed when the nWo showed that footage. I have to say, this really was a fucking great piece of work that you've probably been working on for the past week, has got me really excited for what will happen later on tonight. Nash hit such a great promo on HBK and it makes me wonder what will happen later when he approaches Michaels' wife, Rebecca and I chuckled at Hall drinking all of those beers LOL . I thought a brawl was going to happen between HBK/Awesome when HBK jumped out of the ring but the nWo members ran to the back and quite surprisingly, Michaels follows...this is should be very interesting once the show comes back from a commercial break. Very fucking great epic opening to the show, Szum. I'm guessing that HBK will be arrested or go and save his family just when I was getting excited for the Steiner/HBK match for later tonight but nevertheless, I'll be seeing where this goes. 10/10 opening for sure .

~ Actually a good decision to make HBK rush home to check if his family are alright...or beat the fuck out of The Outsiders!

~ I did like this backstage segement with The Four Horsemen. Very realistic how Flair was worrying for HBK and what just went on rather than worry about the main event match for tonight while Anderson was keeping very calm with the whole situation.

~ Expected the victory for Helms in this squash match, feel sorry for Lash after he just got crushed with that steel chair from Helms . An awesome promo from Helms and I liked how the commentators were pointing out how that WCW CW Title was apart of him and even his life. I'll see where this new Helms goes on from here but I'm guessing that we're going to see a whole new side of him from here on out.

~ Yet again, I loved the realism used in this Filthy Animals promo. Basically, all of these guys are totally shit when they get on the mic apart from the CW Champion, Chavo Guerrero, Jr. in my very own opinion. Chavo/Crazy in the CW Title match should be good next week and I'm expecting something to happen during that match next week which will involve Helms. Nice words and punctuation used for Konnan and I think that he sucks terribly on the mic. Him helping The Four Horsemen to fight off the nWo? LOL, I think that I've literally pissed my pants! This tag team match should be good though since the Animals are good in the ring. Kidman must be so lost .

~ Fairly enjoyed this Tag Team Titles match which involved a lot of good action and I'm glad that the Animals were able to retain their Tag Team gold and no matter how much Rey and Kidman suck on the mic, I think that they will make good Tag Team Champions in this BTB. Hopefully we'll be seeing a Young Lions/Filthy Animals feud for the Tag Team Titles after what happened after the match I don't know what remains for The Thrillers so I keep thinking if there will be a three way rematch for the Titles. I guess that I'll just have to wait and see.

~ Nice what went on here backstage between Booker T/Ric Flair. I was actually glad to see Booker T not get his rematch against Steiner after what went on at the Sin PPV. It will be very interesting to see who Booker T wrestles tonight and who Steiner will be defending the World Heavyweight Championship against. I'm disappointed how Steiner has not been featured as of tonight but I'll see what happens.

~ WOW! Never expected Chris Kanyon to return to WCW! For weeks now, I really thought long and hard and I expected it to be Chris Jericho or even Benoit but it looks like that I was a sheep all along . Nice promo from the returning Kanyon to be shockingly interrupted by Booker T! Nice punctuation used by Booker T again as usual and Kanyon having his return match now is a shocker! It was good match and I actually did expect Booker to win this one despite it putting down Kanyon a little after he just made his return to WCW. Despite this, Booker T getting back to his wrestling ways should be good and hopefully Kanyon can get a bigger role next week on Nitro.

~ Very FUCKING awesome with what just went down here with Jarrett/David Flair. I actually give out sympathy towards David Flair after reading about his cocaine habits and this was a great way to make Double J one of the ultimate heels in the company right now as well as the nWo obviously being the top heels of the wrestling world. Nice promo by Jarrett towards Ric and I'm literally begging you Szum to put a match on between Double J/Ric Flair at the next WCW PPV. Awesome video package and I can't wait to see what happens next.

~ Nice backstage segment with The Four Horsemen and very realistic how Anderson was trying to keep his friend, Ric calm while Flair was in a rage after seeing what was happening to his son David. Very sweet main event match set up for the World Title match which should be up next and I'm gunning for Steiner to retain. Hopefully another nWo segement to approach since I'm absolutely just loving this right now.

~ Very great main event match and loved reading every single bit of it. I was shocked to see Awesome and Storm actually wrestle great in this match as well as the reigning WCW World Champion, Scott Steiner. I marked out for Storm and Awesome crashing through the announcers table and the match was ruled a no contest which was actually and yet again, realistic and sweet to see Booker T make an appearance and read that he and Steiner brawled through the crowd once again. Flair coming out? I'm just beginning to enjoy this .

~ This ending to the show was very emotional and for some unknown reason, it actually made me hate Double J in this segment in my wrestling fan way. LOL at Reid Flair getting that guitar shot over his head. Such a great and epic ending to this show and I definitely cannot wait until next week.

Notes ~ Well, first of all, all I can say is that this was a really classic episode of WCW Nitro. Everything that happened during the night, especially with what went on between the Horsemen and the nWo was really fucking great. Looking back at this, Kanyon was actually a good decision to bring in although it was a shocker since I was expecting Y2J to debut and I was a little disappointed how he lost on his return match to WCW but hopefully he can pick himself back up next. We could've also seen more of the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Scott Steiner but I guess that the show was already packed in as it was. Nevertheless, I really did think that this was a great episode of Nitro and I would recommend it to all. Great work on this Szum and after what went on in this show, I definitely can't wait until the next Nitro is posted.

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Sin + latest Nitro = winwinwin.

Oh my god, I got goosebumps reading the final segments of Nitro, to be quite fair.

You know, feedback's all about telling someone how to improve, but I'm gonna tell ya, right here and now, there's no room for improvement. Nitro was quite honestly the best show I've ever read.

From a nitpicking point of view, there were a few minor typos here and there, but that of course, is nothing major.

Booking wise, both Sin and Nitro made perfect sense. nWo didn't do a clean sweep, HBK and the horsemen got all the momentum at the end of the night and it got all swept away by some of the most brilliant segments ever. Thank god you didn't let those old farts(Konnan and Morris) win their respective matches, but that was clear as day. Jindrak taking the fall is not something I agree with() but the Filthy Animals looked (after Sin) and still look very, very strong. Not sure who can take the titles away from them at this point(both Tag and Cruiser), but we'll see how that plays out.

More of awesomely relentless Shane Helms plz. And lulz at Champagne Kanyon. Pretty underwhelming return , especially after getting beat by the Book, whom you use very very well, might I add. As for the title situation, I think ultimately, the slightly new Booker T will take it back, although Michaels is another possibility, while his focus lies elsewhere at this point of course.

At the end of Sin, it looked like nWo had taken a nasty blow, but at the end of Nitro, they looked stronger than ever, getting into the minds of the Horsemen. They were so vicious, unbelievable. Can't wait to read how the Jarrett/Flair Family saga ended, because you cut off halfway through(great move to garner RATINGS).

Words fall short when I try to describe this, Szum and I know I sound like a ball-licking, cock-sucking, ass-kissing motherfucker right now, but oh well, so be it then.

Continue to bring that juicy goodness to BTB plz.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Nitro Review

A ton of big stuff went down last Sunday night at Sin, so tonight should be a great night, with two new Champions and also the nWo has the night off! Steiner vs. HBK is going to be a showstealer, and the rematch for the Tag Titles should be a good one. Let’s get this rolling!

I figured it was only right to start the show with the group that has all the momentum in the world, even after they lost the first three nWo-WCW matches at Sin, but everyone remembers the main event … and that’s where they got the job done. Flair does a great job running down the last month and a half in this company, talking about the nWo running everything after Starrcade until the seeds began to be planted for the Horsemen to make a return. Very emotional stuff between Flair and Michaels, as I loved how Flair said that he needed HBK to carry HIS torch. Great stuff. Good stuff from HBK on the mic, as I was glad that he set the record straight and actually talked about having his own goals heading into WCW, and obviously winning the big Belt is one of them. He certainly has a ton of respect for Scott Steiner, so it was good to see him talk about Steiner the way that he did … and now the match is set to go down. BISCHOFF~!? I guess we can never trust the fact that you say the nWo won’t be a part of the show, because we all know how much you love them. This “assignment” thing is pretty interesting, as I know that Hogan said he had a plan a few weeks ago, and I guess we are seeing that going into effect tonight. Hall and Nash at the Michaels household? Really creepy the way that they stayed outside all day long, spying on HBK’s family. LMAO at Hall and the beers … so true. The end of this segment was purely gold, as Big Kev threatens to tell Rebecca of all of HBK’s sins, and then says that he is going to be Cameron’s daddy. The video cuts out and Michaels takes off after Bischoff! I guess we can say that the match between Steiner and Michaels is going to be postponed? I really doubt that Shawn can make it all the way to his house in time, but I guess we’ll just have to see what happens. Damn, I can already tell that this show is going to be AMAZING.

Hopefully the Horsemen can find a worthy replacement for HBK in the Main Event. I know that they are worried about what else is going on, but they need to take advantage of their chance to win the World Title. I think Storm will get the shot, considering I thought he’d get the pinfall at Sin also.

No shock that Shane Helms just had his way with this jobber that you use so well. He is a man on a mission after losing his CW Title and not it looks like he is even more pissed off. Using the chair and just driving it into the face of Leroux was perfectly done and just when I thought Helms couldn’t get more vicious … he does. A great little promo to follow up the attack, making him look like a psycho that is coming for revenge against both Super Crazy and Chavo. Helms is going to get his revenge … and I looks like he is going to be attacking SC first. That was an awesome segment … hopefully he continues to be this bad-ass.

I really didn’t think that the interview from the Animals was a “shitty segment” … but I guess when you compare it to the rest of the show thus far, it came off as a little bit weak. I did get kind of sick of hearing Kidman and Rey talk about their past problems, but the main star of this interview is the new CW Champion. Him and SC going at it for the belt next week? That should be awesome … although I expect a certain Helms to get himself involved. Konnan was his usual self, pretty incomprehensive but I guess it’s good that he is coming to the ring for this next match, even though I don’t see the Animals losing their gold.

Much like the match at Sin, you did a good job of showing off the talents of everyone in this match, as the former Champions were able to use their strength to hold the advantage for the majority of the match, keeping the new Champions on the defensive. Pretty crazy stuff going down throughout, as the Thrillers look to have the match won before everyone and their momma gets involved, ending with Konnan and Kidman taking out everyone in sight while Rey recovers on the outside. Huge win for the Animals to retain the Belts, and the Lions coming down to the ring afterwards was expected, as it seems like you are setting up for a two-on-two match between the Animals and the Lions. That should be the shit when it happens.

Damn, those were some pretty harsh words from Flair. Now I don’t see Booker getting another shot at the Belt until maybe the March PPV, as I can see him snapping a few more times before settling down and proving what he can do. He is obviously going to be in action tonight, but it won’t be in the Main Event. Hopefully he can get back to wrestling and not continue to be a thug.

Damn it~! I guess that it makes sense that this wasn’t going to be Jericho, as you always seem to trick us and mislead us. Also, throw in the fact that during late 2001/early 2002, Jericho was at the top of the WWF. So it was kinda obvious that it still wasn’t going to be him. I’m not a huge fan of Kanyon, and I like you write him to come off as the guy that nobody likes. He runs down pretty much everyone big in WCW and then tries to get the fans behind him … only to fail miserably. BOOKER T~! I guess that this is the way that he is going to prove that he is the best wrestler in the company … and not just someone who fights. But I guess he is contradicting that in the early going when he just drops Kanyon quickly before the match starts.

Good match between Kanyon and Booker T, as it seems like you know the perfect way to write Champagne on the mic and also in the ring, as he is a perfect heel for someone like Booker T to squash. Booker dominated the majority of the match but Kanyon coming back on the attack made this match enjoyable instead of a complete squash. Kanyon looked like he was going to get the win, but we all knew that Book’s comeback was coming, as he takes it to Champagne with all the big moves he has, finally finishing things off with the impressive Harlem Axe Kick. Good win for Booker and now he is back focused on Steiner … but the question remains; will he continue to wrestle when he gets another shot at Scott? Or will he go back to fighting?

Bischoff comes out onto the stage and now we get to continue this story, as I really doubt that HBK made it back to SA before Hall and Nash could do anything else. First, Bischoff talks about the main event, and I loved how he put Mike Awesome in as the challenger, making sense because of the intended role of the NA Title. Him and Steiner wouldn’t have a terrible match, but I’m just not sure it is going to happen. Now JJ and Curt are going on a little trip to expose Ric Flair. This should be good. So Curt and JJ are going to find the son of Flair that is now in rehab? Damn, this promo might have topped the Hall/Nash one, as you had Jarrett pretty much tear apart Flair as a person, breaking all kinds of kayfabe, and saying that he never cared about David. I loved how you made David sound like the most pathetic human being in the company, and you made JJ blame Ric for doing this to his first-born. The scene inside the room was priceless, as we see what an f’ed-up state of mind David is in, as the drugs have done so much to him. The thing with the action figures was pretty cool and innovative, as JJ opens the door and just beats the life out of Flair’s son. That was certainly a way to send a message to the president of WCW, as now the nWo has hit the two biggest men in the Horsemen faction … literally right at home. Jarrett has one more stop to make? This should end the show in an epic way!

So Flair is pretty much shattered by what just happened and now we get to see him in a whole new state of mind, as he lets Mike Awesome have the shot at the Title purely for the reason that he thinks Storm is going to destroy. Now it’s obvious that Steiner is walking away with the Belt, and now we are more focused on seeing what Storm and Awesome try to do to each other.

This was never going to be a World Title match, so it was good that it went down exactly the way that it did. Storm had a simple mission and that was to take Mike Awesome out and that’s exactly what he ended up doing. Steiner got involved some in the early going, but there was just not that much for him to do, as he takes out both men before he ends up getting dropped by both. The brawl between Storm and Awesome on the outside was perfectly done, as it all ends with a shot to the head with a TV monitor and then a wicked brainbuster through the announce table. Now that is what I call a sick maneuver. The referee is about to throw the match out before BOOKER T~ hits the ring and he and Steiner continue what they have been doing for the past few weeks. The rest of the Horsemen come out and help Storm, except it seems like Ric has something to take care of. This show has been EPIC so far, and I have a feeling it is going to end in a huge way.

Flair and Bischoff face off for the second time tonight, as Easy E seems to reiterate what has already been said tonight, stating that Flair is not the family man that he claims to be, instead saying that he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. We go back to seeing Jeff Jarrett pulling into the driveway of the Flair house, with Curt Hennig running the camcorder like a Champ. Another great little segment from JJ, talking about how Flair loves everyone inside the house, saying that they make him so proud because they really are the “golden family”. JJ says that he is going to cripple Flair’s kids, and that line right there showed just how personal this whole thing is. JJ and Hennig break into the house and Reid is waiting for them, as he runs and tries to take out Jeff … but then gets clocked in the head with a guitar for his troubles! JJ and Curt are going to go and take out the rest of the family … but the feed cuts! No! Flair is as broken shell of a man in the ring, as he knows that his family is going to be brutalized by the two men who invaded his home. So many questions left unanswered with the way this show ended; where’s Flair going to go from here?; what did Hall and Nash say to Rebecca?; and where was Hogan during all this? Great way to end a classic show, as you have created almost an entirely new storyline during the course of this show.

I heard so many great things about this show, as people said that it was your best work and they couldn’t believe how well done the entire thing was done. Nothing that you haven’t already heard from me, just want to say that this thread just continues to reach new heights, and this absolutely was the GREATEST WEEKLY SHOW BTB HAS EVER SEEN.


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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

WARNING: Those of you who don't like ass kissin', don't read this review, because I tried to make it otherwise, but it just wasn't happening. This may well be the greatest show I've ever read ... and I've read a lot.


The whole set-up premise of this show is that it is one without the nWo. Considering what went down Sunday at Sin, it is as though things are finally looking up in the world of WCW, as the black cloud has finally subsided etc. Such a simple yet effective premise.

So let me just say this to get this long overdue review underway: Szumi, if you've never considered writing other fiction before (I'd be gobsmacked if you didn't already), whether it be for the screen or the page, then you really should. This opening promo was the perfect example of the "pride comes before the fall" hero scenario. I'll give you an example of it from popular culture. You ever seen 24? Of course you have, everyone loves Jack Bauer. But just take a look at what that show does; it has 24 episodes to run with what in essence is usually quite a simplistic plot (a bomb in LA, a kidnapping etc.), all the while thinking, "what more can we do to fuck up Jack's life even more?" What that show does perhaps better than any other is give the audience their big relief i.e in Season 5 Jack has stopped the Russian terrorists from launching the missiles, has killed the Big Bad, and we all collectively go *ah* "well done, Jack Boy, we can all relax now." Right? Wrong. The sheer brilliance of this narrative technique is escalation and BAM~!, catching the audience at our most relaxed the Chinese abduct Jack. This is exactly what you've done, Szumi. I think you'd be the first to say that the opening part of this promo (Phase 1 if you will) from Flair and HBK was nothing more than 'good'. Y'know, in the usual Szumi way, it was flawlessly in character (do you ever write guys out of character you annoyingly talented bitch? ) and quite interesting. But really, nothing happened. And you knew it: "We cut back to Flair, who looks to keep going. Make this better, aye Ric?" So I don't even feel bad for pointing it out. The whole point of this opening promo was for it to be slow, was for it to be rather dull, rather pointless in essence, simply because of what was to come. You took your audience (us) and put us in a false sense of security. We thought this was the Horsemen's night. Nothing could go wrong for them, and it would all be capped off with a new dawn, a new day as Shawn Michaels challenges Big Poppa Pump for the World Heavyweight Championship. Oh, how you took the idea of a Chinese abduction, screwed it up, and threw it in the bin.

"The Kliq – me, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Hunter, Sean Waltman – we were innovators too. The New World Order, it is Kevin and Scott’s brainchild. They know how to run this group, and me, I know the way they think. Every move the New World Order makes… I see it comin’ before they can even take one step."

The placement of this comment from HBK was so wonderfully placed; it sets him up for the inevitable fall before it has even begun yet. Eric Bischoff is the King Of Smug, so his appearance to set it all up just makes it even better. What follows shows that not only do you clearly have the same sick mind as me (), but you're also a graduate of the Heath Ledger Joker school of villainry. Why settle for a simple beat down to hurt the man for a moment when you attack his psyche permanently? This has elevated Scott Hall and Kevin Nash in particular (forget the rest of the nWo) to a whole new level of heel. This sketch, the stalking of their former best friend's wife and child has almost transcended the whole nWo/Horsemen feud, breaking away on its own, become a Kliq feud instead. It makes it even more surprising then that you gave us Michaels/Nash on free TV a few weeks back, as this seems to be the route you're taking this thing:

"Will Rebecca still want to be the wife to a man who has so many skeletons in his closet that men such as Timothy McVeigh and Osama Bin Laden are deemed decent individuals when compared to you? Well let me tell you, Shawn, we’re about to find out. I’m gonna go inside your house, and I am gonna sit down and tell Rebecca every single sin you have ever committed."

Nash truly is the Devil. He is harshly underrated, but the way you've characterized him in these handheld camera videos is as the ultra smug, nasty, but highly, highly intelligent psychopath with a real problem with his former friend's blissful happiness. Scott Hall? He's not as complex; he's almost the comedic foil to Nash's heinous evil in this scene, the Grima Wormtongue to Nash's Saruman [/nerd] if you will. The idea is that Nash, because he has remained the same old sophomoric, egotistical, selfish, narcissistic bastard that he has always been, cannot stand the fact that HBK has become some new, has cast that side of him away forever, has grown up in essence. So what does Big Sexy want to do? He wants to take away the two things that symbolize Shawn's new lifestyle above all else: his wife and his son, two things that Big Kev [/kayfabe] can't have.

An absolutely astounding opening to the show, Szumi. Probably the best I've ever read, simply because of it's sheer intelligence. The way you lull the reader in with Flair and Shawn's verbal back slapping before really sticking the knife in and twisting it with the nWo's little home video outing. It was perfect, just perfect. God knows where this leaves the main event now, but something tells me Shawn Michaels/Scott Steiner will have to wait.

Aaaaand straight away, after all of the euphoria of Sin, the Four Horsemen are back to being in total disarray. I think I already know the route you're going with the main event after our little conversation, and Mike Awesome's uhm awesome presence during the opening promo. It will be interesting to see how Flair & Co. respond to this.

Great to see Sugar Shane getting right back on the horse after a disappointing result at Sin. You get the feeling that Helms has the potential, certainly in this thread, to make the step up to North American Championship level, he's been that entertaining.

"Let me tell you people, I REFUSE to allow these Mexicans to conspire and screw me over! Oh no, I will not let their blatant racism and discrimination last! Super Crazy, you pushed me over the edge! I’m goin’ a little craaaaaazy! I’m loco, essa!"

Man, Shane reminds me of one of the those 80's movie villains from something like RoboCop. His racism gimmick and Carolinan twang make him an extremely entertaining antagonist. Like I said earlier too, in story telling 101, escalation is the name of the game, and with Sugar well and truly flipping the lid, one has to assume that things are indeed going to escalate for Super Crazy and Chavo Guerrero.

Speaking of Chavo Guerrero. You'll have to excuse my lack of enthusiasm for a few of these segments, since they have a hell of a lot to live up to all night. Kidman, Rey and Konnan aren't exactly favorites of mine, so I kind of zone out during their ass-licking, but I surprisingly like Chavito, so him being the one to finally take the belt from Shane 'OWNS' Helms makes it barely bearable.

Obviously the new champs retain, and it looks as though with this loss the Natural Born Trillers might be the team to leave the equation, leaving the Animals and Lions to go at it from now on. Fair enough. Sorry once again, but the tag division/segments are definitely the weakest/most boring parts of your shows - that's from a great tag team advocate like myself - but when you're name's Szumi, that ain't really saying anything.

Haven't really been digging (no pun intended) Booker or Steiner lately, mainly because they seem almost too edgy, too bad ass, just all round insane, but the way you've handled their feud has been a thing of beauty, with two guys, one a tweener close to heel (Steiner) and one a tweener close to face (Booker), just really pissing each other off in the worst way. When their feud continues into the next PPV (which it better), it's going to be fuckin' epic. Book's interaction the more docile Flair was certainly something to see, since T has always been one of those faces who has never really sucked up at all.

"I’m a thug, huh? Dat’s all Booka’ T is, Flair? Ight, sucka, we’ll see whose right ‘den. Gimme a match, Prez! Gimme someone ta’ wrestle, n’ I’ll put ‘em down – one, two, three! How ya’ want it, huh? Book End? Axe Kick! 110th Street Slam? How ‘bout da’ Harlem Hang Ova’? Wanna see Booka’ T go ol’ school!?"

Booker's poised almost too perfectly at this point to turn heel for it to actually happen. I mean, he lost the title when Flair and not him got pinned, he got screwed at Starrcade, screwed again on Nitro, god knows what you call what happened at Sin, and now Slick Ric's blocking him again. It would make sense for a Harvey Dent-like turn from Booker as he goes to the dark side to finally get what he wants, but since Sting's inglorious exit, you don't have enough main event faces to be turning them willy nilly.

"The crowd breaks out into a surprisingly loud reaction, mostly filled with boos although some pops can be heard out of surprise and/or having not seen this gentleman in a long time. After a few seconds, the legend himself, Chris ‘Champagne’ Kanyon comes out from the back, strutting out onto the entrance stage, his arms raised at his sides and head tilted back, taking in the crowd’s reaction. Kanyon is dressed in an elaborate and expensive fur coat and sunglasses (Did Liberace pick that out?), and has a mic in one hand and a champagne bottle in the other."

EPIC. Great introduction for Champagne, but really, Szumi, stop insulting your readership He might not be (as good as) Jericho, but he's definitely in that kind of mold. Just looking at your main event/upper mid-card scene, it's an intensely serious level (due mainly to the nWo/Horsemen's occupation) filled with bad ass guys, severely lacking in the dickish heel category, the likes of Jericho, Flair etc. Kanyon could well be that man.

"Ya’ know, WCW, you have seen Kanyon around in a while, but that’s okay! Don’t fear, babies! Chris Kanyon hasn’t been kicked in the mud, living the standard life of an out of work professional wrestler, oh no! I wasn’t homeless and living under a bridge, I wasn’t working part time at McDonald’s, I was living the life!"

I think I'm going to enjoy this guy. A great comedic speech in what is a very dark and serious show. I always find that is an important element in BTB and wrestling in general. Yes, I'm a great advocate of dark, sinister material (much like WCW Rules in that aspect), but I also see the benefit in utilizing the Chris Kanyon's, Spirit Squad's, Santino Marella's, Kurt Angle's of this world. You don't won't your audience/reader to be totally fuckin' depressed by the show, you want them to be completely jazzed and such, so guys like Chris 'OWNS' Kanyon contribute enormously to this side of things.

Quite surprised to see Booker T make his way out here all fired up, but it makes sense, giving Booker a little story for the time being, as he tries to earn the respect of/prove himself to Ric Flair, and it also shows the path you are going with Kanyon, putting him in there with a main eventer right away. Hopefully he sticks at this level. He stuck it pretty well with the former World Heavyweight Champion too, so I have high hopes for the man in this thread. I've never been too keen on a guy losing his debut/return match, but I think this was more about showcasing him on a main event level, so I won't come down on you too hard for that (it's hard given everything else you're writing). Welcome to TTO, Kanyon.

Here we go again. For anyone who has ever doubted Jeff Jarrett's sheer awesomeness as a heel then take a long, hard look at this motherfucker, because, Szumi, you blew my mind.

"You see, Flair, while The Outsiders went to San Antonio, a good friend of yours, Jeff Jarrett, he took a trip with Curt Hennig to North Carolina. This had to happen, Flair. We had to do this. Someone had to knock you off of that fictitious throne you sit so highly upon. Your faceless legions, they have to know about the real Ric Flair behind the Nature Boy moniker."

This set up is a different one to HBK's seemingly. While Hall & Nash's 'attack' on Shawn seemed much more visceral, this one courteousy of Curt Hennig & Jeff 'OWNS' Jarrett was all about the psychological damage it would do to Flair. Surprising, that I call this one less visceral than The Outsiders' one, considering that that one actually contained no violence, while this one featured a heinous, bloody assault on a recovering addict, virtually retarded young man, but that's just the way it came across. I think that may well be because there was a great deal more dialogue in this second section, as Jeff runs his mouth more than Big Kev, while - this could be complete bullshit, but I'm just speculating - Hall & Nash's seemed extremely visual, and, in particular when focusing on the images if Rebecca, quite sexually charged. The emphasis on the person implies that something will happen (i.e. rape), whilst in Jarrett's monologue the liberal use of dialogue fools the audience - maybe intentionally, maybe not - into thinking that this is not about violence. I, for one, didn't think that Jeff was going to actually lay a hand on David. Since you merely suggested it in the first video, I thought that you would adhere to that old technique that the unseen is actually scarier than the seen. Y'know, so that for Shawn Michaels, it is implied that Kevin Nash is going to rape his wife, but we never actually see anything; it is left completely to his and our imagination, which always makes things worse than they actually are (I'm going to assume that Kev and Scott don't actually rape Rebbecca ). However, with Jeff Jarrett and David Flair, you actually do give us the money shot; you show us Double J and Hennig beating the holy hell out of Flair's son, and I actually would've criticised you here - yeah, it would have been the most pedantic, nit-picking, ridiculous criticism ever, but hey, you don't give a guy like me a lot to criticize, mate - if it wasn't for what you did later with Jeff & Co. As it turns out, this was just the beginning for Ric Flair; in a more sadistic, deranged twist on the Flair/HBK promo at the start of the show, this was, in fact, the set up. Ironic considering Jeff speaks for so long about how Flair treats David as second best and then uses Davey as nothing more than a set up, a manic taste of what to expect later on. It's dark, it's devilish, and it's oh so delicious. Just because you deserve it, Szuminator, I'll treat you to a few of my favorite lines from Mr. Jarrett:

"Play time’s over, Davey."

In a promo littered with long speeches; simple. Chilling. Effective.

"How do you feel now, Ric? How does it feel watching this? Do you feel concern over baby David? Do you fear for his safety, his life? Do you want to kill me, Naitch?"

I love this mocking, inquisitive sociopathic tone that Jeff adopts here; it's almost Riddler-esque - fuck Jim Carrey, I'm talking about the deranged psychopath from Frank Miller's version of the Batman series. Intense. His obsession with Bruce Wayne is much like the one you've created for Jarrett with Flair. Warped and wicked.

"I want to know if this made you angry, Ric. I wish I could see how you’re reacting right now. Sadly, Ric, I can’t… I still have another stop on my mission, Ric. This is only getting started, Ric… the best is yet to come."

Always save the best for last. The sheer foreboding oozing from this message is startling. Just what in god's name could JJ possibly have in store for Naitch? You're taking the whole escalation narrative in wrestling and taking it to a whole new level, Szumi. It's a beautiful, wonderful thing to behold, my friend.

The contrast between Flair and HBK's reactions to their situations is quite interesting. Probably an age thing, but Naitch seems much more coherent, if you catch my meaning? He hasn't gone tearing away into the night to get to Davey - well, isn't that funny considering everything that Jeff just said - while Shawn was gone in an instant. I guess Ric doesn't care about David that much after all.

"That’s not you’re mission, Lance. Lance, I don’t care about the Title right now, there are more important things than gold and glory. Don’t focus on the match, Lance, don’t give that World Heavyweight Title a second of your time. I want you to pay no attention to Scott Steiner. You keep your eyes on Mike Awesome at all time, and damn it, you break his frickin’ neck! I want you to SHATTER his kneecap – your destroy his God damn career and inflict so much pain on his carcass that Eric Bischoff and Jeff Jarrett can feel, EVERY OUNCE OF PAIN, YOU CAUSE THAT SON OF A BITCH!"

That's a bit more what I was expecting; the fiery, intense side of Slick Ric. His character in this situation is a extremely intriguing one. I would like to see you build on the contrasting reactions of the two men - Flair and Michaels - in the aftermath of this show please. Glad you kept this segment short too. Lengthy focus on Flair right now would detract from his state severely. Good call. Finally, I'll just mention the main event (weird how that's the last thing on my mind right now, eh?), it's still looking hot with Storm and Awesome in there in place of Michaels, but, really, ain't nothing going to happen

That main event was ... INSANE~ In a NIGHT OF THE PROMOS, you'd be excused for just not giving a flying fuck about the matches, but for the World title bout you at least gave us a brutally exciting contest to cap everything off. Hell, for a TV match, it even had a story for God's sake, with Storm given the mission of murdering a member of the nWo, Awesome & Storm's history anyway, as well as Steiner's continued pissed off behaviour because of Booker T. Brutal spot with the monitor shot and Brainbuster through the table to Awesome - I guess he did his job right? - until Booker and Scotty go at it again. What kind of gimmick match did WCW utilize at this time that would be a suitable way for those two to end their feud? Did WCW use anything other than Cage Matches? Szumi special please. Lol, nah just kidding, a Cage Match will be just fine.

And here it is. After the most deranged and calculated set up of all time, we finally come to what is quite possibly the sickest part of this entire show. An unsung hero of this night has been Mr. Bischoff, once again proving his sheer greatness as the catalyst for this whole thing (and, let's face it, probably the brains) while Nash, Hall, Jarrett & Hennig do the dirty work. Sinister. His intensity boiling over in this scene too was particularly shocking considering his usual laid back, smug approach to everything. Why the hell wouldn't this guy hate Ric Flair's guts? Naitch has made his life a living hell, ruined his evil schemes at every turn and in general just pissed off the wrong egomaniacal son of a bitch. It makes sense that this would send someone as barmy as Easy E. over the edge already.

But enough about that, because the real fun's about to begin, and it's all going down in House Flair. The set up you made with the 'visit' to David Flair was done just so well that the sense of foreboding in the air as these two maniacs invade Ric's home is just off the chart. It reminds me of those occasions when supervillains ask the hero who they love more, so that when the hero answers, they deliberately target that person to inflict maximum pain to their foe. Remember in The Dark Knight (so what if I love it too much? Fuck off ) when at the end Dent toys with Gordon's family to try and find out which member of it he loves most? That'sexactly what this reminds me of.

"Don’t think I’ve forgotten about your wife either, Ric. Do you love your trophy wife, Elizabeth? I’m sure you do, she’s the kind of beautiful woman you’ve slept with all over the world – night in and night out. But what I question is, is does she really love you? How can someone as sexy as her love someone who isn’t even a real man? I can show your wife a real man, Ric. I can let her find out all about Jeff Jarrett and my… heh, slap nuts. How does that sound, Nature Boy?"

Goddamn this is a thing of beauty to read. That has to be the most terrifying thing to inflict upon the man you are trying to torture mentally by watching this, the idea that you are going to rape one of his 'girls. You implied it with Big Kev and Rebbecca earlier, and you've chosen to do it here with Flair's wife. God knows how people would've reacted had you opted for Ashley instead. How old is she at this time? 18 maybe? Damn, part of me actually wishes you were sick enough to do it [/challenge]. The men take the fall in this video, so you give us that kind of 'pay off', but the fate of all the women in left completely up in the air in the end for Shawn, Ric and us all to only imagine. Is Jeff going to break Ashley's legs? Is he going to rape Flair's wife? Are The Outsiders going to do even worse to Shawn Michaels' family? Jesus.

"This is your worst nightmare, isn’t it, Ric? I’m making you watch your own living hell."

I think this line pretty much sums up the entire premise of what the n.W.O have been trying to achieve on this night, for both Flair and Michaels alike. That sight of Flair collapsing in tears to end proceedings is not just a beautiful contrast from the elation of Sin, but a startling metaphor for this whole show has been: the downfall of the Horsemen. Bischoff's bleak expression was just so cold it's not even funny anymore. You simply don't FUCK with Bischoff's crew.

I'd say I was speechless, but then that would be a lie considering I've just written this long ass review, but when I first read this show that's exactly what I was: completely and utterly lost for words. I've read some great, amazing shows in this place; it's not like we're short of great bookers or anything, you know that and point it out as much as anyone. It's not like I kiss your ass all the time (I hope ), as that's not the way BTB is supposed to be. It's just that I cannot for the life of me do anything except acknowledge that show as THE GREATEST SHOW IN THE HISTORY OF BE THE BOOKER~

I've not read every show that's ever been posted, far from it but I just don't honestly think that anyone would've ever done anything that good without creating an absolute shit storm in the section like this baby has done. I know you already have a following, a bandwagon etc. so you'll get more attention as a result (shit, you don't even need my lazy ass review ) but IT DOESN'T FUCKIN' MATTER~ You can quote me as much as you want (because everyone cares what I think, right? ) on this, because it truly was the greatest show I've ever read. It might have had some boring shit with the tag division, but really, really, who give a FUCK when the rest of the show was so unbelievably spectacular?!?!?

The aftermath has A LOT to live up to, but you know what? I think you can do it, sweetness. I have faith in you. After this, who the hell wouldn't?

I <3 you.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

So may I first just say, thank you all so much for the positive feedback. I really wasn't sure if this show would be able to get over with everyone for the risque nature, but God damn am I impressed and overwhelemed. To see the new feedbackers come in, and the kind of praise like best show ever by Wolfy and Legend... certainly means a damn lot. I will do my very best to return feedback, but sadly, I have midterms next week and a shit load of work and projects to do, so I'm not going to be extremely active in the next week. However, while I (very slowly) work on the next Nitro, here's a backstage segment to chew on.


Monday, February 4, 2002
6:43 PM

World Championship Wrestling In Financial Troubles?

While reports have come in heaps over the past months of the growing success of World Championship Wrestling in terms of increasing TV ratings, PPV buy rates, and overall fan support, much has been unknown about the backstage dealings of the company. We knew that it was The Trio Ownership – as Ric Flair, Eric Bischoff, and Steve ‘Sting’ Borden came to be called – that bought World Championship Wrestling in March 2001. While there were many concerns, both internal and external, that longtime rivals Bischoff and Flair would not be able to coexist, the first six months of the team’s ownership ran smoothly.

However, as it was widely reported back in October, Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff broke out into a scuffle backstage after the Fall Brawl pay per view, although details are still sketchy on why that fight broke out. Rumors have been outlandish, contradicting, and polar opposites; the real reason will probably never be known unless Bischoff or Flair state why. However, sources are now saying that it was this fight that has started all of WCW’s problems.

Ever since October, we can now confirm that sponsors have been slowly backing out of the company. Major sponsors such as Budweiser, Acclaim, Nintendo, and Sony have all backed out of deals or left their current ones. WCW had potential video games deals with Acclaim, Nintendo, and Sony, but for some reason, the two sides were never able to come to an agreement, giving the company no video game to compete with continuing success of the WWF Smackdown! series, which just released its third game, Just Bring It, in November of 2001. Losing the video game deal has resulted in losing revenue that could have been hundreds of millions of dollars.

It cannot be clearly reported how many sponsors World Championship Wrestling does indeed have left, it can be confirmed that Domino’s, Gatorade, and Slim Jim remain as sponsors; Reebok, our sources tell us, just recently walked out of their deal. The company’s funds are most definitely drying up, and that problem has only been made worse since Starrcade. Starrcade, as we all know, was Steve ‘Sting’ Borden’s last show with the company. For reasons unknown to us, Borden left the company at Starrcade, taking his one-third of the company funds and walking from the organization. Borden used his final match to put ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner over, en route to his WCW World Heavyweight Championship victory at the end of the year.

WCW has indirectly made its sponsorship problems public, according to last Wednesday Nitro’s broadcast. The Wilmington Treatment Center, the real-life drug rehab center David Flair has been living in as he recovers from a cocaine addiction, McDonalds, and Miller Lite, the beer cans Scott Hall (presumably) drank during the San Antonio stake out. After some researching on the topic, it cannot be confirmed if WCW has come to sponsorship deals with McDonalds or Miller Lite, but the company did in fact receive a moderate fee from the Wilmington Treatment Center for the publicity. Filming for Nitro at the center took place on the Sunday before Nitro aired, and Ric Flair was there alongside Jeff Jarrett, and Curt Hennig to oversee the footage. David Flair had just graduated the program Saturday afternoon, and the filming was his final send off from the program. Flair, Jarrett, and Hennig stayed at the center for hours after the filming to meet and greet with the patients and staff, signing autographs and taking pictures.

Our source that has leaked this information says that the internal feeling of those in the known report the financial problems as dire. If WCW cannot come to terms with new sponsors in the near future, the company will not have enough revenue to stay afloat. While WCW continues to pump revenue into its system by ticket sales, pay per view buys, merchandise sales, and most importantly, the NBC television deal. The money NBC pays WCW is what is keeping them afloat right now, it seems, and while NBC could keep the company alive for at least three more months, calculations suggest, the need for sponsors is an immediate concern for the company. If sponsorship deals with McDonalds and Miller Lite have been reached, the company’s immediate prospects look good. However, if no new sponsors are made, we could be seeing World Championship Wrestling in the exact same place it was a year ago – either about to go under or be bought out by someone else.

-The Wrestling Observer


Ric Flair: Did you read it!?

Eric Bischoff: Yeah, Ric, I just now finished reading it. It’s right here on my computer screen.

Ric Flair: Who the fuck did this, Eric!? Who the fuck ratted us out!?

Bischoff covered the mouthpiece of the phone as he hit his head off of the phone repeatedly.

Eric Bischoff: It could have been anyone, Ric. We’ve been able to keep our problems quiet from the media like those fucking wrestling “journalists”, but Ric, people have been starting to realize what’s going on backstage for a while now. C’mon, Kanyon even referenced it on Wednesday, albeit indirectly and in a way that the fans wouldn’t have picked up on, but the boys know. It’s a lie to say otherwise.

Ric Flair: Fuck that, Bischoff! Someone leaked! It wasn’t some fuckin’ little stagehand looking to make a name for himself. It was one of the boys! It was Kanyon! It was Booker T! It was The Outsiders or Hogan! It was Storm! It… it was you!

Bischoff once again covered the mouth piece with his left hand. He voicelessly yelled while his right hand flicked the phone/Flair off.

Ric Flair: Answer me, damn it!

A pause.

Eric Bischoff: Ric, you’re fucking crazy. None of my friends, and definitely not me, leaked this information out to them. What, do you think that I want this company to die, Ric?

Ric Flair: …I-I don’t know, but fuck! How can this happen!? We’re fucked, Eric, we’re totally fucked, and this is all your God damn fault!

Eric Bischoff: What the fuck did I do, Flair!?

Ric Flair: You started this all! It was you, you who punched me after Fall Brawl! That’s the root of all of this; you’re the reason Steve left, why sponsors are dropping. They see us as incapable of coexisting, and they’re right! It’s because you’re an arrogant, egomaniacal, sycophant. You’re full of shit, and you’re gonna be the downfall of us all.

Bischoff, instead of getting pissed off, just laughs.

Eric Bischoff: Hah, I’m the root of this all? I think you forget, Ric, the root to me punching you in the jaw…

Bischoff pauses and grins at reminiscing that memory.

Eric Bischoff: …was you going behind everyone’s back and making that deal with Jeff Jarrett. Guaranteed World Heavyweight Title reign, remember?

There’s a long pause.

Ric Flair: It all comes back to that, right? It’s always me and that deal with Jeff, right? It happened, and I’m not sorry for it, damn it! I did what you did with Hogan and Nash time and time again, so kill me! Big deal! That’s not the problem! You can’t take the fact that I did what had to be done to make this company successful!

Eric Bischoff: What, by backstabbing your partners, your friends? Steve was supposed to be your best friend, and you drove him out! We lost his third of the cash, and now we’re sinking even faster! McDonalds and Miller Lite are leaning towards not signing with us too, so we’re even more fucked now!

On and on the two went over the phone, arguing like children. Who is to blame, why the problems continue, the future… everything. The never ending cycle between the two continues on until deep into the night.

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
Szumi's back, but not in black - back in BTB! And yeah, I know, he's doing WCW again - so unoriginal.

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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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