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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

I'm reading Sin at the moment, babySzumi. Expect some sort of comments-post in the near future.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Originally Posted by Alcoholic View Post
I'm reading Sin at the moment, babySzumi. Expect some sort of comments-post in the near future.
He said the Trio Dual Ownership has been put on hold, lol.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Real shame this is 'on hold', just as I was getting into it too.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Rofl, you lot need to read better. That is all I have to say...

...oh, and keep the Sin comments coming. That too.

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

World Championship Wrestling
The Pyramid, Memphis, Tennessee
January 27, 2002

You know I adore you; and a lot of that is down to your constant jibes at Fat Tony. I despise the guy, and I love the fact he gets the piss taken out of him at almost every turn.

<3 the death glare from Tenay (if it’s the glare I’m thinking of. You know it, the pouty one with his lips pursed)

Seemed like an awfully long run down on the card for tonight’s show, although my gut tells me this was what WCW did back in the day before getting into the action. Not the strongest line up you’ll ever see (and I applaud that, as most threads have a dozen main eventers and five or six main event level matches at every PPV) but has the potential to be solid, if not, a surprisingly really good show.

In case I forget to mention it later, ‘The Iceman’ suits Malenko down to a tee. Awesome moniker.

Half an hour sounds like a long time for any kind of fist fight. Hopefully you play on the effects of the off air brawl in the WHC match later.

Again, as said before, I hate the Young Lions name . The team itself aint bad mind, and a hot triple threat tag match to kick proceedings off works for me, although I predicted we’d see cruiserweights first. Not going for a spotty opener works for me, as you allowed the early stages to slowly build the match, and make the fans wait for the high flying. (Ultimately, not that long though)

Is that a golden rule of wrestling?? You actually cant power bomb Mr. Torrie Wilson?? Pussy imo. The Seanton Bomb gives me shits and giggles tbh, imo his version of the move spanks Hardy and Kennedy. One thing is for sure, this one certainly is a good blueprint for a hot opener, with the incorporating of the high flying moves to get the fans ROW-DAY!!!

I guess you made up for the slow opening with the match disintegrating in a move after move affair to pop the fans. Saying that, I love it when we get the big collection of big moves in a match as things break down (see; Kidmans SSP after Stambolis Piledriver, followed by BK and the Unprettier , before a lovely Jungle Kick, which is capped off by Mysterios break up.) That’s the type of thing that gets captures my interest, and even for those that don’t want to admit, they enjoy it too. Didn’t care for O’Haire using the Seanton twice in similar fashion (to the outside), despite it’s awesomeness.

New champions to kick proceedings off is newsworthy, and also is a likely indicator that we’re going in a new direction with the tag team titles. Good story for Kidman and Rey too, considering a month ago they beat the shit out of each other. For them to get back on an even keel and now win the tag belts … well, it brings a tear to the eye. Beautiful.

Enjoyable opener overall, even though for my sake you should’ve opened with the CW title. On the plus side, I’m 1 for 1 in match winners.

You should have someone beat the shit out of Fat Tony. Please. Thank you.

In the words of … you, this was mer. No interest in seeing Morris on my screen, not even his name on my computer screen. Hennig on the other hand, I’d like to see more of (a feud with Awesome over the U.S title preferably -although it’d need one of them to get the heave ho from the n.W.o - or better still, Lance Storm. Now that is ratings!!)

Bit of a toilet break match, and treated as such. Personally, I feel that Hennig still had plenty to offer at this point, and I’d love to see you give him a more prominent role on the show, as I mentioned above. Thankfully, he went over in this one, and hopefully we’ll see less and less of Morris, but more and more of Hennig.

Eric Bischoff: Konnan is an abomination, gentlemen. The simple fact that he is getting a title shot shows exactly how corrupt Ric Flair is as President. Konnan has no talent, no work rate; his fading career can actually be of value if he pulls off the upset of a lifetime by beating you, Mike. We cannot let trash like Konnan be a symbol of hope for the Four Horsemen and WCW. So Mike, your orders are simple: crush him.
Bischoff just channelled my exact thoughts on Konnan. His title shot tonight is a bad joke. That being said, if he does get crushed, I’ll suddenly find worth in this being a PPV match.

As always, I didn’t care for Jarrett, but I get the feeling that he’ll pick up his victory tonight after losing the belt a few weeks back. That makes me sad.

Brilliant piece from Nash, exuding his cool, calm and collected persona, and the fact he completely ignored what Jeff said made me smile. Also shows how much attention the group pays to each other. Somehow though the greed and self worth seems to come together and helps these bunch of bastards always come out on top.

Great seed planted for later too, with Hogan hinting at a special plan, and that hint is only explored further by our commentary team at ringside. The hook is there, now lets see what fish bites the bait

Overall, even though this is just your basic by the numbers promo, I’d say the Szumi award for Promos is safe for another year.

Another tidbit as to why I love you. Not over hyping the response for Chavo.

Anyway, it makes sense as to why you went with a very spotty opener, as the CW match was slightly more inclined towards a Chavo style rather than crazy acrobatics. I for one am glad to see a different approach to a CW title match every once in a while. Most of the marks probably wouldn’t be, but when are they truly happy??

Back to the business anyway, and tbf, I love the way you’ve booked Helms, as a strong heel champion, and him being able to keep up with Chavo in a more grounded match reeks of awesomeness. Felt like a very upside down kinda match, as it isn’t often you see the face working down a body part on the heel. Again, (starting to sound like a broken record) I like that. Makes for something different, rather than the usual formula.

Have to be honest, this match really has me hooked. I’m not used to seeing the heel in peril, and imo it’s pretty fascinating. How did he manage to head butt Chavo without the ref spotting it though?? I sort of took it he was standing behind Chavo given the ref bump following it, but … clarification plz.

Fucking lovely finish my friend / lover. Never expected Super Crazy to appear, ESPECIALLY after the commentary team made the point that he’d be back next month. This sets up a potentially awesome angle for the vanquished champion, screwed out of his title. MOTN right here imo. What a night for the Filthy Animals - two title matches, two title wins. I’m just glad Konnan isn’t I- OH SHIT!!!

At this rate, the Filthy Animals will be legit threats to the Horsemen and n.W.o. Jesus.

OMG, Booker T = Gold. Of course, this was back in a time period where Booker T was relevant and was a legit main eventer. This promo was money, and I’d dare say you’d probably pass it off as just a promo you pulled out of your ass. Fucker. Now, I’m pumped for the WHC match. If you want to send me into overdrive … gimme a Steiner promo.

Let’s get this one outta they way quickly. Awesome retains, the end. Thank God the Animals didn’t go 3 for 3. Moving swiftly on…

Laptop crashed when I commented on the Horsemen promo. You didn’t miss much though, just more man love on my part.

And so, onto Jeff Jobber, and ONCE AGAIN you deliver. Another change of pace, and another different approach to a match. I know this one was a bitch for you to recap, but let me tell you, it came off nicely. As previously mentioned, I’m not a fan of Jarrett, but this match was nicely portrayed, and told an excellent story. Who’d a thunk it, I’m into something involving Jarrett.

As stated, excellent storytelling with Jarrett constantly being expected to cheat and take short cuts, with Malenko equal to him at every turn. The little segments of dominance for both men slowed the pace down a little, but everything built back to the point for the Figure Four, although three minutes to be trapped in the hold sounds a little boring to me.

Fucker, I thought Malenko pulled it out at there from nowhere. If I didn’t love you so much, I’d hate you. Now, with the finishing sequence building, you’ve dragged me right back into the drama, from that near fall. Again, thought you’d have Malenko take it with the Cloverleaf … then … BAH!!! That dick goes and fucks it up. Jarrett traces his roots, and realises he cant win a match clean … OFUCK. Thought it was done at that point tbh, but you’ve shown the fight in Deano with the spirited kick out to save the match.

The rules are truly out the window for Jeff Jobber now, with Kiebler coming to his aide, and the fact she knew he couldn’t survive the Cloverleaf a second time says a lot about Jarrett. Thumb to the eye, Stroke combo - and she’s over. Disappointed that Jarrett won, but in the context of the story, it makes sense. He wasn’t going to win cleanly, but once he cheated, Malenko was toast.

I dearly hope you put this on PPV again next month, maybe inside a cage, or 2 out of 3 falls or something. I’d love to see Malenko get a second shot at JJ, THAT’S how much I loved this match. I actually want to see another Jarrett match!! (As long as he loses this time). Great story told, surprised it only managed 3 and ¼ stars.

YAY- Steiner promo!!!! Piss Ant?? ROFL. Yum, Midajah . Can you did it?? Take it that was supposed to mean dig it?? Overall, intense Steiner of 01/02 FUCKING OWNS.

Oh boy, we are off and flying with a brawl. That’s the way it should be too, given what’s gone down between the two men in recent weeks. It’s another different approach to a match, which is making me cream for this PPV. Again, it’s interesting to see you sort of flip the tables, with the face here being the one rolling out of the ring to get a moment of rest bite. Although to his credit, Booker was right back on the offence after that.

First sign of juice this evening, and it comes from the Bookerman. As you hinted at before the match with the two promos, it doesn’t seem clear what the main goal of either man was, and whether or not it was your intention to play it out this way in the match, it came across like that. Both at times, seemed hungry for a win, yet at other times it was just about beating the shit out of one another.

For me the Book End came out of the blue (in the blue ) But obviously, Scotty was kicking out all the way. For me, the match started faltering a little from this point, despite Steiner getting busted wide open to try and keep things interesting. Should have definitely seen the finish coming, but forgetting the fact we got the unpleasant finish, the last few minutes were a let down for me.

Aftermath was predictable, but cool. Sets up a rematch next month, and I’d imagine some sort of gimmick match at SuperBrawl where a DQ or count out isn’t an option. I’ll be looking forward to it.

I don’t comment on filler.

Oh cool. Chris Jericho is coming . Right?

And main event time!!! WHICH I PREDICTED!!!!! And now I get a chance to air my one and only gripe; the HBK in ring return. Why not save his first singles match in nearly four years for a PPV?? If it’s the need for TV ratings, I can accept it, but tbh, Nash vs. HBK would be a money match on PPV rather than a throwaway TV main event which could’ve at the very least been hyped a week in advance. Given the fact you’re a genius though, I’ve got a feeling there is a method behind the madness. Still, from the outside of your brain, it strikes me as an odd way to get order the appearances of HBK in the ring.

Great little opening exchange, despite the lack of excitement you gave the collar and elbow. The early kip up is a nice touch, as is the mention of Halls flabby beer belly. Storm was made to look like a legit threat, WANTING a piece of Big Sexy. Man, I mark out for Lance Storm. Give him a feud with Perfect please.

The one thing I do give the match credit for is the fact that Anderson and Storm get the chance to look like legit main event talent, and getting to be the equal of both Nash and Hogan, and not just two random guys getting thrust into the main event. The contrast between Horsemen and New World Order is magnificent. So simple, yet undeniably effective. The Horsemen stand for everything pure about wrestling … n.W.o stand for all the parlour tricks, and the dirty side of the sport. Perfectly portrayed through this match (which I skimmed of course)

Plenty of mid match heel tactics from the Order, setting up an eventual big hot tag to none other than HBK. Big comeback, and now it’s into the finishers galore section of the match. LEG DROP … OF DOOOOOOOMMMM~!!! AHHH KIP UP!!! I’d loved to have seen Michaels do that at Summerslam in ‘05. The look on Hogans face would’ve been priceless.

Even a table spot sprinkled for good measure, before the big finish, with Hall taking the pin from HBK. Michaels reigns supreme!!! Finally, the good guys actually end the show on a high note. Very pleasing to see the right result in the end.

Overall, I think you know what I’ll say here … great fucking effort. The card on paper looked okay at best tbh. You pulled a great one out of the bag. Every match was different, every match offered something different. A real gem of a PPV. One of those ones that in all likelihood wouldn’t do a good buy rate, but actually get more plaudits than a lot of other shows. I loved it.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

WCW Wednesday Nitro Preview – January 30, 2002

World Championship Wrestling will host its last January primetime edition of Wednesday Nitro of 2002 on NBC this Wednesday night at 8 PM EST! WCW will be live from Mississippi State University, as Nitro airs from the Humphrey Coliseum, in Starkville, Mississippi! ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay and ‘The Voice of WCW’ Tony Schiavone will be calling the shots for another two-hour, action packed edition of World Championship Wrestling, so be sure to tune in for this monumental event!
For the first time in a long time, WCW Wednesday Nitro will be free from the New World Order! After the nWo originals – ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan, ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash, and ‘The Bad Guy’ Scott Hall – lost to the Four Horsemen in the main event at Sin, Eric Bischoff demanded the group take the night off and regain their focus and concentration. The New World Order dominated their early matches at Sin – Curt Hennig defeated Hugh Morris, ‘The Career Killer’ Mike Awesome defeated Konnan to retain his North American Championship, and ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett squeaked a win over ‘The Iceman’ Dean Malenko in an early match of the year candidate – but the originals could not defeat the Horsemen. It was ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels who thwarted the New World Order’s plans of success when he pinned Scott Hall after hitting the Sweet Chin Music, ensuring a momentum-changing loss for the nWo, and a guaranteed World Heavyweight Title match for Michaels. How will President Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen celebrate this humongous victory of an nWo-free Nitro? Find out on Wednesday!

By pinning Scott Hall in the main event this past Sunday, Shawn Michaels has earned himself a main event match on Nitro against ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner, for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship! The Heartbreak Kid is riding higher than anyone could have ever imagined since debuting in World Championship Wrestling this past month, and the former star has truly showed us all he can still compete in the squared circle at the highest of levels. However, can Shawn Michaels complete this odyssey and defeat Scott Steiner, a man at the top of his game in the prime of his career, and become the WCW World Heavyweight Champion? If Shawn Michaels knows anything, it’s about winning World Titles! The Showstopper will definitely bring his A-game to the main event, but you can guarantee Big Poppa Pump will do the same! Will Scott Steiner be 100% focused on the match after his inconclusive title match and hellacious brawl with Booker T from Sin and last week’s Nitro? Is Shawn Michaels’ back fully healed after such a monumental match just three days ago? Find out on Nitro!

After ten long months of dominating the cruiserweight division, ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms has been dethroned. Third-generation superstar Chavo Guerrero became a three-time Cruiserweight Champion when he defeated Helms this past Sunday at Sin, thanks to some help from the returning ‘Insane Luchadore’ Super Crazy! With the official incapacitated, Shane Helms resorted to his usual method – using a steel chair to assist him in victory. Super Crazy, who suffered multiple concussions because of Shane Helms’ use of a steel chair, return from the shelf to prevent Helms from using the chair, and in return knocked Helms out cold with the chair! That led to Guerrero’s victory, and to say the least, Helms is furious! The former Champ has been given a match tonight on Nitro to vent out his frustrations.

Apart from Chavo Guerrero winning cruiserweight gold, Billy Kidman and Rey Misterio also won championship gold at Sin for the Filthy Animals! The two reunited friends defeated the Natural Born Thrillers and the Filthy Animals in a hot opener at Sin, but their celebrations could be short lived! Mike Sanders is cashing in on the Thrillers’ rematch clause, and Mark Jindrak and Johnny Stamboli will challenge the duo for the Tag Team Titles tonight on Nitro! Will the Animals be able continue their string of success, or will they, much like the past Tag Team Champions, drop the Titles just as soon as they won them? Plus, mysterious videos have been appearing over the past month of a returning superstar, and tonight is the night we find out just who it is! Who is coming back? Find out on Nitro! You can expect this, and much, much more Wednesday night! Nitro promises to be an exciting showcase of professional wrestling that you do not want to miss, so be sure to tune into NBC this Wednesday night at 8 PM EST to catch all the action! The year 2002 is upon us, and World Championship Wrestling is just heating up!

Confirmed Matches:
Filthy Animals © vs. Natural Born Thrillers – WCW North American Championship
Lash Leroux vs. Shane Helms
Scott Steiner © vs. Shawn Michaels – WCW World Heavyweight Championship


Wednesday, January 30, 2002
Humphrey Coliseum, Backstage
4:19 PM EST

For the first time in a long time, I return to a World Championship Wrestling arena. It feels like it’s been forever. The atmosphere, it has changed so much; from a dying company, to one filled with optimism, hope. I’ve heard rumors, leaks that the company was in trouble again, but nothing official has ever reached these ears. Dragging my rolling suitcase, I walk through the first corridor, and immediately spot old friends. Booker T is the first guy to spot me, and walks up to me, grinning from ear-to-ear.

Booker T: Heh, welcome back, Chris ol’ friend.

Booker opens his arms and gives me a welcome back hug. Grinning, I roll my luggage along, catching up with Book.

Oh yeah, it’s good to be back…


I'm flying through Nitro, tbh. This is going to be an epic show, so get feedbackin' it. It will be up tomorrow at the latest, maybe even tonight if I get lucky.

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
Szumi's back, but not in black - back in BTB! And yeah, I know, he's doing WCW again - so unoriginal.

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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

I am already aware of it's epicness tbh, you know my feelings on certain things.

Oh and Y2J surely back, if it's not him, I dunno who the fuck it is.


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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

World Championship Wrestling
WCW Wednesday Nitro
Humphrey Coliseum, Starkville, Mississippi
January 30, 2002




Tony Schiavone: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome, to World Championship Wrestling Wednesday Nitro! I am ‘The Voice of WCW’ Tony Schiavone, and alongside me, as always, is ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay!

Mike Tenay: Thank you, Tony, and fans, welcome to a New World Order-free Nitro!

Tony Schiavone: That’s right, everybody! After the nWo originals lost to ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels, Cal Anderson, and Lance Storm in the main event at Sin, nWo President Eric Bischoff gave the New World Order the night off! It’s the first time in a long time that World Championship wrestling is standing tall!

Mike Tenay: That main event at Sin was a huge victory for the Four Horsemen and WCW, and now, they get to enjoy this night of celebration – a night that could be capped off by Shawn Michaels reaching the pinnacle of this company by winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship against ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner!

Tony Schiavone: Shawn Michaels pinned Scott Hall in the main event, and that gives him this WCW Title match here tonight! What a moment it would be if the Showstopper wins WCW gold tonight!

Mike Tenay: You have to love Shawn Michaels’ chances coming into that match tonight. Michaels hasn’t lost since coming into WCW, and his back is holding up just fine so far. Plus, Scott Steiner cannot be at one-hundred percent! Steiner wrestled in that parking lot brawl last week, spent a night in county jail, and then went through a war on Sunday with Booker T!

Tony Schiavone: Those two didn’t wrestle on Sunday for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship – they downright fought!

Mike Tenay: Scott Steiner and Booker T beat each other senseless at Sin, and while they’re score has not been settled, Big Poppa Pump better be ready for Shawn Michaels!

Tony Schiavone: But that’s not all that happened on Sunday at Sin!

Mike Tenay: No, it isn’t. We have new Tag Team Champions in the Filthy Animals, Billy Kidman and Rey Misterio! The two cruiserweight icons overcame the odds and defeated the Natural Born Thrillers and the Young Lions to knock Mike Sanders and the Thrillers down a peg! However, they get another shot tonight!

Tony Schiavone: That’s right, Professor! Mike Sanders has invoked the rematch clause, and Mark Jindrak and Johnny Stamboli will now challenge the Filthy Animals for the WCW Tag Team Titles!

Mike Tenay: And there’s more, because we have a new WCW Cruiserweight Champion too! After ten long months, ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms has finally been dethroned from the top of the cruiserweight division as Chavo Guerrero Junior pinned Shane Helms at Sin to once again win the WCW Cruiserweight Title!

Tony Schiavone: It was a fitting end for Shane Helms’ Cruiserweight Title reign!

Mike Tenay: Shane Helms has cheated his way to keep that Cruiserweight Title over the past few months, and has especially used a steel chair to knock his opponent’s senseless. Shane Helms was looking to use a steel chair one more time against Chavo, but it was the return of ‘The Insane Luchadore’ Super Crazy who thwarted the deed! Super Crazy prevented Shane Helms from using that chair, and blasted him across the face!

Tony Schiavone: Shane Helms is irate that he lost his Cruiserweight Title, but he’s getting a chance to work out his frustration when he wrestles Lash Leroux!

A Nitro With No nWo …Or So We Thought

The Dynamic Duo is thankfully silenced as the beginnings of “Also Sprach Zarathustra” hit, sending Mississippi State University to its collective feet with the theme of our WCW President, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair. “Horsemen” takes over a few seconds later, and as the crowd keeps on cheering, the Four Horsemen indeed make their appearance from the entrance chute. President Flair and ‘The Enforcer’ Arn Anderson lead the charge, ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels right behind the two, already dressed in his wrestling tights for his huge WCW World Heavyweight Championship match tonight against ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner. ‘The Enforcer’ Cal Anderson, Lance Storm, and ‘The Iceman’ Dean Malenko bring up the rear in a line, each of the three rocking Four Horsemen t-shirts of the new incarnation. The crowd is in a complete and total frenzy for the Horsemen, killing so much TV time cheering as Flair tries to get them to calm down so he can speak once he gets a mic from David Penzer. Finally, he gets his wish, although you all know a cheap pop is coming.

Ric Flair: Starkville, Mississippi…. WOO!


Ric Flair: Mississippi State University… WOO!


Ric Flair: M..S..U! Oh Lord, the Naitcha Boy feels good ta’night!

The crowd cheers because it’s Flair, and Slick Ric starts strutting and dancing around the ring.

Ric Flair: For the first time in a long time, this is truly DUBYA-SEE-DUBYA… NITRO!

Cheap pop.

Ric Flair: Ta’night… there is no New World Order! Tonight, the n-Dubya-o does not exist!

Cheap pop times two.

Ric Flair: I know you’re happy for it, and if ya’ ask good ole Naitch, a congratulations is in order! So Mississippi State, give a round of applause… to the Four, HORSEMEN!

A huge round of applause as the Four Horsemen simply smirk to one another and lightly clap along with the audience.

Ric Flair: This past Sunday night, at Sin, the New World Order was coming to take all of our momentum, everything we’ve worked for this past month, and take it all away! After Starrcade, this company… we were on life support! Booker T was robbed of the World Heavyweight Championship, The Stinger…

The crowd cuts Flair off with cheers for Sting, followed by a “WE WANT STING” chant. Flair nods his head in agreement, but cannot hide the bitter look on his face at the cheers. Whatever happened to kayfabe, Mr. Flair?

Ric Flair: …The Stinger was taken out, and my in-ring career was ended by Hulk Hogan! Two of this company’s most prestigious veterans and idols saw their careers ended, and the top gun was denied what was rightfully his. When I left Starrcade last night, I thought the New World Order had truly taken over…

Flair drones off, looking down at his feet before snapping his head back up, a fire in his eyes.

Ric Flair: No, no, NO! That wasn’t gonna be the case on my watch! The Naitcha Boy, he was wheelin’ and dealin’, and he righted this ship, bay-bay! Eric Bischoff? Impeached! New World Order presents Nitro? Never again! Jeff Jarrett tainting the World Heavyweight Championship? Dean Malenko said otherwise, Champ!

The crowd cheers and Malenko can’t help but smirk, knowing he played a vital role in ensuring Jeff Jarrett did not keep the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Ric Flair: World Championship Wrestling was alive, but we weren’t back in the fight! We were crawling, gettin’ back to our feet, but this company needed more! Fire had to be fought with fire! A family had to come together to fight the family that is the New World Order, and the Naitcha Boy knew just what ‘cha needed! What Dubya-See-Dubya needed, was the Four… HORSEMEN!

Ah, cheap pop.

Ric Flair: Dubya-See-Dubya, you’re lookin’ at the best of the best right here! There’s no family closer than the Four Horsemen, and Eric Bischoff, there is no group ever that can compare to Four Horsemen! Cal Anderson, Dean Malenko, Lance Storm… The Heartbreak Kid, SHAWN MICHAELS… you can’t top these four, daddy-o!

Another cheap pop for Flair and the Four Horsemen.

Ric Flair: Bischoff, ever since the real band got back together, the New World Order has been slidin’ down a slippery path. Bischoff, you’re runnin’ scared. Jarrett isn’t your Champ anymore, and your originals are slippin’. The Outsiders – Kevin Nash and Scott Hall – they used to be the greatest tag team this company ever knew! What are they now, Eric? They can’t tag up with your biggest star ever – Hulk Hogan – to beat the Four Horsemen! Shawn Michaels – Sweet Chin Music~! – says Scott Hall is down for the count… one, two, three!

Ugh, another cheap pop. Flair takes a lengthy pause before continuing, ending the over-hype mode.

Ric Flair: Now I admit, the n-Dubya-o had everything going their way Sunday night. Curt Hennig and Mike Awesome, they both won their matches. Jeff Jarrett, he went through a war here with Dean Malenko – and Jarrett, the Iceman had your number – and the only reason Jarrett won, is the same reason why he always wins: The Chosen One used any means necessary. Jeff Jarrett, in a one-on-one wrestling match, you couldn’t stick with Dean Malenko!

The camera gets a shot of Malenko, looking bitter over his loss. We cut back to Flair, who looks to keep going. Make this better, aye Ric?

Ric Flair: I’m gonna shoot ya’ straight, Starkville: The Naitcha Boy was nervous during the main event at Sin. I knew, I knew that if the New World Order made it a clean sweep and beat us, they would’ve got all the momentum. Right now, the Four Horsemen wouldn’t be standin’ here victorious, it’d be Eric Bischoff and the n-Dubya-o.

The crowd boos the thought of the nWo all celebratory, although it almost came to be.

Ric Flair: Oh yeah, I don’t like that thought either… and that’s why we got the Four Horsemen, baby! Shawn Michaels, Lance Storm, Cal Anderson… take a bow, gentlemen! You three men, you stuck it to Hulk Hogan and The Outsiders, and you – WOO – kicked their ass!

And one more cheap pop for the Horsemen. Damn, total hype.

Ric Flair: Out of all of you Four Horsemen, there is one guy I need to speak to directly… and that’s you, Shawn.

Shawn looks at Ric, and at Flair’s request, HBK steps up to him.

Ric Flair: Shawn Michaels, lemme tell ya’ something. When I called you up, when I told you that the Four Horsemen were comin’ back from the dead… that we needed a man like you to fight the New World Order, I wasn’t sure if you’d do it. Now Shawn, I knew… I knew in my heart, that you wanted to come back to professional wrestling, and you knew it too. That itch, that itch to always be in this squared circle – wrestling – it never goes away. Right now, you’re just waitin’ to step into the ring tonight to fight Steiner for the WCW World Heavyweight Title, just like I’m itchin’ – I’m itchin’ like crazy, Shawn – to have one more match.

Flair pauses, seemingly going off on a tangent about himself.

Ric Flair: …I needed you, Shawn. I needed a man who knew how the New World Order worked, how they operated. I could always keep the n-Dubya-o at bay, I knew their methods and philosophy – I’m the one who created it! The New World Order, they’re just a spin-off of two groups, two families: the Four Horsemen… and the Kliq.

Michaels stares at Flair, pondering what the Nature Boy is getting out.

Ric Flair: It was Ric Flair and Arn Anderson who led the Four Horsemen, and it was you Shawn – no one but you – who created the Kliq! Shawn Michaels was the Kliq, and The Outsiders, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, they knew that lifestyle just as well as you. Do you see it, Shawn? Do you see where I’m going with this?

Michaels is silence, just continuing to stare at Flair.

Ric Flair: I needed someone to lead us. I needed someone who was n-Dubya-o. I needed someone who knew what it meant to be n-Dubya-o. Ric Flair knew what it meant to be n-Dubya-o, but my torch flames on, no more. Shawn, I needed someone who could carry my torch… I needed me. You, Shawn Michaels, are Ric. You… are me.

Michaels can’t help but smile at that compliment, and Flair smiles too before the men embrace. Kodak moment~! After that, Flair steps aside, giving Shawn Michaels the spotlight… and the microphone.

Shawn Michaels: …Wow. Thank you, Ric.

Michaels pauses off immediately, unsure of what to say to that kind of compliment.

Shawn Michaels: …Everything you said, Ric, that’s all true. You and the Four Horsemen of old, you were innovators like no other. The Kliq – me, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Hunter, Sean Waltman – we were innovators too. The New World Order, it is Kevin and Scott’s brainchild. They know how to run this group, and me, I know the way they think. Every move the New World Order makes… I see it comin’ before they can even take one step.

Michaels pauses, stroking his chin and pushing his cowboy hat up a mere inch.

Shawn Michaels: When I came into WCW, I knew that I had a mission to complete: I had to come in here and put my “best friends” in their place. I knew what the New World Order wanted to accomplish – they wanted to destroy this company. But me, Lance Storm, Cal Anderson, Dean Malenko… we’re here to fight. Ric, you and Arn fought valiantly for years, but like you said, the torch has been passed, and we are here to carry the torch on for generations more!

Cheap cheer for Michaels, who immediately speaks over the crowd.

Shawn Michaels: …However, I’d be lying, Ric, if I said the only reason I came to WCW was to help this company – lead the charge with the Four Horsemen – and eliminate the threat that the nWo represents. Ric… I came here to be the best. Shawn Michaels came down south to prove to the world, and most all, to himself, that he was still the best!

HBK pauses quickly, but continues on.

Shawn Michaels: Ric Flair, you are the superstar I idolized growing up. You were the Nature Boy, and to be the man, you had to beat the man! Now I’m not saying I want to challenge you to a match, to see if I could beat my childhood idol… but in the back of my mind, I needed to prove that I could beat the man. When I look around World Championship Wrestling, I know who the man is… the man, is Scott Steiner.

The crowd comes alive at the simple mention of Scott Steiner, the crowd torn between a loud amount of cheers and a loud amount of jeers.

Shawn Michaels: ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner… WCW World Heavyweight Champion, and the machine who has simply dominated every wrestler and superstar thrown in his way for months! Scott Steiner, I’ll be perfectly honest, you are a one-man wrecking crew, and you’ve destroyed careers and lives on your path to winning that WCW World Heavyweight Title you have strapped around your waist. Scott Steiner, you are the man, but ta’night… that’s all gonna change! Ta’night, there is no New World Order to worry about, so ta’night, it’s just you and me! In the words of the greatest wrestler ever: to be the man, you’ve got beat the man… well Scott, by the end of tonight, I’m gonna prove to everyone that Shawn Michaels is the man, and most of all, the new WCW World Heavyweight Champion!

The crowd breaks out into cheers as Michaels hypes the match up, and throws the challenge down for tonight’s main event.

New NewNew
New New

The crowd bursts out into boos and the ring is filled with mass confusion as six heads swirl to the entrance stage. The New World Order has the night off, so why is their music playing? We’re about to get an answer because out from the back comes three nWo members: the nWo President, Eric Bischoff, Stacy Keibler, and WCW North American Champion, ‘The Career Killer’ Mike Awesome. Bischoff has a mic in hand, and while trying to look as serious as can be, has a smug, all-knowing look on his face.

Eric Bischoff: Hello Horsemen… you seem a little surprised to see me!

Bischoff grins as the crowd boos.

Eric Bischoff: Now, I know said that the New World Order was taking the night off – giving us a chance to regroup and rethink our strategy – but well, I guess I wasn’t fully honest.

The crowd boos the deception some more, while Bischoff chuckles.

Eric Bischoff: Don’t get me wrong, Ric, this is all of the nWo you’re going to see tonight… wait, no, there’s another lie again. However, myself, the beautiful Stacy Keibler, and my bodyguard for the evening, ‘The Career Killer’ Mike Awesome, we’re the only nWo members in the building. However, I have a good feeling that the Four Horsemen are going to be seeing more of the nWo by the time tonight is over.

The crowd boos some more while the Four Horsemen, especially Flair and Michaels, look at Bischoff with great confusion.

Eric Bischoff: Aw, what’s the matter, Shawn? You look confused. Here, let me break it down for you, cowboy…

Michaels glares at Bischoff, unappreciative of Bischoff’s condescending attitude.

Eric Bischoff: You see, cowboy, the New World Order isn’t really getting the night off. Mike Awesome, he’s here by my side tonight to make sure that the Four Horsemen doesn’t try and gang-style attack me like the common thugs you all are. However, the rest of the gang… they’re not in Mississippi, but they’ve been on – how do I say it? – assignment.

Michaels and co. continue to stay silence, their confusion stunning them and allowing Bischoff to unveil his story.

Eric Bischoff: While you’ve been here in Starkville, Mississippi, all day long, Shawn… your “best pals” The Outsiders, they’ve been taking a little road trip… to San Antonio.

As Mike Tenay informs the audience at home that San Antonio, Texas is the residence of Shawn Michaels, the Heartbreak Kid becomes filled with rage, catching on as to where The Outsiders went.

Eric Bischoff: If I remember correctly – and I do, Shawn – you said that you knew the New World Order was going to do, before we even ever did it. Well Shawn, let me ask you something – did you see this coming? …Let’s find out.

Bischoff, grinning evilly, cranks his neck up to look at the Nitro Tron, which suddenly starts to play a video.

nWo Voiceover: The following footage has been brought to you by the New World Order.

A handheld camera is being used as a car drives into a development. The cameraman turns – revealing Kevin Nash to be driving the vehicle – and films the gate closing that allows access to the community. The car drives up a hill before parking in a cul-de-sac. Nash and the cameraman (who is clearly Scott Hall) exit the car and start walking away from the cul-de-sac, the camera focusing on a house in the distance.

The video feeds cuts for a second, but returns at a new location. Scott Hall, still filming, and Kevin Nash are standing in some bush and shrubbery, the camera focused on Nash. Nash, chuckling, starts to whisper,

Kevin Nash: Hi, Shawn. I don’t want to speak too loudly… we might wake up Cameron.

Hall turns the camera, and we can tell that the two are spying on Rebecca Curci-Michaels, Shawn’s wife, and their two year old son, Cameron. Hidden in the bushes behind the gate to their backyard, The Outsiders can watch Rebecca through the sliding glass door that leads to their backyard; Mrs. Michaels is bending over a playpen, Cameron assumingly inside taking a nap.

The video feed cuts to static once more, but returns a few seconds later as Rebecca walks out the sliding glass door, dressed in just a bikini and carrying a towel. Rebecca lays the towel along an extended plastic recliner chair, and Mrs. Michaels lays out on it, rubbing tanning oil over her arms, stomach, and legs. Closing her eyes and letting the warm Texas sun bake her on this surprisingly and refreshingly warm day in Texas, The Outsiders just film Rebecca laying there, invading her privacy.

Yet again the video cuts to static after a while of Rebecca Michaels tanning under the sun, the next shot being of her putting little Cameron in a high chair and spoon feeding him lunch. The little tyke is energetic though, and grows tired of this after a while, showing Mommy that he can eat his applesauce by himself. Scott Hall snorts from behind the camera as Cameron, bored of using a spoon, throws his hand into the applesauce and wiping his covered hand across his face, getting more applesauce on his face than in his mouth. Precious.

Black and white covers the Nitro Tron one more time before we return to out nWo documentary. Scott Hall films Kevin Nash stepping over the gate to enter the Michaels’ backyard, day having turned into night. A disclaimer appears on the top of the Nitro Tron, claiming this is live, in the here and now. Scott Hall walks up to the gate, and climbs over it, the camera pointing down at the ground as he struggles to climb over the three or four foot tall fence. As the camera points at the ground in the bushes, we see around ten crushed bags that once contained McDonalds food, and at least seven bottles of beer, all of which were drank by Scott Hall, I imagine.

After finally getting over the fence, Hall staggers towards the house, Kevin Nash already leaning up against the house, right next to the fence. Nash motions for Hall to come over, Scott almost tripping over one of Cameron’s toys in the process.

Scott Hall: Son of a bitch!

Kevin Nash: Hey… keep it down, Scotty. Quit staggerin’ around… why did you have to drink all those beers?

Scott Hall: ‘Ey… I offa’ed you one!

Nash brings his finger up to his mouth, telling Hall to be quiet. Hall eventually gets into position, and focuses the camera on Nash, somehow keeping his drunken hands steady.

Kevin Nash: Shawn, I hope you’ve been enjoying all of our footage. If you have, just wait: it’s going to get even better.

Hall chuckles.

Kevin Nash: Shawnny, you, me, and Scotty, we all go way back. We know you better than anyone else does, and that includes the missus in there. Ya’ see, Shawn, you’ve been claimin’ to be a changed man ever since you came to WCW, which is all well and good, but frankly, it’s a lie. You’re still the same I knew in the 90s that I partied with every day and every night. What I want to know, Shawn, is does Rebecca know about the real Shawn Michaels? Does she know of your past, Shawn? Huh Heartbreak?

Kevin Nash: Does Rebecca know of all of the horror stories of the past? Will Rebecca still love you, Shawn? Will she still love you when she hears every single story about all the sex and one night stands with groupies, all of the drinking, all of the drugs? I’m a little skeptic, dear friend. But what about Cameron, huh? What will dear, precious, pure Cameron think when he grows up to find out that his dear daddy – his role model – is nothing but a lie? How will your son respond he finds out that his dad is a despicable human being who should’ve been taken behind the shed and taken care of like a dog with rabies?

Nash’s stare into the camera is thee single most intense gaze I have ever seen. His eyes are fill with so much hatred, even Lucifer himself would be astonished.

Kevin Nash: Will Rebecca still want to be the wife to a man who has so many skeletons in his closet that men such as Timothy McVeigh and Osama Bin Laden are deemed decent individuals when compared to you? Well let me tell you, Shawn, we’re about to find out. I’m gonna go inside your house, and I am gonna sit down and tell Rebecca every single sin you have ever committed.

The intensity from Nash’s face fades as he approaches the sliding glass door, putting his hand on the handle. Nash turns back to the camera one last time, all of that hatred switching to a sick and twisted frame of mind.

Kevin Nash: I don’t want you to worry, Shawn. Really, your family will be fine. Cameron, I’ll be there for your son. I’ll stand in your place, Shawn – I will be the role model to him that you never will be! Cameron, he’ll be my son, Shawn; I’ll be his father.

Nash starts to open the sliding glass door, Rebecca apparently forgetting to lock it. As he slowly and cautiously opens the door, Nash turns back to the camera one last time.

Kevin Nash: ...Your wife, Shawn, don’t worry about Rebecca either. Me and her, we’ve always been good friends, you know that. I’ll be there for her too, and I think that when this is all over, Shawn, Rebecca won’t just be calling me Kevin or Kev anymore; she won’t even be just calling me Big Sexy… she’ll be screaming my new nickname, Daddy.

Nash smirks maniacally into the camera as he walks into the Michaels’ house, Hall slowly following in after him. Hall turns around and closes the sliding glass door, the camera focusing on the Michaels’ backyard and swimming pool… before cutting to static.

As the Nitro Tron is snow, we cut back to live ringside, where Shawn Michaels is being held back by Lance Storm and Cal Anderson, desperately struggling and kicking his legs, trying to break free. Eric Bischoff is laughing hysterically, somehow finding amusement in that video. Shawn Michaels is openly weeping, crying as he tries to break free. The Horsemen fear what Michaels will do to Bischoff if he breaks loose, but Shawn breaks free!

Shawn Michaels sprints to the ropes and hops over the top rope, landing on the apron before hopping off the ring. Flair screams at Shawn to come back, yelling “It’s not worth it, Shawn! You’ll spend the rest of your life in jail if you go after him!” Bischoff, Awesome, and Keibler quickly hightail it to the back as Michaels sprints up the ramp, and by the time he reaches the stage, the three are gone from ringside. Michaels doesn’t stop though, sprinting through the entrance chute to the backstage as we cut to a…


During The Break

A “During the Break” tag appears in the bottom right hand corner as ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels is sprinting through the backstage area, car keys in his right hand. He runs through a door, sprinting out into the parking lot. HBK finds his target, his rental car, and hurriedly unlocks the door and hops in. The car starts, and in a second, Michaels drives off, tires squealing as Michaels floors the pedal, fleeing in a hurry, apparently off to save his family.

We cut to the back, where we’re now live.

Finding A Replacement – Part One – More Important Things

We’re back in the Four Horsemen locker room, the group absolutely stunned by what they just witnessed minutes ago. Just a couple seconds later, representative of the board of directors, ‘The Living Legend’ Larry Zbyszko, walks into the room.

Ric Flair: ...I don’t know where he went, Larry.

Larry Zbyszko: That’s not technically why I’m here, Ric. The board called me as soon as they saw Shawn take off from the ring: they want you to know that the main event is still on as scheduled.

Ric Flair: Larry, Shawn just went AWOL! He took off! He’s probably heading to San Antonio, either to be with his family or murder The Outsiders.

Larry Zbyszko: I know, Ric, I know… and the board says if he’s not here, then he forfeits his title match. However, they’re adamant that Scott Steiner still defends the WCW World Heavyweight Title here tonight on Nitro.

Ric Flair: Look Larry, there are things more important than being the President of this company right now. I don’t know what the hell Bischoff and the New World Order is getting out, but what they just did was the most screwed up thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t care about booking matches tonight – I want to find Eric Bischoff, and kick his ass!

Arn Anderson: Ric, we’ll worry about Bischoff later. You still have a job to do. Larry, you tell the board we will find a suitable replacement for Shawn tonight, and they’ll get their main event.

Larry gives a sad smile and nod of his head, agreeing with Flair that there are more important things than the main event right now, like the mental and emotional well being of Shawn Michaels and his family. As Zbyszko leaves the room, the Horsemen all share uneasy glances, wondering what in the fuck just happened.

Tony Schiavone:

Mike Tenay: …Fans, I… I’m not quite sure what to say here.

Tony Schiavone:

Mike Tenay: What the nWo did, what The Outsiders did… I just cannot believe it. The lows that these people are willing to stoop to, just to make the lives of the Horsemen miserable.

Tony Schiavone: …I’m speechless.

A first?

Mike Tenay: Shawn Michaels, he didn’t deserve that. He had to watch as his family’s personal lives were invaded by the two men he always thought were his best friends!

Tony Schiavone: …I just… I don’t know what to say.

Mike Tenay: I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to come to terms to the twisted and perverse footage I just watched… fans, we’re here to put on a show for you, and well, I guess that is what we have to do. We’re not here to see that disgusting sort of antics by the nWo, we’re here for wrestling. Let’s… let’s just give you what you came to see.

A few seconds later, “Sugar” hits, bringing out the former ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms to a good portion of jeers from the crowd. Helms is not only without his Cruiserweight Title Belt, but he is also sans the Sugar Babies tonight. Dressed in just his baggy tights, Helms storms down to the ring, Lash Leroux already there for action. As soon as Helms gets into the ring, Mark Johnson calls for the bell, and Helms strikes right away.

Match One
Lash Leroux vs. Shane Helms
Singles Match

This one is nothing short of a glorified squash match, except for it really isn’t glorified. Helms mows through Leroux, beating the crap out of him from almost start to finish. The former Champ reddens Leroux’s chest up with knife edge chops and kicks, making me question if Lash’s chest or hair is a darker shade of red. While Lash does indeed get some offense in at some point, it’s simply Helms attacking and squashing Leroux, showing no mercy and ruthlessly stiffing the Ragin’ Cajun before finishing him off easily with a specially wicked Vertebreaker. The cover is academic, and Helms wins easily.

Shane Helms def. Lash Leroux at 4:07

After the match, Shane Helms refuses to let Slick Johnson raise his hand as victor, instead exiting the ring and heading over to David Penzer. Helms slaps the microphone out of Penzer’s hand as he announces Shane Helms’ victory, and then snatches a steel chair before reentering the ring. Helms drags the groggy Leroux into the corner of the ring, his head propped against the second turnbuckle. Helms places the chair in a way so that it’s in front of Lash’s face, setting up for something bad to happen. Helms blankly walks into the opposite corner, looks at Johnson and orders to get him a mic, and then takes off charging towards Leroux. Helms leaps off his feet, and CRUSHES Leroux with a wicked dropkick, kicking the chair right into Leroux’s face! The crowd jeers the events, and the cruiserweight collapses to the canvas, his hands over his face as he hides his now-fucked up face from the camera and crowd.


As Helms gets back up to his feet, he snatches the mic referee Mark Johnson got for him from his clutches. Helms then feigns hitting him with a right hand, causing Slick to cower and run. Helms paces around the ring, looking angry and on the verge of tears.

Shane Helms: DAMN YOU, CRAZY!

Helms snaps immediately, furious at well, Super Crazy.

Shane Helms: Super Crazy!! You freakin’ piece of crap! YOU SCREWED ME!

The crowd cheers as Helms loses it, the man going insane now that he has lost his Cruiserweight Championship.

Shane Helms: Ten months… ten months! TEN MONTHS I was the WCW Cruiserweight Champion! I dominated this division like no other, and this past Sunday night – at Sin – I was ROBBED! Two Mexicans conspired together and STOLE my Cruiserweight Championship away from me! This past Sunday night was an injustice! Karl Marx is smiling in his grave because two inferior beings joined together and had an uprising! The weak, the powerless, they overthrew the elite. I was the elite! I was the king of this cruiserweight division, and Super Crazy took it all away from me!

Helms paces around the ring, still livid.

Shane Helms: Let me tell you people, I REFUSE to allow these Mexicans to conspire and screw me over! Oh no, I will not let their blatant racism and discrimination last! Super Crazy, you pushed me over the edge! I’m goin’ a little craaaaaazy! I’m loco, essa!

Helms zones out, his eyes getting a creepy twinge in them.

Shane Helms: …You all thought I had a mean streak in me over the past few months. Everyone thought Shane Helms was becoming vicious? Well let me tell you all something, I was weak! I was a light-hearted coward! Do you people wanna see vicious? Do you wanna see me get ruthless? I’LL GET RUTHLESS! I’LL GO CRAZY! I’LL GET NUTS!

Helms continues to stare around the ring, just losing his flipping mind.

Shane Helms: I promise you all, right here and right now… you’re about to see a whole new side to Shane Helms. You’re going to see the most vicious, ruthless bastard in this entire company. Just wait… the pain I am going to inflict on Super Crazy, will be above and beyond ANYTHING, that the likes of you… have EVER SEEN!

Helms literally throws the microphone down to the canvas, slamming it so hard to breaks right on the spot! Helms leaves the ring afterwards, and “Sugar” hits right afterwards.

Tony Schiavone: …I think Shane Helms has flipped his lid, Professor.

Ya’ think!?

Mike Tenay: Shane Helms was the WCW Cruiserweight Champion for ten long months – that Championship became part of him. He identified with that title, and now that Chavo Guerrero defeated him at Sin, Shane Helms feels like he’s lost a part of himself. The result… it speaks for itself.

Tony Schiavone: …And if that is the case, and Shane Helms means what he just said, then Super Crazy and Chavo Guerrero better watch out!

Mike Tenay: Fans, this has been a bizarre night so far, and I hope that we can arrive at normalcy soon. We have to take a commercial break, but stay tuned because up next, the Natural Born Thrillers are going to get their rematch for the WCW Tag Team Championship! It’s the Filthy Animals versus the Thrillers, next!


When Nitro returns, we’re not at ringside, but backstage at the interview area.

Even A Stacked Show Needs A Shitty Segment

At the interview set, ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund is standing by with the Filthy Animals – WCW Tag Team Champions, Billy Kidman and Rey Misterio, WCW Cruiserweight Champion, Chavo Guerrero, and the title-less Konnan. As expected, the four are all in a happy mood after great Sin PPV for the Animals.

Gene Okerlund: Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund and standing beside me, are the Filthy Animals! I hope everyone watching is enjoying the show so far tonight, but you, Animals, must be having a great time after the successful night at Sin.

There’s a general agreement and nodding of the heads from the Animals.

Gene Okerlund: New Tag Team Champions Billy Kidman and Rey Misterio, we’re going to start with you two gentlemen. It’s hard to believe that just over a month ago, you two were wreaking havoc throughout this company as enemies, but now, here you are, reunited and WCW Tag Team Champions! You had a great match to kick off Sin, and after a great effort, you came away winners! How does it feel to be Tag Team Champions?

Billy Kidman: You know, Mean Gene, we’re really proud to be Tag Team Champions. Standing here, all four of us, side-by-side and successful once again, it means a lot. Rey and I knew that our past could affect our chemistry together, and that it could be difficult for us to be an elite tag team. However, the friendship the two of us have, it’s taken us to where are now… Tag Team Champions.

Kidman and Misterio smile at one another, and I can’t decide if I shoot let them start a gay porno, or shoot them.

Rey Misterio: We know that the tag team division is extremely competitive, Gene, and that if we want to keep these belts, we’re gonna have to work really hard. The Young Lions had problems holding onto these belts all last year, and the Thrillers only kept ‘em for a month. Ta’night, the Thrillers are challengin’ for our titles, and we know that if we don’t bring our A-game, we’re gonna lose these belts tonight.

Gene Okerlund: Well guys, what are the chances of us seeing you’re A-game tonight?

Billy Kidman: Mean Gene, the Filthy Animals always bring their A-game! We respect what Mark Jindrak and Johnny Stamboli can do in the ring, but me and Rey can and will win tonight.

Kidman and Rey high five, while Okerlund moves the interview on to Chavo Guerrero. We have to have more of this?

Gene Okerlund: Chavo Guerrero, just like your two friends, you won WCW gold at Sin this past Sunday night! How does it feel to be a three-time Cruiserweight Champion after defeating Shane Helms this past Sunday?

Chavo Guerrero: Sunday night was a war, Mean Gene, and I gotta respect Shane Helms for puttin’ up one hell of a fight, but essa wasn’t gonna take away the Guerrero moniker – cheat to win – an’ get away it, holmes. Now, I didn’t know Super Crazy was gonna show up and take Shane Helms out, but what happened is in the past.

Gene Okerlund: So despite what Shane Helms said earlier, you two did not conspire together to defeat Helms this past Sunday night?

Chavo Guerrero: Loco, essa, that’s what Shane Helms is, Mean Gene. I respect Super Crazy as a wrestler, and I call him a friend, but I thought holmes was on the shelf for another month. Crazy, essa marches to the beat of his own drum, so if he showed up at Sin, he’s ready ta’ come back and wrestle. Grandpa Gory always told me to be a fighting champion, so Mean Gene, you can be the first ta’ report this. Super Crazy, you insane freak friend of mine, if you’re healthy and ready ta’ wrestle, I want you to show up next week to Nitro – I’d be honored to defend my Cruiserweight Title against you first, essa!

Gene Okerlund: Wow, what a challenge! Chavo Guerrero defends the Cruiserweight Title against Super Crazy, next week on Nitro? That’s sure to be a blockbuster right there!

Chavo just smiles and nods his head while Oak turns to the man who did not win any WCW gold at Sin, Konnan.

Gene Okerlund: Konnan, you fought a hard match at Sin against Mike Awesome, but despite your best efforts, couldn’t come home with the North American Title. How do you feel tonight?

Konnan: I can’t lie, Gene-O, I’m a lil’ dis’ppointed. I really wanted ta’ make ‘da night a trifecta fo’ ‘da Animals, but it jus’ wasn’t meant ta’ be. I ain’t gonna get down n’ give up, essa, but instead, I’m gonna keep my head on straight! Winnin’ ‘dat North American Title would’ve been nice, but it ain’t the gold ‘dat matters ta’ me right now, Mean Gene, it’s fightin’ ‘da n-Dubya-o! Sin was about tryin’ ‘da take it ta’ Mike Awesome, n’ I’m gonna keep playin’ my role, Gene. Helpin’ out Ric Flair n’ da’ Fo’ Horsemen, fightin’ ‘da n-Dubya-o… ‘dat’s wha’ I’m gonna do!

Konnan pauses while he nods his head, and looks over at Kidman and Misterio.

Konnan: Howeva’, I still got ‘da Filthy Animals ta’ look afta’, n’ I still gotta have their backs, essa! Ta’night, Billy n’ Rey-Rey fightin’ ‘da Thrilla’s, n’ ya’ll know Mike Sanders is gonna be at ringside, helpin’ out his boys. Well, Mean Gene, K-Dawg gonna be ‘dat equaliza’ fo’ the Animals ta’night! So Animals, les’ go do this thang!

Konnan starts yelling out in Spanish (poor Kidman must feel so lost), hyping the gang up. The foursome take off, heading for the ring while Okerlund just smiles.

Tony Schiavone: The Filthy Animals are heading this way, folks! This match is coming up right now!

As soon as Schiavone finishes that line, “Avalanche” hits, bringing out the former Tag Team Champions to boos from the crowd. Mike Sanders leads out Mark Jindrak and Johnny Stamboli, all three men without their usual arrogance. Sanders looks the angriest out of the three, while Jindrak and Stamboli are simply trying to stay focused and get motivated for the chance to win back the WCW Tag Team Titles just three days after losing them. “Filthy” hits once the Thrillers are in the ring, and the crowd breaks out into loud cheers as Konnan leads the charge for the Animals, dancing and throwing his arms around, getting the crowd pumped up for the match. Konnan plays to the crowd and slaps hands with the fans while Kidman and Misterio, like their opponents, just try and stay focused on the match. The champs eventually get into the ring, hand their newly won belts off to Billy Silverman, and we get ready to kick this rare Nitro title match off.

Match Two
Filthy Animals &#169; (w/Konnan) vs. Natural Born Thrillers (w/Mike Sanders)
WCW Tag Team Championship

Much like the triple threat match at Sin, this match is not about telling a story or fancy chain wrestling, but quick sequences and high-impact spots. That is made clear straight from the start, as the four men brawl in the ring, allowing the Thrillers to get the advantage, only for Rey and Billy to hit stereo tilt-a-whirl head scissors to Stamboli and Jindrak. The Animals follow it up with clotheslines over the top rope, and the simultaneous no-handed somersault sentons to the Thrillers, sending everyone crashing to the canvas.

The tides turn both inside and outside the ring. Billy Kidman is crushed with a wicked lariat from Johnny Stamboli on the outside, letting Kidman do a wicked neck bump on the mats. Inside the ring, Misterio goes for a casadora into a bulldog, but Jindrak reverses and throws Misterio off him and through the air, sending the cannon-balled Rey crashing knees and head first into the corner turnbuckles! Killer.

The Thrillers are in cruise control for a good portion of the match, using their size to crush Rey Misterio, while Mike Sanders throws in a few quick distractions as well to help his boys keep their advantage. Despite earning several near falls from spots that the crowd was all for, the Thrillers can’t keep Rey-Rey down, and the little man is able to fight back in due time. Mark Jindrak lifts Misterio up for a death valley driver, but after stalling and complications to swing that nagging Mexican off him, Misterio reverses mid-move, swinging himself around Jindrak before spiking him with a swinging DDT! Both men have to recuperate, and while Jindrak makes the tag to Stamboli first, Misterio makes the hot tag to Billy Kidman.

Billy Kidman’s entry into the match throws momentum in the Animals’ favor, and Kidman connects with dropkick after dropkick to Stamboli and Jindrak (although one hits Billy Silverman for a ref bump), keeping them at bay until Rey Misterio can recuperate and help him back out. Despite Kidman getting the crowd behind him, the Thrillers’ strength in numbers gets the advantage back moments later. The challengers try to hit Kidman with a double vertical suplex, but Misterio reenters the fray. The little man grabs his partners’ legs and slings him down to the canvas behind the Thrillers. As the two turn to find out just what happened, Rey-Rey and Kidman land stereo kicks to the mid-section and DDTs!

Rey Misterio is feeling froggy and goes up to the top turnbuckle, but before he can leap onto one of the Thrillers, Mike Sanders inserts himself back into the match. Mr. Above Average hops onto the apron and shoves the wee-man off the top turnbuckle, sending Rey crashing to the outside and hot-shotting himself on the top of the guardrail! Misterio collapses, and the crowd boos the interjection of Mr. Sanders into the match. Furious, Konnan enters the ring to even the score, and comes sprinting at the grinning Mike Sanders, hitting him with a right hand that sends him flying off the ring apron and landing on the outside of the ring! Konnan turns his focus to Stamboli and Jindrak, and he and Kidman team up to subdue them. Konnan takes the two down with a rolling clothesline before knocking Mark Jindrak out with the 187 cradle DDT! Kidman, however, scores with the Kid Krusher! As Konnan instructs Billy to go up top, he rolls Stamboli onto his back and then leaves the ring. As Silverman comes to, Kidman leaps off the top and connects with the Shooting Star Press! Kidman makes the cover, Silverman counts, and 1-2-3, the Animals retain!

Billy Kidman pins Johnny Stamboli at 6:19; the Filthy Animals def. the Natural Born Thrillers to retain the WCW Tag Team Titles

Konnan helps Rey Misterio back to his feet on the outside as “Filthy” hits, and the two men join Billy Kidman in the ring to celebrate the victory. With their backs turned to the entrance stage as the champs collect their Tag Belts, The Young Lions come sprinting from the back, diving under the bottom rope and into the ring. Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire have their fists raised to fight, but simply wait for the Animals to turn around. The Animals finally do, and flinch back out of instinct. The Lions simply smirk as the Animals flinch, their message already sent; they clearly didn’t come down here to fight. O’Haire points at the Tag Belts around their shoulders before the two men motion that they’re coming back around the waists of the Young Lions. The two sides stare each other down, knowing they will meet again, very soon.

Tony Schiavone: This one is not over yet, Professor!

Mike Tenay: No, definitely not! The Young Lions were unable to win back the Tag Team Titles at Sin in that three team match, but neither Chuck Palumbo or Sean O’Haire took the fall in the match! They still want – and arguably deserve – a crack at the Filthy Animals for the Tag Team Titles!

Tony Schiavone: The Filthy Animals have challengers coming from all sides!

Mike Tenay: Well the Natural Born Thrillers may not have won back the Tag Team Titles, but you can guarantee that Mike Sanders will still be weaseling his team back into title contention as well. Sin may have gave us new Tag Team Champions, but it seemingly did nothing to solve the battle between these three teams!

Tony Schiavone: It only added to the fire!

And let’s cut to the back because I’m sick of Tony.

Finding A Replacement – Part Two – Wrestle For Your Spot, Son

We’re backstage in the Four Horsemen’s locker room, but only President Flair and Arn Anderson are present. There’s a knock on the door before it is immediately opened, and Booker T comes charging in. Flair stands up from his chair to address him and presumably shake his hand, but Booker starts talking right away.

Booker T: Look, Ric, I know ‘dat Shawn Michaels hightailed it outta here ta’night, n’ ya’lls need a replacement fo’ yo’ main event. I’m jus’ gonna make this short n’ sweet; wit’ ‘dat main event spot open, I want muh shot at Scott Steina’! Ya dig?

Flair stares at Booker, looking a little taken aback and surprised by his forwardness. It doesn’t impress Naitch, however.

Ric Flair: Actually, no, Book, I don’t dig it.

Booker’s eyes widen, shocked by Flair rejecting him for the World Heavyweight Title match tonight.

Booker T: Tell me I din’t jus’ hear what I thought I heard, Flair!

Ric Flair: You heard exactly what I said, Booker. You’re a worthy competitor – one of the best talents in World Championship Wrestling – but frankly, I don’t think I should allow you to have another match with Scott Steiner here tonight, especially with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line.

Booker T: N’ why ‘da hell not!? I’ve earned muh shot at Steina’, n’ I damn well deserve ta’ wrestle fo’ ‘da Dubya-See-Dubya Worl’ Heavyweight Title ta’night, dawg. Who else here ta’night is mo’ worthy than Booka’ T? Who else!?

Booker glares at Flair, absolutely furious with the President of WCW.

Ric Flair: No one here tonight has earned the right to wrestle for that Title, Book, but I don’t trust you in the ring right now, not when that World Heavyweight Title is up for grabs. You care so much about the Title, then when you’re fighting for it, you snap. Did you watch your match from Sin yet? You were an animal! You forgot all about wrestling and instead became obsessed with beating Scott Steiner down to a bloody pulp, kicking him like a mule, until he couldn’t get up! Then, maybe then, you would have went for the victory, but Book, you’re mind isn’t stable. You’re too obsessed with winning that World Heavyweight Title that when it comes time to wrestle for it, you forget about wrestling. You fight, and I’m sorry, but I want a wrestling match tonight in the main event. You simply won’t give me, and more importantly the fans, that.

Booker glares at Flair, looking like he is about to punch him in the face. Flair, however, doesn’t seem to care, and keeps going.

Ric Flair: As the President of this company, I have to tell you, Book, your actions at Sin were irresponsible and reprehensible. Before I ever put you in a match with Scott Steiner – let alone a World Heavyweight Title match – you need to cool off and prove to me that you can be a professional wrestler, not some common thug.

Ouch, Flair is just freaking owning Booker.

Booker T: I’m a thug, huh? Dat’s all Booka’ T is, Flair? Ight, sucka, we’ll see whose right ‘den. Gimme a match, Prez! Gimme someone ta’ wrestle, n’ I’ll put ‘em down – one, two, three! How ya’ want it, huh? Book End? Axe Kick! 110th Street Slam? How ‘bout da’ Harlem Hang Ova’? Wanna see Booka’ T go ol’ school!?

Flair is at a loss for words, as Booker T is just snapping.

Booker T: Ya’ know what? Keep yo’ punk ass back here, sit in yo’ comfy chair, make yo’ phone calls, n’ I’ll go out n’ wrestle! Dig that, Prez!

Booker turns on his heel and storms off, irately slamming the door the locker room closed as he does. Flair and Arn just share uneasy looks, having just witness an obsessed man snap.


Tony Schiavone: Welcome back to Wednesday Nitro, and fans, this has just been a bizarre night… a night full of mysteries.

Mike Tenay: We still do not know the whereabouts of Shawn Michaels, or what is currently going on in San Antonio, Texas. Shane Helms has gone crazy, and Booker T has snapped after being denied a rematch against Scott Steiner tonight for the World Heavyweight Championship!

Tony Schiavone: However, Professor, one mystery that has been plaguing us all for the past month, is about to be solved.

Mike Tenay: Cryptic videos have been playing for the past month about a returning superstar, and now, we’re about to re-familiarize ourselves with a WCW superstar…

Nobody’s Better Than The Savior – Really? You Fucking Sheep

Before we find out who the mystery man is, the video plays, one last time.

A series of blue digits scroll across the screen in rapid succession, flying in and moving out from every angle and direction. Despite their seemingly lack of order, they all come together and form into the figure of a bottle, a champagne bottle. The bottle explodes and the numbers disappear off the screen, being replaced by that shadowy figure we’ve saw for weeks hit a STO on some other figure. The video cuts to the man standing – his back turned to the camera, arms extended out at the perpendicular angle we’re used to. Both hands hold bottles, but this time, the figure starts to turn! Just as the man’s face is about to be visible, his figure turns into the blue digits and reform into the champagne bottle. The bottle explodes once again, and the digits form the words: He’s Better Than Everyone, and He’s Here to Save You… Now.

We cut back to the silent arena…


The crowd breaks out into a surprisingly loud reaction, mostly filled with boos although some pops can be heard out of surprise and/or having not seen this gentleman in a long time. After a few seconds, the legend himself, Chris ‘Champagne’ Kanyon comes out from the back, strutting out onto the entrance stage, his arms raised at his sides and head tilted back, taking in the crowd’s reaction. Kanyon is dressed in an elaborate and expensive fur coat and sunglasses (Did Liberace pick that out?), and has a mic in one hand and a champagne bottle in the other.

While Kanyon makes his entrance, let me just say to those who though Kanyon was going to be Chris Jericho, baaaaaaah~! Sheep~! One simple reference to a pose, an indirect comparison of Jericho to Jesus, and the bandwagon starts. Jericho?? Really!? I thought you people knew me better than that.

Kanyon gets into the ring eventually and spins around in a few circles, basking in the boos of the crowd. He finally brings his mic up to his mouth and begins to speak.

Chris Kanyon: HELLO, W..C..W!

The WCW namedrop gets a few cheers, but the majority of the crowd still boos.

Chris Kanyon: Ya’ know, WCW, you have seen Kanyon around in a while, but that’s okay! Don’t fear, babies! Chris Kanyon hasn’t been kicked in the mud, living the standard life of an out of work professional wrestler, oh no! I wasn’t homeless and living under a bridge, I wasn’t working part time at McDonald’s, I was living the life!

Kanyon pauses as he slaps the cork off of the champagne bottle and takes a swig. He bottle looks half empty already… did Scott Hall have this in San Antonio?

Chris Kanyon: I’ve been spending the past ten months traveling around the world, baby! I’ve traveled to the most ancient landmarks of our ancestors, I have seen the most exotic islands and beaches and babes… and oh yeah, I showed all the ladies that there is no one better than Kanyon. Mississippi, you seem like a smart bunch, so let me ask you… WHO BETTER THAN KANYON!?


Chris Kanyon: What!? Everybody is better than me!? Whoa, whoa, whoa, let’s just hold on a second here! I may have been in remote areas of the globe at times, but I’ve been sure to watch this company from the sidelines… and there ain’t no one better than Champagne, baby! I have seen the filth that this company has continually deteriorated into.

The crowd boos Kanyon, shocker.

Chris Kanyon: Ric Flair gimps around the camera each and every night, throwing his arrogant face in front of the camera time and time again; your beloved Naitch breaks himself in two in the ring to make himself think he’s still worth something. He steals the Presidency of this company to make himself still feel valuable. Oh yeah, Ric Flair is better than Kanyon!

The crowd rips into Kanyon more – you don’t insult Ric Flair, especially in the South.

Chris Kanyon: You don’t agree? Who else is there then? How about roided-up freaks like Scott Steiner and common criminals like Booker T fighting for the World Heavyweight Title? The title that Chris Kanyon will one day hold, might I add!

And more jeers.

Chris Kanyon: You have the Four Horsemen once more being brought back from the dead to give a dying company hope against the New World Order! Fat, broken down slobs like Konnan and Hugh Morris fight for titles and are put on per view! Well Chris Kanyon is not going to stand for that, ladies and gentlemen! I am here to SAVE you!

The crowd boos Kanyon, disagreeing with these statements; they don’t need saving. It’s the backstage that needs it, silly.

Chris Kanyon: This company needs to be raised from the sea, people! Ric Flair, the Four Horsemen, Booker T, Scott Steiner… none of these people can do that! There is only one man that can lead you people to salvation and prosperity! There is only one man who has the looks, the charisma, and the talent to take this ship on his shoulders and save it! That’s Kanyon, baby! WHO BETTA THAN KANYON~!?

As the crowd goes yell “Everybody”, “Don’t Hate The Playa, Hate The Game” hits instead, sending the crowd to its feet in cheers (although dear me, do I hear a few dissenters in there?) as Booker T storms out from the back, dressed to wrestle and microphone in hand. Kanyon is livid in the ring, his big return being spoiled by the disgruntled former Champ. Booker marches down the ramp and into the ring, looking incredibly focused. He circles the irate Kanyon several times before starting to speak.

Booker T: Ya’ know, I could run yo’ punk ass down, take everythang you said n’ turn it on its ass, but I ain’t goin’ do ‘dat ta’night! But no matta wha’, someone needs ta’ shut yo’ mouth up, n’ I’m here ta’ do jus’ that!

That gets a big response from the crowd, and the arrogant Kanyon is quickly turning into a flustered and afraid one.

Booker T: Apparently, Booka’ T ain’t ‘dat much of a wrestla’ an’aymo’, so Kanyon, let’s fin’ out if you can beat some second rate thug!

The crowd cheers as Booker tosses his microphone out of the ring to a stagehand. Referee Charles Robinson comes running out from the back, and Kanyon takes several steps back, waving his hands from side to side and shouting “no” repeatedly.

Chris Kanyon: I’m sorry, Book, but I haven’t been given the go-ahead to wrestle yet from my personal trainer! I have jet lag!

Booker doesn’t care, and thumps Kanyon with a huge right hand, sending him staggering back into the ropes before falling onto his ass. Kanyon tries to crawl out of the ring as Robinson enters it, but Booker simply knocks the champagne bottle out of his hands, and stomps on him as Robinson calls for the bell.

Match Three
Booker T vs. Chris Kanyon
Impromptu Singles Match

Booker T starts the match by just attacking the crap out of Kanyon, kicking him down repeatedly as Champagne tries to simply remove his coat. Booker does that for him eventually, yanking it off his back, partially ripping it in the process. Booker spends the opening parts of the match using the same animalistic attack he used on Steiner at Sin on Kanyon, working him over in the corner with hard right hands. However, Booker actually backs off and stays off of Kanyon this time, and his next strike is not another series of heavy rights, but the Harlem Side Kick, drawing a good pop from the crowd!

The two men work a highly entertaining opening, as Booker just shows his dominance in the early goings, scoring several near falls with high-impact slams, getting the crowd behind him with ease. Kanyon takes the beating and sells it like a frigging champ, and in return gets to fight back later by escaping the Book End with repeated elbows to the side of Booker’s head before scoring with a Russian leg sweep after an eye rake. Kanyon proceeds to beat down on Booker for several minutes, mixing up simple slams & suplexes with brawling techniques. Kanyon isn’t focused much on working down Booker as working the crowd it seems, but he does that excellently, getting the crowd totally against him and booing him with every slam and every punch.

It looked like Kanyon was going to walk away a winner when he hit Booker with an electric chair face buster, but Booker T gets a shoulder up before the three count, sparking a huge round of cheers for Booker T and essentially starting the comeback period for him. Kanyon is able to wear Booker with simple punches, but Booker blocks the STO finishing attempt from Kanyon, and ends up knocking him down with the Harlem Side Kick.

After recuperating, the two men get back up, but it is Booker T who is handily in charge in the ensuing brawl. Booker makes short work of Kanyon, really, getting the crowd really going when he leaps from the top turnbuckle, going old school by hitting the Heat Seeker missile dropkick after scoring with a high elevation scoop slam. While Kanyon has a moment of offense in a false hope spot, Booker ends up reversing a Kanyon whip into the ropes and flatten Kanyon with the 110th Street Slam! Booker follows up his version of the Alabama Slam with the move everyone wants to see… the Spinaroonie! If the Spinaroonie isn’t a clear cut example of Booker returning to his wrestling roots, then Lord (if She was real), what is? The Harlem Axe Kick, She said. As Kanyon staggers up to his feet after the slam, and Booker hits the ropes before finishing Kanyon off with the Harlem Axe Kick! Booker covers, and the scissors kick gets the job done: ONE! TWO! THREE!

Booker T def. Chris Kanyon at 8:13

Booker T lets Robinson raise his hand in the air in victory as “Don’t Hate The Playa, Hate The Game” hits again, and Booker doesn’t need any elaborate celebrations after this victory. He simply walks right up to the camera, pumps his chest with his right hand and forearm repeatedly, and shouts into the camera “Was ‘dat wrestling? I’m comin’ fo’ ‘da Worl’ Heavyweight Title, Steina’! I’m a comin’!”

Tony Schiavone: Welcome back to World Championship Wrestling, Chris Kanyon, here’s how we do things!

Mike Tenay: We’ve always known Chris ‘Champagne’ Kanyon likes to run his mouth, but bad idea to insult Booker T, especially when he’s fired up and ready to wrestle!

Tony Schiavone: Well Ric Flair made some legitimate points about Booker T earlier in the show – we was not wrestling Scott Steiner this past Sunday, he was fighting!

Mike Tenay: I’m still not sure what caused Booker T to snap the way he did at Sin, Tony. Is it a hatred of World Heavyweight Champion, Scott Steiner, or is it that need and craving to win back the WCW World Heavyweight Title?

Tony Schiavone: Booker T did lose the World Heavyweight Title at Fall Brawl without ever being pinned or submitting, so that has to always be on his mind, knowing he never really lost the Championship!

Mike Tenay: And that is exactly why I think Booker T is so obsessed with once again becoming the World Heavyweight Champion!

Tony Schiavone: Well one thing is for sure, Booker T will not be winning back the WCW World Heavyweight Title tonight, here on Nitro… because he won’t even be fighting for it!

Mike Tenay: We still don’t know who will be in the main event against ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner, but stay tuned because that’s something I know we’ll be finding out in due time!


When Nitro returns, Tony Schiavone is cut off before he can even begin to talk… sweetness!

The Following Footage Has Been Brought to You by the New World Order

“Rockhouse” hits for a second time tonight, and the crowd ERUPTS into boos as the nWo trio – Eric Bischoff, ‘The Career Killer’ Mike Awesome, and ‘I Wanna Fuck You’ Stacy Keibler – reappear from the back. The three simply walk out onto the entrance stage and come to a half, Bischoff grinning from ear-to-ear as he raises a microphone up to his lips.

Eric Bischoff: Good people of backwater, Mississippi, please, lend me your ears!

Uh, insane heel heat for Bischoff. It’s true though… the South is all kinds of incest. Just ask KOP or his sis... prime example, tbh.

Eric Bischoff: However, this message, it’s not for you people… you’re not of importance to me or the nWo This message, goes out to our dearly beloved President, Ric Flair. Ric, since events that the New World Order did not foresee happening in the slightest…

The crowd cuts off Bischoff’s lie with jeers. The Bisch simply smiles.

Eric Bischoff: Flair, you need a main event tonight; you need to have someone wrestle Scott Steiner for the WCW World Heavyweight Title. I hear it’s not going to be Shawn Michaels, and you already eliminated Booker T from contention… so whose it going to be? Are you gonna go with a Horseman? Oh yeah, Ric, that’d be the just thing to do… tyrant.

More boos from Miss. State.

Eric Bischoff: Flair, for once in your life, I’d like to see you do the right thing, the just thing. You have no legitimate number one contender to Steiner’s Title anymore, so what you need to do, is go with the next champion in line. The North American Champion is the man who is, by definition of the very existence of this title, the second best wrestler in this company. We all know who the North American Champion is… he’s the guy who beat your precious Horseman, Lance Storm… The Career Killer, Mike Awesome!

Awesome (for the first time ever?) smirks and nods his head as he repositions the NA Title on his shoulder.

Eric Bischoff: Now Flair, I know you. In fact, I know you better than you even know yourself! You don’t want to put Mike Awesome in the main event. You fear Awesome becoming the World Heavyweight Champion – a dual Champion – and giving power to the New World Order. And that’s why Ric, in just a minute, I want you to open up your eyes, and watch the Nitro Tron.

Bischoff grins a horrible, evil grin, while the crowd is confused.

Eric Bischoff: You see, Flair, while The Outsiders went to San Antonio, a good friend of yours, Jeff Jarrett, he took a trip with Curt Hennig to North Carolina. This had to happen, Flair. We had to do this. Someone had to knock you off of that fictitious throne you sit so highly upon. Your faceless legions, they have to know about the real Ric Flair behind the Nature Boy moniker.

The crowd is confused, but Bischoff simply cranes his neck up towards the Nitro Tron, waiting for… something.

nWo Voiceover: The following footage has been brought to you by the New World Order.

That something is a video, another one. Someone (presumably Curt Hennig) is using another hand held camcorder to film as Jeff Jarrett walks up a hill in a seemingly reclusive location. After a few seconds of walking, a sign can be seen that reads “Wilmington Treatment Center”. Jarrett walks up to the sign before leaning up against it.

Jeff Jarrett: Hey, Naitch, how’s it going in Starkville? I’m sure everyone is wondering where I am, but you know where I am, don’t you, Ric? You know all about Wilmington, North Carolina, don’t you, Ric? This, ladies and gentlemen, is the greatest drug rehabilitation centers in the entire state of North Carolina, and one of the best in the USA.

Jarrett pauses while Curt Hennig speaks from behind the camera.

Curt Hennig: Heh, tell ‘em why we’re here, Jeff.

Jarrett simply smirks.

Jeff Jarrett: Ric knows why we’re here, Curt. These people, they don’t know who’s here, but they’ll remember him. We’re here today to visit the second generation Nature Boy… we’re here for daddy’s disappointment… David Flair.

Jarrett simply smirks, taking pleasure in revealing all this personal information to the entire viewing world.

Jeff Jarrett: You all remember David Flair. Young David came into World Championship Wrestling in 1999… and he was normal then. He was just 20 years old, and had his whole life ahead of him. But poor David, he never had a chance, did he, Ric? While your money put a silver spoon in baby David’s mouth, do you know what he spent his entire childhood and adolescence wondering? He wondered, “Where’s my Daddy?” Where were you, Nature Boy? We know the answer to that: you were at the hundreds – no, thousands – of parties, living the wild life and having affairs with women left and right. Poor David, he didn’t have a father in his life. Tully Blanchard, Lex Luger, Paul Roma, Brian Pillman, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, and now Lance Storm… they were your sons, Ric. It was the young guns of the Four Horsemen that Ric Flair fathered; David Flair was nothing but a bastard child, and it drove him crazy. You, Ric Flair, your absence, drove David Flair into a psychotic, empty, hollow shell.

Jeff Jarrett: Do you know how you fix that emptiness, Ric? You fill it. You have to find meaning in your life, and you and I both know how David filled his empty shell. The fans who read the dirt sheets, they know it too, but Ric, I want you to hear it one more time: David Flair’s a cocaine addict. You drove your first born son into depression, you made him a lunatic. David Flair grew up his entire life feeling worthless, and the longer he was in this company – the longer he saw that you never cared about him, but your own career, your wrestler friends – the sooner he realized just how pathetic his existence has always been. Throughout all of that turmoil, inside that demented brain, David Flair found a life… a life of drugs. You, Ric Flair, you’re the reason you’re son is in rehab. You, Ric Flair, are the only reason that your own son, David Flair, is addicted to cocaine. But it’s not just drugs, is it, Ric? Oh no, we’ve known that for years. We all watched, live on national television and global pay per view, as David became crazy. You exploited David, Ric – you let him befriend those freaks, Daffney and Crowbar, those crazies. You let them wrap an innocent boy, you let them escalate his twisted brain and turn him into a psychotic, delusional, and potentially schizophrenic, freak of nature!

Jarrett pauses, shaking his head in disgust.

Jeff Jarrett: You’re embarrassed by him, aren’t you, Ric? You think your son is a pathetic waste of air, a taint to the legendary Flair name. David isn’t fit to have the last name Flair, he’s not fit to be the son of the Nature Boy! Deep down, Ric, you’re happy with this. You get a sick satisfaction knowing that David is stuck in rehab, his life forever in ruins because of cocaine. This just proves, all along, David Flair wasn’t worthy to be your son. While you headlined Starrcade’s, David sat home alone and cried… and you never once cared. But what about now, Flair? You say that you’ve grown up since the 1980s Ric, so what I want to know is… do you care now, Ric? Do you find David Flair to still be the pathetic human being you thought him to be when you sent him to rehab? When your wife, Elizabeth, when your youngest children, Ashley and Reid, pleaded and begged you to get help for David, you actually showed some compassion. Your golden family – the ones who weren’t the colossal failures that David has always been – they got you to help David, but did you care? Well, Ric, we’re about to find out…

Jarrett leans off of the entrance sign to the Wilmington Treatment Center, and walks up the long, paved hill to the actual facility. The video cuts off after a while, but returns a few seconds later to show Jeff Jarrett walking into the front doors of the center, Hennig following behind him, still recording. Jarrett walks up to the front desk, and the two parties converse, Jarrett letting them know of his appointment to come visit David. “We’re dear friends from WCW, I’m sure you recognize us,” Jarrett tells her, and the clerk apparently does recognize Jarrett. Jarrett is able to weasel his way through the exchange, and after getting David’s room number, they search off for it.

The video cuts off once more, and returns as Jarrett finds David’s room. There’s a window on David’s door – probably so the staff can peek through and make sure he hasn’t harmed himself in any way – and sees that David is sitting at a desk, playing with wrestling action figures. The figures David plays with are ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes, and Rhodes’ old arch-nemesis, David’s father himself, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair. In a life that conditioned poor David to turn against his father – despise his father – toy Dusty is beating Ric up, hitting him with a Bionic Elbow before stomping on him repeatedly.

David Flair: Die! Die! Die, Ric, die!

Flair keeps having toy Dusty destroy toy Flair, but the mentally unstable, the depressed and recovering David Flair switches gears.

David Flair: Don’t worry, Dad! I’m here! I’ll save you!

A crudely designed pencil and crayon drawing of himself is picked up by David, and Flair uses his thin-paper self to knock Dusty down in his toy ring. As David saves his father, Jarrett opens the door. David hears the door, but keeps his back to it, engrossed in his fantasy world.

David Flair: It can’t be time for the anti-depressant meds… come back later. I’m playing!

Jarrett simply looks over his shoulder at the camera, grinning, know what is about to happen next.

Jeff Jarrett: Play time’s over, Davey.

Flair almost shoots right off his chair, his body growing rigid as he turns around, frightened. He sees Jeff Jarrett standing in his room, and lets out a blood curling scream, knowing what is about to happen to him. Jarrett charges him, and hits him with a right hand! David drops onto the desk, and Jarrett attacks him like a savage animal while Hennig closes the door with the hand not holding the camera. The Chosen One beats Flair senseless with punches, easily subduing him. Jarrett isn’t finished yet though, as he picks David off the desk and slams his face off of it multiple times! David’s yells and screams of protest finally stop, seemingly unconscious, but Jarrett has to finish the job. The Chosen One grabs David by the back of his head, takes a few running steps, and viciously slams David face first into the concrete wall of his room! Flair falls effortlessly to the floor, the blade job occurring moments later. Jarrett leans over Flair, and Hennig gets a close up on the blood rapidly spewing from David’s forehead. Jarrett takes his right hand, and wipes it across David’s forehead and face, smearing his blood all across his face, and also all over his hand. Jarrett lifts up his hand and shows his blood-covered palm to the handheld camera before dragging his hand down the concrete wall, leaving a trail of David’s blood. Jarrett then walks back over to David, savagely kicks him in the chest, and bends over him once more.

Jeff Jarrett: How do you feel now, Ric? How does it feel watching this? Do you feel concern over baby David? Do you fear for his safety, his life? Do you want to kill me, Naitch? Your demons have been shown to the entire world, Ric, your complete inability to be a father. You led David to his, you’ve made him hate your guts! Did you hear him, Ric? He despises you, he loathes your very being… but somehow, he still loves you! He wants to save you, Ric!

Jarrett laughs, amused that David can still care for Ric, despite all the neglect, all the times Ric was never the father figure to David he was supposed to be.

Jeff Jarrett: I want to know if this made you angry, Ric. I wish I could see how you’re reacting right now. Sadly, Ric, I can’t… I still have another stop on my mission, Ric. This is only getting started, Ric… the best is yet to come.

Jarrett smiles into the camera before Hennig shuts the camera off, and the Nitro Tron cuts to static.


Tony Schiavone: This can’t be! Damn them! Damn the New World Order!

Mike Tenay: I thought The Outsiders going to San Antonio was just an isolated incident to get back at Shawn Michaels, but this? This is just disgusting!

Tony Schiavone: How dare Jeff Jarrett air Ric Flair’s family problems to the world! What gives you that right, Jeff Jarrett!?

Okay, Tony, hold off on that aneurysm.

Mike Tenay: Some of what Jeff Jarrett is indeed true, fans. David Flair is indeed in Wilmington Treatment Center – one of the finest drug rehabilitation clinics in the United States – for a cocaine addiction, among other things. David has lived a troubled life, some of which we have seen over the past years with his friendship with Crowbar, and traumatic experiences with women such as Daffney and the nWo’s lead valet, Stacy Keibler. Poor David has become depressed, suicidal maybe, and is a borderline schizophrenic. His demons did not need to be exploited by the New World Order to attack Ric Flair. Damn it, this is just not right!

Finding A Replacement – Part III – The Main Event

The show cuts to the Four Horsemen locker room one last time tonight, and the environment is tense to say the least. Flair is sitting in a chair, shaking with rage. Arn stands behind him, a hand on his shoulder, trying to keep his best friend calm. The remaining three Horsemen all sit on a bench, facing Flair, waiting for him to address them. Flair looks to be on the verge of tears. However, when he starts to talk, it is not a visibly sad and/or upset Flair, but one who has hate in his eyes and revenge on his mind.

Ric Flair: …I swear to God, I am going to kill them. David… this is not his fight, damn it! He’s going through a rough time, you all know that – his problems don’t need to be aired in front of everyone, he doesn’t need that right now!

Arn just claps Flair on the shoulder, trying to keep him calm. Naitch lowers his head, and appears to wipe tears from his eyes. When he raises his head, he locks eyes with Lance Storm, Flair’s face looking murderous.

Ric Flair: Lance, I’m giving you a mission tonight. The main event is up next… you’re taking Shawn Michaels’ spot in it. I want you, versus Scott Steiner… versus Mike Awesome for the World Heavyweight Title.

Lance just nods his head and stands off the bench. Knowing that the main event is up next, Storm starts to leave the locker room, but Flair reaches out and grabs him by the wrist.

Ric Flair: That’s not you’re mission, Lance. Lance, I don’t care about the Title right now, there are more important things than gold and glory. Don’t focus on the match, Lance, don’t give that World Heavyweight Title a second of your time. I want you to pay no attention to Scott Steiner. You keep your eyes on Mike Awesome at all time, and damn it, you break his frickin’ neck! I want you to SHATTER his kneecap – your destroy his God damn career and inflict so much pain on his carcass that Eric Bischoff and Jeff Jarrett can feel, EVERY OUNCE OF PAIN, YOU CAUSE THAT SON OF A BITCH!

Storm just nods his head, probably afraid to do anything but agree with Flair in the state that Naitch is in. Flair releases his hold on Storm and falls back into the chair, his emotions over coming him. Storm hurries out of the room, the match about to get under way.

Tony Schiavone: We have our main event, Professor!

Mike Tenay: ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner defends the WCW World Heavyweight Title versus Mike Awesome and Lance Storm! This is going to be a great clash, but I think only one man is coming into this match focused on the Title!

Tony Schiavone: We know Lance Storm’s “mission” tonight – it’s not to win the Title, but cripple Mike Awesome!

Mike Tenay: You can be sure that Mike Awesome wants to win the World Heavyweight Title and bring it back to the New World Order, but The Career Killer is going to be looking over his shoulder at every turn for Lance Storm!

Tony Schiavone: You know Ric Flair doesn’t want Mike Awesome to win the World Heavyweight Title, but like he said, he doesn’t even care about the Title right now!

Mike Tenay: No, Scott Steiner’s World Heavyweight Title is not Ric Flair’s primary concern right now. That is the job for the WCW President, but Ric Flair has another role to fulfill that is far more important – the role of a father and family man! David Flair has been savagely attacked by Jeff Jarrett! Ric’s not in the right frame of mind to make decisions right now, and that’s why we have Mike Awesome in the main event right now. He just wants to see him – the New World Order – crippled by Lance Storm!

Shockingly, “Holla If You Hear Me” hits first, bringing out the reigning WCW World Heavyweight Champion, ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner to a loud mixed reaction from the crowd. With Midajah by his side, Steiner makes his entrance down the ramp and to the ring, his medieval chain plate draped over his head. Steiner makes his entrance quick, marching down to the ring right away and then posing and flexing his muscles as “Horsemen” hits, bringing out Lance Storm to a loud pop. Storm quickly marches down the ramp and into the ring, his mission on his mind. He doesn’t make eye contact with Steiner, just replaying Flair’s words to him over and over again. Finally, “Rockhouse” hits once more on Nitro, bringing out just ‘The Career Killer’ Mike Awesome to the loudest round of jeers has ever received in his career, sans when he appeared at the ECW event to drop the belt. Sorry, you just can’t compete with pissed off ECW fans. Awesome marches down the ramp, going back and forth from glaring at Storm and Steiner, a man of two missions tonight. Once in the ring, Awesome tries to hand the North American Championship Belt to Randy ‘Pee Wee’ Anderson, much like Steiner did long beforehand, but Lance Storm spears Awesome to the ground, quickly starting the match!

Main Event
Scott Steiner &#169; (w/Midajah) vs. Mike Awesome (w/intense heat) vs. Lance Storm (w/a deadly mission)
WCW World Heavyweight Championship

Randy Anderson knew coming into this match that this was going to get stiff, physical, and outrageous quick, so it was best to just let these three men obliterate each other and not interfere. Storm and Awesome do just that right away, as Storm spears Awesome to the ground and pounds his face with stiff, closed-fisted right hands. It actually is not Anderson, but Steiner, who breaks it up, kicking Storm off of his former nWo-teammate. The three men go through a stiff series of exchanges in the early goings, as Steiner doesn’t pull back his right hands at all. Awesome responds in kind with stiff forearm strikes, and Storm with echoing knife edge chops and stinging kicks. By the end of it, Mike Awesome’s chest is dark red, Scott Steiner’s nose is trickling blood, and Storm has a small gash above his right eyebrow.

Big Poppa Pump and Lance Storm form a makeshift team to work over Mike Awesome, wearing the machine down with stiff strikes before Steiner flings him across the ring with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Storm, however, refuses to let Steiner go for a pin, as the Canucker wants to keep inflicting pain on him. Storm tries to kick the fallen Awesome’s face, but Freakzilla stops all that by folding Storm on his neck with a release German Suplex! Big Poppa Pump tries to dominate both men, and he succeeds for a while with clubbing blows and quick overhead belly-to-belly suplexes, but the numbers catch up, in a rare double team moment, there’s a Team Canada reunion as Lance Storm blasts the Champ (World Heavyweight, that is) with a Super Kick, and Mike Awesome quickly scoops Steiner off his feet and plants him with an Awesome Bomb!

The Career Killer tries to go for the pin and win the World Heavyweight Title, but Mike Awesome is not meant to be a dual champion, so says Lance Storm, via a running leg lariat to Awesome’s face. With Steiner down, Storm returns to his mission to fuck Mike Awesome up, and the two men engage in a stiff battle, throwing hard forearm strikes, harsh knife edge chops, and unforgiving kicks to the shins and quads. Storm cannot take Awesome down, however, as the North American Champion ends up catching Storm and dropping him on his neck with an overhead capture suplex! They’re ECW alumni, and Awesome emulates an old foe in Taz with that suplex.

The war between the two men spills to the outside, and Mike Awesome is the one trying to cripple Lance Storm, not the other way as intended. Awesome drags Storm over to the commentator’s booth, and tries to put his old teammate through it with an Awesome Bomb. Storm fights out by hitting the NA Champ with repeated right hands, and tries to flip Awesome through the table with a hurricanrana! Storm snaps his body downwards, but Awesome doesn’t budge, trapping Storm! The Canadian’s upper body is left dangling upside down, his head tapping off the table. In the ring, Steiner is back on his feet and simply leans on the ropes, content to let the two men kill each other. Awesome tries to life Storm back up onto his shoulders, but as he does so, the Horseman grabs the TV monitor in front of Schiavone, and blasts Mike Awesome right in the face with it!

The monitor to the face was a legitimate blow, and Awesome staggers back, blood immediately protruding from his head. That’s no blade job, folks. Pee Wee apparently missed the illegal blow (how he did, I have no clue) as the match continues on. Steiner still stands inside the ring, grinning as his opponents rip each other apart. Storm flings the probably concussed Awesome back on the announcer’s table, and climbs up there with him. Storm hoists the dazed Awesome to his feet, wraps him in a front face lock, lifts him into the air… and drops him with his SIT-OUT BRAINBUSTER… THROUGH THE ANNOUNCER’S TABLE!!

The two men crash to the concrete floor, and Randy Anderson looks over to David Penzer at the timekeeper’s table, knowing this match has gotten too far out of hand. If that wasn’t enough reason to call the match off, Booker T comes sprinting out from the back moments later, finally giving Scott Steiner something to do. Steiner, itching for a fight – especially one against Booker T – exits the ring and meets Booker at the bottom of the entrance ramp, and they brawl! Anderson has clearly had enough, and finally calls for the bell.

Scott Steiner nc. Mike Awesome and Lance Storm at 7:22; Scott Steiner retains the WCW World Heavyweight Championship

Booker T and Scott Steiner exchange a flurry of rapid-fire overhead punches, trying to sock the other as hard as they can in the face. As we’ve become accustomed to with these men, it’s a stalemate as neither man really gains the upper hand. The two fight across ringside and over to the security guardrail, and Booker T gains the momentum for just a second as he clotheslines Steiner over the guardrail and into the crowd. Booker hops over the rail to join him, but Steiner hits him with a right hand, continuing their stalemate of a brawl. The two men work their way through the crowd, kicking the ever loving shit out of each other as they fade into the abyss of the Humphrey Coliseum.

As the two men disappear in the crowd, the camera focuses back on Lance Storm and Mike Awesome, still among the pieces of the broken announcer’s table. Tony Schiavone, as if he is a doctor, bends over Storm and shakes him, as if that will revive a man who is apparently unconscious. Arn Anderson comes hurrying out from the back, Dean Malenko and Cal Anderson right behind him. As those three rush down to the announcer’s table to check on Lance Storm, Ric Flair marches out from the back as well. The President of WCW storms down the entrance ramp, but walks right past his Horsemen, instead circling the ring and grabbing a microphone from David Penzer at the timekeeper’s table. Flair climbs up the ring steps and enters the ring, while on the outside, Cal Anderson and Dean Malenko help Storm to his feet, carrying him off to the back. Arn looks over his shoulder at Flair, and Flair nods towards the stage. Arn just smiles sadly and follows the Horsemen up the ramp, exiting the ringside area.

Tony Schiavone: What is Ric Flair out here to say!?

Mike Tenay: I don’t know, but we’re going to find out… next! And someone, get out here… Mike Awesome is hurt!


When Wednesday Nitro returns from its final break, Flair is standing in the ring, microphone in hand, looking utterly pissed. Outside the ring, Mike Awesome is out of sight, having been helped to the back by security and medical staff, according to Mike Tenay. Eric Bischoff, however, stayed in the back… for now.

The Golden Family …Invaded

Flair is pacing around the ring, his suit coat long removed and haggardly flung on the top rope. He’s itching to speak… let’s find out what he has to say.

Ric Flair: I’m not gonna waste any time beatin’ around the bush… BISCHOFF! I want YOU, to get your ass out here, RIGHT NOW!

Flair undo’s several of the top buttons on his pink dress shirt, absolutely furious. No more than ten seconds goes by before Eric Bischoff strolls out from the entrance chute, sans any entrance music, a microphone in his hand. As he starts to speak, he can’t hold back the grin on his face.

Eric Bischoff: You called, Mister President?

The crowd simply boos Bischoff to no end. Flair pauses for several seconds before addressing the nWo President.

Ric Flair: …Why, Bischoff? Why are you doing this to me, to Shawn? How is this just, damn it!?

Bischoff just laughs at Flair’s questions.

Eric Bischoff: Why, Ric? It’s simple, isn’t it, old man? We do it, to make your life a living hell. We thrive off of this, Ric. Making you miserable, it’s our high; to compare it your baby boy, this is our cocaine.

Flair damn near flips his lid in the ring, stomping around the ring, trying to prevent himself from charging up to the stage and assaulting Bischoff. After gaining his composure, Flair starts to yell into the microphone, but Bischoff speaks over him.

Ric Flair: YOU SON OF…


The crowd rips into Bischoff, and Flair is slapped silent by Bischoff’s rare display of intensity.

Eric Bischoff: Why do you care, Ric? Why do you give a damn about David? When did you ever care about your son?

Bischoff waits for Flair to respond, but the Nature Boy is shockingly and surprisingly quiet. Does Flair know Bischoff is right?

Eric Bischoff: Your entire legacy in pro wrestling, Ric, builds you up to be the golden boy. You were the man who carried the National Wrestling Alliance; you innovated faction warfare with the Four Horsemen; you were the best wrestler in the world, and the most high-society and eloquent of them all. You were the golden boy of wrestling, Flair, and you’re family was supposed to carry on that tradition. The beautiful trophy wife, you have that in Elizabeth. The pretty cheerleader, that’s your daughter, Ashley. All that was missing, was a second generation superstar, a new Nature Boy to carry on your legacy when you retired. David Flair was never a part of your golden family, Ric; he was an outcast, a disappointment. So what did you do? Like any heartless bastard, you replaced him; you had another son, Reid, to be your Nature Boy.

Flair stays silent in the ring, absolutely shaking with rage, trying to maintain his composure.

Eric Bischoff: They are the people you care about, Ric! They are the people you should be worry about! And Ric, the New World Order… is about to give you a reason to worry about your golden, All-American family.

As Flair looks at Bischoff confused, Bischoff, as he has done too many times tonight, turns his attention to the Nitro Tron…

nWo Voiceover: The following footage has been brought to you by the New World Order.

After a few seconds of snowy static, we’re back for one last nWo video. Curt Hennig is filming Jeff Jarrett as he drives through a development. The car parks right away, and the two men get out. Jarrett stands in front of the car, and Hennig films him, the surrounding scene pitch dark around him.

Jeff Jarrett: Did you get a call yet, Ric? Did the Wilmington Treatment Center let you know somebody viciously attacked David today? It happened a few hours ago, Ric; I’m sure they called. You didn’t answer that call though, did you, Ric? You had other things to worry about than David; anything was more important than him. …But this, Flair, well, it’s a good thing this is happening live, as we go. Technology’s great, isn’t it Ric? We’re here… in Charlotte, outside your house… and you’re stuck in Mississippi, unable to do a damn thing.

Hennig moves the camera away from Jarrett, instead getting a shot of the luxurious Flair house. Hennig moves the camcorder back to The Chosen One.

Jeff Jarrett: You see, Ric, the people inside this house – your house – are the ones you really care about. David? He’s nothing but spit on the sidewalk. But your loved ones, sleeping inside, they are the ones that you’re going to worry about. Tell me, Ric, what do you think of your 13 year old boy, Reid? He’s got a great future ahead of him, doesn’t he? An all-star amateur wrestler, intelligent, handsome like his father, and already has wrestled a professional match; he’s got all the potential to be what David never was and cannot be, your Nature Boy. What are you going to do, Naitch, when I take a guitar from the backseat of my car, and I break it so hard over his head, that it scrambles his brains? How are you going to feel when I end little Reid Flair’s career before it even begins? Will you cast him off when I mess him up so badly he ends up as crazy as his older brother?

Jarrett pauses as he walks over to a backdoor of his car, opens it up, and pulls out a guitar. He slings it over his shoulder, gets back in front of the camera at a good angle, and keeps talking.

Jeff Jarrrett: Your daughter, Ashley, she’s the All-American girl you dreamed of, isn’t she Ric? She’s the pretty cheerleader that all the boys at her high school want to be with, and all of the girls wish they were. But Ric, I’m dying to know… how do you react when I knock her down, put her in your move – the Figure Four – and break her knee so badly that that promising cheerleading career of hers is finished? You’ve supported her at all of those national competitions, Ric – Myrtle Beach, Orlando, Nashville… you were there. I can make it so she never stands on the sidelines of the football field on Friday nights, cheering the football team on; she won’t be a cheerleader in college, traveling to all of the elite competitions. She’ll just be another unoriginal face in the crowd, Ric… and it’ll be all your fault.

Jarrett, looking deadly serious, keeps staring into the camera as he walks backwards toward the house, Hennig walking with him, keeping the camcorder fixated on him.

Jeff Jarrett: Don’t think I’ve forgotten about your wife either, Ric. Do you love your trophy wife, Elizabeth? I’m sure you do, she’s the kind of beautiful woman you’ve slept with all over the world – night in and night out. But what I question is, is does she really love you? How can someone as sexy as her love someone who isn’t even a real man? I can show your wife a real man, Ric. I can let her find out all about Jeff Jarrett and my… heh, slap nuts. How does that sound, Nature Boy?

Jarrett approaches the door, and halts in his tracks.

Jeff Jarrett: This is your worst nightmare, isn’t it, Ric? I’m making you watch your own living hell. The entire world knows that Ric Flair is not the great human being he tries to make himself out to be; he doesn’t even give a damn about his own son. But you’re not fully shallow, Ric; you care about people, you care about your golden family. Seeing that dream family fall and collapse, it would tear you up inside. It’d be worse than anything you ever experienced; losing the World Heavyweight Title, being publicly humiliated by Eric Bischoff time and time again, that plane crash that almost ended your career, being retired, they all wouldn’t compare. Ric… it’s time to for your worst nightmare, to become a reality.

Jarrett turns and turns the door knob, but it’s intelligently locked. Curt Hennig is an expert in B&E (breaking & entering) apparently, as he extends his him to Jarrett, an object apparently in it. Jarrett takes it, and it’s a crowbar! Jarrett uses the crowbar to pry at the lock and door, and after a few pulls, Jarrett’s able to pull the door off its hinges a bit. The Chosen One takes a step back before charging in, and he kicks the door down!

As Jarrett steps into the Flair household, there’s a chorus of yells and confusion from upstairs. A flight of steps are right in front of Jarrett, and a figure is standing at the top of the stairs. The pitch dark house gets some light as a figure turns the lights on from the top of the staircase. It’s little Reid Flair! He has his fists raised, like he knew Jeff was coming.

Reid Flair: I’ve been watching you from outside, you were on Nitro, just now. My Dad loves David, and I’m not gonna let you talk that way about my Dad, you asshole!

Jarrett simply smirks at the brash and brave Reid, but he is surprised as young Reid starts sprinting down the flight of stairs! Reid runs halfway down the stairs before jumping at Jeff Jarrett, but Jarrett raises his guitar and swings… and breaks the guitar over Reid’s head! Reid crashes and burns to the fancy marble floor at the bottom of the stairs, taking that fall like a champ. The teenage is lifeless at Jarrett’s feet, and Jeff has a sick smile on his face.

Jeff Jarrett: …That’s one down, Ric, two to go. Let’s go find out what holds in store upstairs, shall we?

Jeff starts walking up the steps to the upstairs, and as he does so, Hennig cuts the feed, the camcorder going static.

We cut back to the Humphrey Coliseum in Starkville, the Nitro Tron snowy above Bischoff. The hideous, disgusting smile from Bischoff has disappeared; in its place is the grim look of a serious man, knowing what he just did let happen. Bischoff stares at Flair blankly, taking him in…

Ric Flair is sobbing, openly weeping uncontrollable tears. His face has turned red, his eyes puffy, snot running out from his nostrils. His arms are raised out in front of him, as if he’s grabbing at the Nitro Tron, trying to reach his family. Ric starts coughing and gagging, his body failing him. His legs give out, and Flair drops to his knees, still sobbing uncontrollably. As he does, he moans, screaming out “Reid! Elizabeth! Ashley!” over and over again. Flair continues to subconsciously grasp his hands out, trying to, and ultimately failing, to reach and save his family.

Tony Schiavone: …No, not this. Anything but this…

Mike Tenay: I-I can’t believe what I’ve just seen… this, no… this just can’t be.

Tony Schiavone: That, that’s his family, damn it! Call Jeff off, Eric! Call him off!

The camera focuses on Flair again, still sobbing uncontrollably as he yells out, “Reid!”

Mike Tenay: God, please, someone help! Someone stop the nWo… help Ric.

Flair continues to sob uncontrollably, this time yelling “Ashley!”

Mike Tenay: …Dear Lord, we’ve just seen the breakdown of Ric Flair…

Flair slowly crawls to the edge of the ring nearest the entrance stage. His upper body is leaning in between the first and second ropes, dangling over the apron. His right arm extends out as far as it will go, his fingers wiggling out to the Nitro Tron, still foolishly trying to reach for his family. As Nitro fades to black, we get one last shot of Ric Flair, weeping, tears, snot, and saliva falling from his face as he grabs for his family, a desperate, broken down man trapped in his own personal hell.


Quick Results:
Shane Helms def. Lash Leroux at 4:07
Filthy Animals def. Natural Born Thrillers to retain the WCW Tag Team Championship at 6:19
Booker T def. Chris Kanyon at 8:13
Scott Steiner nc. Lance Storm and Mike Awesome at 7:22; Scot Steiner retains the WCW World Heavyweight Championship

A big LOL to those who thought Chris Jericho was coming into TTO. Epic fail. Overall, I think this was freaking epic... I hope you do too <3. Every who feedbacked Sin, expect it coming your way soon. C_class_superstar, PM me back about your BTB if you get the chance then.

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Sin Review:

That was some long commentary for the show to open with, but I really don’t see a problem with it because so much has been set up heading into this show. The death glare from Tenay was pretty awesome and I’m glad that you addressed the brawl from Wednesday, as both men stayed the night in jail! The commentators have finished all the hype and we are set to start!

Perfect choice to kick off the evening, as all six of these men can go in the ring and it was obvious that this match wasn’t going to have much order. I liked that you started without all the high-flying antics, with Kidman getting isolated on one side of the ring, but then he was able to get away and then the excitement really started to pick up. The Young Lions really showed off during this match, as they were able to take out everyone on the outside, onlt for Billy to fly out right after. I am glad that the match never really settled back down, even after everyone was taken out all at once, because six men need to be going at all times. Very cool way to end the match, with the NBT looking like they are going to retain, only for Kidman to take Palumbo out of the equation with his finisher, before Misterio hits Jindrak and gets the pin! Great way for the Filthy Animals to start the night, as they have one the first of their three title matches. I can obviously see the NBT getting a rematch because they were the Champions, but I think that the tag team feud of 2002 is going to be the Animals vs. the Lions.

As you have alluded to after posting this show, and also in the weeks building to this match, it was obvious that Hennig vs. Morris was going to be a dud. I am glad that you at least made Hennig’s character show and I enjoyed seeing him taunt the crowd whenever possible. Pretty generic match, with Curt dominating until Morris finally made his big comeback but then missed the moonsault. Pretty academic from there, as Hennig hits the Perfect Plex and gets the win, finally ending this feud. I am glad Kurt won this one, as he, JJ, and Awesome both need wins because there’s no way the nWo is winning the Main Event.

We all know that the nWo is going to act as cocky as ever on this big night. I am glad that they are all pissed and focused on winning, but I just can’t wait to see what happens when Hogan’s plan finally gets going. It really is intriguing.

Great way to build up the CW Title match, putting over Helms’ reign and his win over Chavo so many moons ago. Should be a classic, but I still think Shane is keeping his gold. I like that you kept the rate of this one down in the early going, as it doesn’t make any sense for these two to really give their all this early in the match, especially if it is going to long enough to be considered match of the night. The workrate from these two was perfect, as the match progressed nicely, with both men keeping the advantage for the perfect amount of time. Helms looked like he had the match won after controlling it for a while, but then Chavo finally came back, hitting a huge move and ALMOST becoming the Champion. Helms bumps the referee! This isn’t going to be good, as he goes outside the ring, broken ankle and all, and grabs the steel chair. SUPER CRAZY!! Good shock value with him coming back so soon, as he blasts Helms with the chair, allowing Chavo to recover and then hit the Frog Splash! Chavo is the new CW Champ! A long and awesome reign for Helms finally comes to an end, as the Filthy Animals are two-for-two tonight, Plz don’t let them be three-for-three . Anyway, great win for Chavito and I have to believe that Helms is coming back strong, and with a vengeance.

Very solid interview from Booker T, especially because he acknowledged Mean Gene being back, showing that he isn’t too pissed off about the fight to stay a face. Pretty much said what I expected him to say, as he is getting ready to take out Steiner for the belt. I don’t see Booker winning yet, but I also don’t see a clean victory for the Champ. Should be interesting to see how this bad boy turns out.

This match has been the second worst one so far, as I don’t think anything left will be able to be worst than Hugh-Hennig. Anyway, this one went pretty much as expected, even though I was surprised to see Konnan not get much offense in during the early going, as he is pretty well controlled by Awesome, who looks like he is going to roll through this fat excuse for a wrestler. But as it always seems to happen, the underpowered face makes the comeback and I liked the ending of the match, with Awesome losing the advantage twice, actually making it look like Konnan had a chance to win the match. But Awesome was able to come back into control and no-sell the K-Factor … before planting Konnan with the Awesome Bomb! Academic win right here, as I really hope that a credible challenger steps up to face Awesome again, someone like Anderson or Malenko. But I understand that the whole “Filthy Animals title matches” worked with Konnan as the challenger. So you get a free pass.

HBK no-showing the first PPV!! I know that he is probably just going to have his own segment later, so no worries. Nice little segment to show how the Four Horsemen are behind old Dean. Should be a classic wrestling match between Malenko and JJ.

The build for this match hasn’t been the greatest, but Jarrett had a good segment in the weeks leading to the match and this one is really about who is the better wrestler. JJ stays true to his word, at least in the early-going, trying to take on Dean with classic wrestling moves. Everyone and their mother knows that’s not going to work against a technician like Malenko, and Jarrett takes a breather before coming back in and doing what he does best, striking his opponent into oblivion. Dean finally gets back into the match after hitting a huge elbow drop but he only gets a two count! Now this match is going to get a little crazy, imo. Great exchange to end with both men down on the canvas, after JJ finally came back and hit an awesome STO to get this thing back to square one. Jarrett is actually shocking me in this match, keeping everything clean and working over Dean with his wrestling ability, finally locking in the Figure Four~! Shocked that Dean was able to go that long in the hold and then finally turn JJ over, but I guess that’s what this match is all about, showing resilience. Malenko is able to withstand the onslaught of JJ and now he locks in the Cloverleaf!! Jarrett breaks the rules with a quick jab to the nuts! I knew that he wouldn’t be able to make the whole match without cheating. Loved that Stacy finally got involved and cost Malenko the match, allowing Jarrett to hit a low blow and then the Stroke to pick up the huge win. Good to see JJ remain a dominant face, as I’m not sure that this is the last we’ve seen of these two in the ring together. MOTN so far, tbh.

Pretty typical Steiner interview, as there was no way that Mean Gene was going to stay next to the World Champ. Just ignorance when talking about Booker’s love for the belt, but it’s obvious that he is focused on taking Booker down hard. Good final build … even though I’m pretty sure you meant “dig it” and not “did it” to end Steiner’s speech.

No better way to start this match than to have these two huge studs go right after each other with right and lefts, picking up where they left off on Wednesday. I loved how long the whole “brawl” thing went on to start this match, as the referee tries very hard to keep the action under control, but Booker and Scotty still just destroy each other in the opening few minutes, with no real wrestling going down at all. Great to tell a story in the early going. Finally, the match goes back into the ring and now we get to see what these two have. Loved the way that Steiner is portrayed as this pissed off Champion, mad at both the referee and challenger, allowing him to continue to dominate due to all the pent-up frustration. Booker is finally able to come back into the match, as he hits the Book End out of nowhere … but Steiner kicks out!! Booker T sends Scotty back outside the ring and now we are right back where we started, with a good old-fashioned brawl between Champion and challenger. I liked how the referee followed outside the ring, letting them know that they need to get back in, but neither man really cares. They come back, both bloodied, and they continue to brawl outside the ring … until they get counted out!! Kinda anti-climatic with the finish and also the fact that nothing big happened on the stage, as the officials were able to come out and stop the brawl from going any further. This thing is far from over and I have to think the next match will have some kind of stipulation. You aren’t very traditional when it comes to that, so I’m sure it will be a nice surprise to see what you pick for these two men. This was a Title match that did its job almost perfectly.


Jericho better be this mystery man … as I’d be shocked to see someone else walk down that stage on Wednesday night.

Great build for this huge six-man tag. It is going to be explosive and it has some huge implications … so let’s get it started!! Hall and Michaels starting is good, as we need to save HBK-Nash and of course HBK-Hogan for later in the match. The kip-up early was a great way to get the crowd going. Very good rate with all six men getting into the ring early, as I especially liked how Hogan got the crowd against him and therefore behind Anderson, with Big Cal pushing Hollywood down to the mat. Good to see the New World Order get out in the driver’s seat early with a cheap kick by Nash and then the three meticulously beat down Storm on their side of the ring, draining the live out of him and also the crowd. Hogan’s distraction and then the low blow by Hall worked perfectly, keeping the nWo in control for just a little while longer. FINALLY Storm is able to turn the momentum of the match, somehow getting out of the Jackknife and landing on his feet before hitting a shining wizard. Michaels finally gets the tag back into the match! BUSINESS HAS PICKED UP~! It looked like the Horsemen were about to get back into the match, but Anderson isn’t able to hit the spinebuster and then Hogan goes through the motions and finished up with a Leg Drop to Storm. SWEET CHIN MUSIC OUT OF NOWHERE TO HOGAN!! OH MY GOD~! Jackknife to Anderson through the announce table!? God damn. Hall looked to take advantage of the distraction of HBK, as he looks for the Razor’s Edge, but … SWEET CHIN MUSIC FOR THE WIN!! What an amazing way to end it! Glad to see HBK is getting the shot, but there is still no way that I see him beating Steiner. A great feel-good moment to end the show, with the entire group known as the Horsemen celebrating, while the nWo is even more pissed off right now.

I was shocked when you said you were going to stop doing full PPVs, because Starrcade truly was one of the best shows I’ve ever read. But this show proved that the good storylines can make even a recapped PPV a classic, which is what this was. So many questions are left to be answered, and I truly cannot wait until Nitro goes up, but Steiner vs. HBK is going to be the sex. Great work … as always.


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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Nitro Comments

My god Flair goes on and on doesn't he?
Pretty solid if nothing special between Flair & HBK basically professing their man crushes for each other here in the absence of the nWo. OSHIT!~ The Bisch is here. I marked hard for this promo, this was something else. Hall was comic gold, Nash was brilliantly voyeuristic and they owned this hard. You have once again set the bar higher for yourself in regards to segments involving the nWo. Absolutely took a hard shot at AlcoHall's drinking problem made me LOL, as did Nash claiming Mrs. Michaels will be calling him "Daddy" from now on. Seriously, promo of the year so far, fuck everything else. Eerily sexeh stuff all round. HBK won't be back tonight I guess, and what a way to kick off this supposed nWo free Nitro, terrific stuff.

Helms squashing Leroux was all good, and then fucking him up afterwards was even better. Helms snapping should be interesting to see over the next few weeks, altho I don't think it'll help him get his title back tbh

Ew @ K-Dawgs. Atleast he goes alright on the stick, coz he's balls in the ring. Nicely in character promo if a little hard to read with so much ghetto babble thrown in, Overkill imo
Chavo vs Crazy next week sounds like an invitation for Helms to kill a n*****

Good match here between the FA and NBT. Young Lions showing up afterwards leads me to thinking ladder match between these 3 teams to settle it plz, it'd be a markworthy match if you do it. BOOK IT!

Booker will get into the main event, I don't doubt it, Flair owned Booker there for a while but Booker was gold here, always liked the guy, expect to see him tussle with Steiner in some form tonight, match or aftermath

KANYON? You must be kidding me? Ugh, good lord. Fuck you. That's it, you can sleep outside tonight tbh, that's not even couch worthy punishment it's so bad. Fuck Kanyon, tbh. Fuck you too

Booker owning Kanyon was more like it, you just went back up in my books, only just

Part II of the nWo sadist highlights was cruel, just cruel. No where near as good as Hall & Nash's voyeur earlier, this was plain mean and just nasty. Jarrett beating the hell outta a guy in some mental hospital, was just harsh. I gotta admit it adds more fuel to an already scorching fire, but I personally did not like this anywhere near as much as The Outsider's earlier one. Jarrett & Henning, much like Hall & Nash, are gonna have hell to pay for, because this was just sickening. Trademark nWo yes, below the belt and brutally cruel. Poor David Flair, poor Ric Flair. Again, it was good and an excellent way to generate some major heat, but felt a little too harsh towards the end of it

No Booker in the main event after all? Storm & Awesome in sounds alright. Decent main event and made even better by a TABLE SPOT, nasty stuff, and some blood too. BOOKAH TEE! Tad short than I thought it may run, but after those nWo vids, they took up a fucking lot of air time I guess. DQ finish doesnt make anyone look weak and the ensuing braawl between Booker & Steiner out into the crowd is a wise way to keep their intense rivalry up, and free up the ring for NAITCH!

I was expecting a Flair outburst and then him kicking Bischoff's ass, but this second Jarrett & Henning footage was not expected. Good lord, this has been one personal tirade of a show from the Order hasn't it? Jarrett, Henning, Hall & Nash, Bischoff, they're all gonna get FUCKED UP in the near future for this. Sickening spot there Jarrett smashing Reid with the guitar, ouch. Ashley & Elizabeth are going to be in for hell if the rest of this show is anything to go on. CUT OUT? Oh dear, leave us hanging until next week? EPIC and equally shocking end to without doubt the most controversial and terrifying show I've EVER read here in over 4 years on WEF/WF/WEF-No DQ. This was just something else, these invasions were so well written, they even gave me goosebumps at the end of the Hall/Nash and the second Jarrett/Henning vids.

Terrific work, as I said I felt the attack on David Flair was a little too cruel even for the sickening standards the nWo set tonight, and the matches were certainately nothing special, with the emphasis definitely on these incredibly bold nWo invasion packages. Promo of the year for the Hall/Nash vid plz, I'll find it hard if anyone can top that stuff, although that second Jarrett & Henning vid was a good run too. Overall, breath taking stuff, you're gonna have a hard time ever topping this show promo wise, and next week is gonna need a colossal effort to even make it half as intruiging as this show was. <3.


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