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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

This was a really good segment between Bischoff and Flair. They can't stand each other but they know that the WCW product is good enough to top the WWF. They just need the sponsors back but I don't see how that is going to happen. Maybe something magical will happen, but I just see the arguing between these two getting worse. Very interested to see where this going next, tbh.


WCW Sin Predictions Contest:

WCW World Heavyweight Championship (7)
Singles Match
Scott Steiner © vs. Booker T
As much as I love Booker T, it would just be plain stupid to have Scotty lose the belt in this match. He has been a fucking stud over the past few months and his reign needs to go a WHILE. Booker puts up a good fight, but loses.

WCW North American Championship (3)
Singles Match
Mike Awesome © vs. Konnan
Konnan is just filler until Mike gets a new challenger that is actually respectable. He will murder the challenger in this one.

WCW Cruiserweight Championship (4)
Singles Match
Shane Helms © vs. Chavo Guerrero
I don't see his Title reign ending just yet. It would seem that Shane is running out of challengers, but I don't see Chavo as the next Champion.

WCW Tag Team Championship (1)
Triple Threat, One Fall to a Finish
Natural Born Thrillers © vs. Filthy Animals vs. Young Lions
Just because I don't see all of the Champions retaining on one PPV. But I could see the NBT winning if another Champion loses.

Grudge Match (6)
Six Man Tag
Four Horsemen (Shawn Michaels, Cal Anderson, & Lance Storm) vs. New World Order (Hulk Hogan and The Outsiders)
As much as you love to make people win when it is unexpected, there's no way that the hottest thing in your company is losing their first match. HBK isn't ready for a Title shot, so Storm will get it.

Grudge Match (5)
Singles Match
Dean Malenko vs. Jeff Jarrett
He needs a rebound win and we also need to even the score between the nWo and the Horsemen. Although I do expect Malenko to have a good run in this match.

Grudge Match (2)
Singles Match
Curt Hennig vs. Hugh Morris
Couldn't care less who wins this one, tbh.

Show Questions:
Who will score the fall in the six man tag match, thus getting the WHC shot on Nitro? Lance Storm
Who will be pinned/submit in the Tag Team Title Match? Mark Jindrak?
How many matches will have interference-influenced endings? Two
Will any superstars return to WCW at Sin? (either from injury, suspension, another company, etc.) None
…if so, who?
What match will have the highest star rating? CW Title Match
What match will have the lowest star rating? US Title Match


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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Haha, Patty.... we shall see what the future holds in store for our dearly beloved WCW and TTO. I'm merely glad someone is paying attention to the problems going on in the company, as this is something that has been going on for months now, but isn't given consistent attention (because it hasn't been a legitimate problem, hence while I still am only posting monthly updates of it).

But hey you lot, thanks to all for the predics. It makes me a happy camper. I have had zero time to write this week, so hopefully this weekend I can get a good chunk of writing done and get it up sometime next week.

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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

This is such a great BTB. I use to be an efed owner/writer and over the years I just got burned out and hit writers cramp. But after reading yours, it got my juices flowing again.

Great job on this. I hope you stick with it. I know how hard it is to keep doing this, but with the fan support you got, it's worth it.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

WCW Sin Predictions Contest

WCW World Heavyweight Championship (7)
Singles Match
Scott Steiner © vs. Booker T

WCW North American Championship (3)
Singles Match
Mike Awesome © vs. Konnan

WCW Cruiserweight Championship (1)
Singles Match
Shane Helms © vs. Chavo Guerrero

WCW Tag Team Championship (4)
Triple Threat, One Fall to a Finish
Natural Born Thrillers © vs. Filthy Animals vs. Young Lions

Grudge Match (6)
Six Man Tag
Four Horsemen (Shawn Michaels, Cal Anderson, & Lance Storm) vs. New World Order (Hulk Hogan and The Outsiders)

Grudge Match (5)
Singles Match
Dean Malenko vs. Jeff Jarrett

Grudge Match (2)
Singles Match
Curt Hennig vs. Hugh Morris

Show Questions:
Who will score the fall in the six man tag match, thus getting the WHC shot on Nitro?
Lance Storm
Who will be pinned/submit in the Tag Team Title Match?
Chuck Palumbo
How many matches will have interference-influenced endings?
Will any superstars return to WCW at Sin? (either from injury, suspension, another company, etc.)
…if so, who?
What match will have the highest star rating?
What match will have the lowest star rating?

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

WCW Sin Predictions Contest

WCW World Heavyweight Championship (7)
Singles Match
Scott Steiner © vs. Booker T

WCW North American Championship (3)
Singles Match
Mike Awesome © vs. Konnan

WCW Cruiserweight Championship (1)
Singles Match
Shane Helms © vs. Chavo Guerrero

WCW Tag Team Championship (4)
Triple Threat, One Fall to a Finish
Natural Born Thrillers © vs. Filthy Animals vs. Young Lions

Grudge Match (6)
Six Man Tag
Four Horsemen (Shawn Michaels, Cal Anderson, & Lance Storm) vs. New World Order (Hulk Hogan and The Outsiders)

Grudge Match (5)
Singles Match
Dean Malenko vs. Jeff Jarrett

Grudge Match (2)
Singles Match
Curt Hennig vs. Hugh Morris

Show Questions:
Who will score the fall in the six man tag match, thus getting the WHC shot on Nitro? HBK

Who will be pinned/submit in the Tag Team Title Match?

How many matches will have interference-influenced endings?
Will any superstars return to WCW at Sin? (either from injury, suspension, another company, etc.)
…if so, who?

What match will have the highest star rating?
WHC match
What match will have the lowest star rating?
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

World Championship Wrestling
The Pyramid, Memphis, Tennessee
January 27, 2002




Tony Schiavone: Ladies and gentlemen, good evening, and welcome to World Championship Wrestling on pay per view! You are watching the first pay per view of 2002; this is Sin! I am the voice of WCW, Tony Schiavone, and you all know my colleague, ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay!

Mike Tenay: Thank you, Tony, and fans, don’t be fooled: this may be our first pay per view of the year, but the consequences and implications of Sin will set the setting for the entire foundation of this company!

Tony Schiavone: And that is why you can guarantee Sin to be the greatest pay per view of this year!

WCW’s first pay per view will be the best one of the year? Of course, seeing as it’s at the first. Your intellect continues to amaze me, dear Tony.

Mike Tenay: The war between the invading New World Order and World Championship Wrestling has taken a pivotal turn, as it is no long WCW fighting… it’s the legendary Four Horsemen! Our WCW President, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair has revived the Four Horsemen, and Flair and ‘The Enforcer’ Arn Anderson have introduced us to a new breed: Arn’s nephew, the undefeated Enforcer Cal Anderson, ‘The Iceman’ Dean Malenko, Lance Storm…

Tony takes over for Tenay, as if The Professor can’t remember the last Horseman.

Tony Schiavone: …And the new leader of the Four Horsemen, the controversial, the resilient, the charismatic, ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels!

Death glare from The Prof!

Mike Tenay: The Four Horsemen are doing what WCW has never been able to be: a cohesive unit. There are no petty squabbles or backstage drama between the Horsemen; they’re a family, just like the faction they’re fighting, the New World Order!

Tony Schiavone: Professor, the nWo has tarnished this great company’s legacy for far too long, and now is the time for WCW to exterminate the New World Order once and for all!

Mike Tenay: I agree, Tony, but also because this may be our last chance! The New World Order is stronger and more dangerous than ever before, and if the Four Horsemen cannot defeat the New World Order, I think the New World Order will finally achieve their lifelong mission: they will take over, and they will destroy WCW! This company, will cease to exist if the New World Order wins this war; it will all become property of the nWo!

Tony Schiavone: It makes me sick to my stomach to imagine WCW under the authority of the New World Order, and that is why we have the Four Horsemen to defend us! And tonight, we will have our warriors in action against the nWo!

Mike Tenay: That’s right, Tony, as in one match, the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett will get his grudge match against ‘The Iceman’ Dean Malenko, and in our main event of the evening, the three nWo originals – ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan, ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash, and ‘The Bad Guy’ Scott Hall – will take on the leader of the Four Horsemen, ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels, Cal Anderson, and Lance Storm!

Tony Schiavone: It was Dean Malenko who help spark the return of the Four Horsemen last month when he returned to WCW, preventing Jeff Jarrett from cheating to retain his WCW World Heavyweight Title. And that six man main event, well, we all know of the drama and history between Shawn Michaels and The Outsiders!

I’m sure some people don’t, Tony. Now you’re hurting their feelings and making them feel stupid and insecure. Heavens.

Mike Tenay: And because of Dean Malenko’s return to WCW, that big triple threat match last month made it a fair match, and that is why ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner is coming into Sin tonight our World Heavyweight Champion!

Tony Schiavone: He may not be leaving Sin as Champion though because he has a worthy adversary in the four-time Champion, Booker T!

Mike Tenay: Booker T was the WCW World Heavyweight Champion for six months in 2001, and the only reason he lost his Title at Fall Brawl was because Hulk Hogan turned on WCW in the War Games; Hogan gave the nWo an astronomical advantage, and Jeff Jarrett became Champion after Ric Flair passed out while in Jarrett’s Figure Four Leg Lock! Ric Flair, mind you, never submitted to Jeff Jarrett, and Jarrett’s Heavyweight Championship reign was a fraud from the moment he won it!

Tony Schiavone: The good thing though, is that Jarrett is no longer our Champion, and we will have two worthy competitors fighting for our most prestigious Championship in a main event tonight!

Mike Tenay: Excellent word choice, Tony, because that is what tonight will be: a fight! Booker T and Scott Steiner are longtime rivals, and their rivalry has certainly heated up to new levels this month!

Tony Schiavone: Scott Steiner’s celebration was ruined by Booker T’s interruption, and Big Poppa Pump responded by destroying Booker T’s Cadillac!

Mike Tenay: And Booker T responded by attacking Rick Steiner, Scott Steiner’s older brother! All of that pent up aggression culminated this past Wednesday night when they met in the parking lot for a non-sanctioned fight!

Tony Schiavone: Fans, that fight on Wednesday night was one of the most brutal brawls I have ever seen! We had to cut their brawl off the air last week, both because of time constraints and the levels of violence that were occurring – Booker T and Scott Steiner stayed in that parking lot fighting for over a half hour until someone called the police! As a result, both our Champion and his challenger spent Wednesday night in county jail!

Mike Tenay: Their fight was left unsettled, and tonight, they will get that chance to finish it off! However, also tonight, Hugh Morris will take on nWo-member Curt Hennig, and the Filthy Animals all go for gold! New World Order member ‘The Career Killer’ Mike Awesome puts his North American Championship on the line against Konnan, Shane Helms defends his WCW Cruiserweight Title once more against Chavo Guerrero, and in our opening match, Billy Kidman and Rey Misterio, along with the former WCW Tag Team Champions, The Filthy Animals – Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire – will challenge the Natural Born Thrillers for the WCW Tag Team Titles!

Tony Schiavone: Now that Billy Kidman and Rey Misterio have repaired their friendship and reformed this tag team of theirs, the sky is the limits!

Mike Tenay: However, Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire are the best up and coming tag team in all of wrestling, and Mike Sanders and the Thrillers are the Tag Team Champions for a reason! What team is walking out of here with those belts? Let’s find out!

We get the rap hit “Filthy” to kick things off, and the crowd responds with a boatload of cheers as Billy Kidman and Rey Misterio come out through the entrance chute. Kidman is dressed in his usual wife beater and black jean shorts, while Misterio sports yellow baggy tights and mask. The two slap hands with the fans as they make their way down to the ring, “Young Lion” replaces their theme, bringing out the multi-time tag team champs, Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire. Palumbo has his aqua trunks, while O’Haire has matching aqua and black biker trunks. The Lions get cheers from the crowd as well, but the cocky youngsters simply bash inner forearms together on the stage before walking down the ramp and to the ring, not giving the crowd attention like we saw the Animals do. Finally, “Avalanche” hits, bringing out Mike Sanders and the WCW Tag Team Champions, Mark Jindrak and Johnny ‘The Bull’ Stamboli. Both men sport black attires – Jindrak black trunks and Stamboli his black baggy tights; The Thrillers receive moderate jeers as they walk down the ramp, Sanders effectively getting under the crowd’s skin. Once in the ring, referee Billy Silverman raises the two Tag Team Title Belts, and after handing the belts off to a stagehand, calls for the bell, Billy Kidman and Sean O’Haire starting the match off.

Match One
Natural Born Thrillers © (w/Mike Sanders) vs. Filthy Animals vs. Young Lions
WCW Tag Team Championship

It’s a new year, and well, WCW actually changes its style of pay per view openers… sort of. Instead of our traditional Cruiserweight Title match to open up the show, we’re getting the Tag Team Titles… with cruiserweights! Billy Kidman and Rey Misterio are still the king of WCW’s cruiserweight division, and men like Mark Jindrak and Sean O’Haire, while not cruiserweights, certainly can fly.

Expecting a fast-paced, high-impact opener, the three teams eventually delivered, just not in the beginning. Feeding off of story, Sean O’Haire and Billy Kidman started the match off in the ring, going through battle of strengths (which O’Haire obviously wins every time). The Natural Born Thrillers insert themselves into the match moments later, using cheap tricks to blind side both Kidman and O’Haire. The Thrillers isolate Billy Kidman for several minutes, using tandem tactics; while they don’t fly around the ring like Memphis wants to see, high-impact offense appeases them, most notable Mark Jindrak lifting Billy Kidman off his feet, hooking Kidman’s arms behind him, and allowing Johnny The Bull to damn near kick Kidman’s face off with a pump leg lariat.

Needing to fulfill that void of flippy-floppy action, Stamboli commits the cardinal sin: he tries to power bomb Billy Kidman – you CAN’T power bomb Kidman! Needless to say, Kidman ends up hitting a sideways hurricanrana, sending Kidman rolling one way, and Stamboli another. Tags are made – to Jindrak and Palumbo – and the high flying action commences, as Rey Misterio also inserts himself into the match. Palumbo and Jindrak exchange hard hits, and while Palumbo ends up rocking Jindrak over the top rope with an early Jungle Kick, Chucky P turns around to catch a leaping Rey Misterio, whose casadora transitions into a bulldog! Everyone gets involved soon after, and Johnny Stamboli ends up military pressing Rey Misterio and throwing him over the top rope to the outside, landing on top of Jindrak. Stamboli and Palumbo end up being tossed to the outside as well, and Sean O’Haire ends up hitting a running no-handed Seanton Bomb over the top rope to the pile. Billy Kidman, however, steals the spotlight by jumping from the canvas to the third rope before springboarding off and hitting a Shooting Star Press to the pile, knocking everyone down and leaving the crowd cheering.

What was originally supposed to only have two men in the ring at a time ends up being one man from each team, as Silverman cannot keep up with the action. Palumbo, Misterio, and Jindrak end up fighting in the ring, while the other men end up battling out some more on the outside. Having problems with Kidman over the past few weeks, Sean O’Haire won’t team up with the cruiserweight star to take on Johnny Stamboli, and instead, the two former NBT members reunite, if only for a minute, to hit a double vertical suplex to Kidman on the protective mats. As said, that alliance ends right afterwards as Stamboli attacks O’Haire from behind. In the ring, Mark Jindrak electrifies the crowd by spiking Chuck Palumbo on his head with a hurricanrana, only for Rey Misterio to then jump onto Jindrak’s shoulders and try and hurricanrana him. However, the Thriller reverses, and crushed the lightweight with a diving power bomb. Jindrak follows up with a cover, but only gets a two count.

The six men continue their action, really hitting a collection of spots instead of building a wrestling match. Johnny Stamboli almost wins the match when he crushes Sean O’Haire with a Double Underhook Piledriver, but Billy Kidman almost steals the victory moments later when he connects with the Shooting Star Press to the ex-Mamaluke. Billy Kidman tries to finish the other Thriller off with the Kid Krusher, but before he can hit his “Unprettier” (as you postmodernists like to call it), Chuck Palumbo nearly decapitates the little man with a Jungle Kick. Palumbo covers for what would definitely be the win (albeit Palumbo not even being a legal man), but Rey Misterio breaks it up by hitting a springboard leg drop from the third rope to the back of Palumbo’s head! Misterio is slow to get back up to his feet from the leg drop, leaving all six men down in the ring.

The six men eventually recuperate, but instead of order resuming, it’s more chaos and physics, because well, there’s certainly no chemistry. The six men all have a wild brawl, which unsurprisingly, the Young Lions and Natural Born Thrillers perform the best in. Misterio and Kidman get beaten down to a pulp, leaving the four former friends to battle it out. The four men exchange wild rights and lefts, breaking down to battles between Sean O’Haire and Johnny Stamboli and Chuck Palumbo against Mark Jindrak. Stamboli and O’Haire end up spilling towards the ropes, and The Bull tries to clothesline O’Haire over the top rope, but Sean ducks, and flips Stamboli over the top rope and back to the mats below. Mike Sanders rushes over to help his friend and associate up to his feet, only for Sean O’Haire to once more hit a Seanton Bomb over the top ropes to the two men, taking them all down.

In the ring, Palumbo and Jindrak are at a stalemate, their brawling producing no advantage between the two. However, their battle is cut to an end when Misterio and Kidman get back on their feet, attacking the two men. After unable to get any advantage, the two men both do over the Animals, as Mark Jindrak works Misterio over into the corner and Palumbo beats down Kidman in the center of the ring. Jindrak eventually gets Rey-Rey onto the top turnbuckle, and climbs up with him. As Jindrak works Rey over – the two men still standing on the top turnbuckle – Chuck Palumbo tries to finish Kidman off with the Jungle Kick, but Kidman ducks! Before Chuck can regain his footing, Kidman scores with a kick to the gut, and connects with the Kid Krusher! On the top turnbuckle, Jindrak leaps off his feet for the Super Frankensteiner, but Misterio shoves him backwards! Jindrak back flips, and somehow lands on his feet! Misterio, however, jumps from the top turnbuckle to the top rope before springboarding off, and scores with a springboard hurricanrana! Misterio rolls through into a pin, and with Billy Kidman right there to prevent any shenanigans, Silverman makes the count: ONE! TWO! THREE! We have new Tag Team Champions!

Rey Misterio pins Mark Jindrak at 12:51; The Filthy Animals def. The Natural Born Thrillers and the Young Lions to WIN the WCW Tag Team Championship
Star Rating - *** ¼

The crowd erupts into cheers as “Filthy” hits after the match and David Penzer declares the two men the new Tag Team Champions. Billy Silverman hands the two their Tag Belts, and the best friends-turned enemies-turned best friends hug and celebrate like, well, like they just won the most prestigious team title in wrestling.

Tony Schiavone: What a moment, Professor! Billy Kidman and Rey Misterio, two best friends who have been through so much together and against each other, battled their demons in a public setting, have overcome the odds and won the WCW Tag Team Championship!

Mike Tenay: These two men, they were the best of friends for so long, and last summer, after returning from an injury, turned on Billy Kidman and Konnan. You all saw their fall long feud, and finally, at Starrcade, they settled their differences and reunited, and now, here are your results – WCW Tag Team Champions.

The camera gets another shot of the Filthy Animals celebrating their Tag Team Title victory, now up on the entrance ramp.

Mike Tenay: I don’t want to shift away from the Filthy Animals, as this moment belongs to them, but I must say, what an effort put in by the Young Lions and our now former Champions, the Natural Born Thrillers.

Tony Schiavone: You can always expect this kind of top quality effort and action from our superstars, fans!

It’s pay per view, Tony; these people are already fans! Why are you shilling the product to fans!?

Mike Tenay: The Young Lions were the tag team of 2001, and I guarantee these two men will be Tag Team Champions again at some point this year, but this division is competitive folks! These three teams are the elite of World Championship Wrestling, and the Natural Born Thrillers, despite being as talented as they are, could only hold onto their Titles for one month!

Tony Schiavone: Well let’s all hope that the Filthy Animals prove to be better Champions than the Thrillers!

Speaking of, we get a shot of Mike Sanders and the Thrillers sulking to the back, Mike Sanders shouting at referee Billy Silverman, who is escorting the team to the back. Sanders is irate, claiming that his boys were screwed out of the Belts. How so, I have no idea, but he’s going to rant anyways.

Tony Schiavone: Well fans, we are going to keep things moving along, and up next, we have our first WCW versus nWo match of the evening: Hugh Morris versus ‘The Perfect One’ Curt Hennig!

Mike Tenay: Hugh Morris is one of the most resilient wrestlers I have ever seen in my days calling action, and not only that, but one of the classiest and nicest gentlemen as well. Curt Hennig, however, well he’s about the exact opposite!

Tony Schiavone: …And that’s why he’s such a perfect fit for the New World Order!

Mike Tenay: Hugh Morris was having a match on Wednesday Nitro last month, and Curt Hennig, for no apparent reason, launched an unprovoked assault on Hugh Morris, humiliating him by tagging him in spray paint with the nWo logo and giving Hugh a concussion.

Tony Schiavone: But like you said, Professor, Hugh Morris is a resilient son of a gun, and he came back to WCW ready to get him some of Curt Hennig!

Mike Tenay: President Ric Flair gave Morris this match several weeks ago, and now, it’s time for Hugh Morris to extract his revenge on the sneaky Curt Hennig!

After a few moments, “Rockhouse” hits for the first time tonight, bringing out nWo-member Curt Hennig to a lot of boos. Hennig smirks, chewing his gum as he cockily walks down the entrance ramp, the crowd heckling him all the while. Hennig happily jaws right back at them, and slaps his gum at a particular obnoxious teen once he gets down to the end of the entrance ramp. Hennig gets into the ring and removes his nWo tee, revealing his black and white singlet. “No Laughing Matter” hits next, bringing out Hugh Morris to arguably the loudest amount of cheers the big man has ever gotten. Morris takes one hard look at the smug Hennig in the ring before taking off, sprinting down the ramp and diving into the ring. Referee Mark Johnson rings the bell right away, just in time for Morris to lunge at Hennig, fists a flailing.

Match Two
Curt Hennig vs. Hugh Morris
Singles Match

Off-screen, we call this the match that no one really gives a shit about. However, the two veterans try and piece together a match that the crowd can buy into, going for a more old school approach, using the opening minutes to have tests of strength, allowing Hugh Morris to get a few cheap pops from the crowd by shoving Hennig down to the ground and yelling out “nWo sucks!” Traditional, simple chain wrestling applies (if you can really call it that), and Hennig wears down Morris with that treacherous side head lock. Hennig works Hugh down to a horizontal base, and continues to wear him down with simple holds and lock. Knowing the crowd will fall right asleep at this slow pace and methodical action, Hennig at least does his part in taunting the crowd all the while, keeping them relatively interested.

The more taunting Hennig does, the more Memphis wants to see Morris fight back, and thankfully that happens soon. The big man is able to fight back to a vertical base, and after clubberin’ right hands gets him out of Hennig’s clutches, an inverted atomic drop and lariat send the Perfect One running for the hills. Hugh Morris follows Hennig to the outside, but it’s all a ploy by Hennig, and a thumb to the eye stops the big man, allowing the sneaky Hennig to ram Hugh into the steep steps, shoulder first. Hennig jumps right back on top of Morris, beating him down with hard right hands before getting him back into the ring, bringing fatty mcfatty with him. If any solid work outside the ring is going to happen, it won’t be wasted on this match.

Curt Hennig continues to beat down Hugh Morris throughout the match, but the big man is resilient, continuously kicking out of Hennig’s pin attempts, and making a mini-comeback here and there. Hennig is excellent at working the crowd as much as he works Morris, keeping them somehow interested in what truly is a lackluster affair. Hennig’s constant antics with the crowd catches up with him, as it ends up giving Hugh Morris the time needed to recuperate. Morris is able to get a real comeback in, working Hennig over with big right hands before getting some near falls after a lariat, vertical suplex, and eventually a running sidewalk slam. Hugh eventually believes he has Hennig beaten down enough to climb up to the top turnbuckle, and attempts his big moonsault, the No Laughing Matter. After setting his feet, Hugh leaps off to the moonsault… but crashes and burns as Hennig rolls out of the way! As Morris staggers up to his feet following the miss, he walks right into a boot to the mid-section and the Perfect Plex! Hennig then makes the quick cover, and Johnson counts: ONE! TWO! THREE!

Curt Hennig def. Hugh Morris at 8:16
Star Rating - * ¼

Curt Hennig gets up to his feet and celebrates like his victory with that smug arrogance we all come to expect from him. Hennig has Johnson repeatedly raise his hand as the victor, letting Memphis know just how grand Curt Hennig is.

Tony Schiavone: Ugh, a victory for the New World Order. This is not how we wanted to see Sin start out for WCW!

Mike Tenay: Hugh Morris fought with everything he had, but tonight, Hugh Morris’ best just wasn’t enough to get the job done on pay per view.

Tony Schiavone: …It’s almost as if the nWo step up their game for pay per view.

What? Pay per view is more important than Nitro? Blashphemous!

Mike Tenay: Well Eric Bischoff knows how to bring in cash, and the New World Order is filled with the craftiest veterans around: they know that picking up the victory here on pay per view can string together momentum and help in their quest to take over World Championship Wrestling.

Merr, cut to the back time.

The nWo Camp

We’re backstage in the luxurious New World Order locker room, where the gang is all gathered around, watching the show. Somehow they get to watch Curt Hennig cockily celebrate his victory, while everyone else is watching them. I think the nWo is getting screwed. Eric Bischoff, however, is happy as can be.

Eric Bischoff: This, this is exactly what we need, gentlemen. Opening Sin off on the right note, getting that pivotal victory, this is the start of things to come. We all knew Curt Hennig could wipe the floor with that fat slob, Morris, but you never know what WCW will throw at us – interference, dusty finishes, and cheap tactics are not below them. Now Mike, you’re match is our next one up. We need to you make sure you not only retain that North American Title, but utterly annihilate Konnan.

Awesome simply slaps the Title Belt that hangs over his right pec, and nods his head.

Eric Bischoff: Konnan is an abomination, gentlemen. The simple fact that he is getting a title shot shows exactly how corrupt Ric Flair is as President. Konnan has no talent, no work rate; his fading career can actually be of value if he pulls off the upset of a lifetime by beating you, Mike. We cannot let trash like Konnan be a symbol of hope for the Four Horsemen and WCW. So Mike, your orders are simple: crush him.

Again, Mike Awesome just simply nods. The Career Killer might just be killing a career tonight.

Eric Bischoff: It is a systematic process. Curt won; if Mike wins, it continues. Jarrett, you are The Chosen One; a win for Mike Awesome in the name of the nWo will guarantee your victory over Dean Malenko. And Jeff, when you beat the vanilla midget, it guarantees Shawn Michaels and the Horsemen get destroyed by Hulk and The Outsiders.

Hogan grins while Kevin Nash and Scott Hall share smirks. Jeff Jarrett seems pleased with himself as well.

Jeff Jarrett: Eric, you got nothin’ to worry about. Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen, they’re goin’ down tonight. Me and the boys are going to slay the horses that they so desperately ride on. The Four Horsemen, their entire existence, is a hoax. Dean Malenko is livin’ a lie to think he can go toe-to-toe with The Chosen One tonight. But because the vanilla midget rides with Ric Flair, Dean Malenko is the best wrestler in the world! Well Bisch, The Chosen One’s declarin’ a new creed: tonight, I’m gonna kick that slapnut’s ass, and I’m gonna do it with pure, old fashioned, wrestling!

Jarrett smirks, actually thinking he will wrestle a whole match against arguably one of the best grapplers of the past decade, without cheating. Bischoff clearly is impressed with Jarrett’s confidence. Kevin Nash, however, wasn’t really paying attention, as he chimes in, but having nothing to do with Jeff Jarrett and his match against Malenko.

Kevin Nash: Uncle Eric, everything is taken care of. You know I’m a pretty laid back guy, but Shawn Michaels, that son of a bitch gets my blood boilin’. When he stabbed me and Scotty in the back – when he stabbed all of us in the back – by joining the Four Horsemen, that was the ultimate betrayal. To make it worse, that Jesus-freak actually pinned me on Nitro. If Shawn Michaels thinks that he’s gonna up me a third time, if he thinks he’s gonna beat me, Scotty, and the chief over here, then God’s not talking to him; he’s just another one of the crazies at Bellevue.

Bischoff can’t even respond to Nash’s comments, taken aback by the serious and threatening tone in his voice. Thankfully, Hogan takes over, laying back on a couch, taking up the entire couch for himself. What a shmuck.

Hulk Hogan: Lemme tell ya’ll somethin’, dudes, Sin is the only beginning. Tonight is only the beginning. We’ll get our wins tonight and demoralize Flair and his little Horsemen, but then, then our plans really lift off, brother. All of the chips are gonna fall in place, and then, we’re gonna completely annihilate the Four Horsemen.

Hogan grins evilly, the manipulating and egomaniacal son of a bitch that he is. The New World Order has something special cooked up, and they’re ready for tonight… Eric Bischoff knows it, and he loves every bit of it. As he smirks, satisfied, we cut back to ringside.

Tony Schiavone: Professor, I don’t like the sounds of that…

Mike Tenay: Fans, Hulk Hogan has been speaking off-hand of having a plan that was going to destroy Ric Flair, the Four Horsemen, and WCW for a few weeks now, and from the looks of it, his plan is ready. I have no idea what the nWo has in store, but all I know is one thing: it cannot be good!

Tony Schiavone: …That look from Hulk Hogan, that smirk from Eric Bischoff… you’re right, Professor, it cannot be good!

Mike Tenay: When you’re dealing with the New World Order, there are so many evil deeds and possibilities of what they will do next, that I could sit here and talk from now until we go live on NBC for Wednesday Nitro about the possibilities of what they have in store for our heroes. However, we don’t have that time, because what we have up next, is the WCW Cruiserweight Title on the line!

Tony Schiavone: I have been waiting all night to see Chavo Guerrero challenge Shane Helms for Sugar Shane’s Title! Professor, why don’t you give us some insight on this on?

That’s right, Tony. Sit on your ass and make your one-liners while Tenay does all the history. Earn that pay check, baby!

Mike Tenay: ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms has been the WCW Cruiserweight Champion for over ten months now, fans, and when he won that belt back in March of 2001, he defeated the man who will now challenge him tonight, Chavo Guerrero Jr.! Ever since winning that Cruiserweight Title, Shane Helms has elevated to a whole new level. He has defeated every cruiserweight thrown at him – including Chavo Guerrero, his former 3 Count running mates, and third generation superstar Teddy Hart! However, with all of his success, a new attitude and personality has come with it; Shane Helms grew increasingly cocky and confident in his own abilities, and truly believes he is the greatest cruiserweight to ever wrestle in WCW’s illustrious and prestigious cruiserweight division!

Tony Schiavone: …And we’ve had some excellent cruiserweights in WCW throughout our day!

Mike Tenay: Shane Helms has certainly earned the right to be listed among the greatest cruiserweights in our history, but I know men like Billy Kidman, Rey Misterio, Dean Malenko, his uncle Eddie, the late Brian Pillman, and Juventud Guerrera all could stake their claim to being the greatest.

Tony Schiavone: Not only has Shane Helms grew an ego, but he’s developed a mean streak!

Mike Tenay: This is very true, Tony; good point. Shane Helms has shown just how nasty he can be, both in the ring and out. He has cut racy, verbal tirades on both Chavo Guerrero and Super Crazy, and Super Crazy, as you know, was the victim of multiple attacks from Shane Helms that forced him out of action! Helms used a steel chair and his lethal Vertebreaker finisher to cause the Insane Luchadore three concussions in less than a month, and the head damage suffered by Crazy has forced him to leave WCW ever since Starrcade!

Tony Schiavone: We don’t know when Super Crazy will be able to return to WCW, but we all know we miss seeing him dazzle us with his athletic ability, and my sources tell me we could be seeing the luchadore back in WCW around the end of February!

Mike Tenay: Well hopefully that is the case, but in the mean time, we’re going to find out if Chavo Guerrero can become a 3-time Cruiserweight Champion, or if Shane Helms will once again prove that maybe, just maybe, he is right when he says he’s the greatest cruiserweight of all time!

“Filthy” hits for the second time tonight, bringing out Chavo Guerrero to cheers from the crowd. To no one’s surprise, Chavo doesn’t get the kinds of cheers his counterparts did to start the night, but the crowd is still digging Chavito nonetheless. Chavo jogs down the entrance ramp, rocking predominantly red tights with black trim, slapping hands with the crowd members as much as he can in the process. Chavito gets into the ring, and “Sugar” hits next, sending the crowd into a plethora of boos as the reigning Cruiserweight Champion, ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms comes out from the entrance chute, an army of Sugar Babies around his arms and on his side. Sporting fancy shades, a silky and elaborate silver vest and silver baggy tights, Helms slowly makes his way down the ramp towards the ring, letting the Sugar Babies alternate rubbing his Title Belt that he has strapped upon his waist. Helms eventually gets to ringside, and enters the ring by himself, letting his ladies stay outside where they belong. Helms reluctantly gives his Title off to referee Scott Dickenson, advising him not to let Chavo anywhere near it before the match: “That little Mexican will pick it like lettuce and hightail it out of here!” Racy~! Dickenson just does his job, raising the Title up in the air before handing it off to a stagehand so the match can begin.

Match Three
Shane Helms © (w/Sugar Babies) vs. Chavo Guerrero
WCW Cruiserweight Championship

When one thinks of the cruiserweight division, we can usually expect a lot of high-flying, spotty action that lacks any ring psychology. When Chavo Guerrero steps into the ring, however, you can expect some of the finest mat work around. Shane Helms proves he can be an all-around talent, and the two cruiserweights start off the opening minutes not with arm drags, hip tosses, and flipping counters, but excellent hold-for-hold chain wrestling, working each other over while standing, in then they take their battle to the mat after Shane Helms – with an arm wrench already applied to Chavo’s left arm – leaps off his feet, scissoring Guerrero’s arm before practically hitting a hurricanrana to the arm, taking Chavito down to the canvas and smoothly transitioning into an arm bar. Hey, there’s gotta be some nice cruiserweight-style action to go along with the grappling.

The two continue to go through their motions, going through a series of near falls in the process before eventually ending in a standoff as Chavo kips back up to his feet after Helms seemingly had the advantage, infuriating the Champion. After some severe stalling by Helms, when the two try and lock up again, Helms goes the easy way out, kicking Chavo in the mid-section and pummeling away on him. The Champ keeps his offense rather limited though, using more forearms and knife edge chops than usual, and keeping his repertoire limited to minor slams and suplexes, the most high-impact spot being Helms hitting a brace of snap suplexes.

Helms only works Chavito over for a few minutes, as Helms eventually feels like he has the “dirty Mexican” beaten down enough to finish him off. Instead of using a shining wizard, Nightmare on Helms Street, or Vertebreaker, Helms scores with a fisherman’s suplex and points up to the top turnbuckle. The Champ climbs up to the top turnbuckle, and once getting his footing, mocks Chavo with his body motions and yelling out some Spanish before leaping off… FROG SPLASH… finds the knees of Chavo Guerrero!

You don’t hit a Guerrero with a frog splash, no sir. The break in action allows Chavito to recover, and as Helms staggers back up to his feet, clutching his abdomen, the wind knocked out him, Chavo rocks his clock with a lariat! Chavo goes to work on Helms, mixing slams and suplexes with more mat work, trying to prevent Helms grounded so he cannot take to the air, as The Professor duly notes; Helms has used his speed and aerial high-impact moves to beat Chavo in the past.

With that in mind, the focus of Guerrero’s offense goes to attacking Helms’ right knee and ankle. Chavo is vicious, slamming Helms’ leg onto the canvas, stopping on it, and then propping his ankle on the second rope before leaping off the first rope and slamming all his weight onto Helms’ knee. Chavo surprisingly works over Helms’ leg for several minutes, silencing the crowd and impressing Mike Tenay; apparently no one has ever done this well of a number on the Champion.

Despite working over Helms so well, the tides turn when Chavito lifts the Champ up for a brainbuster. Seemingly getting too confident in how the match is playing out, Chavo stalls, keeping Helms up in the air for too long. Helms is able to swing momentum his way, and ends up falling down to the canvas, landing on his ass as he scores with a beautiful neck breaker to Chavo! Another recover period ensues, and as the two men get back up to their feet – Helms hobbling – they have to start back at page one.

The two cruiserweights indeed started back at page one with more chain wrestling, but this time it was short lived. Chavo immediately started to get the upper hand on Helms, and the Champ, desperate to stay on pace, had to resort to a thumb to the eye to momentarily blind Chavo before connecting with a DDT. Helms goes to work on Chavo – still hobbling the entire time – keeping his offense more limited than usual, but showcasing more brutality. Multiple times Helms drops a (left) knee on the back of Chavo’s head and neck, softening Chavito up for a future Vertebreaker. Helms wears down Guerrero with a few wrenches and locks on his neck, and a swinging neck breaker as well. However, Helms is still limited in what he does: he can’t stay attacking Chavo repeatedly, as his ankle and knee slows him down. The Champion makes the best of the situation though, making his strikes harder than ever and throwing all of his weight in his maneuvers.

Helms tries to set Chavo up for the end, but does it prematurely. The Champ tries to score with the Nightmare on Helms Street, but Chavo is able to escape the inverted swinging neck breaker. However, Helms still comes out on top; Chavo pushes Helms into the ropes and as Helms comes staggering back at Chavito, Helms somehow finds the strength to wrap himself around Chavo and hit a double-rotating tilt-a-whirl head scissors! That fires Helms up, and while the adrenaline allows him to follow up by heading up to the top turnbuckle and connect with a flying leg drop, Helms immediately rolls off of Chavo, clutching his ankle after impact.

The bizarre moment allows Chavo to recuperate, and Guerrero is able to once again work over Helms. A few moments into it, Chavo scoops Helms off his feet, and spikes him with the Brainbuster! Chavo makes the cover: ONE! TWO! THRE- KICK OUT! Heh, yeah, no way that finish was happening there. However, Chavito stays on the offensive, and the agony in Helms’ voice as Chavo delivers a stiff kick to his right ankle, making him drop to the canvas, sounds as real as it can get.

At this rate, it is evident that Chavo has the match in hand, as Helms’ ankle has seemingly given out on him. The Champion’s no moron, however, and recognizes his impending fate. As Chavo starts to pull Helms up to his feet after that nasty kick, Helms sneakily scores with a low blow, freaking head butting Chavo in the groin! As Chavo keels over, Helms – mustering all of his strength – shoves Chavo backwards, purposely shoving him into referee Scott Dickenson! The crowd realizes Helms’ intentions and boos him like crazy, but the damage is done; ref bump. Helms quickly hits Chavo with the Nightmare on Helms Street, subduing the challenger long enough for Helms to limp out of the ring and over to the timekeeper’s table. Helms snatches a steel chair from David Penzer, and limps back to the ring.

Helms rolls back into the ring, and simply waits for Chavo to stagger back up to his feet. He has to wait for several moments, but the challenger eventually does do so. Chavo dramatically staggers about the ring before groggily turning to face Helms, and the Cruiserweight Champion swings the chair over his head… but the chair is pulled out of his hands!

Helms, confused as ever, spots Dickenson still down and out on the floor. The Champion slowly turns around to see the culprit, and Helms can’t believe it: IT’S SUPER CRAZY! The crowd is cheering their butts off the Insane Luchadore, who simply grins maniacally at the man who put him on the shelf for over a month… and Super Crazy cracks Helms over the skull with the steel chair!

The crowd marks even more as Helms collapses to the canvas, and Super Crazy gives Chavo a nod of his head before grinning like an idiot and leaving the ring, taking the chair with him. Chavo simply smirks and shrugs his shoulder, letting fate play its role. Dickenson slowly starts coming to, and Chavo takes one last look at the knocked out Helms before noticing the top turnbuckle. Chavo nods his head and grins, climbing up to the top turnbuckle and setting his feet. Taking a deep breath before leaping into the air, Chavo flies, and connects with the FROG SPLASH! Chavo immediately follows up with a cover, and Dickenson slowly makes the count a few seconds later…. ONE! TWO! THREE! The crowd explodes into cheers, and no one can actually believe it – Shane Helms’ reign as Cruiserweight Champion is over!

Chavo Guerrero def. Shane Helms at 16:19 to WIN the WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Star Rating - **** ½

Chavo staggers up to his feet as “Filthy” hits, and Scott Dickenson raises his hand and awards him his newly won Cruiserweight Title as David Penzer proudly declares him the new Champion. A cameraman gets a shot on Super Crazy, who is still grinning like a idiot maniac as he backs up the ramp, his revenge gotten on Shane Helms. Helms made Super Crazy’s life hell for several months, and after three concussions and time on the sidelines, the Insane Luchadore has gotten revenge in the best way possible – he’s robbed Shane Helms of the one thing that means the most to him, the Cruiserweight Championship.

Chavo eventually exits the ring, raising his new belt into the air as he celebrates his monumental victory. The camera gets a shot at Shane Helms as he comes to from the wicked chair shot delivered by Super Crazy. The first thing Helms sees is Chavo Guerrero celebrating up the entrance ramp, leaping up into the air, the Cruiserweight Title in the air. Helms immediately throws his arms forward, as if grabbing for the Title. Realizing he has lost his precious Title, Helms flops back onto the canvas, laying down and openly weeping. Running his hands over his face, Helms then smashes his fists off the canvas, still crying at his loss.

Tony Schiavone: The Filthy Animals make it two-for-two, Professor, and Shane Helms’ run as Cruiserweight Champion is finally over!

Mike Tenay: Shane Helms wronged a lot of people during his run as Champion, and he just found out that Super Crazy was the wrong person to sabotage! Super Crazy tried to be friends with Shane Helms, and what did he get in return? 3 concussions, betrayal, and a month on the shelf because of those concussions! But tonight, ladies and gentlemen, Super Crazy has gotten his revenge – Shane Helms is no longer the Cruiserweight Champion!

Tony Schiavone: And how about Chavo Guerrero? He’s now a 3-time Cruiserweight Champion, and boy does he deserve it!

Mike Tenay: Chavo Guerrero put on a great display of mat wrestling tonight, and his strategy to eliminate Shane Helms’ aerial advantage over him worked to perfection. Shane Helms had to break all the rules to stay in the match tonight, and I think that if this match would have stayed one-on-one with no dirty tactics by Helms, Chavo Guerrero still would have ended Shane Helms’ run as Cruiserweight Champion!

Tony Schiavone: Chavo Guerrero definitely up a great effort tonight, and is deserving to be WCW’s new Cruiserweight Champion! But now the new question is, can Konnan complete the trifecta for the Filthy Animals and become the new North American Champion?

We will have to ponder that for a few moments, for we’re leaving the commentary duo and cutting to the back.

The Title or Personal? What Are They Fighting About!? – Part One

We’re in the interview area, where – YAY – ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund is proudly standing, microphone in hand. Geeze, Tony, you could have at least acknowledged that the poor chap is back for the first time since Jeff Jarrett broke a guitar over his head. How inconsiderate of me. The man standing next to Okerlund is a man of importance, I hear. It’s the man challenging ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner for the World Heavyweight Title, Booker T!

Gene Okerlund: Hello ladies and gentlemen, I sure hope you are enjoying Sin tonight like I am; I am ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund, proudly reporting for World Championship Wrestling once again. The man standing next to me needs no introduction; he is a 4-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion who has the chance to make it 5 when he meets ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner tonight for the World Heavyweight Title! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Booker T!

Booker T: Befo’ I even say nothin’ ‘bout mah match ta’night wit’ Scott Steina’, first jus’ lemme say, welcome back Mean Gene!

Gene Okerlund: Thank you, Booker! Before I ask you about your World Heavyweight Title match tonight against Scott Steiner, we need to talk about what happened at the very end of Nitro this past Wednesday night. You waited in the parking lot for Big Poppa Pump, and when he did, you two fought like warriors. Tell me, Book, what happened?

Booker T: It’s simple, Mean Gene. Me n’ Steina’ had a score ta’ settle; he destroyed mah car, he set me back over one-hundred g’s, baby! Maybe I was outta line ta’ retaliate by attackin’ Rick Steiner, but if ‘dat was tha’ message I had ta’ send ta’ Scott, then so be it! Scott Steina’ has no respect fo’ nothin’ but himself, n’ he pushed ‘da envelope too far too many times. Way I see it, Mean Gene, I stepped ova’ tha’ line befo’ he could!

Gene Okerlund: …And what happened at the end of your fight?

Booker T: I dunno how long we fought out ‘dere, dawg; it felt like fo’eva’. But what I do know, is ‘dat I ended up spendin’ a damn night in jail ‘cause of that fight! The cops showed up n’ arrested us on ‘da spot.

Booker scowls, pissed about that little incident from Nitro.

Gene Okerlund: Well whatever wasn’t settled then, you can settle tonight!

Booker simply nods his head.

Booker T: ‘Dat’s ‘da plan, Mean Gene. Ta’night, it ain’t just about givin’ Steina’ a good ass whoopin’, it’s about takin’ back what is still rightfully mine! I got mah Dubya-See-Dubya Worl’ Heavyweight Title stolen from me in ‘da War Games at Fall Brawl, n’ I still ain’t got a fair shake at the belt! Well ta’night, I’m a gonna get mine; I’m a gettin’, fo’ sho’!

Booker nods his head repeatedly, and then keeps on going.

Booker T: Now at this point, I’m a usually tell ‘da chump not ta’ hate tha’ playa, but hate ‘da game. Ta’night, it ain’t goin’ down like that! Ya’ see, Mean Gene, we all know I hate Scott Steina’. ‘Dat cracka can hate me all he wants, ‘cause no matta’ what… when it’s all said n’ done, I’m walkin’ outta Sin as a five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time, FIVE-TIME Dubya-See-Dubya, Worl’ Heavyweight Champion… now can you dig THAT, sucka!?

Booker gives the camera an intense look before strutting off, nodding his head and motivated for tonight.

We cut back to the ring, and instead of letting the Dynamic Duo flap their gums, “Filthy” hits for the third time (don’t they mean the fifth time?) as Konnan comes hopping out from the entrance chute, fired up for this match. Konnan, only rocking baggy pants that showcase his boxers… classy. K-Dawg practically skips down the ramp to the ring, yelling out in Spanish and trying to fire the cheering crowd up for his title match. As K-Dawg gets into the ring, “Rockhouse” hits again, bringing out the WCW North American Champion, ‘The Career Killer’ Mike Awesome to a chorus of jeers. Awesome doesn’t acknowledge the jeering crowd, instead just walking down the entrance ramp to the ring, sporting his black nWo trunks and the cut-sleeve nWo shirt. As Awesome gets into the ring, his eyes looking like he’s about to murder someone (because he probably is), he unstraps his Title Belt off of his waist, and hands it to referee Mickey Jay. Jay raises the Title into the air, Konnan eyeballing it as he licks his lips. The bell is finally rung, and the two men get ready to square off.

Match Four
Mike Awesome © vs. Konnan
WCW North American Championship

As one would expect, the match starts off with Mike Awesome showcasing his sheer power, shoving Konnan and knocking him down to the canvas multiple times. K-Dawg doesn’t seem to be a great learner, as he continues to try and lock up with Awesome and best him, but yet, The Career Killer sends the lard tumbling to the canvas time and time again. It’s actually Awesome who changes the game plan, instead laying into Konnan with stiff forearm strikes to the face, drilling the Mexican star.

The North American Champion is the star of this match – and rightfully so – as he works over K-Dawg for quite some time with his strikes, eventually forcing Konnan into the corner. What follows is a barrage of right hands, forearm strikes, kicks to the abdomen, and some of the stiffest and loudest knife edge chops known to man. Mickey Jay tries to break the beat down up, and while Awesome always obliges at the count of four, he goes back into the corner to further the beat down. Awesome finally does end the corner onslaught, but only by hoisting K-Dawg up to the top turnbuckle. With Konnan’s ass on the top and his feet on the second, Awesome steps onto the first turnbuckle, rams his head into Konnan’s side, and then flips him over… connecting with a brutal northern lights suplex! It’s looks killer, and Awesome surprisingly bridges it into a cover… ONE! TWO! TH- KICK OUT!

Mike Awesome continues his onslaught, although Konnan does eventually fight back. The Career Killer tries to finish Konnan off with the Awesome Bomb, but K-Dawg desperately fires off right hands to Awesome’s skull, capped with a bionic elbow. Awesome is forced to drop Konnan, and Konnan, actually kick on his feet for the first time in five years, lands on his feet and transitions into a swinging neck breaker! Both men stay down, and the crowd tries to get behind Konnan, hoping to rally him to his feet and keep his momentum.

The two men both get to their feet at about the same time, and Awesome immediately tries to use his stiff strikes to his advantage. The champ gets Konnan staggering, but in a last ditch effort by K-Dawg, he uses the ropes to get some momentum and leap off his feet at Awesome, tackling him down to the canvas with a leaping shoulder block! Konnan quickly mounts Awesome, and delivers a flurry of right hands, giving the Career Killer a taste of his own medicine for once. Mickey Jay starts a five count to get Konnan off of Awesome, to which Konnan immediately does as told, only to lay into Awesome with a flurry of kicks to his chest. Konnan’s moment of glory continues with he gets a near fall after a rotating power slam, but all goes to waste when Awesome uses his strength to block a vertical suplex attempt. After a lengthy, dramatic struggle of the two men trying to suplex the other, Awesome scores with a knee to the abdomen and slams Konnan down to the canvas with a vertical suplex.

The NA Champion hits a few impact slams, mainly a sidewalk slam and a German suplex. However, the tides quickly turn yet again when Awesome tries to go old school, climbing up to the top turnbuckle after the German. Awesome jumps off the top turnbuckle for a Frog Splash, but Konnan rolls out of the way, leaving Awesome to eat nothing but canvas. Konnan quickly recovers, and after some minor offense, lands a kick to the gut, and grabs Awesome by the head. K-Dawg, after yelling out some incoherent Spanish, pulls Awesome down for the K-Factor… but only Konnan goes down! Konnan slams down to his knees as planned, but the face buster to Awesome no-sells it! Konnan looks up, confused and surprised that Awesome was able to block the K-Factor. The confused look is wiped off his face though, as Awesome drills Konnan with a shining wizard! Konnan collapses to the canvas, presumably knocked out cold. However, that’s not enough for Awesome, who scoops Konnan back up to his feet, and finishes the lifeless challenger off with the Awesome Bomb! The cover is all but academic, and Jay easily can count: ONE! TWO! THREE!

Mike Awesome def. Konnan at 11:02 to retain the WCW North American Championship
Star Rating - ** ¼

Mickey Jay raises Mike Awesome’s arm in victory, while an nWo stagehand – because the New World Order would never let a WCW stagehand taint one of their titles – gives the referee the North American Title Belt. Awesome is handed back his title, and the Career Killer simply raises it into the air before slinging it back over his shoulder and exiting the ring, leaving Jay to check on the KO’ed Konnan.

Tony Schiavone: My goodness, Professor, Mike Awesome is a monster!

Mike Tenay: He’s called the Career Killer for a reason, fans; Mike Awesome is one of the toughest, hardest-hitting, lethal machines in all of professional wrestling. He’s wrestled with the best of the best in Japan, and he’s beaten the most extreme and vicious men known to professional wrestling. He truly is the secret weapon of the New World Order!

Tony Schiavone: …I think the secret is out!

Mike Tenay: Awesome’s talent is undeniable, and everyone is starting to realize just what he can, especially ever since he defeated Lance Storm last month at Starrcade to win that North American Title!

Tony Schiavone: Cal Anderson may be the Enforcer for the Four Horsemen, but I think it’s safe to say Mike Awesome is the enforcer of the New World Order!

Tony nods his head, proving just how omnipotent he is, while the show thankfully cuts to the back.

Do The Helen Keller…Don’t Listen

We’re back in the locker room of the Four Horsemen. Cal Anderson and Lance Storm are both stretching for their match later on in the evening, while Shawn Michaels is actually not even in the room. In the center stands ‘The Iceman’ Dean Malenko, Ric Flair and Arn Anderson each on a different side of him.

Arn Anderson: Ya’ ready for this one, Dean-O?

Dean just nods his head, cracking his knuckles and locking his wrists.

Ric Flair: I know you watched the monitor with us early, Dean. Jarrett said he’d fight you one-on-one tonight – no nWo by his side helping him or running in to cost you, no shenanigans – but I’m tellin’ you right now, don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

Again, Malenko simply nods.

Ric Flair: Jarrett… he’s just like me. He idolized me growing up, and he’s emulated me with his entire philosophy and style of wrestling. He is bred to be a dirty player, and he will try and be the dirtiest player in the game. Keep your eyes on him at all times, but watch your six. They will be comin’.

One more nod from Dean, and Arn clasps him around the shoulder.

Arn Anderson: Don’t ‘choo worry about a thing, Dean. If Jarrett’s boys come-a runnin’, ya’ got a stampede of Horsemen chargin’ down for back up. Now go make us proud, an’ win one for tha’ Horsemen!

Cal and Lance stop their stretching, clapping loudly and yelling out words of encouragement and what have you as Malenko cracks his neck from side to side before leaving the locker room, ready for his match.

Tony Schiavone: Those were some words of wisdom from Ric Flair and Arn Anderson, Professor.

Urgh. No shit.

Mike Tenay: Ric Flair and Arn Anderson are two Hall of Famer’s; they know all the styles of wrestling, and there is one method that Ric Flair knows better than anyone – the philosophy of cheat to win. Jeff Jarrett, like our President said, has emulated the Nature Boy in his style, and time and time again we have seen The Chosen One use any means necessary to come out on top!

Tony Schiavone: Dean Malenko knows all about isolating an opponent and working him over though, so let’s see just how Jarrett responds when he has to face one of the greatest technical wrestlers of our time!

Mike Tenay: I think we can expect a fired up Jeff Jarrett tonight, Tony. This is a match that The Chosen One has been wanting since December 26, 2001. It was Dean Malenko who returned to WCW after a two year hiatus, preventing Jeff Jarrett from using his guitar on Scott Steiner to retain the WCW World Heavyweight Championship!

Tony Schiavone: Dean Malenko evened the playing field, and when Jarrett was forced to wrestle one-on-one, he lost the World Title and Scott Steiner ended 2001 as Champion!

Mike Tenay: Lets not make any mistakes though, fans: Jeff Jarrett is a second-generation superstar and is still one of the best wrestlers in the entire world! He can go toe-to-toe with a grappler like Dean Malenko, but the question we’re about to find out, is can Jeff Jarrett wrestle a match against a quality opponent like Dean Malenko without cheating!?

“Rockhouse” hits yet again, bringing out the former WCW and nWo World Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett to a loud chorus of jeers. By his side is the lovely and always fit Stacy Keibler, who seems confident in a Jeff Jarrett victory here tonight. Jarrett marches down the ramp, sporting his black and white shades, nWo tee, black and white acoustic guitar, and silver and black biker trunks. Jarrett holds the middle rope down for Stacy, letting her do her sultry entrance into the ring. Jarrett goes next, entering the ring before doing his Flair-inspired strut across the ring. The taunting is cut off by “Horseman”, bringing out ‘The Iceman’ Dean Malenko to a chorus of cheers. Malenko doesn’t have the flare or accessories like Jarrett – just a Four Horsemen t-shirt and his traditional black trunks that feature a purple design on the front. Malenko doesn’t acknowledge the cheering fans or the kids trying to touch him with their hands, simply staring down Jarrett with cold, calculating eyes as he marches down the entrance ramp. Once in the ring, Malenko quickly takes his shirt off and starts circling the ring, ready for the action to begin. Referee Charles Robinson knows not to keep this one waiting, and rings the bell, letting the action begin.

Match Five
Dean Malenko vs. Jeff Jarrett (w/Stacy Keibler)
Singles Match

Jeff Jarrett, keen to show the world he can wrestle with a man as talented as Dean Malenko without breaking the rules, joins Malenko in circling the ring before they lunge in for the collar-and-elbow tie up. After jockeying for position, it is unsurprisingly Dean Malenko who finds an opening, wrapping Jarrett in a hammer lock. The Chosen One is able to counter, and the two men go hold for hold for quite some time until Malenko is able to spin out of a waist lock, lock Jarrett in a side headlock, and eventually spin back behind Jarrett and trip him up, causing The Chosen One to face plant on the canvas. The pop Malenko gets for it is thunderous, and even the Iceman himself can’t help but smirk at the embarrassment and humiliation on Jarrett’s face.

Jarrett uses that humiliation to stay with Malenko, lunging back in for another collar-and-elbow tie up. Yet again, Jarrett is able to stick with Malenko in the early goings, but he’s the Man of 1000 Holds, folks – he’s going to do Jarrett up. Malenko ends up taking Jarrett down to the ground and spins circles over The Chosen One, slapping his head as he spins around. Malenko is a serious wrestler, but he seems to know what he’s doing: he’s testing Jarrett, his resolve. How long can Jarrett go until he takes a short cut?

A third time Jarrett tries to chain wrestle with Malenko, but this time Jarrett’s lunge in is too wild, focused on power out of anger, and Malenko easily lowers himself, grabbing Jarrett under the kneecaps and dropping him to the canvas with a double leg takedown. Malenko keeps a hold of Jarrett’s knees and goes for the Texas Cloverleaf! Malenko flips Jarrett over onto his stomach, but Jarrett is able to squirm his legs free and scurry under the bottom rope to the outside of the ring. Jarrett takes deep breaths on the outside, trying to keep his composure seeing as Malenko has thoroughly humiliated and out-classed him so far.

As Robinson makes his count up towards ten, Jarrett finally returns to the ring at eight, Malenko staying in the ring the entire time – leaving the ring, going to Jarrett, just opens up the opportunity for a quick strike from Jarrett; Malenko’s not having that. After some more stalling, the two go for a fourth collar-and-elbow tie up, but Jarrett lands a kick to the gut as Malenko lunges in, breaking away from the chain wrestling. Jarrett goes to work on Malenko with strikes, wearing the Iceman down anyway he can.

The Chosen One’s momentum continues, as he is eventually able to work Malenko into a corner, allowing him to kick away at him before eventually emulating Four Horsemen legend Tully Blanchard by hitting Malenko with a slingshot suplex! Jarrett follows up with a cover, but Malenko kicks out before the three.

Knowing he has to keep Malenko at a vertical base, but not in any position to lunge in and lock him up, Jarrett continues to keep Malenko in the corner, working him over with a slow, methodical, old school style of offense. After working him over repeatedly in the corners, Jarrett tries to seal the deal, hoisting Malenko up to the top turnbuckle. Jarrett follows, and eventually tries to hit a Superplex. Jarrett locks Malenko up and goes for it all, but Malenko is able to keep his weight down, not budging. Both men fire off right hands at one another’s abdomen, trying to break the other’s will, but it is Dean Malenko who wins out, shoving Jarrett off the top turnbuckle, sending The Chosen One crashing backwards to the canvas. Malenko almost stumbles off the top turnbuckle himself, but is able to keep his footing and follow up by leaping off the top turnbuckle… and connecting with an elbow drop to Jarrett! Malenko recuperates and covers… ONE! TWO! THRE- KICK OUT!

After the two men recuperate, The Iceman takes the advantage back, softening Jarrett’s back up for the Texas Cloverleaf. Malenko is ruthless in his attack, mixing up quick stretches of the back like a surfboard stretch, working the spine with snap suplexes, or just connecting with stiff kicks and stomps to Jarrett’s lower spine that leave an echo throughout the Pyramid. Malenko almost scores the quick victory actually when he hits Jarrett with a back breaker, but c’mon, The Chosen One will kick out of that. Malenko keeps softening Jarrett up with his calculating attack, but Malenko goes one move to far eventually. Knowing the move that will definitely set Jarrett up for the Cloverleaf, Malenko positions Jarrett between his legs and hooks both of his arms, trying to go old school and hit his double underhook power bomb. Malenko isn’t strong enough to power bomb Jarrett though, and The Chosen One keeps his center of gravity, staying on his feet before eventually sending Malenko over him with a back body drop. Malenko is quickly back on his feet and charges Jarrett, trying to knock him back down, but Jarrett reverses a Malenko lariat into a picture-perfect STO!

Both men are down until the count of eight registered by Charles Robinson and once both men are back on their feet, it is The Chosen One who surprisingly comes away from a tussle with the upper hand; the two lock up for another collar-and-elbow, and Jarrett is able to endure Malenko’s holds long enough to slip in a waist lock and quickly score with a belly-to-back suplex. Finally having the advantage once again, Jarrett goes the same way Malenko did earlier – work over a body part in a methodical manner to set up a submission. For the former World Heavyweight Champion, it’s not the back, but the knee, he works over. First working over Malenko with simple stiff kicks to the back of the kneecap before connecting a knee breaker, Jarrett eventually uses the method of old to work over Malenko’s knee. Placing his right ankle on the middle rope, Jarrett stands on the bottom rope, springing up and down to gather momentum before jumping off, slamming all of his weight down onto Malenko’s knee. With each thrust of Jarrett’s weight onto his knee, Malenko yells out in agony, but Jarrett – like Malenko – is ruthless in his attack. Multiple times Jarrett does this to Malenko, working that knee over good.

Jarrett’s isolation on Malenko’s knee is extensive, knowing he needs to make sure Malenko is thoroughly worked over before applying the Figure Four Leg Lock. After a couple more hard kicks and knee breakers, Jarrett crushes Malenko with a chop block, hitting Malenko low with such force that the Iceman drops right on his neck. That has to be the sickest chop block in the history of wrestling – not because that was just so epic, but really, how vicious are chop blocks usually? With Malenko down and out, The Chosen One finally decides it is time… Figure Four time. Jarrett takes his time wrapping Malenko’s legs before falling back, and The Chosen One locks it in! Figure Four Leg Lock! Malenko immediately starts yelling in pain and flailing his arms and torso, trying to escape the maneuver. The Iceman fights for quite some time, Jarrett continuously pulling back on Malenko’s leg more and more, adding torque at every possible moment he can. After minutes of struggle, Malenko finally plops down onto his back, his energy drained. Robinson immediately counts him down: ONE! TWO! THREE- SHOULDER UP!

This process is repeated several more times, Jarrett continuing to put pressure and pain on Malenko’s knee, The Iceman attempting to fight out before eventually failing and collapsing. Malenko gets a shoulder up time and time again, and after over three minutes in the hold and the story of struggle, with the crowd fully behind him, Malenko finds a way, mustering all of his energy, to turn the Figure Four, reversing all the pressure and pain, sending it back Jarrett’s way. The Chosen One is left to howl in agony, but is able to squirm out of the hold easily, crawling to the edge of the ring and hugging the bottom rope, getting away from Malenko.

Noticing Malenko struggling to hobble back up to his feet, Jarrett lets go of the bottom rope and hops back up to his feet, making a beeline for Malenko. The Iceman sees it coming though, telegraphing Jarrett’s charge by sidestepping him, grabbing the back of his head and sending him flying into the corner turnbuckles! Jarrett staggers back, and Malenko rolls him up with a school boy! ONE! TWO! THREE!

No, kick out! Jarrett kicks out at the last possible moment, saving the match. Jarrett is back to his feet first, but Malenko hobbles back up in due time. The two men are seemingly progressing backwards, and Jarrett tries to prevent that, looking for a high-impact slam. Jarrett lands a boot to the gut and looks for a vertical suplex, but Malenko blocks it and counters with a suplex attempt of his own. Jarrett blocks that in return, and the two go through a series of trying to land a slam or suplex, but the opponent continuously blocks the move and tries a move of their own, continuing the cycle. Malenko eventually blocks a German suplex attempt, and after a wobbling spin out, tries to score with a Russian leg sweep. Jarrett refuses to budge, and buys a moment of time by stomping on Malenko’s left foot. Jarrett is able to spin around Malenko from right-to-left, and quickly grabs a hold of him for The Stroke! Jarrett swings backwards before trying to drive Malenko face first to the canvas, but Malenko reverses mid-move, breaking free from Jarrett’s clutches and using his left hand to take Jarrett to the canvas with a snap mare take over! The Chosen One quickly snaps back to his feet, but Malenko shoots low; The Iceman tackles Jarrett to the canvas with a double leg takedown… and locks him in the Texas Cloverleaf!

The crowd is alive with cheers as Malenko digs down and locks in his Cloverleaf, applying torque to Jarrett’s lower back and legs. Malenko pulls back as far as his legs – and mainly knee – will allow him, internally hoping and begging for Jarrett to submit. Jarrett screams in agony, pulling at his hair and clawing at the canvas and his face. In a slow, dramatic struggle, Jarrett crawls toward the ring ropes; Jarrett is in the center of the ring at the start, so his quest is not an easy one, but somehow, someway, Jarrett completes his journey, grabbing a hold of the bottom rope to break the submission! Malenko, exhausted and in disbelief, grudgingly let loose his submission. The Iceman takes several deep breaths before limping over to Jarrett, trying not to let him have any time to recuperate from the Cloverleaf. Malenko bends over Jarrett to pull him up to his feet, and Jarrett lands a quick jab to Malenko’s groin! Jarrett finally snapped and broke the rules! Malenko drops like a ton of bricks, but Charles Robinson’s line of sight was blocked and couldn’t see where Jarrett punched Malenko. Ever the opportunist, Jarrett quickly makes a cover on Malenko, trying to get the victory: ONE! TWO! THRE- SHOULDER UP!

The crowd breaks out into loud cheers at the kick out; they’re pissed Jarrett broke the rules (finally), so they didn’t want to see him pick up the tainted victory (again). Vintage Jeff Jarrett comes out after the kick out as he immediately snaps and starts screaming at Robinson. Apparently, Robinson cheated Jarrett with a slow count. The referee tells Jarrett how it is, but The Chosen One still isn’t buying it. However, Jarrett’s bickering with Robinson allows Malenko to recuperate from the cheap shot, and by the time Jarrett turns around, Malenko’s already staggering back up to his feet.

The Chosen One heads back over to Malenko, and keeps the pace slow, working him over with right hands. Jarrett softens Malenko up lightly before whipping him into the ropes; off the rebound Malenko comes charging back at Jarrett, but it’s The Man of 1000 Holds, not The Chosen One, who strikes, surprising Jarrett with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors! The crowd responds with cheers, and Malenko does his best to get right back up to his feet. However, it takes him some time, eventually using the ropes to do so. By the time Malenko’s fully up to his feet, Jarrett’s almost there too. The Chosen One immediately charges at Malenko once on his feet, but yet again, Malenko finds the opening and shoots low with another double leg takedown. Malenko keeps a hold of Jarrett’s legs, and tries to lock in the Texas Cloverleaf! Jarrett tries to fight it, while on the outside, Stacy Keibler climbs up onto the apron!

Knowing that if Jarrett is locked in the Cloverleaf one more time he’s finished, Stacy fulfills her role, getting onto the apron to distract Robinson. Like a twelve year old boy whose never seen a pair of tits, Robinson flocks towards the leggy Keibler, and The Chosen One, still battling Malenko to prevent the submission, takes full advantage. Keeling over Jarrett to try and turn him, Malenko sets himself up for a thumb to the eye from Jarrett! Momentarily blinded, Malenko is forced to break the hold, staggering away from Jarrett as he holds his eye and tries to get his vision back to normal. The Chosen One is able to crawl back up to his feet, and as Malenko staggers back to face him, Jarrett soccer-style punts Malenko right in the groin! The Iceman keels over, and Jarrett gets behind Malenko, grabs his arm… and hits THE STROKE! Jarrett breaks all the rules, but the damage is done! Seeing this, Keibler blows Robinson a kiss and drops down off the apron. Robinson turns on his heel and spots the cover, and dives into position to make the count… ONE! TWO! THREE! Jeff Jarrett proves he always will be a cheater, and steals the victory!

Jeff Jarrett def. Dean Malenko at 21:14
Star Rating - *** ¼

Jarrett immediately rolls out of the ring after the three count, not even waiting for Charles Robinson to raise his hand as victor. Stacy meets Jeff at the bottom of the entrance ramp, and Jarrett wraps his arm around Keibler, using her as a crutch to stagger up the entrance ramp, Jarrett using his free hand to clutch his back in pain. Malenko finally comes to his senses, and hearing “Rockhouse” in the background, knows he has been robbed by The Chosen One in true New World Order fashion. Malenko glares at Jarrett and shakes his head in disgust as Jarrett stumbles to the back, not even looking over his shoulder at Malenko. Jeff Jarrett fought a war tonight; he wanted to win clean, and he couldn’t do it – he had to cheat to win, but at the end of the day, he escaped war with a victory.

Tony Schiavone: That’s the kind of match that just leaves a poor taste in my mouth!

Mike Tenay: Jeff Jarrett came into this match preaching that he could defeat Dean Malenko in a fair fight. Well ladies and gentlemen, we were just proved that Jeff Jarrett couldn’t do it! Dean Malenko was too much, and Jeff Jarrett had to resort to his usual tricks – cheating!

Tony Schiavone: It’s just like it’s always been: WCW has been robbed of a deserved victory by the New World Order!

Mike Tenay: Both men fought an excellent match here tonight at Sin, however, a real throwback to the glory days of the National Wrestling Alliance! They went through a war here tonight, and Dean Malenko… you just have to feel for him tonight. For twenty minutes he went through hell, fought through that Figure Four Leg Lock, came back and had the victory in his grasp… only for Jeff Jarrett to steal it from his clutches!

Tony Schiavone: If only Dean Malenko could have defeated Jeff Jarrett tonight… it would have thrown a wrench into the nWo’s momentum! But now, they’re on a roll!

Mike Tenay: The nWo thrives off of each other’s energy, and they are now three-for-three tonight; it’s not going to be easy for Cal Anderson, Lance Storm, and ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels to defeat the nWo originals later on tonight!

Tony Schiavone: Let’s just hope that Cal and Lance can persevere, and Shawn Michaels can once again prove why they call him, The Main Event! Otherwise, if the New World Order wins tonight and makes it a sweep, I shudder to think of the momentum it gives them in this war and the consequences it will bring!

Mike Tenay: We’re going to find out if the Four Horsemen can survive and knock the nWo train off the tracks later on in our main event, but up next, we have ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner defending the WCW World Heavyweight Championship against Booker T! However, right now, the Champ is standing backstage with Gene Okerlund! Let’s find out what Steiner has to say, just minutes before this huge title match!

The Title or Personal? What Are They Fighting About!? – Part Two

Back at the interview area, ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund stands next to ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner, looking a little intimidated. With Midajah by his side, the World Heavyweight Champion is in full fear tonight – shades, a newly-dyed soul patch, medieval chain plate, and Big Gold Belt. After a gulp, Okerlund starts the interview.

Gene Okerlund: I hope you’ve been enjoying Sin everyone. This is ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund again, and standing next to me is the man who will defend his WCW World Heavyweight Championship against Booker T, the Big Bad Booty Daddy, ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner!

Steiner simply glares at Okerlund after the introduction, and rips the microphone out of Oak’s hands – the standard Steiner interview.

Scott Steiner: Okerlund, you little turd, if you wanna stay in this company an’ not get a broken frickin’ neck, you better get the hell outta my face!

Okerlund cowers away like a good little pussy.

Scott Steiner: Yeah, that’s right, chump. I’ll break you’re freakin’ neck an’ do you up worse than that piss ant Jarrett did!

Okerlund cowers away even more. Steiner flexes his pectoral muscles and shifts his belt up his chest.

Scott Steiner: I’ll take over the interview duties from here; you were gonna ask me about Booker T and the ass kickin’ I’m about ta’ give him. So lemme break it down for ya’, Mean Gene, Booker T ain’t nothin’ but stereotypical ghetto trash an’ a punk ass bitch! He cares more about his stupid car – his twenty-inch rims and chrome, fancy hood ornaments and tails, all that damn ridiculous crap – than his own family!

Steiner pauses to push his sunglasses up his nose.

Scott Steiner: Now I ain’t gonna preach about bein’ some liberal altruistic pussy, ‘cause that’s just not how Freakzilla rolls; I’m materialistic – I love this World Heavyweight Title more than anythin’ – but I still care about my brother! Rick Steiner, yeah, we’ve been through a lot, but if someone messes with him, they’re messin’ with me! If I went an’ did Stevie Ray up, Booker T wouldn’t give a damn that I just wrecked his brother!

Mean Gene clearly disagrees with this radical and probably ignorant statement, but all it takes is Steiner to remove his sunglasses and glare at Okerlund for the fossil to back down.

Scott Steiner: Were you gonna call me out, Mean Gene? …Yeah, I didn’t think so. If me kickin’ Booker’s brother’s ass didn’t stop him from winnin’ back my WCW World Heavyweight Title, he wouldn’t care! That’s just the kind of person Booker T is!

Steiner pauses, giving his glasses to Midajah. She slips them onto her shirt, right in the cleavage. Precious.

Scott Steiner: I know that Rick’s gonna be just fine, but still, what Booker did to mah brother… it gave the Big Bad Booty Daddy a little extra motivation for tonight! There’s no way in hell I’m gonna let some chump take my World Heavyweight Title, but Book takin’ out my brother, it lit a fire under my ass! I’m not just gonna win tonight, I’m gonna kick Booker T’s ass, and I’m gonna tear him limb from limb! I know ya’ can hear that, but what I wanna know, chump, is can you did it?

Steiner glares into the camera, mixing that natural intensity he has with his arrogance before walking off towards the ring.

Tony Schiavone: This match is coming up next, and boy is this going to get nasty!

Mike Tenay: Booker T and Scott Steiner have so much in common, but the one thing they share the most is their hatred for one another! Legendary tag teams, break out singles superstars, World Heavyweight Champions, the best talents in the world – they all have that, but nothing can compare to that mutual hatred. They fought for over thirty minutes on Wednesday, they fought until they were arrested! There are battles and issues that these two still need to be worked out between the two of them, and they’re going to settle them… right now!

Right on cue, “Don’t Hate The Playa, Hate The Game” hits, sending the crowd into an incredibly loud chorus of cheers, bringing out the challenger for tonight’s match, Booker T. Sporting red trunks, boots, and knee pads, Booker hops out of the entrance chute before throwing up his taunt on the stage, the pyro going off behind him. Booker marches down the ramp to the ring, looking determined not to wrestle tonight, but to fight. Booker gets into the ring and cracks his neck from side to side, bouncing on his toes. “Holla If Ya Hear Me” hits next, bringing out the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner (and the crack whore) to the loudest ovation of the night, although his reaction, as per usual, is entirely mixed with both cheers and jeers. Steiner, unlike Booker, is calm and poised as he walks down the ring, the glasses covering his eyes (when did they get back on?), but we all know he’s staring down Booker, who likewise does the same. Steiner eventually gets into the ring, and turns his back on Booker to take off his shades and chain plate. Bad move on Steiner’s part, and Booker blindsides him! Booker shoves Steiner into the corner turnbuckles and starts laying into him – this match is on!

Match Six
Scott Steiner © (w/Midajah) vs. Booker T
WCW World Heavyweight Championship

With a lot of unsolved conflict between the two, we knew a nasty brawl was coming, and Booker was supplying before the match officially began. With Steiner’s chest up against the turnbuckles, Booker rips into Big Poppa Pump with haymakers, rights and lefts to the back of Steiner’s head along with multiple kidney shots. Never do you see Scott Steiner manhandled in the way Booker is doing so right now, just punching the ever loving shit out of him. Nick Patrick eventually tries to break it up, but fails to do so. A loud count gets Booker to back off at four, but the challenger goes right back and punches the Champ some more. Another count forces Booker to back off, and Patrick steps in between the two, making sure Booker actually stays off of the Champ. Booker still goes back over a few moments later, but Steiner is revived, grabbing Booker and tossing him into the corner! Booker desperately tries to cover up, but it’s Freakzilla’s turn to level Booker T with haymakers, alternating between big blows to the head and upper cuts to the abdomen.

Big Poppa Pump’s blows are even more effective than Booker’s, and the Booker Man eventually collapses in the corner, landing on his ass. Steiner isn’t bending down to punch Book some more, so heavy stomps to the face and chest suffice for the roided man. Persistent to uphold the rules, Patrick continues to throw in five counts to get Steiner off of Booker, and after a third count, Steiner turns to snap at him. With Patrick and Steiner gabbing for a few seconds, it gives Booker just enough time to roll under the bottom rope and find a safe haven in the outside of the ring.

Scott Steiner pursues, joining him on the outside of the ring. However, Booker blocks a Steiner right hands and goes back to work on the big man. Booker is able to wear down Steiner with his strikes, and eventually sends Steiner shoulder first into the ring steps! The onslaught continues with heavy stomps to Steiner, but Booker has to momentarily break from the action to roll back into the ring and back out, restarting Patrick’s count so he can continue to beat down on Steiner. Booker indeed continues to do so, just pounding away, time and time again at Steiner, before eventually sending the Big Bad Booty Daddy crashing back first into the security guardrail, snapping that section back several feet. After taking some time to pump up the crowd, Booker charges at Steiner, trying to clothesline him over the guardrail, but Steiner strikes first, slinging himself off the guardrail and crushing Booker with a vicious lariat!

After recuperating and breaking Patrick’s ten count, Steiner is able to go back to the outside and try and work over Booker a little bit more. Like all of the offense in the match so far, Steiner just clubs Booker with huge haymakers, stiffing Booker quite a few times with the crowd only a foot away from them. The work rate really is lackluster, but the crowd is eating this up. Steiner caps off his onslaught by whipping Booker face first into the ring post, and then taking it one step further; Steiner pulls Book up to his feet, grabs him by the back of his head, and rams his face right back into the ring post! The challenger collapses, and when Steiner pulls him back to his feet to roll him back into the ring, Booker is bleeding from the forehead.

The action finally stays in the ring, if only momentarily so Steiner can pin Booker. However, the challenger easily makes the kick out before three, despite bleeding. Transitioning into a more traditional wrestling match for a while, Steiner works over Booker in the ring, using some of his actual wrestling moves to go along with the clubberin’ blows he predominantly uses on Booker. Steiner scores near falls with a Steinerline, Samoan drop, and rotating power slam, but Booker T wants this WCW World Heavyweight Title too much to lose, and kicks out with each attempt.

With each kick out from Booker, the more aggravated Steiner gets with both Booker T and Nick Patrick, our official for the match. While Patrick only gets verbal tirades and taunts, Booker T is on the receiving end of more and more punches and strikes than slams and suplexes. The match breaks down to a brawl once again as Steiner mounts the fallen Booker T and drills him in his open wound with closed-fisted right hands, coming close to drawing a disqualification for himself when he just barely gets off of Book before the count of five.

As Booker T continues to lose more blood, it seems that he will eventually succumb to defeat, but the Booka’ Man digs down deep, and is able to fight his way back into the match. Wrapped in between Steiner’s torso and natural-enhanced-arms-by-extensive-weight-training, Booker is able to prevent himself from being flung through the air in an overhead belly-to-belly suplex by repeatedly head butting Steiner! Steiner’s face gets coated with Booker’s blood, and the stinging head strikes break Steiner’s grasp around him. After staggering about the ring, Steiner tries to charge Booker and decapitate him with a Steinerline, but Book ducks around Steiner’s right arm and catches him by the chest with his own arm, and Booker connects with The Book End! The crowd cheers as both men crash to the canvas, and after several extended, dramatic moments of nothingness, Booker drapes an arm over Steiner, pinning him. Patrick dives into position: ONE! TWO! THRE- SHOULDER UP!

Both men take their time getting back up to their feet, and Nick Patrick starts a ten count in case neither man can actually get back up to their feet. However, the two men get up to their feet by nine, and once their ready to go, it’s – you guessed it – a brawl. What starts out a slow, tenuous brawl, turns into a heated affair with wild haymakers being thrown everywhere by the two rivals. The crowd quickly gains interest in their brawl, loving the change of pace this match represents to the other matches they have seen tonight. The wild brawl once again spills to the outside when Booker ducks a right hand from Steiner, and ends up clotheslining the World Heavyweight Champion up and over the top rope to the outside!

There’s no way Booker will let Steiner recuperate and return to the ring; he’s going to take the fight to Steiner. Booker does just that, exiting the ring and quickly delivering a snap kick to Steiner’s ribs, knocking him down onto his stomach from his hands & knees. Booker continues his attack on the Champ with big right hands, but the Champ fights back with a big spot by catching a charging Booker T and flipping him through the air with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex! Booker crashes to the mats, giving Steiner some time to recuperate from the beating he has received at the hands of his enemy. After getting his energy back, Steiner uses clubberin’ blows to wear down Booker, focusing mainly on the gash that has blood flowing from his forehead. Steiner eventually changes it up just a tad, ramming Booker spine first into the ring post, causing the challenger to yell out in pain. Instead of staying on him, Big Poppa Pump backs off of Booker, playing to the crowd members right next to him. First getting them behind him, Steiner then snaps at them, drawing cheers and then jeers from the crowd as only he can. Steiner waits for Booker to stagger off the pole, and then charges him right away. Booker dodges the Steinerline and gets a hold of the back of Steiner’s head, helping send him face first into the steel ring post! Steiner goes down hard, and he’s busted open!

The crowd loves seeing the both men bleed, especially with the two being so close to them. However, a portion of the audiences gets an even closer looks as just moments after pulling Steiner up to his feet, Booker T grabs a hold of the Champ and sends him flipping over the guardrail and into the front row of the crowd! Booker walks over to the guardrail and prepares to hop over, but is stopped… by Nick Patrick? The referee advises Booker T to take it back to the ring, as Patrick is sick of the two just beating the shit out of each other outside of the ring and not actually wrestling like gentlemen would. Booker ignores Patrick’s request, and hops the rail, joining Steiner in the crowd. The two men continue their fight with wild punches, the crowd being forced to separate by security, despite their attempts to slap Booker and Steiner on the back (and maybe elsewhere, who knows with some of these freaks). Patrick joins the two men in the crowd, chirping their ear about getting back into the ring all the while. However, neither man listens, as the two just throw each other around the audience and exchange right hands, each man hitting any open spot their opponent leaves available, although both try to target the bleeding wound the other has.

Brawling through the crowd is fun, but it can only last so long. The stalemate that is their fight gets back into the legitimate ringside area when – back by the guardrail – Steiner rams a knee into Booker’s abdomen and makeshift-hip tosses him over the guardrail and back onto the padded mats. Steiner climbs over the guardrail and joins Booker at ringside, while Nick Patrick brings up the rear. Patrick rolls back into the ring after giving the two men one last demand to return to the ring. Big Poppa Pump seemingly has a hearing problem though, as he drags Booker T not to the ring, but towards the entrance ramp. Booker is able to fight back though with, of course, a big right hand, and the two men once again engage in a furious brawl, trading blows as Steiner backs up the entrance ramp, Booker stepping forward. All the while, Nick Patrick is slowing counting them at, now at six. Booker and Steiner are oblivious though, and keep brawling eventually reaching the entrance stage as Patrick reaches eight. Big Poppa Pump grabs Booker by the head and rams him face first into the steel support next to the entrance chute at the count of nine, but Booker no sells the shot and sends Steiner staggering backwards with a wicked uppercut to his right jaw. Nick Patrick takes about three seconds before delivering the final count, looking around the ring and locking eyes with Midajah, and then back at the entrance stage where Steiner and Booker are still fighting… ten. Booker T and Scott Steiner have both been counted out!

Booker T nc. Scott Steiner at 12:31 via double count out; Scott Steiner retains the WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Star Rating - ***

The bell rings to signal the match’s end, but the two competitors are still oblivious to what is going on back at the ring. They’re so engaged in their fight, nothing else matters to them except for kicking the crap out of their heated rival. Booker and Steiner continue to fight on the entrance stage, each man teetering closer and closer to the edge of the entrance stage as they do. Nick Patrick realizes that if the two men keep fighting, they’ll fall off the left side of the stage and plummet at least ten feet to the concrete below, and orders the bell to be rung again. Neither man either hears or listens to the bell, still exchanging shots. As the two reach the edge of the stage, Doug Dillinger and his mass of security guards sprint out from the entrance chute, encircling and stepping between Booker T and Steiner, breaking up their fight and making sure neither man falls off the ledge. Despite security there doing their job, Booker and Steiner still are trying to get through to each other and continue to their fight. The crowd boos as they’re separated, wanting to see more blood and the two just rip one another apart. However, it’s not to be; half of security is able to drag Booker through the entrance chute and to the back, while Scott Steiner is forced to walk down the entrance ramp and back to the ring so he can pick up his World Heavyweight Championship Belt, and reunited with Midajah.

Tony Schiavone: That was one of the ugliest and nastiest World Heavyweight Title matches I have ever seen!

Mike Tenay: That was one of the ugliest and nastiest brawls I have ever seen, period.

Tony Schiavone: Booker T and Scott Steiner just fought each other with reckless abandon!

Mike Tenay: This is a rivalry that is far from settled, fans. Booker T and Scott Steiner, I don’t think they came here tonight to wrestle and find out who was best; they came to just beat each other up!

Tony Schiavone: And they did just that!

Mike Tenay: I know these two men both care about the World Heavyweight Championship a great deal – and as well they should – but there are things that are above and beyond the title. This rivalry, this blood feud, is one of them. The hatred that these two men have for one another, it takes precedence over the Heavyweight Title.

Tony Schiavone: They will find out who the better wrestler is some day, and one of those men will eventually walk away with the biggest prize of them all, the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, but first, they just needed to fight! They had to rough one another up!

The show cuts away from commentary, to the back.

Just Added For Filler

Title says it all, folks. I added it for pure filler.

We have a split screen: one the left, the New World Order originals; on the right, the three members of the Four Horsemen. ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan, ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash, and ‘The Bad Guy’ Scott Hall are walking down once corridor, looking smug and confident for this upcoming main event match. The nWo is 3-0 tonight, and all signs and history point to the nWo making it 4-0 (and no, not because of Hogan and Nash’s political stroke, mind you). On the right side, ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels is a step ahead of ‘The Enforcer’ Cal Anderson and Lance Storm, each of the three looking deadly serious and motivated for this match. This match has to mean more to the Four Horsemen than it does the New World Order – the nWo is fighting for supremacy, but the Horsemen, they are fighting for survival.

As the two sides approach their final destination, the segments cuts away, being replaced by a video.

3 Days Until We’re Saved

A series of blue digits scroll across the screen in rapid succession, flying in and moving out from every angle and direction. Despite their seemingly lack of order, they all come together and form into the figure of a bottle, a champagne bottle. The bottle explodes and the numbers disappear off the screen, being replaced by that shadowy figure we’ve saw for weeks hit a STO on some other figure. The video cuts to the man standing – his back turned to the camera, arms extended out at the perpendicular angle we’re used to. Both hands hold bottles, but this time, the figure starts to turn! Just as the man’s face is about to be visible, his figure turns into the blue digits and reform into the champagne bottle. The bottle explodes once again, and the digits form the words: He’s Better Than Everyone, and He’s Coming to Save You… 3 Days.

As the video ends and fades to black, we cut back to the commentary duo.

Tony Schiavone: …This is it, folks, the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

Mike Tenay: No match is more important tonight than this one right here: the Four Horsemen versus the New World Order!

Tony Schiavone: So much momentum hangs in the balance!

Mike Tenay: Coming into tonight, Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen had the momentum. Ric Flair ended 2001 by returning from retirement to kick Eric Bischoff out of power and assume his role as WCW President, and booked a match that resulted in Jeff Jarrett finally losing the WCW World Heavyweight Championship! 2002 started with the announcement of the Four Horsemen, and two and a half weeks ago, when the New World Order thought they trumped the Four Horsemen by announcing ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels as their newest nWo member, but surprise for them, Shawn Michaels swerved us all and revealed himself to be the Fourth Horseman!

Tony Schiavone: That night, seeing Shawn Michaels in a World Championship Wrestling ring, seeing him healthy and his life turned around – having defeated his demons – and standing by the side of his childhood idol, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair, as a Four Horsemen, was the greatest moment in all of my years of calling professional wrestling.

Oh Tony, if only I could believe you.

Mike Tenay: Shawn Michaels is a man who has had many personal demons in his life, both private and public, but when he went down with what we thought was a career-ending back injury in 1998, Shawn was able to sort out his life, marry former Nitro Girl Whisper, and have a son. He has turned his life around, and now, here he is in WCW, leading the Four Horsemen!

Tony Schiavone: …And Cal Anderson, Lance Storm, and him are looking to pick up the huge victory here tonight!

Mike Tenay: However, they are going up against three of the greatest superstars in the history of wrestling, and while Shawn Michaels was able to overcome the odds and defeat Kevin Nash eleven days ago, his body and durability is still in question and doubt.

Tony Schiavone: Well we’re about to find out if the Heartbreak Kid still has it in him, right here, right now!

Right on cue (hey, Tony got something right for a change~!)…

New NewNew
New New

The crowd explodes into predominantly boos (but it’s the nWo, so there’s gotta be some cheers, especially for these three) as ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan, ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash, and ‘The Bad Guy’ Scott Hall strut out from the back, the screen tinting dark. The three men glide down the entrance ramp, Hogan in his mass of accessories. Hall goes through his usual shtick, jawing with the fans before tossing a toothpick at a prepubescent teen. Once the three get in the ring, “Horsemen” hits, bringing out ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels, ‘The Enforcer’ Cal Anderson, and Lance Storm to some damn loud cheers. Michaels is out in the lead, while Anderson and Storm take a step behind him, allowing Michaels to take center stage. Michaels does his signature flex on the entrance stage before the three men march down the ramp and head to the ring. Once they get into the ring, the Horsemen and nWo teams both strip down their accessories, and prepare for this main event match up. After a dramatic pause, both Shawn Michaels and Scott Hall standing in the ring ready to duel, Randy ‘Pee-Wee’ Anderson calls for the bell, starting the main event.

Main Event
Four Horsemen vs. New World Order
Six-Man Tag Team Match

The electric feel in the Pyramid as Michaels and Hall, two longtime friends and Kliq running buddies, stare each other down, the two wiggling their fingers in anticipation of the lock up. When it finally happens, well, it’s a little anti-climatic… because it’s just a collar-and-elbow tie up after all. The two men go through some simple hold for hold exchanges, and Hall eventually is able to use his fatty body muscles to shove HBK down to the ground. Michaels is surprisingly down for several seconds – showing no life at all – from a simple shove down, but then kips right back, earning a roar of cheers from the crowd.

The Bad Guy tries to take it to the Heartbreak Kid with right hands, but Shawn Michaels won’t be stopped this early, ducking under Hall and firing off a series of jabs, gaining the upper hand. Michaels eventually whips Hall off the ropes and connects with a big leaping forearm to the Lone Wolf, continuing to look strong. Hall scurries to his corner and tags in his best friend, Kevin Nash, while Lance Storm gets a tag from HBK after pleading to have a crack at the big man.

The opening minutes of the match focus not on work rate, but on dramatic struggles and crowd interaction. Kevin Nash uses his size to overpower Storm on numerous occasions, shoving him down to the canvas repeatedly, while firing the crowd up with snide comments and taunts all the while. After a constant beat down from Nash, Storm fights back though, lighting Nash up with stiff knife edge chops and kicks to the back of Nash’s knee caps and calves, forcing a tag to ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan.

‘The Enforcer’ Cal Anderson gets to make his debut in the match as well, pitting the two strongest men on the opposing sides against each other. Seeing as Hogan is in the ring, there is almost a minute of Hogan stalling and working the crowd, really getting them against him (and thus behind Cal Anderson) before the two finally lock up. The two have a lengthy struggle for position, and the crowd absolutely screams in delight when Hulk Hogan is sent tumbling to the canvas by the young Cal Anderson. The usually stoic Anderson can’t help but smirk to himself as Hogan, sitting on the canvas, shakes his head in disbelief out being over powered by the “second generation” superstar.

While every initial battle ends with the Four Horsemen riding high, the tables have to turn eventually. Lance Storm and Scott Hall end up in the ring moments later, and much like before, Storm is the one gaining the momentum throughout the battle. With his stiff strikes, Storm is too quick and lethal for the aging Hall; Storm gets the crowd behind him further more when, after having his whip reversed by the Bad Guy, runs right at Hall, leaps onto his shoulders, and connects with a swinging hurricanrana! While it seems the Horsemen momentum will last forever, Storm makes a huge error by running off the ropes in the vicinity of Kevin Nash, and Big Sexy takes a couple steps and gets his foot out, kicking Storm in the spine. The quick cheap shot causes Storm to stagger into the center of the ring, and allow Hall to hit his modified chokeslam!

Our dearly beloved New World Order takes over from here, heavily slowing the pace of the match down as Hollywood Hogan and The Outsiders wear Storm down with big right hands, slow, methodical attacks in the corner, double teams, and ever mighty and powerful scoop slam. Shawn Michaels and Cal Anderson try their best to keep Lance motivated from the corner, stomping their feet, clapping their hands, and cheering him on, and while Storm is always showing signs of fighting back, he can never get that key move in that will allow him make the hot tag.

It seems that Storm will be able to make the hot tag after minutes of a beat down when he breaks free of an attempted fall away slam from Scott Hall, but quick thinking by Hulk Hogan saves the day. Hogan is able to yell out and grab Randy Anderson’s attention, giving Hall a moment of anomie. As Storm tries to hurry over to his corner, Hall throws himself around Storm’s ankles, stopping him in his tracks. The Canadian tries to drag Hall over to his corner, Michaels practically diving over the top rope with his arm stretched to be tagged in. However, Hall’s weight is too much for Storm, and he has to stop and tried and get Hall off of him. As Storm tries to turn himself around, Hall strikes quick like a snake, upper cutting Storm in the groin with his forearm!

Randy Anderson, free from his Hogan-filled distraction, turns around to see Shawn Michaels exploding into the ring, infuriated by Hall’s cowardly and cheap deed. Hall flinches and cowers away as HBK charges at him, and The Showstopper drops the Bad Guy with a thunderous clothesline! Randy Anderson is in between the two men moments later, and forces HBK back into his corner. However, doing so leaves his back to the nWo originals, and both Nash and Hogan enter the ring. Nash drags Hall back to their corner, while Hogan claps his hands together loudly – simulating a tag – and proceeds to kick Storm back down to the canvas with stomps.

The New World Order is back in charge, the crowd somehow even more against them now than before. These three veterans know they cannot keep up with the likes of the Four Horsemen in terms of wrestling ability, but Hogan, The Outsiders, they can work this crowd like no other. All throughout their isolation period on Lance Storm, they are able to continually taunt the crowd, keeping the crowd heavily involved and interactive in the match, covering up for each lapse of ability and making each right hand seem so more effective than what it is.

Lance Storm continues to show his resilient throughout the beat down, always kicking out of the pin attempts made by the nWo originals and showing moments of flare and fight. At some point, you just know that key moment will come. Indeed it does soon enough when Kevin Nash tries to finish the Canucker off with his Jackknife Powerbomb. After far too much taunting by Big Sexy, he lifts Storm up for the Jackknife, and as he tries to throw him down, Storm fights back with some quick right hands. The two engage in a quick battle of strength and resiliency, and in the end, (with a helpful shove from Nash) Storm is able to leap off of Nash’s shoulders, back flipping through the air and landing perfectly on his feet! Seemingly mesmerized by Storm’s moment of superior athletic ability, Nash does nothing as Storm throws everything he has into one last leap, and clocks standing Nash in the face with a shining wizard!

Both men collapse, albeit Nash’s is much more dramatic. The crowd is buzzing, waiting and hoping for the tag to finally be made. Both men crawl to their respective corners after dramatic moments of recuperation, and Nash makes the tag first to Scott Hall! Hall sprints into the ring, and just as Storm reaches out his hand to make the tag, Hall grabs a hold of his ankle! The Bad Guy pulls Storm away from the corner, and HBK can’t believe, stomping his feet and kicking the ropes in disgust and anger. However, Storm is able to work his way up onto his right foot, turning himself around to face Hall in the process, and cleans his clock with a modified enziguri! Hall goes down, and as Hogan and Nash enter the ring to prevent the tag, Storm leaps into the air – superman style – and makes the hot tag to Shawn Michaels!

The Showstopper leaps over the top rope and into the ring, the adrenaline and energy coursing through his body, the wild and energetic crowd cheering him on. HBK makes a beeline for Hogan and Nash, leaping through the air, and connecting with a double clothesline! Michaels is right back on his feet as the two men stagger about the ring, and HBK drops Nash to the canvas with a dropkick! Michaels is back on his feet again to take it to Hulk Hogan with stinging right hands, but is jumped from behind by Scott Hall as he beats Hogan into the ropes.

The two nWo men try and double team Michaels with right hands, but Cal Anderson is already in the ring and charging over before either man can land one punch. Cal hits Hogan from behind with a lariat to the back of the head, and the Enforcer takes it to Hogan with big right hands while Michaels and Hall duke it out. Hall is actually able to get the upper hand on Michaels and force him into a corner, but Lance Storm makes the rescue by jumping Hall from behind. The Horsemen team up on Scott Hall, while Cal Anderson is a one man wrecking crew, beating down Hogan with quick strikes. Hogan fights back and tries to whip Cal into the ropes, but the Enforcer reverses. Hogan comes staggering back into the ring, and the Enforcer looks for the Anderson Spinebuster, but it’s not to be as Kevin Nash comes railing in and decapitates Anderson with a Big Boot! Cal staggers and stumbles into the ropes, and Nash sends him flying over the top rope with a clothesline!

With a potential 3-on-2 advantage inside the ring, Hogan takes charge, barking orders at Nash to go and finish the job on Anderson on the outside. Nash shrugs his shoulders and obliges, content to massacre an Anderson. As Nash beats down on Cal across the outside of the ring with overhead blows, Hogan comes to Scott Hall’s rescue, clobbering both Lance Storm and Shawn Michaels with right hands. Hogan’s intervention allows Hall to draw level with Shawn Michaels, while Hogan takes it to his opponent from this past Wednesday night, with – of course – right hands.

It’s a two-sided brawl in the ring: Hall and Michaels are at a stalemate while Hogan is able to overpower the smaller Storm. Lance Storm shows some fight however, connecting with some desperation forearm strikes to Hogan’s face. Storm tries to whip Hogan into the ropes once he gets Hollywood staggering, but Hogan reverses. Storm hits the ropes and comes roaring back, but Hogan connects with the Big Boot! As Storm drops to the canvas, Shawn Michaels is able to gain the upper hand against Scott Hall, scoring with an inverted atomic drop before spiking his former friend with a DDT! Michaels is down for a few seconds, giving Hogan the clear path to measure the fallen Storm up… and connect with The Leg Drop… of DOOM~!

The crowd begins to jeer as Hogan struts about the ring, but break out into cheers as out of nowhere, a rejuvenated Shawn Michaels kips back up to his feet. The oblivious Hogan keeps celebrating, only to turn around… into… SWEET CHIN MUSIC TO HOGAN! The crowd roars with cheers as Hogan drops like a ton of bricks, and the pumped up Michaels mocks Hogan by playing some air guitar and cupping his ear repeatedly. While Michaels simply celebrates in the ring, Kevin Nash is able to grasp everyone’s attention on the outside of the ring. Nash started outside of one side of the ring with Cal, but his beat down on Anderson somehow made it across the ringside area and over to the announcer’s table. As Tony Schiavone – that stupid fat fucking pussy – runs for cover, Kevin Nash lifts Cal Anderson off of his feet… and Nash Jackknife Powerbomb’s Cal Anderson through the announcer’s table!!

Shawn Michaels’ celebrations is cut short when he hears the loud crash of the table breaking, and spots Anderson laying in a heap of broken fragments. Abandoning the match in the ring, Shawn tries to exit the ring to attend to Cal and fight Nash, Scott Hall grabs Michaels’ arm! Hall flings Michaels around, and hits him with a kick to the abdomen! Nash grins and watches from the outside of the ring as Scott Hall lifts Shawn Michaels into the air for The Outsider’s Edge… but HBK slips free! Michaels slides down Scott Hall’s back, and The Bad Guy quickly turns around to face Michaels… and eats Sweet Chin Music!! The crowd is stunned by the quick turn of events (twice), and Michaels quickly makes the cover on Scott Hall! Kevin Nash quickly tries to get back into the ring to break the cover, and Randy Anderson makes the count: ONE! TWO!

THREE! The Four Horsemen have did it! The crowd explodes into cheers as Kevin Nash can only get onto the apron by the time the three count is registered, and HBK rolls off of Hall, his arms raised into the air in victory. After taking several moments to catch his breath and recuperate, Michaels slowly pulls himself up to his feet, and Randy Anderson raises his hand as the victor. It’s official – the Four Horsemen are victorious.

Shawn Michaels pin Scott Hall at 14:48; The Four Horsemen def. the New World Order – Shawn Michaels is the new number one contender to the WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Star Rating - ** ½

As soon as Anderson releases Michaels’ arm, he rushes over to the downed Lance Storm, helping him up to his feet. Storm is groggy as can be from the Leg Drop, but upon hearing the news of their victory, perks up a bit. The two compatriots embrace in the ring, while on the apron, Kevin Nash glares at the celebrating men before dropping down to the ringside floor. WCW President Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, and Dean Malenko some walking out from the back, each man grinning as they witness HBK and Storm celebrating in the ring. Kevin Nash, despite standing in between the three men and the ring, gives them a free pass, the angered vet storming up the ramp to the stage. Before the rest of the Horsemen can enter the ring, they stop at the broken announcer’s table. Dean Malenko and Arn Anderson pull the potentially concussed Cal Anderson out of the fragments, and using their body weight and support, walk over to the ring. While this is going on, Tony Schiavone, in the celebrating mood, tries to high five an oblivious Ric Flair, but the Nature Boy is focused on the two men helping Cal Anderson, so Naitch just gives Schiavone the cold shoulder. Schiavone is left looking like a total ass, both on camera and in front of the crowd – even Mike Tenay laughs at Tony.

As the Horsemen all make their way into the ring to join Michaels and Storm, Hulk Hogan and Scott Hall roll under the bottom ropes and sulk up the entrance ramp to the stage, where they are met by the rest of New World Order and a furious Eric Bischoff. As Bischoff glares at the originals and berates them for the loss, the Four Horsemen are celebrating this huge victory over the New World Order in the ring. Michaels checks on the dazed Cal Anderson, and embraces him before also embracing the man who has made this all possible, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair.

Tony Schiavone: What a moment, Professor! What a moment fans!

Mike Tenay: We have become so accustomed to the New World Order dominating this company; seeing the Four Horsemen – World Championship Wrestling – stand tall here on pay per view is truly extraordinary!

Tony Schiavone: You had to question and doubt the Horsemen’s chances coming into this match; the New World Order was 3-0 coming into the main event and had all the momentum! But Shawn Michaels – the Four Horsemen – they overcame all the odds and have defeated the three men who created the New World Order, here tonight at Sin!

Mike Tenay: This victory will not end the war between WCW and the nWo, but fans, chalk this up as a remarkable, memorable, and momentum changing victory for the Four Horsemen!

We get one more shot of the Four Horsemen celebrating in the ring, selling how big this is for them.

Tony Schiavone: Everything was going great for the New World Order tonight, but courtesy of Shawn Michaels and the Four Horsemen, they’re leaving Sin with a poor taste in their mouth!

Mike Tenay: It’s a big win for the Four Horsemen, and a great way to cap off what has truly been an excellent pay per view!

Tony Schiavone: That’s right, Professor! We have new Tag Team Champions, and we also have a new WCW Cruiserweight Champion too!

Mike Tenay: I hope you all enjoyed the show because this is all the time we have, fans. For the first time in what feels like forever, we’re ending pay per view on the right note – the Four Horsemen and WCW standing tall, and the New World Order left to wonder, what went wrong!

Tony Schiavone: The fallout of Sin – and the road to one of the biggest pay per views in the history of wrestling, Superbrawl – all begins this Wednesday night folks! We hope to see you there!

Mike Tenay: That’s right, Tony; Nitro airs on NBC this Wednesday night at 8PM Eastern Standard Time, and until then, for Tony Schiavone, I’m ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay, thanks for ordering Sin, and have a great night!

Tony Schiavone: We’ll see you Wednesday!

The camera catches a final shot of Eric Bischoff, his back turned to the celebrations in the ring, glaring and yelling at the New World Order, while the rest of the nWo is left to either watch Bischoff in his rant, or even worse, the Four Horsemen standing tall and celebrating. We get one last shot of the Horsemen standing tall, our final image Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair embracing in the center of the ring.


Quick Results:
Filthy Animals def. Natural Born Thrillers © and Young Lions to win WCW Tag Team Championship at 12:51
Curt Hennig def. Hugh Morris at 8:16
Chavo Guerrero def. Shane Helms © to win WCW Cruiserweight Championship at 16:19
Mike Awesome © def. Konnan to retain WCW North American Championship at 11:02
Jeff Jarrett def. Dean Malenko at 21:14
Scott Steiner © nc. Booker T at 12:31; Scott Steiner retains WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Four Horsemen def. New World Order at 14:48; Shawn Michaels is the new number one contender to WCW World Heavyweight Championship


Predictions Contest

Match Order - 5/7
Match Winners - 4/7
Questions - 2/7
Total – 11/21

Perfect Poster
Match Order - 7/7
Match Winners - 5/7
Questions - 3/7
Total - 15/21

Wrestle freak
Match Order - 0/7
Match Winners - 4/7
Questions - 4/7
Total - 8/21

Match Order - 0/7
Match Winners - 4/7
Questions - 3/7
Total - 7/21

Match Order - 5/7
Match Winners - 5/7
Questions - 2/7
Total - 12/21

Match Order - 1/7
Match Winners - 3/7
Questions - 2/7
Total - 6/21

Match Order - 1/7
Match Winners - 5/7
Questions - 1/7
Total - 7/21

Match Order - 0/7
Match Winners - 2/7
Questions - 2/7
Total - 4/21

Match Order - 0/7
Match Winners - 3/7
Questions - 2/7
Total - 5/21

Match Order - 3/7
Match Winners - 2/7
Questions - 1/7
Total - 6/21

Wolf Beast
Match Order - 5/7
Match Winners - 5/7
Questions - 3/7
Total - 13/21

Match Order - 3/7
Match Winners - 5/7
Questions - 3/7
Total - 11/21

Comedy Inc
Order – 2/7
Winners – 4/7
Questions – 1/7
Total – 7/21

Order – 2/7
Winners – 5/7
Questions – 4/7
Total – 11/21

Perfect Poster is the winner of the predictions contest. I'll PM you to let 'cha know the deal (again). Thanks to everyone who did predictions, and to those who read. From here, I shall now finally start returning feedback . I'm behind, I know.

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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Renegade OWNS Sin

I liked the Tag match and as predicted it opened up proceedings. Nicely written, good flow to it and overall good entertainment value. It was the right choice to kick the PPV off with this match to pump everyone up and surely make up for the buzzkill that Henning/Morris will be. Wasn't all too happy with the Filthy Animals winning as I thought it was gonna be the Young Lions, but it's better than seeing the NBT retaining AGAIN tbh. Rey in the kind of division he belongs in too imo, nothing above midcard status. Good way to start the show (y)

Henning winning, no shocker there. The match however would've been and thank you for keeping it brief and nothing more. Fuck Morris off plz, even Mr. Perfect can do better

Cruiser match was terrific. Extremely well written, some awesome exchanges between the two and a few nicely worked spots with Super Crazy making a save for Chavito. One can only think Helms will be in a feud with these guys for a while now, but I don't see him getting his prized title back. Chavo should get a solid run with it now, and Helms can just chase him for a while

Average at best is the word to describe Konnan in a match. Mike Awesome was always winning this tbh, couldn't see K-Dawg getting such an undeserved push. Awesome is pretty much his namesake, and I can see him holding onto the NA Title for a while yet. As said before, the match was average at the very best, you made it work without it being anything spesh

Very good stuff between Malenko/Jarrett. Better than I expected and while not the best match of the night, it's gonna run close. I almost thought Malenko would win as you typed a 1...2...3 and I was like wtf, that's it? Then I realised the next paragraph started with No! Kickout. . A match with JJ without CONTROVERSY just wouldn't be right so no surprise it ended like it did, good stuff

The title match before the 6 Man Tag? Wow, fair enough. It was never gonna be a classic but it was a pretty readable brawl. Booker getting bloodied, it's pretty rare, don't recall that ever happening in the WWE actually? Anyways, a little short for a title match but obviously you're shaping up for something bigger than this. Good brawl, meh'ish match

I am THINKING this hype for the Savior is Jericho, but really, I have no clue who you'll put out of the bag for this

HBK beating Hall, sadly it had to be the only of the 3 nWo guys with in ring talent who jobbed, but then again how can you job a man with a lethal finisher like the LEG DROP... OF DOOM~! Entertaining if a little sloppy thanks to the fact Hogan and Nash were in the match, oh shit @ Nash Jackknifing Anderson through the table. Markworthy spot. Crafty and exciting ending too, despite it being my man who takes the fall. Ohwellz, HBK is off the mark in this thread and he's looking good

Hope you're happy with this, coz ya know, it wasn't pretty ZING!~

I kid. Overall it was quite entertaining despite that horrible Henning/Morris match. <3


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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Panic! Review

- Nice commentary before this match as it proves that Schiavone is a total dick . Anyways, the opening match was really good. It actually took me a little by surprise on how good it was since I don't actually like tag team matches but this one was quite simply awesome! I'm quite glad that The Filthy Animals won the WCW World Tag Team Titles as I've always liked the team of Misterio and Kidman on WCW and they both should make good champions in this BTB. Despite their win, I really do hope that The Natural Born Thrillers manage to get some sort of rematch but I guess that we'll just have to see about that. Very nice opening match.

- Yeah, I have to agree with the others that this wasn't a really good match and I'm very happy that Hennig picked up the win because this match would've gone to the shits if Morrus win, no offense to him. Besides that, I guess that he did try to get the fans behind the match and him especially after shouting "nWo sucks" with more of his moves. Glad that Hennig picked up the win...I say just keep Morrus as the "losing" guy to guys like Hennig.

- Lovely backstage segment with the new World order . I absolutely just love these badass guys in this BTB! It was actually good to here words from The Bisch, Double J, Nash, and especially Hogan. It will be very interesting to see what plan the new World order have up their sleeves. This is should be good.

- One of the best cruiserweight matches that I've ever read and I really do mean that word by word. I was actually at the very edge of my seat the whole time since I really thought that this was a great and interesting match. SHOCKED that Helms was robbed out of his Title from the returning luchador, Super Crazy. This was definitely a shocker for me and especially since The Filthy Animals have made it two out of two with Chavo winning the CW Title. Really sweet match and ending to this, I'll just have to wonder what else will come out of this after what just went on. Good to have this sort of match since the second match was dull.

- Nice little interview from the one and only...Booker T! I'll be looking forward to the World Heavyweight Title match with Steiner and nice to know his thoughts on what happened with Steiner after Nitro. I'm gunning for Steiner to retain please although Booker T would make a nice champion...again .

- This was an OK/alright match that was fairly good to read. I was very glad to see Awesome retain the Title as I would've liked to have seen Konnan carry out that Title on almost every edition of Nitro until he loses it . Love the Awesome Bomb so it was a good ending to the match for me and hopefully Awesome has a new opponent for next month.

- I guess that this was a nice pep talk from Ric Flair and Arn Anderson. I will look forward to the Double J/Malenko match as well as the eight man tag team match.

- Oh my God...this match was really FUCKING great and BRILLIANTLY booked Szum. I loved every second that I read of the match and I really did enjoy it and I'm glad that I've read it. At this moment of time, it is my current favourite match in your BTB over the past few recently posted shows and it was great! I knew that Double J just had to cheat his way into winning the god damn match as I personally know that Malenko deserved to win that match! It will be very very interesting to see what happens after the result of this match. It would be nice to see some sort of rematch but we'll just have to see about that! Nice work on this match Szum! Keep it up

- Really did think that this was indeed going to be the main event match but then I guess that you want to push over the nWo/Four Horsemen feud. This was a really brilliant match and even the ending was very interesting. The best bit of the match really had to be the brawling part through the crowd, they probably all loved that and of course the blood! Also happy that Steiner retained and I was shocked that both men continued brawling while ignoring everyone's orders so that just had to bring out the security who all ruin the god damn fun . It will actually be very interesting how this feud with Booker/Steiner continues after this due to that classic brawl. Can't wait for Nitro now .

- Filler ...

- Yes, I really can't wait until Jericho debuts! Hopefully it is him but I'll just have to wait and see.

- Really was match of the fucking night for me personally although I don't know if I could compare it with Double J/Malenko after that statement . I really did enjoy reading that high classic six man tag team match bout and it was really enjoyable to read and along with Malenko/Jarrett, I would really recommend it to all bookers on this site. I also liked the ending to the match as HBK just sweetchined the fuck out of Hall and got the three count to actually become the number one contender for the Title, poor Cal Anderson though after going through the announce table Could we be seeing HBK/Steiner? That would be a good match but after what happened between both Steiner/Booker, I'll see where it goes. Nice PPV and nice ending to the show by having Bischoff come out and rant at his members. Laughed at how Schiavone was totally blanked off by Flair LOL.

Notes - Overall, I really did enjoy this PPV and I would recommend it to other bookers along with the main event match and also the Malenko/Jarrett match. All the other matches seemed to be good too such as the World Heavyweight Championship bout, Cruiserweight Title bout, and the opening match. Awesome/Konnan was a sort of alrightish match with Morrus/Hennig coming in as "worst match of the night" . After what went on at the Sin PPV, I hope that Jericho will make his triumphant return to dubya' C dubya' and it will be interesting to see Steiner/HBK for the Title. Nice work though on this PPV Szum despite needing that filler and I really cannot wait for Nitro. Rating time...

Total Rating - 9/10
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Sin Feedback

Okay so usually I would just go straight ahead to the matches but I can not help but say the commentary at the beginning of the show was insanely good and the thing I liked it about the most is that you were still able to make Schiavone look like a fool

Natural Born Thrillers vs Filthy Animals vs Young Animals
I found this to be a very smart and exciting way to start the show with three of the best teams going around at this time going at it. Since this is a recap I am going to find it hard to give fully detailed feedback so this is more just going to be my thrown in little thoughts for the winner and what not. LOL that does not mean I have not read it because I have I promise I just as I said earlier found this to be a great way to start as it could tell a pretty decent story but be way entertaining and fast paced at the same time. You started this match the way I thought you would with it starting off slow paced perhaps trying to tell some what of a story before getting to the awesome, fast paced ending. I wanted a change of champions however you got the challengers mixed up. I don’t like the two Cruiserweight guys holding on to the tag team titles it just does not feel right. With that being said I know it has been done before I just don’t like it. I hope Sanders continues to whine and bitch all the way to the main office where he books in a rematch for the Natural Born Thrillers. Anyway repeating myself again but nice choice for opener. Oh yeah and I don’t do star ratings for recapped matches but who gives a shit you have EWR for that

Commentating was nice again and took up enough time however I was quite surprised to not sere a backstage segment of some sort. But then again I guess you have a different style.

Curt Hennig vs Hugh Morrus
This match was a snooze fest and let me just say it had nothing to do with the fact that Hennig was in it. Hennig can actually wrestle a decent match and that is why I was so disappointed that you put him with that buffoon, Morrus. I really don’t think he is any good and I hope this is the end of Morrus actually winning matches or having any momentum in this thread. For now on I would deeply appreciate it if Morrus becomes a jobber where as Hennig will hopefully move on to someone who can actually wrestle. Now that I said this you will probably feud him with Konnan

NWO Backstage WOO… This is something I wanted to see. There was not much to say about Bischoff he was just doing normal pep talk stuff. From pep talk we went to Jarrett and Nash who both just pumped themselves up a little bit. The interesting part about this was Hogan and the mention of his plan… Hopefully this plan shall be revealed soon.

Shane Helms vs Chavo Guerrero
This is a match that really I cant help but complain about… Not because it is not a good match but just because it is not in full. I know people feel as if writing matches in full is a waste of time these days but I don’t care this is just one match I would have loved to read in full. On to the actual contest well it was nice how instead of it being back and forth you went with Helms having a nice period in the beginning and then the match pretty much being all Guerrero until the ending. Its not always the best formula for a match however I believe this one would have really worked. Guerrero getting the win was a nice change however I hope Helms hangs around the title scene for a little bit. I would love Crazy to go tweener and for us to get a triple threat out of this because as much as I dislike Crazy the guy can wrestle. Either way this was a nice way to pick up the quality of the PPV after a shit second match.

Booker T interview was nice… very nice. The accent as I said once before sometimes makes it a little difficult to read however it is so in character that its brilliant. Only thing I did not like tonight was that at one stage it was Steina and then it was Steiner. I know this is nit picking but being the promo specialist that you are I expect perfection

Mike Awesome vs Konnan
This is a match that I was looking forward to but at the same time I was not looking forward to. That may seem weird but it actually makes a lot of sense because Awesome is god and Konnan is shit Anyway after reading this match and well tbh before reading this match I knew that this match was all about Awesome. Konnan was nothing but the whooping boy in this one and that is the way it should always be when it comes to this guy. Awesome dominated from the start of course Konnan got a little flurry of offence in because we don’t want no squash matches on a PPV however we always knew Awesome was going to win. Just like Hennig I hope Awesome moves on to bigger and better things but you will probably pair Awesome up with Morrus. LOL please don’t

Dean Malenko getting a pep talk from Slick Ric and Ole Arn and that is all I have to say. LOL seriously it is I really have nothing else to say. Oh yeah please put Malenko over, don’t you think NOW have won enough for the night

Dean Malenko vs Jeff Jarrett
This match my friend told a story. It started with the two men chain wrestling and Malenko just continuously OWNING Jarrett getting him frustrated. Jarrett then decided to break the chain wrestling getting an early advantage… Both men then tried to focus on certain body parts softening up one another so they could lock in their deadly submissions. Both men then locked them in and both men failed to pick up the victory. Malenko had it but Jarrett stole it. Seriously was an awesome way to finish with Stacy Keibler getting involved because it kept with the story of the match. I may have read this wrong but the story for me was that despite the result Maelnko was just to good. This is as good as a win for Malenko to continue getting him over and well I don’t know what Jarrett will do from here perhaps a rematch… Anyway as I said Malenko just seemed to be to good and Jarrett had to cheat to win which makes Malenko look like a million bucks. You did this so well Szum, seriously probably the best match to read of the night and to add some emphasis I will swear… The story this match told was FUCKING perfect

You writing Steiner is seriously perfect. This promo was awesome, the intensity of him as well as the course language as well as every little thing he did. It was just spot on and proved why promo wise you’re a class above the rest. LOL how sweet

Scott Steiner vs Booker T
Oh my god!!! I thought the last match was good well this one took it to a new level. Not because of the wrestling but just due to the pure intensity and the way it told the story of pure hatred. I really enjoyed all the outside the ring stuff and through the crowd and all that. The only part of the match I didn’t like was the ending and its because of how it ended. This match had such an epic, intense build up that I am not sure where you can take this feud from here to beat that yet you cant just end the feud with a double count out. It is going to be interesting to see if you can top the build up and this match if the feud continues as this was all just good. LOL let me just say it one more time this match was magic I could feel the emotion from the two superstars. Great work!!!

No comment on the filler… Sorry


Four Horsemen vs NWO
HBK and HALL this was good way to start the match as we already saw HBK and Nash go at it on Nitro. The beginning to the match with the situation I just mention included was nice with all the Horsemen one upping their NWO opponents. Storm making the inexperienced mistake is something I didn’t like as it just seems so more Anderson like. So yeah perhaps you made the wrong decision there. Actually I take that back as I would much rather more Storm in the ring then more Cal Anderson. NWO dominated for a long period of time so it was good when he finally made the tag to HBK. HBK was normal HBK and when all the finishing sequences began to hit well the excitement picked up. The announce table spot was awesome as was the SCM’s. Overall just a great contest and it was good to see HBK get the win. However I am guessing from her eon out the honeymoon is over and HBK may actually lose a match See what happens anyway I guess.

Overall a nice PPV. Everything served its purpose and everything did the job of satisfying me besides one match that I pretty much shat on Anyway cant wait to see what you do next with Booker/Steiner or Bookah/Steina so yeah hurry up and post Nitro…. Please

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Lol, I am so glad you lot all hated on the Hennig/Morris match. Really. It was meant to be horribly boring because we all knew that’s what it was going to be. It offered no hope of excellence, or even mediocrity .

I’m very glad to see ya’lls digged the Malenko/Jarrett match. This was a match coming in that I knew I was either going to nail, or completely fuck up. So to see the positive remarks about the story told really made me smile . Too many people get caught up in needing a full match to create excellence, but I hope this one showed otherwise. The story told it all, and well, you all apparently loved that story. Yay <3. EWR says that Chavo/Helms was MOTN, but we all know in heart, this babe was it.

Freak, Konnan and Morris are only used because the midcard scene is incredibly weak and thin, especially in the face area. If the Horsemen/New World Order war wasn’t going on, it’d be a bit different, but faction wars make it complicated. These two jobbers will serve a purpose, but let’s be honest – we all expect very little from them.

For those worried that Booker/Steiner feud is ending on this match, fear not babies, we’re not over. The Booker/Steiner program is yet to be finished – this was a match that coming into, neither was really sure what they were fighting for. Was it for their materialistic obsession of the World Heavyweight Title, or anger over the attack of loved items (a car, a brother)? We’re yet to determine an answer for that, and that is something that we will still have to develop over time, now won’t we?

Overall, I’m very pleased with this PPV, as I feel like the extensive recap really did it justice. The matches still had some substance to them – they weren’t long to the point that they burned me out, but they had the length needed to tell a story – so I am very happy with that. Hopefully that can continue on in the future with Superbrawl, Uncensored, Spring Stampede, and so on and so forth.

Wednesday Nitro is booked, but not started on. PP hasn’t responded to my PM yet, so well, I don’t know what he wants for a match. I’ll work it in at some point, however, just maybe not this show. I have some big plans prepared for this one (someone is debuting or returning, after all ), so I really hope you lot are satisfied with what you get. Just remember, this is me – expect the unexpected

…I like more Sin comments please <3

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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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