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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Nitro Feedback

This better be good after the wrap you gave yourself in my thread

Clearly the announcement of the new member in the nWo is going to be a big deal and we’re not going to get it until the end of the night.

Aw. You gave Tony Schiavone a nickname, isn’t that lovely. You’re a nice lad.

Rey v Stamboli is an interesting match to kick things off with tbh. This was very much a stereotypical big man v little man match up and I think you did a good job of making both competitors look credible. Putting Rey over was certainly the right decision, he and Kidman have worked up some solid momentum since Starrcade and it would’ve been a shame to fuck that. The aftermath has definitely got me thinking. It seems you could be headed towards a Triple Threat tag match, but you’re a sly cat, so I think you’ll have something different up your sleeve. Solid start to the show, though. Nice to see you continue to build the tag division.

Lol. Fuck. Tuxedo’s for the Horsemen. That’s different. A Suit would’ve done me fine

Nice bit of hype again for the tag titles. Once again you’re teasing the triple threat tag match. That’s seeming way too obvious for you now. I think you’ll swerve us somehow. I’d love it if you loaded the Filthy Animals with Gold and put a title on each one of them. That’d be tops. Awesome will go over Konnan this evening though, but hopefully he still gets a shot somehow. O’Haire is an angry fucker btw.

Don’t insult me. Hugh Morris v The Wall? Please. I don’t even know who The Wall is . I know you’ve explained him before but it means little. Plus I hate Hugh Morris so this match means little to me. Clearly you’re high on Hugh though, so I guess I’m going to have to put up with him longer. Morris in an angry fucker too. Hopefully Hennig kills him.

You booked Mike Awesome to look like an absolute beast in this one. He looked unstoppable at some stages and you portrayed his dominance very effectively. I liked how you constantly kept alluding to the fact that Konnan was attempting to mount a comeback only to fall short a couple of times before ultimately picking up the win. One criticism I have of this is actually the style of which you wrote the match, I think you used “Awesome” too often. You said his name way too many times. Use his nicknames or something. The beat down in the aftermath was good too, wise decision. Keeps Awesome looking strong and definitely dominant given the fact that he only lost via a roll up. Konnan will probably get a title shot at Sin but I dare say the title will remain with big Mike.

Lol @ the very thought of Booker being with the Horsemen. You wrote and captured Booker’s character very, very nicely. Seemed a somewhat stereotypical interview from Booker, but never the less, I enjoyed it and you put him over well. Can’t see him taking the title from Steiner... yet.

3 Weeks until we get a debut. I wonder who it isn’t.

Lol @ Hall flicking his tooth pick at the fat woman. Scott Hall... bad match? NOOOOOOOOOOO! Booker taking the win is a no brainer. Obviously he was never going to lose that. Um. I liked that fact that you actually tried to make it look as if Hall WAS a threat to Booker when in reality it wasn’t. Booker’s comeback was purely elementary.

Lol. Steiner fucking up Booker’s car is priceless. Someone’s gonna be angry now! Hope we see the scene where Booker discovers his fucked up car, but I doubt we’ll have time.

Larry Z getting things under way was probably a smart thing to do just to get the crowd going. Double A out first, before Flair worked wonders in getting the crowd going even more. They cheer so loud that your ears hurt huh? Harden up, fag. Cal Anderson’s arrival is obviously no shock. He’s just CW Anderson, right? I hate that guy. Lol. The thought of him in a tuxedo makes me giggle. Malenko is immense. Couldn’t see him in a tux, either tbh. Push plz. He needs to take the US Title off Awesome. LANCE STORM?! You bastard! You were bullshitting with the injury angle... AGAIN! Oh dear. Here come the nWo. What a shock. Obviously the 4th Horseman isn’t Sting, that’d be silly. WHAT THE FUCK! MICHAELS! I think Michaels would’ve got a huge surprise pop tbh. Michaels is getting all deep and meaningful here...he’s gonna turn on these ****s. I bet. Michaels challenging Flair to see who he’s got in the back... there’s no way they’re topping this, the 4th Horsemen will be Shawn, it has to be. Unless you bring out someone like Hunter (which you won’t), there’s no way there isn’t a giant swerve coming. Man, Flair was brilliant fuck he was good. Here we go... the big announcement... waiting for it... SWEET CHIN MOTHER FUCKIN’ MUSIC TO BISCHOFF AND NASH!!!!! YES!!! SWERVE! Brilliant! We’ve got a massive brawl to end the show with the Horsemen standing tall. Shit hot. I love it.

Pretty strong show my friend. The Main Event was epic. Certainly up there with your best, even the RVD injury swerve. Could’ve done with another match but that’s just me. There were a couple of small, uncharacteristic grammar and wording issues, but that’s probably just rush. No point crucifying that.

Top show man. Looking forward to the next one. Hogan v Michaels. Do it.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Expect Nitro up tomorrow or Tuesday. I know I still owe some reviews, but no worries, they're coming.

WCW Wednesday Nitro Preview – January 9, 2002

World Championship Wrestling will host its third primetime edition of Wednesday Nitro of 2002 on NBC this Wednesday night at 8 PM EST! WCW will be live at Louisville University, as Nitro airs from Freedom Hall, in Louisville, Kentucky! ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay and ‘The Voice of WCW’ Tony Schiavone will be calling the shots for another two-hour, action packed edition of World Championship Wrestling, so be sure to tune in for this monumental event!

WCW shocked the world last week as live from their own territory, the legendary Four Horsemen returned to World Championship Wrestling, and what an impact they made! It looked like the New World Order would steal the show after ‘The Enforcer’ Cal Anderson, ‘The Iceman’ Dean Malenko, and Lance Storm were named three of the four new Horsemen, as the nWo announced that ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels, the two-time World Heavyweight Champion and bonafide superstar, as their new nWo member! However, Michaels swerved us all, showing he was truly a Horsemen, and helped lead the way for the Four Horsemen to attack the nWo! This week, Shawn Michaels, a man who has been out of active wrestling since 1998 due to a broken back, will be given time to fully explain himself and why is he is back in professional wrestling. We will find out on why Shawn Michaels has joined World Championship Wrestling, the Four Horsemen, the condition of his back and body, and whether or not – or when – we can expect the Showstopper back in the square circle.

Not much has been announced so far for Wednesday Nitro, but President Ric Flair has announced three big title matches for Sin! ‘The Career Killer’ Mike Awesome will defend the WCW North American Championship against Konnan, the Natural Born Thrillers will defend the WCW Tag Team Titles against both the Filthy Animals and the Young Lions, and Chavo Guerrero will tie challenge ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship! Tonight on Nitro, however, Chavo Guerrero will run a gauntlet as he takes on third-generation star Teddy Hart, Crowbar, and Helms’ former partner, Shannon Moore! Also, after having problems last week where Billy Kidman accidentally punched Sean O’Haire, the two men and future Sin opponents will now team up to take on the Natural Born Thrillers! Plus, ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan has issued a challenge to World Championship Wrestling… and his first competitor in his challenge is Lash Leroux!? Hogan has challenged the young Leroux to a match, and Leroux has been given the opportunity of a lifetime to take on the legendary Hogan. Can Leroux somehow score the upset of a lifetime, or will Hogan do exactly what he expects to do, squash the young Leroux? You can expect this, and much, much more Wednesday night! Nitro promises to be an exciting showcase of professional wrestling that you do not want to miss, so be sure to tune into NBC this Wednesday night at 8 PM EST to catch all the action! The year 2002 is upon us, and World Championship Wrestling is just heating up!

Confirmed Matches:
Billy Kidman & Sean O’Haire (w/Chuck Palumbo & Rey Misterio) vs. Natural Born Thrillers (w/Mike Sanders)
Chavo Guerrero vs. Crowbar vs. Shannon Moore vs. Teddy Hart (w/Jack Evans)
Hulk Hogan vs. Lash Leroux

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Hey TAFKA, I read the second show and I would review now but I don't really have the time at the minute. If I get time before your next show is posted, I'll review but I doubt. I'll definitely be checking out the next show though after not reviewing the last.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Hey Baby, I know it will be awesome, as per usual. I know you have big plans in the next few weeks so I can't wait to see them evolve.

Malenko/Storm to the max, plz.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Glad that HBK will be getting more time in the ring, as I really don't see him competing at Sin because I think an in-ring debut that big will be saved for a bigger venue. The three title matches were expected, but I can truly say that I don't see any of the three titles changing hands. Show should be good ... not that I would expect anything less, tbh.


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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Shawn Michaels getting some more mic time to explain his decisions and shit is awesome. Last week was all about the swerve but i really want to hear what his motives are. Fuck, Chavo Guerrero running the gauntlet, have fun Chavito. Hogan and Lash is not a highlight for me but oh well i guess i will read it anyway

Show is looking the goods Szum.

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

World Championship Wrestling
WCW Wednesday Nitro
Freedom Hall, Louisville, Kentucky
January 16, 2002




As Nitro comes live, everyone at home cheers because Tony Schiavone isn’t doing commentary. The crowd in Louisville is cheering, however, because there is a man standing in the ring they all want to see… ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels.

Heartbreaking Opening

Shawn Michaels is standing in the ring, a mic in hand to go along with the jeans, Horsemen t-shirt, and cowboy hat and boots. He’s attempting to keep it serious, but with fans cheering and yelling his name from around the guardrail, it’s impossible for him to hold back a smirk. However, once the crowd settles, HBK begins.

Shawn Michaels: Before I get into what all I want ta’ say tonight, lemme just first say, what a great honor it is ta’ be standin’ here as a member of the Four Horsemen!

And there is cheap pop #1 of the night.

Shawn Michaels: I’m not kiddin’ ya’, Louisville U, that accolade ranks up at the top for the Heartbreak Kid, and for those who know how illustrious my career was and is, there’s a lot of accomplishments under my belt!

HBK pauses, strolling around the ring, preparing himself for what’s next.

Shawn Michaels: Ya’ know… I meant a lot of the things I said last week; I truly thought my career was over. 1998, Shawn Michaels stole his last show. My back was broken, I had multiple herniated discs in my back to go along with it, my knees were torn up… I was crippled and I was kicked out of a little promotion we all know, the World Wrestling Federation.

HBK’s demeanor becomes totally serious, his head looking down at the ringside mats as he leans on the ropes, almost like he’s in a trance.

Shawn Michaels: I thought I was gonna end up like one of “those” kinds of wrestlers, the ones who ended up alone, broken down, and poor, and probably seeing my life end before the age of fifty. That was my future, that was my life to be.

Michaels rubs his hand over his eye, almost as if to push back tears. Lifting his head back up to speak to the crowd, he continues.

Shawn Michaels: However, my life, I think ya’ can all tell I didn’t end up like that. I found a woman who I truly love, a woman you all may remember. The good ole Nitro Girls… Louisville, I’m sure ya’ remember the bombshell that was Whisper, don’t cha!?

The crowd cheers, although I doubt they truly remember Whisper that well… they just cheer because it’s HBK, and the crowd is a puppet.

Shawn Michaels: Well the Nitro Girl ya’ call Whisper, I call Rebecca, and she’s the beautiful woman I call my wife. I am damn proud to be her husband, and even more proud to be the father of our child, Cameron. And Cam, I know you’re watchin’ with Mom, and I know I told ya’ eleven days ago on your real birthday, but Happy Birthday, kid.

Oh how cute, Cameron is two years old, and we’re getting fed the diaries of the life of Shawn Michaels. Yawn. Go on Oprah, Shawn. However, HBK wipes the grin off his face, and becomes serious once again.

Shawn Michaels: I am happy with life back home, and I could have been content to spend the rest of my live in San Antonio, never coming back to this business – this sport – that I love. However, no matter what, there would always be that question in my head, in my heart. “Do I still have it?”

Michaels pauses as he leans back on the ropes.

Shawn Michaels: My body has been healing up for a while now, and that familiar itch all retired wrestlers get from time to time was scratchin’ up and down my back. I thought about it long and hard, and I wanted to know if Shawn Michaels could still be the Heartbreak Kid, the Showstoppa’, the Icon, the Main Event. Hell, I needed to know if Shawn Michaels could still get inside this squared circle, I had to know if I still could go. But ta’ be honest, I didn’t think I would ever get that shot ta’ find the answers I needed… until your boy, RIC FLAIR, showed up at mah door.

Easy cheap pop for Ric Flair.

Shawn Michaels: The Naitcha’ Boy came a callin’, and he told all about what was goin’ down in Dubya-See-Dubya, and he gave me some of the greatest incentives ever ta’ come down here to Dubya-See-Dubya.

Shawn gets off of the ropes, moving into the middle of the ring.

Shawn Michaels: For starters, I’d be here, standin’ next ta’ the greatest wrestler in the history of our sport, Ric Flair. When I was in high school and growing up, the coolest guy in the world to me was Ric Flair. Naitch was my idol, but even better that, he was giving me his spot to lead the Four Horsemen. Now I’ve created a good faction back in my day, but let’s face it Louisville, there ain’t no stable like the Four Horsemen!

Cheap pop #3.

Shawn Michaels: The chance to lead the Four Horsemen, to be recognized as the son of a gun leadin’ the charge against the New World Order, that’s just somethin’ ya’ don’t turn down!

And there is arguably another cheap pop, but Michaels just keeps talking right through it.

Shawn Michaels: Ric Flair gave me that, he gave me my chance to see if I could still truly be a great wrestler, and he gave me one more reason to return to wrestling… revenge.

HBK pauses again, strolling around the ring as he starts talking.

Shawn Michaels: There are two backstabbin’ bastards down here in Dubya-See-Dubya who I thought I was best friends with. Well write it down ‘cause it ain’t gonna happen much, but Shawn Michaels was wrong. The Outsiders – Kevin Nash and Scott Hall – we were best pals up north back in the day, back when Shawn Michaels ran the show and had all the stroke. But as soon as Eric Bischoff came calling with fat checks and some power, you two took off running. You left me in the dust, and despite giving you both so many opportunities – both in wrestling and outside of it – you never were there for me. When Shawn Michaels was down in the mud, his life falling out from underneath him, I want to know… where were Kevin Nash and Scott Hall?

Michaels pauses again, anger starting to consume him.

Shawn Michaels: I want to know why my best friends weren’t there to lift me up onto my feet? Why weren’t my friends the crutches I had been for them so many times? They were down here, in Dubya-See-Dubya, throwin’ a party of their own, makin’ money and havin’ the time of their lives! The Outsiders never threw Shawn Michaels a job offer ta’ come down and join Dubya-See-Dubya! They didn’t help me out at all, hell, even last week when they all thought I was comin’ down ta’ join them… it was the Heartbreak Kid who called Kev and said, “I’m ready ta’ wrestle again and I wanna help.”

Michaels cuts himself off before the censors would need to go off. Instead, he closes his eyes and bows his head, intertwining his hands almost as if he were praying. He finally starts talking again after a few moments of silence (and prayer?).

Shawn Michaels: And Eric Bischoff, you’re another guy I’d love to kick in the face… again.

And there were have another cheap pop, thanks to HBK’s Sweet Chin Music to Bischoff from last week.

Shawn Michaels: When you were signing The Outsiders to deals back in 1996, the rest of the Kliq wanted to know when we would get calls to. I mean, after all, I was a World Champion at the time, on top of the world, and the leader of the Kliq. But as I recall, Bischoff, I didn’t have the drawing power of The Outsiders, as you so delicately put it. Shawn Michaels wouldn’t get people to buy pay per views! Well maybe you forgot, jack, but Shawn Michaels is the biggest star of the past decade!

And another cheap cheer for HBK.

Shawn Michaels: No one else was able to win the Titles I won or achieve the fame I had. None of the boys up north could match up to the Showstoppa’, and your precious stars like Goldberg and Diamond Dallas Page all faded away before they could ever even come close to matching up to me!

The crowd cheers again, as Michaels is starting to get himself pumped up a bit, his old cocky self resurfacing a bit. However, he becomes more serious once he starts to talk again, that old flare still visible though.

Shawn Michaels: Outsiders – and you too, Bischoff – you can guarantee that my entire time in Dubya-See-Dubya, I’m gonna be doin’ my damndest to make your lives, a living hell!

And that warrants another cheer for Michaels.

Shawn Michaels: Your New World Order wants to wreak havoc and kill World Championship Wrestling by “taking over”? Well The Showstoppa’ has a message for you, courtesy of the Four Horsemen: that’s not gonna happen! Ya’ see, Lance Storm, Cal Anderson, and Dean Malenko, along with Ric and Arn Anderson… we’re standin’ in your light. We’re here to fight, and you’re not gonna be takin’ over anything on our watch!

Ah, another cheap pop.

Shawn Michaels: All my life, I have been that nWo kind of guy. I partied like no other, I lived the fancy life, and most of all, I was an arrogant son of a *bitch* who politicked his way up the proverbial ladder. That’s not me anymore though, and that’s why I am here to take a stand against the evils of the New World Order. I’m not just fighting the best friends who stabbed me in the back, I’m not just fighting some of the best wrestlers today, I’m fighting my old self. The old Heartbreak Kid, he would’ve joined the nWo for real last week. I’m fighting my demons, right here, in front of the entire world.

Shawn looks to continue, but…

New NewNew
New New

The crowd boos (what a shocker~!) as the nWo theme hits, but it’s only ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash walking out onto the stage. Nash smirks the whole time as the crowd boos him (although some, of course, cheer), but Nash just locks his eyes on Michaels, nodding his head at him before smirking some more. Finally, the music cuts off and Nash, a mic already in his hand, starts to speak from the stage.

Kevin Nash: Shawn, let me just be the first to say… I’m not buying into your new gimmick.

Michaels gives Nash a confused look, while the crowd jeers him.

Kevin Nash: Naw, I’m serious, man. I think you could’ve used some videos to hype this new change of yours like that guy has been doin’ the past couple of weeks. Ya’ could have done somethin’, anythin’, to make it convincing. Sorry, Shawn, but I’m not a believer yet.

Nash smirks some more, while the crowd rains down more boos.

Kevin Nash: All your entire life, Shawn, you’ve been the teenager trapped inside of an adult’s body. You were immature, into drugs, sex, the parties, pranks, everything. But now because you have a wife, a kid, you’re the mature adult? Sorry, cowboy, but “finding God” doesn’t make you a righteous crusader out to kill the big bad New World Order. If you look inside, you’re still the same arrogant, smug, overrated, crippled son of a bitch who has only ever cared about himself.

The crowd boos while Michaels looks at Nash, a little surprised by his comments.

Kevin Nash: Maybe if you cared about WCW versus nWo, you would truly fight. However, there is nothing in this war for you, Shawn. Revenge against me and Scotty? Hardly. If anything, The Bad Guy and I want revenge on you!

Oh my, more boos.

Kevin Nash: You held us back for years, Shawn! Why do you think we wanted to get the hell away from you so bad? It wasn’t just the fat, juicy contract that Uncle Eric was offering us. It was so we could get out of your shadow because no matter what we did, you were always pulling your strings to make sure Shawn Michaels was the Headliner. You always had to be the Main Event, Shawn, even when Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were prime for the top! People in wrestling talk about the glass ceiling you have to break though to get to the top of this sport… well let me tell you all something, Louisville, when Shawn Michaels is working with you, he makes it so he’s on top, and that the ceiling isn’t glass, but steel. The Heartbreak Kid lays down for nobody, right, Shawn?

The crowd boos, but one look at the hatred in Nash’s eyes or the anger in Michaels’ would tell you how heated these two are getting.

Kevin Nash: That’s what I thought, Shawn. See, at least back then, you could actually back all your talk up. You had one hell of a kick to go along with your cockiness, but now, you’re nothin’ but a broken down cripple.

Again, a huge amount of boos for Nash, and Michaels is livid in the ring. However, he doesn’t fire back, and Nash takes that window to keep going.

Kevin Nash: Last week, Shawn, you remember last week, right before you kicked me in the jaw, when you were BSing with Ric Flair, you talked about what the Four Horsemen had to make them elite. You told Ric, lying to lead me and the boys on, that the Horsemen had nothing – no one – to make them elite. But now, a week later, here you are standing in the ring as a Horsemen, and I have to reciprocate… what does the Four Horsemen have to make them elite?

Nash pauses while Michaels studies Nash, trying to come up with an answer and a means as to why Nash is asking this question. As Michaels remains silent, Nash continues.

Kevin Nash: You want to know the answer, Shawn? The answer… is nothing. The Four Horsemen have nothing to make them elite, they have no one to make them up to par with the New World Order.

The crowd responds with a lot of heat, as they get where Nash is going with this.

Kevin Nash: What about you makes Shawn Michaels elite once more? Just because you’re standing here, Shawn, that doesn’t mean you’re “back”. What I want to know, what the New World Order wants to know, what I’m sure the entire world wants to know, is what does Shawn Michaels have to make him elite?

The crowd boos as Nash continues to stare down Michaels, Nash now looking serious as can be.

Kevin Nash: What does Shawn Michaels have that is going to threaten the nWo? Shawn, you’re nothing, man. I’m saying this as an old friend here… walk away. You’re broken down, you’re crippled, and you haven’t wrestled in almost 4 years. You think you can come back and wrestle, but you don’t really know. If you step back into the ring, and try and face off against us, the nWo, you’re fightin’ a losing battle, cowboy. You’re going up against the best set of wrestlers today, and the most lethal faction known to man. If you’re not crippled now, we’ll make sure you are… for life. You won’t be able to carry your wife to bed for a romantic night, you want be able to go outside and play catch with Cameron. I promise you, Shawn, the New World Order will cripple you.

The crowd is surprisingly quiet, shocked by Nash’s harsh words. Michaels, even more surprising, is not irate. He’s quite calm, and immediately starts to speak once Nash has finished, a very calm tone in his voice.

Shawn Michaels: Big Kev, I think there’s a chance you’re right…

The crowd cuts Shawn off, but he just holds up his pointer finger, letting them know he still has a point to make.

Shawn Michaels: But ya’ know what, Kev? There is only one way for us to find out if Shawn Michaels is still elite. And damn it, I may not be cleared to compete by own doctor, but I don’t need it! All I know, is that you, Kevin Nash, are in serious need of an ass whoopin’, and the Heartbreak Kid.. is ready ta’ give it to ya’!

The crowd breaks out into a thunderous round of cheers, and Michaels just nods his head repeatedly, pumped up.

Shawn Michaels: We all wanna find out if ole’ Heartbreak can be elite!? Let’s find out, Kev! Let’s find out ta’night! You and me, you son of a *bitch*! You ran me down, and I kept my mouth shut, so now, put up or shut up big boy. I didn’t come down to Dubya-See-Dubya ta’ just stand here and talk, I came here ta’ fight! So let’s dance, Kev!

The crowd is cheering, and Nash just smirks at HBK, nodding his head a few times here and there.

Kevin Nash: I should’ve known you’d be too arrogant and bull-headed to take my advice. You wanna get crippled, Shawn? Then alright, let’s get crippled!

The crowd – despite the rip on HBK – cheers as Nash accepts the challenge. Michaels lets his emotion loose in the ring, flailing his arms and yelling out in success. Nash however, has other plans.

Kevin Nash: Hold up there, cowboy. You see, I’m all up for wrestling tonight and breakin’ your back, but Shawn, if you want me in the main event, you’re gonna have to get there first.

Nash smirks, and moments later, the entire New World Order comes out onto the stage! Nash grins and he, Hall, Hogan, and Jarrett lead the charge as they slowly walk down the ramp towards the ring, Hogan pointing “the” finger at Michaels, letting him know what he’s about to get. Michaels, however, instead of looking scared at the upcoming beat down, just grins and raises the mic back to his mouth.

Shawn Michaels: Hahaha. See, I know how you nWo boys operate; I figured you’d all come out here at some point, and well, if you were planning on kicking my ass, the Four Horsemen ain’t down with that!

And out from under the ring appears Cal Anderson, Dean Malenko, Lance Storm, Arn Anderson, and even Ric Flair, each man sporting a raised fist and a steel chain wrapped around their right hand (or in Arn’s case, his left). The nWo immediately hits the brakes, coming to a halt on the entrance ramp as all of a sudden, the Four Horsemen are in the building and ready for a counter attack! The nWo scurries back up the ramp to the entrance stage, giving them enough space to allow a more comfortable stare down between the two sides, while Michaels signals to Nash he is his’ in the main event.

Tony Schiavone: Oh my goodness, Professor! Shawn Michaels, The Heartbreak Kid, is returning to the squared circle… tonight!

Mike Tenay: Shawn Michaels has not wrestled a professional match since 1998, but tonight, right here in World Championship Wrestling, one of the illustrious and greatest wrestlers of the past decade will go toe-to-toe with his former best friend, and his new rival, ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash! It doesn’t get much bigger than this folks.

Tony Schiavone: You are absolutely right, Mike Tenay; this could arguably be one of the biggest nights in the history of this sport!

Sorry, we had to get that out of the way. You lot know how Tony is.

Mike Tenay: It’s truly shaping up to be an epic night here on Nitro, and the show has just begun! But stay tuned because when we return, we’re going to kick off the high-impact wrestling with action with four of the best cruiserweights today – including the man who will challenge Shane Helms for the WCW Cruiserweight Title at Sin, Chavo Guerrero Jr. – in action!


When Nitro returns, the crazy Crowbar, Shannon Moore, and The Flying Harts are all in the ring. “Filthy” then hits as Chavo Guerrero Jr. comes out, the crowd getting behind the fiery third generation superstar. Sporting just a black bandana and black & orange tights, Chavito struts down to the ring, slapping hands with fans to get them pumped up while still maintaining the vintage Guerrero cockiness all the while. Chavito gets into the ring, Jack Evans departs, and Scott Dickenson calls for the bell to start the match.

Match One
Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Crowbar vs. Shannon Moore vs. Teddy Hart (w/Jack Evans)
Four Corners Match

WCW hasn’t had much of a chance to spotlight its cruiserweight division as of late, so these four men get a chance to have a six minute affair of spots and clusterfuck action that wows the crowd at times, and letting the fans be reminded of how good these wrestlers can be. Chavo Guerrero and Crowbar start the match off on fire, Chavo working over Hart while Crowbar works over Moore; simple brawling somehow turns into stereo tilt-a-whirl head scissors, followed by Crowbar clotheslining Moore up and over the top rope to the outside, and Chavo hip tosses Hart over the top rope, past the apron, and onto the mats near Moore. Chavo and Crowbar duke it out from there, and Chavito eventually sidesteps a charging Crowbar, sending him flying over the top rope to the outside, crashing into the staggering Moore and Hart. To cap it all off, Guerrero climbs up onto the third rope before leaping off, taking all three men down with a cross body plancha!

The action stays spotty on the outside, as Teddy Hart is able to gain some control after an assist from Jack Evans, and the young Hart jumps onto the thin guardrail before springboarding off of it, taking Moore down with a quick moonsault press. However, to truly show off his athleticism and how scripted these matches can be, Hart’s legs lock around Crowbar’s head and neck as he’s in the air, and after a moment of hesitation, Hart sends Crowbar spinning to the floor with a modified head scissors take over. However, while Hart wows the crowd throughout the match, it is still Chavito who dominates throughout most of the match, showing a bit of a mean streak as he throws Shannon Moore head & shoulder first into the guard rail, dropping Hart with a DDT on the outside, and then slamming Crowbar onto the steel steps with a release front suplex.

As the match progresses back into the ring and order is restored, and while spotty flips and flops continue, the ending approaches as Chavo Guerrero ends up dropping Shannon Moore with a Brainbuster and Crowbar eats the mat, courtesy of the Gory Bomb. Teddy Hart looked to get the same treatment, but Jack Evans got involved, distracting Dickenson. With the ref preoccupied, Shane Helms ran out from the back, Cruiserweight Belt in hand, and blasted Chavo right in the face with the belt just as Chavo turned to face him. Chavito dropped like a ton of bricks, and the Champ exited the ring as Hart climbed up the top rope. With Dickenson focusing back on the match, Hart flies from the top turnbuckle, executing his death defying shooting star elbow drop, the Hart Attack 2.0! The cover is academic, and Teddy Hart steals the victory, thanks to Shane Helms.

Teddy Hart def. Chavo Guerrero, Crowbar, and Shannon Moore at 6:36

Jack Evans gets into the ring to celebrate the victory with Teddy after the match, and the Champ joins them soon afterwards. Evans jumps up and hugs Helms, while Hart extends a hand for a shake. As Schiavone hypes a new alliance, Helms smirks, and then blasts Hart across the eyes with the Title Belt! Jack Evans tries to fight Helms, but immediately gets a kick in the gut, followed by the deadly Vertebreaker! The Harts may be heels, but the crowd hates Helms, and buries him with boos.

One Man Wrecking Crew… of Vanilla Midgets

‘Sugar’ Shane Helms laughs at the crowd before getting a mic from a stagehand. Helms raises the mic up to his mouth, but spots Shannon Moore and Crowbar getting back up to their feet. Helms drops the mic, only so he can take his title belt, and blast Crowbar and then Moore across the head the belt, knocking the two out cold! With the crowd still jeering him, Helms finally starts to talk, standing over the fallen Guerrero.

Shane Helms: Heh, so little Chavito, you thought you’d be a tough guy and challenge me for my Cruiserweight Title at Sin? Well, Chavo, you got your wish, and now you’re reaping the consequences!

The crowd boos, but Helms keeps on talking.

Shane Helms: I am a one man wrecking crew, Chavo. I just destroyed the Flying Harts, and those two random jobbers that you apparently couldn’t beat. I’ve been the Cruiserweight Champ for over nine months, while you’ve just been living off your stupid Guerrero name. I’ve crushed every cruiserweight who has ever stood in my way – including you – proving why I am the greatest Cruiserweight Champion in the history of WCW!

The crowd clearly disagrees, booing Helms.

Shane Helms: Chavito, you’re a disgrace to the so called legacy of the Guerrero name. The Guerrero’s… you’re Lucha Libre crap down in Mexico is nothing but garbage to me, but these idiots think you’re part of a legacy. Well at Sin, I’m gonna kill off one generation of this “legacy” and knock you so hard on your head you’re gonna end up in a hospital bed somewhere on the Mexican border… right next to your pal, Super Crazy!

The crowd boos Helms, but it just gets worse as Helms stomps down on Chavo as he tries to get up. Helms is just over like a mofo.

Shane Helms: You wanna beat me at Sin? You’re preparing for this? I got news for ya’, Chavito, the only thing you need to prepare for is a broken neck! And just because I’m Shane Helms and I can… here’s a preview for ‘ya!

Helms crouches down, and crushes the microphone right across the forehead of Chavo! The crowd is furious with Helms’ antics, but he doesn’t care, slamming the mic onto Chavo’s skull three or four times. Helms then pulls Chavo up to his feet, dropping the Title Belt onto the canvas in the process. Helms then picks Chavo, sets him up and drops him with the Vertebreaker, right onto the Title Belt! The crowd is furious as Chavo’s neck folds right up on the gold belt. Helms gets up to his feet, raising his arms at his sides, tilted, as he taunts the crowd. They lay into him with a lot of boos, and it only makes Helms look down at Chavo and smirk maliciously. He slowly starts stalking over to Chavo, but the cavalry is coming! The Filthy Animals, Konnan, Billy Kidman, and Rey Misterio Jr. sprint out from the back; Helms hears the cheers and then spots the Animals, and quickly grabs his Belt before exiting the ring under the bottom rope as the Animals enter the ring on a different side. Helms then hightails it up the ramp, raising his belt and celebrating his antics all the while. The Animals tend to the fallen Guerrero, who looks totally out of it.

Tony Schiavone: That damn Shane Helms! This is just getting out of control! Success has gone to the kid’s head and the lack of respect he is showing to his fellow cruiserweights with his malicious attacks are just morally reprehensible.

Mike Tenay: Shane Helms has undeniable talent and he truly could be the greatest Cruiserweight Champion WCW has ever seen, but this damn ego of his needs to be put in check! Chavo Guerrero has to have a concussion after that vicious assault, and you have to wonder if his condition will be 100% heading into Sin, a week and a half from now.

Tony Schiavone: This is just like what happened to Super Crazy heading into Starrcade last month!

Urgh, Tony. Thank you for the obvious observation… but substance. Ya’ gotta actually let the kids know. Oh, actual work? C’mon Professor…

Mike Tenay: Super Crazy suffered multiple concussions heading into Starrcade, and a third one in his match with Helms at the pay per view. Those multiple concussions in such a short time have put the Extreme Luchadore on the shelf, and we still do not know when Super Crazy will be back.

Tony Schiavone: And if Chavo Guerrero isn’t careful, he may end up like Super Crazy!

Mike Tenay: This is a sad truth, Tony, but hopefully Chavo will be okay and ready to go for Sin! However, we have to take a commercial break, but stay tuned because up next, The Natural Born Thrillers will take on Sean O’Haire of the Young Lions and Billy Kidman of the Filthy Animals!


When Nitro returns, we get not a match, but a video.

Back To Last Week

A title saying “From Last Week” appears on the bottom of screen, and then disappears as we see Booker T walk out into the parking lot, dressed to leave the arena and carrying his black leather duffel bag with him. However, he drops that and skids to a halt as he sees his precious Cadillac completely destroyed. Every window is smashed, the front hood is dented, and the windshield smashed more than the rest. Booker shouts out “What the fuck!?” but the entire statement is censored. As Booker runs up to his car and looks at the damage, he sees a lead pipe sitting on the front seat. He knows the culprit. Booker opens up the door, shards of glass falling out from the door and onto the ground. He picks up the lead pipe, and looks at it before throwing it down onto the floor.

Booker T: Steiner… ‘dat son of A BITCH!

Booker kicks his damaged Cadillac, furious that his precious car has been destroyed. The video then fades out, and we cut back to the ring.

Billy Kidman is still in the ring from before the break, and Rey is at ringside with him as “Lion” hits, bringing out Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo to cheers. The two bash forearms together on the entrance stage before trotting down the ramp and into the ring. Once in the ring, they lock eyes with the Animals, and while Palumbo isn’t as chilly towards them, O’Haire is furious. He looks ready to attack Kidman, his own partner, rather than team up with him. However, “Avalanche” kills the mood, and O’Haire turns his focus to the other team he’ll be wrestling at Sin, the reigning WCW Tag Team Champions, The Natural Born Thrillers. Mike Sanders leads his boy, Mark Jindrak and Johnny Stamboli, down the ramp and into the ring, the Champs proudly showcasing their belts for all to see. As the Champs get into the ring, Jindrak and Stamboli toss the titles off to Sanders, who proudly lets them display on his shoulders. Misterio and Palumbo depart the ring as well, standing on opposite side of their team’s corner, however.

Match Two
Billy Kidman and Sean O’Haire vs. The Natural Born Thrillers ©
Non-Title Tag Team Match

This match isn’t a long one, focusing more on the tension between Kidman and O’Haire than the match itself. Tenay is in full hype force for this match, hyping the tension and the upcoming three-team match at Sin, so the actual play-by-play is horrid because really, do people expect Schiavone to call the action? Exactly. Kidman and O’Haire each put up solid individual efforts, but show no team work and only friction and tension towards each other. Without any teamwork, the Thrillers are able to take advantage thanks to their quick double teams and all around cohesive teamwork.

The Thrillers are able to work over Sean O’Haire throughout most of the match, but their double team and rest holds end up not being enough as O’Haire uses his raw power to fight out of a Jindrak sleeper hold and chin lock before knocking him down with a big lariat. O’Haire is forced to make the hot tag, and Kidman quickly gets the Thrillers reeling with his high pace offense. Multiple dropkicks to Jindrak and Stamboli send them staggering, and proceeds to score with tilt-a-whirl head scissors and a hurricanrana to Johnny Stamboli. However, as Kidman went to hurricanrana Jindrak, he was intercepted by a running leg lariat from Sean O’Haire! Kidman crumbles, and O’Haire just rolls out of the ring afterwards, standing at the bottom of the ramp. Palumbo goes to investigate why he attacked Kidman, but doesn’t seem too pissed about it. With Kidman down, Jindrak climbs to the top turnbuckle as Stamboli pulls Kidman up to his feet. As Stamboli lifts Kidman up for a Double Underhook, Jindrak leaps off the top turnbuckle, and the two men complete the Spike Double Underhook Piledriver! Stamboli makes the ensuing cover, and the pin fall is an easy 1-2-3 as Misterio can only watch on in frustration from the outside.

The Natural Born Thrillers def. Billy Kidman & Sean O’Haire at 5:53

The Thrillers get up and celebrate in the ring, while Rey Misterio makes a beeline to Palumbo and O’Haire at the bottom of the stage. While it was Kidman who the Filthy Animal (inadvertently) starting problems, it’s all Misterio this time around. Rey shoves O’Haire right in the chest, and O’Haire quickly retaliates with a wild right hook! Misterio ducks, however, and Chuck Palumbo quickly gets in between the two, trying to prevent a wild brawl from breaking out. Sanders laughs at the proceedings on the outside, as the more the tension between the Animals and Lions grows, the easier the chances of the Thrillers retaining their Titles at Sin will be, thanks to those two teams wanting to cut each other’s throats. Billy Kidman eventually rolls out of the ring and joins in on the madness, separating Rey as well, trying to quell the peace.

Mike Tenay: Mike Sanders is absolutely loving this, Tony. The alliance between the Filthy Animals and the Young Lions has completely broken, and they’re just chomping at the bit to go at each other. And the more those two teams prepare to duel, the easier it is for Sanders and the Thrillers to slip by unnoticed at Sin.

Tony Schiavone: The Natural Born Thrillers are cowards, Professor, but in this case, their cowardice looks like it could really help them!

Doesn’t it usually help in some sort of way? I mean, they are the Tag Champs after all.

Mike Tenay: All three of these teams are solid tag teams, and if the Animals or Lions could get their heads on right, they’ll have a great shot at winning tag team gold at Sin. However, that doesn’t look like it will be the case, and you have to like the Natural Born Thrillers’ chances of retaining the WCW Tag Team Titles in a week and a half’s time.

As Tony nods his head knowingly, the camera cuts to the back again.

Needing To Regroup

We’re backstage in the New World Order locker room, where life is not very peachy. Hennig, Awesome, and Keibler are one couch; Hogan, Hall, and Jarrett on another; Bischoff at the head of the room in a chair, and Nash in another lounge chair, mentally preparing himself for his match with HBK. Every is bitching and moaning at once, the scene too chaotic to truly write out. However, Bischoff isn’t happy with everyone’s complaining.

Eric Bischoff: Alright everyone, zip it!

Ah, instant silence.

Eric Bischoff: Listen, the New World Order is disgracing itself. We’ve been made fools of! I can’t believe Ric Flair and the Horsemen duped us last week; we were embarrassed by Ric Flair and that damn Shawn Michaels. Tonight, again, our plans to attack and re-cripple HBK backfired on us. It’s time to man up, guys!

Bischoff sits up from his chair, strolling around the room.

Eric Bischoff: Tonight’s main event is the perfect time for us to start. Shawn Michaels thinks he is going to be a star again, but we know the truth, gentlemen. We’re going to re-cripple Michaels and send him packing from the Four Horsemen and all of WCW. I have the utmost faith in Kevin to get the job done tonight, and Kev, we all know this is a personal battle for you. You want Shawn one-on-one, and we’re giving you that. Take him out.

Bischoff gives Nash a harsh look, his eyes filled with hate as he utters the phrase “take him out”. Nash simply nods his head and cracks his neck from side to side, looking furious himself. Jarrett assumes the spotlight during the silence, speaking up.

Jeff Jarrett: This is all well and good Bischoff, but we need to focus on the big time. Sin is coming up in a week and a half, and we need to be ready to make another impact. We almost kill them at Starrcade, and at Sin, we need to do it again.

Eric Bischoff: Look Jeff, I’m out of power now. I can’t control what matches Ric makes for Sin. Curt has Hugh Morris, and Awesome is defending his title against Konnan. For the rest of you, I have no idea what’s going to happen.

Jeff Jarrett: I don’t care, Eric, I want Malenko. That stupid slap nut son of a bitch cost me my World Heavyweight Title, and I want payback! Dean Malenko took everything away from me, Eric; make sure I get my match.

Jarrett glares at Bischoff, and Eric, looking quite intimidated by Jarrett and his surprisingly rough demeanor, just nods his head.

Eric Bischoff: Alright, Jeff. I promise you, we’re gonna get you Malenko at Sin. However, the rest of you, Hulk, Kev, Scotty, we need to make an impact. You three are the originals and the innovators, so I want to know, what can we do to get the nWo back on top? What can we do to break Flair’s spirits and kill the Horsemen?

There’s a collective silence in the room before Hogan just breaks out into an ear-to-ear grin as he strokes his beard.

Hulk Hogan: Haha, oh yeah, brother, I got just the idea of what to do, Eric. It’s gonna take some time to pull off, but give Hollywood a few weeks to get it all together, jack, and we’re gonna have Ric Flair on his knees cryin’ in the ring, brother.

Hogan just nods his head and Bischoff smirks, knowing that Hogan’s plan is probably money. As the nWo all share an evil laugh, we cut to a...


When Nitro returns from break, we’re backstage yet again.

Hunting For A Steiner

Booker T, dressed in street clothes, is storming around the backstage area, marching down several corridors. Three times he stops and barges into a locker room, shouting out “Steiner” each time he comes in. The first time is just a locker room of enhancement talent and jobbers, leading to a weird look from Booker, wondering who those sucka’s were. The second locker room is an assortment of cruiserweights, while the third is the old and shitty tag team of Totally Buff. Is that a needle in Lex Luger’s bag? Booker keeps marching down the corridor, looking absolutely livid. The fourth locker room door he comes across is already open, and Booker looks in, only to find… Rick Steiner.

Booker grins as he spies ‘The Dog Faced Gremlin’ Rick Steiner sitting on a stool, eating one huge sandwich, his back turned to the door way. Booker smirks as he stalks into the locker room, Rick oblivious to him. Then, Booker charges, and just as Rick turns to see who is yelling like a maniac, Booker smashes him in the face with a leg lariat! Rick flies into his own locker, his body eating the wood. Booker is like a man possessed though, stomping down on the fallen Rick, kicking at all parts of Rick’s body. However, Booker grabs Steiner by the head and yanks him up to his feet, and continues to slug him in the face with hard right hands. Booker grabs a hold of Rick by the face and proceeds to slam him face first into the concrete wall! Rick staggers, so Booker picks up the stool he was sitting on and breaks it over Steiner’s back! Rick collapses to the floor, and Booker kicks him one or two more times for good measure before running out of the locker room.

Tony Schiavone: What is Booker T thinking!?

Mike Tenay: I think it’s fairly obvious, Tony. Scott Steiner destroyed Booker’s Cadillac last week, and Booker T is getting revenge by taking it up a notch, attacking Scott’s own brother!

Mike Tenay – 1 Tony Schiavone – -92

Tony Schiavone: Things are certainly heating up in this battle, Professor!

Mike Tenay: Booker T is not going to let Scott Steiner’s antics get the best of him; if Steiner is going to send a message, Booker T will be right there sending it as well!

Tony Schiavone: We’re going to send you backstage yet again fans as Scott Hudson is standing by with the Filthy Animals!

Lame Promo Time

Hudson is back at the interview area with Konnan, Billy Kidman, and Rey Misterio. To no one’s surprise (except maybe Tony… he is an idiot, after all), Chavo Guerrero is missing from the group.

Scott Hudson: Hello gentlemen, and hello to everyone watching at home. I am ‘Mean’ Scott Hudson, and standing beside me are the Filthy Animals! First off, guys, can any of you tell me the status of your pal, Chavo Guerrero?

Konnan: ‘Ight Animals, lemme speak on ‘dis! Chavito’s on his way ta’ a hospital, n’ ‘dere lookin’ ta’ see if he has a concussion. We all hope Chavo is a-okay, n’ Chavito tol’ me befo’ he left ‘dat he was hopin’ ta’ be okay fo’ next week.

Scott Hudson: Well that is a relief that Chavo is hopefully okay.

Konnan: Oh yeah, Chavito’s ready ta’ rock next week. N’ nex’ week, me n’ Chavito have a challenge: us two boys want our opponents fo’ Sin in a tag match! Chavito n’ I versus Mike Awesome n’ ‘dat rat, Shane Helms!

Konnan nods his head while Rey and Billy support him on.

Scott Hudson: Well hopefully President Flair will book that match, Konnan. However, Billy and Rey, I want to talk to you two as well about your Sin match. You two, along with the Young Lions, Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire, will challenge the Natural Born Thrillers for the WCW Tag Team Titles? What are your thoughts on this messy situation right now?

Billy Kidman: First off, I am sick of Sean O’Haire not being able to trust me. Sean, we said we had each others’ backs, and that worked out just fine. Bro, I thought you were Jindrak last week. I’ve apologized over and over again; we shouldn’t be fighting each other, we should be trying to have one of us win the WCW Tag Team Titles and make sure the Thrillers can’t cheat their way to another victory.

Rey Misterio: Billy’s right, Hudson. Mike Sanders, he’s a master manipulator; he wants to see all this tensions between all of us. The more tension between the Lions and the Animals, the easier it becomes for Stamboli and Jindrak to score a quick win over us at Sin. They’re gonna bring their A game at Sin, and me and Billy, we’re gonna be bringin’ ours too. But Sean, if you’re always tryin’ to get after us, you and Chuck don’t stand a chance. We want you two to bring you’re A game too, so don’t worry about us, worry about those Tag Titles!

The three Animals stare into the camera, and we then cut to the ring, where oh my, Lash Leroux is standing in the ring. Here comes the ratings!

After a few moments of Leroux showing off those stupid sideburns, “Voodoo Child” hits, and the fans mainly boo their asses off as ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan comes out onto the stage, strumming that invisible guitar I’ve been trying to see for ages. Really, where is it!? I can’t tell if Leroux is looking for it too, but he’s depressed as shit as Hogan struts down the ramp, clad in his black and white boas, nWo bandana and weight belt, sunglasses, nWo tee and tights. Hogan gets into the ring, taking forever to get all of his accessories off and rip his t-shirt. Honestly, this match will end up being shorter than his friggin’ entrance.

Match Three
Hulk Hogan vs. Lash Leroux
Squash Singles Match

Heh, yeah; you know what’s coming here. Leroux tries to charge Hogan from the get go, and just gets blasted with vicious right hands from Hogan. Hulk wails away on Leroux, but Lash ends up trying to fight back, jumping up and trying to hurricanrana Hogan. Clearly, it fails, because there’s no way Hogan could take that move. Instead, Hogan catches Lash, and slams him down to the canvas with a power bomb. From there, Hogan picks him up, hits the scoop slam, big boot, and caps it all off with the Leg Drop… of DOOM~! Cover is academic, and I’m waiting for Schiavone to call this Hogan’s biggest victory of his career.

Hulk Hogan def. Lash Leroux at 2:01

After the match, Hogan actually isn’t celebrating his victory. Instead, he kicks at the fallen Leroux, and then hits him with another Leg Drop! Leroux is selling it beautifully, out like a light. Hogan then walks over to an “nWo stagehand” as Schiavone calls him, and the stagehand gives Hogan a can of spray paint. Just for the fun of it, Hogan turns Leroux on his stomach and sprays “nWo” on Leroux’s back, embarrassing and humiliating Leroux, while making the nWo look a little bit better.

Tony Schiavone: That is just totally uncalled for, Professor!

Mike Tenay: I have to agree, Tony. Alright Hollywood, you beat Leroux, congratulations! There’s no need to humiliate Leroux just to get his point across.

Tony Schiavone: The New World Order has been in a little bit of a slump since Flair announced the Four Horsemen were coming back from the dead, but what is this going to prove?

Mike Tenay: It only proves that Hulk Hogan and the nWo will sink to the lowest of lows to get their point across and embarrass WCW.

Tony Schiavone: The New World Order are in a war, and they will take any kill they can get, ladies and gentlemen. However fans, we have to take a commercial break, but stay tuned because we still have more of Wednesday Nitro to come!


When Nitro returns, we’re backstage yet again.

Kickin’ It Old School, Elementary Style

Booker T is walking down a corridor, looking a little bit pleased with himself after that attack on Rick Steiner. However, as he turns a corner, someone yells “You son of a bitch!”

Booker looks up, and ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner makes a beeline for Booker T, actually sprinting! He’s that pissed~! However, Doug Dillinger and his crew of security are right there, appearing out of nowhere to jump in between Booker T and Scott Steiner. Steiner tries to jump through the mass of security, but they keep the two men a few feet apart.

Scott Steiner: You son of a bitch! You frickin’ took out mah brother!

Steiner keeps trying to fight back, but Larry Zbyszko shows up on the scene.

Larry Zbyszko: Alright you two, settle down! Now!

Booker quits struggling, and while Steiner settles down a bit, he still tries to fight through security here and there.

Larry Zbyszko: Alright, now that’s better. President Flair just sent me over here, and he wants you two to keep separated! We’re all sick of this! Act like professionals!

Scott Steiner: F that, Zbyszko! That stupid jack ass assaulted mah brother, and now I’m gonna kick his ass!

Booker T: Fair is fair, bitch! Yo’ killed muh car, I kicked yo’ brotha’s punk ass!

That sets Steiner off, and he desperately tries to break through security, but fails.

Scott Steiner: Screw you, Booker! Forget Sin, you and me… next week damn it! I’m gonna kick your ass!

Larry Zbyszko: Now hold up! You two have a signed pay per view Heavyweight Title match for Sin; you can’t throw that out the window to wrestle next week!

Booker T: Yo Larry, we ain’t talkin’ ‘bout wrestlin’, we gonna fight! Steina’, you wanna mess around wit’ cars so much, ‘den next week, you n’ me, parkin’ lot! We don’t need no sanctioned match n’ yo’ punk ass approval; Steina’, anytime next week, you n’ me in the parkin’ lot; we gon’ do ‘dis!

Steiner nods his head in approval; he’s down for that fight. With a treaty, if you will, agreed on for now, Steiner backs off from Booker, and security releases him. Steiner walks away, and security releases Booker as well. Booker gives Zbyszko a quick harsh look before taking off in the opposite direction.

Tony Schiavone: Oh my goodness, Professor! Booker T and Scott Steiner next week just may well kill each other!

Mike Tenay: These two men are longtime rivals now, and they’re taking their rivalry to new levels now! Scott Steiner destroyed Booker T’s expensive Cadillac last week, and you all saw Booker T respond in kind by attacking Scott’s brother, ‘The Dog Faced Gremlin’ Rick Steiner! But next week, forget about WCW sanctions, forget about a referee, forget about rules, these two men are going to meet in the parking lot for an old fashioned fight!

The show cuts away, trying to progress the show along.

The Best Is Coming Soon… Featuring Walls Breaking Down

The videos for this… returning superstar plays once again. This one, however, is much like last week.

A series of numbers flickers all across the screen in rapid-fire motion, going so fast and their motions erratic as the numbers move across the screen. The numbers eventually all vanish off the screen from the corners, leading into the same video from last week – a shadowy figure hitting a STO to a random wrestler, and the figure raising his arms out to his sides, his back to the camera. The hair is long, but the color can’t be made out. Like last week, the man is holding a bottle of champagne in each hand. The erratic and quick moving numbers jump back onto the screen, erasing the shot of the figure. The numbers move across the screen in a way I can’t describe and end up forming a bottle of champagne (presumably). After standing still for the several seconds, the bottle explodes across the ring, and the tiny numbers end up forming a bigger phrase stating: 2 Weeks… He’s Better Than Everyone.

As the video ends, we cut to the back one more time.

Risking It All

We’re backstage in the locker room of the Four Horsemen. Shawn Michaels is sitting in a chair, taping up his wrists. He’s wearing the Horsemen t-shirt and jeans still, but has a pair of black wrestling boots on now. His wife, Rebecca, is standing behind him, holding their son, Cameron. Cal Anderson, Dean Malenko, and Lance Storm are all in the room, Lance in cowboy boots. Looks like we know how Shawn got the boots then. Arn and Ric, of course, are there too.

Ric Flair: Look Shawn, we all know this is a big match for you, but just, take it easy out there, okay?

Shawn just stares at Ric before lowering his head, going back to taping his wrists.

Ric Flair: Shawn, you and I both know that when Kevin Nash is determined, he can and will demolish anyone who stands in his path. You have him aggravated, you have him motivated, you have him determined. He’s out there to break your back tonight, Shawn. I know you’re trying to put on a show for everyone, but me, the Horsemen… Rebecca… we know your back isn’t 100%. You know your back isn’t there yet. We don’t want to see your career over before you can revive it.

Shawn finishes taping his wrists, and stands up, looking far too serious.

Shawn Michaels: This match isn’t something I should be heading into, I know. But ya’ll know that Shawn Michaels isn’t gonna lay down and let Kev walk all over him. Ric, I know you and the Horsemen have my best interests at heart; we have a war ta’ fight still. We’re gonna live ta’ fight another day, I promise you that.

Rebecca Curci-Michaels: …But Shawn, Doctor Keller back home says she hasn’t medically cleared you to wrestle yet.

Shawn gives his wife a long, hard look, knowing she is right.

Shawn Michaels: You’re right, Bec, but this is something I just gotta do.

Shawn’s wife just simple nods her head, and Dean, Cal, and Lance all flash Shawn the four fingers as Shawn walks out of the locker room, heading towards the ring.

Mike Tenay: Fans, you all know what is coming next; it’s Shawn Michaels returning to the ring from a four year absence to take on his former longtime best friend, Kevin Nash! It doesn’t get any more personal than this folks, and it’s next!


When Nitro returns, the WCW rift of “Sexy Boy” hits, the lyrics still sung by Shawn Michaels. After several seconds, Michaels comes out onto the stage, looking serious and almost nervous. He simply walks down the ramp, not performing any of his taunts of his old or even recognizing the crowd. As HBK enters the ring, however, there’s a new hop in his step, literally, as he hops into the ring. It seemingly energizes the previously stoic HBK, and he jogs off the ropes once or twice before “Rockhouse” hits, bringing out ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash to the traditional New World Order theme. Nash, like Michaels, looks very serious as he stands on the stage, but before he walks down the ramp he throws up the Wolfpack symbol with his right hand, staring dead at Michaels while doing so. The giant then storms down the ramp and into the ring, taking off his nWo t-shirt as soon as getting into the ring. Nash tosses the shirt at Michaels before motioning for him to “come get some” with his hands. HBK just nods his head, and after a dramatic pause by Nick Patrick, the bell is rung and this pup is under way.

Main Event
Kevin Nash vs. Shawn Michaels
Grudge Match

The crowd is clearly buzzing for the start of this match, heavily anticipating the return to form of Shawn Michaels. However, Michaels and longtime friend Nash aren’t in any hurry to rush things. In true WCW fashion, there’s a long stare down to start the match, followed by more stalling before a lock up. However, Nash over powers HBK and shoves him to the canvas, sending Michaels down hard on that surgically repaired back. That’s the story in the early going, as the two men lock up repeatedly, but the behemoth Nash out powers Michaels continuously, shoving him down to the canvas multiple times, with HBK a little slower to get up each time after taking a bump on his back. HBK takes bump after bump for the first three minutes of the match, but finally shows some life when he spins out of a lock up and behind Nash, breaking away only to dropkick Nash in the lower back, sending him staggering into the corner.

Forgetting all about wrestling, Michaels leaps into the corner at Nash, starting to wail away at his new rival. Michaels takes it to Nash with a lot of right hands, and eventually knocks Nash all the way down to his buttocks by kicking him in the stomach and stomping him down. Michaels’ offense is limited to roughneck brawling for quite some time, but everything all falls down for Michaels soon after. With Nash on the ropes, HBK charges at Kevin, looking to clothesline him over the top rope, only for Big Sexy to back body drop Shawn up and over the top rope, sending Michaels sailing down to the protective mats at ringside, straight on his back! You can hear the breath being sucked out of the crowd as Michaels lands with a thud, the whole crowd fearing for the veteran’s safety.

One man who doesn’t fear for Shawn though, is Nash. Kev exits the ring and continues his beat down on Michaels on the outside, whipping him into the security guardrail and the side of the ring multiple times, each whip sending Shawn back first into the hard objects. Nash shows no remorse, simply kicking the crap out of Michaels, capping his outside attack by lifting the Showstopper up in a bear hug, and after squeezing the life out of him, Nash runs at the ring post, drilling Shawn’s spine into the ring post! Patrick demands the action returns to the ring, so Big Sexy obliges, rolling Michaels into the ring and covering him, only for HBK to somehow kick out before three!

Michaels shows resiliency, but Nash is convinced to break him. What follows is a brutal beat down on Michaels as Nash just hits HBK over and over again in the lower and middle back with his big boot, stomping down continuously. After another kick out, Nash takes it to a new level, picking Michaels up and slamming him down to the canvas with a stalling vertical suplex, holding Michaels up in the air for quite some time before Nash actually jumps off his feet, making the slam that more impactful on Michaels’ back. After another kick out, Nash steps up his game one more notch. After beating down on Michaels some more with simple brawling, Nash scoops HBK off his feet, and slams him down to the canvas with a one-armed sidewalk slam! However, one more time, the Heartbreak Kid finds a way to kick out, keeping Louisville, Kentucky on their feet.

The look on Kevin Nash’s face is total disbelief, but instead of complaining about the kick out, Big Sexy digs even deeper. Nash kicks on the fallen Michaels and beats him down some more before roughly pulling Michaels up to his feet by the hair. Nash scoops HBK off his feet for what looks like another sidewalk slam, only to extend his knee, slamming Michaels down over the knee with a backbreaker! However, Nash isn’t done there, standing back up to his feet, walking around the ring before spiking HBK with another backbreaker. Michaels’ limp body dangles in the air, his back on Nash’s knee while the rest of his body dangles towards the canvas. One more time Nash stands up to his feet, and one more time Kevin Nash hits a deadly backbreaker, releasing his grip afterwards, sending Michaels rolling to the canvas. The pinfall that follows has to end it… but Michaels gets a shoulder up! Somehow, someway, the Heartbreak Kid gets his shoulder up before the count of three, winning the crowd over while sending Nash into a completely new state of confusion.

There will be no more kicking out, Nash insists as he stands up to his feet and raises the Wolfpack symbol. Nash scrapes Michaels off the canvas and up to his feet, and after some weak right hands, settles him in between his legs. Once more, the Wolfpack is raised, and Nash slowly lifts Michaels off his feet and onto Nash’s shoulders. Nash tries to slam Michaels down with the Jackknife Powerbomb, but Michaels isn’t having it! Shawn fights out of nowhere, flailing his arms to keep his balance before raining down multiple right hands to Nash. After a delayed struggle, Michaels finally slips out, landing on his feet before kicking Big Sexy in the gut and spiking him with a DDT! The crowd is loving it, finally seeing Michaels fight back and get in some offense. Both men are down, and the traditional ten count ensues, with Nash responding at seven and Michaels at nine.

It’s almost back to page one, but Michaels has a new spring in his step. As the two lock up, HBK stays with Kev, refusing to be over powered. Instead, Nash shoves Michaels into the ropes, but Shawn responds by leaping off his feet and knocking Big Sexy down to the canvas with a flying forearm smash! We all know what’s coming next, as Michaels somehow kips up to his feet, yelling out, the intensity and adrenaline getting the best of him. As Nash staggers up to his feet, Michaels jumps him with hard right hands before taking Nash back down with a swinging neckbreaker! Nash kicks out of the ensuing cover, and actually gets back on the offensive by taking a charging Michaels off his feet with a clothesline.

Back on the attack, Nash whips the Showstopper into the ropes, and lifts up the leg for a Big Boot! The oncoming Michaels ducks Nash’s oversized leg, and as Nash turns around, HBK somehow lifts the big man off his feet and takes him down with a scoop slam! Michaels clutches his back in agony after somehow slamming with the big man despite his back being shot. However, with Nash down, Michaels flails over to the corner of the ring, exiting the ring to climb up to the top turnbuckle, doing so one-handed while his left hand clasps that injured back. Despite the time it takes to get up top, Nash is still on his feet, and Michaels leaps off, connecting with the flying elbow drop!

The crowd is cheering themselves hoarse, egging Michaels on to make the pin, but the Heartbreak Kid, well, he breaks their heart by rolling off and away from Nash, the pain in his back too much for him. HBK ends up in the corner of the ring, and as he slowly pulls himself up to his feet, courtesy of the ropes, he notices Nash slowly starting to do the same. Taking one look around the arena and getting his bearings, Michaels slowly starts tapping… it’s time to tune up the band! We all know what’s coming next as Michaels starts out tapping slow, but by the time Nash is almost at his feet, HBK is damn near stomping the canvas like a child throwing a temper tantrum. With tears in his eyes, Michaels throws himself at Nash as he turns around, and there it is, SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Michaels collapses to his stomach while Nash dramatically falls straight back, landing with a thud. The crowd continues to cheer HBK on, and after several extended, dramatic moments, HBK drapes his right arm over Nash’s chest while Patrick practically jumps into position… One! …Two! …Three!

Shawn Michaels def. Kevin Nash at 14:58

The crowd erupts into the ovation of the night as David Penzer declares ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels the winner. “Sexy Boy” hits one more time, and while HBK is the winner, he does not look like one. He remains face down on the canvas, one arm still on Nash’s chest. In fact, it is Nash who is the first to respond, rolling away from HBK and ending up out of the ring. He stays crouching down on the outside of the ring, out of the show, while the cavalry comes from the back…

…No, it’s not the New World Order either. Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Lance Storm, Cal Anderson, Dean Malenko, and Rebecca & Cameron Michaels all come out from the back, the Horsemen all proudly applauding Michaels’ effort tonight in battle. Nick Patrick slowly helps HBK up to his feet, helping him stay on his feet too so he can see his family and friends coming down to celebrate with him. As they all get into the ring, Rebecca gives her husband a kiss before handing him little Cameron so he can hug his son. Ric and Arn both hug Shawn as well, while Lance, Cal, and Dean shake his hand. To end the night, Shawn hands Cameron back to Rebecca so Lance and Cal and hoist HBK on their shoulders, raising him up to the level of God as they all celebrate his epic victory.

Tony Schiavone: Professor, I know I may say it a lot… but this is the greatest moment I have ever seen in professional wrestling.

Wow, not only does Tony acknowledge his shittiness, but he’s near tears. That’s how big of a moment this is for him.

Mike Tenay: For me too, Tony, for me too. Shawn Michaels hasn’t wrestled since 1998, but he just put on the kind of match that you will never forget. He was down and he was beaten, but damn it, he did not give up! Kevin Nash fought excellently and dominated Shawn Michaels like no other, but the Heartbreak Kid would not give up! Shawn Michaels would not say “no”! And Shawn Michaels is standing here tonight, a winner!

Tony Schiavone: Ladies and gentlemen, let me be the first to announce, that the legend of ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels in indeed alive and well, and he is back in professional wrestling!

Mike Tenay: And he is back enjoying a moment that not even the New World Order dare try and interrupt! He had his doubters – plenty of them – but Shawn Michaels has proved them all wrong!

Tony Schiavone: There is no better way to end Nitro than this Professor, and this is how we are calling it an end. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for tuning into this memorable and special Wednesday Nitro. We will be back next week, same time, same channel. I’m Tony Schiavone…

Mike Tenay: …and I’m Mike Tenay; so long and goodnight everybody!

*End of Show*

Quick Results:
Teddy Hart def. Chavo Guerrero, Crowbar, and Shannon Moore at 6:36
The Natural Born Thrillers def. Billy Kidman and Sean O’Haire at 5:53
Hulk Hogan def. Lash Leroux at 2:01
Shawn Michaels def. Kevin Nash at 14:58

Current Card for Sin – Sunday, January 27, 2002
WCW World Heavyweight Championship – Scott Steiner © vs. Booker T
WCW North American Championship – Mike Awesome © vs. Konnan
WCW Tag Team Championship – Natural Born Thrillers © vs. Filthy Animals vs. Young Lions
WCW Cruiserweight Championship – Shane Helms © vs. Chavo Guerrero
Curt Hennig vs. Hugh Morris


Tinkered with the format in terms of the coloring and centering. Simply put, I post this at EWB too, and don't use all the colors over there for dialogue. It's a bitch to edit all that coding, so I'm just changing it so I don't need to. Very Michaels-centric show here, but t'was obvious it was needed to really establish hiim here. Hope you all enjoyed, and to the peeps I need to review from last week, it's coming today and tomorrow.

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
Szumi's back, but not in black - back in BTB! And yeah, I know, he's doing WCW again - so unoriginal.

My Awards:
2008 - Best PPV - Starrcade
2008, 2007, & 2006 - Best Promo Writer
2007 & 2006 - Best Promo(s)
2007 - Most Creative
2007 - Best Feedbacker
2006 & 2007 BTB World Cup - Top Overall Scorer
2007 BTB World Cup - Booker of the Tournament
Only Person to Ever Score Perfect Score in a Tournament
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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Panic! Review

- This was an amazing and surprising start to open the show. The Shawn Michaels promo was very long yet so great which I liked to read. I liked how you put HBK's thoughts into that promo which lead to Nash coming out. Nash's promo was also great but I don't know if Michaels first match back should be for free on Nitro against Nash...but it might turn out to be good. Absolutely great how the Horsemen came out from under the ring to lead the counter attack against the nWo. As long as the whole show doesn't revolve around this feud though, I'll be happy with that. Good opening to the show.

- At least guys like Shannon Moore and Crowbar got some TV time this week in an OK opening match. I expected Chavito to grab the victory so I was all surprised when Helms ran out and screwed Chavo which then lead Teddy Hart to grab the cruiserweight victory. An alliance would've been a great direction to go from there but I guess that Shane Helms likes to go alone. It was an OK promo from Helms after the match and this part of the show actually showcased the CW division a little...glad that this Helms/Chavo feud is looking big as their match at Sin draws closer.

- Did expect this tag team match to last short but I liked what went on during and after the match. Hopefully the PPV match up between these three tag teams turns out to be good. The Natural Born Thrillers gained good heat as a tag team which is good. Tag Team Division seems to be good/OK at the moment.

- Nice little segment with the nWo. Nice how Double J got some words added into this although I would've liked Hogan to speak some more. It will be very interesting to see how this turns out after what Hogan said. New member maybe? We'll see.

- Very shocked with what went down here between Booker T and Scott Steiner's own brother, Rick Steiner. I found it funny when Booker went into the lockerroom filled with jobbers and him probably thinking "who are these suckas?" This Booker T/Scott Steiner feud will hopefully become more intense after what Booker just did. Glad that Tenay is beating Tony on commentary

- Not entirely shocked at all that Hogan managed to gain possibly the quickest victory of his entire career...aside from "The Fingerpoke of Doom" Moving on though, I actually maybe would've added a promo from Hogan after the match obviously on The Four Horsemen but actually good to read that Hogan spray painted the nWo logo onto Leroux. Where is Hogan's "invisible" guitar though?

- Loving this Booker T/Scott Steiner feud. Funny how Steiner was that pissed that he was actually sprinting towards 'Book. Loved eveything thatwas mentioned between these two and I absoultely cannot wait until these two meet in an non sanctioned match...this is totally my favourite feud going on in your BTB at this moment of time. Can't wait until they meet in the parking lot next week. This will be good.

- YES! Hopefully Jericho returns in two weeks time...if it is him...hopefully it is. He'll be a big hit on Nitro if he returns to the "big leagues." Maybe he'll enter this nWo/Four Horsemen feud? Hopefully so. Glad if he does.

- I even have to admit to myself on my softer side of things, kinda a little emotional on what went down backstage here. Even though I think that the HBK return match should still be saved, this HBK/Nash match will possibly be the best match of the night. Would've made Rebecca say some more things to HBK though but that's OK. Time for the match...should be great!

- All I can say is....wow...amazing match this was. I'm actually glad that you wrote this match out in full length which grabbed my all attention and I absolutely loved reading every single piece of the match. Loved the match from start to end and I'm glad that I've read and currently commenting on how remarkably written and how done it was. It was very emotion how Shawn's wife, child, and friends came out after the match to check on HBK despite Tony's shit commentary. Anyways, I still think it his return match should've been saved though but I guess that you just thought of something good for the main event of Nitro and just done it and it turned out to be a fantastic main event. Great ending to Wednesday Night Nitro and I'm all pumped up for next week already.

Notes - Well there was one spelling mistake (I still notice botches to this day despite mine sometimes ) but I thought that the show was great. Only four matches though? I guess that there were a few segments and the main event lasted a bit long but apart from that I like how everything is starting to pan out and the current Sin card looks sweet. The mark out of the night was definitely the main event of the show between HBK/Nash which I'll always consider a good main event now At least your shows don't entirely revolve around nWo/Four Horsemen as you put over different feuds as well and hopefully I'll witness the return of "Y2J" Chris Jericho in two weeks time, it obviously has to be him but if it isn't I'm obviously being tricked. Anyways, great show and I can't wait until next week....rating time ...

Total Rating - 9/10
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

K, I read the show yesterday, but I was short on time for reviewing. Show is/was the shits, and an actual review should come in the next couple of days, depending on how busy I am IRL and in BTB (close to getting SS up, k ). I shall edit this in when I get my review in, so don't think I'll have forgotten about it. <3
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

I'll hook you up with a nifty review somewhere down the line, Szum, you know I will.

Stellar work as always though, by the looks of it.
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