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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Monday, December 17, 2001
The Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia
12:43 AM

The thousands of people who attended Starrcade have finally filed out of the Georgia Dome, entering their cars and driving back to their houses or hotels. The entrance ramp and stage has already been taken down, and custodians are still cleaning up all the trash that was thrown at ringside. Yes, ringside, as in the squared circle is still up, the black “nWo” spray paint still covering the center of the canvas. In the ring, sit three men, subconsciously forming a triangle with their positioning. Sitting in the ring are Ric Flair, Eric Bischoff, and Steve Borden. Flair and Borden have both showered and changed out of their wrestling attire, now in street clothes. The three have been conversed in conversation for a while now, talking about Starrcade and how the show went off. A silence has consumed them, and Sting looks away from the two men, instead staring around throughout the now practically empty Georgia Dome, reminiscing on all the times he has wrestled in this very arena, and how tonight was possibly the last. Bischoff sees the reminiscing look in Borden’s eyes, and sadly smiles.

Eric Bischoff: I still can’t believe you’re leaving us, Steve…

Bischoff’s words snap Sting out of his reverie, bringing him back into reality.

Steve Borden: …Yeah. It’s been real, guys. It’s been the highlight of my life, that’s for sure. Even I still can’t believe that my match tonight was my last.

Ric Flair: Then don’t make it your last. Stick around for a while, Steve. Everyone wants you to stay.

Borden smiles at Flair sadly, but shakes his head side-to-side.

Steve Borden: Naw, I can’t do that, Ric. I told my wife I was done, and most of all, I told myself I was done. And besides, kayfabe says Sting is out of action for a few months.

All three men share a laugh at Borden’s comments.

Ric Flair: Man… it’s just not gonna be the same without the Stinger around. WCW will never be the same if you’re not in it.

Borden simply shakes his head at Flair in disagreement.

Steve Borden: WCW will be just fine without me, you both know that.

Ric Flair: Yeah… we are in pretty good shape, aren’t we?

Borden and Bischoff exchange uncomfortable looks with each other. While Flair may be completely oblivious to everything going on around him, Borden and Bischoff know the truth as it sinks into their stomachs. Borden may not want to talk about the financial strains the company is enduring, but the fact of the matter is, WCW is losing money.

Steve Borden: Yeah, Ric… you’re ri-

Eric Bischoff: Don’t you lie to him, Steve. Ric may be out in his bizarro land, you and I know what’s up.

Flair glares angrily at Bischoff, rage starting to consume him already.

Ric Flair: And just what the fuck do you mean by that, Bischoff!?

Borden huffs and puffs at the two men, sensing another argument about to erupt.

Eric Bischoff: I mean, that while you’ve been acting like WCW has been fine the past few months, we’ve lost 4 of our 5 major sponsors! Acclaim and our video game dealership, Michelin, Pepsi, and Sony all dropped us from our sponsorship deals with us. Plus, Nintendo backed out on fully sponsoring us and designing a video game for us on their new GameCube. The only major sponsor we have is Domino’s, and they were paying us the least amount out of all the other major sponsors! So what am I trying to say? What am I trying to say!? WE’RE LOSING MONEY YOU IGNORANT PRICK!

Haha, ownage. Bischoff glares Flair, fuming at how blind Flair truly is to WCW’s money problems. Flair gives Borden a quizzical look, asking for the answers he seeks. Of course, he doesn’t ask Bischoff for those answers – he only glares angrily at The Bisch.

Ric Flair: Steve, wha… what is going on?

Steve Borden: Well Ric, as hard as this is for you to swallow… Eric is right. We’ve lost 4 of our biggest sources of revenue; the only major sponsor we have left is Domino’s, and then our 5 minor sponsors: Budweiser, Gatorade, Greyhound, Reebok, and of course, Slim Jim. Our sponsors and NBC are our sources of revenue to go with the ticket sales and merchandise, and in case you didn’t know this, the sponsors are the biggest chunk of our revenue. Without me in WCW, we only have roughly 6 million dollars. With Pepsi and Sony dropping out within the past month now too, we’re due to lose a little under 2 million dollars. And if sponsors keep dropping, WCW is fucked, Ric – with or without my third of the money.

There was a long, awkward and tense silence between the three men. Some drops of reality were just forced through Flair’s ear hole and up into this brain, and now that information stores itself in Ric’s memory. WCW is in financial trouble now; they’re going to lose almost a third of their budget this month. Unless they get new sponsors, and soon, they’re fucked.

Ric Flair: Are… are you serious, Steve?

Eric Bischoff: He’s as serious as can be, Ric. We’ve lost almost every major sponsor; we’re losing money. We’re going to keep losing money until we have none left unless we find new sponsors to shell out loads of cash to us.

As Flair rapidly falls from cloud nine, a loud vibration emits from Borden’s pants pocket. Borden digs into his pocket, pulls out his cell phone, and opens it.

Steve Borden: Hi, dear. Yeah, hold on just a moment, dear… it’s the wife, guys, I need to take this. But hey, it’s been, uh…

Eric Bischoff: Yeah, for us too, Steve.

Ric nods at Borden and smiles sadly at him. Borden returns the nod and sad smile to both men, before exiting the ring, chatting to his wife, leaving just Flair and Bischoff remaining in the ring. The Trio Ownership has been reduced to just this – here sits your Dual Ownership.

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
Szumi's back, but not in black - back in BTB! And yeah, I know, he's doing WCW again - so unoriginal.

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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership


The opening video was very basic yet it told the story of all the huge matches tonight. You really did a great job of focusing on Booker vs. Jarrett and the triple threat retirement match. You were also able to sprinkle in some of the other matches as well but you kept the focus where it needed to be, and that was good. The opening commentary was probably the longest that I have ever seen and you did a great job getting the big matches over again. I love the three matches that will see WCW vs. nWo and they should all be huge. I am especially looking forward to Booker T vs. Jeff Jarrett and it should be the main event, no doubt. The North American title match should be epic as well as the Triple Threat retirement match. Great job by Tenay and Schiavone getting the viewers ready and I am ready for some wrestling!

Great way to start the match by having them head straight to the outside right away. I liked how no one did anything ridiculous to start the match and you were able to slowly make the match get more intense and the moves just kept getting bigger. Some epic stuff on the stage and both men went through a ton of pain. Some of the stuff like Kidman missing the Shooting Star Press and landing on the ladder sounded sick and would have been cool to see on TV. I thought that Rey was going to win the match but Kidman just never gave up and both men went through hell. Great way to end the match with Kidman hitting the Shooting Star Press off the top of the ladder and then just barely getting back up to his feet before Rey does. Kidman winning was the right move as he is the face … but Rey turns face after the match!! The Filthy Animals reunion was very unexpected but I am glad that you made it happen because this should be a great stable. Rey taking off his mask was a nice touch and I loved the comment about the 13 year old. Good start to the show and I just hope that the rest can live up to this great opening match. ****

Bischoff is just as nervous as ever while the rest of the New World Order is calm and collective. Bischoff telling each guy what he needs to do was good because it shows just how much he cares about each man. Jarrett is the one that I am most worried about since he is facing Booker T, who has been nearly unstoppable these past few months. Hulk Hogan resorting order made sense since he is really the leader of the group, not Bischoff. I am really wondering who the new member is and I hope you don’t disappoint!

Tag title match has kind of been forgotten because of the other huge matches so lets hope that it can deliver. The seated senton that O’Haire did onto all three other guys sounded crazy and it really started the match off with a bang. I liked how the match got physical right away with the teams battling on the outside and even having Jindrak and Stamboli hit a suplex to Palumbo on the steel was very intense. I knew that Sanders was going to get involved but he was in the ring so many times I thought he was a part of the match. He was definitely the difference in the match as he ruined the Young Lions on more than one occasion. The ending was suburb with Sanders nailing O’Haire on the top rope and then having him take out Palumbo. The Super Frankenstein sounded sick and Jindrak was the right ‘Thriller’ to get the pin. The Young Lions had a nice run but I thought it was time for a change and I am glad to see the Natural Born Thrillers as champs, even though they cheated their way into the victory. Top-notch tag team action, in my opinion. ***1/2

Very nice to see this after we saw the nWo get ready in the last promo. Booker T is crazy for thinking that he can take on the nWo by himself. Naitch talking about his career ending makes he think that he won’t be the one who is forced to retire later. Booker doesn’t seem to make Flair happy but Booker doesn’t sound like he needs anyone’s help and he sure doesn’t want it. I liked the ending with Flair paying himself a compliment and he sure is going to have it tough tonight.

Very eerie stuff and you have to forgive me but I have never seen a Sting promo like this, at least not one I can remember. He was very deep and profound talking about how his entire future rests on beating Steiner. I like his chances tonight and I think that he is a better wrestler than Steiner. He sure knows how to break down a match and tell what it means to the future of wCw, with all of the matches having an affect on the future of World Championship Wrestling.

Just want to say that I love the push Helms is getting as CW Champ. He is the best CW in wCw and only the most deserving wrestler should take the belt off him. This match represents what CW wrestling should be like, fast-paced and smash-mouth with a ton of near falls and crazy pins. I loved the reversal that Crazy had from the Vertebreaker and that was when the match turned to his favor. The moonsault off the ropes sounded ridiculous and Crazy is really starting pick up the pace. Helms is finally able to get back on track as he drops Crazy with a huge sit-out powerbomb and now Helms has the match in the bag for the rest of the time in the ring. Crazy gets a little too risky with two moonsaults and then ends up getting dropped with a huge German suplex off the top rope. Helms follows that up with a Vertebreaker and wins the match, keeping his lengthy title reign going. Great CW action here and I thought Crazy had the match won a few times but Helms never stopped coming and he won this awesome match. ****

Good to see Gene and Flair together but this could be the final time we get a Flair interview. Ric is on as always and he is ready for the triple threat match. Pretty basic Flair stuff with the ‘to be the man, you’ve got to beat the man’ and all of the WOOO’s but I loved every minute of it. Hogan won’t be retired tonight so that leaves either Nash or Flair and I truly hope that you pick Nash but we’ll see.

Awesome really is a ‘career killer’ and he sure showed it during this match. I love how Lance is almost a cruiserweight in this match because he did some sick stuff, like the corkscrew moonsault after being catapulted. Awesome goes through the table!! But it’s on the outside!! This match has been great so far and I’m sure you have a huge spot planned for the end so I will just keep reading. I thought Storm had the match won with the elbow drop but Awesome moves out of the way and Storm crashes through the table. Awesome Bomb through the table in the corner!! Awesome wins!! Great start for the nWo and I think this may be a sign of thing to come. Storm had a great run as NA Champ but it is good to see Awesome finally get the belt. This was an awesome tables match and you were able to make it very long without a ridiculous amount of huge spots. ****1/4

Very glad to see this group back together and hopefully they can help wCw face the nWo. Good stuff from Konnan and Rey’s little speech was good. Glad that Kidman and Rey have respect for each other again and that’s all I’m gonna say about this segment.

Good start with the huge staredown and I loved the 24-inch pythons of DOOM comment about Hogan. Surprised to see the Figure Four and the leg drop so early but I was relieved to see Flair kick out of Hogan’s finisher. The double pin by Flair and Hogan was ridiculous but I knew Nash wouldn’t get pinned. Cheat shot at Nature Boy, imo. SCOTT HALL costs Nash the match! Very surprised to see SCOTT HALL make an appearance and it looks like he was the nWo newest member. Nice to see the tazer come back with Hall and he is seriously helping Hogan right now. Leg Drop to Flair! Hall and Hogan just screwed Naitch and Nash couldn’t do anything about it! Hogan gets the title shot and Flair retires! Great send-off for Flair and he is definitely the best wrestler to come through this thread. Shame to see Ric gone but now I’m intrigued by Nash and Hogan. ****

Good stuff from Steiner and he is as intense as I’ve ever seen him. I think that he will beat Sting tonight and I hope we get a good Steiner-Booker feud for the belt, if Booker can beat Jarrett, which I think he can. I loved the glass ceiling line and it will be weird to see Steiner go against the nWo if he is a heel and all of them are heel as well. I hope that you can make that feud interesting if you go that route.

I was shocked to hear that Hall was supposed to interfere in the main event and now I believe even more that Booker is walking out with the belt. Hogan saying that Flair had him beat was a little out of character but I can see where he was coming from. Hall and Bischoff’s interaction was nice and I loved the line at the end about the beers. CLASSIC, imo.

Tony quits!! I liked this little segment and it really showed how mad even the announcers get after the nWo take control over everything. I loved your little one-liners as well. Super Crazy getting a concussion means he is out of the title scene for a while. Kidman vs. Helms, plz.

Wow this was probably one of the most barbaric matches that I have ever read. Sting and Steiner have had incredible history and this match was really one that told a story. Steiner was able to use his incredible strength to get the advantage but Sting was able to use his great technique to keep this match going back and forth. Glad to see that Sting was able to get out of the Steiner Recliner once and I thought he would be the winner after he escaped the deadly submission. Steiner kept on fighting and I was shocked to see him kick out of the Scorpion Death Drop. Sting kept on trying to fight back but the lead pipe was too much and Steiner needed to win because Sting is obviously on the outs in your thread. Nice way for Steiner to get even more heat after the match with the lead pipe attack again and I hope that he gets the World Title soon enough. Great match overall and I’m interested to see where Scotty goes after this match. ***3/4

Nice intense interview from Booker, giving the final hype to the main event, which has been building for months. Glad to see you didn’t forget about Nash and he is still very mad about what Scott Hall did earlier. Nash will get Hall if he comes out and I was surprised to see Booker cave in. Something seems a little off about this whole thing between Booker and Nash…

Main event time and I am ready for what should be a great match. Good to see Booker score the first big blow with a vertical suplex that took both men over the top and to the floor. I see much of this match taking place outside the ring, as most heated rivalries like this don’t stay in the ring. Booker is really dominating on the outside and the DVD was a huge move to get Booker over as really pissed off at JJ. Jarrett slamming Booker into the stage was good and it got The Chosen One back into the match. Booker kicks out of THE STROKE!! Never been a fan of the finisher as it doesn’t seem too deadly put good to see Booker kick out of a big move. Booker is busted open! It is not looking good for the challenger, imo. The Book End through the announce table sounded sick and Booker is back in control. Didn’t expect to see Awesome get taken down so quickly but I guess that is what Booker meant when he said he could handle the nWo on his own. JJ kicks out of the Axe Kick!! This match is really getting intense!! Now the nWo is really making its presence felt, with Hogan costing Booker the match. NASH IS NWO!!! Nash has been in with Hogan and Hall and the rest of the New World Order this entire time!! WCW is doomed, as the nWo has stolen the show!!! What a way to end the main event!! ****3/4

Overall, this was a spectacular event from top to bottom. I have provided enough analysis throughout the review that I just want to say this is one of the best PPVs I have ever read. Great main event and I can’t wait to see where you after this epic night. Awesome job Szum, 95/100.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Dude, I did about 1/2 of your review while I was over at my folks house yesterday, taking part in a ridiculously boring family function. I emailed the review over there, worked on it, and emailed the file back. Problem is I wrote the thing in word perfect over there, and my bitch as PC won't convert the file to my version of word. So here I am trying to finish up the main event, and post it, and I can't open the file. I'll have to go over there and post it from their house tommorrow. I'm off luckily, so I should have time to get it over there without a problem.'s damn near done though, for real, and is a thorough review for your unworthy, egotistical ass.

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Thanks to everyone so incredibly much for all of the feedback (and the few old-time recap reviews) that I was given for Starrcade. It means a lot that you all would read through that and give your feedback. I know some guys are still working on theirs, and that's cool. Even if they don't get it up, it's fine with me. The fact that they've read it, and hopefully enjoyed it, works for me.

I'm not going to sit back and give logic for every little thing and explain some of the flaws people think they picked out. I'm simply thrilled with the feedback. The only thing I wanted to comment on, was just to reiterate something that I told several others, it was meant to be pretty obvious that Kevin Nash would turn on Booker and join the nWo. Since The Outsiders had been actually wrestling with the nWo, it would've seemed silly for a random turn when they've been fighting, even though the two have been nWo all along. Yeahhh... exactly. However, yeah, Nash will talk about all that on Nitro(s). Starrcade was really only the beginning of what's to come... just know that

nWo Wednesday Nitro Preview- December 19, 2001

WE’RE TAKING OVER! The New World Order is in the house to host the first ever nWo Wednesday Nitro, live from Duke University at the Cameron Indoor Stadium, in Cameron, North Carolina! Starrcade has come and gone, and only the most superior entity in wrestling history, the New World Order, stood tall at its conclusion! ‘The Perfect One’ Curt Hennig will lead the new commentary unit on nWo Nitro, calling the shots as he sees them, a surefire step up from the shoddy commentary the now-defunct WCW had offered. Tune into nWo Nitro at 8PM EST to catch the new wave of professional wrestling run the show, the New World Order!

The New World Order solidified its spot as the greatest entity in professional wrestling at Starrcade by making a clean sweep of the former World Championship Wrestling. ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett retained the nWo World Heavyweight Championship by defeating Booker T in an epic main event, ‘The Career Killer’ Mike Awesome won the North American Championship against Lance Storm, and ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan won a guaranteed nWo World Heavyweight Championship shot. However, Hollywood Hogan also gave the world of wrestling one of his greatest contributions yet: he retired the walking fossil, Ric Flair! And to cap off the epic pay per view, The Outsiders, ‘The Bad Guy’ Scott Hall and ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash, showed the world their true colors, black and white, as they joined the side of the New World Order, helping to ensure the nWo’s dominance! The New World Order stands tall, and WCW will enter Duke University a fragment of itself, lone rebels coming in to try and keep their jobs. The fact of the matter is, the New World Order has defeated World Championship Wrestling, and the new era of wrestling is upon us.

Although Eric Bischoff and the nWo is now running the show, Bischoff, kind and generous at heart, is allowing many men from the former WCW to stick around in the nWo company. After reuniting at Starrcade, Billy Kidman and Rey Misterio of the newly-recreated Filthy Animals, will take on The Flying Harts, Jack Evans and Teddy Hart! Also, the Cruiserweight Champion, ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms, will wrestle in non-title action against Crowbar! All six of these men will be looking to make an impact in the new large spread nWo organization because if they don’t, they may not stay around! Make an impact, or lose their jobs; it’s as simple as that!

This is the new era of wrestling. Eric Bischoff is the President of the greatest organization in history, and the take over is here. Eric Bischoff promises a new set for this new era, so be sure to tune into NBC at 8PM EST, and witness the invasion!

Confirmed Matches:
Crowbar vs. Shane Helms
The Filthy Animals vs. The Flying Harts

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
Szumi's back, but not in black - back in BTB! And yeah, I know, he's doing WCW again - so unoriginal.

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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Dude, I went down yesterday hard. Sick as a dog, out of nowhere. Woke up in the middle of the night the night before feeling sick, and it just got worse and worse. Kids were sick last week, and while I usually never get sick, this time around I got a hold of their bug. And obviously, I never made it to my mums to post your review. Feeling fine today tho, and I'll get over there at some point to post it I'd hope. If not, it WILL be up at some point tommorrow after I get off, or if I have the chance, I'll use the work PC to take it from email and post it (doubtful). Twas a good PPV, and I've written you a nice in depth review, which again, you're unworthy of. And if you don't believe me, go fuck yourself tbh.

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership


Looks solid. Also, good backstage shizznit I didn't see earlier.

Nitro shall be gold imo.

Oh, and check PM's plz.

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

New World Order Presents
nWo Wednesday Nitro
Cameron Indoor Stadium, Durham, North Carolina
December 19, 2001




As Wednesday Nitro rolls live at Duke University, the setting is a tad different tonight. The entrance stage and ramp is still the same, but the announcer’s table is back to where it was in the old days of WCW, off to the left of the entrance stage, just in front of it. Two men are at the table, but Tony Schiavone (thankfully) is not there tonight. Above the entrance stage, the Nitro Tron has been completely trashed. Inside the ring, “nWo” is spray painted in the center of the ring, running from left to right (the “n” starting towards the entrance stage side of the ring and the “o” at the opposite side). Finally, we cut to the commentator’s booth, where ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay is joined by… Curt Hennig?

Mike Tenay: Hello fans and welcome to WCW Wednesday Nitro! I am your host for the evening,

Curt Hennig: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let’s hold the phone right there, Michelangelo! This is not that defunct promotion World Championship Wrestling promotion the show tonight – this is Wednesday Nitro brought to you by the most dominant entity in the history of wrestling, the New World Order! And I am your host for the evening, Curt Hennig, and welcome to the invasion!

Mike Tenay: This is going to be a terrible night commentating for me, isn’t it?

Curt Hennig: For me, yes it is, jobber. I’m stuck working with the most overrated commentator in wrestling today. I’d rather have to work with an obnoxious and no-talented Home Shopping Network clown than you, Tenay.

I hope someone got that joke.

Mike Tenay: Well nevertheless, we are just three days removed from Starrcade, and fans of World Championship Wrestling, it was not a good night for us.

Curt Hennig: Starrcade was one of the best pay per vies in wrestling history, Tenay! Jeff Jarrett retained the nWo World Heavyweight Championship, Mike Awesome became the new North American Champion, and Hulk Hogan retired the biggest and oldest fossil in wrestling’s history, Ric Flair! And Tenay, don’t you even bother to start talking! I have inside contacts that it’s time for the highlight of the night to grace your presence!

New NewNew
New New

The crowd erupts into almost all boos (although a few cheers are noticeable) as the screen tints black and the New World Order clique walks out from the entrance chute. The entire clique (sans Curt Hennig, who’s relegated to commentating) walks out onto the entrance stage, the entire group as gleeful as ever. Eric Bischoff leads the way down the entrance ramp, spinning around in circles as he takes in the crowds “wonderful” response. Jarrett and Hulk Hogan are behind Bischoff, with Jarrett showcasing his nWo-tagged World Heavyweight Title Belt on his shoulder. The Outsiders are right behind Jarrett and Hogan, the two men proudly waving their new black & white nWo t-shirts. Mike Awesome and Stacy Keibler bring up the rear (I’ll bring it up in hers~!), and everyone enters the ring soon enough. Once in the ring, Mike Awesome gets a microphone from a stagehand and hands it to Eric Bischoff. Bischoff tries to start to speak, but can’t at first as the crowd boos at him, overpowering him. Bischoff smiles and nods his head at the crowd’s jeers, and mouths “thank you” repeatedly to the Cameron Crazies. Finally, Bischoff starts to speak.

Eric Bischoff: Duke University… WELCOME, to nWo Wednesday Nitro!

Insane amount of boos for Bischoff and co.

Eric Bischoff: Oh yes, the nWo is taking over, baby! We waited for the opportune moment to fully strike into the hearts of World Championship Wrestling, and at Starrcade, WCW’s trademark and signature pay per view, the New World Order KILLED World Championship Wrestling!

More boos for the nWo.

Eric Bischoff: The New World Order, we had been waiting to launch the death strike on that defunct company, and when WCW was ready to honor their precious Starrcade’s prestige and value, the New World Order squashed WCW! Mike Awesome showed Lance Storm just who the toughest SOB really is when he won the North American Championship! Mike Awesome, take a bow!

The crowd boos as Awesome nonchalantly takes a bow, not seeming to into the ego thing.

Eric Bischoff: And then, there was the moment I have been waiting years for! The Immortal One, ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan retired the biggest piece of overrated crap in wrestling history, Ric Flair! Hulk Hogan, you, sir, are the man!

Bischoff and Hogan share a laugh while the crowd start to chant “We Want Flair”. The Outsiders laugh at the Flair chant, while Hogan cups his hand to his ear in response to the crowd’s chant. The entire nWo actually laughs at the entire scenario. The crowd wants Flair, and he’s gone, all because of the nWo. Hilarious, apparently.

Eric Bischoff: Want all you want, but the cold, hard truth is that Ric Flair will NEVER step into a WCW ring again!

More insane amount of boos from the crowd. Bischoff lets the crowd do its things, and when they end their boos, Bischoff changes a new topic of Starrcade.

Eric Bischoff: Now, Hulk Hogan retiring Ric Flair could have made Starrcade for the New World Order, but one man decided to put icing on the cake! Jeff Jarrett, congratulations, Champ! The Chosen One showed just who the World Heavyweight Champion at Starrcade is, and guess what? It wasn’t Booker T! Jeff Jarrett is the nWo World Heavyweight Champion!

Jarrett gives a “tip of the hat” to the crowd as they shower him in boos – yes, Jarrett isn’t actually wearing a hat.

Eric Bischoff: And of course, if that wasn’t enough, everyone in WCW, as well as all of your stupid dumb asses, were completely FOOLED by the men who had you all played from the beginning. I proudly present to you, two original nWo members, the men who have been a part of the New World Order since they came back home in October, The Outsiders, ‘The Bad Guy’ Scott Hall and ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash!

The crowd rains down boos upon The Outsiders. Scott Hall stretches out his arms to his side as he squats slightly and glides over to Bischoff. Hall takes the mic with his left hand, and removes the tooth pick from his mouth with his right. Hall slowly brings up the mic to his mouth, and in that trademark accent and drawl of his, Hall says…

Scott Hall: ... ‘Ey yo!

The majority of the crowd boos Hall, although cheers are noticeable.

Scott Hall: Now before I let Big Kev’ cut his spiel, lemme as’ jus’ one question. How many of you… came ta’ see, the New World Order??

The vast majority of the crowd boos incredibly loudly at Hall.

Scott Hall: An’ how many of you… came ta’ see, Dubya-See-Dubya??

Astounding amounts of cheers for WCW from the crowd. Hall smirks, but then shakes his head from side-to-side in disappointment.

Scott Hall: ‘Ey Kev? I think they wanna see the good guys ta’night…

Hall dejectedly hands the microphone over to Nash as The Bad Guy shakes his head in disappointment before laughing at the whole ordeal. Nash then takes the center of attention as he brings the microphone to his mouth, a smirk forming at the corner of his lips. Nash then looks around the Stadium before walking over to Hogan, and wrapping his free arm around him, his smirk becoming clearly visible now.

Kevin Nash: Hey Hulkster, I don’t know if you know this or not… but apparently, I am supposed to be pretty pissed with you and the Bad Guy over there! Apparently, you two conspired together, behind my back, no less, and cost me out a victory at Starrcade to ensure Ric Flair was retired! My chance for a guaranteed WCW World Heavyweight Championship match was ripped from my grasps, so Scott Hall could rejoin the New World Order! Rumor has it, I should kick your asses!

Hogan removes himself from Nash’s clutch, and feigns fear of Nash about to kick his ass. Scott Hall joins in too, waving his arms at Nash to try and prevent Nash from attacking Hogan. Nash then comes to a sudden halt, puts on a thinking face, and scratches his head in confusion.

Kevin Nash: Wait a minute… I am forgetting something, aren’t I? Hmm… Oh crap, I know! I knew about it the whole damn time! Scott and I were with the nWo ever since we returned to wrestling at Halloween Havoc!

The crowd showers Nash with boos.

Kevin Nash: What you people all forgot about, was that Scottie and I were the two originators of the nWo! And you know what? As the saying goes, once you’re nWo, you’re nWo… FOR LIFE!

More boos for Nash.

Kevin Nash: You see, this creative mastermind over here by the name of Eric Bischoff, he knew what kind of effect that The Outsiders could create by making a shock return to wrestling and siding with the New World Order. That kind of shocker could sway the balance in the battle between WCW, but if The Outsiders came back as neutral – if we slowly built up a possible alliance with WCW – and seemed like The Outsiders, or at least Kevin Nash, could help out men like Booker T in the big Starrcade main event, then maybe, just maybe, there would be hope for World Championship Wrestling! And then, as Booker T, WCW, and all of you needed a savior, you wanted Kevin Nash! You all chanted for Kevin Nash! Well, sheep, I came down to the ring at Starrcade… AND I TOOK AWAY YOUR HOPE! You needed a savior, and Kevin Nash was your Anti-Christ! You needed WCW, and I was what I have always been! nWo!

Nash snarls maliciously as the crowd boos the hell out of him. Nash then takes several seconds of a pause before continuing, his voice much more calm.

Kevin Nash: Now, I know that Scott and I had to fight against our boys in the nWo for the past two months, but we hey, we know how to fake a good fight.

Nash winks into the camera… get the joke!? Nash then walks over to Jarrett, and cups his arm around him.

Kevin Nash: See this man here, this Champion. Yeah, we fought at Mayhem, and yeah, we beat each other senseless at times, but damn it was it worth it! Because as each time Jeff Jarrett broke a guitar over my head, as each time I hit Jarrett with my right boot, you all bought into it. Each and every one of you sheep in this crowd all started to believe that Kevin Nash was against the New World Order and would never join them. But yet, here I am, in the nWo, and there you are, looking like the assholes I’ve always said you were!

The crowd continues to boo Kevin Nash, who maliciously smirks. Nash then gives the mic to Jarrett, and stands back with Hall, the two making small, unimportant talk. Jarrett then steps into the center of attention, and repositions the Title Belt on his right shoulder and pectoral before starting to talk.

Jeff Jarrett: Well, well, well… look who is the nWo World Heavyweight Champion.

The crowd instantaneously boos Jarrett, who smirks in glee.

Jeff Jarrett: Ya’ know, every single person in this crowd tonight, they bought their tickets for this show expecting Booker T to be the World Champion by tonight. However, the Champ is The Chosen One, and the only thing Booker T is choosing is his next drumstick!

The crowd boos Jarrett… racial comments~!

Jeff Jarrett: The fact of the matter is, is that The Chosen One is the nWo World Heavyweight Champion, and The Chosen One is the king of the mountain. No one in the remains of WCW can take this Title away from me, so Jeff Jarrett is going to forever be, your nWo World Heavyweight Champion! So choke on that, slapnuts!

The crowd boos Jarrett more, who simply laughs at the jeers from the Cameron Crazies. Jarrett then walks over to Hulk Hogan, and dramatically throws at his hand and the microphone to Hogan. Hogan takes the microphone, licks his lips and scratches his goatee, and gets ready to talk.

Before Hogan can do so, the sound of hooves galloping and horses neighing fills the arena as “Horseman” hits, sending the crowd to ultra-cheers as the theme of the legendary Four Horseman hits, bringing out ‘The Enforcer’ Arn Anderson! The crowd cheers like crazy as Double A stands on the entrance stage, holding a microphone in his right hand, dressed in a fancy tan t-shirt and black slacks. Arn looks around the Cameron Indoor Stadium before looking at Hennig at the commentator’s booth, the nWo-tagged Nitro Tron, and then finally, the New World Order standing in the ring. Arn uses his right wrist to push his glasses father up on his nose, and then begins to talk.

Arn Anderson: I’m sure you New World Order boys are mighty glad and happy about your Starrcade success… and guess what? Ya’ should be! I don’t like you nWo boys, and I damn sure don’t respect you, but ya’lls are darn proud of yourselves after Sunday. Mike Awesome, you beat Lance Storm for that North American Title, and that’s no easy feat! Hulk Hogan, you got your lifelong wish and retired my best friend, Ric Flair – even though you screwed him over in the process!

The crowd boos at the memory of Starrcade. Hogan smirks and nods his head in the ring, and Arn glares at Hogan.

Arn Anderson: Oh yeah, Hulkster, you yellow-bellied coward, you be darn proud of yourself by screwin’ the Naitcha’ Boy over! Don’t you worry, Hogan, you’ll get yours one day, I guarantee that!

The crowd cheers as Arn stares down Hogan, who shows no fear from Double A’s words. Arn breaks the stare down, and then continues on with the promo.

Arn Anderson: Yeah, Ric Flair got screwed out of his career, and he’s not the only one who got screwed at Starrcade either! Oh yeah, Chosen One, you know Booker T got screwed out of the WCW, yeah WCW, not nWo, World Heavyweight Championship! Booker kicked your ass all over the Georgia Dome on Sunday night, but your precious nWo ensured Booker T didn’t get what he gosh darn deserved!

Arn pauses, swallowing back some spit and pushing his glasses up with his wrist, while pacing on the stage all the while.

Arn Anderson: Oh, and yeah, I haven’t forgotten about you two turncoats, Outsiders!

Nash and Hall look at each other and feign fear.

Arn Anderson: Laugh it up now ya’ bastards, ya’ pulled the wool over WCW’s eyes at Starrcade! Be proud, Outsiders, ya’ fooled some of the masters of trickery in men like Arn Anderson and Ric Flair! Ya’ fooled the innovators of deceit, good for you! And now, just look at yourselves! The New World Order is standin’ all high and mighty – heck, ya’ll already took over the gosh durn show, dubbed it “nWo Nitro”… the whole sha-bam!

Anderson pauses to stare down the nWo, while Bischoff grins from ear-to-ear. Anderson sets his focus on Bischoff.

Arn Anderson: I bet ya’ think you’re a big shot now, huh Bischoff? Well lemme tell ya’ something you slimy weasel, just because ya’ took over Nitro tonight, WCW ain’t dead! The nWo hasn’t won no war!

This sparks some cheers from the crowd, as well, it’s a pro-WCW crowd, to no one’s shocker.

Arn Anderson: Ya’ see, Bischoff, from where Arn Anderson is standin’, I reckon us traditionalists, ole’ Dubya-See-Dubya, still got some fight left in us! Ya’ retired Flair, Sting’s done for, but Arn Anderson is still standin’! Cal Anderson is still standin’! Lance Storm is still standin’! The Enforcer may not have the power in him ta’ fight no more, but Double A is still here to lead the cavalry into the fight!

The crowd breaks out into a thunderous round of cheers, and a moderate “Arn, Arn” chant starts up too. Arn looks fired up, and everyone in the ring looks less than happy with Arn, except of course, Eric Bischoff. Bischoff stares at Anderson angry at first, but then suddenly, that trademark smirk starts to form at the corner of his lips. As Arn continues to stare down the nWo, the adrenaline flowing through his body, Bischoff starts to speak.

Eric Bischoff: So WCW isn’t dead, aye Arn? Are you still going to bring the fight against the nWo, fat man?

The crowd boos Bischoff, Anderson glowers at Eric, and The Bisch simply smirks.

Eric Bischoff: You’re gonna bring the fight? Well that’s good, Arn, that’s real good. Because guess what, Enforcer? The New World Order is going to bring the fight… to you!

Anderson looks at Bischoff, confused, while Bischoff grins from ear-to-ear now.

Eric Bischoff: Arn, you’re absolutely right! Sting… Big Poppa Pump crushed his windpipe! That reminds us, we really should send Scott a thank you card, and maybe even a needle. As for Ric Flair, Hollywood retired your boy at Starrcade. So all that leaves left of the old guard, is you, Double A. So tonight… it’s time to finish, you.

Some light boos form from the crowd, as Double A listens on intently.

Eric Bischoff: Tonight, ‘The Enforcer’ Arn Anderson, beer belly and all, will take on… ME! ERIC BISCHOFF!

The crowd breaks out into a loud array of cheers, but Anderson doesn’t look happy. Instead, he listens on, waiting for the catch in the plan. It comes moments later…

Eric Bischoff: Oh, wait. Wait just one a second there, Cameron. I seemed to have forgotten one minor detail. Arn, if you lose tonight… I WILL FIRE YOUR ASS!

The crowd’s cheers are quickly replaced with loud boos, and Anderson looks livid on the entrance stage. He knows that by coming out here tonight, all he did was get under the skin of the WCW President, and now, he’s paying the price for it… with possibly his job! The cameras focus in on Arn Anderson and his irate face, not even bothering to focus on the New World Order or let the commentary talk. Instead, the show cuts right to a…


When Nitro comes back, we get the commentary.

Curt Hennig: We’re back from commercial break, and for those of you who missed the memo, you’re watching nWo Wednesday Nitro.

Mike Tenay: …WCW…

Curt Hennig: That’s right Mark Tenay, nWo Nitro. And tonight, you’re going to see the New World Order rid its company of one more WCW fossil, Arn Anderson! That pot-belly is on his way to the retirement home soon, Teacher, joining your boy Ric Flair!

Hennig laughs while “Filthy” hits, bringing out the newly reformed Filthy Animals as Tenay argues with Hennig more. Rey Misterio and Billy Kidman lead the way out from the entrance chute, but Chavo Guerrero and Konnan are right behind the other Animals. It’s happy go lucky for the Filthy Animals as they trot down the entrance ramp and to the ring. Once they get to said ring, we see their opponents of the evening already in the ring, The Flying Harts. Kidman and Misterio high five and hit knuckles with Chavo and Konnan, and then enter the ring, ready for action. Kidman and Misterio stare down Teddy Hart and Jack Evans, and then hit knuckles themselves before Misterio exits the ring to the apron, letting Kidman start the match with Hart.

Match One
Filthy Animals (w/Chavo Guerrero & Konnan) vs. Flying Harts
Tag Team Match

The nWo are running the show, but the booking stays the same – cruiserweights start off the wrestling. Kidman and Hart go through sloppy chain wrestling to start the match, only to quickly switch it up to a quicker pace that Hart and Kidman can excel at. The two reciprocate arm drags and hip tosses, only for Teddy Hart to eventually hit a tilt-a-whirl head scissors moments later. Hart’s spotty offense ends quickly as Kidman ends up hitting a tilt-a-whirl head scissors of his own. Hart rolls out of the ring afterwards, and Kidman ends up busting out high spot #1 with a jump onto the top rope and then spring boarding off with a SHOOTING STAR PRESS to the standing Hart! The crowd loves the high spot, and Kidman actually hits the SSP this time around… shocker~!

Kidman and Misterio exchange tags once the action gets back into the ring, and the two men work over Teddy Hart for a few moments with simple brawling offense mixed in with the aerial and quick-paced offense. However, the tides turn eventually as Teddy Hart catches Rey-Rey with a quick low blow, and then a sickening DDT. Hart makes the tag to Evans, and the Flying Harts start to isolate Misterio. The Harts be sure to keep Rey in the corners and use double team maneuvers for the most part, with of course the aerial high spots thrown in as well, including a combination of the two when Hart lifts Rey up onto his shoulders and Jack Evans JUMPS OFF THE TOPE TURNBUCKLE, ONTO REY’S SHOULDERS, AND HITS A HURRICANRANA!!

Uh, wow. Holy fucking shit~! The crowd breaks out a “Holy Shit” as that was thee greatest hurricanrana ever, including Rey almost landing on his head from the spot. Killer. A cover follows, but Kidman makes the save. The match continues on, and the Flying Harts score several near falls on Misterio, although they never get the three count because that’s not good booking. Eventually, Rey reverses a Teddy Hart hurricanrana attempt into a sit-out power bomb out of nowhere. Tags are made to both men, and Billy Kidman (and then Rey) go on a roll, taking it to the Flying Harts. As the moment gets going, Billy Kidman tosses Jack Evans over the top rope to the outside as Rey Misterio heads to the apron. Rey then leaps onto the top rope and springboards off… SPRINGBOARD FRANKENSTEINER TO EVANS! Kidman then quickly climbs up to the top turnbuckle, checks his footing, and leaps off the top… SHOOTING STAR PRESS! The pin follows, and it’s academic – one, two, three – and the Kidman & Misterio win in their return.

Result: Filthy Animals def. Flying Harts at 11:01

After the match, Konnan and Chavito enter the ring, and the four Filthy Animals all partake in a group hug and celebrate the successful return and reunion for Billy and Rey-Rey. Yay for happy times.

Mike Tenay: I know there’s a lot of work on the road to recovery for Billy Kidman and Rey Misterio, you have to be happy to see the Filthy Animals back as one again!

Curt Hennig: Marcus Tenay, what kind of pansy ass are you!? There ain’t nothing pretty about two boys making up and having a love fest! Billy Kidman and Rey Misterio are a punch of sissies, and so are you! Good God, Tenay, go watch the Lifetime Channel and have a good cry! I’ll take care of commentating by myself!

Tenay takes a deep, puffy breath and rolls his eyes, wondering how the hell he got stuck with Hennig for the night. The show then… cuts to the back~!

Without Our Leaders, We Shall Unite… THIS IS SPARTA WCW!

The cameras are backstage in the locker room of the Anderson clan, where both ‘The Enforcer’ Arn Anderson and ‘The New Enforcer’ Cal are sitting down on chairs. Arn looks incredibly stressed, frustrated, and all around pissed off. Cal looks rather emotionless. Arn is repeatedly tapping his foot on the ground, only to quickly stand up and throw his chair across the locker room and into the locker. Arn’s pissed.

Arn Anderson: THAT SON OF A BITCH!

Arn proceeds to back heel the locker room, stomping out his frustration. Cal shakes his head and cracks his knuckles, irritated as well.

Cal Anderson: Bischoff’s just doing this to humiliate you, uncle. He wants to ridicule you and humiliate you before he tosses you to the side like Ric. It’s crap, Arn, freakin’ crap.

Arn looks at Cal with an annoyed expression – obviously Arn already knew what Cal was saying to be true. And Cal… let’s not have him talk much, m’kay?

Just as Arn starts to speak again, there’s a knock on the door. Cal gets up from the chair and walks over to the door and opens it. Lance Storm walks into the locker room, a mysterious look to him.

Arn Anderson: What can we do for ya’, Lance?

Lance Storm: You know how I shoot, Arn, so I’ll cut straight to the point. We all know what Bischoff and the nWo is trying to do to you, and we’re not going to stand for it. WCW may be without Ric and Sting now, but the rest of us, it is our time to make a stand and unite as one.

Arn looks at Storm, confused as hell. This came out of nowhere.

Arn Anderson: Erm… ‘we’? ‘Us’? Lance, what’s this all about?

As Arn continues to look at Lance puzzled, Lance smirks at Arn and motions to Arn with his right arm for Arn to follow him.

Lance Storm: C’mon outside, Double A.

Lance turns on his heel and walks out the locker room door, Arn Anderson and Cal in close pursuit. The three men walk into the hallway, and right in the hallway stands a massive amount of WCW staff: Allen “Kwee-Wee” Funk, Alex Wright, Billy Kidman, Chavo Guerrero, Chuck Palumbo, Crowbar, David “Fit” Finlay, Disco Inferno, Evan Karagias, Hugh Morris, Jamie Noble, Johnny “Ace” Laurinitis, Kaz Hayashi, Konnan, Lash Leroux, Mike Rotunda, Rey Misterio, Rick Steiner, Sean O’Haire, Shannon Moore, and Yang.

Arn looks at the majority of the WCW locker room, standing in a small, crowded corridor, looking to Arn for leadership. Cal and Arn stand side-by-side behind Lance, and after a few moments, Lance walks up to the large group and stands in front of them, with Cal Anderson doing the same, the two men symbolically take the helm of this group.

Lance Storm: Arn, this is “us” – we are here to be led. You’re the one with the most experience dealing with the New World Order, and if we’re going to make a stand, save our company, then we need a general to lead us. You’re our general, Arn, so lead the way; tell us what we need to do.

Arn looks at the large group assembled in front of him, and can’t help but smile at them. Arn is silent for several seconds, thinking of what he can say to his populace. Finally, the words come to him.

Arn Anderson: So… any of you know where we can find a bigger room?

Arn shares a grin with Lance and Cal, the camera focusing on mainly those three men as the show cuts to a…


When Nitro comes back, talky-talk time~!

Curt Hennig: Welcome back to…

Tenay quickly speaks over Hennig

Mike Tenay: …WCW Nitro! And Mr. Hennig, despite what you may think, WCW is alive and well! Arn Anderson is rallying the troops!

Curt Hennig: I don’t think so, Marvin Tenor! Just you wait until Eric Bischoff hears about this – he’ll squash the remnants of that defunct organization like nothing! WCW is dead, Teacher Boy; this is nWo turf!

Mike Tenay: Well I’d have to disagree with that.

Curt Hennig: Jeff Jarrett made sure the World Heavyweight Title stayed exclusive property to the New World Order when he defeated Booker T at Starrcade! And where is your Booker T now? He’s not here! He’s at home, sulking over his loss!

Mike Tenay: Booker T suffered multiple injuries from his match with Jarrett at Starrcade, no thanks to interference from you, Kevin Nash, and the rest of the New World Order! Have you no class!?

Curt Hennig: You say it as if Jeff Jarrett needed my help to beat Booker T! Jeff Jarrett had that match on his own; the New World Order just wanted to make a point!

Mike Tenay: And what’s that!? The New World Order needs eight-to-one odds to ensure victory!?

Curt Hennig: Oh, you’re a cheeky son of a gun, aren’t ‘cha!? You keep this up, Mick, and I’ll be sure you’re out of a job!

Mike Tenay: Well thanks, Curt. However, folks, it is time to keep WCW Nitro moving on, as right now, the Cruiserweight Champion, Shane Helms, is in action! As you all know, Helms was victorious at Starrcade against Super Crazy with the WCW Cruiserweight Title on the line, and in that match, Super Crazy suffered his third concussion in just one month’s time. As was reported at Starrcade, The Insane Luchadore will be out for possibly several months because of his head trauma, and we wish him a speedy recovery! But now, it is time for some wrestling, fans!

The crowd immediately starts to boo as “Sugar Baby” hits, bringing out the WCW Cruiserweight Champion, ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms, and two Sugar Babies. Helms, sporting loose sparkly-silver tights, and the whores slowly strut down the entrance ramp, taking their time as per usual, Helms showboating the fine looking women on his arms all the while. The three eventually get to ringside, and once they do, Helms hands his Cruiserweight Title to one of the Sugar Babies, while the camera catches a glimpse of Helms’ opponent already in the ring, Crowbar. Yeah, he’s still on the roster… and mentioned twice in the show! Helms finally gets into the ring, and referee Billy Silverman calls for the bell

Match Two
Crowbar vs. Shane Helms (w/Sugar Babies)
Non-Title Singles Match

This would be your glorified squash of the evening. Helms mows through Crowbar in the beginning with hard forearm and elbow strikes, punches, and kicks. Sugar Shane roughs up Crowbar with a more “big man” approach, but Crowbar does eventually fight back, blocking a Helms suplex attempt and reversing with a suplex of his own. Crowbar goes on the offensive quickly with a big flurry of right hands and overhead forearm strikes, and also hits a nasty belly-to-back suplex that scores a near fall. Crowbar eventually tries to hit the Mindbender, his sit-out front suplex finisher, but Helms escapes out of Crowbar’s grip while in the air. Helms lands on his feet, as does Crowbar, and Crowbar quickly goes for a clothesline. Helms ducks, and proceeds to whack Crowbar with the Sugar Smack super kick! If Crowbar isn’t finished from the thrust kick, Helms scoops Crowbar back up to his feet, wraps his arms around Crowbar’s and sets him up accordingly… and drops him with the Vertebreaker! Crowbar folds up like an accordion from the wicked finisher, and the pin that follows is an easy three.

Result: Shane Helms def. Crowbar at 4:57

Shane Helms gets up to his feet and raises his arms into victory, only to then brush his hands against his opposite shoulder, “brushing the dirt off”. Helms then wipes his hand off his forehead, acting like the match made him sweat and was a challenge. Oh Helms, that cocky SOB.

He’s The Best… AROUND! Nothing’s Gonna Ever Keep Ya’ Down

That segment title is a cheap plug for The Best Around, Bruce Maxwell and TJ Cannon. I implore you to mark for them… or die.

Shane Helms calls for one of his Sugar Babies to get him his Cruiserweight Title, while Helms walks over to a stagehand and gets a microphone. Helms takes the mic in his hand and walks over to the opposite edge of the ring so he can get his Belt. Once Helms gets his Belt, he puts it on his left pectoral and shoulder, walks into the center of the ring, and starts to talk.

Shane Helms: WHEW! I’m sure glad that match made me sweat! I tell ya’, the tough cruiserweight competition that is supplied for Shane Helms by WCW, or the nWo – or whoever is in charge here – I don’t know how I keep my Cruiserweight Belt all the time!

The crowd boos, not enjoying Helms and his sarcasm.

Shane Helms: What? Can’t the Cruiserweight Champion have a moment where he can be sarcastic? I think I’ve earned the right to speak as I please… it cuts deep to hear you people like that.

And the crowd continues to boo, not liking Helms’ mock care either. Cracker just can’t catch a break.

Shane Helms: Well, fine then! You want to hear the real Shane Helms? I’ll shoot you dumb idiots straight then! Fact of the matter is, Shane Helms has done it all in the cruiserweight division! Fact of the matter is, every opponent that has come Shane Helms’ way, he’s beaten into oblivion! At Starrcade, the last cruiserweight to try and make a stand, well… let’s just think back to what happen. El Chico Gordo Retardo got his head bashed in by ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms, YEAH BA-BAY~!

Helms shakes his head softly from side-to-side, the cockiest of expressions on his face. It’s also one of the goofiest, but that’s besides the point.

Shane Helms: Super Beaner, looks like you’re thick skull took one too many Vertebreaker’s, essa

The crowd quickly cuts off Helms with jeers as he was clearly poking fun at Crazy with the “essa” comment. Helms continues on like the crowd didn’t do anything.

Shane Helms: …And now, Gordo Retardo, you’re back in your home, probably a cardboard box just above the border – maybe it’s a shack, I don’t know, it depends on how much lettuce you’ve been picking. All I’m trying to say is, is that you’re stuck in your box with a third concussion, and you’re fat Senorita is taking care of you. You’re done for in WCW, Super Crazy, and now, Shane Helms stands tall all by himself, the way it should be! And with that said, I declare myself, Shane Helms, thee single greatest Champion in the HISTORY.. of wrestling.

Helms proudly puffs out his chest and tilts his head to the sky, making himself look like some sort of superhero. Well Shane, in another life, you’d make a pretty damn good one. “Sugar Baby” then hits, bringing Shane out of his reverie; the Cruiserweight Champ swiftly exits the ring, joins his Sugar Babies, and walks up the ramp to the back.

Mike Tenay: Now Curt, I know you and I disagree on pretty much everything, but even you have to admit that Shane Helms is a despicable human being!

Curt Hennig: The hell I do, Today! Shane Helms is freaking awesome! If he wasn’t such a vanilla midget, he’d be perfect for the nWo!

Mike Tenay: Wait, so you’re saying that Shane Helms would be nWo material… if he wasn’t a cruiserweight!?

Curt Hennig: He is what he is, Prof.

Mike Tenay: Yes, he is! And despite being an arrogant, self-serving son of a gun, he’s a damn good wrestler! One of the best in the world, in my opinion!

Hennig shakes his head and sighs.

Curt Hennig: …And this is why nobody listens to you.

As Tenay fumes at Hennig, who chuckles all the while, the show cuts to the back.

Stacking The (Fish and) Chips

The show cuts back to the locker room of the New World Order, and everyone (bar Hennig, obviously, and Eric Bischoff) are sitting back on the luxurious black leather couches and recliners, watching the television screen. On the screen is Arn Anderson giving a big pep talk to the near-entire WCW roster in a cafeteria, rallying the troops, so to speak. Eric Bischoff, who has been standing near a couch hosting Hulk Hogan and The Outsiders, has had enough. Bischoff storms up to the TV and turns it off before standing in front of it. Bischoff, previously looking annoyed, starts to form his trademark grin on his face.

Eric Bischoff: So… Arn Anderson wants to rally the troops, huh boys? I don’t know about you guys, but WCW is dead! If those remaining heaps want to try and fight against our rule, then I say we throw our power around. What do you say?

There’s a mass agreement from the nWo camp. Bischoff nods his head and smirks.

Eric Bischoff: Good… good. Well then, I think for my little match with Arn tonight, ALL WCW-contracted members are barred from ringside!

Collective cheers and praise from Bischoff’s followers, well, follows.

Eric Bischoff: Think that’s good? Oh, I can top that! If anyone that isn’t nWo-contracted, then we’ll FIRE THEM ON THE SPOT!

Laughter and more praise from the nWo camp follows, but Bischoff isn’t done yet.

Eric Bischoff: And you know what!? These WCW losers, if they’re going to try and rally and fight us, I’d like to see them try! But first, I think they need to fight each other! Stacy, go find some agent and have him hunt down the WCW faction. Let them know that three of them are going to be competing, and they’re matches, are up next!

Stacy smirks and gets off of the couch, winks at Jeff Jarrett and then Eric, and walks out of the room. Pretty much the entire New World Order checks her ass as she walks out the door.

Life is good if you’re nWo.


When Nitro returns, more of my new favorite part of the show… commentary~!

Mike Tenay: Well I’m glad to see your precious Eric Bischoff is a biased President! He makes Stalin look like a saint!

Curt Hennig: I’ll have you know that many people would agree that Stalin was a saint! Know your history, Michelangelo.

Mike Tenay: Your ignorant comments aside, all I know is that coming up next, it will be WCW versus WCW! Whether it is a singles match, a tag team match, or a six-man match, I do not know, but Eric Bischoff wants WCW to fight amongst itself, so that’s what will happen!

Curt Hennig: You keep those cheeky comments up, and I’ll make sure Eric fires your ass! And it just so happens, I know the schedule of what’s going to happen, jobber commentator. This next match will be a singles match, and then later on, two men from WCW will fight against two other WCW members in a tag team match. Curt Hennig has the inside scoop, Marky Mark!

Let me just say, that I sure hope you all love Hennig’s commentary as much as I love writing it. It’s even better than insulting Tony Schiavone all the time.

After several moments, “No Laughing Matter” hits, bringing out Hugh Morris from the entrance chute to a respective round of applause. While Morris hasn’t been used much over the past months, he’s still stayed over with the fans… how, I do not know. Morris jogs down the entrance ramp and to ringside, slapping hands with as many fans as he can along the way. Morris then rolls under the bottom rope and into the ring, just as “Collision With A Wall” hits, the new, generic rock and roll theme for The Wall. The Wall marches out onto the entrance stage, sporting a short blonde Mohawk, camo jeans, and a cut-sleeve black under armor-type shirt. He gets very little reaction from the fans because well, when is The Wall ever really utilized in a consistent role in WCW? Never. The Wall makes his way down the entrance ramp and swiftly enters the ring, ignoring the (mainly) silent fans. Once in the ring, the two men star each other down until referee Mark ‘Slick’ Johnson calls for the bell to start the match.

Match Three
Hugh Morris vs. The Wall
Singles Match

The New World Order runs the show tonight… AND THEY GIVE THE FANS WHAT THEY WANT~! Okay, so maybe not. Morris and The Wall have a stinker match, slugging it out with massive right hands, clubberin’ forearms, and the like. The Wall starts to get the advantage in the brawl, and ends up whipping Morris into the corner. He charges for an avalanche, but Morris misses and quickly rolls The Wall up with a school boy pin as The Wall staggers out from the collision with the corner. However, The Wall kicks out at two.

Morris quickly takes the advantage on The Wall, only for The Wall to reverse a Morris whip attempt into a thunderous short-arm clothesline. From here, The Wall uses, you guessed it, a brawling technique on Morris. HE’S A CLUBBERIN’~! However, the tides turn soon enough. The Wall tries to finish Hugh off with a Chokeslam, but Morris fights it off with elbows to his head, breaking himself free of The Wall’s clutches. Morris then ends up taking it to The Wall with a flurry of stingy right hands, whips him into the ropes, and connects with a big lariat! Morris, getting into a rhythm, pulls The Wall up to his feet, and plants him with a big scoop slam. Hugh then points to the top turnbuckle, and quickly climbs up to said top turnbuckle. Yes, a scoop freaking slam just set up the finish to this match. Hugh quickly finds his footing and leaps off, planting The Wall with the No Laughing Matter moonsault! Morris makes the ensuing cover, and Johnson counts the three. Yay, Morris wins a shitfest.

Hugh Morris def. The Wall at 4:52

Hugh Morris pulls himself up to his feet and lets Johnson raise his left arm in victory as the crowd applauds his efforts. Morris then looks down at the “nWo” logo in the ring, and dramatically arches his neck back and spits a huge wad of phlegm onto the logo, drawing a huge pop from the crowd. Morris then looks right into the camera, and using his right index finger, writes “WCW” into the air, annunciating each letter as he writes it. Of course, this generates more cheers from the pro-WCW crowd. Morris then raises his arms and celebrates his victory, shouting at “WCW” here and there as well, waving the proverbial flag for his brothers in arms.

Mike Tenay: The real WCW man stands tall, Curt Hennig!

Curt Hennig: Oh who cares, you useless piece of crap! You just shut up and let me do the talking – I’ve been carrying your ass the entire night, jobber commentator.

Tenay and Hennig both glare at each other as the show quickly cuts away from the bickering commentators.

Freakzilla In Da House

We’re backstage in the interview area, where the one and only, ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund, is standing by with ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner and his freak, Midajah. Steiner’s sporting blue jeans, a BPP tee, black shades, and the mail chain plate. No pipe though, sadly. I wanted to see Sting’s blood, damn it! Oh, and Midajah is rockin’ a slutty black “dress” – if you can call it that – but really, who cares about that waste of money?

Gene Okerlund: Hello fans, this is ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund, and despite what’s being said, this is WCW Wednesday Nitro! Right now, I am standing by the man who defeated – and then viciously assaulted – one of the biggest legends in this sport, Sting! That’s right, standing beside me is ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner! Now Scott, since you were the culprit in that heinous attack on the Stinger, do you know the prognosis of his injury from Sunday?

Steiner gives Okerlund a ridiculous (and ridiculously funny) look, thinking Okerlund is bat shit crazy for asking that question.

Scott Steiner: Gene Oak, do you really think I know or give a damn about what happened to Sting at Starrcade!? Sting tried to get into the ring with the toughest son of a bitch in wrestling, and he got exactly what was coming to him: payback! Sting screwed me over at Mayhem in the Super Cage when he power bombed me off the top of the Super Cage, so hey, Sting had that ass kickin’ coming to him!

Gene Okerlund: He had that coming to him!? Scott, you viciously attacked Sting’s throat with a lead pipe, after you had already won the match! Sting had to have emergency surgery on his windpipe and voice box! You seemingly ended Sting’s career in two minutes!

Scott Steiner: And that emo bitch had it coming, Okerlund! Sting wanted to fight Big Poppa Pump, he knew the risks! And now, Sting is out of Scott Steiner’s way, and Freakzilla is moving on to bigger and better things!

Gene Okerlund: Wait just a second here! You’re telling me that you have no remorse for injuring Sting this past Sunday at Starrcade!?

Scott Steiner: Hell no! Sting tried to take on the Big Bad Booty Daddy, and he got what was coming to him! And like I was trying to say before you interrupted me, the Genetic Freak is moving to bigger and better things! I’m goin’ after the one thing I want, the one thing I’ve been waiting months for to get my shot at… the World Heavyweight Title!

Steiner pauses and nods his head to himself, while Okerlund looks impressed. Why, I don’t know. It’s not like Steiner never mentions his aspiration to be Champ all the time or anything.

Scott Steiner: I told Jeff Jarrett and Booker T that which ever of those two jerk-off’s won the Starrcade main event would have to watch out for Scott Steiner! Well Jarrett, you won at Starrcade thanks to our old running buddies, the New World Order, and now, you better look over your shoulder at every turn, Champ, because Scott Steiner is comin’ after your Belt! It doesn’t matter if there’s a WCW or nWo in front of that Title, all that matters to me is that Big Gold Belt! I’ve waited months for my shot at you Jarrett, but now, all the obstacles are out my way, and your ass is mine!

Gene Okerlund: Well what about Booker T, Scott? I’m sure he’s going to want a rematch against Jarrett! He may have had his shot, but he got screwed at Starrcade!

Scott Steiner: Booker T did get screwed at Starrcade, I’ll give ya’ that, Okerlund. But if you think Booker’s the only wrestler in the back to get screwed over by Jeff Jarrett and the New World Order, then you’re more senile than I thought! But the fact is, it’s my time! It’s Scott Steiner’s time to be at the top! And if Booker T wants to try and get in my way at getting at Jarrett, then he’s going to get a big ass kicking from the Big Bad Booty Daddy! So Gene, holla if ya’ hear that!

Steiner stares at Okerlund intently and then at the camera, intense as ever, before grabbing Midajah by the wrist and walking off-screen.

The camera then focuses on Okerlund for a second or two before cutting to someplace else in the back.

This Segment Has Been Brought To You by WCW… We’re Still In Red

Hugh Morris is walking down a tiny corridor, and quickly makes a right turn, walking into the congregation of apparent ex-WCW talent. However, with Arn Anderson, Cal Anderson, and Lance Storm standing at the head of the room, the rest of the talent sitting in chairs facing the three. As Morris walks into the room, the horde of WCW talent stand up from their chairs and give Morris a round of applause for his victory over The Wall. Arn motions for Morris to walk over to him, and Hugh obliges. Once Hugh reaches the three men at the head, each shake Hugh’s hand, first Arn, then Cal, and finally Lance. As Hugh walks back to an empty chair in the front row of the room, Lance steps up in front of Arn and Cal, and takes the key stance to speak.

Lance Storm: Hugh, that was a great match. We’re all proud of you for winning and showing Bischoff what WCW is all about, but we’re not done yet! A tag team match is up next, and all I know is, I’m going out there. I ask one of you men before me, to join me. We won’t know who our opponents are until we see them come out from the back, but that doesn’t matter. As long as we’re united as one, and fight under the same banner – World Championship Wrestling – then we will emerge victorious! Now which one of you will fight!?

There’s a short, collective pause. I guess the decision to join Storm is monumental in “the fight” against the New World Order. After several moments, Konnan looks around at everyone before standing up out of his seat in the third row. Konnan walks along the row before he reaches the aisle, and then walks up to Storm.

Konnan: I got ‘dis, I got ‘dis! Let’s go do ‘dis!

Lance extends his hand to Konnan, and K-Dawg shakes it before trying to some hip and cool hand shake, only confusing the hell out of Lance. Konnan shrugs his shoulders, turns on his heel, walks out of the room, Lance right behind him. As soon as they walk out, Larry Zbyszko walks into the room, an unreadable look on his face. Isn’t he a little late to deliver the news that no one can interfere in Arn’s match?

Arn Anderson: Hey Larry, what’s goin’ on? You look like ya’ got some bad news or somethin’.

Larry shakes his head at Arn and nods his head backwards towards the corridor.

Larry Zbyszko: We need to speak, Double A. I have… news. News you need to hear… and knowing the situation, this is something only you’ll want to hear for now.

Arn looks puzzled by Larry’s cryptic message, but follows Larry out to the corridor, looking very worried. Anything this private and serious can’t be anything good. As the two walk out of the room, Arn closing the door behind him, the show cuts to a…


When Nitro returns, the “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck” rift blasts throughout the Cameron Indoor Stadium, bringing out both Lance Storm and Konnan to loud cheers from the crowd. These two men have been over with the crowd for quite some time now, but as their “patriotism” leads them into the battle against handpicked foes of the New World Order, their cheers are even louder than before. The two jog down the entrance ramp on opposite sides, each man slapping hands with fans on the sides of the guard rail. Storm and Konnan then enter the ring, and wipe their feet on the nWo logo, showing their distaste for it. “The Stuffed Package” hits, bringing out Buff ‘The Stuff’ Bagwell, ‘The Total Package’ Lex Luger, and Miss Elizabeth to very little heat. Totally Buff have fallen off the face of the earth in WCW-land, and the crowd doesn’t seem to care too much about them. However, they at least get some jeers, although not much. The three slowly make their way down the ramp to their fittingly slow theme, although I do believe they’re going slow because of age and inability to walk fast, not to stall and garner heat. However, Totally Buff get into the ring and due time, and as soon as they do, referee Charles Robinson calls for the bell, with Lex Luger and Lance Storm starting the match for their respective teams.

Match Four
Konnan & Lance Storm vs. Totally Buff (w/Miss Elizabeth)
Tag Team Match

Lance Storm has been a man of few losses in the recent months, Konnan is on the nostalgia trip of a Filthy Animals reunion, and Totally Buff haven’t been seen in months. Which team is winning this match? You decide.

Lance and Lex kick things off with a good ole fashioned tie-up. The Total Package shows what steroids do for your body as he shoves down Lance to the canvas, his “size” helping him. This process is repeated a few more times until Lance decides he wants to wrestle with Luger. Storm starts locking Luger in simple holds, and Luger has no counter for them, although he probably doesn’t actually know a counter, so that may be why. Luger fucks up the simple hold spots multiple times, forgetting the next hold that will be applied, and making himself look like an ass. Luger quickly regains some face, however, by clubbing Storm over the upper back with an overhead forearm, and sending Lance back into his own corner with a right forearm strike. Both men make tags. Thank the Lord, no more Luger.

Buff and Konnan pick up the pace with hard-hitting brawling, both men simply slugging one another with hard right hands. Their dull brawling continues on for several moments until Buff blocks a Konnan right and scores with a DDT. Buff makes a tag to Luger, and Totally Buff transition into the isolation period. Bagwell and Luger keep Konnan in their corner, pounding away at Konnan with punches, forearms (strikes and overhead), double axe handles, and clotheslines, working the only style they know how. The two keep Konnan as far away from Lance as they can, and also proceed to score several near falls in the process. However, Bagwell eventually climbs up to the second turnbuckle to attempt the Buff Blockbuster, but K-Dawg avoids the flipping Bagwell, and Buff The Stuff crashes and burns onto the canvas.

Konnan needs barely any time to recover from the shots he’s received in the match, and starts walking over to Storm to tag him in. Luger enters the ring, however, looking to put a stop to Konnan’s tag attempt. Storm abandons the tag attempt as well, as he quickly enters the ring to prevent Luger from blindsiding his partner. Preventing the blindside is more important than the tag, actually, as K-Dawg still has the juices to compete. Once in the ring, Storm quickly leaps off his feet and plants Luger in the chest with a dropkick, sending The Total Package staggering into the ropes. Lance then hits Luger with a clothesline, sending him stumbling through the second and third ropes to the outside, Luger making the spot look incredibly shitting. Konnan and Lance look at each other and then at Bagwell as Buff staggers to his feet. Lance lines Bagwell up and drills him with a Super Kick! Bagwell doesn’t fall, instead staggering right into Konnan. Konnan kicks Bagwell in the gut, and plants him with the kneeling K-Factor! Konnan quickly makes the pin as Robinson slides to his side for the count, and 1-2-3, the good side of WCW wins again.

Konnan & Lance Storm def. Totally Buff at 5:49

As Storm and Konnan get back up to their feet, “Filthy” hits. The two men embrace in the center of the ring, celebrating their victory. Bischoff tried to put WCW to the test against their own kin, and the allied side still came out victorious.

Mike Tenay: Make that two for two, Hennig!

Curt Hennig: Oh who cares! The Wall is a no-name piece of crap, and Totally Buff are ageless dinosaurs! They’re nothin’ but two former nWo members who never had the talent to be in the elite nWo that I am in now. These wins mean nothing!

Mike Tenay: Au contraire, Curt! Your precious Bischoff tried to divide WCW up tonight and hurt our spirits with losses to our own roster, but The Wall and Totally Buff don’t care about World Championship Wrestling! Lance Storm, Hugh Morris, and Konnan, they care! They weren’t going to lose tonight, and that’s why you’re seeing Storm and Konnan celebrate a victory, not Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell!

Curt Hennig: Let WCW have their moment of celebration for all I care because coming up next, the New World Order will be the one’s celebrating! Arn Anderson is about to lose his job, his career, and whatever legacy he thinks he ever had! Too bad the only legacy Arn Anderson has is giving me his Four Horsemen spot, only for The Perfect One to spit on that spot! Arn Anderson is going to be just like Ric Flair and the Four Horseman, Marvin: killed by Curt Hennig and the New World Order!

Hennig laughs maniacally while Tenay scowls at Hennig. As the camera catches this, the show quickly cuts to the back.

Ending The Career Of A Fossil

We’re backstage in the New World Order locker room, again. Eric Bischoff is dressed in his black martial arts robes, his black belt tied around his waist. Bischoff walks up in front of the door, and motions for the rest of the nWo to get up as well.

Eric Bischoff: Hahaha, men… it’s time. Let’s go out to that ring, and kill off the career of Arn Anderson, and send that fossil back to the retirement home with Ric Flair where he belongs!

Bischoff opens up the door, and slowly walks out of it, the rest of the New World Order behind him. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall lead the way behind Eric, followed by Mike Awesome, Hulk Hogan, Stacy Keibler, and finally, Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett carries the World Heavyweight Title Belt on his shoulder and gives Keibler a quick slap on the ass before walking out and closing the door behind him. The camera focuses in on the nWo sign on the locker room door as the show cuts to its final…


When the show comes back from break, the camera focuses in on ring announcer David Penzer and senior official Randy ‘Pee Wee’ Anderson standing in the ring, waiting for the main event to start. “Horseman” hits the sound system, and the crowd works itself into a frenzy again as the sound of hooves galloping and horses neighing fills the arena. After several moments of waiting, ‘The Enforcer’ Arn Anderson walks out from the back, sporting an original Four Horsemen t-shirt (showing himself, Ole Anderson, Tully Blanchard, JJ Dillon, and of course, ‘The Enforcer’ Ric Flair) and black athletic pants. Anderson walks down to the ring, his glasses still on his face and white tape around his right wrist. Anderson looks very cautious as he climbs up the steps and enters the ring, looking like a man with a plan, and a man with everything to lose. As Arn gets into the ring, David Penzer introduces him to the Cameron Crazies, and Randy Anderson (no relation, by the way) pats Arn on the back, wishing him luck.

New NewNew
New New

The crowd immediately erupts into boos (although some still cheer, for the record) as the screens tint back into black as the New World Order struts out onto the entrance stage as collective entity. Curt Hennig can be seen standing up from his spot at the announcer’s table and applauding the nWo, as well as bowing down to them repeatedly. Bischoff then leads the way down the entrance ramp, the crowd heckling the group all the while. Once the group gets down to ringside, Bischoff enters the ring while the rest of the group circle the ring. However, they only surround three sides of the ring, leaving the side next to the entrance ramp and stage unoccupied. Bischoff quickly does some stretches in the ring, acting like this is an important fight and he needs to be on his A-game… like Bischoff won’t have help from the New World Order. Finally, Bischoff seems ready for combat, and Randy Anderson calls for the bell. Arn Anderson’s career is on the line!

Main Event
Arn Anderson vs. Eric Bischoff (w/New World Order)
Singles Match – If Arn Loses, He’s Fired – All WCW Members Barred From Area

As soon as the bell rings, Anderson smirks and looks up to the entrance stage. As soon as he does, Larry Zbyszko, Lance Storm, Cal Anderson, and the rest of that WCW sect come out onto the entrance stage, standing tall and ready to defend Arn Anderson, despite it being against the rules. Bischoff looks at Randy Anderson, reminds him of the stipulation, and that they have violated it. Randy sadly nods his head, and calls for the bell. David Penzer is instructed by Hulk Hogan to announce Bischoff the winner by disqualification, and that’s exactly what Penzer does.

Eric Bischoff def. Arn Anderson via DQ at 0:07 – Arn Anderson will now be fired

As all this pandemonium is going on, Double A quickly exits the ring, and marches up to the entrance stage, joining Zbyszko, Storm, and his nephew, Cal. Jarrett, Hogan, The Outsiders, Awesome, and Keibler all join Bischoff in the ring, looking confused as what just happened, albeit laughing at it as well. Jarrett quickly hands Bischoff a microphone, so the words of termination can be uttered. Larry Zbyszko stands at the head of the WCW group with Arn Anderson. Larry Z is holding a microphone in one hand, and a small vanilla folder in his other hand. The verbal duel is upon us.

The Big Finish

The crowd, confused to a silence, sits on their hands in anticipation at what’s going to happen next. Arn Anderson and the WCW clique knew what would happen if they stepped out from the back – Arn would lose and thus be fired – but yet they went out anyways, with Arn seemingly allowing it and showing no problems with them doing so. However, the confusion will be settled, and the dust is going to be put to rest. Bischoff stares at Anderson, Zbyszko, and co. a slight smirk on his face. Even Bischoff can’t believe that the WCW sect openly made Anderson lose like that. It’s just too sweet, for Bischoff, but he begins to talk anyways.

Eric Bischoff: I have to admit, I am shocked. I am shocked at the sheer stupidity of the swarm of people standing before me. Maybe you missed the memo, but by coming down to my ringside, YOU LOST ARN ANDERSON HIS JOB!

The crowd boos while Bischoff looks back at the rest of the nWo and snickers. The WCW clique at the top of the stage days nothing. In fact, all of them look confused as hell, barring Zbyszko and Anderson.

Eric Bischoff: Oh, what? Are you all being loyal? Are you being noble? Are you showing your cause? Are you making a point? Hmm? Well, Eric Bischoff has a point to make, and it’s a termination! I get to rid you, Arn Anderson, of your meaningless job and kill off one more piece of the extinct puzzle that is WCW. Now Arn, I know that without this job, this money, you and your beer belly won’t be able to satisfy that alcohol habit we know you have, but hey, that’s not my fault. You can thank your “nephew” and his little group of ragtag friends! So Arn, be a man. You just stand there with your head held high, thinking you’re making a stand against the tyrant that is Eric Bischoff, and allow me to utter just three simple words. Arn… YOU… ARE…


The crowd bursts into cheers as Zbyszko cuts off Bischoff. Eric looks like he’s just been slapped in the face, appalled by Zbyszko ruining his moment of glory.

Eric Bischoff: What the… what the hell do you think you’re doing, old man!?

Larry Zbyszko: I’m letting you know the TRUTH! …Because the truth is, Eric, you don’t have thee AUTHORITY to fire Arn Anderson, or anyone on this stage!

A large portion of the crowd cheers, while the rest are silent and confused. Eric Bischoff joins the crowd in the confusion aspect. Bischoff thinks for a moment, and then speaks.

Eric Bischoff: Uh, Larry… in case the Alzheimer’s is kicking in, let me remind you of something: I am the WCW President! I have the right, the power, the AUTHORITY… to fire anyone I damn so please! Oh, and by the way, that includes you, Zbyszko! I think after I fire ole’ left magee over there, I think I’ll your ass too!

The crowd boos Bischoff, while Zbyszko smirks at Bischoff. Arn Anderson, however, is fuming. The “left hand magee” comment was clearly a stab at Anderson having problems using his left arm and hand because of the botched neck surgery he received years prior. Cal claps Arn on the shoulder, claming him down. Zbyszko places his free left arm over Arn’s chest, making it a barrier. Arn can be heard telling both Cal and Larry it’s fine, and asks for the mic. Larry hands Arn the mic, and Arn proudly holds the microphone with his left hand. Now so long as no one slaps him in the back, he won’t drop it.

Arn Anderson: That was real cute, Eric, real freakin’ cute. Ya’ can stand there like the greasy weasel I always thought ya’ to be and take potshots at me, or we can get down to business. Frankly, I’m more for the latter. So Eric, ya’ want the truth? Well then guess what? Larry ain’t lyin’ to ya’! You can’t fire The Enforcer! You can’t fire Double A! You cannot fire Arn Anderson!

The crowd loudly cheers again, while Bischoff still seems slightly confused by their ploy. He’s the President… he can fire Arn.

Arn Anderson: Before Larry came and talked ta’ me earlier tonight, I thought ya’ could fire, Eric. Turns out, ole’ Arn Anderson was wrong. It ain’t the first time, and it won’t be the last time either, but for all intents and purposes, this was a damn good time ta’ be wrong! Ya’ see, Eric, there’s been an external investigation goin’ on about you and whether you’re allowed to be President of World Championship Wrestling or not. Now what I mean by that, is that someone who doesn’t belong to Dubya-See-Dubya looked into your contract and your files, and saw somethin’ of note! Somethin’ of worth! Somethin’... that was brought to the attention of the men up top, the board of directors.

Eric looks confused still, but also now is starting to show signs of worry and fear.

Arn Anderson: Oh yeah, Eric, the board – you’re favorite people, I know. And ya’ see, Eric, this person, this investigator, he brought his case to the board and showed them all of his evidence. And the board? Oh yeah, they were convinced! So ya’ see, Eric, as of roughly 9PM, about one hour ago, ya’ haven’t been the President of Dubya-See-Dubya!

The crowd’s cheers get a little bit louder, as Bischoff continues to look more worried. Arn hands the mic back to Zbyszko, who starts to speak again.

Larry Zbyszko: Now what that means, Eric, is that the stipulation that you made that would bar any WCW members from ringside, wasn’t a legal Presidential action, and therefore, null and void! So that match that just took place, is null and void! An nWo President you may be, Eric Bischoff, but a WCW President, you aren’t!

The crowd continues to cheer a little bit more, while Bischoff is still confused. However, he’s looking to get some answers now, as he begins to speak, angrily.

Eric Bischoff: What in the hell are you two codgers playing at!? I am the WCW President!

Larry Zbyszko: No, Eric, you’re not. And if you want the evidence to prove it, I have it.

Zbyszko opens up the vanilla folder, and pulls out a small clip of papers.

Larry Zbyszko: What I have here in my hand is the contract for the WCW Presidency! At the bottom of this contract, it has Eric Bischoff’s name signed in ink. He signed a contract, so in order for that contract and that title of President to remain intact, no rules in this contract may be broken. You, Eric Bischoff, have broken a rule!

The crowd cheers a little bit, but not much. They’re too into the duel going on. Bischoff appears to be even more confused then before.

Eric Bischoff: Rule? What rule!? I didn’t break any rules!

Larry Zbyszko: Oh yes, you did. Now Eric, I gladly read the clause of the contract that you broke; and I quote…

Larry then looks down at the paper, and begins reading off of it.

Larry Zbyszko: …“in order to be the President of World Championship Wrestling, the President elect must be a confirmed and signed employee of World Championship Wrestling, and may belong to no other company, association, organization, etc. If the President becomes a contracted member to any other company besides WCW, he/she will be stripped of his or her title immediately.”

Larry looks up from the paper, and then at Bischoff. Bischoff doesn’t believe what is going on, and shakes his head at Zbyszko.

Eric Bischoff: This is crap, Zbyszko! You’re making this up! And even so, I’m not working for any other company! I work for this company, and only this company! I’m the President of this company, so what I says, goes! And I say you’re all fired! Hahaha!

[I]Bischoff laughs maniacally, but even as he says this, it looks like he’s in denial.

Larry Zbyszko: That’s all well and good, Eric, but if you’re going to fire everyone standing with me, you’d have to the power to do so. To have that power, you’d have to be WCW President, and to be President of this company, you would not be allowed to be a contracted member to any other organization or entity. So Eric, straight from the horses mouth, let’s see if you belong to another organization! Another order, if you will.

Zbyszko turns his head to look up at the Nitro Tron, and “the evidence” plays…

Originally Posted by 12-05-01 Nitro
Eric Bischoff: … Jeff Jarrett is contracted by the New World Order. The New World Order contracted men will take care of the contractual proceedings for the nWo contracted wrestlers. Got that? Good. Now Jeff, we all know it’s a retard process, but the good ole’ boys in Atlanta, they’re tradition freaks. But don’t worry, Jeff, once we kill off WCW, the only tradition will be the nWo tradition. However, until then, Jeff, by signing this contract, and ensuring your victory over Booker T, you hereby agree that you, a New World Order contracted member, will defend the WCW World Heavyweight Championship against this street trash, Booker T, in the main event of Starrcade, on Sunday, December 16th, at the Georgia Dome, in Atlanta, Georgia. If you agree, sign the contract.

…WCW is a sinking ship, while the New World Order, we’re its own entity. We don’t go down with the ship. I, along with every other member of the New World Order, are not WCW contracted superstars; we’re our own brand.
Originally Posted by 12-12-01 Nitro
Eric Bischoff: That’s right, Jeff. The New World Order is not some little group, faction, or stable. We are an entity, and we are our own company. We are not World Championship Wrestling contracted members, after Starrcade, the full scale invasion and takeover begins!

… I may not have 100% power in this company because of the damn board of directors, the good ole’ boys, but I am an nWo contracted member, and the WCW President. I have the power!
Originally Posted by Starrcade
Eric Bischoff: He already signed the nWo contract, so as soon as he shows the world he made the jump, we can rip up his WCW contract, much like we’ve done with ours.
…as the video package of Bischoff constantly spewing off about him being an nWo-contracted member ends, the camera focuses back on Arn Anderson and Larry Zbyszko, looking smug and proud. The camera then gets a shot of Eric Bischoff, in complete disbelief of what is partaking right now. The entire nWo is confused and in disbelief as well. Seeing as Bischoff is speechless, Zbyszko starts to speak.

Larry Zbyszko: See, Bischoff? Black as night, clear as crystal, Eric Bischoff is not just a WCW-contracted member! His contract as WCW President is null and void, and Eric Bischoff is NOT the President!

The crowd erupts into cheers, as Bischoff softly shakes his head and mouths “no” in denial. Arn then asks for the microphone again, and Larry happily obliges.

Arn Anderson: Eric, I’ll let you look on the bright side for a moment. While you’re not the WCW President, you’re still the nWo President! Nothing can be done about that, you remain that. However, now that I got that out of the way, mind if I let you in on a little secret? I know who the new WCW President is.

The crowd cheers even more, and Zbyszko retakes the microphone. He doesn’t seem keen to reveal that secret just yet, however.

Larry Zbyszko: As soon as the board of directors were given the results of the investigation – the contract, the video package, and more – the board were more than impressed with this investigator’s work. They thought that his work showed how much he cared for WCW, its wrestlers and its fans, and how dedicated he was to the company. The board of directors think that this man won’t let anyone in WCW down, and because of that, they decided to make him the NEW WCW President.

A moderate portion of the crowd cheers, while the majority is silent. They can’t cheer for someone that don’t know~!

Larry Zbyszko: You know what this investigator said, Bischoff? First, he accepted the position. But secondly, he said the main reason he did his investigation wasn’t because of how much he loved WCW – although he does, make no mistake about it – but because of how much he hates your guts, along with the rest of the nWo!

The crowd cheers a bit more, while Bischoff looks agitated, as well the rest of the nWo. The WCW sect all look suspenseful; they have no idea who the President and investigator is.

Larry Zbyszko: Arn, you were the one who let these Cameron Crazies know that we knew who the President was, so Arn… tell ‘em who it is!

Larry hands the microphone to Arn, who gladly takes it.

Arn Anderson: It would be my pleasure, Larry. Eric Bischoff, New World Order, my WCW friends behind me, Cameron Crazies, and all the WCW fans at home, you all are not going to just find out who the new WCW President is, but you’re gonna see him! He’s standing right behind this stage, and knowing him like I do, he’s itchin’ to come out! So ladies and gentlemen, without further adieu, here he is to greet his new populace… the WCW President… THE NATURE BOY… RIC FLAIR!

The crowd goes ape shit crazy as “Also Sprach Zarathustra” hits, bringing out the one and only, THE NEW WCW PRESIDENT, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair! Flair marches out onto the stage in a luxurious black suit, and is immediately greeted with handshakes and hugs from the shocked WCW sect before him. They didn’t know Flair was the President, and are elated to hear such great news. As Ric makes his way through the mass of WCW guys, the camera gets a shot of the nWo in the ring. They all look besides themselves in shock and disbelief, while Bischoff looks like he also shit his pants. Many of the fans are still going crazy, bowing repeatedly at Flair. Naitch finally gets through the horde of WCW guys and gets to the front of the group where he shakes hands with Cal Anderson, hugs Lance Storm, and pulls Zbyszko from a handshake into a huge. Oh Flair, ever the hip old man. Finally, it’s just Arn and Ric yet to embrace, and the two do, the best friends reunited. After the reunion is finished, Flair takes the mic from Arn and takes center stage. The New World Order is still beside itself in disbelief; of all the things that could’ve happened tonight, Ric Flair becoming the new WCW President wasn’t even on the list of remote possibilities.

Ric Flair: Flair Country… WOO!


Ric Flair: In case the message hasn’t sunk in for everyone in the ring, in the crowd, behind me, and at home… You’re lookin’ at the NEW President of World Championship Wrestling!

Massive cheers from the crowd.

Ric Flair: Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash, you all may have conspired to ruin my career at Starrcade, but when I had to retire, it never said I couldn’t come back as the WC-WOO-W President!

More cheers from the WCW crowd, as Flair can’t help but grin ear-to-ear.

Ric Flair: However, I have to be honest with everyone. We’re running out of time, and the Naitcha Boy has a deadline to meet, so let’s get right down to it! I am a President of action, and that is why I have my first major blockbuster announcement to make, right here, right now!

More cheers from the crowd, but Flair keeps speaking.

Ric Flair: Next week is the last Wednesday Nitro of 2001, and we’re going to end the year off right! We’re going to give the guys who deserve a chance, their chance! And that chance… is their shot at YOU, Jeff Jarrett!

More cheers from the crowd, and Jarrett looks scared in the ring, hugging his Title to his chest.

Ric Flair: Jeff Jarrett, you’ve been tainting the WCW World Heavyweight Championship for far too long, so if you want to be a real Champion, you’re gonna prove it, next week! You, Jeff Jarrett, are defending the World Heavyweight Championship next week! And when you do, I’m making sure there are no screw jobs like there were at Starrcade, so ALL New World Order members are BARRED FROM RINGSIDE!

More cheers from the crowd, as Flair is fighting fire with fire.

Ric Flair: And since that match will be taking place in a WCW-sanctioned event, you can’t fight that ruling, Bischoff! Deal with it, WOO! So Jeff Jarrett, when you step into the ring next week on Nitro, you’re going to be wrestling against the man that who SHOULD have won the World Heavyweight Championship at Starrcade… BOOKER T!

The crowd bursts into cheers for Booker T vs. Jeff Jarrett II. Several of the nWo members give Jarrett worried looks, who clutches his Title to his chest even more.

Ric Flair: …AND…

The crowd cheers even more as there will be more than one opponent for Jeff Jarrett at Wednesday Nitro next week.

Ric Flair: And… the man who has EARNED his chance at the World Heavyweight Title, no matter how much I don’t like him… BIG POPPA PUMP… SCOTT STEINER!

The crowd explodes into even more cheers, and Jeff Jarrett drops his Title as his jaw drops in shock. Jarrett shakes his head in denial, mouthing “no” over and over again. If Jeff Jarrett feared anyone more than Booker T, and if Jarrett fears anyone the most, it is ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner. Jarrett looks for comfort and consoling from the New World Order, but they’re all too shocked at what all has gone down at the conclusion of the show. The crowd continues to cheer like crazy, while Flair celebrates with the WCW crew on the stage.

Mike Tenay: World Championship Wrestling is alive and well, AND RIC FLAIR IS BACK! Ric Flair, The Nature Boy, the 14-time World Heavyweight Champion, retired at Starrcade because of an evil plot by the New World Order, is the new WCW President! What do you think about that, Curt Hennig!?

Hennig looks at Tenay, pissed beyond belief, not saying anything. Hennig is too dumbfounded to say anything.

Mike Tenay: Oh, what now, Curt!? Don’t you have any witty insult this time around!? Not going to call me something other than my real name!? Ric Flair got your tongue, Curt!?

Hennig glares at Tenay.

Mike Tenay: Fans, this has truly been one of the greatest conclusions to a wrestling program in our sport, and I am glad that you have just watched a monumental moment in World Championship Wrestling! I know I’m glad I was here calling it; I only wish I had Tony Schiavone here as my broadcast partner with me.

Ew, why? Hennig has been gold.

Mike Tenay: However, we are out of time, fans! Be sure to tune into Wednesday Nitro next week at 8PM EST, because you will see Jeff Jarrett versus Booker T versus Scott Steiner for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship! It will be the greatest way possible to end 2001, so be sure you tune in! Until then, this is Mike Tenay saying, so long and goodnight, and welcome to the President Flair Era!

The camera catches one last shot of Ric Flair celebrating with Arn Anderson, Cal Anderson, Lance Storm, Larry Zbyszko, and the rest of the WCW roster, elated that The Nature Boy is the WCW President, and Eric Bischoff’s days as President are over.


Quick Results:
The Filthy Animals def. The Flying Harts at 11:01
Shane Helms def. Crowbar at 4:57
Hugh Morris def. The Wall at 4:52
Konnan & Lance Storm def. Totally Buff at 5:49
Arn Anderson nc. Eric Bischoff at 0:00 – Match Thrown Out

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
Szumi's back, but not in black - back in BTB! And yeah, I know, he's doing WCW again - so unoriginal.

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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Not at all sorry for how long this took. It was done days ago, but even then, was two weeks after you put the thing up. And fuck, you didn’t even review my beast (Mania 23), so deal with it, imo. You owe me, you BTB whore you. But honestly, every time you’ve reviewed me I can tell you really read at least most of the material, and got a feel for it’s actual meaning. So with this review, I return that. I read about 75% of everything you wrote word for word, the rest was skimmed over. Hey, at least I’m honest. Hell, 75% was a bitch-made task, tbcfh. 4 full pages of review here. And it’s actually “feedback”, which I know you like. It aint all positive, that’s fo sho. Green rep for me, imo.

Starrcade Review

Opening video was decent enough. You don’t like doing them, and it may have showed a bit. Not the best I’ve read, but certainly not bad by any stretch.

Tony is underrated imo. 2000 = garbage, 1998-1999 good, mid 90’s – on par with Vince and JR in WWE. Truth. I personally was a HUGE WCW mark, dating back to the NWA in the days of “Wrestling vs. Sport’s Entertainment”. But when Hogan came, Savage came, Nitro came, and the nWo began - and all that shyte, I really marked hard. I was one of the millions of reasons Nitro beat Raw for 83 weeks. WCW owned. But nWo vs. WCW in 2001? Gonna be tough to impress me. I was so pissed at WCW by mid-1999, that I didn’t watch nearly at all until it closed down. (I spent a year snorting white drugs then, and really didn’t watch anything, but still.) It lost my interest, and really fell off. Let’s hope you do it’s resurgence justice. I look at back at films of the ea now, and oh boy, yuck

Shocked to see a LMS open the show. A dramatic encounter, that could possibly set the bar too high, and be a let down for later in the show. Unrealistic really, but who cares. Nice pace to start it out, and despite the violent nature of an encounter like this, psychology is actually used, which I like. Not positive that holy shit chants were even used in 2001, let alone so much, but meh. Spots throughout the match were done perfectly, I mean, sit-out powerbomb from the ropes to the ladder = awesome. The action never let up for more than a smidgen. I love the fact you bold the important spots in a paragraph, but at the same time I hate it, because it makes you have no desire to read the rest. Very much the solid encounter, and I was SOOOOO happy to see Kidman pull it out. Heelish acting Rey = coolness. Kidman = Ratings. Aftermath was good, and lmao @ the 13 year old on TV. New fiflthy animals are cool, great group of guys, although I was never fond of the name tbh.

Lol @ Hennig and Awesome on a much smaller sofa. Hennig > all the rest of these buffoons. Bischoff was good, in character and all. Kept calling Hogan “Hogan, which didn’t seem realistic though. Jeff Jarrett is calm, Awesome knows his role, and Hogan is set to win his match. Nash gone though, plz. You retire Flair and I may stop talking to you altogether. Someone coming in too. Gotta Savage or Scott Hall or someone. Can’t see Hogan in the nWo under the World Champion Jeff Jarrett either. Promo pretty much left everything up in the air, while stirring the pot even further.

Tag match was pretty blah truthfully. Nice to see you putting over some younger talents, and the tag division is the place to do it, but I just never cared for these guys and all their reincarnations back when real life gave them the opportunity. Although, ironically, I did use the Perfect Event in my original thread, as I was grasping at straws. Feels a bit like what your doing here. Flying Harts, nWo, and filthy animals in tag division plz? Anyway, the match picked up after the ref bump, and the action to the climax was very well written. Good job explaining 3.0 as I hadn’t a fuck. Palumbo dies, and Jindrack hits a nice athletic move for the win. Everyone says Stamboli was to be pinned, and instead he makes the cover. Ironic. Wish the other team had won, but meh.

Booker wants to go alone. Nice, ballzy move there. Very well written interaction as always. nWo is certainly planning to run a muck, so watch out BT. I originally thought he would win hands down, but this night is feeling quite heelish for some reason. I just have a feeling that the show ends with now on top. And no sir, I have not read the end as of yet. Unlike most, I read through, and I don’t “Spoil”. Hate Cal Anderson tbh, and new enforcer he’ll never be for me. Furthermore, I hated the Shit” bomb Booker dropped. On PPV okay maybe on occasion. But it was just “focus on your own shit”. No real conviction. “This is bullshit!” – Bret Hart, comes to mind as one of those rare times I found it to be okay. Booker could’ve simply said “handle yo’ business, I’ll handle mine”. Same effect.

Very eerie Sting promo, and while I LOVE the way his character is portrayed, I didn’t like the use of the word “crow”. Don’t know if that’s a usual thing or not. But it seemed a buzzkill to actually use the term, rather than just allowing him to be likened to the crow by spectators. Nonetheless, a good little promo, and by the sounds of it, Steiner is in the shitter later tonight.

Very nice break from all the hoopla and shenanigans to a solid wrestling contest for the cruiserweight title. Nice fast paced match up, with plenty of momentum swings early, but minus a couple flurries, the champ dominated the last part of the match. The “sugar Smack” kick and German off the top fucked Crazy’s chances, and with his concussed state, the vertebreaker ending up doing him in. Vertebreaker = awesomeness. Full marks there. Good cruiserweight match, and glad to see Helms retain here, especially since I was sure he’d lose. LOL @ Tony post match, plugging Nitro, and then at your comments. They were exactly what I thought. Fun. One problem I am having is with the lacks of spaces between blocks of text. My, it takes a toll on the eyes. And tbcfh Verdana >>>>> Georgia. Fact. Three matches, and my eyes are begging for mercy.

Well, as the resident Flair mark, I can give you an A for effort for the Flair promo. It was good. Again, if he loses, I shit on this thread, He overused Gene-O though, as he never really said that much at all IRL. More like “Mean … WOOO … GENE!” To start, and just a bunch of “Gene Okerlund”s during. Aside from that, the Naitch is primed to win. 15x plz?

Always hated tables matches really, but in 2001 they certainly meant more than they would today. Should be a brutal contest. Spots throughout the match were really well done once again, but the whole night has been rather the spot fest. Some spots in this match seemed backwards, like maybe a bigger spot happened before a smaller one, taking away and all. Meh. I do commend you though, as each match has built to spots for the most part, starting out with psychology. Don’t care for Storm, and Awesome is anything but, but that’s just the opinion of an old, decrepit geezer. You try your damndest to explain things, which is mighty good of you, but this match in particular saw some rather wordy explanations, such as the table in the corner ordeal. Hard to make out tbh. But some of the spots were just really well done, like Awesome flying over to the floor when Storm pulled the rope down, or even the non devastating spots like when Lance was able to clear the table. Really good action despite the fact that Lance is a complete borefuck. Really well developed match, and the finish was just awesome. New North American Champion, (US>>>NA) and while I hate both, I like Awesome better. nWo ftw.

Really liked the way you tore down the dressing room wall for the Nash segment. Really put reality into the thing, and brought the jargon into perspective.

I always wondered how Mean Gene could handle interviewing so many times a night, so many different men. This is what, number 45 tonight? Anyhow, miss those days tbh. Despite the aftermath of LMS, it’s just really hard to comprehend these guys being so friendly after such a showdown. At least they spoke of the tension tho. Interview was decent enough, and Konnan was the best, as the best as you’d expect. The Filthy Fellaz appear to have things in perspective. Seemed Nitro-ish tbh, couldn’t been left off the show.

Still find it to be the orgasmic awesomeness that you deliver the nWo deal with right number of “new’s”. Great. More reviewing emphasis on this match tbh. This is the match that will either strengthen or destroy our friendship. No really. Glad you mentioned cheers could still be heard for Hogan. Truth. LMAO @ flexing like only Hogan can. Lucky break, imo. The greatest of all time makes the immortal Starrcade walk ONE MORE TIME. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOO!! Flair flop a paragraph in = trouble (and ratings). I always called it last call, but meh, Flair Flop owns. ROFL @ 15 nife edge chops! Greatest Starrcade spot ever tbh. And my, the jogging with running crossed out … HILARIOUS! See personally, I’ll take an entertaining match like this over a competitive shindig 7 days a week tbh. Sluggish action to continue through, although again, comedy and entertainment are here. Don’t think that you need to use so many words to explain the application of the figure four cheap way to build up word count imo. Leg drop to Flair while he had the figure four locked owned. AND FLAIR KICKS OUT RIGHT OFF TOPS!! Now that, is GREAT! Love the comedic descriptions and glad Nash got the boot off. Gotta say right now that I hate, and have always hated, the writing out of one-two-three, and even more-so, the overuse of actually telling me it was a three, only to say no it wasn’t. Jobberish. Anyhow, going further, I liked it a lot better bolded, and then retracted to non bolded. ROLL ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING MY MOTHER FUCKING ASS OFF @ the shot @ yours truly. Hey, just because I know how to book women’s matches to create interest, DON’T BE HATIN! Oh wait! It was cuz I predicted that to be the outcome rit? Meh, your just mad cuz you didn’t want to use it after I predicted it would go down! HOLY FUCK! Nash is gonna win it, and you’re a dead man! SCOTT HALL! I knew it! TBH, my biological pop went to school with Hall, and I have his JR High yearbook with a picture of Hall. He gave it to me cuz I’m a wrestling fan. He told my pops to get a haircut when he signed it. LOL, true story. Anwayz, nWo is reforming! And I FUCKING LOVE IT!! Dude, I just don’t know what to say. I read the last sequence, and it took all my wind out. I never thought you’d really retire Flair, so I made a bunch of funnies earlier. But now, you have, and I don’t like it. The aftermath, while hard to read at the moment, was done well and all, showcasing emotion. Should have been only Arn tbh, or maybe have had JJ or other originals in there. Meh, it shouldn’t even be happening. It wasn’t good enough for the Naitch. Hogan over Flair at Starrcade for Flair’s career is terrible booking, nWo or not. And if Flair doesn’t come back, I will truly never be able to forgive you. I know he’s an owner and all, but FUCK THAT! He better come back. Luckily, I think I know you well enough to know you’ll bring him back. When, dunno. Probably six-eight months, after nWo runs a muck, then the Naitch will put them out for good. I love nWo, always did. And I never – as a fan of 23 years – really hated Hogan. But I certainly always loved Flair. He’s the greatest of all time. Ramble, ramble. Turn this into magic, plz. Plz?

Is intruiging now to realize that Hogan is #1 contedner to a fellow nWo mate should Jarrett retain. Now I feel he WONT, since with the rebuilding of the nWo going strong, I can’t see you creating turmoil amongst them so early. Flair > Hogan > Booker > Jarrett though, tbh. Christ, the main event should have been all that followed this. Steiner – Sting won’t be getting much oomph from me. (Nor would it many real fans who just shat themselves watching Hogan end Flair again.). Glad to see Gene was “crying”. Could’ve done without Big Poppa Pump cussing him out tho. But, tis Steiner’s style, and ironically, it fit better than the cuss I hated earlier (can’t remember it tbh). Steiner was decent, cussed too much, and following the Flair bit, was just dragging for me. He wants the strap, and Sting is the first step.

Love how you’ve brought back the “Razor Ramon-esque” tendencies of Scott Hall’s personality. WCW killed them off by the late 90’s. LOVED Hogan and Eric’s interaction that finally showed a glimpse of him not wanting to be below Jarrett. Realism, imo. The hold card was played with Hall already, and Jarrett’s got to go it alone. I gotta a funny feeling that’s not gonna be the case tho. nWo runs a muck I feel. Cheap pop for the beer comment from Last Call.

Gotta say here and now that you are waering me out with toooooo many backstage segments. And I LOVE for there to be segments following every match, sometimes two, or maybe three! But it really seems there have been 3-4 per match. Overkill tbh. Realistic to the WCW that died. Changes, plz? I did just realize you’re headed for 2002. Awesome tbh. Tony quits! He’s not gone forever. Again, unlike most, I’m not afraid to admit my liking of fat Tony. He’ll be back. Good realistic ordeal here, that I could see happening.

Lol, what a fucking ridiculously insignificant update it seemed to be on Super Crazy. Following all that, who cares about his condition? Really. Super Crazy is a mental midget now it seems. And I guess for the “sport affect” the update is realistic. Too slow getting to more action here. But meh, tis’ WCW.

Your sexual fantasy hits the ring next, and honestly, lol at the pic being from 06-08. Tattoo on the chest and all. Not gonna put my all into this match tbh. SLOW pace, but is to be expected, as Steiner is a slow muscle bound moron, and Sting is nothing to speak of, as of post-1996. Steiner is awesomely powerful, and it showed. Boo at the shot at WWE. As ironically, I’m wanting you to go the whole hog, and do a WWE thread. It’s where the real magic exists dude. Truth. I laughed my ass off at Patrick being a pile of pig shit tbh. Love Steinerlines, since the 80’s, they’ve owned. Sting took too long to come back, and honestly, just looked weak altogether, so meh at that. Anyway, belly to belly off the top was spectacular, but really, look at what we’ve seen tonight already. Picturing it in my head … and you know what I mean. Nonetheless, a good match for what it was. Steiner cheating to win was good, as it kept Sting looking strong, but truly, it was so much the norm of how Sting loses in his career. Should’ve put Pump over clean tbh, as he’s good enough. Nonetheless, this match for me personally was the biggest let down of the night. And I can honestly say that coming after the dreadful Flair loss didn’t help it’s chances with me. I was not prepared to be into this – nor anything. So maybe not the matches fault, but certainly yours as the booker. Steiner kills Sting after the match, which does an awesome job of setting up Steiner as being a future homicide victim. Same old thing, as Sting is constantly put out – even today in TNA. But whatever, this feud now has another dimension, and by the time the thing resurfaces, it may be for the strap. A heelsih, stomach wrenching night. And honestly, despite anything I’ve said up till now, I think it continues with Jarrett next.

Nash is turning nWo. Only thing that makes sense at this point, and the way that the whole thing will come full circle! The way that Jarrett retains! Very well done, assuming it happens. Should it happen, it will have been a very well built, awesome swerve. A great swerve built through the night. Pales in comparison to SummerSlam in my thread of course. Props to the Book man for staying with his want to go it alone.

I feel excited and rejuvenated heading into the ME, which is good, since I hate you now due to the Flair angle. Here we GO!! Buffer = ratings. I marked like fuck-all @ the Rumble to see him in the WWE ring finally. I think he’ll likely do Mania too w/ Show-Money. Anyway, always loved the Buff, and always loved that about WCW, ever since he started @ SuperBrawl 1993 or so. Can’t imagine Tenay calling matches alone. Granted back in WCW he was the sex in terms of announcing. I just can’t imagine Starrcade like that – one announcer. Anyhow, it’s on. Reading, then commenting, imo. Stacy Keibler = the best part about the main event. Sex sells. Solid methodical “we’re the main event heavyweights and this is how we wrestle” start to the match. Which I don’t have any problem with. Again, I’m old school. And back then, slow paced matches were key. Start it out, feel it out, swap momentum a few times, fast shit, finish. That’s the way me likes it. This match started off great for a World Title bout imo. Little spots like choking till the count of five too, are great. Always been amazing how the “big spots” in the main events seem to pale in comparison to the spots earlier in the night eh? Not your fault, tis just wrestling as a profession, and typical WCW tbh. Boo at the Cena shot. FU > that crap. No, but really, DVD >FU Don’t know why he converted it to that shit. However, I’m more man than you’ll ever be, and Cena as World Champ in my thread >>>> Jarrett in yours. Sorry. Fact. Tbh. Back to action, imo. Just solid action throughout, no amazing stuff – as you’d expect – just a lot of solid combat. Bookend through the announcers table = AWESOME! But the only problem is the whole PPV has been one big spotfest/overbooked/weapon use/no clean situation. Meh, WCW. Interferences begin with Awesome, Keibler and blah blah. WCW – nWo war takes another match from the realm of cleanliness. Hennig>the main eventers, so once again, BOO at him being wasted as a side dish here. Match continued with awesome (albeit unspectacular due to earlier matches) action. And then, on into the finish. Booker ends Hennig and Awesome, awesomely. Harlem side kick, HARLEM HANGOVER! NEW CHAMPION! MEH! Hogan pulls the ref out! Didn’t we already have that spot? Albeit it was Hall, but I mean, come on here! Nash! IS NWO!! I knew it! And no, I DID NOT READ “SPOILERS”. I just felt it. Nash bust the book, and Jarrett retains the title. Outsiders reunite with the nWo, and the entire nWo makes Booker out to be there bitch. Spray and all the traditional nWo hoopla follows, which was a great way to cap off an already far-gone night. Great angle here, and nWo is strong as ever, although still, Hogan under the World Champ Jarrett? Nope, methinks. Can’t wait to see what happens there. Boo at Nash stealing Stevie Richard’s line.; Trash in the ring was a good touch. Mean Gene is/was commentating? Missed that I guess. Definitely have me intrigued tho, again, as I have not a fucking clue where all this shit will go.

Bottom line is that I nitpicked at minor bullshit which I personally didn’t like. Same thing we all (those who are serious about this) do. No biggies though tbh, outside the Flair loss. I’m sure you’ll rectify that in some way, and if not, explosives headed your way in the USPS motor vehicle tbh. Really tho, and awesome PPV. The talent and passion you’ve put in here is paramount. Cheers, and I look forward to more.

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Szumi’s Starrcade Feedback.

Video was fine, I’m not a big connoisseur on the videos and I’m pretty sure you’re not either. Set the scene for a big PPV.

Rey Misterio Jr v Billy Kidman
Last Man Standing
Huge match to kick things off, as I mentioned there’s no clear cut winner in this one which is definitely a good thing. The first thing that struck me with this match was your descriptions of the wrestler’s movements, directly from the outset, every single movement and action of both Kidman and Rey was very good thus making things very easy to visualise. The SSP spot off the Guard Rail was cool, something different but I’m glad that Kidman hit his finisher so early in the match. You really busted out some big spots for this one, the Sit-Out Powerbomb off the second turnbuckle was tops. You didn’t overuse any moves which is good and can tend to happen in matches like this, the only move I saw get a lot of use was the Missile Dropkick, but there aren’t really many matches on the rest of the card other than the CW title that we’ll see the move used much for the rest of the show. The build to and the finish itself was excellent and really well written. Kidman looks insanely strong coming out of this but Rey’s not weakened either which is good because he endured a huge beating. Great start to the show Szumi. I was glad that you didn’t fill this match with a tonne of in-ring psychology and instead you just had them beat the shite out of each other. Good start Szum, well written, the match flowed very nicely making it a very easy read. ****

Filthy Animals reunion, shock horror, Rey turns face. I totally DIDN’T see that coming… much. Anyway will be interesting to see what you do with the Filthy Animals now, especially Chavo on board.

The nWo segment was good, everyone was in character and you portrayed them all very nicely. I think it’s going to be a good night for the Order. Awesome and Hennig crammed into a smaller couch was gold btw.

Young Lions v Natural Born Thrillers
Tag Titles
This is the match I’m least looking forward to, to be honest. This actually turned out to be an okay match. Your writing skills prevailed here and turned it into a good match despite the lack of talent you utilised in the match. Like the first match you really delivered on the finisher, obviously the Super Frankensteiner is immense but even the sequence leading up to it was extremely good. Pretty surprising that the NBT went over to be honest. I thought that you were really looking to establish the Lions and give them a decent run. Never the less, still a decent match. Very well booked as I said but it still just screamed of filler. I hope you bring more teams into your Tag Division because at this stage it seems as if there’s only two and that’s not really enough. ***

Booker was really good here, his character was spot on. His dialogue and syntax was good too although Flair was off a bit because some of his dialogue was a little sloppy thus effecting the flow of the promo.

Awesome promo from Sting here. I dunno where you think of promos like this. I loved it tbh. It just flowed wonderfully and just how much winning this match means to Sting is evident. I’m not sure about the Stinger continuously referring to himself as the “Crow”. I admit I’m not a huge Sting mark but I can’t recall him ever actually referring to himself as the “Crow” during his promos, it’s always been a commentator or the like.

Shane Helms v Super Crazy
Cruiserweight Championship
I’ve been looking forward to this match. The start of this was absolutely brilliant, the numerous counters to the pinning predicaments were great and superbly written. I liked the fact that you had both Crazy and Helms sharing the offence and that it wasn’t solely one of them. At different points I was actually surprised by just how methodical this match got as it had more psychology about it then I expected it to. The reversal of the Vertebreaker was sensational, a really great spot. That’s definitely something I’ve never though of as a count to it. You built the finish very well and once again you booked it nicely too. Super Crazy managing to get away a couple of Moonsaults before he got pinned definitely helps him maintain his credibility. The German Suplex off the top rope was a sick spot and it was obviously always going to be down hill from there for Super Crazy. One thing that strikes me with this match is just how fast I got through it to read and it shocked me that it was actually a 15 minute match because I got through it so fast. It was written so well and it flowed very well. You wrote this in such a fashion that you created a clear cut picture as to just what was going on. The way you kept us guessing continuously as well is a credit to you because there were plenty of times where the match looked as good as done but it continued on. Good to see you give this some good time as well. Good match. ***3/4

Excuse me, I have ordered PPV’s on numerous occasions having not watched a free show in months

Brilliant promo from Flair. That’s all I have to say.

Lance Storm v Mike Awesome
North American Championship; Tables Match
Even though I already know whose winning, I’ve been looking forward to this one. Once again you wrote this match very well, your blow by blow detail of all the spots was great. The spot where Awesome landed on the table was very risqué and I dunno how it would be played off in real life, if at all. None the less it was a good spot but I actually would’ve appreciated it even more had been a little bit further into the match. Everything in the match seemed as if it was built into it, you didn’t pull out random spots after another which can tend to happen in a match of this nature. The spot where Awesome crashed through the table on the outside was magic, really brilliantly written. LOL @ the Suicide comparison . The spot where Storm went through the table after hitting the superkick was nice and I was glad to see you utilised the ruling that you made earlier about the competitor needing to be put through a table courtesy of an offensive manoeuvre. It definitely added to the tension to the match. One piece of criticism I have for this match is that you had a lot of extra dialogue in your match description, that probably wasn’t required but it made the match seem longer. The finish was great, you told me on MSN what it was and that it wasn’t anything special but I disagree, I really liked the ending. I actually didn’t expect it to come at that stage, but it was a good time for it because it had that surprise factor. The spot was very well written again and easy to visualise because once again you gave it a blow by blow description of the spot. Great match. ****1/4

Big Sexy walking down the corridor all by his lonesome just emphasises how big this match will be.

I’m not sure why you’d want this on the show tonight to be honest. It just didn’t seem necessary to be crammed in. None the less, still a good promo. Konnan was tops and I liked that you alluded to the fact that there was still a degree of tension between Rey and Kidman because I wouldn’t have been able to handle them being all friendly just after such a brutal match.

Hulk Hogan v Kevin Nash v Ric Flair
Firstly, no marks for having Sting v Steiner follow this. The entrances for all three were nice btw, good to see you go into such a great deal of detail. This match is a big deal and you made it seem exactly that, which is why Sting v Steiner should’ve been before it. The match started out very methodically which is obviously to be expected with these three involved. I loved the comedic aspect you added to it, like only you can. The 15 Chops was an awesome spot and the way you wrote it portrayed exactly what you’d expect from Flair. The FF/Leg Drop combo was awesome the first time, the second time was even better but it was a little obvious that it was going to happen the second time for mine. The Stare down after the second of the afore mentioned spots was probably the highlight of the match thus far, it was written so well and it captured just everything. Despite the snails pace of which this match has been contested at, it has flowed absolutely wonderfully purely because of that way you’ve written it. Holy Fuck! Flair and Hogan are both down and out and it looked like Nash had it won. Hall pulling the referee out of the ring was a real WTF moment. The crowd starts “booking” like crazy after Nash jabbed Flair with the tazor? Lol. Really? Booking? Were they changing the finish? Another Leg Drop? I’m all Leg Dropped out for this match. Wow. Flair loses and the Hall has reunited with Hogan. That’s fucking huge. I’m not sure how I feel about the result to be honest, I was dead certain you’d be retiring Nash but it’s Flair… RIC FUCKING FLAIR?! I’m not an overly huge Flair fan, so I say good on you for showing the nuts to book something as huge as this. I can’t wait to see what goes down with Nash & Hall now, either. ****

Hogan as number one contender is intriguing, it definitely points towards Booker winning tonight because I dunno whether the in-fighting will begin in the nWo just yet.

The aftermath was just about the most emotion filled thing I’ve ever read in BTB. Well done. Truly fitting.

Fucking awesome promo from Steiner. You wrote him brilliantly. Best promo of the show thus far. I know he’s going to win, but even still, awesome promo. I still think that this match should’ve been before the Triple Threat.

I enjoyed what you did with Hall here, he was portrayed nicely. I didn’t like that you had some tension amongst the ranks though, because you’re really establishing the Order tonight but now we see a little bit of in-fighting. Hopefully this isn’t building towards something more, I’m not a fan of a feud between two nWo members to be honest. I liked that Hogan gave Flair a good rub in this promo despite the fact he just retired him, nice touch. The beer comment at the end was good too.

SCHIAVONE QUITS!!! FUCK YES!!!! BRILLIANT! Tony’s spiel was actually pretty good though. Couple of grammar problems though, which haven’t been a big problem thus far. The big story though is, SCHIAVONE IS GONE! HAPPY DAYS! Don’t bring him back.

Not really sure why the Super Crazy thing got thrown in here, but meh.

Sting v Scott Steiner
The start of this really made Sting look like a total dumbass. I know he’s a face and all, but why would he keep going at Steiner when he keeps throwing him to the mat. Steiner abusing the referee was funny as, the pile of pig shit line was priceless. Typically Steiner. This was another good match but not as good as some of the earlier ones. Some more huge spots in this one, it was well written again and it flowed nicely, so no problems there at all. I didn’t like the ending though. Sting was always going to lose and he’s leaving so I think he should’ve lost CLEAN. The beat down could’ve gone down after the match still but after a CLEAN loss. It would’ve done wonders for Scotty for mine. After reading the backstage segment about how you Steve Borden thinks Steiner is the real deal, Scotty should’ve won cleanly. I’m not sure how I feel about the total destruction of Sting and the retirement of Flair in one night though, this has definitely not been a fan friendly PPV of which one for the people to cheer the results, other than the opener. Good match, good to see ***1/2

Aftermath was brutal. I can’t see Steiner getting many cheers anymore.

Nice little promo from Booker. Glad to see you kept it brief. Book’s character was right on song and you portrayed him nicely.

Nash is turning heel. I have absolutely no doubt about it after reading this. The interaction between the two was good, I enjoyed it.

Buffer is here. Yay. I hate him, have him quit too.

Booker T v Jeff Jarrett
WCW World Championship
The start of this was something special, you really put over the enormity of the match and just how much it meant to both guys. Once things kicked off it was very slow and methodical, but that’s fine because that’s pretty much what you’d expect from people like these. The fact that you mentioned a few times that either Booker or Jarrett took their time in doing certain things further established that. I must admit that the appeal of this match isn’t there for me because I hate Jarrett with a passion. Lol @ the DVD v FU bullshit. The real man’s btb comment was a bit much, you’re such a big noter but you’re good value so it’s okay . BOOKEND THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! Again, another big spot on the shot written absolutely beautifully. Great stuff. The match continued at a solid pace for the whole time, with no awkward periods of dialogue nor poor sentence structure which is a regular thing in certain BTBs around here. The end really turned out into a bit of a clusterfuck, after Booker took care of Hennig and Awesome I thought we might of actually been in for a (or as close as possible) clean victory for Booker as he just kept picking off the nWo members, one by one. Booker looks like he has it won until Hogan pulls the ref out of the ring, just like we saw in the triple threat match. Boo. Something different please. Nash is out. Shock horror, heel turn. Surprise surprise. I think you probably went a bit too far in your descriptions of Nash’s actions prior to the eventual guitar shot. Jarrett ending it with The Stroke was fitting I guess, even though I don’t like the result. This PPV definitely could’ve done with more than one face victory/clean result. Plenty of false finishes here definitely added to the suspense of the show. Great match, but it just didn’t draw me in like a couple of the others did. It probably ended up a little long for my taste, because the beat down made sure it ended on a sombre not. The aftermath was to be expected. ****

Overall, an immense PPV. Three of the matches were among the best matches I’ve read. As usual all your promos were great. I enjoyed it. No grammar or spelling faults to note. Some of the booking choices were a little questionable, one or two more face victories would’ve been good, but watching everything pan out will be great. Well done mate. PPV of the Month? Most likely. Of the Year? Quite possibly as well. One of the best PPV’s I’ve read mate, up there for me with Wolfy’s ‘Mania, Reney’s Summerslam from the end of 06 & Mac’s ‘Mania. Once again, sorry for the lateness and Great job.

Brief Nitro Comments

Might as well drop some comments on Nitro too, don’t have time for a full review but we’ll see how I go.

Curt Hennig on commentary? Lol. Beats fuckface, that’s for sure. I should enjoy this.

Lol @ the idea of you even having the balls to even talk to Stacey let alone put one through her. There isn’t enough money in the world for that to happen.

Big match booked for tonight with Double A taking on Bischoff. The promo was typical of what you’d expect. All concerned were very much in character as they were all at their gloating best.

Nice match to open the show, Kidman and Rey teaming together again was a bit of a surprise but the victory wasn’t. Obviously it was always going to happen. Nice recap, action a plenty. I like it.

Aw. How nice, there’s still some fight in WCW, yet.

Lol @ Helms. What’s next for him I wonder? There really doesn’t seem like there’s much doing atm.

The cruiserweight discrimination makes me unhappy, amusing though. Lol.

Hugh Morris & The Wall? WTF is that shit? Are you trying to make me shit on this show? Lol. Filler. Next please.

<3 Steiner. Awesome.

Storm and Konnan go over now as well, good to see you’re trying to re-build a little bit of credibility for WCW tonight. Another nice recap.

Well. Fuck me dead. You’ve done it again you bitch. Absolutely awesome. I definitely didn’t expect that. Clearly you’ve put a lot of work into this. Great stuff. Nice promo, Flair was great, as was Bischoff. Huge match for next week. Get the title off Jarrett please.

Great show bud, sorry for the brief feedback, but there wasn’t a great deal to say about it anyway. Looking forward to the next show.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

By my reckoning this is the first ever time I’ve reviewed this thread.

Opening video was excellent. Playing on the whole NWO/WCW feud. It was actually really well done to the point, where a new viewer (oh, like me), is up to speed with what the heck is going on.

Fat Tony = The bane of my life. Hate him. A lot.

Match One
Billy Kidman vs. Rey Misterio Jr.
Last Man Standing Match

Now, this one is the definition of a hot opener. Coming in from a three / four month build up between them to culminate here, with a gimmick match. Sets the tone for the event when this type of contest is the opener. Couple of pacy counters and reversals before Kidman takes over, forcing Rey to try and chicken shit his way out of trouble by walking out - no dice. Missile dropkick to the outside starts the first count, and Kidman stays in charge, taking Rey into the crowd, but appears to go for too much too soon, as his SSP is given a healthy dose of knees. Looks like these two are gonna be taking the scenic route, going up the aisle, with Rey now in charge, wisely using everything around him, and a bulldog certainly causes Kidman problems. He survives, but teeters on the stage - surely it’s too soon for that type of stunt … and apparently so, with Kidman freeing himself just in time, which will really endear him to the bloodthirsty thrill seeking fans . And so Kidman manages to turn the tide back in his favour, as we come back closer to the ring. Seeing wrestlers get crotched = priceless. Surprised the missile dropkick got a seven count second time around, and the two guys find themselves back in with the riff raff, thanks to Kidmans cross body. He’ll regret that though, with the Misterio DDT toasting him on the concrete. Surprised to see Kidman recover so quickly to retake control, thanks to the Rydeen bomb. (Thanks for the description, because I was thinking wtf is the Rydeen bomb). Heh, got a chuckle out of the ‘crowd nearby try to get a holy shit chant started but it dies off quickly’.
These two are certainly taking a lot out of each other still fairly early on, and it looks like we’re getting back into the ring, or least getting there. LADDER?? Hot stuff. Looks like the ante is about to be upped. And indeed it is, with a vast array of ladder spots to really turn it up a gear. Kidman juices, as Rey begins to seize the advantage, with Kidman in all sorts of trouble now. You could’ve sold the Frankensteiner on the ladder a little better L. Just for that?? No pudding. Sorry. And indeed, a true Holy Shit moment with the sit out power bomb OFF THE SECOND FREAKIN ROPE onto the ladder. And now it would appear, Kidman has picked up a fifth wind. That little rat bastard Misterio is gonna suffer for his troubles, beefy goodness. Zing, another twist, with Misterio avoiding the Shoorting Star, just as I thought you were set to wrap it up with a neat little bow. Heh, another little comment I liked “Apparently Misterio should’ve thought to incapacitate Kidman before trying to climb up a ladder and jump off it and onto Kidman.” Just made me chuckle.
So naturally, his stupidity should come back to bite him, and certainly it does. Loving the Unprettier off the ladder (Class of 2008 in the hizzouse). Wow. Honestly thought that would’ve done it, but Kidman decides to be a fool and break the count. Hope he loses now for being a jerk. Meh, he hit’s the Shooting Star, and wins. Good for him, but I still say he deserved to lose for being a moron at the end . Nuh, I’m kidding, from the way it appeared this one was built up over the last few months, it seemed like this was an apt way to close the deal. One heck of an opener. Normally when I read twenty minute matches in BTB, I’m sportive aware of it, this one flew by. Hope that came across as a compliment. Was meant to be one. Awesome last man standing match.

Got a really good laugh out of the side comments on the aftermath. Nice dry humour. So it appears Rey and Kidman will be sending gifts this Christmas. That’s nice.

I cant just keep laughing, can I?? I guess I probably can…

Tony Schiavone: I don’t think this is something many, if anyone, saw coming, but Rey Misterio has seen the light, and he is back with his friends, and Chavo Guerrero Jr. is joining them! Professor, you and I knew that despite their differences and the hate that was consuming each other, there was still a deep respect and love between Rey Misterio and Billy Kidman, and tonight, while beating each other with everything they had, that respect that they have always shared, poured out into the open, and you all saw it with your own two eyes afterwards when the reunion took place.

Oh great, Tony. Insult the WCW fans that are blind, or worse, only have one eye. Heartless bastard.

You have got to be yanking my chain?? Stacy Kiebler and Jeff Jarrett?? Jeff Jarrett?? J-E- DOUBLE F J-A-DOUBLE R- E - DOUBLE T?? That’s just leading viewers on to thinking Stacy isn’t picky?? If I’m watching, I’m thinking, hey, I have a shot. Screw you Jarrett.

Anyways, New World Order (I’m not typing n.W.o anymore, because word keeps automatically changing it to now.) promo sets the tone for a big night for them. Personally, coming from a new reader, I’d be surprised if they came out unscathed this evening. But with the promise of a new member, I guess it’s possible.

Match Two
Young Lions © vs. Natural Born Thrillers (w/Mike Sanders)
WCW Tag Team Championship

Tag titles up for grabs, and it breaks down right and quick, don’t it?? Faces clear out early, and I’m actually finding myself enjoying the early going of a match I wasn’t keen on reading. Lovely double team moves from the Lions, from the Gorilla press, and the lawn dart to the outside. I always enjoy seeing heels getting thrown at heels as a battering ram. Lots of athleticism from Palumbo and O’Haire, and I especially marked out for the Seanton Bomb. Hotness. However, those pesky Young Lions find their ways back fire on the outside, as NBT establish control, teaching them a little bit of a lesson, before taking it back inside. It’s all NBT back inside with O’Haire taking a beating like his Poppa woulda give. LOL. Palumbo finally gets to his corner drastically over selling the front suplex from earlier. No wonder Stamboli failed to deliver the suplex, after eating his dinner and reading a Stephen King novel, once he got the front face lock position. So, it’s his fault O’Haire came back with his eventual neck breaker. Palumbo back in - he recovered from the suplex then? Thank goodness. - and he’s going medieval on Full Blooded American Stamboli. Surprised Col. Sanders has yet to get involved in this. Spoke too soon I guess, as his first action of the match turns things back into NBT favour. I vaguely remember Sanders from WCW. I think I might’ve thought he was cool. Not sure though. Long time ago, and I didn’t follow WCW much. Not that it matters here I guess. Anyway, it would appear the trip and distraction combo will be leading to the heel dominance period of the match. O’Haire called in to action quickly to break a count, like a deuche, as it leaves his friend open to a double team- scratch that - triple team. And boy oh boy, it’s all NBT at this point. Plenty of tags, wrestling 101. Outrageous to think that Palumbo would survive such a nasty move like the chin lock, but what the heck do I know. Both men down from the belly to back suplex … HOT TAG!!! The Young’ns are firing on all cylinders, until we get ref bump #1 of the evening. I forgot about the Jungle Kick, liked the way he hit that J. The faces rip off the Hardys, and O’ Haire attempts to do so again with his Seanton *copyright Hardy, Jeff.*, but Cap’n Mike Sanders is to the rescue, and this leads to the end … and new champions. Do I not like that?? Yes I do . Sanders rocks my world, so NBT are okay with me.

Whose Cal Anderson? I dig Bookers promo, although he was a big bad nasty man to Flair. Boo hoo. Hiss hiss. Nice little moment at the end with Flair too, about the eyes and shit. Classy.

Heck of a dark, brooding promo from Sting. Very tense, perfectly worded, sets the stage for later on.

Match Three
Shane Helms © (w/Sugar Babies) vs. Super Crazy
WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match

Sugar babies . Bit of rolling around, with exchanges and shit to start out. I’ll live with that, given the last match started off on fire. Lots of those early. Lots of ducking and diving, before we ease into the knuckle lock. Finally a bit of aggression, with Helms being that aggressor. Oh, liking a corkscrew missile dropkick. That’s the shit, imo. Helms stays on top, with a leg drop across the throat whilst crushing the arm. More nice stuff. VERTEBREAKER~! Fuck, I’d totally forgotten about that move from all that time ago. Pissed off he didn’t hit it there, so he’d better do later. Having said that, Crazys counter was fucking top class. As you’d expect, Crazy gets the momentum from that. <3 you’ve described the rolling off the back bit perfectly, so I’ll steal that piece of description some time, because I’ve fucked it up a couple times in the past. Just a random note that. These are some sick counters my man, top notch to read, as the descriptions are totally bang on, and easy to follow. Helms gets dumped to the outside, which is obviously a set up for some crazy luchador insanity from the challenger. And I’m right. Holy Fucking shit - Bagwell eat your heart out all right, Super Crazy just fucked your shit up. Awesomely awesome blockbuster neck breaker from the leap off the apron. Pure awesome. Nice whip into the ringpost with Crazy bringing the fight to Helms. Absolutely crazy match Szum, and it hasn’t stopped yet - loving the hurricanrana from SC. Silly Mexican, going to the well too often, and he deserved to get killed with the power bomb imo J. Seems to be slowing down now, and that’s no surprise, these two have fucking put on an acrobat performance. Breaking down into a bit of a brawl it seems slightly, until the Super Kick … doesn’t put an end to proceedings. Heh, at Helms giving the referee abuse - slow counts, um hm. Helms misses the Shining Wizard - SPIKE DDT - but no cover … why?? Because it’s time for the Triple Moonsault … but only scores twice … silly Mexican. Fuck me. German off the top = The end. I like the fact you mentioned the move was botched. Realism = Ratings. The Vertebreaker would appear to just be an exclamation mark, because this one?? SHE’S OVA!!! Best match so far, even bettering the opener. And I just wanted to skim this one at the start tbh

Decent Flair promo. I guess I always expect gold when I read one of your promos, but this was okay. Sets up the triple threat later.

Match Four
Lance Storm © vs. Mike Awesome
WCW North American Championship (Tables Match)

Going in, at bit like the CW match, I wasn’t really looking forward to it. Lance Storm, despite playing a good heel, has never ‘done it’ for me in terms of interesting me in matches. However, strangely in a face role, I found myself more interested in him here :S. Awesome = the same really, although he had a couple of great matches with Masato Tanaka in ECW, including the ONS MOTN. You definitely got the hatred over between them, breaking it down into a fist fight from the get go, which is different for Lancer. Awesome as part of the n.W.o btw, rocks my socks - he got buried with silly gimmicks in WCW, but it appears he’s actually over as a bad ass here. Storm getting down and dirty with head butts and leg kicks etc was different, and I liked it (as usual). Oh yeah, I forgot Awesome had a ‘career killer’ gimmick - I gave it to someone in my thread thinking it was original - how wrong I was I guess. Meh, is my response. It’s a really down and dirty fight here, with both men breaking themselves down. Awesome breaking out a dropkick makes me smile. The early going was really very much a drag out, knock down brawl, which made for a nice change of pace, as it wasn’t anything flashy like the two CW matches, just brutal fighting. Immediate thoughts was ‘what the fuck is he doing with this table?’, and the fact you made me wait a while for it = no ratings. Keeping me in suspense like that. it’s not fair, and you get no ratings for that. Thanks for explaining why the superplex didn’t break the table, because I was wondering tbh. Sort of slowed down a little I felt after that for a while (in a way), as they just got to it in the ring, and the tables didn’t play a part for a period of time. I shouldn’t complain really, it’s pretty good action in the ring, but I want to see more with the tables. Storm seems to be pulling out all the high flying stops. I’m probably just not very well educated with the Lancer, but any time I’ve watched him, he’s always kept it on the mat, and not jumping in the air with fancy stuff. Just me though, from when I’ve seen the guy, which isn’t a lot tbh. Started getting more involved with the tables again, and a couple of standard table spots that wouldn’t break the thing, but work nicely as teasers anyway. I always mark for high flying big men, so needless to say, I marked for Awesome leaping off the top J. More table teasing, with Storm avoiding the Awesome bomb, but finally, Awesome crashes through a table, thanks to Storms low bridge. That would be a sick table spot, but simple to perform. <3 for the comedy, although I know I shouldn’t laugh about suicide , but I found the mention for AS! A nice touch . Storm is definitely pulling out all the stops with his leaping leg drop thingy off the ropes. Eh, I got really confuzzled for a bit, for the whole paragraph following the DDT on the outside. That whole bit went over my head . How many aisles is there?? Maybe I’m getting a little lost here, but how did the brain buster not break the table?? It could be my concentration levels, but this match is getting a little bit messy now, and hard to follow. Though, I did enjoy this little gem…

The crowd breaks out into a large chorus of cheers, but no chants of “Holy Shit”… assholes. Thank God this PPV is in Georgia… now we don’t have to worry about any fucking “EC-Dub” chants. It’s dead people… and fuck those who write about bringing it back. Oh, yeah…
Ch’yeah!!! Marking out for the Roaring Elbow, and again for more big man high flying. What the hell is wrong with Lance Storm?? That’s twice now I’ve read that he’s licked his lips. For fuck sake man, ever heard of Vaseline?? More teasing with Storm missing the elbow, going through the wood. This has been really long for a table match, and didn’t Storm recover quickly. Twice now Storm has avoided a big impact move and responded with a super kick. Despite the length of the match, the finish did seem rather sudden to me, and unfortunately my tiny brain wasn’t able to put together the description to envisage Awesome countering into the Awesome Bomb, but it sounded sick, to give another heel victory. Personally, I sort of ‘lost’ this match around the halfway point, and never got fully into again, apart from the Roaring Elbow spot . Maybe went a little long, but you deserve credit for getting so much out of a single table match.

I didn’t need the Filthy Animals interview. Felt very Nitro’ish, rather than having a place on PPV.

Now this one intrigues me…

Match Five
Hulk Hogan vs. Kevin Nash vs. Ric Flair
Loser Retires; Winner Gets Guaranteed WCW World Heavyweight Title Shot

Staredown of doom~!! Already a few chuckles for the readers. Thanks babe. I see plenty of those in this one. Hogan getting out of the ring as Flair lunged for him did seem a little silly, and I was picturing something out a video game there, where I press the wrong button, and instead of locking up, my wrestler appears on the other side of the ring and slides out. Nash being a sneaky sumbitch could probably lead to injury in most circumstances for him, but I’ll let you off on this occasion. I just had EWR flash backs with IT’S CLUBBERIN’ TIME~! Early flop from Naitch gets heat from me. I’d have liked to have seen it later. Okay … Nash doesn’t get injured lifting his leg for a boot, and then it gets caught. Explain how he avoids injury please … or even with that double whammy … paralysis. Fifteen chops is terrific, and I can see the fans now going fucking bananas for that. Really Szumi, you’re too much … crossing out running for jogging actually forced a little bit of wee out L. I’m 3 years old again, fuckwad. Hogan dominates Flair like only Hogan can with his innovative offence. FFS, I’m having a hard time with this match because you’re too damn funny!!!!!~!!! How did you know I was marking out for the Mercy game anyway?? Surprised Nash won, as I’d have expected the fountain of youth to overcome Big Sexy on that exchange. I’m going to have a lot of Nash related injury questions at the end of this btw - Where the fuck is the realism!!!??? He takes a chop block, and DOESN’T blow out his knee?? Meh, I’ll quit with those questions now, I’m bored asking them. Flair is going medieval on Hogan and Nash now, and he’d know all about medieval times, having spent most of his teenage years there . Time to change the underwear part deux. Why?? Flair turning Hogan from an orange skinned goblin to a red skinned goblin, that’s why. Come on, stop it. I don’t know if the Nash’s feet making too much noise slamming off the canvas was also meant as a joke, but I laughed at that too. Shocked at the Figure Four coming into play so early, but the innovator Hogan breaks up that shin dig with the Immortal Legdrop. Wow, shocking kick out from Flair. Bet Hogan didn’t like that. Hogan and Nash now get back to bid’ness, and the leathery Hogan meets a leathery boot, making for a good game of spot the difference. Whoa, thought Nash got caught there by the Naitch, but he’s just too damn athletic and mobile to not kick out of a small package. Another big staredown, which would get those fans going buck wild again. Take that Hogan - no selling from Flair!!! Flair and Nash team up … BUT HOGAN HULKS THE FUCK UP!!!! Is it for the last time???!!! The old no selling, totally shitting on Flairs lack of selling moments earlier, showing Naitch how to truly no sell!!! Time for the big boot … NO!!! Flair nicks a Figure Four on Nash again!!! And a leg drop for good measure!!! Flair and Hogan cover Nash … BUT IT’S HIS TURN TO NO SELL!!! Nash kicks out, and this shindig continues. Given this big one on one staredown, I’m assuming Flair or Hogan is going out here. Good exchange between them, until Nash decides to get involved again, and it’s another Big Boot!!! What in the name of Jesus?? Hogan just took an actual power bomb?? Flair has to be finished here … at least you’d think … but Nash gets jipped … by his butt buddy!!!! Why does Hall hate Nash?? It doesn’t seem to make any sense, because Hall tazers Flair!!! WTF!!! Hogan and Hall in cahoots. Hogan ENDS Flair!!! Fucking hell. Loved that match - fuck the crazy cruiserweights and their fancy shit, this is where the good stuff happens. MOTN!!!!! I’m just struggling to understand why Hall attacked Nash, but didn’t want him out of WCW. Hoping for explanations please.

Classy finish for Flair. I start the over/under game on how long until he returns at 2 months.

Strong promo from BPP. Sting is in for a long night by the looks of things, because Steiner sounds pissed.

Things look to be set up almost perfectly for Booker to take the WCW here, with the n.W.o plan getting leaked earlier than planned. Certainly an interesting development to head into the main event later. LOL at Hall looking for beer <3.

Not looking to take away from Fat Tonys in ring promo (ugh Fat Tony), but you used the wrong ‘here’, should’ve been ‘hear’. That’s right, nit picking your ass bitch. Thank fuck he quit though.

For the love of God man, hire another backstage announcer. Didn’t they have some hot ass chick around 2000/early 2001?? Bring her back. Hire Todd Grisham ffs. Actually, don’t do that.

Is Tenay supposed to call the rest of this on his lonesome?? Hot. Better than having Fat Tony there imo.

Match Six
Scott Steiner (w/Midajah) vs. Sting
Singles Match

No surprise to see Steiner get the better of the early tussle. Push ups~!! To be honest Szum, I pretty much sleepwalked through a lot of this match, after the awesomeness of the last match sorta drained me. Steiner looked to be put over as some sort of wrecking machine, kicking out at one early on, beating up Sting severely throughout, and even when Sting looked to be on a roll, he wasn’t, missing a stinger splash before getting his ass handed to him by BPP. Seemed a little early for a big impact move like the top rope Belly to Belly, and I was a little surprised Sting actually kicked out, and didn’t need the sanctuary of putting a foot on the rope. I really liked the show of strength with Steiner pressing Sting a couple times, and letting him crush his throat on the ropes. Nasty. Regular clothesline > Steinerline. Yeah, Steiner’s so hard he fears Patrick. Steiner vs. Patrick = ratings. Man alive, nothing Sting can do seems to be enough to throw Steiner off. This is just a beat down. Gotta say, I’m loving the methodical attack on the throat. Innovative for BTB, because we live in a world of working on a knee, or arm, or ribs, and I’m stretching it a bit for ribs, because we don’t many of those. Steiner Recliner should do it imo, because Sting has been Freakzillas bitch tonight. Comeback time for the Stinger methinks, surviving the recliner, and fighting back. <3 for going back to the weakened throat. Steiner going for a Stinger Splash sucks monkey balls. He’d be too slow to make it look good in any shape. Fucking Deathdrop!!! Telegraphed the kick out right away, with Sting taking too long to cover. The fans suck. Flair just got retired, and already they’ve moved on to worshipping this new kid, Sting, and his lame chops. Don’t WOO this freak, BOO this freak. Sting proves the theory of third time lucky, as the third attempted Stinger Splash connects. Sting is going for it all here, with the Deathlock applied, but Steiner POWERS out, meaning Sting BUMPS THE REF!!! Too many ref bumps in this PPV. I’m expecting another one in the main event - at least one in the main event. This ultimately leads to the demise of Sting, as Midajah (I think she was hot, bad memory though. Let me know plz), throws Steiner a lead pipe - and PSYCHOLOGY!!!! Pipe to the throat rocks my world, and I officially love you … more than I loved you before this moment. Rightfully the Recliner ends it, and Sting is toast. I’m torn as to whether Steiner should’ve won this cleanly, because he’s being portrayed as a real badass, he could do with a clean victory over a legend. However, the argument could be made that he’s badass - why the fuck should he stick to the rules?? Extra marks for the psychology. Possibly my favourite thing of the whole show, because it was not just psychology … it was innovative taking out the windpipe, rather than a fucking ankle or knee. I’m guessing in real life Steiner attacked a windpipe at some point, because it would make sense with his finisher being the Recliner, but I have a shady memory of WCW, so it’s fresh to me. Beat down after is Bad Ass too. Steiner in 2001 = Awesome. Great aftermath, and Steiner is over big time.

Too many interviews and shit on this show. Just … too many. Throw in a couple of video packages and shit to kill time after matches.

Main Event
Jeff Jarrett © (w/Stacy Keibler) vs. Booker T
WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match

Here’s the thing ... I don’t like either Jarrett or Booker. So, I’ll level with you, in this one, I just skimmed, and took notice of the blue bits, and the finish . From skimming the early going it seemed even steven, back and forth, a little edgy, a little … boring?? Suplex over the top rope puts a bit of life into the match, and I’m glad you made a point of saying the referee wouldn’t administer a ten count. Booker owns it on the outside, taking out Hillbilly Jarrett with some street thuggery, and a Harlem side kick for afters. Booker nails Jarrett with the FU then, over the barrier and onto the mats - why didn’t you mention they are paper thin mats?? HMMM?? Obviously this thing should be over, because nothing is more devastating than an FU, and that’s the facts, jack. Jarrett chicken shits out of it, but being a fool, he just walks away, and doesn’t run, literally inviting Booker to come after him. DDT on the stage later, and it’s SPIN-A-ROONIE TIME!!!!! The one and only entertaining / interesting thing about Booker T, yup, yup. Jarrett dodges what would’ve been a potentially match threatening Axe Kick on the ramp. I take it the referee wont be disqualifying anyone here either after the Jarrett low blow?? Good choice. Naturally that puts JJ in charge again. The Stroke doesn’t happen, and we get another match with teased table spots :@. I kid, of course, it only adds to the intrigue for the fans. Despite missing that bullet, Booker cant stop the express train of Jarrett, and that bad ass mofo drives Booker into the ring post. Jarrett has a good run of dominance, leading to Stroke attempt 2 … Booker escapes. But despite that, he also comes up short looking for the side kick, oh, Stroke DOES CONNECT!!! Fuck you Jarrett, I hate that mother fucking strut. And not in a way of, ‘oh, that Jarrett one and his antics’. No, I really hate him. Obviously that gives The Book enough time to kick out, and Booker blocking the tenth punch a little further on was a good crowd pleasing moment to add in. I’ve heard of the 110th Street Slam, but I’m not sure what it is I’m afraid. I’m a victim of the WWE machine. Yeah, just read over, and spotted the description , sorry. That’s odd. Referee wasn’t counting them out earlier when on the outside, and didn’t DQ Jeff for a blatant DQ, but then he administers a 10 count because they both went down. Referees suck balls. IMO, Booker would need to throw his arms up and down a lot to keep the fans hot for Jarrett. Just my thoughts. Yikes, gruesome DDT from the champion, and BOOKER IS CUT!!! How many times does Jarrett have to go for the Stroke?? BOOK END THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!! Great spot, and it’s cool you waited the whole show before the monthly PPV table spot {barring the table match of course}. Epileptics > Jarrett. On that basis, Booker wins. Of course it’s not a coincidence he’s in a nice place to get hit from the top rope. Looks like it’s time for THE RUN INS FROM HELL~~~!!! Awesome gets killed, sorry, knocked out, by the steps, Stacy throwing herself at Booker, huh . Once you go black and all… moving on, obviously it’s not in that way, because she’s obviously blind and wants a piece of Jarrett (again, WTF??). Back to this match though, and with all the craziness of Awesome getting involved and Stacy falling over, Jarrett gets back up, just in the nick of time to crush Bookers balls, and deliver the superplex. That wont see off the Bookerman though. Looks like we’re getting to the nitty gritty here … and Booker has a Rock Bottom (I’m pro WWE remember ) but Jarrett avoids that and responds with his old faithful … the stroke. Going to the well too often for the Stroke, it’s a shit move anyway. Booker survives, but his decision to be a loner looks like it’ll be a silly one, because here comes the guitar, and Mr. Perfect. Jarrett using the guitar = no ratings. Honky Tonk Man > Jeff Jarrett imo. Good on the ref, stopping Jarrett from taking the cheap way out. <3 Referees . But still, Jarrett gets another bite at the cherry, but misses. Axe Kick second time around connects, but it doesn’t mean a thing, because the n.W.o are here to put a stop to a title changing hands. They get owned though, but it’s enough to allow Jarrett a kick out from the axe kick. Second 110th Street Slam to Jarrett, Book End to Hennig (3rd of the match altogether). Fuck me, Awesome is just getting tossed around like a rag doll in this one, lol. Now Stacy is there to intervene, and you cant blame the referee for looking, can you?? A long tussle over getting thrust into an exposed turnbuckle doesn’t thrill me, not at the ‘business end’ of a main event anyway. This leaves Jarrett gushing now too … with blood. Uh?? ANOTHER Book End?? Good idea moron, do the spin-a-roonie when you have a clear chance to win the match. Dick. THAT has to be it … Hangover HAS to end it … but of course it doesn’t. Hogan saves the day for Jarrett. And something about that sentence doesn’t sound right. I just cant imagine Hogan, especially in his WCW days, being a helper for Jarrett. Makes it look like Jarrett > Hogan . The n.W.o infest the ring, and it looks like Booker is doomed, but Nash is out to save the day. SWERVE~! Nash takes out Booker to instigate reunion #163. Jeff Jobber retains, and that’s that. What colour was the spray paint the n.W.o used on Booker ??

To be honest, I wasn’t really into the main event. Apart from that, I have few complaints on the rest of the show. Really, very little. Too many heel victories for my taste, especially on the biggest of big shows, and I really had a feeling that Booker was gonna come out on top in the main event, but I guess there is a wider, more long term plan rather than giving him the belt now. Chase is always better anyway. Bit too reliant on finishers in a couple of matches, notably the main event, but wtf, it’s the biggest show of the year, so why not?? Jarrett as the top guy sorta sucks donkey balls, because he’s about as much use as a … well, he’s no use. Put the belt on someone interesting like Steiner, and we’re going somewhere. Top show, great matches, probably too much backstage stuff, but I can live with it, because every promo (bar the Filthy Animals one really) served a purpose.

Sorry about the review not actually being that good despite being like a year long. Reading back over it, I’ve just commented on what happened mostly . I think I broke a record though for amount of smilies used in one post. Excellent job, and as you read this, I’m giving you an e-pat on the back, before later giving you an e-massage, and you know the rest after that .
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