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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

PPV looks to be the sex.

Honestly, what an effort. Review to come atcha, when it comes, as you know.


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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

About time you got the show up tbh. Review soon, maybe tomorrow. Maybe not. Good job, bitch.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Thanks boy-o's. Your feedback would, as always, be mucho appreciated. However, if you do, all I ask is that you actually have read the show, not put on a facade and make a fool out of yourself when you do indeed post feedback

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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Szumi I'm going to start reading from here on I think. I mean I'm finding it difficult to review Starrcade because imo I need some decent background info to clear up a few things. So looking over everything and then reviewing will take a helluva long time. So I'm just going to begin reading and reviewing from here me thinks.

Oh and hope ya don't mind, but I used the Georgia font in my sig
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Sorry it's not as long as it could be, difficulties imo...

Renegade Reviews StarrCade

Never given a fuck about video packages, total waste of time to write tbh. Pretty solid tho.

Rey Misterio Jr. vs Billy Kiman
AWESOME opener. Very fucking sexeh, I marked for the Sit Out Powerbomb spot. These two really exceeded my expectations overall. SSP onto the ladder = ratings. Nasty stuff. Kidman fucked himself after that Kid Krusher, he had Rey! DAMMIT! Thankfully, Kidman still pulls out a massive win. Great start to the show. ***3/4

Filthy Animals! Good booking, Chavo? Meh, other three fit perfectly as they were the originals, weren't they? Overall, a nice feel good booking situation

They are gonna take over. I already know it!

Young Lions vs NBT
This is really the lesser of all the matches overall, but still produced a slightly better than average result. Get FUCKED! Super Frankensteiner? Wow. BIG move to win the match. Pretty good match tbh, but not really anything gripping. ***

Booker was on song, AA was meh, Flair was pretty meh too. He fucked up his speech, never mentioned "one" in his last promo part, just said "in other mans eyes". Sloppy imo.

Yah. Sting pretty much fucking owns. As always, quality stuff here. You just love to write with Sting don't ya?

Super Crazy vs Shane Helms
Pretty good action here, I wasn't expecting much from this either but as always, Cruiser matches bring the good's home most of the time and they did that here. Corkscrew Missle Dropkick was teh sex. Some absolutely AWESOME counter moves producing some even more awesome spots and Helms took it, and deserved it in the long run. ***3/4

Different colours between superstars and Schiavone in the future plz. Much improved Flair characterisation from before and a top promo overall. Obviously, he "ain't" losing...rit?

Lance Storm vs Mike Awesome
Get outta town. This was HUGE. Far TOO LONG, but a huge match. Some sick table spots, and still no one is eliminated yet. Makes the two look like klutz's but lol for some great Hardcore action, which this PPV has lacked overall. AWESOME BOMB THROUGH THE TABLE!~ Fuck I marked for that. Incredible match really, for a midcard title and a not all too interesting stip. Really, well done on this one. ****1/4

More Filthy Animals? Enough is enough plz. Solid work, but not too important in the complex of the show's direction currently tbh. Still, solid.

Ric Flair vs Hogan vs Kevin Nash

Nah, but for what it was worth, the feel of the match made up for a sloppy, sloggish contest. LEG DROP OF DOOM! YES! BACK RAKES! HARD RIGHT HANDS! (Reminding you of a future plan, WF yes?) SCOTT HALL! MARK OUT! Woot. Of course I never saw this coming FLAIR IS GONZO! Haha. Watch the nubs cry. For what it's worth, entertainment was brilliant, match quality was the ass. ***1/2

Steiner is a fucking beast. Title push plz.
Quality promo, Sting + Steiner = ratings

nWo. Full of it. Hall is da man hurre, pretty good work. Still, they have one job to finish and that will be Jarrett keeping the title. I wonder how that happens...

Goodbye Tony! Who gives a shit about you anyways jobbah?!?

Sting vs Scott Steiner
I warned about SRZ FUCKING RATINGS AND MARKETING for this one. Awesome stuff. Steiner is an aboslute machine. He mauled Sting towards the end. LEAD PIPES! STEINERLINES!~ ...OF DOOM! Fucking great stuff, good read, top'ish match. ****

Wow, Steiner really is a machine. Crippling Sting totally, title push plz. Poor Sting tho

Booker was good. Nash was alright. It all sets up for ...only I know

Booker T vs Jeff Jarrett
Talk about this as a match will definitely be in the running for MOTM alongside Storm/Awesome, Sting/Steiner and Kidman/Rey. Book End through the table was sweet. Clusterfuck run ins = ratings. Hall, Henning, Awesome, Hogan, they're all here! Nuts stuff, here comes Big Sexay! AS IF WE DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING! THE NWO IS ON FIRE! Good lord what a total mess of an ending, Guitar Shot beats Da Book in a classic. Fuck, what a match. ****1/2

PPV of the Month, easily. PPV of the Year? Stands a great chance tbh. Some great stuff in Booker/Jarrett, Sting/Steiner, Kidman/Rey and Storm/Awesome. No match was bad, every one was good at the least. Fuck your promo writing tonight, it was great, but the matches were SWEET. Oh and rip WCW, coz DA NWO ARE TAKIN' OVAAAA!

Haha, classic PPV. Best thing you've ever done. Quite possibly in the top 5 PPV's I've seen from a solo BTB'er. 93/100


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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

First off, a few people have asked me if The Trio Ownership was finished with Starrcade, and the answer to that, is no. A few may have been confused with how the show ended and Okerlund thinking that WCW has been killed off by the nWo, but the show goes on.

Now with that said, 'spanks very much for the review, Reney. However, no ratings for only saying quite possibly" - that's not what you said to me on MSN, bitch. </3 . I know of multiple people who have let me know they want to get a review up, and I appreciate the fuck out of them. I may or may not post a backstage segment this weekend, I don't know - I have two of them to post before the Nitro's start rolling in. But nevertheless, I do plan on giving the people who want to drop their thoughts on the show the necessary and needed time to do so.

I will eventually explain some of the reasonings for the decisions made with Starrcade, seeing as they were very different compared to your usual Starrcade/Wrestlemania esque PPV. The faces are supposed to win and have the glory, not the heels... well, not in here. .

However, I'm going to be real with ya'lls. If you thought Starrcade was pretty bad ass, it's only the beginning. I can happily say that the next 4 shows form a mini-arc that I have been waiting over a year to finally get to and write. The shows aren't going to be beginning-to-end overall classic because that's not my style to overbook the show, but the main arc of the story that is told, should hopefully create some mark out moments. And now that I have your intrigue, that's all I will say.

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Just posting this to keep things moving. Know guys are still working on their reviews, which is cool. I'll probably wait until next Friday until I finally put up Nitro... if it's finished by then. . Got 2 backstage segments and a Nitro Preview before the show, so it's all good.


Several weeks ago, a conversation took place. That conversation was this…

Wednesday, November 28, 2001
1:11 PM

Ric Flair, he was a changing man, everyone who knew the man, could notice it. Power, greed, ignorance and stubbornness, all playing a role in corrupting the man. Steve Borden could not be persuaded to return to WCW, as a wrestler and an owner, by a man he called friend for a long time. But Eric Bischoff didn’t care about that. If Ric couldn’t do it, then that just means there’s an even better chance Bischoff can. Well, that and the fact that he realizes how much they need Borden (and his money). Because of that, it is Bischoff who calls Borden this evening, backstage at the University of Alabama for Wednesday Nitro, desperately hoping to lure Sting back.

Ring-a-ding-ding bitches.

Steve Borden: Hello?

Eric Bischoff: Hey Steve, it’s Eric. I’m in Alabama for Nitro right now, and I just wanted to, you know, give you a call. I won’t dick away your time; I know you want to spend time with your family, and I respect that, so I’ll be as quick as possible.

Steve Borden: Alright.

Eric Bischoff: Look Steve, I want you back. But not just me, everyone. We all miss you, Stinger. Steve, you’re the backbone of World Championship Wrestling. Without you here, we crumble. You’re an icon to the fans, but most of all, you’re a role model and an inspiration to the boys in the back. They idolize you, Steve. We all miss you, and to be honest, I think you miss WCW too.

Steve Borden: And you’re right, Eric. I do miss it, but that doesn’t mean I’ll come back. Sure, I love WCW; it’s my home. But all of the drama and the BS going on now a days, I don’t know if it’s worth it. And I see the man that Ric has become, Eric, the man he’s become ever since we bought WCW together, and I become afraid. I am afraid that the power that I help wield, will corrupt me, and make me like Ric. I don’t want that, Eric, not at all. I’m staying home with my family. Look, we’re about ready to sit down and have lunch, so I’m going to go.

Eric Bischoff: ….I’m sorry.

Steve Borden: What… I… uh, what did you say?

Really, Borden didn’t know what Bischoff said. It sounded like an apology, but cynical pricks like Eric Bischoff never apologized, for anything. Right?

Eric Bischoff: You know… I’m sorry. I apologize, for all the shit I put you through with my arguments with Flair. I hate the guy more than I’ve ever hated anyone, and it doesn’t change anything. I helped run you out just as much as Ric did, and I’m sorry. I may hate Ric, and I may be blind and stupid at times because of it, but I can admit when I’m wrong. You helped showed me that, in one way or another.

There’s a long silence between the two men before Borden says anything again.

Steve Borden: Wow, Eric. Thank you. Coming from you, Eric, I know that it means a lot. You did what I expected from Flair, but never got.

Borden takes a long pause, contemplating his next move,

Steve Borden: Alright…. I’ll do it. I’ll come back.

Eric Bischoff: Really!? I knew we could count on you, Stinger.

Bischoff is clearly ecstatic, while Borden still has some news to deliver.

Steve Borden: …as just a wrestler, and on my own terms.

And the joy and giddiness leaves Bischoff like a baby through a birth canal.

Eric Bischoff: Wha…. What?

Steve Borden: As just a wrestler. I told you, Eric, I don’t want myself to change from who I am today, all because of this company. I don’t want WCW to run my life; I want to be in control of my life. I am right now, but if I stay with WCW, and run it like I have been, maybe I’ll end up like Ric has. Maybe I’ll end off even worse.

Eric Bischoff: Maybe you won’t even change at all. Hell, maybe you’ll be an even better person.

Steve Borden: Eric, that’s a risk I’m not willing to take.

Eric Bischoff: But Steve, you more than anybody knows the predicament we’re in here. If the financial situation with the sponsors continues, we’re dead meat. This company needs you, Steve, and more than just as a wrestler.

Steve Borden: Eric, this company can survive without me. The sponsors, they can be replaced. The rest of the business decision, you can do easily. As long as you and Ric can work together, WCW will be fine without me. Money will be tight, yes, but if you guys work hard, I have faith in you.

There’s another pause between the two.

Eric Bischoff: You mentioned you’d only come back on your terms. So, uh, what are they?

Steve Borden: My terms are…

Everything was seemingly set back to normal in the TTO-world… or at least that is what things possibly seemed. Even then, nothing was definite; a distinct aura of uncertainty was still in the air. All that was known, was that Steve ‘Sting’ Borden was coming back to WCW, in only half the capacity compared to previously. A wrestler, he was, but an owner, no longer. Borden took a third of WCW’s budget, his third, leaving The Trio Ownership to a mere Dual. But at least WCW had its cornerstone, its icon, ‘The Man They Call’ Sting. But for how long? Now, that is revealed.

Eric Bischoff: You mentioned you’d only come back on your terms. So, uh, what are they?

Steve Borden: My terms are, this. I don’t want to stay around in WCW any longer, Eric, I really don’t. Like I just said, the drama, the BS, everything… it’s not worth it to me. I have my family, I have my religion and my God, and I have my life – I don’t need WCW in my life any longer – not with how this company is running now. I swear to you, Eric, I do not need it.

Eric was clearly annoyed. He wants Sting around, not leaving him.

Eric Bischoff: Alright, alright. Let me know how you want it then.

Steve Borden: I want to put over Scott Steiner at Starrcade.

…Now that is not in the plans for Starrcade, damn it!

Eric Bischoff: Steve, that’s not our plans! Steiner is supposed to wrestle Hall, and you’re supposed to wrestle against Curt Hennig! You’re match with Hennig is the starting match of you against a nWo member on your way to running through each and every member on WCW’s way to victory.

Steve Borden: I don’t care. Look, Hall’s main role is to join the nWo at Starrcade; that match with Steiner is nothing but filler. And lets be honest, Eric, Scott Steiner his a hot commodity. His stock is rising, and people love him, no matter what he says, and who he beats up. People want to see him as World Champion again; a good portion of our fans were furious when Steiner didn’t win the Super Cage. And Eric, I am one of those people who want to see Steiner used right.

Eric Bischoff: Booker T is supposed to win the World Title back from Jarrett then, not Steiner!

Steve Borden: Hey Eric, that’s fine. Booker wins back the World Heavyweight Title from Jarrett, but then he and Steiner feud for the Title.

Eric Bischoff: Alright, fine. Steiner feuds with Booker once he wins back the World Heavyweight Title, and then he eventually gets back the Title. And this whole process starts with Steiner beating you at Starrcade?

Steve Borden: Well, not exactly.

Eric Bischoff: Not exactly? Steve, you just said that Steiner would go over you at Starrcade!

Steve Borden: I know, but you see, I do not just want Steiner to beat me. I want him to demolish me at Starrcade. I want him to beat me to a bloody pulp, maim me, make Sting look like a nobody compared to Scott Steiner. I want Scott Steiner to crush the legacy of Sting.

Eric Bischoff couldn’t believe what he was hearing come out of Borden’s mouth. Here was Steve Borden… demanding that Scott Steiner kill everything that Steve Borden made with the Sting character.

Eric Bischoff: Steve… are you serious? You really want your name, your career, your legacy to just be manhandled by Steiner? At WCW’s biggest pay per view?

Steve Borden: Eric, if Sting is remembered for one thing, and one thing only, and that thing is me for helping make Scott Steiner a household name, then I would be happy. Like I said, I want Scott Steiner to look like a million bucks at Starrcade, and let that be the launching point for him. His time is now, Eric. Utilize him, make money off of him, let him propel WCW over the WWF.

Eric Bischoff: You really think Scott Steiner is that big of a deal?

Steve Borden: Absolutely, Eric. And besides, my days are as good as done. Sting may always want to wrestle and be a part of WCW, but right now, at this point in my life, Steve Borden does not. There’s a good chance that Sting will be back in wrestling at some point, but for now, Steve Borden is as good as done, and he’s taking Sting with him.

Eric Bischoff: Wow… you- you’re… retiring!?

There was a long pause in the conversation, Borden thinking of what he wanted to say in reply.

Steve Borden: Yeah… I guess I am, Eric. And when I do, I want people to know that Sting may not be coming back. Ric is getting his walk away retirement moment at Starrcade, but Sting, he’s leaving Starrcade on a gurney. Oh yes, there is a chance that Sting will be back, but it is going to look like he’s dead and done for. Because let’s face it, this is professional wrestling. If I say I am retiring, I’ll be back at some point.

The two men share a laugh at Borden’s final statement, knowing all to well how the wrestling industry works. Then, there is a long, awkward silence, neither man knowing what to really say.

Eric Bischoff: I still can’t really believe you’re walking away, Steve. It’s hard picturing WCW without you.

Steve Borden: WCW will do just fine without me, Eric. If WCW can survive an attempted purchase by Vince McMahon, I think you and Ric can get WCW out of a jam with sponsors.

Eric Bischoff: …I hope so, Steve. The sponsors are still dropping out, and our revenue is dropping. Once they find out you’re walking, more might follow suit. I’m worried, Steve.

Both men came to a pause again, not wanting to further talk upon the issue of WCW and its potential financial problems. It’s a present problem though. Several marquee sponsors have dropped out of agreements with WCW, income is decreasing, and grumblings from other sponsors and the NBC networks are dropping in too. However, Borden is not looking forward to talking about this topic, and wraps things up.

Steve Borden: Look Eric, I need to get going – got lunch is getting cold. But the good thing is, we’ve established what we’ve needed to, and I’ll be back on tour for the house show on Saturday. We can all meet up then, and further discuss Starrcade, all the changes, everything. It’s going to be a wild ride to Starrcade, and if I’ve been playing my cards right, I’ve got something big in store for WCW once I’m gone too…

Borden hung up the phone before Bischoff could even say goodbye, afraid he’d try to keep pressing the issue of his worries. Bischoff kept the phone up to his ear for several moments after the conversation ended, his eyes closed, his head resting against the wall. Reality quickly sunk in: Steve Borden was done with World Championship Wrestling after Starrcade.

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Asking SCOTT STEINER for Wrestling Advice
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Wow. That really explains a lot, Szumi. Now we know why Steiner brutalized sting. Can't wait to see what happens on Nitro and in the future.

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I mark for me
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Starrcade Review

Last Man Standing Match between two cruiserweights? I call spotfest. That’s exactly what we needed {the feud seems like more of a blood feud than one that needs a ton of Psychology~!}, and that’s exactly what we got. I wish these paragraphs were broken up a little more often, so we don’t get the dreaded WALL OF TEXT~!~, especially in a match up like this, which has a more free-flowing feel, imo. Strong finish to a very strong match, with Kidman FINALLY hitting the SSP, and picks up the victory. Aftermath was a little … queer {not that there’s anything wrong with that}, and probably would’ve been better served for a Nitro in-ring segment.

Feelin’ the nWo promo to kick the segments tonight off right. Everybody was on point. Only thing that bugged me ever so slightly was when Bischoff called Hogan ‘Hogan’ instead of Hollywood. I’m sure he’s done it at one point or another, but ‘twasn’t norm. ‘twas the only thing though. OOOH~! New nWo member, I wonder who it could be? Actually, I read a little bit ahead already. Sorry.

Jobber match of the evening. My God, I don’t care about this match (and neither do you, imo, and it shows). Teams with charisma plz. Match was decent enough for it was {the filler of the evening}, and the finish was exciting enough to cause a stir. Desperate changes needed in the division. Filthy Animals maybe?

‘Silly’ smirk? Go fuck yourself. Ric Flair doesn’t do anything silly. Two speeds, great and awesome. Another spot-on promo though, and I’m glad that Booker went back to talking about doing this for himself. Much better hook for the match than him ‘leading WCW’.

‘The Crow’ is a horrible moniker. Decent promo. Didn’t come close to the SuperBrawl promo, though that’s probably an unfair comparison; the Steiner-Sting feud, while strong, doesn’t have the content that the Sting-nWo feud does. Effective for what it was.

After the jobber tag team match cooled things off, this match should pick things back up. Sympathetic baby face + semi-racist, heel asshole = Ratings. I’ve noticed the mentioning of buttocks and ass quite a bit tonight … weird … Anyway, not much to say about this match up. Fast-paced, exciting, the whole nine ... but I think this was the night for Crazy to take the Cruiserweight Championship. Helms has been on an awesome run as of late, but Crazy could've been established big time in the here and now. Guess you have MONSTER things in store for Sugar Shane.

Flair is awesome. Yeah … I think that’s all.

This is a match that I've been relatively interested in for a while now. I loved the way Storm was pushed in this thread early on, as the cold and calculating heel. His pro-WCW promo was a great as well, but his face run has been quite a bit underwhelming in my estimation. Loved the spot where the table didn't break, as it's usually MOVED OUT OF THE WAY fifteen hundred times. Nice change of pace. Not the usual environment we see Lance Storm in, and I think that effected his greatness (the Ladder Match for the belt was awesome though). Tremendous finish to a very strong match up, and Lance loses. Gotta find something better for Mr. Storm though plz.

A little light and fluffy, but I actually enjoyed the promo from the four Filthy Animals. Went a little quick from hatred (or what should be hatred) to back to friends … but yeah …

“They’re going all out tonight, folks” - Szumi after the Flair Flop. That’s two times I’ve read something that feels like disrespect towards Ric Flair. I’m getting quite a bit upset, quite frankly. “Mercy, brother, fuckin’ Mercy” . Outside of the mark-out-worthy Figure Four/Leg Drop of Doom spot, this match has moved at a snail’s pace. Guess that’s to be expected though with three senior citizens (though there are quite a few rumors that Flair might actually be ageless). HULKING UP~! I love it (though I think he’d get more cheers than boos). Another awesome Figure Four/Leg Drop of Doom spot! Lol @ the NB shot. The Scott Hall return/swerve was obvious if you thought about what Bischoff said earlier, but it’s still good fun. Fuck Ric Flair losing though. Aftermath was proper and touching enough, but this better not be the end.

lmao, you write an awesome Scotty Steiner; got the volatility down to a ‘T’. Segment of the night so far, and I’m pulling for Steiner in this one. Sting’s bitching has gotten quite annoying, quite frankly.

Oh, are we seeing the buildup to Jarrett-Hogan already … and an nWo war? I think we are. I’d imagine that we’ll be seeing Bischoff actually siding with Jarrett. I’m liking Easy E on the brink of a mental breakdown tonight, btw.

Tony quit?

Is Sting supposed to be retarded? Does he not see how big Steiner is? Senile, imo. “That move was killer!” What a Steiner mark. Didn’t expect this match to move at too fast a pace, but it’s been even a little slower in the start than I thought. Going long, I would presume. Now THAT was a killer suplex. Lmao at Steiner’s threatening of the referee. I’ll mark out if he starts counting faster. *Sigh* Another shot at the WWE {WWE > WCW}. Another threat? Steiner is awesome. Fuck Nick Patrick. Been waiting for the Sting comeback for forever now, but it’s still not here. Steiner’s been bitching him out throughout here. The lack of throat selling from Sting after Steiner hit him the throat annoyed me quite a bit, especially after it almost cost Sting the victory in the Recliner, and stopped him from capitalizing on the Scorpion Death Drop. Both the finish and aftermath of the match was top-flight stuff. Loved it, as it got Scotty Steiner over further as a disgusting heel, and takes Sting out, further damaging WCW. Gotta wonder what’s next for ‘Roids after this. I’m gonna guess that he and the Booker Man will be locking it up.

Oh, we’re telegraphing a heel turn from Nash.

Loved the way the opening ‘setting’ between Booker and Jarrett was written. It really got over the importance and tension in the match up. After the strong opening, the match continued as one would expect it to; nothing special, with the typical Jarrett/WCW Main Event Bag-O’-Tricks. Booker beating down the nWo one by one was awesome, and perfectly continued the theme that Booker (in his promos with Flair and solo) set the night off with. At first, I thought Book kicking out of the second Stroke was a bit much, but considering the finish, it works. Speaking of the finish … SWERVE~! Even without reading ahead, ya’ just knew Nash would turn after the segment with Book. Quite the stacked nWo group you have here with Hogan, Jarrett, Nash, Hall, and Awesome, though I don’t expect it to last for long, with the impending JJ-Hogan title match.

Very enjoyable PPV. As the jobber said, PPV of the month, and PPV of the year candidate. While the nWo turns/returns weren't the most shocking {though Book not leaving with the belt is a bit surprising}, they set up the next couple of months effectively.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Jamie1 Presents SZUM with a Starrcade Review

Nice opening package building up the event, really gets me in the mood to read this

Nice opening commentary from your two favourite commentators, LOL, I liked how they built up most matches telling us why the match has came about, really good touch of realism with that

Like DDMAC said, you see the first match and think this is full of high spots, spots to take over any pay-per-view worth watching… two of the best talents WCW had at their disposal but failed to use them in the way, you have and I hope you can continue to do… anyway enough babbling on, now lets talk about the match. The match was good and both men really had a chance to show themselves, I always had Rey Mysterio down as my favourite but I suppose it was not to be, I was getting bored throughout the match to be honest due to the huge text, like I believe someone else had already stated, Anyway apart from that, this match could be MOTN but if it is, I will be very disappointed that I am sitting up to read this, LOL

I just felt a tear fall from my eye…. Nah, LOL… like DDMAC, I found this promo quite weird and really out of the blew and I certainly did not expect it but I actually really enjoyed it.. The Filthy Animals are back and I love it, I liked how you really tried to make it a sort of emotional segment were the crowd are all silent anxiously waiting to see what happens…. Rey Mysterio removing his mask was another good factor of the promo… the only thing I didn’t like about the promo was I felt it was a little cheesy, if you know what a mean with them all hugging, then looking at Chavo and then hugging again… anyway a great start to the night Szum

The NWO promo was a really great read to some extent, First of all the unveiling of a new member, this should be good and I am excited to know who it will be, I would put my cards on it being an old-timer coming back to WCW but who knows, Please don’t be Ric Flair…. Anyway, I didn’t like how Eric Bischoff was so not sure that Jeff Jarrett would pick up the win however I did like that you made it seem, Hulk had the power over Eric… overall a good promo and a good way to get NWO seen already in the night, this may sound silly but I am actually most hyped up for Awesomes match because he is awesome and that should be awesome J LOL

The next match was my least favourite on the card and one I was not looking forward to the most however, not like some people, I did care about this match as it has had decent build up in my estimations and is a match that could entertain if given the right match.. Anyway onto the actual match….. The match was good but no were near the standard off the opening match but it that was quite frankly expected… am not going to waste much time on this match, the winners was who I thought would win so good day… actually I will comment a little J The reason I agreed with your winners was due to the fact they are heel. Face = Mediocre Champions, Heel = Great Champions, and when I say that, I am talking about especially tag champs and you showed their heelness, if that is a word by making them cheat to win

Another entertaining promo although I felt some bits were rather weak and that was Ric Flair not having the charisma and confidence however this could be good as later on tonight, no one can deny it, he is walking into the biggest match of his career, Anyway Booker T high on confidence, a dig that bro, Also I loved it when Flair said he believes Booker can win, this causes me to believe Booker will win the match, if the Naitcha boy says it, it must be damn true… also could see Flair saying me, to Arn Anderson when asked the question

Sting promo was weird just like it should be, if you understand my meaning of using this word ‘ Weird ’, This is another match I am most looking forward to, although I Haven’t read all your weekly shows to keep completely up-to-date with this feud… the ones I have read have been totally awesome and this is really intense

Despite good build up to this match, it was really another one I wasn’t overly excited about, I am sure a lot of people will feel the same…. The match was however, everything you expect from superstars like these two, Quick, Exciting and you know all the other words, I expected Shane to get the victory and was glad to see he did

Ric Flair promo was a great read and showed your awesome promo skills Szum. Like DDMAC said, Ric Flair is awesome… I really do think that’s all you can say.. We all want Flair to stay in the business and I hope he can.. I really do L

Now… its time for the match I have really been waiting for.. Sounds stupid I know but even though Lance Storm bores the crap out of me, he really does have good wrestling talent and Mike Awesome has got all to lose, the championship, NWO.. Just really everything, so I look forward to seeing if he can do it…. Now onto the actual match itself….. This match was fuc*** brilliant Szum and I mean that, you have outdone yourself In a way… as this match was certainly not expected to be this good but it was.. Absolute excellent… I really enjoyed the hardcore element of the match which once again was unusual for Lance but I liked him in this environment….. When the hell was some1 breaking that damn table, I really was starting to think this but then it came…. I really did mark for this but this signalled the end for Storm L I really don’t know what you can do with Storm anymore Szum although you will have something planned, I wouldn’t bet against it.. I think you rate Storm highly, well I hope… a just think their could have been more storylines to come to mind if Awesome had lost but what the heck… your event and it’s a great one so far!!!!

OH… I see some hugging again, LOL…. Anyway another strong promo, I love these four men like most and it was a nice promo… I can feel the friction between Kidman and Mysterio and somehow I don’t think it is going to be all happy families in their household…. I did not have fuckin clue what Konnan was saying, that makes it better, LOL… also I marked for Mysterio saying ‘ You Know Gene, ’ That may sound stupid but it is just so Mysterio ; I really don’t think he has even conducted an interview without using these words to start it off… honestly listen to him

This match wasn’t the standard I expected but was… that sounds silly I know but let me explain… it was a pretty stale match which is obviously never good but it was in this situation for e.g, we had the older men of the roster, three of them fighting and for what the match was worth it was good….. And OH MY GOD to Scott Hall return.. Marked for and I loved it, DDMAC I think said it was expected. Hell it certainly wasn’t for me, yes I expected someone to come back, that was made quite clear but didn’t expect it to be Scott Hall and his turn is awesome, the only downside is Flair is eliminated, not a lot of surprise hear, only tears like I will feel at Wrestlemania when he retires J Anyway enough about that fuckin Ex-WCW superstar, well actually we cant have enough of him because I want to take a minute and talk about him, The ending, well the aftermath of match was real great and something I could see being emotional if you were there, WCW not selling glass bottles, LOL… good way to end Flairs career but I think he may be like Mick Foley for WWE, never fuckin leave when he has had his ass kicked so many times

Scott Steiner promo was more than a solid promo because it was very good…… I have always thought this and always will think that you are best writing Scott Steiner, the way you work his character is nothing short of genius, well to be honest, him and his rival Sting, I think you gets these two the best. Good promo anyway

Another very strong promo, the match is being built up, little disappointed their wasn’t anything about Awesome winning before Scott and Hulk arrived in the locker room and I was also surprised that when they were all talking about Jeff Jarrett’s match that he didn’t comment himself, anyway decent promo

Tony has quit in a very serious segment and you can still makes jokes out of it… that’s why I love you, his wife must have been disappointed J LOL, but was this meant to happen, WTF is happening to WCW, the main stable NWOO look like they are going to start kicking each others ass and the commentator who we all know Szum.. You love really has bloody quit

Its time for the match I was, yes was most hyped up for but after all the commotion of tonight, I cannot wait to see the main event, anyway I am still really up for this match, the build up to the feud has been great and really kept me interested. So now comments on the actual match itself……. The match was very good I enjoyed reading, Scott Steiner was like someones other words controlled that match and bullied Sting practically, he ran the show, a lot of people seem to enjoy Scott Steiner, I actually don’t and don’t want to see him much higher than were u have him at the minute, your choice, am just giving my opinion

Scott Steiner beating the hell out of Sting at the end L awwwwwwwwww

MOTN without a doubt was the main-event, although I don’t think it was the best to read, it had the best length and by far the most tension and meaning to it, that fuckin Kevin Nash, I really did not see this coming but it was great…. The match started strong with both men staring each other down building up the tension of the match and really making us which we where there…. The match never was bad and was always entertaining in a way if you like this sort of wrestling… Jeff Jarrett picking up the win, is WCW officially dead, I really hope not, struggling to find what storylines are going to be happening but looking forward to finding out, Mike Awesome continue with his defending of title, Nash & Hall in Tag Division, Hulk Hogan v Jeff Jarrett ( Oh this could be great ), LOL

Overall Szum, one of the best, not actually the best thing I have read on this forum….. It truly was great and it didn’t make me think to myself why did I sit and read this…. Really awesome, pay-per-view of the year, you have my vote


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