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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership


Mac couldn't even partake in making the laces to lace my shoes with...

As for Para and Alco, ass kissing gets you no where in this place. You have been warned.

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Originally Posted by TAFKA Szumi View Post
TAFKA = The Artist Formerly Known As

And Para, if I have time tonight, expect some feedback coming your way. But the shit talk by everyone is old, for sure. I find it hypocritical that so many people do try to make me out to be BTB's biggest prick and ego, when while yes, I will be a prick to people when they deserve it & I do have an ego at times, every single person in BTB is just as much a prick as I am & they have just as much an ego as I do. The hypocrisy is laughable.

You make me giggle, that's all that matters. Fuck the haters. You said that once

Originally Posted by Renegade™ View Post

As for Para and Alco, ass kissing gets you no where in this place. You have been warned.

I kiss no asses. There's enough sucks around here without me adding to it.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership


Name Change = Who cares tbh. It's your name. Perhaps a bit to Gold-kea'ish.

Without hashing anything out here, I know I am one of the "people make me out to be a dick ..." people. But lets face the music here taffy, you = egocentric & you = dick, and I = the truth commision. I mean, you can't expect everyone to suckle at your nipple.

I still think you're one fine hunk of humanity though. And Nitro looks splendid, imo.

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

The Nitro preview looks good Szumi. I can't wait for Starrace to be posted, should be epic, imo. I will get you a review for Nitro when you post it.


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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Nitro is looking pretty nifty Szumi. I should have a review up when it's posted.

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

World Championship Wrestling
Wednesday Nitro
Roanoke Civic Center, Roanoke, Virginia
December 12, 2001



Tony Schiavone: Hello everybody, and welcome to WCW Wednesday Nitro! I am Tony Schiavone, and standing alongside me as always, is ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay! Ladies and gentlemen, this is the final Nitro before Starrcade, the Grand Daddy of Them All! Anything could happen tonight!

Mike Tenay: Anything can and will happen tonight! We have some huge matches signed for tonight, including Booker T teaming up with ‘The Living Legend’ Larry Zbyszko to take on the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett and the WCW President, Eric Bischoff!

Tony Schiavone: That is of course stemming back from last week on Nitro when after Booker T and Jeff Jarrett traded heated, personal words, and then, fists!

Mike Tenay: Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bischoff ended up looking the best after that brawl between the two sides, however; Jarrett broke a guitar over Zbyszko’s head and then put Booker T through the desk with the Stroke! Booker T and Zbyszko are going to looking to get some revenge tonight though, folks! However, there is one very sentimental match later on tonight folks.

Tony Schiavone: Yes there is, Professor, and it will be ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair versus ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash going one-on-one! And to add to it, ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan will be the special referee!

Mike Tenay: Tonight will be the last night on Nitro for one of those three men, and there’s a good possibility that tonight’s match could be the last ever match on Nitro for Ric Flair or Kevin Nash! However, we won’t find out until this Sunday night, when Starrcade comes live to a global audience on pay per view!

Tony Schiavone: Remember to contact your local pay per view provider on Sunday to order Starrcade, everybody! Starrcade will come to you live at 8 PM Eastern Standard Time from the home of World Championship Wrestling, the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia!

Shill~! Shill~! Shill~!

Mike Tenay: But for now, ladies and gentlemen, it is time to get the action started for tonight’s Nitro! The two opponents for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship match for Starrcade, the Champion, ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms and ‘The Insane Luchadore’ Super Crazy, will be forced to team up to take on The Flying Harts, Teddy Hart and Jack Evans!

The rift of the old school Hart Foundation theme hits, bringing out both Teddy Hart and Jack Evans to a small chorus of boos from the crowd. The two are in the signature black & pink singlets as they run down the ramp and into the ring. Once in the ring, both run up to the top of opposite corners, and back-flip off the top and to their feet on the canvas. “Sugar Daddy” then hits to a chorus of boos, and after several extended moments, the WCW Cruiserweight Champion, ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms comes out from the back, four Sugar Babies by his side. Helms takes his grand ole time during his entrance, but eventually makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. The rift of The Doors’ “Roadhouse Blues” hits next, and the crowd breaks out into cheers as ‘The Insane Luchadore’ Super Crazy jogs out from the entrance chute and onto the ramp. Crazy makes his trademark face, sticking out his tongue and squinting his eyes like el retardo, before sprinting down the entrance ramp and into the ring. Crazy stares down the Harts, his opponents for the night, while Shane Helms glares at Crazy. Helms then exits the ring to the apron, making Crazy start the match.

Match One
Flying Harts vs. Shane Helms & Super Crazy (w/Sugar Babies)
Tag Team Match

Solid, spotty, tag team action to kick off Nitro, although the main story is of course, not the wrestling, but the interaction between Shane Helms and Super Crazy. Helms makes Super Crazy start off the match, and refuses to let Crazy tag himself out; Helms only tags himself in, all of his tags coming off of blind tags. However, Helms and Crazy have no physical altercation throughout most of the entire match, allowing the rivals to actually garner a solid advantage on the Hart’s throughout the match. However, the Hart’s get some good offense in the match, most notably a double rotating tilt-a-whirl head scissors by Teddy Hart to Super Crazy and a springboard corkscrew moonsault from the third rope to the outside from Jack Evans to Shane Helms. However, Super Crazy starts to get control of the match for his team when he reverses a Jack Evans hurricanrana attempt into a sit-out power bomb. Crazy then locks up Hart in a reverse front face lock, looking for a reverse DDT of some sort. Before Crazy can hit the move, however, Shane Helms enters the ring and blindsides Super Crazy with a hard running forearm to the back of his neck! Crazy staggers after breaking his hold on Hart, and Helms then pounces on Crazy, lifting him up into the air and dropping him with a wicked Vertebreaker! Helms then rolls out of the ring and heads over to the ring announcer, while Teddy Hart climbs up to the top turnbuckle, and proceeds to hit his shooting star leg drop, dubbed the Triple Bypass. Hart covers Crazy, and gets the pin.

Result: The Flying Harts def. Shane Helms & Super Crazy at 7:11

After the match, the Hart Foundation rift plays for a few moments, as referee Billy Silverman raises the Evans’ and Hart’s arms in victory. The two men then roll out of the ring and head up the entrance ramp celebrating their win. Meanwhile, Shane Helms grabs his WCW Cruiserweight Title Belt from the timekeeper’s table, and also takes the steel chair from there as well. Helms slides his Belt and the chair into the ring, and then rolls himself into the ring as well. Helms picks up the chair, and waits as Super Crazy slowly staggers up to his feet, holding his head in pain. As Crazy slowly lifts his torso up so he’s standing up straight, Helms charges and plasters Crazy across the head and face with the steel chair! Super Crazy drops like a ton of bricks, KO’ed by the hellacious chair shot. Helms throws the chair onto Super Crazy’s chest, and picks up his WCW Cruiserweight Title Belt, placing it on his shoulder as he looks at the fallen, unconscious Super Crazy. The sides of Helms’ mouth start to curl into a sick smirk as he continues to look at Crazy’s prone body before “Sugar Daddy” hits and Helms exits the ring. Helms wraps each arm around a Sugar Baby, and Helms and the Babies exit up the ramp towards the back. EMTs start to rush down the ring to tend to Super Crazy.

Tony Schiavone: Shane Helms just scored a huge advantage going into Starrcade, Professor! Super Crazy has to have a concussion after that blow!

Mike Tenay: I would not be shocked if Super Crazy does indeed have a concussion after the hellacious chair shot to his head from Shane Helms! Remember fans, Super Crazy suffered a concussion one month ago at Mayhem, so if he did just get another concussion from that steel chair shot, this could be very bad news for Super Crazy heading into Starrcade!

Tony Schiavone: He may not even be able to complete at Starrcade now, Professor!

Mike Tenay: Well hopefully that will not be the case, Tony. EMTs are in the ring taking care of Super Crazy right now, and we promise you at home to update you on Super Crazy’s condition later on in the show if we get the prognosis on Super Crazy’s condition. However, right now we have to send you backstage, as ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair is just now arriving to Nitro, and ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund is standing by for an interview!

The show cuts to the back after the camera gets a quick shot of five EMTs tending to Super Crazy.


Outside in the parking lot, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair steps out of a long white limousine, dressed in a tan Armani suit. Flair seems very cheerful and happy, especially considering the circumstances for tonight. As soon as he closes his limo door and gets his bag handed to him from the driver, ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund walks up to Flair, dressed in his tux, mic in hand.

Gene Okerlund: Ric, Ric! Mind if we get a word quick?

Ric Flair: Mean, WOO, Gene~! Anything for you, brother!

Flair and Okerlund exchange smiles, but Okerlund then loses his smile and becomes serious.

Gene Okerlund: Ric, you’re the kind of man who doesn’t expect or need me to sugarcoat anything, so I’ll be blunt with you, Naitch. Tonight could very well be your last ever night on Wednesday Nitro, so I want to know, what is going through your mind right now, and how are you going to prepare for your match tonight with ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash, especially considering ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan is the referee tonight!?

Ric Flair: GENE-O! Let me tell ya’ something, Mean Gene, tonight will NOT be the Naitcha Boy’s last WCW Nitro in his career! At Starrcade, neither Hulk Hogan or Kevin Nash will be able to make Ric Flair tap out, and neither one of those sorry son’s a bitches will pin my shoulders to the canvas! Gene, I got too much left to fight for! I am going to finish this seemingly never-ending feud with Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash, and then, I have a score to settle with Eric Bischoff, and then, I, AM, GONNA, WOO… KILL, the N-DUBYA-O!

Ric Flair pauses, looking pumped up and motivated as can be already.

Ric Flair: Gene, Space Mountain is still the greatest and most featured ride in the park, and Ric Flair is still the, WOO, man! And tonight, the Naitcha’ Boy is gonna kick Kevin Nash’s ass, and if Hulk Hogan tries to be biased, then I’m gonna KICK HOGAN’S ASS TOO! And at Starrcade, NO MATTER WHAT, Ric Flair is not being retired by Hulk Hogan! Ric Flair is not being retired by Kevin Nash! But Ric Flair WILL win himself a guaranteed WCW World Heavyweight Championship match at Starrcade! So Gene, you just stand back and watch Ric Flair prove just why he is still.. THE.. MAN! WOO!

Flair stares into the camera intensely, looking suave, yet intimidating, like only Ric Flair can do.

Tony Schiavone: Professor, Ric Flair means business tonight, and I think he’s going to mean business at Starrcade too!

Mike Tenay: There is no doubt about that, Tony! Ric Flair has a lot to fight for in World Championship Wrestling, and he is not going to let Kevin Nash or Hulk Hogan retire him at Starrcade without one heck of a fight!

Tony Schiavone: And Ric Flair is not going to let Kevin Nash defeat him or Hulk Hogan have his way with him later on tonight either!

Mike Tenay: You are most certainly right, Tony! However, we have to take our first commercial break of the evening folks, but stay tuned because after the break, WCW’s own ‘The New Enforcer’ Cal Anderson will team up with the WCW North American Champion, Lance Storm, to take on the New World Order’s Curt Hennig and ‘The Career Killer’ Mike Awesome!


When Wednesday Nitro returns, the WCW in-house production of “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck” hits, sending the crowd into a chorus of cheers as the WCW North American Champion, Lance Storm, ‘The New Enforcer’ Cal Anderson, and ‘The Enforcer’ Arn Anderson all walk out from the entrance chute and onto the stage. The three men make their way down the ramp and into the ring, Cal slapping hands with some fans along the ringside guard rail all the while. Once the three men get into the ring, “New World Order” hits, bringing out ‘The Career Killer’ Mike Awesome, ‘The Perfect One’ Curt Henning, and the sexiest nWo girl ever, Stacy Keibler. The three nWo members make their way down the entrance ramp, the production crew adding that fuzzy black tint to the television screen and Nitro Tron to make the nWo entrance look more cool. Hennig and Awesome climb up the steps and enter the ring, where they immediately take off their nWo t-shirts and prepare for action.

Match Two
Cal Anderson & Lance Storm (w/Arn Anderson) vs. Curt Hennig & Mike Awesome (w/Stacy Keibler)
Tag Team Match

Solid wrestling in this match, as Lance Storm and Cal Anderson spend the first few minutes of the match with simple chain wrestling and an old-school style approach to the match with head locks and tie-ups, while Cal Anderson and Mike Awesome then get tags in and exchange stiff blows in a stiff and brutal sequence. The key thing is that Lance Storm and Mike Awesome are never in the ring with each other at the same time throughout most of the match, as Cal Anderson starts to get the better of Mike Awesome in their duel, only for the tides to turn soon after, and Hennig and Awesome proceed to isolate Anderson, keeping Storm in the corner and stalling the potential fight with Awesome.

The two New World Order men work over Cal Anderson throughout the middle portion of the match, keeping Anderson in the corner and using stiff strikes, double team tactics, and various slams and suplexes on Cal to work him over. The nWo boys get a few close pin falls, but Cal Anderson either kicks out or gets assistance from Lance Storm every time. However, Cal Anderson turns the tides when he gets his knees up on a Mike Awesome Flying Splash attempt, knocking the wind out of Awesome, and resulting in both men getting tags to their partners. Lance Storm explodes into the ring, the proverbial house of fire, raining down forearms and dropkicks to both Hennig and Awesome. The action breaks down as Lance Storm continues to take it to Hennig and Awesome, although Cal Anderson makes a blind tag to put himself back into the ring. Anderson works over Hennig, while Storm soon tosses Mike Awesome through the second and third ropes to the outside. Anderson drills Hennig with a nasty lariat, while Lance Storm runs off the ropes and then dives through the second and third ropes, hitting Mike Awesome with a corkscrew suicide dive! With Storm and Awesome out of commission on the outside, Cal Anderson finishes the match off in the ring by hitting Hennig with the Anderson Spinebuster and picking up the 1-2-3.

Result: Cal Anderson & Lance Storm def. Curt Hennig & Mike Awesome at 12:29

The crowd cheers the end result, and Arn Anderson gets into the ring to celebrate with his ‘nephew’ while on the outside of the ring, Lance Storm quickly pulls out a table from underneath the ring and sets it up. Storm then pulls Mike Awesome up to his feet, and hits him with a forearm strike to the face and a kick to the mid-section, keeling him over. Storm places Awesome’s head between his legs, and is going to try and put Awesome through the table with the Awesome Bomb! Lance Storm tries to life Awesome off his feet, but Awesome keeps his lateral base, keeping him on the ground. Awesome then uses a burst of strength and sends Lance Storm up into the air… and Lance Storm gets HIGH elevation as he flips over Awesome through the table with a back body drop! The crowd is torn between cheers and boos (cheers for any table spot, boos for Awesome taking out Storm), while Mike Awesome throws his arms forward and roars out in adrenaline, fired up after sending Lance through the table. Curt Hennig, who rolled out of the ring and met up with Keibler soon after the match, make their way over to Awesome, and the three nWo members back up the entrance ramp, Awesome keeping his eyes fixated on Storm and the broken table fragments all the while.

Tony Schiavone: Oh my goodness, Tenay! Mike Awesome just sent Lance Storm through the table!

Mike Tenay: Indeed he did, Tony. Lance Storm got a little too confident, it seemed, by trying to put Awesome through the table with an Awesome Bomb.

Tony Schiavone: Well if Lance Storm wants to retain his North American Title at Starrcade in his tables match with Awesome, he’s going to have to be sure he’s not over confident like he just was, or Starrcade could be just like tonight!

Mike Tenay: Well we will find out for sure what happens on Sunday when Starrcade rolls around, and Lance Storm and Mike Awesome wrestle in their tables match for the WCW North American Championship! But now, we have to take a commercial break, however, stay tuned because when we come back, Billy Kidman will be coming down to the ring with an announcement for his Starrcade match against Rey Misterio Junior!


When Nitro returns, it is time for well, the segment that was promised.

What Happened?

“Filthy” hits after a few seconds, and the crowd breaks out into a chorus of cheers as Billy Kidman walks out from the backstage entrance chute. Kidman, dressed in his wife beater and black jeans, solemnly walks down the entrance ramp and to the ring, looking serious as he can be. Kidman enters the ring, and David Penzer immediately hands his microphone to Kidman before nodding and exiting the ring. Mic in hand, Kidman paces around the ring for a moment before starting to speak. Oh man, here comes zero charisma…

Billy Kidman: Word has it, that Billy Kidman isn’t much of a charismatic superstar that will win your hearts over with his mouth, so I’ll just get right to the point! At Starrcade, me and Rey Misterio Jr. are going to going to meet in this ring, one-on-one, and we’re going to put everything all on the line, and this time, there will be no intentional count-outs, there will be no intention disqualifications, and there will be no outside interferences tampering with everything that was worked for! At Starrcade, there won’t be any talk about who is a good “person” or who is bad “person”, but only who is the better man!

Kidman pauses while some of the crowd cheers.

Billy Kidman: At Starrcade, I want to know one thing, and that is that when Rey and I wrestle in the ring, one-on-one, I want to know who the better man is! I want to know which of us can go hit for hit, move for move, and still have it in us to get up to their feet and dish it out! And that’s why at Starrcade, thanks to the approval of the board of directors, my match with Rey Misterio Jr. will be… A LAST MAN STANDING MATCH!

The crowd bursts into cheers while Kidman smiles and nods his head, excited for that upcoming match at Starrcade. As the crowd continues to cheer, “La Lucha” hits, cutting out the crowd’s cheers as Rey Misterio Jr. walks out from the back. Misterio is dressed in a red mask and baggy pants, and also a black WCW t-shirt. Rey-Rey has a mic in hand as he walks down the ramp and then into the ring. Kidman clenches his right fist, but doesn’t go after Rey. There’s a time for fighting, but they both know this is not that time. Kidman stares down Rey, hate in his eyes, but there’s still something else in his eyes as well. Rey stares down Kidman, and then brings the mic up to his mouth and begins to speak.

Rey Misterio Jr.: Billy, I came out here to tell you just one thing. At Starrcade, I’m not going to hold anything back! Billy, you and I, we don’t see eye to eye on stuff. Despite what you say, I never intentionally lost myself a match against you, and I have never ran away from you. I decided when I wanted to fight you, and when I didn’t want to fight you. And to be honest, Billy, I never really had that much of a need to fight you, to prove my worth to you and WCW. I know where I stand in professional wrestling, and you, Billy, you know better than anyone else where I stand in professional wrestling. I didn’t need to prove anything to you, but this Sunday, at Starrcade, I am going to show up to fight! I am going to show up to prove to you, myself, and the entire world of professional wrestling that Rey Misterio is the real deal, and the greatest Lucha Libre wrestler ever and the greatest Filthy Animal!

The crowd boos, while Kidman and Misterio stare each other down. Kidman’s face starts to overcome with grief and regret, as he looks at Rey, his eyes showing sadness as he starts to talk.

Billy Kidman: …What happened to you, Rey? What happened to the Rey Misterio Jr. I knew? We were best friends, man, we were amigos! I hate this. I hate that our friendship, our bond of brotherhood, has come down to this… fighting in a Last Man Standing match at Starrcade. I know that… no matter what is said now, there is no going back. No matter what, we’re throwing it down at Starrcade, and our fight will be brutal and the biggest fight of our lives. But Rey, I want to tell you something, right here, right now, when I know it can be said and truly mean something. I miss Rey. And you, whoever this is that you became, if you take a good look inside you and see Rey Misterio, tell him his best friend is looking for him.

Kidman drops his mic and gives Rey one final, long and hard look before walking past him and exiting the ring. Kidman walks up the ramp and towards the back without one look back towards the ring, and thus, Rey, leaving Misterio to look at where Kidman had been standing moments prior, looking confused as can be.

The camera continues to focus on Rey, the lens looking through the slits in his mask at his eyes, where the confusion, the angst, the hatred, the sorrow, the remorse, everything, is shown through. Instead of cutting to the commentary, where Tony would no doubt ruin the mood and the moment of everything going through Rey’s mind because of Billy’s words, the show cuts to the backstage area.

The Powerhouses

Standing backstage in the interview area, is ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund and the WCW Tag Team Champions, the Young Lions, Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire. Both men are dressed in their standard attire for wrestling, and a WCW t-shirt The Lions stand side-by-side, each having their WCW Tag Team Championship Belts on opposite shoulders, so the Belts are right next to each other. Unity, yay.

Gene Okerlund: As you all know, I am ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund and standing by me at this time are your WCW Tag Team Champions, the Young Lions! Sean, Chuck, you two have possibly your toughest challenge yet this Sunday, at Starrcade, when you have to defend those Tag Belts on your shoulder’s against Mark Jindrak and Johnny Stamboli, former friends and former partners. How confident are you two about being able to win your match at Starrcade?

Chuck Palumbo: Gene Okerlund, Sean and I are one-hundred percent confident that we are going to beat the Natural Born Thrillers at Starrcade, and do exactly what we always do: win the WCW Tag Team Championships!

Oh the young & uncharismatic… winning the Title implies they’re constantly losing the Titles as well. The word is retention, or, retain.

Sean O’Haire: You see, when Chuck and I were a part of the Natural Born Thrillers and be broke off from our own tag teams to form this, all the wrestling analysts and commentators hyped Chuck and myself up as the powerhouses of the Natural Born Thrillers, not Mark Jindrak, not Johnny Stamboli, not Mike Sanders, but Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire!

Palumbo and O’Haire look at each other and chuckle, and then ramming their right inner forearms together.

Chuck Palumbo: You see, Gene, the Young Lions are the real Natural Born Thrillers. Sean and I are the best tag team in World Championship Wrestling, and therefore, all of wrestling today! And at Starrcade-

Chuck Palumbo’s sentence is cut off by a vicious forearm to the back of the head, courtesy of Johnny Stamboli! Mark Jindrak and Mike Sanders hit the scene as well, and Jindrak drills O’Haire with a nasty running leg lariat! O’Haire and Palumbo both hit the concrete floor, and the three Thrillers immediately start putting the boots to the fallen Champions, softening them up and leaving them down and beaten on their backs. Mike Sanders grabs the WCW Tag Title Belts and drapes a Belt on both Palumbo’s and O’Haire’s chests. Sanders laughs obnoxiously as the three Natural Born Thrillers walk away, O’Haire and Palumbo slowly moving on the ground, pain consuming them. Honestly guys, it wasn’t that big of a beat down.


When Nitro returns, again, NO commentary from Tony~! Instead, we’re backstage.

Sucka Works Alone Now

Backstage in his locker room, sits Booker T. Exciting, huh? Booker’s sitting on a chair, lacing up his white boots for tonight’s main event. As Booker laces, there’s a knock on his door, and after a few seconds, Larry Zbyszko walks into the room. Ew. Larry’s dressed to wrestle, which besides the generic black boots and WCW t-shirt, but what everyone wants to see a 48 year old man wear, black trunks. Yeah, you’re getting a semi.

Larry Zbyszko: Booker T, just the man I’ve been looking for. You ready for tonight?

Booker stops lacing his left boot to look up at Larry Z.

Booker T: Look Larry, it’s cool we fought togetha’ last week n’ all afta’ the contract signin’, but I got’s no urge to be fightin’ wit’ ya tonight.

Larry Zbyszko: Erm, what do you mean?

Booker T: I’d much ratha’ be fightin’ Jeff Jarrett n’ Eric Bischoff myself, sucka. Muh match at Starrcade with Jarrett, is the most personal match I’ve ever been in, in my entire life! Jeff Jarrett mocked muh lifestyle, muh marriage and divorce, muh family, everythin’! I want Jarrett by my self, and you’re just gonna get in the way, Larry. So look, sucka, I got’s no choice but to team up wit’ ya’ tonight, but when we’re out there, stay outta muh way. If you screw things up for me, I can’t be held accountable for what I may end up doin’ to you. Ya dig?

Larry dramatically gulps, looking at Booker, fear in his eyes now. Larry just slowly nods his head for a while, the fear never leaving his eyes.

Larry Zbyszko: Yeah… no problem, Book. See ya out there.

Larry gives Booker one last fearful look before turning on his heel and leaving his locker room. Booker stares Zbyszko down on his way out before closing his eyes and shaking his head. Booker then goes back to lacing up his boots as the camera cuts back to ringside.

Tony Schiavone: Professor, this WCW World Heavyweight Championship match at Starrcade against Jeff Jarrett is changing Booker T, and I have to admit, I’m not so sure I like it.

Mike Tenay: This battle with Jeff Jarrett is so personal, so intense. Booker T has a score to settle with Jarrett because of the things that Jarrett has said over the past few weeks, but really, Tony, I think Booker T wants to regain his Title more than anything.

Tony Schiavone: You really think so, Iron Mike?

Mike Tenay: I do, Tony. Booker T was on top of the world when he was the WCW World Champion, but ever since he was robbed out of his Title back at Fall Brawl in the War Games, he hasn’t been the same. Sure, this match is personal, hell, it’s one of the most personal matches I’ll ever be calling, but this match is just as much about the big gold Belt, if not more, than personal issues!

Tony Schiavone: Well speaking of the WCW World Heavyweight Title, the wrestler who scores the winning fall in the epic triple threat match at Starrcade will get a guaranteed WCW World Heavyweight Title match at their choosing. At any point after Starrcade, and up until next year’s Starrcade in 2002, the winner of that match, either Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, or Ric Flair, can have one guaranteed Title match, at their so choosing. Winning that match will generate a lot of power for which ever man comes out on top at Starrcade!

Mike Tenay: Indeed, because not only do they get to have that Title shot whenever they so choose, but they also will be retiring the person they either pin or make submit! And speaking of that epic and legendary match at Starrcade, coming up right now, it is ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash taking on ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair, with ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan as the special guest referee! Tonight, I guarantee you this is will be either the last match on Wednesday Nitro for Ric Flair or Kevin Nash, or, it will be the last match on Nitro that Hulk Hogan will ever be a part of!

Tony Schiavone: This is history in the making, folks! This, is World Championship Wrestling!

New NewNew
New New

The crowd breaks out into a large portion of boos, but still a noticeable chorus of cheers, as ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan walks out from the entrance chute and onto the stage. Hogan looks cocky as ever as he taunts and poses on the stage, the Immortal himself sporting black jeans and a cut-sleeve referee t-shirt, as well as his metallic-black Hollywood weight lifting belt, and black Hollywood & nWo bandana. Hogan then struts down the entrance ramp and into the ring where he continues to pose for several moments until the loud “HOOOOOWWWLLL” blares over the PA system. After a few moments, ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash storms out from the entrance chute and onto the stage to his standard mixed reaction. Nash raises his right arm into the air, his hand forming the Wolfpack symbol while in the air. Nash then marches down the entrance ramp and to the ring, his eyes angrily fixated on Hogan the whole time. Once Nash gets into the ring, “Also Sprach Zarathustra” hits, and the crowd explodes to their feet as ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric strolls out from entrance chute, donning a purple and white sequin robe tonight. Flair slowly spins on the entrance stage, showing off his fancy robe to the crowd, an ear-to-ear grin on his face as he does so. Flair then glides down the entrance ramp like only Flair can, the crowd eating him up. However, as Flair gets to the ring steps, the smile from his face diminishes instantly, and a look of intense focus and determination overcomes his as he stares down both Hogan and Nash. Flair storms up the steps onto the apron, and enters the ring. Flair immediately disrobes, setting his robe on the ring canvas near the ring ropes so a stagehand can take it for him. Hogan then stands back in the corner and leisurely calls for the bell, getting the match started.

Match Three
Kevin Nash vs. Ric Flair
Singles Match w/Hulk Hogan as ®

Nash and Flair have a match much like their match from two weeks ago, although this time, Hulk Hogan is the referee. Hogan stays out of the wake in the early goings of the match, allowing Nash and Flair to lock-up and have power struggles that features Nash shoving Flair down to the canvas multiple times. However, Hogan loudly laughs with each time Nash shoves Flair down to the canvas, letting his voice be known. However, this only infuriates Flair, and after a while, he ends up taking Nash to the proverbial wood shed, lighting Big Sexy up with a plethora of stinging knife edge chops. This ends up sending Nash fleeing to the outside, and Hogan then in turn laughing at Nash. Nevertheless, the match carries on, and Nash ends up getting the advantage over Flair after connecting with a big knee to Flair’s abdomen and hitting a sidewalk slam.

Nash works over Flair throughout the next stage of the match, using his size and strength to his advantage as he keeps Flair locked up in the corners for the most part, wailing away with simple punches to the temple and knees to the abdomen. Hogan continues to stay uninvolved in the match in a physical context, but makes his presence known during pins, taking a while to get down to the canvas to make the pin, and showing no problems in counting slow. However, Hogan feigns innocence each time, proclaiming of either chronic hip problems or arthritis in his arm. Don’t you just love the shoot comments that aren’t meant to be shoot comments? Nash doesn’t care about Hogan’s physical ailments, though, and has no problems getting into Hogan’s face and arguing with him after a fifth slow count. This leads to Ric Flair crawling up to Nash from behind him, and rolling him up with a school boy. With any other referee, this school boy would’ve gotten the three count, but then again, this school boy never would’ve occurred without Hogan as the referee, so Hulk’s slow count on the pin is only the right thing. After the kick out by Nash at 2 (aka, 4 ½), both Ric and Nash are slow to get to their feet, but their anger can be heard as the two loudly cuss out Hogan all the while. Fearing a rebellion, Hogan quickly unfastens his weight lifting belt, freeing it from his waist. Nash gets up to his feet first, and Hogan grabs both ends of the belt before swinging it, drilling Nash right across the left side of his face! Nash crumbles to the ground, and Naitch pulls himself up to his feet as Nash starts to fall, only for Hogan to swing the belt in an overhead style, thumping Flair on top of his skull with the belt! Flair crumbles to the canvas, and Hogan then lines up Nash’s neck… and drops the Leg… OF DOOM~! to Kevin Nash. Hogan then slowly gets up to his feet, lines Flair up, and hits Slick Ric with the Leg Drop… OF DOOM~! As the crowd loudly boos the events, Hogan calls for the bell.

The timekeeper rings the bell, and Hogan walks over to the edge of the ring, so he can receive a microphone from the stagehand. Hogan then walks into the center of the ring, and makes his decision.

Hulk Hogan: Alright, brothers! The winner of this match, by The Immortal’s superior decision, is ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan, dude!

Result: Hulk Hogan somehow def. Kevin Nash and Ric Flair at 9:28

Hulk Hogan drops the microphone and stands tall over Flair and Nash, taunting, flexing, and posing the 24-inch pythons like only Hogan can, as “Voodoo Child” plays throughout the Roanoke Civic Center.

Tony Schiavone: Hulk Hogan just ruined a perfectly good match, Professor! There was no need for Hulk Hogan’s darn ego to get in the way of refereeing this match!

Mike Tenay: But that’s Hulk Hogan for you, Tony! Hogan does not care about the match Ric Flair and Kevin Nash were putting on, and now, Ric Flair or Kevin Nash may have just lost their final match ever on WCW Wednesday Nitro!

Tony Schiavone: Professor, with each passing moment, the realization is starting to sink in. In four days time, either Ric Flair, Kevin Nash, or Hulk Hogan will be retired from WCW, forever! It is matches like that, that are going to make Starrcade the greatest pay per view in the history of professional wrestling!

But Toooooony… you said that about Starrcade 2000, and it sucked. Oh, you also said it about Mayhem, Halloween Havoc, Fall Brawl…

Mike Tenay: Right you are, Tony, but right now fans, we need to take a commercial break. Stay tuned though because coming up next, ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner is coming to the ring, and he’s got something to say!

Before the show cuts to the break, the camera picks up one more shot of Hulk Hogan posing over the fallen Flair and Nash.


When Nitro returns from the break, oh yeah… you all know what’s coming

There Will Be No Ridiculous Ramblings With My Steiner

The sirens pierce the air as “Holla If Ya Hear Me” hits, bringing out the notoriously kick ass mother fucker, ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner. Steiner marches out from the entrance chute, Midajah by his side. That is love, folks, not steamy, worse-than-porn-acting lust. Steiner and Midajah walk down to the ring, Steiner, dressed in blue jeans, a BPP tee, and shades, enters the ring, Midajah holding the ropes for him as he does so. Steiner walks across the ring to David Penzer, and immediately snatches the microphone from his hand. Midajah then orders Penzer out of the ring as Steiner paces in the center of the ring, looking pissed off. What a shocker.

Scott Steiner: Ya’ know Roanoke, Virginia, the Genetic Freak has gotta get something off his chest, and that is this. I’m FRICKIN’ PISSED OFF!

Steiner pauses, saliva spitting out of his mouth from his shouting, while the majority of the crowd cheers.

Scott Steiner: Last week, I was set for a nice night backstage here at Nitro. My number one freak, Midajah, me and her were gonna get the massage oils out, play some Barry White music, and I was gonna show her just what bein’ Freakzilla is all about!

Steiner pauses while some of the crowd cheers, and other wolf whistle and cat all. Oh yeah, some do nothing. Bastards.

Scott Steiner: But instead, that little bitch, Sting, trashed my locker room, and tried to play little four-year old minds games! And then, then, this freakin’ happens!

Ladies and gentlemen, and you gender-bending faggots like Renegade, turn your attention to the Nitro Tron.

Originally Posted by 12-05-01 Wednesday Nitro
Sting: …At Starrcade, you are mine, and I am yours. The Crow will sit in a makeshift nest for you, but after Starrcade, the Crow will fly on. But for now, Scott, I tell you one final thing. Turn around.

All the lights turn back on, and the crowd explodes into cheers as Steiner turns around, and Sting is standing face-to-face with Scott Steiner, a black baseball bat in hand! Steiner looks rather freaked by Sting’s presence after the promo, and before he can even make an attempt at fight Sting, the Stinger drills Steiner across the chest with the baseball bat! The crowd cheers, and Steiner crashes to the canvas as the (purposely-weakened and gimmicked) bat shatters over Steiner’s torso. Sting takes a step over the KO’ed Steiner, holding what remains of his broken bat, the handle now facing Steiner’s throat. With a cold, emotionless face, the Stinger simply stares down Steiner.
The video from last week ends, and the camera cuts back to the ring where Scott Steiner is leaning up against the ropes, looking pissed off.

Scott Steiner: Now after watching that, I think it’s pretty *damn* obvious last week frickin’ sucked! And if you couldn’t tell that, you’re freakin’ retarded!

That means you, Orry.

Scott Steiner: However, there was one good thing that happened last week, and that one thing, was frickin’ sweet tits! At Starrcade, it’s going to be ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner, goin’ one-on-one, with that stupid, ridiculous paint face lookin’, wrist- cuttin’, little BITCH, Sting!

The crowd is split with cheers and jeers because well, this is Scott Steiner folks. I, however, am more focused on trying to understand what the fuck Steiner just said.

Scott Steiner: But that one little thing, it doesn’t change my mood! Scott Steiner is frickin’ pissed, Roanoke, so freaks, it’s time to appease muh mood! And there is only one way to do that… so STING! Get yer emo bitch ass on out here!

The crowd breaks out into cheers, knowing what is going to happen just a few moments. The crowd buzzes in anticipation, while Steiner waits patiently in the ring. Finally, “Seek and Destroy” by Metallica hits, sending the crowd to their feet in cheers as ‘The Man They Call’ Sting walks out from the back. The Stinger is dressed in his black attire of tights and a connecting black top, and his black trench coat. Sting marches down the entrance ramp, he and Steiner’s eyes locked the entire down. Sting then gets into the ring, and Steiner surprisingly holds his ground instead of going after Sting. The two continue to stare down one another for a few seconds before Sting starts to speak.

Sting: Scott Steiner, I realize that you’re angry and upset right now, but you can just stand there in silence for a few moments longer because I have something to say too! Scott, you know something? You’re one-dimensional.

Steiner’s eyes blaze with anger and his faces shows his shock from Stinger’s words. A large portion of the crowd yells out “Ooh”.

Sting: It’s true, Scott, you are. You’re one-dimensional. This act of yours, Mr. Big Poppa Pump, it’s gotten old. I have to be honest with ya’ man, I can only be called a, and I quote, “emo bitch ass”, so many times before it loses it’s value. I understand how hard it can be for someone… well, like you, to come up with fresh material, but you are stale, Steiner. You’re materialistic, too. All you care about is winning back the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, and you care about it so much, you have become blinded. Gosh, Scott, there are more important things going down in WCW than a World Title! This company, everything we stand for, is in jeopardy because of the threat that is the New World Order! You understand that more than anyone, you WERE the nWo! You were a founding member in this incarnation, the most lethal one I have ever seen. You know the threat they are, and what will happen if they win. WCW, and that is you, me, everyone, we are done.

Sting pauses, his eyes piercing into Steiner’s, a pleading look in his eyes, almost.

Sting: I realize how important the WCW World Heavyweight Title is, Steiner. You and I, we’ve both been there; we have won the Title, but Scott, we should not be here, doing this, right now. We should be uniting as one, all of us that are in that dysfunctional company we all love, World Championship Wrestling. Scott, please, let’s do what we have to do, and then unite. At Starrcade, we will fight, there is no changing that. But afterwards, join me, Steiner. Join the fight, join the cause. I don’t know if WCW will be able to last over time as the battle rages on, no matter how dedicated I am, among others, to making sure we aren’t exterminated. But with you, with you Scott Steiner, we can win. Join me, join WCW.

Again, Sting looks at Steiner, almost pleading Steiner to ‘join the cause’. Steiner looks at Sting, seemingly in deep thought. Steiner even gives the powerful chin stroke to show his thinking.

Scott Steiner: …So let me guess this straight? With Freakzilla joining this “cause” and helping WCW fight the nWo, WCW will not end up extinct? Ya’ know, Stinger, I may have been inclined to listen to you, but what you fail to realize, is that I’m not stupid. You try to run your mouth and make Scott Steiner look like a pill-poppin’, stupid roided-up jack ass, but I’m not.

Uh… are you sure about that?

Scott Steiner: I got a brain, Sting, and more than half of one, too. And Sting, you stupid jerk off, you don’t try and tell Scott Steiner to join up with you and WCW, after you frickin’ call me one-dimensional! Don’t trash the person you rely on, Stinger! And that’s your problem, Sting. You spew off all these poetic and meaningful speeches, but they’re nothin’ but a bunch o’ random words jumbled together! You make no sense when you speak Stinger, and you oughta shut up! So Stinger, let me do us all a favor, and shut you the hell up!

Steiner drops his mic and lunges at Sting! BRAWL~! Sting and Steiner start wildly swinging right hands at one another, holding nothing back as they rip into each other. Midajah quickly exits the ring (she was still there!?), and after just a few moments into the brawl, Doug Dillinger, WCW’s head of security, and his horde of security members rush out from the back, running into the ring and getting in between Steiner and Sting. The two men continue to throw wild punches at each other as security wedges themselves in between the two men, and eventually separates them. Sting lets security detain him, while Steiner tries to break free from the security, throwing his arms about and shouting out obscenities at Sting. However, security does its job, keeping the two men apart, and the camera takes a few last seconds to focus on Steiner trying to go after Sting, only for security to block him.

Tony Schiavone: Professor, these two men are not going to want to wait until Starrcade! Scott Steiner wants to end this right now!

Mike Tenay: He may want to, but Doug Dillinger and his security crew aren’t going to let that happen, Tony Schiavone! They’re going to have to wait until Starrcade!

Tony Schiavone: That they will, Professor, but when Steiner and Big Poppa Pump collide in the ring in just four days time, it is going to be one brutal battle! There will be no security to separate these two men, folks!

Mike Tenay: I don’t know what the future holds for Scott Steiner and Sting for after Starrcade, but I do know that at Starrcade, you fans are going to see one of the most hellacious battles in recent memory with how things are looking right now!

As Schiavone and Tenay stare into the camera all-knowingly, the show cuts to the back.

The Appetizer… I Get Mine ½ Off At Applebee’s After 9PM

Standing in the back, is of course, ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund. Standing by Okerlund, is the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett, and the WCW President, Eric Bischoff. Jarrett is in black and silver biker trunks, an nWo cut-sleeve tee, orange tinted shades, and holding a silver, nWo-tagged, acoustic guitar. Bischoff is in black martial arts pants and a nWo t-shirt. Both men look cocky and smug as ever.

Gene Okerlund: Hello everyone, this is ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund standing by again tonight. With me right now, as you can very well see, are Eric Bischoff and the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff Jarrett. Sirs, what are your thoughts heading into this Nitro main event, just four days before Starrcade?

Jeff Jarrett: Gene Okerlund, you are going to start getting something right, as of this instant. I do not recognize myself as a WCW World Heavyweight Champion; I am just the World Heavyweight Champion. The transition is in place, Okerlund, and after Starrcade, when I retain my Title, you will be looking at the nWo World Heavyweight Champion, leader of the greatest and most supreme entity in the history of professional wrestling.

Eric Bischoff: That’s right, Jeff. The New World Order is not some little group, faction, or stable. We are an entity, and we are our own company. We are not World Championship Wrestling contracted members, after Starrcade, the full scale invasion and takeover begins! But tonight, tonight is the appetizer of what WCW, its precious fans, and Booker T can expect in four days time, at Starrcade. Tonight, Gene Okerlund, your precious ‘Living Legend’ Larry Zbyszko, a WCW man and supporter since the times of Jesus Christ himself, is going to get the biggest beating of a lifetime, at the hands of the New World Order! And tonight, everyone already got an appetizer of what they can expect when ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan defeats Kevin Nash and “Father Time” himself, Ric Flair, at Starrcade. Gene Okerlund, I hope upon hope that when Hogan pins one of those guys’ shoulders to the mat, that it is Ric Flair who gets pinned! I will relish in the fact that the legendary man himself, the nWo man through and through, Hulk Hogan, retired Ric Flair.

Bischoff pauses, staring off into space with a wicked grin on his face.

Eric Bischoff: But you make no mistake about it, Gene. If Ric Flair walks away from Starrcade still a WCW wrestler, and it is Kevin Nash that gets retired, then I will make damn sure that Ric Flair’s life is a living hell until the nWo does indeed run his old, wrinkly ass out of my company for good. And do you know the greatest thing, Gene?

Gene goes to answer, but Bischoff speaks first.

Eric Bischoff: Of course you don’t, Gene. You know nothing of significant importance, and that is why when the New World Order fully takes over WCW and I am the one and only power in this company, you will be fired, replaced by someone with real talent. But Gene, the greatest thing is, there’s nothing Ric Flair can do about anything I, or the nWo, do. I may not have 100% power in this company because of the damn board of directors, the good ole’ boys, but I am an nWo contracted member, and the WCW President. I have the power!

Bischoff laughs at his statement, cackling like an evil and sinister tyrant. As Bischoff’s laugh dies down, Jeff Jarrett grabs Gene’s wrist and jams it up towards his mouth, so Gene holds the mic up to Jeff’s mouth.

Jeff Jarrett: I’ve got something else to say, so I am going to say it. You just do your job and keeping holding that mic, Gene Oak.

That Oak name-drop is for you, Orry. Jarrett tilts his sunglasses over his eyes, letting them rest on his head.

Jeff Jarrett: Booker T and Larry Zbyszko, they’re just a bunch of stupid slap nuts! Booker T is trash. He’s the kind of guy who robs fast food restaurants for cash, cares more about being “big pimpin’, yo~!” and his 22-inch rims and “bling-bling”, then his own family! Me, I am a wholesome family man, a second generation superstar, handsome, and in the prime of my career. There is no better Champion than The Chosen One, and Jeff Jarrett is The Chosen One of professional wrestling! And tonight, I am going to prove that when I takes this guitar in my hand, and break it right over Booker T’s nappy head!

Jeff smirks, the ever-so-smug grin never leaving his face throughout that entire spiel. However, after several seconds, the cocky look from his face rapidly disappears, and Jarrett become incredibly serious.

Jeff Jarrett: But Gene Oak, when the time then comes for Starrcade, on Sunday, make no mistake about it… I will defeat Booker T in the main event, and I will show everyone just why I am the World Heavyweight Champion. I will defeat Booker T, and that, slap nuts… is a guarantee!

Jarrett stares into the camera, his eyes looking focused as can be. The camera continues to focus on Jarrett until the show fades out to a…


When Wednesday Nitro returns, ‘The Living Legend’ Larry Zbyszko is already standing in the ring, still in the black trunks and WCW t-shirt. “Don’t Hate The Playa, Hate The Game” hits, sending the crowd to their feet in loud cheers as Booker T comes out from the back, looking determined as ever. Booker gets to the end of the entrance stage and does his signature taunt, the pyro shooting off from the back of the stage in sequence. Booker then marches down the ramp and into the ring, having a somewhat uncomfortable stare down with Zbyszko once entering the ring.

New NewNew
New New

The crowd starts to boo immensely as the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett, and the WCW President, Eric Bischoff, strut out from the back, the two looking cocky as usual. The two men march down the entrance ramp, but once they get to the ring, the grin on Jarrett’s face starts to diminish as he and the Booker Man stare one another down. Nevertheless, Bischoff and Jarrett enter the ring, and once in the ring, Jarrett discards his t-shirt and sunglasses, and prepares to start the match off for the nWo, to no surprise. Booker T looks ready to start off the match for his team, but Larry Zbyszko steps in front of him. Booker tries to step back in front of Larry, but senior official Randy Anderson shoos Booker from the ring. The Booker Man is pissed, but alas, Zbyszko gets to start the match. Oh Zbyszko, that bastard… blocking the fans from Booker/Jarrett.

Main Event
Booker T & Larry Zbyszko vs. Eric Bischoff & Jeff Jarrett
Tag Team Match

Zbyszko tries to wrestle with Jarrett to start the match, but Jarrett cockily plays around with Zbyszko, side-stepping and shoving all of Larry’s lunges for a grapple. The horseplay continues for far longer than it should, but Zbyszko actually wipes the smirk off of Jarrett’s face with an open palm slap to the face and a series of stiff punches. However, Jarrett eventually hits Larry with a hard knee to the abdomen, and starts drilling into Larry with stiff right hands, over and over again. Seriously, that’s all this match is for the longest times, brawling. Bischoff and Jarrett proceed to exchange tags over the next several minutes, the two men beating the hell out of Zbyszko throughout the entire match, eventually busting Zbyszko open after Jarrett his Zbyszko with a 10+ series of stiff right hands. The crowd, and of course, Booker T, are adamant about Zbyszko getting the tag to Booker, and it comes after the extended beat down on Zbyszko. After taking far too long taunting the crowd and Zbyszko, Eric Bischoff tries to finish The Living Legend off with a nasty martial arts kick to the head (Yoshihiro Tajiri ain’t got shit on Bischoff~!). Bischoff swings his leg at Zbyszko’s head… and misses completely. Zbyszko then drills Bischoff down low with a straight right hand to the groin, dropping Eric like a ton of bricks. After recuperating and crawling to their corners, Bischoff tags in Jarrett… and Zbyszko tags in Booker T!

Booker and Jarrett charge at one another, and collide in the center of the ring… where Booker T turns Jarrett inside out with a vicious clothesline! The crowd cheers, and Booker starts going to town on Jarrett, laying into him with a series of punches and clothesline, getting Jarrett reeling in a matter of moments. Booker then hits Jarrett with a Harlem Side Kick, knocking both men down… and Booker does the Spinaroonie up to his feet, for the first time in a long time. Booker calls for the Book End, and from the corner, Eric Bischoff calls for the cavalry. Bischoff tries to ward off Booker T, but Zbyszko intervenes! Those two men eventually spill to the outside, while Curt Hennig, Mike Awesome, and Hulk Hogan hit the ring! The first two sprint down to the ring, while Hogan sort of… walks. Booker T shoves Jarrett out of the way, and gets ready to brawl with the nWo, while the WCW cavalry hits! Here comes Arn Anderson, Cal Anderson, Lance Storm, and Ric Flair! Referee Randy Anderson, seeing chaos about to ensue, immediately throws the match out.

Result: Booker T & Larry Zbyszko nc. Eric Bischoff & Jeff Jarrett at 7:09

Chaos ensues like only WCW can create… Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan start duking it out at the bottom of the entrance ramp, Curt Hennig and Cal Anderson end up brawling with one another on one side of the ringside area, while Lance Storm and Mike Awesome exchange stiff blows on the opposite side. Arn Anderson hurries around the ring where Eric Bischoff is trying to flee from Larry Zbyszko, only for Arn to cut off his escape route! All the while, Kevin Nash hurries down the entrance ramp as well, joining the Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan brawl at the bottom of the entrance ramp, right next to the announcer’s table. Nash immediately helps Ric Flair in the brawl, the two men joining up to get revenge on Hulk Hogan for what happened earlier in the night. While Nash and Flair double team Hogan, Cal Anderson and Curt Hennig spill into one section of the crowd, while Lance Storm and Mike Awesome end up spilling into the crowd near them, the two brawling away.

Opposite the three-way between Hogan, Nash, and Flair, Larry Zbyszko and Arn Anderson beat up on Eric Bischoff… until Anderson flattens Bischoff with the Anderson Spinebuster! Bischoff goes down hard, turning onto his stomach in pain. However, that only helps the WCW crew, as Zbyszko mounts Bischoff and locks in the legendary Rear Naked Choke! Zbyszko chokes Bischoff out, and the crowd nearby loves it. In the ring, Jeff Jarrett has gained the upper hand on Booker T, landing a cheap shot on Booker in the confusion that followed when WCW and nWo men alike came down to the ring. Jarrett beats down on Booker T, softening him up with hard right hands to Booker’s temple. Back on the outside of the ring, Kevin Nash and Ric Flair continue to beat down on Hulk Hogan until finally, Flair lets Nash finish Hogan off. Nash slams Hogan’s head in between his legs, raises his right arm into the air, the hand forming the Wolfpack symbol, and then lifts Hogan up into the air… and JACK KNIFE POWER BOMBS HIM THROUGH THE ANNOUNCER’S TABLE!

The crowd around the table, and many more, break out into loud cheers, and Nash raises his arm into the air and celebration, while Flair smiles in glee while looking at Nash… only for Nash to kick Flair in the stomach… and Jack Knife Power Bomb him on the protective mats! Nash stands tall over the two men, raising his arm into the air, Wolfpack symbol aloft again. In the ring, Jeff Jarrett kicks Booker T hard in the chest, knocking him off his hands and knees to his chest. Jarrett then scans around the ringside area, taking in the scene of what all has happened, before exiting the ring quick and grabbing the acoustic guitar. Jarrett slides his guitar into the ring and rolls into the ring right after, before pulling himself up to his feet and lining Booker up for the finishing guitar shot. Booker slowly starts to stagger up to his feet, and with one final smirk, Jeff Jarrett charges at Booker, swinging the guitar right-to-left from his right shoulder towards Booker’s face… and Booker catches the upper neck of the guitar with his hands! The crowd cheers as both men clutch onto the guitar, Booker T glaring at Jarrett with hatred and determination, while Jarrett looks at Booker with fear in his eyes. The two men have a power struggle, trying to yank the guitar out of each other’s possession… and Booker rips the guitar out of Jarrett’s hands! Jarrett cowers back in fear, afraid Booker is going to hit him with the guitar, but Booker T smashes the body of the guitar into the canvas, splintering it into pieces before taking the neck into his two hands and breaking it in half over his knee! Booker T lets one half of the neck fall to the canvas, while Booker points the neck of the guitar at Jarrett, who has backed all the way to the ropes now. Booker then tosses what’s left of the guitar’s neck into the air, the neck landing right at Jarrett’s feet. Booker T and Jeff Jarrett stare each other down, Booker’s eyes cold and focused, while Jarrett’s are filled with fear, and nothing but it.

Tony Schiavone: The adrenaline flowing through Booker T’s veins is so intense you can practically see it, Professor!

Adrenaline? Really? Much better words could’ve been used, Tony… way to screw up.

Mike Tenay: That look in Booker T’s eyes could make the strongest of men fear him, Tony! Booker just snatched that guitar out of Jarrett’s hand like it was nothing!

Tony Schiavone: The stare down you are witnessing in that very ring is one for the ages folks! Those two men are going to put everything on the line for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, this Sunday, at Starrcade!

Mike Tenay: Fans, you want to be sure to order Starrcade this Sunday night! The Grand Daddy of ‘Em All airs live at 8PM Eastern Standard Time, and you can contact your local pay per view provider at any time on Sunday to order!

Tony Schiavone: Yes, folks, this is a pay per view that you’d be crazy to miss! But we are out of time, ladies and gentlemen! Thanks for watching tonight, and we will see you at Starrcade! So long everybody!

The camera gets one last shot of Booker T and Jeff Jarrett continuing their stare down, Booker still looking determined and focused as ever, while Jeff Jarrett continues to look on in fear. They clash on Sunday.


Quick Results:
The Flying Harts def. Shane Helms & Super Crazy at 7:11
Cal Anderson & Lance Storm def. Curt Hennig & Mike Awesome at 12:29
Hulk Hogan def. Kevin Nash and Ric Flair (?) at 9:28
Booker T & Larry Zbyszko nc. Eric Bischoff & Jeff Jarrett at 7:09

Confirmed Matches for Starrcade:

WCW World Heavyweight Championship: Jeff Jarrett © vs. Booker T

WCW United States Championship: Lance Storm © vs. Mike Awesome (Tables Match)

WCW Tag Team Championship: Young Lions © vs. Natural Born Thrillers (w/Mike Sanders)

WCW Cruiserweight Championship: Shane Helms © vs. Super Crazy

Hulk Hogan vs. Kevin Nash vs. Ric Flair (Loser Retires, Winner Gets WCW World Heavyweight Title Match)

Scott Steiner vs. Sting

Billy Kidman vs. Rey Misterio Jr. (Last Man Standing Match)

That's the final Nitro... next stop, Starrcade. Now that I have this show out of the way, I am going to get on working on some feedback for Para and Alcoholic, and maybe leave some comments in some other threads as well. The agenda for this BTB now, is to write a Starrcade match, then write and post the Starrcade Preview/Predictions Contest, before writing the last 3 Starrcade matches and promos.

As always with me and PPVs, don't expect any ridiculous "video packages" from me for Starrcade. I find them to be rather silly to write, and they do nothing for me when I read them in a BTB. When you have the visuals, yes, it's good. But writing... not my style. Matches and promos, for me.

Spanks for reading, and hope you enjoy.

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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Szum, the shows looks great man. I have reviews to dish out to Legend's Raw and King of Pain's Summerslam, and when they're done I will get right on to this. I know I don't have to rush to get it up because I know you're in no rush for Starrcade yourself. Looks good bud.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Very good show here, but very WCW in the way that nothing clean ever happens with run-ins and hardcore spots all over the place... which is very fitting for the thread you are running.

Hogan/Flair/Nash feud is a very interesting concept you have come up with, and although I'm sure that Nash will be retiring (the others shouldn't go in a triple threat match) it will still be a good match (and loved the way Hogan used his ego to make himself the winner of the match)

Have to say I've never really gotten into the Jarrett/Booker feud... something about it just hasn't worked for me... maybe the fact I'm not a fan of either guy, or the fact that is seems to be overshadowed by the NWO running in every time they are on screen (and to be honest, the NWO is definately getting a little bit stale in this thread so something needs to happen to reinvigorate them)

Starrcade should be a great show though and I'll be around for it
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

First time reviewing your show, so I will be lost on some things.

Tag Match: I like the idea of how Helms won’t let Super Crazy tag him out. That makes me want to read their match at Starrcade even more. Like how he only tags himself in and not out. Guess he is a heel. Haven’t seen a double rotating tilt-a-whirl head scissors in a while. Same with a springboard corkscrew. Then again this is WCW. They had some crazy moves. Like how Shane Helms came in a hit Super Crazy. By golly I wanna read this Cruiserweight Match now! Is the vertebreaker his special? What the hell is it? Nice ending. I guess they were high flying moves. Made me confused, then again I get confused at a lot of stuff. Lol. That was a good match. Can’t wait to read the rest of your show. I like how Helms hits Super Crazy in the head with the belt. Really built the match up for me, as now I wanna read it even more. Huge advantage for Shane Helms going into Starrcade.

Flair Promo: From Ric’s first line he is in character. I have heard a lot about your promos and how you are the best on this forum, but have never read one of them. Like how Ric says this will not be his last Nitro of his career. I guess it is Hulk Hogan vs Kevin Nash vs Ric Flair at StarrCade. Like how Flair says he has too much left to fight for. I can see Flair saying that. Like how Flair says he is going to kill N.W.O. Like how you mentioned Space Mountain, as a read a lot of other BTB and they just have Flair saying WOO all the time. Hope this isn’t Flair’s last Nitro. Excellent Promo. All the stuff I have heard about you is true.

Tag Match #2: I like how you give descriptive entrances to the superstars. I can see it happening in my head. On to the match. So I guess Lance Strom and Mike Awesome have a match at StarrCade. As they are avoiding each other. I like how Awesome didn’t get the frog splash, and how Cal Anderson got his knees up. The corkscrew suicide dive would be awesome to see as WCW always had these exciting matches. Good match. Very good match. I love how table scene. I guess Lance Strom went through the table. Yes Lance Strom went through the table. Guess they also have a match at StarrCade?

Kidman promo: Love how Kidman is. Kidman was always way better in WCW that in WWE, cause WCW knew how to use him and I guess you do to. Love how Kidman wants to know who the better man is. I am predicting that Rey Misterio comes out later in this promo. It has to happen! A Last Man Standing match will be sweet as both of these have very good highflying abilities. Winder if there will be any death defying leaps from ladders or anything like that? I knew Mysterio would come out. I mean it has to happen. I can tell that StarrCade will be good, and I only know about three matches! Love Misterio’s attitude toward this. He is still all calm and everything. If that were me I would have been yelling “A last man standing match?” Love how Misterio says he doesn’t need to prove anything to him. But he will give him a fight. Man with every promo, I want to read StarrCade even more! Kidman asking what happened to Misterio was good. Love how Kidman said it would be the brutal match of their lives. Love how Kidman now says that he misses his best friends. Mind games if you ask me. I think Kidman is just trying to get Misterio’s mind off of the match at StarrCade. Very nice little promo here.
Interview with Lions: Gene’s question is amazing, as they would have said that in real life. Wonder what their answer will be? Well there you have it, the young lions are confident going into StarrCade. Hope Stamboli and Jindrak come into this interview. Didn’t know that Sean and Stamboli were a team. I knew it! I knew that the Young Lions would come into this promo. Wish they would have just had a staredown or something, but this is WCW and they are known for having hardcore backstage stuff. Love how you put “Honestly guys, it wasn’t that much of a beat down.” Made me crack up. This was another good promo proving once again why you are the “King of Promos.”

Booker T promo: Once again, very Descriptive on what they are wearing and doing at the time. Love how you have Booker and his “slang” talk. Love how Booker says it is the most personal match in his life. This is first time reading your show, so don’t know how or when this rivalry between Booker and Jarret got started. I like how Booker says he won’t be responsible for what happens. The match is going to be interesting the most. So Larry scared of Booker. That’s cool with me. Pretty good promo. Can’t wait to read this match, as I know something is going to happen.

Special Referee Match: Very descriptive entrances, and I could see it happening in my head. Like how Hogan stays out of the match for the first half, as I am pretty sure he will get involved later in the match. Funny how Hogan laughs every time Flair gets taking down to the canvas. Like how Nash has had most of the control for the match. Love how Hogan won’t count the pinfalls. Funny how he fakes pain. Funny how they cussed out Hogan. I like how Hogan hit both of them with the belt. Ha ha. The ending was good how Hogan gave Kevin Nash a leg drop and then declared himself the winner.

Steiner promo: I haven’t read it yet and I know that this promo is going to be good. Scott Steiner coming out to give a piece of his mind. Is he pissed off? I guess I will find out. Ok he is Freakin Pissed off. Freakzilla is funny IMO. Love how you compared Renegade and gender-bending faggots. Gender-Bending Faggots=Renegade. The video package was quite good. Yea, don’t know Orry very well, but he must be retarded to partner up with Renegade. Scott Steiner and Sting at StarrCade will be amazing. Love how Steiner called Sting out. I liked what Sting said. Got lost with some of the words, but I’m not that smart. Sting playing good mind games here if you ask me. Sting and Steiner joining together would be pretty cool. Scott Steiner is on Steroids, I think. Steiner has a brain. H A! Made me laugh. Love the brawl. A Brawl has to happen before a huge match like that. If you didn’t have a brawl, I would have stopped reading right there. (No actually this review has taking me a while so I would continue reading.) Once again, you have had another excellent promo.

Jarret Promo: I guess Jarret is formed with Eric? Jarret is also in the New World Order I guess. Gosh Eric Biscoff has a lot to say. By what Eric says about Hogan, I am pretty sure that Hogan will get pinned (at least I hope so.) Jarret seems confident going into his match with Booker T at StarrCade. Good interview here.

Main Event: Like how Jarret is playing with Larry. Larry getting a slap is good, but I vet he will pay for it. Like how Eric tried to take out Larry with one of his deadly martial arts kicks Jarret and Booker are in the ring. I mark out for this. Preview for StarrCade. Glad Booker gets Jarret down with a clothesline. Henning, Awesome and Hogan coming to the ring. This is going to get ugly quick. Arn and Cal Anderson, Lance Strom and Flair! Man this is going to be great! The aftermath was really dirty as I could see most of it happening in WCW. Like how Eric Biscoff is getting his ass kicked. Jack Knife Powerbomb through the table! That is awesome! Nash giving Flair a jack knife Powerbomb was a good booking decision. Like how Jarret gets the guitar. Very good aftermath.

Overall: Saw nothing that you needed to improve. Your promos are the best things i have ever read. StarrCade will be very good, and the card looks amazing.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Szum, I am sorry but i wont be able to get a review up for this show, I am struggling with my Rumble at the minute to get it up because of private issues. Thanks and i will have a review up for the next show!


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