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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

September 12, 2001- Cameron Indoor Stadium, Cameron, North Carolina- 4:23 PM

Backstage at the Cameron Indoor Stadium, The Trio Owner’s were having a meeting. Like last month, the meeting was about Booker T dropping the World Heavyweight Title. However, this time, the only candidate for Booker to drop the Title to, was Jeff Jarrett. The three had been debating when Booker T should drop the Title, as they all were in agreement that it was time for someone else to have a run at the top. While Booker T was continuing to get over with the fans, his charisma was still lacking, and star power just couldn’t cover up the lack of charisma. Eric Bischoff wanted to try and have Booker T keep the Title until Starrcade, but Ric Flair was persistent that Booker should drop the Title to Jeff Jarrett as soon as Fall Brawl, since they let Booker keep the Title last week on Nitro. Steve Borden, however, was in a pickle. It was up to him as to when Booker should lose the belt. Now, Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair were trying to plead their case to Steve Borden, trying to persuade him what to select.

Eric Bischoff: Steve, Booker has been on a roll lately. The fans are continuing to give him more of a reaction each week. You heard them last week after he retained the Title, they went crazy!

Ric Flair: Yeah, but that’s only because he beat Jeff! Jarrett’s the number one heel in the company, the crowd will cheer for Alex Wright if he went against Jeff!

“Here we go again…” thought Eric. Every time a debate started, Flair started on about Jarrett. Jeff this, Jarrett that. Flair was a man obsessed with Jarrett. At every turn, he was trying to get the Title on Jeff. Bischoff had noticed it more last month, and ever since then, he has been very suspicious. In fact, it almost reminded Eric of how he, himself, acted with Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash. Eric wasn’t the only suspicious owner though. Steve Borden was just as, if not, more, suspicious than Eric Bischoff. He knew this wasn’t typical Flair, and was convinced something was going on.

Ric Flair: And think about it, Eric. Jeff is the better wrestler, and is more charismatic. And besides that, he’s got the hot angle! nWo! Jarrett is the top dog in WCW now with the nWo! Booker, Booker still has ways to go. You heard the reactions last week. When he went up against me and Stinger, they cheered us over him. We need to build Booker up more, Eric. Let him be the chaser, not the one on top. We keep his up, the crowd will turn on Book, for sure!

Steve Borden: I know you hate to hear it, Eric, but Ric’s right. Booker’s just not getting enough of a crowd response. Maybe if we take the Title off of him, and put him in the position to chase after the belt, he can get over easier. Until then, it’d be best to put the Title on the nWo leader, and in this case, it’s Jarrett. We have the War Games coming up at Fall Brawl, so I don’t know if we should change the Title there. But nevertheless, Jeff Jarrett needs to win the Title off of Booker T.

Eric looked on, defeated, while Ric Flair looked relieved. He’d done it. He made a secret deal with Jeff Jarrett, guaranteeing him a World Heavyweight Title reign, and now, he’s getting it for Jarrett. Ric Flair almost let out a squeak in happiness, but was able to control himself. However, his face beamed with happiness and relief. He had actually done it.

Ric Flair: Alright, well I think that will wrap everything up for today! I’m going to go review my promo for tonight!

Ric Flair hurries out of the room, so he can praise God for not getting caught by Sting and Bischoff. However, this left Sting and Bischoff alone in the room together.

Eric Bischoff: …You’re thinking exactly what I’m thinking, aren’t you?

Steve Borden: Something’s going on between Ric and Jarrett?

Eric Bischoff: Definitely.

Steve Borden: We have no proof though, Eric. We can’t just accuse them of something; that will just cause a lot of problems. Especially if we’re wrong.

Eric Bischoff: I know, Steve. I mean, I know Ric doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to ever make a deal with anyone, or go behind our backs, but… something isn’t right.

Steve Borden: Well, we’re going to have to sit tight right now. Let’s see how things play out within the next couple of weeks. If we can catch on to something, then we’ll confront Flair. But until then, we have to continue on like normal. Okay?

Eric Bischoff: Yeah… okay.

The two left the room, frustrated. Eric wanted to confront Flair right away about what was going on. But Eric really had no idea what was exactly going on. He didn’t know if there’s something going on between Flair and Jarrett or not. And even if there was, what? So many thoughts were running through Eric’s mind, he wasn’t sure what to do. Steve Borden, however, had a plan on how to find out if something was going on. He just needed to plant the seeds…

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

World Championship Wrestling
Wednesday Nitro
Cameron Indoor Stadium, Cameron, North Carolina
September 12, 2001



Tony Schiavone: Ladies and gentleman, welcome! I am Tony Schiavone!

Mike Tenay: I’m ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay!

Tony Schiavone And this is Wednesday Nitro! Thank you for tuning in; it is sure to be one heck of a show!

Mike Tenay: That’s definitely true, Tony! Tonight in the main event, Hugh Morris takes on Lance Storm in a submission match! If Hugh wins, he gets to face Lance Storm at Fall Brawl in an “American Brawl” match, but if Lance wins, Hugh can never get another shot at the North American Championship!

Tony Schiavone: When, and only when, Lance Storm is the Champion, though!

Mike Tenay: Right!

Tony Schiavone: But that’s not all for tonight!

Mike Tenay: That’s right! Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo will team up once again to take on the Mamalukes! Plus, in cruiserweight action, ‘Das Wonderkin’ takes on the angry Billy Kidman! Billy Kidman has a score to settle with Rey Misterio Jr. folks!

Pissed Off Brotha’

*The commentators come to a silence as “Can You Dig It Sucka!?” hits the sound system, sending the “Cameron Crazies” at Duke University into a frenzy. The WCW World Heavyweight Champion comes out from the backstage area, holding his World Title belt high into the air. Booker marches down the aisle, slapping hands with the cheering fans all the while. Book gets into the ring, and takes a microphone from David Penzer. Booker waits for the crowd to quiet down a bit, and begins to speak.*

Booker T: Ya know sumthin’ suckas!? Las’ week, Booka’ T beat three of da best damn wrestla’s in Dubya See Dubya, just ta’ walk away Dubya See Dubya World Heavyweight Champion! Ric Flair, Sting, n’ Jeff Jarrett! Da Booka’ Man beat ‘em all!

*Booker T pauses, his eyes filled with rage. Looks like he hasn’t gotten over getting beaten down by the nWo last week.*

Booker T: But then! But then, the sucka’s in a little group called da N-Dubya-O beat muh ass into da ground! N’ the numba’ one sucka who did it… was Curt Hennig!

*The crowd boos Hennig and the nWo.*

Booker T: Eric Bischoff, Jeff Jarrett, Curt Hennig… I dunno what I eva’ did to yo punk asses, but I know ya had nuthin’ on me! Yo punk asses had nuthin’ on Booker T to attack me! Ya’lls had no reason ta’ hate da Booka’ Man, but ya see… now I do! Now, Booker T is gonna kick all of yo asses!

*The crowd pops at Booker T “challenging” the nWo.*

Booker T: So here’s how it’s gonna be! New World Orda’, yo punk asses wanted ta bring da war to Dubya See Dubya. Well, da Booka Man got’s some news for ya’! Booker T and Dubya See Dubya is gonna bring da fight to all of ya’lls!

*The crowd breaks into cheers again. They are starting to get behind Booker T more and more now with the upcoming WCW/nWo war.*

Booker T: N’ nWo, that fight I was talkin’ bout… that’s goin’ down ta’night!

*The crowd pops again.*

Booker T: Curt Hennig! Yo punk ass wants ta jump me from behind!? Well sucka, ta’night cracka’, ya ain’t gonna have da opportunity to jump me from behind! ‘Cuz ta’night, me n’ you, we gonna duke it out in ‘dis very ring! You can have muh Dubya See Dubya World Heavyweight Title on the line if it’ll make yo punk ass fight me, but ta’night, we gonna have ourselves a rumble!

*The crowd cheers again for Booker T, continuing to get behind him.*

Booker T: But I think I need ta settle down for a moment. ‘Cuz ya see, I think I’ve been givin’ the impression dat only da Booka Man is gonna bring da fight to da nWo. But oh no! Let me introduce to ya, anotha’ man who is ready to kick some black n’ white ass! Let me introduce ya to ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair!

Segment Rating: 78%

The Challenge: Part Deux

*The crowd burst into loud cheers for ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair as “Sprach Zarathustra” plays throughout Duke University. Naitch walks down the entrance aisle, dressed in his best Armani suit. Flair gets into the ring, and shakes Booker T’s hand before both men pull each other into an embrace. Flair then gets a mic from a stagehand, and starts to cut a promo.*

Ric Flair: Cameron, North Carolina…. WOO!


Ric Flair: Duke University, you are in the Naitcha Boy’s domain! All you Cameron Crazies… let’s get crazy for Ric Flair and Booker T!

*The crowd does so, screaming and making all kinds of noise for the duo.*

Ric Flair: Dukie Blue Devils, WCW is in the house! Not the nWo, but W…C…W! WOOO!


Ric Flair: Oh yeah! WCW is in the house, and so is ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair! And so is the WCW World Heavyweight Champion Booker T! And well, Booker here has already said his piece, so now, it’s time for the Naitcha Boy to let you Cameron Crazies know what’s on my mind… WAR GAMES!

*The crowd immediately breaks into cheers. They really want to see the War Games return to WCW at Fall Brawl.*

Ric Flair: Last week, I made the challenge! WCW versus nWo at Fall Brawl in War Games! But you know what, Cameron? Naitch hasn’t gotten answer yet! ERIC BISCHOFF! I know you’re backstage! I know you’re listening to every word coming out of my mouth! So Eric, here me! Hear the Nature Boy! Hear Ric Flair! Fall Brawl! WCW! nWo! WAR GAMES! WOOO!


Ric Flair: The Nature Boy and WCW aren’t going to wait over three years for the New World Order to go away… we’re doing it Sunday the 30th, at Fall Brawl! Eric Bischoff, I will challenge you over and over again! War Games! WAR Games! War GAMES! WAR GAMES! WAR GAMES! WAR GAMES! WAR! WOOO! GAMES! WOOO!

*Ric Flair is going ballistic in the ring; continuously yelling out “War Games” and “Wooo”, as well as strutting around the ring in the maniacal way that only Flair can. Ric then rips off his Armani coat, and unbuttons the first three buttons of his white dress shirt. The crowd is in a frenzy… they want the match at Fall Brawl! Flair continues to strut, only for Booker T to calm him down. After calming Flair down quickly, Booker speaks.*

Booker T: Naitch, you n’ I both want those N-Dubya-O sucka’s in da War Games! So Ric, let me be da first to inform ya… I wanna be on da War Games team for Dubya See Dubya!

*The crowd burst into cheers for Booker T. Booker smiles, but isn’t finished speaking.*

Booker T: N’ hey, Ric. Apparently, I’m not the only sucka who wants to be on Team Dubya See Dubya!

*Naitch is confused for a moment, but the music of The Enforcer’s hit, bringing out ‘The Enforcer’ Arn Anderson, and his nephew, ‘The New Age Enforcer’ Cal Anderson! The two walk out to a good amount of cheers, and quickly get into the ring. Booker hands Arn his microphone.*

Arn Anderson: Ric, we need to take care of the nWo right away! And if you’re going to enter the War Games, then by God, Double A is going to make sure you have someone who can be your Enforcer! Slick Ric, Cal Anderson would be your Enforcer in the War Games if you need it! I’ve always had your back, Ric, but we all know I can’t now. However, The Enforcer has passed on the torch to ‘The New Age Enforcer’ Cal Anderson! He’s ready to enforce, Ric!

*Cal and Arn both shake hands with Ric. Flair is all smiles as Arn, Book, and Cal have all made their intentions known; they have Ric’s back. However, they’re not the only ones. “Seek and Destroy” by Metallica hits the sound system, sending all of the “Cameron Crazies” onto their feet as Sting walks through the curtain! The Stinger walks down the entrance aisle, and gets into the ring. Arn quickly gives him a microphone.*

Sting: Ric Flair, you and I, we go way back. From all of the battles in the 80s and 90s as opponents, to partners. But Ric, there has always been one match that we were never true partners in… War Games! Back in 1996, I abandoned WCW, and you. But in 2001, The Stinger will be at your side, Ric, at Fall Brawl, in the War Games! New World Order, come Fall Brawl, it will be SHOWTIME! OWWW!

*The crowd goes crazy for The Stinger, who then embraces with Ric Flair. The crowd continues to cheer on the five faces in the ring. Flair looks to be touched by the kindness of the other men, and eagerness to join him in the War Games. After a few moments, Naitch regains his composure and begins to speak.*

Ric Flair: Arn, Booker, Cal, and Sting… thank you! From the bottom of my heart, The Nature Boy thanks you! You have touched me, by wanting to fight alongside me in the War Games!

*Flair pauses for a moment, and regains his usual smile and composure.*

Ric Flair: You see this, Bischoff! You see what this is!? This is friendship! This is friends ready and willing to fight for other friends! This is members of WCW ready, willing, and wanting, to beat the crap out of the New World Order! Any member of the WCW Roster would join my team, Eric! Anyone! EVERYONE! Booker T! Sting! Cal Anderson! Disco, WOOO, Inferno! Even, the one and only, The Immortal, ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan!

*The crowd immediately burst into loud cheers, giving Hogan the pop of the night… even though he’s not here. However, the loud-ass cheers turn into loud boos as “New World Order” hits, bringing out the six-person unit of the New World Order. Every is in their “nWo” t-shirt, and have a cocky look on their faces. Bischoff has a microphone in hand, as well as his usual arrogant smile. Flair looks pissed in the ring.*

Segment Rating: 96%

Slew of Matches

Eric Bischoff: So Ric Flair and WCW wants to face off with the most dominant faction in the history of professional wrestling, the nWo, at Fall Brawl, in War Games? Well, Ric… no. It’s not going to happen.

*The crowd boos Bischoff, quite unhappy at his flat-out rejection of the War Games challenge.*

Eric Bischoff: You see, Ric, I per-

*Flair cuts off Bischoff, beginning to yell into his mic.*

Ric Flair: ERIC BISCHOFF! You slimy piece of shit! I hate you! You’re filth; the scum on my boots! You think you can just reject The Nature Boy! I’m the man! I’m The Nature Boy! You’re nothing! Eric, I don’t give a damn what you say! Fall Brawl! WCW versus nWo! WAR GAMES!

*Ric Flair tries to make a lunge for the ropes so he can leave the ring, head up the aisle, and attack Bischoff, but is held back by Arn and Cal Anderson. Bischoff and the rest of the nWo simply laugh.*

Eric Bischoff: That’s very cute, Ric, but you see, I can. I can do whatever I want because I’m the WCW President! I run the damn show! And if I say the New World Order is not going to face WCW in War Games at Fall Brawl, then it’s not going to happen. End of story. However, some of WCW’s finest will be in action tonight!

*The crowd immediately boos Bischoff. In the ring, the faces listen to what Eric has to say, knowing they’re going to eventually get screwed over.*

Eric Bischoff: Booker T and Cal Anderson, tonight, you two are going to have a little match. A handicap match. Booker, you weren’t supposed to win last week, but somehow, you cheated your way through the match and retained the WCW World Heavyweight Title. Personally, I don’t like that. And Cal, I don’t give a damn who your uncle is, you’re a rookie who needs to stop putting his nose in the nWo’s matches! Last week, you helped attack the lumberjacks, who were simply trying to maintain order. Not cool, Cal. So you see, now you two are going to have to suffer the consequences. Since you guys both loved messing up my lumberjack main event last week, Booker T and Cal, you’re going to face some of those lumberjacks. Tonight, Booker T and Cal Anderson, you two face Chris Kanyon, Rick Steiner, and The Wall!

*The crowd boos, unhappy with the match made. The nWo isn’t finished, as Hennig starts to speak.*

Curt Hennig: And hey, Book, I’m a nice guy. I know you want some sort of retribution for me kickin’ your ass last week, so how about this. Since you’re pretty unhappy about this match for tonight, next week, you and me will meet in the ring, one-on-one... And hell, since I’m a generous guy, I’ll even let you defend the WCW World Heavyweight Title against me!

Jeff Jarrett: Ha-ha! Now boys, I must say, that is just-

*Ric Flair cuts off Jarrett before he can get out the “too sweet” catchphrase.*

Ric Flair: JEFF JARRETT! Shut the hell up! You wanna know what is too sweet!? The Naitcha’ Boy will tell ya! You and me, next week on Nitro, in a steel cage match!

*The crowd explodes into cheers, as Flair starts strutting around the ring again. On the entrance aisle, Bischoff looks a bit worried.*

Jeff Jarrett: Ric Flair, you stupid slap nut! Do you really expect that The Chosen One is going to step into a steel cage next week, when there is nothing benefiting Jeff Jarrett or the nWo!? You’re crazy, old man. Someone get him his sedatives or something!

Ric Flair: You think I’m crazy!? The Chosen One thinks Naitch is crazy!? Well maybe I am! Maybe The Naitcha’ Boy is crazy! So crazy in fact, he has a crazy proposition for ya! If I beat you next week, Jeff, in a steel cage match, the War Games match is on for Fall Brawl! But if you win… I’ll walk. I will retire form professional wrestling, and never step foot in a WCW ring again.

Jeff Jarrett: Okay, so let me get this straight. If you pull off the upset of a lifetime, then it’s WCW versus nWo at Fall Brawl in War Games. But when The Chosen One kicks the crap put of your old, wrinkly, ass, The Nature Boy has to leave WCW for good?

Ric Flair: OH YEAH! I’ll walk Jeff! I’ll leave this company behind!

*Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bischoff exchange uneasy looks. They’re not sure if they want to take this gamble.*

Jeff Jarrett: I dunno… what do you guys think?

*Before Jarrett can poll the rest of the nWo, Flair yells out again.*


Jeff Jarrett;


*Flair has lost it, as he starts running around the ring and elbow dropping the canvas, while continuing to yell “fight me”. Jarrett can’t take the goading anymore, and responds.*

Jeff Jarrett: ALRIGHT! You’re on!

*The crowd erupts into cheers, ready for that match to take place next week. Flair immediately gets to his feet, stands on the first and second ropes, and shakes them up and down, while yelling out “Wooo” repeatedly. As the crowd cheers and Flair yells, Booker T takes a mic.*

Booker T: Hey, New World Order! Listen up sucka’s! Eric Bischoff, I know ya think dat Hulk Hogan ain’t comin’ to Dubya See Dubya, but yo punk ass is dead wrong! Because now seems like da best time ta tell ya… Hulk Hogan will be apart of Nitro next week! Hulk Hogan will have a live interview, straight from his home in Tampa, Florida! Hulk Hogan is comin’ back ta Dubya See Dubya, sucka’s, n’ there ain’t a damn thang ya can do about it!

*Booker T drops the microphone, and “Can You Dig It Sucka!?” hits the sound system. After the opening segment lasting for well over twenty minutes, the show cuts to a commercial abruptly.*

Segment Rating: 90%


Tony Schiavone: Welcome back to Wednesday Nitro folks; I hope you haven’t missed a thing! If you have, you missed a heck of a confrontation between WCW and the nWo!

Mike Tenay: Oh yes! After a confrontation, Eric Bischoff has booked Booker T and Cal Anderson in a handicap match against Chris Kanyon, Rick Steiner, and The Wall! Plus, Booker T has to face Curt Hennig next week, for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship!

Tony Schiavone: And of course, possibly the greatest ever match to be made for Nitro! Ric Flair and Jeff Jarrett will meet one more time, but this time, in a steel sage! But that’s not all! If Ric Flair wins, he gets his War Games match at Fall Brawl! But if Jarrett wins, Flair must retire and leave WCW…forever!

Mike Tenay: And Hulk Hogan will speak from his home in Tampa, Florida, via satellite!

Tony Schiavone: It’s been an explosive night already, and it’s only going to get better because Alex Wright is set to take on Billy Kidman, right now!

*Oh wow, how exciting. Wright is already in the ring, and the Filthy Animals’ theme is playing, bringing out Billy Kidman to a good face pop. Kidman quickly gets into the ring, eager to start the match.*

Match One
Alex Wright vs. Billy Kidman (w/Tygress)
Singles Match

The first match finally gets underway, and it is definitely a good one to say the least. The angry Kidman looked to pound away on the German, as well as use his regular aerial maneuvers to get the crowd going. However, Wright grounded Kidman, keeping him on the canvas, creating an overall exciting match. Kidman ended up dominating the end of the match, hitting the Kidman Krusher. Kidman went up for a SSP, but Rey Misterio Jr. came out to the ring, and attacked Kidman. With referee Billy Silverman down, it was all legal. Misterio shoved Kidman off of the top turnbuckle, sending him crashing chest first to the canvas. Misterio then quickly got a steel chair, came into the ring, and cracked it over the back of Kidman’s head before leaving the ring. Kidman was basically out of it, making him easy pickings for Alex Wright. Wright hit Kidman with a German Suplex, and made the cover as Silverman came to, earning himself the upset victory.

Alex Wright def. Billy Kidman at 7:09
Star Quality:

Tony Schiavone: Rey Misterio Jr. is a coward! He just screwed Billy Kidman over!

Mike Tenay: Well Tony, Rey is set on ruining Billy Kidman’s life it seems, and he sure is making Billy miserable by interfering in his matches!

Tony Schiavone: Alright, well we’re going to send you backstage now, where ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund is standing by with Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire!

Retribution for the Young Lions

*Well who would have thought, Gene Okerlund is with Palumbo and O’Haire! The “young lions” are dressed ready to wrestle.*

Gene Okerlund: Thank you, Tony and Mike! As you can see, I’m here with the former WCW Tag Team Champions, Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo! Guys, you two have a tag team match against The Mamalukes coming up in just a few moments. What are your thoughts?

Sean O’Haire: The only thing Chuck and I are thinking about is winning! Ever since we lost the Tag Titles at Slamboree, we haven’t been winning as much. KroniK got that fluke victory over us at Slamboree, and at Souled Out, Totally Buff beat us because of their whore, Elizabeth. But you see, Gene, starting tonight, Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire get back on the winning path.

Chuck Palumbo: Yeah, it’s time that we get some retribution. Last week, we attacked both KroniK and Totally Buff, ruining their little Tag Title match. And now, at Fall Brawl, the match has already been made. Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire are going to face Totally Buff and KroniK for the WCW Tag Team Titles!

Sean O’Haire: Now Gene, we’d love to stay and talk, but we have a match to win!

*Palumbo and O’Haire exchange slaps to each other’s chest, pumping another up. The two then head off-screen for their match against The Mamalukes. The cameras cut back to ringside, where The Mamalukes are finishing entering the ring.*

Segment Rating: 59%

*Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire then make their way to the ring, ready to kick some ass and take some names. The duo get into the ring, and the match begins right away with a massive 4-man brawl.*

Match Two
Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire vs. The Mamalukes
Tag Team Match

So after making Palumbo and O’Haire look like crap since losing the belts, they’re all of a sudden getting a push again? Ah, logical WCW booking at it’s finest. Anyways, this match was noting more than a glorified squash, as Palumbo and O’Haire were heavily hyped by the commentators throughout the match, and controlled the flow of the match as well. The match could have been something better, but a commercial break during the match made it otherwise. At least Palumbo and O’Haire looked good at in the ring at least, while The Mamalukes dragged. After about six minutes, Palumbo and O’Haire got the victory, via a Seanton Bomb to Johnny The Bull. After the match, though, Totally Buff attacked Palumbo and O’Haire. The two teams then engaged into a brawl. Totally Buff momentarily had the advantage, but Palumbo and O’Haire fought back, and started to take control of the brawl. However, KroniK then came out from backstage, wielding steel chairs. Brian Adams and Bryan Clarke got onto the ring, and whacked all four men with the chairs, taking them out. Before KroniK could do anything else to the four men, Doug Dillinger and the rest of his security team came out to calm the situation.

Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire def. The Mamalukes at 5:49
Star Quality:
¾ *

Tony Schiavone: Things are heating up in the tag team division, Professor!

Mike Tenay: Indeed they are! KroniK are the dominant champions, ready to kick some butt! Totally Buff and the team of Palumbo and O’Haire are the challengers ready to win the Titles! And at Fall Brawl, they will meet in the squared circle, for the WCW Tag Team Championship!

*Tony Schiavone pauses, bringing his right index finger up to his ear piece. He listens, nodding his head, selling like someone is talking to him.*

Tony Schiavone: I have just been informed ladies and gentleman that right now, Billy Kidman is backstage, and he’s not happy. Let’s take you there now!

Cruiserweights! Cruiserweights! Cruiserweights!

*Cut to backstage, and Billy Kidman looks pissed. Kidman flips a random card table, and is shouting obscenities. Kidman sees Gene Okerlund standing at the interview area, and runs up to him.*

Billy Kidman: GENE! Hold up! I want an interview!

*Gene Okerlund obliges, tidying his tux up a bit, and fires away.*

Gene Okerlund: Okay, Billy, what’s on your mind?

Billy Kidman: I think you already know, Gene. REY MISTERIO! Rey, you were my friend! I treated you like a brother! Souled Out, you turned on me! You turned on the Filthy Animals! And now, you want to try and screw with me!? You challenged me to a match at Fall Brawl, and well Rey, here’s your answer! It’s on! You and me are going to settle this at Fall Brawl! Your ass is mine, Rey!

*Kidman glares into the camera, before walking away.*

Gene Okerlund: Well there you have it ladies and gentleman! Rey Misterio Jr. and Billy Kidman are going to go one-on-one at Fall Brawl! Stay tuned to Wednesday Nitro though ladies and gentleman, because coming up next, Booker T and Cal Anderson take on Chris Kanyon, Rick Steiner, and The Wall in the handicap match!

Segment Rating: 81%


*When Wednesday Nitro returns, the three lumberjacks from last week are already in the ring. “Enforcer” hits, bringing out The Enforcer, and his nephew, ‘The New Age Enforcer’ Cal Anderson. The two get respectable face pops, and march down the entrance aisle, Cal ready for battle. They get to the edge of the ring, when “Can You Dig It Sucka!?” plays for a third time tonight, bringing out the WCW World Heavyweight Champion Booker T! Booker gets a lot of loud cheers from the crowd, who continue to love Booker T more and more with each show. Booker gets into the ring with Cal, and the match starts.*

Match Three
Booker T & Cal Anderson (w/Arn Anderson) vs. Chris Kanyon, Rick Steiner, & The Wall
Handicap Match

Solid handicap match, considering it had Rick Steiner and The Wall. The 3 lumberjacks dominated most of this match, but I think it was pretty obvious would walk leave with their hands raised in victory. Booker T and Cal Anderson put up a great fight throughout the entire match, going up against the numbers. The resiliency by both men paid off, as in the end, they walked away with the victory. After Booker made a hot tag to Cal Anderson, he cleaned house on the three heels. Soon after, Booker T got back involved, hitting Kanyon with a Book End, and Rick Steiner with the Harlem Side Kick and Harlem Axe Kick. Cal then put The Wall away with an Anderson Spinebuster, giving him and Booker the victory.

Booker T & Cal Anderson def. Chris Kanyon, Rick Steiner, & The Wall at 10:49
Star Quality:
* ½

A Perfect Beatdown

As the bell is rung to signify the matches end, Booker T and Cal Anderson celebrate in the ring. However, a few moments later, Booker T is hit from behind by Curt Hennig! Hennig connects with a forearm to the back of Booker’s head, and starts laying into him with right hands. Cal Anderson goes to make a save, only to get derailed by a Big Boot from The Wall! Anderson goes down, as does Booker after a Hennig lariat. The Wall then picks up Anderson, and slams him back down with a Chokeslam! Hennig finishes off Booker T with a Hennig Plex! The Wall stands over Cal Anderson, while Curt Hennig grabs Booker T’s WCW World Heavyweight Title belt and stands over Booker, holding the Title into the air.

Segment Rating: 79%

Tony Schiavone; I hope you get yours next week, Curt Hennig! You’re disgusting!

Mike Tenay: Curt Hennig’s attack on Booker T after the match was over was foul, as was The Wall’s on Cal Anderson. However, Booker T and Cal still pick up the victory, and Curt Hennig still gets a WCW World Heavyweight Title shot next week, here on Nitro.

Tony Schiavone: Next week is definitely going to be a huge show! Booker T and Curt Hennig for the WCW World Heavyweight Title! And Ric Flair and Jeff Jarrett will collide in a steel cage!

Mike Tenay: if that match isn’t enough to get you to tune into Nitro next week, then the stipulations of it will! If Ric Flair wins, it will be WCW versus nWo at Fall Brawl in War Games! However, if Jeff Jarrett wins, Ric Flair must leave World Championship Wrestling, forever!

Tony Schiavone: It’s going to be the greatest Wednesday Nitro ever!!!

Mike Tenay: Okay, well now ladies and gentleman, it is time for another commercial break. However, don’t turn that channel because coming up right after the break, the main event! Hugh Morris versus Lance Storm in a submission’s match!


Bi-Country Hype

*When Nitro returns, a quick video plays. It first highlights the match Lance Storm and Hugh Morris had at Slamboree. It shows some spots from the match, and then Lance cheating to defeat Hugh. Cut to the coronation of Lance Storm as the Canadian National Champion, only for Hugh to trash the set, and reveal he is holding the United States Title belt. The dilemma of United States Champion/Canadian National Champion is shown, with the ladder match then being made for Souled Out, to crown the first ever North American Champion. The ladder match is heavily featured, showing some of the spots from it, before rolling the shot of Lance Storm grabbing the North American Title belt. Cut to the challenge from last week, and the stipulations to the challenge. The video ends, and a split screen is shown on the Nitro Tron. On one side, Hugh Morris. The other side, Lance Storm. Hugh is walking towards the curtain with a purpose, ready for action. Lance is stretching, warming up for the main event. The video finally ends, and Hugh Morris’ music hits to start the main event.*

Segment Rating: 81%

Tony Schiavone: Here we go folks!

Mike Tenay: It’s Hugh Morris versus Lance Storm in a submission’s match! If Hugh wins, he gets to face Lance Storm at Fall Brawl in an “American Brawl”. If Lance wins, then Hugh never gets a Title shot at Lance Storm again!

Tony Schiavone: This is a bitter rivalry, Professor! Hugh Morris wants to end it at Fall Brawl, but you know Lance Storm doesn’t ever want to have to fight Hugh Morris again after tonight!

*Hugh Morris has finished entering the ring, and now it is Lance Storm’s turn. His music hits, and he walks out to a chorus of boos.*

Mike Tenay: Well only one man can get their way, Tony! I don’t know who that man is, but I do know, we’re going to find out right now!

*Storm finishes his entrance, and referee Nick Patrick orders for the bell to be rung and the match to get underway.*

Main Event
Hugh Morris vs. Lance Storm
Submission Match

This match was hyped throughout the show as the possible end to the feud, although logic says Hugh is winning. Heh, who knows? Nevertheless, just like at Souled Out, Morris and Storm put on a good match. While it may not have been the MOTN at Souled Out, this match was. Hugh displayed some slightly good technical skills, while Lance’s superior technical skills were shown with ease. Morris was able to dominate early in the match, trying to go for a “beat into submission” approach. Hugh tossed Lance around the ring, slamming and suplexing his back to the canvas. If this were a regular match, Hugh would have won the match early on, as he drilled Lance with a devastating gut wrench power bomb. Hugh tried to lick in a couple of back submissions on Lance, such as a Boston Crab and a Surfboard Stretch, but Lance would not tap out.

Lance Storm soon went on the offensive, scoring with a low blow and then a chop block to the knee of Hugh. That would be the focal point of Lance’s attack, the leg and knee of Hugh Morris. Lance went to work, hitting knee breakers, chop blocks, and shin breakers, as well as slamming Hugh’s leg hard onto the canvas, and off of the ring post and steel steps. Lance tried to get the victory with a figure four leg lock, as well as a regular leg lock, but it was to no avail. Hugh was resilient, and always found a way to escape the submission. Later on in the match, at around the twelve minute mark, Lance Storm went for a Super Kick. However, Hugh Morris, who had been trying to make a rally in the past minute, got a break, catching Lance’s foot. With Lance on only one foot, Hugh could do what he wanted. Instead of going for a high-impact move, Hugh simply tripped Lance’s other foot out from under him, sending him to the canvas. An Elevated Boston Crab was locked in, and after about thirty seconds of howling and screaming, Lance tapped out for the rather anti-climatic finish. After the match, Hugh Morris, bad leg and all, celebrated his victory. After a few moments of doing so, Hugh turned around to see what Storm was up to… only to get clocked with the North American Title belt in the face by Storm! Morris was down and out, and Lance stood over the fallen Morris, holding the North American Title belt into the air as Nitro ended.

Hugh Morris def. Lance Storm at 13:06
Star Quality: ** ½

Tony Schiavone: What a victory for Hugh Morris! Now he gets to take on Lance Storm at Fall Brawl!

Mike Tenay: He had the disadvantage coming into the match, with it being a submission’s match against the technician Lance Storm. However, at Fall Brawl, the advantage is all Hugh Morris. Hugh Morris and Lance Storm will fight in an “American Brawl”, a good ole’ fashioned American street fight!

Tony Schiavone: Hugh Morris has a great chance at winning the North American Title now!

Mike Tenay: He will have the advantage at Fall Brawl, but now, he’s going to need to recover from this match, and what happened afterwards! His leg and knee took quite a beating from Lance Storm, and so did is head! After the match, Lance Storm proved his cowardice by hitting Hugh Morris with the North American Title belt!

Tony Schiavone: Typical Lance Storm, Professor!

Mike Tenay: Very true, Tony! Well ladies and gentleman, we are out of time! Thank you for tuning into Wednesday Nitro, and we hope to see you next week! I’m Mike Tenay…

Tony Schiavone: …And I’m Tony Schiavone! Be sure to watch the greatest episode of Wednesday Nitro ever next week! So long everybody!

Overall Rating: 77%
TV Rating: 5.90

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

First off I liked the backstage meeting. I like how Bischoff and Sting have become suspicious about Flair, can wait to see the next meeting.

Pissed Off Brotha’-Good opening with Booker T saying he is ready to go to war with nWo.

The Challenge: Part Deux-Great build up to the promo with Team WCW being made for War Games!

Slew of Matches-Awesome promo with some matches made and now we know Hulk Hogan will be having an interview next week.

Alex Wright vs. Billy Kidman (w/Tygress)-A nice match with Rey Misterio crewing over BK to build on the feud.

Retribution for the Young Lions-Nice promo to tell us the 3-way match coming up.

Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire vs. The Mamalukes-A squash match for Chuck and O'Haire to get a the victory followed up by some build up.

Cruiserweights! Cruiserweights! Cruiserweights!-A short good promo with Kidman saying he wants Rey Mestrio at Fall Brawl.

Booker T & Cal Anderson (w/Arn Anderson) vs. Chris Kanyon, Rick Steiner, & The Wall-Pretty good match. Nice to see Booker and Cal win like it was going to be.

A Perfect Beatdown-Another attack from Mr. Perfect and now we get a match next week.

Bi-Country Hype-Just building up the feud to take up time which is good.

Hugh Morris vs. Lance Storm-Good main event and a good win for Hugh Morris which makes an American Brawl, whatever that is, at Fall Brawl.

Nice ratings as your shows are getting better and better.

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

whens the next show + My review (im new at this)

the show was good matches were good MOTN Sub match keep going loving this
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Good promos to open the show, with Booker talking about his title reign, and Flair hyping up the war games match. I think Booker needs to drop the title though, as he is getting a bit stale with it. Good to see all of WCW getting behind Flair, in what will be a tough choice to see who gets on the team. The NWO come out, and unsurprisingly reject the match, not wanting a part of it. Nice couple of matches announced for this evening as well, and Flair/Jarett next week will be good

Rey screws Kidman to further the fued it looks like. Nice way to do it here, as I don’t think they can cover it on the mic each week

Triple threat for the tag titles at the ppv will be okay, but as of yet I don’t really care about it, as I am not a fan of any of the teams. Nice win for Palumbo and OHaire, putting them over just a little bit more

Looks like Kidman/Rey has been announced then

Booker and Anderson get the win in the handicap match as expected, but the NWO win the war, with Henning beating down Booker afterwards. The match for the title will be a nice one to push the angle along, but I don’t see a title change

A bit of an anticlimactic main event, and I think the handicap match would have sat better in this position. Morris gets the win, and now gets to face Storm once more at Fall Brawl.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

i will review later,
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Review from Taffywales

Excellent promos at the beginning, and I liked Booker in this segment. Came across strong, and an excellent way to introduce War Games to the scene by Flair.

Flair came across immensly popular with his challenge to Jarrett. Possibly the number one face in the company at this point. To me, anyway.

Tag Match, opening match, so nothing huge was expected, but good for the tag division.

Kidman Mysterio will hopefully be awesome. I'll look out for it.

Handicap match was vry enjoyable, and made good reading. Glad to see the two win. Great Match.

Hugh Morrus Vs Lance Storm at Fall Brawl will be great. I'm guessing Storm will pick up the win, but this Main Event could have been a little longer in length, and more technically sound.

Overall - Good Show, I liked it. Cannot wait for War Games!

Proud member, and participant in the final for Team Europe, who finished second in the BTB:World Cup.

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

when is the next show gonna be up
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Well, one would figure whenever I get to finish it.

I've had some finals this week, so haven't had a lot of time to write. This weekend should give me some time, but I have stuff planned every night I think. So yeah, maybe within the next 3-5 days.

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
Szumi's back, but not in black - back in BTB! And yeah, I know, he's doing WCW again - so unoriginal.

My Awards:
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2008, 2007, & 2006 - Best Promo Writer
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2006 & 2007 BTB World Cup - Top Overall Scorer
2007 BTB World Cup - Booker of the Tournament
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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

So what is the status of the news letter?

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