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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE.com News and Notes

The ultimatum that Vince laid down this week has been planned all along and had actually been planned to be announced earlier but plans for that got pushed back. However, with this stipulation, Vince feels more buys will now come in mainly for the Steel Cage Showdown Match. More details on the match are that every 3 minutes, a new superstar will enter. By 18 minutes, all 8 superstars will be in the ring. Current plans call for the match going 25-30 minutes due to time constraints on other matches.

The sign ups for Charlie Haas will be next week on Raw. It's most likely going to be a comical promo but of course end with seriousness. Plans for this tag partner have been made since Haas came back to the WWE in April. Raw's writers have felt that Haas has deserved a push for a while and feels this tag partner will not only help him but also the tag division.

Next week on Raw brings the new tag team of JTG and Shad Gaspard, Cryme Tyme. The team so far has gotten over well with the crowd in their promos and they plan to bring something to the division. Their first feud has been set out already and is looking like a first "good" feud for them to start out with.

As mentioned in the last news and notes, Raw is expected to undergo some changes in the next few months. Especially starting after SummerSlam considering one name is leaving for sure. Creative is rather surprised at the person that is leaving mainly for the fact that they felt he would be satisfied with the push he's been getting as of recent. However, it just seems that he wants to get away from wrestling for now.

The general consensus for SummerSlam is that it will most likely be one of, if not the best PPV's WWE has had this year other than WrestleMania. With the card that has been put together, creative feels it really does stand a chance at getting a "good grade" and good buyrates. We'll just have to wait and see how that goes!

Advancing further in the future, Creative has already drawn up tentative plans for WrestleMania 23 and it's looking to be a huge event. Right now the event has 9 matches planned with a possibility of 10. Most likely though there won't be 10 matches as Vince wants to give the matches more time and a special feeling since afterall, they're taking place at WrestleMania.

Adding Matt Hardy as a Special Referee to SummerSlam was a last minute thing. There originally was ideas of a Triple Threat but of course, those changed due to Smackdown's Main Event being a Triple Threat. However, creative feels they will be able to do something with Hardy and make something out of this last minute addition.

About Smackdown, Vince is surprisingly happy with the direction it has taken recently. With Edge and Orton slated to return after SummerSlam, Vince feels had he kept them on Raw, Smackdown still would have survived and done good. Vince feels Smackdown has a good enough roster now and was happy with the past few shows.

And finally, Vince has been looking over the PPV Calendar and has came up with a tentative 2007 WWE PPV Calendar. Locations will be announced later...

January 29, 2007 - The Royal Rumble
February 18, 2007 - No Way Out
April 1, 2007 - WrestleMania XXIII
April 29, 2007 - Backlash
May 20, 2007 - Judgment Day
June 17, 2007 - ECW One Night Stand
July 22, 2007 - Vengeance
August 19, 2007 - SummerSlam
September 16, 2007 - Unforgiven
October 7, 2007 - No Mercy
October 28, 2007 - Cyber Sunday
November 25, 2007 - Survivor Series
December 16, 2007 - Armageddon

This cuts down the PPV's from 15 to 13. Vince removed New Year's Revolution after it's one year run in 2005 and it didn't happen in 2006 this year. This also takes out The Great American Bash as Vince felt first off, it's ratings were terrible and then secondly, Raw needed to have an even amount of number PPV's as Smackdown. This leaves the Big 4, Raw has 4 PPV's (Backlash, Vengeance, Unforgiven, and Cyber Sunday) and Smackdown's Four (No Way Out, Judgment Day, No Mercy, and Armageddon.) and finally the 3rd annual ECW One Night Stand.

However, Vince feels there might be some falters in such as Smackdown having Judgment Day in May and then their next single brand isn't until No Mercy. However, something might be worked out as mentioned, it is just tentative.


A bunch of news and notes there just to pass some time by for you guys that said you were going to leave reviews. Um, I need to review Legend's, KOM's, and AS!'s next shows whenever they post them or I get a chance so don't think I forgot about ya'll. I'll probably go ahead and post a SD! preview tomorrow night so I can get Smackdown up this weekend or so. We'll have to see how that goes too.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Great news about the upcoming huge match at Summerslam. I'll try to get a review in for Raw, and edit it into this post. I wonder though who will be the person leaving Raw, following Summerslam.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Nice and realistic news and notes there, KOP. I'm looking forward to the HUGE main event of SS, and also looking forward to Haas' partner, Cryme Tyme's debut. It'll be interesting to see how you deal the tag team division of RAW. Hopefully it'll completely change, and look better. Looking forward to SmackDown's preview.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Good promo from McMahon and Michaels to start the show off with. It is well known that McMahon and Michaels work well together in the ring or on the mic, and it was no different here. Not surprised to see a little brawl take place between the two teams, but as you mentioned it wasn't that big of a brawl, and neither of the teams lost any ground in the segment.

Opening match was good and both men were able to get in some of their signature moves. However I'm not surprised that Jeff gets the win, since he has the Intercontinental Championship match against Shelton Benjamin at Summerslam. The Vince/Coach segment was good and got Vince over even more as a heel. The meeting with McMahon's team was good as well, though I have a feeling that Austin is going to beat Christian but is then attacked by McMahon's team, and in the 3 on 1 Handicap Match, a huge brawl is going to break out between both teams.

It's good to see you're continuing the Hass/Benjamin storyline. As far as the second match goes, no surprise that Benjamin won the match, as it would have been bad booking if he lost a non title match the Raw before Summerslam. The Hardy/Benjamin staredown was good, and if these two are given some decent time at Summerslam, they could quite possibly steal the show. As far as the Cabana goes, it was well written, even though Booker was better than Carlito in the segment. As far as Booker running through the crowd, that was great booking and builds the feud up for their match at Summerslam.

Michaels winning by DQ was expected as the match looked like it was never going to have a clean finish. Cena and Flair coming to the aid of Michaels was expected as well, and the booking for this match has been great to say the least. Christian's promo with Maria was great especially this line from Maria:

Maria: Well they call him the “Texas Rattlesnake” so he could bite you!

Maria looks on dumbfounded as Christian can’t believe she just said that.
That was funny man! However I don't think that Christian is going to beat Austin on Raw. The tag team match screamed of filler, and Hass loses again. It seems as you're giving Hass a gimmick where as much as he loses, he still somehow is able to get over with the crowd as a face. Excellent Cryme Tyme video and I look forward to them making their debut in this thread next week on Raw.

Surprised to see Christian get the win, but I'm not surprised that he cheated to win the match. With that said, I have a feeling that Austin's team will be winning the match at Summerslam. The Contract Signing was good, and was the perfect length, even though the brawl seemed to be a bit rushed. It looked like Van Dam got most of the offense in on Jericho, and hopefully that means Jericho wins the title at Summerslam, as the feud reminds me somewhat of the Cena/Orton feud leading into Summerslam a couple of months ago.

Overall Comments: Once again another great show man, as Summerslam looks like it is going to be a big show. Looking forward to Smackdown. Some questions though. Is Smackdown going to be in full and when is Summerslam going to be posted in this thread?

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

RAW Review

Great opening promo. Good way to start off RAW. Vince was well in character as too for Shawn Michaels. The way the promo ended was good. Classic HBK to kick Vince's face. I think the begining promo could have been a little longer, but overall, Great Job.

Shelton gets the win. Thats great, because Im a huge Benjamin mark. The win gave him some momentum, which he needs. I think the match gave Jeff Hardy more momentum though. It was a good match, but it seemed to lack the hype for the IC tite match. Just hope that Benjamin comes out with that title still.

Vince cracking the smile. That was not selling his injury he had taken by HBK. But the whole promo was a good way to introduce the matches tonight, and 3 on 1 was good. I just never like HBK. You have Vince in a great character.

The Charlie Haas promo was good. Is this the start of a Benjamin vs. Haas fued? You have both men in great character, Benjamin for sure. I like the sign-up idea. Its creative. Benjamin seemed to build up his match against Hardy a little bit here. You need more hype for the match. Ive read your other shows, but not given them review yet, as a started reading yesterday. But overall good job. =]

Carlito and Booker T promo was perfect. The Characters are right on the dot. The promo was good, but maybe needed to be a little more longer. Gave me hype for SummerSlam.

I was surprised that this was not the mainevent. I thought it would have been. This was a great build up for the SummerSlam match up. Team Michaels coming to the rescue. It was good. Good match and great aftermath. Such a great build up for the fued and match.

JTG and Shad, lol. It was a very nice promo. You are doing well on thier build up, and I'm sure they will make an impact on their debut.

Christian. Never fails to dissapoint. This was a perfect perfect promo. You have this man in character soo well. Its great. Christian vs. Austin for tonight. It will be good.

MNM grabs the victory, I love it because they were my favorite tag team. Charile seems to be losing credit here in this match. You need to build that up if the Benjamim vs. Haas is going down. Not sure if its really going to happen but if so, you need to build Haas up anyways.

Austin vs. Christain was good. Lots of unpredictablities here, and I would have guessed that Austin was coming out with the win. Christian cheating to steal the victory was good. It was a great build for the match at summerslam. Im really really looking forward to it. Great job.

The last promo was really short. I think if it was going to close the show, it should have been a lot longer, but the end of the signing was good. RVD and Y2J fighting it out was good. Good way to end. Jericho did not seem in character at all. Maybe you should watch some Y2J promos to understand his character a little better. Overall, good job and great show. I really enjoyed it, and looking forward to the Team Vince vs. Team Michaels match WOW. Good damn Job!!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Raw Review

Nice opening segment. McMahon and Michaels were both in character, and I liked how you managed to include Michaels' sarcasm. But having stars the level of Austin, Cena and the greatest of all-time Ric Flair not only come out to HBK's music but seemingly play second fiddle to Michaels was rather unrealistic. Otherwise, a hot segment to kick off the show.

Hardy picks up the win, as expected, clearly the bigger of the two stars and needing some momentum heading into the Intercontinental Title Match.

I see Coachman is still very much McMahon's whipping boy. The matches announced for the night are quite intriguing. Especially looking forward to Christian versus Austin as the handicap match will be quite predictable, in my estimation.

Meh promo from Haas and Benjamin. Neither man has tremendous personality or incredible charisma. Haas' sign-ups should be relatively interesting though, as should his presence at the Hardy-Shelton SummerSlam match-up.

Much like Hardy, Benjamin picks up a squash win to gain some build before his title match. Would've liked to see some interaction between the two. Maybe a brawl but definitely some mic work. Guess not.

The Booker-Carlito segment was decent. I thought both guys were in character but generic at the same time. I know that's a contradiction of terms but what I mean is, I felt like they were just running through their catchphrases and such before the inevitable brawl. Still an effective way to hype the SSlam match.

Figured the handicap match would end a disqualification, as Michaels can't beat three guys yet it makes no sense for him to take a fall six days before the pay-per-view. Aftermath (and match for that matter) was simple but effective booking.

Cryme Tyme was a bit entertaining. I don't find them funny in general but this was well done.

Awesome promo from Christian (and Maria was funny as well). Perfectly in character and was a nice "recap" of his feud with Austin for newer readers/viewers. Match should be decent as well.

Nothing much to this match up. Merely a way to continue Haas' search for a tag team partner. Nothing wrong with it as far as I can tell. Obviously a smart move to have Snitsky take the pin.

Didn't think we'd have a finish to the Stone Cold-Christian but I'm glad we did. Nice way giving Christian even more build up, keeping Austin strong and hyping the match at SummerSlam. Nice job.

Closing segment was a little short for a contract signing, especially with a talker like Chris Jericho. Both wrestler's dialogue was perfect but the brawl is what made it work. Great job capping off a solid go-home show before SummerSlam.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

King Of Pain's Raw Review

Sorry this is late, KOP

~ From a purely booking sense, this opening promo absolutely reeked of awesomeness. Placing guys of the calibre of McMahon, HBK, Orton, Austin, Edge, Cena, Christian, Flair, and Triple H in the same ring is really quite mind blowing. You write with Vince exceptionally well, and it is nice that you have kept him prominent in this thread. I felt McMahon basically carried this promo, and did a great job of it. The ultimatum to HBK has a nice ring to it, although I'm not sure I fully understand it: so Michaels has to choose between whether he or his teammates get the ultimate title shots? I'm probably just being dumb, but you might have to point me in the right direction here, KOP. HBK's interaction was good as well, although overshadowed by McMahon until the Sweet Chin Music. No real surprise to see the brawl at the end, but now I'll say what I didn't like about this segment. Firstly, guys like Christian, Edge and Orton seem WAY to big to be coming out to Triple H's music like lackeys (is Hunter even the Captain?) and the same goes for Cena, Flair and Austin coming out to Michaels' music. I know it seems like I'm nit picking, but it acually grated on me quite a bit. Also, with only HBK and Vince doing the talking, the others were made to look way too passive, basically relegated to henchmen, which I always feel is something to be wary of. Still, hell of an opening, KOP.

~ Well, I guess that's the end of Matt Striker's push in this thread, now that he's jobbing to the #1 Contender to the Intercontinental title, Jeff Hardy. It's a shame, but I would quite like to see Striker in the managerial role that he is right now with Big Daddy V but with Test, since I think he could very well be the new Jim Cornette. No real surprise to see Hardy win, since he has picked up a hell of a lot of momentum heading into SummerSlam, where I can definately see him getting the belt from Benjy.

~ Once again, McMahon carries this entire promo on his back [although Coach acting like a fool is always great entertainment] whilst HUGE stars like Hunter, Christina, Randy and Edge don't utter a single word. Be careful not too demote them. If Christian doesn't go over Stone Cold tonight then I will be very shocked, although it is a little harsh on Austin to have him job on a weekly show, especially at this point in his career. If the 3 on 1 Handicap match gets a clean finish tonight then I will be stunned; but more than likely there will be multiple run ins.

~ Okay, now I know you said very specifically last week not to take anything from the Benjamin/Haas confrontation, but having another one soon after just can't be coicidence. I think your trying to trick us, KOP. Having Haas at ringside at SummerSlam will have some significance, probably with Haas getting involved somehow. Haas' auditions next week should be quite amusing to see, but I have to say that I'm reall enjoying Benjy's heel turn of late, as he has become an incredible egomaniac, and, dare I say it ... quite charismatic

~ A quick squash for Benjamin, much like Hardy received earlier. It's good to see you giving the IC title this much hype heading into a big PPV like SummerSlam, especially with two young guys like Benjy and Hardy involved. I feel it is a mistake to turn the Highlanders into jobbers, especially with the lack of depth in your tag division.

~ Wow, you have really worked at turning this feud between Booker T and Carlito into something very high profile, which I am a fan of, since both men are favourites of mine. I didn't really have any problem with Carly here except for the overuse of the "Das not cool" line. Once or twice is enough in my opinion. Booker was presented as extremely angry and was exciting to read, but I feel his 'gangster' talk was laughably OTT at times and should probably be toned down in future. 'Lito clears house at the end unsurprisingy, but I hope this doesn't mean he loses at S'Slam, since I think he could benefit from the victory a lot more than the Book Man.

~ I'm not a great fan of Handicap matches, so I found it quite tricky to get into this contest between HBK and Team McMahon. It's a bit wierd that Michaels had it won until Edge cracked him with the chair. Making Rated RKO and Hunter look weak is a bad move in my books, especially with SummerSlam right around the corner. Team Showstopper came off stronger thanks to the run in from Flair and Cena, and hopefully this means that they are in line for the loss at SummerSlam, mainly because young guys like Orton, Edge and Christian NEED the win right now to push them back into their respective title hunts.

~ Another good promo from Crynme Tyme, quite a funny one, even though I loathe their gimmick. MNM are in real need of some face competition though.

~ Great interview from Christian next, really putting over his intensity ahead of his contest with Austin later, as opposed to a simple comedy one. Plenty of "tonight's the night" cliches and all that, but also a very entertaining one. Hell of a main event on the cards tonight.

~ LMAO @ Snitsky as Haas' partner this week. Haas really must be desperate to sink this low. No surprise to see MNM pin Snitsky, as it was a good way to get both the tag Champs and Haas on the card.

~ Pretty impressive main event between Austin and Christian, and it was no real surprise to see Christian pull out the win. However, I got a little confused by the ending, as to where Christian got the brass knucks from. His trunks? I might have actually preferred a clean finish, but I'll reiterate that I think that Christian's team HAS to win to ensure their momentum.

~ I just wasn't really feeling this closing promo, which is a real shame seeing as it was the final major hype before the WWE title match. It was a good idea as a set up before SummerSlam as a final promo, but RVD killed it really in my opinion. He was incredibly generic, and Jericho was only marginally better, even if he was quite off as well. Thankfully the brawl at the end and the security run in saved it in the end, adding some real excitement. Leaving it like this really throws it up in the air as to who will leave this Sunday as the Champ. It might ne time for RVD to drop the strap, but then again I can't see Y2J getting it at his first shot. He might get it in a later match between the two.

Overall this was a good, if not great, show before SummerSlam. The build for Hardy/Benjamin and the Steel Cage Showdown was handled very well, whilst the WWE title was a tad underdeveloped. This worked well at hyping me up for Raw's side of SummerSlam, and I anticipate SmackDown
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown Preview
Friday August 18, 2006
San Diego, California

Final Showdown

With only 48 hours remaining until SummerSlam, Kurt Angle, Mark Henry, and JBL are all going to be guests on the newest interview segment on Smackdown, MIZ TV. Yes, interviewer Mike Mizanin will be hosting all three participants in the Triple Threat this Sunday on his premiere show. What will be expected to go down when all three men are in the same ring at the same time?

Deadman's Impression

Last Friday at the end of the main event, Undertaker made his point known at Batista whenever a cross that was set on fire was hung at the top of the arena. 'Taker got his point across to Batista it seems but what will Batista have to say about last week's "surprise" Batista has announced he will adress this situation in the ring tonight and that he will end up calling out the Deadman! Will the Deadman make an appearance on Smackdown?

Rey Rey's Return to the 619!

Hometown favorite, Rey Mysterio will be in action on Smackdown this week as he will be teaming with the Special Referee for SummerSlam and his good friend, Matt Hardy to take on Mr. Kennedy and MVP. Hardy almost got a win over the US Champion last week on Smackdown but Kennedy took matters into his own hands when he punted Hardy down low. The main thing is Kennedy now has his back against the wall considering the fact that Hardy is the Special Referee at SummerSlam? Will Rey be victorious in his return to the 619?

Cruiserweight Conundrum

Perhaps the biggest Cruiserweight title match of the year will take place tonight on Smackdown as the nearly 8 month reign of Jamie Noble may be in jeapordy. Noble and Kash have had their differences since the beginning of the year but worked it out over the summer. Now with the Mexicools both involved in this, it has been going on since late June. Will we crown a new champion or will Noble show everyone why he is the most dominant cruiserweight of today in the Fatal 4 Way Match!

For all of this and more, tune into Friday Night Smackdown, this Friday on UPN at 8/7 CT.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown
Friday August 18, 2006
San Diego, California

Smackdown opens tonight with forty-eight hours remaining until Summer Slam and the first man out tonight is the “Animal” Batista. The ring mat is black in the ring and Batista has a suit on. Apparently, the “Animal” is up to no good. The Animal comes out tonight, talking up the Last Ride Match and hyping up how he’s dominated the feud since before WrestleMania. The Animal talks about how The Phenom only has forty-eight hours until he really “kills” the soul of the Phenom. Batista talks about how Undertaker is no match for him and he proves this by showing a video package of him dominating opponents such as Triple H, Ric Flair, Rey Mysterio, and etc. The video ends with Batista standing over Undertaker at the Great American Bash after the chair shot. Batista is clapping as the video ends and we head back into the arena. The lights flicker on and off at this time and Batista takes his suit off and throws it onto the ground. Batista yells for the Undertaker to come out and suddenly, the lights go out once again! Batista is looking up the ramp, waiting for the Deadman to appear and yelling at the top of his lungs! Batista turns around and wait, The Deadman is right behind him! Batista shakes his head, wondering if he is seeing things but Undertaker greets Batista with a right hand as he is going ballistic on the Animal in the ring! Undertaker goes to Irish whip Batista off the ropes and he connects with a clothesline! Undertaker watches as Batista gets back to his feet but he rolls to the outside before Undertaker could think about hitting the chokeslam! Batista rips his shirt off of him and throws it on the ground angered that Undertaker got the best of him tonight as we head to a break!

The first match of the night as we come back is the Fatal 4 Way for the Cruiserweight Championship. The match gets a good decent bit of time and the fans get into it as Kid Kash, the Mexicools (Psicosis and Super Crazy) and Jamie Noble put on a show. The main turning point is whenever Psicosis tries for a DDT on Kash but Noble ran from behind Psicosis and rammed him shoulder first into the turnbuckles. Psicosis falls down onto the mat as Noble and Kash double team on Super Crazy! However Super Crazy takes an advantage as he springs off the ropes and hits a Springboard Dropkick sending both Noble and Kash down back onto the mat. Super Crazy springs off the ropes and runs at Noble but Kash is able to catch Super Crazy. However, Super Crazy hits a head scissors sending Kash flying across the ring. Super Crazy watches as Noble runs at him and Noble gets planted with a DDT! Super Crazy quickly climbs the turnbuckles as leaps off the top rope, trying for a Moonsault but Noble rolls out of the way! Super Crazy crashes to the mat as Kash goes for the cover but Psicosis hits Kash with a dropkick to the head. Noble runs at Psicosis but Psicosis hits Noble with a drop toe hold face first into the mat. Noble rolls to the outside holding his face. Psicosis quickly climbs the ropes, hitting a Leg Drop onto Kash! Psicosis hooks the leg, One…Two…THRE!!! WAIT! Noble breaks it up. Noble pulled Psicosis to the outside of the ring and Noble rams Psicosis back first into the steel steps! Noble slides back into the ring and at that time, Super Crazy leaps off the top ropes at him. Noble however ducks and Super Crazy lands a Cross body onto Kash instead! Super Crazy has the pin but Noble rolls Super Crazy up from behind and has the tights! One…Two…Three!!! Noble grabs his title as he slides to the outside, holding it high as his title reign continues on! Kash has no clue of what happened until he turns around to see Noble holding the title. Kash slides to the outside as Kash and Noble leave with Noble holding the title high but Kash not content on losing.

After the first match, we head backstage to see Finlay standing backstage. Finlay is talking about how tonight, he shows Bobby Lashley what a tough Irish bastard is made of. Finlay said that Lashley has tried to make him a laughingstock ever since the Great American Bash. Finlay says that ends at SummerSlam whenever he beats Lashley. And if Lashley has any problem with this, well he can settle that with Finlay’s friend. Finlay holds the shillelagh high as he walks off, apparently heading to the arena for the next match!

Our second match takes place after the break as it is rather a hard hitting contest considering Finlay is taking on Hardcore Holly. Finlay and Holly put on a decent contest but there isn’t too much to come from it really. Holly does get a period of offense in every now and then but really, it’s mainly for Finlay to look strong heading into SummerSlam! Finlay takes the win once Holly missed a clothesline. Finlay was able to cost Holly the match after he took down Finlay with a hard left hand and then followed it up with the Celtic Cross. Finlay quickly covered Bob Holly and got the win! Once the match ended though, Bobby Lashley’s music hit as he sprinted down the ramp into the ring. Finlay quickly slides out of the ring, as Hornswoggle tries to get out of the ring but Finlay kicks him back underneath the ring. Lashley slides to the outside and charges at Finlay but Finlay greets Lashley with a shillelagh shot right across the head! Finlay looks sadistic as he continues to beat the hell out of Lashley with that shillelagh as blood is coming out of Lashley’s head now! The camera zooms in as Finlay bounces Lashley’s head off the table! The camera zooms back out as Finlay is standing over Lashley, bloody shillelagh in hand!

After the match, we head backstage to see Kristal standing by with Mr. Kennedy, the United States Champion. Kennedy says it is unfair now Matt Hardy, the best friend of Rey Mysterio JUST happens to be the Special Referee for his title match at SummerSlam. Kennedy says that it doesn’t matter if Matt Hardy is ref or not ref, Kennedy stands no chance of losing this match. Mr. Kennedy states that he’s had his problems with Matt Hardy in the past but he’s not having to worry about Matt this week, instead he has to be concerned with Rey. However, Kennedy says what is there to worry about? “That jumping bean stands no chance” is what Kennedy says and continues throwing more insulting jokes about Rey’s sizes. Kennedy closes it out with yelling out that at SummerSlam at the end of this match, the whole world will be hearing…the winner and STILL United States Champion, Misterrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Kennedyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

A SummerSlam video package airs highlighting the main matches, those being the Steel Cage Showdown, WWE Championship Match, World-Heavyweight Championship Match, and the Last Ride Match!

After the break, we head back to the arena to see Paul Burchill going one on one with Steven Richards. A short contest to say the least as much doesn’t come out of it. Richards gives up a decent fight but Burchill overpowers Richards during the match and is able to finish off the former ECW original with the Walking the Plank, the renamed version of the C-4. The fans yell for Burchill as he gets the win tonight, continuing some momentum into his problems he’s been having with MVP as of recent in the past few weeks.

We head out once again after the match to see another video package being airing of the World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry. The video plays up the opponents that Henry has beaten in the past and also plays up the fact that he is the Silverback of the Smackdown Jungle. This week’s video ends with the camera zooming in on Henry’s face as Henry says that Angle and JBL should be worried because at SummerSlam, the Silverback takes his spot on the throne of the Smackdown jungle.

After this video, we are sent backstage to see Smackdown GM Theodore Long talking to JBL. JBL states that it is unfair what Teddy Long has been doing to him for the past few weeks. JBL states that putting his career on the line at SummerSlam is wrong and if, but he won’t, but if he loses, then JBL is going to go to the higher up authorities. Long states that JBL can do anything he wants but says that HE runs this show, not JBL. Long reminds JBL he would do ANYTHING to get another title shot and JBL shakes his head in disagreeance. JBL walks out of the room pissed that he’s having trouble with Teddy Long forty-eight hours until his title match at SummerSlam.

We have our fourth match after the break as it pits the WWE Tag Team Champions, Brian Kendrick and Paul London teaming to face Dave Taylor and William Regal in a non-title match. Regal and Taylor put up a good fight as do London and Kendrick. Both teams put on a rather decent match for TV too. Regal took advantage on Kendrick as Kendrick went for Sliced Bread #2 earlier in the match but Regal caught Kendrick and slammed his stomach first onto the turnbuckles. Shortly after that, Regal hit a Fall Away Slam! London climbs onto the ropes as Kendrick kicked out and London leaps off the ropes hitting a Mushroom Stomp on Regal! The ref tries to break London and Regal up but London instead runs over and clothesline Taylor to the outside of the ring! Both London and Taylor are done as is Kendrick and Regal. Regal scoots his way over to the ropes as Kendrick gets back to his feet. Kendrick runs at Regal once again, looking for a Splash in the corner but Regal ducks out of the way and Kendrick hits the turnbuckle sternum first. Regal quickly rolls Kendrick up with the cradle. One…Two…Three!!! Regal and Taylor have beaten London and Kendrick in a non-title match as Regal slides to the outside as Regal and Taylor celebrate their win as we head to a break.

We cut backstage after the break to see Batista walking around. He grabs a table and throws it to the side, apparently still angry after what Undertaker did to him tonight. Somebody tries to walk over and ask Batista if he needs some help but he grabs the guy and throws him to the side. Batista is just throwing stuff from left to right as he makes his way to the parking lot and gets in, slamming the door and driving on.

We then cut backstage once again to see Kristal standing by with Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy, both preparing for their tag match next. Hardy says that his friendship with Rey won’t interfere in the match at SummerSlam. Kristal asks how Rey is feeling going into SummerSlam and Rey says that he’s ready to get his title back that he had stolen from him earlier in the year. Rey said that Mr. Kennedy is nothing but a punk that likes to talk, but when it comes time to get into the ring, he can’t put it up. Kristal finally wishes them good luck as both Hardy and Mysterio make their way to the ring for the main event.

In the main event, MVP playing off his so called “injury” teams with the United States Champion, Mr. Kennedy to take on Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy. MVP “claims” he injured his leg last week but that of course was to get out of his match with Paul Burchill. So whenever MVP actually gets into the ring, he plays it off hobbling on his leg every now and then. Hardy took advantage of this after sending MVP flying into the corner. Hardy runs into the corner and clotheslines MVP back first into the turnbuckles! Hardy watches as MVP stumbles out of the corner right into a dropkick! Hardy drags MVP over and tags in Mysterio as Rey leaps over the top rope, connecting with a Hilo onto the leg of MVP! MVP of course goes wild playing off his leg is injured as the fans cheer on Rey and Hardy right now. Mysterio picks MVP back up as MVP knocks Mysterio down with a right before tagging in Kennedy. It’s an early preview of SummerSlam now as Kennedy looks ready to go at Mysterio but instead of course being the coward he is, he tags MVP back in! MVP looks at Kennedy, wondering what the hell Kennedy is doing! MVP gets back into the ring and runs at Mysterio but Mysterio hits MVP with a Hurricanrana! Rey watches as MVP gets back up, sitting in the corner staring at Rey. MVP gets ready to get back up but down the ramp comes “Pirate” Paul Burchill. MVP has no clue but he does whenever Burchill throws the sword right in front of the face of MVP distracting him! MVP backs up as Burchill steps back putting the sword back in the pouch. MVP yells at Burchill on the outside, saying why is he messing with an injured man which gives Mysterio time to dropkick MVP into the ropes! Mysterio runs off the ropes and connects with the 619 as Kennedy runs into the ring but Hardy quickly catches him with a Side Effect! Mysterio leaps off the ropes now as he hits the Droppin’ the Dime! Mysterio quickly covers and gets the win for his team! Mysterio and Hardy celebrate their victory as Burchill is in the corner, looking down at MVP. Kennedy gets back to his feet staring at Hardy and Mysterio before their huge match this Sunday at SummerSlam. Kennedy eyes Hardy as Hardy, being the Special Referee this Sunday, got the big advantage tonight heading into SummerSlam.

As we come back for the break, it’s time for the final segment of the night, that being the debut of the new talk show hosted by Mike Mizanin aka “The Miz”, MIZ TV. First off, the Miz comes out and talks about how tonight is the beginning of a new era here on Smackdown. How that Miz TV is going to be the biggest thing that has ever hit Smackdown and the WWE period! Miz states that with tonight’s three, yes count them three guests, he’s going to have the biggest talk show debut ever in the history of talk shows! The fans get bored as Miz continues to babble on but instead, he decides to go ahead and introduce first off JBL. Miz reminds the crowd that should JBL lose this Sunday, he will lose his job here on Smackdown. Secondly, Miz introduces Mark Henry, the “World’s Strongest Man” JBL watches as Henry makes his way down the ramp as Miz watches Henry get into the ring. And finally, Miz introduces the third and final competitor for this Sunday, that being the World-Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle! Angle makes his way down to a LOUD ovation from the Smackdown crowd. He sets his pyro off and comes down the ramp wearing his trademark red, white, and blue wrestling singlet. Angle gets into the ring, holding the title around his shoulder now as he stares down Henry and JBL. First off, Miz asks how JBL can stand the fact that he has to now have his job on the line just to get a title shot. JBL states that this is all Teddy Long’s fault saying that it is not fair that he has to put something on the line while Angle has only his title to lose and Henry has not a damn thing to lose! Miz thanks JBL for that answer and Miz then goes to ask Mark Henry a question. Miz asks since this is Henry’s first World title match, how is he feeling heading into such an important match up? Henry says this match is long due and the fact that he’s never had a title match is a slap in the face of the World’s Strongest Man. Henry reminds the fans that the World’s Strongest Man is not a moniker but it is the TRUTH and he’ll show that to all the fans once he takes out both JBL and Angle on his way to gaining the World Heavyweight title and then sitting atop the throne of the Smackdown jungle. Miz then asks Kurt Angle a question. Miz states that Angle has had the title for three months and that he wants to know if this is his hardest challenge to date as champion? Angle states that every time he steps into the ring, he’s thinking of only one thing, walking out as champion. Angle states that considering the fact that he’s fought many opponents for the last few months, he would have to say this would be ONE of the hardest challenges but not the hardest. Angle says that when he beat JBL at the ‘Bash, he proved to everyone that JBL wasn’t a Wrestling God but that he, Angle was. Angle then goes to say something to Henry but JBL attacks Angle! Henry watches as JBL runs at Angle in the corner and Henry decides to get in on it as he runs into the corner and hits a splash into the corner on JBL as Angle got out of the way! Miz ditches the ring now as Angle goes to grab Henry to pick him up for a Angle Slam but Henry pushes Angle off into the ropes. Angle charges at Henry but Henry catches Angle with a Big Boot! Henry runs off the ropes, looking for a World’s Strongest Splash but Angle rolls out of the way before more harm can be done to his ribs. JBL is on the outside too now as Angle is holding his title high, as JBL is getting back to his feet too. All three men stare down one another as only forty-eight hours are left until they duke it out at SummerSlam.

WWE Championship
Rob Van Dam (c) w/ Sabu vs. Chris Jericho w/ Chuck Palumbo

World-Heavyweight Championship
Triple Threat Match
Kurt Angle (c) vs. JBL vs. Mark Henry

Steel Cage Showdown
Team McMahon (Triple H, Christian, and Rated RKO) vs. Team Michaels (Shawn Michaels, John Cena, Ric Flair, and Stone Cold Steve Austin)

Last Ride Match
The Final Encounter

The Undertaker vs. Batista

Intercontinental Championship
Shelton Benjamin (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

United States Championship
Mr. Kennedy (c) vs. Rey Mysterio
Special Referee: Matt Hardy

Grudge Match
Carlito vs. Booker T

Grudge Match
Bobby Lashley vs. Finlay

PREDICTIONS ARE WELCOME! I'm looking at having SummerSlam up by the end of the month most likely. I've already got four matches done, so only halfway to go on the event. As far as everything else, I'm going to wait until sometimes next week to get a preview up, followed by news and notes to keep the thread active while we're waiting for SummerSlam to get posted. So once again, I'm looking at having it up by the end of the month.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Summerslam predictions:
Predictions in bold

Grudge Match- Carlito vs Booker T

Grudge Match- Bobby Lashley vs Finlay

U.S title- Mr Kennedy(c) vs Rey Mysterio

Ic Title- Shelton Benjamin(c) vs Jeff Hardy

Last Ride Match- Undertaker vs Batista

Steel Cage Showdown- Team McMahon vs Team HBK

World Title- Kurt Angle(c) vs JBL vs Mark Henrey

WWE title- RVD w/Sabu vs Chris Jericho w/Chuck Palumbo

Sig Credit: CHAMPviaDQ
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