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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Kennedy was booked strong here, even though he ran from Mysterio. Hardy being added to the match as a ref is interesting to say the least. JBL's segment was really good, but based on how this feud has been booked so far, I have a feeling that JBL will be losing and then become a commentator on Smackdown. As for Kane winning, that was expected. Finlay vs. Lashley at Summerslam will be a great brawl. Meanwhile while MVP/Burchill won't happen at Summerslam, but it looks like it is going to be a great feud, similar to the current Hardy/MVP feud. The Cruiserweight Match ending was a good decision, as it stacks the odds against Noble even more, and if Noble wins next week, he'll be even more credible as the champ. As far as the Henry promo, not much about it, but hyping up Henry's power. Based on the Mysterio/Hardy segment, a possible Hardy turn might happen at Summerslam. London winning made sense as Taylor won last week, and it continues the feud between the two teams. Angle was in character and it looks like he is heading into Summerslam fearless despite defending the title against JBL and Henry. What a way to end the show. Lashley gets the win for his team, as it looks like he is in for a push in this thread, and then Taker continues with his mind games with Batista, as their Last Ride Match at Summerslam draws near.

Overall Comments: Like Renegade said earlier, there were not that many promos, but the matches made up for it, as the feuds continued to progress. Right now though Raw has been better than Smackdown in terms of the buidup for Summerslam. However I'm sure both brands will be on their A-game come Summerslam. Looking forward to Summerslam and looking forward to Raw.

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw Preview
Monday August 14, 2006


Last week, Raw went off the screen with RVD offering Chris Jericho a handshake after Jericho's upset win in the Extreme Rules Match against Sabu. However Jericho declined much to the chagrin of the WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam. This week on Raw, we will witness the official Contract Signing between both of these men. Raw GM Jonathan Coachman has already ordered there be extra security and that Chuck Palumbo and Sabu be banned from this event. What will go down during this signing?

Captain Cocky?

Christian has been running his mouth for the past few months about Stone Cold but tonight he must back it up as he steps into the ring with the Texas Rattlesnake. Christian cannot back down tonight as we head into SummerSlam. Will Captain Charisma show that his attack on Austin wasn't a fluke at Vengeance or will Austin reveal the true coward that is inside of Christian?

Steel Cage Showdown A Week Away

With the Steel Cage Showdown just a week away, Mr. McMahon has announced that tonight on Raw, he is demanding that all eight members of Team McMahon and Team Michaels be in that ring whenever Raw starts. McMahon has said that he has something very important to address tonight concerning Team Michaels and "stakes" for SummerSlam. What can McMahon mean by these "stakes"?

For all of this and more, tune into the last Monday Night Raw before SummerSlam, this Monday at 9 ET/8 CT on the USA Network!

Just some comments to share on this with both of ya'll.

One of my original plans called for a Triple Threat Match between Rey, Hardy, and Kennedy but with there already being one Triple Threat on the card, I wasn't fond of that idea so I opted to go the Special Referee rout.

As far as the Fatal 4 Way, I've already got eight matches on the card and had though about adding this but decided agaisnt it. It's gotten decent build but really, I don't think it was "ready" for being on SummerSlam really.

I think Smackdown is really more of the wrestling show here like in WWE in real life. I guess that's just a coincidence because I never really saw that before. Raw seems to always have more storylines and "better" too.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Ugh. I've been meaning to review the last 3 shows (full SD! and last two recapped), but I've been extremely busy the last two weeks. I'm still keeping track with this thread, so hopefully, I'll get back into reviewing this upcoming Raw. Oh, and Summerslam looks great so far.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

King Of Pain's SmackDown Feedback

Apologies for this being so late, KOP

~ It was pretty nice to see that you kicked off the show with the U.S Champion Mr. Kennedy, as it is actually quite rare that the secondary title gets that honour, but now that you have someone as amazing as KK with the mic, it gives you that option. No real surprise to see the subject of Ken's promo, running down all of the other U.S Champs, but I was quite surprised by the announcement made by Teddy Long. Matt Hardy is the Special Guest Referee? That's ... interesting to say the least. I understand why you don't want to do the Hardy/Rey/Kennedy Triple threat match, since SmackDown already have one of those for the World Heavyweight Championship and it might look overused. However, I am quite disappointed that Hardy does not have an actual match, although the role of Guest Ref. is a lot more high profile than say simply being in Rey's corner (remember HBK at SummerSlam '97?). Given the right exposure in the match, it could still do a lot for Matt's push in this thread. Great match to open with too, with Matt Hardy coming down. I feared for a moment that you would simply have Matt job to KK, but thankfully you worked it with a clever finish to avoid ruining anyone's credibility. I never know who to route for when Matt and Ken meet, since they are two of my favourites currently. Kennedy getting out of the match cheaply was no surprise, and the aftermath was very exciting with Mysterio finally getting his hands on Kennedy. This feud is really picking up pace now, so having it open up the show was a great move on your part.

~ Interview from JBL? I'm sure it would be godly. Interesting words from him about Kurt Angle overlooking him; and I say I have to agree, as I feel that ever since the Great American Bash JBL has been a little bit sidetracked and it has become Angle/Henry mainly. JBL is mainly feuding with Teddy Long almost. I can see a great Main Event tonight, though I very much doubt that it will be JBL and Finlay picking up the victory.

~ Quick squash for Kane in his second week on SmackDown. I thought that Nunzio had been released? That might have just been Tony Mamaluke then I guess. I'm intrigued to see what you have in store for Kane in this thread, as he does work well at putting over younger stars, and you have a few of them, such as MVP, Burchill and Kennedy who could use him.

~ I'm not really sure I have enjoyed Finaly's behaviour since the Great American Bash, as he started a VERY intense feud with Bobby Lashley, but at the same time he keeps having comedic segments with Hornswoggle. Personally, I think the Finlay/Lashley feud would benefit from a more serious feud, without the comedy relief like here with Finlay chasing Hornswoggle into the Teddy Long's room. Finlay/Lasley for SummerSlam gets my vote, as with the right treatment it could become one hell of a brawl. I'm not sure why we needed Jamie Noble and Kid Kash standing by though.

~ I quite like this little feud going on on the weekly shows between MVP and Paul Burchill; both are great young talents, and it is great booking to pair them off against one another. I'm glad that it isn't going to be thrown onto the card for SummerSlam, as, like you said, it simply isn't ready. This was another nice segment between the two, although the 'heel faking injury' is hardly original, although it will be fun to see how MVP plays it. I wonder who will go over in this feud though.

~ Sounded like a great match up between Psicosis and Kid Kash next in the increasingly exciting Cruiserweight division. As soon as I saw that this match was for a spot in the Super Crazy/Jamie Noble match, I knew that a flawed finish was on the cards, and that a Fatal Four Way was virtually guaranteed. It's a real shame that this match isn't going to take place at SummerSlam, since I would have loved to have read it in full.

~ Nothing really too interesting about this backstage segment between Hardy and Mysterio. The only thing that I can guess at is that maybe Hardy will accidentally cost Rey the match against Kennedy and set up afeud between the two friends. Could be an interesting twist.

~ Another nice match up for this evening (you've had some good ones tonight) with Brian Kendrick against William Regal. I think I would have preferred it if Taylor had lost last week, as opposed to Regal this week, as I really like Reagal. Evens the score between the two teams though I suppose. I know it isn't going to happen, but it is a real shame that there are no tag team title matches at SummerSlam. I guess we will have to wait until No Mercy for Hooligans/Bluebloods.

~ Ah, some hype from Kurt Angle tonight ahead of his big Main Event. I think this is Kurt's first appearance since that Hardcore match a few weeks ago, correct me if I'm wrong. I can't get rid of the feeling that Angle is going over at SummerSlam, although I would actually quite like either Henry or JBL to take the title, mainly because Angle has the title in too many threads (mine for example).

~ Great Main Event. You were certainly right about the star power on display here; six of the biggest stars on SmackDown right now. I was quite surprised to see Lashley pin Finlay and get the win for Angle, as Angle has quite a lot of momentum in this feud now, as does Lashley. I can definately see Finlay going over Bobby with a little help from Mr. Shillelagh, but I still think that Angle is going to beat JBL and Henry. I LOVED the aftermath here, with Undertaker FINALLY playing the mind games with Batista in a hell of a way, via a lightning bolt and a burning symbol. This is definately the kind of build that this feud needed, as it really should be HUGE, but just hasn't has enough hype yet. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come ... literally

Overall this was a very good recapped show, KOP, as you always seem to do them well. Excellent booking on your part with the U.S title, as it gives it some real importance, although (as you could tell) I'm still torn over the decision to have Hardy as a referee. My favourite part of the show was easily the ending with The Undertaker and Batista's feud getting some hype
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I'm relatively certain reviewing your latest SmackDown! recap completely slipped my mind.

The angles heading into Raw look awesome anyway, so I'll be more than happy to leave you some feedback on what should be a great show.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw
Monday August 14, 2006
Fresno, California

Across the Nation plays across the arena as we pan across the arena with the Raw theme song blaring across the speakers. We shortly head down to the commentating team at ringside after this is done.

Jim Ross: A long night is ahead of us as only six days remain until SummerSlam but by gawd King, what a night it will be!

Jerry Lawler: One huge match JR plus a Contract Signing, we’re indeed in for one of the biggest Raw’s of the year!

Jim Ross: And right now, Mr. McMahon has ordered that both teams for the Steel Cage Match come down to the ring because he has some major “stakes” on the line for SummerSlam.

No Chance hits across the arena as out walks Mr. McMahon! Mr. McMahon does his power walk down the ramp, looking intent more than ever. He slides into the ring, before walking over and grabbing a mic.

Mr. McMahon: Now earlier today, I announced that I wanted all eight members, that being those on Team McMahon and those on Team Michaels to be in the ring right here and right now when Raw went on the air!

The crowd pops to see all eight of the superstars at one time in the ring.

Mr. McMahon: And damnit, that is what you are all going to get tonight!

The crowd pops once again despite not liking McMahon anyways.

Mr. McMahon: But first I need to address something about a certain someone, that being “The Heart Break Kid” Shawn Michaels!

McMahon said HBK’s name in a rather sarcastic voice as he shakes his head in disgust as the fans pop for the mention of HBK. Loud HBK chants break out across the arena at this time.

Mr. McMahon: SHADDUP!

This doesn’t help the fact as McMahon Sucks chants break out now with Mr. McMahon appearing to lose his temper.

Mr. McMahon: I didn’t come here to hear you all talk about Shawn Michaels like that! But what I did come here for was to give Shawn Michaels an ultimatum, something that I think he will enjoy. But first off before I bring out the Heart Break Kid, let me go ahead and introduce to you all, Team McMahon!

Time to Play the Game hits and out walks Team McMahon! Triple H, Christian, and Rated RKO all stroll out onto the ramp, still having some ego problems with one another. However they aren’t too major as they make their way down the ramp and all line the outside of the ring for now. Vince tells them to stay outside, just in case all hell breaks lose later on.

Mr. McMahon: And now that is done, let me go ahead and lay down this ultimatum Shawn! Right here in my hand (Vince pulls out a piece of paper) I have your contract! Now there are many things I can do with this contract. I can rip it up, I can burn it, I can sell it but I’m leaving that decision to you Shawn!

The crowd boos wondering where Vince is going with this.

Mr. McMahon: This contract could be nulled and voided at any time Shawn but like I said, it’s all up to you what you do with this contract. However, I’M taking over this contract until SummerSlam because Shawn, let me go ahead and lay down this ultimatum for you. If your team can win at SummerSlam, then you get your contract back AND you can get a future title shot.

The crowd pops even louder knowing that Shawn Michaels might be next in line for the title.

Mr. McMahon: But if you lose….

Sexy Boy hits across the arena as out walks the Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels! However, he doesn’t come down the ramp by himself as out walks Team Michaels! Cena, Flair, and Austin all back up Michaels tonight as they walk down the ramp. Team McMahon stares down Team Michaels as Michaels makes his way into the ring. Michaels plays to the fans a bit before he walks over and grabs a mic from Lilian before rolling into the ring.

Shawn Michaels: An ultimatum huh Vince? I always knew you were a dirty b…

The crowd ooo’s as Michaels lets out a smile as Vince interrupts him.

Mr. McMahon: Shawn, if you’d let me continue before I was rudely interrupted, you would have found out that should you lose the match this Sunday, well then you can go ahead and kiss not only your contract but all three of your teammate’s future title shots down the drain. So it’s a do or die situation Shawn. Contract vs. Title Shots, what are you going to do?

The crowd watches as Michaels ponders on his decision.

Shawn Michaels: Well Vince to be honest, I’m not really sure. I’ve only been out here for a total of let’s see, one minute and well I can’t decide! Team, you got any idea?

The crowd laughs at Michaels’s sarcasm, as McMahon looks infuriated.

Mr. McMahon: Or Shawn, if you’re the coward that I have known you to been in the past, then you can go ahead and walk on out of here, without even thinking about going to SummerSlam to risk not only your contract but your teammate’s future here on Raw!

McMahon walks around and looks at Team McMahon on the outside as all four men are watching on from the outside.

Shawn Michaels: Vince, I knew you would end up doing something dirty like this. It just comes natural for you don’t it? You’ve always tried to cheat me out of everything and this is just once again another thing that you’re trying to cheat me out of right? Well let me say the Heart Break Kid sur…

Mr. McMahon: Damnit, give me an answer!

McMahon looks at Michaels, not wanting to wait any longer for the answer.

Mr. McMahon: Shawn, like I said earlier. I didn’t come out here to play games tonight with you, I just want a straight up answer. Yes…

Mr. McMahon: Or no!

The crowd wonders what Michaels is going to do.

Mr. McMahon: It’s simple Shawn…

Michaels stands back and BAM! Michaels out of nowhere connects with the Sweet Chin Music to Mr. McMahon! The CEO is laid out in the ring as Michaels looks at McMahon quickly.

Shawn Michaels: You’re on!

HBK doesn’t have much time to react as Team McMahon hits the ring quickly and so does Team Michaels! It’s a big eight-man brawl with Team Michaels getting the advantage as Stone Cold sent Christian flying to the outside with a clothesline. Michaels then turned around and hit Orton with Sweet Chin Music! Cena threw Edge over the ropes before Flair chop blocked Triple H before rolling him to the outside! All four members of Team Michaels are left standing in the ring after a quick brawl! Team McMahon stands up on the outside as the brawl didn’t seem to be that “big” but they all are staring down Team Michaels on the outside as we head to a break!


Match #1
Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Striker

Match Overview: The opening match turns out to be an exciting match, which sees Striker getting into the ring for the first time in a while. Test is at ringside watching as Hardy remembers what Test did to him two weeks ago whenever Test drove Hardy back first into the turnbuckles repeatedly. Hardy over works over Striker as Striker puts in a good fight but really, this is Hardy’s night. Striker tried early for a DDT but Hardy was able to swing through and knock Striker down with a clothesline! Shortly after Hardy got back onto his feet but Hardy ended up getting tripped up face first into the mat! Striker picks Hardy back up; looking for the Golden Rule but Hardy quickly lets go of Striker and leaps into the air hitting a Hurricanrana! Hardy quickly grabs Striker before planting him with a Twist of Fate! The fans go wild as Test leaps onto the ropes but Hardy knocks him off the ropes! Hardy now makes his way onto the top rope before leaping off and getting the elementary win with the Swanton Bomb!

Winner: Jeff Hardy

We head backstage shortly after this match to see Team McMahon and Mr. McMahon all gathering in Jonathan Coachman’s office.

Mr. McMahon: Coach, where are you at?

Jonathan Coachman spins around in his chair, having looking at paper work most likely.

Jonathan Coachman: Right here, sir!

Mr. McMahon: Damn it Coach, damn it to hell!

Jonathan Coachman: I’m sorry sir about earlier tonight, but the…

Mr. McMahon: There wasn’t a damn thing you could do Coach? You could have sent the security out there to protect my team and myself!

Jonathan Coachman: I’m sorry sir, this will never happen again as long as I am the General Manager of Raw.

Mr. McMahon: It better not as long as I am here on this show. And Coach, if something ever like this happens again, you can bet your ass it’s going to be your job! Now do you understand me?

Jonathan Coachman: Ye…

McMahon looks at Coachman in a disgruntled state.

Jonathan Coachman: Yes sir!

McMahon walks out and slams the door as his team follows. They all stand outside of Coachman’s office. McMahon looks at his team ready to address them.

Mr. McMahon: Now guys, what happened earlier tonight was unacceptable! You all four did your job but later tonight, all four of you have an even BIGGER job! First Christian, your’s is going to be to take out Stone Cold Steve Austin! And as far as Triple H and Rated RKO go, well….

Triple H and Rated RKO look on confused as McMahon continues on.

Mr. McMahon: I’ve assigned a match for all three of you tonight. A warm up match you could say? Tonight, Triple H and Rated RKO will all team up to take on….

McMahon cracks a smile.

Mr. McMahon: “The Heart Break Kid” Shawn Michaels in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match!

McMahon smiles as he walks off with Triple H and Rated RKO all showing smiles too.


We come back from the break to see backstage Maria standing by with Charlie Haas.

Maria: Now Charlie, last week we saw you once again lose another tag match. Why are you losing so many matches?

Charlie Haas: Maria, I can’t really give an answer to that right now but what I can tell is you that next week backstage, I’m having tag team partner sign ups!

Maria: You’re having sign ups? Wait! I’m confused. How can you sign up for a tag partner?

Charlie Haas: Backstage next week on Raw, anybody that wants to team with me, all they have to do is “sign up” basically. From there on, I’ll pick my ta…

In walks Shelton Benjamin for the second time in three weeks interrupting Haas’s interview.

Shelton Benjamin: Look what the cat drug in!

Benjamin looks at Haas now.

Shelton Benjamin: Maria, please tell me as to why you are interviewing such a “reject” as Charlie Haas as when you should be interviewing the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin!

Charlie Haas: I’m so…

Shelton Benjamin: Ah! Stop there Charlie! You know what, I’ve been looking for you for a bit because I’ve got a little “gift” for you for this Sunday. You know, since you won’t be wrestling at SummerSlam…

Benjamin cracks a small laugh at that “joke” of his.

Shelton Benjamin: I want to invite you to sit down at ringside and watch my match at SummerSlam against Jeff Hardy. Maybe you just might want to “re-team” with your former tag partner?

A cocky Benjamin walks off as Haas looks on as Maria looks at Charlie.

Maria: Charlie, what was that all about?

Charlie Haas: I don’t know Maria, (says slowly) I don’t know.

Haas walks off rather confused as to why Benjamin wants Haas to watch his match Sunday.

We head back down to ringside for the next match.

Match #2
Shelton Benjamin vs. Robbie McAllister

Match Overview: This turns out to be a quick match that pits the Intercontinental Champion taking on one half of the Highlanders in Robbie McAllister. McAllister puts up a good fight but in the end, it isn’t enough because Benjamin works over Robbie rather quickly. It was just a quick match to get Benjamin some hype too heading into SummerSlam. Jeff Hardy is doing commentary at ringside watching the match, preparing for this Sunday. Benjamin hit Robbie with a quick kick right to the back of the head sending the Scottish man reeling down onto the mat. Benjamin covers but only gets a two count. Benjamin looks up at the referee and then walks over, pulling McAllister up off the mat before hitting the T-Bone Suplex! Benjamin hooks the leg and gets the win!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Benjamin makes his way onto the top turnbuckle as he is handed his title. Benjamin is right in front of Hardy now as Hardy stands up and motions the title will be his. Benjamin looks down at Hardy, shaking his head in disagreeance as we head over to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: Both Shelton Benjamin and Jeff Hardy have picked up huge wins tonight but at SummerSlam is where they must get that even bigger win.

Jerry Lawler: I think it’s going to be either man’s game at SummerSlam when it comes down to who is the better man.

Jim Ross: Well coming up after the break, Carlito’s Cabana makes it’s return to Raw and he has a special guest tonight.


Cool hits across the arena as out walks Carlito in his wrestling gear with his t-shirt on. Carlito makes his way down the ramp to a decent applause from the crowd as he rolls into the ring and walks over grabbing an apple. Carlito throws it in the air before taking a bite of it as he walks over and grabs a mic off the hammock.

Carlito: Carlito is glad that this Sunday at SummerSlam, Carlito will finally get his revenge against Booka’ T.

The crowd boos the mention of Booker T as Carlito continues on.

Carlito: Booka’ T has tried to ruin Carlito’s life for the past few months and dat, well dat’s not cool!

The crowd pops as Carlito spits out his famous phrase here on Raw.

Carlito: But what isn’t cool is that tonight on Carlito’s Cabana, I’ve probably got the most uncoolest guest that has ever stepped foot onto Raw. Everybody….

Can You Dig It Sucka? Hits across the arena as out walks Booker T. Booker stops at the ramp, looks at his hand and waves it in the air as the pyro sets off! The fans boo Booker as he makes his way down the ramp, also in his wrestling gear. Booker rolls into the ring before stopping and looking Carlito dead straight in the face before grabbing a mic.

Carlito: Booka’ T!

The crowd boos Booker’s name, as Booker doesn’t take kind to that.

Booker T: Yo sucka! If you gota’ problem with the Bookman, then let’s go ahead and settle it right here and right now. We don’t need to wait til’ SummerSlam dawg. We can go ahead and settle our beef right here.

Carlito looks at Booker T straight in the face wondering what he just said.

Carlito: I’m sorry Booka’, Carlito doesn’t speak ebonics. Could you please repeat yourself so Carlito can understand you?

The crowd oooo’s as Booker looks ultra pissed. Booker stomps his feet on the mat, kicking the ropes a bit playing off how pissed he is.

Booker T: Tell me you didn’t just say that!

Carlito: Oh, Carlito did say that!

The crowd laughs as Carlito cracks a smile! Booker doesn’t laugh though as he walks around the ropes, hesitantly still pissed.

Booker T: It’s that kinda crap right there dawg that I hate you. You ain’t nothin’ but a wannabe on Raw. You run around saying crap like “dat’s cool” and “dat’s not cool” Well let me tell you dawg what is cool.

The crowd boos not wanting to hear anything that Booker T says at all.

Booker T: What is cool is that I’ve beaten yo’ little skinny Caribbean ass all across Raw for the past two months and that this Sunday at SummerSlam, I’m going to beat yo’ ass one more time and finally get rid of you.

Booker T: Now that right there is cool!

The crowd boos, as Booker looks straight dead on in Carlito’s face as Carlito took that as a sign of disrespect from the Bookman.

Booker T: What are yo’ goin’ to do Carlito?

Carlito looks at Booker T and stops before saying something.

Carlito: Booker, that right there, that wasn’t cool. But Carlito is sick and tired of people like you trying to come over to Raw and tr…

Booker T: Whoa dawg! Come on! Are yo’ gonna man up or are you goin’ to be a coward and run like yo’ did for the past two months. What’s it gona’ be Carlito?

Carlito bites into his apple as the fans pop knowing what is coming next! Booker stands back as he looks at Carlito.

Booker T: Don’t yo’ even think about doin’ that shit!

Carlito chews around on the apple and looks to spit it but instead swallows it. He takes a step back and looks at Booker T.

Carlito: Carlito’s going to do this!

Carlito suddenly knocks down Booker with a clothesline! Carlito quickly pulls Booker back up before sending Booker flying off into the ropes. Booker rebounds off the ropes and runs right into a Back Elbow flying off the middle ropes from Carlito! Carlito plays to the fans as he walks over, looking possibly for the Back Cracker but before Carlito can even think about hitting his finisher on Booker, Booker escapes to the outside of the ring! Booker makes his way out through the crowd like he did last week when he ran from Carlito. The fans cheer for Carlito as he is left standing tall in the ring this week before their match at SummerSlam.

Jim Ross: A very heated Carlito’s Cabana tonight but as far as when SummerSlam rolls around, you can expect one hard hitting match between both of these men.

Jerry Lawler: They are certainly not going to hold back anything, that is for sure after watching them for the past two months!

Jim Ross: I think pretty much anything could happen at SummerSlam but coming up after the break, it’ll be time for the Handicap Match!

Jerry Lawler: Shawn Michaels has to face his toughest task to date, he must take on three men in the form of former friend Triple H and Rated RKO and it’s next!


Match #3
3-on-1 Handicap Match
Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H and Rated RKO

Match Overview: A long drawn out match that pits HBK taking on all three men as a form of punishment for laying out Vince McMahon earlier in the night. It was announced before the match that Mr. McMahon had also banned all other three members of Team Michaels from ringside during the match. Rated RKO and Triple H do a good job of working over Michaels and it turns out to be a decent match despite the odds that Michaels has against him of course. Edge took down Michaels with an Edge-O-Matic but only got a two count. Edge drags Michaels into the corner and tags in his tag partner Randy Orton. Orton comes off the ropes, dropping a knee on the leg of Michaels trying to prevent the Sweet Chin Music. Orton wraps his leg around Michaels’s before pulling on the bottom rope, applying more pressure to Michaels’s leg. The ref forces Orton to break the hold before he tags in the Game. Triple H comes into the ring and throws HBK into the turnbuckles. Hunter charges into the corner, looking for a clothesline but Michaels ducks underneath and then hits Hunter with some rights! Hunter quickly gets thrown into the ropes by Michaels as Michaels charges at him and hits a flying forearm! Both men are down but Michaels nips up! HBK sees Edge charging into the ring at him but Michaels sidesteps him and throws him to the outside. Michaels sees that Hunter is back up and Michaels takes him down with a Atomic Drop! The fans cheer as Michaels is getting back into it. Orton slides into the ring, but Michaels ducks underneath his clothesline attempt before Michaels clotheslines Orton to the outside. HBK looks ready to be setting up for the Sweet Chin Music but out of nowhere, Edge blasts Michaels across the back with the steel chair! The ref calls for the bell giving HBK the DQ win.

Winner via DQ: Shawn Michaels

Edge continues blasting Michaels with the chair as Hunter calls for Edge to place the chair in the middle of the ring. Hunter sets up Michaels for the Pedigree onto the chair but Cena and Flair hit the ring and the ring clears! Edge, Orton, and Triple H are all on the outside as Cena and Flair check on their team captain, hoping that he will be fine by Sunday. Triple H and Rated RKO all watch from on the outside as Cena holds HBK up. We then cut out to see another video start for Cryme Tyme.

Narrator: Yo yo yo pop your 40’s and check you rollies, it’s Cryme Tyme!

JTG and Shad: Brooklyn, Brooklyn!

We head out to see JTG and Shad walking along a street in Brooklyn their hometown. Suddenly they walk into a McDonalds. JTG walks in and asks for a application. JTG and Shad both don’t get a application but have an idea.

JTG (acting as the manager): Rondell and Marcus, your shift is over!

Rondell and Marcus, the two cashiers make their way out as the hand their aprons over to the manager (JTG who was playing him off) At this time, JTG and Shad both walk over to the cashier’s spots.

JTG: Yo, yo, yo can I help you?

Man: Yes, I want a Big Mac.

JTG: King size, I mean Large?

Man: Yes, please. How much will that be?

JTG: It’ll be eleven dollars and ten cents.

Man: WHAT?

JTG: Don’t question me white boy. Hand me the money or you won’t get any food.

The man pulls out the money and hands it to JTG. Instead of putting the money in the register, JTG slides it in his pocket. JTG gets the food handed to him and he hands it to the man. This cycle continues for a while with both JTG and Shad charging extra money and sliding it into their pockets. Eventually the manager walks over and goes to ask them something.

Manager: Rondell, Mar..wait you aren’t Rondell. Marcus, where is Rondell?

JTG: Um…

Shad: Go JTG!

JTG and Shad take off as they run for it. The manager chases them out the door but stops as they get away too quick.

Manager: Damn it!

We then head out to see JTG and Shad rolling along in their car. JTG is driving and Shad has got all their money counting it.

Shad: Money…

JTG: Money…

Shad and JTG: Yeah…Yeah!

The video cuts out with the Cryme Tyme stamp coming across the screen before saying Coming Next Week!


We come back from the break to see Maria standing by backstage with Christian.

Maria: Christian coming up later on tonight, you’ve got a huge match against Stone Cold Steve Austin, are you afraid?

Christian: Afraid of what Maria? The fact that if Stone Cold gets into the ring with me, he’ll probably end up breaking his knee into two places. Or the fact that I was the man that forced Stone Cold Steve Austin out of the WWE for two months because of what I did to him at Vengeance. Because if it’s that I forced him out of here, then I sure as hell ain’t afraid of him. What’s the worse thing he is going to do to good ole’ Captain Charisma!

Maria: Well they call him the “Texas Rattlesnake” so he could bite you!

Maria looks on dumbfounded as Christian can’t believe she just said that.

Christian: Wow. Maria, just go ahead and step aside and let me take care of this.

Christian gives Maria a push as she gets out of the way.

Christian: Stone Cold, let me tell you one thing. What I did to you at Vengeance was my career highlight. People said that it wasn’t going to be possible to take down the Texas Rattlesnake ever but I did that. I took you down and I sent you packing. You were afraid Steve just like you where when you were here on Raw back in 2003. You were afraid because I had “power” behind me and I have even more power now on my side.

Christian cracks a cocky smile at the camera.

Christian: Steve tonight is where I get the biggest win of my career! Tonight is the night that I pull this one out for all of my peeps! Tonight is where I rise up to where I belong, the main event! Tonight is my night to shine Steve. Mark it down, August 14, 2006! The day that Christian beat Stone Cold and finally “made it” to the top. The night that Captain Charisma overcame the obstacles and proved every one of you all wrong and finally, the night that Stone Cold Steve Austin’s career came to a close!

Christian: I’ve waited too long for this opportunity Steve. I’ve waited too long to try and finally “become the top dog” here in the WWE. People have held me back Steve and don’t lie, you were one. After all, it was your damn fault that everybody started these little retarded CLB chants.

CLB chants break out, teasing Christian.

Christian: But tonight, that all ends Steve. Tonight is my night! Tonight, I make history. Because that’s how I roll!

Christian walks off as we head into the arena for once again another match.

Match #4
MNM vs. Charlie Haas and Snitsky

Match Overview: Charlie Haas and Snitsky, certainly a weird pairing team together to take on MNM. Snitsky doesn’t actually get into the match too much so it’s really a decent match. However, Haas’s ultimate downfall came whenever MNM took Haas down off the ropes and then double-teamed on Snitsky. Nitro was able to capture Snitsky and hit him with a hard DDT. The fans knew that the ending was coming for Haas and Snitsky as Melina let out a big yelp, signaling for her boys to go ahead and end the match! Mercury quickly gets into the ring and both men hit the Snapshot right there on Snitsky in the middle of the ring! The fans boo as Nitro throws an arm over Snitsky and Haas tries to get back into the ring but Mercury leapt over the top ropes with a Crossbody Plancha to the outside. Nitro has the cover and his team gets the win.

Winners: MNM

Jim Ross: Another week, another tough loss for Charlie Haas.

Jerry Lawler: Hopefully next week when he has these sign ups, he can actually find him a tag partner that will help him win!

Jim Ross: That would be great but when we get back from the break, it’ll be time for our main event of the evening!

Jerry Lawler: Stone Cold Steve Austin goes one on one with Christian in the match that has been anticipated for nearly two months and it’s next!


Match #5
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Christian

Match Overview: This match gets a decent bit of time, as it is to showcase the feud between Austin and Christian before heading into SummerSlam. Neither one of the teams interfered during the match which is a great sign before SummerSlam. Christian works over Austin’s knee, even at one point trying to rip the knee brace off of Austin but Austin was too quick as he booted Christian sending Captain Charisma flying across the ring. Austin gets back to his feet, stumbling a bit at first before he walks over to Christian and begins to stomp a mud hole in Christian! The fans go wild as they count how many times Austin does so and it’s ten! The fans cheer on Austin as he might be finding a comeback in the match right now. Austin gets back onto his feet before he sends Christian into the ropes and Austin jumps onto Christian with a Lou Thesz Press. From there on, Austin goes wild, unleashing some hard lefts and rights to Captain Charisma sending him reeling. Austin rolls back onto his feet rather slowly as he walks over into the corner and drops a knee right onto the stomach of Christian! The fans continue to cheer on Austin as they feel the match could very well be coming to a close soon. Austin waits for Christian to get back to his feet before he tries for the Stone Cold Stunner! However, Christian was quick to send Austin back into the ropes. Austin runs right into Christian once again who hits Austin with a hard punch to the stomach. Suddenly, Christian throws something to the outside of the ring that the referee has no clue about and Christian is able to hit the Unprettier in the middle of the ring! Christian hooks the leg of the Texas Rattlesnake and joyfully counts along with the referee. One…Two…Three!

Winner: Christian

Christian slides to the outside, jumping in the air celebrating his victory as the camera cuts down to reveal that Christian had brass knucks on when he hit Austin in the stomach. That caused Austin to have hard time breathing and that is how Christian was able to pull the match out and the victory in the same time. The fans see that the brass knucks played a part in the match and the fans boo the decision in which the referee had no clue what had happened.

Jim Ross: Well I’ll be damned! Christian beat Stone Cold but it wasn’t without the help of those damn brass knucks.

Jerry Lawler: What are you talking about JR? What brass knucks?

Jim Ross: Moving on now King. When we come back from the break, it’ll be time for the Contract Signing.


Hard Hittin’ by Homebwoi hits across the arena as out walks the General Manager of Raw, Jonathan Coachman. Coachman climbs up the steps and into the ring before walking over and grabbing a mic. Coachman walks over to the table and sets the contract down on the table.

Jonathan Coachman: Right now, I am about to hold the Contract Signing for the WWE Championship Match this Sunday between Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho. Now both Sabu and Chuck Palumbo have been banned from this Contract Signing and should they appear at anytime from now until Raw goes off TV, they will be fired!

The crowd boos for no Sabu but is fine with no Palumbo.

Jonathan Coachman: Now let’s go ahead and get this contract signing underway. Let me first introduce to you the challenger, he is Chris Jericho!

Break the Walls Down hits across the arena and out walks Chris Jericho in his normal wrestling tights but wearing his new shirt over them. Jericho does his normal taunts on the outside before he gets into the ring and takes a seat.

Jonathan Coachman: And now he is the opponent, the reigning WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam!

One of a Kind hits across the arena as out walks Rob Van Dam. RVD throws the WWE title over his shoulder as he makes his way down the ramp slapping hands with the fans. Like Jericho, he is in his normal wrestling gear with his new shirt over it. Van Dam slides into the ring before taking a seat as well.

Jonathan Coachman: Now men, both of your attorney’s have looked over this contract and have advised that it is okay for you to sign it. First off Chris, do you have anything to say?

Chris Jericho: I sure do Coach.

The crowd boos knowing that the loudmouth of course will have something to say.

Chris Jericho: Are you feeling it Rob? Are you feeling that your reign is finally coming to an end? You’ve had a grasp on that title since WrestleMania but SummerSlam is going to be completely different Rob. You haven’t had an opponent like me yet. You haven’t had someone challenge you for the title like me yet. And I know that deep down inside; it’s soaking in that finally, your reign must come to an end.

RVD shakes his head in disagreeance as Jericho looks at him.

Chris Jericho: Sure Rob, shake your head. Disagree all you want but the reign of Jericho is getting ready to begin again. I’ve waited far too long Rob. Just think back last year. I was challenging John Cena for the WWE title at SummerSlam this time last year. John had a firm grasp on the title but I couldn’t grab it. I wasn’t thinking right Rob. But now I am.

Jericho looks at the contract real quick and then continues on.

Chris Jericho: But know this Rob that all dreams must come to an end. And unfortunately for you, your dream ends this Sunday.

Jericho throws down the mic and grabs the contract before flipping through the papers. He flips to the back and signs his name on the dotted line for challenger before throwing the contract at Van Dam literally. The contract hits Van Dam who then places the contract back on the table, looking pissed at what Jericho did.

Jonathan Coachman: Rob, it is now your turn to sign the contract. But first off, do you have anything to say?

Rob Van Dam: Jericho, I’m tired of hearing your mouth run constantly about how you’re going to end my “dream” and all this crap. That’s exactly what comes out of your mouth every time Chris….crap!

Jericho doesn’t look too happy with those comments from Van Dam.

Rob Van Dam: I’m a man of few words Chris because I let my actions do my talking for me. I’ve had to listen to you for the past month mimic ECW and all this crap, but at SummerSlam, I’m going to show you just how hardcore ECW is. Even though it may not be a Street Fight or anything, I’m going to show you why ECW was the place to be. And oh Chris at SummerSlam….

Chris Jericho: What?

Rob Van Dam: I’m going to smoke your ass!

Jericho slaps the table in frustration as Van Dam flips through the papers and then signs the contract. RVD and Jericho both stand up and get in one another’s faces. Jericho then rares back and slaps the taste of Van Dam’s face. Van Dam looks at Jericho and then runs before jumping off the table onto Jericho! The crowd is going wild as Jericho and Van Dam both roll to the outside of the ring. Van Dam is pummeling Jericho.

Jonathan Coachman: Security, security!

Security runs down grabbing both Van Dam and Jericho, as they have to keep both of them away from one another. RVD breaks free and leaps over the security right onto Jericho. It’s just a big mess now as this continues on for a bit with it spilling backstage. RVD grabbed a chair and threw it at Jericho as the security spilt not wanting to get hit with the chair. After the chair almost hit Jericho, they walked back over grabbing Jericho as security grabs RVD. Both men are yelling at one another as the show comes to a close backstage with both men being held back by security.

Banner Credit: Crazian

WWE SummerSlam
Sunday August 20, 2006
Los Angeles, California
Staples Center
Official Theme Song: Enemy by Fozzy

WWE Championship
Rob Van Dam (c) w/ Sabu vs. Chris Jericho w/ Chuck Palumbo

World-Heavyweight Championship
Triple Threat Match

Kurt Angle (c) vs. JBL vs. Mark Henry

Steel Cage Showdown
Team McMahon (Triple H, Christian, and Rated RKO) vs. Team Michaels (Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, John Cena, and Stone Cold Steve Austin)

Last Ride Match - The Final Encounter
Batista vs. The Undertaker

United States Championship
Mr. Kennedy (c) vs. Rey Mysterio
Special Referee: Matt Hardy

Intercontinental Championship
Shelton Benjamin (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

Grudge Match
Booker T vs. Carlito

Grudge Match
Bobby Lashley vs. Finlay

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

RAW Review
Strong opening promo to kick off RAW. Vince was great in this promo, and Shawn Michaels looked good too. The “lay down this ultimatum” line repeated too many times in my opinion, and the flow didn’t look good by doing like this. Loved the way how this promo ended with HBK knocking down Vince with his finisher. Good and strong build up to the huge main event of SummerSlam. Good promo, but I feel that it should’ve been a bit lengthier.

I don’t know why, but I’ve never liked Jeff Hardy. Shelton takes a victory, which is good for him ‘cause he needs momentum. I just hope Shelton retains the IC Title at SummerSlam. One thing though; this match just gave Jeff some momentum, but this certainly didn’t hype the IC Title Match. I would’ve liked to see Shelton at the ringside.

Vince didn’t “sell” the Sweet Chin Music, and it’s really bad in my opinion. Christian’s job was fine, and so were Triple H, and Rated RKO’s. But I just don’t get how Vince “cracked a smile”. He should’ve looked more pissed off, and he must’ve “sold” the Sweet Chin Music. Didn’t like that, but the matches will be good.

Okay, this promo confused me too. I probably just didn’t get the concept of this promo. I think you’ll probably don’t go for a feud between Shelton and Charlie Haas I remember you saying that you “hate” that this feud has happened so many times in the BTB (You said to Legend, btw). Haas having “sign ups” Haha. Anyway, in characterization; I’d say both men looked too generic. But the IC Title Match between Jeff and Shelton still hasn’t got its real build up in my opinion.

Carlito and Booker T’s character in this promo were perfect. I loved this promo, but it should’ve been lengthier. Good hype to their match, and now I’m intrigued to know what’ll happen at SummerSlam. Good promo, but just needed more material in terms of length.

I was expecting this match to be the main event. Anyway, this looked like a good match to me, and that’s only because of HBK (<3). Loved the way how this match ended too, with Team Michaels coming out for Michaels’ aid. I’ve really enjoyed the build up to this match, and the match itself at SummerSlam will don’t disappoint me. I know. Good aftermath, good match, and a good build up for a good feud.

Haha. Another good and funny promo here. You’re building up the team of JTG and Shad nicely, bud. I’m specially looking forward to their debut.

Probably the promo of the night for me. Flow, length, and everything else looked great. Christian’s wordings were awesome too, and he was spot on too. Looking forward to Christian’s match with Austin later on.

Lol. Charlie Haas is becoming a joke here. Really, he is. Good victory for MNM, but Charlie’s become a joke now. He needs to bounce back now because his credibility is just gone.

Looked like a decent match up to me, but the ending surprised me. Good to see some surprise, and unpredictably there. The way this match ended with Christian pinning Austin after a brass knucks shot – it just doesn’t make Austin look weak. So that’s a good thing. More build up to the SummerSlam main event? Huge.

Just didn’t really “felt” this promo. You’re having a contract signing for a WWE Championship Match. The “feel” wasn’t there. Jericho and Rob Van Dam looked too generic, and not in character. The length was also short too. The ending was good though, with Jericho and RVD going for a brawl, but the promo should’ve been a lot better in terms of length, and characterization.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Mac: Read plz.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Originally Posted by KOP
KOP, I'll get your review up soon enough. Almost done with kid o mac's show, so it should be up within the next couple of days.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

ok i didn't catch that mac, my mistake. Thanks for fixing that.

And KOP I will try to get a raw review up within the next couple of days
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