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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Alim's Smackdown Review

I reviewed your GAB, so here I am keeping my promise, by following.

Opening Promo: I knew JBL would one way or another start off the show, and that's exactly what happened. Both men were pretty much in character, although JBL did seem off and on, on a couple of the lines. Henry vs Angle vs JBL was pretty obvious after the ending at GAB, but it should still be a good match at Summerslam. I also like that you gave Henry a push too, I think he's kind of underrated. And with the added stipulation with JBL getting fired if he loses. I have a feeling he will lose, and probably be sent off to Raw or just retire like in real life.

Mexicools vs Pitbulls: Great booking decision here to start off the show with the Cruiserweights, it always gets the crowd fired up. The match was well written, and I was a bit suprised to see Crazy get the pinfall on Noble. The feud looks to definatly be continuing, and should be great.

Batiata Interview: It wasn't that great tbh. The thing with Batista is that all his promos are dull and boring. Glad this was kept short, and this feud with Undertaker looks to be escelating even more.

Kennedy/Hardy/Mysterio Segment: Pretty good segment with Kennedy gloating how he is the best as usual. I didn't like not having Mysterio talk at all, you could've had him say atleast something. The tag match for later sounds good, especially with Finlay being involved.

Blue Bloods vs Funaki and Moore: Just a squash to showcase Dave Taylor. The team looks promising, and hopefully they can have a good feud with Londrick. I'd love to see it, and I hope they get the titles eventually too.

Angle Promo: Before the Angle promo, nice to see you hyping up SS with a video. The pay-per-view should be good. Now onto the promo, excellent. I loved it. Angle just seemed so intense, just like he always is. You really got his character in, and the promo really set up the main event.

Hardy and Mysterio vs Finlay and Kennedy: Great match, and that's exactly what you'd expect when you put these four in the ring together. Again, great detail and well written. Lashley interfering was a no brainer. I guess this sets up Finlay/Lashley and maybe even Mysterio/Kennedy.

MVP Open Challenge: Kind of a suprise to see Hardcore Holly step up, but I thought it would be a jobber or someone who's on the lower card. MVP getting the win was not a shocker at all. Burchill/MVP confration just gets me thinking if these two will go at it sometime. If they do, it would be great. Glad to see you giving Burchill some airtime too.

Mark Henry Promo: Both Angle and Henry sounded intense tonight. You had Henry in character with him basically basing the promo on how he is "The World's Strongest Man" and how he will destroy Angle and JBL.

Main Event: I was a bit disappointed when there weren't many weapons used, but you can't really expect that on a match on TV. Angle losing was a huge suprise, as I thought he would surely win. Henry looks like a strong contender now, no pun intended. I'm really looking forward to the triple threat at Summer Slam.

Overall, I enjoyed the show. I like how you're building the feuds, with unanswered questions just waiting to be answered. I'm sorry that I couldn't do a longer review and go in depth today because I have a headache. Good luck on Summerslam, and good luck on Raw too.


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

King of Painís SMACKDOWN Feedback

Pretty stock standard promo to open the show with the Triple Threat match for Summerslam being announced. Teddy was good here, you captured his character pretty nicely for the most part whilst I thought JBL was excellent. You portrayed his intensity very well in particular and you put over just how important it is to JBL to win the title again. The title v career stip is interesting, I think weíll end up seeing Henry get pinned by Kurt and Bradshaw coming out saying he didnít get pinned so technically he didnít lose. Thatíd be cool if that happened anyway. I wouldíve liked this promo even more had Kurt come out and had a go at JBL but oh well. The street fight is a huge announcement and the result will go a long to determining the result at Summerslam, for mine. Still a good start to the show here mate.

Super Crazy picks up the win for the Mexicools by pinning Nobel. Thatís a huge result for Crazy given the push that Nobleís been receiving. I canít see Nobel dropping the title anytime soon but I do think weíll see either a fatal fourway or a triple threat down the track for the CW Title. Iím still really enjoying the storyline with the CW Title. Anyway, solid match up here, good 1st match of the night as it definitely wouldíve livened the crowd up.

Hit and miss interview with Batista, it started pretty poor, but it got better as it went. Batistaís last paragraph got a little better as he came across more passionately, more intensely, until then the promo was pretty dull. Also, where were the crowd reactions?

I didnít like the slap from Mysterio. Definitely not characteristic of him at all. Anyway, Kennedy was obviously the focus of this promo, he was very much on song. You captured his character very well. Another big announcement from Teddy, I think the outcome of this match could lead to your next feud for the US Title as it seems Lashley is now out of the title scene. I could very easily seen him becoming involved in this match tonight too, now I think about it.

Dave Taylor debuts and the team of he and Regal pick up the win after Taylor got the pinfall. Fair enough. Nothing major. Londrick v Regal and Taylor feud in the mix? Perhaps? Iíll be interested to see what happens.

Great promo from Angle here, he was obviously as intense as he can be. You really portrayed his character nicely. I think the feud will take some sort of swerve tonight, I donít think Angle will be as dominant as he is hoping to be.

Another solid match up here and as expect Lashley costs Finlay and Kennedy the win. Smart booking as I feel it opens a few new possibilities in terms of feuds both in the US Title scene and the rest of the midcard. I was surprised to see we didnít see a little more intensity out of Bobby Lashley, to be honest.

MVP squashes Holly. Thatís great, simply because Holly is shit. Good to see you did something original and didnít use this as a way to start a feud for MVP. The backstage thing came about quickly, MVP is fast. Anyway, good promo here, you had both men in character. Hopefully you build a feud from this.

Pretty meh promo from Henry here, Iím not a fan of Henry on the best of days and this didnít really go real far towards making me like him.

And thereís your twist. Henry pins Angle. JBLís interference costs the champion and adds more fuel and hype to the feud. A good match here and itís good to see that we actually got a singles match tonight. I was glad that you kept this within the realms of realism here didnít go overboard with the extremities as it really wouldnít happen on a normal show.

Overall, a good show man as your build continues toward Summerslam but I have to admit that SD really doesnít seem to be playing second fiddle to Raw at the moment as they really are on different levels. Some of the promos here were hit and miss but for the most part they were all good in parts and as usual your matches were well written. Well done mate.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw
Monday July 31, 2006
Louisville, Kentucky

Across the Nation plays on the screen as the Raw video package plays before we head out into the arena to see the thousands of screaming fans. The camera pans across the fans before it finally cuts over and lays rest on the commentating team.

Jim Ross: Hello one and all once again to Monday Night Raw and with a huge night ahead of us, you aren’t going to want to miss what’s in order.

Jerry Lawler: A huge main event tonight JR in Sabu taking on Chris Jericho but then Shawn Michaels announces his teammates for SummerSlam!

Jim Ross: That’ll indeed be huge plus with the road to SummerSlam continuing as only three weeks remain!

Jerry Lawler: Indeed JR and to kick off this huge night, we’re going to go ahead and crown a number one contender for the Intercontinental title!

Match #1
#1 Contender’s Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Booker T vs. Carlito vs. Test

Match Overview: The writing team decides to kick off with this match tonight to give it a bit of time and to give the fans something different other than a promo to kick the show off. Of course, this means that the superstars are going to get a good amount of time in the ring and this is mainly to highlight the Intercontinental division. Booker T and Carlito have their squabbles and brawl to the outside of the ring as the referee is threatening to count them out but Booker is quick to ram Carlito back first into the barricade before sliding back into the ring. The ref is at four whenever this happens as Booker slides back in. Booker thinks he has Carlito counted out but Carlito gets into the ring somehow at ten. Over on the other side of the ring, we see Hardy and Test brawling with Test hitting Hardy with some hard rights. Matt Striker is at ringside, cheering on Test, as Test throws Hardy into the ropes. Hardy comes running back at Test but ducks under a clothesline. Hardy doesn’t run against the ropes again and tries for the Twist of Fate but Test counters it and pushes Hardy into the ropes as Hardy comes back, he gets hit right in the back with a huge fist. Test then grabs Hardy, looking for the Pump Handle Slam but Hardy slides off the shoulders and rolls Test up from behind! The referee runs over and counts as Striker tries to run over and break it up but the referee counts the one, two, three and Test finds himself being the first eliminated!

Elimination #1 – Test by Jeff Hardy

Test is ultra pissed and gets back up by throwing Hardy to the outside of the ring. Test hits Hardy first with a huge clothesline knocking him down to the mat. Striker is yelling orders at Test as Test throws Hardy into a Bear Hug position and rams Hardy back first into the turnbuckle pole! Hardy holds his back and as he turns around, he gets hit with a huge Big Boot! Test has made his point as security runs down and has to hold Test back and bring him to the back. Hardy is down on the outside while Booker and Carlito are still going at it in the ring, continuing their feud. Carlito was on the offense until Booker cheated and poked Carlito in the eye without the referee knowing. Booker then took offense from there after slamming Carlito’s head off the turnbuckle. Booker then quickly grabs Carlito and ends up throwing him into the opposing turnbuckles. Booker charges into the corner at Carlito but Carlito moves and as Booker comes out of the corner, Carlito tries for the Back Cracker but can’t get it as Booker holds onto the ropes and Carlito hits his back on the mat. Carlito holds his back in pain as Booker pulls Carlito back up, looking for the Book-End but he can’t hit the Book-End as Carlito elbowed his way out, followed by a kick to the sternum. Carlito was looking then for the Lifting Reverse STO but Booker quickly pushed Carlito off and clotheslines him back down. Booker watches as Carlito gets back onto his feet as Booker runs off the ropes and comes back before hitting the Scissors Kick! The fans boo as Booker hooks the leg of Carlito, looking for the elimination here! One…Two…Three!

Elimination #2 – Carlito by Booker T

Booker sees that Hardy is getting back onto his feet on the outside but Booker doesn’t want to waste time either as he slides to the outside and grabs Hardy rolling him into the ring. Booker pins Hardy rather cockily, thinking Test has already done the damage. Booker only gets a two count, but he gets back onto his feet and pulls Hardy back up with him. Booker now holds Hardy still as he leaps into the air and hits the Houston Side Kick sending Hardy back down to the mat. Booker decides not to cover instead but grabs Hardy once again, this time twisting the arm and looking for the kick to the head and he connects! Hardy falls down to the mat as Booker gets onto one knee! The fans know what is coming as Booker shakes his hand and head and delivers the Spin-a-Roonie right there in the middle of the ring! The fans aren’t too fond of that as Booker continues to tease Hardy in the ring, daring him to get up. Booker waits as Hardy gets back onto his feet and as he does, he runs off the ropes, looking for the Scissors Kick but Hardy moves and Booker misses. Booker runs at Hardy but Hardy ducks, and then quickly grabs the neck hitting a Reverse Neckbreaker. The fans cheer on Hardy as he’s getting back into it. Hardy quickly gets back up and pulls Booker back up with him before sending Hardy into the ropes. Hardy quickly leaps onto the ropes and hits the Whisper in the Wind. Hardy hooks the leg but only gets a two count. As Jeff gets back up, Booker does too and Hardy runs right into Booker’s arms! The Book-End? No as Hardy prevents that from happening from quickly kicking Booker in the sternum! Hardy quickly hits the Twist of Fate out of nowhere before running over to the top rope and leaping onto the turnbuckles! He leaps off and hits the Swanton Bomb and hooks the leg! One…Two…Three!!!

Winner and #1 Contender: Jeff Hardy

Jim Ross: By gawd King, what a match and now Jeff Hardy finds himself heading off into SummerSlam, prepared to face Shelton Benjamin!

Jerry Lawler: And Jeff Hardy had a hell of a match tonight, eliminating two men but it wasn’t without a price.

Jim Ross: He with sustained that beating from Test, then came back to beat Booker and well, the rest is history right King?

Jerry Lawler: Wait, why is Shelton Benjamin out here?

The Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin comes down the ramp before sliding into the ring. Hardy has no clue as Benjamin drops his title on the steps and ambushes Hardy! Hardy can’t stop the beating as he’s had too much taken out of him. Benjamin grabs his title and knocks Hardy out with it before dropping the title in the ring. Benjamin stands Hardy up and Super kicks Hardy back onto the mat. The fans don’t like Benjamin’s actions, as clearly he has no remorse for this man that just went through a grueling match. Benjamin now heads to the outside and grabs a steel chair before placing it in the middle of the ring. Benjamin picks Hardy back up and ends up hitting the T-Bone Suplex onto the steel chair! Hardy’s back collides with the chair and you know, that has got to hurt Hardy big time! Benjamin’s music plays as he grabs his title and we hear JR and King having a fit at ringside about how Benjamin has changed as of recent.


We head backstage after the break to see Todd Grisham standing by with Charlie Haas.

Todd Grisham: Right now I’m standing by with Charlie Haas and last week, Charlie you started on your tag team quest. But may we ask you, do you think Val Venis is the partner that you need?

Charlie Haas: No Todd, Val wasn’t the person I thought I could use. And as for next week, I’ve already found a partner and I think he is just the right man to get the job done to try and win tag team gold with.

Todd Grisham: Charlie, we know that you have decided to “hang it up” as a singles wrestler but really, it was only a few losses, why did you quit on that path?

Charlie Haas: Well Todd, I never was abl…

Out of nowhere walks in the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin walks past Haas as if he doesn’t see him.

Shelton Benjamin: Todd, you ready for that interview? Did you just see what I did to Jeff Hardy out there?

Charlie Haas: Ahem.

Benjamin thought he heard something and he turns around to see his former tag partner, Charlie Haas, standing behind him. Benjamin throws Haas a blank look, wondering why Haas is getting an interview right now.

Shelton Benjamin: Long time no see. But sorry Charlie, the Intercontinental Champion has some things to say and well to put it simple Charlie, you need to get steppin’.

Haas doesn’t take too kind to these comments as he stares at Benjamin.

Charlie Haas: I’m sorry Shelton but I wa…

Shelton Benjamin: Until you can actually get on the level of me Charlie, then I don’t want to talk or even listen to you. So good luck going to find you a tag partner but you need to leave now because Todd and me need to talk about my match at SummerSlam.

Haas once again looks ultimately pissed as Shelton turns around and looks at Todd.

Shelton Benjamin: Now Todd, if you would…

Grisham goes to interview Benjamin but Haas stops him.

Charlie Haas: One day Shelton, one day I’ll show you why I carried you Shelton. It might be the day I win the tag titles again or it might be the day that I take YOUR Intercontinental title Shelton, but just know one day, I’ll be on your “level”

Haas walks off as Shelton smirks but can’t believe what Haas just said to him. Benjamin doesn’t even want an interview now as he walks off as we head down to ringside.

Jim Ross: Wow, some controversy between two former tag partners there in Charlie Haas and the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin.

Jerry Lawler: We all know Benjamin is above Haas but for some reason, Haas thinks that he is above Benjamin.

Jim Ross: Both are talented men but Shelton just happens to have a bad attitude, and as for now, we’ve got a bit of divas action coming up!

Jerry Lawler: I’ve been waiting a while JR for some more puppies and I get some more tonight. This night couldn’t get any better!

Match #2
Maria w/ Mickie James vs. Melina w/ Victoria

Match Overview: A quick divas match that is more or less just to have a mini-feud going on between Maria and Melina, while get the main women’s feud, in Mickie/Victoria some air time too. Melina works over Maria as Maria gets a few periods of offense in but it’s mainly Melina working over Maria and it all starts with a Reverse DDT from Melina. Mickie tries cheering on Maria to get her back into the match but Melina is too much for Maria as she gets Maria back up and ends up hitting her with an Inverted Leg Drop Bulldog. The fans boo but are amazed by this new awesome move that Melina debuts and she pins Maria with a leg split pin! Mickie tries getting into the ring to break up the cover but the Women’s Champion, Victoria holds back Maria by throwing her back first into the barricade! The ref gets down and counts the win for Melina.

Winner: Melina

Melina celebrates her victory as she makes her way up the ramp. Victoria hoists her Women’s Championship onto her shoulder as Mickie checks on Maria in the ring. Victoria makes her way up the ramp, laughing at Mickie, as she couldn’t save her “friend” tonight in the ring from getting beaten by Melina. We head to a commercial now with Mickie and Maria still in the ring.


Once we return from the break, we head backstage to first see the name Mr. McMahon on a door. Shortly after, we are brought inside Mr. McMahon’s office as we see his team, Triple H, Christian, and Rated RKO all sitting down.

Mr. McMahon: Now men, I brought you all here tonight for one reason, and that is to address something that happened last week.

The team looks confused, wondering why they were brought here.

Mr. McMahon: Now before I arranged this team, I never thought of the fact that each one of you has a former ally on here. Edge, that being your brother Christian, and for you Triple H, that being your former protégé, Randy Orton.

All four men shake their heads in agreeance.

Mr. McMahon: But I’ll be damned if we have all this bickering going on between each and every one of you from here until SummerSlam. I brought all four of you together because I knew each one of you could get the job done. So damn it, man up and stop all this crap or I’ll be forced to kick you off the team and possibly even say a famous line of mine…

Mr. McMahon: Is that understood?

Each member of the team says yes and Triple H stands up.

Triple H: Thanks Vince but first off, I want to say something to the team. Sure, we might not have liked each other in the past but we’re in this for one thing. Shawn Michaels has bothered me all summer and now, that’s got to end. We’re all here to make sure that Shawn Michaels’s career is ended at SummerSlam.

Christian takes a stand too now as he looks at Edge and Orton, still sitting down.

Christian: I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been “breaking out” into a marquee name as of recent and I’d love to do nothing more than be the man that ends Shawn Michaels’s career. Michaels has stolen my spotlight and has tried to destroy what is of “Captain Charisma” and that’s not cool at all. So I say that I am the one that pins Michaels at SummerSlam and we…

Orton stands up, clearly pissed that Christian made these comments.

Randy Orton: Listen Christian, unlike you, I have a reason to “kill” Shawn Michael’s career and that’s because well, I’m the Legend Killer! They don’t call me that for no reason. Hell, I’ve beaten Shawn Michaels in the ring before, and you, well I can’t remember the last time that you even beat a legend, much less won a match.

Christian smirks since he knows that he beat Flair last week but by cheating. Edge stands up to back up his friend Orton.

Edge: Back off Christian. Randy made a good point here and you know what, I want to say something to the whole team. I’m the one that’s got the most to lose out of all of you. If I don’t win this match, I can’t go back and get my rematch at the World-Heavyweight Championship, which is utter bullshit! I’ve worked hard to get that title back and I’m n…

Mr. McMahon: SHADDUP!!!

McMahon intervenes, noticing that arguing is already beginning once again.

Mr. McMahon: Every damn one of you sit down! I’m not going to take this! I’ve already had enough of this and if this continues, I’ll disband the whole team. Now damn it, grow up and act like a team. This is what is going to be the downfall if this crap continues and I’m not having this. I’m not going to lose to Shawn Michaels. We’ve gone far too long against him and this is not going to happen to me at SummerSlam. Now, got it?

All the team shakes their heads once again in agreeance.

Mr. McMahon: You’re all dismissed.

All of the team members leave; with Randy Orton being the last one out the door as Vince stops him.

Mr. McMahon: Randy, you know, you made me think of something whenever you mentioned something about being a “Legend Killer’ And you know what Randy, I’ve got a job for you tonight in that ring. You’re going to live up to your Legend Killer status because tonight, your opponent is going to be Ric Flair!

Orton shows a sick smile as he makes his way out of the office with McMahon smiling in approval.


Match #3
MNM vs. The Highlanders

Match Overview: This is the World Tag Team Champions first match in a while back on Raw as they haven’t wrestled before Saturday Night’s Main Event so it’s been about three weeks or so since they’ve been in action. They show a little ring rust but Mercury stops that whenever he kicks Robbie hard in the back of the head. Mercury then brings Robbie into the corner with him and tags in Nitro, who leaps over the top rope and drops a leg over the throat of Robbie! The fans start to get behind the Highlanders as Rory is on the outside cheering on the fans by clapping. This starts to get Robbie back into the match as he elbows Nitro in the sternum but as he runs toward the corner to tag in, Nitro grabs Robbie and slings him back down onto the mat. Nitro starts stomping away at Robbie as Rory comes running into the ring! Mercury quickly runs over and head butts Rory in the stomach sending him to the outside of the ring. Nitro hits Robbie with an DDT and then follows it up with the Standing Shooting Star Press! Nitro quickly hooks the leg as the fans boo, One…Two…Three!!!

Winners: MNM

MNM celebrate as Melina, who wrestled Maria earlier in the night hands both of the boys their title. Rory is on the outside, getting back up onto his feet as MNM hold their tag titles high, daring any team to come after them.

Jim Ross: And with MNM being back on Raw now, I just have to wonder if there is any team that can take the titles away from them?

Jerry Lawler: I’m not sure if there really is JR and if there is, well good luck to them as MNM dominated out there tonight.

We head backstage to see Chris Jericho and Chuck Palumbo talking backstage.

Chris Jericho: Chuck, thanks for doing this for me. And hey, you remember what’s in it for you?

Chuck Palumbo: Yeah, how can I forget?

Chris Jericho: Good. Well listen tonight, I’ve got to go out there and face Sabu, and well, I’m not really so “sure” about this match. I’m not really that fond of stepping into the ring with a lunatic anyways but there is no telling what in the hell Sabu has planned. After all, look where he made it big…

Jericho taunts RVD by doing the thumb taunt but instead says….

Chris Jericho: E…C…W!

The crowd doesn’t like that mimicking of RVD as Palumbo and Jericho share a laugh with one another.

Chris Jericho: If RVD even thinks about interfering tonight, you remember what your job is to do. I can’t take any chances heading into SummerSlam and injuring myself or have anything go wrong because then, the fans won’t have a chance to see the Human Highlight Reel in action…

Chris Jericho: The man of the hour…

Jericho continues on saying these quotes.

Chris Jericho: The man of power…

Chris Jericho: The ayatollah of rock and rolla…

Jericho stops and raises his hands in the air.

Chris Jericho: Chris Jericho!

Palumbo claps for Jericho as you can hear boos coming in from the crowd.

Chris Jericho: Remember Chuck you do your job you get rewarded. You don’t do your job, well then let’s not say what happens.

Chris Jericho: Got it?

Chuck Palumbo: Got it.

The camera pans out as we head to another commercial break.


We head backstage to see Todd Grisham standing by with Ric Flair.

Todd Grisham: Hello everybody and at this time, I’d like to introduce my guest, the man that is about to go one on one with the “Legend Killer” Randy Orton. He is the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair!

Flair walks in wearing his colorful robe and of course…

Ric Flair: WOOOOOOO!!!!

Ric Flair: Todd, I feel great. Christian cheated to beat me last week but Randy, you listen up. Hunter and myself, we trained you. We breaded you into becoming what you are now. Would it not be for us, you wouldn’t be where you are at today. A former World-Heavyweight Champion, and still a huge contender for the title. You learnt from the best Randy and tonight, well tonight I’m going to have to take you to school once again!

Todd Grisham: Ric, with only three weeks left until SummerSlam, you’re getting ready to step into the Steel Cage Showdown. Are you prepared yet at all for what you’re getting yourself into?

Ric Flair: Of course Todd. Ric Flair is to the steel cage as is Shawn Michaels to stealing the show. It’s like we were meant for it. You can’t deny that and that’s why tonight I’m going to give you all a preview of SummerSlam when I beat Randy tonight. The Naitch has been ready for SummerSlam for a while now but I can promise you all whether I walk out of that arena that night with a blood stained face and blood stained hair or not a drip of blood on me, I’m going to make sure that Shawn Michaels gets what he deserves, a victory.

Todd Grisham: Anything else Ric.

Ric Flair: Randy, just be prepared because when you step into the ring with the Nature Boy, you’re stepping in with the best, better than the rest. Stylin and profiling. A Limousine riding, jet flyin’, wheelin’ dealin’, kiss stealin’, son of a gun! And Randy, you’ve picked the wrong night to mess with this legend.

Flair walks off into the arena as the cameras head into the arena.

Match #4
Randy Orton vs. Ric Flair

Match Overview: Both men put on a good match with Orton working over Flair’s back after he caught Flair with a huge backbreaker. This is a good advantage to Orton as he ends up Irish whipping Flair into the ropes back first. Orton charges and clotheslines Flair back into the corner where he came from. Flair grasps at his back as Orton clotheslines Flair back down onto the mat. The fans boo as Orton shows a sick smile to the fans before dragging Flair back onto his feet. Orton looks for a neck breaker but Flair quickly chops Orton hard. Flair goes a on a streak with some huge chops, sending Orton flying. Flair watches as Orton turns around and Flair takes advantage by running over and chop blocking Orton from behind, sending the Legend Killer flying down onto the mat. Flair gets back to his feet and runs off the ropes and drops a knee right across the head of Orton! The fans are getting behind the Nature Boy as he walks over and tries to wrap his legs around Orton’s for the Figure Four Leg Lock but Orton pushes Flair off into the ropes. Flair rebounds off the ropes and runs right into a huge dropkick from Orton! Things aren’t looking too good for Flair, and Orton goes to take advantage of this as he slides to the outside and grabs a pair of brass knucks. Orton comes into the ring with the knucks and looks to hit Flair with them but the referee takes them away from Orton and goes to hand them over. Flair doesn’t think the referee knows but he hits Orton with a blatant low blow and the referee caught it out of the corner of his eye.

Winner via DQ: Randy Orton

Jim Ross: Ric Flair had every right there to hit Orton down low because Orton had much worse intentions with those brass knucks.

Jerry Lawler: JR, Flair cheated but had it been Orton, you’d have been all over Orton and complaining about it for sure.

Jim Ross: No I woul…damn it, it’s Edge!

Edge slides into the ring as Flair gets back onto his feet and Flair runs right into a Spear from Edge! Edge starts hitting some hard rights on Flair causing the legend to bleed in the ring. Edge is going ballistic in the ring on Flair! Edge walks over and grabs a steel chair before hitting Flair in the head, connecting with the Con-Chair-To! The fans watch as Flair’s blood is spilling all over the canvas before Edge drops the chair and heads over, helping Orton back up. Rated RKO make their way out of the arena as Flair lays in the ring, a bloody heap with medical coming to attend to him.

Jerry Lawler: Where is Shawn Michaels now, JR?

Jim Ross: Damn it King! You know it and I know it! Shawn Michaels is not here yet so stop asking where he is!

Jerry Lawler: Well when Michaels does get here, he’s going to have himself a pleasant surprise when he sees that his tag partner just got the hell beat out of him.


After the break, we see a black screen come across with a warning. The narrator suddenly starts speaking.

Narrator: The following video is to promote the upcoming debuts of a new tag team to Raw, that being the team of JTG and Shad Gaspard. Nobody was harmed in the making of this video.

We suddenly head out to a gas station in the middle of nowhere. An old truck is parked getting gas. A rather old man, probably in his 60’s is pumping gas right now when a Cadillac comes rolling up.

JTG: Yo.

Shad: Yo.

JTG and Shad: YO!

JTG and Shad walk over to the old man.

Old White Man: Can I help you boys?

JTG: Chyeah!

Old White Man: I’m sorry what did you say?

JTG: Yeah! Can you tell us how to get to da’ um…damn! What’s that over there!

JTG, wearing a bullet proof vest points over to the road. There is clearly nothing over there but the old man looks anyways. JTG quickly snatches the wallet out of the old man’s pocket and JTG runs over to the Cadillac. Shad is already sitting in the car, waiting for JTG.

Old White Man: Hey get back here!!!

The old white man starts to chase the car but he doesn’t get too far as we see him hold his back in pain. We cut over to see Shad driving and JTG counting all the money the man has. JTG holds some money in the air and puts some in his mouth, flashing it for the camera.

JTG: Money…

Shad: Money…

JTG: Yeah, yeah!

Shad: Hey J…

JTG: Yeah?

Shad: Good job on that one. That old white man didn’t stand a chance.

The camera starts to pan out as we see the team drive out before the camera focuses on their license plate, which has the words, Cryme Tyme stamped on it! The words Cryme Tyme are shown on a black screen before showing the words, coming in three weeks!

Jim Ross: Haha! We have a new tag team coming to Raw and those boys certainly seem like they might get into a lot of trouble here on Raw.

Jerry Lawler: Whatever the case is JR, I’m sure they’re going to make an impact in the tag division, that’s for sure.

Jim Ross: And as of right now, we’ve still got the huge announcement of Shawn Michaels’s tag partners but it’s time for our main event!

Jerry Lawler: Indeed it is because right now, we’ve got Sabu about to take on Chris Jericho, one on one right now!

Match #5
Sabu vs. Chris Jericho

Match Overview: This turns out to be a decent main event but it doesn’t get as much time as normal since Raw is running a little pressed for time. Sabu gets some huge spots in, including a huge Guillotine Leg Drop. Sabu covered but only got two. Palumbo broke it up by pulling Sabu to the outside but RVD came over and both RVD and Palumbo got into it at ringside. It turned into a huge fight with RVD and Palumbo fighting throughout the crowd, after RVD hit a huge Spinning Heel Kick sending the big man, Palumbo straight to the outside. This leaves Jericho and Sabu in the ring by themselves as Sabu makes his way up the top ropes. Sabu leaps off the ropes, looking for some possible move, and it looked like he was going for a Split Legged move but Jericho catches Sabu and drives him back first into the mat with the first phase of the Double Powerbomb! Jericho musters enough strength to bring Sabu back into the air again and hit another one before pushing Sabu hard onto the mat with the pin! The fans boo but Sabu is able to kick out. Jericho picks Sabu up before Irish whipping him into the ropes. Sabu jumps onto the middle rope, looking for a Springboard Leg Lariat but Jericho is able to grab the legs of Sabu and hook in the Walls of Jericho! Sabu tries crawling towards the ropes for a while and they give him credit as Sabu is trying his best and he stays in the submission move for a long time but the pain he has taken from the power bomb tonight is too much! Sabu still doesn’t tap out as he starts crawling towards the ropes and he grabs them! Sabu didn’t give up and it paid off! Sabu now pulls himself up on the ropes as Jericho runs at him but Sabu moves and Jericho runs into the ropes! Sabu rolls Jericho up from behind and Sabu gets the huge win tonight!

Winner: Sabu

Sabu slides to the outside of the ring as Jericho smacks the mat in disbelief. Jericho dares Sabu to step back into the ring with him but Sabu’s not going to. Jericho can’t believe he lost tonight as we head to a final commercial break.


Sexy Boy hits across the arena and out walks Shawn Michaels in his ring gear. Michaels gets into the ring and wastes no time grabbing a mic.

Shawn Michaels: Hello Louisville!

The crowd pops for the cheap pop.

Shawn Michaels: Vince, I’ve been waiting since last week for this chance to finally get back at you. You’ve been sticking your nose in MY business and you know it didn’t belong. Yet, you continued doing this and well, you’re team is going to have a steep price to pay for the mistakes that you’ve made Vince. This was always between Hunter and myself but for some reason, you thought you had something to do with it.

The crowd pops, getting behind Michaels.

Shawn Michaels: I know you’ve been waiting to find out who exactly is going to be my teammates at SummerSlam, and well, let me just say that if you think your team is “stacked” just wait till you see what the good ole’ Heart Break Kid has cooked up.

H-B-K chants break out.

Shawn Michaels: So without further ado, my first tag partner is a former WWE Champion, a man that has fought battles and been through war many times. This kid right here has the potential to be a Hall of Fame here in the WWE and well, let’s just say that most of you fans are “down with him” (HBK throws his arms together as if he is hip which gets a slight chuckle.) My second teammate for SummerSlam…

Shawn Michaels: John Cena!!!

My Time is Now hits across the arena and out walks John Cena! Cena makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans before climbing up the steps and throwing up the Word Life symbol. Cena gets into the ring, shakes hands with Michaels and walks over before grabbing a mic from Lilian Garcia.

John Cena: Yo…yo…yo…yo…yo!

The crowd pops as Michaels shows a smile to Cena.

John Cena: Shawn, my boy, thanks for having me on your team. I’ve been waiting, dying for a chance to try and get back to the WWE title and even though not is not my time, I’m going to help a good friend of mine in HBK, try and, wait no! Defeat Team McMahon at SummerSlam!

The crowd pops as Cena points to Michaels.

John Cena: “The Heart Break Kid” Shawn Michaels! But now since we're here in Louisville, Kentucky, I think I might throw down a rap here about my opponents at SummerSlam.

The crowd pops, knowing it is rare to see Cena rap anymore.

John Cena: Mister McMahon, he ain't go nothing on me, he better back up because I don't swing like that, please!

The fans laugh at McMahon's part of the rap.

John Cena: Edge, what has he done here in the WWE? Only thing I can remember is screwing his girlfriend on her way out of the company!

The crowd pops for Lita, who left last month.

John Cena: And for his little buddy, Randy Orton. Every time I hear him talk, he always makes me yawn. And apparently every time he's in the ring with Edge, he gets a hard on!

The crowd pops as Cena is on fire tonight with his raps.

John Cena: Christian, Captain Charisma! You claim that everyone here is your number one peep. But every time I see you, you're normally lying in bed with Edge, sure as hell not asleep!

The crowd continues popping until...

No Chance hits across the arena as Cena just got out here and Mr. McMahon is going to interrupt him. McMahon walks down the ramp, rather furious right now. McMahon climbs up the steps and gets into the ring before getting a mic handed to him.

Mr. McMahon: Enough!

The crowd boos McMahon.

Mr. McMahon: I didn't come out here to hear you lame rap John Cena, it's making me sick anyways. And for you Shawn, I didn’t come out here to listen to you waste my time on Raw here with John and all this crap. Damn it, I want to know who your last tag partner is and I want to know now!

The crowd boos as McMahon stomps his foot in fury.

Shawn Michaels: Are you sure you want to know Vince?

Shawn asks Vince and Vince looks positive that he wants to know.

Mr. McMahon: Yes, I’m positive.

Michaels looks at McMahon once again.

Shawn Michaels: Are you for sure Vince?

McMahon gets into Michaels’s face and starts yelling.

Mr. McMahon: Damn it, yes!

Michaels shakes his head, wondering if McMahon is at all ready for this.

Shawn Michaels: Well, if you’re positive about this, then let me go ahead and introduce your team’s final opponent at SummerSlam, everybody please welcome…

There is an awkward silence for a minute.

Mr. McMahon: Come on, come out! Are you a cowar…

Glass Shatters hits and out walks Stone Cold Steve Austin! McMahon falls down to the mat, holding his head acting as if he is going to cry! Cena and Michaels both laugh at McMahon as Austin carries his cooler down the ramp and into the ring. Austin slides the cooler into the ring and grabs two beers, opening them up and crushing them together before chugging them down. Austin walks over and salutes the other side of the ring now before walking over to McMahon and kicking him.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: What’s wrong Vince?

The crowd pops as Austin kicks Vince again.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Ya got a problem with good ole Stone Cold? Is something bothering you Vince?


Stone Cold Steve Austin: Come on Vince, go ahead and tell good ole Stone Cold. Stone Cold wants to know what’s wrong.

WHAT? Chants continue to break out as Vince gets back onto his feet and looks into the eyes of Stone Cold. Michaels and Cena are both to the side, watching.

Mr. McMahon: Leave me alone Steve. This is n..

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Vince, ya got a problem with good ole Stone Cold bein’ on Shawn Michaels team? Is that it? Are you afraid that at SummerSlam I’m going to open up one big ass can of whoop ass? Or is it just the fact that you don’t have the balls to stand up and talk to Stone Cold like a man right here in this ring?


Mr. McMahon: I’ll tell you what Steve! I’ll tell you what’s wrong. (Shouting) I’m sick and tired of people like you trying to ruin my company. You come in and act as if you have no respect for what I’ve put my heart and soul into for the past 20 years and yet you don’t give a crap! Well I’m sick and tired of that Steve. First it was you, now it’s Shawn Michaels. I’m sure half these fans in this arena don’t give a crap either!

The crowd pops showing McMahon they don’t care.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: So you’re trying to say this whole thing is Stone Cold’s fault huh? You tryin’ to imply the fact that all those times that Stone Cold was just havin’ fun here on Raw, he was ruining your company? Is that what you’re trying to say Vince?

McMahon stares at Stone Cold as it has went through one ear and out the other.

Mr. McMahon: I’ll put it plain and simple so even a dumb redneck like you can understand. I HATE YOU STONE COLD!

McMahon throws his mic down and slaps Austin across the face! The fans pop as Austin shakes his head in disgust! Austin drops McMahon with a Stunner right in the ring as McMahon flips over and Austin walks over and grabs a beer! Austin celebrates with Cena and Michaels in the ring for a few short seconds until down comes Triple H, Christian, and Randy Orton! All three of them run into the ring but Michaels catches Christian with Sweet Chin Music. Cena and Orton go at it for a few seconds before Cena dumps Orton to the outside with a huge clothesline! Austin and Triple H go at it with Austin getting the best of Triple H. All three men then end up clotheslining Hunter to the outside of the ring. They go to celebrate again but suddenly, a video comes up on the screen.

Edge: Shawn, I bet you’re wondering where Ric is right?

Michaels is confused as he wasn’t here earlier whenever Flair got attacked by Edge. Edge is backstage in a “hospital room” but really; he’s backstage in an room set up to be in a hospital. Edge walks over and points to Flair who’s lying in a Hospital bed with a bloody rag over his head.

Edge: We’re going to break your team down one by one Shawn. You’re not going to have anything left before SummerSlam. So Shawn, I’ll see you next week.

Edge walks off as the camera focuses on Flair lying in the hospital bed. The show ends with that final clip as it cuts out.

Banner Credit: Crazian

WWE SummerSlam
Sunday August 20, 2006
Los Angeles, California
Staples Center
Official Theme Song: Enemy by Fozzy

WWE Championship
Rob Van Dam (c) w/ Sabu vs. Chris Jericho w/ Chuck Palumbo

World-Heavyweight Championship
Triple Threat Match

Kurt Angle (c) vs. JBL vs. Mark Henry

Steel Cage Showdown
Team McMahon (Triple H, Christian, and Rated RKO) vs. Team Michaels (Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, John Cena, and Stone Cold Steve Austin)

Intercontinental Championship
Shelton Benjamin (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

More Matches TBA
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

nice show mate

loved how jeff is the no 1 contender

nice promos really detailed and well written

other than the first one the matches were a bit short but they were still good



WWE 2015: Chaos Ensues

Review for Review
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Smackdown Review:

Great opening promo to start off the show. The only problems with it was that JBL came out a bit too quickly, as Teddy Long could have said some more lines before JBL made his entrance. The other being that Angle and possibly Henry could have made an appearance in the segment. However with the announcement that Long made, it looks like JBL might either win the title at Summerslam, or head over to Raw, or possibly retire from this thread and become an announcer on Smackdown or on Raw.

Good opening match. Great booking with having Super Crazy pin Noble for the win, as it gives Crazy some more momentum with his feud with Noble following his loss against Noble at the GAB.

Seems like you have a feud between Batista and Taker going on in this thread. However, Batista’s promo was really good, though it was kind of short. But since Batista doesn’t say that many words in the first place, it fits his character.

Great way to set up a match between Hardy, Mysterio, Kennedy, and now Finlay. Looks like a possible feud between Kennedy and Hardy might come from this segment, which would be good, as like the current real life MVP/Matt Hardy feud, it can give credibility to both Matt and Kennedy, and add prestige to the United States Championship.

Dave Taylor has finally made his appearance in this thread. Not surprised to see Regal and Taylor get the win, as the match looked like nothing more than a way to get Taylor and Regal over as a tag team. And as from the sign of respect from the champs, London and Kendrick, looks like a possible feud between the two teams might take place within the next couple of weeks.

Funny SummerSlam video man. As for the Angle promo, I think that you captured Angle’s intensity side to a T. Angle practically just made the Street Fight have some actual credibility. So far the buildup for the Triple Threat World Heavyweight Championship Match at Summerslam has been great.

As expected the tag match between Mysterio/Hardy versus Kennedy/Finlay was great. Mysterio and Hardy get the win, and smart booking in having Lashley interfere and cost Finlay the match, as it keeps Kennedy from losing his ground since winning the title, and it continues the feud between Lashley and Finlay.

The MVP Challenge, looks like just another rendition of the Kurt Angle Invitational or the MasterLock Challenge, as it gets MVP over in this thread. Surprised to see Holly in this match, but at least you give Holly a chance despite the fact that he doesn’t win the match. As far as the segment with MVP/Burchill, it’s good to see Burchill being used in BTB, and MVP vs. Burchill can be an interesting feud if booked right.

Surprised not to hear anymore catchphrases from Henry, like the mention of being the “Silverback.” However the promo was really good in putting over the upcoming Street Fight between Henry vs. Angle.

Excellent Main Event man. Not surprised that JBL interfered in the match. However Henry takes control of the match and wins, and makes a statement by throwing the World Heavyweight Championship on the canvas by Angle, and standing tall at the end of the show with Angle still on the canvas, and JBL on the outside holding his ankle.

Overall the show was really good, as it got the gears running for Summerslam on the Smackdown side of things. Looks like a possible Hardy/Kennedy match and MVP/Burchill match might take place at Summerslam. While Raw has the big matches so far, I still think that Summerslam might be Smackdown’s event. Also, Summerslam looks like it is going to be a big PPV, and one of the biggest PPV in BTB this fall. Looking forward to it.

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Might give some feedback tomorrow for Raw.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

King of Painís RAW Review.

Firstly man, sorry if this is a bit brief, Iím strapped for time, but none the less, as you know Iím really looking forward to seeing how this show pans out. Particularly for the Michaels announcement! Better not disappoint!

We start with a match! Excellent! I love it. That must mean weíre ending with a promo, then. Anyways, we kick off with the IC Title number 1 contenders match. Booker still seems above an IC Title Number 1 contendership match to me, but thatís just my opinion. Good to see you give this one plenty of detail, going into all of the falls, which is great. The beat down from Test on Jeff was nice as I feel it makes his win come over even stronger, even though he got the crap beaten out of him, he still was able to win. I really enjoyed the ending here man to be honest, it flowed so nicely and it seems you have a good ability writing both Jeff and Booker, perhaps a feud down the line? Anyway, really nice, fast paced ending. The only flaw was you said that Jeff leapt off the turnbuckle and hit the Twist of Fate. Perhaps you may want to edit that? The beat down after the match was good, perhaps somewhat uncharacteristic of Shelton but it was still good for adding some fire to the feud and making it a bit more personal, even though it was bleeding obvious that the match was gonna happen.

Intriguing segment here with Haas and Shelton. I donít mind Sheltonís cocky, arrogant persona that youíre displaying with him here to be honest, man. Itís different and slightly refreshing for him. Iím looking forward to seeing where you go with him and Charlie though as feuds between them have been done to death, so I guess weíll see. I think Charlieís mission to find a tag partner will come to a halt and heíll just go after Sheltonís belt instead.

Females. Meh. Next please.

Good promo with Team Vince. The tension in the ranks was to be expected and itís good to see youíre playing that off appropriately. I enjoyed the way you portrayed Orton particularly, I thought he was very much on song here and your descriptions of the mannerisms and such of them all was good to see too, as it definitely added more to the promo.

MNM squash the Highlanders. Fair enough. Nothing major here. I guess MNM needed that since they hadnít wrestled much in a while.

You made Chuck look like Jerichoís little bitch here. Lol. No complaints though. Anyway, solid promo from Jericho, he was very much in character although it wouldíve been nice to have seen the crowds reactions incorporated a little bit.

Solid promo from Flair here, pretty generic, but it was still effective and he was definitely very much in character.

Probably the smartest result here. Another loss for Flair wouldíve been curtains while it seems like youíre trying to build up Orton quite a bit so it wouldíve been stupid for him to lose. Well booked, the brass knux spot definitely suits in with the current storyline as well. The aftermath was good, with Edge beating the crap out of Flair, definitely makes the feud even more personal, for mine. If it wasnít enough already.

Lol. Cryme Tyme. Very cool.

Well, Sabu beats Jericho. Coolness. This definitely has the momentum very much in RVDís favour. It was definitely interesting to see that you didnít have RVD involved in the finish as well, makes for something different in a match like this anyway. Sabu comes out of this looking tops, could he be in line for a push, perhaps? Anyway, solid match up man, well written again. Your matches tonight have all been written very, very well btw.

A really solid promo here to finish the show. HBK was right on the money, I hated Cena though. Honestly. I hate his raps, and this was no different. I didnít like it at all, but thatís just because I donít appreciate any form of rap at all, nor am I one to critique it, it may have been very good in the eyes of a rap fan, but in my eyes, boring. Bland. Generic. Austin being the second partner shocked the hell out of me to be honest with you, I didnít see it coming at all. You nailed him man, his character was spot on and this promo really was an excellent way to end the show, particularly coz Iím not a fan of ending with promos at all, but Iím more than willing to make an exception with one. IT was very entertaining, you captured everyones characters very well and it was a perfect length to end the show.

Overall, a great show mate. As I said the other day with your SD review, itís very clear that Raw is your priority. It really is much better than SD atm, although Smackdown is far from bad. Raw just has a much greater star power and more captivating storylines atm. Well done mate. Great show.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

KOP's Raw Review

~ What a way to kick off the show! This has been a hotly anticipated show since last week's announcement. I'm just wondering though, why Test was in this match instead of Matt Striker. I was under the impression that Striker was the one getting the push and that Test was just his bodyguard. It might be that you didn't want Striker to take the fall/pin is all. Curious though. No real surprise to see Test go out first, since he was never going to get the shot anyway. The assault on Jeff Hardy pretty much guarantees his victory, with some spectacular comeback I'll bet. I still think that Carlito and Booker T are better then how you are treating them; certainly higher than this mid card level you have them at anyway. Quite surprising to see Carlito eliminated cleanly by Booker, but I guess it furthers their feud. Jeff makes his miraculous comeback to get the win, but I think you meant to say that he hit the Swanton Bomb at the end, not a second Twist Of Fate Wow, hell of a beat down for Jeff afterwards from Shelton Benjamin, pretty much solidifying his heel turn here. Judging from the opening to this feud and the way it has gone so far, I can see Jeff getting the title at SummerSlam.

~ I'm not really sure what to make of this next segment. I was all but convinced that Charlie Haas would be going some way to bolstering up your tag team division, but I can safely say that I'm delighted to see this hint at a single's push. Nothing about this promo really blew me a way, since both Haas and Benjamin are weak talkers, but I love the concept of a feud between the two of them () and I think using Shelton as the heel is an original take. Benjamin is tied up with Hardy for now though, so I may be reading far too much into this.

~ Short but sweet little Diva's match next. No real surprise to see Melina go over Maria here, since Melina will be beneficial to the Women's title division. Whenever Victoria is the Champ, or at least involved in the title hunt, it always makes the division much better, so good work.

~ Nice segment between Team McMahon, with all of these superb heels in character throughout. I like the idea of the constant hostility between all of them, especially with Christian having feuded with both Edge and Orton during his face run. Great announcement for the match tonight between Flair and Orton; I cam see some kind of beat down coming. One thing that worries me though, is that this feud has now become THE feud on Raw right now, and the WWE title is being made to take a bit of a backseat.

~ Pretty much a squash match for the World Tag Team Champions over their opponents from Vengeance in the Highlnaders, and it's blatantly obvious that you are REALLY struggling with the tag team division. I don't blame you, since it was very slim at this time anyway. The Highlanders can do for now as the face team to hold the fort, but without any credible opponents, I can see MNM holding the belts for a LONG time.

~ Another interesting segment next. You used Jericho to carry the promo, which is smart thinking, seeing as Palumbo has untested mic ability, and you have learned to write wonderfully with Y2J throughout this thread. As to what Jericho was referring to about the "favour" he'll do for Chuck, I can only think that it is a future title shot if he helps him get the gold. As for the match later tonight, Jericho should really go over Sabu cleanly in ordrer to maintain his strength.

~ Nice promo from Ric Flair next. I think this is one of Naitch's first interviews in a while, and SummerSlam could be his first PPV appearance since the Royal Rumble? There's always plenty of history between him and Orton, so it makes for some patented intense segments from Naitch. I doubt Flair will get the win tonight; most likely he'll take the fall. I can see Flair taking the fall at SummerSlam too in the Steel Cage Showdown, since I've got my money on a heel victory and it makes most sense to have the oldest guy get pinned.

~ Yeah, somehow I doubted this match would go smoothly between Randy Orton and Ric Flair. The ending certainly surprised me though, with Orton first going for the brass knucks but ends up with Naitch getting DQ'd after a low blow. That's a patented Nature Boy finish really, and I guess it works well since Flair lost to Christian last week, and he should never be a jobber. The aftermath was brutal to say the least, very reminiscent of what Rated RKO did in early '07 constantly. Just like J.R and King were wondering, I was baffled as to why NO ONE, let alone Shawn Michaels came to the aid of Flair. Why would you leave your partner all alone?

~ Ah that's good old fashioned family racism I hate Cryme Tyme's gimmick and all, but I guess a face team is desperately required for Raw right now.

~ GOOD GOD NO! Did Jericho just lose cleanly to ... to ... to Sabu? That has to be one of the strangest results I've ever read in your thread, Jericho is the #1 Contender to the WWE title, yet he jobs basically to a debutant? Certainly unusual, and it might just be the Y2J mark in me that is so pissed. You may need to explain yourself on MSN, bud If you plan on having Sabu enter the WWE title picture, I fear the worst.

~ Great promo to end the show with, FINALLY letting us know the ultimate line ups for Team Showstopper. HBK was excellent here I'll let you know, and I think you can pat me on the back on something since I named Cena in his team ages ago His rap was quite poor though to be honest, and didn't really have any flow to it. I was pleased to see some more of McMahon tonight, and part of me wishes that he would wrestle at SummerSlam. Make it 5 on 5 please? Never, never in a million years did I have Stone Cold down as the final member of HBK's team. That's kind of stupid of me since it makes perfect sense. Austin's short segment was great, but I don't think Vince would have slapped him, would he? The final shot with Edge getting the last laugh was ... well ... sick. I love Edge as a deranged lunatic, so this was an excellent, and slightly old school idea for him to use. Excellent idea.

Overall this was a very good show, KOP, probably slightly better than your last one. I'm still reeling from Sabu defeating Jericho, but I'm sure you had your reasons. The opening match and ending promo were superb, and I commend you for that. Very well done indeed
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Ok, I'll share some comments. First off, Test was in the match because a few weeks ago back on Raw, Test fought Hardy. So Test has been getting the shots at wrestling now while Striker has been "sitting back" so to speak. Kinda like the Big Daddy V direction going on in real life WWE right now. As for Booker and Carlito, yeh they probably are above this but I didn't have anything else for them and this was another way to further advance their feud. And considering the fact they've been in matches with Hardy, Test, and Striker for the past few weeks, it does make sense.

As for the Haas/Benjamin segment, it was just a future hint to tease a Haas/Benjamin reunion. Haas will still continue his tag team journey.

Onto the Tag Division situation, yeah I realize it's lacking. With Haas and his future partner coming in and of course Cryme Tyme as mentioned, that's five teams. There will be more coming in, forming in the future so be aware of that.

Yes, it will be Flair's first match at a PPV since the Rumble. He appeared at Vengeance in the HBK/Y2J match but hasn't wrestled since then.

As for the Sabu thing, well it's to shake things up. Jericho has had advantages over RVD for a while now including those huge beat downs and well, RVD needs a little momentum on his side, hince the Sabu victory. Don't worry, Sabu is not going after the WWE title, haha.

And finally for the final promo, glad you both enjoyed it. Actually Legend, I do think Vince would have slapped Austin because Austin was driving him off the edge. Kinda what he did back in the Attitude Era. It just drove Vince absolutely crazy and he snapped like that. It was more of a "accidental slap" if you understand that. He didn't realize what he did until well, after he did it haha.

Finally, thanks for those reviews and I'll get those back to ya'll later. Um, expect a news page up tomorrow or Sunday. Smackdown will most likely go up early next week.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Raw Review

Hardy vs. Booker vs. Carlito vs. Test - Not opening promo, but a fantastic looking opening match. An elimination match for #1 contendership for the IC title. This should be good. Nicely explained opening line. Giving this match time = ratings. Hardy gets pwned after he eliminated Test. I like the heel actions of Test. Hardy wins despite Test's actions. Nice job. Benjamin absolutely destroys. I'm loving this vicious heel Benjamin. Hardy vs. Benjamin should be good.

Haas/Benjamin Promo - Last I recall, Haas was looking for a tag partner, but kept on losing. This interaction between the former WGTT leads me to believe that there's a possible reunion or it'll be Benjamin vs. Haas in the future. As for the promo, both are very generic in the promo like real life, so no problems there. The interaction was good. Could have added a little more intensity in Haas though.

Maria vs. Melina - Definitely liked how you said Maria, and Melina were just facing each other so that the real women's feud, Mickie vs. Vic, could get some air time. Nice job there. Other than that, not much to comment on.

McMahon Team Promo - Loved it until, "say a famous line of mineÖ". I don't think he would ever say that. He'd get straight to the point, and the "fire" word out there. Trips was okay, Christian with the "break out" line isn't right cause it shows his backstage/off-air attitude, and is near breaking kayfabe, Orton was okay, and Edge was meh. Nice to have them all talk though. McMahon's closing wasn't that great, as I hate how they're all being bitches to him. Orton vs. Flair should be good.

MNM vs. Highlanders - "They show a little ring rust but Mercury stops that whenever he kicks Robbie hard in the back of the head." :S Didn't get that. Well, MNM win, and by the sounds of it, they're not really up to anything.

Jericho/Palumbo Promo - Jericho basically hiring Palumbo as his bitch. Okayish promo. For a short promo, I didn't like the nicknames being pulled out. That took most of the promo, and it was a short one, which isn't good.

Ric Flair Promo - I hate the "anything else" line coming from interviewers. It just sounds weird, and messes up the flow. Other than that, it was a good promo. A few minor problems, but they're from me nitpicking so it's not even worth mentioning.

Orton vs. Flair - Promo, then a match right away isn't cool. Flair loses via DQ. That sucks. I expected better tbh. Edge takes out Flair after the match. Where's the backup? Nice teamwork. :|

Cryme Tyme Promo - Meh. I felt the WWE videos for Cryme Tyme were good. This wasn't as good, as it was kind of hard to picture due to the unrealism, and quickness of things.

Jericho vs. Sabu - Ouch. Jericho suffers a lost with RVD, and Palumbo not really playing a part in it. Buildup for Jericho vs. RVD for the PPV wasn't that good this show tbh, but you might be taking it slow.

Ending Promo - "...MY business and you know it didnít belong." The wording of that confused me for a bit. Cena as a teammate. Not bad. Some star power to match the other team. "...even though not is not my time...". Confusing. Cena's rap was corny. You definitely could have came up with something better. McMahon came out at the right time. OMG! SCSA! I marked. Nice remarks from both. Slap was unnecessary imo. I didn't see that much intensity in Vince. Fight at the end was expected. Edge in Flair's hospital room? Wow, wtf happened there. I'm guessing Edge vs. HBK next week from his words. The end was quite confusing, and needed a little more detail, and clarity.

Overall - It was a good show. Some things were all over the place, and other than the main feuds, nothing else is really getting attention or going anywhere. Some great matches on this Raw though. Promos were good, a bit better than before. Good show, keep it up.

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