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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

King of Pain’s RAW Review

Sorry if this seems a little rushed, but time restraints mean I have to do exactly that.

Solid promo to open the show from Jericho and RVD and I have to say it’s a pleasant change to hear Jericho speak following recent weeks. I enjoyed this promo it was quite solid but I think there was still room to improve. Jericho was in character for the most part but I just couldn’t picture RVD, he was hard to get a visual for. For an opening promo it would’ve been nice to see it go on a little longer as the end was upon us very quickly. Chuck Palumbo is in cahoots with Jericho now huh? I know absolutely nothing of Chuck other than his gay thing with Billy Gunn, so I’ll be relying totally on you to get him over to me. His addition to the feud is interested and it’ll be nice to see how it develops. I’m enjoying RVD’s title reign so I’m hoping you don’t end it just yet and I don’t think you will since I know you’re a fan of Van Dam.

Booker T squashes Eugene. Poor choice to open the show, I hate squashes as the opening match. Even though we all know Eugene can wrestle, a squash match is still not the way to go for the first match in the show. Carlito comes down at the end to run off Booker to hype their feud a little more. I hate Carlito and Booker bores me so I’m not really digging their feud.

Decent interview here with MNM. Typical Maria spot at the start, getting Melina’s name wrong, that made me giggle. I thought Mercury and Nitro were kept in character nicely here, their characters in general both bore me, but they still came across pretty well.

Okay this is the type of match that when on TV I change the channel or get up and have a piss. This has zero appeal. Honestly, Charlie Haas deserves better this, though it seems a story will develop out of this with him looking for a new tag partner. Anyway, pretty meh sort of match here, that was purely to get over the Highlanders a little more, who quite frankly bore the hell out of me.

I loved this promo. All four men were in character, it was put over as a really awkward situation which is to be expected, so full marks there. Vince was pretty spot on as well, my only gripe with this one was the length, it really could’ve been longer. If it was it really would’ve caught a little more emotion in the promo. Rated RKO are a good choice as it gets them off SD for a while and out of the feud with Mysterio and Hardy that was going no where anyway. It’ll be interesting to see how this team co-exists too, as all the clashes of egos may prove to be too much and could just bring about its downfall.

Christian beats Ric Flair which is good as it garners him some good momentum, particularly beating a credible opponent like Flair. The cheap victory for Christian adds a little more fuel to the feud between Michaels and Vince and it’ll be great watching it heat up in coming weeks.

Haha. You write Maria’s stupidity very well. Anyway, really good promo from Shawn here. He was kept in character nicely and his intensity shone through. His team mates get announced next week and that’s definitely giving us reason to tune in. I’m glad you didn’t announce them on this show as it would’ve been overkill and a waste naming them on this show.

Women’s wrestling. Meh. Mickie pins Victoria and it seems a rematch is on the card between the two at Summerslam.

Lol. Good promo from Vince and Coach here. Vince was spot on and very easy to visualise. I could just imagine his facial expressions here. Anyway…Shawns partners…Austin? And maybe Hogan or someone? Perhaps the New Age Outlaws? I can’t wait for next weeks show.

It was good to see Hardy defy the odds and despite the interference from Shelton he still picked up the win. Solid victory for Hardy here as he heads into a fatal fourway next week. I don’t understand why Test’s in there but okay. Anyway, clearly Jeff will win next week and go to Summerslam and face Shelton while Booker and Carlito will have a match of their own. The surprising part of this whole thing was Shelton on the mic. He was actually decent and sounded like he knew his way around the stick.

It seems like you’re going to give Chuck a solid push. He really dominated RVD here for a while. The way you had RVD sell his injuries from earlier was great too. Jericho’s interference was very well placed as well, which is good and it gives reason for him to be out there. Sabu? He makes the save and obviously a tag match is in the works.

As usual mate, an enjoyable show. No major complains about it, except the placement of the Booker/Eugene squash, other than that, no worries. Well done mate, love the poster btw. I can't wait for your next Raw.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Sorry it's been inactive recently. I've been busy and really, I think I'll find myself getting time until this weekend to get Smackdown up. If not, It'll be early next week. I think some people understand as I've just been busy recently. But anyways, I'm gonna post some small notes and Heat and Velocity results.

Heat Results:

Beth Phoenix def. Candice Michelle
Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch def. Local Workers
Shelton Benjamin def. Matt Striker

Velocity Results:

Chavo Guerrero def. Shannon Moore
Snitsky def. Funaki
Jamie Noble def. Little Guido

WWE.com News and Notes

SummerSlam is set and the card is looking very impressive from the creative team's opinion. The card is looking very stacked and has the possibility of being one of the best SummerSlam's in history. WWE feels it has just the right mix of everything from power, mat wrestling, and gimmick wrestling (the Steel Cage Showdown)

Continuing up on the updates of releases, it's expected more wrestlers are to be let go in the future. Some are expected to be cut after SummerSlam. WWE continues to bring up newer names and wants to "phase out" some of the names that aren't being used. So look forward to that in the next few months.

Tickets for the 9th annual Unforgiven go on sale this weekend. Unforgiven has also been planned out and the card looks just impressive. Raw has put together some great PPV's this year from Backlash and Vengeance and WWE feels Unforgiven has just everything to match both of those PPV's.

OVW is currently stacked with talent as mentioned earlier and WWE is looking to fill their rosters with this talent. It seems WWE wants to spread it out for the debuts so some could start as early as after SummerSlam and some could be as late as after WrestleMania 23. More on this once the first debutee does eventually debut.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Nice piece of news there, King of Pain. It's good to hear that this year's SummerSlam, in your BTB, could be one of the best SummerSlam in the history. I don't want to comment on the other news because I don't think they're that much necessary. You know it, I'm waiting for the next show to be up.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown
Friday July 28, 2007
Cincinnati, Ohio

Rise Up by Drowning Pool hits with a few new edited in shots of the Great American Bash being added, mainly with Henry attacking Angle and JBL. The video ends as the camera pans across the US Bank Arena before heading over to the commentator’s table.

Michael Cole: Off the heels of the Great American Bash, the Smackdown superstars find themselves heading into SummerSlam with a bang!

Tazz: Indeed we do Cole and if the Great American Bash this past Sunday was any hint for what’s going to happen at SummerSlam, we’re in for one hell of a show.

Michael Cole: Many things happened this past week, including a new champion crowned, huge upsets and of course, the aftermath of the main event.

Tazz: Mark Henry single handedly laid out JBL and the World-Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle, making it known he is here for a purpose

MacMilitant hits across the arena as the Smackdown General Manager, Theodore Long, makes his way down the aisle into the ring. Long doesn’t look that happy tonight, apparently not too happy with what happened at the Bash during the main event. Long climbs up the steps, grabbing a mic before getting into the ring.

Theodore Long: Playas, listen up.

The crowd lets out a hush as Long begins to speak.

Theodore Long: What happened at the Great American Bash this past week was wrong. My former client of Thuggin and Buggin’ Enterprises, Mark Henry, interfered in the main event. And that’s not cool. So what I decided to do for tonight was to give all you playas a huge match…

The crowd pops wondering what the match is going to be.

Theodore Long: First off, since Mark Henry wanted to stick his nose in the World Champion’s business, I’ve decided that tonight here in Cincinnati, we’re going to be seeing the World’s Strongest Man take on the World Heavyweight Champion in a Saturday Night’s Main Event rematch but this time tonight in a Street Fight!

The crowd pops for the huge Street fight.

Theodore Long: And now that tonight’s main event is out of the way, I need to make something clear for SummerSlam.

The crowd is confused, wondering what Long is talking about.

Theodore Long: Now playas, at the Great American Bash, JBL did cash in his Money in the Bank brie…

Longhorn hits as Long looks totally pissed that JBL is interrupting him as he just started speaking. JBL doesn’t ride out in the limo tonight but instead walks out onto the ramp. JBL makes his way down, not in a mood tonight to be messed with, that’s for sure. JBL rolls into the ring.

JBL: Damn it Teddy! You know it and I know it, I was SCREWED OVER at the Great American Bash.

Long tries calming JBL down but instead, JBL keeps on.

JBL: I’ve had enough of this Teddy. Since day one, either you or somebody has tried making my life miserable! And damn it to hell Teddy, it’s working. Finally, you and the Smackdown locker room have driven me off the edge!

The crowd claps as JBL looks around.

JBL: Shut up!

The crowd boos as JBL ignores them and turns back to Long.

JBL: I thought I could trust Mark Henry but apparently I couldn’t. That son of a bitch cost me my World-Heavyweight Championship. Teddy, I am above most of these people on Smackdown. Matter of fact, I am above all of them. But the way I have been treated since 2004 certainly doesn’t reflect that now does it Teddy?

Theodore Long: Calm down, playa! Calm down!

JBL: DAMN IT TEDDY! I’m not going to calm down! I’m not going to give in to you. I’m here for one thing and one thing only, MY rematch at the World-Heavyweight title. I’ll do anything Teddy, anything to get ba..

Theodore Long: Anything?

JBL: Are you deaf Teddy? I said any..

Theodore Long: Ok then JBL. Since you said you would do anything, I’ve got an idea. At SummerSlam, we’re going to have ourselves a Triple Threat Match for the World-Heavyweight Championship.

JBL stares at Long, wondering why he isn’t getting a title shot.

Theodore Long: And JBL, I was planning on making this match anyways but since you said you would do anything dawg, I thought I’d add an extra incentive. That means at SummerSlam, it’s going to be Mark Henry!

The crowd boos for the World’s Strongest Man.

Theodore Long: You, JBL! And finally, the World-Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle in the Triple Threat Match.

JBL is about to interrupt Long but Teddy stops him.

Theodore Long: And JBL if you lose this match….

Theodore Long: You lose your job playa!

The crowd pops as JBL stands in the ring in amazement as what has just happened. JBL’s jaw is dropped now as Long places the mic down in the middle of the ring as MacMilitant hits across the arena. JBL throws his mic down in rage as the fans sing along in “Nah…Nah…Nah…Nah…Nah…Nah…Nah…Nah…Hey….Hey….Hey….Goodbye!” as JBL makes his way out.


Match #1
The Mexicools vs. Jamie Noble and Kid Kash

Match Overview: An exciting Cruiserweight tag match that is sort of a rematch as Super Crazy fought Noble at the Great American Bash for the title. The Mexicools get a good amount of offense on Noble, but mainly work over Kash. Kash is down in the ring as Psicosis hit him with an huge Hurricanrana before tagging in Super Crazy. Super Crazy runs off the ropes and hits a nice dropkick, sending Kash back down onto the mat. Noble is pissed over on the apron, as the current Cruiserweight Champion wants to get into the ring but the ref is holding him back. The ref walks back over as Super Crazy drags Kash into the corner and applies a headlock before placing him on the turnbuckles. Noble runs around ringside and pulls Psicosis off the apron, driving him back first into the ring! Noble makes his way back over, acting as if nothing ever happened. Super Crazy gets distracted which gives time for Kash to run over and tag in Noble as Super Crazy was checking on his partner. Noble now slides to the outside of the ring and starts beating on Super Crazy. Noble throws Super Crazy back into the ring before he makes his way onto the apron. Noble looks down at Super Crazy, and looks like he’s going to jump over the ropes. Noble jumps onto the top rope and is standing on the ropes, looking to jump off but just as he does, Super Crazy connects with a huge dropkick to the sternum. Super Crazy quickly leaps onto the top turnbuckle and hits a huge Moonsault! Kash tries running into the ring but the referee holds him back. Psicosis runs around and holds Kash back from getting into the ring as the ref counts the quick one, two, three.

Winners: The Mexicools

The Mexicools celebrate their win as Super Crazy has pinned the Cruiserweight Champion, Jamie Noble! The crowd lets out decent sized Super Crazy chants as Noble is in the ring, slapping the mat pissed off that he lost. Kash tries comforting Noble in the ring but it doesn’t seem to be enough. Noble slaps the mat once again, before grabbing his title as we head over to ringside.

Michael Cole: I can’t believe it. Super Crazy beat Jamie Noble tonight and Noble thought he had Crazy done for sure.

Tazz: Well, I think Super Crazy has certainly made a case for himself as he put on one hell of a show at the ‘Bash but fell short in the end.

Michael Cole: I think that Super Crazy certainly has and he might be finding himself another future title shot if he’s lucky.

Tazz: We’ll have to see Cole but I think that if he does, Noble is certainly going to be in a different zone than he was tonight.

We head backstage to see Kristal standing by with Batista.

Kristal: Hello everybody and right now, I’m standing by with the man that brutally attacked Undertaker this past Sunday at the Great American Bash. Bu.

Batista: Hold it there Kristal. Undertaker had what was coming to him at the Great American Bash. He’s been trying to “get back at me” but you’re making a mistake when you try and mess with the biggest and the baddest Animal in the WWE.

Kristal: Undertaker is not here tonight as a result of your attack so you must be pretty happy you caused him to miss Smackdown tonight right?

Batista: If I were the Undertaker, I’d be afraid to even consider coming back to Smackdown. I’ve ran through superstars in the past few months including Rey Mysterio and many others. They’ve all learned their lessons and they know not to even think about stepping into the ring with the Animal ever again.

Kristal: Anything else Batista?

Batista: Undertaker, I’ve told you this ever since before WrestleMania. I AM NOT and WILL NOT be afraid of you. You aren’t a threat to me Undertaker and you never have been a threat to me. You’re just another victim in my path to regaining my World-Heavyweight Championship and that’s why whenever I get my hands on you again, you’re going to regret the day that you stepped back into the ring with Dave Batista.

Batista walks off as we head to a commercial.


We head backstage to see Mr. Kennedy walking around, flaunting his new United States Championship before he bumps into Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy backstage.

Mr. Kennedy: Boys…boys…boys!

Hardy and Mysterio look at Kennedy like he is dumb as Kennedy dusts off his United States title.

Mr. Kennedy: The new United States champion is in your presence and you have nothing to say at all? After all, I am the man that single handedly destroyed Bobby Lashley this past Sunday at the Great Ameri..

Hardy and Mysterio start to laugh, as they know that is not true.

Mr. Kennedy: Is there something funny?

Mysterio pushes Hardy, telling him to say something.

Matt Hardy: Yeah, the fact that you said you destroyed Bobby Lashley is pretty funny because we know that’s not true.

Kennedy gets into the face of Hardy. Hardy stands up and looks into the face of Kennedy.

Mr. Kennedy: Until you are actually able to earn the right for a shot at a main event title or hell even main event match, then you can come back and talk to me. But as for now, you might as well start stepping, Veeee---Onee aahhhh!!!

The crowd boos Kennedy’s reference to Hardy’s former character Matt Hardy, V1.

Matt Hardy: Maybe you nee..

Rey holds back Hardy as Kennedy and Hardy are both getting into each other’s faces once again.

Mr. Kennedy: How about you leave him alone you little jumping bean? This isn’t none of your damn business, so you might as well walk off too because there is no way in hell a little shrimp like you even stands a chance at beating a huge star such as me…

Mr. Kennedy: Misterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…Kenned…

Rey slaps Kennedy across the face as Kennedy was yelling out his name. Kennedy wastes no time, jumping on Rey and starting to pound him. Hardy pulls Rey off of Kennedy as Rey rolled Kennedy over and started to get some punches in on Kennedy. Hardy is struggling to hold Rey Mysterio as Rey wants to get in there and lay out Kennedy. It just happens that GM Theodore Long is walking by at this time and sees this scuffle.

Theodore Long: Hold it playas.

Long watches as Hardy holds back Mysterio and security comes over and holds back Kennedy.

Theodore Long: I’ve had enough of this already. So we’re not going to waste any time because I’m going to go ahead and book a match to let all three of you AND one other person battle it out tonight in the ring.

The crowd pops but wonders who the fourth person is.

Theodore Long: So it’s going to be the team of Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy teaming together to take on the team of the United States Champion, Mr. Kennedy and…

Theodore Long: Finlay!

The crowd pops for the huge match.

Theodore Long: Now how ‘bout that playas!

Long let’s out a Holla! As Kennedy is still being restrained and Hardy pulls Mysterio back to the side before we head to ringside.

Michael Cole: Another huge match has been added for tonight and Tazz, this night is shaping up to be great right?

Tazz: Indeed it is as we’ve got a huge Street Fight later but we’ve also got a huge tag match later tonight too!

Match #2
William Regal and Dave Taylor vs. Funaki and Shannon Moore

Match Overview: Regal debuts a new tag partner tonight, that being Dave Taylor, formerly of WCW. The fans don’t really know who Taylor is but he of course gets boos once he’s revealed from England. Taylor and Regal get a quick squash match tonight against Funaki and Shannon Moore, just to build them up as a decent team. London and Kendrick, the tag champions are sitting at ringside, scouting the match and their new competition in the tag division. Taylor quickly works over Moore, kicking him right across the back of the head before tagging in Regal. Both men are showing an aggressive nature, a new introduction to the tag team division. Regal starts throwing some hard lefts and rights at Moore but Moore tries fighting back with some rights of his own. However, Regal is quick to stop that as he knees Moore right in the head taking down Moore to the mat. Regal drags Moore back into the corner and tags in Taylor as Regal holds Moore up. Funaki comes running into the ring but Regal quickly grabs Funaki and throws him right over the top rope. Taylor quickly hits Moore with a European Uppercut before grabbing Moore and hitting his finisher, a Fallaway Slam before getting the pin. One…Two…Three!

Winners: William Regal and Dave Taylor

Regal and Taylor both celebrate their win in the ring as London and Kendrick are at ringside, holding their titles and watching the newest tag team in the division. London and Kendrick clap for Regal and Taylor out of sportsmanship as Regal and Taylor make their way to the back as we head to a commercial.


We open up to a black screen before the WWE logo flashes across the screen and we cut out to a beach, with the wind blowing and the flag-waving showing that it’s safe to swim right now.

Narrator: Summer’s end is nearing….

Suddenly, the green flag is pulled down and a red flag is pulled up showing that it is now dangerous to swim and that you must leave the beach.

Narrator: And that can only mean one thing…

A huge tidal wave starts to come in but just as it comes across on the screen, we suddenly head to a shot of the beach once again, with it having the green flag up.

Narrator: It’s time for the Biggest Party of the Summer!!!

Images of superstars running across the beach such as Chris Masters, Eugene, Jeff Hardy, and others are shown while you see Rated RKO floating out in the ocean in plastic inflatable tubes, and Kurt Angle, lying out on the beach getting a tan with the title around his waist. All of a sudden, all the heads turn as out walks Vince McMahon from the beach house…. In a Speedo! The camera scans around to the other superstars.


JBL runs over to Matt Hardy and others, who are seen puking and leaning over a trashcan. Vince looks around and doesn’t do anything but instead heads out to the ocean. Suddenly all the superstars clear out as Vince is the only one in the ocean, with his Speedo on.

Vince McMahon: What?

Vince has no clue that the red flag has went up and as soon as he turns around, he notices a huge tidal wave coming at him?

Vince McMahon: No chance in hell!

Vince thinks it’s a dream but he turns around and the wave sends him crashing onto land. Vince is all sprawled out on the land, with nobody around as the camera cuts off.

Narrator: WWE presents the 19th annual SummerSlam, live Sunday August 20, 2007 from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

We head backstage after the video finishes to see Kurt Angle backstage in front of the interview area holding his World-Heavyweight Championship.

Kurt Angle: Look at me Mark Henry. Look me dead in the eyes.

The crowd pops as Henry has brought out a new intensity in Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle: What you did at the Great American Bash, has brought out a new side of Kurt Angle, a new angle so to speak. I’ve never been so pissed in my entire life because you manhandled me at the Great American Bash. But that’s ok because tonight, I’ve got your ass right there in that ring, one on one in a Street Fight.

The crowd pops for the huge Street Fight.

Kurt Angle: Oh, and it’s true Mark. It’s true that tonight is possibly going to be your last night here on Smackdown because if I get a hold, NO! When I get a hold of your ankle, I promise you I will break that bitch in half. Oh it’s true Mark…

The crowd chants along with Angle.

Kurt Angle: It’s damn true!

The crowd pops for Angle’s statement.

Kurt Angle: Never has anybody done anything to Kurt Angle like you did to me at the Great American Bash. JBL used to be in this and he still is at SummerSlam but as far as I’m concerned, I’m not worried about JBL. It’s just you and me Mark, in that ring. JBL’s not going to take my title and I’ll do damn near anything to make sure you don’t take it.

The crowd pops as Angle continues on in his rampage of words.

Kurt Angle: So Mark, rest up because after tonight, you’re going to need it. You’re going to be wishing you didn’t step into the ring with the Great American Kurt Angle. Because I promise you Mark Henry, I promise you that you’ve already made the biggest mistake of your life and that happened Sunday.

The crowd pops as it looks like Angle is almost done.

Kurt Angle: They say revenge is a bitch Mark; well that’s what you’ve got coming for you.

The crowd watches as Angle throws the title back over his shoulder.

Kurt Angle: REVENGE!!!

Angle walks off as the camera cuts to a commercial.


Michael Cole: And before the break, we noticed that we have an intense Kurt Angle than we have ever seen before.

Tazz: I’d probably be like Kurt too now. He was taken out this past Sunday at the ‘Bash so he has every right to be like that.

Match #3
Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy vs. Mr. Kennedy and Finlay

Match Overview: This match gets a good amount of time with the fans of course cheering for the team of Mysterio and Hardy. Hardy gets some good ring time tonight as he didn’t get much at the ‘Bash with Rey getting some good amount of time too. The United States Champion, Mr. Kennedy and Hardy are in the ring right now, trying their best to get a good advantage for their team here. Kennedy is able to strike first as he kneed Hardy in the stomach, and then in the head. Kennedy then quickly goes on the offense from there as he tags in Finlay as he holds Hardy for Finlay to quickly kick in the sternum. Finlay tries grabbing his shillelagh but the referee takes it away before placing it back down by the turnbuckles. Suddenly, we see Hornswoggle’s little hand reach up from underneath the ring and grab the shillelagh. Finlay takes this time to run off the ropes and come off before dropping a Leg Drop onto Hardy. Finlay now grabs Hardy, throws him onto his shoulders and rams him back first into the turnbuckles. Finlay waists no time from there as he throws Hardy back onto his shoulders, looking for the Celtic Cross but Finlay just happened to be in Mysterio’s corner and Mysterio tags himself in on Hardy. Finlay has no clue as Finlay runs and hits the Celtic Cross looking for the pin. But Kennedy yells at Finlay to turn around and he does as Mysterio leaps off the top rope with a Seated Senton. Mysterio runs over and knocks Kennedy off the ropes. Hornswoggle quickly slides the shillelagh in the ring to Finlay which Mysterio has no clue. Mysterio runs off the ropes as Hornswoggle runs into the ring distracting the referee, which Finlay quickly hits Mysterio right across the back of the legs with the Shillelagh! The fan boo Finlay as he looks for the pin but down into the ring comes Bobby Lashley! The ref has no clue Lashley is in the ring and neither does Finlay as Lashley with an ace bandage wrapped around his head, selling his steel cage injuries, runs and spears Finlay down to the mat! Lashley slides out of the ring and makes his way back up as Mysterio leaps off the top rope and hits the West Coast Pop! Mysterio hooks the leg of Finlay as the ref runs over and counts. One…Two…Three!!!

Winners: Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy

Mysterio and Hardy celebrate their huge win here tonight as Kennedy is on the outside, going ape-shit that his team lost the match. Kennedy leaves Finlay at ringside as Hornswoggle slides into the ring helping Finlay back up. Finlay is holding his ribs from the Spear that Lashley gave him as the fans are going wild as Mysterio and Hardy continue to celebrate their win here tonight.


Michael Cole: Well right now, MVP issued an Open Challenge for tonight and well, the main question is, who’s he going to face?

Tazz: I’m not sure Cole but MVP has surely stepped up his game in the past month he’s been here so surely, a big target is here waiting for him.

Match #4
MVP’s Open Challenge
MVP vs. Hardcore Holly

Match Overview: MVP’s opponent turns out to be Hardcore Holly, a shock to MVP in a way as he’s pretty “decent” in the ring. MVP works over Holly however as Holly looked for an early Alabama Slam but MVP was able to muscle his way out. This gives MVP time to catch Holly with a few elbows to the head before throwing Holly head first into the turnbuckles. MVP now quickly grabs Holly, hitting him with a hard DDT. MVP quickly picks Holly back up from there. MVP now grabs Holly’s head and looks for the Playmaker but Holly, despite holding his head pushes MVP into the ropes. MVP runs right back at Holly into a hard clothesline. Holly now places MVP on the ropes, looking for the kick to the sternum but MVP doesn’t get onto the ropes as he kicked Holly right in the back of the head. MVP now quickly grabs Holly, and hits him with the Playmaker in the middle of the ring. MVP waists no time hooking the leg of Holly and he gets the win.

Winner: MVP

MVP throws his hands into the air, celebrating his win tonight as if it was a major win. MVP celebrates despite the crowd not wanting too with him as we head backstage.

We see “Pirate” Paul Burchill walking around backstage before he ends up bumping into MVP, coming back from his match.

MVP: Whoa man, back up.

Burchill looks at MVP as MVP throws a look at Burchill.

MVP: What the hell are you wearing man?

Paul Burchill: Ahoy!

MVP: No, it’s not ahoy. Now back off before I have to make you back off….

The crowd ooo’s at MVP’s comments as MVP tries to walk off but Burchill places the sword in MVP’s face.

Paul Burchill: Matey, don’t you ever talk to me Pirate Paul Burchill like that again. Me promise you that me will ta..

MVP: That you’ll what? You aren’t going to do anything to the biggest paid superstar here on Smackdown. It’s pretty sad that you’ve got to throw a potato sack over you and bring a fake sword just to try and “get over” with the fans.

The crowd ooo’s once again as MVP laughs rather cockily.

MVP: So remember that “matey” You mess with me, you’re messing with the big bucks, the man that is going to change the face of Smackdown forever.

MVP tries walking off once again but Burchill steps in front of him. The crowd pops for this as apparently Burchill doesn’t like MVP too much.


Burchill steps back as MVP walks off. Burchill eyes MVP as MVP makes his way down the backstage area as we head to a commercial.


We head now backstage once more, this time to see Kristal standing by with Mark Henry.

Kristal: Mark, coming up right now you’ve got the Street Fight with Kurt Angle and I was wondering, are you at all worried at Kurt’s comments from earlier tonight?

Mark Henry: There is nothing to worry about Kristal. I’m the biggest superstar not only on Smackdown but also in the WWE. I’m called the World’s Strongest Man for a reason and I showed everybody that whenever I laid out both Kurt Angle and JBL this past Sunday, something that I’m going to do at SummerSlam.

Kristal: Your odds are looking good too for SummerSlam in the Triple Threat Match.

Mark Henry: The World’s Strongest Man is not a moniker. I really am the World’s Strongest Man and that means I WILL become the next World-Heavyweight Champion. JBL doesn’t stand a chance and Kurt Angle sure as hell doesn’t stand a chance at regaining the title or even making it out of Los Angeles.

Kristal: Any final comments, Mark?

Mark Henry: Kurt Angle, I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again, when you mess with the World’s Strongest Man, you’re making a big mistake. And that’s what you’ve done for the past month, a HUGE mistake. Be prepared Kurt because when I’m done with you tonight, you’ll be lucky if you can even make it out of Smackdown tonight.

Henry makes his way out to ringside as we head down to ringside.

Michael Cole: And it’s time for the main event. We’ve been waiting all evening and now it’s finally time for the huge Street Fight!

Tazz: These two are finally going to come to blows for the first time since this past Sunday and there is a lot of bad blood between these two.

Michael Cole: Their match at Saturday Night’s Main Event was huge so I can only imagine how big this one will be tonight.

Tazz: We’ll we’re about to find out Cole because Henry is making his way down here now and he looks ultra pissed.

Match #5
Street Fight
Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry

Match Overview: A long Street Fight takes place between these two and of course under Street Fight rules, anything goes! Henry is able to take offense early as he caught Angle, who leapt off the middle rope but Henry caught him in a bear hug! Big mistake on Angle’s part as Henry throws him down onto the mat with a huge Press Slam. Henry makes his way to the outside, throwing a trash can full of weapons into the ring before grabbing, a steel chair. Henry sits the chair up in the ring, as if he was about to sit in it. Henry picks Angle back up onto his feet before throwing Angle into the turnbuckles. Henry charges at Angle and hits a Big Splash in the corner. Angle is looking weary in the corner now as Henry simply clotheslines him down to the mat. Henry is toying around with the World-Heavyweight Champion now. Henry now picks Angle back up and throws him onto his shoulders but Angle slides off the shoulders of Henry. Angle clips Henry from behind, getting the World’s Strongest Man down to one knee before clipping the other knee. Angle quickly grabs the garbage can and hits Henry across the head with it, dazing the World’s Strongest Man and sending him to the mat. Henry pulls himself up slowly as Angle starts jumping up and down. Henry gets back to his feet, and with amazing power, Angle lifts Henry and hits the Angle Slam onto the steel chair in the ring. It took too much energy out of Angle though as he slowly but surely starts crawling towards Henry, trying to cover Henry. Angle hooks the leg and he has the pin but down to the ring comes JBL! Angle can’t do much as JBL attacks Angle and puts the boot to him. JBL picks Angle up and sends him flying into the ropes but Angle reverses and catches JBL with an Angle Slam of his own! Angle is pumped up now as he walks over and locks in the Ankle Lock! Angle is cinching in the Ankle Lock, twisting hard and furiously at JBL’s ankle, which really didn’t have any business being out here to begin with! Angle apparently forgot about Henry, who is pulling himself up on the ropes right now. The ref can’t stop Angle from breaking JBL’s ankle either as anything is legal. Henry runs over and boots Angle in the stomach! Angle rolls over and holds his stomach in pain as Henry runs off the ropes and hits the World’s Strongest Splash! The fans boo as Henry hooks the leg as JBL slides to the outside of the ring, holding his ankle. One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Mark Henry

Henry pulls himself up as his hand is raised in victory. The fans boo Henry as he just pinned the World-Heavyweight Champion here tonight. The fans continue to boo Henry as he walks outside and wrestles the World-Heavyweight title from the timekeeper. Henry walks into the ring and celebrates with the title, as if he just won it. Henry then throws the title down at Angle as the show ends with Henry standing dominantly over Angle and JBL on the outside holding his ankle.

Credit: Crazian

WWE Presents SummerSlam
Sunday August 20, 2006
Staples Center
Los Angeles, California
Theme Song: Enemy by Fozzy

WWE Championship
Rob Van Dam (c) w/ Sabu vs. Chris Jericho w/ Chuck Palumbo

Steel Cage Showdown
Team McMahon (Triple H, Christian, and Rated RKO) w/ Mr. McMahon vs. Team Michaels (Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, ???, and ???)

World-Heavyweight Championship
Triple Threat Match

Kurt Angle (c) vs. JBL vs. Mark Henry

More Matches TBA
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

D-K-L's Smackdown feedback:

Opening promo: A promo is a good way to start the show after the PPV. This was a good promo, both Long and JBL seemed in character. JBL's lines especially were well written. The match at Summerslam should be good as it has a good stipulation involving JBL, not sure about Henry in the M.E though although it could be OK if he is used well.

Mexicools vs. Noble/Kash:This seemed like a decent match, a like watching tag matches with cruiserweights. Having Crazy beat Noble in a tag match is a good way to build their feud. Another match between them should be good.

Batista interview:What Batista had to say was good. It will be interesting to see how this feud with Taker continues. Batista is looking strong.

Kennedy/Hardy/Rey segment:This was great. Kennedy was in character and was his usual cocky self. He made funny comments to both Hardy and Mysterio which was good. Long coming out and laying down the law is good, the tag match later should be interesting

Regal and Taylor vs Moore/Funaki:As you said in the overview it was just a squash really. It will be interesting to see how you use these two.

Angle seg:This was also good. Angle showed intensity, it's a nice way to build up this feud too.

Hardy/Rey vs. Kennedy/Finlay:Another good match with some good action. The result was what I expected it to be. It's good that Kennedy didn't lose though just after becoming the U.S champ. Having Lashley come down and take out Finlay was a nice, builds up their feud nicely.

MVP vs. Holly: I'm a big fan of MVP so it was good to see him get the win. The altercation with Burchill after was great, a feud could be interesting. Hopefully MVP will keep looking srong.

Henry vs. Angle:This was a good match. I'm not really a fan of Henry but you're using him well enough. JBL coming down was expected. I wasn't expecting Henry to come out on top but it was a good twist. This 3 way feud is looking good. There is lots of good promos and matches with these three. Henry is looking strong but I'm sure all of them will have their time in control. It will be interesting to see how this goes with the match at Summerslam. Hopefully Angle will come out on top.

Overall: This was a good show. There is a lot of good feuds developing here. The promos were excellent. I will keep reading. Sorry this isn't too detailed, but it's hard to comment a lot when you haven't been reading long.

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

KOP's SmackDown! Feedback

~ I was a little surprised to see Teddy Long open the show, since I was expecting Kurt Angle to do that job. It worked well though, as it gave him the chance to set up SummerSlam. Long was fine here, with just the right amount of slang etc. JBL was excellent when he came out, with some intensity tonight, as opposed to comic relief or smugness. I wasn't really surprised at all to see Teddy make the Triple Threat for SummerSlam and it actually quite excited me. Though JBL and Henry aren't really the greatest workers, Angle being there should make it pretty unique and interesting, with Angle most likely retaining. I'm not sure what to make of Teddy Long asking JBL to put his career on the line. It seems like something a heel would do, and Teddy isn't a heel. I suppose it happened with Rey Mysterio after Judgement Day in real life, so that's okay. My initial thought was that JBL would be winning the title then, but I don't think he or Henry will be taking the belt from Angle. The Street Fight tonight should be awesome, though I can't imagine it finishing in any conclusive way. Most likely JBL will get involved.

~ I've been predicting for a while now I think that we would be getting a Fatal Four Way for the Cruiserweight title, and this next tag match really strengthens my prediction. All four men in the title picture really, and Super Crazy even manages to get the pin on Noble with a Moonsault. I also predicted that we would get a Fatal Four Way for the U.S title when I though Kennedy, Lashley, Hardy and Booker were all in the picture. Shows how wrong I can be.

~ This next interview with Batista was nothing really special until his last paragraph of dialogue when you began to inject some intensity into him. Dave is pretty bland when he is just talking normally, but throw some anger into the mix and he can be very effective. I wonder if The Undertaker will be showing up tonight, though you may be playing off the angle that 'Tista destroyed him with the Steel Chair at the Great American Bash.

~ Ah, nice to see Mr. Kennedy here tonight with his new U.S title. KK was nicely in character, doing what he does best in gloating away. I especially liked KK's mocking of Matt's V-1 gimmick, but I'm not too sure about Mysterio slapping Kennedy. That just doesn't really seem like the kind of thing Rey would do, especially when Ken hasn't really offended him in any way. Good announcement from Teddy Long, should be a great tag match later, though I'll be surprised if we don't see an appearance from Bobby Lashley. With Lashley now involved with Finlay, I suppose either Hardy or Mysterio, or even both, could be next in line to feud with Kennedy over the U.S title.

~ Yay, here comes Dave Taylor! Great addition to the SmackDown! tag division now that you have Regal/Taylor. They're probably the best team you have now. You should probably have Regal cut a small promo or something formally introducing Taylor, since that is what he normally does. It seemed a bit odd that London and Kendrick would be scouting a team in their debut match, but with the FBI out of the picture, there really isn't anyone left for the Hooligans to feud with. Time for Regal/Taylor to step up.

~ Ah, her's Kurt Angle. This was a very good promo indeed, with Angle as intense as ever. One thing was a little annoying, that Angle said the "It's true ... it's DAMN true" a bit too early for my liking. It should really be saved for the end of the promo in my opinion. Judging from this, Angle is going to be looking to destroy Henry tonight, though I can see it backfiring in some way.

~ Probably your MOTN thus far, this next tag match. This is your third tag team match of the night on the trot though, so you might want to be careful that you don't have too many of those one after the other. Finlay had it won thanks to Hornswoggle and his Shillelagh, but, as I thought, Lashley gets involved and costs him. I was expecting a more violent rebuttal from Lashley than simply Spearing Finlay in the ring. I mean, Finlay beat the crap out of Lashley at the GAB and cost him his title. I can see a match between Finlay and Lashley at SummerSlam, or at least I hope there is one, possibly a gimmick match too.

~ Okay, MVP's Open Challenge wasn't anything special then. I had thought that you were going to do what the WWE did in real life and use his Open Challenge to set him up with a big feud with someone like Kane. Holly is pretty much a jobber since his feud with Sylvan, so he never stood a chance, and really isn't good enough to feud with MVP. Wow, MVP really got to the back quickly didn't he; I thought maybe you would have a Commercial Break or something. This was quite a nice backstage segment between MVP and Burchill though. With Finlay feuding with Lashley, Regal making a tag team with Taylor, it seems that Burchill has his new feud too, and it will be with MVP. This should be a pretty original feud in my opinion, and the matches should be a real treat. Good booking.

~ Mark Henry sounded a little generic in this next interview, which was disappointing since he is actually highly talented on the mic. You might need to space out his words more to add realism, since he speaks in a slow and deliberate manner.

~ Pretty good Main Event Street Fight up next with the kind of weapon usage one would expect from a televised match. Angle seemed to have it won until, as I predicted, JBL got involved. This has really been a a terrible night for JBL to be fair, as first he has to put his career on the line, and now he gets his ass kicked by Angle, allowing Henry to pin the Champ. This is some really HUGE momentum for Henry, at pinning the World Heavyweight Champion, so I hope you capitalise on it. This Triple Threat match is really shaping up nicely now.

Overall this was a pretty good show that has done well at continuing some of your major feuds. I was particularly pleased to see Dave Taylor debut, and was intrigued by the Burchill/MVP confrontation. I was disappointed to see no appearance from The Undertaker, since Batista was left with nothing to do. I'm sure you'll start to set up their SummerSlam match soon though. Spelling was fine, though grammar was a little off at times. Good job though
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Smackdown looks another good show on the road to Summerslam KOP, I will most definitely have a review up for you soon.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE Raw Preview
Monday July 31 , 2006

An Extreme Reunion

Last week as Raw went off the air, Sabu was the only man standing in the ring. Sabu, who made his debut last week, came to the aid of WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam after a post-match beatdown by Chuck Palumbo and the number one contender, Chris Jericho. This week, Sabu finds himself in one on one action agaisnt Chris Jericho. Can Sabu get a major victory in his first match on Raw or will Jericho simply regain retribution for the attacks last week?

Steel Cage Surprise?

Last week, Mr. McMahon surprised all of Raw and the WWE when he "borrowed" Rated RKO over from Smackdown to secure them onto his team at SummerSlam. This week, Shawn Michaels gets his chance as he promises that he has two bigger superstars than McMahon has on his team. McMahon's team was already showing some disfunction as towards the end of the announcement, all four men started arguing in the ring. Which two superstars has Shawn Michaels secured to be on his team?

The next challenger to the Intercontinental title is...

Tonight the number one contender to the Intercontinental title will be crowned in a Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match. Jeff Hardy, Booker T, Carlito, and Test will all find themselves dueling it out for the chance to meet Shelton Benjamin at the "Biggest Party of the Summer" for the Intercontinental title. Which man will walk away with the shot of becoming the next champion?

Dastardly Diva

Melina caused some trouble last week on Raw whenever her and Maria got into it backstage. However later on in the night, Maria teamed with Mickie James to take on Melina and the Women's Champion, Victoria. Mickie got the win for her team and tonight, Mickie will be in Maria's corner as Maria goes one on one with Melina. Rumors have it Victoria will be backing up Melina, just to get even with Mickie. Don't miss Raw as lots of events are going on in the Women's division.

For all of this and more, tune into Raw, this Monday on the USA Network at 9/8 CT.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Sorry I can't review SmackDown! atm KOP, been busy, but I'll be able to get time free so I can check out RAW.

I think I can tell who Michaels' team mates will be, I guess I'll have to wait and see if it happens like I think it will though.


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Smackdown Review

Opening Promo - The opening words from Long, I didn't like. It didn't flow much, and his next lines weren't really on par with the opening statement. Not "Long" before JBL enters the scene. JBL didn't sound in character throughout the promo to me. He just wasn't his usual self. Nice step up though. Long saying that he was going to announce it anyways doesn't work tbh. Overall, not the best of opening promos, but it was good. Character, and flow are in dire need of work I think.

Mexicool vs. Kash/Noble - Good enough match to start off the show. I found Crazy pinning the champ good, as he's still after the title. Nicely written match as well. Good stuff.

Batista Promo - Biggest, and baddest animal in WWE? Lmao. I didn't like the sound of that. To start listing superstars, but only name one = no ratingz. I'm not going to lie, I didn't like this promo. It didn't flow at all (Kristal didn't help much), the wording could have been much better, and character was okay. It was short too.

Kennedy/Hardy/Mysterio Promo - Mysterio doesn't even talk. :S Kennedy using Hardy's lines wasn't that good. His start was good though. A fight breaks out, and Long announces a match. Finlay of course is added out of nowhere, and whatever happened to Lashley? Meh. Good match annoucement, I guess, but I found this promo random, and all over the place in a way.

Regal/Taylor vs. Moore/Funaki - Regal, and Taylor are the new kids on the block, so to speak, and they win. Londrick gives them their appreciation. Nice. Possible feud me thinks. Good stuff.

Angle Promo - Saw the SS promo already, and I'm pretty sure I commented on that, so I won't comment here. Good Angle promo here. In, and out as character is concerned. It does hype up the main event though. Decent sized promo especially for a backstage thing. Good stuff here.

Mysterio/Hardy vs. Finlay/Kennedy - There's Lashley! Match was all over the place imo, especially with the shillelagh. Hardy, and Mysterio win. I liked this match. Was confusing, but entertaining also.

MVP vs. Holly - Being that it was an open challenge, I expected MVP to win, and that he did. Hmmm...promo afterwards. To say "get over" with the fans is kind of breaking kayfabe, and would never, ever happen in WWE. Looks like MVP is going to start a feud with Burchill though. Not a bad promo, I guess. MVP was okay, the kayfabe thing was a turnoff, and Burchill barely spoke, and get pwned basically.

Henry Promo - I hate it when Kristal says, "Anything else, or final comments". I just don't see it happening. Henry was okay in this promo. He's tweener, I think, so it's hard to say anything about his character, as I'm used to him as hell. Interview before his match, didn't like that.

Angle vs. Henry - JBL's interference was expected, Henry's win wasn't. Nice to see you giving him a "push" or some worthy TV time. Henry holding the WHC after the match was a nice touch too.

Overall - I think there was a little too much focus on the main event scene in this show, and not enough on anything else. Promos were okay. Most needed help in character, and flow. Matches were entertaining for the most part. I felt this show wasn't as good as a regular Smackdown show on TV these days, so that's not good. Show was definitely lacking something, but I can't put my finger on it.

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