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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

The Raw preview looks pretty awesome KOP. I cannot wait for it to be posted.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

~ Good Raw preview, KOP, some very interesting escalation to be had no doubt. I'm fully expecting the backlash to begin for Jericho on the show, after he has dominated RVD for the last two weeks. RVD's title reign has been epic though, so it'll probably continue

~ I think I'm most looking forward to finding out who the final two members of Team McMahon are. I had guessed at Kane and Chuck Palumbo, but the reference to them being close to Christian and Triple H? A returning Tomko maybe? Batista? Edge? Those are the guys I can think of with ties to those two.

~ Carlito/Booker and Jeff Hardy/Benjamin are probably going to pencilled in for SummerSlam, so I'll look forward to that. Should be a top notch read
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

King of Pain, I had written this review since so many days, but my internet connection was fucked up. But here I'm again. Enjoy the review.

Great American Bash Feedback - KOP
To be honest with you, the opening video package would’ve been much better than this. I liked that this was kept on the tradition of USA, but didn’t like the fact, that it didn’t hype the pay per view, and the big matches for tonight’s show.

You know, I have never liked Super Crazy, but tonight, it was different. You made me like that guy, and you must be given credit for that one. He showed up a great fight, which I liked. And I also liked at the fact, that Kash and Psicosis also played their roles perfectly during this match. The match was decent, although I believe that the spots of this match would’ve been written better. What I mean by that, is that I think you should use caps for those spots, only to excite the readers, etc.

Now, we see a short and sweet promo from the former tag team partners, Finlay and William Regal. Onto the match now, I don’t know why, but I’ve got a feeling that Finlay would win this one, and after feuding with Burchill and Regal, he would get a decent push. It was just a decent match up, but let me tell you that the Hornswoggle’s appearance made this match excite me even more. It looks like he’s been introduced for the first time in thread, and now it’ll be interesting to see how you deal with Finlay and his ‘leprechaun’. I liked the ending too, which makes me feel that Regal will feud with Burchill. I could be wrong though. But yeah, a good victory for Finlay, and a good way to put him over as a heel.

Okay, it was a nice move there, as you introduce that ‘leprechaun’ as ‘Hornswoggle’ immediately after the match up.

I’m surprised that you didn’t have Matt Hardy enter the ring, and wrestle Edge or Randy Orton. Anyway, back onto the match. It looked like an intense match up to me, and that’s only because of Orton ripping Mysterio’s mask, and then going for the Super RKO (Even though it didn’t connect). Orton seriously made it look like that he’s going to injure Mysterio tonight, and put this feud over greatly. Ending was good as well, with Orton, obviously, picking up the victory for his team against Rated RKO, whilst Edge took care of Hardy. You know, I thought Edge would be the one to gain the pinfalls for his team, but it was Orton, and now it makes me feel that you’ll make Orton look like a true ‘Legend Killer’ here. I know how much you love to make your thread realistic, so I’m sensing that he’ll be like that Randy Orton, who is feuding with Cena in the real WWE. Let’s see what happens with the Rated-RKO, which I believe will end up soon though. By the way, a little bit length for this match up would’ve been better too, considering that it was a major match up, and you should’ve had more content in this match.

I liked how Batista didn’t have any word with Kristal. You know, this showed that Batista has 100% intensity in him tonight, and this actually made his feud with The Undertaker look even more serious.

You know, there isn’t any originality here. WWE also introduced MVP like this. I’d like to see some originally if you ask me. It’d be interesting to see whom MVP faces at SmackDown though.

When I see the booking of this match on paper, I see this match just as a filler, and just ‘one’ match for Brian Kendrick and Paul London to get them on the pay per view. Onto the match now, I liked how the way you had Guido and Mamaluke show some fight, but then in the end, as obviously, and London and Kendrick retain their titles. Good booking choice, but the tag team division looks way too bland and boring. You need to spice up the tag team division, and you need to throw a good team as Paul London and Brian Kendrick’s tag team titles challengers.

I wasn’t really feeling this segment here by Bobby Lashley. He looked too generic and bland here, although he hyped his feud with Mister Kennedy. And the way Lashley said in this promo that Kennedy can’t cheat now makes me believe that Kennedy will now INDEED cheat, and get a victory tonight against Lashley in a Steel Cage Match. Onto the match now, it looked like an awesome Steel Cage Match to me. Bobby Lashley was used perfectly, with him dominating Mr. Kennedy most of the times throughout the match, but the ending was better than the overall match, as Kennedy somehow wins the United States Championship, but he must say thanks to Finlay and his little Hornswoggle for that. It’ll now be interesting to see where you lead Bobby Lashley and Finlay. I sense a pretty intense rivalry, which is just on its way, right?

And then we get a promo from Finlay, who tells the reasons. You know, I pretty much loved those reasons. I liked the line when he said that he used to beat down boys with the size of Lashley. It was awesome, and something which I haven’t read before. Definitely a good promo, but aren’t you over using Finlay tonight?

The starting of this match up was really boring. All I saw was clotheslines, and attempts of some weak moves, but then in the ending, it got better, as The Undertaker and Batista went back and forth. I liked reading The Undertaker going for the Chokeslam for time after time, but time after time, Batista escapes. It makes Batista look strong to be honest, and that’s good for him if he’s feuding with The Undertaker. The ending was brilliantly done, and a brilliant move as a booker to have The Undertaker win via DQ, which means that the feud will not end, and which makes The Undertaker look strong as well. It was a decent match up, but the booking at the end saves it.

Great promo from the man who I think will be walking out from tonight as the World Heavyweight Champion, JBL. Believe it, it’s probably the best promo of the night so far. He was spot on, and the line at which he said that he’s going to reduce Kurt Angle to a laughingstock was darn good. Originality rules. Great promo.

The main event looked good to my eyes. I liked it, but you know, you must cut it to three or four paragraphs because my eyes got hurt after reading such a HUGE paragraph. Anyway, onto the match now. It was a good read, especially because I’m a huge JBL and Angle fan. It was getting boring in the middle, but when JBL and Angle went for counters, it again picked it pace up. And when Henry interrupted, I was like ‘WTF’… but then I understood when you said that JBL and Henry are working on their ‘alliance’ deal at the aftermath. It was an okay booking choice by having Angle retain the title, and JBL lose his MITB clause, although I believe JBL should’ve won it. Anyway, the aftermath was interesting, as Henry betrays Angle as well. I sense a Triple Threat Match somewhere down the road. It could be an interesting feud, you know.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw
Monday July 24, 2006
Wheeling, West Virginia

Across the Nation plays on the screen as the Raw video package plays before we head out into the arena to see the thousands of screaming fans. The camera pans across the fans before it finally cuts over and lays rest on the commentating team.

Jim Ross: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Monday Night Raw tonight which is chocked full of major events tonight.

Jerry Lawler: Tonight Mr. McMahon has promised us that he will announce the final two teammates for SummerSlam and a huge Highlight Reel is on par too!

Jim Ross: Plus a few huge matches tonight in Christian going one on one with Ric Flair and the WWE Champion, RVD will be in action.

Jerry Lawler: RVD’s opponent will be determined later but as for right now, we’ve heard that the Highlight Reel is going to kick off the show tonight.

Break the Walls Down hits as out walks the number one contender to the WWE Championship, that man being Chris Jericho. Jericho receives major boos from the crowd as he pretty much cemented himself as the number one heel on Raw and public enemy number one! Jericho grabs the ropes and shakes them as he crawls into the ring before walking over and taking a seat. He turns the mic on as the crowd looks on with a silent hush.

Chris Jericho: Welcome to…

Crowd Boos Jericho but he continues on anyways.

Chris Jericho: Raw is Jericho!!!

Jericho lets out a huge smile as the crowd boos continuously.

Chris Jericho: In just a little under four weeks, you will be able to see the man of the hour, the man of power, the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla’ become your next WWE Champion. I wasn’t the first ever-Undisputed Champion for no reason. I worked hard and I plan on doing that once again to become the WWE Champion.

The crowd boos as Jericho plays along by simply ignoring them.

Chris Jericho: Rob Van Dam poses no threat to me what so ever. All he can ever say that he did was bash people’s heads in with chairs, jump off ladders and jump into the crowd almost damn near killing himself. That isn’t wrestling. I am what wrestling is about and that’s why I should be the current WWE Champion. It doesn’t bother me if you like me or not because you all know that is what is true. You shouldn’t have an ECW reject being your WWE Champion.

Crowd starts a huge ECDub chant while Jericho having been in ECW, just ignores it.

Chris Jericho: Sadly, I was in ECW and let me you tell how bad it was. It was hell.

ECDub chants continue up….

Chris Jericho: It was a place for people to go when you had no talent. How I ended up there, I don’t know? But clearly, they didn’t want me as I was becoming the big thing but I was held down. And well, enough of that dead promotion, let’s go ahead and bring out tonight’s guest, he is the WWE Champion and my opponent at SummerSlam. He is Rob Van Dam.

One of a Kind hits across the arena as out steps the WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam with the title around his shoulder. Van Dam is dressed in his ring gear as he makes his way down the ramp before rolling into the ring. RVD plays to the fans with the RVD thumb taunt as he then walks over and takes a seat, grabbing the mic first.

Chris Jericho: RVD, it’s a pl…

Rob Van Dam: Chris, I’m not out here to listen to your bullshit.

The crowd pops, as RVD is getting straight to the point. Jericho takes offense to this…

Chris Jericho: How dare you come on my show and insult me? I am the man that brings in the ratings for Monday Night Raw. I am the man tha…

Rob Van Dam: Shut up Chris.

The crowd pops once again as the fans look excited for RVD rebelling tonight against Jericho.

Rob Van Dam: I’m tired of hearing you…and everybody else complain about how “terrible” ECW was. I’m tired of it and it’s not funny anymore. Quite frankly, it’s old. It’s been old since everybody started talking about it. Sure, you were there but you weren’t there when it was “big” You weren’t there when it was truly branching out. So dude, unless you were backstage in ECW, then I don’t want to hear a thing from you.

Chris Jericho: I’m not here to complain about ECW. I’m here because I’m going to go ahead and give you a message. SummerSlam is only four weeks away and I can promise you that you won’t be walking out of LA with that title around your waist. Every one of these assclowns in this filthy dirty town of Wheeling knows that.

The crowd boos for the cheap heat.

Chris Jericho: You know RVD; maybe you don’t realize all the people that I’ve beaten in the past few months. Let’s start naming a few for you. I’ve beat Shawn Michaels by submission and you know, I can’t remember you ever doing that. Secondly, I just beat Ric Flair a few weeks back and also, I don’t think you’ve ever done that either. So that just goes to show you that I…

RVD has had enough and jumps on Jericho taking him down. RVD is punching Jericho hard with some huge rights until out of nowhere, comes Chuck Palumbo!?!? Yes, the recently re-debuted Chuck Palumbo. Palumbo kicks RVD hard in the back of the head as Van Dam was already on the mat. Palumbo helps Jericho back up. Jericho walks over and grabs a mic.

Chris Jericho: Beat his ass Chuck.

Palumbo listens as instructed by Jericho as Palumbo lifts Van Dam back up. Palumbo grabs Van Dam and lifts him into the air, with a Torture Rack. Palumbo is bending the back of Van Dam in ways it shouldn’t be. Palumbo continues to wrench at the back before he throws him onto his shoulders and then runs across the ring hitting Van Dam with a huge Running Power Slam! Palumbo doesn’t stop there though as he continues to stomp away at Van Dam before lifting him back up and hitting the 187! Van Dam is motionless in the ring now as Palumbo stands in the ring, hands high in the air celebrating his dominance.

Chris Jericho: RVD, if you can hear me.

Jericho lets out a cocky laugh.

Chris Jericho: I was walking around backstage and saw Chuck Palumbo. I knew instantly that he was going to be the man that could help me “get back to the top” But don’t worry Rob because you’ll get a preview tonight of Palumbo when you step into the ring with him, one on one! So let’s just say now that I’ve got Palumbo on my side, things are going to be changing a lot for you and the first thing, is taking that title away from you at SummerSlam.

Break the Walls Down hits across the arena as Jericho and Palumbo make their way out of the arena. The camera watches as Jericho and Palumbo make their exit to the back and then it cuts off to a commercial break.


Match #1
Booker T vs. Eugene

Match Overview: A quick squash match to start the night off with and to get the “Book-Man” into action here tonight on Raw. Booker watches as Eugene tries to fight back with some offense by hitting a headbutt but Booker is able to fend off the headbutt and kick Eugene hard in the stomach before hitting him with a huge Houston Sidekick! Booker drops down onto the mat and waves his hand in his face before doing the Spinaroonie to the dismay of the fans. Booker gets back to his feet but Eugene quickly catches Booker with a hard kick to the stomach. Booker holds his stomach as Eugene lifts Booker into the air, looking for the Rock Bottom, a version of Booker’s Bookend but Booker elbows Eugene with a hard right in the back of the head. This gives Booker time to quickly run off the ropes and hit Eugene with the Scissors Kick. Booker waists no time hooking the leg as the fans boo as Booker T gets the win

Winner: Booker T

The referee holds Booker’s hand in the air but it’s not for too long as Carlito comes running down the ramp. The fans let out huge cheers as Carlito is ready to fight with Booker but Booker bails and makes his way out through the crowd. The fans cheer on Carlito as Carlito and Booker have been at it the past few weeks.

Jim Ross: Booker can beat up on Carlito but when it comes time for him to step up and fight for real, he has to be a coward.

Jerry Lawler: That’s not being a coward JR, that’s being smart. That is exactly what Booker is doing here…

Jim Ross: I think he’s afraid of Carlito.

Jerry Lawler: Afraid of Carlito? What’s there to be afraid of Carlito? His hair? I mean come on JR, Booker is a five time WCW Champion, and he has no reason to be afraid!


We head backstage to see Maria standing by with the World Tag Team Champions, MNM.

Maria: I’m standing by here with the World Tag Team Champions, Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury. And la…

Melina: Did you forget somebody, Maria?

Maria: Oh, I’m sorry! And Melinda!

Melina throws her hands in the air before walking right back over to Maria.

Melina: It’s Melina! And you know what Maria, let’s go ahead and get this interview underway because we’ve got that match later tonight against one another, and well, I’ve got to go and get ready!

Melina walks back over to Nitro and Mercury rather cockily as Maria looks at Melina before continuing on with the interview.

Maria: I’m sorry about that but now both Nitro and Mercury, a few weeks ago both of you got huge wins over John Cena and Rob Van Dam in tag team action but it’s been a few weeks since both of you have wrestled. Why?

Joey Mercury: Maria, are you serious? We deserve this time off and as a matter of fact, Mr. McMahon and the Executive Assistant, that being Jonathan Coachman, gave us this time off.

Johnny Nitro: Who told you this Maria? And since when did this get out? I haven’t heard anything about this all day from the major headlines in Hollywood. And if this is true, we’re not too worried because later tonight, we’ve got a party to go to. You all know it, and it’s going to be another wild night in Hollywood.

Maria: But if you don’t defend those titles in 30 days, you’ll lose them and the…

Joey Mercury: That’s nice and all Maria but just so you, and all of the MNM fans know, that we’ll be back next week. And since Coach gave us the time off, we didn’t “have to wrestle” and defend the titles in 30 days.

Johnny Nitro: And Maria, if you’d excuse us, we’ve got to go get ready for a party. Because after Melina and Victoria beat you in the ring, it’s off to Hollywood for the rest of the week to have a great time! So Maria, if you’ll excuse us…

Maria: Oh, I’m sorry!

Maria with her ditzy self-steps off to the side but Maria and Melina get into a staredown. Melina promptly greets Maria with a slap across the face as Maria holds her mouth as we head back down to the ring.

We head back down to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: Looks like a lot of problems are going on in the women’s division but right now, we’ve got another tag match coming up.

Jerry Lawler: We sure do JR and last week, Charlie Haas suffered a loss to Chuck Palumbo and afterwards, he said he’s looking for another tag partner.

Jim Ross: I wish Haas had stayed in the singles division because he still had a chance but instead, he’s looking for a new partner as you mentioned.

Jerry Lawler: And well, let’s see who that’s going to be tonight!

Match #2
Charlie Haas and Val Venis vs. The Highlanders

Match Overview: This turns out to be a short little tag match that doesn’t get too much time, as it’s only a small storyline right now on TV between these four face workers. Haas works over Robbie’s leg in the ring, trying to set him up for the Haas of Pain. Haas ends up making the tag, bringing in Venis as Venis drops a knee on the leg of Robbie. Venis twists the arm of Robbie behind his back before tagging back in Haas as Haas leaps over the ropes and hits Robbie with a huge closed fist. Haas quickly grabs Robbie pushing him into the ropes, looking for a German Suplex but he rolls backwards and gets a pinfall. However, Robbie rolls through and tags in Rory quickly. Rory comes running into the ring, hitting Haas knocking him into Venis. This makes Venis the legal man as Val runs into the ring, ducks a clothesline from Robbie, and plunges off the ropes with a flying clothesline of his own. Val quickly walks over and grabs Rory, looking for his Spinning Powerbomb but Rory quickly kicks Venis in the gut and lifts him into the air, hitting the Hotscot Slingshot! The fans cheer, despite all four men being faces as Rory hooks the leg. Haas tries running into the ring but it’s too late and the Highlanders get the win.

Winners: The Highlanders

Jim Ross: Well I guess Val Venis wasn’t meant to be Charlie Haas’s tag partner.

Jerry Lawler: Apparently not JR so I guess the quest will continue on next week for Haas looking for a new tag partner.


No Chance hits across the arena and out walks the Chairman of the Board, Mr. McMahon! Mr. McMahon walks down to loud jeers from the crowd, but as always, he ignores them before getting into the ring.

Mr. McMahon: Well, it’s that time isn’t it?

The crowd boos, knowing McMahon is ready to announce his final two tag team partners for his team at SummerSlam.

Mr. McMahon: It’s summer time! Time for the Biggest Party of the Summer, that being SummerSlam! And everybody knows that at SummerSlam, we’re going to witness a first, that being the Steel Cage Showdown Match!

The crowd pops for the new match, kind of similar to War Games but with one ring.

Mr. McMahon: And last week, I promised a major announcement, that being who the final two tag partners would be for my team at SummerSlam. Now, I’ve already got a strong team to bring in against Shawn Michaels at SummerSlam. First off, I’ve got the 10-time World-Heavyweight Champion, the Game, the King of Kings….Triple H!

The crowd boos majorly for Triple H.

Mr. McMahon: And then I’ve got everybody’s favorite peep, the man that has single handely risen up in the past year and became a major impact player on Raw, he is Captain Charisma! Christian!

The crowd boos once again for Christian.

Mr. McMahon: But now as I mentioned earlier, I’m not here to talk about Triple H or Christian. I’m here to talk about their two partners. Now first off, let me go ahead and say that these two men are already making a name for themselves here in the WWE….

The crowd boos, wanting Mr. McMahon to go ahead and get on with the announcement.

Mr. McMahon: But before I introduce these two men, I think we’re going to need Triple H and Christian out here first!!!

The crowd boos as Just Close Your Eyes hits across the arena and out walks Christian. Christian makes his way down the ramp, in his normal warm up suit before he gets on the steps and throws his hood back! Christian gets into the ring and shakes hands with Mr. McMahon before waiting for Triple H.

Time to Play the Game hits across the arena as the lights cut and out steps Triple H! The Game makes his way down the ramp to choruses of boos before making his way down the ramp. Triple H stops on the apron, does his normal trademark water spit before stepping into the ring and shaking hands with Hunter and Christian.

Mr. McMahon: Now Hunter and Christian, I must first off say that you both know these men very well. I can’t tell you how yet but trust me, you’ll be glad they are on your team! Secondly, with this team that I have assembled, there is no way that Team McMahon can or will stand a chance at losing at SummerSlam. Because you see, these two men are going to bring something “special” to the team, something that…well can’t really be spoken of.

The crowd continues to boo as Christian grabs a mic.

Christian: Shut the hell up and let the man talk.

The crowd boos as Christian shows a smirk on his face.

Mr. McMahon: So without further ado, let’s go ahead and introduce the two new tag partners of Team McMahon, they are….

Metalingus/Burn in my Light Remix hits throughout the crowd as the fans stand on their foot, confused as to why Rated RKO is here on Raw? Edge and Orton make their way down the ramp, with loud boos continuing throughout the crowd, as this is definently a dangerous team now. Edge and Orton make their way into the ring, as this is kind of an awkward moment with Triple H’s former Evolution Member, Orton, and then Christian’s brother Edge in the ring.

Mr. McMahon hands the mic to Edge and Orton, handing it over to them now as McMahon stands back.

Edge: It’s about damn time that the Rated R Superstar comes back to Raw…

The crowd is mixed with some Edgeheads cheering but other fans booing.

Edge: But just know that it won’t be long because after SummerSlam, I’m heading back to Friday nights. You see, this all happened because of that man over there…

Edge points to Mr. McMahon as McMahon smiles.

Edge: Mr. McMahon promised us that if we help his team win, we will both get future title shots at any time that we want and of course, we couldn’t pass that up. But I’m not here to talk about that but first things first, I couldn’t help but notice that my own brother, the man who got his ass beat by me at WrestleMania is in the same ring, and on the same team as me!

The crowd pops as Christian gets into Edge’s face but Edge holds him back.

Edge: Whoa! Now Christian, we’ve had our differences in the past but now I think that we’re past that. I feel that now that we are both on the same page that we need to be able to work together as a team, because I’m here for one reason and that one reason is to get that future title shot, go back to Smackdown, and take back what is mine. That being MY World-Heavyweight Championship from Kurt Angle!

The crowd pops for the mention of Angle as Edge continues on.

Edge: So now that we’ve fixed our differences, Randy, anything you’ve got to say?

Edge hands the mic to Randy, who looks at his former mentor in Triple H.

Randy Orton: Hunter, how’s it going?

Triple H looks at Orton without doing or saying anything.

Randy Orton: You know Hunter, it’s funny that the last time I was here on Raw, last year you were getting your ass handed to you by Dave Batista. But Hunter, there’s something else that is funny and that is the fact that I’m now a bigger name than you. The people come to see Randy Orton because I am the future. I’m not some dr…

Triple H interrupts him.

Triple H: Randy, I made you! I made you into what you are today when you were back in Evolution and if yo…

Randy Orton: You didn’t make shit! Yo..

Mr. McMahon steps in as Edge and Christian both get into an argument and McMahon has to do something to break it all up.

Mr. McMahon: SHADDUP!!!!!

The crowd pops, as McMahon looks ultimately pissed in the ring right now.

Mr. McMahon: I’ll be damned if this is what is going to happen the whole damn time before SummerSlam! This is not going to work. All four of you are GOING to get along whether you like it or not. You’ve only got one month with each other and then Edge and Orton are gone back to Smackdown. So you think all of you can handle all of that?

None of the men say anything.

Mr. McMahon: And as far as I’m concerned, with this team that I’ve put together, Michaels’s team has got no chance in hell!

No Chance hits across the arena as out steps Mr. McMahon out of the ring. Team McMahon follows behind except Christian, as his match is next, despite still some bickering going on between the four massive egos as we head to a commercial break.


Match #3
Christian vs. Ric Flair

Match Overview: A good match between the two superstars as Christian brings out his best in an effort to “one-up” the legendary Flair. Flair catches Christian with some chops as Christian ran at Flair. Flair gets back on the offense now as he pushes Christian against the ropes before sending him flying again. Christian comes running back at Flair but Flair once again catches him with some more chops, hard across the chest. Flair now makes his way onto the top rope, looking set to fly and he gets further than he normally does but instead Christian runs over and throws Flair off the top turnbuckle, sending him down onto the mat. Christian goes back to work on Flair, stomping away at Flair as he quickly grabs the legend back up and onto his feet. Christian is trying his best to turn Flair around for the Unprettier but Flair is quick to push Christian into the ropes stomach first. Christian falls back as Flair rolls him up with a cradle but Christian is able to roll through, grabbing the tights in the process and pulling them, as the ref has no clue. The ref gives Christian the win as the fans boo Christian, as it was clear he cheated to beat Flair.

Winner: Christian

Jim Ross: Christian by gawd cheated to win tonight and that sumbi….

Jerry Lawler: Calm down JR! We can’t help it that Christian cheated but either way; this is a huge win for Captain Charisma.

Jim Ross: Indeed it is but I promise you that Christian will have a price to pay one day as I know Ric Flair very well and he won’t let this slide.

Jerry Lawler: Of course he will JR because don’t forget, these two men are opponents come SummerSlam in the Steel Cage Showdown!

We head backstage to see Maria standing by with Shawn Michaels.

Maria: Right now, I’m here with the “Heart Break Kid” Sha…

Shawn Michaels: Maria, let’s go ahead and cut to the chase…

Maria: Ok…where is he?

Shawn Michaels: Huh?

Maria: Chase. You said Chase, where is he at?

Michaels rolls his head as Maria looks on dazed and confused.

Shawn Michaels: Never mind. But I’ve got something to say to five people right now and those five people know who they are….

The crowd pops knowing that Michaels is talking about Team McMahon.

Shawn Michaels: And this one mainly goes out to Vince McMahon. Ever since January, Hunter and myself have been at each other’s throats. We’ve fought at WrestleMania, Backlash, and many other times and Vince, for some reason you thought this was YOUR business. Well, you’re wrong. This never was between you and me. You always dragged yourself into it somehow but at SummerSlam, we’re going to settle this. Because you see, I’ve already brought in two people that will finish Team Michaels and let me just say, these two men are certainly going to lead my team to victory.

The crowd pops as they speculate who could be the tag partners.

Shawn Michaels: But you see Vince, I’m wanting you to wait for this one. I don’t want you to find out who this is going to be until next week. So next week, you and me, in that ring at the beginning of the show. And Vince, you’ll get what you’ve been wanting this whole time…

Shawn Michaels: A big surprise from the Heart Break Kid himself!

The crowd pops as Michaels walks off with Maria holding the mic.

Maria: What’s the surprise?


Match #4
Victoria and Melina vs. Mickie James and Maria

Match Overview: This turns out to be a rather short match, and Maria doesn’t really get into the ring that much, despite the slap she received from Melina earlier on. This is mainly to catapult the feud between the Women’s Champion, Victoria and the “tweener” that being Mickie James. James catches Melina with a spinning kick before tagging in Maria. Maria comes running into the ring, jumping onto Melina with a Lou Thesz Press and starts hitting Melina with some rights. However, Melina is quick to push Maria off of her before Maria runs right back at Melina into an Inverted DDT. Melina goes for the cover but Mickie breaks up the tag. Victoria tags in from Melina as Melina drags Maria into the corner. Victoria sends Maria flying into the ropes and as she does, Mickie reaches over and tags in. Mickie and Victoria now both go at it in the ring with Mickie throwing some hard rights at Victoria. Victoria tries preventing them but she can’t as Mickie catches Victoria with a huge Mick-a-Rana! Mickie decides not go for the cover as she grabs Victoria, looking for the Mick DDT but instead; Victoria shoves her into the ropes. Victoria catches Mickie with a huge clothesline, knocking her back down. Victoria now goes to grab Mickie, looking for the Widow’s Peak but as she does, Mickie slides off the shoulders of Victoria, grabs Victoria and ends up hitting the Mick DDT to a huge pop from the crowd. Mickie covers and gets a win over the Women’s Champion.

Winners: Mickie James and Maria

Jim Ross: Mickie James has just pinned the lady that beat her for her Women’s Championship, nearly nine nights ago at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Jerry Lawler: I think this just goes to show you just how bad Mickie James wants that Women’s Championship back…

We head backstage to see Mr. McMahon standing with the acting General Manager of Raw, Jonathan Coachman.

Jonathan Coachman: Mr. McMahon, who do you think could be Shawn Michaels’s tag partners that he’s going to announce next week?

Mr. McMahon: Coach, I really don’t know. I don’t know why anybody would want to team up with that man anyways in the first place. Not very many names come to mind but either way; my team won’t be defeated at SummerSlam.

Jonathan Coachman: Well sir, I’ve got a few ideas for the road to SummerSlam and I thought I’d possibly share some with you. But….

Mr. McMahon: Now’s not the time Coach. I rea…

McMahon suddenly stops and gets this worried look on his face.

Jonathan Coachman: What’s wrong, sir?

Mr. McMahon: You don’t think it could be….

McMahon stops, as Coach looks confused and worried.

Jonathan Coachman: Be who?

Mr. McMahon: No, it can’t be. There is no way in hell he would ever want to be on Shawn Michaels’s team. No way.

Jonathan Coachman: Well sir, just go ahead and tell me who it is and I can look into it and te…

Mr. McMahon: SHADDUP!!!!

McMahon stops as Coach steps back.

Mr. McMahon: Now get out of my office. We can talk about your “ideas” next week.

Jonathan Coachman: But si…

Mr. McMahon: NOW!

Coach makes his way out of the office as McMahon sits back down on his couch, pondering just who could be the tag partners for Shawn Michaels at SummerSlam.


We open up to a black screen before the WWE logo flashes across the screen and we cut out to a beach, with the wind blowing and the flag-waving showing that it’s safe to swim right now.

Narrator: Summer’s end is nearing….

Suddenly, the green flag is pulled down and a red flag is pulled up showing that it is now dangerous to swim and that you must leave the beach.

Narrator: And that can only mean one thing…

A huge tidal wave starts to come in but just as it comes across on the screen, we suddenly head to a shot of the beach once again, with it having the green flag up.

Narrator: It’s time for the Biggest Party of the Summer!!!

Images of superstars running across the beach such as Chris Masters, Eugene, Jeff Hardy, and others are shown while you see Rated RKO floating out in the ocean in plastic inflatable tubes, and Kurt Angle, lying out on the beach getting a tan with the title around his waist. All of a sudden, all the heads turn as out walks Vince McMahon from the beach house…. In a speedo! The camera scans around to the other superstars.


JBL runs over to Matt Hardy and others, who are seen puking and leaning over a trashcan. Vince looks around and doesn’t do anything but instead heads out to the ocean. Suddenly all the superstars clear out as Vince is the only one in the ocean, with his Speedo on.

Vince McMahon: What?

Vince has no clue that the red flag has went up and as soon as he turns around, he notices a huge tidal wave coming at him?

Vince McMahon: No chance in hell!

Vince thinks it’s a dream but he turns around and the wave sends him crashing onto land. Vince is all sprawled out on the land, with nobody around as the camera cuts off.

Narrator: WWE presents the 19th annual SummerSlam, live Sunday August 20, 2007 from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

We head over to the commentating team at ringside.

Jim Ross: And SummerSlam is indeed going to be the Biggest Party of the Summer, especially with our two huge matches already.

Jerry Lawler: I think that Raw will indeed steal the show and mainly because of our WWE title match, which will see Rob Van Dam against Chris Jericho.

Jim Ross: But the main question now is what role is Chuck Palumbo going to play in that match come SummerSlam.

Jerry Lawler: And finally, the Steel Cage Showdown which will have one ring, a steel cage with a roof over it, and eight men. Hell is sure to break loose…

Jim Ross: Indeed it will King but coming up next, Jeff Hardy goes one on one against “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters.


Match #5
Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Masters

Match Overview: A Vengeance rematch from nearly a month ago that doesn’t get too much time, mainly due to the main event being up next. Masters takes some control but mainly the match is to try and get Hardy a win. Masters tries numerous times to lock on the Masterlock early on but Hardy is able to roll through each time breaking the hold before it can even be applied. Late on in the match, Masters almost gets his finisher locked in but Hardy is able to run up the ropes and leap right back over Masters and bring him crashing down to the mat with an Inverted DDT! A nice move by Hardy as he scrambles for a cover but only gets a two count. Hardy quickly grabs Masters, looking for the Twist of Fate but now we see the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin walk out to the ramp. This throws Hardy off as Masters clubs Hardy from behind. Masters grabs Hardy looking for the Full Nelson Slam but Hardy slides underneath Masters and rolls through before kicking Masters in the gut and dropping him with the Twist of Fate. Hardy makes his way to the top rope looking for the Swanton Bomb and he hits it before covering Masters and getting the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Hardy’s music plays but is cut off as Benjamin is holding a mic in his hand, interrupting Hardy’s post match celebration.

Shelton Benjamin: Congrats Jeff!

The crowd is mixed as Benjamin has shown a new attitude in the past few weeks.

Shelton Benjamin: You beat Chris Masters but you have yet to get into the ring and beat me. And you’ll be lucky if you ever do get the chance to face me for my title. But you know Jeff, I’ve been wanting to fight you for a while so I went to Coach earlier and he gave me this match for next week…

The crowd is excited, wondering what’s going to be announced.

Shelton Benjamin: Jeff Hardy versus…

The crowd pops for Hardy’s name as he claps to that.

Shelton Benjamin: Booker T!

The crowd boos at the mention of Booker T.

Shelton Benjamin: versus….

The crowd clearly boos now knowing that Hardy will have the odds stacked against him big time next week.

Shelton Benjamin: Carlito…

The crowd pops for Carlito.

Shelton Benjamin: versus Test in a Fatal 4 Way where the winner earns the shot against your Intercontinental Champion at SummerSlam.

The crowd likes the match but doesn’t like the fact that Hardy has to overcome three men next week just for a shot at the title.

Shelton Benjamin: And Jeff, I hate to say it but the odds don’t look in your favor.

Ain’t No Stoppin’ Me Now! Hits across the arena and out walks Benjamin as we head to a commercial break before the final match.


Jim Ross: And before the break, we received word for a huge match next week that will see major implications for SummerSlam.

Jerry Lawler: Four men duking it out for the chance at the Intercontinental title is going to be huge next week.

Jim Ross: And all of these men met in a tag match a few weeks back so there is some history between these men.

Jerry Lawler: Well JR, it’s time for our main event now and quite frankly, I want to know if RVD is even ready to compete tonight.

Match #6
Rob Van Dam vs. Chuck Palumbo w/ Chris Jericho

Match Overview: This turns out to be a fun match but RVD plays off his “injuries” from tonight from the big man, that being Palumbo. Palumbo mainly works over the ribs, stomach of Van Dam, but also the legs to try and prevent RVD from getting up top for the Five Star Frog Splash. Palumbo hits Van Dam with a huge right to the leg. Palumbo is doing this all for Jericho as Jericho is at ringside, yelling at Palumbo to take out Van Dam. Palumbo lifts Van Dam into the air, before bringing Van Dam crashing into the turnbuckle with a huge Turnbuckle Powerbomb, hurting the back of Van Dam in the process too. Palumbo now throws Van Dam onto his shoulders, looking for a Torture Rack but somehow Van Dam slides off the shoulders of Palumbo and rolls him up. Van Dam doesn’t get the win though as it’s only two but Van Dam is quick to get back to his feet before hitting Palumbo with a huge Spinning Heel Kick sending the big man back down. Van Dam runs off the ropes, looking for the Rolling Thunder but instead, Jericho pulls Palumbo out of the ring. Jericho now climbs onto the apron but receives a huge right from Van Dam! This allows Palumbo time to recover and grab a steel chair from underneath the ring. Palumbo crawls into the ring and the fans are yelling for RVD to turn around but it’s too late as Palumbo cracks the chair over the back of Van Dam, DQ’ing himself in the process.

Winner via DQ: Rob Van Dam

Palumbo continues to put the chair to Van Dam as Jericho gets back into the ring too. Jericho is teasing and taunting Van Dam as Palumbo places the chair up in the ring. Palumbo picks Van Dam up, looking for the Full Throttle onto the chair but instead…the lights go out! The lights are out for a bit with the fans confused and as they come back on, Palumbo and Jericho are down on the mat, with a chair lying right beside both of them. Suddenly, a light comes from out of the rafters and shines on one man in the ring…. He points to the sky and it’s SABU!

Jim Ross: By gawd King, Sabu is here on Raw!

Jerry Lawler: I…I can’t believe it. Sabu has come to the aid of his friend Rob Van Dam and now he has certainly turned the tables.

Jim Ross: This is major news King! Sabu has laid out both Palumbo and Jericho with a chair tonight.

Jerry Lawler: It’s been a wild night, we’ll see you next week everybody!


Credit: Crazian

WWE Presents SummerSlam
Sunday August 20, 2006
Staples Center
Los Angeles, California

Theme Song: Enemy by Fozzy

WWE Championship
Rob Van Dam (c) w/ Sabu vs. Chris Jericho w/ Chuck Palumbo

Steel Cage Showdown
Team McMahon (Triple H, Christian, and Rated RKO) w/ Mr. McMahon vs. Team Michaels (Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, ???, and ???)

More Matches TBA


BTW, I do know who I need to leave feedback but all three of you haven't posted any recent shows and I don't have time right now to review PPV's. So please don't PM me because I know who you are.

Secondly, the show seemed a little rusty to me. Mainly the Jericho/RVD promo at the beginning but that may just be me. Either way, I felt this was a huge show with a few surprises thrown in, so enjoy!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

KOP's Raw Feedback

~ Sorry this is a tad behind schedule. Anyway, onto the feedback. Finally after the weeks of attacks from Y2J we get a promo hyping the feud, which I guess signals the end of any business RVD had with Cena and pairs him off with Jericho in earnest. Jericho was pretty good here, in character throughout, though your writing style sometimes leads to a rather bland delivery. Jericho's digs at ECW were expected, since that's generally what everyone does when they're feuding with RVD. In a change from Cena, Angle and Triple H though, Y2J did actually spend some time in ECW, so it'll be interesting to see if you take that angle any further. I have to say, I personally find Van Dam very hard to write for, and it seemed this promo from him suffered from the same thing, since I wasn't feeling him at all. It seems as though their promos will taking the anti-ECW war theme, which you've done alot already, but I guess it's still pretty entertaining. Chuck Palumbo? I like this choice very much, since I'm quite a fan of Palumbo. I'm not quite sure whether he is actually acting as a bodyguard/enforcer for Jericho now, or just an ally. Judging by the Main Event for tonight, I'd say just an ally.

~ Good match to kick off the show. Eugene is highly competent in the ring, even when he is merely jobbing like this, and Booker is good too. I can still tell that you're not that high on Booker though, since there's never been any hint of you elevating him above U.S or IC title level, which is a shame. Good win for Booker, but he runs away from Carlito in the end, showing his heelish ways. The way you have been giving this feud some strong build, I can tell that you are setting up Carlito/Booker T for SummerSlam.

~ Quite a nice interview from MNM next. Melina is the only one of the group with real mic skills, so I was quite enjoying her intimidation of Maria, brought on by Maria's rather funny ditziness. Mercury is okay too, but his and Nitro's delivery was rather dull, although it does explain their lack of action. Only The Highlanders are built up enough to challenge for the titles, so I can understand why you are keeping MNM out of matches. I had forgotten that MNM beat RVD and Cena too; that was a huge result.

~ I guess Charlie Haas is going to be looking for his new tag team partner week in and week out from now on, which is an interesting storyline to say the least, and I'm glad to see you giving Haas some exposure again. Also, it's good that you're working to bolster the tag team division. This continues The Highlander's big tag push though, which makes sense since they'll be feuding with MNM in the next few weeks still.

~ This was what I was most looking forward to on this night, just who exactly McMahon has chosen. McMahon's delivery was pretty good, and bringing Christian and Triple H out was making for a pretty major promo. I had it nailed in that Kane was going to come out, but I never thought that it would be Rated RKO. That's huge, and makes for some wonderful tension between Edge/Christian and Randy Orton/Triple H. Edge and Orton's words were good too, really upping the anti between the four men. I can see this tension coming back to cost Team McMahon come SummerSlam. Just to clarify though, Edge and Orton are still on SmackDown? And they both have guaranteed shots at the World Heavyweight title whenever they want? I guess we'll be finding out the rest of Team Michaels soon too, possibly Cena and .... God knows.

~ I would certainly like to see a match between Christian and Naitch at anytime, let alone on free television. Good choice with Christian picking up the victory, albeit a cheap one. I had expected interference from both teams though, so you got me here. This feud is REALLY taking off now.

~ Nice little promo Shawn Michaels next. You're really on form with Maria tonight, getting her diziness over well with her comment about "Chase". HBK was in character here too with his serious tone always seemingly tinted by comedy. I suppose the big surprise he has for Team McMahon next week will be who are the final two members of his team. Like I said, I think Cena is pretty much a certainty, but I don't have a clue about the other man.

~ A quick Diva's tag match like you said, though I was most interested in the status of Mickie James. At first I thought it was a bit odd that she was teaming with a face like Maria, but you made the point of calling her a tweener, so I guess that clears that up. With Mickie pinning Victoria, it looks like a rematch between the two is going to be set for SummerSlam.

~ Simple but effective promo from Mr. McMahon and Coach next. I always love their dynamic together, soI'm glad you're using that. Judging from McMahon's reaction, I can only think that he was referring to Kane or Cena, or maybe even Shane McMahon, but I highly doubt that. God, I really want to know who it is.

~ Lol, that was a pretty good promo to hype up SummerSlam, with Vince being the centre of attention and all.

~ Masters is back to jobbing now it seems, although he did get in a bit of offence to be fair. This is all really setting up Jeff/Shelton for the IC title at SummerSlam in my opinion, especially with Benjamin making another appearance here. I thought he might cost Jeff the match, but he isn't that much of a heel yet I take it, and Hardt needs the momentum. Nice announcement for next week, though Test's invlvement is a bit random. Why isn't Matt Striker in there? Jeff will undoubtedly get the win next week and make the SummerSlam IC match official. Shelton has had a very long reign now, and I fully expect Jeff to end his reign, which is a shame, since I had hoped Striker or Helms would do that.

~ Great to see that you're pushing Chuck Palumbo like this with him basically dominating RVD until the DQ at the end. I had thought that Palumbo would go down clean to the Champ, but this kind of finish keeps him looking quite strong. Great to see you were going to have Palumbo use the Full Throttle (I love that move ), but SABU!!! I'm not too keen on him, but I guess it really adds something to thefeud now that he's backing up RVD.

Overall this was a pretty good show, KOP. The opening promo was a little off, as you feared, but nothing drastic. Your spelling is fine, but your grammar is still a little off sometimes. By the wat, I love your new SummerSlam poster, although it does kind of give away the SmackDown Main Event Whoops!

8 Out Of 10 - Keep It Up
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I like the way Summerslam is shping up to be it looks as if it will be good.

i really like the main event how they both have managers.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

RAW Feedback
It was a good opening promo to kick off RAW, but it could’ve been better. Adding some more length into it would’ve been good too because the ending seemed rushed to me. Jericho was spot on, and so looked Rob Van Dam, but the ending didn’t appeal me. Palumbo has been added into this feud, and I’m sure this’ll add more interest in this feud. RVD vs. Palumbo for tonight’s main event will be a match to watch out for, and I’m sure the excitement factor will be brought in by Jericho.

Not a good way to start the action basically. I believe that an opening match should always keep the fans excited, but this was just a squash. Aftermath was good though, with Carlito coming out for Booker, who escapes away somehow.

Okay, the Maria/Melina part at the start looked off to me, but then, Nitro and Mercury made this promo. It was a good way for having Nitro and Mercury on the show. They were in character, and even though they aren’t good mic workers, but they still looked good to me.

I don’t know why but the tag team division on RAW doesn’t interest me. This looked like a match that happens on Sunday Night Heat to me. It means you have to spice up the tag team division on RAW. Haas and Venis as a tag team is boring as hell. Haas and Shelton would be better. Anyway, an okayish match here, which doesn’t excite me. Result was fine though, as you had Highlanders pick up a win. Highlanders are also a team that looks bland to me.

Good promo, but still it could’ve been better if it would have had some more length into it. The ending came out of the blue, and that almost looked liked you rushed at it. Vince McMahon was good, but generic at some times. Rated RKO as the new partners for Team McMahon is fucking awesome. Awkward moment? Yes, it maybe for those wrestlers, but to me, it was good. Good choices of having them here on RAW. I liked how their egos clashed too, and I’m sure that’s going to happen till SummerSlam. Nice promo.

Christian really needed momentum, and here, he got it after beating Flair. And you know, he also added momentum to the team of Mr. McMahon, which looks strong now. Decent match up.

Ha-ha. The dumbness by Maria here was priceless. HBK too sounded good to me, and the surprises that are coming up next week should be good!

Even though this match was short, I still loved this match, and it’s mainly because of the pace. I’m impressed by seeing you working on the women’s division too. It was a good choice too by having Mickie pin Victoria, and I think ‘Mac will read this time after time after time.

It was a very interesting segment here. Mr. McMahon’s expression would’ve been priceless to watch. You know, I know who is going to be third and fourth partner for Michaels’ team, and I think he’s going to be Stone Cold. Ha-ha. And the fourth one? What about Foley? I guess we’ll see.

Awesome promo to hype SummerSlam. Original, and it made me laugh actually, which is a plus for you.

During the middle of the match up, when Shelton interfered, I thought that Shelton would cost Jeff, but he didn’t, and I liked that. However, at the same time, I feel bad for Masters though only because I like him as a wrestler, and he gets depushed. Lol. Anyway, the Shelton Benjamin’s part aftermath was really good. You made him sound like a good mic worker, and the Fatal Four Way Match would be good, even though I hate to see Booker T in the IC division.

Awesome match to finish up a good show. The Turnbuckle Powerbomb was a great spot, and I liked the way how you had RVD delivering his ‘injuries’ from earlier on too. Great match, and the ending was great. By the way, I liked that Y2J was involved during this match up too. Aftermath was unbelievable. Sabu’s here on RAW, saving RVD from Y2J and Palumbo!! I guess we’ll be seeing a tag team match between them next week in the main event.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview
Friday July 28, 2007
Cincinnati, Ohio

All-American Angle?

We all know that Kurt Angle is an All-American athlete as he is an Olympic Gold Medalist and numerous time World Champion. But what he did at the Great American Bash was prove that he is the Great American when he beat JBL. JBL cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase but Angle was able to overcome the odds and win the match. Afterwards though, both Angle and JBL paid dearly as "The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry paid both men a visit and laid both out to end the show. What is going to pertake of this situation? What's next for all three of these men?

Awakening A Deadman

This past Sunday at the Great American Bash, Batista lost to Undertaker via DQ whenever Batista smashed 'Taker's skull in with a steel chair. This certainly must mean that this isn't over just yet but what is to come next? Has Batista brought out a side of Undertaker that he didn't want to see rear it's head. And what will Undertaker do when he eventually steps back into the ring with "The Animal"

Star-Spangled Screwjob

Finlay, yes Finlay cost Bobby Lashley his United States title this past Sunday at the 'Bash. It was Mr. Kennedy, the man that took the opportune and turned it into gold in the Steel Cage Match, despite his bloody face, and took the title. But Finlay's motive? Finlay claims there was rumors about him going on backstage that Lashley was spreading. Are these "rumors" true or is Finlay just paranoid and looking to beat up somebody else?

Open Challenge

And this week, MVP finds himself in an Open Challenge. MVP has issued this challenge to anybody that is willing to step into the ring with the best of the best, the most expensive wrestler in the WWE, himself. MVP has been all talk and he has backed it up a bit but not too much yet since coming onto the scene back in June. So will MVP walk the walk and talk the talk, to prove just why he is Smackdown's hottest free agent?

For all of this and more, tune into Friday Night Smackdown at 8/7 CT on UPN.


It'll probably be a while before Smackdown is posted but I just wanted to go ahead and get this preview up. I've caught up with the feedbacks, so I might find myself handing some others out eventually. So yeh, look for Smackdown most likely sometimes mid-week or so or if I get lucky, Monday since I'm off of school for Labor Day.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Raw Review

Opening Segment - Jericho opening Raw is pretty awesome. He was nicely in character, as well, which I like. He doesn't really feel like a heel though, so that's a little problem despite the fans giving him heel reactions. Jericho needed more time on his own imo, but here is RVD anyways. Here's the heel Jericho I like, but RVD isn't helping the promo much, as he sounds out of character, and he doesn't flow well. Chuch Palumbo? Guess he joined forces with RVD since Jericho is bacially bossing him around. And I'm right. Overall, great segment. Really entertaining.

Booker vs. Eugene - Squash, but Carlito making his way down after tells me that it's Booker vs. Carlito right now. I haven't read this BTB throughout, so I'm still getting used to things, but Booker vs. Carlito sounds pretty good for a mid card feud.

MNM Promo - I hated this promo tbh. Nitro, Mercury, and Melina were out of character to me with Maria being only okay for character. It didn't flow at all to me, and I wouldn't have Maria as an interviewer if she's gonna wrestle. I don't think that's right at all. Plus, the hollywood talk was pretty pretty bad.

Haas/Venis vs. Highlanders - Haas's quest for a tag team partner sounds cool, but I can't really see him being good with anyone other then Benjamin tbh. Good stuff nonetheless. It's a good storyline.

McMahon Promo - McMahon proms are usually off the chain, and important so let's see how this goes. It was a confusing promo to me just because I don't know what's going on, and it was all over the place. It's like 4 people are talking at once. I guess it's a team thing, and McMahon's team is pretty damn stacked. It's not even funny. Enough star power here?

Christian vs. Flair - Being opponents for Summerslam is huge, and Christian getting the win via cheating is cool. I kind of expected Christian to get the win since his team was just announced. Good stuff.

Michaels Promo - Lol @ Maria. Too funny tbh. Michaels was okay here. Wasn't too into it just cause Michaels was in character, but was also off, and I don't know what's really happening.

Women's Match - Good thing it's a rather short match. Women don't deserve that much time. :P Sounded pretty good though, as 3 of the 4 women aren't actually that bad. Mickie pins the champ. That's cool. Not bad here for women's action.

Coach/McMahon Promo - Okayish promo here. The hype around HBK's partners is pretty big, so I'm expecting something good.

Summerslam Promo - Not bad. Ew at Vince in a speedo, but still lol at that.

Hardy vs. Masters - Good stuff. Nice match announcement from Benjamin, and surprising it sounds just like him cause he's generic! :P Match actually sounds pretty good.

RVD vs. Chuck - RVD wins via DQ. Chuck & Jericho go for the beatdown, lights go out, and I marked when Sabu cleaned up. Definitely a nice way to end the show. Had a nice impact too.

Overall - Great show, but I've seen better from you. Promos were good, with most lacking in flow me thinks. Matches were great, and your booking is great too. Hopefully, I'll be able to stay tuned into this thread.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE.com News and Notes

The WWE today has announced the releases of Eugene, Rene Dupree, Trish Stratus, Sylvan, and Tony Mamaluke. These five superstars join the list of the previous 15 superstars that were relesed in the past few months. The biggest surprises being those of Trish Stratus and Mamaluke. Mamaluke was just involved in the WWE Tag Title Match at the GAB but apparently, he got into a fight backstage afterwards and was dismissed. As far as Stratus is concerned, she is taking a break from wrestling but hasn't ruled out a return in the future to help in OVW with the women.

There is expected to be more releases coming soon as WWE is getting notices from a few "top tier workers" One has said he for sure is leaving after SummerSlam while another is apparently retiring from the buisness. However, the one that is retiring is also looking into possibly working with the WWE in some capacity on the road but it's not sure as of right now what he would do.

The idea in these recent releases is to start clearing out room for bringing in newer superstars. The WWE is excited with what they have had going down in OVW for the past few months and are expected to start bringing some of these superstars up soon. More on this when it comes available.


I'm gonna try and start doing News and Notes at least once a week, possibly twice. If most of you can't tell, I've been trying to work on releasing superstars that WWE has that I don't need. Like most now, I'm a realist. I'm starting to clear out some of the "old junk" that was around whenever I started doing the thread so please bare with me and eventually, there won't be as many releases! Haha.
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