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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Very detailed work there. It's nice to see Kurt Angle on Smackdown and retaining the title. Great presentation.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

This looks like a great show KOP and I will get a review up very soon.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Very impressive show KOP. Great to see you back. I'll try and have a review up in the coming days for you.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

KOP's Great American Bash Recap Feedback

~ It's good to be reviewing Unleash The Fury again. It's been my favourite thread for a while now, really got me hooked. Anyway, onto the review/feedback. I'll start by saying that I was absolutely gutted when you decided to recap this event, just look at the card. It's your best card since Wrestlemania I reckon with a hell of a lot of Main Event level matches. Oh well The opening video was nicely handled, which is a talent of yours I remember. With the Great American Bash, I guess the theme of the video kind of dictates itself, so no surprises there with the, uh, American theme. The dialogue was nicely handled too, and the layout was well constructed. Could have been a little longer to really grab my attention, but that's not too important.

~ Nice choice to kick off the show with, some Cruiserweight action. I personally would have thought the Londrick/FBI match a more viable option, seeing as though both Paul London and Brian Kendrick are more over than Super Crazy and would probably get the crowd more fired up, the main aim of an opening contest. Anyway, this might as well have been a Fatal Four Way, or even a tag match for the title, with the amount of interference that occurred. I suppose at SummerSlam if you choose have a Cruiserweight title match then we may well get a Fatal Four Way between these guys. It was a nice spot with Crazy hitting the Moonsault on Noble and Kash, but wouldn't the referee have disqualified Crazy for Psicosis' interference? Maybe not I suppose, but it did seem a little strange. Nice spot too with the DDT off the Tiger Driver, but the interference from Kash allows Noble to hit his finisher anyway to pick up the win. I don't think I was too keen on the idea of Super Crazy getting the title, and Noble is doing so well in his lengthy reign, so I'm pleased there. Now with Noble as a heel as a result of his alliance with Kid Kash, hopefully Noble can become a Gregory Helms or Chavo Guerrero of the Cruiserweight division. I can't actually see him losing the title in the forseeable future, since Kash was his only real threat, but now they are both heels, so that probably won't happen. Anyway, good match, although the presentation of the recap was a little sloppy.

~ I have really enjoyed the way you have handled the disintergration of UKliq, although I was a little concerned with the treatment that Finlay was getting. Of all three men he is my favourite, but he lost to William Regal the other week and seemed a little forgotten. Hopefully he picks up the win tonight. Very accurate segment between Regal and Finlay here, as Regal is the sly manipulating heel of the group, whereas Finlay is, uh, a fighter.

~ For a recap this match was extremely fun, although a Finlay/Burchill/Regal Triple Threat could very well have been a wrestling masterclass too. The thing I noticed was that it was basically all about Finlay and the debut of Hornswoggle, and Paul Burchill barely got a look in. What I might add is that Finlay used the Shillelagh a little too early. I think that Hornswoggle's run in should have come right at the very end to help Finlay win, instead of running around the ring for the entire match. Still, a nice finish with Finlay knocking out both men with his weapon before getting the win. A very cool debut for Hornswoggle, and hopefully this win for Finlay now signals the start of his singles push, since I would bet Burchill and Regal will continue to feud.

~ Miz is an interviewer? I must have missed that, but it's still a cool choice if so, since he'll obviously be better at that then at wrestling. Finlay is really getting some great exposure here tonight; I really hope his push continues.

~ I completely agree with your handling of the Chris Benoit situation here, man, since we have all discontinued any use with him to avoid any disrespect. I remember that Matt Hardy and MVP had only had a few confrontations so it's no big error to forget that feud for now. This is a huge push for both Hardy and Mysterio then taking on two former World Champions in a feud, especially for Matt, who has never even held the U.S title in this thread. I liked the way in this match Orton and Edge tried to rip the mask from Mysterio, since it really gets them over as HUGE heels, treating a fan favourite in such a way. I don't remember reading once in this recap that Mysterio actually made a tag to Hardy, which is pretty bad considering the type of match it actually is. What is nice though is that Orton pinned Rey clean after the RKO, which makes Rated RKO look very strong, although not so much for Rey. I wonder now if you still have as big plans for this feud as you did for the one with Benoit/Mysterio? If so, big push for Hardy, especially with him not getting pinned here. I don't actually think you will though. On a side note, why would it be a pleasant surprise that this would be one hell of a match? These for are all fantastic workers

~ Ah, Batista was very cool in this segment; and it's nice to read him as the major heel he has become. Even though Undertaker is one of my all time favourites, I'm kind of hoping that Batista somehow manages to win tonight so that this feud can continue on into a gimmick match of sorts at SummerSlam or beyond. You know what amazing chemistry they have together.

~ Nice little backstage segment from MVP next to get him on the card I guess, since his match with Matt Hardy had to be unfortunately scrapped. With this Open Challenge he will apparently be issuing on SmackDown, I can only think that this is a way of getting MVP into a new feud. The way you stressed that it was anyone in the entire WWE makes me think that it will be answered by someone on Raw. I just hope to god it isn't Kane, because that would be very unoriginal to say the least.

~ Well done for writing this match up in the correct way, with a fast pace set throughout, as these guys are all Cruiserweights. Cruiserweights do seem to make amazing tag teams don't they? Anyway, nicely recapped here to make it actually sound like a better match than the Rated RKO/Hardy & Mysterio one because you gave the match a bit of a story to it. The face team dominate the opening with exciting Planchas to get the crowd support, before the heels slow the pace and dominate one man (London). It takes all of London's 'spirit' to fight back and tag in his partner, who ends up helping London to get the pin. I know it's pretty bog standard in-ring psychology, but RKO/H&M really didn't sound like it had any at all, so this made a nice change. I'm not sure if this feud will continue, since I can't really ever see The FBI taking the belts from London and Kendrick, and SmackDown is lacking teams at the moment.

~ SummerSlam is shaping up nicely with this bit of hype. Raw's side is already looking very hot with Jericho/Van Dam for the WWE title, as well as the Steel Cage Showdown. I'm quite anxious to know what the World Heavyweight Championship match will be. Perhaps a rematch of JBL/Angle with a stipulation?

~ I'm quite glad you didn't write this promo in full since Lashley's segments are underwhelming to say the least. Judging from Lashley's hype, he is looking the stronger heading into the match tonight, so I might have actually predicted wrong in saying that Kennedy wouldn't get the title. I hope so anyway

~ A very nice recap of the Steel Cage match next, with you really putting over the brutality of it early on, with Kennedy being busted open quickly. Judging from the match descripton, Lashley dominated Kennedy for pretty much the entire contest, with KK trying to escape whenever he had an opening. The Electric Chair from the Cage was a nice spot, as was the missed Kenton Bomb from the top. I thought at first that Kennedy had gone for the Kenton from the top of the Cage until I re-read it. That would have been insane. I actually thought that when you had Lashley Spear KK into the Cage that it would break and Kennedy would win that way, which would have been nice. The actual result was much better though in my opinion, as Finlay screws Lashley for some reason and beats the living hell out of him. This has clearly set up a Lashley/Finlay feud (though I'm not sure what Finlay's motive was yet) possibly into SummerSlam. As for our new U.S Champion ... Champion I wonder who his new challenger will be. Matt Hardy is a face, but he is currently tied up with Rated RKO. Possibly Paul Burchill?

~ Well, I guess this is our explanation from Finlay for his actions. It isn't exactly the greatest of explanations, but it passes in the WWE I guess. Finlay is a nutty heel who would take exception to hearing such a rumour. I do love the amount of exposure Finlay has had tonight; three backstage segments, one match and one run in. What a push for the Irishman!

~ The way you opened up the Batista/Undertaker match made it sound as though you weren't into it at all. You called their chemistry boring? WHAT?! Have you seen any of their matches? Anyway, I don't suppose you can really get across the intensity these two have together in a short recap like this, so it wasn't very inspiring. I did, however, like the fact that Batista targeted a body part, since he IS actually decent in the ring and would pull it off. I wasn't too into the ending to be honest, since it would have made more sense for Batista to pull out a heel victory at least, instead of getting himself DQed. I'm sure that this will now lead to a gimmick/No DQ match of sorts at SummerSlam. I'm going to put my money on a Casket Match, although I think a First Blood might be quite likely as well. I think this feud will end later down the line with a Hell In A Cell, possibly at No Mercy or Survivor Series.

~ I'm getting worried now, with JBL cutting the promo on Angle before his big match up with Kurt Angle, I fear that Bradshaw now has the hype, which now points to a face victory for Angle. I know he only won at Judgement Day, but you really can't be wasting the MITB briefcase like this. Oh no.

~ Sounded like a pretty impressive match up between Kurt Angle and JBL judging from the way you hyped it up. Lol, at JBL doing some chain wrestling; that would be a thing to see. The collar and elbow tie up that you alluded to where the men take it to the outside hasn't just happened when Regal and Finlay met; it's happened loads before and since with grapplers, just thought I'd point that out. The match didn't have the excitement factor of the Lashley/Kennedy one, although it certainly picked up when Angle took control with his German Suplexes. MARK HENRY!!! Mark out, I didn't even realise you liked him since you kind of blanked him after the Royal Rumble, and he has only recently returned. I personally think he is very underrated, and is a very credible monster heel. I thought JBL had it here after Henry's interference, which was odd because he seemingly did it right in front of the referee, yet Bradshaw wasn't disqualified. Strange. I guess Henry was just working for JBL then. But still Angle overcomes the odds to retain. DAMMIT!!! That's pretty annoying since the whole point of the MITB briefcase has been wasted in my opinion at least. Henry comes back and destroys both JBL and Angle? Well, I guess Henry/Angle is set for SummerSlam, but I'm gutted forn JBL. It would have been great to see him as World Heavyweight Champion and this has hurt the credibility of the MITB. I'm a little sick of seeing Angle as the Champ in this thread to be honest; first he has a four month reign as the WWE Champion, and as soon as he loses that he wins the World Heavyweight Championship. I can safely say that when Angle takes on Mark Henry come SummerSlam, I will firmly be rooting for 'The World's Strongest Man'

Overall I'm still very disappointed that you never decided to write this PPV event out in full, since it would have been a hell of a spectacle, especially the Steel Cage Match. With nothing written in full it was hard for me to give feedback on anything but layout and booking really, so I apologise for that. I was pleasantly surprised by the way you handled Finlay in this PPV, making a huge impact, though the JBL/MITB situation has left a sour taste in my mouth I'm afraid. Your grammar is still patchy as ever, KOP, but I remember you saying that you were only 15 so I guess I can let that pass

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Well, since this is recapped, I'm grading it in the format as I would like if it was a regular show.

Matches/Booking: The summaries were awesome, very detailed, and the booking was top notch. Having Taker going over by DQ was perfect in my mind, and it showed off how animalistic Batista is as a heel. Finlay going over was something that must of been done, and Kurt Angle going over JBL was a bit of a shocker, but nothing I was upset over, as I like Kurt Angle more than JBL.

Promos: The summaries for these promos were pretty well done for the most part. Not really much to say, as all of them looked the same to me.

Entertainment: I'll be honest, I wasn't entirely entertained. It was good, but I wasn't as entertained as I normally am, maybe because it is recapped. Obviously, if you had to recap it, you had to, but still, it affected your entertainment grade for me.

Spelling/grammar: Nothing really to say here. A few mistakes here, a few mistakes there, but I always say that in every BTB I review for spelling and grammar well because, it just is that way.

Realism: The show was very realistic, as are most of your shows, and this whole BTB for that matter.

Overall: 43/50= 86%=B. Good effort, would of helped if it was in regular form but like I said, if you couldn't do it in full, it's understandable completely.

The link to my BTB is in my sig here it says "WWE: My Vision Returned". I would normally say review my show already up, or you can wait, but knowing you, you will probably end up either reviewing my next show, or the show after that. (No offense)

I'm watching you...

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

King of Painís Great American Bash Feedback

As usual you set the tone very well with a nicely scripted opening video. I was surprised to see you mentioned Chris Benoit despite him not being featured on the PPV. Slight error in the opening commentary, with Cole stating that Benoit was still teaming with Mysterio, when itís actually Matt Hardy.

Itís great to see the show kick off with the Cruiserweight Match, something Iíd wish would happen more often in reality. Good match to start with, it flowed quite well for the most part but I think the ending couldíve been a little bit more. With two wrestlers like Nobel and Crazy I come expecting some real fast paced action, particularly at the end. The low blow at the end was quite well booked but I wouldíve liked to have seen a little more before it. The interference was a good way to get both Psicosis and Kash involved as well and it definitely livened up the match a little, the Moonsault to Crazy and Kash was nice as well. Nobel was the obvious choice for the winner and you seem to be really building him up as a credible force, the last time I read this thread I remember there being more to the Nobel/Kash alliance, so Iíll be looking forward to seeing how that works out.

This segment was pretty spot on when it comes to character portrayal. You captured both menís character nicely since youíd expect the sly, cunning nature from Regal whilst we all know Finlay just wants to kick someones ass. Iíve enjoyed the storyline of demise of the UKliq, but I think tonight will bring about its culmination.

Then again, maybe itís not completely not all over. I think Burchill and Regal will continue to cross paths after this. Burchill was basically forgotten about in this, so it doesnít exactly make him look weak itís just disappointing he didnít get more of a look in. Finlay went absolutely nuts with the shillelagh, this was a good way to have Finlay pick up the win without weakening the other two, but he does look very dominant in the aftermath. This was an enjoyable match up, you couldíve made this match a technical masterpiece, but you opted not to go down that path nevertheless still an enjoyable match, bringing about the debut of Hornswoggle in a fun and effective manor.

Solid match up here between Rated RKO and Mysterio/Hardy. I didnít like the fact that neither Edge nor Hardy were made the legal man during this brief recap. Orton attempting to rip off Reyís mask was smart booking as it really gets him over as a heel as itís one of the most hated acts from a fan standpoint. Rated RKO come out of this looking extremely dominant following the clean pin, Rey comes out looking a little worse for wear, but it shouldnít really harm him and Hardy comes out looking no better nor worse because he didnít really do anything. This match couldíve been awesome had you written it in full, I was really surprised to see how early this match was on the card.

I didnít have real high hopes for this match up, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was really well written as you really captured the high flying cruiserweight style. This match flowed much better than any of the other recaps thus far, it actually had a bit of a storyline and a chain to it. Good to see Londrick pick up the win as the FBI donít really strike me as a credible team at all and I donít remember you building them up all that much. Definitely another match that I wish youíd written in full as you seem to excel with the use of the Cruiserweights.

Lashleyís promos are mediocre at best so I donít see any problem at all with the relative lacking of length of this promo.

Good to see you go into more length this time. The start was nice with you putting over the importance of the US Title to both KK and Lashley as well as level of brutality that the Cage possesses. Lashley comes out of this despite his loss looking very dominant, he seemed to have really been in control early in he piece. The finish was a good way to set up a Finlay/Lashley feud or possibly even a Finlay/Lashley/Kennedy feud or the title as well as have the title change hands without making Lashley look weak in the process, but why the fuck did Finlay even get involved? A triple threat feud for the title seems to be the most logical to me, as there arenít really any other contenders to the US title, unless you plan to end Rated RKO v Mysterio/Hardy early.

Well. Thereís your reason, pretty lame. But okay. On the plus side I do think this was a good way to re-establish Finlay as a heel because after his win tonight he was bordering face status. Finlay seems to be getting quite the push now, but I think Iíve seen him a little too much tonight for my liking.

It doesnít exactly seem like youíre too thrilled to be writing this one. I have to admit I enjoyed their Wrestlemania match up, but thatís just one mans opinion. Batista personalises this feud a little more, ending the match with a chair shot that was a little anti-climatic. I do think give the final exchanges of the match and the build up it had been given in the match so far, a win for Batista would have been more beneficial to this feud, which is far from over, as well as benefiting the Animals character, though I guess this does further establish him as a heel, which is a good thing in itself. Solid enough match up, but I think a match involving these two really benefits from being written in full so you can capture the intensity and their very contrasting characters as well as the undeniable chemistry that the possess.

Solid promo from JBL hyping the match with Angle, I donít think heíll have it in him to pick up the win tonight though as it seems youíre a big fan of Kurt. Kind of a shame to see MITB go to waste.

Another solid match up for your Main Event but it wasnít entirely captivating to be honest. It didnít really draw me in until Mark Henry came out because I didnít know what the hell was going on, simply because he beat the fuck out of Kurt right in frot of the Referee??? Why wasnít he disqualified? Angle manages to kick out of the beating provided by Henry. Woah. The actually ending with JBL looking for the CFH but Angle ducking under it before hitting the Angle Slam was nice, particularly because of the good pace it was written. Enjoyable main event, questionable booking decisions with Henry killing Angle right in front of the referee but it was still a decent recap, nothing spectacular but again it wouldíve been much better had it been written in full. Henry decimates Angle again after the matchÖthen what the fuckÖHenry turns on JBL too. Triple Threat at Summerslam? I really didnít expect that at all. I like surprises.
Anyway, good show mate. I am disappointed that it wasnít in full, but I understand that all PPVís canít be written in their entirety. Lashley v Kennedy and Londrick v the FBI were the standouts for mine. The flow in a few matches were lacking due to some limited use of spelling and grammar but because they were only recaps they didnít really get hampered that badly at all. Your booking for the most part was quite good, I question the end to Batista v Undertaker as well as JBL not making the most of his MITB opportunity, but itís not my BTB and both decisions were still effective and served their purpose imo.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Thought I'd say some things.

First off Legend, glad you pointed out the Benoit thing in the video. I started writing some of this back in May or so so I didn't think about even editing or checking it out to take off Benoit's name. Completely my fault.

Lashley wasn't going to lose the title but a lot of plans have been shuffled around of course due to the Benoit tragedy. So Kennedy ended up taking it here. As for Finlay, yes I do realize that I overused him and that's completely my fault as that Regal/Finlay promo wasn't really needed but that was one of those things written back in May. And to be honest, I didn't count how many times Finlay was on the show and if I did have, he'd have had one less promo tbh.

And the controversy, Money in the Bank! Haha, plans have had to be shuffled around as mentioned and I'll be honest, JBL WAS most likely going to win but I wanted to try something different. Honestly, JBL didn't really need the title at the time and nobody has ever had somebody cash in MITB and lose it, so I thought that'd be different. It was mainly all to set up the Great American feud for the 'Bash. It might sound retarted but either way, sorry about that.

The DQ decision for the 'Taker/Batista match was a last minute decision/reshuffle of plans also.

Um, I plan on getting a Raw Preview up soon whenever I can get a chance, and hopefully will have Raw up this weekend or early next week. I'll have to see but I know that I'll be busy all of this weekend, mainly starting Thursday night and then this weekend, I'm pretty much booked, especially Saturday! So um, just whenever I can get it up, be looking for it. I might even throw a news page in here to get some info out, etc.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Alim's Great American Bash Feedback

This is my first time reviewing one of your pay-per-views, or even a show for that matter, hope it goes well.

The opening video package was well done. It was a great way to hype up the pay-per-view with the superstars in there and the narrator speaking. I think the video could've been a tad bit longer, seemed a little short for some reason, but no worries.

What's a good way to get the crowd fired up for a pay-per-view? Having a cruiserweight match to open the show. I think this was a smart move on your behalf, shows that you really know what you have to do to be a real booker. Onto the match, with Super Crazy and Jamie Noble, high paced fast action along with some good ol' technical wrestling has to be expected. With Kid Kash and Psicosis at ringside, you know one of them is bound to interfere on their partner's behalf. Psicosis did a good job stopping Kash from interfering, which is what you'd also expect. Noble picking up the victory was what I thought before, good match.

The backstage segment with William Regal and Finlay was good. I think you got both men in character, but I don't understand the reason of the triple threat. If they hate each other, they should have a one on one match, not with Paul Burchill in there. Maybe it's because I haven't read any of your other shows, maybe you could clear that up later.

So I guess Burchill, Finlay and Regal used to be a tag team, but they broke up, interesting. I think you had Finlay be typical Finlay throughout the whole match, if you know what I mean. Like using the shillelagh and Hornswoggle to his advantage. Finlay picking up the win wasn't a suprise after seeing the debut of Hornswoggle in the match, I knew he'd help Finlay get the win. Post match, Miz interviewed Finlay? I guess this is alright, it's your decision, but I prefer him as a wrestler to be honest.

The tag team match with Rated RKO, Mysterio and Hardy was a great match in my opinion. You had Orton completely in character throughout the match, especially when he was trying to rip off Rey's mask. The only flaw I noticed that Matt Hardy never really got into the match, but I guess this is because the match was in recap form. Great match nonetheless.

Batista segment was alright. I think you did a good job with Batista not saying anything, and trying to concentrate in the match.

The MVP segment backstage, can't help to think who will accept MVP's challenge on Smackdown. I think this will somehow start a new feud for MVP, but I hope it's not just some jobber or local wrestler.

Another tag team match, looks good. A singles one on one cruisereight match, you automatically know the match will have fast action and high risk moves, but a tag team cruiserweight match, well, it's even better. Now, I already had a pretty good guess on who would win the match, and that's London and Kendrick. The match itself was pretty good, with London getting issolated and FBI keeping him near their corner. I can't see FBI winning the titles, but a continuation of this feud would be alright.

In my opinion, I like Lashley's promos for some reason. You captured Lashley's attitude with this promo, and you got him to make the statement and send the message to Kennedy.

I would've loved to seen this match in full, but I guess you have your reasons. Anyways, I think you did a good job writing the match, with writing the highlights. Kennedy picking up the win was a bit of a suprise, and to see Finlay once again on the show was even more of a suprise. I'm really liking your usage of Finlay throughout the show, I think he deserves it. Well as said before, Kennedy winning was a shocker, and I'm wondering what his next feud will be because it looks like Lashley will be feuding with Finlay. Post match, Finlay gets even more airtime, which is awesome. The reason was a bit meh, but I guess it works.

The next match, Batista vs Undertaker. As said by the people above, I agree and think you weren't too excited about writing this match, but then again, you might be. You did a really good job by showing how much of an animal Batista is by having a DQ finish when he clocked 'Taker with a chair. This feud definatly looks like it's not over. I think the next step will be a gimmick match for sure, and possibily not ending the match there either. I'm excited to see where this feud will go after this.

The main event is definatly a MOTNC, tying with the cage match. The match itself seemed pretty good, with chain wrestling from JBL which you don't see often. The ending was great. Having Henry try and take out Angle for JBL, but him unsucceeding was a little shocking. After that, I knew JBL would lose. But the aftermath made it all better when Henry took out JBL too. I can see a triple threat definatly for Summerslam.

Overall, I thought the show was well put together. It would've been much better if you could've posted the show in full, but you probably have your reasons. I saw a couple of minor grammer mistakes, but nothing bad about it, we all make mistakes.


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview
Monday July 24, 2006

Reign of Y2J?

Chris Jericho has made it known that now that he is the number one contender, he plans on becoming the next WWE Champion. And for a long time at that. Jericho has delivered two consecutive post match beatings to the WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam, first at Saturday Night's Main Event, and then on last week's Raw. Jericho was the special ref in the Cena/Van Dam rematch from last week which ended in a No Contest when Jericho started beating down Van Dam. Tonight, Jericho hosts a special Highlight Reel with his special guest, the WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam! Can anything be expected to go down on the Highlight Reel?

Man Your Troops

Mr. McMahon has promised tonight that he will be announcing the final two teammates of his team for the Steel Cage Showdown Match at SummerSlam. McMahon already has Christian and Triple H on his team but who else will be joining them? McMahon said last week that he's found two people that are very "close" to Christian and Triple H but they had no clue who they were. Who are these two men and what impact will they have on the match at SummerSlam?

A Bad Apple?

Booker T and Carlito have been at each other's throats for the past few weeks, and it nearly culminated backstage. Both men got into a physical confrontation but were held back by Security. This week, Booker T finds himself in action so one has to wonder what Carlito has planned for Raw this Monday. Will we be seeing the Carribean superstar play a role in Booker's match?

Extreme Enigma

And finally, Jeff Hardy will be in action this week as he rekindles his feud, with "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters. Hardy is looking for another huge win as he was able to pull of a big win last week over Matt Striker's protege, that being Test. Hardy has beaten Masters before, most recently at Vengeance, a month ago. One has to wonder if the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin will be watching this match?


WWE.com News and Notes

The Great American Bash is expected to have done well with the four main events coming across great. Plans were changed at the last minute for the show, mainly that being the Steel Cage Match and the Main Event. JBL was expected to possibly become the Champion but that was pulled at the last minute and instead, Mark Henry has been added to the mix. Nothing has been confirmed for SummerSlam yet as to what the title situation is as the creative team is still looking over their possible scenarios.

WrestleMania 23 plans have been shuffled around, mainly on the Smackdown side. They are always changing anyways but two of the Inter-Promotional matches have been all but set. These two have been planned since around Backlash or Judgment Day, in other words around April or May, shortly after WrestleMania 22 ended. Creative feels these are going to be the two "integral" matches of the card for WrestleMania and possibly two of the biggest inter-promotional matches at WrestleMania!

SummerSlam is expected to have eight matches, four from each brand. Raw already has Van Dam vs. Jericho and the Steel Cage Showdown and Smackdown has yet to announce any since the Great American Bash just recently ended. However, expect that to change very soon.

There is talk of still more people possibly being cut in the near future to clear more roster space. More names are expected to start being called up soon, with a few set for after SummerSlam for sure. Names are being tossed around but it's all set in stone that at least one tag team will be debuting shortly after SummerSlam. As for what brand, that is not sure as of right now.

Raw is set to possibly undergo some changes in October or so. A new logo, a new video package, and possibly a new theme song are being talked about. As of right now, not much has been said other than the fact that the 2nd Annual WWE Homecoming has been booked for sometime in October. Last year's Homecoming show was a success and this year, they plan on running that again as another 3 hour special to bring all the superstars together.


As you can see, I tried a new preview format, similar to the one WWE.com does. Anyways, I'm gonna be busy all weekend and gone. So most likely, I can't return the feedback to all three of you, even if you have any shows up. So whenever I get a chance, most likely starting next Monday, I plan on doing that.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Very good Raw preview KOP, like what's happening on Raw, I saw the WWE.com notes and you really made it looks awesome, good luck!
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