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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview for Monday July 3, 2006

Raw heads to us tonight from Philadelphia with a stacked show in order. Over the weekend, it was confirmed on WWE.com that Ric Flair did indeed meet the challenge of Chris Jericho for a match this week. With Flair having been attacked just eight days ago by Jericho, we have to wonder what kind of condition will the Nature Boy be in. Jericho seems to have "struck at the right time" now seeing as Flair had been attacked by Jericho himself as mentioned. Will we see Jericho beat the Nature Boy and become the "man" as he said he would or will Flair get one more over on Jericho?

It was announced last week on Raw that if John Cena could overcome the World Tag Team Champions, MNM, he'd have a shot at Rob Van Dam's WWE title ready for him at Saturday Night's Main Event. Well, he did just that when he beat MNM by forcing Mercury to tap out to the STFU. After the match however, MNM brutalized Cena and was looking for a Snapshot on the concrete floor but Van Dam ran out and saved Cena. Now tonight, the World Tag Team Champions, MNM will be teaming against RVD and John Cena in a non-title contest. Can RVD and Cena function as a team or will MNM get the shocking upset.

For the first time ever on Raw, the Peep Show makes it's debut tonight. And with good reasoning too! Last week during the first meeting between Christian and Shawn Michaels, Christian ran away from the ring as it was announced a Double Countout. This week, Christian will be giving answers and what will he have to say about the man he turned on last Sunday at Vengeance, Stone Cold Steve Austin? Find out, all of this and more on the Peep Show!

All of this and more, this Monday on Raw.


Ok, wanted to go ahead and get this Preview up. Right now I owe about four reviews (kid o mac, Renegade, Side Effect, and thaphenom) and yeah, I plan on getting them back. Just don't know when. But anyways, I'd say Raw will be up by Wednesday but if not, I'll most likely recap it then.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

RAW is looking good, RVD/Cena vs MNM will be awesome. And I can't wait for Austin & Christian's confrontation.


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw
Monday July 3, 2006
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Across the Nation hits across the arena as the normal Raw video package plays with the pyro setting off before we head down to ringside to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: Hello everyone and tonight live from the Wachovia Center is a huge night ahead of us that you cannot miss, that’s for sure!

Jerry Lawler: Two huge matches JR, one is about to take place right now with Chris Jericho going one on one with the Nature Boy.

Jim Ross: And King, I can guarantee that match is going to be huge indeed because it’s been built up for a month or so now.

Jerry Lawler: They met a month back and with help from Shawn Michaels, Flair snuck in a win but tonight, this is the real deal, the rematch.

Match #1
Ric Flair vs. Chris Jericho

Match Overview: Raw kicks off tonight with a huge one on one challenge match pitting the Nature Boy, Ric Flair against the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla, Chris Jericho. This turns out to be a classic match with both men putting their all into the match. Halfway through the match, Flair gets busted open on the outside as Jericho bashed Flair’s head into the pole. Shortly after, Jericho took the advantage that he needed as he wore down Flair big time. Jericho connected with a Missile Dropkick knocking down Flair before he ran off the ropes looking for the Lionsault but Flair was quick to get his knees up and Jericho landed hard on the knees of the Naitch. Flair had trouble getting to his feet but he knocked down Jericho with a chop block. Flair rolled back onto his feet, as did Jericho as Flair hit Jericho with a series of chops knocking back down Jericho. Flair quickly grabs the legs of Jericho trying to lock in the Figure Four Leg Lock but Jericho kicks Flair to the outside of the ring. Jericho then runs and baseball dropkicks Flair on the outside. The fans are getting into the match as Jericho throws Flair into the ring. Jericho quickly slides into the ring and does his cocky pin getting only a two count. The fans are glad that Jericho can’t get the win as Jericho throws Flair over looking for the Walls of Jericho but before he can flip Flair over, Flair rolls through and pulled Jericho with him with a cradle! Jericho quickly reverses the cradle as he grabs the tights. The referee has no clue of this. One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Chris Jericho

Jericho slides to the outside of the ring smiling and pointing in the ring at Flair, as Flair knows that he could have won. The fans are booing Jericho as they saw Jericho cheat to win and beat the Nature Boy tonight on Raw. Jericho does his trademark taunt with his back to the fans sticking out his hands as we head to a commercial break with a bloody Flair still in the ring.


We head backstage to see Maria standing by with Trish Stratus.

Maria: Right now, I’m standing by with six time WWE Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus, and Trish, last week you beat Victoria and I was wondering, since you got past Victoria, can you get past the Women’s Champion, Mickie James?

Trish Stratus: Mickie has been running from me ever since WrestleMania when she took my title but let me promise you, Mickie, now that you and Victoria are having your “troubles” there is no where else to run and no where else to hide.

Maria: Do you ever plan on getting another title shot for the Women’s title again?

Trish Stratus: Maria, of course. This is what all the divas live for and strive for, and Mickie has been throwing obstacle after obstacle in my way but I’ve continued to beat some of the best women on Raw to get to here and when I get my shot at her title once again, I can promise that I will become the seven-time Women’s Champion every one is waiting for me to be.

Maria: Trish, anything else?

Trish Stratus: Yea…

Suddenly, Victoria and Mickie James make their way onto the interview scene as Mickie is holding her Women’s title with Victoria looking on.

Mickie James: You got a problem Trish?

Trish looks at Mickie in disgust as Trish goes to get into the face of Mickie but Victoria backs her up instead.

Mickie James: You seem to be wanting a shot at my title but be honest with yourself Trish, what have you done to deserve a shot at the Women’s title? What have you done that makes you worthy enough to challenge me?

Trish Stratus: Mickie, anytime, any day, anywhere, I’ll take that Women’s Championship right out of your hands.

Mickie James: Well then, why don’t we find out next week. See, I’ve already gotten permission and first off, we do have a match at Saturday Night’s Main Event. It’s going to be me defending my Women’s Championship against you Trish…

Trish smiles looking at Mickie as telling her she will beat her at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Mickie James: And Victoria. A Triple Threat for my title and let me just say, that Victoria has got my back, and that I will retain my Women’s Championship.

Mickie slaps the belt and walks off as Victoria looks back at Trish with an angry face. Victoria follows behind Mickie but doesn’t seem too happy with Mickie still after Mickie didn’t save her last week in the match against Trish.

We head down to ringside to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: What a huge match! A huge Triple Threat signed for Saturday Night’s Main Event next Saturday for the Women’s title.

Jerry Lawler: Puppies JR, puppies galore. Three women all vowing for the women’s title, this is going to be great!

Jim Ross: There is a lot of bad blood between these three, especially Trish and Mickie but now it seems, Victoria has inserted herself into it.

Jerry Lawler: Three talented women, one ring, and one title makes for a nice mixture of wrestling and puppies JR!

Match #2
Chuck Palumbo vs. Val Venis

Match Overview: This turns out to be another quick squash match to get Palumbo on TV tonight against Raw’s famous jobber, Val Venis! Venis does get some offense in as normal but Palumbo runs right through him taking down Venis with a huge clothesline almost beheading Val. Chuck catches Venis as he backs right into a Chuck Deluxe (Belly to Belly Suplex) Venis backs his way into the corner as Palumbo charges into the corner and catches Venis with a huge clothesline in the corner before wasting no time and lifting Val Venis as he comes out of the corner and connecting with the 187! Palumbo has shown amazing strength here tonight as he throws Venis over and hooks the leg not even completely covering Val. This has got to be it. One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Chuck Palumbo


We head backstage to see Matt Striker sitting down in front of a desk with a chalkboard behind him as Test is standing behind him as well.

Matt Striker: Last week, you saw Booker T and myself beat Jeff Hardy and Carlito.

Crowd Boos

Matt Striker: Carlito thought he had one over me when he beat me at Vengeance but I had a plan. I knew that I was going to beat him soon but I had no clue Booker T was going to be teaming with me to do so. And Carlito, now that I am done with you, I’m looking for the gold; I’m looking to head towards the top.

Crowd Boos

Matt Striker: In wrestling, there are many great names. Sammartino, Flair, Hogan, Andre the Giant, and Matt Striker!

Striker smiles rather cocky as he looks at the camera.

Matt Striker: The Intercontinental Championship, a title for a true legend like me. I’ve been here on Raw for nearly a year. Yet, still you people feel the need to disrespect me because I am trying to help every one of you out. Well I’m tired of trying to gain the respect of you all when you can’t give respect back to me.

Striker shakes his head in disappointment.

Matt Striker: It’s a word; I like to call disrepute (disrespect).

Striker points to the chalkboard that has the word “Disrespute” written on it.

Matt Striker: And if you don’t know what it means, look it up!

Striker then points to the dictionary that is sitting on his desk.

Matt Striker: I’ve sat back for too long and let many people try to run me over on their way towards the top. Carlito is an example. He thought I was going to be a “stepping-stone” for him to get back into the race for the Intercontinental title? I don’t think so.

Striker looks at the camera as the fans are booing him. Striker shakes it off as he looks back at Test to see Test still staring at the camera.

Matt Striker: No longer am I going to listen to you inferior troglodytes trying to tell me how to run my classroom and how I am going to wrestle here on Raw. No longer will I be looked upon as a diminutive walk over for everyone just to trample over. This is a new Matt Striker and I am positive that nobody will like me, but they’ll just have to face the facts of life.

Striker looks and points at the chalkboard once again.

Matt Striker: I’ve had to deal with disrespect ever since I came to Raw last year and I am sick and tired of it. But, like I said, I’m past that now. I’ve tried teaching you the ways of becoming a smart man like me, but nobody listened to me. You all walked away when your teacher was trying to teach a lesson and now for that, you all must pay.

Crowd Boos

Matt Striker: No longer will I have people trying to ignore me. I’ve taught many lessons to each and every one of my students (pointing to the camera) and each one was well prepared and planned but I got ignored. Well now, I’m going to ignore each and every one of you fans. It’s what you’ve done to me and now, I’m going to reimburse the favor to you all.

Striker smiles as he points to Test.

Matt Striker: And if you have any problems with that, then you can take them all up with Test.

Test continues standing there with his arms crossed as Striker turns back around and continues on with what he was saying.

Matt Striker: I just want everyone to remember that from now on, I’m no longer the nice, friendly teacher everyone remembers. I was a mistreated teacher and for that, I’m going to mistreat every one of you students. I’ve had enough of this and I just want everyone to remember just what my name is…

Striker looks at the camera with evil intentions on his face.

Matt Striker: Matt Striker, your teacher!!!


Match #3
Jeff Hardy vs. Booker T

Match Overview: This turns out to be a fun match as it isn’t the prettiest with the mixed styles but it gets a decent amount of time and works out fine. Also to note is that Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin is at ringside scouting competition. Booker catches Hardy off guard as Hardy tried for a Diving Leg Drop but Booker was quick to roll away. Booker then went on the offense taking down Hardy with a series of clotheslines before connecting with the Houston Side Kick sending Hardy back down onto the mat. Booker T then looks and then gets down on the mat, the Spin-a-Rooni! The fans haven’t seen the move in a while on Raw as Booker gets right back onto his feet but as he does, he runs right into a kick in the sternum from Hardy. Hardy quickly sends Booker into the ropes but Booker reverses and sends Hardy flying to the outside of the ring. Booker quickly heads to the outside of the ring as he throws Hardy into the steel steps before sending Hardy back into the ring quickly. The ref is checking on Hardy in the ring as we see out of nowhere, Carlito! The ref is distracted as Booker is leaning over the ropes on the opposite side of the ring from Hardy and the ref. Carlito quickly jumps onto the apron catching Booker off guard spitting apple chunks right into the face of Booker. Booker stumbles right back into Hardy who was having trouble getting back up but Hardy kicks Booker hard in the sternum and hits the Twist of Fate. Hardy then quickly makes his way to the top rope before leaping off with the Swanton Bomb. One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Jeff Hardy

We head over to ringside to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: And I’m glad! Jeff Hardy got the win and it’s good because last week if you remember, Booker cheated to beat Carlito.

Jerry Lawler: That’s not the point JR! Carlito had no business what so ever being out here! Had he not been out here, Booker would have won!

Jim Ross: That’s not for sure King. If Booker was going to kick Carlito down low, he should have known Carlito would interfere.

Jerry Lawler: Either way JR, Booker T should have had the match but he was robbed because Carlito had to stick his nose into something that’s not his business.


We then open up to a black screen before the Saturday Night’s logo comes across the screen.

Narrator: The show that changed how wrestling has been viewed…

Images of the first Saturday Night’s Main Event with Hulk Hogan fighting “Cowboy” Bob Orton are shown.

Narrator: Made it’s return earlier this year…

Images of the last SNME with clips from the Champions vs. Contenders and the Triple H vs. Stone Cold matches are shown.

Narrator: And now looks set to continue that tradition…

Images of numerous superstars comes flying across the screen are shown.

Narrator: On Saturday July 15…

Images of the old SNME are shown flashing by before we see more modern clips of superstars like Christian, John Cena, Edge, JBL, and etc.

Narrator: Saturday Night’s Main Event returns to the airwaves…

The closing images of the last Saturday Night’s Main Event are shown with Christian and RVD standing tall over Edge and Kurt Angle are shown.

Narrator: World Wrestling Entertainment presents Saturday Night’s Main Event…

Fast clips are shown of the older superstars competing at Saturday Night’s Main Event before a split screen comes across and then shows the modern superstars. Suddenly, both split screens collide and the SNME logo is shown once again.

Narrator: Live Saturday July 15, 2006 from Chicago, Illinois!

We head down to ringside to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: Raw has got its three matches in place for Saturday Night’s Main Event and surely, this is going to be a huge show.

Jerry Lawler: Of course it will be JR, two title matches plus a huge Battle Royal with the winner earning the right for a title shot at SummerSlam!

Jim Ross: RVD meets John Cena with the WWE title on the line, which is going to be a huge match between these two “friends”

Jerry Lawler: But my favorite one JR, puppies galore as Mickie James defends her Women’s title against not one but two challengers in Trish and Victoria!!!

Match #4
The Highlanders vs. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch

Match Overview: Turns out to be a well even fought match between these two teams, as it isn’t anything pretty but a match just to showcase the tag division on TV. Cade and Murdoch work on Rory trying to wear down Rory McAllister and take advantage, looking into a chance of beating them and possibly earning a title shot. Cade sends Rory flying over the top rope with a huge clothesline as Murdoch beats down Rory on the outside, Cade is in the ring distracting the ref which gives the ref no chance of seeing Murdoch beat down Rory on the outside. After throwing Rory into the announcer’s table, Murdoch quickly scoops him up and throws him into the ring. Cade then calls Murdoch into the ring looking for the Sweet & Sour but Rory fights off Murdoch and then kicks Cade low in the sternum before connecting with a headbutt and leaping out tagging in Robbie. Robbie cleans the ring sending Murdoch to the outside of the ring before he then connects with a Vertical Suplex to Cade. Robbie then helps Rory up before both men lift Cade up into the air despite Cade trying to wiggle out of the move, before the Highlanders come crashing down with the Scot Drop! Robbie hooks the leg of Cade as Rory guards the ring, watching to make sure that Murdoch can’t get back in. One…Two…Three!!!

Winners: The Highlanders


Just Close Your Eyes hits across the arena and out steps Christian. The fans begin to boo Christian as he walks down the ramp in street clothes before walking up the steps and slapping his chest for his peeps. Christian then walks over and grabs a mic with the fans continuing to boo him for his actions at Vengeance last Sunday.

Christian: I’ve been asked all week, why Christian, why did you turn on Stone Cold.

Boos pour out as Christian looks around the arena in disgust.

Christian: It’s because I’ve been screwed over the past few months. I’ve been overlooked, overshadowed and pushed to the curb. I’ve been “walked all over” the past few months and I wasn’t going to let it happen anymore. I had to take a stand and that is exactly what I did at Vengeance when I (puts a redneck accent on) stomped a mud hole on Stone Cold Steve Austin and walked it dry! (Ends the redneck accent)

Christian smiles as the crowd is booing for imitating Stone Cold.

Christian: I’m better than what you people think I am. A numerous time Tag Team Champion, Intercontinental Champion, and too many more accomplishments to name. Yet, I’ve been looked over by everyone. But as for Stone Cold, I want to know what you people all think about me beating the holy hell out of Stone Cold so let’s see a video I had made earlier in the day.

A video starts playing now as we see Christian walking through the lockeroom and a cameraman following him around obviously recorded earlier in the day. The cameraman is recording this all as Christian stops by first, Eugene and stops Eugene in his tracks.

Christian: Eugene, if you can understand me. What did you think of my attack on Stone Cold?

Eugene: W…. wh…wow! You’re Christian!

Christian smiles towards the camera and looks back at Eugene.

Christian: Oh, I’m sorry. Let me do it where you can understand me. (Stutters) S…so Eu…Eugene…what d…did…yo…y…you thin…think ab…. about my attack on St…Stone C…Cold la…last week? (Ends stuttering)

Eugene: I th…think….it…it was wr…wrong!

Christian smiles and then slaps Eugene right across the face. Eugene runs off crying as Christian continues on before bumping into Hardcore Holly.

Christian: You got any problems with me attacking Stone Cold, Bob Holly?

Hardcore Holly: You got a problem with me?

Christian: See Bob, we used to have something in common. We both used to be over looked, over shadowed and hardly used. But then I broke through that glass window and I’ve main evented WrestleMania, earned title shots, and yet you can’t even get a title shot, much less get onto the card of WrestleMania.

Holly gets into the face of Christian as Christian walks off laughing as he just “told” Holly. Christian continues walking backstage before he stops to see Val Venis and Viscera backstage.

Christian: How’s it going?

Christian walks up towards Venis and Viscera and slaps Big Vis on the back. Viscera looks at Christian surprised as he backs up a little bit.

Christian: I’ve been going around backstage trying to ask some of my peeps about my attack on Stone Cold and I wanted both of your thoughts?

Val Venis: Christian, we were too busy with the ladies Sunday night to be watching and let me just say that indeed, Sunday was a good night!

Viscera: Best night of my life!

Christian: (worried) O…K!!!

Christian walks off before he finally bumps into somebody backstage, Shawn Michaels!

Christian: Well, look who it is!

Shawn Michaels: Are you going to run away once again Christian? Are you going to try and hide from me again?

Christian: Look Shawn, I’m not afraid of you and I’m not going to back down. Last week, well last week I had to hurry up and go meet some of my peeps so that’s why I was in a hurry. But you just wait and see what I’ve got planned for you and your little buddy, Stone Cold.

Shawn Michaels: Well Christian, how about next week, you meet me in that ring, one on one once again. Mano e Mano! The Heart Break Kid vs. Captain Charisma.

Christian: No!

Christian walks off but Michaels taps him on the shoulder. Michaels tries for the Sweet Chin Music but Christian quickly ducks and then shoves Michaels into the cameraman. Shortly after that, the camera feed cuts off and that’s it for the video.

We head back in the ring as we see Christian smiling in the ring, laughing after watching the video.

Christian: Shawn Michaels, you challenged me to a match at Raw next week but I don’t want, nor need to face you. I’ve got more important things to attend to such as winning the Battle Royal at Saturday Night’s Main Event and beating the WWE Champion at SummerSlam whomever that may be.

Christian: So Shawn, it’s not a no but it’s a hell no. I’m not going to waist my time on an overrated dried up wrestler like you anyways. Until you can realize that you are no longer the Heart Break Kid, the Icon, the Showstopper, then you won’t ever face me again. Until you realize that you are nothing more than my bitch, don’t even think about wrestling me ever again! And I hope you understand that real well!

Christian: And as for you Stone Cold, I’ve got plans for you. I’m just waiting for you to drag your scared ass back to Raw whenever you get out of the hospital. And as for anybody else that tries to get in my way, you better be prepared to fight a new Christian, a side of me that hasn’t been seen before and I promise you that I won’t ever be overshadowed again.

Christian: Because that’s how I ro…

As soon as Christian goes to say roll, Shawn Michaels hits Christian with Sweet Chin Music. Apparently, Michaels had been standing in the ring waiting for Christian to turn around and he did! Christian flops over on the mat as Michaels looks down at Christian and then begins to celebrate with the fans.


Match #5
Triple H vs. Eugene

Match Overview: Another quick squash match coming off last week where Triple H attacked Eugene backstage, so it has some meaning to it, at least. Eugene gets very little offense in as he hit Triple H with JYD like Head butts before Triple H countered a Stone Cold Stunner as he pushed Eugene right into the ropes. Eugene came running back right into a high knee from Triple H. As soon as Eugene gets back to his feet, he walks right into a Spinebuster courtesy of the Game! Triple H rolls over and hooks the legs but only gets a two count keeping the match alive. Triple H pulls Eugene back to his feet before sending the special superstar into the turnbuckles. Eugene counters and sends Triple H into the corner. Eugene charges into the corner but as he does, Triple H quickly moves and Eugene hits his head on the turnbuckles. Eugene stands no chance now as he backs right into Triple H’s Pedigree driving Eugene’s head into the mat. One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Triple H

We head over to ringside to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: Don’t mess with Triple H is what I just got out of watching his match tonight against Eugene.

Jerry Lawler: The Game is certainly a pissed off man as he felt he deserved another shot at the WWE title but he had two already!

Jim Ross: Two in two weeks and yet, he still couldn’t take back the title so what happens next, who knows?

Jerry Lawler: As for right now, let’s go ahead and head backstage as Todd Grisham is standing by with Rob Van Dam.

We head backstage to see Todd Grisham standing by with Rob Van Dam.

Todd Grisham: Rob, in just a matter of moments you are going to have to team with John Cena, your opponent for Saturday Night’s Main Event. Do you feel there is going to be any friction between you and John?

Rob Van Dam: I doubt it Todd but let me just say that we might get along tonight but when it comes time for Saturday Night’s Main Event and the WWE title is on the line, I can guarantee the one thing I won’t be worried about is this little “friendship” everybody is trying to claim that we have. I’ll be worried about one thing, retaining my WWE title.

Todd Grisham: Rob, it’s been three months since you’ve won your title so do you feel you have any more challenges you have to overcome?

Rob Van Dam: I’ve beaten a bunch of men so far but as far as more, yeah I’ve got people gunning for my title when I turn left and right. But I’m from ECW, I know how to beat and overcome the odds when they are against me just like I did at Vengeance when I said I would, and I did smoke both John Cena and Triple H’s asses in the same match.

Todd Grisham: Anything else, Rob?

Rob Van Dam: John, like I said earlier. We might be “friends” right now but the only thing and you know it that matters is my WWE title. (Van Dam holds the title high) And I’m not going to back down and hand over what I was out for over 12 months for! I’m not going to put to waste what I had to work very hard for and that is my WWE title. So when the dust settles, and it’s all over, I can guarantee that the WWE champion at Saturday Night’s Main Event will be…

Van Dam does the thumb motions as the fans chant with him.

Rob Van Dam: R…V…D!!!


Match #6
MNM vs. Rob Van Dam and John Cena

Match Overview: Turns out to be an even match that sees Van Dam being attacked by Mercury and Nitro in the ring right now, taking advantage of the WWE Champion. Mercury takes down Van Dam with a Vertical Suplex before tagging in Nitro quickly. Nitro leaps over the ropes with a Flipping Leg Drop and only gets a two count. The fans are booing MNM right now as they continue to beat down Van Dam. Nitro takes down Van Dam with a huge dropkick before covering once again and only getting a two count. The fans are cheering for Van Dam to get back into it as he starts crawling towards the ropes trying to tag in Cena but Nitro pulls Van Dam back into the corner and tags in Mercury. Mercury quickly comes in beating down on Van Dam’s back as he lifts Van Dam back onto his feet before Van Dam counters and hits Mercury with an Enziguri. Nitro runs at Van Dam but runs right into a Back Body Drop propelling Nitro right to the outside of the ring landing hard on the mat outside. Van Dam now has the advantage he needed as he leaps out and tags in Cena. Cena comes running in all guns a blazing as he knocks down Mercury with a shoulder block. Mercury gets back onto his feet and runs right into a huge clothesline from Cena. Cena taunts to the fans as he catches Mercury with a Throwback! Cena then bends down and pumps his shoes up before running off the ropes and hitting Mercury with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena bends down to pick Mercury up for the F-U but Nitro slides into the ring, as does Van Dam. Van Dam runs at Nitro but Nitro ducks and quickly throws Van Dam over the ropes and clotheslines him off the apron. Nitro then slides to the outside before throwing Van Dam into the steel steps. Mercury quickly slid off the shoulders of Cena and grabbed a leg rolling through with a cradle. Nitro, on the outside holds the leg of Cena down as Van Dam is on the outside. Nitro has Cena’s foot down so he can’t kick out and the ref doesn’t know. One…Two…Three!!!

Winners: MNM

MNM celebrate as Melina lets out a big scream before handing the belts to Mercury and Nitro in the ring. However MNM stops Melina before they grab Cena and try for the Snapshot! As soon as they attempt the Snapshot, Van Dam flies off the ropes knocking down Nitro, which causes him to run right into Mercury with a Flying Thrust Kick. Both members of MNM fly to the outside of the ring as Van Dam is in the ring, looking at Cena. Van Dam then looks down at Cena before he quickly climbs to the top rope and leaps off the top rope with a Five Star Frog Splash as if he is sending a message to Cena. Van Dam rolls to the outside of the ring after rolling around, holding his stomach before holding his title high to a nice reception from the fans as the show ends.

WWE Saturday Night's Main Event
Saturday July 15, 2006
Chicago, Illinois

WWE Championship
Rob Van Dam (c) vs. John Cena

Great American Challenge
Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry

#1 Contender's Battle Royal
Winner Gets Title Shot at SummerSlam
Participants: Booker T, Carlito, Charlie Haas, Chris Jericho, Christian, Chuck Palumbo, Gregory Helms, Jeff Hardy, Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, Kane, Matt Striker, Ric Flair, Rob Conway, Robbie McAllister, Rory McAllister, Shawn Michaels, Shelton Benjamin, Test, and Triple H

Women's Championship
Triple Threat Match
Mickie James (c) vs. Victoria vs. Trish Stratus
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

King Of Pain's Raw Review
I have missed about 3 shows of this BTB, so apologies for that.

Okay, so we kick of Raw with a huge match up, as Chris Jericho and Ric Flair look to finish their on and off rivalry of late. Personally, I'm a fan of promos opening up a show, or at least some form of impressive mic work, but you have done that sufficiently in the past so it is not really a big deal. As you would expect with two great workers as Naitch and Y2J, this was a good match, with a climatic feel to it, as Flair is busted open in the early going. Jericho picks up the win, which was important for him, as it continues his improved run. Beating Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair successively helps in going some way to erase the memory of his rather **cough**unsuccessful**cough** feud with John Cena. Going over Flair maintains Jericho's Main Event status and makes him a very likely person to pick up the win in the Battle Royal at Saturday Night's Main Event. Jericho is the heel though, so he obviously has to grab the tights for the win

So, an interview with Trish Stratus next to progressive her rather intense feud with the Women's Champion Mickie James. For a Women's feud it is certainly dark, but, as with a lot of such feuds, their speech is pretty generic and lifeless. It was the same with this promo, with everyone feeling a little out of character, but at least it served its purpose in announcing the Triple Threat match for SNME. Mickie will most likely retain.

This Chuck Palumbo push has really come out of nowhere to be honest. Of all the people I had expected to return in this BTB, ol' Chuck would not have been high on my list. I don't have a problem with it though, as I never had a problem with Chuck. He squashed Val Venis easily tonight, which is a shame, as he is the same size and weight as Val. Outside of "Billy & Chuck" and the "FBI" it'll be interesting to see where you go with him. Most likely into the IC division.

A long but very entertaining from Matt Striker next. If anyone deserves a long promo and can carry it then it is Matt Striker. With his feud with Carlito seemingly done and dusted, Matt Striker is now moving onto the Intercontinental title division, which probably means that Gregory Helms will have to step aside (damn!). One question, why did you write disrespect in brackets after the word disrepute? If it was to let people know what the word means then that's fine. Good segment.

Now, I have never really been that happy with the way Booker T is a mid-card player in your BTB, and it seems as though you are running the risk of burying him on Raw. That's purely my opinion though, so it doesn't really matter. What is obvious though is that you are building up the IC division currently, with Carlito, Booker T, Matt Striker, Jeff Hardy, Chris Masters and now Chuck Palumbo in contention for Shelton Benjamin's title. This match between Booker and Jeff furthered a possible feud between Carlito and Booker, and gave Hardy a surprising win. Perhaps the feud with Booker and Carlito will be separate from the IC fight.

Good promo for Saturday Night's Main Event, but I have praised these enough in the past.

Well, I don't think I have ever seen The Highlanders get such an impressive push as they are getting at the moment. I never really expected them to win the tag titles from MNM at Vengeance, but at the moment MNM are the best tag team you have, so it's good that you are paying attention to the division and bolstering it.

Okay, next up was a sensational promo from Christian. This is why I was hoping you would turn him back heel, as at the start of your thread when Christian was feuding with The Undertaker, Christian was at his best. Perhaps you will bring Tomko back too. I don't really think I have to mention whether or not Christian was in character, because it was pretty damn clear that he was. I loved his little escapades in the locker room, as he mocks Eugene and Viscera/Val Venis, before running into Shawn Michaels. Now, this is the new feud on Raw I can see, or the new Main Event feud at least. Christian and Shawn Michaels. I'm going to call it now, that those two will meet at SummerSlam, and it will be one hell of a match. The Sweet Chin Music confirmed this afterwards. Briliant segment

It feels a little bit as though you are just trying to work out what is next for Triple H in this thread. I can't think either, but you probably have something up your sleeve. This was the ultimate mini feud with Eugene, just to keep "The Game" on the card and looking very heelish as he destroys smaller minnows. Despite this current lack of direction, I have really been enjoying Triple H in this BTB, as he feel much more ruthless working on his own. I had assumed that HHH would win the WWE title at ONS, but he didn't and then lost at Vengeance too, so I'm unsure if he'll get another shot anytime soon.

Good interview with Rob Van Dam next. He was in character, so it flowed just fine. He has been getting on with John Cena just fine at the moment, so common sense tells me that something is going to go wrong between them. It might happen tonight. I doubt either one of them will turn heel though, as we already have a host of top heels on Raw in Triple H, Chris Jericho, Christian and Kane.

Pretty good Tag Team Main Event between the WWE Champion/the #1 Contender and the WWE Tag Team Champions. MNM actually win fairly cleanly, despite Mercury holding Cena's leg down. It hinted that they can function better as a team, whereas RVD and Cena find it more difficult. The aftermath was quite surprising, with RVD hitting a Frog Splash to Cena when he is down. This clearly was not a heel turn, but it will result in a lot of heat between the two, ending the 'mutual respect' factor between the two. I can still see RVD retaining at SNME and possibly retaining at SummerSlam too, such is the refreshing run he is getting.

Overall, another excellent show that proves why you are my favourite booker. Realism is my thing and realism is what you do best. I saw hardly any spelling or grammar errors to note, and the length was just fine. Match of the Night was the opening contest between Jericho and Ric Flair, whilst Moment of the Night was undoubtedly the promo from Christian, which was just inspired.

9 Out Of 10 - Superb
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE: RAW – July 3, 2006 - Review
RAW kicks off with a huge bang this week. Jericho, as expected, picks up the victory over Ric Flair in a typical ‘Ric Flair’ fashion to piss off the legend even more. I’m sure Flair will come back for revenge, so let’s see how it turns out.

I wasn’t feeling this promo here with all these women’s. I expected that we’ll see a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Women’s Title at Vengeance. Also, I don’t really think that Victoria will have Mickie’s back at SNME. So, let’s find out I guess.

Strong re-debut for Chuck Palumbo here defeating the ever famous jobber of RAW, Val Venis.

I wasn’t feeling this promo at the start but the pace, flow, and the promo started to get better near the middle and the ending part of it. Striker looked slightly out of character at the start, but then as I said, everything looked better near the mid and the ending point of the promo. It’ll be interesting to see how you give him a push.

An okay match here with Booker T and Jeff Hardy. Ending was nice though with Carlito coming up, spitting apple chunks on Booker’s face to progress their feud. Also, is Jeff Hardy feuding with Shelton for Intercontinental Championship? It looks like that. I might’ve missed it.

I’m still not sure about Highlanders. I mean, I don’t know where you are taking this team. Hopefully something better is stored for them. Anyway, Highlanders pick up a good tag team victory here over Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. I’ll see where these two Scottish players go.

Hmmm, Christian’s promo here was a good one. He was right in character and the video which was shown in that promo was also good. I don’t know why Stone Cold isn’t coming back for revenge. I think that Stone Cold just returned for one night at Vengeance me thinks, so that’s why you are about to start a program between Michaels and Christian. Strong comments from Christian after that video package that he won’t be overshadowed now.

Another squash match, eh? I don’t like two squash matches on one night. Triple H wins and brutalizes Eugene here, but what’s next for The Game is my question?

Just looked like your regular promo with Rob Van Dam, nothing interesting to be honest. Anyway, I say let’s see what happens between him and John Cena. I’m pretty much sure they’ll win tonight or something huge is gonna happen.

Whoa, I didn’t expect this result, but it looks good. MNM got great momentum after winning this match over the team of Cena and Van Dam. Aftermath was even more interesting with Van Dam helping Cena and sending a message to him.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Jericho starts with the win, and he gets his win back over Flair. I’m guessing these two could meet at SNME, but don’t see the feud going that much further than that. Jericho gets another win to end the feud I guess

Triple threat for the womens title was where this was always heading, but this promo just didn’t really work for me, and didn’t have enough fight to it.

Palumbo picks up another win, and he continues to be re-established on Raw. He’s picked up a couple of wins now, but I still don’t see a reason from his booking why I should get excited about the guy at all with him just getting easy wins… needs an angle or a promo to get him over

Striker promo was good in parts at getting heat, but at other times he seemed just to ramble on for no reason at all and just lost me. Still, this feud is keeping the midcard going for a while

Hardy gets the win over Booker, and with Shelton at ringside I can only guess that the IC title is going to be on the agenda for one of these guys, possibly Hardy. Looking at a potential 6 way with Shelton, Hardy, Booker, Carlito, Striker and Helms though, and that is where I see it going

Highlanders get another win, and they have continued to be booked in a reasonably strong fashion. Guessing they will go back towards the title soon, but the tag division could still do a bit of freshing up with there only being a few top tag team around

Christian to feud with HBK then, before Austin makes a return in a few months time, which is pretty much a lock to happen. Solid promo from Christian, going on about how he is better than HBK and Austin, and some good stuff with his videos, but I felt the ending wasn’t the best to it. Still, HBK gets the shot in on Christian, and confirms that he is going to take him down

HHH destroys Eugene, just to get him on the show and keep him strong for the battle royal. Would have liked to have seen more from HHH, but sometimes people just need an off week where they don’t do anything

One of the better promos I’ve seen from RVD in this thread, as he finally got me interested in him with this feud (reminds me a bit of Cena/HBK), and in the match we get a huge win for MNM which really puts them over as the top tag team in the business really. RVD takes out Cena to end the show, and shows that he is the champion still, but this was a bad night for Cena, and perhaps he came off looking just a little too weak. Still… he’s taking the title soon anyway
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE.com News

Gregory Helms has requested time off and he will be off of TV until after SummerSlam. Helms has been worn down from the road traveling and the matches he has had as of recent. Helms has been entertaining the crowd and working as a good mid-carder on Raw but when he returns, he might be toned down a little. More on this situation, when we get more news on it.

Booker T and Carlito are in a program right now as it has been running for two weeks and it seems a match is in the near future, most likely being at SummerSlam. As in the near future, the creative team wants to run a big man match with the Intercontinental title on the line, but it won't be before or at SummerSlam. When it happens, expect at least over six men in the match.

The Shawn Michaels/Christian confrontation isn't leading to a match at SummerSlam between them one on one. Many rumors are being tossed around on matches that might happen. But we can report right now that Shawn Michaels/Christian will not happen in a one on one contest at SummerSlam.

Saturday Night's Main Event has four matches right now announced with the other two to probably be announced this week on Smackdown. Both sides of the card look strong and this next show is going to determine if there is another Saturday Night's Main Event on NBC and when it would happen. Creative is happy with the card as this will be a key show leading into SummerSlam.

As for the Great American Bash, the card is looking good so far with four matches having been announced for the card (those being the main four) and this is looking to be one of the most stacked GAB's in the history. Especially, since the WWE started running the PPV. Expect a few more matches to be announced this Friday on Smackdown


One question, why did you write disrespect in brackets after the word disrepute? If it was to let people know what the word means then that's fine. Good segment.
Yeah, some people might have not known what disrepute meant so like you said, I went ahead and put it in quotes

As far as the Highlanders and Palumbo, they aren't going to be wrestling at SummerSlam but it's just a chance to bolster the divisions and give them so ok pushes helping their respective divisions. A few more teams are to come in the near future but I don't want to rush it and make it seem unrealistic. Like I said, it's just to bolster the divisions for now since SummerSlam is going to be more of the top matches for the card.

I'll probably post a Smackdown preview tomorrow.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Good news, Helms going off TV is a tad dissapointing after the push you gave him, hopefully when he comes back it wasn't a wasted exercise.

I'm expecting Summerslam to be huge this year, with some sort of stable feud headlining it, and the possibility of Austin/Christian and also a 6 man IC title match too looking like it could develop.

I'll be reading SD!, sorry about not reviewing RAW, but I'm really struggling to find time to review atm.


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Weeny bit disappointed about Gregory Helms leaving for a while, especially since his push was going so well in this BTB. Although, I understand why he is leaving, as he has failed to win the IC title at both Backlash and Vengeance. Having him go for it at SummerSlam again would probably be overkill, and Striker, Carlito and Booker T are all in the frame now. I expect Helms will return and go to Smackdown.

A Booker T and Carlito feud could be good. It has already been brewing of late and has some potential. Booker will mmost likely pinch the IC title from Benjamin.

I had thought that the Christian/Shawn Michaels thing at SummerSlam was a given, so it looks now as though Christian will either further his feud with Stone Cold at SummerSlam or he will be in the WWE title match after winning the Battle Royal at SNME.

All in all, some good updates, KOP. Thanks for keeping us informed
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

JBLoser Reviews RAW - July 3, 2006 Edition

Ric Flair vs Chris Jericho:
Wow excellent start to the show by having a high quality match to open it. Looked to be a hot opener, and Jericho gets the win by grabbing the tights. Maybe this leads to a feud later on? I sure hope so, as some good promos could come out of it if it comes into fruition.

Trish/Mickie Promo: This was a decent interview. They both seemed in character, and I can see a Trish/Mickie match down the road at Summerslam after this promo. I see Trish winning a match against Victoria or something to get the title shot.

Chuck Palumbo vs Val Venis: Chuck Palumbo aye? Hmm, this could be interesting to see how this works out. Hopefully he doesn't get too big of a push, and only an IC Title run or something, as he isn't one of my favorites. Looking forward to see how you use him though.

Matt Striker Promo: Liked this promo right here. Striker comparing himself to the likes of Sammartino, Flair, and Hogan is great, as it shows his cockiness, which you are bringing out tremendously, and to no surprise as he is one of your favorites. Not too shabby, and Striker going for the Intercontinental Championship sounds good, and a title run is probably in his future.

Jeff Hardy vs Booker T: Exciting match here. A good finish with Hardy picking up the win, but with the unwanted help of Carlito. A Booker/Carlito feud could be fun to watch, and is something fresh. Looks good to me.

Saturday Night's Main Event Promo: The same one we've seen, and it's a pretty good one in my eyes. SNME should be a good read when it is up.

The Highlanders vs Cade & Murdoch: Eh, decent tag match. I don't like these teams too much, but they have some talent. Good win for The Highlanders, and it seems Cade & Murdoch are falling into obscurity.

Christian Promo: Loved this promo here. Christian was in character, and the movie was HILARIOUS. The Venis/Viscera stuff was gold, and HBK challenges Christian to a match. Christian though doesn't like the idea, and has better things to worry about in the No. 1 Contender's Battle Royal, which should be a fun match. An HBK/Christian program seems to be in the works, and a good, fun match could come out of this. HBK gets the last laugh tonight, but I expect Christian to get the better of him come next week.

Triple H vs Eugene: Doesn't seem like much of a match here. HHH gets the best of Eugene, and now where does HHH go? I see that he is in the No. 1 Contender's Battle Royal, but somehow I don't see him winning that match. Honestly I think it could be a darkhorse winning. But that's just my opinion, and we'll have to see what happens in the next few shows.

RVD Promo: This promo was a pretty good one. It kind of reminded me of the HBK/Cena situation that was going on right now, as Forever-Delayed noted, but this was one of the better interviews I've seen from Van Dam, as I agree with Forever-Delayed.

RVD/Cena vs MNM: MNM gets the victory tonight, after Nitro keeps Cena's foot down on the outside. Interesting end to the show with Van Dam sending a message to Cena, by hitting the Five Star on Mercury. The RVD/Cena feud looks to be short term, unless a Smackdown! superstar wins the Battle Royal. Regardless, this could be a good match come SNME.

Good show KOP, keep up the good work.

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