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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview for Monday June 26, 2006

Raw comes to us live tonight from Hartford, Connecticut, the home of the WWE, with a huge show in store. Mr. McMahon has already booked a major match tonight as we're going to be seeing Shawn Michaels go one on one with "Captain Charisma" Christian tonight. Michaels will be looking for some revenge for his friend Stone Cold after last night's brutal attack on Stone Cold from Christian. During the Peep Show, Christian was driven to the edge and snapped hitting Austin and delivering a Unprettier to him. Michaels certainly isn't in the best mood after suffering a loss last night to Jericho in a hard fought match. What will go down tonight between these two men is the question?

Rob Van Dam fought a hard contest last night at Vengeance and was able to overcome the odds by beating John Cena and Triple H in the Triple Threat match to retain his title. Now the question is, who challenges Van Dam next? Mr. McMahon has promised an announcement tonight for Saturday Night's Main Event as to who Van Dam will defend against at Saturday Night's Main Event. Certainly, many superstars are going to be very eager to get their name into the hat and try to get a shot at the WWE Championship but who will be announced is the question as the number one contender?

No longer is The Big Show on Raw. After losing his match last night to Kane in a No Holds Barred Match, the Big Show left the company requesting his release. As for Kane, he will not be at Raw tonight after pulling off the insane chokeslam off the steel ramp. But when Kane does return, hell will be promised for any superstar on Raw that tries getting in his way. What will go down when the Big Red Machine makes his way back to Raw?

Plus, a huge tag match has been signed pitting Matt Striker and an unknown tag partner teaming together to fight against Striker's rival Carlito and Jeff Hardy. Carlito and Hardy are fresh off wins against Matt Striker and Chris Masters respectively at Vengeance. The question is, who will be teaming with Striker tonight. Striker reportedly has nothing to do with this tag partner of his so everyone has been wondering just who he is. Tune into Raw to see who will be the fourth man inserted into the match.

All of this and more, this Monday on Raw.


Wanted to get the Raw Preview up today. Raw will probably be up Saturday or Sunday. Vengeance reviews are welcome as I think everyone will enjoy the show as I felt it had many great matches to it. All reviews for that will be returned by the way as normal.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE: Vengeance – Review
Now I know that for it’s your first time trying a different opening video package for the pay-per-view, and it still looked good. It was basically kept short to highlight some of the main feuds/matches. Just a little bit of more length into this opening video would’ve been better.
Rating: 8/10

Match #1
Best of Seven Series, Match #7
Shelton Benjamin (c) vs. Gregory Helms

A very exciting match to kick off the show. I think that the timeslot of this match was perfect because in these fifteen minutes, Benjamin and Helms definitely provided an awesome start for the pay-per-view. It was indeed a back and forth match, which had some nice spots into it. I was wishing for the Intercontinental Title to change hands, but Shelton retaining the title isn’t a bad thing though. I could just hope that Helms still gets a push in this thread. I also liked the finish of this match because it came out of nowhere, and you may know that I like exciting and unpredictable finishes. In the end, a very exciting and a good fast-paced match to kick off the show.
Rating: 8/10

I think a promo involving a superstar who’s having a match later on tonight would’ve been better rather than a promo which basically hypes Saturday Night’s Main Event. Basically an okayish promo here which adds just a little hype to the returning event.
Rating: 7/10

Match #2
Women’s Championship
Mickie James (c) vs. Beth Phoenix

Okayish match here with these two women. Glad to see Victoria and Trish also getting involved during the match-up to add some more tension into the match. I just didn’t like Mickie kicking out during the second count of referee after getting connected by powerful moves like Spear and Gutwrench Suplex. It showed Mickie look really very powerful. The flow of the match also got hurt sometimes in my opinion. Ending was also good, as we see Mickie somehow finding a way to retain the Women’s Championship, thanks to Victoria. It’ll be interesting to see what happens between these three women (Three because Beth would be released after this pay-per-view as you said in the news & notes) in the up-coming weeks.
Rating: 7/10

I didn’t like the concept of this promo at all. Something else rather than this promo would’ve been much better. It was kept very short. Could’ve been lengthier to make it a nice promo. But still, I’ll be finding out who faces Eugene tomorrow night on RAW (I think it has to be Chuck Palumbo or Hardcore Holly as you said in the news & notes).
Rating: 6/10

Match #3
Loser Leaves Raw
No Holds Barred Match
Kane vs. The Big Show

Now this match here was all about the brawl with a little typical wrestling thrown at it. It was a decent match. At the start of the match when Kane clotheslines Big Show, and then Show goes down to the mat – that looked really unrealistic to me. I am not sure that Kane could throw Big Show down onto the mat with just one clothesline. Overall, I’m glad that you kept all of the spots realistic in this match and they were just three I believe, so that’s definitely good. The spot which is in the end of the match was my favorite one. It’s really very hard to produce a good flow when writing hardcore type matches, and here, it was just okay. Flow of the match got hurt a little, and that’s it. Let’s see where Big Show goes from now on. I’d expect him to re-debut at SmackDown! or he’d take some time off.
Rating: 7/10

Striker was definitely spot on in this interview here with Maria. I am glad that you gave some airtime for Striker to talk about Carlito and his up-coming match. And, at the same time, it added some hype to his match against Carlito, so that’s nice.
Rating: 7/10

Match #4
Matt Striker vs. Carlito

I don’t know why, but this match reminded me of the first match at many times. Maybe because it was a fast-paced match and the first match was also a fast-paced one. I must say that this was a good read for me. Test was also involved in this match so that’s a plus for you. I also believe that the flow of this match was decent, and this match was realistically well. At the end, Carlito somehow finds the way to win this match, and hopefully this feud is over now because I want to see Carlito going for better things.
Rating: 8/10

Yep, this video package here hyping SmackDown!’s upcoming pay-per-view, Great American Bash, was really good. The wordings of the Narrator in this video package were solid, which made this video package look good. I tell you, I’m looking forward to the next pay-per-view.
Rating: 8/10

Match #5
Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Masters

Since it’s Jeff Hardy’s return to the pay-per-view, it is highly expected that we’d see Jeff Hardy getting a win over Chris Masters here. This match had good combination of powerful moves and then the high-flying ones. The powerful moves were provided by Masters, and the high-flying moves were provided by Jeff Hardy. So that was a good combination. I’m surprised that Masters didn’t showed more heel tactics (He just did once when he was pinning Jeff with the hold of Jeff’s tights) in this match. The match itself was realistically well. And for the flow of the match, it was just okay. Length was perfect in my opinion because it’s not the ‘highlighted/main’ match of the night.
Rating: 7/10

Okay, I just liked the concept of this promo, which was to begin the feud of Christian and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Just the concept, nothing else to be honest to you. You should’ve given some time to Christian to talk to these fans. You basically rushed at this promo, and that didn’t look good at all. Length was also kept short. It was just an okayish promo, nothing fancy. I’ve seen you doing much better promos.
Rating: 6/10

Match #6
World Tag Team Championships
MNM (c’s) vs. The Highlanders

Hehe, at the fourth paragraph you say that Robbie has taken one hell of a beating tonight during the match. They’ve just started now and you are saying Robbie has taken one hell of a beating? Haha, don’t think so. After few moments when Robbie tagged in Rory, the legal men were Rory and Nitro, and then Melina’s distraction allowed Mercury to get Rory from behind at the outside of the ring. After it, you said that Mercury covered Rory for the pinfall attempt. Mercury wasn’t the legal man dude. You probably messed it up. After this, the match started to pick-up and the quantity in this match was decent. A very good tag team contest here provided by MNM and the Highlanders. Melina could’ve yelled more during the match-up and she could’ve showed more heel tactics, which she didn’t. Just one more thing to tell you that at the last paragraph of the match, you said “…we hear Melina yell as loud as he can right now.” – That was priceless.
Rating: 7/10

Oops, Jericho almost killed Ric Flair here. I believe that this segment here could’ve been done in a better fashion. You might have had Jericho giving an interview and then Flair walks in, both get into a confrontation, and then the brawl, which leads to Jericho getting the best of it.
Rating: 6/10

Match #7
The Showstopper vs. The Highlight Reel
Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho

I think that the referee should’ve called for the DQ finish when Flair brawled and hit Jericho with some of his key moves. Anyway, this match here was the best match of the night. This match was really very great in my opinion and the finish of this match was full of drama, so that was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed this match and nothing in this match looked wrong in my opinion. Just a little bit more length into it would’ve caused me to give you full 10 marks in the rating. Jericho winning cleanly surprised me and it’ll be interesting to see what happens between Jericho, Michaels, and Flair in the future.
Rating: 9/10

I’m glad that you’re hyping the main-event. John Cena looked a bit out of character in the last two paragraphs in my opinion. Overall, this promo was just average. Nothing biggie, nothing special.
Rating: 6/10

Match #8
WWE Championship
Triple Threat Match
Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Triple H vs. John Cena

Yah, the main event was a solid one. It was great that the match had everything: run-ins from Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon, excitement. And the hardcore aspect in this match were also filled with full of excitement. It’s definitely a match to watch on TV. Great match. Rob Van Dam retains the WWE Championship and that shocks me a lot because I thought we’d see the WWE Championship change hands. The tension in this match at the few last paragraphs was also brilliant.
Rating: 9/10

Here’s my new grading system:
80%-100% = A1
70%-80% = A
60%-70% = B
50%-60% = C
Under 50% = D

Overall scores:
In the match department, you get 62/80, which gets you 77.5%. Now, in the promo department, there were just five total promos which belonged to the show. The rest were just video packages, but I’d still count them. I mean that you should really write more promos rather than those video packages. Okay, enough rambling, now the score. You get 54/80 in the promos, which gets you 67.5%.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Once I get some time KOP, I should be able to review your Vengeance.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Just letting you know, I have started my review and should post it by Wednesday.


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw
Monday June 26, 2006
Hartford, Connecticut

Across the Nation hits across the arena and the normal Raw video package plays before we head into the arena to the commentating team at ringside.

Jim Ross: What a wild night it was last night at Vengeance and I have never seen a better night of wrestling than last night!

Jerry Lawler: I’ve got to agree JR as so many huge matches took place tonight but we’ve got a fair share of huge things tonight too.

Jim Ross: We’ll hear from many people plus Chris Jericho is in action and we’ve got a huge tag match later tonight too.

Jerry Lawler: Matt Striker and a partner unknown as of know will team to fight Carlito and Jeff Hardy tonight!

One of a Kind hits across the arena and out walks the WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam. RVD steps out on the stage and holds his WWE Championship high before he walks down the ring slapping hands with the fans before he rolls into the ring and takes the title belt off before throwing it onto his shoulder as the fans give a nice pop to the champ.

Rob Van Dam: Last night at Vengeance, I promised to everyone that I was going to retain my WWE championship and that is just what I did…

Crowd Pops

Rob Van Dam: I had to fight off two tough men out there in John Cena and Triple H but in the end, nobody can kick better, nobody can throw punches better, and nobody sure as hell can’t get any higher than me, the WWE Champion, RVD!!!

Crowd Pops with the RVD Chant.

Rob Van Dam: But that’s not why I’m out here because tonight I’ve been told that I’m going to be finding out my contender for my WWE championship at Saturday Night’s Main Event which happens to only be three weeks away. And let me say there is not anyone out there that is more extreme than me, that will step up and challenge me to a fight at Saturday Night’s Main Event for my WWE Championship.

Crowd Pops
Rob Van Dam: I’ve fought the odds, I just beat two men in a match that I didn’t have to be pinned in but yet, and I still won. I’ve jumped, scratched, and clawed my way to the top of the mountain and nobody, I mean nobody can and will get in my way of remaining the WWE champion at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Crowd Pops

Rob Van Dam: Whether it’s Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, or even…

My Time is Now hits across the arena interrupting RVD’s short time out there so far as Cena comes down to the ring pumping the fans up. Cena quickly slides into the ring and looks at Van Dam before he walks over and is handed a mic. Cena walks back into the middle of the ring looking at Van Dam before saying something.

John Cena: Yo…yo…yo…yo…yo!

Crowd Pops

John Cena: What is up my Hartford Chain Gang???

Crowd Pops

John Cena: Look Rob, no offense but what you’ve got right there around your shoulder just happens to be my WWE Championship. I’ve had to fight my way back to the top of the mountain and I’ll be damned if I don’t get back what is mine, so what do you say, how about you defend that WWE championship against me, at Saturday Night’s Main Event

Crowd Pops

Rob Van Dam: John, I know that you did hold this title but right now, that I look at it, it has my name on it, not yours. But as far as the match at Saturday Night’s Main Event is, you can be..

No Chance in Hell hits across the arena and out walks Mr. McMahon in a grumpy mood. Mr. McMahon stops at the ramp not walking any further as he looks down the ring at Cena and Van Dam in the ring. Mr. McMahon listens to the boos pour in as he begins to speak.

Mr. McMahon: Shaddup!

Crowd Boos

Mr. McMahon: Enough of you two rambling on out here because right now I’ve got two major announcements that need to be made. First off, as everyone knows, Saturday Night’s Main Event is making its return in three weeks. And well, we’re going to bring a little tradition back because there is going to be a twenty man Battle Royal at Saturday Night’s Main Event!

Crowd Pops

Mr. McMahon: And the winner, well the winner of the Battle Royal will move onto SummerSlam where he will get his guaranteed WWE championship title shot. And as for both of you two, well let me say that I can’t stand either one of you.

Crowd Boos

Mr. McMahon: But since both of you seem pretty intent fighting it out and doing anything to gain that WWE championship, I’ll let you do that. I’ll let both of you beat the hell out of one another because as far as I look at it, you’ve caused my life to be a living hell the past few months. So at Saturday Night’s Main Event, it will be Rob Van Dam defending his WWE championship against the man in the ring, John Cena…

Crowd Pops

Mr. McMahon: Under one condition John…

Crowd Boos

Mr. McMahon: Tonight you’re going to be have to beat the World Tag Team Champions, MNM one on one. And I don’t think you stand a chance because you are going to have the odds stacked against you. So I wish you good luck John and well, the way I look at it…

Crowd Boos

Mr. McMahon: You’ve got no chance…in hell!!!

No Chance hits across the arena as Mr. McMahon backs his way up the ramp smiling seeming pretty cocky tonight as Cena and RVD give a stare down in the ring. We then head to a commercial break with Cena looking a little pissed off as RVD leaves the ring.


Match #1
Matt Striker and Booker T vs. Carlito and Jeff Hardy

Match Overview: This turns out to be a fun match which sees Booker T jump ship back to Raw which he hasn’t been seen on since March of 2004. Booker seems to be working on Carlito most of the match isolating him along with Striker. Test is at ringside supporting Striker tonight as Striker is in the ring working on Carlito. Striker kicks Carlito hard in the sternum as he jumps onto the ropes and does a Springboard Backhand Elbow to the face of Striker knocking down Striker. Carlito runs over and tags in Hardy before Hardy quickly dropkicks Striker to the outside. Booker comes into the ring and tries for a Houston Sidekick to Hardy but Hardy ducks it, and then follows through by kicking Booker hard in the sternum. Test is on the outside helping Striker back up as we see Hardy tag in Carlito. Hardy now takes the time to run across the ring and deliver a Suicide Plancha knocking down Striker and Test on the outside as now the legal men are Booker T and Carlito. Carlito comes into the ring ducking a clothesline from Booker before he tries for a Back Cracker but with the ref turned looking at Hardy on the outside, Booker kicks his foot backwards and connects with a shot to the family jewels of Carlito before Booker quickly runs off the ropes and connects with the Scissors Kick. One…Two…Three!!!

Winners: Matt Striker and Booker T

We head over to ringside to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: Well I’ll be damned! Booker T makes his return tonight but he has to cheat to be able to win the match tonight.

Jerry Lawler: It’s ashamed too as it was a good match but Booker just had to cheat to win like you said JR.

Jim Ross: And I hear that right now, that turncoat, Christian is standing by backstage with Maria for an interview.

Jerry Lawler: Don’t forget JR, he is going to be in action tonight against Shawn Michaels so he might get his own dose of medicine.

We head backstage to see Maria standing by with Christian.

Maria: Christian, tonight you’re going to be figh…

Christian: Wait…shut up! Listen out there, because if you listen closely you can hear all of my peeps ranting and raving on the streets, yelling my name out because of what I did last night to Stone Cold Steve Austin at Vengeance. I shut up Stone Cold once and for all, and now I promise that people will no longer disrespect me after they saw what I did last night.

Maria: Christian, last night at Vengeance you turned on Stone Cold, why?

Christian: Maria, I don’t know how many times I will have to say this to you and everyone else. I am the future of this business, that’s been clear since day one when I stepped into the doors of this company. I’ve put my body on the line in every match imaginable. The Steel Cage, and the match that I made famous, the Ladder Match are just examples. What has Stone Cold done? Drink a few beers, sit on his ass, and beat Mr. McMahon up? That sounds like a big list of accomplishments to me. And I’m here to prove a point that no longer will I be looked over, no longer will I be stepped on because when I take down a big name like Stone Cold, the peeps out there will recognize just who the hell I am!

Maria: Anything else, Christian.

Christian: Shawn, you might be Stone Cold’s “friend” but tonight, I’m going to make you Captain Charisma’s personal bitch. What I did to Stone Cold last night, which is in no comparison of what I’m going to do to you tonight in that ring. I heard you’re looking for “revenge” and you’re going to get back at me by beating me tonight. Well, that’s not how it works Shawn and tonight, I’m going to drop your face into the mat just like I did last night to your friend…

Christian: ‘Cuz that’s how I roll!!!


We then open up to a black screen before the Saturday Night’s logo comes across the screen.

Narrator: The show that changed how wrestling has been viewed…

Images of the first Saturday Night’s Main Event with Hulk Hogan fighting “Cowboy” Bob Orton are shown.

Narrator: Made it’s return earlier this year…

Images of the last SNME with clips from the Champions vs. Contenders and the Triple H vs. Stone Cold matches are shown.

Narrator: And now looks set to continue that tradition…

Images of numerous superstars comes flying across the screen are shown.

Narrator: On Saturday July 15…

Images of the old SNME are shown flashing by before we see more modern clips of superstars like Christian, John Cena, Edge, JBL, and etc.

Narrator: Saturday Night’s Main Event returns to the airwaves…

The closing images of the last Saturday Night’s Main Event are shown with Christian and RVD standing tall over Edge and Kurt Angle are shown.

Narrator: World Wrestling Entertainment presents Saturday Night’s Main Event…

Fast clips are shown of the older superstars competing at Saturday Night’s Main Event before a split screen comes across and then shows the modern superstars. Suddenly, both split screens collide and the SNME logo is shown once again.

Narrator: Live Saturday July 15, 2006 from Chicago, Illinois!

We head back into the arena to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: And Saturday Night’s Main Event is upon us and we have one match set with another one possibly taken place there too.

Jerry Lawler
: We know for sure the Battle Royal will take place where the winner moves onto SummerSlam to fight for the title.

Jim Ross: But what about RVD vs. John Cena? It would take place for the title at Saturday Night’s Main Event if Cena can beat MNM tonight.

Jerry Lawler
: And we do know it’s going to indeed be a huge show after looking over the first few matches already announced!

Match #2
Chuck Palumbo vs. Hardcore Holly

Match Overview: Doesn’t turn out to be too big of a match as Palumbo makes his return fighting the other newest Raw superstar, Hardcore Holly who was just traded to Raw earlier today. Palumbo has an even match with Holly but of course he gets the better of Holly in the match as he is making his return to TV and he is made to look dominant. Palumbo takes control of Holly in the match by lifting Holly into the air as if he is going for a Powerbomb but driving the back of Holly hard into the turnbuckles. As Holly stumbles out of the corner, Palumbo runs and knocks down Holly with a huge clothesline. Palumbo begins to taunt Holly right now preparing for the end as Holly backs right into the arms of Palumbo. Palumbo throws Holly onto his shoulders and then delivers with the 187 (a fall away slam into a Samoan Drop) driving Holly into the mat with a force as Palumbo throws Holly over onto his side. One…Two…Three

Winner: Chuck Palumbo


Break the Walls Down hits across the arena and out walks the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla, Chris Jericho. Jericho looks cocky tonight coming off a fresh win against Shawn Michaels last night at Vengeance as he rolls into the ring and heads over grabbing a mic. Jericho looks around the arena before speaking.

Chris Jericho: Welcome to Raw is Jericho…

Crowd Boos

Chris Jericho: Baby!!!!!

Crowd Boos

Chris Jericho: For now on, you can refer to me as the Showstopper, the Headliner, the Icon, the Legend, the man of the hour, Chris Jericho! Because last night at Vengeance, I did what nobody thought would happen, I made Shawn Michaels tap out. I made him yell out in agony and pain and force him to have to give up.

Crowd Boos

Chris Jericho: Never before has anyone seen Shawn Michaels go through so much pain in a match, and I took him to hell last night. I showed everyone last night just why I am the top wrestler in the WWE and if I had the chance again, I’d make Shawn Michaels tap out once again. I’ve beaten many legends in my career but last night, last night takes the cake because Shawn Michaels brought himself into this. He thought he could take down the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla but he was wrong, dead wrong!

Crowd starts HBK chants as Jericho looks around the arena ultra pissed right now that he isn’t getting the respect he feels that he deserves.

Chris Jericho: Damn it, you all listen to me when I speak. Who was the last person that made Shawn Michaels tap out in this ring? Who was that? It seems to be that nobody can remember because it hasn’t happened in a while. And I’ll give Michaels credit for that but last night, I showed everyone why I am the man of 1,004 holds because I pulled out every submission, every trick in the book and I proudly made HBK give up.

Crowd Boos

Chris Jericho: But enough of Shawn Michaels, I’m here because I want to address somebody else. Ric Flair!!!

WOOO’s spread out all across the arena with Jericho ignoring them for the most part.

Chris Jericho: Wherever you are tonight Ric, you look at me and you listen. I don’t give a damn if you are a 16 time World-Heavyweight Champion, if you are a living legend still going at it in the ring, or whatever the hell you want to say. I am the best wrestler this industry has ever seen, not you. I can beat you in the ring easily, and just like I made your good ole’ buddy HBK tap last night, I have no problem doing the same to you in this ring.

Jericho points down to the mat as we see the fans booing Jericho right now.

Chris Jericho: You claim to be the “Nature Boy” and you think you can still go in this business and beat me? Well Ric, I can beat you and I will beat you whenever I get into the ring with you. You’re a nothing Ric Flair, you are an old, washed up, piece of shit waiting to get the hell beaten out of him. And I have no problem being the one that ends your career and puts it into the ground, where it belongs.

Crowd Boos as Jericho smiles rather cockily now as he has been all night. Jericho looks around the arena once again with the fans looking tired of Jericho’s act.

Chris Jericho: Save it, assclowns!

Crowd Boos

Chris Jericho: So Ric, I’ve got a little challenge for you. How about next week here on Raw, you meet me, the Human Highlight Reel, Chris Jericho versus…

Crowd Boos as Jericho looks pissed of they’ve interrupted him.

Chris Jericho: “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair…

Crowd Pops and WOOO’s break out across the arena once again.

Chris Jericho: Next week, on Monday Night Raw!

Crowd pops for the huge match for next week as Jericho smiles seeming to like the challenge that he has laid down for Flair.

Chris Jericho: Ric, I’ve laid down the challenge and now it’s time for you to step up and be a man to accept the challenge. Flair, are you going to step up and take the challenge from me or are you going to hide in the back and be a coward? Because next week, I have no problem beating you Flair adding another win to my belt and further on moving up the card.

Crowd Boos

Chris Jericho: You say “To be the man, you’ve got to beat the man”

Crowd pops for the famous Flair quote.

Chris Jericho: Well I guess when I’m done with you, I’m going to be “the man”

Break the Walls Down hits as Jericho throws his mic to the mat before he exits out of the ring looking pretty happy about the challenge. Jericho mouths off to some fans in the crowd with the boos continuing to come in as we see Jericho stop at the top of the ramp and throw his hands up doing his trademark taunt before we head to a commercial.


Jim Ross: And before the break, a challenge was set as next week, we could be seeing Ric Flair and Chris Jericho one on one.

Jerry Lawler: Flair hasn’t been here at all tonight due to the attacks he suffered from Jericho last night at Vengeance.

Jim Ross: And as for now, we’ve got a little women’s action with two former Women’s Champions looking set to fight it out.

Jerry Lawler: Trish and Victoria both have a background with one another and tonight, they look to continue this little feud they’ve had for a while.

Match #3
Trish Stratus vs. Victoria w/ Mickie James

Match Overview: A match that pits two former champions with the current, Women’s Champion in the corner of Victoria tonight. Trish and Victoria fight it out in a good women’s match seeing as both women are very talented in the ring and it turns out to be a very even match despite some interference from Mickie, which the ref has no clue what happened. The ending of the match takes place as Trish has Victoria in the corner on the ropes as she tries for the Stratusphere but Victoria throws Stratus off of the ropes as Trish lands hard. Victoria gets back to her feet on the ropes and leaps off the ropes connecting with a Moonsault but she only gets a two count. Victoria looks like she is going to go psycho in the ring right now as she starts to pull out her hair in anger before she grabs Trish off the mat and throws Trish between her legs. However, Trish is quick to fight off Victoria by hitting Victoria with a clothesline. Victoria rolls back to her feet and runs at Trish but we see Mickie on the apron and Victoria hits Mickie with a closed fist! Trish waits for Victoria as she backs up and Trish connects with the Chick Kick. One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Trish Stratus

We see Mickie on the outside of the ring holding her nose in pain as Victoria doesn’t bother checking up on Mickie as Victoria is on her feet in the ring looking angered at the loss. Trish is backing her way up the ramp now as she motions that she is coming for Mickie’s title. Mickie looks in the ring at Victoria thinking that Victoria hit her on purpose as all three women just look at one another with tension filling the air. We then quickly head backstage to see Rory McAllister walking around backstage looking for Rory.

Rory McAllister: Robbie?

Rory is walking around backstage looking for his cousin and tag partner, which seems to be lost backstage.

Rory McAllister: Robbie, there you are!

Rory walks up to Robbie as we see on the side; Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch come walking up. Cade and Murdoch laugh at the Highlanders with Rory and Robbie seeming confused.

Lance Cade: Well, look who it is!

Trevor Murdoch: Boys, you listen right now, WE are the tag team here on Raw, not you two skirt-wearing freaks.

Lance Cade: Let me handle this one Murdoch…

The Highlanders look at Cade in confusion as Cade looks at Rory.

Lance Cade: And what’s your name?

Rory McAllister: Rory McAllister.

Robbie McAllister: I’m Robbie!

Robbie yelled out as Cade looks at him like he’s stupid. Cade then steps back and looks at Murdoch slapping Murdoch softly while laughing.

Lance Cade: Well what do you say you boys meet us next week here on Raw; just to find out who really is the team to beat on Raw.

Rory whispers something to Robbie not quit understanding what they said. Robbie looks at Cade in confusion.

Rory McAllister: We are new to America. So we don’t understand what you just said.

Lance Cade: Are you trying to be funny Rory? Well let me go ahe…

Murdoch holds back Cade as we see the Highlanders look at Cade and Murdoch. Murdoch looks at Cade and tells him something before he continues on.

Trevor Murdoch: You two just wait ‘till next week. You don’t know what neither one of you has got comin’ to ya!

Cade and Murdoch walk off laughing with the Highlanders looking confused, not knowing pretty much at all what they just heard. Robbie and Rory walk off though and we head to a commercial shortly after this encounter.


We head backstage to see Todd Grisham standing by with Shelton Benjamin.

Todd Grisham: Shelton, last night you beat Gregory Helms to end the Best of Seven Series and I want to ask you, how you felt about finally ending the series and retaining your title?

Shelton Benjamin: You see Todd, it was a hard fought series but in the end, I proved to be just too much for Gregory Helms and in the end, I retained MY title! Helms always was bragging about making a name for himself, and taking my title but I just continue to make a name for myself here on Raw by beating everyone that comes at me.

Todd Grisham: Shelton, are you at all concerned at who could be coming after your title next whenever they get the chance?

Shelton Benjamin: Not at all Todd because like I said, I’ve fought and beaten the best here on Raw and though more competition tries to come at me and take my title, I end up showing everyone why I am called the “most athletic superstar” not only on Raw but in the entire WWE and I plan on keeping it that way for a long time.

Todd Grisham: Anything else?

Shelton Benjamin: Anyone and everyone can come at me but in the end, it’s going to be one…two…three and it’s going to be Shelton Benjamin retaining his title.

Shelton Benjamin: ‘Cus there ain’t no stoppin’ me now!

We head back into the arena to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: And I’m glad that Shelton did retain his title tonight and it’s interesting to see who will come after him next.

Jerry Lawler: Indeed JR and somebody has to wonder like you said when and where the next challenge will be?

Jim Ross: Well as for now, we’ve got a huge match coming up pitting Shawn Michaels going one on one with Christian!

Jerry Lawler: And this certainly won’t be a pretty one with Michaels looking for some revenge for his good ‘ole friend Stone Cold!

Match #4
Shawn Michaels vs. Christian

Match Overview: The match turns out to be a brawl more than anything towards the end but it started out with some technical moves as Christian took advantage early on after hitting Michaels with a huge DDT! Christian then proceeded to the top ropes where he would connect with a Missile Dropkick but only for a two count. Christian gets back to his feet and kicks Michaels hard in the gut looking for the Unprettier but as he does, Michaels gets out and reverses his way out of the move before running off the ropes and connecting with a dropkick of his own. Michaels gets back to his feet and runs off the ropes before leaping onto Christian and connecting with a Lou Thesz Press. Michaels then climbs to the top rope and leaps off the top rope connecting with the Diving Elbow before both men are down. Michaels suddenly nips up and heads into the corner as we see Michaels tuning up the band, preparing for the end of the match. Michaels gets ready to hit Christian with the Sweet Chin Music but before he can, Christian rolls to the outside of the ring as if he is going to walk out of the arena. Michaels however leaps over the ropes and connects with a Plancha landing on Christian with Michaels pounding away at Christian. The ref is trying to restrain some order as he begins the countout and with Michaels brawling away at Christian, the ref reaches a ten count and it is now a double countout.

Winner: Double Countout

Christian somehow breaks away from Michaels, as he is able to run up the ramp and get away with Michaels watching Christian run. Christian runs to the parking lot and hops into a limo as the limo pulls away before we head to a commercial.


After the break, we head backstage to see Eugene walking towards the arena.

Eugene: Yay! I’ve g…got a match tonight!

Eugene jumps up and down clapping his hands in joy but from behind, Triple H attacks Eugene tossing him to the floor. Triple H is beating down Eugene big time right now as he throws Eugene into a steel cage that was right by. Triple H rubs the face of Eugene on the cage with blood dripping down the face of Eugene right now as Triple H is smiling before he throws Eugene onto the ground and grabs his sledgehammer. Triple H then pulls Eugene back onto his feet as Eugene can barely stand before Triple H connects with a sledgehammer shot right to the face of Eugene knocking Eugene down to the ground. Triple H looks down at Eugene and he whips the sledgehammer blood on his body before looking at the camera.

Triple H: Wrong place, wrong time Eugene!

Crowd Boos

Triple H: Let this be a lesson to anybody that tries to mess with me. I am a bad son of a bitch and I have no problem beating anybody’s ass. If you get in my way of heading back towards the top, I will beat your ass. I was screwed out of two title opportunities and now I’ve got to work my way all the way back to the top!

Crowd Boos

Triple H: And Eugene is just an example of what I will do to you. Nobody is going to get past me as I make my way back to the top because it might be a long road back to the top but I will get there and when I do, I will be sitting back on my throne, as the 11 time champion and I will truly be the King of Kings!!!

Crowd Boos

Triple H: If anybody has a problem with that or me, then let me just say it’s time to play the game!

Triple H walks off smiling rather cockily as the camera stares at Eugene lying there motionless on the ground right now, as paramedics rush in and bring Eugene to the hospital. We are then sent backstage to see MNM standing by in their locker room.

Melina: Boys!

Melina walks towards Nitro and Mercury as both of them are standing up in their fur jackets as Melina comes towards them.

Melina: Are both of you ready?

Johnny Nitro: I’ve been ready all night for this. Mercury, you better be on you’re A-Game tonight because we’re going to go out there and take down John Cena and show just why we are the dominant tag team on Raw.

Melina: What about you Mercury?

Joey Mercury: Don’t worry about me. I’ve been ready all night too like you Nitro. We’ve started the week with a bang already beating the Highlanders. If we beat John Cena, then all of the celebs are going to be going wild in Hollywood.

Melina looks at Mercury and Nitro smiling.

Melina: And if you both win tonight, I promise we are going to throw the biggest party that Hollywood has ever seen!

Melina walks towards the door and motions towards Mercury and Nitro to come on. Mercury and Nitro grab the belts and stick them out of their pants in their trademark tradition. Melina stops them before mentioning something.

Melina: You know both of you aren’t doing this just for ourselves right? Tonight, you are representing Hollywood. You are representing your hometown so don’t let me down out there tonight!

Joey Mercury: Ok.

Johnny Nitro: No worries, Melina.

Melina: Ok, let’s go.

Melina leads the way out the door before she heads towards the arena as the camera cuts to see MNM making their way into the arena. We then head down to the commentating team at ringside.

Jim Ross: John Cena has a huge task ahead of him as he has to overcome not one but two men tonight for the right at a title match.

Jerry Lawler: Vince has granted Cena the title match but like you said, he has a hard task ahead of him here tonight.

Jim Ross: And we’ll find out after the break, it’s John Cena vs. MNM. Next!


Match #5
Handicap Match
John Cena vs. MNM

Match Overview: A hard fought Handicap Match that sees Cena come out swinging early on in an attempt to try and beat MNM early but Mercury took advantage with the ref’s back turned and got Melina to hit Cena in the back of the head with her boot. Mercury then tagged in Nitro who came into the ring and did his Breakdance Leg Drop right onto the throat of Cena connecting with a hard shot to the throat before he rolls back over and drags Cena into the corner. Nitro quickly tags into Mercury who leaps off the top rope driving an elbow into the heart of Cena. Mercury now tries for a DDT but Cena pushes Mercury away before running off the ropes and coming back catching Mercury with a flying shoulder block. Nitro comes running into the ring and charges at Cena but Cena ducks him and then as Nitro turns back around, Cena hits Nitro with a huge clothesline sending Nitro flying to the outside of the ring. Cena walks back to Mercury who hits Cena in the gut with a hard shot by the elbows before pulling Cena underneath his arm looking for something but Cena tries lifting Mercury up for the F-U but Mercury counters. He rolls off the shoulders of Cena before running off the ropes but Cena trips Mercury up and then locks in the STFU! Cena is wrenching hard at the neck of Mercury and we see Mercury tap out giving the win to Cena here tonight.

Winner: John Cena

Cena begins to celebrate as he gets to his feet but from behind, Nitro pulls Cena to the outside. Nitro ends up throwing Cena into the steel steps before he slides into the ring and helps up Mercury. Nitro and Mercury head to the outside as Melina lets out a big scream! Nitro and Mercury then lift Cena up for the Snapshot before RVD comes running down the ramp. RVD, who is Cena’s opponent at Saturday Night’s Main Event looks down at Cena and Cena gets back to his feet now. Cena and RVD both look at one another as the show ends with RVD offering Cena a handshake with Cena hesitating but shaking the hand of the WWE Champion.

WWE Saturday Night's Main Event
Saturday July 15, 2006
Chicago, Illinois

WWE Championship
Rob Van Dam (c) vs. John Cena

Great American Challenge
Kurt Angle vs. (An Opponent of JBL's choosing)

#1 Contender's Battle Royal
Winner Gets Title Shot at SummerSlam
Participants: Booker T, Carlito, Charlie Haas, Chris Jericho, Christian, Chuck Palumbo, Gregory Helms, Jeff Hardy, Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, Kane, Matt Striker, Ric Flair, Rob Conway, Robbie McAllister, Rory McAllister, Shawn Michaels, Shelton Benjamin, Test, and Triple H
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

3VK Reviews King Of Pain's Raw

A good opening promo. Did a great job hyping the main event and hyping Saturday Night's main event. It was really realistic and serverd it's purpose nicely.

I like the fact that you're pushing Booker as a credbile heel. It was a good return match for his character and a good choice to open the show. Maybe we'll be seeing something with Carlito and Booker?

Loving this Christian promo. Very Heel Christian-esque and nicely executed. I like that he's pulling the respect factor into this, as it's perfect for his character. Good hype for Michael's/Christian too.

Very well written advertisement for Saturday Night's Main Event. Extremely realistic and did some good hype. I also like that you went back to Cena/RVD to keep it in the limelight.

Okay filler match between Palumbo and Holly. Not a good debut for Holly as he didn't get anything in, but I like that you're building Palumbo up as he can be a credible mid-card heel.

Promos are really where you shine, UF..KOP . PERFECT Jericho promo. In character, realistic, believable, and it was a veerrrrry, veeerrrrrrrrryyyy good choice to have Jericho use HBK and Flair's catchphrases. Looking foward to Jericho/Flair if Flair does except.

Very decent job with the woman's match. A bit predictable with Trish overcoming the two on one advantage as it wouldn't be the first time that Trish was made out to be Superwoman...however I like where this is going too. I like that Mickie's a heel and has a partnership with Victoria.

The two next promos were decent, but nothing to special. Highlanders/Cade & Murdoch should be alright for next week. I like Benjamin/Helms. One thing I'd just like to point out is that you should watch placing ctach phrases at the end of promos. This is liek the third of the night that ended with the stars catchphrase. Try mixin it up a bit .

I liked the ending of Christian/Michaels. These two could have a nice program if that's what you're building towards. The match ending like it did left me wondering 'What if...?' which is good. Nice heel tactic by Christian by ditching out as fast as he could.

Good Game promo. Definately like him to make an example out of Eugene. The promo was very in character; had that certain heelish quality to it that only HHH brings. I have a feeling whoever messes with Triple H next is going to bring a little bit more than HHH bargained for.

Melina was on spot in this next promo. I'm glad you used Melina to do the majority of the talking tonight, as she honestly has the most charisma of the trio. Good hype with the match around the corner, and Nitro and Mercury seem motivated.

I have to say, I definately predicted that Cena was going to go over. You're booking him strong which is easily foreseen. However I know that it was a necessary evil, as we now have a SNME main event. Good face work from RVD, and I'm expecting these two to have a good match.

Length: 8/10. 11 pages isn't bad. The promo lengths were fine, but I think you could of had another filler match in there. Maybe get RVD some action?

Overall: 8/10. Good except for the predictability factor and some repetition in promo layout. You're setting up your fueds nicely, and I'm definately goign to keep reading on.



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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Review for King of Pain’s Vengeance

Great opening video to start off the PPV, it really gave me a clear idea as to the current fueds that are going on and the backstory behind them.

Best of Seven series match #7: Benjamin vs. Helms
Great opening matchup on paper. I liked the spot where Helms dropkicked Benjamin in midair after he spring-boarded off the top rope and the fact that you described the fans reaction to it despite Helms’ heel status was a nice touch. Benjamin leaps up to the top rope in one motion, over Helms who ducked underneath and connects with a moonsault, another impressive spot. Action packed match up to this point, later on Benjamin leaps up to the rope once again, this time as Helms was perched on it and he delivers a belly to belly suplex. Very back and forth thusfar with neither gaining a sustained advantage.

Helms takes advantage for a little while until Benjamin rallies back and scores a near fall with a roll up to put an end to the momentum. Eventually, a hangman’s noose neckbreaker sets off some high impact offense for Shelton. Somersault plancha was placed at the perfect spot and this match is very unpredictable right now. Nice series of near falls in this match, I thought Shelton may’ve had it after the springboard blockbuster. Helms misses twice with the Shining Wizard and Shelton picks up the victory, retaining the IC title with the T-Bone Suplex. With the way you described it at the end, I thought Helms would kick out but it wasn’t to be. Very solid opening contest with high spots, mat wrestling and a very competitive nature from start to finish.

Nice description of the Saturday Night’s Main Event video, I’m glad to see you hyping it up already and I’m anticipating the matches that will be announced for the show.

Women’s title match: Beth Pheonix vs. Mickie James
Interference fairly early in this one with Victoria getting involved, almost costing Pheonix the win. Eventually, Victoria gets involved again and Trish chases her in an attempt to eliminate her from the equation. However, Victoria gets the better of her and costs Pheonix the victory as she gets pinned by a Mickie DDT. Seemed like an alright woman’s match, I’m glad Mickie retained the title.

Vince/Eugene segment
You word Eugene’s words perfectly, that’s exactly how he sounds in real life. Seemed like a strange promo to have at this juncture of the show considering this will likely just lead to Vince putting him into a match with a monster who will get a squash victory over him on the next episode of Raw.

No Holds Barred/Loser Leaves Raw: Big Show vs. Kane
Certainly a lot at stake in this contest. Two monsters battling it out in this one, Kane grabs the upper hand early but Big Show turns it around, eventually hitting a spear through the ropes with Kane on the apron, sending him through a table. Nice spot right there; Show charges at him but he ends up running himself right through the barricade. The big men continue brawling with each other for awhile until Show connects with a suplex onto the steel ramp. I liked the big boot into the chair spot by Show and the fact that you alluded to what happened to him many weeks ago when Kane attempted to do the same thing was a nice touch to remind those that follow your BTB.

Show is a house of fire now as he delivers a clothesline in the corner followed by the Showstopper. Surprisingly, Kane kicks out of his finisher, great near fall there as I thought the match was over. I like the suspense surrounding this match, considering the stipulation involved. Eventually, Kane shows his sadistic edge with a chokeslam off the stage through a table for the pinfall victory. Fantastic finish, great writing and Big Show is off of Raw now. Though I wasn’t very optimistic about this contest heading into it considering the two competitors, you wrote this more than well enough to keep my attention throughout.

Matt Striker vs. Carlito
Surprising to see Test get involved so early in this one. Despite the early distraction, Carlito gains the advantage for quite awhile on Striker until Matt debuts a new move and gains the upper hand. I liked that you had Striker consult with Test during the match as it made it seem like Carlito was almost in a 2 on 1 situation. Eventually, Test gets involved yet again, almost costing Carlito the victory but he gets the shoulder up.

The first opportunity he gets, Carlito takes out Test with a dropkick to the outside of the ring and now he’s one on one with Striker. He ends up scoring the pinfall with a Backcracker and despite the numbers game, picks up the big win. Well written match, solid mid-card contest and I’m curious to see where Carlito goes from here. To this point, the Benjamin/Helms match is still the best of the night thusfar. Very descriptive promo to hype up the Great American Bash, it was worded very well and provided imagery for the reader.

Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Masters
Power vs. athleticism in this one, you wrote this match well and realistically considering the two competitors. Masters took control for a long time in this one, utilizing various power maneuvers for near falls. Surprisingly in this one, Hardy broke the Masterlock when he escaped to the apron. I was shocked when I read that, it really put over his resilience. Eventually, Hardy connects with a Twist of Fate followed by a Swanton for the pinfall. Quality victory here for Jeff, big win for him here and I’m curious to see what you have planned for him beyond this PPV.

MNM vs. The Highlanders
Strange to the Highlanders in tag title contention, hopefully MNM retains here. Solid tag team action in this one with MNM dominating for a majority of the contest. The Highlanders eventually gain the upper hand for quite awhile until MNM abruptly puts an end to their momentum with a Snapshot to retain the tag belts. I like the booking decision to keep the straps around their waists. Although earlier in the match Melina put one of her boys’ foot on the rope to prevent defeat, I felt MNM as a whole could’ve done more “heelish” things throughout the matchup to give them more heat. Regardless, decent to solid tag title match here.

Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels
Great matchup right here, this should be great. I liked when Jericho connected with the double powerbomb, a trademark maneuver of his years ago, and HBK kicked out emphatically which immediately got under Y2J’s skin. It definitely added great suspense to this contest right at that moment. The ref is down when Michaels connects with the diving elbow drop from the top, one comes down but not in time as Jericho kicks out. Suspense is certainly evident in this contest and I’m loving it right now. He’s never able to connect with Sweet Chin Music and Jericho scores the victory with the Walls of Jericho.

The way you wrote the finish was terrific, with there being multiple paragraphs describing the actions while HBK was locked in the Walls of Jericho it made the conclusion of the contest very suspenseful.

World Title Match: RVD vs. HHH vs. Cena
I was honestly shocked when RVD kicked out after he was hit with the sledgehammer, excellent near fall. Nice spot with RVD connecting with a top rope thrust kick while Cena had the STFU locked in on HHH. With Vince McMahon out here, I’m expecting RVD to be screwed out of the title but RVD kicks him off the apron for the time being. When you wrote how much punishment has been inflicted on HHH throughout the match, for some reason I had a feeling he would leave this match the champion. I felt it was just a smokescreen in making the reader believe that he has taken too much offense from his two opponents to be a legitimate threat in winning.

RVD is absolutely dominating in this main event, leading me to believe that he will be screwed out of the belt even more. Eventually, he connects with a 5 star frog splash on both men and pins Triple H. Van Dam comes out of this match looking like a monster, extremely well written main event.

Overall this was a very good PPV. The final two matches definitely stole the show and the opening contest between Benjamin and Helms got the show off to a great start.

Feedback on the latest episode in my BTB would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE.com News

Heat Results:

Lance Cade def. Val Venis
Rob Conway def. Local Jobber
Gregory Helms def. Charlie Haas

Velocity Results:

Snitsky def. Funaki
Kid Kash def. Scotty 2 Hotty
MVP def. Local Jobber
Mark Henry def. Steven Richards

News and Notes

Saturday Night's Main Event is set to be a huge show leading to SummerSlam having six matches. Raw will have three and Smackdown three. Raw already has two announced in the Battle Royal and the WWE Championship while Smackdown has only one announced in Angle vs. an unknown opponent.

The "new" direction of Raw is set to begin as a few more people are expected to leave soon and "newer" superstars will be called up around after SummerSlam. It is possible a new tag team plus the repackaged Kenny of the Spirit Squad could be on TV by then but nothing is for sure as of right now.

Booker T moving over to Raw this past week was unexpected by many people and threw some off. Booker is indeed expected to go into a program with Carlito for a short feud but nothing else has been heard on this. We will get more on this as soon as it is announced.

Chuck Palumbo's "re-debut" seemed to go well though it was the first week, he got a good, quality win over Hardcore Holly. The fans haven't seen Palumbo in a while so it might take awhile to get back used to seeing him again but apparently, WWE is interested in using him on Raw somewhat as a active part of the roster instead of his last stay in the WWE where he barely wrestled at all.

As for Smackdown. Bobby Lashley winning the US belt finally shows WWE has found something in Lashley early on. Lashley who debuted last September has already won a mid-card title and it seems he is quickly rising up the cards. The number one contender for his title at the GAB is expected to be announced this Friday on SD.

The Kid Kash angle with him re-aligning himself with Noble has been planned for a while and it shocked many people, meanwhile confusing them too. Noble/Kash hadn't wrestled since WrestleMania but both of them re-aligning seemed very strange. However, there are plans

(I plan on posting a Smackdown Recap tomorrow and I won't be expecting many reviews for the next month or so since there is the World Cup but anyways, those reviews I got I plan on returning as soon as I can.)
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Opening video was good, nuff said

Shelton vs Helms
This is hopefully going to live up to my expectations and be a sweet opener. I'm pulling for Shelton to win it. Pretty good stuff so far, going at a slightly slower than could be pace, Diving Blockbuster move was a nice touch into the match as Helms had been on the offensive. And just like that, Helms runs into a T-Bone Suplex and goodnight! Thankfully Shelton won as I prefer him as a midcard champ compared to Helms. A bit of a letdown considering what it could've been, but still a good way to kickstart this PPV. ***1/2

SNME video again? Meh

Mickie vs Phoenix

I am currently on me knees praying for Mickie to win this. If Beth wins, I'll shed a tear. Swear. As most Women's matches go, I just can't get into them, and it's by no fault of your own as you made it as good as it could possibly be. MICKIE WINS! YES! **

Eugene gets a match tomorrow, probabaly be with someone who's gonna crush him. Trips if he doesn't win the title is my bet

Kane vs Big Show
This is gonna be an absolute car wreck. Doesn't take long for Kane to bring in some weapons, but he ends up eating the steps. Table and chain also introduced, but this time Kane is all on the offensive. Kane goes through the table! More weapons, the spot with Big Show crashing through the barricade was off tap! Good lord what carnage these two are causing! Show off the stage through tables! Goodbye Big Show, Kane wins as I thought he would. Nasty, slow, sluggish yet at the same time relatively entertaining and decent enough considering the participants. ***1/4

Uh? Striker calls himself inferior? WTF? Way to shoot himself in the foot. Really, what are you trying to achieve with this lol. You made a mistake I guess

Carlito vs Striker
Gave it more time than I thought you would and you ended up producing a very solid match. Both men are pretty decent in the ring and it worked well through the match. Test got involved as I thought but Carlito thankfully overcame a stiff test really. Carlito can move back into the IC scene maybe, dunno where Striker will go but knowing you as a Striker mark, he won't go far ***1/4

Another video package tonight? GAB hyped well, the build for it on SD! is coming along nicely IMO

Jeff Hardy vs Chris Masters
O boy. How much of a filler is this? This was just a Hardy vehicle to put him over again with the fans on his PPV return to the WWE. Masters was also made to look good considering this was always going to be a one way result, so it's good to see you keep Masters' credibility as a worker while putting Jeff over. Jeff another guy I can see in the IC scene soon. ***

Christian was good and in character, and now here comes Austin. Routine stuff from Austin, good to see him back no doubt for Summerslam, but Christian turns heel! THAT WAS FAST! Really, really fast! Anyways, I see a feud between these two for SS, it's just been done by Wolfy, so try and vary it when you write it

Highlanders vs MNM
Decent tag contest, never really meant much as MNM were never going to lose this one, they are too good for the Highlanders and proved so here tonight. Surprised to see this match so far back on the card, but it served it's purpose, to continue to get MNM over as THE team on RAW to beat. Who will? Who knows. Still, for what it was, a decent match. ***

Jericho wipes out Flair, a feud to come after Y2J is done with HBK no doubt

HBK vs Jericho
Very good match. These two have put it on in the past, and this was no different. Jericho shocasing his arragant, typical self throughout the match when he's in control, but HBK stays alive and Ric Flair makes an appearance! Michaels seemed to have it won but there was no ref, and the Walls are locked on and finally after sheer punishment in the hold, Michaels had to tap in a showstealing match. Great stuff. ***3/4

Cena promo was good, I don't think he'll win, but it's gonna be an awesome match

RVD vs Cena vs HHH
Terrific main event to end the PPV with. RVD retaining definately the right choice, but what a match. RVD was made to look extremely strong in this one, and McMahon got involved as did Trips' trusty sledgehammer, but nothing could deny an RVD victory tonight, nothing. Alot of STFU attempts from Cena towards the end, but still, just an awesome way to cap off the PPV with. More of this in the future, please. Easily MOTN and a contender for match of the month. ****1/4

Overall, the show was solid. The opener and the final two matches were tops, and the Loser Leaves Town match provided a nice spotfest between Kane & Show. Other matches were pretty standard, but Carlito/Striker ended up being better than expected. 86/100.


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown
Friday June 30, 2006
Columbus, Ohio

The show opens tonight with JBL in the ring and there being red, white, and blue balloons in the arena with confetti falling from the sky. JBL says that tonight he is here to celebrate his win last week (and the fact that he cost Angle his match, too.) JBL says tonight there is going to be a huge party and it’s all going to be because of him cashing in MITB at the Great American Bash. JBL continues on rambling on until Kurt Angle hits the ring and slides into the ring to brawl with JBL and Angle starts beating down on JBL until Mark Henry hits the ring! (Henry fought Angle last week in the Great American challenge) Henry grabs Angle and connects with the World’s Strongest Slam as he is on the mat yelling at Angle in fury. Henry makes his way to the back as we see JBL look on from the outside in shock.

Smackdown opens tonight wrestling wise with a huge six-man tag match pitting the WWE Tag Champs, Brian Kendrick and Paul London teaming with Shannon Moore to fight The FBI and Chavo Guerrero. It goes on to be a good opening match as the match is mainly focused on London and Kendrick fighting the FBI. London is fighting in the ring with Mamaluke as Mamaluke connects with a Hurricanrana before he quickly tags in Guido. Guido slides into the ring and quickly leaps onto the top rope trying for the Sicilian Slice but London rolls away. London tags in Kendrick as Kendrick leaps onto the top ropes and hits Mamaluke with a Springboard Dropkick. Guerrero comes running into the right into a Dropsault from London. Moore quickly runs along the ropes and leaves off the ropes with a Plancha landing on Guerrero on the outside. Kendrick quickly grabs Guido and runs up the ropes connecting with the Sliced Bread #2 before he gets the three count.

Back from the commercial as we see Lashley backstage with Josh Matthews. Lashley is asked how it feels to be the new United States Champion but the champ stops him and says to Matthews that he has a huge target on his back and everybody is gunning for him now. Lashley says that never before has he had this much pressure on him but he promises to all the fans that he will deliver indeed and he will make an example of his opponent, next!

In the second match of the night, Lashley fights Sylvan in a quick squash match. Lashley works through Sylvan, even though Sylvan had a quick advantage on Lashley early on but the United States Champion over powered Sylvan and connected with a huge Spear almost breaking Sylvan in half. Lashley then quickly grabs Sylvan and runs across the ring connecting with the Running Powerslam as the fans go wild. It’s an elementary win for Lashley.

Back from the break, Mr. Kennedy is backstage with Theodore Long complaining that it isn’t fair that he has to be in a Battle Royal to earn HIS spot tonight for the right to fight Lashley at the Great American Bash. Kennedy gets into it with Long but Long threatens to take away his spot if Kennedy doesn’t leave and stop complaining. Kennedy eyes Long looking pissed before making his way out of the room. As Kennedy leaves, Mark Henry walks into the room with JBL not far from behind. JBL then says that at Saturday Night’s Main Event, he’s picked Mark Henry to represent him to fight Angle. Long looks at JBL a little shocked but he officially “announces” the match.

The Great American Bash promo airs hyping the main events for the show in JBL/Angle, Batista/’Taker, and Edge and Orton vs. Mysterio and Benoit

Shortly after, we return to the arena as the Battle Royal takes place with Mr. Kennedy, Matt Hardy, Finlay, William Regal, “Pirate” Paul Burchill, and MVP all fighting it out for the right to fight Lashley at the Great American Bash. The first elimination is Finlay as Burchill sent Finlay flying out with a huge clothesline over the ropes. Finlay stays at ringside ultimately pissed. Finlay walks over and grabs his shillelagh as he sees Regal and Burchill fighting in the corner before Finlay beats both Regal and Burchill with the shillelagh in the back of the knees. This allows Kennedy to sneak behind Burchill and dump him out of the ring before he does the same to Regal meaning only three men remain. It’s the new superstar MVP, Mr. Kennedy, and Matt Hardy. MVP fights off an attack from Hardy as Hardy went for the Twist of Fate but quickly MVP shoved Hardy to the outside of the ring meaning only MVP and Kennedy were left. MVP was too busy taunting Hardy as Kennedy quickly dropkicked MVP sending the cocky superstar to the outside and Kennedy has won the right to fight Lashley at the ‘Bash.

After the Battle Royal is over, we head to a break before we come back to see Jamie Noble and Kid Kash backstage. Both men are talking about their well-mastered plan that was revealed last week as Noble turned on all the fans by aligning himself with Kid Kash. Noble then says that nobody saw it coming, and the Mexicools sure as hell didn’t. Kash says he is glad to see the old Jamie back as we see both men sit down in the locker room before both saying that Psicosis and Super Crazy don’t have a clue what is coming for them next.

We head back into the arena for a quick squash match once again as Batista goes one on one with Mike Mizanin, The Miz! It doesn’t go too long with it of course just to get Batista on TV, as he hasn’t wrestled on Smackdown in a few weeks. Batista does short work of The Miz quickly delivering the Batista Bomb for the One…Two…Three! After the match, Batista celebrates as the lights flicker on and off but Batista ignores them despite the “warnings” Undertaker is trying to send him.

The Saturday Night’s Main Event promo airs advertising the 20 Man Battle Royal, the Kurt Angle Match, and the WWE Title Match.

Backstage, Edge and Randy Orton talk about the match that Randy is competing in tonight against Chris with Edge telling Randy that this match is important. Randy doesn’t seem too worried as Theodore Long walks in. T-Lo informs Edge that he has been banned from ringside and so has Rey Mysterio to prevent interference. Edge goes on a tirade shouting and yelling at Long and Long walks off with Orton looking a little worried now.

And we finish the night off with the main event of Randy Orton vs. Chris Benoit. The match goes for a while as we have a good, hard fought wrestling main event with Orton and Benoit doing everything it takes tonight for victory. Orton caught Benoit with a huge backbreaker as he begins to stalk Benoit looking for the RKO. Orton is down on the mat waiting for Benoit to get up and as he does, Orton leaps into the air for the RKO but Benoit moves, and quickly jumps down onto the mat and grabs the arm of Orton, locking in the Crippler Crossface. Orton is trying his best to reach towards the ropes and he is crawling towards the ropes doing everything he can but he can’t grab the ropes and he taps out giving the win to Benoit here tonight. Benoit celebrates as we see Edge quickly hit the ring looking for the Spear to Benoit but Benoit quickly moves. Edge stops himself before he hits the turnbuckles and he backs right into Benoit, who tries to lock in the Crippler Crossface. However, Edge kicks Benoit square in the privates as Edge charges off the ropes and hits Benoit with the Spear. Mysterio comes running down to the ring but Edge hauls butt and Orton is back to his feet now holding his shoulder. Edge and Orton look down the ramp at Mysterio who is helping Benoit back to his feet in the ring as the show ends.

Quick Results:
Brian Kendrick, Paul London, and Shannon Moore def. The FBI and Chavo Guerrero
Bobby Lashley def. Sylvan
Mr. Kennedy won a #1 Contender's Battle Royal
Batista def. Mike Mizanin
Chris Benoit def. Randy Orton via submission

WWE Saturday Night's Main Event
Saturday July 15, 2006
Chicago, Illinois

WWE Championship
Rob Van Dam (c) vs. John Cena

Great American Challenge
Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry

#1 Contender's Battle Royal
Winner Gets Title Shot at SummerSlam
Participants: Booker T, Carlito, Charlie Haas, Chris Jericho, Christian, Chuck Palumbo, Gregory Helms, Jeff Hardy, Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, Kane, Lance Cade, Matt Striker, Ric Flair, Rob Conway, Robbie McAllister, Rory McAllister, Shelton Benjamin, Test, and Trevor Murdoch


WWE Great American Bash
Sunday July 23, 2006
Washington, D.C.

World-Heavyweight Championship
Battle of the Great Americans
Kurt Angle (c) vs. JBL

Edge and Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio and Chris Benoit

Batista vs. The Undertaker

United States Championship
Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Ken Kennedy
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