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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Raw Review

Good choice to open the show with, as it’s giving the best of 7 series some much needed exposure. Very innovative way to have Shelton win the match, it’s definitely something that’s never been done before from my point of view. It was pretty obvious however that Shelton would win this one, I would’ve been shocked to have seen you end it before the PPV. The final match will hopefully be a spectacle, and I hope they get plenty of time, I’ll be surprised if Helms doesn’t get the victory as it seems you’re quite high on him.

Excellent promo from Christian, he was right on the money. Good hype for the Peep show at Vengeance, good to see you’re putting it over as a big deal. I’m hoping something big will come out of it and that it won’t be the predictable Christian heel turn.

Good win for Beth, but I’ll be surprised if Mickie doesn’t go over at Vengeance. Decent match for a women’s bout, it had a good flow to it and was worded quite nicely.

Solid promo from Striker, while I’m not a big fan of him, you kept him in character the whole time without any noticeable deficiencies. More good hype for Vengeance here, and Strikers match with Carlito should be an interesting one, as I’m genuinely intrigued as to whom you will have go over, but you seem to be pretty high on Striker too, so I think he’ll pick up the win.

We see the Vengeance vignette again, it’s quality. As usual.

Jeff Hardy picks up the win over Snitsky which was definitely needed to garner him some momentum heading into the PPV and his match with Masters. The inevitable run in from Masters comes at the end, I didn’t like that, I think you should’ve had Masters come down before the match finished and cost Hardy the win. Jeff should definitely go on to win their match and Vengeance, never the less the end of this match gave more good hype to the PPV and it furthered their feud a little bit, and it got the match into peoples minds.

Another brawl between Show and Kane. I’m really looking forward to their match at Vengeance, I hope to see it near the top of the card as it’s been given great hype and I think these two are going to absolutely kill each other.

The highlanders go over and get their title shot against MNM. I think this is just to get MNM on the PPV, and have them come out of it looking strong and get some good exposure. The biggest shock of this PPV will be if MNM loses.

A bit of decent hype for SNME thrown in for good measure. Totally fair enough, keeps it in peoples minds.

Great promo from Jericho and Flair here. You captured both men’s character brilliantly. It was a touch short, but it was very effective and a short feud between the two would be pretty cool.
Nice Cena promo here, you had him in character as well and although it was short, it was all that was required imo. This gave good hype for both the Main Event tonight and the Main Event and Vengeance.

Enjoyable match for the Main Event. Pretty smart booking with no one picking up the win. I enjoyed the obvious tension between both the heels and the faces. Good to see the faces come out on top to end the show, which makes me think one of either Hunter or Jericho will go over come Sunday.

Great show as usual mate, really looking forward to Vengeance. Any word on how long till it’s up?

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw
Monday June 19, 2006
Quebec City, Quebec

I hope that you can return this review for my Saturday Night’s Main Event, which has been posted.

Length: 10/10

Spelling and Grammar: Some of your sentences seem to run on and on, use commas so that I am not confused by who is doing what. It is not bad on Raw, but come PPV time, some stuff is confusing. 9/10

Intercontinental Championship
Best of Seven Series, Match #6
Shelton Benjamin (c) vs. Gregory Helms

Definitely a good and athletic way to start the show! T Bone suplex over the top rope is brutal!! Great spot!! I remember these two had a great match at Backlash. Benjamin had to win because these things usually end up going the full seven matches. I expect the next one will be at SNME or the next PPV, and then it is anyone’s to win. Yup, should make for an excellent Vengeance match.

I really do not know what to say for this Christian promo. I am back and forth on whether he is a heel or a face. It seemed like he is in a face turn because of his change of attitude, but then he is hosting Stone Cold on his show. Should be interesting to see what happens at Vengeance, and you seem to be in the popular belief that Christian deserves a big push.

Match #2
Beth Phoenix vs. Victoria

Good win for Beth as you involved the best from the women’s division. My guess is that it is Victoria against Trish at Vengeance, and that should be a good match.

Striker is not belittling the crowd with enhanced jargon, but I like what you did, really promoting the teacher character. I cannot wait to use him in my thread. Disrespect to a substitute teacher! Test as a bodyguard is typical for Striker I guess, having someone to do his dirty work. I remember Carlito faced Striker before, but I am not sure about it.

Match #3
Jeff Hardy vs. Gene Snitsky

Interesting match! No, it is not, I am kidding, but it is a huge win for Hardy to get a win over someone who is a hundred pounds heavier than he is. Masters breaks Hardy though, so I am guessing they have another match.

There is no way security can restrain Big Show and Kane. Menacing chokeslam!

Match #4
#1 Contender’s Match
The Highlanders vs. The Spirit Squad (Kenny and Johnny)

I am surprised that the Highlanders won since you are a Kenny mark, and the Highlanders have been buried in many places, but it makes sense for a face team to face a heel champion team.

Nice, early plug for Saturday Night’s Main Event. You are really skilled in writing those kinds of videos. Ever since that Wrestlemania advertisement in the theatre, you have been on a roll.

Now this is refreshing feud that Arjun wants to see!!! Very commendable for you to pair Jericho against Flair, both of whom are excellent mic workers and just as good in the ring. I am impressed by this feud, and I hope that you can extenuate it a lot.

Very good promo from Cena, showing that he is pumped up and his pledge to win, even if he is on the same team as the WWE Champion!

Match #5
Rob Van Dam and John Cena vs. Triple H and Chris Jericho

I guess a no contest is the way to make everyone look strong, but I will tell you know I am not a proponent of so many main events ending in such fashion, like many of your main events and many others’ main events are. The referee seemed to acting out of McMahon’s will because a match usually does not end like that. Nothing really happens except that Vengeance is looking great.

Entertainment: I guess this is your typical show, but there were only two matches worth being interested in, and your promos were not as good as they usually are, but that is unfair because they are usually top notch. 7.5/10

The Bottomline: I know what you are doing in your thread, but something that really upsets me is the repetition of feuds. You are dragging out way too many feuds way too long. Helms and Benjamin is okay because it is a best of seven, but then there is Triple H and RVD going at it again, when I want to see something like Flair and Jericho, a breath of fresh air as one booker would say.
I love your thread, especially since you have ameliorated so much in your match writing. The problem is that I do not have the time management to review, and I only review in the mornings. I am on Winter Vacation, hence my review, plus I am hoping you will return it.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown!
Friday June 23, 2006
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Rise Up by Drowning Pool hits across the arena and the normal Smackdown video package plays before we head into the arena to the commentating team.

Michael Cole: Hello everybody and welcome, a huge night lays ahead of us with a huge Street Fight and the Great American Challenge.

Tazz: Kurt Angle and JBL will be in action tonight competing for a chance to have the night off at Saturday Night’s Main Event

Michael Cole: If JBL wins, he picks an opponent for Angle at Saturday Night’s Main Event but if Angle wins, he picks an opponent for JBL.

Tazz: Plus that major Street Fight between Booker and Lashley tonight with the United States title on the line.

A remixed version of Metalingus and Burn in my Light plays across the arena as down comes Edge and Randy Orton, being a new formed alliance. Edge and Orton both slide into the ring before both men do their traditional taunts before Orton gets off the top rope and both men receive their mics from ringside. We see Edge has a bag with him before he begins to speak but he puts the bag down on the ground beside him.

Edge: Shut up!

Crowd Boos

Edge: Randy and myself, we’re sick and damn tired of having to listen to everyone talk about Rey Mysterio this, and Rey Mysterio that! Rey Mysterio is nothing! You all heard me say that and I’m going to make sure that even Rey and Chris heard that. Randy and myself, we’ve been disrespected the past few months, we’ve been overlooked, but now that we are both together, we’re just too big to be stopped!

Crowd Boos

Randy Orton: I’ve proven it time after time again why I was the biggest superstar on this show but yet people still didn’t listen. I’ve gone through everybody that has been thrown at me, I went through hell to get where I am today but yet people like you all disrespect what I’ve done and that is why pieces of shit like you all from Milwaukee get no where, just like the Milwaukee Bucks.

Cheap Boos

Edge: Now I’m sure everyone is wondering what is in this bag I have right here? Well why don’t we take a little look.

Edge opens the bag to reveal two title belts, one being the WWE Tag Team Championship belt and the other being the World Tag Team Championship belt. Edge grabs both of the titles and places them on his shoulders as Orton cocks a smile seeming to know why Edge has the belts.

Edge: These two belts, these belts are from when I was a tag team champion with Rey Mysterio back in 2002 and when I was a tag team champion with Chris Benoit back in 2004. As far as I look at it, these belts are trash. I don’t need tag titles with Rey Mysterio and Chris Benoit hanging around my house so I think I’m going to have to do something with these belts, Randy?

Orton slides to the outside of the ring and grabs a trashcan that was sitting at ringside. Orton grabs the trashcan and places it in the ring which this trashcan has garbage in it. Edge looks down at the trashcan now as he holds both titles in the air.

Edge: I’m sure most of you idiots know this is a trashcan! Now just like the careers of Rey Mysterio and Chris Benoit, it’s full of garbage. Benoit becoming the World-Heavyweight Champion after 20 years, it took me less than half of that time! Rey Mysterio “overcoming the odds” and “stealing the show.” You want to see somebody steal the show, then why don’t you go and watch whenever I competed in the TLC Matches!

Crowd Pops for the Nostalgia.

Edge: Now Randy, if you’d have the honors.

Orton lifts the trashcan lid up so Edge then drops the belts inside. The belts have all kinds of things on them as Orton and Edge ruffle their noses at the horrible smell of the garbage in the trashcan. Edge then tells Orton something as Orton brings the trashcan to the outside of the ring. Orton grabs some latex gloves as the fans boo Orton as Orton puts the gloves on, then grabs the belts and chunks them into the stands. The belts go flying with garbage all over them and we see two fans catch the belts.

Edge: It’s nice to see you all like me giving garbage back to garbage!

Crowd Boos at the obvious “low blow” to them all as Orton gets back into the ring. Orton and Edge share a smile with one another.

Edge: Maybe you people should all start realizing just who the hell we are. We’ve taken shit the past few months from all of you fans, from the wrestlers here, and mainly from Theodore Long but no longer is that going to happen. When you’ve got the Legend Killer, Randy Orton, and you’ve got the Rated R Superstar, that being me, you’ve got a dangerous duo! Two of the most unstoppable and young forces this company has seen and we’re not going to let anybody else try and run over us anymore.

Crowd Boos

Randy Orton: Rey and Chris, you two have tried to steal our spotlight. You’ve tried to take our time and our main event spots but you both failed. When you look at it this way, both of you are just one second away from that famous three letter word. R…K…O!!!

Crowd Boos

Edge: And I’ll be dam…

Suddenly from behind comes Rey Mysterio as Mysterio leaps off the top rope connecting with a Seated Senton onto Orton! Mysterio is pounding away at Orton as Benoit slides into the ring and gets right behind Edge delivering the first German Suplex! Benoit keeps hold of Edge before delivering the second of the German Suplexes. And finally, Benoit holds Edge and this time throws him across the ring with the third and final of the three German Suplexes! Benoit throws Edge and Orton onto the ropes as Mysterio is looking for a double 619! But before he can do so, Edge and Orton roll out of the ring and head up the ramp. Both men look pretty confident though they got beaten down but they get interrupted as they make their way to the back by…

MacMillitant hits across the arena and out steps the Smackdown General Manager, Theodore Long. Long stops Edge and Orton on the ramp before looking down at the ring where Chris Benoit and Rey Mysterio are.

Theodore Long: Now listen playas, I’ve watched all four of you the past few weeks try and cause havoc to one another so I’ve got an idea. How about at the Great American Bash, we settle this with a huge tag team match up.

Crowd Pops

Theodore Long: It will be the team of Randy Orton and Edge…

Crowd Boos

Theodore Long: Teaming against the team of Chris Benoit and Rey Mysterio…

Crowd Pops

Theodore Long: Holla back, playas!!!

MacMillitant hits across the arena as we see Edge and Orton look at one another before looking down the ramp at Mysterio and Benoit in the ring. Edge and Orton back their way up the ramp as Mysterio and Benoit are in the ring celebrating with the fans before we end up heading to a commercial break.


Match #1
#1 Contender’s Match
Psicosis vs. Super Crazy

Match Overview: A well competitive friendly match up that sees two friends and tag partners fighting it out for a shot at the Cruiserweight title next week. Both men showcase the Cruiserweight division well and also to note is that the Cruiserweight Champion, Jamie Noble is sitting at ringside scouting the competition. Psicosis tries for a DDT but quickly Super Crazy throws Psicosis into the ropes as Psicosis comes running right back into a dropkick. Super Crazy gets back to his feet and connects with a series of spinning elbows to the face of Psicosis. Psicosis is down on the mat as Super Crazy runs off the ropes before connecting with a hard dropkick to the face of his friend and tag partner in Psicosis. Super Crazy grabs Psicosis before he runs off the ropes looking for the Crazy DDT but Psicosis rolls through with a cradle and gets a quick two count. The fans are continuing to get back behind both of the fan favorites as Psicosis plants Super Crazy with his own version of a DDT successfully before Psicosis heads to the top rope. Psicosis gets ready to jump with a Leg Drop but Kid Kash pushes him off the ropes! Kash slides into the ring and beats down on both Psicosis and Super Crazy while the ref has rendered the match a no contest.

Winner: No Contest

Kid Kash lifts Psicosis back onto his feet and Kid Kash throws Psicosis into the corner. Kash runs in the corner and charges at Psicosis before driving a knee into the sternum of Psicosis. We see Jamie Noble, climb onto the apron to try and stop the chaos in the ring as Noble and Kash get into an argument with Noble trying to calm down Kash! Kash responds with a slap to the face of Jamie Noble as Noble looks on in rage at Kid Kash! Noble and Kash stare at one another in the ring as Psicosis and Super Crazy are back to their feet. Psicosis and Super Crazy try to break the tension between Noble and Kash up but Kash shakes his head to Noble and both Kash and Noble connect with thunderous clotheslines to Psicosis and Super Crazy respectively! Kid Kash then tells Noble to lift Super Crazy up as Kash grabs Psicosis. Kash connects with the Dead Level to Psicosis while Noble connects with his finisher, the Tiger Driver onto Super Crazy! Noble and Kash both lift their hands into the air as it seems Noble has double-crossed the fans here tonight.

Michael Cole: So the plan all along that Kid Kash had for Jamie Noble was for both men to form an alliance with one another?

Tazz: I guess so Cole and why not? You’ve got two of the most dominant cruiserweights in the business once again friends!

Michael Cole: I don’t get it Tazz, they were just butting heads, fighting it out a few months back and now they are best of friends?

Tazz: Something tells me that was just an act Cole, it seems we’ve been played for the past six months of Noble’s title reign.


We open up to a black screen before images of a family raising an American flag on a flagpole are shown on the screen.

Narrator: An American tradition that continues on to this day…

Images of the first WWE production of the Great American Bash are shown with JBL fighting Eddie Guerrero in a Texas Bull Rope Match is shown.

Narrator: Where the wrestlers of this business show their patriotism…

Images of WWE’s past trips to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are shown with the superstars talking to troops.

Narrator: To show their love for the country they were raised in…

Images of Kurt Angle in the wrestling ring with the lights turned out in the arena and Angle in the dark doing his patented spinning taunt.

Narrator: But despite all this, the superstars come into this for a mission…

Images of Edge and Randy Orton attacking Chris Benoit after their tag team match against Kurt Angle and Benoit are shown.

Narrator: Their mission, to show that they truly are the Americans they claim to be…

Images of JBL holding his Money in the Bank briefcase in the air and clips of him winning the briefcase are shown.

Narrator: And to prove to all Americans across this country, they do belong…

Images of many superstars delivering key moves are quickly shown before an American flag comes across the screen.

Narrator: America’s eyes are watching, will you be there?

Suddenly, the Great American Bash logo comes across the screen before it closes out with the American flag waving high in the background.

Narrator: WWE Smackdown presents the Great American Bash live Sunday July 23, 2006 from the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.

We head back into the arena to the commentating team.

Michael Cole: And right now, we’re going to be seeing the WWE Tag Team Champions back in action tonight!

Tazz: For the past two weeks, the FBI have had London and Kendrick’s numbers getting singles wins over both men.

Michael Cole: And both members of the FBI seem determined that they are going to become the tag team champions.

Tazz: We’ll have to see but as for right now, let’s see what our tag champions have up their sleeves for tonight’s match.

Match #2
Brian Kendrick and Paul London vs. Funaki and Scotty 2 Hotty

Match Overview: A fun cruiserweight tag match as the tag champs London and Kendrick are fighting tonight against the other fan favorites, Funaki and Scotty. It’s a pretty even match though it is of course used to get the tag champs a win tonight. London catches Funaki with an eniziguri before London grabs Funaki and drags him into the corner. London tags in Kendrick as Kendrick comes off the top rope with an axe handle. Kendrick takes down Funaki with a spinning elbow to the face before Kendrick connects with a Hurricanrana. Scotty comes into the ring but London meets him with a quick dropsault! Kendrick grabs Funaki and tags in London before London leaps off the top rope with the Mushroom Stomp. Funaki ends up turning around right into Kendrick who runs up the ropes and connects with the Sliced Bread #2 before London comes down onto Funaki and connects with the 450 Splash! London hooks the leg, One…Two…Three

Winners: Brian Kendrick and Paul London


We head backstage to see Batista standing in front of the interview scene, looking intent on something tonight.

Batista: Undertaker, last week you tried to tear me up, you tried to end my career.

Crowd Pops

Batista: But it didn’t happen. Undertaker, I am bigger than you, I am stronger than you and I can tear you apart with my bare hands. I’m certainly as hell not afraid of you Deadman and when I get the chance to once again get my hands on you in the ring, you’re going to pay. I’ve sat back and tried to let you run over me but that’s not going to happen again.

Crowd Boos

Batista: Undertaker, there isn’t a damn thing about you that there is to be afraid of. I’ve stood up to you time and time again and I’ll do it again. At the Great American Bash, you’re going to be meeting “The Animal” once again in the ring and I promise you Undertaker, this time it isn’t going to be a win for you.

Crowd Boos

Batista: You talk about how you’re going to make me rest in peace, when I’m done with you “Deadman” you’re going to wish that you never even thought about stepping into that ring with me. And you’re going to wish you never got on the bad side of me Undertaker. I guarantee you that at the Great American Bash, I will be the one that finally does the job, I’ll be the man that will take you out in that very ring.

Crowd Boos

Batista: You’ve got nothing going for you, other than that WrestleMania undefeated streak, which is overrated. You’re just a washed up has been that thinks they have what it takes to still go with the best. I am the best Undertaker. I’m the best there is here today and I’m going to be the one that ends your famous career.

Crowd Boos

Batista: You’ve got two options Undertaker. You show up at the Great American Bash, and you walk into my hometown! You get your ass beat in my hometown and I end your career in my hometown of Washington, D.C. Or you don’t show up, and you show all the fans the big coward that you are. So think of those two options, think hard about your legacy and what you’ve done in your career and make the best choice.

Batista walks off from the scene as we head down to ringside to the commentating team.

Michael Cole: Batista is intent on trying to get inside the head of The Undertaker and try to change his thoughts on their match at the Bash.

Tazz: Batista has the huge advantage though as we are going to be in his hometown so what will go down when they meet again?

Michael Cole: Who really knows Tazz. Last time they met, they tore the house down at WrestleMania with their huge match.

Tazz: And I’m sure that at the ‘Bash, it’s going to be no different when both men meet once again in that very ring.


We head backstage to see William Regal walking around before Paul Burchill comes swinging into the scene on a rope. Burchill throws the rope away from him as Regal looks at Burchill in shame and has a smug look on his face.

William Regal: What in the bloody hell are you doing?

Paul Burchill: Ahoy, Mr. Regal!

William Regal: I think that is pathetic of you Pa…

Burchill pulls his sword out and holds it in the air, looking at Regal.

Paul Burchill: Now what were you wanting to say matey?

William Regal: Nothing.

Regal steps back and as he does so, he backs into Finlay. Regal nearly jumps into the air, as he seems afraid right now. Finlay looks at Regal before all three men have a stare down right there backstage.

Finlay: If either one of you two bastards tries and ruins my chance at fame on Smackdown, I promise you that I will take care of both of you.

William Regal: And why is that sunshine?

Finlay and Regal get into one another’s faces.

Finlay: It’s because I love to fight!

Finlay holds his shillelagh up at Regal threatening to strike Regal with the shillelagh but Burchill puts his sword in between both men. Finlay and Regal don’t move an inch as Burchill holds the sword where it is at.

Paul Burchill: Maties, if you try to ruin my spotlight, you’ll be walking the plank.

Burchill steps back pulling his sword with him and the fans are cheering for Burchill as Finlay and Regal look one at Burchill but then both look at one another as we head down to ringside.

Michael Cole: It seems these three men still can’t get over the fact that they hate each other, each one of them hates each other.

Tazz: All three former friends and they used to be a tag team but this continues to grow even more personal each week!

Michael Cole: You’ve got a pirate with a sword, a tough Irishman with a shillelagh, and an English man with well no weapon!

Tazz: Right now, the Great American Challenge is about to begin as JBL will fight an opponent and look for the quickest time he can.

Match #3
Great American Challenge
JBL vs. Hardcore Holly

Match Overview: JBL has a hard task ahead of him tonight to try and beat the veteran wrestler in Hardcore Holly. This of course isn’t a technical match but turns out to be a big brawl with all hell breaking loose throughout the match. JBL and Holly have to be broken up numerous times by the referee in the corner but JBL was quick to take advantage by distracting the ref and delivering an eye poke to Holly. JBL grabs Holly and tries for a Powerbomb but Holly fights off JBL and eventually Holly gets sent into the ropes. Holly ducks an attempt at the Clothesline from Hell before Holly delivers a dropkick to JBL. The fans are getting behind Holly as this means the time will continue to grow even bigger meaning that JBL’s chances of “beating the clock” early could be decreased from the get-go. Holly lifts JBL onto his shoulders trying for his finisher, the Alabama Slam but JBL slides off the shoulders. JBL gets back to his feet and quickly runs off the ropes wasting no time as he connects with the Clothesline from Hell! JBL hooks the leg of Holly and the ref begins the count. One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: JBL
Match Length: 7:26


We head backstage to see Josh Matthews standing by with MVP.

Josh Matthews: Right now I am standing by with the man that will be making his Friday Night Smackdown in ring debut coming up next, MVP!

Montel Vontavious Porter: Smackdown’s hottest wrestler is here and after weeks upon weeks of negotiating, T-Lo finally was able to grab the hottest free agent on the market, and bring him to Friday Night Smackdown which I’ll be able to give this show the little boost it needs to compete in the ratings.

Josh Matthews: You seem rather confident MVP, but you have yet to even compete in the ring, why are you so cocky?

Montel Vontavious Porter: This isn’t being cocky, this is me. I know I am the top player here on Smackdown and I don’t need to compete to prove that. I don’t need to risk being injured out there because the ratings would take a blow. I pretty much am Smackdown now and I’m not afraid to tell anyone that. Without MVP, there is no Smackdown.

Josh Matthews: Anything else?

Montel Vontavious Porter: Smackdown is about to be given a wake up call. Everyone is about to realize that the future is here now and that, I’ve come for a reason, for a chance to show my skills to everyone in the world. The Franchise Player has arrived and it’s time that everyone realizes just who I am Montel Vontavious Porter.

Montel Vontavious Porter: MVP!!!

We head back down to ringside to the commentating team.

Michael Cole: Wow, MVP certainly is confident that he is going to be the top star here on Friday Night Smackdown!

Tazz: I think maybe if he steps into the ring with someone like the World-Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle, then he’ll realize he isn’t the MVP.

Michael Cole: That’s true Tazz but apparently, his agent has been in negotiations with Theodore Long for months now and finally, a contract was reached.

Tazz: Or as MVP called him, “T-Lo” but anyways, let’s see if he can live up to the hype he has received here tonight.

Match #4
MVP vs. A Local Jobber

Match Overview: A quick squash match to get the newest superstar of the Smackdown brand, MVP onto the show. MVP does quick work to the jobber throwing him around the ring before he connects with a DDT. The jobber is able to kick out but MVP doesn’t seem too concerned as MVP throws the jobber into the corner. MVP charges into the corner and delivers the Player’s Boot, which is simply a Big Boot in the corner. The jobber grabs his face as MVP quickly scoops up the jobber before connecting with a Vertical Suplex. MVP seems to not even have broken a sweat fighting tonight in the ring as he grabs the jobber and puts his leg on the head of the jobber before connecting with the Playmaker (the Overdrive) as MVP throws the jobber over on his side. He hooks the leg and it seems that MVP will get the win tonight. One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: MVP


We head backstage to see Ken Kennedy walk into Theodore Long’s office as Long is standing up, pacing around thinking of something.

Ken Kennedy: Teddy.

Theodore Long: Playa, it’s been a long night so if you could hurry this up, I’d appreciate it very much.

Ken Kennedy: Teddy, Bobby Lashley has had his chances at the United States title for two weeks in a row and now he gets another chance tonight? What has he done that makes him deserve three title shots in a row?

Theodore Long: Playa, you know why. First off, you screwed him out of the title and then last week, Booker T screwed him out of his second shot.

Ken Kennedy: I want; no I demand a United States title shot. I beat Matt Hardy last week so that has to mean I deserve my title shot. Teddy, I’ve beaten Bobby Lashley before and if that doesn’t mean I don’t deserve a title shot, then what does?

Theodore Long: Now calm down playa. Ok next week, we’ll solve this problem as whoever wins tonight, will find out next week on Smackdown who they will be wrestling at the Great American Bash.

Ken Kennedy: I can hear the fans yelling it out loud right now, I can hear the fans chanting for the next United States Champion. And I can hear myself yelling out to the world, showing why I am changing Friday Nights.

Ken Kennedy: The winner and the new United States Champion, Misterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Kennedyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Kennedy steps back but before he does, he gets into the face of Theodore Long.

Ken Kennedy: Kennedyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

We open up to a black screen before the ever so famous Saturday Night’s Main Event logo comes across the screen.

Narrator: The show that you watched as a little kid…

Clips of a little kid sitting in front of a television with the first SNME being shown.

Narrator: Thirteen years has passed and it returned March 18…

Clips of the SNME from earlier this year including the Stone Cold vs. Triple H Match and the Contenders vs. Champions Match.

Narrator: The show that changed the wrestling world…

Clips of Hulk Hogan and Paul Orndorff battling it out inside of the Steel Cage in 1986 are shown.

Narrator: Makes its comeback once again…

Clips of the last Saturday Night’s Main Event earlier this year are shown with all of the competitors being shown.

Narrator: Saturday Night’s Main Event returns

The Saturday Night’s Main Event logo comes across the screen and in the background, Boom by P.O.D. starts playing.

Narrator: Saturday July 15, 2006 live from Chicago!

Fast clips are shown of the older superstars competing at Saturday Night’s Main Event before a split screen comes across and then shows the modern superstars. Suddenly, both split screens collide and the SNME logo is shown once again.

Narrator: History will be made, be there!


Match #5
United States Championship
Street Fight
Booker T (c) vs. Bobby Lashley

Match Overview: Pretty much an all out war with the title being on the line tonight and it shows with both men using chairs and anything they can get their hands on. Booker grabs a chair to swing at Lashley but Lashley ducks the chair shot with the chair rebounding off the ropes and it hits Booker in the face. Lashley grabs Booker, as he turns right around into a Belly-to-Belly Suplex! We see Mr. Kennedy start to run down the ramp but the fans pop as they see Matt Hardy come down the ramp right behind Mr. Kennedy. Lashley watches Kennedy and Hardy brawl up and down the ramp, which distracts the challenger long enough for Booker to roll him up. However Lashley shows his strength kicking out before the three count. Lashley gets back to his feet and Booker kicks Lashley hard in the gut. Booker runs off the ropes looking for the Scissors Kick but Lashley ducks, then charges off the ropes and connects with the Spear! Lashley gets back to his feet and grabs Booker up off the mat. Lashley heads to the corner and grabs a table that was leaning up in the corner that Booker put there earlier in the match. Lashley sets the table up before he lifts Booker up and connects with a Dominator driving the champion through the table. Lashley hooks the leg of Booker T as we see Kennedy and Hardy have been pulled apart from security. One…Two…Three!!!

Winner and NEW United States Champion: Bobby Lashley

Lashley is handed the United States title from the ref as he hugs the title and looks at Kennedy and Hardy being held by the security. Lashley grabs his title and celebrates holding the title high in the air as he plays to the fans on the turnbuckles. The fans are going wild right now before we head over to ringside to the commentating team.

Michael Cole: Bobby Lashley has just got his first taste of gold here in the WWE and it is very much well deserved.

Tazz: Indeed, after two times being screwed over, Lashley has finally got what he has been working for since he came to the WWE.

Michael Cole: This goes to show you that Lashley truly is the most dominant athlete that we have in the WWE today.

Tazz: I’m so proud of Lashley as tonight he was able to beat Booker T and walk away with what he was worked for so long.

We head backstage to see Kristal standing with the World-Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle.

Kristal: Kurt, in a matter of moments you will be competing in the Great American Challenge. Now you don’t know your opponent but you are going to have to beat him in the matter of less than seven minutes and twenty-six seconds.

Kurt Angle: Kristal, I can beat anyone, and I mean anyone in less than that amount of time. JBL, when you attacked me two weeks ago after my match, you brought out a new side of me, you brought out an angry side of everyone’s Olympic Hero that nobody has seen before. And I promise you JBL, when I do get my hands on you at the Great American Bash, you’ll be lucky if you can walk out of that damn arena because if I get a hold of you, I guarantee you will have no ankle.

Kristal: Kurt, JBL has claimed that he is the Great American out of both of you; do you have any claims for yourself?

Kurt Angle: I won an Olympic Gold Medal with a broken neck, did JBL do that? I’ve done pretty much everything in this business and I can wrestle with the best, that’s after all why I’m called the Wrestling Machine but JBL seems to doubt me. He seems to think just because I’m the Wrestling Machine means that I’m not a Great American too. And that’s why we’re going to find out who truly is the Great American out of both of us.

Kristal: Anything else, Kurt?

Kurt Angle: JBL, you better hope that I don’t beat your time tonight because I have no problem walking into Saturday Night’s Main Event and breaking someone’s ankle. Then heading right into the Great American Bash and shattering your ankle into pieces. JBL, your claims to be the Wrestling God are going to be proven wrong because I’m going to walk into the Great American Bash, the World-Heavyweight Champion, and you’re going to be given a little lesson on the three I’s. Intensity, Integrity, and Intelligence.

Kurt Angle: Oh it’s true, it’s damn true!!!


Match #6
Great American Challenge
Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry

Match Overview: Angle draws a hard task opponent tonight that being, Mark Henry, and if Angle can get the win, it won’t be easy. Angle starts up with some momentum but it is quickly ended whenever Henry almost beheads Angle with a clothesline. Henry picks Angle back up once again and connects with another clothesline but only gets a two count. Henry picks Angle up applying a Bear Hug and Henry is squeezing Angle to death trying to get the World-Heavyweight Champion to tap out right there but Angle won’t give up. Angle finally fights out after repeated head butts to Henry before he wraps his hands around Henry and connects with a thunderous German Suplex. Angle keeps the arms locked and connects with the second German Suplex. And then Angle throws Henry releasing him with the third and final of the three German Suplexes. Angle gets back to his feet and lifts Henry into the air delivering the Angle Slam! Angle goes to cover Henry but he notices JBL is coming down the ramp. The clock is ticking down and only 15 seconds remain. JBL distracts Angle as Angle comes over to knock JBL off the apron but JBL jumps down off the apron. JBL distracted Angle long enough as only three seconds remain. Angle gets down on the mat, and the three count begins. One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Kurt Angle
Match Length: 7 Minutes, 28 Seconds

JBL smiles knowing that he just cost Kurt Angle his match even though Angle won. Angle looks pissed in the ring and Angle stares at JBL as the show ends with both men having a heated stare down with JBL on the ramp and Angle in the ring.
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Talking Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Well like I kept my word KOP I have come to review and um since I haven't got my show done yet maybe a rep is always nice. Enjoy!

Opening Promo: It was good but also like my thread, it also had Rated-RKO but moving on it was a great promo with them saying there the best and you really showed their character and that trashcan thing???? But it was cool with Rey Mysterio coming out and then Long coming out and making the awesome tag team match great work on that!

Psicosis vs. Super Crazy: It was a good cruiserweight match, I was really looking foward to seeeing who was the best until Kid Kash came in and ineterfered and the assult was just plain mean! I wonder whats going to happen next? Can't wait to see.

GAB video package: It was a great one to hype up the PPV and it's going to be a great one like always man.

Brian Kendrick and Paul London vs. Funaki and Scotty 2 Hotty: It was another great match of the night with another cruiserweight match, you know?? You know I reviewed your last show and you had like three cruiserweight matches, anyway dosn't really matter that much to me because you make them fun! Great match.

Batista segment: Yeah it was an average thing with Batista talking about the Undertaker and how he tried to ruin his carrer and talking how he is better and since he was a heel then I don't expect him to say those stuff but who cares Undertaker will beat him well atleast for my opinion anyway another great segment KOP!

Backstage Segment: A short one but you didn't want it to be overbooked but it was still just waqy too short but still, you know what they say? Practise makes perfect

JBL vs. Hardcore Holly: A unique match up here with JBL winning with a clothesline from Hell!! But HardCore Holly put up a good fight and wanted to see this longer but its all sweet mate
and with also beat the clock on the line as well.

M.V.P interview: A good interview here with his ring debut and talking how he is supposed to talk which is great and then he makes his way to the match.

MVP vs. A Local Jobber: A aquah match here with MVP taking every single part of the offense in this match against a 'local jobber' and ten connecting a playmaker to pick up the victory and we'll wait to see what hes moving on to do next.

Kennedy/Long segment: It was another short one but looks like Mr. Kennedy will get his title short next week I think, anyway I may be wrong.

Saturday Night's Main Event: Another great package to hype up the PPV and I'm really excited to seeing it hope it's great! Good promo I loved it.

Booker T vs. Bobby Lashley: A awesome action packed match with the United States Title on the line which makes these superstars go at it with all they got and I reckon this was a great brutal match and the Matt/Kennedy thing was alright and Bobby Lashely finally picked up a victory with a dominator through a table was freackin awesome!!! And Lashely is finally the United States Champion wooo

Kurt Angle interview: I just loved it mate it was a great interview and sayong he's the best and I wanted him to beat the time and like I said before the interview was great and it was very realistic.

Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry: A Crapy Ending, oh no not your booking, like umm I didn't like the ending but I'm just trying to see it as real life and bot your boooking. Anyway Kurt Angle had that match won if JBL hadn't come along and there was just two seconds behind 'CRAP'! Anyway the match was great and I liked it.

Overall: 9/10- Another fantastic show and just like always, keep it up King Of Pain!

Either rep or return please
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

heyman deciple's SMACKDOWN REVIEW

Opening Segment: This was good, I really enjoyed the replica belt angle. Then we had the run ins by Mysterio and Benoit. Good stuff.

Psicosis vs. Super Crazy: Nice Cruiserweight action. Too bad we didn't get a real winner. but still it was a good match and the swerve with Kid Kash and Jamie Noble was well done.

Great American Bash Hype Video: This was a good promo video, nice way to build up anticipation for The Great American Bash.

Kendrick & London vs. Funaki & Scotty: Solid tag match with Kendrick & London getting the win.

Batista promo: Good Batista promo.

Regal-Burchill-Finlay: Nice segment here, Regal and Burchill together with Burchill's pirate gimmick. Is good stuff.

JBL vs. Holly: Solid match with JBL getting the win, I was actually rooting for Holly in this match, much to my surprise. Good match.

MVP Promo: Nice promo here by MVP. Your doing a nice job of building him up.

MVP Match: Squash match, I was almost expecting a major upset by the local wrestler. But this was good as it continues to build up MVP.

Long-Kennedy: Good segment here, with MVP wanting a US Title shot.

Saturday Night's Main Event Promo Video: Another nice Hype video, this time hyping Saturday Night's Main Event.

Booker vs. Lashley: Great match with Lashley getting the win and I enjoyed the brawl between Kennedy and Matt Hardy.

Angle Promo: Good promo here by Angle, I thought you captured Angle's Character, well in this promo.

Angle vs. Mark Henry: Glad to see Angle get the win, too bad he missed out on the time limit.

Good show, I give it 7 out of 10.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Smackdown Review
To begin with, I have read some other people reviewing this thread who have complained about your Edge and Randy Orton alliance simply because it has occurred in real life. I find that foolish and short-sighted on their part, as they cannot possibly know how long you have been planning this storyline. Also, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking an established story as a template because there is always room for improvement and I'm sure a superb booker such as yourself will do it proud.

The opening promo between Edge and Randy Orton only proved my point. This was a superb way in which to begin Smackdown. Both men were in character and Edge in particular was on fire tonight. The desecration of his past tag team championship belts was an inspired and hugely original choice. Is there any better way to insult Chris Benoit and Rey Mysterio? The run in at the end was expected but was written well to make it seem as though it came out of nowhere. The announcement of the match at The Great American Bash is a mouth watering prospect, and I expect there will be a series of singles matches between the two teams over the next three weeks.

Great match to open up with here and very impressive way to really flesh out the Cruiserweight division, which can become stale on some BTB's. The outcome of the match was unexpected with Kid Kash interfering and causing the No Contest, but the Jamie Noble heel turn was the largest shock. I guess whatever it was that Kash wanted an answer from Noble has finally been revealed. Superb!

Excellent Great American Bash promo next, but you already know how well I think you do these.

A fairly exciting tag team match to get the Champs on the card. I like the way you have now given this division a very Cruiserweight, high-flying feel with guys like London and Kendrick, the FBI and the Mexicools are involved. I must admit I thought that The FBI would interfere in the match. Their encounter at The Great American Bash should be spectacular if nothing else.

Nice heel promo from Batista to really hype his rivalry with The Undertaker. Since you turned him heel Batista has really developed as a character, with a new sinister and even somewhat psychotic side that makes me think he will defeat Undertaker at The Great American Bash. In terms of how I am currently imagining Batista, the image in my head is that of Heidenreich from a few years ago. Yes, Batista isn't reading strange poetry, but his brooding psychotic side reminds me of him.

The segment between the former members of UKliq was fun yet again. Same as last week I am really enjoying this rivalry. Burchill is the only real face I feel as the humorous character he has become would get him crowd support. Finlay is seemingly the guy that will be pushed afterwards but I am not completely sure. A gimmick match at The Great American Bash seems likely, perhaps a Triple Threat. Am I write?

Great match between JBL and Hardcore Holly to give Bradshaw a decent time in the Great American Challenge. I didn't think that Kurt Angle would interfere, as he is the face. I think that JBL will win the Great American Challenge overall and then choose someone like Mark Henry for Angle at Saturday Night's Main Event.

This was a good way to bring MVP into Smackdown for his first interview. He came across as his naturally arrogant self, so I assume he will defeat the no doubt jobber he will be facing. I'm excited to see what you will do with this young star.

I thought it would just be a local jobber but that's no problem, as it helps to get MVP across as a cowardly heel. I can see him probably getting into a big feud to fully establish him on Smackdown, with a run at the United States Championship in the future.

The Mr. Kennedy and Teddy Long segment was very good, as KK was perfectly in character once again. I still think that a Fatal Four Way is planned between KK, Hardy, Lashley and Booker at The Great American Bash. It does seem though that every single week KK is storming into Long's office, and maybe it is time for him to cut one of his famous and inspired in-ring promos.

Another good PPV promo here really hyping what is already shaping up to be a great Saturday Night's Main Event. I like your new poster for it too.

Match of the night thus far with the United States Championship Street Fight between Booker T and Bobby Lashley. It's great to have a new Champion too, and it will be interesting to see how Lashley does. The interference from Kennedy was, uh, cut short by Matt Hardy in a rather humorous twist. This has become a great division. You really have brought the United States title to life.

Decent if a little standard Kurt Angle interview next, with the Champion as focused and intense as ever. With this confidence though, I believe he is in for a defeat tonight at the hands of his opponent, or at least he will fail to meet the time set by JBL.

Uh, well I guess it won't be Mark Henry who Kurt Angle faces at SNME. A swing and a miss from me there. Anyway, this was a fairly impressive main event with Mark Henry acting as the glorified and 400-pound jobber we all know that he truly is. I had an idea that JBL would interfere and cost Angle. Cost him by 2 seconds! That's a tough blow that I am sure Angle will look to avenge next week.

Overall another brilliant installment here, once again proving why this is the best BTB I have ever read. I simply cannot decide which of your feuds is the best, especially since the Benoit/Mysterio versus Rated RKO, Batista versus Undertaker, the United States Championship, and the JBL versus Kurt Angle, have all been superb. I think the WHC feud just about gets the top prize from me at this point.

Your spelling and grammar was immaculate as ever. Honestly, KOP, you are seriously, seriously talented.

9.8 Out Of 10 - Superb!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE Vengeance 2006
Sunday June 25, 2006
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Rexall Place

WWE Championship
Triple Threat Match
Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Triple H vs. John Cena

At One Night Stand two weeks back, John Cena interfered in the main event of Rob Van Dam vs. Triple H for the WWE Championship. Cena who had won number one contendership back on the May 22 episode of Raw against Kane, found himself interfering before Triple H went on to lose. Cena ended up F-U’ing the CEO, Mr. McMahon which didn’t bode well with the Chairman the next night on Raw. Triple H was the Special Enforcer for the Cena/McMahon match and even though Cena made the chairman tap, Cena paid as Triple H gave him a Pedigree after the match. The history between Van Dam and Triple H goes back to the night after Backlash whenever Van Dam fought Triple H and Kane in a Triple Threat Extreme Rules for the title and RVD got the win over Kane. Ever since that cold night in Worcester, it’s been war between Van Dam and Triple H. Add Cena into the fray and you’ve got one hell of a match. In Triple Threat rules, anything goes as there are no countouts or no disqualifications so could this be right down Van Dam’s alley? Or will Cena and Triple H find a way to take advantage? Most importantly, who will be the champion when it is all said and done?

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Best of Seven Series, Match #7
Shelton Benjamin (c) vs. Gregory Helms

Ever since the classic encounter two months back at Backlash, the fans were begging for more between Helms and Benjamin. And they got just what they wanted! What started a little more than a month ago ends tonight in Canada whenever Helms and Benjamin meet for the last time in this series but the question is, who can get the win, and most importantly, the title? Helms got off to a quick start taking a 3-1 lead in the series but it wasn’t without cheating his way to two of the wins but Benjamin was able to rebound. Benjamin would win by DQ as Helms hit Benjamin with the title looking for the fourth and final win but he wasn’t lucky. Then this past week, Helms was counted out as Benjamin hit the T-Bone Suplex causing Helms to be counted out and even the series. So with the series tied at three, who will gain the win and most importantly gain the illustrious Intercontinental Championship?

WWE Women’s Championship
Mickie James (c) w/ Victoria vs. Beth Phoenix w/ Trish Stratus

The night after Backlash, the women’s division foundation was shaken forever. Because in came one of the most powerful divas the women’s division has ever seen, Beth Phoenix. Shortly after a tag match, Beth attacked and revealed herself to be an ally of the fan favorite, Trish Stratus. Beth had Trish and Ashley Massaro behind her but who did, she didn’t have anybody. Mickie eventually got Victoria to agree to be her back up and Mickie finally evened the odds (Ashley went to join Smackdow a week later.) Beth ended up beating Victoria to earn the number one contendership to fight Mickie here at Vengeance. Both women have singles wins over other opponents in the women’s division leading to Vengeance but most importantly, which women will emerge from Vengeance with the women’s title around their waist?

WWE World Tag Team Championships
MNM (c’s) vs. The Highlanders

Fresh off a win at Judgment Day against the Mexicools, MNM made the switch to Raw in Open Season first off; they attacked the new tag team, the Highlanders. After the Highlanders match against the then tag champs, 3 Minute Warning, MNM came in making the switch to Raw shocking many fans in the process. Both teams would battle the next week for the number one contendership to the tag titles the following week but 3 Minute Warning inserted themselves into that match making the final decision a no contest. The following week, it turned out a Triple Threat match was booked as MNM emerged the champions. 3 Minute Warning broke up the same night meaning that the war was going to continue between MNM and the Highlanders. Robbie got a singles win over Nitro but the next week, saw the Highlanders beat Kenny and Johnny of the Spirit Squad to give themselves a match at Vengeance for the titles. With both teams having their history, will we see new champions crowned or will MNM try and continue to build onto their tag title reign?

The Showstopper vs. The Highlight Reel
Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho

Probably, the most anticipated match of the night will be whenever Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho reignite their feud. On May 15, Jericho hosted the Highlight Reel with his special guest, Shawn Michaels. After Jericho tried giving HBK his thoughts about how he feels about the Heart Break Kid now, Michaels was quick to give Jericho Sweet Chin Music. Jericho aligned himself with Mr. McMahon in the war against Michaels and co. to try and rid Michaels and his friends of Raw. In a tag match on the May 29th episode of Raw, Jericho got one up on Michaels after he hit HBK with Rob Van Dam’s WWE title, and then got the pin! Michaels wouldn’t let that slide though as the following week, Jericho meet the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair in one on one action. Flair and Jericho had a classic match but due to interference from HBK, Flair got the cradle rollup and the win. The following week in the Garden, Jericho hosted Flair on the Highlight Reel and after a war of words with one another in which Flair revealed he is siding with HBK, Jericho ended up locking in the Walls of Jericho on Flair. HBK ran down but it was too late as the damage was done and Jericho ran through the crowd to get away. And after this past week’s main event, HBK finally got some revenge once again giving Jericho Sweet Chin Music before Raw went off the air. The history between both men goes way back and now that Ric Flair has joined in siding with HBK, what will go down when both men rekindle this feud, Sunday at Vengeance!

Matt Striker vs. Carlito

Another heated feud happens to be between Carlito and Striker. On the May 15th episode of Raw, Carlito got a win over Striker’s bodyguard Test, but what happened the next week was never expected to happen. On Striker’s Classroom segment in the ring, Carlito tried to interfere but he paid in the end when Striker actually stabbed Carlito repeatedly in the head with a pencil causing the blood to flow from Carlito’s head. The fans were in shock and Striker showed a mean side that no one will ever forget from that night. But Carlito found a way for revenge whenever he interfered the next week costing Striker a match against Charlie Haas. A challenge was issued for a tag match, which ended up happening, but as Test did the dirty work on Carlito, Striker took full advantage and got the pin fall on Carlito after a Big Boot from Test! And after this week’s classroom segment, Carlito attacked Striker and Test from behind getting another form of revenge. Now this feud certainly is heating up but who will gain the win out of these two young men?

No Holds Barred Match
Loser Leaves Raw
Kane vs. The Big Show

A story of two former tag partners and it all happened a week after Wrestle Mania. Kane attacked Big Show before placing a chair on the throat of Big Show. Kane then proceeded to leap off the ropes taking out the Big show with a throat injury that sidelined Show for nearly eight weeks. Kane in the mean time aligned himself with Mr. McMahon in the process meaning that he had turned on the fans in the process of turning on Big Show too. Kane and Big Show have taken this war literally all over Raw as Kane has chokeslammed Big Show on the steel stage. Both men have fought throughout the arena with Big Show chokeslamming Kane through a table and this past week saw both men go through a door and even a wall! Something had to give and it was then announced that the loser will be leaving Raw. A lot is on the line during this match other than pride, including their job. It won’t be a pretty match but it will be remembered for a long time to come.

Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Masters

An interesting pairing to say the least, is what you can call this match. Jeff Hardy made his emphatic return to the WWE back on May 22nd episode where he went on and defeated Rob Conway. However, the Masterpiece, Chris Masters, didn’t seem too impressed with the other youngster in Jeff Hardy and he challenged Hardy to a MasterLock Challenge the following week. Hardy wasn’t able to break the hold but he didn’t give in as Hardy turned out to be too much for Masters but Masters tried to finish off Hardy with a Polish Hammer. Hardy eventually fought back and went for a Swanton Bomb but Masters rolled out of the ring before he could deliver the move. The following week, Hardy fought Masters one on one, which got him the win, but Masters said it was a fluke and ended up challenging Hardy to a match at Vengeance. This past week, Hardy beat Snitsky in a match but down came “The Masterpiece” to prove a point as he made Hardy pass out to the MasterLock. Now with both men having a form of revenge on one another, which youngster will be able to gain the win and propel themselves up the mid-card.

The Return of the Peep Show
Christian's Talk Show Returns
Special Guest: Stone Cold Steve Austin

Christian made his return to his "home as he said" on Raw four weeks ago. And ever since then, Christian's attitude has seemed to change. What has gotten to the man known as Captain Charisma is the question? Christian announced that he would be bringing his talk show back and a very special guest would be at Vengeance, Stone Cold Steve Austin? Austin has had his problems with Mr. McMahon since early this year but Austin hasn't been seen since Backlash, nearly two months ago. What will go down whenever Austin and Christian meet in the ring?

Comments: Ok, wow it's been awhile, since I've done a preview for a PPV. Some predics have already been put up and that's fine. Smackdown reviews are still welcome and work on Vengeance is progressing fine. Three of the eight matches are done so it is looking fine and I probably will have a few done this weekend. Either way, I'm looking for the show to possibly be up maybe as early as next weekend but I promise it will be no later than mid-March. Anyways, thanks for the reviews so far.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Great preview KOP, I'll be reading and reviewing Vengeance when it is up.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I've already posted my predictions, KOP, but, damn! This PPV looks absolutely awesome! Your build up has been immaculate. I'm sure it will be your best yet. I wish you the very best of luck with it.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Smackdown looks great KOP. I'll try and get a review up for it on Tuesday or Wednesday, as I have some days off. Have you set a date when Vengeance will be posted? I'd appreciate it if you drop me a PM when it's up.
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