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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

King of Pain, was really impressed with this RAW. Really liked how it played out, and was good considering Vengeance is right around the corner.

Good way of starting off the night with the sixth match of the Best of Seven Series. Seemed like a strong opener, and was not surprised with the end result, as it now gives Benjamin and Helms the chance to shine at Vengeance in the seventh and final match of the series. Looking forward to that one.

Haha, typical Christian here. Seemed very much in character, and it looks like you're going to do an Austin/Christian feud, but that's just my guess with the way things are turning out. I could be wrong, but with Christian's change of attitude, as Maria noted, it could be how things are going, which would be nice.

Eh, not to great on women's matches. Builds the feud between Phoenix and James, which could turn out well at Vengeance.

Striker... I see you're giving him some time on RAW. Not surprising, as he IS one of your favorites. Not a bad promo, nothing too hilarious, some moments, but good promo. Hopefully after Vengeance, Striker gets some type of push. Would be nice.

An okay match between Snitsky and Hardy. I can tell this was just used to make Hardy seem stronger going into Vengeance against Masters… who comes out! Good building to the match by having Masters lock in the Masterlock and make him pass out. Kinda looking forward to this one come Vengeance, should be a decent contest.

Oh boy, more random brutality from Kane and Big Show. This one at Vengeance shouldn’t be so bad, but considering it’s two big men who really can’t put on a show, it shouldn’t be one of the MOTN’s, but I do like how you’re showing these two just want to rip each other apart.

Good win for the Highlanders, and now it’s official that they will be facing MNM, which again should be a decent contest. Hopefully a Highlanders win, seeing as they could use a push and it could freshen up the tag division.

Good promo with Jericho and Flair. Both were in character, and it LOOKS like you may start a feud between the two after Vengeance and after the Michaels/Jericho feud winds down. That match at Vengeance should be a show stealer, really looking forward to that match KOP.

Cena promo was nothing special. His usual antics, hypes the main event which should be good.

Nice tag team main event. MOTN in terms of the show, and a complete cluster**** ending, resulting in a no contest. Really wasn’t expecting that to happen, but if it builds to the two main event feuds, it’s great. Nice brawl to end the show, and the faces are left standing in the ring. Could be interesting, as usually when this happens, the heels win, but it could result differently come Vengeance.

Matches/Booking: 5 matches for RAW is good, and all were booked well. Nothing truly wrong here. 9/10

Realism: Could’ve been a real show. 10/10

Entertainment: I was entertained, but nothing got me on the edge of my seat. 8/10

Promos: They were all good. The Jericho/Flair segment was my favorite of the night. 8/10

Spelling/Grammar: Only mistake I saw was “waisting.” It’s wasting. Just throwing that out there for you KOP. 10/10

Length: 9 pages is good for a normal two hour show. 9/10

Great RAW KOP, from these ratings, I give it a 90/100. Looking forward to Vengeance, and this show was a good lead up to it.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

The Icon Reviews RAW 6/19

Benjamin vs. Helms: Nice match here to open the show. I love this best of 7 series. helsm going 3-1 was weird at the begining but I think this is a perfect way to end the fued at Vengeance. Also, I like how everfy ending was different. Nice job.

Christian Promo: Very good promo here hyping Vengeance. Christian and Austin in the same ring will be gold. I sence a Stunner come June 25!

Beth Phoenix vs. Victoria: Good womens match here. These can be hard to write but you pulled it off. Nice job and good choice of opponents, heading into Vengeance.

Matt Striker Promo: Great promo here. I must say you really know how to use Matt Striker. Good work. Vengeance looks very god.

Jeff Hardy vs. Gene Snitsky: I figured Hardy would go over here, since he is on the Vengeance card. Masters coming out at the end was predictable but it needed to happen. Good job.

Kane/Big Show Promo: Another brawl? I am not liking that too much. But I do see where you are making it seem like their match will be a brawl. That is very smart booking, I must say.

The Highlanders vs. Spirit Squad: Nice to see the Squad back together again. I like it. The match was good, giving the Highlianders even more of a push. Nice job.

Chris Jericho/Ric Flair Promo: Great promo here. It hyped up Vengeance and Flair and Jericho both can talk so it was very, very good.

John Cena Promo: Good job with this. Cena was in good charecter here. But will he leave Vengeance as the champ?

RVD/Cena vs. Triple H/Jericho: Great way to end the show. The faces go over here and HBK gets involved. Nice job. Although, Cena and RVD were partners tonight will either of them leave Vengeance with the gold? Good job.

Overall: 10/10. I though this RAW was perfect. I loved it as it hyped Vengeance. You did an amazing job here and my only problem was Show/Kane brawl but man, I must say that is real smart booking. Great job KOP and I wil definatly review Vengeance!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE.com News

The forming of this new team so to speak, being Edge and Randy Orton will be a short term thing and isn't expected to go past a few months. Both men have teamed together for a reason which will be revealed later on but right now, they are expected to be in a feud with Rey Mysterio and Chris Benoit of course. But as mentioned above, Edge and Orton aren't a long term thing but are together for a purpose later on.

SummerSlam plans are pretty much set for Raw but things are being discussed for Smackdown so some are toss up's. Either way, it's expected to be a huge show with some major matches set for the big show. Raw has had their matches pretty much set for a while but Smackdown's pretty much depends on how the fans react to the superstars as Smackdown has underwent some changes recently.

Many things are expected to be cleared for the Great American Bash this week with some more matches being announced and more feuds becoming more clear. Creative is happy with the card that is set and feels that even though fans have frowned upon the past two Great American Bash's, this is expected to be a top notch show.

An update on the wrestlers leaving. One is currently in the air as if he wants to leave or if he just wants an extended break for a few months while another wrestler is positive he is leaving soon. The wrestler that is in the air right now is said to be tired and worn out from the road and travel that it takes to be with the company but right now, it seems that he is staying.

Wanted to post that little bit of news. Anyways, gonna probably have Smackdown preview up tomorrow night or Sunday, I'm off Monday and Tuesday for holidays so that should give me some time to do some more work on Vengeance and what not, so anyways, just wanted to get this bit posted and inform everyone about the Smackdown preview being posted tomorrow or Sunday.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I am in the process of handing out some reviews in the hopes of getting some of them returned. My BTB is “WWE – The Global Revolution” if you’re interested in possibly returning some reviews.

I’ll begin with the opening match between Hems and Benjamin, a best of seven series already well in progress. Benjamin is behind in the series, and a win for him here is predictable, but you do a good job with the count out finish to keep the match fresh. I don’t know if it’s the best choice for an opener because the winner is so predictable, but you deliver with a well written match that sees some physicality from both men. The T-Bone from Benjamin over the top was the perfect ending to a very physical contest.

Next up is a Christian promo, hyping the return of the Peep Show at Vengeance. I think that Christian and Austin make for a very combustible situation, and that should be a fun write for you as a booker. I have no idea what you’ll do with the segment, but I do know that it should be a fun one. Christian seems pretty well in character here, although there were some little phrases here and there that seemed a bit off. For the most part though, this was an average to good promo.

Beth Phoenix and Victoria face off in the next contest, with Trish and Mickie getting involved as the match unfolds. The divas just make for a dull read in my opinion, but you did well to further current storylines.

We then have a nicely done promo from Matt Striker. I think that if you did some research and found some really big words that Striker would use, the promos could be successful. Like the Christian promo, this was well done, but some of the wording was a bit awkward at times. I could really seem him getting some solid heat behind that though. Carlito comes out to ruin the party, although pummeling Test from behind was a bit of a stretch. Perhaps a low blow or pencil to the back to get back at Striker would have been more effective. Carlito dropkicks Test out of the ring, and then goes on to deliver the Backcracker to Striker. This feud will be a solid addition to the Vengeance card.

Next up is an admittedly ugly contest between Hardy and Snitsky. This is good filler material, and Hardy finishes Snitsky with a big DDT and the Swanton. Chris Masters then comes down to the ring, locking Hardy in the Masterlock and finishing Jeff off. Snitsky was just the ring guy to weaken Hardy for the eventual Masterlock. A brilliant booking decision.

An interesting and intense brawl backstage between Kane and the Big Show that sees a coke machine, a wall, and a gigantic Chokeslam from the monster Kane. This was an intense segment, and I can’t really find any fault with it at all. Security yelling at Kane was a nice touch.

In a pretty generic looking contest, the Highlanders secure a title shot at Vengeance. This bout should be nothing more than filler material, but you should get a decent match form both teams to add to the overall quality of the show. Kenny is unable to save the day for the Spirit Squad, and the Highlanders get the win.

A heated promo follows between Chris Jericho and Ric Flair. Both men get in their catch phrases to produce a promo that was really fun to read. I liked how Flair stood up to Jericho, and the lines about respect really got deep down to why Jericho is behaving himself the way he is. His match with Michaels at Vengeance could very well be the best contest of the evening.

Next up is a promo involving John Cena. Cena seems very intense, looking to regain his previous position as the WWE Champion. You write with Cena well, and his intensity is shown extremely well. The typical Cena plays to the fact that he’s played the odds before, that he doesn’t mind being the underdog, but he’s going to bring everything he has to the dance and come away with his title. I loved this promo, and after that, it is very believable that Cena could regain the title at Vengeance.

The Main Event of the evening made for a solid read, with Triple H trying to catch Van Dam with all the heelish tricks such as the turnbuckle unraveling and the scoring with the low blow. Jericho distracts the ref to help the heels get the advantage, while Mr. McMahon looks on at ringside. The faces eventually get a few breaks and get back into the contest, with Cena trying the FU, only to have it disrupted by Triple H. Cena and Van Dam defiantly aren’t entirely on the same page. Al Hell then breaks lose, as the official calls for a No Contest after a Van Dam dropkick. This was a well written contest. I can find no fault with it at all.

The inevitable brawl to end the show begins, as McMahon saves Triple H, and Michaels eventually intervenes to deal with Jericho. The faces get the job done to end the show, as they stare down Triple H and McMahon. A brilliant and exciting ending.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I normally don't like the whole best of seven series concept. It gets boring seeing the same matches over and over again, at least this is how i felt about the Benoit Booker one. Anyway you really make this concept ineteresting, with your matches. I am not tired of reading Shelton and Helms over and over. Good job man. Nice opening to the show. I'd agree with the fact that it probably wasn't the best idea to open the show with, as you know that your not gonna end the series early and that means there can only be one winner and it's expected.

Nice idea about returning the peep show. The peep show or any other show for example...The highlight reel are good tools to help get storylines over and start new ones. A good way to get heat also which is a must for heels. The Christian Austin programme is interesting. Christian does seem in character for the most part, although i agree about some little bits that don't quite seem like him.

Nice to see someone who hasnt given up on the old womens division. I am currently trying to revive it by bringing in Beth to work with Victoria and Mickie, as they are the only ones around that can wrestle. You might want to bring in Katie Lea and Shantelle Taylor at some point if you are planning on doing the same thing. Every body who reviews my show has said that they aren't interested in the womens matches, but i want to see if i'm good enough to spark some interest. Good luck with this.

Solid Striker promo. In character and his alliance with TEST is interesting although i think Test shouldn't be held back with a bodyguard type of roll. The fued with carlito should produce some good matches.

Nice to see a push for Masters, and the fued with Hardy could be a nice push off for Masters if he goes over.

Nice backstage segment with Kane and Bigshow...Reminds me of the scene in the streetfighter film between Zangeeth and E-Honda. Sheer mayhem...Good stuff.

Highlanders vs SS...Didn't do anything for me really. The ss is shite and Kenny and Jeter shouldn't be held down by it.

Nice promo between Y2J and Flair...In character and very enjoyable to read.

Cena promo also in character. Very intense which is definitely Cena. It does seem like Cena could be walking away with the title at Vengence although that's the surprise element that WWE lacks. Someone is built up so much to win something that it's obvious...i.e Batista at Rumble...Batista at Mania. Etc etc. This is a nice promo and has put some belief that he could reclaim, but it doesn't seem 100% certainty.

Main event is the MOTN IMO. HHH plays the heel really well with all the tricks, and then the ending is gold, as you build up the two major programmes on the ppv, being HHH and Cena, and Y2J HBK. Nice ending to the show
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Smackdown Review

Angle comes out to start the show, he seemed a little off for me, nothing drastic but he did seem a little out of character. JBL was right on the button however, you portrayed his character nicely, their match at the GAB could potentially be a good one as well. One thing thatís certain to come out of this feud is some awesome promos, and this one was a pretty good start. This was a good length for an opening promo to kick off the show as well, and the attack from JBL was a good way to involve the MITB, smart booking on your behalf having Bradshaw cash in at the GAB.

Tony Mamaluke goes over Brian Kendrick this week, the FBI is picking up some good momentum at the moment, and it seems a match between the two teams at the GAB is on the horizon. Enjoyable match here again, showcasing some genuine cruiserweight action.

Good vignette here for SNME. All your vignettes are excellent.

Burchill debuts the Pirate Gimmick in a match, quick win for him over Chavo, the aftermath was good too, especially with Burchill and his sword. Iím enjoying what youíre doing with the Regal/Finlay/Burchill feud.

Didnít like this promo at all, pretty stock standard Booker promo, and an average Lashley. I guess thatís in character though, because Lashley is always crap on the stick.

Kid Kash interferes in Nobles match again, the feud between these two is quite interesting but Iím hoping something more develops out of it soon. Another entertaining match here, a detailed recap. I love how you give the Cruisers some exposure, itís one of the high points of your thread imo.

Pretty meh promo from Kennedy here, it was very much hit and miss, at some points he was in character but at other stages he was way off.

Nice vignette for GAB, once again your ability for producing a good vignette is shown.

Kennedy picks up the win over Hardy with a handful of tights, this was good in a sense that Hardy isnít weakened too much by it while Kennedy still comes out on top, with his heel persona shining out. Solid match up here and Iím expecting these two to both be involved in a US Title match at the GAB or a rematch between the two, but Iíd much prefer the former.

I enjoyed this promo, you portrayed Batista as a heel nicely, and I was glad to see that you didnít have him play the typical pussy heel. The only thing I didnít like was Taker actually hitting the Tombstone, I thought he pulled that off way too quickly. The lights on and off thing has been done many times before, but itís typical Undertaker and itís exactly what youíd see on TV, so thatís okay. Good hype for the feud and Iíll be looking forward to see how this progresses into the GAB.

Awesome promo here with Edge and Orton, you captured both their characters perfectly imo. Iím not to fond of creating Rated RKO, but Iíll definitely be interested to see where you go with them. Good hype for the main event and it hypes the new team as well. Best promo of the night.

Good main event match, obvious match of the night. Good to see you went into plenty of detail with it. Semi-predictable ending though, with Orton causing the DQ to get over the new duo, but itís okay, I liked the way you did it, by simply having him break up the Crossface. As expected the beat down occurs at the end of the match but Rey Mysterio makes the save, thatís awesome. I hope thereís a match coming between these four at the PPV, it would be of epic proportions. Awesome way to end the show, Mysterio was extremely unexpected.

Another good show mate, some of the promos were a little off, but you knew that. The matches were all still very good. Looking forward to the GAB, it seems to be building nicely. Sorry for the lateness of this review, Iíve been flat out lately. Iíll try and get one up for Raw, which looks to be a good show too, very soon.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Good updates, KOP. I didn't think you would make Edge and Randy Orton a long term thing. It's good that you have been planning ahead for Summerslam, which, with all of your current storylines, promises to be one hell of a show.

P.S. I like your new SNME banner too
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown Preview for Friday June 23, 2006

Smackdown heads into Milwaukee tonight for what is guaranteed to be a major show. Two huge matches have been set as the first ever Great American Challenge will take place tonight where Kurt Angle and JBL will compete. Whoever can beat their opponent in the quickest amount of time, if they can beat them, will be able to pick an opponent for the loser to wrestle at Saturday Night's Main Event. Both men will meet at the Great American Bash as JBL has decided to cash in his Money in the Bank at the PPV. Who will walk away with the key win to have the rights to pick the match for SNME?

The Undertaker made his return last week old fashion style by coming down and beating down his rival, "The Animal" Batista! Certainly, the Animal won't be in the best of moods whenever we roll into Milwaukee, so what will become of this situation between both men? Can we expect another big brawl like the one that took place last week on Smackdown? What can be expected whenevr both "The Deadman" and "The Animal" step into the same arena? Tune into Friday Night Smackdown to find out.

Rey Mysterio made his return to Smackdown last week coming out and saving his good friend, Chris Benoit. Mysterio who hadn't been since since Judgment Day came down and saved Benoit from a beat down courtesy of the new formed alliance in Randy Orton and Edge. Edge and Orton said last week they are on a mission to become the best and that is why they've teamed up. Will Benoit and Mysterio be the first of the victims of Edge and Orton? If a match takes place between these two teams, when will it take place and where?

A number one contender's match will take place tonight whenever Psicosis and Super Crazy, both friends and tag partners, go one on one in a friendly competition. Psicosis and Super Crazy both have wins over the Cruiserweight Champion, Jamie Noble respectively over the past two weeks. Noble will be at ringside during the match to scout the competition but what role will Noble's "stalker" so to speak in his former friend, Kid Kash play? Will Kid Kash even make an appearance? Which one of the Mexicools will walk away with a shot at the Cruiserweight title?

And finally, a huge match was signed last week as Bobby Lashley will meet Booker T with the United States Championship on the line in a Street Fight! The past two weeks have seen Booker T cheat to beat Lashley but this week, things will be different. Lashley and Booker will look to settle their differences among themselves but still Mr. Kennedy and Matt Hardy are thirsty for United States title shots too. All four men have had their bad blood with one another and what will go down when Lashley and Booker meet in the Street Fight?

For all of this and more, tune into Friday Night Smackdown, at 8/7 CT.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

The show looks good KOP i'll be reading and reviewing!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Another superb preview, King Of Pain. I really can't wait for this next Smackdown. My favourite BTB just keeps going from strength to strength.
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