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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Nice news KOP. Vengeance looks good. PM me when Smackdown! is up please.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown!
Friday June 16, 2006
New York, New York

Rise Up by Drowning Pool hits across the arena and the normal Smackdown video package plays before we cut over to ringside to the commentating team.

Michael Cole: Hello everyone and welcome inside Madison Square Garden for a major edition of Friday Night Smackdown!

Tazz: What a main event, Edge is meeting Chris Benoit in that ring later tonight one on one after their match last week.

Michael Cole: The beat down that Benoit got last week was uncalled for and this week, he looks for some redemption.

Tazz: But can he overcome the odds since most likely, Orton is going to be at ringside along with the Legend Killer later tonight.

Medal hits across the arena and out steps the World-Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle, setting off his rounds of pyro. The champion makes his way down the ramp to loud cheers from the crowd before sliding in the ring and doing his patented spin before taking his title off his waist, throwing it onto his shoulder and grabbing a mic.

Kurt Angle: Let’s go ahead and get down to business. I want the sorry man that attacked me last week to go ahead and get his ass out here so I can break his freakin’ ankle in half.

Crowd Pops

Kurt Angle: And I’m all business tonight because I’m not afraid to beat down someone and make them tap out in the middle of Madison Square Garden. Hell, it doesn’t matter where we are at because if you mess with Kurt Angle, then you’re messing with an Olympic Gold Medalist that will break your ankle in half.

Crowd Pops again with Angle looking intent tonight on finding out who attacked him.

Kurt Angle: So I don’t care if you are Edge, Randy Orton, Steven Richards, it doesn’t matter to me because you can go ahead and bring your ass on out here and fight me because I’m not messing around here anymore. Whoever attacked me last week brought out a new side of me, a side that hasn’t been seen in a while and I’m intent on finding out who attacked me last week because when I do, there is hell to pay.

Crowd Pops

Kurt Angle: Oh it’s true…it’s damn true!!!

Huge Cheers

Kurt Angle: You can be from Raw, you can be from even here at Smackdown, it doesn’t bother me because whoever you are, last week you attacked me from behind. I don’t give a damn where you are from, what show you are on, or whatever the hell you can think of. Just come on out and have a wo…

Longhorn hits across the arena and out comes the limo of John Bradshaw Layfield. JBL’s limo pulls up the ramp but JBL doesn’t get out immediately. The chauffeur opens the door and JBL steps out but not stepping into the ring with the insane Kurt Angle tonight. JBL grabs a mic and begins to speak cutting off Kurt Angle.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Does it feel good to be back here in my hometown or what?

Crowd Boos

John Bradshaw Layfield: Kurt, I couldn’t help but notice you were looking for the man that attacked you. Look no further Kurt.

Crowd Gives Extreme Heat while Angle leans over the ropes pissed at JBL.

John Bradshaw Layfield: It’s just been a hell of a week for JBL hasn’t it. First, I attack and lay out the World-Heavyweight Champion, then I head to that extreme shit hole ECW and piss everyone off there. What else can happen for me in the matter of this week? I don’t know about you Kurt but right now, it’s looking good for me.

Crowd Boos

Kurt Angle: Damn it JBL! I’m ab…

John Bradshaw Layfield: Kurt, I swear to you if you come out here, you will regret it. Because you see you are messing with a man that has made his mark on Smackdown for the past two years, I am a man that does what he says he will do, and I am what I say am. And that’s come hell or high water, the man that is your savior; JBL will be on top once again.

JBL takes off his cowboy hat and waves it to the crowd.

Kurt Angle: JBL, I swear to you whenever I do get a hold of you, you won’t be able to walk anymore because your ankle, will be shattered into two pieces. JBL, I’m a Wrestling Machine, and I promise to you that whenever it comes time for us to meet in that ring, you won’t be able to beat me because I’m simply that much better than you and deep down, you know that you aren’t a Wrestling God but that you are a Wrestling Fraud. The only Wrestling God is standing right here in front of you and he is the World-Heavyweight Champion!

Crowd Pops as JBL looks frustrated on the outside.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Kurt, you are no match for me. I’ve beaten the best that Smackdown has offered including The Undertaker, Batista, Rey Mysterio, and the list goes on but sure, they are not any Kurt Angle’s. Kurt, you don’t scare me. There’s nothing to be afraid about because you are all talk but no hype. I’m the real American hero, and a Wrestling God! And I’m going to reveal the fraud that is Kurt Angle whenever I take your World-Heavyweight Championship away from you. And that’s going to happen because I, JBL, the Great American Hero is cashing in my Money in the Bank briefcase at the PPV that is made for Great American’s like myself, the Great American Bash. And we’ll see who truly is the real great American.

Crowd Boos with JBL becoming even cockier before he reaches into his limo and pulls out his Money in the Bank briefcase.

John Bradshaw Layfield: And Kurt, you can take that to the bank.

Longhorn hits across the arena but Angle comes running down the ramp and both JBL and Angle go at it. Angle and JBL are rolling along the ramp way brawling on the ground and the fans are getting behind Kurt Angle right now. Security runs out and pulls them apart and all of a sudden…

MacMillitant hits and out steps the Smackdown General Manager. Long stops at the ramp way as security is holding back Angle and JBL right now.

Theodore Long: Now cut the music.

Theodore Long: It has come to my attention that JBL and Kurt Angle can’t get along so I’ve decided that we’re going to have a match next week.

Crowd Boos wanting the match this week but doesn’t boo completely.

Theodore Long: But it’s not going to be Kurt Angle versus JBL. No playa because that is for The Great American Bash, ya feeling me? Next week, we’re going to have an Great American Challenge to see either if Kurt Angle or JBL can beat an opponent in the lowest amount of time. The winner then gets to pick a person to fight the loser at Saturday Night’s Main Event in one month’s time.

Crowd Pops

Theodore Long: And as for tonight, both Kurt Angle and JBL are to be escorted from the building as we don’t want any more trouble tonight on Smackdown. Now holla back playas.

MacMillitant hits across the arena and Theodore Long steps back into the backstage area as the fans are cheering for next week’s Great American Challenge. We head to a commercial as Kurt Angle and JBL break free of security and continue going at it before we head to the commercial after the fight is once again broken up.


Match #1
Brian Kendrick vs. Tony Mamaluke

Match Overview: An exciting match tonight as after last week’s win for Guido over London, Kendrick is fighting Mamaluke tonight. An exciting cruiserweight match with one half of the champions, Kendrick being backed by London and Little Guido backing Mamaluke. Mamaluke and Kendrick fight it out with Little Guido tripping up Kendrick towards the ending of the match. London runs over and tackles Guido as both men are fighting one another on the other side of the ring while Kendrick and Mamaluke are in the ring. Kendrick fights back with some elbows to the face before running off the ropes and connecting with a huge dropkick. Kendrick takes down Mamaluke with a series of flying elbows to the face. Kendrick grabs Mamaluke and runs up the top rope trying for the Sliced Bread #2 but Mamaluke quickly pushes Kendrick off. Kendrick turns around right into a hard dropkick to the face by Mamaluke. The FBI member quickly climbs onto the top rope before leaping off and connecting with a Jumping Tornado DDT from the top rope! Replays are shown with Mamaluke leaping off the ropes and Kendrick catching him driving his head into the mat. London tries coming in but Guido holds him back.

Winner: Tony Mamaluke

We head over to ringside to the commentating team.

Michael Cole: Damn it, the FBI has stolen another win tonight over the tag team champions and it’s all because they cheated!

Tazz: I didn’t see anybody cheat and all I saw was a fair match between Mamaluke and Kendrick in that ring tonight.

Michael Cole: You didn’t see the trip up from Guido and not to count the other tricks he pulled off earlier in the match.

Tazz: Whatever Cole but coming up next, “Pirate” Paul Burchill makes his debut as a “Pirate” tonight on Friday Night Smackdown.


We open up to a black screen before the ever so famous Saturday Night’s Main Event logo comes across the screen.

Narrator: The show that you watched as a little kid…

Clips of a little kid sitting in front of a television with the first SNME being shown.

Narrator: Thirteen years has passed and it returned March 18…

Clips of the SNME from earlier this year including the Stone Cold vs. Triple H Match and the Contenders vs. Champions Match.

Narrator: The show that changed the wrestling world…

Clips of Hulk Hogan and Paul Orndorff battling it out inside of the Steel Cage in 1986 are shown.

Narrator: Makes its comeback once again…

Clips of the last Saturday Night’s Main Event earlier this year are shown with all of the competitors being shown.

Narrator: Saturday Night’s Main Event returns

The Saturday Night’s Main Event logo comes across the screen and in the background, Boom by P.O.D. starts playing.

Narrator: Saturday July 15, 2006 live from Chicago!

Fast clips are shown of the older superstars competing at Saturday Night’s Main Event before a split screen comes across and then shows the modern superstars. Suddenly, both split screens collide and the SNME logo is shown once again.

Narrator: History will be made, be there!

We cut back into the arena to the commentating team.

Michael Cole: Saturday Night’s Main Event returns in a month and already, we have one match announced for the show.

Tazz: The winner of next week’s Great American Challenge will pick an opponent for the loser of the challenge next week.

Michael Cole: It’s going to be huge and no matter what happens, that’s a big match that has already been signed.

Tazz: So say Kurt Angle loses, JBL gets to pick an opponent for Angle but if Angle wins, then Angle picks an opponent for JBL.

Match #2
Paul Burchill vs. Chavo Guerrero

Match Overview: A well competitive match between “Pirate” Paul Burchill and Chavo Guerrero fighting it out. It’s an even fight and doesn’t turn out to be a squash match as the fans get behind Burchill after his recent face turn. Halfway through the match, William Regal runs down the ramp and tries to interfere with Burchill’s match but Burchill knocks Regal off the ropes quickly. Guerrero attacks Burchill from behind before delivering three German Suplexes and Chavo tries for the Frog Splash. Burchill rolls over and Guerrero connects with the mat hard as the fans continue to get behind Burchill. Burchill pulls himself back up onto his feet before grabbing Guerrero off the mat and Guerrero walks right into Burchill. Burchill connects with the Walking the Plank (the C-4 renamed) and Burchill rolls Guerrero over. One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Paul Burchill

Burchill celebrates and Regal is back onto his feet trying to get back into the ring but Finlay attacks Regal on the outside. Finlay takes down Regal with a shillelagh shot to the back of the kneecap and Regal falls down onto the mat. Finlay comes into the ring after Burchill with his shillelagh but Burchill grabs his sword. Burchill holds the sword pointing at Finlay daring him to come after him but Finlay steps back, not wanting to mess with Burchill tonight. Finlay and Burchill both hold their weapons high at one another as we head to a commercial.


We head backstage to see Josh Matthews standing by with Booker T.

Josh Matthews: Booker, last week you had to cheat to beat Bobby Lashley to retain your United States Championship whenever you delivered a low blow to Lashley, any tho…

Booker T: Tell me you didn’t just say that sucka! I didn’t cheat to beat Lashley last week because that sucka tried to take my title. I am the United States Champion and I’ve beaten pretty much everyone that has came at me, whether it be Bobby Lashley, Matt Hardy, or anybody else that wants my title.

Josh Matthews: Lately, Mr. Kennedy, Matt Hardy, Lashley, and yourself have had problems with one another, why is this?

Booker T: Anybody can try and come for my title but not one of them is a Five Time…Five Time…Five Time…Five Time…Five Time WCW Champion like I am. I’m just waiting for some more competition because right no…

In walks Bobby Lashley and both Booker and Lashley get in one another’s face.

Bobby Lashley: Booker…

Booker T looks down and then looks back up at Lashley.

Booker T: Lashley…

Bobby Lashley: Booker, you screwed me twice out of the United States Championship but I spoke to Teddy Long earlier and next week I get a rematch.

Booker T: Tell me you didn’t just sa…

Bobby Lashley: Booker, I may be very soft spoken but I promise you that I am hard hitting and next week on Smackdown, I’m coming at you with everything. It’s going to be a Street Fight next week and whenever it’s all over, there will be a new United States Champion, Bobby Lashley!

Lashley motions around his waist the title is coming to him as Booker looks back as Lashley backs away but comes back as Booker speaks.

Booker T: Street Fight Lashley? I like my chances because I was raised on the streets of Houston where I had to fight to survive. A Street Fight is right down my alley Bobby and you talk about wanting my title, well that’s not going to happen because I’m going to hit you with a BookEnd and it will be over just like that.

Booker raises his hand in his face and begins his taunt.

Booker T: Now can you dig that sucka???

Booker and Lashley both get into one another’s faces as Booker has the United States Championship on his shoulder and he points to it.

We then head backstage to see Theodore Long in his office doing paperwork and in comes a new face on Smackdown, the debuting MVP.

Montel Vontavious Porter: Teddy Long, what’s cracking playa?

Theodore Long: Good to see ya Montel but pl…

Montel Vontavious Porter: Please Teddy, just call me MVP. Because after all, I can go ahead and tell you that I will be Smackdown’s MVP.

Theodore Long: Ok MVP. Now why aren’t you dressed to compete tonight? You do know that you have a match tonight don’t you?

Montel Vontavious Porter: Teddy, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. After all, it’s my first week here on Smackdown and well, you don’t want your top player getting injured his first week so I’ve decided to take the week off.

Porter smiles but Long doesn’t seem too happy.

Theodore Long: MVP, I brought you in here to wrestle, not to try and get out of a match just so you don’t get injured. Now I spent a lot of money to get you here on Smackdown playa and I won’t let you do this to me again.

Montel Vontavious Porter: I know Teddy, I know. I just don’t want to take any chances of anything happening out there tonight because if Smackdown loses me the first night, then the MVP of the show has gone down and therefore, there is no reason to watch Smackdown.

Theodore Long: Playa, I certainly don’t like your excuses and reasonings for this but I’ll make an offer for you. Next week, you get into that ring and make your debut on Friday Night Smackdown and you won’t have to wrestle tonight.

Montel Vontavious Porter: Teddy, I’m glad you understand. I wanted to compete so bad tonight but then it hit me that if something were to happen, what would this show be without MVP? So be ready because next week, Smackdown gets a boost in the ratings as Montel Vontavious Porter makes his official debut.

MVP walks off before he opens the door, but Long stops him.

Theodore Long: MVP, if you need anything else tonight, just holla back at me.

MVP walks out the door and Long gets back to his work and he doesn’t seem happy that MVP isn’t competing tonight.

We head down to ringside to the commentating team.

Michael Cole: I think Teddy Long might have been doing some role-playing because he doesn’t seem to like MVP much.

Tazz: I wouldn’t like the guy either Cole. He walks in here and demands that he doesn’t wrestle because he might get injured.

Michael Cole: He hasn’t been in the ring yet but we’ll have to see what he can bring to us here at Friday Night Smackdown.

Tazz: Hopefully we’ll find out soon because if this continues, we might never get to see the guy ever wrestle in the ring.


Match #3
Jamie Noble vs. Super Crazy

Match Overview: This week, the Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble is fighting Super Crazy one on one after last week’s loss against his partner, Psicosis. Super Crazy and Noble put on a good match tonight with Psicosis out there cheering on his partner, Super Crazy. Noble takes down Super Crazy with a clothesline before he throws Super Crazy into the ropes. Super Cray comes running back right into a knee from Noble. Noble gets down onto the mat and tries for a Dragon Sleeper but Super Crazy rolls away and tries for a dropkick to the face but Noble moves and Super Crazy lands on his back. Noble runs over and pulls Super Crazy up looking for the Tiger Driver but down comes Noble’s former friend, Kid Kash. Kash tries to interfere for the second week in a row but he doesn’t bother climbing on the ropes. Kash just stands back and watches the match but this ends up distracting Noble. Super Crazy grabs Noble as he turns around right into a DDT. Super Crazy leaps onto the top rope and connects with a Moonsault! One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Super Crazy

Kid Kash makes his way to the back now staring down Noble in the ring as Noble is back onto his feet now. Noble leans over the ropes staring down Kash as Kash mouths the words to Noble “When are you going to answer me, Jamie?” We head over to ringside to the commentating team.

Michael Cole: Kid Kash has for weeks upon weeks gotten into the head of his former friend and now Cruiserweight Champion, Jamie Noble.

Tazz: But why Cole. All we have heard for weeks is “Answer me Jamie, I need an answer” but what the hell is the question?

Michael Cole: We’ve gone almost a month watching this and yet still hardly anything has come out of this situation.

Tazz: If we ever do find out, then I’ll be glad but right now, still to come tonight; Edge fights Chris Benoit one on one.

We head backstage to see Ken Kennedy standing in front of the interview area.

Ken Kennedy: Matt Hardy…

Crowd Pops

Ken Kennedy: Last week I had you beat, I was that close to beating you once again in the ring because if you remember way back at No Way Out earlier this year, I beat you in this very ring in my own open challenge. And if it wasn’t for your obvious cheating Matt, which would have been another, win for myself over you.

Crowd Boos

Ken Kennedy: But don’t worry Matt because I’m sure you know we’re meeting in that ring again tonight and well, I hope you’re ready. You’re just a stepping-stone Matt Hardy, just another man to walk over as I continue to break records and streaks here on Smackdown. Something I’ve yet to see you do here is make your mark on this show.

Crowd Boos

Ken Kennedy: I am the man that is forever changing the ways that Friday nights are viewed. I am the man that has beaten the best that has been thrown at me and I am the man that will beat you tonight Mat Hardy.

Crowd Boos as Kennedy gives a cocky smile.

Ken Kennedy: What’s my name you ask…

Kennedy smiles once again before…

Ken Kennedy: First off, you’re looking at the next United States Champion, the man that will take the title off whoever wins next week when the time is right. But as for now, you can just call me the man that has made his mark not only on this show but the face of the company. You can just call me by my name….

Ken Kennedy: Misterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Kennedyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Kennedy walks off before getting right back into the camera.

Ken Kennedy: Keneddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!


We open up to a black screen before images of a family raising an American flag on a flagpole are shown on the screen.

Narrator: An American tradition that continues on to this day…

Images of the first WWE production of the Great American Bash are shown with JBL fighting Eddie Guerrero in a Texas Bull Rope Match is shown.

Narrator: Where the wrestlers of this business show their patriotism…

Images of WWE’s past trips to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are shown with the superstars talking to troops.

Narrator: To show their love for the country they were raised in…

Images of Kurt Angle in the wrestling ring with the lights turned out in the arena and Angle in the dark doing his patented spinning taunt.

Narrator: But despite all this, the superstars come into this for a mission…

Images of Edge and Randy Orton attacking Chris Benoit after their tag team match against Kurt Angle and Benoit are shown.

Narrator: Their mission, to show that they truly are the Americans they claim to be…

Images of JBL holding his Money in the Bank briefcase in the air and clips of him winning the briefcase are shown.

Narrator: And to prove to all Americans across this country, they do belong…

Images of many superstars delivering key moves are quickly shown before an American flag comes across the screen.

Narrator: America’s eyes are watching, will you be there?

Suddenly, the Great American Bash logo comes across the screen before it closes out with the American flag waving high in the background.

Narrator: WWE Smackdown presents the Great American Bash live Sunday July 23, 2006 from the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.

We head back into the arena to the commentating team.

Michael Cole: The Great American Bash is only six weeks away and our main event was just announced earlier tonight.

Tazz: JBL has cashed in the Money in the Bank contract and he is going to be fighting Kurt Angle at the ‘Bash.

Michael Cole: The battle of two Americans, and it’s going to come down to who claims to be the better American here.

Tazz: We’re in for a classic because with both men in that ring in our nation’s capital, I’m expecting something special.

Match #4
Ken Kennedy vs. Matt Hardy

Match Overview: Back and forth match continuing the feud between Hardy and Kennedy tonight but doesn’t involve the other two in Booker and Lashley either. Hardy and Kennedy put on a good match like last week and we see Hardy have the advantage towards the end of the match as Kennedy went for and missed with his finisher, the Kenton Bomb. Hardy gets back to his feet and a few minutes later, Kennedy recovers. Hardy comes back at Kennedy with consecutive flying clotheslines taking down Kennedy. Hardy grabs Kennedy and delivers the Side Effect and he goes for the cover but only gets a two count. The fans start to get back behind Hardy now as the fan favorite signals for the Twist of Fate but Kennedy grabs the ropes during the Twist of Fate and Hardy falls to the mat hard trying for his finisher. Kennedy quickly gets a cradle and grabs the tights on Hardy and the referee has no clue of this. One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Ken Kennedy


I Walk Alone by Saliva hits across the arena and out steps “The Animal” Batista to deafening boos tonight before he continues down the ramp. Batista stops and flexes his muscles taunting all the fans in the arena before getting into the ring and grabbing a mic. The crowd yells at Batista booing the big man as he begins to speak.

Batista: I’m going to keep this simple…

Crowd Boos

Batista: Last week Deadman, you tried to “get into my mind” or whatever kind of games you play but it didn’t work for you.

Crowd Boos

Batista: And ever since you were gone after WrestleMania, I knew you would come back and try to get me. I knew that even though you beat me at WrestleMania, that you just wanted to get your hands on me one more time. Because Undertaker, I did what nobody else could do back in April and that was take you to the limit.

Crowd Boos

Batista: But Deadman, you’ve tried to come back and take my spot here on top, that’s just not going to happen. I’ve had to fight for this spot for years and finally, I’ve gotten the chance to prove that I am the top dog in this business. That I am called the Animal for a reason and that is because I will tear you up in that ring.

Crowd starts You Suck chants.

Batista: But ever since then De…

Gong hits across the arena and the lights go out. The lights come back on a few seconds later and nothing happened at all.

Batista: Where are you Undertaker? Come on, show your face!

Crowd Boos

Batista: Are you too afr…

Gong hits across the arena and the lights go out for the second time in a row. This time a lighting bolt strikes down on the entrance way and Batista looks as if he is panicking but pulls it back and focuses on the Deadman. Suddenly, The Undertaker starts making his way down the ramp in a Smackdown arena for the first time in two months.

The Undertaker: Batista…

Crowd Pops

The Undertaker: Ever since I left after WrestleMania Batista, my eyes have been set on you. And it’s because you’ve looked into the eyes of the dragon, you’ve faced your fears but you have yet to beat me, the Deadman.

Crowd Pops

The Undertaker: And the next time I get my hands on you, you will rest in pe…

Batista suddenly strikes Undertaker with a hard right and Batista is clubbing Undertaker in the back with right hands. Undertaker blocks a few of them though and fights back with some hard hooks and rights taking down Batista. Batista walks right into a hard-hitting clothesline from Undertaker and Undertaker signals for the end. Undertaker scoops up Batista as he turns around and runs right into the Tombstone Piledriver! Undertaker connects and he keeps his hands on Batista and sticks his tongue out!

The Undertaker: You will, rest in peace!

Gong hits across the arena and the lights go out once again before Undertaker makes his way to the back. The Deadman stops at the ramp as he gets there and gets down on one knee and does his famous pose holding his hand high in the air and raising it to the sky. The Undertaker gets back up and makes his way out of the arena.

Michael Cole: We have just witnessed chaos here right now as The Undertaker made his return and beat down Batista.

Tazz: It’s been a while since we saw The Undertaker but he doesn’t seem to have lost a step in that ring since we saw him.

Michael Cole: Of course, he’s the Undertaker after all and tonight he proved why he is such a dominant force in the WWE.

Tazz: And well coming up next, we’re going to be seeing our main event as Edge goes one on one with Chris Benoit, tonight.


We head backstage to see Kristal standing by with Edge and Randy Orton.

Kristal: Right now I’m standing by with Edge and Randy Orton, and Edge in just a matter of moments you’re fighting Chris Benoit, any thoughts on this?

Edge: Come on Kristal, aren’t there any better questions than that? Randy and myself have embarked on a mission, we’ve decided that we are going to team together and be the most dominant force this company has seen and well, our first target just happens to be one of the men that well, Kurt Angle picked as his partner. And Benoit and myself, we don’t have the best history with one another because he was my former tag partner and I turned on him because I didn’t want those tag titles, I wanted the big gold.

Randy Orton: And Kristal, tonight Edge and myself are going to be showing not only to the Smackdown superstars but pretty much everyone in the WWE that we are the top team in this company. And that we aren’t going to be held down anymore because I’ve waited too long and it’s time for me to fulfill my destiny once again. And before you know it, you’ll be seeing the Legend Killer back on top once again.

Kristal: Last week you both attacked Chris after the match, what was the reasoning for this.

Edge: It was our first part of making our marks on this show. We’ve been overlooked too long Kristal and just because I lost my World-Heavyweight Championship last month still doesn’t mean that I am not the top superstar on Smackdown. Now Randy and myself, we bring in the ratings for this show. We get everyone to tune in and Chris, if you’re listening back there somewhere, tonight I’ve got a beating for you that is Rated R!

Randy Orton: Kristal, I’ll put it plain and simple for you. Edge and myself, we’ve teamed to get back on top, we’ve teamed so we can accomplish what we want quicker. And we’ve both promised that when we are done, this company will never be the same again because you’ve got the Legend Killer and…

Edge: The Rated R Superstar…

Randy Orton:…Together meaning that you have the two most dominant forces this company has seen. And tonight Chris, you’re in for a wakeup call from the Rated R Superstar, Edge.

Edge: Come on Randy, let’s go.

Edge shoves the mic at Kristal and both men walk off before heading into the arena.

Match #5
Edge vs. Chris Benoit

Match Overview: A fun main event with history being between both of these men and it turns out to be a hard hitting, smash mouth type of match with both men trying to beat the holy hell out of one another tonight. Edge takes down Benoit with a Missile Dropkick as both men are having to pull out moves they haven’t used in a while for the win tonight. Edge quickly covers but only gets a two count which isn’t too surprising. Edge grabs Benoit and quickly tries for the Spear as he has Benoit standing in the corner but Benoit moves and Edge connects with the turnbuckle hard. Benoit grabs Edge as he comes out of the corner and connects with a German Suplex! Benoit keeps the arms hooked and follows through connecting with the second German Suplex. The Rabid Wolverine finally keeps the arms hooked and follows through with the third and final of the German Suplexes as Benoit looks towards the top. The Rabid Wolverine climbs the top rope and leaps off the top rope connecting with the Diving Headbutt causing pain to not only Edge but also Benoit himself as he normally always does. Benoit rolls around and doesn’t even bother looking for the cover but he instead quickly hops on top of Edge locking in the Crippler Crossface! Edge is looking as if he is going to tap out but quickly Randy Orton slides into the ring and breaks it up causing a DQ.

Winner via DQ: Chris Benoit

Orton gives the boot to Benoit on his back before Orton walks over and helps his tag partner, Edge back onto his feet. Edge and Orton both double-team Benoit before Edge walks out and grabs two chairs from under the ring. Edge slides a chair underneath the head of Benoit looking for the Con-Chair-To but suddenly, the crowd starts yelling and the camera cuts over, it’s Rey Mysterio. Mysterio jumps onto the top rope and leaps off the ropes with a Springboard Sit-Out Senton onto Orton. Mysterio gets back to his feet and dropkicks Edge to the outside. Mysterio walks over and helps Benoit back up as Mysterio is down on the mat watching Edge and Orton make their way to the back. Mysterio holds Benoit’s head up as we fade away with Mysterio making his first appearance in four weeks on Smackdown.

Comments: Promos do seem off a little to me when I wrote them but maybe it was just me. Either way, I did most of it today with a headache so hopefully the promos seem fine to you all.

The Great American Bash
Sunday July 23, 2006
Verizon Center
Washington, D.C.

World-Heavyweight Championship
Who's the Real Great American?
Kurt Angle (c) vs. JBL
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I'll get a review up tomorrow KOP. I'm tired right now and cannot focus lol.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Well, I remember this thread before I left WE, and I am glad to see it is still going strong. I have a hell of a lot of catching up to do, but I plan on doing it and getting you some reviews up. From the skim of Smackdown, you seem to be better than ever.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Angle/JBL- Great opening promo, and was semi-shocked to see JBL as the attacker, which I think is an awesome way to start a feud. Both men were in character, the length was great, the reason for actually feuding makes sense and is original...basically everything about the promo and the upcoming feud is why you're one of my favorite bookers around. Also, smart idea to put JBL in a major feud leading into GAB, since that's 'his' PPV and everything. The challenge for next week is a good way to continue the feud without having them brawl with each other, saving it for their actual PPV match always adds to the match up.

Kendrick vs Mamaluke- Ah, two of my favorites in a very competitive, cruiserweight-style match, which is a great choice for an opener. Overall a solid recap and a solid match. Good booking as well with Guido trying to interfere, and I would absolutely love a tag title feud between the two, maybe ending in a ladder match...yeah, that'd be sick.

Burchill vs Guerrero- Meh, an extended squash (even though you didn't wanna call it that ), but glad to see Burchill being pushed, even with his pirate gimmick. The interference from Regal and Finlay were good, followed by Burchill and Finlay holding each other at a stand-still with their weapons was just an awesome visual. A triple threat between the men would be outta this world, and GAB is shaping up to be PPVOTY material.

Booker/Lashley segment- Ew, just ew, this was horrible. All Booker did was spit out his catchphrases and all Lashley did was...be Lashley. Matches between them, good. Promos, no. I know you're better than this: make Booker in the promo God he can be.

MVP/Long segment- Too similar to what MVP actually did when he came to Smackdown for my liking, I mean, this segment literally happened but with different words. Not bad, but not original whatsoever, which is pretty annoying.

Noble vs Crazy- Yummy, more cruiserweight match goodness from you. Reading your recap matches are fun, because they're detailed and interesting. Kash interfering again is simple but effective in continuing the storyline/feud between him and Noble, which could last a while if you wanted, but it needs something to really heat it up. When they eventually lock up, I'll be happy.

Kennedy promo- Disappointing is the best way to describe it. Kennedy was in character and had A good line (the stepping-stone line), but that's about it. Some of the wording in this promo was just confusing, and it got repetitve really fast which shouldn't happen. Still, Kennedy/Hardy is actually a dream feud to me, and I've been planning on writing a match between the two, so I'd like to see if you do the same and how you do it.

GAB hype video was well done and realistic, as all your PPV hype videos are, and the PPV itself looks to be amazing (trying to break the streak of bad GAB PPVs, eh?)/

Kennedy vs Hardy- Really solid match, very competitive and I like the placement on the show, as it shows two midcarders that are close to the upper midcard status. Anyway, good ending as it leaves room for a rematch and gets Kennedy over more as a heel. Feud may not be special, but someone will definitely get elevated from it all.

Batista/Undertaker segment- Batista had some nice words and is playing the heel role well in your thread, but this wasn't too special as it's happened many times before (lights out, Taker appears, Taker gives tombstone/powerbomb/chokeslam). Either way, nice little wahy to continue feud, and hopefully it ends in a gimmick match at GAB, but not a casket or buried alive match as I hate those.

Edge/Orton interview- ...so, you're creating Rated RKO? Very, very unoriginal, much like the MVP segment from earlier, this exact thing is happening in the WWE. While you'll use them differently I'm sure, it's still pretty lame. Anyway, the actual interview was awesome, captured both men well character wise and it had a nice length, did it's job of hyping the main event and hyping the new team, and was entertaining to boot. One of the stronger segments of the night.

Edge/Benoit- Easily MOTN, just awesome action all around and had a big match feel the entire time, very detailed for a recap as well. Orton's interference was obvious but gets over the new team (well, not 'new', but whatever), and the beatdown was inevitable...but Mysterio makes the save, sweet! Wow, I would LOVE Benoit/Mysterio vs Edge/Orton at GAB, as I'm a big fan of main event tag matches like this (not that it'll be the main event, but it has main eventers in it), and many people think main event only means singles/triple threats/etc matches. Great way to end the show, on a positive note.

Overall- 8/10 Too many things are unoriginal (MVP segment, Rated RKO forming, etc) and a lot of the segments were just poorly done (Lashley/Booker, Kennedy solo, etc), but overall the booking was strong and the matches were even stronger. SmackDown is definitely represented well by you, focusing on wrestling and such, and you did a good job of starting/continuing feuds. All I can say is that Great American Bash looks to be PPV of the year material (Benoit/Mysterio vs Rated RKO, Angle vs JBL, Batista vs Taker gimmick match, etc).

Originally Posted by Andy3000
If I had multiple personalities I'd play with myself all day. I wouldn't even leave the house. I'd give my girlfriend a penny every time she correctly guessed which one of me was fondling her.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Angle/JBL Opening: A stunning way to open the show here. This has the potential to be one of your greatest rivalries. Angle's intensity was clear here and wrote him really well. When JBL came I was slightly surprised, as I had previously suspected that you might bring in someone like Brock Lesnar for Kurt to feud with. I am glad you chose to use JBL as well. "Who is the Great American?" is a great gimmick for this feud and it makes perfect sense for JBL to cash in at 'his' PPV The Great American Bash. With their beat the clock matches next week, followed by the encounter at Saturday Night's Main Event, I can see becoming hugely enjoyable.

Brian Kendrick vs. Tony Mamaluke: A good Cruiserweight bout to set things going here. I suspect that at The Great American Bash it will be London & Kendrick vs. the FBI for the Tag Titles. Anyway, this match was fast paced and entertaining. The FBI's semi push continues this time with a victory for Mamaluke. I expect that London will take someone on next week.

SNME Promo: You seem to be very talented at doing these kind of promos hyping PPV's, and this one was no exception. It really got me excited for Saturday Night's Main Event, especially to JBL/Angle confrontation.

Paul Burchill vs. Chavo Guerrero: A very good contest here, but I'm a little uncomfortable with someone as talented as Chavo being used as a jobber. It wasn't a complete squash match though, as you stated, but it still had the feel of one. The appearances of William Regal and Finlay towards the end was interesting and this little British feud has become quite interesting. I think it needs to be a little clearer that Burchill is the face though. I can see a triple threat match at The Great American Bash between Finlay, Regal and Burchill, which would be amazing.

Booker T/Lashley Segment: A very good segment here. Booker was really in character during his interview and then you could hear the tension between himself and Bobby Lashley. The Street Fight next week sounds excellent, but I can still see Booker retaining and then it being a Fatal Four Way at The Great American Bash with Booker, Lashley, Kennedy and Hardy.

MVP/Long Segment: At last MVP has arrived. I'm pleased because he is an excellent superstar to have on your show. This segment was quite similar to real life, but I still enjoyed it, as it put across MVP's heel persona well. I'll be interested to see what you decide to do with him.

Jamie Noble vs. Super Crazy: A second great Cruiserweight bout of the night here. This rivalry between Noble and Kash has really intrigued me, as I am desperate to find out what it is Kash wants an answer for. Kash's interference was well done, as it enabled a big star like Super Crazy to avoid being squashed. At The Great American Bash I am going to predict Kid Kash vs. Jamie Noble for the Cruiserweight Championship.

Kennedy Promo: Another excellent Kennedy promo here. You seem to have fun writing for this guy, which always helps. His rivalry with Hardy has become an interesting one, though I feel that both men are more concerned with getting their hands on the United States Championship.

GAB Promo: Once again you showcase your talent for writing these kind of promos. Even before you have announced it, the Great American Bash card that looks likely looks amazing.

Mr. Kennedy vs. Matt Hardy: Kennedy grabs the tights to get the win here, which was no big surprise. I expect this to be the last of their one on one matches as The Great American Bash draws nearer and they begin to look more to the US Title. However, I have enjoyed this feud and you wrote this match well as another way for these two talented superstars to showcase their talents.

Batista/Undertaker Promo: I knew it wasn't over between these two. A great segment here hyping their feud. The way you write Batista as a heel is very original, as he seems to be full of rage and power, whilst also appearing quite paranoid, whether it be about Rey Mysterio getting more support than him, or The Undertaker stalking him. I am glad Undertaker got the better of the exchange, as he comes out of it looking stronger, which he is. Their match at The Great American Bash promises to be superb, but, since they have already had a standard match at Wrestlemania, I think that it will be a gimmick match; either a Hell In A Cell, a Casket Match, a First Blood Match, or a Last Ride Match. It is guaranteed to be superb though.

Randy Orton/Edge Interview: This was good, as you are using two of your best heels in an intelligent way. Rated-RKO is an excellent stable and you appear to be utilising them well in this feud with Chris Benoit. Both Edge and Orton got across their arrogance here well and I anticipate a beat down for The Wolverine in the Main Event.

Edge vs. Chris Benoit: At the start of the night you said that Randy Orton would be facing Chris Benoit, but then it changed to Edge. It's not a complaint, I'm just letting you know in case you want to edit it. Anyway, this was an excellent, PPV worthy main event. Both men showed why they are worthy main eventers. Benoit had the match won, which was the right outcome I think, but the Orton interfered and got Edge DQ'd (like Edge cares). The beat down after was exciting, and I was anticipating the con-chair-to ... but Rey Mysterio! I did not see that one coming. At least now Benoit has some help in this feud, and perhaps they will all meet at The Great American Bash.

Overall: Another great installment. This is the best BTB I have ever read by a mile, and it shows no sign of slowing down.

9.5 Out Of 10 - Brilliant!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview for Monday June 19, 2006

Tonight, Raw rolls into Quebec City, Quebec before we head to Edmonton this Sunday for Vengeance. Mr. McMahon has already ordered a match for tonight,that being the main event which will see WWE Champion Rob Van Dam teaming with John Cena to fight Triple H and Chris Jericho. Cena, Van Dam, and Triple H all are competing at Vengeance this Sunday with the WWE Championship on the line but first, this tag match was made as a preview of the title match coming up this Sunday. Cena made the Chairman tap out but Triple H avenged this with taking out RVD on the outside before taking out Cena in the ring. Who will walk away with some major momentum heading into Sunday?

The Best of Seven Series rolls on this week with Gregory Helms having a lead but only by one win. Last week saw Helms get DQ'd as he hit Benjamin with the belt only to see the referee clearly have seen this. This week though, Helms has another chance and this is his final chance before possibly having a seventh match. Can Helms walk away with the fourth win and the Intercontinental title or will Benjamin force a seventh match by beating his rival tonight?

For all of this and more, tune into Monday Night Raw, this Monday live from Quebec City, Quebec.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Hey man, sorry for no review for SD! but I've been busy. I'll definatly get a review of your next show up.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

KOP, I'll get a review for SD! up tomorrow arvo.


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Here's you're Smackdown review enjoy!

Angle/JBL promo: It was a good way to start off the show and I didn't see JBL as the attacker coming which thrown me back a little but it was a good way to start like I said.

Brian Kendrick vs Tony Mamaluke: Yeah it was a solid match up to for the first match up of the night and with these two cruiserweights copmeting, there would be some great action! And the interference was good as well so good job!

Paul Burchill vs. Chavo Guerrero: Ok so it was a average match, almost squadh with Paul Burchill winning but was a little long. Vut a good match up here well done not much to say there.

Booker T/Lashley Segment: Um I'd hate to say it but it wasn't just an average but it was a below average, well I don't usually see a segment that was like that from you very often. Booker didn't really do stuff that was good and Lashely was himself.

MVP/Long Segment: Well it was kind of the same but I understood and it's all sweet. And the words were different but it still seemed the same.

Jamie Noble vs. Super Crazy: Another cruiserweight match from the one and only KOP, good man and with Cash interfering was almost certain from my point of view and it was detailed with the feud going on, these two might just go a long way.

Kennedy Promo: I was dissapointed a little, the beggining was just weird but his character was in play which was great but that was all the great thing that there was to it.

GAB Promo: Bro, I have to say and this is the truth, your probably the best promo writer I have ever seen so far along with a few others but you're one would have to be the best of the best! Congragulations!!! Nice with GAB coming up too.

Mr. Kennedy vs. Matt Hardy: Another good solid match here and it ends with Kennedy getting the tights to pull another win which is very common for the loud mouth, good work.

Batista/Undertaker segment: Yeah so they came out and exchanged a few words with each other and these two are still not over each other and also this segment flowed very well in your show so it was good and their match is going to be absolute brutal.

Randy Orton/Edge Interview: So it was good with an interview and exchanging a couple of words but it was like WWE styles but the way you used them was perfect, nice!

Edge vs. Chris Benoit: And here we have the main event which is the highlight of the entire show and this match was super awesome!!!!!!!! With Benoit and Edge beating the holy hell out of each other but Benoit was about to win until Orton slides in and making it a DQ which wasn't suprising. ANd Boyaka Boyaka! Rey is back in action baby WOOOOOOOOOO!

Overall: 9/10-That show was absolute awesome!! Can't wait for bash.

Hey either rep or return please.
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