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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Some nice news and notes, I think we all know how Jamal will be repackaged, and the SNME announcement and all looks very nice. I will do the ONS II review tomorrow, if not lazy, but I will probably get on with it cause I enjoy your shows lots. Good notes, Vengeance will start shaping up big time this week.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview for Monday June 12, 2006

This Monday night on Raw, Triple H has asked for and recieved mic time to kick the show off. Triple H who just lost to Rob Van Dam at One Night Stand most likely won't be in a good mood. Triple H was close to winning the title until John Cena interfered and cost Triple H the match. Now with Cena being the number one contender at Vengeance, will we see Triple H get a rematch? Or could we simply be seeing Cena fight Van Dam one on one at Vengeance? All these answers and more this Monday.

Tonight, Chris Jericho has promised a special Highlight Reel with a special guest. However, Jericho has not told us who his guest will be tonight but promises, that this guest has some history with Jericho. Jericho who currently finds himself in a match at Vengeance against Shawn Michaels, has two more weeks until Vengeance. Jericho is obsessed with beating Shawn Michaels and will stop at nothing to beat the Heart Break Kid. Who is this special guest and how does he have history with Jericho?

The Best of Seven Series rolls on as we see Gregory Helms fighting Shelton Benjamin this week with the series now coming to a 3-1 lead for Helms. Helms is one win away from taking the title and he could very well become the champion tonight on Raw. However, can both men continue their rampant series of great matches on Raw is the question as all the fans are enjoying the matches. Can Helms walk away with the title tonight or will Shelton bring the series closer?

Tonight, Jeff Hardy and Chris Masters step into the ring for a little one on one action. Last week in the MasterLock Challenge, Hardy didn't tap out but he didn't break the hold either. Hardy attempted a Swanton Bomb after the challenge but Masters rolled to the outside of the ring before he could deliver the move. Hardy and Masters certainly have their differences and can both men settle those tonight when they step into the ring with one another on Raw?
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

ECW: One Night Stand II - Review
Malenko was used nice in this match-up and he tried it all to get a victory, but Benoit takes it, and it was indeed expected. I may have picked Malenko in the predictions, but I think I rushed at one. I’m just wondering what part Benoit will be playing after ONS II.

Tanaka and Awesome gave out a good hardcore contest. I loved all of the spots during the match and the last spot was my favorite one – Tanaka driving Awesome into both tables with a Tornado DDT.

I guess Triple H hyping the main event was necessary, and here, it was done in a nice way.

You really showed here that apart from all the hardcore stuff, ECW could have a good high-flying contest too. Crazy pinning his own partner kinda surprised me. I’m waiting to see what happens between Mexicool’s at SmackDown!. I know that you are trying to make your thread realistic, so I think that Crazy will be left alone, while Psicosis will be released from the company, or maybe you’d try to have a storyline between them, which breaks Mexicool.

JBL’s rant towards ECW was f’n awesome. I can see that now you are really working hard to make almost everything realistic with the real WWE. See, the real WWE also did a JBL rant at ONS II, and you also did. You getting me point?

Full Blooded Italians get up a victory over The Impact Players here, which was nice. Just like ChainGangRed said, I’d second that I’d also like to see you sticking up with FBI over at SmackDown! because at this time you are lacking some teams at SmackDown!’s tag team division.

We now see another tag team match here, but only this time with the veterans. It seemed like a solid match and the spots in this match were also good. Good finish with the barbed wire bat and the tables spot, which I enjoyed. A victory for Funk and Foley was good.

Now this match looked phenomenal. I wish I could see Taz back in the ring again, but that’s not gonna happen. But anyway, this was a match, which was summarized well, and Taz picking up the victory kinda surprised me a bit.

Rob Van Dam’s promo was nice. Nice because it gave hype to the main-event.

It was a well written Extreme Rules Match, and the length of that match was also fine. I just didn’t like Van Dam introducing steel chair in the second paragraph. By the way, it is called Enzuiguiri. Apart from these two things, the match was highly entertaining and both men gave out an awesome encounter. I loved every spot in this match, and I also loved the way you involved McMahons in this one, making hard for Van Dam to win it. But Van Dam has to thank Cena now because he is the key factor that RVD is still the WWE Champion. I’d give this match a 8/10.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Interesting news, Rosey going no biggie. Dean leaving for the moment is no biggie either. Some guys taking time off? Gives a chance for Umaga & Kenny to debut I guess.

The ECW PPV was tops, can't really comment on most of the matches as they were recaps like a weekly show, but the main event was off the charts. Cena got involved and helped RVD to the victory making me certain we'll see a triple threat at Vengeance before the big RAW vs McMahon style match at Summerslam.


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

ECW One Night Stand II comments.

Benoit picks up the win as expected and I honestly would’ve been shocked to see otherwise. He couldn’t lose to a retired Malenko, as good as he is/was. Great start to the show, with a top quality wrestling match to kick things off.

Another epic match between Tanaka and Awesome to follow up last year’s match. The ending was immense and it was an awesome spot to end a match filled with some great spots.

Good hype for the title match with Triple H.

Great match here from the cruisers, you gave an entertaining summary of the match, particularly since it was recapped. This one had another very creative ending to it as well.

Awesome promo from JBL here, with both he and the Ballroom crowd very much in character. Realism of this one was definitely there as well which is great, this is definitely a promo I would’ve loved to have seen written in full.

Three great finishes in a row now, this match was great once more, and I was surprised to see the FBI go over, as I was genuinely expecting a victory for the Impact Players.

Foley and Funk go over, as I expected. This match was awesome as well, with some more very original and innovative spots. I thought you portrayed the mannerisms of the crowd very well in this one as well.

Taz going over is great and I think it was a great decision, even though Sabu is still active. This match had good flow to it and you gave a good summary of it once more, this is a match I could definitely see the ECW crowd getting right behind in this era, and I think you depicted that nicely.

Brief hype before the Main Event, it would’ve been great if you had of done both RVD’s and Hunter’s promos in full for this one, I think it would’ve added to the show.

Awesome ending to the Main Event, to cap off a great show. Although John Cena’s run in was predictable, it was required in my opinion. RVD winning did kinda surprise me, as in the build up it looked like you were heading towards a Hunter victory, so it was nice to be surprised and I was glad to see you didn’t have RVD lose in the ECW hot bed, because the walls would literally crumble. I was glad to see you go into so much detail with this one, it had plenty of length about it which is great, and it reflected well on the quality of the match. The flow of this one was superb in my opinion, and it was made even better for the fact that it was an Extreme Rules match, as I’ve noticed that those sort of matches don’t always flow the easiest.

Anyway, great show over all mate, despite being in recap, all the matches were very good with some very cool endings. Well done.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw
Monday June 12, 2006
New York, New York

Across the Nation plays around the arena and we cut into Madison Square Garden to see all the fans going wild across the arena. We head down to the commentating team at ringside inside the Garden tonight.

Jim Ross: Look around tonight and you can feel the atmosphere here tonight in Madison Square Garden as the WWE has returned here!

Jerry Lawler: It’s like WWE’s birth place, the place WrestleMania was revolutionized and tonight, we have a big night ahead of us.

Jim Ross: Some major matches ahead of us tonight include the 5th match in the Best of Seven Series plus Carlito and a partner vs. Striker and Test.

Jerry Lawler: Indeed a major night but let’s go ahead and get this night started off with the man that lost last night to Rob Van Dam, Triple H!!!

Time to Play the Game hits across the arena and out walks “The Game” Triple H dressed in his wrestling gear tonight, surprisingly not in his suit. Triple H stops at the apron and doesn’t even bother doing his normal routine before he gets into the ring right now and grabs a mic before starting to speak not looking in the mood tonight.

Triple H: Last night…last night was the last time you will ever see Rob Van Dam beat the Game ever in a wrestling ring. First off, that was a fluke. ECW Rules, my back was against the wall there and I had no chance at all. Secondly, Rob Van Dam can’t and he won’t ever beat me in a WWE ring, which leads me to my next point.

Crowd Boos as Triple H wipes his hand on his head looking angered.

Triple H: I talked to the Chairman of the board earlier today; of course most of you know him as Mr. McMahon. But of course, Mr. McMahon allowed me to get another shot at the title, another chance to beat Rob Van Dam in a WWE ring because what happened at One Night Stand was a travesty first off. Not only did I have Van Dam beat but had it not been for John Cena, I would be standing here right now as WWE Champion.

Crowd Boos

Triple H: Boo me all you want but it doesn’t change the fact of the matter. And that is that I am a ten-time champion, I’ve beaten the best, bested everyone that came after me and I am still standing to prove it. I’ve overcame all the odds and beaten everyone that tried to take me off my throne but weren’t successful. And Rob, you did beat me last night. I’ll admit it but had it not been for John Cena, you know it and I kn…

Crowd starts booing Triple H as he starts to get even more angered.

Triple H: Shut the hell up! Every damn one of you listen to me right now! Fourteen months is too long to wait to go without MY WWE Championship. And I might not have beaten you Rob at One Night Stand last night but you be prepared. If you’re back there too John Cena, you be listening too because I’m coming for that title at Vengeance. That title has got nothing but my name written all over it and at Vengeance, the King of Kings regains his gold.

Crowd Boos

Triple H: Because if you haven’t got it yet Rob, at Vengeance, it’s a Triple Threat now for your WWE Championship. The odds are getting stacked even higher and beca…

One of a Kind hits throughout the arena and out steps the current WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam!!! Van Dam comes out onto the stage with his WWE title belt and he makes his way down the ramp carrying the belt. Van Dam rolls into the ring before getting back to his feet and doing his thumb taunt before receiving a mic.

Rob Van Dam: Sure Hunter, the odds might not be at my favor like last night but it doesn’t matter because the end result of the match is going to be the winner and still WWE Champion, Rob…Van…Dam!!!

Van Dam plays to the crowd and smiles, as Triple H doesn’t find it very funny.

Rob Van Dam: Hunter, I don’t even have to be pinned at Vengeance to lose my title. That’s how big the odds are against me but I’m not backing down. I won’t let someone run over me because just like you, I’ve overcome the odds. And dude, I guarantee you that it won’t be any different when at Vengeance I take on you and Cena.

Crowd Pops

Triple H: I’m not here to play Rob, I’m here for one thing and that is your WWE Championship. Rest assured, that at One Night Stand I might not have got my WWE Championship but I guarantee you that at Vengeance I will! I promise you that neither you nor John Cena can get in my way of regaining my eleventh championship. No matter what it takes Rob, you are just a sledgehammer shot and a Pedigree away from losing your title…

Van Dam tries interrupting Triple H but Triple H stops him.

Triple H: At Vengeance, the King of Kings goes back on his throne.

Triple H looks ready to leave but he turns around and sucker punches Van Dam. Van Dam falls to the mat hard and Triple H slides to the outside of the ring. “The Game pulls out a sledgehammer from underneath the ring and he starts sizing up Van Dam for a sledgehammer shot. Triple H looks as if he is about to hit Van Dam with the sledgehammer before out comes John Cena! Cena slides into the ring and takes down Triple H with a running tackle. Cena starts laying into Triple H beating the hell out of him until…

No Chance hits across the arena and out steps an angered Mr. McMahon. McMahon stomps at the ramp wanting to go ahead and get this over with.

Mr. McMahon: Cut the music.

Mr. McMahon: John Cena, you want to come out here and stick your nose into something that was clearly between Triple H and Rob Van Dam? Well, I’m going to give you something tonight that you may not like. And since you seem pretty eager for competition, I’ll go ahead and announce that later tonight in the main event, it’s going to be a one on one match tonight. John Cena vs. Mr. McMahon, with a special enforcer, Triple H!!!

Crowd Boos

Mr. McMahon: And this is a punishment John for laying your hands on me last night at One Night Stand. There are no disqualifications, anything goes and I promise you that you won’t even get close to making it to Vengeance.

Crowd Boos as McMahon has a sadistic smile on his face.

Mr. McMahon: And as I look at your odds, quite frankly…you’ve got no chance in hell!!!

No Chance hits across the arena and out walks Mr. McMahon making his way to the back. We see Cena in the ring in disbelief of what he has to do tonight as he exits the ring and we see Triple H and Cena at a war or words with Van Dam rolling to the outside of the ring. We head to a commercial break right after Cena leaves the arena.


Match #1
Carlito and Charlie Haas vs. Matt Striker and Test

Match Overview: A fun tag match that gets the night started off with some good action and continues the feud between Striker and Carlito. Test ends up wearing down Haas in the ring isolating Carlito’s partner from him in the corner. Test tags in Striker after a Power slam before Striker gets into the ring and clotheslines Haas down to the mat. Striker delivers a Vertical Suplex to Haas before he makes the tag once again bringing in Test. Test and Striker both irish whip Haas into the ropes before Haas comes back and ducks a double clothesline. Haas dropkicks both men with the momentum-sending Striker out of the ring. Haas runs over and tags in Carlito quickly before Test can get over there and stop Haas from the tag. Carlito comes in and cleans house knocking down Test with a left-handed clothesline. Carlito takes Test down with a arm bar drag before rolling back onto his feet. Carlito jumps onto the middle rope looking for a Springboard Axe Handle to Test but Test catches Carlito with a Big Boot! Carlito is laid out in the ring and Test makes the tag bringing in Striker before Striker hops on Carlito for the cover. Haas tries coming in but Test stops him from doing so by pushing him off the apron. One…Two…Three!!!

Winners: Matt Striker and Test

We cut down to ringside to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: Test just did all the dirty work and he just let his partner Matt Striker cover and get the win for him?

Jerry Lawler: It’s called sharing JR. Something Test is very good at and he will continue to improve upon, as he gets better.

We head backstage to see Trish Stratus and Beth Phoenix walking around talking.

Trish Stratus: So you ready for Vengeance? I want you to beat Mickie and take her Women’s Championship from her.

Beth shakes her head motioning to Trish she will indeed.

Beth Phoenix: Mick…

Suddenly in walks Mickie James with Victoria and Victoria is standing behind Mickie just in case something was to happen.

Mickie James: What about me Beth?

Mickie smiles rather cockily at Beth and Trish.

Mickie James: Please Beth, go ahead and tell me. I want to know what you think about me even though it won’t matter because well, I’ll be the woman with her hand raised at the end of the night, not you!

Phoenix gets face to face with Mickie now with Trish holding Beth back and Victoria holding Mickie back.

Beth Phoenix: You better be glad Mickie that Trish is holding me back right now because if she wasn’t, I would have beaten your little plump ass right now into the ground.

Mickie shakes loose of Victoria and charges Beth trying to tackle Beth. However Victoria pulls her back once again before she can get a hold of Beth.

Mickie James: We’ll see who the real dominant female in the WWE is at Vengeance.

Mickie looks back at Victoria and motions.

Mickie James: Let’s go.

We see Mickie and Victoria leave before we head right back over to Trish and Beth quickly.

Beth Phoenix: What a bitch!!!


We head backstage to see Todd Grisham standing by with Christian.

Todd Grisham: Christian, in just a matter of moments you make your in-ring return here on Raw, how are you feeling?

Christian: Confident Todd, as always. I know the peeps are fully behind me and they have my back when I need them. And tonight is no different, I will rise to the occasion and show that this year, this is the year that Christian makes his mark on the WWE forever. And what not better way to do so than start back by coming to my home, Monday Night Raw.

Todd Grisham: Christian, at Vengeance you are hosting the Peep Show with special guest, Stone Cold Steve Austin and I wa…

Christian: Indeed the Peep Show returns at Vengeance but that’s not the talk of the town right now Todd. The talk of the town is that tonight right here in Madison Square Garden, I walk into that arena and I walk out a winner but most importantly. I am here to let the fans get themselves a dose of Vitamin C!

Todd Grisham: Anything else, Christian?

Christian: Todd, the peeps have waited too long for their unsung hero to rise up to the occasion, to make his mark on this company forever. And I will wait no longer because it begins here tonight at the Garden. Tonight the path to the WWE Championship begins and when it’s all said and done, Captain Charisma will indeed be the WWE Champion. Why you ask Todd, because that’s how I roll!!!

We head into the arena to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: Christian is excited for tonight’s match but I have noticed a change in his attitude since he came back to Raw.

Jerry Lawler: To me, he is just the same Christian we have always known. Always running off at the mouth pretty much.

Jim Ross: Of course he always is but speaking of Captain Charisma, he is about to step into the ring for a match tonight.

Jerry Lawler: And this is two weeks before the Peep Show returns, something that we are all waiting for at Vengeance.

Match #2
Christian vs. Rob Conway

Match Overview: A quick squash match to get Christian onto the card tonight as he needs a match here tonight on Raw. Christian takes down Conway with a reverse DDT before he throws Conway into the ropes. Conway stops as Christian attempts a dropkick. Conway rolls up Christian for a three count and Conway can’t get the win. The Con Man argues with the referee before heading back over to Christian and pulling Captain Charisma back up. Conway goes for his finisher, the Ego Trip but Christian catches Conway with a hard back body drop. Christian grabs the Con Man as he gets back onto his feet before drilling Conway right into the mat hard with the Unprettier. Christian waists no time hooking the leg of Conway looking for the win here tonight in his return match to Monday Night Raw, One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Christian


We cut out to another black screen, this time before the Vengeance screen comes across and we see the Raw logo come across too.

Narrator: For the night has come, the battle lines have been drawn, and the war has officially begum.

Images of RVD and Triple H staring down one another in each other’s face are shown on the camera.

Narrator: This is the night that everything changes, the night that friendships are broken and the warpath wages on.

Images of Kane choke slamming Big Show back on the April 7th Raw before leaping off the ropes and landing on a chair on the throat of Big Show.

Narrator: Most importantly, these men are here for one thing, retribution.

Images of Shawn Michaels nailing Chris Jericho with Sweet Chin Music back on May 15th are shown.

Narrator: The men that walk across the warpath put their souls at risk but most importantly, their bodies on the line.

Images of John Cena winning the number one contendership are shown and past images of him holding the WWE Championship are shown.

Narrator: The night that is talked about upon the WWE, the night that people can’t wait to arrive at, for one reason.

Images of Jeff Hardy leaping off the ropes with the Swanton Bomb is shown to all the fans.

Narrator: For this is the night of Vengeance, the night that is dreaded.

Quick flashing images of all the main superstars on Raw are shown before it quickly shows the Vengeance logo!

Narrator: WWE and Monday Night Raw presents Vengeance live Sunday June 25, 2006 from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The Rexall Place is shown in a quick shot before the camera fades away from the arena moving further back.

We head backstage to see The Big Show walking into his locker room before out of nowhere comes Kane! Kane ambushes Big Show from behind and starts beating down on the bigger man on the ground. Kane grabs his former tag partner and throws him into the wall before he charges at Big Show but Big Show stops him and both men brawl on the ground. Kane wraps his hand around the throat of Big Show trying to choke the big man out before in comes security.

Security Worker: Break it up! Break this up!

The security worker tries pulling Kane off the Big Show but Kane grabs the worker and throws him down onto the ground. Big Show gets back onto his feet and both men make their way to the arena! They are brawling through the crowd! We see road agents come in and try to break it up but Kane and Big Show get into the ring. Kane runs at Big Show but runs right into a big boot from the bigger man! Big Show sizes up Kane for a choke slam but Kane delivers a low blow hard in the middle of the ring before sliding to the outside. Kane grabs a table and throws the table into the ring looking to Chokeslam Big Show through the table apparently. Kane sets the table up before lifting Big Show into the air but Big Show reverses out of the move. The Big Show grabs Kane and then drives Kane through the table with a thunderous choke slam! The Big Show throws his hand into the air and plays to the crowd before we head over to ringside.

Jim Ross: Wow! All I can say pretty much now is wow after the act of display we just saw from the Big Show in that very ring.

Jerry Lawler: Something’s gotta give JR and really, I’m not sure what that is going to be but something has to!

Jim Ross: Well maybe this will because effective right now, at Vengeance the No Holds Barred Match has an added stipulation, the loser leaves Raw!

Jerry Lawler: I can’t imagine Raw without these monsters JR! This is going to be crazy come Vengeance in two weeks.


Match #3
Johnny Nitro vs. Robbie McAllister

Match Overview: A singles match this week to progress the feud that is continuing between The Highlanders and the new tag champions, MNM! Nitro and Robbie McAllister fight one another in the ring tonight with Nitro of course getting help from his tag buddy, Mercury on the outside. Melina plays an important role too as she interferes a good number of times trying to cost the Highlander’s the match. Nitro takes down McAllister with a spinning neckbreaker before getting down onto the mat and delivering the Break Dance Leg Drop! Nitro only gets a two count though before he goes for a Standing Shooting Star Press but McAllister gets the knees up and Nitro lands hard on the knees of Robbie! Robbie grabs Nitro up off the mat and delivers a nice backbreaker before Robbie sees Mercury climbing the ropes. Rory runs in and both men pull Mercury off the apron before bouncing him off the top rope and delivering the Scot Drop! Nitro turns around and runs right into the Scot Crusher from Robbie! Robbie hooks the leg as Rory is now on the outside. Melina tries coming in but Rory holds her back. One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Robbie McAllister

We head over to the commentating team at ringside.

Jim Ross: A huge win for The Highlander’s own Robbie McAllister tonight and that should get them back in contention for the titles.

Jerry Lawler: I certainly hope so and the Highlanders are slowly but surely making an impact on the tag division of Raw.

Jim Ross: They certainly are but what about MNM winning the titles last week, which stirred some controversy didn’t it?

Jerry Lawler: And those titles mean so much that one team, that being 3 Minute Warning aren’t even together one more.


We head backstage to see Maria standing by with Gregory Helms.

Maria: Gregory, in just a matter of moments, you will be taking on Shelton Benjamin in match number five of the series. Do you think you can win the title tonight?

Gregory Helms: Look at me Maria. Everything about me says that I can win the Intercontinental Championship tonight and why not? Is it because people think I’m underrated; is it because of my win-loss record before I got my new attitude? What is it Maria? Or do you just think that Gregory Helms isn’t good enough to be champion?

Maria: Well I liked you when you were the Hurrica…

Gregory Helms: Wasupwitdat? And who’s this Hurricane you speak of? I know nothing about this man but I promise you one thing Maria. Tonight’s the night that Gregory Helms shows he is for real here in the WWE. That I will not be stepped and walked all over. And I plan on proving that when I win my first ever Intercontinental Championship.

Maria: So if you weren’t the Hurricane, then who was be…

Gregory Helms: Look Maria. Tonight begins the longest ever reigning Intercontinental Champion in history. Tonight I take my title from Shelton Benjamin, a title I’ve worked hard for and I promise to each and every one of you that tonight, I will prove that this man right here (points to himself) is a force to be reckoned with.

We head down to ringside to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: You can just see the cockiness flowing right off of Gregory Helms and I don’t like it at all to be honest.

Jerry Lawler: I think if you can be cocky and win, and then so be it JR. He’s won three matches and beating Shelton so why not be cocky?

Jim Ross: I never was taught to be like that so that may have a lot to do with it but I’m ready for this fifth match of the series.

Jerry Lawler: This is going to be great JR. I have a feeling we are in for a big treat tonight with these two men once again.

Match #4
Intercontinental Championship
Best of Seven Series, Match #5
Shelton Benjamin (c) vs. Gregory Helms

Match Overview: Another fun match these two men put on with it being all or nothing tonight for Shelton and pretty much a chance for Helms to secure the title here tonight. A big spot happens towards the end where Shelton is on the top rope looking to leap off with a flying clothesline but Helms runs up the ropes! Helms grabs Shelton and both men fly off the top rope with a huge Spinning Neckbreaker! Both men take a thud on the mat with Shelton and Helms landing hard and this could be it for the match. Helms takes a few seconds but he crawls over and throws an arm over Benjamin but considering the time Benjamin had, he kicks out at two. Helms gets back onto his feet looking for possibly the ending with the Nightmare on Helms Street but as he lifts Benjamin up, Benjamin spins around and connects with a hard right to the head trying for Helms but hits the referee. Helms low blows Benjamin with a kick down low before he slides outside and grabs the Intercontinental title and throws it into the ring. Helms goes to swing the title at Benjamin and he connects hard. Helms hooks the leg and the ref comes over holding the side of his head after the right hand he took but the ref calls for the bell and Helms has been DQ’d.

Winner via DQ: Shelton Benjamin
Series Score: 3-2, Gregory Helms


Break the Walls Down hits and out steps Chris Jericho! Jericho comes down the ramp not looking too pleasant after the loss he took last week against Ric Flair. Jericho gets into the ring not even bothering taunting the fans. However, Jericho walks over and grabs a mic off the seat he has in the ring and taps it making sure it works.

Chris Jericho: Would you please all shut the hell up?

Crowd Boos

Chris Jericho: Last week I lost to an old, dried up man and who is to blame for this loss? Just take a guess! Come on, if you don’t know, I’ll tell you. Shawn Michaels! The man that has caused people’s lives living hell these past few months on Raw from Triple H, Kane, and Mr. McMahon all the way to me right now!

Crowd Pops

Chris Jericho: There is nothing to cheer about this people. Shawn Michaels has tried and done something successfully and that is get inside of my head. He knew if he helped his little buddy that he would automatically get into my head! And he conquered. But now, Shawn Michaels has brought out a side of Chris Jericho many people haven’t seen before and never before have I wanted to beat a man so bad in a match, but now I do.

Crowd Boos

Chris Jericho: Sure, you all say that you wanted to but never did beat John Cena. John Cena is the last of my concerns right now. I’m on a mission, a duty that I’ve been sent on because of my boss, Mr. McMahon! He sent me to do a job for him and so far, I haven’t done that yet. My job is to make sure Shawn Michaels stops causing hell around here and I have yet to do that. I have yet to stop the showstopper so far.

Crowd Pops and Jericho looks pissed.

Chris Jericho: But let’s go ahead and cut to the chase. Tonight my guest is the man that pinned me last week here on Raw. The man that seems as if he is joining with Shawn Michaels right now in this war, please everyone welcome out the Nature Boy…Ric Flair!!!

Space Odyssey 3000 hits across the arena and out comes Ric Flair! The Nature Boy is stylin and profiling down the ramp way. Flair gets into the ring and grabs a mic before strutting around a little bit more in the ring.


Crowd “WOOO’s”

Ric Flair: It feels good for the Nature Boy to be back here in Madison Square Garden and let me tell you something Chris Jericho. The Nature Boy beat you last week in this ring, and at Ve…

Chris Jericho: Save it pal. Flair, you are nothing but an old, washed up has been that is certainly way past his prime. Last time I checked, this was Raw is Jericho and well, that pretty much means I am the star of the show. The ayatollah of rock and rolla, the life of the party, and better yet the biggest and greatest name this company has ever seen.

Crowd Boos as Jericho smiles soaking in the boos from the crowd.

Chris Jericho: Save it assclowns! Ric Flair, sure you might have been a key for what wrestling is today but we don’t need you anymore. You’re holding down the Jericho’s of this world and that’s not right. And you think aligning yourself with Shawn Michaels is going to end up making this any better, than you’re damn wrong!

Crowd Boos

Ric Flair: Jericho, how about you get some respect for what I’ve done in this business. I’m a sixteen time World Champion. WOOO! I’ve broken my back and still perform to this day and I’m still stylin’. WOOO! And Profilin’! WOOO! I’m still a limousine riding, leer jet flying, kiss stealing, and wheelin ‘dealin’ son of a gun!

Crowd Pops

Chris Jericho: That’s nice to hear you run off at the mouth with the same thing Nature Boy but how about I give you a little lesson in history, right here and right now?

Jericho runs at Flair looking for possibly a clothesline but Flair moves and starts lighting up Jericho in the corner with chops. However Jericho pushes Flair off and Flair turns right around into an Enzuiguri from Jericho. Jericho grabs the legs of Flair quickly and locks in the Walls of Jericho and Jericho is pulling hard on the back of Flair! Flair is yelling out in pain, tapping the mat as if he is tapping out right now! However down comes Shawn Michaels but it seems to be a little too late as Jericho slides out of the ring and to the outside. Michaels leans over the ropes looking at Jericho who is in the crowd right now with Michaels helping Flair back up in the ring.

Jim Ross: Chris Jericho has gotten one over tonight against Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels before his match with HBK at Vengeance.

Jerry Lawler: It’s been a wild night here in the Garden tonight but what about that main event coming up later JR?

Jim Ross: John Cena fighting Mr. McMahon later tonight with No DQ plus the odds are in McMahon’s favor as Triple H is the special enforcer.

Jerry Lawler: Which pretty much means that if Van Dam wants to get to Cena and McMahon, he has to get through the Game!


Match #5
Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Masters

Match Overview: This match doesn’t get too much time as its pretty much here just to progress the feud between Hardy and Masters. However both men put on a decent match with the time they are given and it shows in the ring. Masters irish whips Hardy into the ropes before Hardy comes back running right into a Polish Hammer! Masters grabs Hardy and tries to apply the MasterLock but Hardy slides off and gets a cradle on Masters for a quick two count. However Masters kicks out quickly before Hardy dropkicks Masters in the face. Hardy grabs Masters up off the mat and runs up the ropes before delivering the Whisper in the Wind! Hardy grabs Masters and delivers a huge Twist of Fate before making his way to the top rope. Hardy leaps off the top rope and he connects with the Swanton Bomb! Hardy hooks the leg of the MasterPiece and could this very well be it for the match up right now? One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Jim Ross: Jeff Hardy gets a big win tonight and it seems he is on a roll since returning to the WWE late last month.

Jerry Lawler: Indeed JR and he is slowly showing he is going to be a huge superstar once he gets his momentum back.

Jim Ross: Well Chris Masters put up a fight tonight but it didn’t seem to be his night, but wait what is he doing?

We head into the ring to see Masters holding his stomach with a mic in hand.

Chris Masters: Jeff Hardy, you simply got lucky tonight. I’m sure you know Vengeance is two weeks away and well, I’m challenging you to a match. You and me, and I promise you this time that you won’t be able to run from the Masterpiece. Because whenever I get a hold of you in that ring, I can guarantee you that you will be in the MasterLock and that you will break out of my deadly submission move.

We head backstage to see Triple H walking before he runs into Mr. McMahon.

Triple H: Vince, are you ready?

We see Mr. McMahon stretching in the hallway wearing his black muscle shirt before he looks at Triple H right now.

Mr. McMahon: I’ve been ready all night Hunter and I’m feeling better than ever. John Cena and Rob Van Dam’s luck have just about ran out.

Triple H: Don’t worry tonight about Van Dam. I’ve got that taken care of because after all, I am the Special Enforcer and well, they don’t call me the Cerebral Assassin for no reason.

Mr. McMahon: Look I’m not worried Hunter. But you need to be prepared for Vengeance because last night we were screwed over but this time, that’s not going to happen. At Vengeance, you’re taking the WWE Championship home.

Triple H: Eleven times champ Vince. I like the sound of that. We need to get going, your match is right now and we need to be in there.

Mr. McMahon: Just remember this Hunter. Tonight Cena and Van Dam both have no chance in hell of messing with me.

Triple H looks at Mr. McMahon and cracks a smile.

Triple H: Or they’ll be receiving a pedigree from the King of Kings, the “Game” and the soon to be WWE Champion.

We see McMahon and Triple H make their way into the arena after their brief encounter in the hallway before the commercial.


Match #6
No Disqualification Match
John Cena vs. Mr. McMahon
Special Enforcer: Triple H

Match Overview: Pretty much an all out brawl to disguise Mr. McMahon’s lack of wrestling ability but it turns out to be a good brawl at that. Of course, McMahon is busted as normal after he took a shot to the head from the steel steps. Cena takes down McMahon with the throwback before he lifts McMahon back onto his feet. Triple H slides into the ring now after staying outside with his sledgehammer guarding the ring but Triple H sizes up Cena! Cena turns around and is met with a sledgehammer shot right into the face of Cena! Triple H helps Mr. McMahon back onto his feet and Triple H drags a lifeless McMahon on top of Cena! No, the WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam, breaks up the two count! Van Dam came through the crowd and broke the cover up before heading over and clotheslining not only Triple H but also himself to the outside. We watch as RVD and Triple H brawl around ringside for a minute or so to let Cena and McMahon recover in the ring before we head back into the ring to see Cena pulling himself back up onto his feet. Cena scoops up Mr. McMahon off the mat even though Cena was hit with the sledgehammer but he lifts Mr. McMahon into the air and connects with the F-U! Cena steps over the foot and locks in the STFU not wanting to just end it with the FU! Cena has the hold locked in and Mr. McMahon taps out! Cena has walked away with a huge win tonight.

Winner: John Cena

Cena celebrates in the ring before we see Triple H throw Van Dam over the barricade. Cena is celebrating in the ring before Triple H slides into the ring and kicks Cena in the gut! Triple H drives the head of Cena into the mat with a Pedigree! The fans are booing the hell out of Triple H right now as Cena fought a hard fought match and in the end was attacked after the match. The show ends with Triple H taunting the fans on the top turnbuckles and motioning the title will be his come Vengeance in two weeks.

Vengeance 2006
Sunday June 25, 2006
Rexall Place
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

WWE Championship
Triple Threat Match
Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Triple H vs. John Cena

The Showstopper vs. The Highlight Reel
Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho

Carlito vs. Matt Striker w/ Test

Women’s Championship
Mickie James (c) w/ Victoria vs. Beth Phoenix w/ Trish Stratus

No Holds Barred Match
Loser Leaves Raw
Kane vs. The Big Show

Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Masters

The Peep Show
Christian’s Talk Show Returns
Special Guest: Stone Cold Steve Austin
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Reading over Raw it looks like a very good show, I plan on leaving a review soon enough. I'll edit it in either late tonight or tomorrow afternoon. Reading through it looks very good, another good show KOP, and my review will be coming soon.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

This is my first review in this thread so here it goes

Raw Review:

Length: 11 pages is not bad for a 2 hour show. Could have been longer, however for the length you used you sure made the best of it. 8/10

Spelling/Grammer: There were a few minor things I caught but nothing all too notable. Could work a little bit on usage of commas but other than that great job. 8.5/10

Entertainment: This was like reading a normal Raw, however you made the show exiting in everyway possible and that was great. 7.5/10

Promos: You had a decent amount of promos in this show that helped hype Vengeance and your main event quite well. Some of the interviews were quite short but I liked the opening segment with HHH, well done. 7/10

Matches: They were recap an you did an exceptional job with that. My favourite match was the Helms/Benjamin match and the main event was well done as well. 8/10

Overall: 39/50=78% which is a C+. Great show, and your hype for Vengeance was well done. Can't wait for SD! and the Vengeance PPV. I will review!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Originally Posted by mj.s2005
This is my first review in this thread so here it goes

Raw Review:

Length: 11 pages is not bad for a 2 hour show. Could have been longer, however for the length you used you sure made the best of it. 8/10

Spelling/Grammer: There were a few minor things I caught but nothing all too notable. Could work a little bit on usage of commas but other than that great job. 8.5/10

Entertainment: This was like reading a normal Raw, however you made the show exiting in everyway possible and that was great. 7.5/10

Promos: You had a decent amount of promos in this show that helped hype Vengeance and your main event quite well. Some of the interviews were quite short but I liked the opening segment with HHH, well done. 7/10

Matches: They were recap an you did an exceptional job with that. My favourite match was the Helms/Benjamin match and the main event was well done as well. 8/10

Overall: 39/50=78% which is a C+. Great show, and your hype for Vengeance was well done. Can't wait for SD! and the Vengeance PPV. I will review!
I guess you dont like reading the rules?

KOP, i have been slacking on reviews and if i can get into a semi-alive state of mind soon, you will be gaining a review from me. Dont hold me too it though.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I'll have a review up for ya tomorrow KOP, I'm a little busy trying to finish my assignment and Deadman's WM review, but it'll go up tomorrow arvo Australia time champion.


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