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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

IAmLegend's Raw Review

McMahon/Heyman Promo: This was a good way to start the show with Vince promising the destruction of ECW at ONS. He was ultimately abusive towards the fans and Paul Heyman was on form when he made an entrance. However, why is WWE the villain and ECW the old veteran good guy? I'm not too sure I like that. The HHH/RVD at ONS is going to be amazing I'm sure, and I expect good things from Shane O'Mac and RVD tonight.

3MW vs. Highlanders vs. MNM: Finally we have new tag team champions. I thought 3MW were going to hold those belts forever. It's good that MNM picked up the win, as they are a great team and should have a decent reign. The match itself was exciting also. Well written here. Jamal turning on Rosey at the end was unexpected, but it looks as though 3MW is over and one or both of these guys will be getting a singles push.

MNM Segment: I really liked this section. Nitro, Mercury and Melina were all really in character here as decent heels, but I hope their rivalry for the titles does not turn out to be with The Highlanders.

Chris Jericho vs. Ric Flair: Damn, Jericho loses again. I don't think I've ever seen him win on this BTB. Anyway, it was a good match with Flair only able to win due to the distraction by HBK. The HBK/Y2J match at Vengeance should be good.

Masterlock Challenge: This was a good match. It was good to see Masters getting some decent attention for once. I didn't like the fact that Hardy nearly broke the Masterlock (have you seen the size of Jeff compared to Masters?), but the outcome was decent.

Big Show vs. Rene Dupree: I thought this was a straight forward squash match at first, which it was, but the aftermath made it someting special. Kane assualting Show hyped their rivalry a lot and I am actually looking forward to these giants clashing at Vengeance.

HHH Promo: Very, very good segment here. The Game was very in character here, and he hyped the match wonderfully. I'm really hoping he wins at ONS, but I don't think he will. It's obviously going to be HHH/RVD/Cena in a triple threat match at Vengeance.

Carlito/Striker Segment: I really like this Striker and Carlito interaction, but I feel that you are wasting a wrestler like Test, who should be pushing for the title really.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Gregory Helms: This series has the best matches currently. It heated up again here with Helms getting the roll up to pick up another win to increase his lead.

Christian Promo: Very good section here. Christian was very in character and very entertaining. I anticipate Christian turning heel at Vengeance and starting a rivalry with Austin, which would be ace. Give him Tomko back too.

Trish & Beth vs. Victoria & Mickie: Run of the mill diva action here, but it's nice that you're creating a decent feud for them all.

Main Event: Good main event here. RVD was on top for the majority. HHH's interference was really good, as was Cena's. If I thought that there was going to be a triple threat match at Vengeance for the WWE title before, I'm absolutely certain now. Should be great though.

Overall: Yet again a very good show. It was well-written and all feuds were well-developed. I saw barely any spelling or grammar mistakes to note.

9 out of 10 - Keep it up, bud! This is my favourite BTB.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE: RAW – June 5, 2006 - Review
~ Vince McMahon was right on character. Flow of the promo was also good. Speech/Diction was also good. But to be honest with you, I still didn’t like the promo. Now week in, week out, most of the time, the same guy, Vince McMahon opens up the show and says the same thing that ECW will be dead, blah, blah… and then the other same guy, Heyman says the same lines that it isn’t dead, blah, blah. I hate to see it that the promo was boring because it wasn’t fresh anyway; it was the same old thing.

~ Props to ya man. Finally you spiced up the tag team division. I’m glad to see MNM picking up the tag team titles, and then leaving Jamal to turn on Rosey. Seriously, that was good. And what better would be to turn Jamal into Umaga. It’d be interesting to see where this storyline goes from now on.

~ MNM looks to celebrate. Hmm, good promo there, which had flow, speech/diction, etc.

~ Nice to see you hyping the upcoming event, Vengeance more via this video package.

~ Who would have expected Flair to pick up a victory over Chris Jericho? I guess no one, so that’s good. However, I would have liked to see a Jericho win because he needs more momentum in this feud. But anyway, HBK’s interference in this match was the real reason why Flair got the victory, and this feud also gets some build-up, which is nice. But this feud hasn’t got THAT much build-up yet. I mean, the build-up to this feud hasn’t impressed me a lot to be honest.

~ MasterLock Challenge was just fine. A feud between Masters and Jeff isn’t entertaining to me. Masters is just boring. But anyway, Masters… as usually breaks his own MasterLock, and then he even tries to destroy Jeff, but Jeff just survives. Thinking that a match between these two at Vengeance would be announced soon.

~ Big Show, as expected picks up a squash victory over Dupree, and then he meets with Kane, who Chokeslams Show, and thus hypes there feud even more, and that’s nice. No Holds Barred is announced, and that’s gonna be a good match entertaining wise, nothing special though.

~ Triple H’s promo was excellent. The flow of the promo was not bad. Length was good. Intensity was also in Triple H’s words, so that was awesome. And just to end this part of the promo, I must say that the build-up to this feud have been impressive so far.

~ Carlito didn’t sounded right in this promo at the start. But however, when Striker came, the promo got picked up and it looked a good promo. And the finish of this promo was just great. Good job.

~ Gregory Helms beats Shelton and he still looks to lead the Best of Seven Series. Personally, I’d love you to throw some promos for there build-up too because wrestling each other week in, week out isn’t that much entertaining, so it’s looking a bit boring now.

~ Definitely shocked to see Stone Cold Steve Austin returning at Vengeance. Peeps Show is always entertaining, so props to ya for that one. However, in this promo, Christian started off not looking in character, but that was just in the first paragraph when he chanted his name. Anyway, his announcements were cool and I’m really looking forward to the Peeps Show. Though next week’s match would be a squash.

~ Glad to see Beth picking up the pinfall to get her and Trish, the victory. I’d also like to add that it’s good to see Beth getting up all the momentum, since she needs it all because she’s facing Mickie at Vengeance for the title.

~ It seems good that ECW is also getting up its real hpye.

~ Surprised to see that this match didn’t get any hype in this show. But anyway, Rob Van Dam getting the victory in this match was really needed because he also needs some momentum heading into One Night Stand. I was kinda wondering where Cena was, but the ending of the show answered me that question. Aftermath was pretty interesting, with all men staring each other.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Deadman_014's Raw Review

Vince & Heyman Promo: Good promo to start the show, Vince seemed good, but it was basically the same thing said for the past month of Raw's. Vince made a good impact in the leaving, and it wasn't a bad promo, but a bit redundant as I've heard it 10 times but its probably true that HHH will leave champ.

3MW vs. Highlanders vs. MNM: This was a pretty good match, and a very interesting aftermath. MNM did a good job here, and they won a pretty solid matchup. MNM new champions was a nice impact, and a nice start to the show, but Jamal destroys Rosey after the match? That was unexpected, so I guess MNM vs. Highlanders at Vengeance, and Jamal vs. Rosey or "Umaga" vs. Rosey if thats why you broke the team up.

MNM Interview: This was alright, Nitro and Mercury were horrific on the mic, like they usually well always are for the most part on Nitro's behalf mostly. This was an ok promo, but meh just a fillerish promo it seems, looking good to see them new champions here.

Vengeance Promo: Not much to say, commented on this several times before, this is a typical promo for a WWE PPV build and Vengeance I know is going to be great for sure with what I think the card is going to be so far.

Flair vs. Jericho: Nice stuff here, Flair gets a victory here in what was a decent match, and HBK costs Jericho the match. The continuation of this feud looks good, it should be interesting where this turns after ONS II because probably Raw will be shaken after the event.

Masterlock Challenge: Didn't care much for what Masters said beforehand, and this was good. Hardy tries everything, but Masters himself breaks it so assault him, in the end though Hardy gains the advantage and Masters rolls out before the Swanton. Nice mini buildup feud for Hardy here.

Show vs. Dupree: Squash match for Show here, rebuilding him up with his return match, didn't really matter what happend in the match Show just squashed the guy. Kane though takes out Show after the match, with a huge chokeslam, and it seems like a trend to have assaults or attacks after a match with 2 out of 3 it happenin so far.

HHH Promo: This was a good promo, and I highly doubt HHH will lose this Sunday, as it would make him look pretty weak in many terms. It will be interesting to see where you take all of this, hopefully its a good match at ONS II.

Carlito Interview/Striker & Carlito Promo: Decent promo, not the best, but the Striker mocking Carlito was a great touch in there. Carlito ended it on a high note, and this feud continues to escalate in what looks to be a pretty nice feud at the look of it.

Helms vs. Benjamin: Another good match between these two, and they're feud will probably end at Vengeance, but I love that you made this the best of 7 series. Helms steals one, and we continue this feud, but I am wondering is this 'Heel vs. Heel'?

Christian Promo: I liked this promo very much, he looks much like a tweener to me though in these promos, but I like em a lot. Good promo here, and a very nice announcement for the Peep's Show, and next week should be a nice return for Christian to the ring.

Women's Tag: Not much to say, not a huge fan of the women's wrestling, but it looks pretty good. The faces win this encounter, which will probably lead into a nice Vengeance encounter.

ECW ONS II Vignette: Eh, I've seen it enough times, not much to say alright as always, you added a few comments from the guys over time.

RVD vs. Shane: Solid main event, with RVD dominating, letting the champion stride into the PPV with a great chance of retaining. The aftermath was interesting with Cena out there, and I think ECW ONS II will have a great main event, with the buildup being pretty solid.

Good show bro, 89% from me, you did a good job this show impressed me. The shows seemed to get more packed every week, you should of had Cena at least do an promo or something, since he is the #1 Contender. The showdown was a nice touch, and ECW's PPV looks superb at the moment, shame its recapped besides the Main Event, but really doesn't matter with it only being ECW guys facing off mostly.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

McMahon announces ECW is dead, and this brings out Heyman. I think Triple H takes the belt off RVD due to some screwjob of sorts, maybe with Heyman turning? I can only hope an ECW brand doesn't begin after this...

Finally the RAW tag division looks good, and MNM winning was a good choice as we finally have some new champions. I don't know who MNM will face, a new team or a thrown together one? O God no, a Jamal vs Rosey feud? Please take them off TV for a while and bring in Umaga like I think you'll do in a few months, otherwise it seems rushed and a tad sloppy

Fair enough promo from MNM, most likely means a new team will come in and change MNM's ending statement that no one can beat them

Vengeance vid was good

HBK costs Jericho a match with Flair and the build continues towards the HBK/Jericho rematch which I personally can't wait for, should be a good match

Ugh a Masters/Hardy feud coming? Gonna be horible promo wise and nothing much match wise, but I guess it's just to get Hardy into the IC scene

NOOOO! ANOTHER Kane vs Show feud! All I can hope for is that Kane finishes it at Vengeance and moves on and Show retires...

Great Triple H promo, captured him perfectly, and The Game might be over for RVD at ONS II

Haha Carlito will most likely pick Haas as his partner, I am enjoying this lower card feud, hopefully Carlito picks up the win at Vengeance as he could be doing better, but you seem to be a Striker mark of sorts, so I wouldn't be surprised if you had Test help Striker go over

Helms beats Shelton and makes it 3-2 I think, Shelton's gotta win next or he's lost. I think...

Peep Show returns at Vengeance with STONE COLD! Massive promo that's gonna be. I can see an Austin/Christian feud developing from that, or maybe Austin just returning for some feud for Summerslam

Fair go with the Women's tag match, I despise Beth Phoenix but the other 3 are good workers, and Trish is hot so I'll let it slide lol

ECW video was good

Wow, good main event and RVD goes over Shane despite Vince's attempt to interfere, and then HHH & Cena appear and we end the show with a big stare off, I can actually see these 3 in a triple threat match at Vengeance with this build

Again another packed and stacked show, and as always a good read. 8.5/10


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Raw Review

Opening Promo
Awesome promo to start the show, Vince was right on the money here, you captured his character brilliantly. Although it is much of the same to what we’ve seen in the past few weeks of Raw, I still think it was a good promo. HHH v RVD should be a good match, and I’m honestly expecting you to pull some sort of swerve with Hunter coming out on top, which will do wonders for Hunters heat, and especially for Vince, when he comes out and cuts the predictable “I told you so” promo. Good start.

3MW v MNM v The Highlanders
MNM go over in which was a smart booking move, and 3MW break up after the match with Jamal turning on Rosey. Both smart moves here, from my point of view. Can’t say I was a big fan of the match itself however, it seemed rushed, like you just wanted to get it over with. MNM do come out of this looking very strong, and it seems you’ve started two new feuds here, MNM v the Highlanders, and Jamal v Rosey, but after that I hope you send Jamal away for a while and bring in Umaga.

MNM Backstage
This was alright, Nitro and Mercury weren’t that great, but I don’t expect much out of them anyway, never the less the promo was effective and it flowed nicely, so that’s alright. Judging by this promo, it seems either someone new is going to step up to challenge for the titles or there’s definitely a feud with the Highlanders on the cards.

Great promo for Vengeance, I love it. RVD and Hunter facing off at the start of it is interesting.

Flair v Jericho
I’ll be very surprised to see Jericho lose to Michaels at Vengeance after this. Wasn’t expecting Flair to go over here, but the way you made it happen was good booking, but none the less, I think Jericho needed to get the win. The match itself I wasn’t particularly fond of as the flow of it just wasn’t there, in comparison to a lot of the other matches you’ve written.

Masterlock Challenge
I generally think this segment is a waste of time, as it doesn’t usually achieve anything, but it seems this one is going too. It looks like a feud is going to be on the cards between these two, but in all honesty, it doesn’t appeal to me at all. The only good thing is that it will get over Jeff Hardy more so.

Big Show v Dupree
Show dominates a quick squash match, which is fair enough. Kane then comes out after the match and beats the crap out of him, furthering their feud with a No Holds Barred match being announced. I have to say that I hope their feud comes to an end at the PPV.

HHH Promo.
Awesome promo, you absolutely hammered it. This is definitely a hard man, because it would take a strong man to book an RVD loss come ONS, but I honestly just can’t see Hunter losing. I absolutely love Hunter’s intensity here, so you’ve done brilliantly.

This one started out a bit off when it was just Carlito, as soon as Striker came in here, it picked up nicely. I find it weird that Test is a follower of Striker, as I think he is above Striker, but it’s your thread.

Shelton v Helms
Helms goes over, making it 3 -2 now, Shelton will obviously win the next match, with the 7th and deciding match, happening at Vengeance, hopefully it’s something special. Helms getting the roll up still leaves Shelton looking decent out of this too.

Christian Promo
The start of this one wasn’t great at all to be honest, this line was particularly bad…
Christian: Exactly, that’s my point. But I’ve got two announcements tonight, once concerns next week here on Raw, the other one covers Vengeance. First off, next week here on Raw, “Captain Charisma” makes his in-ring return to Raw next week. I know the peeps are raving out on the streets right now everywhere in this country.
Big announcement for Vengeance with Austin on the Peep Show which should be awesome, and I’m expecting the match next week to be a squash. This one definitely got better as it went on, it started out way off, but the end was very good.

Chicks tag
Not a fan of women’s wrestling at all, good to see Beth pick up the pinfall over Victoria.

More ONS hype, you picked a good spot in the show for this one.

Main Event
Good main event match, with RVD coming out looking plenty strong, which is great. The fact that Vince kept interfering, yet RVD overcame the odds makes him look better again.

The end was good with Cena and Hunter coming out, I thought Cena should’ve had a promo or something in the show, as he isn’t directly involved in this feud, but either way, despite the result at ONS, I think we’ve got a triple threat on the card at Vengeance.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Thought, I'd clear some things up.

The Best of Seven Series currently sees Helms leading 3-1 right now. Should have cleared that up which is my fault but I thought somewhere in there I mentioned before the match Helms had a 2-1 lead. However since he won, he now has a major advantage.

Jamal/Rosey isn't going to be a feud, I know people don't want to see that but I'll tell you this. There will be a match on Raw this week with Jamal vs. Rosey, one on one and it will be the only match both men are in. Afterwards, I'll post some news about both of them.

And yes, I do realize the shows seem to be getting packed, however Open Season continues and I'm doing some roster cuts and switches so just tough it out everybody if you can and you'll see some changes around here soon.

And right now...

WWE.com News

Continuing with the trend of releases being rumored, Goldust was released earlier today from the WWE. Just a few days ago, Orlando Jordan was cut from his job and the cuts continue coming in. The rosters are sure to be changing soon with the rumoured cuts and new debuts, etc. all flying around and jobs are being cut as a result. The WWE wishes Goldust the best of luck in future endeavors.

The Basham Brothers have been brought back down to OVW together and plan to be there for a little while. Both men haven't teamed together in a year and have shown ring rust with one another in past OVW shows. WWE also needs to clear room right now and the Bashams don't seem to be in their future plans at all for now at least.

Many people were surprised to see Ric Flair beat Chris Jericho on Raw and it seems Ric Flair will be aligning himself with HBK in this war against McMahon. Speaking of this, it is expected to culminate sometimes around SummerSlam in a match, but nothing has been announced. Rumors are going around two matches would take place revolving around the feud, the WWE title and another match, nothing is certain as of now.

The explanation for Christian having a Peep Show at Vengeance is clearly the lateness of him coming over to Raw. WWE had no plans at all but had to get him off of Smackdown as he was seeming to be buried over on Smackdown.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Before I get started, I haven't rad your btb before, but here is my review.

McMahon/Heyman Promo: I liked this promo a lot. You had Vince down, that's for sure. I think RVD will beat Triple H.

3MW vs. Highlanders vs. MNM: MNM is my favorite team here and I'm glad they win. From what I've read seems 3MW have held the title a long time. I hope MNM keep the titles. Good match btw, I enjoyed.

MNM Segment: Everybody was perfectly in character. I enjoyed this promo much better than some MNM promos when they were on Smackdown in the real WWE. Wonder who the next challengers will be.

Chris Jericho vs. Ric Flair: I like Jericho far better and was disappointed to see him lose but it was by interference by HBK. Jericho vs HBK should be good at your ppv.

Masterlock Challenge: Not a fan of hte Masterlock challenge but it was enjoyable. Of course it goes unbroken, wonder if somebody will break it soon.

Big Show vs. Rene Dupree: Squash Match, nothing much to say here. Kane attacking him was good and made the segment/match better.

HHH Promo: Triple H was in character here and delivers a good promo. I think RVD will win at ONS like I said.

Carlito/Striker Segment: Carlito and Striker work well together, that's all I got to say.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Gregory Helms: I'd like to see this match in real life, you did a good job of what it would be like in real life. Big win.

Christian Promo: Again you have Christian perfectly in character. Nice little promo here.

Trish & Beth vs. Victoria & Mickie: Atleast they're getting air time in a decent match.

Main Event: I liked this match, Triple H and Cena interfering makes it almost certain for Trips vs Cena vs RVD at the next ppv. Look forward to it.

Overall I liked this Raw a Lot. 8/10. Keep up the good work.

If you have time I would appreciate a review of my Unforgiven when it's posted. Thanks man.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Good news, I thought Helms was leading and Shelton's gotta do it all now, which I think he'll do. Goldust goes, eh not too bad I guess only an entertaining jobber really.

Bashams coming back later on sounds good. I'm sensing some big tag match at Summerslam to end this feud with RAW vs McMahon, and of course I expect to see RVD vs Cena vs HHH too. Open Season continuing, can't wait to see who jumps ship next.


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview for Friday June 9, 2006

This Friday, Smackdown rolls into Long Island, New York and the show is set to begin with the Cutting Edge, the talk show of the "Rated R Superstar" Edge! Edge has said that he has a special guest this week on the Cutting Edge and that he wants to adress something to all the Smackdown fans out there. Last week Edge competed in a Triple Threat Match for the World-Heavyweight Championship and maybe it has something to do with this. Edge didn't give much info but claims you won't want to miss the opening of Friday Night Smackdown this week.

This week, Batista will be at Smackdown after having last week off. At Judgment Day, Batista finished Rey Mysterio off with a Batista Bomb as Mysterio leaped off the ropes and Mysterio hasn't returned since Judgment Day. Batista won't be wrestling but WWE.com reports that the interviewers at Smackdown will be trying to get an interview with the Animal. Can someone finally try and find out what is wrong with this Animal and see what has been causing him to unleash his fury upon his opponents as of late?

It's official, UKliq is no longer together. After only teaming since February, it seems the egos were too big for the team to last. This week however, Finlay will wrestle his first match without being in the UKliq since coming to the WWE in February. Paul Burchill and William Regal have also been banned from ringside to prevent anything breaking out in the ring during the match as ordered by Smackdown GM, Theodore Long.

Two huge matches have been booked for this week pitting first Mr. Kennedy against Matt Hardy and the second being Booker T defending the United States title against Bobby Lashley in a rematch from last week. All four men seem to have troubles with one another as first off, Kennedy fought Lashley at Judgment Day, while Booker fought Hardy at Judgment Day as well. The following week on Smackdown, a tag match occured where Lashley and Hardy gained a win over Booker and Kennedy. However last week, Lashley fought Hardy for the US title which Kennedy interfered in and cost Lashley a chance at the title. Will we see a new champion this week and who will win between Kennedy and Hardy?
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Smackdown looks like it will be good. i will definitely read & review it.
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