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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Deadman_014's Comments/Review

I am giving everyone comments now so I can catch up quickly, and I will do this till WM, but I hope ya don't mind I just want to be able to read and review since I enjoy the shows much bud and I want to get to yours so here my comments/review are (they'll end up being long enough for a review usually anyways lol.) JBL starts out the show and it was well done. It missed in a few spots and wasn't perfect, but I enjoyed none the less and I thought it was decent.

Booker retains as I thought he would, and I don't have much to say cause I pretty much figured this was going to happen with Kennedy screwin him. Hardy and Lashley get revenge and that was a nice touch there to start the show, M.V.P looks like an interesting debut I will like to see what you do with him. Sylvan looks seemingly stale at this point, I still like the feud you got going with him, and this promo wasn't great but it was alright.

Benoit I think will gain direction after this week, but cause of JBL's situation with ECW, and everyone else intertwined in other things he is out of the loop currently just building up like John Cena was on Raw after Backlash for a few weeks. JBL and Heyman have a good promo here, and Hardcore stuffs a sock in Sylvan's mouth beating him (finally). The US Title Division is heating up, Kennedy vs. Hardy and Booker vs. Lashley again for the title next week.

Kid Kash and Jamie Noble's storyline looks to be turning up, and its very very intriguing. The Hooliganz continue to roll along, and I think this could use a new team from Raw, or a new formation of a team. Vengeance gets hype like ECW did earlier, and Edge & Orton form an 'alliance' for tonight, won't last far probably. The Mexicools get a nice victory and Ukliq breaks completely there.

Angle's interview wasn't very pretty, but it was alright. The Main Event in the end didn't turn well for Orton nor Edge and Angle retains in the main event. A Triple Threat WHC Title match is a bit much for SD, but at least it wasn't one on one, as I can see Orton vs. Angle, and Edge vs. Angle happening in the future. Good show bud, not your best it had its flaws like others, but it was good. You were good making both title matchs far apart, and had smaller matchs so it wasn't stuffed. Good booking, feuds continue, and everything is going well for SD No ECW One Night Stand stuff booked? Besides JBL and Heyman's thing, somethin else shoulda happend.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE.com News

Orlando Jordan has been released from his contract earlier today. Jordan, a former United States Champion and former member of JBL's Cabinet left the company on good terms but simply was an act of "no ideas from the C-Team" Jordan hasn't been an active member of Smackdown since last summer whenever he was US Champion.

Speaking of roster cuts, a few are expected in the next few weeks as some superstars will continue to debut in the next few months, one being MVP on Smackdown. A few sources backstage said that after next week's shows, expect at least for sure one release with the possibility of others being released too. More information to be released on this when it becomes avaiable.

Buildup for Vengeance has begun as of last week and more will continue this Monday on Raw. WWE hasn't pushed One Night Stand as of recent other than the main event match which seems to be the only focus right now. As for the other matches, it's looking to be an old school ECW show with the matches having been announced late but them being put on the card with little build.

Tag Teams on Smackdown seems to be the major concern right now but don't fret, teams are already lined up. Just announced the other day was that WWE wants the FBI to reunite as a heel team (Tony Mamaluke and Nunzio) after their match at One Night Stand against the Impact Players, more on that when more news develops.

Matches for this Monday's Raw so far include the WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam vs. Shane McMahon in a non-title Extreme Rules Match. Of course, the Intercontinental Best of 7 Series Rolls on plus the MasterLock Challenge with Jeff Hardy taking the challenge. As mentioned above, heavy buildup towards Vengeance will continue.

Christian's move to Raw was sudden and unexpected, Christian wasn't informed of it until the day before which indeed shocked him. Christian won't have a match at Vengeance since he came late and the card was already booked but he will indeed have something to do come Vengeance. Right now it is not known but we will know most likely this Monday on Raw.

Some Smackdown superstars are in the same situation some Raw Superstars were in a month back where there was a large layoff until the next PPV. With seven Smackdowns remaining until the GAB, it seems heavy build for the main feud will begin in the next few weeks with of course the other matches following with buildup starting heavily the Smackdown after Vengeance.

Sunday Night Heat Taping Results

The Spirit Squad (Kenny and Mikey) def. The Freaks (Goldust and Snitsky w/ Eugene)
Rene Dupree def. Val Venis
3MW def. Local Jobbers
Charlie Haas def. Rob Conway

Velocity Taping Results

Kid Kash def. Scotty 2 Hotty
Chavo Guerrero def. Funaki
Tatanka def. Mike Mizanin
Matt Hardy def. Steven Richards

Comments: Ok, just wanted to get these sets of comments up as they explain some things right now like Smackdown's tag division, etc. But anyways, I'm going to post the Raw Preview tomorrow before my basketball game and I want Raw to be up before this upcoming Monday. Anyways, so yeah and I don't think I owe any reviews for right now, if so I guess PM me but if you are doing a PPV right now (like JBLoser) obviously I can't review right now, so yeah...
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Good news, I like the FBI reforming soon and Jordan getting released is no biggie as he had no role on the show for ages.

Everything is looking good for Vengeance, RAW is really the star show and SmackDown! getting MVP will be good.

Looking forward to RAW too KOP.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview for Monday June 5, 2006

It's the last stop before ECW presents One Night Stand II as the WWE rolls into Albany, New York tonight. With such a major show planned, the main event looks as if it could hold well tonight. Rob Van Dam, the WWE Champion will fight one on one against Shane McMahon in an Extreme Rules Match after McMahon and Paul Heyman got in an encounter last week. Shortly following RVD's tag team main event, Shane o Mac ran down and beat down RVD with the help from Triple H and Jericho. McMahon followed through with a Coast to Coast on a chair and finished RVD off before this week. Will RVD be able to get his revenge tonight against the McMahon's before his key match at One Night Stand II?

Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels, two former rivals rekindled their feud three week ago on Jericho's Highlight Reel. Since then, Jericho and Michaels feud has become personal as Jericho aligned himself with Mr. McMahon against Michaels and co. Jericho nailed Michaels with the title belt in last week's tag main event before Jericho helped further beat down Van Dam. Jericho tonight finds himself in action as he goes one on one against the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Can Jericho get a win against the legendary Nature Boy or will Flair one up the ever so cocky Jericho?

A Triple Threat World Tag Team Championship Match has been booked for this Monday's Raw as 3 Minute Warning defends their belts against MNM and the Highlanders. The Highlanders debuted a few weeks back and beat some of Raw's best teams offered. The Highlanders even picked up a win over the returning champions 3 Minute Warning after a two week lay off for the champions. MNM jumped ship as part of Open Season and beat down the Highlanders before fighting them in a Number One Contender's Match this past week which was turned into a No Contest whenever 3MW interfered. Now it has been decided that come this Monday, the titles will be on the line, what team will walk away with the gold around their waist?

After seven weeks of being out of action for nearly eight weeks, Big Show made his return to Raw. Big Show's music played across the loud speakers last week during the John Cena/Kane match which threw off Show's former tag partner Kane and Kane ended up losing. This week though Big Show officially makes his return to Raw whenever he steps into the ring for a one on one match. Show was brutally attacked and took out of action by Kane and now that he's back, you can guarantee things are about to begin heating up between Kane and the Big Show!

For all of this and more, tune into Monday Night Raw
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I will definitely be reviewing this in exchange for the Raw review you provided for me. I think that most of the emphasis of this show will be placed on ECW, so it should be interesting what you do with it.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

The RAW Preview looks good, I'll be sure to review when you post.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Raw looks great as ever. I can't wait.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw
Monday June 5, 2006
Albany, NY

Across the Nation hits across the arena and the normal Raw video package plays until the end of the video cuts out and we cut over to the commentating team at ringside.

Jim Ross: Hello everyone and welcome to another jam packed edition of Monday Night Raw here live in Albany, New York!

Jerry Lawler: So many main events tonight that it is not even funny; pretty much every match has some importance tonight.

Jim Ross: First off, Extreme Rules tonight whenever RVD meets Shane McMahon plus the Best of Seven Series rolls along.

Jerry Lawler: But that’s not all, Chris Jericho meets Ric Flair, a MasterLock Challenge, and the Tag Titles are on the line!

No Chance hits across the arena and out walks Mr. McMahon! The boos start pouring in as McMahon makes his way down the ramp before he makes his way up the steps and right into the ring before looking around and grabbing a mic. McMahon looks around the arena rather disappointed before he begins to speak.

Mr. McMahon: This Sunday, the time has finally come that now the legacy of ECW will end whenever Triple H takes away the WWE Championship, not the ECW Championship away from Rob Van Dam this Sunday. And the best thing of it all is that it is going to be on the home turf of the champion, Rob Van Dam!

Crowd Pops

Mr. McMahon: I’ve been after Rob for a month now, Triple H and Kane have fought him, Chris Jericho has fought him and yet each time he overcame the odds, except for last week! That’s right, he lost last week! He didn’t get pinned but his name still goes under the loss column, something I’ve been trying to do to our WWE Champion for a month now! And now that we have that, Triple H will add another loss this Sunday.

Crowd Boos

Mr. McMahon: Hunter has trained way too hard to fall down this Sunday to Rob Van Dam and ECW, he’s waited too long for this title shot! Van Dam, sure you’ve had the belt for two months but Triple H has held that belt in your hands, 10 times! And after this Sunday, the 11th time will be a charm because he would have done something no one else has, win a WWE Championship at an ECW show!

Crowd Boos

Mr. McMahon: A new era will begin this Sunday, the reign of the King of Kings, perhaps the greatest title of reign of all, because this Sunday we kill ECW! And when we are done with ECW, we’re going to gladly present to you all, a funeral for ECW! Yes, ECW will be dead whenever Triple H takes away the WWE title this Sunday. ECW has been dead for five years now but this Sunday we bury the legacy of ECW!

Crowd Boos

Mr. McMahon: I don’t know how many times I have to say it, ECW has been and will remain dead but for all you idiotic fans, we will end it this Sunday. I’m tired of hearing about people like Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, Balls Mahoney, Terry Funk, I’m sick and damn tired of hearing about those so called legends! The only legend right now in this building is I, the man that built the WWE to the foundation it is now! Yes, Vincent Kennedy McMahon!

Crowd Starts You Suck Chants

Mr. McMahon: Shaddup!!!

Crowd Boos

Mr. McMahon: I’m si…

Extreme hits across the arena and down comes Paul Heyman. Heyman makes his way down the ramp before he gets into the ring and walks over as the announcer at ringside asks for a mic but Heyman refuses and pulls out an ECW mic! Heyman fixes the mic before he starts speaking towards McMahon right now.

Paul Heyman: You know what I’m sick and tired of Vince, I’m sick and tired of having to hear people like you declare ECW dead. Sure the promotion was bought out five years ago but right now, this promotion still lives on within the minds and hearts of every single fan that lived what we did back in the 1990’s and early 2000’s.

Crowd Pops

Paul Heyman: And every fan that chants ECW whether they watched it then or never watched it shows that they have a respect for what that company did, and what it still does to people nowadays here that work for the WWE now but used to work for ECW. Take for example, right now the WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam is an ECW alumni.

Crowd Pops

Paul Heyman: Had Rob not have been in ECW, he may have not had the chance to fight for the WWE Cham…

Vince McMahon: We don’t need a history lesson each time we see you Paul. Every time you come out here it’s always, ECW isn’t dead, the fans still chant for it. Nobody cares about ECW anymore, why do you think I bought the company out! It was clearly dying then and it was heading for it’s death anyways, I didn’t want the employees to suffer like that! Something had to be done and I made the best choice, buy out the opposing promotion!

Crowd Boos

Vince McMahon: And Paul, I’ve heard enough of how you’re going to see Rob Van Dam win and then the ECW fans will celebrate. The only thing that will happen this Sunday and mark my words Paul is that the Game, Triple H walks away with his WWE Championship in the Hammerstein Ballroom, the home of ECW.

Crowd Boos

Paul Heyman: Oh is th…

Vince McMahon: Because you’ve got no chance in hell!

No Chance plays across the arena leaving Heyman there, looking for words but not able to say them as McMahon walks off. McMahon backs up the ramp and stares down Heyman as Heyman stares down McMahon, not taking kind to the words that he heard tonight from Mr. McMahon about his former company.


Match #1
World Tag Team Championships
Triple Threat Match
3MW (c’s) vs. MNM vs. The Highlanders

Match Overview: Fun match that kicks the night off with and most of the match involves 3MW wearing down on the Highlanders, mainly Robbie. Jamal and Rosey both double team Robbie and deliver a Vertical Suplex before Jamal, the legal man makes a cover. A dropkick quickly breaks up Jamal’s cover to the head by Nitro. Jamal staggers into MNM’s corner, which Mercury quickly takes advantage which apparently Jamal doesn’t know about. Robbie is down on the mat whenever Mercury and Nitro come in and take down Jamal with double dropkicks to the knee. Rosey comes in and charges at MNM but both men move quickly and collide with Jamal that the momentum sends both Rosey and Jamal to the outside. Nitro quickly pushes Rory off the apron before Nitro walks back over and both Mercury and Nitro deliver the Snapshot! The fans boo as Mercury hooks the leg, as he is the legal man right now. One…Two…Three!!!

Winners and NEW World Tag Team Champions: MNM

MNM grabs the belts quickly and make their way to the back as we see Melina walking with them before they disappear to the back. The Highlanders are in the ring feeling they were just robbed of the titles as we look to the outside. Jamal helps Rosey back up before Jamal throws Rosey into the barricade at ringside! The fans are watching on right now as the Highlanders slide out of the ring and head to the back while Jamal throws Rosey into the ring. Jamal throws Rosey into the ropes before he comes back right into a Samoan Drop! The fans don’t know what to think as Jamal makes his way to the top rope, then leaps off the rope with a Diving Splash landing hard on Rosey as Rosey lays in the ring, down from the attack as Jamal looks at Rosey before heading to the back.

We cut over to the commentating team at ringside.

Jim Ross: Wow, I never thought I’d see the day that Jamal ambushes his own partner after they lost their tag titles!

Jerry Lawler: 3 Minute Warning had those titles for months JR, almost four to be exact and you can blame Rosey for the loss!

Jim Ross: I still can’t believe what Jamal just did; he could have very well beaten the holy hell out of Rosey right there.

Jerry Lawler: Anything can happen JR and right now, I’m understanding Maria is trying for an interview with MNM right now!

We cut backstage to see Maria walking around before she finally finds MNM. Maria looks hesitantly at Mercury and Nitro with their tag belts before Melina stops her.

Melina: Look Maria, if you want an interview, then look no further than the new World Tag Team Champions, Mercury and Nitro! MNM!

Maria: Ok, I just wanted to ask Mercury and Nitro something real quick. First off, I noticed you are the new Tag Champions, how does it feel?

Johnny Nitro: Maria, don’t tell me you are being serious. We’ve held the WWE Tag Team Championships twice. Once for three months, then the next reign lasted for nearly six months, we know how it feels and what it takes to be on the top and does it ever feel good to always be at the top of the tag team mountain!

Joey Mercury: Maria, now you know why they call us the “It Team” on the scene, we’re clearly the hottest, the sexiest, and the most talented tag team that has ever graced the WWE. First we took over on Smackdown and took the WWE Tag Team Championships, now we come to Raw and we win the World Tag Team Championships.

Johnny Nitro: Never before has a team ever done what he have, come to a brand and immediately make an impact quickly by winning the titles, and you know what Maria, I think we’re going to have to go out and party tonight.

Maria: I heard you party with famous celebrities like Paris, is this true? I’ve always wanted to meet her!

Melina: That’s a secret for us to keep as a secret and you not to know. But tonight, I think my boys do indeed deserve a long party tonight, a chance to celebrate their hard work win and we’re going back to Hollywood to celebrate. Let’s go boys.

Maria: Wait, one more question. Tonight, you beat the Highlanders and stole their title chance, will they get another one soon?

Joey Mercury: The Highlanders don’t deserve to even be in the WWE much less Raw. We prove it every night in and out we are the team to beat, the team that the ladies want and the team that the boys just can’t beat. These titles aren’t going anywhere soon so you might as well prepare to look at us for a while!

Johnny Nitro: There isn’t a team here on Raw that deserves to be fighting for these World Tag Team Championships. Not one and that’s what we’re going to prove over these next few months that not one here including the Highlanders can or will take our titles, now excuse us Maria but we have a party to attend to, in Hollywood!


We cut out to another black screen, this time before the Vengeance screen comes across and we see the Raw logo come across too.

Narrator: For the night has come, the battle lines have been drawn, and the war has officially begum.

Images of RVD and Triple H staring down one another in each other’s face are shown on the camera.

Narrator: This is the night that everything changes, the night that friendships are broken and the warpath wages on.

Images of Kane chokeslamming Big Show back on the April 7th Raw before leaping off the ropes and landing on a chair on the throat of Big Show.

Narrator: Most importantly, these men are here for one thing, retribution.

Images of Shawn Michaels nailing Chris Jericho with Sweet Chin Music back on May 15th are shown.

Narrator: The men that walk across the warpath put their souls at risk but most importantly, their bodies on the line.

Images of John Cena winning the number one contendership are shown and past images of him holding the WWE Championship are shown.

Narrator: The night that is talked about upon the WWE, the night that people can’t wait to arrive at, for one reason.

Images of Jeff Hardy leaping off the ropes with the Swanton Bomb is shown to all the fans.

Narrator: For this is the night of Vengeance, the night that is dreaded.

Quick flashing images of all the main superstars on Raw are shown before it quickly shows the Vengeance logo!

Narrator: WWE and Monday Night Raw presents Vengeance live Sunday June 25, 2006 from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The Rexall Place is shown in a quick shot before the camera fades away from the arena moving further back.

We cut over to ringside to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: Indeed Vengeance is upon us as we are only about three weeks away from our first PPV to start the summer off with a bang!

Jerry Lawler: And if last year’s Vengeance is any indication; we are in for a treat this year when we roll into Edmonton!

Jim Ross: Huge matches have already been announced but what about right now, Chris Jericho fights Shawn Michaels at Vengeance!

Jerry Lawler: And speaking of Jericho, he is about to be in action right now against the Nature Boy, Ric Flair.

Match #2
Chris Jericho vs. Ric Flair

Match Overview: Fun match here with Flair working against Jericho and both men normally produce good matches when they fight one another. Jericho looks to take down Flair but quickly Flair delivers a knife-edge chop knocking down Jericho. Flair delivers another chop as Jericho ends up walking right into it. Flair leans against Jericho and throws Jericho into the ropes before Jericho comes back and rolls under Flair before tripping Flair up and getting a cradle. The fans boo as Jericho gets a two count but Jericho kicks Flair in the back afterwards. Jericho runs on the ropes and comes back before delivering the Lionsault and he hooks the leg, no two count! Jericho walks over and turns Flair over and has the Walls of Jericho locked in! Jericho waists no time yelling at Flair to tap out but Flair won’t give up! Jericho notices HBK coming down and Michaels makes his way onto the apron! Jericho breaks the Walls of Jericho and heads over to HBK which Michaels quickly gives Jericho a right and Jericho runs right back into a cradle from Flair! Flair has the cover and the ref counts, One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Ric Flair

Flair quickly slides to the outside of the ring and let’s out a WOOO! As Jericho is in the ring looking ready to go ballistic right about now. Jericho slams his hands on the mat and HBK points to his brain saying he got one over Jericho this week after Jericho cheated and pinned Michaels last week. Michaels and Flair make their way to the back, as it seems Flair is joining along with Michaels now in the war against McMahon.


Masterpiece hits throughout the arena and out comes the Masterpiece. Masters stops at the top of the ramp before dropping his cape and starts doing his poses. Masters walks down the ramp rather cocky tonight before he grabs a chair and grabs a mic before placing the chair in the ring and beginning to speak.

Chris Masters: It’s time for the MasterLock Challenge!

Crowd Boos

Chris Masters: I possess probably the most dangerous move in professional wrestling today, a move that hasn’t been broken in 16 months, a move that won’t be broken for another 16 months, and it’s a move that won me the Intercontinental Championship this year, the MasterLock is definitely the most dangerous move today!

Crowd Boos

Chris Masters: Just look at the list of people who I’ve beaten with it…

Crowd Boos

Chris Masters: Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Carlito, and Shelton Benjamin! The list goes on and on and on because of how deadly the MasterLock is. Nobody and I mean nobody, not even Jeff Hardy can break this move that he will get a chance tonight but I promise you that he can’t and will not break my MasterLock!

Crowd Boos

Chris Masters: And spe…

Loaded plays across the arena and out walks Jeff Hardy! Hardy does his normal taunt by shaking his hands around and the pyro sets off! Hardy comes running down the ramp shaking hands with the fans before he slides into the ring and runs to the middle turnbuckle before he plays to the fans and leaps off the turnbuckles. Hardy turns around and stares down Masters before Masters tells him something right now.

Chris Masters: Ok, go ahead and sit down, then we can get this over with.

MasterLock Challenge
Chris Masters vs. Jeff Hardy

Match Overview: Hardy walks over and sits down in the chair while Masters comes from behind on him looking ready to cinch in the MasterLock. Masters grabs Hardy and locks the hands before grabbing Hardy and throwing Hardy around like a rag doll. Masters has Hardy in the MasterLock fully and it looks like he’s passing out. Hardy however like everyone else has got the sudden surge of energy as he tries fighting out of the move. Hardy throws an elbow at Masters trying to break the MasterLock but Masters doesn’t let go. Hardy tries kicking Masters low but Masters breaks the hold himself and pushes Hardy into the ropes before Hardy comes running right back into a Polish Hammer from Masters.

Winner: No Contest

Masters grabs Hardy and throws Hardy into the corner before looking for a clothesline in the corner but quickly, Hardy takes down Masters with a drop toe hold as Masters falls face first into the bottom turnbuckle. Hardy then grabs the ropes and jumps up driving the dropkick right into the stomach of Masters. Hardy grabs Masters as Masters stumbles out of the corner and he walks right into a Twist of Fate! The fans cheer as Hardy makes his way to the top rope looking for the Swanton Bomb but before he can, Masters rolls to the outside and Hardy stares down Masters from the top rope as Masters clenches his hands together motioning Hardy will tap to the MasterLock eventually at some time.

We cut over to ringside to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: Jeff Hardy didn’t tap out to the MasterLock tonight but he certainly didn’t break it either here against Masters.

Jerry Lawler: Masters had to break it JR, if not then we could have seen Hardy actually break the hold for a change.

Jim Ross: Well, the heat between these two seems to be beginning to start brewing and there must be an ending to it soon.

Jerry Lawler: Certainly is JR and don’t forget still to come tonight we have an Extreme Rules Match, which hopefully Shane o Mac will win!


Match #3
The Big Show vs. Rene Dupree

Match Overview: Quick squash match seeing as Big Show is making his return to Raw tonight and they want Big Show to get a win. Big Show dominates Dupree but not too much as they let Dupree get in a little action to not make it a full job fest for Dupree. However Big Show fights off Dupree’s offense and delivers Dupree with a head butt! Big Show runs off the ropes and comes back driving a boot right into the face of Dupree. Big Show starts taunting Dupree on the mat for the Chokeslam as Dupree slowly gets up, he walks right into Big Show. Big Show doesn’t hesitate and he lifts Dupree into the air driving Dupree into the mat with a thud with his finisher, the Chokeslam. Big Show falls down onto his knees and he hooks the leg, One…Two…Three and just like that in his return match, Big Show has walked away with a win.

Winner: The Big Show

The Big Show makes his way out of the ring and backs his way up the ramp before he turns his back to the titantron and throws his hand up playing to the fans. Big Show turns around right into a right hand from Kane! Kane grabs Big Show and brings Big Show over to the stage and throws Big Show head first into the stage set up. Kane grabs Big Show and lifts Big Show in the air driving Big Show with amazing strength onto the steel stage with a Chokeslam! Kane looks down at Big Show on the stage as security comes out and pulls Kane away from the Big Show. Kane looks around the arena and the boos come pouring in as he gets brought to the back.

We cut over to ringside to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: Kane just had to come out here tonight and destroy Big Show in his return didn’t he? He just had to!

Jerry Lawler: He showed everyone why they call him the Big Red Machine. You don’t want to mess with Kane do you?

Jim Ross: I know King, he’s burned me alive before but wait, coming in right now is that at Vengeance, Kane fights Big Show in a No Holds Barred Match.

Jerry Lawler: Anything goes JR and I believe we are in for a big brawl literally when both men hook up at Vengeance!

We cut backstage to see Triple H standing in front of the interviewing area.

Triple H: This Sunday, I am fighting Rob Van Dam for the WWE Championship.

Crowd Boos

Triple H: And Rob, I’ve waited too long. Sure you’ve beaten Kane and Mr. McMahon in the past month in matches but you haven’t had that one on one match with me have you Rob? You haven’t had that chance that you crave, that you feel you need to beat me and you get the chance this Sunday at One Night Stand.

Crowd Pops

Triple H: But even better Rob, because when we hook up it’s going to be on your own home turf. And even better for you, is that it’s going to be under your own rules, Extreme Rules! The match that you revolutionized and made famous, right Rob? And Sunday, I’m entering into a territory I’ve never been in before, a territory I never thought I’d ever be in but it doesn’t bother me one damn bit because I am the Game.

Crowd Boos

Triple H: I’ve waited way too long for my title Rob. I’ve had to wait since that hellacious night, April 3, 2005 to regain my championship! Rob, fourteen months is a long time and I’m going to be proud to say that I will be the man to end your title reign Rob. I have no problem saying that because simply Rob, I am better than you.

Crowd Boos

Triple H: I’ve beaten the best this company has ever offered. You name them, I’ve beaten them. Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, hell I’ve even beaten you before Rob. This is no different than the first time we met. The only difference is you have my title and I’ll be glad to take it away from you this time, and beat you once again, this time on your own playing field.

Crowd Boos

Triple H: I’ve put my body on the line these past 14 months and now it’s time to be rewarded. I’ve worked hard to get back that belt, the belt that I’ve held 10 times Rob, look 10 times (Triple H holds up his hands) And sure you’ll say if you won it 10 times, then you had to lose it 10 times too right? Wrong, each time took something out of me, but in the end, I always won the WWE Championship, which I’ll have no problem doing this Sunday.

Crowd Boos

Triple H: And Extreme Rules Rob, that doesn’t scare me away. Hell, I’m glad we’re doing this under Extreme Rules. Because I will prove to the world and to the so-called ECW “fans” that Rob Van Dam’s title reign was a fluke, that it was a nothing. And you can bring all the weapons you want but I’m going to end up bringing my friend right here.

Triple H grabs a sledgehammer from behind him, which was on a table before he starts swinging it at the interview set. Triple H bends the interview set in one spot before he walks over and hits a garbage can with the sledgehammer. He stops and looks up at the camera.

Triple H: You just saw what my friend can do to a trashcan and a steel set, just imagine what it can do to you Rob. You’re just one Pedigree and one Sledgehammer shot away from losing your coveted WWE Championship. And I’ve said it time and time again but at One Night Stand, the King of Kings goes back on his throne!

Triple H stares intently at the camera as the camera then fades away before we head to a commercial break right then.


We come back from the commercial to see Carlito ready for an interview with Todd Grisham.

Todd Grisham: Carlito, now last week you helped Charlie Haas beat Matt Striker one on one, and now you’re fighting Striker at Vengeance, any comments?

Carlito: Matt Striker is just a punk, Striker stabbed Carlito with a pencil two weeks ago on Raw and Carlito hasn’t forgotten since then. Carlito says that at Vengeance, Striker has no chance of running because Carlito is going to hit him with a Back Cracker.

Todd Grisham: Carlito, last week you said you were going to try and head towards the Intercontinental Championship when you’re done with Striker, do you think you will ever be done with Striker?

Carlito: Well Carlito says that St…

Suddenly in walks Matt Striker backed up by Test as Striker smiles and Test as always has a serious look on his face.

Matt Striker: Hello, it is indeed I, your teacher, Matt Striker! Now Carlito, I couldn’t help but hear your terrible third person references down the hallway and I knew I had to quickly come down and correct them for you considering after all I am your teacher!

Carlito goes to interrupt Matt Striker but Striker stops him quickly.

Matt Striker: Ok, first off Carlito. Let me set this straight for you. Last week’s win for Charlie Haas over me that was a fluke, a travesty. Never again will a lower name wrestler beat a main event wrestler like myself ever again!

Matt Striker: And Carlito, if you don’t like it or not, how about next week you bring Charlie Haas down to that ring with you and we can have a tag match? Does that sound good to you, wait let me speak your language. (Striker makes a face and tries his best to impersonate Carlito) “Striker says bring a tag partner, and fight Striker and Test next week, that’s cool”

Carlito looks ready to rare back and punch Striker but Grisham stops him as Striker gets into his face right then and there.

Carlito: Carlito accepts. And you know what Carlito does to people that aren’t cool like you two right here. Carlito spits in the face of people who don’t want to be cool, and well right now I can tell you aren’t cool, so…

Carlito grabs an apple and quickly chews it up before quickly spitting it in the face of Striker. Test comes right after Carlito but Carlito runs off and Striker is wiping his eyes while Carlito is yelling at Striker and Test something. Carlito looks at the cameraman who followed him while he was running and says.

Carlito: Now dat…dat’s cool!

We cut down to ringside to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: Carlito just one-upped Matt Striker here tonight but mainly, we have a huge tag match set for next week.

Jerry Lawler: This night can’t get any better can it? Wow, I’m so excited for what we have in store for the next few weeks.

Jim Ross: Well coming up right now, the Best of Seven Series rolls along and these matches continue to produce one after another.

Jerry Lawler: I’m starting to believe before you know it, we might as well have ourselves a new Intercontinental Champion.

Match #4
Intercontinental Championship
Best of Seven Series, Match #4
Shelton Benjamin (c) vs. Gregory Helms

Match Overview: Another fun match that the fans get into as Benjamin needs a win if he wants a chance to get back into it. Benjamin and Helms work the mat at the beginning of the match before slowly progressing towards doing high moves and this match seems to be one of the more enjoyable ones here on Raw. Helms takes down Benjamin with a Hurricanrana before quickly Helms makes his way onto the top rope. Helms leaps off the ropes at Benjamin with a Crossbody but Benjamin catches Helms and drops him down looking for a T-Bone Suplex but Benjamin can’t do so as Helms pushes the champion away and slides underneath the legs of Benjamin. Helms grabs Benjamin and runs him sternum first into the turnbuckles before he rolls back with a cradle. However Benjamin rolls through too and he gets a two count for the cradle. Helms quickly gets back onto his feet and tries to catch Benjamin off guard with a quick Shining Wizard but Benjamin ducks it and gets a cradle of his own too. But right at that moment, Helms rolls through himself and the ref doesn’t see it but Helms grabs the ropes, Helms has the ropes and the ref counts, One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Gregory Helms

Helms slides out of the ring quickly before staring down Benjamin and the referee raises his hand pointing to Helms as Helms smiles. Helms walks to the back with Benjamin sitting there on the mat holding his head frustrated he just lost. Benjamin gets back up and makes his way to the back before we head to a commercial.


Just Close Your Eyes hits across the arena and out walks “Captain Charisma” Christian. Christian comes down the ramp wearing his warm up suit before he slides into the ring and quickly asks for a mic. He climbs the ropes and kisses his fingers pointing to all the fans getting cheers right now as he leaps off the turnbuckle.

Christian: How are my peeps here in Albany?

Crowd Pops

Christian: Now I’m sure as most of you know that I am back here on my home, the show that got me famous back last year before I left for Smackdown. The place that I won the respect of my peeps over and still to this day, the fans are out there chanting my name, everywhere I go, I can never walk around without hearing “Christian…Christian…Christian”

Crowd Starts Christian Chant

Christian: Exactly, that’s my point. But I’ve got two announcements tonight, once concerns next week here on Raw, the other one covers Vengeance. First off, next week here on Raw, “Captain Charisma” makes his in-ring return to Raw next week. I know the peeps are raving out on the streets right now everywhere in this country.

Crowd Pops

Christian: It was a travesty that I didn’t have a match last week or this week either but I will be in action next week as I said but mainly, here comes the announcement I know everyone of you have been waiting for. In three weeks time at Vengeance, there will be a return of a show, the Peep Show will return at Vengeance

Crowd Pops

Christian: But with a very special guest…

Crowd is 50/50.

Christian: The peeps have been wondering all week, everywhere I went it was “Christian, what are you doing at Vengeance, are you going to fight or not” Well the Peep Show is bigger than any match I could take place in but let’s just go ahead and say who my guest is why not. All of the peeps should know who he is too…

Crowd is Confused.

Christian: The man that caused my life a living hell back in 2003, he tried screwing me over and over again because I was on Eric Bischoff’s side. But I got one up on him, we beat his team but that’s not it now. I respect this man, and what he has done for this company so let me go ahead and say that at Vengeance, my guest on the Peep Show is going to be…

Christian: “The Texas Rattlesnake” Stone Cold Steve Austin!!!

Crowd Pops Loud.

Christian: Stone Cold, the man that hasn’t been seen since Backlash makes his return at Vengeance and with a bang as he comes back on the return of the Peep Show. And at Vengeance, he’s going to come to Canada, yes my home country and walk in there, raise hell, and party like no other man could on my show, the Peep Show. But most importantly, Stone Cold will be questioned about how he feels on Mr. McMahon now since he tried making his life a living hell. But peeps calm down because Vengeance isn’t that far away. Three weeks time and don’t fret because your savior is here to make it go faster, that’s why next week I will win my match and head into Vengeance on a high note in three weeks time…

Crowd Pops

Christian: Because, that’s how I roll!!!

Just Close Your Eyes hits across the arena and Christian slides out of the ring and makes his way to the back once again. Christian kisses his fingers and points to the crowd before making his way into the back before we quickly cut over to ringside to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: Major news and the Texas Rattlesnake makes his awaited return at Vengeance on Christian’s Peep Show!

Jerry Lawler: It’s a travesty JR, it’s like everyone is lining up and trying to fight Mr. McMahon once again and it’s Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold’s faults!

Jim Ross: Just because they are not afraid to stand up to their boss doesn’t mean it’s their fault King and you very well know it.

Jerry Lawler: Well here is a little bit of good news because when we come back, it’s time for some puppies, in tag action!


Match #5
Trish Stratus and Beth Phoenix vs. Victoria and Mickie James

Match Overview: Of course, this turns out to be one of the better women’s matches of the year considering the talent that is in the ring. Trish and Beth take on Victoria and Mickie, which seems to be a new alliance, some type of backup for Mickie in the least. Trish and Mickie are the legal women in the ring before Mickie grabs a headlock on Trish and tags in Victoria. Victoria leaps over the ropes as Mickie holds her on her knee before Victoria drops a leg right across the throat of Trish for a quick two count. Victoria walks right over to Trish and wiggles before jumping into the air for a Moonsault but she lands on Trish’s knees as Trish got them up! Trish starts crawling towards Beth as Victoria is reaching towards Mickie. Trish makes it and tags in Beth but Beth pulls Victoria away from Mickie as Mickie gets into the ring. Mickie comes charging at Beth but Beth ducks and throws her to the outside of the ring quickly. Beth quickly grabs Victoria and lifts her into the air, bringing her crashing down with the Down in Flames, the version of the Michinoku Driver II that she uses. Phoenix throws Victoria over as Trish protects the ring making sure Mickie can’t get in, One…Two…Three!

Winners: Trish Stratus and Beth Phoenix

We cut over to ringside to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: Some exciting action there and for the second week, Beth has gotten a win over Victoria, she needs some redemption.

Jerry Lawler: Victoria can’t buy a break but right now Beth looks impressive heading into Vengeance, if she keeps it up.

Jim Ross: If she does keep it up, she will take Mickie’s title, that is really all you can say about Beth right about now.

Jerry Lawler: Well, coming up after the break, our main event, the Extreme Rules Match between Rob Van Dam and Shane McMahon!

We cut out to a black screen before suddenly, Let the Bodies Hit the Floor plays from Drowning Pool, across the screen comes the One Night Stand logo.

Narrator: ECW, Extreme Championship Wrestling has always made an impact on the fans of professional wrestling…

Clips of the fans in ECW are shown throughout arenas yelling E…C…Dub and the fans yelling Holy Shit are shown.

Narrator: The fans made it what it was then, and what it is today…

Clips of superstars from ECW that are now in WWE including Rob Van Dam, Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio, The Mexicools, Nunzio, and more.

Narrator: But this Sunday, the superstars return for one common purpose, to bring back the company to what it was…

Clips of the ECW wrestlers last year holding the ECW banner are shown at the end of Raw in the ring.

Narrator: And the mission they are on, will be achieved if the superstars have any say about it at all…

We cut to see images of Rob Van Dam doing kicks in a dark hallway, throwing fists, and stretching before a match.

Narrator: For the men that embark on this mission are truly on it for a reason, to relive what they started out with…

We cut to see images of Mick Foley and Terry Funk fighting in several hardcore matches and putting their bodies on the line.

Narrator: For the moments that were lived back then, can’t be taken away and they never will be from these men…

We see images of several old ECW shows with several older stars hitting their key moves being shown.

Narrator: But the originals return with a reason, that reason being to entertain the fans and let ECW continue living on…

We see flashing images of the ECW originals all just showing their faces before the camera stops on Paul Heyman.

Paul Heyman: ECW One Night Stand II, Live this Sunday June 11, 2006! ECW makes it’s return, are you ready?


Match #6
Extreme Rules Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Shane McMahon

Match Overview: The night ends off with some extreme action before One Night Stand this week as Rob Van Dam fights Shane McMahon after McMahon and Heyman’s encounter last week. Van Dam and McMahon have a good match as McMahon can go in the ring too whenever there are hardcore rules like Van Dam can too of course. Heyman is at ringside with Van Dam while McMahon has his dad, Vince and Triple H scouting the action. Towards the ending, Van Dam throws the chair to McMahon before delivering the Van Daminator! Van Dam rolls over and the fans see Shane McMahon bleeding from the chair shot but also the beating he has taken here tonight. Triple H slides into the ring quickly but Van Dam moves and throws the chair at Triple H connecting the chair hard to the skull as the momentum sends Triple H to the outside of the ring. Van Dam turns around and throws McMahon in the middle of the ring as he places the steel chair on top of McMahon and Van Dam quickly makes his way to the top. Van Dam plays to the fans but we see Mr. McMahon being the last resort run on the apron. Van Dam quickly leaps down and pushes McMahon off the ropes as McMahon falls to the outside. Van Dam runs along the ropes and delivers the Rolling Thunder onto Shane with the chair on top of him. Van Dam felt that impact hit his back hard but he’ll do anything to beat someone. Van Dam starts crawling towards the ropes as the chair isn’t on Shane o Mac anymore but Van Dam pulls himself up quickly and leaps off the ropes delivering the Five Star Frog Splash to Shane o Mac! Van Dam hooks the leg, One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Van Dam begins to celebrate in the ring but Triple H slides in quickly looking to Pedigree Van Dam but Van Dam quickly moves away from Triple H as Triple H and Van Dam get into each other’s faces but out of nowhere comes John Cena down the ramp! Triple H stands on the apron as Van Dam and Cena stare down one another. Cena is out here seeing as he is the number one contender come Vengeance and the show ends with Cena, Triple H, and Van Dam all staring down one another in the ring.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

My review of King of Pain's Monday Night Raw from June 5th 2006

Opening segment between McMahon and Heyman

I thought this was very well done. McMahon's comments certainly drew a great deal of heat from the ECW faithful and when Paul Heyman came out it added to the intrigue for me. The fact that you had it so Heyman didn't know how to retaliate after McMahon said you've got no chance in hell was a nice touch, it could mean he has something up his sleeve that he's not revealing or it could just show that he isn't 100% sure that RVD can defeat Triple H to retain the title. Nice work.

3-Way World Tag Team Title match

Interesting that you had 3 Minute Warning as the champions heading into the match. It was a good decision putting the titles on MNM, I'm curious to see if you will have them feud with the Highlanders or another team in the immediate future. Having Jamal turn on Rosey post-match was a surprise, I'm intrigued to see where you will go with this. The post match interview with Maria showed their brash, young attitude and Melina's comment was very realistic.

Vengeance promo

I just wanted to briefly state that I liked the amount of imagery you put into describing the promo you envisioned, it came off very well and I could somewhat visualize what you were describing as I read it.

Chris Jericho vs. Ric Flair

Having Flair kick out of the Lionsault was a surprise, I thought the match was over right there. Interesting that you had HBK come out to help distract Jericho so that Flair could get the pinfall victory. I also appreciated that you mentioned how Jericho cheated to get the victory of Michaels last week, as it explained to a reader such as myself who is reading your BTB for the first time a backstory as to why it occured. It's clear to see that you are extremely organized in your presentation.

Masterlock Challenge

I normally find the Masterlock Challenges to be pointless but you did as good of a job as you could advancing a future feud. The segment seemed extremely realistic and I liked that you had Masters roll out of the ring before Hardy could hit the Swanton bomb. Should be an interesting matchup between the two in the near future.

Rene Dupree vs. Big Show

The match served its purpose, getting Big Show a victory in his return match, not really much to comment on match wise. But I liked the post match beatdown of Show by Kane, it showed how ruthless he is in this feud after initially taking him out and it also shows that he won't give Show a second to breathe in this feud.

Backstage segment with Triple H

Tremendous job of illustrating the intensity of Triple H in this segment, what he said added more passion into their matchup at One Night Stand.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Gregory Helms

A very interesting feud here, only thing I could offer as advice is for readers who haven't yet read your BTB and are just starting to get into it, you may want to repeat what the score is in the best of 7 series. When you said Shelton needed a victory to stay in it, it made it clear that Helms currently has the upper hand but repeating the score may be helpful to readers such as myself. Just an idea though, overall it seemed like a good match and I liked that you had Helms go over by cheating, it showed that he is willing to do whatever it takes to win the IC title.

Christian's Peep Show

I liked that you have the peep show on Raw, its also intriguing to see that you're bringing Stone Cold back at Vengeance. I'll be interested to see if it is just a one time deal or if you will have him back for good.

Women's match and ECW One Night stand promo

The women's tag match was done well, it served its purpose of getting Beth Pheonix over to show that she is a worthy adversary for Mickie James' women's title. I again enjoyed your attention to detail in the ECW One Night stand promo, once again the imagery was very clear and I liked that a lot.

RVD vs. Shane McMahon

Very interesting matchup right here, I thought you ended the show perfectly. It will be interesting to see if Cena gets involved in the title match at One Night Stand.

Overall I thought it was a fantastic episode of Raw, you are very organized and descriptive. Very nicely done and I will certainly be following how you continue this in the future.

I'm not sure if you follow TNA at all but it would be appreciated if you could leave some feedback on my BTB about Final Resolution, thanks.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

RAW Review 5.29.06

Good Cena promo to open the show. He was in character, and seemed very over with the crowd. McMahon coming out adds tension because Cena really has nothing to do with the main event situation right now, but I could see him getting involved at One Night Stand after reading this promo. Kane coming out adds to this, as now I think it will be a triple threat or something like that at Vengeance. Okay match with Phoenix and Victoria, not a terrible match, but okay. Glad Phoenix won to build this feud with Mickie. Should be interesting to see how this feud builds. Good Carlito promo, in character and nice to see Striker get a bit of a push in this thread. Though it's not surprising since you like Striker. Decent match with Haas and Striker, nice to see Carlito get the upper hand in the feud this week, causing Striker to lose and all. Masters promo wasn't that great, I'm not a fan of him, and I don't think this was a good promo. Hardy wasn't that great in this promo either, but I guess a midcard feud between these two could be good. McMahon/HHH/Jericho promo was good, nice to see an alliance between these three. Kind of reminds me of the corporation in some ways. Fun tag match, like you pointed out, and 3MW coming out in the end helps build this feud with The Highlanders. Somehow I see The Highlanders pulling off the upset against 3MW when they face each other for the Tag Titles. Don't ask me why, but I just have a feeling. Good ECW promo from Heyman and Van Dam. Nice to see them 'rally the troops' in that sort of way. Van Dam vs McMahon for next week sounds good. I can expect some spots in that one next week. Good match betweeen Cena and Kane, glad to see Cena pick up the victory here, which only builds their feud more. Nice! Christian's back on RAW! I'm gonna love to see how you use him on RAW, could be some great entertainment. Excellent match between Helms and Benjamin again, and interesting to see Helms go up two to one in the series. I think Benjamin's going to win it all, but something tells me you'll have Helms win. Anyway, nice HBK promo to sort of hype the main event, which should be a good one. Michaels seemed in character in this promo, and I love this feud with Jericho he's having. Good main event, heels come out on top in this one, which means Van Dam will be winning next week. Good show, I'm editing in two more reviews later on today.

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