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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Fair promo to kick the show off with Cena was mainly in character and Vince faded in and out, using his regular sayings, and just as it seems Cena will shut Vinnie Mac up, Kane takes him out and helps the boss away

Meh I never liked Beth Phoenix, thank God she's faded into obscurity, and I hope Mickie retains against her at Vengeance because she's one of the few Women's wrestlers I enjoy watching

Vengeance video package was good

Carlito interview was shaky, as you said you haven't been feeling the best lately kinda like me actually, so atleast I know why he's off here, still I like the feud idea with him and Striker

Carlito shows up and helps Haas get a win over Striker to gain a slice of revenge for the attack last week with the pencil. When will Haas do something meaningful on RAW?

Eh Hardy & Masters feud will be bland IMO, hopefully it's just to get Hardy over before he moves onto the IC title scene

Again a shaky promo with Jericho & HHH in McMahon's office, it's a big main event and I can see interference from Heyman & Shane to decide the match

3MW batter the Highlanders but MNM escape and atleast now the tag division in this thread is looking respectable with MNM there

Shane vs RVD in an Extreme Rules Match = Spots galore! I expect a Coast 2 Coast to be pulled off by one of them during it, and run ins from Cena, HBK, Heyman, Y2J, HHH, Kane & Vince, or all of them during it to further what seems to be becoming a stable-ish feud

Cena beats Kane and that might settle that for a while

Christian is on RAW! Big moment, but I don't know where he'll fit in to an already stacked main event scene, maybe plans for a Cena/Christian feud after Cena is done with HHH or RVD?

Helms makes it 2-1 in his favour, one can only hope that Shelton wins this series as Helms is the new Christian in BTB these days with nearly EVERYONE pushing him

HBK promo was a bit better than previous ones and his match with Jericho is one I look forward to after what they've done in the past

Nice match and as thought McMahon gets involved and helps his boys get the win, very good main event match. Man, big beatdown afterwards on HBK and RVD, leaving them a bloody mess as the show ends and McMahon's group standing tall and proud, Shane looks like a million bucks after hitting that C2C to RVD

Good booking as far as matches went, but as you said the promos at times were off. Still, nontheless you always provide a good show and this was no different. 7.5/10


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown Preview for June 2, 2006

Tonight, the summer kicks off with perhaps one of the biggest Smackdown's in a while. Two major title matches are to take place as first Kurt Angle defends the World-Heavyweight Championship against Edge and Randy Orton. Orton won a Triple Threat Match last week over Edge and Christian but Edge simply reused his rematch clause giving him a spot in the match too. With the odds being against Angle tonight, could we see a new champion be crowned or will Angle prove that he is no fluke champion and walk back away with the gold?

The United States Championship will be defended as Booker T puts it all on the line against Bobby Lashley! Lashley won pinned Booker T last week in the tag match giving himself a shot at the title tonight. Lashley will be receiving his first shot at the title but can he be the one to walk away with the gold? Ken Kennedy and Matt Hardy, who were both in the tag match last week, both seem to be coming after the United States title too? What will go down when Booker puts the gold on the line against the Hard Hitting, Soft Spoken, Lashley?

At Judgment Day, we saw Batista add more "salt to the wounds" of Rey Mysterio when he put Mysterio down with a modified Sit Out Batista Bomb as Mysterio leapt off the ropes. Mysterio wasn't on Smackdown last week and won't be this week either. Smackdown GM Teddy Long has given Batista the night off this week to think of his actions after Batista showed up last week and ran down Mysterio with comments. Batista has promised he will be back next week and will be waiting for Mysterio to make his return to Smackdown as well.

WWE.com Raw News

The Big Show is expected to be back this Monday on Raw after being gone since the beginning of April. Big Show is expected to have a program with Kane for a little bit of time and that all started this week whenever Big Show's music was played and distracted Kane during his match. Expect more on this feud to develop soon.

A Triple Threat Tag Title Match has been announced for this Monday's Raw whenever 3MW defends their titles against MNM and the Highlanders. Both MNM and the Highlanders will recieve shots as the Highlanders have pinned 3MW two weeks ago while MNM has proven to be a hot commodity now on Raw. What team will walk away with the belts when it's all said and done?

The Jeff Hardy/Chris Masters feud is going to be nothing major. Hardy came in and most everyone else was feuding with someone so Hardy got stuck with the Masterpiece as his returning feud. WWE wanted to get Hardy right away into a feud and didn't want him to job for weeks so this explains the MasterLock Challenge this Monday coming up on Raw.

WWE.com Smackdown News

The FBI, Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke will be fighting the Impact Players at One Night Stand II. The Smackdown Creative Team however is thinking about keeping them together as a team on Smackdown, possibly as a heel team at that too. WWE is seen to be impressed with Mamaluke as he can work the mat if needed and can fly. Mamaluke would also be a major step in helping continue to build the Cruiserweight Division.

Expect a few workers to be "feudless" for a week or two as eight weeks remain until the Great American Bash. The WWE doesn't want to just throw everyone in feuds at the same time and the feuds will slowly but surely begin to build. The main feud for GAB is expected to begin building in the next two weeks or so. Expect more on that whenever it does get announced for the show.

WWE.com PPV News

Two more matches have been announced for One Night Stand filling out the card. In a Three Way Dance, Psicosis will fight Super Crazy and Yoshihiro Tajiri. Psicosis and Super Crazy are actually tag partners in the WWE right now but this won't lead to a feud. This is a one off match for ECW to showcase the talent the cruiserweights had back in ECW so I repeat, this won't lead to a feud.

Secondly, the fans have spoken and after last year's insane match, the rematch has been booked. Mike Awesome will fight Masato Tanaka once again! After the insane match both men pulled out last year, will they be able to top it this year seems to be the question. After all the bumps and bruises, will both men be the same after last year, find out at One Night Stand!

Notes: Yeah, nothing major in the news except for a few things. But um, Smackdown will be up by the weekend at the latest, I'm working on that and I'm still sick on and off, so bare with me please!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

RAW Review:

Opening Segment: Typical Cena promo, nice impersination of the chairman, Kane coming out to makje the save was predictable, but still a good opening to the show.

Beth Phoenix vs. Victoria: Pretty good women's match, I dont care much for Phoenix, but I like Victoria, so it would've been nicer if Victoria won. Shoulde be an OK match at Vengeance, Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix.

Vengeance Video: Nice video hyping up Vengeance. I look forward to it alot.

Carlito Interview: Alright interview, i look forward to the Carlito/Striker match at Vengeance. Not much Maria humor though.

Matt Striker vs. Charlie Haas: Prerry good match, expected Striker to win, nice to see Carlito interfere, and Charlie winning is good for him, and i hope a push will happen for Haas at some point in this BTB.

Chris Masters/Jeff Hardy Backstage: Hmm... a Hardy/Masters feud would be alright. An OK promo by Matsers, he isn't good on the mic, so it must have been hard to write a good promo by him. I am looking forward to seeingif Jeff Hardy can break The MasterLock.

McMahon/Y2J/HHH Backstage: Good promo, and I want The Game to have another title reign. Y2J/Michaels will be awesome!

MNM vs. The Highlanders: Alright match, 3MW ruined it though. I was hoping MNM would win to have a shot at the titles. Maybe a triple threat tag team match between the three teams would be good.

ECW One Night Stand Video: Good video, i look for ward to ONS.

Heyman/RVD/Shane Backstage: Wow, an Extreme Rules match for the title will be awesome.

John Cena vs. Kane: Good match, I hope to see Show return, and see a feud between Kane and The Big Show. Anyways, not a great match on paper, but you made it good, and nice to see Cena win the match.

Christian Promo: Nice promo, Christian is so good on the microphone, and you made him sound even better. i hope that Captain Charisma can get a shot at the WWE Championship.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Gregory Helms: I'm liking this best of 7 series so far, and i am liking Helms going for the IC Title. A good match, i can't wait to see who ends up winning the whole series in the end!

HBK Interview: OK promo, HBK getting right to the point, nothing too long for me.

RVD/HBK vs. Y2J/HHH: Damn good match, lot of action, its just too bad Vince McMahon had to get involved, or else HBK/RVD would've won. The beatdown at the end was great to get Vince/Shane/Y2J/HHH over as good heels.

Overall: 9/10. Good show, all the matches were decent to great, the promos were good, and i look forward to your next show.

P.S. Drop by a review on my BTB!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Cena opens the show, and he starts by making a few comments about his title shot, before Vince comes out and makes him face Kane again. Going to be a solid match, but Cena should win again I would guess. Looks like Cena is going to be against Vince now

Beth becomes the number 1 contender as expected, and now she gets her match with Mickie James, which will be good to see. The feud so far has been okay, but needs something more to liven it up a bit

Carlito keeps his feud with Striker rolling with a nice promo here, but he looks to have his focus still on the IC title, and will probably be the next challenger to the title.

Haas gets his win over Striker that he has been looking for for the last few weeks, but gets a bit of help from Carlito to do it. Carlito adds a bit more heat to his feud, and Haas gets a win that he needed to have really.

Hardy offers to attempt the masterlock challenge, and I don’t think he will be the first to break it, but by the same token, I don’t see him tapping out to it. Guessing Masters attacks him instead, and they have a brief feud, just to get Hardy over again

Jericho gets HBK at Vengeance, but that is all the good that came from this promo really, as I wasn’t feeling the words of HHH and Jericho, and I don’t really think that need to be around Vince, as he is kind of making it hard for them to be themselves. Still, I guess we will get some good matches booked

3MW beat down both the Highlanders and MNM, so one can only assume that a triple threat tag match is made for Vengeance now, as that is the only way that this feud can really be settled. Should be a solid match, and the triple threat format will definitely spice the match up a bit

RVD vs. Shane??? Extremes rules??? Shane wins… that is my guess, with him getting a lot of help from HHH and co… either way, it should be a great match, with the coast to coast spot bound to be in the match. Can’t see how this match can disappoint really

Cena gets another win over Kane, but needs a bit of help from the music of the Big Show to do so, which makes him look a bit weak. Maybe I would have used a different opponent for Kane to do this, someone who winning slightly unclean wouldn’t have damaged

I didn’t expect to see that, but Christian is back on Raw, and that is one of the biggest shocks of the open season system so far. Nice promo from him really, with him talking about how he wants to be the champion, and how he gets the chance on Raw, but he has a way to go to get in line for a title shot really. Thinking that someone else big could do with going to Smackdown now, as it is getting a bit crowded on Raw

Helms steals match 3, and keeps the lead in the series, but it is definitely going to a 7th match. Maybe have something to spice it up though, as 7 1 on 1 match would get a bit repetitive by the end

Jericho and HHH steal the main event, which looked to be a good match, but the key stuff happened afterwards, where the faces got beaten down by the heels again, and at the moment, RVD chances of keeping the title are getting thinner by the moment, as Shane o Mac gets the better of him.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown!
Friday June 2, 2006
Memphis, Tennessee

Rise Up by Drowning Pool hits and the normal Smackdown video package plays before we head over to ringside to the commentating team.

Michael Cole: Hello everybody and welcome to once again another exciting night of Friday Night Smackdown!

Tazz: Cole, I’ve been waiting all week and finally the time has come, finally it’s time for the huge Triple Threat match for the title!

Michael Cole: Randy Orton, Edge, and Kurt Angle all doing battle for the World-Heavyweight Championship, that is huge!

Tazz: Of course it is plus the United States title is on the line and a Hardcore Match, what a way to end up kicking off the summer!

Longhorn hits across the arena and out comes the ever so famous limo of John Bradshaw Layfield. The limo stops and out steps the chauffeur before the chauffeur walks over and opens the door for JBL. Out steps JBL whom quickly does a Texas Two Step before he walks down the ramp clad in his American Flag warm up jacket and his wrestling tights on.

John Bradshaw Layfield: You should all be celebrating because right now all of you pieces of trash are in the presence of a true champion! You can all rejoice because you are in the presence of the man who will soon end the nonsense that has been happening here on Smackdown and you are all in the presence of a true businessman!

Crowd Boos

John Bradshaw Layfield: I have overcome every obstacle that has been thrown at me! I was the longest reigning champion in a decade and rightfully so! I defeated everyone and everything that came at me and no one was able to beat me!

Crowd Boos

John Bradshaw Layfield: You people boo me, but yet you all feel that you can come out here and chant for some dead promotion? I am the epitomy of what a real champion should be and what a real champion was supposed to be all about! Come hell or high water, I did what I had to do and that was deliver truly in the end and show that I am really the King of Hardcore!

Crowd Boos

John Bradshaw Layfield: It is indeed true; look at my list of hardcore accomplishments! I’ve competed in bar brawls, Bullrope Matches, No Holds Barred, Last Ride, I Quit, Barbed Wire Steel Cage, Triple Threats, Fatal Four Ways, anything and everything that has been thrown at me has been overcome because I am the King of Hardcore!

Crowd Boos

John Bradshaw Layfield: Not some lowly promotion that was ran in a damn bingo hall, I am the King of Hardcore of a multi million business! I do what I say I do, and I am what I say I am, and that is that the sun doesn’t rise, that the creek doesn’t rise up, you will all have a hero, a man that stands in front of you right now and you can call him your savior!

Crowd starts You Suck Chants

John Bradshaw Layfield: For I am here to save the thing we call wrestling. I am here to tear down ECW and show I am the only hardcore one that is in this business! I am here to save you all from having to watch that crap that you little “extreme fans” claim to want to see but in the inside you know you’d all rather be watching me, JBL!

Crowd Boos

John Bradshaw Layfield: Go ahead, chant my name!

Crowd Boos

John Bradshaw Layfield: JBL…JBL…JBL…JBL!!!

Crowd Boos

John Bradshaw Layfield: I am the one that has made this business. I smell like smoke because I have walked through fire. Everything I have done I have done it cleanly and my next goal will be to kill off Extreme Championship Wrestling which shouldn’t be too hard considering it’s already dead and it’s just being “relived” for right now! But at One Night Stand, I’m warning everyone to be prepared because I will be there! Not to wrestle but to make something clear!

E…C…Dub Chant Breaks Out

John Bradshaw Layfield: You people all make me sick! Chanting ECDub for these drunken bastards that have no talent. All your little ECW heroes have ever done is throw chairs at one another, fall onto tables, and get drunk afterwards. I put my body on the line in a WRESTLING ring each and every night since I started WRESTLING! Yes, I don’t beat people repeatedly with chairs, I don’t need that! And you don’t need to do that whenever you’re a….

John Bradshaw Layfield: Wrestling God!!!

Longhorn hits across the arena and JBL makes his way up the ramp as his music plays after he ended up tossing his mic to the mat in the ring. The fans boo as JBL waves to the crowd and he will be out here later tonight for the match. JBL walks behind the curtain as his music stops playing and we cut to a commercial.


Michael Cole: And before the commercial break, JBL gave us his thoughts on how he feels about ECW nowadays!

Tazz: Yeah and I had to listen to him continue on, I can’t wait till someone gets a hold of him and just beats the hell out of him

Michael Cole: And speaking of ECW Tazz, in nine days you step back into the ring to which you will be fighting one on one against Sabu!

Tazz: I can’t wait, it’s been a few years but I’m sure myself and Sabu can tear the house down come One Night Stand!

Match #1
United States Championship
Booker T © vs. Bobby Lashley

Match Overview: The show kicks off with one of the two title matches tonight, the first one being for the United States title. Both men put on a good match, which seems to be given some time as the opener. Booker takes down Lashley with a Houston Side Kick before he starts to measure up Lashley for a Scissors Kick! Booker runs off the ropes for the Scissors Kick but at the last moment Lashley is quick to move. Lashley who runs and delivers a Spear driving Booker hard right into the mat spins around Booker. Lashley hooks the leg of Booker; One…Two…Thre…the foot of Booker is on the ropes as Booker found the energy to do somehow. Lashley grabs Booker and looks for a Running Powerslam but down comes Mr. Kennedy! Kennedy grabs the foot of Lashley and the ref doesn’t see anything! Kennedy pulls hard on the foot and the momentum sends Booker crashing down onto Lashley with a pin! Kennedy remains ducked down on the outside as Booker keeps the pin and Kennedy pulls on Lashley’s foot so he can’t kick out. One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Booker T

Mr. Kennedy slides into the ring quickly and starts beating down on Lashley with Booker T. Kennedy tell Booker to hold Lashley down as Kennedy makes his way up top. Kennedy looks at Lashley and looks ready to jump with a Kenton Bomb onto Lashley but Matt Hardy comes rushing down the ramp! Hardy pushes Kennedy off the ropes and Hardy gets into the ring before he throws a right at Booker T! Hardy grabs Booker and Irish whips Booker into the ropes before Booker comes right back into a twisting elbow from Hardy! Lashley gets back up and Kennedy charges at Lashley but Lashley ducks, bounces off the ropes and connects with a Spear! Booker gets right back up into a Twist of Fate from Matt and the fans are going wild as Hardy and Lashley shake hands with one another!

We see a video package begin playing after a black screen is shown.

Narrator: He’s a franchise player…

Images of Montel Vontavious Porter wrestling in OVW are shown with Porter delivering his finisher, the Playmaker, an Overdrive.

Narrator: The next top superstar of Smackdown…

Images of Montel Vontavious Porter delivering his other finisher, the Malicious Intent are shown, which is a spinning capoeira kick.

Narrator: He’s the hottest free agent of all time…

Images of MVP in interviews, and in meetings looking for contracts are shown with MVP not signing any during them.

Narrator: The most coveted man in professional wrestling today…

Images of MVP are shown in the rain as the rain comes down on MVP in this segment similar to the Wrestlemania rain segments.

Narrator: The man of the hour, the man that is signed to Smackdown…

Images of Montel Vontavious Porter signing with the WWE, Smackdown, and Theodore Long are shown on the screen.

Narrator: He’s Montel…

Images of the letter M come up; the letter is purple and is wrapped with silver lining around it as the next letter is about to show up.

Narrator: Vontavious…

Images of the letter V come up, the letter is purple as well and of course is wrapped in silver lining just like the M is.

Narrator: Porter…

Images of finally the P are shown which is of course purple and obviously has the silver lining around the letter too.

Narrator: MVP is coming to Smackdown…in two weeks!


We cut backstage to see Josh Matthews standing by with Sylvan.

Josh Matthews: Sylvan, later tonight you will be fighting Hardcore Holly in a Hardcore Match, what do you think about this match?

Sylvan: Wait Josh, you’re talking to the Ambassador of Quebec! Speak to me in a better way because first off, I have something. I need to invite every one of you all to come join me in the wonderful country myself and millions of other people call home! That is the greatest country in the world, and that country happens to be Quebec.

Josh Matthews: Sylvan, you’ve fought Hardcore Holly for nearly a month now and out of two matches you’ve beaten him both. Can you make it three out of three tonight?

Sylvan: Hardcore Holly is just like any other typical American out there, a failure that tries to stand up and “defend their country” but falls on their butt in the ends. See when you’re from Quebec like me, you don’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself like Hardcore Holly has done because we Quebecers have talent, something Hardcore Holly and Americans don’t have, so we don’t rely on Hardcore Matches to help us. And that’s another reason; you should all come and relax in the wonderful city of Quebec!

Josh Matthews: Anything else Sylvan?

Sylvan: Quebec, the Island of tranquility is waiting for you. The home of perhaps the most talented man not only on Smackdown but the WWE. The home of the greatest looking man this business has ever seen and the home of the next World-Heavyweight Champion. Yes and he’s not American, he’s a Quebecer, Sylvan! Bonjour Quebec!

We cut down to ringside to the commentating team.

Michael Cole: Wow, such an arrogant man is Sylvan and I can’t believe he is not afraid of what faces him later tonight.

Tazz: He’s fighting Bob H… Hardcore Holly! Probably one of the toughest men in the WWE and he shows no signs of being afraid.

Michael Cole: Indeed Tazz and that shows guts right there but what about right now, we’ve got Chris Benoit in action!

Tazz: It’s been a wild start to the night so far but let’s see what Benoit is going to bring to the table here tonight on Smackdown!

Match #2
Chris Benoit vs. Simon Dean

Match Overview: Quick squash match to get the Rabid Wolverine on the card tonight and get him in some action. Benoit fights off offense from Dean as they don’t want Dean looking like a jobber but Dean does put on a good showing. Benoit however trips up Dean as Dean goes for a Simonizer but Benoit being the Rabid Wolverine is quick to catch Dean with a German Suplex! Benoit keeps the arms hooked on Dean and rolls back up before connecting with another German Suplex! The fans cheer in approval as Benoit keeps the arms hooked before he pops the third and final of the three German Suplex. Benoit does his classic throat taunt before he makes his way onto the top rope looking for a Diving Headbutt! Benoit leaps off the ropes but right at the last moment, Dean rolls away and Benoit connects with the mat! Both men are down and after a minute Dean walks over and grabs Benoit and flips him over for a pin but Benoit gets a cradle! Benoit rolls over with the cradle and locks in the Crippler Crossface! The fans are going wild as Benoit yells for Dean to give up and finally, Dean taps out giving the win to Benoit!

Winner: Chris Benoit


We cut out to a black screen before suddenly, Let the Bodies Hit the Floor plays from Drowning Pool, across the screen comes highlights from last year’s One Night Stand.

Narrator: Last year, ECW made its return when it invaded the entire city of New York and the Hammerstein Ballroom.

Clips of the Hammerstein Ballroom are shown as the camera is scanning across the empty arena with shots of New York City thrown in.

Narrator: For the first time in four years, ECW was back and alive.

Clips of the opening bout, Chris Jericho vs. Lance Storm, the Three Way Dance, and Rey Mysterio vs. Psychosis are shown.

Narrator: And nobody was going to ruin ECW’s moment in the spotlight for this truly was a special night in New York.

Clips of the Raw and Smackdown wrestlers coming down to the ring with the post-show brawl-taking place being shown on the screen.

Narrator: And this year, it’ll be no different.

We cut to see images of Triple H doing his classic pose, spitting the water in the air, delivering the Pedigree to many opponents and we see Triple H, Vince McMahon, and Kane all holding their hands high on the ramp from Raw.

Triple H: Rob, I am the Game, I am the true King of Kings and I’m looking forward to making sure your reign is dethroned on your own turf.

We cut to see images of Van Dam winning the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 22 with Van Dam delivering the Frog Splash. Shortly after, highlights of Van Dam doing his thumb taunt and many other key moves are shown.

Rob Van Dam: Hunter, ECW was something special and you’re looking at truly a One of a Kind Superstar, the WWE Champion…Rob…Van…Dam!!!

We see images of Van Dam and Triple H staring down one another with Van Dam backed up in the ring by fellow ECW compadres while Triple H has McMahon and Kane behind him.

Narrator: This year everything’s on the line. Pride but most of all, the WWE Championship! Rob Van Dam versus Triple H!

We see images of Van Dam and Triple H in a split screen delivering their key moves once again before it cuts out, we cut to Paul Heyman real quickly.

Paul Heyman: ECW One Night Stand II, Live on Sunday June 11, 2006! ECW makes it’s return, are you ready for it?

We cut backstage after the promo ends to see Paul Heyman walking around wearing his ECW hat before he bumps into John Bradshaw Layfield.

Paul Heyman: JBL.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Paul Heyman, just the man I was looking for!

Paul Heyman: Really?

John Bradshaw Layfield: First off, I want to say this is an honor and privilege to talk to you once again because just in nine days, I’ll be ridding the WWE of ECW! And I thought you would just like to know that I will indeed be at One Night Stand, just like last year and trust me, I won’t be there to watch that hideous flying around the ring that you all call wrestling!

Paul Heyman: John, that’s nice and all but really, let me clear something up for you. You can bring anybody else in the WWE you want to, it still won’t change the minds and hearts of the loyal ECW supporters we have! ECW still lives on today and it’s amazing to know that they are still out there to support us each and every step of the way! You can try your best John to “take down” ECW like Shane McMahon is this Sunday, but you’re going to fall flat on your ass again, just like you did when John Cena took your WWE Championship.

John Bradshaw Layfield: That’s a nice one Paul, very nice. And all jokes aside, I don’t think you’re going to have to worry about killing off ECW too much considering it’s been dead for five years and counting. Right now, all that’s left is those smartasses that fell the need to yell out ECW to simply try and piss off real talented wrestlers such as myself!

Heyman cracks a smile and starts to laugh.

John Bradshaw Layfield: What’s so funny Paul?

Paul Heyman: Oh, it’s nothing John! I just can’t help but notice that you said ECW is dead? Truly, you can’t be talking about Extreme Championship Wrestling? The promotion that revolutionized what professional wrestling is today. We weren’t afraid of crossing the line, we weren’t afraid of doing what had to be done and we weren’t afraid to stand up for what we believed in which showed that we truly had the balls.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Sure Paul, that was 2001, newsflash this is 2006! We haven’t been in 2001 in 5 years. Five years ago I was teaming with a reject named Ron Simmons in one of the greatest, wait the greatest tag teams ever! But that’s beside the point, the fact is that in five years ECW has been dead, I made a name for myself! I let everyone know who I am and that all happened whenever in 2004, I won the WWE Championship!

Paul Heyman: And you haven’t won it since, Mr. “Money in the Bank.” John, I’m a busy man and quite frankly, I don’t have the time to mess around with you all night so I’ll go ahead and say this. If you have the balls, you drag your ass into that arena on June 11 and see if there aren’t any ECW wrestlers waiting for you. Last year, your little brigade tried to come in and ruin everything, this year is different! This year, we won’t back down again, and we won’t let you all come into our house and ruin our night!

John Bradshaw Layfield: Don’t worry Paul, I’ll be there, just be ready!

We see Heyman and JBL walk their separate ways before we cut down to ringside.

Michael Cole: Wow, some heated tension nowadays between the workers of the WWE and ECW, will it ever stop?

Tazz: I doubt it Cole, the WWE workers seem having an attitude with the ECW workers is the bright and right thing to do.

Michael Cole: Anyways, coming up after the commercial, Sylvan meets Hardcore Holly in a Hardcore Match!

Tazz: A heated feud indeed and it comes to rest tonight, will we see Sylvan walk away with a major win tonight?


Match #3
Hardcore Match
Sylvan vs. Hardcore Holly

Match Overview: The crowd gets to see a good hardcore match to end the feud off with but of course, it’s nothing too extreme. It has its chair shots thrown in along with the table being brought into the ring as well. Holly grabs the table and sets it up in the ring looking to throw Sylvan through the table but Sylvan doesn’t let that happen. Sylvan Irish Whips Holly quickly and backs come Holly but right then, Holly runs right into a steel chair shot! Holly’s face connects with the chair hard and Sylvan drags Holly off into the corner with the table. Sylvan lifts Holly up looking to throw him through the table quickly but Holly is quick to reverse and he grabs Sylvan. Holly waists no time as he lifts Sylvan quickly into the air before bringing the Ambassador of Quebec crashing through the table with an Alabama Slam! The fans cheer Holly as he throws an arm over Sylvan as that is all the momentum that he has right now. One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Hardcore Holly

We cut over to ringside to the commentating team.

Michael Cole: Finally, someone has shut Sylvan up and it took long enough for him to finally be shut up which is the sad thing.

Tazz: Indeed Cole and well, we’ve still got a major match coming our way later tonight, which is our main event!

Michael Cole: Kurt Angle puts the World-Heavyweight title on the line later tonight against two opponents, Edge and Randy Orton!

Tazz: Angle might not walk out of here champion tonight if Edge and Orton have any say with what goes down tonight.

We cut backstage to see Ken Kennedy walking around before he walks into Theodore Long’s office.

Ken Kennedy: Teddy!

Theodore Long: Now who do you think you are just budging right in my office?

Ken Kennedy: Look, I’m Mister Kennedy, the hottest rising star and the man that is changing Friday nights, so don’t get an attitude with me Teddy.

Theodore Long: Continue on playa.

Ken Kennedy: Look I want a United States title shot! I have earned a title shot, not Bobby Lashley, not Matt Hardy, but me!

Theodore Long: Oh is that so playa? Well is that why you were out there earlier tonight trying to help Booker win by cheating playa?

Ken Kennedy: Cheating, it was just friendly competition, friendly competition that saw Bobby Lashley lose in. Now you know it and I know it Teddy, that United States title shot better be heading my way Teddy. I’ve beaten the best here on Smackdown, I’ve done everything necessary and now, I want my title!

Theodore Long: Look playa that’s great and all but if you’re going to want a title shot, you’re going to have to earn it the right way. So I’ll tell you what playa, what I’ll do is next week we’re going to have ourselves two matches. First off, Mr. Kennedy, you will be in action and your opponent is going to be Matt Hardy!

Kennedy smiles and looks at Long laughing.

Ken Kennedy: Matt Hardy huh? Just an…

Theodore Long: And in a rematch since you screwed over Bobby Lashley earlier tonight, Lashley will receive a rematch for the title when he fights Booker T one on one next week! Now how are you feeling that playa?

Ken Kennedy: What, Lashley gets another shot? Teddy, what is up with that? I mean I des…

Long walks over and Kennedy makes his way out of the office, Long shuts the door as we hear Kennedy yelling outside from the office as Long smiles inside his office.

Theodore Long: Holla back playa!


We cut backstage to see Jamie Noble in the lockeroom walking around before we see Kid Kash walks up. Noble looks ready to walk out the room whenever in walks Kid Kash, the man that has been stalking Noble for a few weeks.

Kid Kash: Jamie, how are you doing? I mean, you’ve had a few good victories these past few weeks and well, I want to congratulate you!

Kash smiles rather cockily as he holds his hand out wanting Noble to shake hands with him.

Jamie Noble: Look Kash it’s ni…

Kash suddenly interrupts Noble before speaking.

Kid Kash: Jamie, I don’t want much, hell I don’t even want a title shot! I just want an answer from you; I want to know what you’re going to do about me?

Jamie Noble: Would you please just leave me alone?

Kid Kash: I can’t Jamie, simple yes or no! I need to know what are you are going to do about this offer I’m giving to you. Like I said, I don’t want your Cruiserweight title, I’ve had my shots at that title and I just want to know what you want to do about my offer?

Jamie Noble: I don’t know, I me…

Kid Kash: I need a simple yes or no, come on and tell me.

Noble looks at Kash and thinks about it before he looks back up.

Jamie Noble: I can’t tell you anything right now Kash; I’ve got to think about it. I don’t know what I want to do as far as it goes and really, I don’t need to be stuck in this spot. After all, I already have a duty being the Cruiserweight Champion.

Kid Kash: You know what, I’ll give you a few weeks to think about it, I want you to come back and tell me what you think, and then we’ll see.

Jamie Noble: Ok, now can you leave? I’ve got to get ready to go.

Kid Kash looks to walk off before he stops and tells Noble something real quick.

Kid Kash: Remember this Jamie, I’m not playing. I want an answer as soon as possible; this is the best thing that can happen to you. I’ve waited for months, I’ve fought you and really, this is what you need to do right now, I can tell.

Kash walks off as Noble looks at the ground before he gets back onto his feet and continue packing his bags, looking ready to leave.

Michael Cole: Wow, something interesting right there between Kash and Noble, I’m starting to wonder what’s going on.

Tazz: Seriously, it seems Kash wants Noble to do something but as for right now, we can’t be sure as to what that is.

Michael Cole: It really is getting confusing and hopefully soon, we’ll figure out why Kash is doing what he is doing to Noble.

Tazz: I hope we find out soon, but anyways we’re looking forward to seeing our huge tag match, which is right now.

Match #4
Brian Kendrick and Paul London vs. The Gymini

Match Overview: Fun tag match to get the tag champions on the card tonight in a match that can put them over against bonafide opponents in the Gymini. Both bigger men try working and wearing down on London and Kendrick but it doesn’t seem to be the answer considering how the Gymini aren’t able to ground London and Kendrick. London and Kendrick continue their constant tagging in and working on Jake Gymini. London leaps off the ropes taking down Jake with a dropkick before Kendrick takes Jesse to the outside with a dropkick of his own. Kendrick follows through by grabbing Jake and delivering the Sliced Bread #2 before London makes his way up to the top and he leaps off the ropes, the 450 Splash connects! London quickly hooks the leg for the cover and that could very well be it! One…Two…Three

Winners: Brian Kendrick and Paul London


We cut out to another black screen, this time before the Vengeance screen comes across and we see the Raw logo come across too.

Narrator: For five years, the battle has been fought and the battle has been waged with major implications on the line.

Images of Jericho winning the Undisputed Championship back at Vengeance 2001 are shown with Jericho celebrating in the aftermath.

Narrator: For history has been made these nights and friendships broken but one thing seems to remain the same.

Images of Batista fighting Triple H in Hell in a Cell at last year’s Vengeance is shown with Batista coming out victorious with the title.

Narrator: But now, these men have fought their battles and have led themselves down a road that might not turn back.

Images of John Cena are shown with Cena fighting against the odds, overcoming many men shown in these matches that are shown.

Narrator: And with so much on the line, does one actually want to throw it all away, or give it everything it takes.

Images of Shawn Michaels celebrating after his win and hitting key Sweet Chin Music’s and other key moves in his repertoire.

Narrator: And once it all begins, there really happens to be no way out, no chance of not walking out of the battle unscathed.

Images of Triple H nailing people with his sledgehammer and delivering the Pedigree to many other opponents are shown.

Narrator: For this is the night of Vengeance, the night that is dreaded.

Images of Jericho on the Highlight Reel, hosting his show and we cut to see Jericho having the Walls of Jericho locked in on other wrestlers.

Narrator: WWE and Monday Night Raw presents Vengeance live Sunday June 25, 2006 from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

We cut backstage to see Edge walking around before he bumps into Randy Orton.

Edge: Just the man I was looking for, Randy Orton!

Randy Orton: What do you want Edge?

Edge: Look, you’re talking to the Rated R Superstar, the former World-Heavyweight Champion and you aren’t going to talk to me with that tone of voice. I want your respect Randy, and most of all, I want to ask a favor of you right here.

Randy Orton: If thi…

Edge: Just listen Randy. How about both of us team together tonight and we work together, and we take down the champion, Kurt Angle. And after we take down Angle, then it can be just you and me, one on one out there with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line.

Randy Orton: You know what Edge, I like your plan. Just think, Randy Orton, two times World-Heavyweight Champion! I was the youngest World-Heavyweight Champion ever and nothing could be better than winning that title for a second time.

Edge: Well, we’ll talk about that later but as for tonight, let’s just work together and we’ll settle it one on one later on. But if it does come down to one on one, I won’t be afraid to Spear your ass and grab MY title!

Orton looks at Edge and gives a rather cocky smile, Orton cockily laughs too.

Randy Orton: Your title?

Edge: Yeah, it’s my title. I worked my ass off for that belt, I beat five other men to win that Money in the Bank contract at WrestleMania 21! I put my body on the line and I was champion for nearly four months. I was robbed of the title last month, and I am bringing the title back to where it belongs, around the waist of the Rated R Superstar!

Randy Orton: Edge, maybe you don’t realize it but it is my destiny to regain back my World-Heavyweight Championship. I like yourself was robbed of my title whenever Triple H stole it from me, and I won’t ever forget that. And if you try and ruin my night, I’ll drop either you or Angle in that ring with an RKO!

Edge: Ok look, let’s not argue. We’re going to work together tonight and then we’ll settle it after, just remember we are out there to take Angle down first and foremost. And after that, it’s going to be one on one, each man for themselves. Deal?

Randy Orton: Deal.

Edge extends his hand to Orton, which Edge pulls Orton in toward himself and both men stare down one another before walking off.

We cut down to ringside to the commentating team.

Michael Cole: Edge and Randy Orton seem to have somewhat of an alliance tonight but is it going to be able to last at all?

Tazz: After what happened backstage, something is telling me to not count on it happening for too long which I’m sure it won’t.

Michael Cole: We’ll wait and find out but still to come of course is that major Triple Threat match later tonight!

Tazz: It’s going to be huge right Cole but coming up next, a little bit of six man action before our key main event, stay tuned!


Match #5
Ukliq vs. The Mexicools

Match Overview: Little bit of six-man tag action to further the fact that Finlay, William Regal, and Paul Burchill can’t get along. The Mexicools take advantage of this seeing that their opponents are having troubles as Finlay is yelling at Regal for the tag but Regal can’t get up as he’s in an armbar from Psicosis. Psicosis drags Regal into the corner tagging in Super Crazy. Super Crazy quickly leaps onto the ropes before delivering a dropkick off the top rope. Super Crazy delivers a standing moonsault onto Regal for a two count as Burchill breaks the count to the surprise of the fans. In comes Juventud going after Burchill as Juventud with his momentum sends both men to the outside with a clothesline! Finlay grabs his shillelagh quickly as at the same time, Super Crazy grabs Regal. Finlay comes running at Super Crazy with the shiellagh but Super Crazy ducks and Finlay connects with a shot to Regal. Finlay doesn’t seem too concerned but he gets a double dropkick from Psicosis and Super Crazy sending him to the outside. Psicosis runs and delivers a Plancha to the outside on Burchill and Finlay as Super Crazy leaps off the top rope with a Moonsault! The fans cheer as Super Crazy hooks the leg, One…Two…Three!!!

Winners: The Mexicools

The Mexicools all celebrate as we see Burchill and Finlay down on the outside. Regal is rolling around in pain as he heads to the outside and Finlay is back up too struggling around though. Regal pushes Finlay asking Finlay why he got blasted with the shillelagh to which Finlay responds with a push back. Burchill tries breaking it up but he gets pushed himself and Regal walks over to Finlay and both men start wrestling around the ring, rolling all around. Burchill watches as Regal is on top of Finlay throwing some lefts before Finlay rolls over and gives Regal some rights. Security runs down as Burchill is calling them out and they separate both men from one another. Finlay and Regal are yelling at one another while Burchill is in the middle and he walks out seeming disappointed in both men before we cut over to ringside.

Michael Cole: Wow, it just seems that the Ukliq group continues to implode every time they find themselves being in a match.

Tazz: They can’t get along, it’s simple. They all love to fight and it seems it’s starting to get to their heads for certain.

Michael Cole: I don’t know, we’ll have to see what goes down these next few weeks but it does seem interesting to me.

Tazz: It certainly does but right now, let’s head backstage to see our current World-Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle.

We cut backstage to see Kristal Marshall with Kurt Angle.

Kristal Marshall: Hello everybody, I’m the newest Smackdown interviewer Kristal Marshall and right now, I’m standing by with the World-Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle! Now Kurt coming up next, you defend your title in a Triple Threat, how are you feeling?

Kurt Angle: Kristal, when you’re an Olympic Gold Medalist like me, you are always in tip-top shape and I mean always! I’m ready for any challenge and tonight is no different. I’ve beaten both Edge and Randy Orton in the Six Pack Challenge, I overcame five men and I showed why I truly am the Wrestling Machine!

Kristal Marshal: Kurt, recently backstage Edge and Randy Orton have agreed to double-team you tonight, what do you think about that?

Kurt Angle: Edge and Randy Orton are no match for the Wrestling Machine. I won this title after working my ass of for it, I had to beat the best to get this title. And Edge plus Randy Orton think they’re going to just come and get the title, that’s not how it works. And that’s why tonight, somebody’s ankle is going to be broken in half, oh it’s true, it’s damn true!

Kristal Marshall: Anything else Kurt?

Kurt Angle: Yes, Kristal. Edge and Orton, tonight your just another stepping stone that I’m going to walk all over. Oh it’s true, and you are both going to be victims of the Ankle Lock, which I have no problem of making both of you tap out! So be prepared because there isn’t going to be a new World-Heavyweight Champion, I’m keeping MY title!


Match #6
World-Heavyweight Championship
Triple Threat Match
Kurt Angle © vs. Edge vs. Randy Orton

Match Overview: All three men put on a memorable match in the ring with Edge and Orton living through with their promise as they both double team Angle but one thing goes wrong, they aren’t able to keep him down completely. Angle fights back after he takes a Double Vertical Suplex from Edge and Orton. Edge and Orton whiplash Angle into the ropes but Angle fights back with a double clothesline taking both men down. Angle gives a head butt to Orton before he throws Orton to the outside of the ring. Edge charges at Angle but Edge collides with the turnbuckles in the corner before Edge backs right into the grip of Angle, German Suplex! Angle keeps the arms hooked before he rolls through and connects with the second of the German Suplexes! Angle keeps them hooked once again before he rolls through and connects with the third and final of the German Suplexes! Angle starts taunting for the Angle Slam as he jumps up and down on the mat. Orton slides into the ring quickly and taps Angle on the shoulder looking to drop Angle with an RKO but Angle pushes Orton into the ropes. Orton comes back right into the Angle Slam! Angle grabs Orton and stands Orton up but right then, Edge comes charging for the Spear! He connects with the Spear to Orton! Angle takes advantage by throwing Edge to the outside of the ring quickly. Angle heads over and quickly locks in the Ankle Lock on Orton. Orton starts scratching and crawling towards the ropes trying to grab the ropes and break the hold but Angle wraps his legs around Orton’s. Orton has no choice but to tap out and Angle retains.

Winner: Kurt Angle
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

King of Pain, a DOUBLE review of RAW and SmackDown! should be coming this week. Don't you worry.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE: SmackDown! - June 2, 2006 – Review
~ Alright, we kick off the show with a JBL rant towards the Extreme Championship Wrestling. So JBL will show up at ECW One Night Stand II, hmm. Let’s see what you’ve got there. It was a miss and hit promo to be honest. Flow of the problem wasn’t also that much good.

~ Interesting to kick off with a United States Title match. Enjoyed the little overview of the match. Aftermath was just okay, and it could set up a tag team match between them for next week.

~ MVP, man, I like him too much. Glad that you’ll have him in two weeks at SmackDown!

~ Never really enjoyed the Sylvain Grenier’s interview because now every promo of his has some words, lines, and concept. Just getting boring.

~ Typical squash victory for Benoit. And I don’t know where he is going now. I guess I’ll wait for that one.

~ ECW One Night Stand II getting more hype is cool.

~ JBL and Heyman’s confrontation backstage was very good. Umm, it dragged on a bit though. But apart from that, ECW One Night Stand II getting even more hype is great.

~ Hardcore Holly picks up the victory over Sylvain? Wow. Never expected that. I thought you were giving a push to Sylvain. Erm, I’ll see where Sylvain is heading to, from now on.

~ I think you should spruce up the United States Divison because it’s getting boring now. Kennedy tries to get a shot at the United States Title, but Teddy makes it Kennedy vs. Hardy next week, and that should be interesting. Lashley vs. Booker in a rematch for the US title is okay, nothing special and entertaining. I have never really liked a feud between Booker and Lashley.

~ Indeed really very special and interesting storyline is happening between the Cruiserweight Champion and Kid Kash. I wonder what favor Kash is asking from Noble. I guess I’ll wait for this one too.

~ Kendrick and London pick up a victory over Gymini in a nice tag team match. Now this division is also getting a bit boring to be honest with you. Maybe spruce up this division too and make it something really very interesting?

~ Hmm, now Vengeance gets a bit hype.

~ Orton and Edge, the heels get on one side and the alliance has been formed between the two to take out Angle, and then compete one on one. I’m not sure that Orton and Edge will be on the same page though. But let’s find out.

~ Nice match-up here, as this time finally the Ukliq ends up and Regal vs. Finlay feud begins. Now wrestling wise, this feud would be a classic one. And with Burchill thrown at it, in the middle, it’d be entertaining. Maybe Regal and Finlay will settle down the scores at the next pay-per-view?

~ Kurt Angle wasn’t looking in character at all. Didn’t enjoy this promo to be honest. However, the huge triple threat match getting more hype is good.

~ Hmm, enjoyed the little bit of overview of the main-event. Angle gets the win, as expected and it’d be interesting to see the fallout from this one, next week.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

IAmLegend's Smackdown Review

JBL Segment: This was enjoyable and well written. JBL was in character here all the way through, especially when he was mocking the crowd and making constant references to his past title reign. His attack on ECW was a bit out of the blue, but it really fits with his character. ECW is a brash, working class thing, and JBL, well, isn't. I'll be interested to see what he has in store for One Night Stand.

Booker T vs. Bobby Lashley: I like both of these guys so I was torn throughout. It was well-written though, with Booker not coming across as too weak, but still winning via furtive means. So it looks as though there are now four men vying for the US title, which should make it very interesting. I can forsee and fatal four way in the near future.

MVP Segment: Great to see old Montavious making his debut in Unleash The Fury. I'm not sure why but I really like this guy. You should handle him really well and I expect a decent push for him. Go MVP!

Sylvan Interview: This guy has been very funny of late, and quite effective in his promos. This is another example, with a sublime bit of character play. Even though I do not like these Pro-America storylines, I can appreciate the quality of writing.

Chris Benoit vs. Simon Dean: Yep, squash match here, but still very effective. A Smackdown card without Chris Benoit is just unthinkable. The man is too good to waste. Well written again with a Crippler Crossface finish. With JBL involved in a war with ECW and Christian gone to Raw, I expect that Benoit will be joining Angle, Edge and Orton in battling for the WHC.

One Night Stand Promo: I think I could recite this in my sleep by now, but It's still darn good! I can't wait. Come on Triple H!

JBL/Heyman Segment: Nice to see JBL getting a lot of attention this week. A well-written segment here, though I'm still a little uncertain about having Heyman as a face; it just seems unnatural somehow.

Sylvan vs. Hardcore Holly: I expected Holly to win this match and the Alabama Slam through the table was a nice way to finish. I like the understated hardcore matches on weekly shows, as there is too much hype about Extreme ones. Barbed wire and glass isn't THAT good.

Kennedy/Long Promo: Give him a title shot, Teddy! Damn! Oh well, this continues to set up the four way dance between Booker, Lashley, Kennedy and Hardy for the US title. I can see Kennedy and Lashley winning next week.

Kid Kash/Noble Segment: Eh? What is going on here? This felt a little wierd and I'm intrigued to find out what Kash is up to.

London & Kendrick vs. Gymini: Nice to have the tag team champs in actions here and going over comfortably on Gymini. I wonder who L&K are going to feud with next. Possibly UKliq?

Vengeance Advert: I know this by heart as well now. Decent hype. As its main event I can see a HHH/RVD/Cena triple threat for the WWE Title. I'm usually wrong though.

Edge/Orton Segment: Just as I though. Orton and Edge are in cahoots. Edge seemed extremely in character here, it was freaky. I can see this alliance going wrong though, as there is too much ambition between them.

UKliq vs. Mexicools: Uh, perhaps UKliq wont be the next contenders then. It looks as though Regal, Burchill and Finlay are going their separate ways. I think its time Finlay moves into the WHC or at least the US division. Good match though overall.

Kurt Angle Interview: Ah, I see where I'm going wrong. This was very Angle-esque, with all of his catchphrases and trademark intensity thrown in. I would be extremely shocked if Angle didn't retain tonight.

Main Event: Superb match here. I especially liked the bit where Edge speared himself. Lol. I got that it was Orton. Well written with a predictable outcome mind you. The rivalry brewing between these three is really heating up. It can only get better.

Overall: Once again you prove why you are my favourite booker, King of Pain, and why this is my favourite BTB. Few spelling and grammar mistakes, perfect length, great booking and excellent storylines. I can't wait for Raw.

9 out of 10 - Keep it up!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Smackdown Review

JBL Promo
Great promo to open the show. Vintage JBL, he’s obviously going to be at ONS in some proximity, I hope he’s involved in a match! You maintained his character brilliantly here for the whole promo, well done.

Booker v Lashley
Nice little match here, with a good ending that protects Lashley’s credibility. Lashley didn’t come out of this looking weak at all. The ending with Hardy and Kennedy involved opens new avenues for the US Title. Probably sets up a US title match for next week.

Big hype for MVP, will be interested to see what you do with him, but I have to say I’m not a fan of his at all.


Matthews was a little off in this one, he just seemed a bit weird. I liked Sylvan here, I’m generally not a fan of his promos, but this was good. He wants to be Champion, are you planning on giving him a title push? Or is he just big noting? Decent hype for his match from Holly and he’s not showing signs of backing down, which is great.

Benoit v Dean
Squash for Benoit. Simply gets him over, you had to have him on the show some how and hopefully he isn’t far off from the title scene.

The ECW promo is shown again, I must confess that I love this one a lot.

JBL/Heyman promo
JBL is once again brilliant in this one, you’ve maintained his character well again, which is great. Heyman seemed a little off, but it was nothing major. Looks like Bradshaw will be involved in a match at ONS, which is awesome. The crowd will shit on him and it would probably be a pretty decent match.

Well I’ll be damned, Holly wins. I thought Sylvan was a moral here after his promo. Interesting to see where you go with Sylvan now, as it seemed like you were giving him a push.

Kennedy/Long promo
As expected, there are developments in the US Title division. Good to see Kennedy having to earn the title shot. Only problem with this was Long saying “Playa” so many times.

Kash/Noble Promo
Very intriguing promo here. Definitely gets you wondering what’s going on between the two. Looking forward to seeing what develops here.

London and Kendrick v Gymini
Londrick get some good rub by defeating the much bigger Gymini team. The champions come out looking very strong here. It will be interesting to see where you go with the tag division in general.

Same hype for Vengeance. This one isn’t as good as the ECW one, but it’s still effective.

Another great promo. You’ve kept them both in character well here. Both Edge and Randy were right on the money. They’re forming an alliance against Kurt, this bodes badly for the World Champion, provided they can be on the same page.

UKliq v The Mexicools.
The Mexicools go over looking strong, as the UKliq seems to have come to an end. A Finlay/Regal feud seems to be on the cards, which will be brilliant from a wrestling standpoint. I dare say that could just be a launching pad towards propelling Finlay into the Main Event. I’m most interested to see where you go with Burchill after this one, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him align with one of the guys in this feud, but I dare say he’ll just go his own way.

Angle Promo
Typical Angle promo, showcasing his intensity, clearly he is ready to go for the match, and I’d be shocked to see him drop the title.

Main Event – Angle v Edge v Orton
Well Orton and Edge are surprisingly on the same page for the whole match, but Angle over comes the odds looking incredibly strong. I thought the flow of this one was lacking a bit, “Edge speared Edge”? That definitely took away from the match, as after that it was hard to keep track with what was going on. Angle retains, coming out looking very strong.

Good show over all mate, no obvious problems at all. Well done, really enjoying it at the moment.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Ok guys, thanks for the reviews that I have gotten so far. Done with most, only owe to F-D and JBLoser but of course they have their PPV's so, that makes sense. But anyways, what I'm getting at is I'm going to post some news later, either tonight or tomorrow and I'll post a Raw Preview along with that. But just wanted to let everyone know that and that I did get all of your reviews out pretty much.
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