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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

IAmLegend's RAW Review

Cena and McMahon Promo: Excellent promo here, It was actually good fun to read. McMahon is already feuding with RVD and ECW, but now it seems that he has even more to worry about in the frame of Cena. Kane is just the ultimate silent henchmen so i really like the way you are using him. His match with Cena last time was a great brawl. I really like the way the sides are being drawn like the heroes and villains of a story. Great opening!

Phoenix vs Victoria: Surprisingly interest women's feud here. It's good to see that you have actually thought about it. I thought Beth was likely to win, but I expect Mickie to retain. Victoria and Beth are really the pawns in the ongoing war between Trish and Mickie. Good.

Vengeance Promo: Damn you do these things well! You create just the right amount of tension and stereotype. The use of past clips was nice too. A great show thus far!

Carlito Interview: Good segment here. The feud between Carlito and Striker seems to be building momentum and looking fairly interesting. I think Carlito might regret dismissing Striker though in favour of the IC title. However, I have never liked Test in this feud; this guy has way too much ability to be an idiotic henchman to Striker.

Haas vs Striker: Great to see Haas win here as this guy is severely underused. Good ending to the match up too with Carlito making an appearance. I hope Haas makes it into the IC circuit.

Masters and Hardy Promo: Very good segment here, with both men really in character. I don't know why but I always find Masters very funny. I can't see Hardy breaking the Masterlock in a million years, but it's a good way to start a feud between the two of them. Don't know what Jeff was doing there though.

HHH and Jericho and McMahon Promo: This was pretty much the Jericho and McMahon show; no real need for HHH. Other than that it was very good, with Vince and Y2J in character and proving to be very entertaining.

MNM vs Highlanders: I wasn't expecting this kind of match up, but it was very good. 3MW are on fire in your BTB and it'll be interesting to see who faces them at Vengeance. Maybe a three-way tornado tag? Great show so far!

ECW Segment: I remember this promo from last time and it's still good. You seem to have a great knack for writing these.

Heyman & RVD/Shane Promo: This was a very good segment. RVD and Heyman were ace and the Shane O Mac match later on looks interesting. I can't wait for ONS.

Cena vs Kane: I'm glad Cena needed a distraction to win, because beating a guy like Kane cleanly is just unrealistic. Interesting with Big Show's music coming on. Perhaps Show returns for a match at Vengeance. It's a shame that Cena is in the WWE title picture because this would be a very good feud to continue.

Christian Promo: I like this move a lot. SmackDown! has a lot of main event players and Christian belongs on RAW. I hope he turns heel and brings Tomko back, but even so he still my second favourite wrestler of yours behind Jericho and just ahead of JBL. If Christian is making a beeline for the title then I hope it becomes a triple threat match at Vengeance, or even a four-way. Brilliant stuff, mate.

Benjamin vs Helms: Brilliant match. This rivalry is really on fire at the moment. I think it climax at Vengeance with a Helms victory. This is the MOTN so far.

HBK Interview: Good stuff here. HBK was in character throughout, although he did have some cheesy lines. It got me even more interested in the Main Event and the feud. Great stuff!

Jericho and HHH vs HBK and RVD: Very good main event. It was good to see the heels win and at no point do HBK or RVD go all superman. With Kane,HHH,Jericho and the McMahons in an alliance, are you creating a kind of dominating heel stable? That's a great idea. This was the MOTN.

Overall: Sorry to hear about you being sick but you can't tell from this show, except for a few dodgy moments in the promos. This is still my favourite BTB, mate, keep up the great work. I can't wait for SmackDown!

9 out of 10 - Awesome!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I'll have a review up tomorrow for ya KOP I hope.


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Wow great show.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Looks a great show mate, I'll get your review up this arvo after I finish work.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Bah I'm hard pressed for time you'll have to wait a day or two before I can get yours or any reviews up, fucking New Years parties...


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Raw Review

The opening promo was a good way to start the show off and now Vince has Cena and RVD as problems, I think he’s going to need more than Kane.

Beth v Victoria. Beth gets the victory and looks strong for doing it. This gives Mickie a fresh feud until she faces Trish again. It’s good that you’re having Trish involved in the feud a bit as well.

Carlito promo – Good promo with Carlito putting over his feud with Striker, but I think he’s got bigger and better things on the horizon. I’ll be very surprised if Striker goes over in the best of 7.

Haas v Stiker – Good match. Makes Charlie Haas come off looking strong and it furthers Strikers feud with Carlito. Hopefully Haas gets a big push now.

Good feud starter between Masters and Hardy here. I thought you kept Masters in character very well here.

HHH, Vince and Jericho promo. This one shouldve just been Vince and Jericho. Hunter wasn’t really there for much reason and he sounded lost in what he did say. Jericho saved the promo, but Hunter really wasn’t the best.

Good finish to the tag match, with 3MW coming in, this way neither of the teams look weak and it starts a potential triple threat feud for the tag titles.

Heyman/RVD/Shane – Best promo of the show so far. Looking forward to Shane v RVD, that could really be quite brutal.

Christian’s promo was quite good. Definitely going to be interested where you go with him. Hope to see him insert himself into the title picture sooner rather than later.

Shelton v Helms – Good match, this rivalry is really going places and it will obviously climax at Vengeance in what possibly could be the best match on the card. MOTN thus far.

HBK’s promo wasn’t too bad, it did its job, he was in character and it put over the main event well.

Main Event: Good match, with a good ending. Shane beating down RVD made us want to see their match next week and I like what you’re doing with the heels, forming some what of a stable.

Overall it was good and Vengeance is coming along nicely, no noticeable spelling or grammar issues and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what you’re going to do with Christian.

Good show mate.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Helms wins this match, I don't understand why the fans were booing, maybe he was acting like a heel and becomign a full fledged one? Is he a heel? I've been reading and unnoticing this if its true, verify this for me. Good match, this will come to a head at Vengeance, as I did the count and the 7th match will occur at Vengeance.
Yeah, Helms has been heel since he's been in this thread, thought that was pretty obvious. But anyways, yeah I thought I'd clear that up.

Cena and McMahon Promo: Excellent promo here, It was actually good fun to read. McMahon is already feuding with RVD and ECW, but now it seems that he has even more to worry about in the frame of Cena. Kane is just the ultimate silent henchmen so i really like the way you are using him. His match with Cena last time was a great brawl. I really like the way the sides are being drawn like the heroes and villains of a story. Great opening!
Right now for everyone, this is how the feud is breaking down right now.

Mr. McMahon has Shane McMahon, Triple H, Kane, and Chris Jericho right now backing him.

Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, Paul Heyman, and John Cena are all against McMahon right now.

So it's kinda like a big war but it has the single feuds pushing it right now.

Notes: Ok, thanks for the reviews. Just got to return a review or two right now I believe for Paranoir and someone else. I'll have to check back and see. PPV Reviews, yes most know I've been sick since Thursday on and off. I haven't even worried about doing reviews for PPV's right now, so just thought I would say that. But anyways, expect a Smackdown Preview tonight or tomorrow.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE: RAW - Monday May 29, 2006
~ Down comes Cena to kick off the show, and he cuts a good short promo, until McMahon cuts him off. And then McMahon and Cena get into a short confrontation, before McMahon makes an official match for tonight, which will be Kane vs. Cena. Nice way to kick off RAW.

~ Beth beats Victoria, in a nice match, and earns an opportunity to face the WWE Women’s Champion, Mickie James at Vengeance. Beth using Michinoku Driver was really very cool, and it proves that her match with Mickie at Vengeance would be a lot better.

~ Vengeance getting more hype from the video package is nice.

~ Alright, nice to see Carlito vs. Striker match been made official for Vengeance. Their feud getting even more hype is good. However, Carlito in this promo seemed off at some times and the promo here was nothing special.

~ Haas vs. Striker was a very interesting match, which in the end lead to Striker nailing the DDT on the official. Carlito, as expected came down and attacked Striker in the ring, and he even added a victory in Haas’ bag.

~ Hmm, a feud with Jeff and Chris Masters? Aww gawd, it’ll bore me. But anyway, the promo itself was cool. Masters was in character, and Jeff, well, I don’t know about Jeff’s mic skills, lol. Masterlock challenge next week? Hope that a feud doesn’t extends from that one.

~ Jericho gets a match against HBK at Vengeance. Well, that’s great and I’ll be really looking forward to that match-up. However, this feud needs a bit build-up. Anyway, the promo was nice here, with McMahon not 100% confident that HHH and Y2J will do the job tonight, but in the end, Y2J and HHH say there words, and well, I’ve to see if Y2J and HHH are right.

~ So, finally Highlanders get to wrestle MNM tonight, but it ends in a no contest as 3MW attacks on both teams. Feeling that a triple threat tag team match is coming for Vengeance. If you ask me personally, I’d say that I’d love to see Umaga in this thread rather than Jamal.

~ ECW’s only pay-per-view also gets a bit hype here through a video package.

~ Paul Heyman and Rob Van Dam cut an extremely great promo here, which leads us to a Shane vs. RVD match next week in an Extreme Rules Match. I think that it’d been okay if you’d have made a match for Shane against an ECW Original at ECW ONS II. But anyway, let’s try this way.

~ Alright, now this match was more of a brawl rather than a wrestling contest, which we usually see. Cena beating Kane was really a surprise for me, and Show helping Kane was a nice touch. So, Show vs. Kane for Vengeance I guess?

~ WOW! Yes, you made me happy! Christian on RAW? Well, that’d be amazing. I hope that we see a huge push of Christian from now on. He cuts a really great promo, which I loved. Man, it’s great to see him here. Finally you are getting some charismatic superstars in your shows. Good job.

~ Helms ‘steals’ another one from Shelton, and now he’s 2-1 in his feud with Benjamin. Good match, and in the future, I’d love to see Helms picking up the victory.

~ Shawn Michaels was in character in this promo. And I liked how the promo ended, with HBK saying that his foot will meet Jericho’s chin, come Vengeance.

~ Vince McMahon once again becomes the key factor here as he helps Jericho and Triple H to gain a victory over Rob Van Dam and Shawn Michaels. And the aftermath to this one was good, with Shane coming up and assisting with the heels, and then Shane destroying RVD was really needed, to get more hype for there match next week. Good show.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Raw Review

*Nice start off with Cena considering his win last week. The character seemed a tad bit off to me though but I can’t put my finger on it. Eh, same match as last week? I hope you throw a twist in there later in the night.

*Beth becomes the number one contender, no shock there. I expect a tag match next week in order to continue to build towards Beth/Mickie.

*I think Carlito referred to himself a bit too much in that promo. I haven’t heard a Carlito promo in awhile but I don’t remember him talking in the 3rd person that much. Other than that, good announcement with Carlito/Striker.

*Haas gets the win with some help from Carlito, I’m cool with that. Not sure if it will lead to anything for Haas but at least it builds Carlito/Striker

*I hope Masters ends up killing Hardy with the masterlock. No, I don’t hate him at all

*Looks like Cena will have the odds stacked against him tonight.

*I thought MNM was going to take this but the no contest was a nice little twist. MNM still came out as the stronger team f the two as they weren’t the ones laid out. 3MW vs. MNM could be a fun little contest.

*Oh shit, battle of the Vanterminators next week, that should be exciting if you give it some time.

*Looks like Big Show is going to return pretty soon. Pretty Undertaker-esque ending but I’m happy to see that it wasn’t actually Taker. Cena wins, no shock there.

*Cool with Christian coming back to Raw, solid promo.

*Helms wins an important tie breaker match to go up 2-1. I figure this will go 7 as just about every Best Of 7 Series goes 7.

*Good hype for the tag match and HBK/Jericho

*Jericho and HHH pick up the victory with the assist from the title belt. I’m cool with that ending as it gives the heels some momentum heading into next week. Shane attacks RVD after the match to soften him up and I’m cool with that as well.

Overall, a pretty good show. A lot of things were built heading into ONS and Vengeance and everything seemed book nicely. The promos were a bit off I think but you explained that in the note so I don’t hold it against you.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Cena/McMahon segment- Great way to start the show. Some of the parts of the promo were shaky, some of the words in a weird order making it hard to read and understand, but you're sick and it's forgiveable. Overall the characters were in character and had some good lines, really hot way to open the show with the match announcement and Kane beating down Cena. For real, pumped me up for the rest of the show, and I'm neither a Cena nor Kane fan, awesome job.

Victoria vs Phoenix- Actually entertaining womens match, since both women can wrestle and hit cool power moves. Nice reversals and counters of possible finishers at the end, with Phoenix hitting her finisher for the victory, well booked ending. Also a nice way to continue the Mickie/Beth feud, which could produce more great matches.

Carlito interview- Bad...just bad. You seem to have the same problem a lot of others have: yes, Carlito talks about himself in the third person and uses cool a lot, but every other word is either Carlito or cool in this interview, SUCH overkill, just made this a really bad interview. It was a good length, but that ended up being bad since I wanted the promo to end. Continues the feud, but, so annoying to read.

Haas vs Striker- Good booking, with Test being ejected early and Carlito being the one to cost Striker the match to continue the feud. The match itself was a really solid midcard match, each man getting in some moves and putting together a good sequence, glad to see you using your midcard well like you've been doing for a long time now, makes for some fun matches.

Masters/Hardy segment- Both men were very generic, bland, and boring...meaning very in character This was very unentertaining, but seriously, very realistic and exactly what the wrestlers would say in the situation. Neither can talk and only one can wrestle decently (and it's not Hardy), so I'm NOT cool with a feud between the two. However, the midcard has to be doing something, right?

McMahon/Jericho/HHH segment- Ugh, didn't like this either, not at all. It just seemed like Jericho rattled off his catchphrases and nicknames while HHH did the same thing, and that was it. Although, if this was in character and stuff, it woulda been a nice filler segment to show the heels' plans more and make things more anticipated, also match announcements were great (HBK/Y2J).

Highlanders vs MNM- Good filler tag match, both teams hitting their usual moves in a forumalic tag, faces making hot comeback, heels cheat and hit finisher, but faces break it up. The ending though, with the Robbie pulling out Mercury, throwing him to barricde, and then breaking up the pin seemed to happen way too fast, but everything else was good and well booked. 3MW attack was unexpected (to me) and a MNM/3MW feud could be interesting, but, heel/heel? Not likin' that

Heyman/McMahon segment- It started off really good, RVD and Heyman having good lines to hype ONS...then Shane enters, and suddenly they challenge him to a match? It was just way too rushed and seemingly for no reason, all he did was walk in and say he's not there for trouble. Just seemed too...random. I mean, all three men were in character, but everything was just too rushed, although the match should be sick.

Kane vs Cena- Really well written and well booked, making both men look good in the end. Show's music distracting the monster gives Cena a good reason to win and Kane a good reason to call it a fluke. I wouldn't mind a Show/Kane feud as long as it ended in a big gimmick match. Overall a good match and great booking.

Christian promo- Great promo, definitely the best one on the show. Strong words from Christian, who was in character and hitting all of the right lines, got him over with the RAW fans fast in a real babyface way, nearly sucking up to them almost, but whatever works. Still, there was a bit of stuff overused and repeated, which seems to be a problem tonight, but other than that just a fun, well-written promo.

Benjamin vs Helms- MOTN so far, really athletic back and forth match, hitting some technical yet cruiserweight moves that made for a well blended wrestling match. However, countering the T-Bone into a DDT...just like Cena countered the chokeslam into a DDT...a lot of finisher counters into DDT tonight, and once again overuseage seems to be a big problem tonight. Quick, cool ending to the match though and I can't wait to see how the series ends, awesome midcard feud.

HBK interview- Decent, overused some words and phrases more than HBK usually does, but was in character and hyped the main event and HBK/McMahon feud well, so not much to complain about. Also, good length, again the overused/repeatedness was the main problem.

HBK/RVD vs Y2J/HHH- Battle of the three-letter abbreviations I see. Fun match, the usual main event tag match stuff but simple is effective, making the booking of this match great. RVD playing the face in peril wasn't the best idea though, as HBK plays the role better and should have been made to look 'weaker' than RVD. Either way, the breakdown of the match was cool with the faces taking complete control, until Jericho cheats to pick up the win as usual, but it needed to happen. The usual stuff made this good...but the aftermath made this awesome. Beating down the faces with ECW-type weapons and Shane giving RVD the corner to corner dropkick was just a great way of slapping him in the face, getting the heels over as major heels and adding a new level to this feud. Really saved the show with this great main event and pure awesome aftermath

Overall- 7/10 Promos, for the most part, were really far off, like, reeeeally far off. Some were good, like Christian's and the opening, but that's about it. Everything seemed a bit rushed, and there was a lot of overusage/repeating of stuff in both promos and matches, although the overall booking was really excellent, and the matches were, as usual, pleasent to read. Hopefully you feel better, I know how much being sick sucks...and now I know how much reading sick people's promos suck

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