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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Great show, nicely hyping up the rivalries. Randy Orton is handled very well by you I notice. Not to keen on Angle as the Champion though. It seems that as soon as he lost the WWE Championship on RAW he moved to SmackDown and won the World Heavyweight Championship. Over indulging him a little bit. I would like to Christian getting another push.

Good stuff

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Thanks for the few recapped reviews guys. Been working on Raw a little bit and have been able to return a few reviews today. Not many, but only owe a few moe reviews and I will be caught up. Thing is though most are PPV's so those may take some time but anyways, yeah you all know. But um, I'll try and have a Raw review up by tonight or tomorrow and Raw up by Thursday or Friday.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Triple threat for the title was nice booking, and Orton gets the win, and at the moment, he looks like the big heel on this show. Don’t see him getting the win next week, as I think he still has a feud with CC to finish, but he keeps pinning him, which has ruined any momentum that he had. Edge makes it a triple threat next week, but Angle will surely retain

A couple of nice matches announced for ONS as well, which is shaping up to be a good event at the moment, and all the matches so far look to be good, but the main event will probably steal the show

Hardcore match with Holly and Sylvain will probably end the feud, and it has been a nice little midcard feud between them, which has the done the job of trying to get Sylvain over.

Kash and Noble angle is very interesting at the moment, because I have no idea where it is heading. Looking forward to seeing what happens next in this angle, as this is very intriguing at the moment. Same looks to be happening with JBL, and I’m guessing he cashes in the MITB contract at some point soon, but I don’t know when it will be… ECW???

Lashley gets a title shot against Booker next week, and I think we could see a new champion here, or Kennedy screws Lashley again, getting Hardy back in contention for the belt
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview for May 29, 2006

Tonight, Raw comes to us live from the beatiful state of Colorado in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Already announced is the main event which will see Rob Van Dam and Shawn Michaels team to fight respective enemies Triple H and Chris Jericho. Jericho interfered last week in the Mr. McMahon vs. RVD match before HBK ran down and made the match even helping RVD capture the win. Jericho showed that he has aligned himself in the war siding with McMahon and Jericho will be going after one of McMahon's key targets, Shawn Michaels. What team will walk away with the win this Monday.

The Best of Seven Series continues this week and this match could be the key pivotal moment in the series. With the series tied at 1 right now, whoever gains the win could very well find himself heading towards the top. Both Helms and Benjamin have stolen the show the past few weeks on Raw after the series was announced two weeks after their intial bout at Backlash. Now with the series tied at 1-1, who will find themselves with the ever so coveted second win for the series?

In a huge shocker, MNM debuted on Raw last week switching over from Smackdown in the Open Season. MNM, fresh off wins over the Mexicools at Judgment Day, certainly made a lasting impact here on Raw by attacking Raw newcomers The Highlanders. After the Highlanders had defeated the Tag Champs, 3 Minute Warning, MNM came rushing down the ramp and ambushed 3MW from behind. Now this week, MNM makes their Raw debut in the ring when Mercury and Nitro team to fight against Rory and Robbie McAllister, the Highlanders in a number one contender's match. What team will find themselves with a future tag title shot?

Last week on Raw, John Cena earned himself a future WWE title match which will be at Vengeance. Cena certainly had to work hard to earn the win overcoming the "Big Red Machine" Kane in a hard and grueling match. Now Cena finds himself fighting the winner of the One Night Stand match, which will be either Rob Van Dam or Triple H for the WWE Championship come Vengeance. And since Cena fought Kane last week, who is working with Mr. McMahon, could Cena find himself being stuck in the war now?

Matt Striker shocked many people last week whenever he pulled out a pencil and stabbed Carlito repeatedly causing the Carribeean superstar to bleed. The feud has since became very personal since then, and tonight Matt Striker will be in one on one action. Certainly though Carlito can't be in the greatest of moods though with the beating he took last week on Striker's Classroom. What will happen this week on Raw is the question. Tune in and find out to see what goes down between Striker and Carlito.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Looks good. I can't wait! Personally though I'm counting the days till JBL cashed in the MITB and gets his title back. Great shows, man.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw
Monday May 29, 2006
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Across the Nation hits across the arena and the normal Raw video package plays until the end of the video cuts out and we cut over to the commentating team at ringside.

Jim Ross: Hello everyone and tonight, what a major show we have in store for everyone and what about that key main event tonight?

Jerry Lawler: That’s right because after last week’s main event, Mr. McMahon has announced tonight that Triple H and Chris Jericho will team together to fight Rob Van Dam and Shawn Michaels!

Jim Ross: Indeed that’s going to be huge plus we get Shelton Benjamin versus Gregory Helms in match number three of their series.

Jerry Lawler: Truly, it’s going to be a huge show and I can only wait and see what is going to happen this week on Raw!

My Time is Now hits across the arena and out comes the number one contender for the WWE Championship, John Cena! Cena comes down the ramp, shaking hands with the fans before sliding into the ring and receiving a mic. Cena throws up the Word Life taunt before he looks around the arena and begins to speak.

John Cena: Yo…yo…yo…yo…yo…yo…yo!!!

Crowd Pops

John Cena: The champ is here!!!

Crowd Pops Louder

John Cena: Tonight we’re here in Colorado and I’ve got a quick question to ask everyone. Where’s my Colorado Springs Chain Gang? Where they at?

Crowd Pops

John Cena: Now last week was a big week for yours truly because I had to fight the “Big Red Monster” Kane, or better yet Mr. McMahon’s “freak” as he likes to call him. But wait, it gets better because when I did beat the man they call Kane, I just got myself that closer to regaining my WWE Championship at Vengeance.

Crowd Pops

John Cena: And I’ve surveyed the situation between Rob Van Dam and Triple H as of recent, both men have their troubles with one another and I’m not the type to interfere with stuff like that. Hell, half the time I’m the one that is either fighting or finds myself in these fights somehow, but that’s how it just is.

Crowd Pops

John Cena: But wait, it gets better! Four weeks time, Vengeance in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the champ gets his gold back. It doesn’t matter who the champion happens to be at that time, Rob Van Dam, Triple H, or by god let it be Vince McMahon! I swear that whoever brings that title to Vengeance won’t be walking out with it because what I say I do, and what I do I say and I’m saying that at Vengeance, John Cena becomes WWE Champion once again.

Crowd Pops

John Cena: And as far as a…

No Chance hits across the arena and out comes Mr. McMahon! Mr. McMahon walks down the ramp soaking in the boos from the crowd as he simply smiles with Cena looking on. McMahon walks up the steps before getting a mic from ringside. Cena looks at McMahon wondering why the boss is in the ring but McMahon begins talking.

Mr. McMahon: Well, look who it is, John Cena!

Crowd Pops

Mr. McMahon: Now John, I was sitting back there listening about you running down myself and well, you do realize who I am. I’m the C…

John Cena interrupts Mr. McMahon, clearing his throat before speaking.

John Cena: (With cleared throat taunting McMahon) Mr. McMahon, CEO and Owner of World Wrestling Entertainment!

Crowd Pops as Cena smiles and McMahon looks angered.

Mr. McMahon: John, I see how it is. You want to play mind games with me, you want to try and mess with the boss. Well you are just setting yourself up for an even bigger mistake, a mistake many people have made and that is cross the boss. And when you cross me, you open up your own floodgates for the highway to hell.

Crowd Boos

John Cena: Lo…

Vince McMahon: Shaddup!!!

Crowd Boos

Vince McMahon: Don’t you ever try and interrupt me again! Now since you want to try and start things with the boss, how about I kick you out of the arena! Wait, wait! I’ve got a better idea, how about tonight, we all see John Cena in action. But John, your opponent, well you should know him well from last week since you fought him, tonight you’re going to be going one on one again with the “Big Red Machine” Kane!!!

Crowd Boos

Vince McMahon: And well John, you’ve got no chance in hell!!!

Cena scoops Mr. McMahon up and looks to F-U his boss but out of nowhere, Kane kicks Cena in the back of the knee. Kane starts beating down on Cena before he helps Mr. McMahon to the outside and Kane gets Cena up in the ring. Kane lifts Cena in the air bringing the number one contender crashing down onto the mat with a thunderous chokeslam and Kane has created chaos and havoc here tonight at the top of the show.


Jim Ross: And before the break, Mr. McMahon announced a rematch from last week, which will see John Cena and Kane go one on one.

Jerry Lawler: Last week Cena had to throw everything he rhad out there and I just don’t know if he can do that tonight or not.

Jim Ross: It’s going to be a hard challenge for Cena but I have a feeling that he will be able to overcome Kane here tonight.

Jerry Lawler: We’ll have to wait and see JR but right now, let’s go ahead and get the night started with some divas!

Match #1
#1 Contender’s Match
Beth Phoenix vs. Victoria

Match Overview: In a fun match with the winner fighting the Women’s Champion, Mickie James come Vengeance, Phoenix fights Victoria. Trish is at ringside backing up Beth while Mickie is at ringside backing up Victoria. Both women put on once of the more recent great matches in the women’s division with both women throwing everything they have at one another and not backing down from one another. Beth tries for a Powerbomb but quickly Victoria pushes her away before clotheslining Beth down to the mat. Victoria stomps away at Beth’s face yelling at Beth that she is the pretty one. Victoria lifts Beth back onto her feet and kicks Beth in her sternum, looking possibly for the Widow’s Peak but before Victoria can deliver the Widow’s Peak, Beth pushes Victoria away and Victoria runs right into dropkick from Beth. Beth waists no time lifting Victoria into the air as Mickie tries getting into the ring but Trish pulls Mickie out and starts brawling with her. Beth drives Victoria’s head into the canvas with the Down in Flames, her version of the Michinoku Driver II. Beth hooks the leg of Victoria and it’s over! One…Two…Three!!!

Winner and #1 Contender: Beth Phoenix

Trish pulls Beth to the outside and Trish and Beth make their way up the ramp as Mickie is in the ring helping Victoria up. Mickie yells at Beth “This isn’t over” as Beth simply smiles and stares down Mickie and Victoria in the ring. Mickie grabs her Women’s Championship and holds it high in the air showing Beth that she will still be Women’s Champ come Vengeance.

We cut out to another black screen, this time before the Vengeance screen comes across and we see the Raw logo come across too.

Narrator: For five years, the battle has been fought and the battle has been waged with major implications on the line.

Images of Jericho winning the Undisputed Championship back at Vengeance 2001 are shown with Jericho celebrating in the aftermath.

Narrator: For history has been made these nights and friendships broken but one thing seems to remain the same.

Images of Batista fighting Triple H in Hell in a Cell at last year’s Vengeance is shown with Batista coming out victorious with the title.

Narrator: But now, these men have fought their battles and have led themselves down a road that might not turn back.

Images of John Cena are shown with Cena fighting against the odds, overcoming many men shown in these matches that are shown.

Narrator: And with so much on the line, does one actually want to throw it all away, or give it everything it takes.

Images of Shawn Michaels celebrating after his win and hitting key Sweet Chin Music’s and other key moves in his repertoire.

Narrator: And once it all begins, there really happens to be no way out, no chance of not walking out of the battle unscathed.

Images of Triple H nailing people with his sledgehammer and delivering the Pedigree to many other opponents are shown.

Narrator: For this is the night of Vengeance, the night that is dreaded.

Images of Jericho on the Highlight Reel, hosting his show and we cut to see Jericho having the Walls of Jericho locked in on other wrestlers.

Narrator: WWE and Monday Night Raw presents Vengeance live Sunday June 25, 2006 from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


We cut backstage to see Carlito standing by with Maria.

Maria: Now Carlito, last week we saw Matt Striker beat you down in the ring with Test, and well I want to ask why did Striker stab you with a pencil?

Carlito: Carlito says that Matt Striker is afraid of Carlito and that his little friend Test has to be brought in to fight Carlito, which isn’t cool. But what is cool is that Carlito asked for and got a match with the teacher, Matt Striker at Vengeance. And Carlito says that when he is done with Matt Striker, Striker would have wished he never messed with Carlito.

Maria: Carlito, now why does Matt Striker always try to come after you, I mean it’s like he’s wanting to b…

Carlito: Carlito doesn’t really know Maria but what Carlito does know is that coming up next, Matt Striker is in action, and well Carlito might have to pay a little visit to Matt Striker. Carlito says that not Matt Striker or Test can stop him from accomplishing what he wants the most, and that is being the Intercontinental Champion!

Maria: But Carlito, right now Gregory Helms is fighting Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental title so how can you be fighting for it too?

Carlito: Maria, that’s enough of these questions tonight. Carlito says that Gregory Helms or Shelton Benjamin aren’t as cool as Carlito and Carlito’s pretty cool. And Matt Striker, be prepared because what is coming for you at Vengeance, you won’t find very cool but Carlito will. Carlito promises that at Vengeance, Carlito walks away, and that…

Carlito: Well, that’s cool!

We see Carlito walk off as he flips an apple up and down in the air before walking to the locker room and we then cut down to ringside.

Jim Ross: Certainly, Carlito isn’t playing around anymore since Matt Striker stabbed him last week with a pencil!

Jerry Lawler: Carlito certainly seems more intense now than he has in the past and maybe Striker stabbed him in the brain.

Jim Ross: Who knows King but right now, we’ve got Matt Striker in action and really, I’m hoping he losses for what he did to Carlito,

Jerry Lawler: Now let’s not take away from Striker’s abilities but what he did to Carlito should have never even happened.

Match #2
Matt Striker vs. Charlie Haas

Match Overview: In a rematch from Backlash nearly a month ago, Matt Striker finds himself going one on one with Charlie Haas. Test gets ejected in the early stages of the match for trying to interfere and cost Haas the match but the ref caught him doing so. The ref would have nothing of it and from behind Haas rolled up Striker for a quick two count. Haas points at his brain-taunting Striker saying that he is the smart one now. Striker comes after Haas but Haas wraps from behind on Striker and brings Striker down to the mat with a German Suplex. Haas quickly grabs the legs of Striker looking for the Haas of Pain but before Haas can lock on the deadly move. Striker grabs the ropes and he distracts the ref long enough to kick Haas in the privates with the ref staring at Striker. The ref saw nothing of it and Striker grabs Haas before Striker argues with the ref. The ref asks if Striker kicked Haas in the gonads but Striker has nothing of it and gives the referee a DDT! Striker grabs Haas quickly looking for the Golden Rule but down comes Carlito. Carlito sneaks from behind and delivers the BackCracker to Striker. Carlito throws Haas’s arm over Striker and another ref comes running down the ramp. The ref slides in and makes the count, One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Charlie Haas


We cut backstage to see Chris Masters standing in front of the interview scene where Chris Masters is standing in the back, looking ready to speak.

Chris Masters: Feast your eyes on the most beautiful piece of art this company has ever seen in its entirety, “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters!!!

Crowd Boos

Chris Masters: And I possess perhaps the greatest move today in professional wrestling, a move that people have tried and tried and tried but have yet to be able to break the hold. A move that is so powerful that everyone that has been put in it has passed out and that move, well that move just happens to be the MasterLock!!!

Crowd Boos

Chris Masters: Everyone has tried breaking the MasterLock whether it be Shelton Benjamin, Carlito, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, it doesn’t matter, no one has been able to beat me in my specialty move. Nobody has been able to do what they say and nobody ever will be able to do what they say they’ll do.

Crowd Boos

Chris Masters: And that’s because nobody can break the Masterlock!

Crowd Boos

Chris Masters: No…

In comes Jeff Hardy, who interrupts Masters talking.

Chris Masters: Look who it is, Jeff Hardy!

Crowd Pops

Chris Masters: Let’s make this quick Jeff since you’re a man of no words, you want to come in here and interrupt me, then how about you meet me on Raw next week in the MasterLock Challenge? Does that sound good to you or is that just not extreme enough to you because there are no tables, ladders, or chairs involved?

Crowd Boos

Jeff Hardy: Chris, that’s fine with me and I can promise to you right now that whenever I end up breaking the MasterLock, that I’m taking not only yourself but Raw to the extreme!

Hardy does his classic taunt pointing his fingers towards his mouth and Masters doesn’t take too kind to this as Hardy walks off. Masters stares down Hardy as Hardy finds himself making his way to the back. We cut back to ringside to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: A man of little words is Jeff Hardy but those few words mean something and Hardy is back in the WWE!

Jerry Lawler: He made his return last week to the WWE but tonight, he really made everyone know he’s back by accepting Master’s challenge.

Jim Ross: Like Masters was bragging about backstage, many people have tried and tried to break the MasterLock but have failed.

Jerry Lawler: So can Hardy find a way to break the hold next week is the question, we’ll just have to wait and see huh?

We quickly cut backstage to see Chris Jericho and Triple H in Mr. McMahon’s office with McMahon sitting down.

Mr. McMahon: Ok men, tonight we’ve got everything planned. Kane is taking John Cena out to make sure he can’t interfere in the next few weeks but it’s all up to you two. Both of you have to take down your respective rivals tonight and that will just give you the advan…

Chris Jericho: Ok one thing V…Mr. McMahon. Everyone knows I’m the Highlight Reel but what happened to me two weeks ago on Raw, that wasn’t necessary. HBK tried stealing my spotlight and tried taking my spot as the Highlight Reel here on Raw and Mr. McMahon; I want a match with Shawn at Vengeance.

Mr. McMahon: That’s great Chris because I was about to tell you that match was booked anyways for Vengeance. But as for you Hunter, well you’re going to have a little bit of trouble because when you beat Van Dam, you’ve got Cena coming right after you at Vengeance for the title and I’m wanting to know you can handle it?

Triple H: Vince, they don’t call me the Cerebral Assassin for nothing. I’ve went through opponent after opponent after opponent, after all that’s why I’m the 10 time World-Heavyweight Champion. No challenge is too big for me and John Cena is simply just another obstacle that I’ll overcome because at One Night Stand, I end the reign of Van Dam and the reign of the King of Kings begin as I go back on my throne.

Mr. McMahon: Now that’s the attitude guys and remember, tonight is g…

Chris Jericho: Mr. McMahon, we’ve got this under control. You’ve got the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla, the Highlight Reel, the real Showstopper, Chris Jericho! And then you’ve got the Cerebral Assassin, the Game, the King of Kings, Triple H, on one team! Now tell me you aren’t feeling confident about that team right there?

Mr. McMahon: I don’t know, I mean Ro…

Chris Jericho: Look Mr. McMahon, don’t worry about Rob Van Dam, John Cena, or Shawn Michaels, that’s all under control and as far as Shawn Michaels is concerned, well I can guarantee you one thing. I can guarantee you that when I’m done with Shawn Michaels, that’s he going to have received a beating he will never…ever forget!

Triple H: Later, Vince.

We see Jericho and Triple H make their way out as McMahon starts looking toward the sky, for some reason he doesn’t seem too confident tonight.


Match #3
#1 Contender’s Match
MNM vs. The Highlanders

Match Overview: Fun little tag match involving both teams, which the fans enjoy watching the Highlanders and MNM definitely isn’t enjoyed on their Raw debut, as it seems they’re going to become the major heel team on Raw. MNM grounds Rory McAllister in the ring not letting him reach over and tag in his cousin, Robbie which of course is the smart thing for MNM to be doing right now at this rate. Nitro spins around delivering the patented Break dance Leg Drop dropping his leg onto the neck of Rory. Nitro covers but in comes Robbie breaking the count before Mercury runs over and clotheslines Robbie out of the ring. Nitro calls Mercury over quickly as Melina lets out a big scream with boos pouring in right now for MNM. Mercury grabs Rory as Nitro and Mercury deliver the Snapshot onto Rory McAllister. Robbie pulls Mercury to the outside as Robbie throws Mercury into the barricade. Robbie quickly slides in the ring and breaks the count. Robbie gets Nitro back onto his feet looking to possibly end the match but all of a sudden, 3 Minute Warning comes through the crowd and the ref has ruled this a no contest as 3MW attacks both teams in the ring.

Winners: No Contest

Jamal and Rosey throw Nitro to the outside as Mercury ends up catching Nitro and the momentum sends both men back and hard onto the ground. Jamal and Rosey grab Rory and Robbie with both men bringing the Highlanders down onto the mat hard with simultaneous Samoan Drops! Both Rosey and Jamal make their way onto the top ropes with Jamal leaping off delivering a Big Splash onto Robbie and Rosey delivers a Moonsault onto Rory. The fans boo as The Highlanders are laid out in the ring with 3MW leaning over the ropes, staring down MNM on the outside.

We cut over to the commentating team at ringside.

Jim Ross: Wow, sheer power has just been displayed right here by 3 Minute Warning and that shows you why they’re the tag champs.

Jerry Lawler: They’ve rolled over many teams before but I don’t know, they might have some challengers here with MNM.

Jim Ross: Oh please King! If Kane and The Big Show couldn’t get it done against 3 Minute Warning, how would MNM do it?

Jerry Lawler: Anything’s possible JR, anything can very well happen and well, coming up after the break, John Cena meets Kane one on one!

We cut out to a black screen before suddenly, Let the Bodies Hit the Floor plays from Drowning Pool, across the screen comes highlights from last year’s One Night Stand.

Narrator: Last year, ECW made its return when it invaded the entire city of New York and the Hammerstein Ballroom.

Clips of the Hammerstein Ballroom are shown as the camera is scanning across the empty arena with shots of New York City thrown in.

Narrator: For the first time in four years, ECW was back and alive.

Clips of the opening bout, Chris Jericho vs. Lance Storm, the Three Way Dance, and Rey Mysterio vs. Psychosis are shown.

Narrator: And nobody was going to ruin ECW’s moment in the spotlight for this truly was a special night in New York.

Clips of the Raw and Smackdown wrestlers coming down to the ring with the post-show brawl-taking place being shown on the screen.

Narrator: And this year, it’ll be no different.

We cut to see images of Triple H doing his classic pose, spitting the water in the air, delivering the Pedigree to many opponents and we see Triple H, Vince McMahon, and Kane all holding their hands high on the ramp from Raw.

Triple H: Rob, I am the Game, I am the true King of Kings and I’m looking forward to making sure your reign is dethroned on your own turf.

We cut to see images of Van Dam winning the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 22 with Van Dam delivering the Frog Splash. Shortly after, highlights of Van Dam doing his thumb taunt and many other key moves are shown.

Rob Van Dam: Hunter, ECW was something special and you’re looking at truly a One of a Kind Superstar, the WWE Champion…Rob…Van…Dam!!!

We see images of Van Dam and Triple H staring down one another with Van Dam backed up in the ring by fellow ECW compadres while Triple H has McMahon and Kane behind him.

Narrator: This year everything’s on the line. Pride but most of all, the WWE Championship! Rob Van Dam versus Triple H!

We see images of Van Dam and Triple H in a split screen delivering their key moves once again before it cuts out, we cut to Paul Heyman real quickly.

Paul Heyman: ECW One Night Stand II, Live on Sunday June 11, 2006! ECW makes it’s return, are you ready for it?


We cut backstage to see a door that says ECW, before we head into the room to see Paul Heyman sitting down with numerous ECW originals.

Paul Heyman: Ladies and gentlemen, in two weeks, ECW makes their return for one night only again, last year we blew the roof off of the Ballroom, this year we’re going to absolutely blow up the Ballroom. You all look at your resumes and you see three letters written on them, ECW, Extreme Championship Wrestling. The company that brought you to the big dance, people like take for instance, Rob Van Dam!

Heyman tells Van Dam to stand up and Van Dam walks over and stands by Heyman before speaking.

Rob Van Dam: Dude, all Paul E. wants is to see all of you steal the show in two weeks, to make sure that ECW still lives on with in the hearts and minds of our fans. ECW made me what I am today; ECW made me the WWE Champion. There wouldn’t be any Mr. PPV, Mr. Monday Night if it wasn’t for our first break, our big chance. Now who’s with m…

As Van Dam continues to speak, in walks Shane McMahon, the son of the man that is currently “feuding” with RVD so to speak.

Shane McMahon: Look, I’m not here to cause trouble.

Paul Heyman: Then what are you hear for Shane? Are you hear to try and buy me out, newsflash, just because your name is McMahon doesn’t mean that you have the balls to try and mess with what I created, ECW. Your dad is trying to ruin the legacy of ECW and he very well knows it can’t happen, so what are you going to do Shane? Are you going to try and “buy me out” like you did WCW?

Shane McMahon: Excuse me Paul? You talk about my dad trying to tarnish a company, how dare you tarnish the name McMahon! Your ass wouldn’t have a job right now if it wasn’t for my dad and you would be out there, trying to “recreate” the legacy of ECW, which has been and will remain to be dead! You just can’t get over it Paul can you? Five years, five years that ECW has been dead and yet, you think you can recreate the “magic” Pl…

Paul Heyman gets into the face of Shane McMahon with RVD pulling him back.

Paul Heyman: You want to find out how dead ECW is huh? You want to try and say that ECW can’t be brought back, that it can’t be what it used to be. Well how about this one Shane! Since you believe that you are above ECW, and myself why don’t you step into the ring next week and just see how “dead” ECW is. How about you fight Rob Van Dam, yes the WWE Champion next week, in well I don’t know…

Paul Heyman: An Extreme Rules Match!!!

Shane McMahon looks like he pissed his pants. Heyman starts smiling as RVD holds the WWE title in the air taunting McMahon. McMahon makes his way out the door before we hear him speak for the last time.

Shane McMahon: Paul, you want to play that way. Well just because my dad is going to end ECW once and for all whenever Triple H becomes champion doesn’t mean anything. I’ll be the one that spits and ends the era of ECW next week. You’ve written our own death warrant Paul, you’ve got two weeks left!

We cut back down to ringside to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: Oh my gawd! What is Shane o Mac getting himself into? Next week he meets Van Dam in an Extreme Rules Match!

Jerry Lawler: He wants to end ECW, something he just can’t let his dad do and he wants to get rid of Extremely Crappy Wrestling himself.

Jim Ross: You know King, I think you might be right and we’ll have to see next week but right now what a major match we have in store for you all.

Jerry Lawler: John Cena is about to fight Kane one on one, in a rematch from last week, which certainly was anything but pretty.

Match #4
John Cena vs. Kane

Match Overview: The number one contender, John Cena finds himself fighting one of Mr. McMahon’s henchmen, Kane. Cena seems to have found himself entered into this feud with the good guys against McMahon and co. It doesn’t turn out to be the prettiest match as just like last week, it’s an all out brawl. Both men lay it all out in the ring and it shows whenever Kane takes Cena down with a clothesline. Kane lifts Cena in the air for a Chokeslam but Cena quickly reverses into a DDT. The number one contender looks down at Kane on the mat, and then waves his hand in the face of Kane before running and dropping the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena begins to pump it up before he grabs Kane looking for the F-U, however Kane slides off the shoulders and turns Cena right around into a Chokeslam! Kane drops down for the cover but all of a sudden, the Big Show’s music hits. Kane looks up at the ramp, looking around to see where Big Show is at since after all, Kane took Big Show out of action for 8 weeks. Kane looks around looking confused as Big Show’s music ends and Kane walks right into the F-U! Cena hits it after his second attempt and Cena drops down onto the mat, hooking the leg. One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: John Cena


Just Close Your Eyes by Waterproof Blonde hits across the arena and the fans seemed confused. “Captain Charisma” Christian starts making his way down the ramp to loud cheers from the fans as Christian slides into the ring and points to all his peeps! The fans are yelling for Christian right now and really, they are behind Christian tonight.

Christian: Wow, does it feel great to be back here on Monday Night Raw!

Cheap Pop

Christian: That’s right everyone, you are all looking at “Captain Charisma” Christian, the man that revolutionized Raw during his stay here! Without Christian, there wouldn’t have been any Raw and simply, Smackdown wouldn’t have been there either. But that leads me to my point, what was happening on Smackdown, was an act of unfair treatment.

Crowd Boos

Christian: Randy Orton screwed me over left and right during my stay there, beat me down every week and I never did accomplish what I wanted on Smackdown. I never was able to capture the one thing that alluded me during my entire career, the one thing that has haunted my since I’ve been in the WWE, the World-Heavyweight Championship.

Crowd Pops

Christian: But fear not for Captain Charisma is back here on Raw and without a shadow of a doubt, I know peeps everywhere are rejoicing across the country, yelling my name and chanting because simply, they love me! The peeps have always been with me and will always remain with me because Raw has got the top draw once again; Raw has got what they have lacked ever since last summer whenever I was drafted to Smackdown, a dose of Vitamin C!

Crowd Pops

Christian: The peeps are raving because once again, Captain Charisma is here to save what is known as Raw, to rescue the peeps from boring shows and to let everyone know that now there hero is back, the peeps won’t be let down. The peeps have always supported me and I’m here to support them as Captain Charisma makes his return to Raw.

Crowd Pops

Christian: No longer am I to be held down by the likes of JBL, Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, Edge and especially Randy Orton! No longer am I to be still held down in the mid-card, this is the rise of Captain Charisma, this is the rise of the biggest face this company has ever seen and this just happens to be the rise of Christian!

Crowd Pops

Christian: And now that Captain Charisma has found himself back at his home, back at the place that made him famous, I’ve only got one more thing to do and that is become the next WWE Champion…

Crowd Pops

Christian: Because that’s how I roll!!!

Christian slides out of the ring as Just Close Your Eyes plays over the speakers once again and Christian makes his way up the ramp shaking hands with the fans. Christian stops at the top of the ramp and kisses his fingers before pointing to the crowd and the fans are going wild as once again, Christian is back on Raw. We quickly cut over to the commentating team at ringside.

Jim Ross: I’m speechless King, what a shock and it’s all because of Open Season that Christian is back with us on Raw.

Jerry Lawler: It’s nice to see him back but I don’t like this ass kissing Christian, he needs to go back to his old self.

Jim Ross: Why King, is it because if someone isn’t breaking the rules or they are playing fair, you seem to not like them.

Jerry Lawler: The fans liked Christian better when he took nothing from the fans, when he did what he wanted to, not what they want.


Match #5
Intercontinental Championship
Best of Seven Series, Match #3
Shelton Benjamin © vs. Gregory Helms

Match Overview: As expected, both men don’t let the crowd down and of course, put on another classic match here on Raw. Helms and Benjamin continue working well with one another and it continues to show how much talent both men have. Helms trips up Benjamin and spins around applying a headlock onto Benjamin but Benjamin pushed Helms off of him. Helms comes running back right into a Back Body Drop from Benjamin. Helms finds himself stumbling into the corner before Shelton runs and delivers the Stinger Splash to Helms. Helms comes out of the corner as Benjamin catches Helms looking for the T-Bone Suplex! However before Benjamin can do so, Helms grabs Benjamin and quickly drives Benjamin’s head into the mat with a DDT! The fans boo as Helms walks over and grabs Benjamin looking for the Final Cut, renamed from the Nightmare on Helms Street. However the athletic Benjamin is quick to grab the legs of Helms and roll through for a cradle but Helms kicks out. Helms quickly drop toeholds Benjamin once again before Helms doesn’t hesitate and runs out of the corner delivering the Shining Wizard! The fans boo as Helms quickly hooks the leg for the pin, One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Gregory Helms

We cut over to ringside to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: Gregory Helms just stole another one from Benjamin and the series has now been put back in the favor of Helms, 2 to 1.

Jerry Lawler: Stole one, J.R.? He cleanly pinned Benjamin and you just can’t get over that because you like Benjamin.

Jim Ross: Well either way Helms did win and he regains the lead but coming up after the break, our major main event!

Jerry Lawler: It’s such a major tag match, I don’t think we’ve seen one like it, Rob Van Dam and Shawn Michaels team against Triple H and Chris Jericho.

We cut backstage to see Shawn Michaels standing by with Todd Grisham.

Todd Grisham: Shawn, in just a matter of moments, you’ll be team…

Shawn Michaels: Yeah, yeah we know, Todd! I’m teaming with Rob Van Dam and fighting Triple H and Chris Jericho, thanks for reminding me. But the important thing is that tonight, the downfall of McMahon continues, ever since that fateful night in January of this year, when Triple H attacked me and aligned himself with McMahon a few weeks later, I’ve been on a mission. A mission that will not end until we get rid of Mr. McMahon and remove him from Raw.

Todd Grisham: Last week Shawn, you interfered in the Rob Van Dam versus Mr. McMahon match, why was this?

Shawn Michaels: Come on Todd, everyone knows this! The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels saw that no good Chris Jericho coming down the ramp and well, I couldn’t let Van Dam be alone. But it seems to me Jericho has aligned himself with Mr. McMahon in this war, then so be it! Because I say right here and right now, that the Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels along with whomever else wants to go in with me, will one day see the ending of Mr. McMahon.

Todd Grisham: And at Vengeance Shawn, you will be fighting Chris Jericho, any words on this match announced tonight?

Shawn Michaels: Yeah actually I do. Chris, you claim to be the real Showstopper, the real Heartbreaker, I don’t think so. I’ve been breaking hearts, stealing the show since you were little, I’m the only Heart Break Kid around here. You want to try and make me tap out to the Walls of Jericho, that’s fine because you won’t be able to whenever this foot right here…(Michaels points at his foot) meets your chin at Vengeance.


Match #6
Rob Van Dam and Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H and Chris Jericho

Match Overview: In another tag match that has meaning behind it, considering Triple H and Jericho are supporting McMahon, and RVD and HBK are against McMahon, we get a fun little tag match to end the night with. Mr. McMahon is at ringside supporting his team while Paul Heyman is at ringside with Rob Van Dam. RVD is in the ring right now being double teamed by Jericho and Triple H as McMahon is yelling at RVD to stay down. Triple H who is the legal man sends Van Dam into the ropes before Van Dam comes back right into a Running Knee Lift from Triple H as Van Dam goes down. Triple H grabs RVD off the mat looking for the Spinebuster but RVD finds a way to reverse the move into a DDT! Van Dam reaches over and Jericho comes running in to pull Van Dam away but RVD quickly kicks Jericho away and reaches out tagging in Michaels! In comes Shawn Michaels and Michaels takes down Jericho and HHH with a flying clothesline. Jericho gets back up and heads into the corner with HHH quickly tagging in Jericho. Jericho and HHH look to double team Michaels but off the top rope comes Van Dam with a Flying Thrust Kick with the momentum sending Triple H flying out of the ring. Van Dam makes his way out as Michaels starts tuning up the band. We see McMahon slide Jericho something, it’s Van Dam’s title! Michaels comes at Jericho with the Sweet Chin Music before Jericho ducks, the ref is distracted by RVD in the corner as Jericho clocks Michaels with the title! Jericho slides the title back to McMahon who walks it back over to the timekeeper’s table. Jericho doesn’t hesitate as he knocks Van Dam off the ropes and Jericho hooks the leg of Michaels, the ref comes running over. One…Two…Three!!!

Winners: Triple H and Chris Jericho

We see McMahon help Triple H up as Van Dam and Heyman make their way back up the ramp with Michaels laid out in the middle of the ring. But from behind comes Shane McMahon who ambushes Van Dam and throws Van Dam into the ring before knocking Heyman down and throwing him into the barricade. Shane o Mac grabs a steel chair and a trashcan before throwing both into the ring. Shane beats the chair across the back of Van Dam knocking down Mr. Monday Night before he gets Triple H to hold up Van Dam! McMahon charges and connects with a chair shot right across the head of Van Dam and RVD has been busted open. Triple H slides back out as Jericho, McMahon, and Triple H all watch on. McMahon drags Van Dam into the corner before wedging the trashcan in on Van Dam so Van Dam can’t get out. McMahon makes his way into the corner before he leaps from corner to corner with the Coast-to-Coast driving the trashcan into the face of Van Dam! Van Dam lays motionless as blood continues to pour. McMahon bends over and wipes his hand across the face of Van Dam getting blood on his hand before rubbing it on his white Shane o Mac jersey. The McMahons, Triple H, and Jericho make their way to the back with Paul Heyman getting in to help Van Dam and Michaels being helped to the back as the show ends.

Notes: Ok, I've been sick since early yesterday and most of the show was written during the time I was sick, so somethings may seem off, like the promos. So now you know why. Anyways, just thought I would share that just to tell everyone.

ECW One Night Stand II
Sunday June 11, 2006
Hammerstein Ballroom
New York City, New York

WWE Championship
Extreme Rules Match
Rob Van Dam (c) w/ Paul Heyman vs. Triple H w/ Mr. McMahon

Extreme Rules Tag Match
Mick Foley and Terry Funk vs. Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman

The FBI vs. The Impact Players

Dean Malenko vs. Chris Benoit

The Rematch-10 Years in the Making
Sabu vs. Taz

Vengeance 2006
Sunday June 25, 2006
Rexall Place
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

WWE Championship
Rob Van Dam or Triple H vs. John Cena

Showstopper vs. Highlight Reel
Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho

Matt Striker vs. Carlito

Women's Championship
Mickie James w/ Victoria vs. Beth Phoenix w/ Trish Stratus
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Raw looks fantastic man, I'll add it to my long list of shows to review.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Deadman_014's Raw Review

Cena & McMahon Promo: Good promo here, I found this rather enjoyable. McMahon already has RVD to worry about, so he's going to have to find more backup I think, to help him out. Good promo bud to open off the show, not the best, but don't want the longest and biggest buildup for this before the RVD and HHH thing goes down I think.

Phoenix vs Victoria: This is interesting, Beth goes up in stock here with a nice victory, giving Mickie a new opponent. Pretty odvious who was going to win, but meh its alright I guess. Good match, and Trish takes Beth's side, but I think Trish vs Mickie will either go down at Unforgiven or SummerSlam, in their epic rematch that looks to be building, Beth won't have a chance at winning in my opinion.

Vengeance Promo: I've read it a few times, not very interested in it by now, after reading it over and over. This is a decent promo, and should build the PPV well, Vengeance build looks to start forming, which is very good to see you haven't lost site of building another PPV with Raw's coming around.

Carlito Interview: Good interview, Carlito builds up Striker feud, but seemingly underestimates him with his other goal at hand. I can see this feud lasting a little while at least, its pretty good so far good interview, and I wonder what will happen feud wise depending on who wins this match at Vengeance, and the ending to the Best of 7 Series feud.

Haas vs Striker:
Nice for Haas here, builds him up well and continues the Striker/Carlito feud, good stuff and an interesting ending. A win over Striker is pretty good, so Haas possibly getting a push now?

Masters & Hardy Promo: Interesting, doesn't explain why Hardy came in but it was an ok feud starter. Masters was in character, and good in this. Nice promo, this show is pretty good so far one of your better ones it seems.

HHH & Jericho & McMahon Promo: HHH seemed a little lost in this, and thrown in. As he seemed pretty off going out on Jericho's comments, and not really fitting the way he went out. Should of just been a Jericho and McMahon promo, possibly with HHH coming in towards the end. Ok promo, not the best though.

MNM vs Highlanders: This was good, I didn't expect this when I first saw this match last week, but I did after a bit of thought. This will be good to see who faces off against 3MW at Vengeance, probably just MNM still good to keep Highlanders fresh not losing to MNM. Good little match here, enjoyable feud starter.

ECW Vignette: I've seen this promo since the start, not my favorite of them that you've done, but you added RVD & HHH comments in that changed it a tad, its alright same ol though here.

Heyman & RVD/Shane Promo: This was decent, Shane vs RVD Extreme Rules looks good, not the best of matchs but an interesting one. Good promo, not my favorite but it was pretty decent. I really wonder what the other matchs at ECW One Night Stand are going to be...

Cena vs Kane: This was interesting, decent match but Big Show's music hits? Interesting, I can see this leading to a match at Vengeance, or at the next big both brand PPV if you want to make it long term build. Good match, Cena wins and Kane loses the match cause of Show.

Christian Promo: Interesting switch to Raw, I will be interested to see his role on Raw now, this sudden change looks quite interesting. Good promo, slightly redundant at points, but it was alright. Good stuff bud here.

Benjamin vs Helms: Helms wins this match, I don't understand why the fans were booing, maybe he was acting like a heel and becomign a full fledged one? Is he a heel? I've been reading and unnoticing this if its true, verify this for me. Good match, this will come to a head at Vengeance, as I did the count and the 7th match will occur at Vengeance.

HBK Interview: Decent promo, HBK was in character but it wasn't the best like all of these promos tonight it seems, but you were sick and I know that so its ok. Decent promo, builds the main event well, and it interests me where your taking this.

Jericho & HHH vs HBK & RVD: Good main event, Jericho & HHH wins and this keeps building Jericho with yet another win and a nice victory over HBK rebuilding him up it seems. I find it interesting though, that Cena seems lower then Jericho, really not doing much and now starting something. Anyways, Jericho wins via the belt shot which was good, and the ending was good. The Corporation seems to be reforming maybe? Something like that is going on, and it looks quite promising as some type of stable must be forming soon with a few jobbers added in there.

Overall: One of your better shows, but average promos not your best. 87/100 is my rating for you bud, very good effort, and with being sick its a very good job. Keep up the good work, and its nice to see Vengeance keep building, but ONS needs some more build with the other matchs it looks like soon.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Helms & Benjamin are sadly underutilized in real life....very happy to see that isn't the case here. Nice work.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Great show King of Pain, I'll try and get a review up by the Tuesday.

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