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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Just to let you know, my review is almost done, I have two matches left, so it will be up tonight or tomorrow at the latest KOP.

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I will give you an update, I decided to work on a review and so far so good, as I've finished the first match going onto the second. I'll try to get this done and up so you have a review, good show it seems, and yeah I said I wasn't but I need to get some reviews up so I can get back into the review "spirit" hehe. It will probably be up in the next few hours, OR it will be up tomorrow afternoon EST time.

Deadman_014's Judgement Day Review

Solid Opening Promo here, this was an enjoyable start to what seems to be a good PPV, I've been reading your Mania for some reason lately and yeah I decided to review this though I told you I wasn't.

The Mexicools vs MNM: This is a good opener to start off the show, the start seems decent with the Mexicools here as it seems to go on at a good pace. It went good mostly throughout, I didn't get bored very much with this match, as it had a decent pace for the most parts of it. It wasn't a great match, but a good opener, Juventud and Melina played decent parts though more or less Melina would of gotten a lot of fans pissed, cause she screamed 2 or 3 times in the match lol.

Rating: ** 3/4 Good match I enjoyed this as an opener, could of been better but meh what can you do good start to a good show it seems.

I like Sylvan's character a bit, little something to look forward to on Smackdown, seems a bit like a filler promo here decent here now onto the next match.

Chavo Guerrero vs Jamie Noble (c): Exciting cruiserweight match here, this match seemed to be a bit to short for me in the end, I enjoyed it pretty much throughout. But in the end the match ending wasn't to great, just a tiger driver at the end, it was decent with the reversal but I was expecting it to be a big longer like a minute more and a surprising result for me plus there was no real buildup to Chavo's finisher, and I thought Chavo would of won this thought not a big deal. After the match the Kash thing is weird, I can see Kash accompanying Noble around, and then screwing him leading to a big match in a long time one on one probably.

Rating: *** This was a good match, I am a pretty light scorer but meh whatever. I thought this was an entertaining match, though I expected just a bit more out of this for some reason I felt like the ending should of been like a top rope move, and it should of built up more, as Chavo should of reversed move to get to his, and Noble gets a reverse and hits the tiger driver the finish just seemed way to rushed.

ECW Promo was decent, seen it many times so its nothing huge for me. RVD's added new 2 cents it seems in there since their match was announced for the promo is decent, HHH vs RVD is going to be a good match.

London & Kendrick vs Finlay & Regal: This started off slow, but to my liking, as I love reading matchs like these that are techincal, but don't enjoy them greatly sometimes as much on TV. This got interesting, as it cames towards the end, and this was a good match but the ending just a slice bread two and why doesn't Regal come in? That makes no sense to me for some reason, as Regal isn't like that usually and I haven't read him do anything of the sorts before. London and Kendrick win of course retaining the titles they won, it looks like MNM & London/Kendrick will be facing off in the future since MNM are going up. Interesting brawl after, Finlay vs Regal would be a classic if they had a feud, but nothing really lead to this unless I missed friction between em on a SD.

Rating: *** 1/4 is my rating for this match, as the show seems to be progressing to be better as we go along.

Good hype for their match before, I can see Kennedy cheating or stealing one here, looks good will be interested to see how this match goes down.

Kennedy vs Lashley: This was a good match, so far the better one as the Kenton Bomb landing on the chair was pretty good. The chair thing all together was good, but a VERY dissapointing finish after that match. A cradle finish, after all of that wasn't something I would of thought to happen, decent match in the end but I haven't liked the endings for the most part so far.

Rating: *** This was one of the better matchs so far, but I thought in the end the finish was bad, as you go through the kenton bomb onto the chair, and all of the rest of the match, and a cradle ends it? Doesn't seem right, good job with this match though the show's been entertaining me so far.

The Long & Heyman promo was decent, more building up for Smackdown right now which is good since it doesn't involve talent on the show at least tonight. Not a great promo, but it gives us more to look forward to coming into Smackdown this week, and could we also possibly see a slight ECW feud with the WWE Champion to have two big title matchs at ECW One Night Stand?

Booker T vs Matt Hardy: I liked this match as Hardy did a good job, and gave it a great feel. This match so far is MOTN, haven't read the rest yet but this seems to be good. I think the double clothesline leading to that Book End was good, it would of been nice to end there, but the scissors kick ending was good as well. Nice ending to this, leaving more to come probably in this, and more then likely a ladder match of sorts more then likely and probably a Hardy win at GAB.

Rating: *** 1/2 This was a good match, it was good throughout, and I enjoyed it. I am happy Hardy did well, but didn't go over as building up the victory is good. Best match of the night so far, seemingly the other matchs though will top this as both are the main events of the show.

The Vengeance promo was good, looking like everything is going to run smoothly with this PPV looking to start building momentum soon, and ECW One Night Stand is 2 weeks earlier though meaning the WWE Title situation will probably just be a rematch inside HIAC with HHH & RVD.

Batista vs Rey Mysterio: Ah, David vs Goliath, I thought this match was going to be good and yes it was. Very enjoyable, as you played both rolls in this well, and you hit the nail on the head for the ending with Batista catching Rey and laying him out for a big win with the Batista bomb. This match very much impressed me, the grade I put here for this one isn't justified as its close to the others but should be a little higher but here it is anyways.

Rating: *** 1/2, this was a very good match here and got a good rating here from me hehe. I thought the ending was superb, and this should lead to probably a Steel Cage match in the future who knows.

Solid promo here with Edge, I can see Edge losing to Kurt easy tonight and this will be interesting to see how it goes down. This match will be good to see who leaves with a nice finish throughout, and who goes out without much offense early.

6 Pack Challenge; Edge (c) vs Christian vs JBL vs Randy Orton vs Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle: MOTN here for sure, this was great and this shows me that Christian really isn't seen highly by you anymore. Christian going out first by Orton interests me, as I expected Christian coming off his biggest main event of his career, to have a big night here. Benoit started off well, and in the end you made mostly everyone but Christian look pretty decent. Benoit got two eliminations, and was solid and was taken out by a cheap Title shot. And in the end Angle won, not going to go highly into description here about everything, the ending I enjoyed as I was the only one who thought Angle would win and I was right so hehe. Good main event here, better then the other matchs and thats good it was better then Mysterio vs Batista by a good margain.

Rating: **** 1/4, thats what I think you deserved it was a superb main event that deserved it. Some of the star ratings don't justify how good, or not so good whatever some of these matchs were. As some were the same when they shouldn't of been, and I'll be making my own average for the grade since I always read people revising them to their own scores anyways.

In the end, you earned yourself an 87% from me, as I thoroughly enjoyed it. Possibly another promo in here somewhere, as all the promos seemed short which is fine for a PPV, but there was only hype package and one promo per time which wasn't great. I thought this PPV match wise was solid, and you did a good job with a lot of things and I can see where a lot of feuds are going now. Good show bud, and I am happy I got this review together now your forced to review my Mania, my next full PPV hehe.

Edit: Sorry for the double post.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I’ll try and get a review to you as soon as I can, but I’ve got a lot of work on with Wrestlemania at the moment which is my current priority. Should have it done by the end of the weekend though
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

KOP, I have start reviewing the show. Review might be up in some days.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview for May 22, 2006

This week, Raw comes live to us from Lexington, Kentucky and a major show has been announced. Mr. McMahon will be hosting a WWE Championship Contract Signing between Triple H and the current WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam. The match will take place at One Night Stand in three weeks and both men will make the match official. On an interesting note, McMahon has barred Paul Heyman from ringside and not wanting Heyman to be at RVD's side. Why is Heyman not allowed to come, what will go down during the contract signing?

A number one contender will be declared for Vengeance in five weeks no matter whom the WWE Champion is. Mr. McMahon has announced John Cena will be fighting one on one with the Big Red Monster, Kane. Kane was awarded the shot against Cena considering how Kane has been working with Triple H and Mr. McMahon recently. It seems that McMahon wants to assure that a new WWE Champion will be crowned either One Night Stand or Vengeance. Could we see Kane gain the momentous win or will it be just another win for the Chain Gang Soldier, John Cena?

After last week's Highlight Reel hosted by Chris Jericho, Jericho has since vowed revenge against Shawn Michaels. Michaels came out last week by making his return last week with a two week break given to HBK, by Mr. McMahon. Jericho hosted the Highlight Reel only for it to break down in a heated argument with Michaels having had enough and laying out Jericho with the Sweet Chin Music. Jericho has announced this week he has something to tell Michaels, a announcement that will very well shock Michaels.

And the Best of Seven Series will continue on. After their impressive match at Backlash, Shelton Benjamin and Gregory Helms couldn't end their feud. During Match 1 last week, Helms took advantage by quickly grabbing the tights and rolling through giving him the quick win and the lead. Not only is this series about the Intercontinental title, but it's also about respect and who's the better man. With Match #2 being tonight, could we see Benjamin gain a win and even it up or will Helms begin heading towards the top with a 2-0 lead?

And finally after being gone three years, the former member of the Hardy Boyz, Jeff Hardy is back! After being released in the Spring of 2003, Hardy trained and prepared, waiting for a chance to come back to the WWE and that is exactly what is happening. With Hardy once again back in the WWE, many things are very well possible with this insane Daredevil. Hardy will be in one on one action tonight making his return to Raw and the WWE.

Ok, got that posted. I'm looking for Raw to be posted maybe tomorrow, I'm not discouraging PPV reviews though and I will return them too. I'm just needing to continue on as it's been a week, and now it's time to get back to work on the road to my next two PPV's.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I know I've been slack with finishing my review off, but ASAP I will post it, promise.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE Judgment Day Review

MNM vs Mexicools:
A good way of opening the show with an exciting tag match. Did not really get bored while reading this match, which is a good thing. Good way of having the roles of both managers in this match being exploited. Match ending was pretty good, and MNM finishes the job in the grudge, and most likely moves on to the Tag Team Titles. Good opener, but not some 'MOTYC' or 'MOTN' candidate, but it was a good opener.

Sylvan's promo was pretty decent, not to high on his character, but I guess it fills the spot. Intrigued to see what happens on SmackDown!, to see if anything goes down with Sylvan.

Jamie Noble vs Chavo Guerrero: Nice match here. Liked the fast-paced action here, as the match was pretty exciting. Ending was a little sketchy for my liking, but besides that I enjoyed this match. Nice to see Noble retain, and the ending was interesting with Kash applauding Noble.

Brian Kendrick and Paul London vs. Finlay and William Regal: Nice match here. Slow-paced in the beginning, which is good because it really shows the technical strengths of Regal and Finlay. Match pace picks up, with it favoring London and Kendrick of course. Damn! Somersault Plancha! Great ending with Kendrick hitting the Sliced Bread #2, and great to see the Tag Champs retain. Great match, and right now MOTN.

Nice Kennedy promo, it's a good way of hyping up the match. I see Kennedy picking up the victory.

Ken Kennedy vs Bobby Lashley: Typical beginning, with Kennedy doing his introductions and so forth. This match was pretty good KOPV1, but the ending was pretty meh. The cradle finish seemed pretty unexpected, but I don't think it should've been the way to end the match. Either way, Kennedy wins and this seems to be the end of their feud. Looking forward to see where he goes from here, and this PPV is really getting stronger as we go on.

Good Heyman/Long promo. Heyman seemed pretty in character, and good pitch for the Extreme Rules match. Looking forward to that one on SmackDown!

Booker T vs Matt Hardy: I liked this match. Great action during this match and it had me believing Hardy was going to win as he seemed to be pulling out all the stops. But it's Booker that takes the victory, and retains the title. Nice ending with Booker finishing him off with the Scissors Kick. Good to see Booker retain, but I think the title's coming off him soon, and possibly at the GAB.

Batista vs Rey Mysterio: I thought this match would be pretty good, and it looks like I thought right. Excellent job of displaying the struggle with Rey trying to beat Batista and overcome the odds. Like how you displayed the crossbody on Batista as a "huge" moment in the match, which it was because I didn't think he could do that. Enjoyable match and didn't get me bored or tired lol, and Batista wins after a long fight and I do not think this is the end of this feud. I see the feud finishing off with some sort of gimmick match, but don't steal my idea for the cage match. Just messing.

Good Edge promo. Edge seems confident that he is walking out with the title. I do not see him walking out the champ, as it is damn near impossible to leave with the title with five other men competing for it. We'll see though.

Six Pack Challenge Elimination Match: Edge (c) vs. Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit vs. Christian vs. Randy Orton vs. JBL Very good match here, the MOTN as expected. Interesting to see that Christian was the first eliminated by Orton. Somehow I see a feud between those two, but I could be wrong. Benoit gets JBL out next, as he seems to be pushing himself to the top in this match, and then gets Orton out! Could he win!? Nope, belt shot! Edge uses the classic heel tactic, good move there. Now we're down to Angle and Edge. Classic ending to the match, and Angle comes out on top. Excellent match KOPV1, quite possibly one of your best matches.

Overall: 88% I give this PPV a B+. Great matches all around, but the promos just seemed too short. And there could've been one promo added here and there, but besides that an excellent job KOPV1. Cannot wait for ONS. Oh, and I finished the banner for it, I just need to make the smaller version and upload it. It's schmexy.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Judgment Day 2006 –- Review
~ Opening promo was very good and it also entertained me. So it is a plus for you.
Rating: 9/10

Match #1
MNM vs. The Mexicools

~ I don’t know if it’s right or not to kick off the show with the tag team action, but it’s really awkward. Anyway, the tag team match-up really flowed well. And it also entertained me. Wrestling wise, it was something that I wouldn’t miss. Match had everything. I mean, it had the aerial moves, submission moves, high-risk moves, and also the attacking moves. So it was basically a match for everyone’s liking. Melina should have done the most interference’s though. I just saw two or three interferences. If I had written that match, I would have inserted even more heel tactics from Melina. Juventud played his role nicely in that match. In the end, the same heel tactics help MNM to gain a victory over Mexicools.
Rating: 7/10

~ Sylvain Grenier cuts a decent promo. Although it looked like filler to create some gap between the matches. Anyway, I am looking forward to Sylvain’s challenge at this week’s SmackDown!
Rating: 9/10

Match #2
Cruiserweight Championship
Jamie Noble © vs. Chavo Guerrero

~ It was really an entertaining match. I loved the starting paragraphs of the match where neither Chavo nor Noble seems to gain advantage. Chavo’s heel and cocky attitude was really nice in this match. Also loved the fast-paced action. I think this match was too short, but that’s alright and does makes sense in terms of the matches of the real life WWE. Match could have done better though in terms of Variety of Moves because you didn’t used too many moves. There were just some moves used. Also you rushed at the ending, which really is a minus from me. Noble winning and retaining his title was a bit surprise for me though. Kid Kash coming up and applauding Noble, aftermath, was even more surprising.
Rating: 7.5/10

~ ECW One Night Stand II coming back to your BTB is a nice touch. And I’ll be looking forward to Triple H vs. Rob Van Dam.
Rating: 10/10

Match #3
WWE Tag Team Championships
Brian Kendrick and Paul London vs. Finlay and William Regal

~ Alright, another solid match booked here. Good way to open up the contest with slow moves. Burchill keeps himself also involved in that match, so that’s fine. Also I liked the way that Finlay and Regal kept their heel tactics overall in the match to draw even more heat from the fans. I definitely liked how the pace picked up in the match, with the high flyers taking risks, etc. Good way. Regal hanging Kendrick at the turnbuckles upside down was really great/innovative because it draws even more heat from the crowd. In the end, Burchill once again tries to interfere, but this time the tag team champs doesn’t do a thing wrong and retain their tag team championships.
Rating: 8/10

~ Interesting brawl aftermath between the two Ukliq members, with Burchill trying to calm down both men. A possible Regal vs. Finlay feud? Maybe? Yeah!

~ Kennedy’s promo between his match was just fine/decent. It was nothing special in my opinion. And it could have done a bit lengthier.
Rating: 7/10

Match #4
Bobby Lashley vs. Ken Kennedy

~ Loved to see Kennedy doing his introductions before the match. Glad to see the arrogance of Kennedy at the start of the show, loudmothing Lashley, saying he’s not going to be out-smarted, etc. Truly gold. Kennedy really dominates Lashley at the start, and that, that was not expected, so it’s all-good. Steel chair is being used early on, me thinks. It was great to see Kennedy missing that Kenton Bomb and landing hard on the steel chair back-first! Kennedy getting the win with a roll-up, with some leverage, was really un-expected, which is good, and it also helped Kennedy’s character. I don’t think that this is the last of this feud though. But anyway, a good entertaining match-up, which I liked to be honest. Ending came as a surprise, so that works for me.
Rating: 7.5/10

~ Decent Heyman and Long promo here, with Heyman basically plugging-in/getting hype for his next big event, which is One Night Stand II. Anyway, I’ll be looking forward to that Extreme Rules Match at SmackDown!
Rating: 8/10

Match #5
United States Championship
Booker T © vs. Matt Hardy

~ Tornado DDT was used too early, me thinks. But anyway, that doesn’t matters really. In this match-up, Matt Hardy really approved that he’s basically a good mid-carder. And the way you showed him in the match, it looked like he was going to win the United States Championship. But in the end, Booker gets up the victory and remains the United States Champion. My favorite spot from the match were basically too, Moonsault and that Double Clothesline. Also, Hardy getting the shoulder-up after Book End was a nice touch. Just to tell you, this match had everything in terms of entertainment, and maybe variety of moves, and maybe also wrestling wise (mostly from Hardy).
Rating: 7/10

~ Hmm, glad to see you hyping Vengeance, which is just two weeks away from the ECW One Night Stand II. It will be interesting to see your pace in these two pay-per-views because I think that it might take long.
Rating: 10/10

Match #6
Batista vs. Rey Mysterio

~ Umm, definitely a nice way to kick off the match with Batista taking advantages of the much smaller opponent in Mysterio. Mysterio overall in this match was used great and never for a second it looked like Mysterio is afraid of Batista, which is a good thing. This match was also entertainined. I liked how Batista kept down Mysterio with attacking/power moves, and Mysterio came back with high-flying/aerial techniques. In the end, Batista gets the win. Well, I am really glad to see Batista picking a good victory here. And good victory means that he didn’t cheated.
Rating: 7.5/10

~ Edge’s promo was great, in character. And I also found intensity in that one. Also it hyped the main-event. By the way, so far I haven’t been impressed by your promos, and there were just little amounts of promos. Must have hyped this event more.
Rating: 9/10

Match #7
World-Heavyweight Championship
Six Pack Challenge Elimination Match
Edge © vs. Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit
Vs. Christian vs. Randy Orton vs. JBL

~ I really enjoyed the opening paragraphs of the match, where we see each other superstar coming-in and going-out (tags, I mean.) Christian to go out first was a bit shock to me. I was expecting him to last more. But anyway, Christian’s rival, Orton eliminated him from the match, so it means that this rivalry will still continue. JBL definitely makes a mistake here by tagging-in Edge, and then Benoit eliminates him via a Crippler Crossface. So just four are left. Oh, and thank God Angle is now because I was missing him in the match from quite few minutes. Orton tags in himself, and this might be a mistake, for him to face Benoit. Yeah, definitely a mistake here, as Benoit once again strikes with an elimination. Three left. Benoit’s gone now with a brutal title shot from Edge. Well, it keeps Edge’s heel character really well. And then with the last two men left, we really see a great battle. But in the end, the best man, Angle takes the victory and brings home the World Heavyweight Championship. I think that we might see a three way feud between this title, and the chasing men might be Benoit and Edge. But let’s see…
Rating: 9/10

Overall Scores:
  • In matches point of view, I give you a total of 56.5/70. Main-event was really great, truly one of your best matches.
  • In promos point of view, you really lacked. You only had eight seven overall in the match.
  • In those total 7 promos, one promo was an opening promo to hype the event (Judgment Day.) Others two were to hype others events (ECW One Night Stand II and Vengeance.) It then leaves us to only four promos and in those four promos, two were only to hype about SmackDown! (Heyman/Long and Sylvain’s promo.) And then it leaves us to only two promos, and those two promos were to hype the matches (Main-Event and Kennedy/Lashley.) So you really didn’t hype your matches.
  • Three or four more promos would have been fine. Overall score, I’ll give you 116/140 = 82% = B. Also, No Way Out has been posted. I hope that you return.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Pretty decent opening promo which hyped the show, and got across the idea of it being a judgement day.

Nice to see the tag match start the show, and it should be a fast and high paced match between the cruisers. Melina screams in the opening seconds, which is good to see, and she is going to have an impact in this match. Crazy is the man who is isolated, and we get some good double teaming work from MNM, which is what they do well. Psicosis gets the hot tag, and does some nice moves, which get the crowd going. Juvi enters, and nails the juvi driver, and it should be over, but Melina puts Nitro’s leg on the ropes. Typical heel move from Melina, which was good to see. Snapsnot gets the win, and MNM have the win they needed. Solid opener, which was a pretty decent match, but nothing too special. Still, started the show in a good fashion, and sets it up for the bigger matches

Sylvain cuts his typical promo, just to give him some more build up and to make him look a bit more important. Guess his push is going to have to come to something though soon, or it will run out of steam

Noble vs. Chavo is next, and this should be a good match, especially with the new attitude that Noble has. Sentom bomb in the early moments sets this up to be a good match, and so it is proving to be. Some nice mat work in the match, but it combined well with the power that these two have, which made for the match to be a nice mix of styles. Belly to belly from the top rope was a good spot to have, and now the match is to break down to the finish I guess. Chavo goes for the gory bomb, but Noble fights out, and nails the tiger driver. Again, a solid contest here, but nothing too special. First two matches have been good, but wont be remembered too long into the future. Kash comes out and claps, which is very interesting, and this is a good angle that you have going

The tag title match comes next, and this should be a solid contest, although I cant see the hooligans dropping the titles so soon after the long chase they had. By the looks of things, they are taking a hit and run approach to the match, which is good as they know they have to conserve their speed. Burchill is going to have an impact in this match then I guess, and he could well be the reason why the UKLiq win. Kendrick gets dominated by the mat and the wrestling work of Finley and Regal, which was well done, before he gets the hot tag to London, which was good to see, but was a very similar formula to the opener. London goes for the 450, but Burchill trips him, as his revival in the match comes to an end. They go to use the sheilagh, but London trips Finley to counter it. Burchill tries to get in the match, but is taken out, and then Finley gets hit with the sliced bread, and that is that. Again, a good match, and probably the best of the night so far, but wasn’t too spectacular. The big story from this looks to be the break up of UKLiq though, which is a shame as they were getting over as a heel group, but should allow for a great feud

Solid promo from kennedy, but really just gives his match with Lashley a bit of hype. Nothing special here really

Kennedy realises very soon that he cannot take on Lashley, and he slides out of the ring and the match, not wanting any part of him, but he can attack him from behind. Lashley’s power though is going to help him, and it looks like it is during this match so far. Drop toe hold turns the momentum again, but still the power of Lashley wont let him be dominated by Kennedy. Low blow does change the match, but as he goes for the Kenton bomb, Lashley rolls out the way and Kennedy hits the chair. Spinebuster should be enough, but Kennedy gets a foot on the ropes, and we get the same result after the green bay plunge from Kennedy. Lashley counters what kennedy throws at him, but after Kennedy slips out of the dominator and rolls him up, it is enough for Kennedy to get the win. Fourth solid match of the night, but again, nothing has really stood out as a great match so far. Lashley, despite losing, probably came out a bit stronger here, but this feud isn’t over yet, with their being at least one more match to come from this.

Didn’t really feel the Long/Heyman promo, as it didn’t seem to be totally in character, and was all a bit too friendly (probably not the word I’m thinking of) between them. Interesting to see what ECW does on Smackdown, but didn’t like this promo really

Tornado ddt comes very early in this match, so I guess this could be a bit rushed, with a lot of time given to the last two matches. Hardy looks to be trying to finish this quickly, but Booker recovers and starts to work the arm. Two top rope moves in the opening minute of the match is maybe a bit too much, and this match hasn’t settled down yet. Hardy gets beaten down, but the spinning neckbreaker turns the tide, and gives Hardy a platform to fight back from. He hits the moonsault, but Booker kicks out, and then he misses the leg drop. Side effect isn’t enough either, as Hardy is on the verge of winning the title. He kicks out of the bookend, but the scissors kick is too much for him, and Booker keeps the title. Good match here, and that fact is was kept short probably helped it as it was all action for a lot of the match. Possibly MOTN so far, but again, these two can probably do better

Batista vs. Rey should be the David vs. Goliath kind of match, with Batista dominating with his power, while Rey has to use his speed to get into the match., and straight away, this happens to Rey, who doesn’t look like he has much of a chance. Rey fights back with the enziguiri, but it isn’t enough to get the win, and then he gets dominated again. Huge crossbody from Rey is what he has to do if he wants to win the match, but he needs more if he is to win. He goes for the 619, but Batista moves out of the way, and gets hit with the spinebuster, but kicks out. Frog splash isn’t enough to win the match for Rey, and he goes for the seated senton, but Batista nails the Batista Bomb, and that is that, and enough to give Batista the win. Solid match here, which was pretty good for Batista going 15 minutes, but somehow, I don’t think this is the end of the matter, and I think that more can be done with these two. Tying with Booker/Hardy for MOTN so far, but this was a win that Batista needed to get.

Solid promo from Edge, but some of the worst interviewing I’ve ever seen has happened from the show tonight, with some dire questions… still, I would say Edge wins this match, if it wasn’t for the fact 3 heels have won on the trot… but he is still my pick

Orton and Benoit start this match off, and this is probably going to be a long match, with nothing else on the show doing more than 15 minutes so far tonight. Thinking we may see someone from Raw jumping ship here to make the ending of the match a bit more shocking, but then again, that may not happen. Some nice work with JBL and Benoit when the two of them were in the match, and I still see them feuding for a bit more after this match is over. Surprised to see Christian go so soon in the match, which makes him look quite weak, especially as it was a clean pin to take him out. Orton’s RKO gets rid of him, and definitely gives him something to brag about on afterwards as their feud carries on. Benoit and JBL then go back to fighting, and Benoit almost gets the fall after the headbutt, but JBL kicks out. Benoit carries it on though, and he dominates JBL< and he has to tap to the crossface, as it is down to 4. So far, Benoit has been the MVP of the match, and I don’t recall Angle doing anything. Some nice work from Angle and Benoit when they got in the ring, and then Orton tries to tap over, but he has to tap to the sharpshooter, as it has been Benoit’s match so far. Benoit looks as if he has Edge out of the match as well, but Edge has to use the belt to fight back, and in doing so, eliminates Benoit, who looked very good in this match. Down to Edge and Angle, and Edge is the only person who should win this match, as Angle needs to move away from the title scene for a while, as he was stale in the feud with RVD, and hasn’t improved enough in this feud so far. Belly to belly to the outside was a great move, and Angle has all the momentum with him hardly wrestling tonight. Angle kicks out of the spear, and then gets the ankle lock in on Edge, who has to tap put, and Angle gets the title back. Not too keen on that for reasons I’ve already explained, but lets see what happens. Just don’t think he needs the title, and isn’t doing anything for me as a face or heel at the moment. A good match to close the show, but overall, this ppv wasn’t the best you have done. Not a single bad match on the show, but nothing great either
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw
Monday May 22, 2006
Lexington, Kentucky

Across the Nation hits across the arena and the normal Raw video package plays until the end of the video cuts out and we cut over to the commentating team at ringside.

Jim Ross: Hello everybody and Raw comes to you live tonight from the wonderful state of Kentucky but the thing is, we have a major show planned!

Jerry Lawler: Indeed and tonight, a number one contender to the WWE Championship come Vengeance will be crowned.

Jim Ross: No matter who’s champion, someone has to be number one contender and we’ll find that out tonight in a major match tonight!

Jerry Lawler: Plus to kick off the show, we’re about to have a Contract Signing for the WWE title match come One Night Stand!

No Chance hits across the arena and out comes Mr. McMahon strolling down the ramp before getting into the ring for the Contract Signing. McMahon comes into the ring with the table and carpet set up in the ring before placing the contract on the table and McMahon grabs a mic before beginning to speak.

Mr. McMahon: Shaddup!

Crowd Boos

Mr. McMahon: I’m not out here to listen to all of you boo me, I’m out here because we’re about to witness the signing of the end of Rob Van Dam’s reign, and the death of ECW whenever Triple H goes on and defeats Rob Van Dam taking the WWE Championship from Mr. ECW on RVD’s own stomping grounds!

Crowd Boos

Mr. McMahon: And let’s go ahead and get this contract signing started, first off let me go ahead and introduce the man that is the former 10 time World-Heavyweight Champion, the man that will indeed be the next WWE Champion come One Night Stand, he happens to be the King of Kings, the Cerebral Assassin, Triple H!

Time to Play the Game hits across the arena as Triple H comes out onto the stage wearing his suit. Hunter continues down the ramp before climbing the ropes and stopping, spitting his water into the air after throwing his bottle into the crowd. Triple H finally steps through the ropes and shakes hands with Vince before sitting down and awaiting Van Dam.

Mr. McMahon: And his opponent come One Night Stand, he is the current and soon to be ex-WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam!!!

One of a Kind hits and out comes Van Dam. Van Dam lets the title slide down his shoulder before stopping at the ramp and doing the R-V-D pose. Van Dam grabs his WWE Championship and throws it over his shoulder before coming into the ring with the title and staring down Vince before heading over and sitting down in the chair.

Mr. McMahon: Ok gentlemen, right now we’re here for the Contract Signing for the WWE Championship match at One Night Stand, Sunday June 11 in the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. Now I’m going to need both men’s signatures before to make sure the match will still take place and Triple H, you’re first!

Triple H grabs a pen and quickly signs the contract after reading over it quickly. Hunter smiles and looks at Mr. McMahon who simply smiles and looks back at Triple H. Van Dam is sitting here and watching this in the mean time looking on as if he’s ready for this to end.

Mr. McMahon: Ok Rob no…

Triple H: One minute Vince, let me tell Rob something.

Triple H turns the contract towards Rob and slides the pen over towards the WWE Champion. Van Dam grabs for the pen but Triple H quickly grabs the pen out of the hands of Van Dam before continuing on speaking.

Triple H: Look at this contract thoroughly Rob, this is pretty much your death warrant. It’s like your saying to me “Please, beat my ass to a bloody pulp come One Night Stand in my own environment, in an Extreme Rules Match” And Rob, I will have no problem walking out of that Hammerstein Ballroom with MY WWE Championship.

Crowd Boos

Triple H: It’s a fact of life Rob. Only the strong survive and I’m the strongest son of a bitch you’re ever going to mess with. I’m a ten time World-Heavyweight Champion, compared to your little one and a half month reign. And before you know it, I’ll have another title that will simply be thrown in with all my other accomplishments.

Crowd Boos

Triple H
: Rob, I guess you don’t seem to realize how long I’ve went without a major championship, count it, 13 months! Yes, 13 months since I lost my World-Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 21. 13 long months and I’m not going to let that get into my head come One Night Stand! No, I’m ready, I’m prepared, and I’ve been waiting these past 13 months for this chance, for the chance for the King of Kings to go ba…

Rob Van Dam: Yeah, yeah we know Hunter! The King of Kings goes back on his throne!

The crowd pops as Van Dam looks around smiling and looks around the crowd before beginning to speak once again.

Rob Van Dam: Hunter, this is a reunion for me, I had to sit out last year’s One Night Stand and why, all because of a leg injury! If I could have, I would have wrestled that night, I would have stole the show for all the ECW fans.

Crowd starts an E…C…Dub Chant.

Rob Van Dam: You never lived ECW; you never felt how special it was to go out there and entertain the fans, and the fans love you for what you did and who you were. ECW was something special, something that can’t and never will be repeated. And for you to talk about ECW, well this Sunday you’ll get your dose of ECW because I promise, that with Extreme Rules, anything goes and you can count on Mr. PPV on gaining the win! That’s Rob…Van…Dam!!!

Crowd Pops as Van Dam grabs the pen after quickly reading over the contract, Van Dam signs the contract and Triple H doesn’t seem too happy. HHH looks at Van Dam before flipping the table over and coming after Van Dam. However Van Dam ducks and delivers a huge Spinning Kick straight to the face of Triple H. Van Dam moves the table before heading over to Vince and Van Dam grabs Vince looking to beat down McMahon. Van Dam has McMahon by the collar and he looks ready to punch McMahon whenever Triple H comes from behind with a shot to the back. Triple H spins around Van Dam quickly before quickly finishing off the WWE Champion with his patented finisher, the Pedigree! Triple H gets down on his knees and yells in the face of Van Dam “That title is mine” before getting back onto his feet and heading over to Vince. Both men slide to the outside of the ring before McMahon gets a mic brought to him.

Mr. McMahon: Damnit, I’m Mr. McMahon!

Crowd Boos

Mr. McMahon: I’m not going to stand for this. The WWE Champion wants to try and lay his hands on me, how about he meets me in the ring, later tonight one on one! Yeah, you all heard me right! The chairman of the board, Vincent Kennedy McMahon one on one versus the WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam later on tonight!

No Chance hits across the arena as McMahon and HHH both back their ways up the ramp. From behind we see Paul Heyman come down to the ring to help Van Dam and Heyman comes in with doctors too. Van Dam refuses the help though getting out on his own power and Heyman and RVD make their way to the back before the commercial.


Jim Ross: Damnit! I should have known something was up whenever Mr. McMahon barred Paul Heyman from a Contract Signing!

Jerry Lawler: Probably the most absurd thing I’ve heard too and well, we have a major match to come later tonight though.

Jim Ross: And it’s all as a result of the beat down that Triple H just gave our WWE Champion a few minutes ago.

Jerry Lawler: Well either way JR, I know one thing and that is after a two week absence, our Tag Team Champs are back.

Match #1
3MW vs. The Highlanders

Match Overview: In 3 Minute Warning’s return from their break, they end up fighting the new team since they were gone, the Highlanders in a non-title match. Both teams out on an ok match with Jamal and Rosey having a different challenge than they had against other teams the past month and a half. Jamal is in the ring with Robbie and Robbie is trying for a tag but Jamal quickly clotheslines Robbie down to the mat. Jamal brings Robbie into the corner and makes the tag bringing in Rosey. Jamal picks up Robbie slamming Robbie down with a Power Slam before Rosey makes his way onto the top rope. Rosey looks ready to leap for a Moonsault but Rory runs over and shakes the ropes causing Rosey to fall and land on the mat hard. Rory comes right after Jamal trying to get Jamal to stir with a clothesline but he won’t do so. Rory helps Robbie up before both men run right off the ropes and come back at Jamal finally taking him down with a clothesline. Rory baseball dropkicks Jamal to the outside while both men grab the legal man, Rosey. Rory and Robbie both lift Rosey into the air with amazing strength before bouncing Rosey off the ropes and delivering a Scot Drop! Rory slides to the outside while Robbie takes the cover. One…Two…Three!!!

Winners: The Highlanders

The Highlanders both celebrate their impressive win and are hugging one another when all of a sudden; Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro come down the ramp with Melina. Both Nitro and Mercury start beating down on both Rory and Robbie before sending Robbie to the outside of the ring over the ropes. Nitro meets Rory with a nice superkick before Mercury scoops up Rory and Nitro heads behind Mercury before both men bring Rory down into the mat with the Snapshot! Both men taunt the Highlanders by doing “snapshots” and Melina is on the outside cheering on her men! Melina slides into the ring and raises both Mercury and Nitro’s hand as if they just won the Tag Team titles tonight in the ring.

We cut backstage to see Chris Jericho backstage with Maria.

Maria: Chris, last week on the Hi…

Chris Jericho: Yes, last week Shawn Michaels did give me the Sweet Chin Music but Maria, the important thing is I’m still standing! Michaels tried to take down this sexy beast but he failed, he failed miserably and sure, I do have a history with Shawn Michaels, and yes he did beat me at WrestleMania 19. But, the only thing that matters now is that Shawn Michaels just put himself in a war, a war that can’t be stopped!

Maria: Chris, I heard tonight Shawn won’t be here in the arena, why do you think this happens to be, is he afraid of you or something?

Chris Jericho: That’s Shawn Michaels for you. Well Shawn, I’ve just got something to say to you and that is you can be prepared because next week, I promise you next week if you even think about stepping into the arena, you’ll be paying the price. See, you messed with the King of the World, a sexy beast baby! And you messed with the wrong sexy beast, you crossed a line and that’s why next week I’ve got a challenger for you.

Maria: Chris, last time you were in the ring, you fought John Cena in a Steel Cage Match, do you thi..

Chris Jericho: The last time was the last time. The Spirit Squad held me down, yes they did cost me the match but I’m past that now. Shawn Michaels, I’ve sat back and watched you along with Stone Cold Steve Austin sit back and torment the owner of this company, Mr. Vince McMahon and I had to take a stand for it, the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla couldn’t sit back and let you do this anymore and that’s why, Shawn, I’m in this with Vince now.

Maria: So now you’re working for Vince?

Chris Jericho: Maria, I’ve been wo…never mind! Shawn you brought yourself into this last week whenever you gave me the Sweet Chin Music and I’ll be glad to end this. I’ve got no problem becoming the man that did finally break the career of the Heart Break Kid and all for Mr. McMahon, Shawn, you’re a targeted man and I promise you one day, I will give you a beating you will never…ever forget!


Match #2
Intercontinental Championship
Best of Seven Series Match #2
Shelton Benjamin © vs. Gregory Helms

Match Overview: In another exciting match between both of these men, Helms looks to add onto the major 1-0 lead he took last week. Helms and Benjamin both promise another exciting match and this one continues to be a back and forth affair with both men getting to show their amazing talents in the ring during a good lengthy match. Helms tries for a Vertebreaker but Benjamin quickly pushed Helms off of him. Benjamin catches the challenger with a Dragon Whip sending Helms flying down onto the mat and the champion begins to stalk Helms, possibly looking for a chance to finish off Helms and tie the series. Benjamin grabs Helms off the mat, lifting Helms for the T-Bone Suplex but Helms slides off the shoulders of Benjamin. Helms dropkicks Benjamin in the knee while Benjamin falls to the mat holding his knee. Helms grabs Benjamin up off the mat looking possibly for the Final Cut, the renamed version of the Nightmare on Helms Street. However before Helms can do so, Benjamin gets from out underneath Helms arm and quickly grabs his challenger before throwing Helms into the air connecting with the T-Bone Suplex out of nowhere! Benjamin hooks the leg and he has the cover, One…Two…Three

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

We cut over to ringside to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: Wow, what another exciting match we just witnessed and if anything, we could be in for a surprise during this series.

Jerry Lawler: After their first two matches, these seem to have shown that both men will do anything for that title and the bragging rights.

Jim Ross: Well, we’ve still got a major night ahead of us as it is and really, I’m looking forward to that Battle Royal, too!

Jerry Lawler: Of course, a number one contender has to be determined even if we don’t know who the WWE Champion will be.

We cut out to a black screen before suddenly, Let the Bodies Hit the Floor plays from Drowning Pool, across the screen comes highlights from last year’s One Night Stand.

Narrator: Last year, ECW made its return when it invaded the entire city of New York and the Hammerstein Ballroom.

Clips of the Hammerstein Ballroom are shown as the camera is scanning across the empty arena with shots of New York City thrown in.

Narrator: For the first time in four years, ECW was back and alive.

Clips of the opening bout, Chris Jericho vs. Lance Storm, the Three Way Dance, and Rey Mysterio vs. Psychosis are shown.

Narrator: And nobody was going to ruin ECW’s moment in the spotlight for this truly was a special night in New York.

Clips of the Raw and Smackdown wrestlers coming down to the ring with the post-show brawl-taking place being shown on the screen.

Narrator: And this year, it’ll be no different.

We cut to see images of Triple H doing his classic pose, spitting the water in the air, delivering the Pedigree to many opponents and we see Triple H, Vince McMahon, and Kane all holding their hands high on the ramp from Raw.

Triple H: Rob, I am the Game, I am the true King of Kings and I’m looking forward to making sure your reign is dethroned on your own turf.

We cut to see images of Van Dam winning the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 22 with Van Dam delivering the Frog Splash. Shortly after, highlights of Van Dam doing his thumb taunt and many other key moves are shown.

Rob Van Dam: Hunter, ECW was something special and you’re looking at truly a One of a Kind Superstar, the WWE Champion…Rob…Van…Dam!!!

We see images of Van Dam and Triple H staring down one another with Van Dam backed up in the ring by fellow ECW compadres while Triple H has McMahon and Kane behind him.

Narrator: This year everything’s on the line. Pride but most of all, the WWE Championship! Rob Van Dam versus Triple H!

We see images of Van Dam and Triple H in a split screen delivering their key moves once again before it cuts out, we cut to Paul Heyman real quickly.

Paul Heyman: ECW One Night Stand II, Live on Sunday June 11, 2006! ECW makes it’s return, are you ready for it?


Eerrk…Crash hits across the arena and down comes Mick Foley in his flannel jacket as normal with an ECW shirt underneath. Foley comes down to the ring as he rolls in before raising his fist getting a good applause from the fans while he receives a mic. Foley listens to all the cheers in the arena as he begins to speak.

Mick Foley: Boy, does it feel great to be here tonight in Lexington, Kentucky!

Cheap Pop

Mick Foley: But that’s not why I came out here. You see it’s been a while since Mick Foley has been here on Raw but I haven’t been in a WWE ring since before WrestleMania. But that’s about to all change because as you all know, there is a ECW One Night Stand II coming up and well, the Hardcore Icon, just happened to be thinking of a perfect match, a match that everyone is dreaming and awaiting to see, perhaps the biggest brawl in ECW history.

Crowd Pops

Mick Foley: And ECW, where would Mick Foley be without ECW? There wouldn’t be a Cactus Jack, a Dude Love, a Mankind, and hell would there be a Mick Foley? I doubt it! You wouldn’t get to see me being thrown off cells, losing parts of my ear in Japan, being thrown into barbed wire and almost being blown alive by C4. And it’s all because of that key decision, the decision that drove me to where I am now, and this gives me pride in saying that truly, ECW was a great place and it was like a home on the road.

Crowd Starts E…C…Dub Chant

Mick Foley: I’ve been in ECW, I’ve paid my time and dues there and I want to give back to the fans for what they gave to me. For the memories of a lifetime, for the chance to be involved in hardcore classics and for truly just being in ECW around everyone. I’ve waited and waited and now’s the time, it’s time to pay back for what the company did to me, and that’s why at One Night Stand II, two hardcore legends step into the ring…

Crowd Pops

Mick Foley: to simply fight two former ECW superstars, two men that also put their lives at risk during the shows to entertain the fans, to give them a great match each night. But first off, let me introduce my partner, a man that I’ve fought with all over the world, I’ve teamed with him, beaten him down, been beaten down by him and truly, a great friend and mentor. Please welcome the Hardcore Legend, the Funker, Terry Funk!

Hardcore hits and down comes Terry Funk! The Funker continues walking down the ramp before getting into the ring and shaking hands with Foley before both men hug. Foley grabs a mic and hands it to Funk before Funk looks around the arena and Funker chants begin breaking out all across the arena.

Mick Foley: Terry, you truly are a legend, a hardcore icon and a man I always looked up to whenever I was younger, you truly are a legend here in ECW and it couldn’t be more apparent for all the things you’ve done for ECW. And yes, we’ve had our differences but I’m wanting to work something out, I’m wanting to put on a lifetime of a performance, a match to give thanks to the fans for their dedication to ECW back in it’s glory days and a chance to get back into the ring with the Funker…in a tag match!

Crowd Pops

Terry Funk: Mick, it’s been a while, it’s been a long time as a matter of fact and I do thank you for wanting me to come back and team with you once again and for the challenge you want for One Night Stand, you’ve got your partner right here!

Crowd Pops

Terry Funk: I’m ready to go John Wayne on someone’s ass, I’m ready to get back into that ring on Sunday June 11 and give someone a beating, and I’m ready to show that ECW truly was what made Terry Funk just like it made Mick Foley! And Mick, without ECW we would be nowhere and that’s why, that’s why I’m glad we’ll both be teaming together but Mick, let me ask ya something! W..

Mick Foley: Exactly Terry, I knew you would ask.

Mick Foley: Let’s just say these two men, well you’ve with tagged with one and you’ve fought them all across the world, just like me Terry. And both are very familiar ECW faces. Both men have a respect for you Terry and they respect what ECW stood for then and what it stands for now so let’s go ahead and bring down our opponents…

Take Down, a Production theme hits and out comes Tommy Dreamer and Sandman through the crowd. Foley and Funk are looking around, watching for Dreamer and Sandman as we see Dreamer and Sandman both carrying Singapore canes. Foley and Funk grab steel chairs from out under the ring and wait for Sandman and Dreamer to come down to the ring. Dreamer and Sandman slide in and it seems Foley and Funk want a friendly match up before heading into One Night Stand II! Foley and Funk extend their hands to Dreamer and Sandman and all four men shake hands signaling this will be an all out brawl come ECW One Night Stand II.

We cut over to ringside to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: A major tag match has just been signed for ECW One Night Stand II and will it ever be a Pier 1 Brawl!

Jerry Lawler: How am I not surprised? Extremely Crappy Wrestling continues to take up time on an WWE show, Monday Night Raw!

Jim Ross: King, you act as if you can’t live without seeing ECW once a week, and it’s not that bad, we get to see Foley and Funk!

Jerry Lawler: JR, you’re so positive about ECW aren’t you. Well coming up after the break, a number one contender is crowned, next!


Match #3
Jeff Hardy vs. Rob Conway

Match Overview: Fun little squash match to get Hardy a match on the show tonight since he is making his return to the WWE tonight. Hardy and Conway put on a good match for the time they are allotted with Hardy doing all his normal spots including the Whisper in the Wind! Hardy gets a cover but only gets a two count which doesn’t come as too much of a surprise towards Hardy. Hardy grabs Conway looking for the Twist of Fate but Conway quickly reverses and looks for the Ego Trip but another reversal from Hardy with a DDT planting Conway’s head right into the mat and the match is back in Hardy’s favor. Hardy makes his way over to the top rope looking down at Conway before Hardy takes flight and delivers a hard Swanton Bomb right onto Conway. Hardy rolls around before hooking the leg of Conway and that’s it, One…Two…Three!

Winner: Jeff Hardy

We cut out to another black screen, this time before the Vengeance screen comes across and we see the Raw logo come across too.

Narrator: For five years, the battle has been fought and the battle has been waged with major implications on the line.

Images of Jericho winning the Undisputed Championship back at Vengeance 2001 are shown with Jericho celebrating in the aftermath.

Narrator: For history has been made these nights and friendships broken but one thing seems to remain the same.

Images of Batista fighting Triple H in Hell in a Cell at last year’s Vengeance is shown with Batista coming out victorious with the title.

Narrator: But now, these men have fought their battles and have led themselves down a road that might not turn back.

Images of John Cena are shown with Cena fighting against the odds, overcoming many men shown in these matches that are shown.

Narrator: And with so much on the line, does one actually want to throw it all away, or give it everything it takes.

Images of Shawn Michaels celebrating after his win and hitting key Sweet Chin Music’s and other key moves in his repertoire.

Narrator: And once it all begins, there really happens to be no way out, no chance of not walking out of the battle unscathed.

Images of Triple H nailing people with his sledgehammer and delivering the Pedigree to many other opponents are shown.

Narrator: For this is the night of Vengeance, the night that is dreaded.

Images of Jericho on the Highlight Reel, hosting his show and we cut to see Jericho having the Walls of Jericho locked in on other wrestlers.

Narrator: WWE and Monday Night Raw presents Vengeance live Sunday June 25, 2006 from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

We cut over to ringside to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: And coming up next, our number one contender for Vengeance is crowned whenever John Cena goes one on one with Kane!

Jerry Lawler: Both men are hungry for a shot at the WWE Championship and it will come down to who wants it the most.

Jim Ross: Cena has been on fire recently beating Jericho at Backlash in a Steel Cage and he has come out with a new attitude, never quit, never die!

Jerry Lawler: But still to come tonight, our WWE Champion meets Mr. McMahon one on one in the ring, tonight!


We cut backstage to see Todd Grisham standing by with John Cena.

Todd Grisham: Hello everyone and I’m here with John Cena. John, in a matter of moments you’ll be fighting against Kane for the number one contendership, how are you feeling?

John Cena: Todd, did you just ask me how I’m feeling. I’ve got a WWE Championship shot tonight and what, I’m supposed to be feeling bad. No! You see tonight is the night that the champ heads right back towards the top! It’s been five months almost, five months that the Chain Gang has had to sit out with a champion, had to suffer without watching their Chain Gang leader walk around with the WWE Championship and I’ll be damned if I lose my title shot tonight.

Todd Grisham: John, you’ve seemed to have a new attitude these pa…

John Cena: Never back down, never quit! It’s in my blood and it’s also in my blood to fight. I never have quit before and I won’t start today. I’ve never backed down from any fight and I guarantee I won’t tonight. See Kane, he’s just another block in my road back towards the title, and it’s just another obstacle Mr. McMahon is trying to throw at us on Raw.

Todd Grisham: One more thing John, if you do win tonight, you’ll be fighting either Rob Van Dam or Triple H, who would you like to fight the most?

John Cena: Like I said, I won’t back down from any challenge and I won’t let anyone step right over me. This is the beginning of a new trip for my Chain Gang, we’re heading back towards the top, back towards the WWE Championship and it all begins tonight. Mr. McMahon, Triple H, Kane, I’ve got something for all three of you. If you want some…

John Cena: Come get some!!!

Match #4
#1 Contender’s Match
John Cena vs. Kane

Match Overview: Nothing major really happens during the match as it’s pretty much a brawl, a big one at that and all for one thing, a WWE Championship shot. Cena and Kane put on a good match for the time they are allotted and both men show a future feud wouldn’t be too bad if it was to ever happen in the future. Cena runs right into a Big Boot from Kane and Kane starts signaling for the Chokeslam. Cena starts to slowly sit up before he walks right into Kane as Kane guzzles him. However at the right moment, Cena kicks Kane in the gut and delivers a DDT driving Kane’s head into the mat with a thud. Cena looks down at Kane before he runs off the ropes and delivers the Five Knuckle Shuffle right onto Kane! The fans are cheering as Cena grabs Kane up off the mat, however Kane fights off Cena and looks for another Chokeslam but Cena quickly grabs Kane and throws him onto his shoulders. Cena lifts Kane into the air before bringing the Big Red Monster crashing down onto the mat with an F-U. Cena quickly hooks the leg of Kane and this has to be it, One…Two…Three!!!

Winner and #1 Contender: John Cena

We cut over to ringside to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: John Cena has done it and now, he finds himself heading into Vengeance with a number one contendership in place.

Jerry Lawler: I didn’t think he could beat Kane but he did just that JR and Cena could well become a 2-time WWE Champion.

Jim Ross: It’s going to be a hard task but first, he’ll have to be watching One Night Stand to know who he’ll fight come Vengeance.

Jerry Lawler: Either way, Cena is going to give whoever his opponent may be a hard fight come Vengeance in five weeks.


Matt Striker…Your Teacher hits around the arena and out comes Matt Striker and Test. Striker walks down the ramp to the ring, which is set up for Striker’s Classroom segment tonight. Striker slides into the ring with Test walking up the steps right behind him before Striker walks right over to his desk and takes a seat.

Matt Striker: Hello all my students…

Crowd Boos

Matt Striker: It is I…your teacher, Matt Striker!

Crowd Boos

Matt Striker: Now tonight, well tonight has been a pretty good night for me. And it’s all because I’m allowed to come here tonight and teach to all of you students a lesson. It’s a lesson that many people find very hard to deal with nowadays, and that just happens to be respect. Something young students like you all need to learn a good deal about.

Crowd Boos

Matt Striker: And right now, I’m mainly talking to a particular student in mind right now, which happens to be Carlito. Now Carlito, I see you claim to be “cool” but really, the only way you can be cool is if you have the brains, if you have the book sense, and if you have the knowledge. Really, what I’m saying is that you are only cool if your names happens to be Matt Striker, and well I guess I’m cooler than you!

Crowd Boos

Matt Striker: Carlito, I’ve sat back and watched you talk, I’ve seen some of your matches and I’ve got to admit you seem to have somewhat of a knack for talent but what you don’t have is being smart. And maybe, just maybe I can get it through your head if I can find a way past that big thing you call your hair that the only thing you should be worried right about now is respect, respecting your teacher mainly.

Crowd starts Striker Sucks Chants

Matt Striker: You people just don’t get it do you? I come out here, volunteer my time that I could be reading a book in the back, grading papers, working on tests but I come out here to help my students, to try to not only get through school but through life! And this is how you all want to treat your teacher? This is all how you want to show respect to me, the thing I’ve been talking about all tonight right here?

Crowd Pops making Striker mad as Striker looks back at Test, Test doesn’t say anything as he watches the crowd while Striker continues on.

Matt Striker: Shame on you all! It isn’t required of me to come out here, it isn’t necessary for me to give up free time to help you all out, as a matter of fact, if you all don’t start appreciating my amazing skills to teach, then I might just have to leave! Yes, you all need to re…

Cool hits across the arena and down comes Carlito! Carlito walks down the ramp chomping on an apple with a mic in hand before sliding in the ring. Carlito looks at Striker as Striker simply stares down Carlito and the fans are cheering for Carlito right now. Carlito puts the apple down on Striker’s desk before beginning to speak.

Carlito: Carlito’s not cool; did I hear you say that?

Matt Striker: Yes, I absolutely did and Ca…

Carlito: Carlito isn’t too happy with your comments Striker. Carlito doesn’t like it when people try and tell Carlito that he isn’t cool. Carlito does say though that you, Striker must be ready for a beating because if you want to talk about Carlito like that, then Carlito will be glad to show you some respect tonight.

Crowd Pops

Matt Striker: Carlito, that won’t be necessary. But what will be is that I want you to listen, I want you to listen to this lesson about respect, something you do need to learn about what it means and maybe apply it to your life, then maybe, just maybe I could actually say that you are cool but right now, well that’s a different story.

Crowd Boos

Carlito: Carlito needs to learn respect, huh?

Matt Striker: Oh ye…

Carlito: Dat’s not cool but you know what’s cool?

Matt Striker: What?

Carlito: ‘Dis.

Carlito comes flying at Striker with lefts sending Striker flying back in his chair as the chair tips over. Carlito throws some lefts at Test making sure he can’t get anything in before Carlito grabs Striker up. Carlito grabs Striker looking for a Backbreaker but out of nowhere, Test runs and delivers a huge Big Boot right to the face of Carlito! Carlito falls to the mat as Striker reaches on his desk and grabs a pencil. Striker grabs the pencil and starts stabbing Carlito in the forehead with the pencil causing Carlito to bust open. Striker continues until Test pulls Striker off Carlito and Striker looks as if he has gone insane. Striker grabs a mic real quick standing over Carlito.

Matt Striker: Now Carlito, that’s cool!

We cut over to ringside to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: My gawd! Matt Striker has gone insane tonight and it seems like he needs some major help after what he did to Carlito!

Jerry Lawler: The fans are getting to him apparently JR, I mean they have been like this to him for many months now.

Jim Ross: That doesn’t give him any right though to start stabbing a man in the head with a pencil, is that his lesson or something?

Jerry Lawler: Apparently and well, Striker showed Carlito that he does need to show some respect to his teacher after all.


Match #5
Mickie James vs. Ashley Massaro

Match Overview: Quick match to get Mickie James on the card once again with her fighting one of Beth Phoenix’s so called backups. Mickie pretty much doesn’t let Ashley get in any action as Mickie pretty much dominates her, throwing her around and not letting her get hardly any moves in during the duration of the match at all. Mickie has Ashley in the corner before she throws Ashley onto the ropes, then delivers the Stratusphere! Trish’s own move and Mickie just stole it from her. Mickie shows no remorse though as the Women’s Champion grabs the friend of Trish and Beth before running off the ropes with Ashley and driving her head into the mat, Mickie finally hooks the leg of Ashley and this has to be it right now. One…Two…Three

Winner: Mickie James

Mickie James grabs her title and slides into the ring before beating down on Ashley again. Suddenly down comes Victoria. It seems Victoria is aligning herself with Mickie as Victoria and Mickie both double team on Ashley. Victoria scoops up Ashley and drives the diva’s head into the mat onto Mickie’s title with a Widow’s Peak! But all of a sudden, down comes to the ring Trish and Beth. Victoria and Mickie slide to the outside of the ring while Trish and Beth check up on Ashley. Trish holds Ashley up while Victoria and Mickie both smile in a sadistic way.

We cut backstage to see Triple H walking to Mr. McMahon’s office. We see Mr. McMahon warming up, bouncing up and down.

Triple H: Vince, are you sure about this?

Mr. McMahon: Look Hunter, I’m positive. Rob needs to learn that you don’t cross the boss and that’s exactly what he did tonight when he grabbed me and threatened to beat me down, he’s going to regret that decision for the rest of his life.

Triple H: Look Vince, I know and you know this, tonight is just simply a way to wear down Rob, to make sure he doesn’t head into One Night Stand 100 % and really I want to make sure of this because I need to be at my best.

Mr. McMahon: I know Hunter and you know what, I made this so Rob won’t be at his best come One Night Stand, sure I’m putting it in his rules tonight but we’re going to have an Extreme Rules Match here tonight.

Triple H: Vin….

Mr. McMahon: Calm down Hunter, look I’ve got a plan and you can just sit back right here and relax, just watch the action on the television because really, you’re the King of Kings and the next WWE Champion so just take a break. Have some fun and watch the WWE Champion be destroyed in the meantime.

Triple H: Vince, I’m go…

Mr. McMahon: No, sit down Hunter. Let me handle this one on one, now just sit right there and watch the match on the screen, I’ll see you later tonight and just know this, Rob has no chance in hell of winning tonight!

Mr. McMahon simply smiles and watches as Hunter looks at McMahon and turns on the television. Hunter looks through the channels before finding Raw on USA.

Mr. McMahon: Mark my words Hunter, tonight marks the beginning of the ending not only for Rob Van Dam’s WWE Championship reign, but very well ECW. When I’m done with Rob, no one is even going to remember who or what ECW was and stood for, and you can just sit back and watch me do so, Hunter.

We cut back over to ringside to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: Mr. McMahon is a sick man, he really needs some help and when he’s done with RVD, who knows what he’ll do.

Jerry Lawler: He truly is and he says he has a plan for tonight but I’m pretty much wondering what that plan is.

Jim Ross: Who knows? Really, who knows because if you know Mr. McMahon, you know he is a sick and twisted individual.

Jerry Lawler: You might want to be careful with your words JR, I don’t think it would be too wise to talk about him like that.


Match #6
Extreme Rules Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. McMahon

Match Overview: Hard fought match with the WWE Champion taking on his boss with Heyman at ringside representing Rob Van Dam. RVD comes out of the beginning dominating McMahon with some chair shots but the key part of the match makes it’s turn whenever down comes to the ring Chris Jericho! Jericho helps McMahon handcuff Van Dam to the ropes and Jericho and McMahon double team on RVD. Heyman slides in trying to stop the action and tell the ref to stop it but McMahon simply pushes Heyman off to the outside. All of a sudden though, Shawn Michaels comes running down the ramp and takes down both Jericho and McMahon with a double clothesline. Michaels throws Jericho to the outside before unhand cuffing Van Dam from the ropes. Van Dam throws the handcuffs to the outside while he grabs a chair. Van Dam watches as McMahon is in the corner and Van Dam comes running before delivering a Chair Surf right into the face of McMahon in the corner. Van Dam throws the chair into the middle of the ring before body slamming McMahon onto the chair and making his way to the top rope. Jericho tries coming in again but HBK knocks Jericho down to the outside. Van Dam flies off the ropes with a Five Star Frog Splash before hooking the leg and the cover, One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Van Dam celebrates before Heyman brings his title into the ring and hands the title to RVD. HBK celebrates standing over Jericho and McMahon as RVD shakes hands with Michaels. Both RVD and Heyman look down at McMahon and Jericho on the mat with E…C…Dub chants breaking out across the arena. The fans continue to cheer as Van Dam celebrates on the top rope holding his title high and Michaels stands above Jericho in the ring.

Ok, got that show posted. Now most of the reviews that have been posted for JD, their threads have PPV's coming up. I'll try and review those when I get a chance as right now I'm reviewing Wolfy's WM, and the holiday season is always busy but anyways...

A small note. One Night Stand will be recapped. I toyed around with the idea of it not being but really, it came down to where I have to do so. Considering it's only a PPV that has the old ECW stars pretty much like ONS I and it's really nothing major, it's just a PPV that really was just like a Reunion show, but Vengeance will be full. However, the main event for ONS II, the WWE Championship match will be written in full!

Anyways, here's the ONS Card. Expect a few more matches announced on Smackdown this week.

ECW One Night Stand II
Sunday June 11, 2006
Hammerstein Ballroom
New York City, New York

WWE Championship
Extreme Rules Match
Rob Van Dam (c) w/ Paul Heyman vs. Triple H w/ Mr. McMahon

Extreme Rules Tag Match
Mick Foley and Terry Funk vs. Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman
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