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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Deadman_014's Raw Review:

Highlight Reel: Good start to the show, I wasn't a huge fan of this promo but I am very much going to enjoy this feud thats coming up between Jericho & HBK probably with HHH & Vince backing Jericho to a few heel wins over him. Good start to the show here, though it was repetitive at times with the "Enough" stuff from both men....

Helms vs Benjamin: Solid match to open, good decision as a choice for a hot opener here, Helms wins the opener of this I expected this, I expect probably 3 straight wins from Benjamin then 2 wins from Helms, to culminate into a match at Vengeance probably, good match to kick off Raw with a bang.

John Cena Interview: Nice little interview here, good length I liked it was short and sweet, to the point and all. John I can easily see moving over to Smackdown soon, so Smackdown gains even more talent then, and after JD you could send some over to Raw, just my opinion good promo here.

Jeff Hardy Vignette: Same vignette you been posting every week, Hardy's return should be good though I hope he gets a good opponent and a big win in his opening contest. Small decent vignette, though pretty old after multiple weeks reading it over and over again.

Highlanders vs Spirit Squad: Squash for the Highlanders here, I hate the Spirit Squad always jobbers and always will be, Highlanders vs 3MW should be interesting to say the least, I really enjoy the tag team division here as you haven't brought in different talent from TNA or anything, and just building up who you have, should be interesting what teams transfer from Smackdown to Raw though.

HHH & Vince Promo: Short promo but fits well here as a short and sweet promo like the Cena one, good promo here in the end, hinting a match announcement about ECW One Night Stand. I think this should be interesting the road you build, and take this feud coming to that PPV as I see HHH vs RVD for the WWE Title at ECW One Night Stand for sure.

Matt Striker Promo: I really enjoy your Striker Promos, you seem to have a thing for the man, and like giving him good promos and a solid feud/push most of the time which is good, as your usage of him has really inspired me to use Striker more in my thread now lemme get back on topic again. Solid promo here, best one yet though probably will be better ones in the show, good booking as well, I see Carlito vs Striker in the future as well.

James vs Wilson: Not very interested in this match, it was ok nothing really special, the buildup with the other women for the women's title feud was good, but I just don't enjoy reading about the women's division sorry mate, still a decent segment in the end.

Carlito Interview: Haha I enjoyed this lots, good promo here the ending was good, he gives Todd an apple thats gold lmao, good promo here short and sweet like almost all of your promos which is fine right now because you give the right time to the right promos, good buildup for the Test vs Carlito match I easily see Carlito going over tonight.

Carlito vs Test: Good match here very predictable, Carlito wins the match over Test, in good fashion I might add to make it a pretty decent contest in the end. I like how you book Raw KOPV by the way, its extremely realistic when you look at it, anyways this is setting up for Striker/Carlito feud probably to decide #1 Contender, I can see a Striker/Helms feud once Benjamin drops the title to Helms, and Carlito/Benjamin then probably good stuff just some things I think for future feuds after these are over even though this just started lol.

RVD & Heyman Promo: Decent promo, nothing special overall, good length to this promo though. RVD builds up the main event well, probably Sabu is his partner, looking good for the main event and the announcment is probably an HHH vs RVD at ECW One Night Stand like I predicted already.

Triple H & Kane vs RVD & Sabu: Like I thought, very predictable realistic partner here in the end for RVD's choice. Solid main event to end off the show here, though much more interested in the after announcements then the match, Kane & HHH win as expected tonight and lets see McMahon's announcement.

Vince McMahon's Announcement: Exactly what I thought it would be, HHH wins so he gets the title match, good end to the show with a solid announcement very predictable though with anyone reading this thread for the past while, good stuff to hit the end of the show, this was a good but predictable show in the end very realistic and good though. Smackdown is up if you want to take a glance, you know what I said about the RR Review its all good and cool, Raw was an enjoyable read hope you enjoy my review mate 82/100 good show.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Review coming tomorrow KOPV. Raw looks great.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I'll try and get a review up tomorrow for ya KOP.


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown Preview for Friday May 19, 2006

This Friday, Friday Night Smackdown comes to you live from St. Louis, Missouri and only 2 days remain until Judgment Day! All six men in the Six Pack Open Challenge will be in action tonight in a six man tag match as Christian, Chris Benoit, and Kurt Angle all team together to take on Randy Orton, JBL, and the World-Heavyweight Champion, Edge. With so much on the line Sunday, could we end up seeing one man take a huge advanatge before heading into Judgment Day? Could this be Edge's last night as World-Champion?

After last week's attack from Batista on Rey Mysterio, Teddy Long has ordered that tonight Batista get into the ring and fight Rey Mysterio and a partner of his choosing in a 2 on 1 Handicap Match. Long said that since Batista wants to try and beat down Rey, that tonight Rey will get redemption and "beat up" Batista. WWE.com caught up with Rey and Rey said that tonight he will team with Matt Hardy to take on Batista. Could we see Mysterio and Hardy possibly gain a win over "The Animal" or will Batista reign supreme?

Both Bobby Lashley and Ken Kennedy have been at each other's throats for weeks now. However this Sunday at Judgment Day, both men look to settle their differences with a match at Judgment Day. However tonight on Smackdown, Bobby Lashley will be in one on one action facing a very tough task as Lashley will be fighting "The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry. Lashley could use a win before heading into Judgment Day and could it be over Henry or will Kennedy try to prevent that?

Plus, Sylvan meets Hardcore Holly one on one, Paul London and Brian Kendrick team against William Regal and Paul Burchill and much more on Friday Night Smackdown!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Great preview for Smackdown, and I'll be returning the review with a review for this show. Oh, and thank you for the pointers you gave me in my thread. Yeah, SNME was good when I first started it, but it began to fall apart as the show went on a bit.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Great Smackdown preview KOP, it looks as if we're in for another fantastic show!

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

If SmackDown! goes up tomorrow, I'll review that, if not, then tomorrow I'll review RAW.


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I guess we are getting an HBK/Jericho feud, which seems good, but as many people have stated, this promo was a bit shaky, just wasn't feeling it, as it has just been used to obviously build a new feud between them

Helms gets the upper hand with the first win in the best of 7 series. Hmm, I'm hoping Shelton hits back next week

Yes, what is Cena gonna do now? No one is coming after him, and I really have no idea what he's gonna end up doing, surprise me

Hardy coming back next week sounds good, another good man for the IC title scene or upper card scene

Highlanders win a match! SHOCKER! Finally we see a thread were they are getting pushed and not squashed...

I wonder what the surprise for RVD is gonna be. Maybe a mystery opponent would be my guess, but it just seemed like a little out of HHH's character, but it's not a biggie at all

Another Matt Striker promo? Please book him in something, because he's doing nothing, his feud with Carlito can be entertaining

Micke beats Torrie and then is sent a message by Phoenix, who I can't stand, so go Mickie!

Carlito seems confident ahead of his match with Test and lol about Carlito giving Todd an apple. Good bit of humour that came out of no where

Carlito gets out of a Pump Handleslam to beat Test and now he can move onto Matt Striker

ECW is getting hyped well, every show with this video however is getting niggly

RVD & Heyman seem ready for tonight's match, I think I know who RVD's partner is gonna be.... hehe....And if it is who I think, HHH & McMahon won't be happy

Ah Sabu! I was thinking Stone Cold, but Sabu is a good choice too. McMahon & Heyman end up getting involved too, and HHH & Kane win thanks to Vince holding back Heyman from saving the fall

RVD vs HHH is made for ONS II and it's an Extreme Rules match, so I think HHH might win it off RVD and bring major heat on him and continue this war with ECW

Very good show KOP, apart from a shaky opening segment and HHH's promo, top stuff as always. 8/10


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Raw Review

Highlight Reel: A pretty good promo to start off the show. Jericho seemed in character as did HBK. Only real problem was that it ran a little too short. Besides that, good promo and I can't wait to see how this HBK/Y2J feud takes off because it could lead to a stellar match between the two.

Helms vs Benjamin: Good match here. I know I'm going to love this series, and Helms picking up the first win can only mean that we might see a title change. But I've been known to be wrong a few times, so anything could happen.

Cena Promo: A decent promo, once again it ran pretty short for my estimation. Never the less, Cena was in character, and it should be interesting to see where he goes from this point on toward Vengeance.

Highlanders vs Spirit Squad: No surprise with The Highlanders picking up their first win on Raw. I see a decent feud building off of this, or The Highlanders could just be you know, a tag team on Raw lol.

Triple H/McMahon Promo: Short promo, but ran its course in the end as it showed that HHH wants the title. Can't wait for the possible RVD/HHH showdown that was supposed to happen in real life this year but didn't.

Matt Striker Promo: Decent promo, pretty enjoyable, Striker seemed very much in character. A feud between Carlito and Striker could be pretty good if booked well, so let's see if it happens or not.

Mickie James vs Torrie Wilson: Okay divas match, nothing really else to say. Just builds this Phoenix/James feud, that is decently building into a good one. If pulled out with a good match, this might just be a good feud KOPV. Can't wait to see how this takes its course.

Carlito Promo: Pretty good promo from Carlito. He seemed very much in character and the bit at the end got me to laugh. So that's something you can say you accomplished. Haha I'm joking.

Carlito vs Test: Impressive victory for Carlito in this solid match. Good action in this one, somewhat shocked that there was no interference in this one. Nothing really else to say, glad to see Carlito win though.

Heyman/RVD Promo: Good promo here, obviously Heyman is 100% behind RVD, and I can't wait for Van Dam/HHH at ONS. Both men were in character, and Van Dam is ready to fight in the main event.

Main Event: Good tag team main event, loved the action in the match and interesting move to have the heels win in this case. Decent promo with HHH at the end, and this feud is really starting to build. Can't wait for the match at ONS II. Great show KOPV1. A review is coming your way for SD!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown
Friday May 19, 2006
St. Louis, Missouri

Rise Up plays and the normal Smackdown video package plays to open the show. We cut right over to the commentating team to start the show.

Michael Cole: Hello everybody and welcome to an exciting edition of Friday Night Smackdown and I can’t wait for what we have in store!

Tazz: Truly, this is going to be a great night because of our main event, a major six-man tag match before Judgment Day this Sunday!

Michael Cole: Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, and Christian all team together to take on Randy Orton, JBL, and the World Champion, Edge.

Tazz: And with the odds majorly against Edge this Sunday, it makes you wonder if this will be Edge’s last night as champ.

Match #1
Chavo Guerrero and Nunzio vs. Jamie Noble and Shannon Moore

Match Overview: Little bit of cruiserweight action to get this jam-packed episode of Smackdown started on its feet tonight. Noble and Guerrero get in the ring for a little bit before their match this Sunday at Judgment Day. However we cut to the ending where Nunzio and Noble are in the ring with one another right now. Nunzio takes down Noble with a dropkick to the face before heading into his corner looking for the Sicilian Slice. However Guerrero makes a quick tag bringing himself into the match to the surprise of Nunzio. Guerrero comes into the ring quickly before he clotheslines Noble hard in the corner. Guerrero throws Noble into the middle of the ring and comes after Noble but Noble quickly moves. Guerrero comes running right back into a kick from Noble in the gut. Noble grabs Guerrero looking for his finisher, the Tiger Driver but Guerrero slides off the shoulders of Noble and grabs the tights of the Cruiserweight champion, One…Two…Three!!!

Winners: Chavo Guerrero and Nunzio

Chavo slides to the outside of the ring and points to his head showing Noble that he got outsmarted tonight. Noble jumps on the ropes staring down Guerrero as Guerrero simply smiles and taps his chest yelling out “I’m a Guerrero, it’s what I do” We cut to a commercial with both men still having exchanged looks at one another.


We cut back into the backstage area to see Josh Matthews standing by with Sylvan.

Josh Matthews: Sylvan, in just a few moments you’ll be in a rematch against Hardcore Holly, now we all know that you cheated to beat Ho…

Sylvan: Cheat? We French Canadians don’t cheat, something all Americans do. That’s why I encourage everyone here tonight to come up and visit the wonderful city of Quebec, the isle of tranquility that will fill your needs.

Josh Matthews: Holly challenged you to the match this week after two weeks ago, you beat him, and can you beat him tonight?

Sylvan: Of course, of course! Hardcore Holly is just a jealous, bigoted American that can’t understand that all Canadians are better than Americans. You name it hockey; tourism, anything you want and you’ll see that not only Canada but also Quebec is greater than America.

Josh Matthews: Anything else, Sylvan?

Sylvan: Yes and Hardcore Holly, I’ll leave you with this. Tonight, will be the night that finally these Americans discover not only Quebec but also me. Sylvan! And whether you or any other American wants to try to get out of it, they’ll have no choice because tonight, tonight is when I, from Quebec, once again defeat you Holly, from the USA!

We then cut down to ringside to the commentating team.

Michael Cole: That little punk is so brash to the point it’s not even funny, I really hope Bob Holly beats his ass tonight.

Tazz: Whoa, calm down Michael! By the way, I’m looking at heading to Quebec this summer; it’s going to be great!

Michael Cole: Tazz, all you’re doing is supporting Sylvan, the one that started this whole thing about Quebec and all.

Tazz: True Cole but hey, the place really does look great but I’m not worried, I know Bob Holly and tonight he will show Sylvan a beating.

Match #2
Sylvan vs. Hardcore Holly

Match Overview: Ok short match between both men as it doesn’t get too long but enough to only advance the feud which it needed. Holly dominates sylvan in the early going but the tide of the match is turned when Sylvan distracts the ref enough for Sylvan to poke Holly in the eyes and go on the attack of Hardcore Holly. Sylvan grabs Holly looking for his finisher, the 3 Seconds of Fame but Holly pushes Sylvan off somehow. Holly grabs Sylvan and throws Sylvan onto the ropes before he lifts him up delivering the kick to the abdomen. Holly follows through not wasting any time as he goes for the Alabama Slam but Sylvan slides off the shoulders of Holly and rolls through with a cradle. The referee doesn’t notice but Sylvan grabs the tights at the last moment to give him some extra leverage! The fans boo as they see the cover, One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Sylvan

Sylvan slides to the outside of the ring and grabs his Quebec flag before heading to the back. Holly stares down Sylvan telling him that’s not the end of this. Sylvan simply smiles and waves the Quebec flag around the arena to major boos before we cut to a commercial.


We come back from the break before we cut over to the commentating team.

Michael Cole: And before the break, Sylvan robbed Holly of another win this week ever he grabbed the tights!

Tazz: Cole, I don’t know why you have to show so much hatred for Sylvan, what has he ever done to you before here?

Michael Cole: Tazz, enough. And remember tonight, we have a major main event ahead of us tonight and I can’t wait.

Tazz: That’s right as all six men in the Six Pack Challenge, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit and Christian team to face Edge, JBL, and Randy Orton, tonight!

We cut to a black screen before we see classic clips from ECW roll. We see Rob Van Dam leaping over barricades into the crowd.

Narrator: For one night, ECW makes it’s awaited return to the Hammerstein Ballroom, where the dream began last year!

Images of 2005’s ECW One Night Stand are shown with fans cheering for support and the ending with ECW prevailing over WWE.

Narrator: All the names will be there, that’s right the ECW Originals are set to invade and conquer on this special night in New York!

Images of Sandman and Dreamer fighting in last year’s main event, we see Dreamer power bombed through the flaming table.

Narrator: A wish that began 13 years ago, makes it’s return back towards the top, Extreme Championship Wrestling!

Images of the old ECW are shown with their first PPV, Barely Legal and the famous stare down between Taz and Sabu.

Narrator: But for this special one night, the fans will all gather and remember that ECW truly does live on today!

Fans are shown across arenas chanting E. C.Dub! E…C…Dub! We see fans wearing old ECW shirts as we head back to the narrator.

Narrator: And with the fans fully behind them, these men will lay not only their bodies but also their lives on the line tonight!

More extreme moments are shown from ECW as we hear E…C…Dub Chants break out and continue on for a little bit.

Narrator: ECW One Night Stand II!

The ECW One Night Stand logo comes across before we then cut back to the narrator real quickly as Let the Bodies Hit the Floor plays.

Narrator: Sunday June 11, 2006 from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City!

Finally, we close out cutting across old ECW shows before we see Paul Heyman in the back; we then cut to him quickly.

Paul Heyman: ECW’s back…. and we’re about to take it to the extreme! Are you ready?

We cut backstage to see Paul Heyman, ECW’s former owner walking around backstage before he walks by Smackdown’s GM Teddy Long’s office. Heyman knocks on the door before coming in as the fans cheer for Heyman and Long meeting one another tonight.

Theodore Long: Come in playa.

Heyman opens the door and walks in looking at Teddy.

Theodore Long: What can I do for you Mr. Heyman?

Paul Heyman: Thanks for letting me come in Teddy but I wanted to ask for a favor, you know that ECW One Night Stand II is coming up soon right?

Theodore Long: Yes.

Paul Heyman: Well, you seem to have some former ECW superstars on your show, you know like Psicosis, Super Crazy, Little Guido, Rey Mysterio, many others and well, I’ve been scouting our former talents on Raw recently but thought, there are many more that are still on Smackdown that used to be in ECW.

Theodore Long: Come on playa; get to the point!

Paul Heyman: Ok Teddy, what favor I want from you is that I want to be able to over the next few weeks showcase some of MY ECW wrestlers that used to be in ECW on both Raw and Smackdown. Now I’ve already been doing so on Raw with Rob Van Dam and others but now Smackdown needs to be shown the ECW revolution.

Theodore Long: Look playa, I’m glad you came and asked me for this because I’ve been wanting you to come and use ECW for a while dog. Now, I’ll tell ya what. Next week here on Smackdown! We’ll have ourselves a special treat before One Night Stand II, and well playa when it comes time for that, I believe you’ll enjoy the treat because some of your former ECW superstars will be involved including Smackdown superstars.

Paul Heyman: Thank you a lot Teddy, you are a great man!

Theodore Long: Look playa, no problem and holla back!

We watch Heyman leave the room in all smiles as Long smiles too; we cut to a commercial after the announcement for next week.


We cut backstage to see Booker T pacing around with his United States Championship as the champion is in a suit. Booker seems set to go to the arena when he gets interrupted.

???: Look who it is!

We cut over to see the person be Matt Hardy, Booker’s opponent for this Sunday!

Booker T: Look sucka, you better get out of my way right now because I’m not in the mood to be messing around with you. And if you’ve got something to say, keep it until when I beat your ass down at Judgment Day on Sunday.

Crowd Boos

Matt Hardy: That’s funny Booker because I thought of it as me beating you down and taking your United States title would seem better!

Crowd Pops

Booker T: Tell me you didn’t just say that!

Crowd Boos

Matt Hardy: Oh I did Booker! I did and this Sunday words won’t matter, actions will because I’ll dr…

Booker T: You’re messing with the wrong man Hardy; this isn’t the tag team division. This isn’t a ladder match because that’s all your good at, just like your brother Jeff! And your brother is not a dumb sucka like you so he’s going to the Raw brand! He’s not dumb enough to come and mess with a Five Time…Five Time…Five Time…Five Time…Five Ti…

Matt Hardy: Five Time! Yeah, yeah we know Booker!

Crowd Pops

Matt Hardy: I’ve fought many battles since coming to Smackdown last October, I’ve had to overcome many obstacles like Mr. Kennedy, JBL and others but this Sunday is my chance at heading towards the top. This Sunday is my shot at grabbing gold and this Sunday, Matt Hardy will not die!!!

Crowd Pops as Hardy walks off heading into the arena for his match. Booker stands in the back watching Hardy walk off in disbelief of the disrespect he just shown Booker T.

We cut back down to ringside to the commentating team.

Michael Cole: Well, those two will be at blows this Sunday when the United States title is put on the line at Judgment Day!

Tazz: It really will be Matt Hardy’s Judgment Day to see if he can finally live up to the hype and snag the gold from Booker T.

Michael Cole: We’ll have to see what goes down Tazz but the odds do seem in Hardy’s favor right about now I’ve got to believe.

Tazz: That’s your opinion but right now, Batista will be in a Handicap Match fighting against Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy!!!

Match #3
Handicap Match
Batista vs. Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy

Match Overview: This match was given time which ends up helping it as it ends up hyping two matches in one seeing as Booker T is doing commentary at ringside since Hardy’s fighting plus Batista vs. Rey continues on. The match was booked since Batista put Rey down and out with a Spinebuster onto the hood of a car. Rey has his ribs taped up as a result to sell the injury he received last week. Rey doesn’t get in to much either and Batista ends up fighting Hardy a lot. The match takes a turn for the worse at the end for Batista when Hardy finds an opening and nails the Side Effect. Hardy only gets a two count but he heads over to the top rope. Hardy seems as if he’s about to leap off the ropes for a Leg Drop but Booker jumps out of his chair on commentary as Rey is trying to warn the ref. The ref won’t listen though as Booker grabs Hardy and throws Hardy off the turnbuckle down onto the mat. Booker gets down from the apron and the ref turns around to see Booker and asks if he had anything to do with it. Booker says no and the ref continues on doing his job right now. Both men are down for a few seconds when Hardy tags in Rey and Rey comes in before leaping off the top rope with a Crossbody! Rey gets back onto his feet before he trips up Batista into the 619 position! Rey has some trouble running as he holds his ribs but comes through delivering the 619 followed by the West Coast Pop! Hardy leaps on Booker on the outside with a Lou Thesz Press taking him down and the count, One…Two…Three!!!

Winners: Matt Hardy and Rey Mysterio


Michael Cole: And before the break, Rey Mysterio pulled off a major upset when he pinned Batista in the ring!

Tazz: I couldn’t believe it and if Rey can do so once again this Sunday, we could be looking at another major win for Rey.

Michael Cole: That’s true Tazz but right now, we’ve got a little bit of tag action as a preview for this Sunday’s match up at Judgment Day.

Tazz: Both London and Kendrick will team tonight in a non-title match against Regal and Burchill and Finlay will be in their corner.

We cut backstage to see Jamie Noble walking around backstage before he bumps into Kid Kash, a former ally of his.

Kid Kash: Champ, how’s it going?

Noble notices the sarcasm in Kash’s voice and wants to continue on walking but Kash stops him.

Kid Kash: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Where are you going?

Jamie Noble: Look I do…

Kid Kash: You know Jamie, I’ve been watching you recently and you don’t seem like the old Jamie Noble, the old intense one that put on great matches with me at No Way Out and at WrestleMania, and I’ve come to the conclusion, you are a changed man!

Jamie Noble: Really, I don’t feel like messing around with you tonight.

Kid Kash: See, there’s my point right there. The old Jamie Noble wouldn’t take BS from anyone, he wouldn’t let them just beat him in the ring. Take tonight for example, you let Chavo pin you in that ring before the match at Judgment Day.

Jamie Noble: I don’t need, nor do I want your help if that’s what your getting at Kash, I appreciate it but no thanks.

Kid Kash: Jamie, all I’m offering is that you li..

Jamie Noble: Look, I’ve got to go.

Noble starts to walk away before Kash pulls him back, Kash looks Noble dead in the eyes and Noble tries to tug free from Kash.

Kid Kash: You don’t want to mess with the wrong man Jamie, you can stay like you are now and not be happy or well, you can become the old Jamie Noble, it’s your choice.

Noble tugs free from Kash and grabs his belt as Kash tries to rub the belt. Noble looks at Kash and tells him something real quick,

Jamie Noble: I think I’ll stay like I am now!

Noble walks off as Kash stares at Noble, Kash starts to smile and Noble has no clue why and that he is doing so.

Match #4
Brian Kendrick and Paul London vs. William Regal and Paul Burchill w/ Finlay

Match Overview: Fun little match with all five men getting some hype before their match come Judgment Day in two nights. London and Kendrick work well together towards the end but Regal takes down Kendrick and starts to focus on one half of the champs. Regal twists the arm of Kendrick before tagging in Burchill who leaps off the ropes dropping an elbow to the arm of Kendrick. Burchill grabs Kendrick looking possibly for an early C-4 but Kendrick stops Burchill in his tracks and from doing his finisher. Kendrick looks to tag in London but Regal distracts the referee long enough for Finlay to slide in and try to bash Kendrick with the shillelagh. However London leaps off the ropes with a dropkick sending Finlay flying and running right into Regal. Regal flies off the apron as he was in the corner waiting for a tag. London heads to the apron leaping over the ropes with a Crossbody Plancha onto Finlay and Regal. Both the legal men in Burchill and Kendrick are in the ring now. Kendrick grabs Burchill looking for the Sliced Bread #2 but Burchill pushes Kendrick off as London comes into the ring. London leaps onto the ropes before trying to clothesline Burchill but he misses and lands hard on the mat. Burchill grabs Kendrick after the distraction and follows through with the C-4! One…Two…Three!!!

Winners: William Regal and Paul Burchill


We cut backstage to see Melina in MNM’s locker room; Mercury and Nitro are packing their bags and getting ready to leave.

Melina: Listen boys, this Sunday is major!

Mercury and Nitro: Yeah, yeah we know!

Melina: No this is really major! This is one more step for both of you to head back towards the top, to head back to where you both belong, among the stars, the Tag Team Champions!

Joey Mercury: We’re already among the stars Melina, every night is a night full of stars and surprises for MNM!!!

Johnny Nitro: And that’s why this Sunday all the celebrities are going to be watching from Hollywood! And we’re going to do Hollywood proud!

Melina: Of course, you two are the most dominant tag team the WWE has ever seen and there is no doubt the real tag champs are right here.

Melina points at Mercury and Nitro as both men get back to their feet and grab their bags.

Joey Mercury: No doubt!

Johnny Nitro: It’s been a long night but we’ve got a long weekend, we’ve got our matches, many A-list parties and let’s go ahead and get this weekend started.

Nitro pulls out some champagne and pops open the lid! Melina smiles as Mercury grabs a bottle too and pops it open!

Melina: To MNM, the next WWE Tag Team Champions!!!

We cut out with MNM celebrating with their champagne; before we cut over to the commentating team.

Michael Cole: Wow, MNM is celebrating as if they are actually going to win the titles, they’re not even in a title match this Sunday,

Tazz: It doesn’t matter Cole, MNM want their titles back and they’ll do anything and everything to get them back on Smackdown!

Michael Cole: We know they’ll do anything and it’s been shown in the past, we’ll have to wait and see what happens though.

Tazz: As for now, let’s watch these two major men collide in the ring, Lashley meets Mark Henry and it’s after the break!!!


Match #5
Bobby Lashley vs. Mark Henry

Match Overview: Hard hitting match with two powerful, strong wrestlers fighting it out but it’s mainly a match to give Lashley time on the air to hype his feud with Kennedy. Lashley watches as Henry gets back onto his feet but the quick and powerful Lashley takes down Kennedy with a hard-hitting Spear! The fans are getting behind their fan favorite and hero in Lashley as the match seems to be coming to an end. Lashley gets Henry back onto his feet and with amazing power lifts Henry into the air. Lashley has Henry in the air looking apparently for the Dominator and we see Mr. Kennedy coming down the ramp slowly but surely with a steel chair. Lashley doesn’t even notice Kennedy but instead he finishes off Henry with an amazing Dominator! The fans cheer as Lashley throws Henry over and he gets the cover, One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Mr. Kennedy continues down the ramp before he gets by the ring. Mr. Kennedy throws the steel chair into the ring looking to hit Lashley with it but Lashley slaps the chair out of the hands of Kennedy. Lashley watches as Kennedy scrambles to get out of the ring showing that apparently he’s afraid of Lashley. Kennedy stumbles up the ramp, as he can’t walk right now in disbelief of what’s happening to himself tonight.

We cut backstage to see Christian standing by with Josh Matthews.

Josh Matthews: Christian, later tonight in the main event you’ll be teaming with Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit, your thoughts on your partners?

Christian: Both Kurt and Chris are good men but the era of Captain Charisma is about to begin! I’ve got nothing but respect for Kurt and Chris but they’ve had their shots at the World-title and they’ve had good reigns with the belt. But I’d like to be the one that finally takes the belt of my own brother this Sunday and all the peeps will rejoice!

Josh Matthews: Christian, last time you fought Edge was at WrestleMania when he made you tap out in the middle of the…

Christian: I know Josh, I know! I tapped out, I lost my shot at the title but that was last month, fast forward to Judgment Day where the peeps will be in the stands, their hearts will be beating hard as they slap their chests to celebrate my victory. That’s right be…

We hear someone walk in interrupting Christian rudely.

???: Because it’s my destiny!!!

In comes Randy Orton, the current rival of Christian. Orton grabs the mic from Matthews before staring down Christian in the eyes.

Christian: Well, look who it is! It’s the gr…

Randy Orton: Shut your damn mouth Christian! I didn’t come here to listen to you rant on about your so called “peeps” and your Christian Coalition, the only thing you’ve got going for you right now is that you’re going to be just another stepping stone in the path that’s leading myself to the World-Heavyweight Championship on Sunday!

Orton smiles and motions the title around his waist and Christian doesn’t take the words too kind.

Christian: We’ll see Orton and as far as taking the title, I seriously doubt your chances, as they aren’t looking well right now from the view of the peeps! It seems to me that it’s 100 to 0 percent favoring me, Captain Charisma to take the gold at Judgment Day and that…That’s How I Roll!!!

Christian smiles and looks to walk off but Orton stops Christian.

Randy Orton: Christian, you think you’re a smart one huh? Well know this, because it doesn’t matter how you “roll” or whatever the hell you do, what matters is that your making a major mistake trying to take my title. You see it’s my destiny to become the World-Heavyweight Champion for the second time and my destiny will be fulfilled!

Orton walks of this time leaving Christian dead in his tracks. Orton turns around and gives Christian a smug look before heading off into his locker room.

We cut down to ringside to the commentating team.

Michael Cole: Wow, some strong words from Randy Orton tonight and he’s not going to let his destiny be stopped!

Tazz: Isn’t that the truth, Orton doesn’t seem like the type of guy you want to be finding yourself messing with right now!

Michael Cole: Well coming up after the break, we’ll be seeing a huge match right after the break, as it’s our main event!

Tazz: I’ve been waiting all night and really, this six man tag couldn’t get any better than what it is already right now!


Match #6
Edge, JBL, and Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, and Christian

Match Overview: Fun six man tag match with all six men getting into the ring with their rivals for a little bit of time but Edge doesn’t get in as much apparently trying to save his energy since he is the champion right now. Christian and JBL are fighting it out in the ring as Christian takes JBL down with a DDT. Christian starts’ looking for a tag but JBL tags in somehow as Orton comes into the ring and pulls Christian out from the corner. Christian and Orton brawl for a little bit before Orton takes control in the corner with European Uppercuts. Orton sends Christian into the corner of the ring before clothes lining Christian in the turnbuckles. Orton goes down on the mat looking to taunt Christian apparently for the RKO and as he does so, Christian starts to slowly but surely get right back onto his feet. Orton leaps into the air for the RKO but Christian pushes Orton off of him and into the ropes before tagging in Angle! Angle comes in full blast taking down Orton with German Suplex after German Suplex before Angle taunts for the Angle Slam! JBL tries to come into the ring to take down Angle but Benoit slides into the ring and grabs JBL locking in his patented finisher, the Crippler Crossface!!! Edge is on the outside looking to take advantage now seeing as many men are down in the ring. Angle grabs Orton and delivers the Angle Slam before letting down his straps on his gear. It seems the Ankle Lock is coming soon and it is! Angle grabs the ankle of Orton twisting and turning the ankle and we see Edge slide into the ring with a steel chair! Christian slides in with a steel chair too and both men swing the chairs at one another as the chairs bash together, the ref rings the bell signaling for a No Contest.

Winners: No Contest

We see Benoit break the Crippler Crossface before getting back up, Angle breaks the Ankle Lock and surrounds Edge. Christian looks down at Edge as Edge drops his steel chair and Edge is surrounded right now. Edge looks around knowing he’s in a heap of trouble as Angle takes the first shot beating down on Edge. JBL tries to attack Benoit from behind and does so by clothes lining Benoit and himself to the outside. Christian heads over towards Orton and brawls and it’s all chaos outside of the ring right now. We cut over to the commentating team one last time.

Michael Cole: Wow, it’s been a wild night and if this match is any symbol for Judgment Day, we’re in for a wild ride!

Tazz: I can’t wait Cole, these six men all doing battle in that ring with the World title on the line, it’s going to be crazy!

Michael Cole: Crazy is indeed as all six men are vying for their shot, their rightful shot at becoming the World Champion!

Tazz: Well goodnight everyone tonight and we’ll see you this Sunday at Judgment Day, only 48 hours away on Pay-Per-View!!!

Velocity Results:

Orlando Jordan def. Mike Mizanin
Kid Kash def. Funaki
The Boogeyman def. A Local Jobber
Juventud w/ The Mexicools def. Joey Mercury w/ Nitro and Melina

Comments: Ok, thought some things were off, promos might be shaky but hey, I'll be able to get it back soon. BTW, those promos like the Kash/Noble, MNM ones aren't fillers, they're actually storylines going somewhere so don't think they're filler promos. But um, for Judgment Day, good news! Four of the seven matches are complete with only three left plus the promos and commentary! So I'm wanting Judgment Day no later than mid-December which does sound right if I do get the time I can get and want. And tomorrow or Sunday, I'll post the card for Judgment Day and predictions can begin then.
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