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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Haven't been a reader of yours, but I have been browsing through the pages and you have great talents. I will review your RAW when it is up, but a very detailed preview indead! Looks good btw!

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw
Monday May 15, 2006
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Across the Nation hits and the normal Raw video package plays before we cut into the arena to see all the pyro set off!

Jim Ross: Hello everyone and welcome to another major edition of Monday Night Raw, and I’m so excited for what’s in store.

Jerry Lawler: Yes, many major things including the Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho’s special guest, Shawn Michaels!

Jim Ross: Both men have bad blood with one another and they might need to be separated if it spills over tonight between each other!

Jerry Lawler: And what about our main event, Rob Van Dam and a partner of choice versus Triple H and Kane!

Break the Walls Down hits and down comes Chris Jericho. Jericho stops at the ramp and throws his hands out doing his normal pose before the lights come back on. Jericho climbs up the steps and into the ring before heading over and grabbing a mic. The fans boo Jericho but he simply smiles before beginning to speak.

Chris Jericho: Welcome to….

Crowd Boos

Chris Jericho: Raw is Jericho!!!

Crowd Boos

Chris Jericho: Tonight is a night to rekindle something very old here on Raw, something that is remembered by all fans, perhaps one of the greatest wars was waged on this show, Monday Night Raw, three years ago and it led to this.

Jericho points to the Jeri-Tron, which shows footage of the HBK/Y2J, feud culminating with their amazing match at WrestleMania 19.

Chris Jericho: The absolute greatest match in WrestleMania history and all because I was in it, baby!

Crowd Boos

Chris Jericho: But tonight it’s not about the past, well kinda because tonight my guest was the man that put on that wrestling clinic with me at WrestleMania 19. A man that seems to been having his troubles recently with Mr. McMahon, will everyone please welcome “The Heart Break Kid” Shawn Michaels!!!

Sexy Boy hits and down comes Shawn Michaels! Michaels stops at the ramp and does his routine prayer before heading down the ramp. The crowd is going wild as HBK is back on Raw in the arena for the first time in two weeks. Michaels slides into the ring and he grabs a mic from Jericho before speaking.

Shawn Michaels: Boy, does it feel good to be back!

Crowd Pops

Shawn Michaels: Two weeks without the Heart Break Kid must have been painful! You didn’t get to see me for two weeks! That’s two weeks that could have shot the ratings through the roof had I been on Raw. But all this side, tonight’s about one thin…wait one person, the man that screwed Stone Cold and myself at Backlash…

Chris Jericho: Don’t even say it Michaels! You know that Vince did not screw you over; you’re just trying to suck up to all of your so-called fans like you always do! If you were a real man like me, you’d admit the loss, which I did when I lost to Cena, and now I’m moving on, but hey everyone can’t be like me can they?

Crowd Boos

Chris Jericho: Everyone can’t be the Highlight Reel, the H…

Shawn Michaels: Enough! Enough! You’re about to bore these fans to death! Jericho we hear it every week, I’m the Highlight Reel, Raw is Jericho, Don’t you wish you were me; it’s the same thing every week! And quite frankly, all of this means nothing when you can’t back up your talk in the ring, which seems to have shown that you can’t back up your words. And if I’m remembering right, didn’t Cena beat you AGAIN at Backlash?

Crowd Pops

Chris Jericho: Damn it Shawn! I knew this was going to come up. Everyone can’t seem to realize that in reality, I’m better than not only John Cena, but I’m better than you! I mean look at me, I’m really the Highlight Reel, and the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla, something people like you dream to be about but never can reach it?

Crowd Boos

Shawn Michaels: What? Playing in a crappy band?

Crowd Pops as HBK smiles. Jericho stares down HBK showing that he’s starting to get ticked off.

Chris Jericho: Enough Shawn, enough of your corny little jokes. All this crap that you try to pull with everyone else won’t work with me. You see, I’ve watched your matches against Shane, Triple H, and Kane and I’ve noticed something different. You’re no longer the same Heart Break Kid, you’re no longer that intense, pumped up HBK and you know what I think about you, and really deep down I think you suck!

Crowd Boos

Chris Jericho: And don…

Shawn Michaels lays out Chris Jericho with Sweet Chin Music literally out of nowhere! The fans cheer, as Jericho lay in the ring motionless while Michaels plays to the fans. Michael’s slides out of the ring and heads up the ramp looking and staring down Jericho in the ring. Michaels makes his way to the back as we cut to a commercial.


Jim Ross: We’re back from the break and Jericho tried to tell HBK something but HBK has just had enough of Jericho tonight!

Jerry Lawler: Jericho claimed Michaels is a changed man since their feud back in 2003, which really is the truth now.

Jim Ross: But right now, the Best of Seven Series is about to kick off and you really want a win right out of the gate!

Jerry Lawler: Of course you do. It gives you an advantage and with both of these talented wrestlers, you’ll need every advantage you can get!

Match #1
Intercontinental Championship
Best of Seven Series Match #1
Shelton Benjamin © vs. Gregory Helms

Match Overview: In the opening match of the series, both men put on a good and even match that shows throughout the duration. Helms and Benjamin start to wear down towards the end as they’ve been given a good amount of time to work with for the match. Benjamin tries for a German Suplex onto Helms and he nails it with success. A few minutes pass by as Benjamin waits for Helms, stalking him for a T-Bone Suplex! Helms grabs Benjamin and goes for a Vertebreaker but Benjamin gets away quickly from Helms showing that he’s not going to take a loss like that. Benjamin watches as Helms charges at the champion. Benjamin though quickly uses his instincts and sidesteps Helms before throwing the challenger to the outside. Helms lands on the apron though showing Benjamin he won’t lose like that either. Benjamin charges at Helms for a clothesline off the apron but Helms elbows Benjamin the face, and then follows through by leaping over the ropes and looking to nail a move and as Helms leaps off the ropes, he connects with a Springboard Dropkick! Helms heads over into the corner while Benjamin is down. Helms sees Benjamin still down and he runs over quickly before going for the Shining Wizard. Benjamin ducks the move though, and looks for another T-Bone Suplex, his finisher but Helms quickly rolls under Benjamin and gets a cradle! The fans see Helms has the ropes! One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Gregory Helms

We cut backstage to see Todd Grisham standing by with John Cena.

Todd Grisham: Right now I’m standing by with John Cena! Now John, last week we saw you get a win over Rene Dupree, are you pl…

John Cena: Whoa! First off, let me get this straight. We’re in Fort Wayne tonight and where’s my Chain Gang? That’s right, they’re here supporting like they always have been even though these past few weeks have been slow for me.

Todd Grisham: Ever since you beat Jericho, you haven’t really been targeted or anything by anyone, why do you think this is?

John Cena: Because no one wants a piece of me! Everyone back there knows that John Cena is for real and that was shown during my WWE Championship reign. I beat everyone and held that title for almost 9 months! Nobody could beat me and nobody still can!

Todd Grisham: Anything else John?

John Cena: Anybody back there can try and mess with me but when you mess with me, you’re messing with the people, the Chain Gang! And you know what Todd, it won’t be too long before I head back to the top, to the place where I’ve been looking back at for four months now, the WWE Championship and if anyone has something to say about it, they can have a piece of me. Because if you want some….

Crowd Chants with Cena

John Cena: Come get some!!!


We cut out to a black screen, then suddenly comes across the famous Hardy Boyz logo with the blue HB, the fans cheer for they know whom this is for.

Narrator: A six time World Tag Team Champion….

Images of Hardy capturing the WWF Tag Team Championships now known as the World Tag Team titles. Hardy is shown holding the titles high.

Narrator: Perhaps one of the most highflying wrestlers in the world….

Images of Hardy’s insane leaps over the years including his famous Swanton Bombs off ladders and the balcony leap at Survivor Series 2002.

Narrator: He’s the most insane wrestler to ever step into the ring….

Images of Hardy continuing to do his insane leaps are shown, as there has been plenty from over the years take place.

Narrator: The master of the Swanton….

Images of Hardy delivering the Swanton Bomb to many opponents but not during ladder matches, just regular Swanton Bombs.

Narrator: The Charismatic Enigma….

Images of Hardy in his last few years in the WWE, Hardy facing off against Jericho, and other people are shown

Narrator: And now Jeff Hardy is back looking to make a mark on the WWE forever….

More images of Hardy leaping off ladders, jumping through tables and delivering the Whisper in the Wind, we then see Hardy in a black room, lift his hands to his mouth and do his famous pose.

Jeff Hardy: The Charismatic Enigma is back, and the WWE hasn’t been the same without me!

Narrator: Jeff Hardy Returns…. to Monday Night Raw next week!!!

We cut back down to ringside to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: Major news as next week, Jeff Hardy makes his debut on Raw, which certainly is going to be huge next week.

Jerry Lawler: No opponent has been decided for Hardy yet but it’s great to be able to see Hardy in the WWE again.

Jim Ross: We’ve seen the video for a few weeks now and next week, we finally get to see the man make his re-debut!

Jerry Lawler: I’m so excited and speaking of debuts, the Highlanders who debuted last week are in action right now!

Match #2
The Highlanders vs. The Spirit Squad

Match Overview: The teaming of Robbie and Rory McAllister, the two cousins from Scotland team together once again to take on the Spirit Squad. Rory and Robbie open up with the contest dominating the teaming of Kenny and Mikey but interference from Mitch ends up giving the Spirit Squad the advantage they need. Kenny distracts the ref while Johnny, Nicky, and Mitch all slide in before delivering their patented move, the High Sprits sending Robbie flying into the air and down onto the mat hard. Kenny makes his way onto the top rope, as he looks ready to take flight. Kenny leaps off the turnbuckle for a Leg Drop but Rory runs in and tackles Mitch and Nicky, which ends up sending Mikey and Johnny backwards after they run into Mikey and Johnny. Robbie quickly rolls way before Kenny can land the leg drop! Kenny rolls around holding his leg while The Highlanders clear the ring of the Spirit Squad. Rory and Robbie lift Kenny up and bounce him off the ropes before bringing him down with the Scot Drop! The cover, One…Two…Three!!!

Winners: The Highlanders


We cut backstage to see Mr. McMahon in his office, and suddenly he hears a knock.

Mr. McMahon: Come in.

The door opens and in comes Triple H. Triple H walks towards Vince with a reason apparently; Triple H then begins to speak.

Triple H: Ok Vince, you’ve got everything ready for tonight, right?

Mr. McMahon: Of course, of course! By the way, Van Dam can pick any partner he wants but really, no one from ECW has the talent to take down both you and Kane! And trust me, tonight will be a surprise for Van Dam!

Triple H: Sounds good Vince and hey, I don’t want this ruined and all because you know me, I like everything done how I want it! And right now, my eye is set back on the WWE Championship, something I’ve been wanting to get back since last April!

Mr. McMahon: I know Hunter, just calm down. Tonight’s your chance because trust me, the announcement that’s coming for RVD and One Night Stand, I don’t think he’ll ever see it coming, trust me on this!

Triple H: I’m trusting you on this Vince.

Mr. McMahon: Trust me Hunter, RVD’s time with the WWE title is limited!

Triple H: Ok, I’ll see you later and just remember this, RVD’s just one Pedigree away from losing the WWE Championship and one more month with that belt is all he has, because the King of Kings is going back on his throne, mark my words.

Mr. McMahon: See ya later, Hunter!

Triple H walks out and closes the door behind him. McMahon sits back down going back to paperwork he was doing before. We then cut backstage to see Matt Striker sitting at his table with Test standing beside him.

Matt Striker: Hello students, it is I, your teacher…Matt Striker!!!

Crowd Boos

Matt Striker: Last week was a travesty!

Crowd Pops

Matt Striker: Gregory Helms cheated me out of an Intercontinental title shot, he cheated me out of a chance to beat Shelton Benjamin and for that, I’m angry. I’m angry because tonight, it could have been me fighting Shelton Benjamin

Crowd Pops for Benjamin.

Matt Striker: But instead I’m stuck here tonight, but I get the chance to teach to all of my students, which really is my passion. And tonight’s lesson happens to be trust. Don’t put your trust in someone if they can’t live up to your trust. And Gregory Helms is a great example!

Crowd Boos

Matt Striker: Trust is something major, something that I have in Test and something that Test has in me! It really helps to trust your partner because after last week’s incident, it really does show how much trust really does help!

Crowd Boos

Matt Striker: And tonight, well tonight’s going to be a new adventure for myself as Test will be in action against a former Intercontinental Champion, Carlito. Carlito seems to run around, jacking off with the mouth about being “cool” but he really can’t live up the hype. And if you say beating a Masterpiece is living up to the hype, then you’re wrong.

Crowd Boos

Matt Striker: Look at me; I’m a masterpiece all together in one. Brains, brawn, you name it and I’ve got it. All the students wished they could be me but simply, no one can be like their teacher is as I’m wiser than all of you! And it’ll be no different whenever Test steps into the ring with Carlito because I’m smarter and stronger than Carlito!

Crowd Boos

Matt Striker: But really, Carlito can try his heart tonight for a win but Carlito, this happens to be the hardest Test you’ve had on Raw since coming here last year! And unlike all your other opponents, there is no way you are going to pass this Test! Remember this, this is a test that you cannot pass but only fail!

Crowd Boos

Matt Striker: Remember, my name is Matt Striker…

Crowd Boos

Matt Striker: Your teacher!

We then cut down to ringside to the commentating team.

Jim Ross: Well, Carlito will be meeting one on one later tonight with Test and really could this be his hardest Test, no pun intended.

Jerry Lawler: It very well could be, Carlito’s fought some major opponents before but never anyone as strong and fast as Test.

Jim Ross: Well, who knows maybe Carlito could walk away with a win if he happens to have luck on his side tonight.

Jerry Lawler: We’ll have to wait and see but coming up next, Mickie James steps into the ring to fight Torrie Wilson after the break.


Match #3
Mickie James vs. Torrie Wilson

Match Overview: Ok women’s match but of course only happens to put over Mickie James in her feud with Beth Phoenix right now. Though it’s not a complete squash as Torrie gets some action in on Mickie before Mickie starts to take over. Mickie starts taunting Torrie before she lifts Torrie up and throws her into the turnbuckle. Torrie moves quickly as Mickie goes for a clothesline attempt and Torrie rolls Mickie up for a two count. Torrie came so close to gaining a win over the Women’s Champion but it wasn’t to be. Mickie grabs Torrie after a missed dropkick and throws Torrie into the ropes. Torrie comes bouncing off the ropes and back into a huge Mick Kick from Mickie James, the Women’s Champion. Mickie’s not done though as she grabs Torrie and runs off the ropes delivering the Stratusfaction, Trish Stratus’s finisher! Mickie then throws Torrie over and makes the quick cover, One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Mickie James

James celebrates as she grabs her title. Beth Phoenix, Trish Stratus, and Ashley Massaro all come down to the ramp and watch as Mickie celebrates. Mickie doesn’t notice all three ladies until she turns around. Beth motions towards Mickie she’s coming for the title while Mickie starts to laugh saying that she won’t lose her belt.

We cut over to the commentating team at ringside.

Jim Ross: Mickie James gains a really needed win tonight but it seems Trish, Ashley, and Beth are going after Mickie’s gold.

Jerry Lawler: They have been for weeks JR and it’s only a matter of time before we see Beth and Mickie in the ring!

Jim Ross: That’s true but still to come tonight, don’t forget about our major main event in Triple H and Kane teaming to take on RVD and an ECW Original!

Jerry Lawler: How could I forget JR plus Carlito meets Test which will still be to come later tonight also on Raw!


We cut backstage to see Todd Grisham standing by with Carlito.

Todd Grisham: Now Carlito, coming up after the break you’ll be taking on Test, how are you feeling facing Test for the first time ever?

Carlito: Carlito feels cool! Carlito says that I’m heading back to the top of the Intercontinental Championship title and that Gregory Helms can try and take the Intercontinental title but he wont do so. Then it will be Carlito’s time to go after the title.

Todd Grisham: It seems that Matt Striker is coming after you now as his main target, why do you think this happens to be?

Carlito: Come on Todd, because Carlito’s cool! Everyone knows that and that teacher or whatever he is, Matt Striker knows I’m cool. And everyone knows that when someone’s cool, you always try to be just like them! And that’s why everyone in this arena likes Carlito because they all indeed know that Carlito is indeed cool!

Todd Grisham: Anything else, Carlito?

Carlito: Yeah, Carlito has got something else to say. Carlito wants to say that no matter how cool Matt Striker and Test think they are, they are no Carlito! Carlito is the greatest superstar on Raw and without a doubt, the coolest superstar on Raw! And as for Matt Striker, Carlito says he’s just a stepping stone in the way of becoming Intercontinental Champion.

Carlito: Want an apple?

Carlito tosses an apple up in the air, Grisham goes to grab it but Carlito grabs it quickly.

Todd Grisham: Sure.

Carlito hands the apple to Todd, and then walks off.

Carlito: Dat’s cool!

We cut into the arena to see the commentating team at ringside.

Jim Ross: Well Carlito certainly seems ready for his match tonight against Test and he wants to show that Striker and Test aren’t cool.

Jerry Lawler: Of course they are JR, Striker and Test have pretty much shown they deserve where they are today on Raw.

Jim Ross: Well maybe they have but tonight they could really prove themselves if they found someway to defeat Carlito.

Jerry Lawler: That would certainly be cool in the words of Carlito and let’s find out who will get the key win tonight!

Match #4
Carlito vs. Test

Match Overview: Pretty good match as Carlito dominates with his speed while Test tries to wear down Carlito with his power. Striker is at ringside and hasn’t made himself too much of a factor yet in the matchup though which seems to be a surprise. Carlito goes for an early Backcracker on Test but Test grabs Carlito and flips him over his back and onto the mat. Test takes down Carlito with a series of clotheslines and starts to wear down the cool superstar. Carlito is setting himself up carefully before Test runs at Carlito for a Big Boot! However Carlito does move in the nick of time which causes Test to get hung up on the ropes. Striker jumps onto the top and tries to help Test but Carlito gets an idea. Carlito leaps onto the ropes and jumps right back onto Test with a Springboard Dropkick. The momentum sends Test into Striker causing Striker to fall off the ropes and right back into the announcer’s table. Carlito flips Test over the ropes before leaping onto the middle rope for the Somersault Senton! Carlito nails it and he goes for the cover. One…Two…Thre…Test finds a way to get his foot on the ropes to Carlito’s surprise. Carlito grabs Test and looks for a DDT but Test throws Carlito around for a Pump Handle Slam. Carlito though slides off the shoulders of Test and delivers the Back Cracker! The cover, One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Carlito


We cut to a black screen before we see classic clips from ECW roll. We see Rob Van Dam leaping over barricades into the crowd.

Narrator: For one night, ECW makes it’s awaited return to the Hammerstein Ballroom, where the dream began last year!

Images of 2005’s ECW One Night Stand are shown with fans cheering for support and the ending with ECW prevailing over WWE.

Narrator: All the names will be there, that’s right the ECW Originals are set to invade and conquer on this special night in New York!

Images of Sandman and Dreamer fighting in last year’s main event, we see Dreamer power bombed through the flaming table.

Narrator: A wish that began 13 years ago, makes it’s return back towards the top, Extreme Championship Wrestling!

Images of the old ECW are shown with their first PPV, Barely Legal and the famous stare down between Taz and Sabu.

Narrator: But for this special one night, the fans will all gather and remember that ECW truly does live on today!

Fans are shown across arenas chanting E. C.Dub! E…C…Dub! We see fans wearing old ECW shirts as we head back to the narrator.

Narrator: And with the fans fully behind them, these men will lay not only their bodies but also their lives on the line tonight!

More extreme moments are shown from ECW as we hear E…C…Dub Chants break out and continue on for a little bit.

Narrator: ECW One Night Stand II!

The ECW One Night Stand logo comes across before we then cut back to the narrator real quickly as Let the Bodies Hit the Floor plays.

Narrator: Sunday June 11, 2006 from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City!

Finally, we close out cutting across old ECW shows before we see Paul Heyman in the back; we then cut to him quickly.

Paul Heyman: ECW’s back….and we’re about to take it to the extreme! Are you ready?

We then cut backstage to see Paul Heyman walking up to Van Dam’s locker room. Heyman knocks before we hear Van Dam speak.

Rob Van Dam: Come in.

Heyman opens the door and comes in. We see RVD taping his wrists and putting on his wrestling boots while Heyman sits down.

Paul Heyman: Ok Rob, you ready for tonight? Tonight we’re gonna take not only Raw but the entire WWE to the extreme! We can’t let everyone down tonight and we’ve certainly got to take this win tonight over Triple H and Kane for not only your sake but for mine!

RVD stops and motions to himself as he does the thumb taunts.

Rob Van Dam: Paul, I know and who not better to ask than Rob…Van…Dam!!!

Rob Van Dam: Paul, trust me, my tag partner is ready for tonight and he’s going to be on his best since he’s been in ECW. Tonight’s not only about us but tonight is about adding prestige back into the name of ECW.

Paul Heyman: That’s right Rob, that’s right.

Rob Van Dam: I’ve been waiting all week to get my hands on Triple H and Kane since last week’s match and this week will be no different. ECW will indeed stand tall in that ring again despite the beatdown I took last week.

Paul Heyman: Ok Rob, I know that but McMahon said he has a major announcement tonight after the match so be careful whatever you do. We don’t want something too major and drastic to happen to you before One Night Stand and your WWE Championship.

Rob Van Dam: Thanks for the encouragement Paul and trust me, my partner has got my back tonight and he’s positive that we will win tonight!

Paul Heyman: Ok, I’ll see you out there.

Rob Van Dam: Ok.

We then see Van Dam go back to taping his wrists before we then cut back down to the commentating team at ringside.

Jim Ross: Well ladies and gentlemen, we’ve waited all night for the main event and now the time has finally come for it!

Jerry Lawler: We certainly have and this could be the biggest main event in Raw in a while, what a tag match we have.

Jim Ross: RVD and a partner from ECW will take on Triple H and Kane plus a major announcement from Mr. McMahon

Jerry Lawler: He’s already told us it concerns One Night Stand II but what could really go down is the question, next!


Match #5
Rob Van Dam and Sabu vs. Triple H and Kane

Match Overview: Van Dam’s partner turns out to be Sabu, which isn’t too big of a surprise as both were Tag Champs during their time in ECW together. Sabu makes his first appearance back in the WWE since the March 13th episode of Raw when he fought Kurt Angle. Van Dam and Sabu play the highflying game as Triple H and Kane try to ground them. Sabu goes for the Triple Jump Moonsault but as he does, Kane sits up. Kane catches Sabu as he leaps off the ropes as he guzzles Sabu. Kane lifts Sabu in the air for the Chokeslam but Van Dam leaps off the ropes with the Spinning Thrust Kick sending Kane down to the mat and Sabu falls on Kane for the pin. One…Two…Thr…not enough as Kane gets the energy he needs to kick out. Sabu tags in RVD as Kane tags in Triple H. Both beat down one another while RVD takes down Triple H with the Spinning Heel Kick! RVD motions for the Rolling Thunder and as he runs off the ropes, Mr. McMahon trips up the WWE Champion causing Van Dam to fall. Heyman doesn’t take too kind to this as he comes after McMahon. McMahon grabs a steel chair though telling Heyman to get back. In the ring, Triple H grabs Van Dam off the mat after he fell from the Rolling Thunder attempt and delivers a Spinebuster! The fans start to boo Triple H and Sabu climbs onto the top rope. Sabu leaps off the ropes only to get hit with a hard clothesline from Triple H! Triple H throws Sabu to the outside while Kane goes over and starts to choke Sabu with a cord. The referee doesn’t see this as he’s too busy in the ring, Triple H scoops Van Dam up and Triple H delivers a Pedigree. Heyman tries to slide into the ring to break it up but McMahon holds him back. The ref counts the fall, One…Two…Three!!!

Winners: Triple H and Kane

Mr. McMahon smiles as Kane lets go of Sabu and slides into the ring with Triple H and Mr. McMahon. Heyman is on the outside and helps RVD out as the referee rolls him out. Heyman helps Sabu up as Heyman, RVD, and Sabu all look at McMahon, Triple H, and Kane.

Mr. McMahon: Now that was great!

Crowd Boos

Mr. McMahon: Tonight, you all witnessed Triple H pin the WWE Champion, that’s right he did indeed pin the WWE Champion which means only one thing. Triple H does indeed have a title shot coming for him and it’s coming soon…

Crowd Boos

Mr. McMahon: At ECW One Night Stand!!!

Crowd Pops for the match.

Mr. McMahon: And who not better to take the title from than ECW’s lovable wrestler, the current WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam. Hunter has pretty much got the match and the title in the bag because we proved tonight that we are unstoppable!

Crowd Boos

Mr. McMahon: But as for One Night Stand, let’s make this title match interesting. First off, next week, we’ll be having the Contract Signing for the match between both men and once it’s made official, this will go down as the greatest title match in a while. I’ve got a special idea for this match we have coming up.

Crowd Pops

Mr. McMahon: You see, we’re going to be having an Extreme Rules Match! We’ll play by your rules because really, Van Dam you haven’t shown us the past few weeks how extreme you are. It’s going to be brutal, it’s going to be barbaric and it’s going to be the beginning of a new era for Raw whenever Triple H pins Van Dam to become the new WWE Champion.

Crowd Boos

Triple H: At One Night Stand, the King of Kings goes back on his throne.

Triple H, McMahon, and Kane all raise their hands in the air. The scene closes out with the camera looking at Sabu, Heyman, and RVD backing up the ramp in pain.
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Post Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

ill get a review up asap probably this weekend do

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Hey man. Just returning the review.
HBKicon Reviews RAW:

Highlight Reel: Promo seemed off. I don't know, I wasn't into it like I should have been. Both HBK and Y2J had some good jokes but I wasn't really into this promo.

Benjamin vs. Helms: Nice match to start things off on RAW. I liked how Helms won, maybe a new IC champ soon? i hope. Anyway, it was a great match.

John Cena Promo: Sorry bro, but this promo seemed off as well. I enjoyed it and it showed cena's rage and aggression but Todd grishm seemed off and idk, I wasn't feeling it.

Highlanders vs. Spirit Squad: Great win for the Highlanders on RAW. It seemed like a usual tag team match with a usual finish.

Vince/HHH Promo: man, I have nott been into your promos. Sorry dude. This was one ok but there is something about them that i am not feeling. Anyway, it got the message across and i wonder what the surprise is!?

Matt Striker Promo: Ok, I loved this promo. Striker was 100% on here. i loved it. Striker is very under rated and he deserves more. A match with carlito would be very, very good.

Mickie James vs. Torrie Wilson: Decent womens macth, just to hype Mickie james. Obviously, she gets the win which gives her some leverage in this fued with Beth. After the match, you hyped the Womens division, especially Beth.

Carlito Promo: Your problem is TG. I am not feeling him tonight. It is just not working out. Carltio was very much in charecter and I liked that. I am into a Striker/Carlito fued though.

Carlito vs. Matt Striker: Nice win for Carlito here. Typical finish with the Bck Cracker.

RVD/Sabu vs. Kane/Triple H: Nice way to end the show. RVD/Sabu are an exellent team. triple h and kane win after McMahon helps them. I see a mcMahon/heymen match at ONS? Anyway, this gives triple H leverage heading into ONS. Will he take the gold off Van Dam?

Overall: 8/10. This was a very good show. It just lacked in the promos. Sorry but Grisham didn't seem in charecter at all. Overall, it was a good show.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

King of Pain V.1’s Monday Night Raw -- Review

Highlight Reel with Shawn Michaels: Good opening promo. It was fairly short, but just enough time to get both men in character and build up the feud. Sweet Chin Music to Jericho was obviously coming, so that wasn’t anything big but still a good promo. Jericho was in character, but I didn’t really feel Shawn Michaels that much. 3/5

Gregory Helms vs. Shelton Benjamin: A decent match, but that is all I can give it. For an overview it was pretty weak as you had very few spots. You should have shown more momentum swing both ways but the ending was typical Helms. Using the ropes for the pin, could we be seeing a rematch between these two in the future? 3.5/5

Cena promo: He was in great character; could this be an opening to some sort of challenge? The champ seems pretty cocky here so perhaps he will put up or shut up…for good. I liked this promo, it was short, simple, and opened up a lot of possibilities. 4/5

Jeff Hardy Promo: Short, but all it was for was to build hype for the return of Hardy. Well done. 4/5

The Highlanders vs. The Spirit Squad: Good match, I knew it was going to be a dominant match by the Spirit Squad. It was a bit confusing as Kenny was going for the leg drop but I understood it nonetheless. The Highlanders winning was a good ending. 3/5

Triple H/Vince Promo: Good promo, Triple H definitely wants that title back, and from the sounds of it he’s going to get it soon. Vince and Triple H are definitely working on the same page. Vince didn’t say much, but Triple H was completely out of character, sorry to say. 2.5/5

Matt Striker Promo: Definitely built up some good heat for Striker. Everything he said was booed, and he was also in character. This promo built up good heat in the Striker/Test vs. Carlito feud. Also nice play on words with test you cannot pass you can only fail. 4/5

Mickie James vs. Torrie Wilson: Definitely did well in putting Mickie over, also building her feud with Beth Phoenix in the end. I think that this could be an incredible feud over the Women’s Championship. Beth has her back up, so will Mickie James get hers? 3/5

Carlito Promo: Too simple here, no real strong feud building. The threeway feud going on between Test Striker and Carlito is quite interesting.

Carlito vs. Test: Striker tried to interfere but Carlito outsmarts both Test and Matt Striker which was very cool. Also the ending was back and forth until Carlito was able to sneak out of Tests pump handle slam and hit the backcracker. Perfect ending, great match! 4/5

RVD pre-match promo w/ Paul Heyman
: A neat little promo building up to the match and not even announcing his partner until the match begins. RVD was in character, as was Heyman. 3.5/5

RVD & Sabu vs. Triple H & Kane: Incredible back and forth action. I truly thought RVD would be able to pick up the victory until the turning point Spine Buster from Triple H. Triple H winning definitely seems to build up his feud with RVD and his desire to retain the WWE Championship. Great match, great finish. 4.5/5

McMahon’s big announcement: Triple H vs. RVD for the title! Even in RVD’s playground! Wow what an announcement this was!! 4/5

Mechanics: 5/5 No mistakes, even ran it through Word

Realism: 4/5 I don’t think that the Highlanders should have won, but it was good. If this were written in full it would still be too short as there were too few, and too short promos.

Overall- 7.5/10 Good Job, hope my review helped.

Check out my BTB, WWE: Revamped. First RAW is up if you care to review: http://www.wrestlingforum.com/showth...=297545&page=2

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Raw review

Michaels/Jericho segment –good segment here Two weeks without the Heart Break Kid must have been painful! I don’t think Michaels would say that good segment here there will definitely be a Jericho Michaels feud and it looks to be good 7/10

Benjamin vs. helms - great action in this match it was greatly done the only thing thee was like tree moves used in that match that doesn’t make it too interesting surprised helms do 6/10

Cena segment-nothing special here just a typical cena interview saying he wants his title back and doing his usual promos trash talking and stuff like that 5/10

Tag team match- good match I actually liked it good enough action surprise win it was good 7/10

McMahon triple h segment – I don’t what triple h and Vince are planning but I hope its something good cant wait for the tag match only thing wrong with this is a little too short 8/10

Striker segment-only thing wrong I think you should have hade the match straight after the promo other then that it was ok 8/10

James vs. Wilson – the match was ok for a diva match not really anything exciting happened 5/10

Carlito interview – good interview overall I don’t think in real life carlito would ask grisham for an apple do 7/10

Carlito vs. test –good match motn so far it was ok better then the other matches but still laking in acciment great to see carlito pick up the win 8/10

Rvd segment- it was well not bad could have been better like bringing triple h or kane in there but good overall 8/10

Rvd and sabu vs. triple h and kane –good match surprised to see sabu back in the wwe good move there surprised kane and triple h won 9/10

Mr McMahon announcement-good announcement for one night stand a extreme rules match should be great 10/10

Final view-88/100 overall great show some things you need to work on but great nonetheless also if you want to return this review my raw is up now link is in the sign

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Something about the Highlight Reel just didn’t click. Not sure what it was, as I cant think of anything specific about it that I didn’t like, but overall, it just didn’t work. But… if we are getting a Jericho/HBK feud, then I can live quite easily with that

Helms steals the opening match in the best of 7 series, but it is almost a guarantee that this is going the distance. Looked to be a good match to start it off

By the numbers Cena promo, which was okay, but he doesn’t look likely to get that title shot he wants very soon, with RVD vs. HHH locked up on Raw. Maybe a trip to Smackdown the show after Judgement Day will get him the shot

Highlanders get a good win over the SS, and they are getting a nice build up in the tag division. Guessing we will see them challenge for the belts soon

HHH/Vince promo again seemed like a filler, and HHH doesn’t need to be with someone like Vince to get over. Guess Sabu is the partner, but HHH gets the title shot afterwards

Another good promo from Striker, who has been built up very well in the mid card, and must be onto the title soon. Carlito vs. him looks to be his next feud

Mickie gets a win back, making her seem a better champion over Torrie, but Beth and co come out afterwards. Lets hope Beth doesn’t get injured in this feud and put her out for a long time….

Carlito cuts a brief promo on Test, and then pins him cleanly with the backcracker, and at the moment, this mid card division on Raw is very good and very strong, with a lot of good matches to be had/

Sabu is the partner, but it isn’t enough to stop HHH and Kane getting the win (a weird pairing really), and I guess we will have to see whether Sabu is just a one night thing or not. HHH vs. RVD at ONS will be a great match, and HHH would really react well to that atmosphere. Question is… will he make out alive if he gets the win?
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Thanks for the reviews right now. I'll work on doing the reviews tomorrow that I owe but anyways, Smackdown probably should be posted Tuesday or Wednesday as I might be going out of town again. If not, then it will be later in the week, but I'll give an update when it gets closer. Just thought I would let everyone know.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw

Surprised you did mention that Jericho beat Michaels in a rematch later that year. July I think it was.

Not sure what to think of the Highlight Reel here. Sort of dipped in and out of being entertaining. Quite disappointed really with it, although I was never sure of what to expect from the outset. Looks like these two will be feuding for the time being anyway, although I cant imagine HBK being fully finished with McMahon.

Gregory Helms strikes first blood in the Best of 7 series. Can see Helms maybe building a lead, going 3-1 up possibly, before Benjamin claws it back.

Looks like Cena will have to play the waiting game for a few weeks, until JD, when I expect someone will move from SD and can start feuding with Cena, before cena finally can move in on a title shot. Realy fired up promo, and one of your better promos recently.

Hardy back next week is cool, and I cant see anything other than a win for the returning JH.

Victory for the Highlanders. I see them buffing up the tag division, but certainly cant imagine them being champions.

Bad promo between Triple H and Vince imo. Just really out of sorts. Cant put my finger on what it was, but just really not very good at all.

Followed up though with another top drawer Striker promo. Definately an MVP of this thread, and it looks like he'll be feuding with Carlito now for the next few weeks.

Quite an awkward feud you've got running in the womens division, with the heel, Mickie, taking on a bunch of faces all on her own. A heel turn from Ashley would be needed soon, and Victoria to side with Mikie too, to level things up.

Should've wrapped up the CCC promo just before Todd decided to ask if there was anything more he wanted to add. Just dragged on from there. Up until that point though, it was excellent.

Good win for Carlito to kick off the Striker feud on a good note. I can see this one rumbling for a little while.

Liking Heymans role lately, and he's beginning to add something for RVD, although the promos still do need work, as they're fairly generic.

Sabu is an awesome choice for partner, and would've made for an excellent tag team match up. Triple H pins Van Dam, and sets up the ECW Main Event, with McMahon making the match official, with ECW Rules. Didnt think I'd be interested in a Triple H - RVD match up on PPV, as they did it badly 4 years ago, but y'know, somehow, you've turned it around and made me interested.

Looking forward to more ECW Match announcements, although I hope there arent too many ECW vs WWE matches, and more ECW original matches.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

A decent opening promo here but not anything special. It was a good confrantation between the two and it looks like we will be having a HBK/Y2J feud which would be great.

Helms get the first victory in the best of 7 series, was a pretty good match and i expect this to go the distance, all 7 matches.

An ok promo here by Cena and will be interesting to see what you have in store for him next.

Good victory for the Highlanders who have been gaining some momentum since their debut last week, and i don't think we are too far away from a tag title shot for them.

Another great Matt Stryker promo here by you, and you have used him very well in this thread, and i expect him to be feuding with Carlito for a little while.

Meh Mickie gets the victory here and decent aftermath with Beth coming out with Trish and Ashley afterwards and telling Mickie she is after the belt.

Carlito passes his test despite Stryker's attempt to cost Carlito the match, and this should be a nice mid card feud between the two.

Nice choice for the partner with Sabu's history with RVD and ECW, but that doesn't stop HHH and Kane from picking up the victory with HHH pinning the champ. Big announcement by Vince and HHH v RVD should be a good match for one night stand.

Overall rating-80/100
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