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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Thanks for the reviews. Returned everyone who has just had a show posted and going to start on Deadman and Angle's Royal Rumble when I can get a chance. Anyways, Raw should be posted later this week, probably Thursday or Friday, and I'll have a preview probably Tuesday.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I'm so sorry for the delay, been so backed up with stuff!

Carlito vs Masters- Really good opening match, and nice to see RAW open with a match this time. Good back and forth and a clean win from Carlito to start off RAW. I'd like to see this feud carry on longer and maybe end in some sort of gimmick match to get both over as serious competitors.

HHH/HBK segment- Both men were off, not really hitting the right lines and it started kinda weird. Also, weird to read, it seemed like words were placed in the wrong order and didn't make sense at points. Picked up at the end and got better as it progressed, and kept a nice length. Can't wait to see the surprise, hopefully it makes up for this medicore segment

Cena vs Dupree- As you said, a squash to show off the former champ and the five moves he knows. Nothing more, nothing less.

McMahon/Heyman segment- Again, McMahon seemed off, while Heyman was more in character than the others tonight. I like RVD in this feud with McMahon, makes him appear to be a serious champion. Heyman coming out made the segment better, and it was nice to see the two exchange words. I'd like to see them meet again in a 'promo war', but longer and more in character. Good length, but again, it was kinda off. Nice touch with RVD chasing off HHH to save Heyman...I feel Heyman will turn heel soon.

Candice vs Beth- ...it's a RAW womens match, meh. Nothing special, but help progress the feud, so its all good.

Nice return video Bad return wrestler

Jericho interview- Solid interview, Jericho very in character and I'm loving the direction you're taking him now, ditching the SS and blaming them for his problems. Hmm, HBK on the Highlight Reel? Things are gonna get interesting, and I love the announcement! Good stuff.

Highlanders vs. Cade & Murdoch- Good filler tag match, with Highlanders getting a slow push up the ladder it seems. Hope to see big things come from them.

Striker promo- Awesomeness. Definitely promo of the night. Captured his character perfectly, had some great lines and a perfect length and flow to it...just all around gold. Definitely got Striker over and hyped the upcoming tag match. Again, awesome stuff here.

Striker & Helms vs. Benjamin & Haas- Great midcard match, awesome back and forth work with Test interfering to help the heels. Loved the domination from the heels at the end, winning cleanly (pretty much). Loved this.

Benjamin/Helms segment- Decent segment. The BOSS announcement seemed rushed, but Helms was in character while Benjamin was just meh. Good length, but just seemed rushed overall and nothing special.

E-C-DUB! E-C-DUB! Can't wait for the PPV, I love it every year.

RVD vs Kane- MOTN for me. Kane looks good with the offense he got, and the usual face comeback from RVD happens...but HHH tries to stop it...but hits Kane! RVD then picks up the win, just as he should. Great booking right there. A beatdown was obvious...but ECW saves RVD! Awesome! The road to One Night Stand begins!

Overall- 7/10 Your promos were off tonight, which surprised me, as your other shows are usually spot-on. Most were just out of character, but they kept a good length and progressed the feuds/storylines well. Matches were all pretty good, nothing bad from there. An average show, with a great ending. Hopefully the promos pick up again next week.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Hey mna. I'll try to get a review up soon. PM me when your next show is up please.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview for May 15, 2006

Tonight, Raw will be coming to us live from Fort Wayne, Indiana and a major main event has been signed. The WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam, has had his troubles in the past few weeks with Mr. McMahon, Triple H, and Kane and tonight it continues on! Mr. McMahon has ordered a tag match in which Triple H and Kane will team together to take on the teaming of Rob Van Dam and a partner of choice from ECW. Who could RVD pick as his partner? Nobody knows and we won't know until the bell rings!

Last week, Triple H met Shawn Michaels backstage as HBK seemed that he thought he was coming into the arena. However, McMahon barred HBK from the arena last week which didn't make the Heart Break Kid, the happiest of people. This week though is different as Chris Jericho will be hosting his talk show, the Highlight Reel and his guest happens to be none other than Shawn Michaels! Many know the history between the two and it might even come down between both men's egos as both are pretty high. What will go down on the Highlight Reel?

The Best of Seven Series kicks off this week whenever Shelton Benjamin defends against Gregory Helms in Match 1 of the series. Both have their history with one another as both have been at each other's throats for nearly two months now. Helms and Benjamin put on a clinic at Backlash and if that has anything to say, we're in for a treat when these two men hook up once again! However, controversy certainly helped play a key role in the series as Helms stole a pinfall from Matt Striker, his tag partner last week? Who will take the first win of the series?

And finally, in the women's scene, Beth Phoenix made her in-ring debut last week which certainly was an major impact. This week though will be different as Beth will be scouting the Women's Champion, Mickie James because Mickie James will be in one on one action against Torrie Wilson. James has shown that she is a force to be dealt with in the past few weeks beating Trish at Backlash and two weeks ago on Raw in a tag match. It seems that Trish has had enough and now she has aligned herself with Beth! What happens between these women on Raw?
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Raw looks good, expect a review whenever its up KOPV, I really enjoy where your going with everything should be interesting to see where this Raw goes. PM me when its up but don't bother if its up soon cause ill be watching....
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

When your next show is up i will review it
can you do the same my first show is up

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

RAW looks good, I'll try and get a review up between working on my PPV.


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Sorry about not getting to review Smackdown KOP, but I'll be right up to date when Raw goes up.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Sorry about not posting any reviews for a cople of shows, as i have been very busy and my computer played up last week. But i will make sure to review Raw this week.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Great preview for the Next Raw, I'll be reading and reviewing. hoping for the same end in return.
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